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Open file (240.08 KB 1020x1000 NENE SEALS.jpg)
Meta Thread / Free Chat Thread Nene Seal Board owner 09/11/2021 (Sat) 13:54:17 No.5
Please direct matters of board moderation policy, board aesthetics such as banners/flags, and similar inquiries to this thread. Otherwise I might not see them. This can also be used as a catch-all thread for off-topic posts. Board Culture & OC Raffle I don't have anything to use the announcement area for, so I'm going to use it for a monthly prize. OC is the lifeblood of imageboards, so I would like to encourage it in a constructive way. Anon* may submit a sentence or quote to be entered into a raffle and turned into an announcement limit of about 100 characters or one sentence, whichever is larger. Raffle entries are not free: In order to be entered into the raffle, anon must either submit a banner or a piece of OC with a moderate amount of effort put in (no stick figures, video-ripped gifs/webms, or generic memes that take 2 minutes to make if you choose OC instead of banners). *Limit of one submission per anon per month. First raffle will be held October 1st. We are currently looking for banners! If there is a girl or image you would like to see in a banner, /l/ is looking for banners. I'll be making a couple at a time, but they will mostly be generic. >How do I make gifs? Either by adjusting frame-by-frame in an image editor, or by cheating at about 70% quality: https://ezgif.com/ >Banner size? The only real restriction is 500kb, but please maintain a roughly 3:1 aspect ratio (300x100 - 600x200) to keep them consistent. I've included a minimum and maximum sized Nene Seal in the banners for now for comparison. We are currently discussing flags! I'm think I want to experiment with custom flags. I'm thinking of doing them as a 28x28 and allowing any liver (really their face or a symbolic representation) or corporate symbol (Hololive, Nijisanji, Phase-Connect, VOMs, etc.) as a flag. If anons are opposed to custom flags, the next month or so is the time to say so. We do not need moderators at this time! The board is small enough that I'm not worried about it. If you are interested in moderating, obviously say something to that effect because it lets me know you are interested and I can add you to an email list or something to notify you if I ever am recruiting, but it is best not to introduce more points of failure into a system if it's not necessary. HOW BANS WORK: Bans will average 16 hours for those without a criminal record. This is enough time to force anon to sleep on his actions and cool his head without impacting his posting ability the following day. An additional 4 hours will be added for each additional offense in the last 90 days to account for VPNs. Ban lengths are cumulative. After 90 days your criminal record is expunged. All "permabans" issued on /l/ shall last 90 days. Example: >Anon banned for some reason >Anon is a good boy for 88 days >Anon is banned for something else >Anon gets a 20 hour ban. He must go a full 90 days without a ban or he will get a 24 hour ban next time. Anon may dispute his ban to have it expunged from his record without fear of retaliation in this thread so long as he follows the rules while arguing his case. I make mistakes too, so don't assume it was in bad faith if I issued one. Warnings do not count against anon. Contact information: NeneSeals@protonmail.com Reminder that protonmail is compromised and should not be used for political or fringe topics.
Edited last time by NeneSeal on 09/12/2021 (Sun) 22:30:51.
Open file (13.24 KB 201x450 d30268-306-869917-7.png)
Testing out the spoiler function.
Open file (107.67 KB 640x640 Owl.mp4)
Hmm, test 2.
>>17 Looks janky. I should've looked for a transparent image. Do anons prefer the default spoiler or do we want to have a custom one?
>>18 I'd say custom, if only just to give the board a bit of flavor.
Open file (236.21 KB 600x200 pekomiko.png)
Open file (81.72 KB 300x100 pemi.png)
An attempt was made.
>>5 Are you guys refugees from some other imageboard? Anyhow, you should totally make an /icup/ team too
>>53 /l/ is a new board covering an existing topic that did not have a board previously. It is attempting to establish itself as its own culture based on different principles from those held on other otaku boards, from the looks of things.
>8. I will practice don't-ask-don't-tell if I simp. >simp Off to a bad start, board owner.
