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Open file (440.74 KB 1280x1440 3D.jpg)
Good 3D Tech chat 11/22/2021 (Mon) 11:02:02 No.948
Post vtubers with actually good 3D tech. Save your indies from optitrack lightstage scam. Good 2D tech may be posted as well. >What is the status quo of home 3D? Budget mocap can look good despite what stakeholders want you to believe. Uninformed kids are spending $1000+ on VR equipment only to use it in makeshift vtuber apps As an example: Top >head mounted display $600-1000 >6 point position tracking $600-800 >htc vive base station $125-250 >straps $20-130 >usb hub $20 >total cost: $1365-2200 >VirtualCast Bottom >own Unity 3D environment >multiple camera angles >lighting >custom shaders >facial expressions >input from webcam, no VR needed >How the fuck do they look so good in 3DVR without money? Better lighting, shaders, camera angles, motion tracked props. Shikibu Meguri https://youtube.com/watch?v=1m3Ic1VBgHQ I-ns https://youtube.com/watch?v=i4UVHxTGdmY Azulim https://youtube.com/watch?v=foUZR0zs5F4
Don't have that money and don't know how to 3d without showing my face and the kinect doesn't translate motion very well, don't have any webcam because opsec. My room is too cramped to have good tracking. Don't know how to use custom model in unity or blender, only mmd and chara. In the end it won't even register my facial expressions because I won't show my face period. Will be better to register expressions head movements and body movements with computer input via mouse and keyboard and randomly generated algorithm.
>>952 >no camera Got a phone camera? This is what some jp vtubers used >webcam breaking opsec Raspberry Pi camera on a Pi 3 connected with wired ethernet >coding is hard Says every voice talent >not a single link in a recommendation thread The absolute state of vtuber boards. Thought /l/ would be better than the 4chan /vt/eens.
>>955 /tech/ users don't browse imageboards. Not even /tech/ boards. Not sure what you honestly expected but that should have been obvious long before this.
>>955 This board is only for jerking off to your favorite Vwhore
Damn straight.
Open file (251.73 KB 795x1072 lamy glass.jpg)
>>955 >Coding is hard <says every voice talent Maybe for you faggot. My oshi promotes open source and forking projects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuFjoJhRfUs
>>984 If you know of software to conveniently track models in MMD that isn't crappy xbox kinect leg breaker and stream with transparent background like vtubers at same time let me know. I assume you can just copy it from stack overflow like all of you "programmers" seem to do anyway.
>>996 There's no time for arguing, faggot. Post your oshi now. Watch Camomi Camomi She is very talented https://youtube.com/watch?v=daz9GxQgDyY
>>996 And for 3D programming questions, why don't you go ask in /tech/, /g/ or even 4chan's /vt/asp/ It's hard to explain. You need some GitHub digging. Lookup Kalido 3D's core library. They got on the trending page recently.
>>1002 camomi is your oshi? jesus anon that's some good taste

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