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Languages 🇸🇦 Arabic >>188 🇨🇳 Chinese >>20 🇬🇧 English >>16 🟩 Esperanto >>32 🇫🇷 French >>18 🇩🇪 German >>30 🇯🇵 Japanese >>33 🏛️ Latin >>76 🇵🇹 Portuguese >>486 🇷🇺 Russian >>21 🇸🇰 Slovak >>442 🇪🇸 Spanish >>266

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Thread dedicated to the Chinese language

Chinese With Ease
>What we need
Sites and resources to help newcomers learn the language

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Q&A Thread

Ask and answer any questions about learning languages in this thread.

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Welcome to /lang/, home of all languages!

This board is a continuation of various smaller boards from 8ch dedicated to learning new languages, translating documents from one to another and overall just having fun with other anons in the ultimate pursuit of universal knowledge. RULES 1. Global Rules apply here. 2. English is the preferred language outside of threads strictly dedicated to a particular language. 3. Be courteous to other anons, as this is a SFW board. 4. Any material that you have that could be useful to other anons, please, share it! Having videos and resources helps immensely! 5. Our bunker shall be located on but this is to be considered the main board. 6. This thread can be used as a META thread of sorts, so voice all your language related concerns here!

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Thread dedicated to the Japanese language >Resources Japanese-English dictionary Grammar guide Japanese learning thread (just find it) Kanji Listening Much, much more >What we need Sites and resources to help newcomers learn the language

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Tú no puedes aprender el español

This thread is dedicated to learning the Spanish Language >Resources A lot of these are placeholders until we get some better suited purpose; please suggest any other resources you use or know about. >Flash cards - if you don't already have it, download anki for your flashcards. You can search through user generated, premade decks here, but you can also create your own as you go along a different program >Dictionaries - a multi-use tool for Spanish. Includes a fairly sized dictionary with pronunciation, a conjugation tool for verbs, and grammar lessons with quizes. It also has forums hidden away at - another dictionary that is slightly more expansive. It also has a conjugation tool and forums as well. It has more pronunciation and conjugation information for dialects outside of Castilian and than Spanishdict. - an open source multilingual dictionary. In theory this is a resource for any language, but it is particularly good for learning Spanish. It has a lot of Spanish words, including obscure ones, and offers more information on dialectical differences in vocabulary than anywhere else. It also has a conjugation tool for verbs, and organizes them into conjugation classes well. >Learning resources - Has a payed program, but offers almost everything besides some practice exercises for free on the website. It has a series of pronunciation lessons, grammar lessons, and vocabulary sets. & pages containing detailed but technical descriptions of spanish pronunciation and writing. Not targeted to learners in the slightest, but very informative if you can undestand them. >What we need <More additional comprehensive learning resources, such as textbooks <Reading and listening material <any resources you think would be helpful >What to do here Please leave suggestions for more resources, or drop resources if you have access to them. Ask questions about Spanish or about how to learn it. Post about your experiences learning Spanish and about the life experiences that you gained because you learned it. Post about what you're reading or watching. Try simply chatting in Spanish, but be open to having others correct you, and try helping others correct their mistakes when they post.

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você não pode aprender português

Thread dedicated to the Portuguese language, and its dialects >Resources Empty at the moment, will be updated >What we need Sites and resources to help newcomers learn the language

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Вы не можете выучить русский язык

Thread dedicated to the Russian language

Russian With Ease
>What we need
Sites and resources to help newcomers learn the language

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Language learning methods

Hi, langbros. In this thread we'll discuss about our methods for learning languages. My method is based on comprehensible input and basic Q&A cycles for unknown words and structures.

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Lí buē-hiáu o̍h Tâi-gú/你不會學台語

so here's a thread dedicated to learning the Taiwanese Hokkien language for yall (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 >Resources >>English-Hokkien Dictionary: >>Taiwanese Hokkien with LTL: >>iTaigi (a Sinoglyph-based Taiwanese Hokkien dictionary): >>Spoken Hokkien: (feel free to share other Taiwanese Hokkien resources by replying~ ( ̄︶ ̄)↗ )

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Advice on machine translation

I am making a computer video tutorial for setting up free open source tool, used worldwide. I assume it would be best to write the transcript in English my only fluent language, and use a machine-translation tool to automatically generate captions for many other languages, until someone volunteers to write up a better caption to replace it. Ideally, I would use (the program running behind the scenes on) one of these two: How good are these? Try changing them to a language you know (I understand the selection is limited) and tell me how it turns out. A basic English->Spanish->English seems to work fine on this post, with the first site looking a bit better. Also, if you have any advice for writing sentences which are translated more correctly by a machine, that would be excellent! All I can think of is writing formally, and trying to avoid words with multiple common meanings (e.g. replacing 'check' with 'confirm')

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linguam latinam discere non potes

Apologies to the BO for not having an image or resources like the ones you've been using
Use this thread to discuss, ask questions about, or share works of translation to/from the Latin Language.
A good textbook to use for getting started from absolute zero is Lingua Latina: per se illustrata by Hans H. Orberg. I don't have a pdf - if an anon would post one that would be appreciated. It reduces your reliance on dictionaries by teaching words solely by context or by definitions using words you've already learned. (I find a dictionary is useful in spite of this.) If followed to its completion, the course of study found therein will take you to reading Caesar with relative confidence.

It's split into about 30 chapters, with a section for questions at the end of each. If you're serious about learning the language, do these on paper. Check your answers with the attached answer key, then tuck the paper away somewhere. Go over them from time to time.

