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chat 12/05/2022 (Mon) 23:22:12 No.1584
How have your tastes changed since you got into vtubers? When I first started watching, my favorite at Hololive was Miko followed by Pekora (this was still when PekoMiko was a thing) and Korone and my favorites at Nijisanji were Roa and Ars. My favorite indie/third party might have actually been Mea. Now the only Holos I regularly keep up with are Nene, Luna, Watame, and Aqua. Himawari and Sasaki are the only Nijis I still watch. I haven't watched any indie/third party chuubas in like a year; I think the last one was Uto.
When I started, I watched a lot of Matsuri, Pekora, Coco, and Miko because I thought they were funny. Then the elitist-fags got mad at me for having fun and I was pressured into branching off into more "traditionalists" that were playing games I liked like Subaru and Korone along with a number of indies. I liked those too, but deep down what I really wanted to watch were idols and girls who discussed their daily lives/blogposted to fill the gap when blogposting became a bannable offense across several webring members that previously allowed it all at once, which got me into Nene, Watame, Ina, and a few (different) vtuber groups like PRISM Project's members since they filled that gap. Never really got into Nijisanji mostly because of the stigma against them. To be honest I haven't really watched very many vtubers in the last several months other than some friends occasionally recommending Pippa or Botan streams because of other things (namely that big war in Slavland and the US Elections since war discussion and politics-posting are some of my other hobbies), but I've found myself getting drawn back into the fray with Yokato, Pikamee, and Sara Nagare once more.
>>1585 >Then the elitist-fags got mad at me for having fun and I was pressured into branching off into more "traditionalists" that were playing games I remember those folks saying that only newfags had Miko, Pekora, or Korone as their oshii. Strange for elitists to hate the elite.

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