Open file (372.05 KB 300x100 smol_ames.gif)
Open file (1.24 MB 600x200 smol_ames_2x.gif)
Rate my efforts
>>57 The word simp in this case was used for simplicity! I'm aware of the connotations, but the use of the word in this case is reddit deterrent since it carries a very harsh and condemning tone. It's shorthand for "if you're going to donate, don't tell us about it, and give the money to actual struggling indies and not tubers sitting on an income." I can change it back to the longhand form if you prefer. >>59 >>34 Very nice. As a heads up, when I gave two sets of measurements, I meant those as a range of sizes. E.G. "please make it at least 300x100 in size, but no larger than 600x200." You could make a 393x131 image or even one slightly outside the lines of 3:1 ratio, so long as it is still aesthetically close. My bad if there was some confusion. Also your large one exceeds the 500kb filesize limit.
>>63 >but the use of the word in this case is reddit deterrent >and give the money to actual struggling indies and not tubers sitting on an income As much as I want to agree, I don't really follow the logic on how the rule helps with that. Simp didn't even originate on a imageboard, and it became popular on reddit and twitch. It would be better not to use it.
Open file (105.91 KB 900x900 kibo-chan.jpg)
>>66 How about... >8. I will not brag about giving money to streamers >8. I will not throw away money at corporate streamers >8. I will not discuss how I use my cash outside the arena Do anons have a preference in the wording? Having buyfag threads are fine still, obviously. While this is being worked out, let me ask about something else. How do anons feel about Kibo-chan and similar channels? I don't want to needlessly water down the board's topic, but at the same time I think topics like Kibo-chan are fine since she is cute and still in the original spirit of what skit-based VTubers used to do. Obviously she is a (literal) robot exclusively in meatspace, but a cute robot used for short relaxing videos isn't going to act like 3DPD. Maybe a specific spin-off thread for those kinds of topic? If anons don't want to dilute the board's content that is also a reasonable response.
>>68 >8. I will not discuss how I use my cash No comment on being able to discuss it inside the arena or whether people can talk about kibo-chan.
It was brought to my attention that anons were advertising us over on /animu/. They have been advertising us on Smug too, but it looked like the meidos were honoring my request when I reported them so I didn't comment on it. I've realized that my current ban on shilling might be mistaken as a permanent ban on shilling, so I tried to clarify why I have been requesting that the board only be spread through private word-of-mouth and anons wandering in for this first month or two. Since this was an official response, I've attached my capcode here on /l/ in case the PLW moderation wants to verify I am who I say I am.
Open file (137.25 KB 1271x1700 E-_FdlYVUAA2J7V.jpg)
>>68 >>70 "Cash" may be too overreaching, e.g. discussing whether certain merch is worth it, although I guess that would end up mostly in buyfag threads anyway. Something vague but with an explainer, to the effect of 'no SC faggotry' is good enough, not that it is a likely issue anyway, so ultimately, meh. I think stuff like Kubo is fine, she's cute, probably better is some aggregate 'chuuba-adjacent' thread to avoid 'is she, isn't she' silliness. Regarding #5, would that include 3D related aspects such as discussing their mamas, or perhaps be a matter for a specific thread, or just disallowed (outside of direct collabs), perhaps a spoilered "check arena" may suffice, I doubt crossed threads of discussion would be too much issue in such a thread?
I started a raffle. Please read the "raffle" section of the OP. >>34 >>59 You two have permission to tie these banners to a submission if you would like to submit one.
