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Welcome to /lang/, home of all languages! Student Board owner 09/08/2019 (Sun) 09:48:19 Id:dc127b No. 1 [Reply]
This board is a continuation of various smaller boards from 8ch dedicated to learning new languages, translating documents from one to another and overall just having fun with other anons in the ultimate pursuit of universal knowledge.

1. Global Rules apply here.
2. English is the preferred language outside of threads strictly dedicated to a particular language.
3. Be courteous to other anons, as this is a (mostly) SFW board - if people wish to translate stuff that is kinkier than usual though I'll see what I can do with the site administration.
4. Any material that you have that could be useful to other anons, please, share it! Having videos and resources helps immensely!

That being said, the board will remain active as a bunker if 8chan ever comes back, in which case, please, come meet us there as well!

linguam latinam discere non potes Student 10/14/2019 (Mon) 02:22:53 Id:7b811c No. 76 [Reply]
Apologies to the BO for not having an image or resources like the ones you've been using
Use this thread to discuss, ask questions about, or share works of translation to/from the Latin Language.
A good textbook to use for getting started from absolute zero is Lingua Latina: per se illustrata by Hans H. Orberg. I don't have a pdf - if an anon would post one that would be appreciated. It reduces your reliance on dictionaries by teaching words solely by context or by definitions using words you've already learned. (I find a dictionary is useful in spite of this.) If followed to its completion, the course of study found therein will take you to reading Caesar with relative confidence.

It's split into about 30 chapters, with a section for questions at the end of each. If you're serious about learning the language, do these on paper. Check your answers with the attached answer key, then tuck the paper away somewhere. Go over them from time to time.

There are two supplements to the book:
>Lingua Latina: per se illustrata - grammatica latina
It is a small handbook with tables of verb conjugations, noun declensions, pronouns, et cetera. A handbook of essential grammar. This is useful if you don't want to constantly google these things to remind yourself of them / practice them and would prefer a print version you can look at more easily. Otherwise, not worth getting.
>lingua latina per se illustrata - latine disco: student's manual
This is a small book that contains English companion explanations for each chapter, and an essential rundown of the concepts it introduced. Can be especially useful given that some concepts in the main chapter may have been introduced too subtly. If you feel that you may be too much of a brainlet to catch everything, or simply want some reinforcement of what you learned, it may be worth picking up.
In my own case, I got it when I was about halfway through the main book. It helped on some minor points, but overall wasn't that helpful. Google can cover most bases, in my experience.
I also have no pdfs for either of these.

If you're just starting out, you should consider being able to read Julius Caesar's commentarii de bello gallico as your long term goal. Once you reach this point, you'll be well on your way to reading the more significant works of Latin literature.
Attached are some additional easy reading materials for before you reach that point. Both should be about simple enough to read when you are half way (or so) through lingua latina. Due to filesize limits, they will be in the following posts.

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Who cares, man. If you want to learn it just to read it then do so and simply ignore the audio files.
Anyone got any idea if /latin/ is available on 8kuntz?
What do you think of diogenes?
Any man who masturbates in public and isn't afraid to tell those in position of power that they need to fuck off but not because of politics is based tbh

(8.88 KB 250x326 Giuseppe-Caspar-Mezzofanti.jpg)
Who inspires you to learn languages? Student 09/27/2019 (Fri) 17:09:55 Id:e1e446 No. 57 [Reply]
for me it's Cardinal Giuseppe Mezzofanti.

Mezzofanti was well known for being a hyperpolyglot who according to Russell 1858 spoke at least thirty languages with rare excellence
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I think it's fun. I also get to access a lot of content otherwise victim of the treachery of translation (when it's translated at all).
So far I've only used English to speak with foreigners, though.
I believe Mezzofanti used to converse with travellers. Italy was already a pretty hip destination back then.
Wasn't he the guy who wanted to translate the bible to every single language?
many people would come and want to speak with the pope, my understanding it that he was a interpreter.
And there's people who were curious and spoke directly with him, thus cementing his linguistic prowess, and at the highest level possible: speaking with a native.

i had a webpage with a book with all the info you could possibly want about him, but for the life of me i cant find it.

this answers anything you would need to know.
That actually sounds plausible and is pretty cool.

