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Translations General Student 10/09/2019 (Wed) 10:02:52 Id:b2858f No. 71
Got anything needing to be translated? Are you making one yourself?
Subbing and fandubbing also appreciated.
i need to translate

"the pleasure of being cummed inside"

in all languages
A gyönyör, amikor beléd élveznek.
Il piacere di farsi venire dentro.
Typesetter, cleaner, and redrawer for Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu here. If anyone needs any advice feel free to ask questions and I can teach you what I know.
What kind of program do you use to do all three? I've been dabbling with CS6 for a while but while the results can come from time to time, I have a hard time redrawing stuff and sometimes it's hard to hide the original text.
I pay for photoshop so it's up to date. You're basically missing content aware fill with CS6 as well as having a short list of most recent fonts used. CAF saves a ton of time not having to stitch everything by mouse. There's supposed to be an update to CAF this next patch for 2020 which may have already dropped but I haven't checked it yet. The recent fonts thing can be gotten around by using presets but I never use those because recent fonts is the same amount of clicks away but you might be able to set them up on CS6. Another thing I use that I'm not sure you can do in CS6 is an action which makes it much easier to clean bubbles. https://mega.nz/#F!174AGIYL!lABLbB3LKH9xFYk7qzSThg

That's the file that contains the action. You have to go to your photoshop folder/presets/actions/ and paste it in there. Then open up photoshop on a file you want to clean. There will be a tab next to your history tab called Actions. Click that. Look for the folder that says Bubble Mask. Click on the right arrow so it's a down arrow. Now just below that line is a line that says make bubble mask. Double click that and it will pop up a window to set the action to a button. You can set it to any function key and add ctrl and/or alt. I just use F12 as it's one simple key press and it's not obtrusive to any other function. Okay now bubble mask action is set up so what do you do with it? Use the magic wand tool on each bubble and once everything is selected hit F12 or whatever button you set it to and it will clean the bubbles for you. It's not perfect. sometimes you'll have to use other selection tools but as long as you have a bubble around all of the text selected you can hit the action button and make it all clean without using the pencil tool to clean every single character by hand. It's not perfect but it's the difference between an ink quill and a word processor.

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