>>77 >Cash I don't want to get into philosophy, but the way I look at it merch is like a transaction where you are paying X for Y products or services. If you do not receive the product, you can dispute the transaction or even file a lawsuit in some cases, hence "buyfagging." Supachat and equivalents are more like giving gifts since the streamer is not required to respond to them but voluntarily chooses to. Transactions are fine. Gifting culture is, at least vaguely speaking, yabai. >Rule 5 dissemination For now, let's roll with this standard since it's simple and easy: >If a streamer mentions it, gives permission for her peers to mention it, or expresses it through her actions, then it's ok to discuss (such as kson and that boob stream or girls discussing their real life interactions and mothers) >If a streamer has not mentioned it, given permission to her peers to discuss it, or expressed it through her actions, then it's not ok to discuss it outside the arena. Cross-linking between threads is alright, yeah. In a similar vein, Anons can even have their own threads for a specific stream or happening if they don't want to post in a general so long as they aren't spamming. Still around but I'm getting ready to take a bath in case I failed to clarify things. Edit: Added section on peers for further clarification and fixed my formatting.
Edited last time by NeneSeal on 09/12/2021 (Sun) 21:52:31.
Open file (59.48 KB 952x1212 settings.png)
Open file (1.23 MB 1152x1664 Uni.jpg)
Open file (327.04 KB 827x798 Botan.jpeg)
Got a business call while adjusting the settings. I don't think they took effect since I immediately changed it back, but while changing the board from 7 pages to 5 pages, I accidentally set the limit to "5 threads" because I forgot it's threads, not pages. Once we've filled in the catalog I plan to enable early 404 unless there is mass protests against it. Here are the current settings for anon to look over and see if they need adjusting. Bump limit is fairly low and 180 day thread limit was set to encourage the creation of new threads (the same reason I reduced us from 7 pages down to 5 pages). Duplicate are allowed so long as it's not a literal copy/paste duplicate. Now I'm off to a relaxing bath for I am currently a stinky anon who forgot to bathe or shower for three days.
Open file (464.45 KB 333x111 smol_ames.gif)
Open file (36.76 KB 300x100 loli parenthesis.png)
Open file (36.30 KB 300x100 loli no parenthesis.png)
>>79 Could you try and use this one instead? If only for the slightly bigger size. If not you can go ahead and use the smaller one. Also went ahead and made two banners for you to choose either. These are not for the raffles, just to be clear.
Open file (613.03 KB 2924x2066 Noel bath.jpg)
>>80 >such as kson and that boob stream I can't say I'm too fond of that idea and it's implications. For example, smug had a recent, now deleted, post showing a chuuba streaming themselves being fucked irl, (with avatar side by side) by your above logic that's allowed, as would be, say, DWU's interracial JAV. I don't really know what you are looking for in this board yet, but it would be silly to put stuff like bare hands in a gunpla stream alongside the aforementioned, that is not only explicitly sexual, but 3D for PDs sake, as opposed to a necessary evil for say gunpla/cooking. There will be no way to have both that and not drama, and frankly weird given the emphasis on virtual in the sticky, I feel it's just a slippery slope when given so much freedom. For instance, Nene's mama showing off the figures she's designed, or Subaru's pics of her Akiba visit is one thing, a fully 3D real person cosplaying and shaking their ass on camera, well, I'd be quicker visiting /soc/. Depends what you want ultimately. Thanks for reminding me to take a bath, although it will have to wait till tomorrow. Equally is there any specific guidelines for NSFW beyond nips/vag, may pic related be a test.
