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(210.37 KB 878x538 us dialects.jpg)
Dialects Student 10/10/2019 (Thu) 23:53:56 Id:5972f2 No. 72
Let's say anon learns Japanese and travels to Osaka. Wouldn't he be better off knowing Kansai dialect to fit in more, /lang/?
Also how do I get my southern drawl? I've been here since birth and it shows, Thing Is, I didn't develop my southern drawl due to little exposure. I take pride in my heritage and that underdeveloped drawl is making me feel like a fag. What do I do?
(135.21 KB 1200x675 2fc.jpg)
One way I found to be the easiest to learn a particular language or accent is to try and mock it. Usually, you should watch some videos or shows where a character from that particular region gets stereotyped to no end, and try to make fun of that same kind of people with the same kind of vibe.
It's not so easy, but with enough exposure you may get the hang of it. Remember, an accent isn't just how your mouth moves, it's also about the kind of person you are. Southern Hospitality isn't just a meme, the accent heavily reflects the kind of straight to the point, laid back person a Southerner can be, compare it to a chilled out Valley Dude accent.
A funny thing I've heard about the Japanese: they're skeptical of gaijin who go too far to learn the language. I'd expect that adopting a particular accent would stand out in a bad way. unless you're ethnically Japanese ofc
>>170 To be fair, nobody likes when an obvious foreigner tries too hard to fit in, to the point of learning the specific accent of a specific geographical area, regardless if they are japanese or whatever. Additionally, if the dialect is not actually spoken by that many people, it would actully make you stand out more negatively. Of course, if people simply hate foreigners then there's not much to do, but assuming you meet kind people, just speaking in a way that makes you understandable is enough to avoid particular complains. That said, I know people that were born and lived for a while in a foreign country, but speak the dialect better and/or have a thicker regional accent than me.
>>72 Oh fuck, forgot to make the spoiler image smaller, I'm such a lazy cunt, I'll fix it in a few
>>72 You will sound like an alien foreigner no matter where you go.
>>174 FINALLY got around to making the spoiler smaller, how's that?
>>171 >tfw ethnically German >have had citizenship since birth >parents never bothered to teach me German growing up >have been to Germany multiple times, probably been to more places in Germany than most Germans >try really hard with pronunciation but not fluent yet and don't understand grammar >even when I become fluent I will never master the language and will always have an accent >I will never be considered German by native speakers
>>218 >I will never be considered German by native speakers Are you sure about that? niggers and arabs are.
>>218 And what does it matter? You're you, and it's great enough, I think.
>>218 Germany is cucked. They will never consider you a German, but they do the filthy Turk roaches occupying your land.
>>220 >>247 funny posts by funny people
>>218 I'm German and would consider you German, as would most Germans. Only a few Germans will openly say it but deep down your race counts not how you speak. There could be a lot of things people won't like about you but your German blood is not in question.

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