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Welcome to /lang/, home of all languages! Student Board owner 09/08/2019 (Sun) 09:48:19 ID: dc127b No.1
This board is a continuation of various smaller boards from 8ch dedicated to learning new languages, translating documents from one to another and overall just having fun with other anons in the ultimate pursuit of universal knowledge. RULES 1. Global Rules apply here. 2. English is the preferred language outside of threads strictly dedicated to a particular language. 3. Be courteous to other anons, as this is a SFW board. 4. Any material that you have that could be useful to other anons, please, share it! Having videos and resources helps immensely! 5. Our bunker shall be located on https://blablaworld.biz/lang/ but this is to be considered the main board. 6. This thread can be used as a META thread of sorts, so voice all your language related concerns here!
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>>1 So folks, I was wondering if you guys would be interested in expanding a bit our board by joining some sort of chat to improve your individual skills. Originally I thought of a Discord server, to separate the users in their own primary and secondary languages and creating ad-hoc language specific chats, but I'm fairly sure a lot of people are really against using that piece of malware, understandably (although I've been using the browser version sporadically on a lobotomized IceCat instance with nary an issue). We could do IRC chats, but they tend to get derailed easily by bad actors and I feel they're also way less manageable, if you get what I mean. So I was wondering if you guys had any idea on what to use or if it was a good idea to begin with. Oh by the way, I'm going to switch on optional Flags, as I feel it goes along the spirit of the board, but I wanted to add some custom flags like for Esperanto or the Anglosphere. If you guys know how to make both National and Custom flags coexist, gimme a whistle, I'd really appreciate it.
I don't mind the idea of a discord server to be honest. Would love to practice spanish with some other shitposters.
>>313 >>310 I'm against it, fuck discord, it's IRC or it's nothing
I suggest using Element/Matrix since functionality wise it is somewhat similar to discord plus you can mirror messages from a discord server to Matrix and vice versa.
Would anyone be interested in Conlang?
>>331 Sure, what did you have in mind? We have an Esperanto thread.
>>1 Discord is fine and all but isn't there any way to use it AND not give all your personal data to those faggots?
>>334 That is literally the reason it is not fine. If voice chat isn't a big deal, voting for Element (formerly Riot). >modern, easy to start >not surveillance capitalism >can be self-hosted if wanted >possible to set up IRC/Discord bridges >won't ask VPN/Torfags for phone, only a captcha and email (for main instance, other public instances might not) There is Zoom-like chat through Jitsi in-built but it's not quite as well integrated as Discord last time I checked.
>>333 I was thinking of a general thread of sorts where anons show what they've been working on or a thread dedicated to us creating our on /lang/uage heh but that sounds like too many cooks in the kitchen to me.
>>336 There's a thread for Esperanto that says other conlangs could be excluded, but a thread for any other conlangs that aren't that big and/or for making conlangs is a good idea >a thread dedicated to us creating our on /lang/uage I like the idea but a bunch of anons back on 8/v/ tried it and it devolved quickly. A big problem is vision; I think any imageboard language should be deliberately obtuse and complicated, but I bet a bunch of you fags would want to make an actual interlang or, God forbid, a Tokiponigger gets involved and gets upset every time you try to add any feature more advance than caveman speak.
>>337 I'll check the thread. I'm a little new to conlang as a community. I do agree a big problem would be that the language could become bloated easily and cause problems. you got any ideas to prevent this?
>>339 >any ideas to prevent this Probably not any good ones. The only things that come to mind are setting the goals/vision in stone quickly and not turning back on it, and using a git repository to track the development. Merge ability would have to be limited to only one trusted user, like the BO for example, and which commits get merged is decided by reaching a yea/nay consensus via discussion in the thread. All of this makes they process much more time consuming and forces you to involve a "trusted person"
>>343 hmm. Maybe start with a runic language and see where it goes?
I just learned that Fredrick Brennan loves languages, can speak Filipino and has made posts in Esperanto! Jim, of course, does not speak Filipino.
>>367 >Filipino You mean Tagalog?
>>368 Yes, I think I mean Tagalog. Thanks.
>>368 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filipino_language Since he's a foreigner, he probably speaks Filipino, and therefore Tagalog.
Why did they make Duolingo worse? They added a "hearts" system so now if you fail lessons you can't start new ones. How silly.
>>398 First of all, >Duolingo Second of all, hasn't or always been like that?
>>399 Nah it's a new thing, they made it so if you make mistakes you can't learn.
>>398 Apparently that's only for mobile users, and you can pay for Duolingo Plus to have unlimited hearts. They say this right after they explain that "Hearts are good for learners, so you don't learn too much in a day." Basically they expect phonefags to pay to keep getting that dopamine rush, and they're probably right.
>>401 > can pay for Duolingo Plus to have unlimited hearts. If I remembered correctly those hearts don't mean anything I was able to pass through heartless. Maybe they patched it because I haven't used it in years.
Hey guys, Alphabetsoup here, I wanted to tell you lads and lasses that I've also created a bunker board over at 8ch in the event that the cafe ever goes down. https://8chan.moe/lang/ I'm also here to remind you all guys that if there's anything you want to ask, I'm all ears
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>>405 スゥウウウウ んんん…死んだ金魚の匂い ちょっと味見して… ああ、四七年前に賞味期限を超えたハンバーグの味…
Open file (242.19 KB 538x538 Peter Rick.png)
Aloha, guys. I had a couple of announcements to make, to the few who're still here: First of all, I've decided to back up these threads over 8chan. I know that most people don't like the site, but I really would rather having everything located on multiple bunkers in the event that one of them dies down, so that there's always a fall back option. You can reach the new board at https://8chan.moe/lang/
Secondly, you may notice that several links have been deleted. This was not my doing, but rather Mega being a bunch of assholes and deleting all links for users who hadn't logged in their accounts for a while. So if there's anything missing that you want to have uploaded again, just gimmie a whistle or post it yourself. On that topic, if you've got a nice website that won't delete shit after having uploaded it a year prior, I'm all ears.