Open file (175.42 KB 838x1424 Loli sheep.jpg)
>>83 Added. Does anyone remember how to link the user-side banner page? /banners.html wasn't working and I want to link it in the OP. >>84 Apologies for the wall of text, but I want to explain my reasoning on this one very carefully. Everything below can be considered "unstated rules" for the purposes of reporting. Feel free to screencap it for future use. This will be my last post in the meta thread until tomorrow or Wednesday. The inclusion of italics and bold is to make sure that this post is not quoted out-of-context. I might link anons to this response in the future if their question falls under it. I'm going to make an analogy between vtubers and idols for a moment that an idolfag I'm a fan of made to me opening my eyes, so I apologize if idols are not anon's cup of tea. In the idol industry, there are your standard idols (what most anons imagine), but there are also Akiba-kei idols (gaming/otaku idols), net idols (idols only available online through streaming platforms, not the same as twitch whores), gravure idols (ecchi idols who pose in videos and photoshoots where there is no penetration), AV idols (idols that engage in everything from gravure to hardcore pornography), junior idols (Nip equivalent of child stars), etc. I fall under the camp that ALL VTubers are idols both Japanese and internationally, just behind a 2D/3D mask. When I said that this board is big tent, I actually meant that this board is big tent, and that I do not intend to ban on-topic content. Please read the next paragraph before dropping the board, especially if you came over from Smug where this is a bigger issue. Each sentence in the sticky has been carefully chosen though. The reason this board's primary focus are otaku-oriented and idol-oriented streamers was chosen was in the event of this coming up in moderation or conversation. The word primary is used to explain that coloring outside the lines will be allowed so long as the person in question is arguably a vtuber or tangentially related to vtubers. However, the reason I explicitly call out otaku and idol interests is because as you and I are both aware, no one here reasonably wants to see shit like DWU's interracial JAV. There will always be anons who post things like that with malicious intent though because there have always been those anons. The purpose of rule 0 is to counteract this, and the purpose of rule 9 is in case an anon is violating the rules in spirit even if he is not violating them in practice. While I do not want to restrict content to generals, if anons refuse to read between the lines or otherwise start spamming gravure VTubers and AV Livers, I will crack down by restricting them to a single thread like how negative content needs to go in The Arena. That way anons who do not like that content may hide it, and anons who like that content may discuss it. My purpose as a janny/moderator/meido/whatever is not to decide what is allowed and what is not allowed, but to make sure everyone is playing by the same rules. If the rules are causing friction, my job is to work out a compromise that does not restrict content, but prevents anons who don't want to see it from having to see it. In the spirit of a true big tent board, if anons want to have a thread dedicated to Kson/Coco, they may have one. Same goes for Chinktubers/Gooktubers. Same goes for VShitjou. Same goes for Project Melody and other porntubers. Actually, all of the above are controversial topics so I'm going to say they all need to be restricted to a respective general if anon wants to talk about them. Those threads can be turned into generals if they become prolific, and they can be hidden by anons who do not like that content. All that being said, I didn't think that needed to be stated outright so I'm sorry for not clarifying. Lynxchan has features to merge threads, so if anons post outside the lines, you can report them and I can move it to the correct thread while issuing them a warning.
Open file (271.77 KB 1920x1080 hinata_nekomiya_despair.jpg)
>>84 >>85 >The 3DPD question I was indeed very explicit about the virtual part because this is a virtual idol board, not an idol board or /jp/ board. I was explicit to prevent content from being diluted more than big tent already does since otherwise I'd probably end up allowing an idol general and then we'd be halfway to /jp/. That being said, there are vtuber skits out there that explicitly focus on the 2D-3DPD play. A lot of them are worse than just showing hands or standing in a full-body costume, and there are people who enjoy that dynamic. Tsukino Mito (I think) has an actual official video on her twitter of herself (minus her face) where she pulls up her shirt, grabs her abdominal fat to make it look like boobs, and slaps her belly aesthetically. For now, let's make the official ruling that if the girl does both 2D and 3DPD streams, the 3DPD streams can be mentioned in passing, but they should not be directly linked, and images of those streams should be spoilered. I think that's a fair ruling that draws a clear line of what is and is not allowed based on the above reasoning that VTubers are idols. If anons disagree with this, I am open to hearing counterarguments. >Equally is there any specific guidelines for NSFW beyond nips/vag I follow the rough "Western European" definition of NSFW. That is, the sexual part is more important than the bare skin. Genitalia are usually illicit, and nipples are only illicit if shown in a sexual manner. If, oh I don't know, if Ina posts a nice picture she drew that happens to have nipples or a picture of a statue with a flaccid dick, I'm not gonna go apeshit over the spoiler button, but if those boobs are being fondled or it's Tewi's massive flaccid phimotic dick drawn with sexual connotation, I'm obviously gonna spoiler it. I guess for now just follow the standard of "if anon can't look at his boss with a straight face if that image was on his screen, he probably needs to spoiler it" and if there's anything outside the lines I'll just spoiler it. You can't be banned for rule 3. That's not a bannable offense unless you're doing it intentionally and consistently.
