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Vtuber recommendation thread chat 09/12/2021 (Sun) 17:58:42 No.67
Describe what your ideal vtuber would be, and then recommend others vtubers that fit their descriptions. Keep in mind there's a 99%+ chance people posting know about popular vtubers like Gawr Gura.
>>67 >Describe what your ideal vtuber would be Design >OL or simple soft looking cake like Suzuka Utako, Saionji Mary or Marine >Delicious brown (optional) >Voice most match design of course, singing is optional Content >Obviously most be a jap otaku >Normal average streams, no need to pull a haachama but some variety wouldn't hurt either >good taste in vidya (aka no Apex or flavour of the month shit) something similar to Korone
I like Hirasaka Mei Desuwaaaaa~ She responds as she can, knows a little English, has many talents, and can drive a truck.
To BO: 8chan vtuber board is shit, please protect your takos so this board won't become like that Also is this NSFW board?
>>182 Did something happen over on 8chan? I haven't really followed them since the blacklisting incident. As long as anons are having fun I don't have any particular direction to steer the board. >NSFW? Please read the sticky & meta thread.
Open file (721.54 KB 900x665 agora-chan1.jpg)
>>182 Use the meta thread to say that dummy. >>170 >>185 It sounds like you already know your favorite, anon.
>>186 >Favorite Nah, I like Desuwaaaa but she's not my favorite. Her content would be appreciated by some anons so I figured I would mention her.
>>74 I thought from this picture and a first glance that you wanted a cooking vtuber. That would be nice. One with a matronly vibe that sang while cooking and chit-chatted. She could start with the very basics and sell branded kitchen goods, if the audience supported it.

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