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ASMR-related chat 10/20/2021 (Wed) 15:50:24 No.487
Post V's that help you go to sleep at night, or pretend to be your girlfriend, whether they be ASMR specialists or a one-off ASMR video. And the occasional premium content, maybe. Here's a tentacle girl. https://youtu.be/1AXhh2LjzAU
At the time of posting, Saionji Mary has around 150 ASMR streams ranging about an hour long. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYui9S9ULmg5a1kNU17thKOOsaapq4DID
Can't have an ASMR thread without Patra Suou, vast range of varied content. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1d2KuGf9SKZ9AwEQAgJvvfOM22ytcVYW Here's a mega of her two DLsite works (although they are more than worth the price given the ridiculous amount of content) that topped the whole site. /folder/KhECHb5C#j9drR1aOcbXEtEoZOKoffA
>>496 Usually the ASMR files I get don't have that much content in them, so that's a lot more than I'm used to which is really nice. And her design is cute too, how am I supposed to stay true to Jesus when demongirls are so cute?
>>487 How fares the EN side in terms of ASMRchuubas?
>>1092 I've seen some Holo EN members do ASMR streams but other than that I have no clue. Big problem in general with EN ASMR is usually that a lot of the people doing it are attention whores more focused on their own image than the ASMR content, or they might not be taking the ASMR content seriously in the slightest and just treat the whole thing like a big joke. Then again, I've only really seen the 3dpd side of EN ASMR so maybe the 2d side is better at actually providing good ASMR instead of mediocre content punctuated by some pretty face.
>>1094 Alright, after having little to no experience with ASMR and listening to a handful using cheapo earphones, I will now consider myself an expert and have established the following: Patra >>>> Fauna >> Assorted "[x] does [x] with you" EN ASMR with anime photo
>>1092 The EN side is seemingly going to be filled with the normal EN ASMR/RP scene grabbing avatars, I think there's the rare decent thing in their but most are half-dead and overly focused towards either the same stuff or fap bait. >>1094 Gura's ASMR stream from ages ago was very good, don't think there been anything since. Ame's ended in her squirting the juice from tomatoes across her hotel bed using a shitty mic in some surrealist mess, perhaps for the better there's nothing since. >>1101 >Fauna Honestly from the admittedly little I've seen her roommate seems a lot more creative and worth watching for ASMR.

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