>>84 And as for gunpla/cooking stuff, yeah that's fine. I'm thinking of having an "outside the lines" thread for channels like Kiwami Japan and Kibo-chan, or like you mentioned those gunpla channels. Hobby content that would fall under the idol genre by Japanese standards.
Open file (190.89 KB 463x460 EP7thpLWoAATo9Y.png)
Unrelated but I just wanted to mention that it has been found out that your favorite idol is having sex with her boyfriend. Alright continue.
>>85 Cheers, actually clarifying your position is great, and I agree with it. >grabs her abdominal fat to make it look like boobs, and slaps her belly aesthetically Did she too I only remember https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsOkHWCtjis which fucking hell has over 5 mill views now.
>>85 >Does anyone remember how to link the user-side banner page? I don't think Lynxchan has that feature. Maybe there is but I think the only one to have the banners page is JSchan.
Open file (182.33 KB 1200x1005 1543870642920.jpg)
>>85 >In the idol industry, there are your standard idols (what most anons imagine), but there are also Akiba-kei idols (gaming/otaku idols), net idols (idols only available online through streaming platforms, not the same as twitch whores), gravure idols (ecchi idols who pose in videos and photoshoots where there is no penetration), AV idols (idols that engage in everything from gravure to hardcore pornography), junior idols (Nip equivalent of child stars), etc. As far as I'm aware, "idol" in Japan basically means "celebrity" or "star", but with an emphasis on there being a highly enthusiastic fanbase / cult following that worships or desires the talent in some way, and without the requirement of the idol being popular in the mainstream. That may describe many virtual youtubers, but it doesn't describe all of them; not by a long shot. >I fall under the camp that ALL VTubers are idols both Japanese and internationally, just behind a 2D/3D mask. I think "entertainers" would be a more fitting umbrella term for the phenomenon. It includes all the "just in it for the fun" indies, the educational channels, the comedy acts, the FC2chuubas, and so on, and doesn't come with any of the baggage, connotations, and expectations that the term "idols" comes with. >However, the reason I explicitly call out otaku and idol interests is because as you and I are both aware, no one here reasonably wants to see shit like DWU's interracial JAV Putting aside the fact that a cosplay parody JAV of a 2D character actually is an otaku and (AV) idol interest Goro fucked you're waifu!, DeepWebUnderground is very much the boundary-pushing /b/tard of the virtual youtuber world. She does troll-ish stuff like this for the 草s (like when she pretended she was interviewing the owner of an infamous manga piracy site and someone who wanted to join ISIS, or when she played KIWAMI-HighLow on stream with Mito without censoring it at all), but 3DPD is not generally a part of her activities. In fact her only "role" in the AV was making it official and providing a commentary track and a dub; essentially operating as the seiyuu for a cosplay rendition of her character. While I didn't watch more than a small portion of the AV myself, the mere fact it existed was very funny at the time (along with her many other exploits), and it wasn't too out of place with other crazy stuff going on in the Japanese virtual youtuber world circa 2018-2019. IMHO, a "true big tent board" shouldn't be so quick to relegate the likes of DWU to a containment general, especially when they're notable characters from the pre-Holoboom Japanese scene. There's more to virtual youtubers than just CGDCT and Minecraft streams, and DWU is a great example of that.
