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(8.88 KB 250x326 Giuseppe-Caspar-Mezzofanti.jpg)
Who inspires you to learn languages? Student 09/27/2019 (Fri) 17:09:55 Id:e1e446 No. 57
for me it's Cardinal Giuseppe Mezzofanti.

Mezzofanti was well known for being a hyperpolyglot who according to Russell 1858 spoke at least thirty languages with rare excellence
A bit off-topic, but I'm curious what were the standards of "speaking" languages in times before relatively affordable high-speed travel and international telephone lines. Did they actually converse with people face-to-face or was it just written correspondence? I remember reading about a poet who masterfully translated English poetry, but his rhymes involving names wouldn't make any sense if you correctly pronounced them. I'm not trying to downplay their achievements, I'm just curious how different language learning was before.
I think it's fun. I also get to access a lot of content otherwise victim of the treachery of translation (when it's translated at all).
So far I've only used English to speak with foreigners, though.
I believe Mezzofanti used to converse with travellers. Italy was already a pretty hip destination back then.
Wasn't he the guy who wanted to translate the bible to every single language?
many people would come and want to speak with the pope, my understanding it that he was a interpreter.
And there's people who were curious and spoke directly with him, thus cementing his linguistic prowess, and at the highest level possible: speaking with a native.

i had a webpage with a book with all the info you could possibly want about him, but for the life of me i cant find it.

this answers anything you would need to know.
That actually sounds plausible and is pretty cool.
>>62 Looks like you'll be able to find out for yourself, Student. https://archive.org/details/lifeofcardinalme00russ

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