Student 09/12/2019 (Thu) 12:42:01 Id:f6757e No. 5 [Reply]
What languages are you learning? Italian here, I've been at it for about two years.
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(223.74 KB 1440x1080 2016-02-10.jpg)
That map is inaccurate, it doesn't take into account that Serbian and other Slavic languages use both Cyrillic and Latin.
Still learning Japanese. I believe it I can pass JLPT2, but I'll aim for JLPT1 next exam. Also, I am learning Hebrew, since I want to specialize in comparative Semitic linguistics. I learned a bit about Russian. Russian made me realize how important phonology is and after it I grabbed like 3 introduction books and got hooked up. Autosegmental Phonology is fucking terrific.

Yeah the thing is I am getting sidetracked by reading about theoretical linguistics which reduces my time to learn the other languages. Not to mention laziness and playing vidya that isn't Japanese isn't helping.
Anyone has any lusophone guides?
You mean, to learn BR Portuguese?
Exactly. I think most courses have finished inscription now.

(159.38 KB 472x419 1503041170481.jpg)
Vous ne pouvez pas apprendre le Français Student 09/15/2019 (Sun) 11:05:22 Id:d0511c No. 18 [Reply]
Thread dedicated to the French language

Empty at the moment, will be updated
>What we need
Sites and resources to help newcomers learn the language
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Merci beaucoup, anon.
(52.36 KB 320x289 collection rpg fr.jpg)
J'ai l'intention du lire cette blog ici:

Du jeu vidéo de rôle Français.
Je me suis jamais particulièrement intéressé aux JDR français. Par contre, j'ai déjà cherché quelques trucs sur l'histoire du jeu vidéo français, dans les années 80-90. La chaîne de TV Arte a fait une série là-dessus justement. Je sais pas ce que ça vaut mais je laisse ça ici.
Un bonne livre que j'ai trouvé est 'Faibles et Légendes du Japon' si vous êtes intéressé dans sujets weaboo.
Merci beaucoup Anon (étudiante?), Désolé, lynxchan déteste mon navigateur mais je voulais retourner.
Nan c'est ma langue maternelle. J'aime bien aider les personnes qui veulent l'apprendre.

(205.52 KB 372x525 you can't learn german.jpg)
Du kannst nicht Deutsch lernen Student 09/17/2019 (Tue) 21:46:40 Id:14e499 No. 30 [Reply]
Thread dedicated to the German language

German With Ease
>What we need
Sites and resources to help newcomers learn the language

Also, I do apologize for the lack of stuff, I'm trying to make the board more colorful but just bear with me for a while longer.
Edited last time by AlphabetSoup on 09/19/2019 (Thu) 20:06:27.
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(40.52 KB 800x450 brainlettttt.jpg)
The only decodification that somehow gave me an readable result was from base64, which part of the string translates to "(DELETE_ME)". I also tried subtracting the decimal value of the character next to the current one in the loop. Why am I too much of an brainlet?
You're using the right method. Now actually delete the "(DELETE_ME)" segment and repeat it again.
So obvious, why am I so dumb? Damn.
Sorry lad, tried to make it a bit harder for people to get. But yes it's just as you said.
If you want to watch an extreme amount of german series and films, check out https://www.ardmediathek.de.

(5.80 KB 229x220 images (21).jpeg)
Translations General Student 10/09/2019 (Wed) 10:02:52 Id:b2858f No. 71 [Reply]
Got anything needing to be translated? Are you making one yourself?
Subbing and fandubbing also appreciated.
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A gyönyör, amikor beléd élveznek.
Il piacere di farsi venire dentro.
Typesetter, cleaner, and redrawer for Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu here. If anyone needs any advice feel free to ask questions and I can teach you what I know.
What kind of program do you use to do all three? I've been dabbling with CS6 for a while but while the results can come from time to time, I have a hard time redrawing stuff and sometimes it's hard to hide the original text.
I pay for photoshop so it's up to date. You're basically missing content aware fill with CS6 as well as having a short list of most recent fonts used. CAF saves a ton of time not having to stitch everything by mouse. There's supposed to be an update to CAF this next patch for 2020 which may have already dropped but I haven't checked it yet. The recent fonts thing can be gotten around by using presets but I never use those because recent fonts is the same amount of clicks away but you might be able to set them up on CS6. Another thing I use that I'm not sure you can do in CS6 is an action which makes it much easier to clean bubbles. https://mega.nz/#F!174AGIYL!lABLbB3LKH9xFYk7qzSThg

