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Arabic Student 04/26/2020 (Sun) 18:12:34 ID: 2122c4 No.188
Let's have a thread for learning Arabic, for our /islam/ bros and everyone else who is interested. Arabic is a Semitic language that is spoken by over 200 million native speakers in 22 countries. It's also one of the six official languages of the UN. Arabic is classified as a Level 5 difficulty language by the Foreign Service Institute, meaning that an English speaker would need 88 weeks, or 2200 hours of learning to master it. So if you want to study Arabic, you'll need a lot of time, patience, and determination - but that goes for any language. The Arabic you'll be learning is most likely going to be Modern Standard Arabic, which is the modern descendant of the 6th century Classical Arabic. Actual spoken Arabic can vary widely from this standard, however. Some varieties are mutually unintelligible, but you should be good to go anywhere with MSA. Here's some resources: >Arabic lectures https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEmWUZanVYXEzZXYDHzD-iA https://www.youtube.com/user/CGEJordan/videos >Simple Arabic short stories https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7RpCYE5gLKF3Wus9QmIXHuy4p81lpaVA >Arabic courses Online https://www.madinaharabic.com/ https://www.arabicpod101.com/
What is the best way to learn Arabic, specifically Yemeni dialect of it.
From speaking to the /islam/ folk, they suggested avoiding Islamic TV as it is often confusing and fast paced.
>>188 Very nice, thanks, friend. I'll make a relevant YOUCANT girl asap One question though, are there any tricks to memorizing the writing? Like, nursery rhymes, rules of thumb etc.
>>189 I don't think there's any tricks apart from practice. Maybe try writing down a chart with all the letters, then try reading Arabic with it.
>>189 >Are there any tricks to memorizing the writing? Practice and lots of practice. When I was taught it in a college course they didn't give us any special ways to remember it. It was hard at first but I got used to it. I'm shit at Arabic though.
Verb forms, verb forms...
>>524 >you can turn place names into verbs that indicate you're moving towards them Who made this up?!
Open file (43.49 KB 965x499 ClipboardImage.png)
It says "anon cafe" in Arabic.
Open file (497.37 KB 772x525 ClipboardImage.png)
>>189 >I'll make a relevant YOUCANT girl asap Not this anon but here she is, finally purified.
>>616 Remind me again, what is that structure to the left and is it related to a mosque?
>>617 That'd be a minaret, from which the call to prayer is given
>>613 anon wtf, so bad

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