Open file (715.33 KB 1919x1080 DWU niggers.jpg)
>>100 >/b/tard of the virtual word. Then maybe she should be there. >FC2chuubas There's a reason they're on a camwhore site. I wouldn't be for excluding her normally though, just the videos or related content that is blatantly 3D or will illicit drama, which is arguably trolling and as such better put separate. I'd used her JAV as a rather extreme example of where stuff like Kson's titty streaming ends up, I'm just more concerned with the virtual aspect. For example https://youtube.com/watch?v=T_pfu6CD6hs is a 'virtual' youtuber, but that video is clearly not virtual in the slightest despite other videos that are. I mean, say Canan, has technically used an avatar before but I think the difference between her and Noel is readily apparent. Certainly for a seemingly "Idol focused" (personally I feel most chuubas fall under, and act, in the seiyuu idol category) board it would be strange to see camwhores everywhere, and just provocative in the same vein as to why I wouldn't post political commentator chuubas willy nilly.
Open file (1.75 MB 915x1421 SmugPeko.png)
>BO explains what idols are as defined by idolfags and Japanese media >/a/utists ignore BO's entire message and argue over what an idol is Never change, anons.
Are there any preferred hosting sites for files, or rather any you don't want ? I know some anons can be particular.
This is not the /l/ that I was expecting. Still nice though.
>>89 I was thinking of that channel. Don't know why my brain went to Mito. >>106 So long as anon isn't using one of those websites that give ad revenue per click, just use whatever gets the best form, fit, and function for the job. If another anon dislikes it they can always just reupload it elsewhere.
Open file (394.92 KB 459x498 Sharkspin.gif)
>>107 As they say, /l/ive and let /l/ive. There seemed to be a sudden massive influx in posting on other vtuber threads after this board was made.
Open file (71.64 KB 600x200 hf.png)
Open file (215.04 KB 600x200 nm.png)
Open file (15.18 KB 600x200 banner.png)
>>145 Nice.
Open file (107.20 KB 303x497 Lolichaco .PNG)
>>148 >>83 P-People are going to get the wrong idea about what this board is for! I need to make some banners this weekend! I'm sure site owner is having a giggle over this one.
Open file (169.90 KB 600x200 287639-23.png)
23 years in MS Paint
Open file (88.30 KB 600x200 an attempt was made.png)
Open file (325.25 KB 560x187 Pushups.gif)
Open file (305.67 KB 600x200 79685+.png)
Open file (202.15 KB 600x200 934.png)
Open file (286.00 KB 600x200 w.png)
I tried
>>313 I need to get off my ass and contribute this weekend. These are all very good.
Open file (124.40 KB 1280x720 SEGtLjPh6_k.jpg)
Hirasaka Mei is live Desuwaaaa~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEGtLjPh6_k
>>333 Is she playing with dolls? what an autist wwwww
Open file (911.75 KB 860x1214 SmugNene.jpg)
Anon.cafe Night Fever Announcement! We will have officially been up for a month next weekend without any (major) incidents! I'm putting an end to the "collab ban" on advertising off-site that I've been reporting anons on other imageboards for doing as of next Friday. I was talking with site owner, and it sounds like he still has the icecast server. I'm looking at doing an anon.cafe stream on the weekend of Smug's next r/a/dio rest week (so either the 16th or the 23rd from the sounds of things right now). I'll test out the software to make sure it's working some time tomorrow, check in with my sources to make sure that one of those two days is still a rest week next Friday they have to unless they plan to stream the entire month of October just to spite me in which case I can do it in November, then make some promotional materials & request a site-wide advertisement if everything is in the clear. It sounds like he's up for letting anons use it more frequently moving forward, so if anons want to do anon.cafe streams in the future they are welcome to host them on /l/ and I'm willing to help anon get stuff set up. If anons would like to use /l/ as their host board for their own music stream, I'd only request to keep it at least 50% /jp/ to keep out undesirables. I plan to have a mix of dadrock, idol/chuuba songs, and /jp/ songs during the event to try to set a "gauge" for other anons interested. Note: Streaming is not restricted to /l/, I'm simply offering /l/ as a platform for anons who would like to maintain an audience of likeminded individuals while streaming. If you want to stream on other boards I'm sure that will be ok too, you'll just have to arrange that yourself on /meta/ or by contacting our chill site owner over email (it's listed somewhere, but I don't remember where).