Finally, as you can probably guess, I'm having a spot of trouble moderating this and other boards. I'd really like to add a second moderator, not for imposing rules as much as for deleting CP spam whenever someone posts it. If you think you've got what it takes, just shoot me an e-mail. Account on the mail field of this post. Proof it's me
Edited last time by AlphabetSoup on 07/30/2021 (Fri) 09:29:10.
>>505 In case you cannot see the mail link above: 1abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0@cock.li
>>1 Hello friends. I'm finding increasingly difficult to come here and moderate these days. If by any chance you want to assume direct control of the board, be my guest. I'll put on a message on the /meta/ board as well.
>>544 Hey friend, if you'd still like to be involved in the board I can add you as volunteer. Just let me know.
>>545 Sure thing. Add me as AlphabetSoup. I am no longer that much active, not compared to when the site started, but when I see that there's raids I tend to clean them up quick.
>>547 You're in!
As my first act as BO, I took all of the single-question threads in the catalog and put them in one Q&A thread. Also, turn flags back on y/n?
>>551 I say Yay, they add a certain veneer of unity among different people. Perhaps we could use some custom flags too? Maybe for Esperanto or Arabic or the likes.
>>553 I'd like to have flags that signify the language someone's learning, not their country of origin. So we're gonna have to cook up some custom flags.
>You have exceeded the maximum limit of authentications, wait before trying again. Huh, alright, so I can't add 250 flags at once. Got it.
>>1 Please, if at all possible, try to advertise the board on other IBs, otherwise we'll always stay dead and irrelevant
>>561 The way I see it, we'll get more posters by being useful to them. /lang/ must become the go-to destination for any anon who's interested in learning a language. I think this is the best way of advertising, just making this board as good as possible. Apart from that, where do you think we should advertise? Maybe the Japanese thread on /a/ or the /lang/ general on 4/int/? I'm open to suggestions.
>>563 Maybe some of those regional forums like the turkish one or the finnish ones. Though I fear they'll just consider it spam.
>>565 > Though I fear they'll just consider it spam. That's the big issue, the advertising question was supposed to be solved by the webring. I don't want to stoop to the level of link-spamming.
Testing a flag.
>>563 I think it's worth to advertise this board on the webring. >4/int/? Pls don't advertise on 4ch*n.
>>574 4/lang/ is not bad, I do use it myself.
First of all, let me say that the new CSS is comfy as fuck and the idea of putting a huge list of the threads is really cool How about using a green (can you add custom color codes or do you need to change the entire CSS to do so?) for Esperanto and the 🏛️ icon for Latin
>>582 So glad you like it! Yes, that's a better icon for Latin, I agree.
On the advertising question: This board principally needs people ready to share knowledge and contribute. While I'm now working to add useful resources to the language threads I could really use some help by people who have already studied the respective language and know what tools and materials are out there that might be helpful. Even more important would be that we have people actually willing to teach and help others practice, we're not just a place to dump links, we're meant to be a community based on mutual sharing. I'm hoping that I can encourage /lang/ to move down that road a little more, because as soon as we're there, people will come on their own without us needing to go and buy banner ads anywhere. I want word-of-mouth to be enough for this place.
New backup board that isn't 8moe: https://blablaworld.biz/lang/
>>601 Throws me an Insecure Connection error...
By the way, I also hold the 8chan moe /lang/ bunker, if you're interested I can give that to you as well.
>>575 Advertising is often, perhaps even usually, a bad move. You have to be extra careful where you advertise. Excess/unplanned advertising leads to decay of the community. >>602 probably a word filter.
>>602 What error are you getting exactly? The cert should be fine...
I could set up a platform where anons could make their own language courses complete with challenges, tests and exercises. Would you be interested in such a thing? >>603 Thanks!, but frankly I don't think we need two bunkers.
>>602 Should be fixed now.
Why is blablaworld.biz kill?
>>620 I still have the domain. I wanna do what I mentioned here >>608
Open file (2.71 KB 128x133 logo.png)
BlaBlaWorld.biz is online! As something to be improved and built gradually. The site is very barebones now as I only started putting it together. There's a language learning board, as well as one centered on travel and tourism and one for poetry. Yes, /pol/ has been revived. More board topics can be suggested of course. Enjoy! https://blablaworld.biz/index.html
>>666 Hail Satan. What happened to Blablaworld ?
>>671 It's up but kind of on the backburner for me as I'm dealing with stuff. just use it as a bunker or something, whoever still comes to this board.
>>672 OK. Does this board related to 4-ch.net/language as it have the same CSS ?
>>673 *same CSS as blablaworld
>>673 Nope. That's just what Kareha looks like.
>>675 OK thanks for clarifying.
Good evening gentlemen I'm a Libyan translation student and I wanna learn Italian I don't want to rely on the dumbass green owl app I want tips from someone who actually learned or mastered Italian or even learning one how can I be fluent in Italian just like in English and Arabic? Please fucking help me, grazie

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