That's the file that contains the action. You have to go to your photoshop folder/presets/actions/ and paste it in there. Then open up photoshop on a file you want to clean. There will be a tab next to your history tab called Actions. Click that. Look for the folder that says Bubble Mask. Click on the right arrow so it's a down arrow. Now just below that line is a line that says make bubble mask. Double click that and it will pop up a window to set the action to a button. You can set it to any function key and add ctrl and/or alt. I just use F12 as it's one simple key press and it's not obtrusive to any other function. Okay now bubble mask action is set up so what do you do with it? Use the magic wand tool on each bubble and once everything is selected hit F12 or whatever button you set it to and it will clean the bubbles for you. It's not perfect. sometimes you'll have to use other selection tools but as long as you have a bubble around all of the text selected you can hit the action button and make it all clean without using the pencil tool to clean every single character by hand. It's not perfect but it's the difference between an ink quill and a word processor.

(75.94 KB 1080x1078 1565807231400.jpg)
Banner Thread Student 09/18/2019 (Wed) 23:12:05 Id:c703c4 No. 38 [Reply]
Got any ideas for a good one? Help me make this board a little more colorful!
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It's preferable, but I haven't added any yet so I don't know.
Maximum size allowed: 500.00 KB
(239.12 KB 869x1210 Hinamatsuri_English.jpg)
(35.92 KB 300x100 True_American_English.png)
Extremely quick and dirty, attaching source so someone can actually get it done.
Manage your time better, avoid my mistakes.
Amazing. But maybe a glowing green font would have been better?
By the way, what manga is it? And, thanks for your support, anon.
(36.48 KB 300x100 American_English_new.png)
(36.33 KB 300x100 American_English_new_darker.png)
non-hueg imageboards intoxicate me with their mood, and so I chose a subdued color ill-advisedly.

That would be Hinamatsuri, I didn't watch the adaptation but the manga is a riot.
Cheers lad, will add it

(210.37 KB 878x538 us dialects.jpg)
Dialects Student 10/10/2019 (Thu) 23:53:56 Id:5972f2 No. 72 [Reply]
Let's say anon learns Japanese and travels to Osaka. Wouldn't he be better off knowing Kansai dialect to fit in more, /lang/?
Also how do I get my southern drawl? I've been here since birth and it shows, Thing Is, I didn't develop my southern drawl due to little exposure. I take pride in my heritage and that underdeveloped drawl is making me feel like a fag. What do I do?
(135.21 KB 1200x675 2fc.jpg)
One way I found to be the easiest to learn a particular language or accent is to try and mock it. Usually, you should watch some videos or shows where a character from that particular region gets stereotyped to no end, and try to make fun of that same kind of people with the same kind of vibe.
It's not so easy, but with enough exposure you may get the hang of it. Remember, an accent isn't just how your mouth moves, it's also about the kind of person you are. Southern Hospitality isn't just a meme, the accent heavily reflects the kind of straight to the point, laid back person a Southerner can be, compare it to a chilled out Valley Dude accent.

(568.14 KB 1200x1500 Japanese_9ecf17_6853237.jpg)
文字通り誰も日本語を学べない Student 09/18/2019 (Wed) 20:11:39 Id:8018bf No. 33 [Reply]
Thread dedicated to the Japanese language

Empty at the moment, will be updated
>What we need
Sites and resources to help newcomers learn the language

Also, I do apologize for the lack of stuff, I'm trying to make the board more colorful but just bear with me for a while longer.
As someone who is learning it, I don't really recommend it.
Most of the time it looks like they realized midway through a converstation that their grammar couldn't build a sentence to express a certain concept, so they improvised something on the spot and stuck with it for generations.
It really feels like it, doesn't it?


no cookies?