Open file (231.25 KB 1286x1446 cunny and tako.jpg)
While obviously I can't stop anon from advertising us off-site the main purpose of which was to avoid controversy and show goodwill to boards with vtuber threads during what would normally be considered a "crisis scenario" where boards can bleed a lot of users very quickly, I would like to set some ground rules. I'm going to edit the contents of this post into the sticky as well. Collab Guidelines! E.G. "code of conduct when advertising us" 1) Please avoid advertising our board during a crisis unless the thread/discussion on the website in question is discussing banning it from their platform. This board is not interested in stealing disgruntled users. 2) Please be on your best behavior when advertising us so as to avoid ill will towards our board. By advertising /l/, you are acting as a board ambassador and people will associate us with your attitude whether it's accurate to the board or not. 3) Please do not advertise our board in bad faith in such a way as to cause drama off-site or on-site. 4) When advertising /l/ does not come up naturally in a conversation, please be creative in promoting us with the use of images, puns, etc. OC is the lifeblood of imageboards, even when it's shitty OC. I won't try to stop or report anon on other websites so long as he follows these guidelines. Good neighbours make for good company, and we don't want to be bad neighbours, friends.
Open file (9.47 KB 717x22 pph blacklisted.jpg)
Cute, but ultimately nothing is happening here that doesn't already happen on every webring board, and the board is used as intended. Anon-san わためは悪くないよね.
Open file (3.76 KB 717x20 ClipboardImage.png)
>>365 Anon stop being a baka aho.
>>352 >letting anons use it more frequently moving forward >so if anons want to do anon.cafe streams in the future they are welcome to host them on /l/ and I'm willing to help anon get stuff set up. >If you want to stream on other boards I'm sure that will be ok too, you'll just have to arrange that yourself on /meta/ We've just announced the Anon.cafe Broadcast System (ACBS) over in >>>/meta/15187 - interested anons can also look there for details on how to get their own streamer account, if they want one.
>>352 Might have to hold off on this, bunch of stuff to take care of, not sure if I can dedicate a whole Saturday at this time.
New banners.
Open file (132.61 KB 300x100 watamedansen.gif)
Open file (464.75 KB 600x200 watamedansen_2x.gif)
>>606 Something went wrong with my Internet. Here you go.
So... is the Christmas thing still happening?
>>976 I'm gonna check my email in about 5 hours since I have to deal with some family stuff about three hours form now and then that should be done, and then work on responding to everyone (and apologizing for the delayed response). I'm not usually this bad of a procrastinator, but things came out of left field on this one and then tumbled down the hill out of control so I lost track of time. I thought I was done dealing with Corona and family members, and then there was a flare-up the last couple weeks that just kept on giving so I had put it on the backburner at that time. Then when HoloX got announced out of nowhere I got a little distracted because I was having too much fun. Gomen. Should be enough time for me to save the situation, I just gotta stop procrastinating and send out some invitations.
>>978 I've got to do some unexpected driving but I'm still fairly deadset on getting it done or at least started tonight.
>>978 Everything is on fire aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! I have to do Christmas shopping today and go over to the parents' home for dinner tonight. I shouldn't have any other major setbacks after that tonight.
Open file (728.24 KB 960x540 Christmas Nene.png)
So uh... Yeah. Setbacks. Ehehe... In any case, anon is welcome to join us over on /christmas/ tomorrow! >There will be a Christmas radio on anon.cafe/christmas featuring music (Christmas and non-Christmas) from prolikewoah/animu, smuglo.li (probably, working out the details with that DJ), and anon.cafe/l >Music stream will happen on the 18th of December from 9AM Saturday American West Coast to roughly 9PM or later (5PM Saturday to 5AM Sunday GMT/UTC, or 2AM Sunday to 2PM Tokyo time) >There will be a separate games thread for anons who want to play games, with servers and hosts edited into the OP since the goal is for anons to socialize and enjoy themselves- OJ, EDF, and Veloren are probably on the books right now. >You can make your own lobbies for the games thread without being tied to a board, but it's a good chance to advertise your board >Feel free to make an advertising thread promoting your board. If you want to have a fun activity attached, that is also welcome! Posting here more as a formality since I'm guessing anon saw the notifications by this point. Now I'm off to finish up some stream stuff then head to bed in an hour or two.