There are two supplements to the book:
>Lingua Latina: per se illustrata - grammatica latina
It is a small handbook with tables of verb conjugations, noun declensions, pronouns, et cetera. A handbook of essential grammar. This is useful if you don't want to constantly google these things to remind yourself of them / practice them and would prefer a print version you can look at more easily. Otherwise, not worth getting.
>lingua latina per se illustrata - latine disco: student's manual
This is a small book that contains English companion explanations for each chapter, and an essential rundown of the concepts it introduced. Can be especially useful given that some concepts in the main chapter may have been introduced too subtly. If you feel that you may be too much of a brainlet to catch everything, or simply want some reinforcement of what you learned, it may be worth picking up.
In my own case, I got it when I was about halfway through the main book. It helped on some minor points, but overall wasn't that helpful. Google can cover most bases, in my experience.
I also have no pdfs for either of these.

If you're just starting out, you should consider being able to read Julius Caesar's commentarii de bello gallico as your long term goal. Once you reach this point, you'll be well on your way to reading the more significant works of Latin literature.
Attached are some additional easy reading materials for before you reach that point. Both should be about simple enough to read when you are half way (or so) through lingua latina. Due to filesize limits, they will be in the following posts.

There is also a forum on the internet that has a section competely devoted to Latin speaking. It's quite dead, but here's a link if you're interested.

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Let's have a thread for learning Arabic, for our /islam/ bros and everyone else who is interested. Arabic is a Semitic language that is spoken by over 200 million native speakers in 22 countries. It's also one of the six official languages of the UN. Arabic is classified as a Level 5 difficulty language by the Foreign Service Institute, meaning that an English speaker would need 88 weeks, or 2200 hours of learning to master it. So if you want to study Arabic, you'll need a lot of time, patience, and determination - but that goes for any language. The Arabic you'll be learning is most likely going to be Modern Standard Arabic, which is the modern descendant of the 6th century Classical Arabic. Actual spoken Arabic can vary widely from this standard, however. Some varieties are mutually unintelligible, but you should be good to go anywhere with MSA. Here's some resources: >Arabic lectures >Simple Arabic short stories >Arabic courses Online

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Vi ne povas lerni Esperanton

Thread dedicated to the Esperanto language (and all other ConLangs)


>La Tua Esperanto
>What we need
Sites and resources to help newcomers learn the language


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Vous ne pouvez pas apprendre le Français

Thread dedicated to the French language >Resources TV5 Monde's free French language program Complete French Grammar by Fraser and Squair Progressive French exercises, principally on verbs by J Reynaud de Lamartinière Chardenal's French exercises for advanced pupils Grammar exercises Much, much more >What we need Sites and resources to help newcomers learn the language

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Du kannst nicht Deutsch lernen

Thread dedicated to the German language

German With Ease
>What we need
Sites and resources to help newcomers learn the language

Also, I do apologize for the lack of stuff, I'm trying to make the board more colorful but just bear with me for a while longer.

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Slovak language is one of the worst to learn t. born in slovakia. Resources Introduction A multilingual site to learn Slovak Bratislava University online course Slovak grammar video playlist "We Speak Slovak" webcomic

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English Learning and Skills Refining

It has come to my attention that many (myself included) are not Anglosphere natives. As such, it would make perfect sense having a thread dedicated to perfecting English as a second language.

Empty at the moment, will be updated
>What we need
Sites and resources to help foreigners learn the language

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Banner Thread

Got any ideas for a good one? Help me make this board a little more colorful!

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ITT, share your language-learning stories and experiences. What language are you learning and why?

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What languages are you learning? Italian here, I've been at it for about two years.

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Practice & Challenge Thread

Complete challenges and make up your own. Here are some I made up. Pick any of the following: Easy: 1. Translate the following sentences: I shower in the morning. I eat breakfast. The cat is under the table. 2. Introduce yourself (you can make something up). 3. Why are you learning your language? Medium: 1. Describe your home and what's in it. 2. Describe your daily routine. 3. Write a short story. Hard: 1. Pick a current news article in your language and summarize it. 2. Pick a recipe from your target culture, and describe it in your language. 3. Write a poem.

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Linguistics books thread

Place to discuss books dedicated to the science and art behind linguistics. Books to get started: >The Language Instinct (Pinker) >Symbolic Species (Deacon) >Lost Languages (Robinson) >An Introduction To Language (Fromkin, Rodman, Hyams) Feel free to ask for recommendations or leave suggestions.

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Hey linguistic brothers, We're announcing a revamped Infinity Cup this year! Come join us over at and make your own team!

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Anki Thread

This thread is dedicated to the use and discussion of Anki for learning languages. >He doesn't study vocabulary using Anki What's the matter anon? afraid of making progress? >What is Anki The best digital flashcard program; both the most effective for memorization and the most powerful/customizable. It's also free, open source, and multiplatform, with versions available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and online, with optional synchronization between multiple platforms. >How to get started Download Anki here: You can read Anki's documentation here: You can search for decks shared by other users by clicking the "Get Shared" button in Anki, or by going here: You can further customize your experience by looking through user-generated add-ons here: >Examples of things to do ITT >Ask questions about using Anki, styling cards, adjusting settings, etc. >Post or request decks from other anons >Talk about how you use Anki and what you use it for

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Tough words

A thread for words that just don't make sense to you. Any language. Video semi-unrelated.

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An announcement

I was planning on making a small clearnet IB containing several Self Improvement boards, including this one. How interested would you be in moving there?

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This is the /int/ language learning wiki, it has general guides and guides on a bunch of languages.

Also, here's a pastebin with some good resources.

Enjoy, and welcome to the Webring.