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Video & Shorts chat 11/11/2021 (Thu) 06:14:48 No.635
Videos/Shorts Thread. Try to keep the file sizes down a little in consideration of the server.
Open file (489.53 KB 640x360 Yo Ho ZbKK7AmzftU.mp4)
Open file (2.89 MB 640x360 Ew _TsTITJ-80Y.mp4)
Open file (1.42 MB 640x360 Ogyaru iijGwwKkuw0.mp4)
Open file (3.35 MB 1920x1080 friday [fPymAZM3aqU].webm)
Open file (455.53 KB 640x360 WAH mKroX7Q-Sbs.mp4)
>>1447 Pfft, you could tell they enjoyed pulling the gaijin card there.
Open file (11.22 MB 1280x720 yt.jdMAgHnd1zs.webm)
Asserting dominance
>>1502 That was really good professionalism.
In light of today
Open file (43.19 KB 1280x720 305Uc8i5RJM.jpg)
Open file (559.27 KB 1280x720 YJNW4qGHRYUkT_d1.mp4)
Open file (617.07 KB 1280x720 bucket [bqBtV7hShXs].webm)
Who is the best dancer in Homolive and why is it Watame?
Open file (5.76 MB 640x360 BABY DRIVER.webm)
Open file (91.64 KB 1280x720 2Vewl2WNn1M.jpg)

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