Open file (744.68 KB 860x609 Gen5 Sleepover.jpg)
Cafe can have a thread here if they want, but this is a VTuber board (so VTuber reaction images are allowed) and anon.cafe has some global restrictions that might not be up anon's alley (no lewd loli and the like). Also there might be file size limits in the future. I'll allow a cafe-anon to make a thread if they are legitimately upset and this isn't a gayop, but I'm not getting involved past that and will delete it if it becomes a source of harassing other boards (primarily Smug).
>>1031 >no lewd loli and the like That's pretty much a dealbreaker for me.
>>1032 Understandable. It's site owner's rule and doesn't particularly affect the board (VTubers) outside of a doujin thread which has never been made, but it is still a global rule. In any case I hope anon can have fun with whatever he ends up doing. Just extending the olive branch in case anon does feel like he needs a place to hang out. /support/ thread seems to be working out fairly alright for anon for now.
Open file (564.14 KB 950x1318 SantaNene.png)
After reading the /meta/ post the statement about lewd loli is no longer a concern. Thank you for the clarification on this matter. If anons want to host it post a thread or send me a user account for volunteer status to moderate it. I don't consider it poaching users as of this time. I do need someone to help keep an eye on it. EDIT: Context: >>>/meta/15370
Edited last time by NeneSeal on 12/27/2021 (Mon) 08:17:36.
Open file (623.08 KB 1446x1066 1641598245979.jpg)
Maybe don't delete temp threads quite so early, sucks to miss potential responses and afterhours parties are always a thing.
>>1157 Yeah, I was going to tell the DJ that the misunderstanding was genuine and that I apologize.
Open file (142.83 KB 1702x1065 Tako Dogeza.jpg)
>>1157 My bad. If you wanna do an afterparty thread feel free. I'm heading to bed here. Thread archive: https://archive.ph/CIUpF >>1158 I saw. I appreciate it and apologize myself for any drama caused this evening whether due to losing my temper/responding to anon or any after-effects. My main concern was that a handful of the DJs have credentials (I gave them /l/ credentials so if they wanted to do a more "experimental" streams they had the option to or if r/a/dio servers ever go down they can keep the show going), thought backup r/a/dio was banned from Smug altogether arbitrarily, and admittedly overreacted. I could have reacted better to the situation instead of dropping the ball like that. I think I'm going to stick to lurking on Smug for a few weeks to let everything die down. Both for my own sake and for anon and meido-san's sake since things blew up due to miscommunications which tends to spawn more miscommunications in the aftermath.
Hey BO. I think it'd be a good idea to lock /christmas/. No need to reply to my post since I know you're still lurking.
>>1160 Either I'm blind or retarded but there is no way to lock the board in settings. I've had it set to 1 thread per hour since 0 threads per hour disables the feature, and unindexed from listings since the beginning of the month so that it isn't a target for tor advertisement spam.
>>1163 Gomen, didn't see that you had already unlisted it. My bad.
Open file (92.57 KB 953x1279 ClipboardImage.png)
Removed the 180 day bump limit that was fast approaching since I think it's unnecessary. Please mention if there are any settings anon would like enabled, disabled, or changed.
Board will be deleted at the end of May. If this is something you do not want to see happen, email me before then and I will transfer ownership the following weekend presuming nobody else makes a request for ownership.
Open file (832.98 KB 2316x4096 EnldEJzVQAAraR3.jpg)
Greetings. As some of you know, NeneSeals decided to put the board for deletion because he's slowly drifting away from imageboards. To avoid having this board deleted I decided to take over as the new BO. For now things are going to stay the same, but if any anon has something to say in regards to this place please let me know. よろしくお願いします!

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