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Advice on machine translation Student 03/15/2023 (Wed) 05:46:45 No.683
I am making a computer video tutorial for setting up free open source tool, used worldwide. I assume it would be best to write the transcript in English my only fluent language, and use a machine-translation tool to automatically generate captions for many other languages, until someone volunteers to write up a better caption to replace it. Ideally, I would use (the program running behind the scenes on) one of these two: https://libretranslate.com/ https://beta.apertium.org/ How good are these? Try changing them to a language you know (I understand the selection is limited) and tell me how it turns out. A basic English->Spanish->English seems to work fine on this post, with the first site looking a bit better. Also, if you have any advice for writing sentences which are translated more correctly by a machine, that would be excellent! All I can think of is writing formally, and trying to avoid words with multiple common meanings (e.g. replacing 'check' with 'confirm')
>>683 I don't have any real advice for you Anon other than to maybe look into how publishers tackle the problem. Software companies also must have similar needs. I don't know if any lanugage-translation experts are there, but /robowaifu/ also deals with automation and languages too. Good luck OP!
>>684 Thanks fellow student, I know /robowaifu/ is a great resource for all things machine-learning, but I didn't think to ask about languages!
>>685 Nprb. Mind sharing the idea behind your opensauce tool mentioned? Who's likely to benefit from using it?
>>686 It's not my tool, it's just a Blender 3D modeling add-on and other setup for people modding SuperTuxKart.

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