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What translators you nignigs use? Student 09/26/2019 (Thu) 20:37:32 No. 53
Jewgle translator fucking sucks, any proper alternatives? Bonus points for language specific translators.
Google is probably one of the best translators. That's why I don't use translators, just online dictionaries. You can only rely on translations of words, short phrases or very simple sentences.
Google translator is as bad as the translated snippets you give it. It's great for short sentences but anything further than that is a coin toss.
To explain what's wrong with it, basically, GT looks online for people who have already translated that given document or for pages that have similar metadata and applies a very small state machine translation, whereas other websites like babelfish used to have extensive and very complex algorithms that would try and replicate human speech.
Problem is, the former solution is much faster than the latter, and the big G knows that its users want to waste as little time as possible, at the expense of precision. Machine learning may at some point give us good translators that don't take forever, but it's pretty hard.
Thanks for the info, seems dicts are still the only thing reliable. Btw any other sources like https://jisho.org for other non latin script langs?
for German I use https://www.deepl.com I used both google translate and Deepl a lot for making anki decks and I can say that Deepl is much better, at least in German (I believe the team behind it is German)

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