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Friend Board owner 05/20/2021 (Thu) 08:14:22 No.46
Alright, I'll give it to you straight. I don't know a thing about web development. All of the tech duties are delegated to a friend of mine. On the 18th /kind/ was hit with a critical error that prevented posting. Our developer attempted to fix the error by porting /kind/ to NPFchan. The result was all of /kind/'s posts and all of the backups of those posts either getting overwritten or deleted. kind.moe got wiped inadvertently. This is a tragedy but all is not lost. The plan is to start from scratch. Expect to see kind.moe back soon. If you're someone I can come to with questions about making a lynxchan IB my email is admin@kind.moe
Edited last time by kindmod on 05/21/2021 (Fri) 21:06:21.
Do your best, we are cheering for you!
Open file (148.94 KB 1280x720 1613297939801.jpg)
>>47 I will bring kind.moe back even if I have to do it on my own. help
You don't have local backups? I hate seeing people have to learn the hard way, but I guess this really nails it home. Have local backups. Don't ever not have them. Also, this might be a good time to consider completely different IB software if you're going to start from scratch. Vichan and its forks are not really maintained. If you use vichan or forks and you need help or need something fixed, to my understanding you're entirely on your own to do it yourself. Probably a terrible choice for someone who is not a web dev.
>>55 I don't know what kind of backups they were. kind.moe was a joint venture between a friend and I. He handled all the tech stuff while I dealt with the moderation. Seems like he's gone for good now. Anyway kind.moe 2.0 will have innumerable backups in all possible formats distributed amongst an elite cadre of ex special forces bodyguards hidden across the globe in the most desecrate and obscure locations. I agree that vichan is a terrible choice. I have considered my options and come to the conclusion that lynxchan is the right choice. Unless anyone has a reasonable objection that's what it will be. If you're someone I can come to with questions my email is admin@kind.moe
>>56 great luck hope it comes along speedy and well:)!
>>56 >If you're someone I can come to with questions Ehh I wouldn't say I am. You're better off joining #lynxchan on Rizon or going here for help: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan/-/issues https://smelle.xyz/lynx/
Oh here's the lynxchan webring plugin in case you don't know where to find it. https://gitlab.com/alogware/LynxChanAddon-Webring
You doing okay there with the lynxchan installation?
>>79 There was a more fundamental issue with the site that I am trying to resolve with help.
tbh I haven't been on kind for months but on the day I decided to check up on the IB, it died.
Shouldn't have broken what didn't need fixing.
>>84 It was broken 1st and the port was an attempt to fix an issue with vichan.
>>56 >Seems like he's gone for good now What happened?
Why must every comfy website i touch crumble to dust ;-;
I dont know much about lynxchan in particular but i do have history running a few filehosts on gentoo Linux. So if you need help i am 100% good on the tism for it.
>>87 At least other ones will be created, such is the Cycle of Life :3
>>86 I don't know. He's been ghosting me since he deleted everything. He did get vaccinated right before the incident. I'm not saying the VAX made him do it, but it is a curious coincidence. >>88 The extremely kind admin of wirechan is handling the instillation for us. I think it's going well but he also said he didn't know much about lynxchan in particular. If he hits a snag I'll let you know and maybe you can help out.
>>46 >>90 Sorry to hear about your troubles. LynxChan has some quirks that we found took time to get to grips with, which is why we released our own build tooling over in >>>/meta/10678 for others to use. If the person who's setting up your instance follows the README.md and TUTORIAL.md in https://gitgud.io/Skyline/instantib.lynxchan and https://gitgud.io/Skyline/instantib.onion then you'll end up with exactly what we have here at Anon.cafe. Good luck, and feel free to post questions about the tooling if you use it in the /meta/ thread.
>>46 >>90 Very sorry to hear about the board issues. It's only a partial backup from days of yore, but I've created and posted my archive of /kind/ BO: https://anonfiles.com/50H2j6y2u5/alogs_kind_7z I hope it can help somewhat. Cheers.
>>94 Thank you for sharing all of this. I'm sure it will come in handy later on. I'll be in your thread with questions if something comes up. >what we have here at Anon.cafe We went the alog.space route with this lynxchan instance. >>95 This is an archive of /kind/ on julay.world? I also made one too. It's good to have these in multiple formats. Thanks. https://web.archive.org/web/20200708090129/https%3A%2F%2Fspqrchan.xyz%2Fkind%2F and https://web.archive.org/web/20210507164059/https://kind.moe/kind/
>>97 >This is an archive of /kind/ on julay.world? Yes it is. I wrote some software just to keep our own board safe, then I decided to use it to keep lots of boards 'safe'. I was still stinging after the Fedflag Gayop to destroy 8ch, and was (and have been) a bit paranoid about keeping boards intact. Anyway, it's pretty much complete from Julay/Alog days for /kind/, including all JSON, HTML, and media files -- and for all the threads (at that time). It would take a bit of scripting to use it to re-populate a database that backs an IB, but it's all in cleartext so it's pretty much a universal approach I think. I hope you can bring the board back up successfully, BO.
Open file (558.52 KB 1050x1031 screenshot.png)
>>102 Please post that serval picture here.
>>103 One big cat just for you.
>>104 Thank you!
Open file (218.90 KB 1903x1005 screenshot2.png)
Open file (36.66 KB 1903x1005 screenshot3.png)
>>110 Good news, from the looks of it. Godspeed.
Open file (1.11 MB 498x498 GodWorkHeadpats.gif)
>>110 Good Job Friend!
Open file (2.34 MB 2500x3000 90166411_p0.png)
I could post on the new board a few minutes ago, but it is now gone again?
kind.moe's VPS provider keeps suspending our service due to excessive CPU usage. I talked to one of the people that runs the service. They said that our VM is getting hacked. Koi from wirechan is willing to start over. I don't blame you if you're fed up with all these pitfalls. I am too. Not sure what else to say. The posts were archived. That's something.
>>122 >They said that our VM is getting hacked thats not very nice :(
I'd also like to add if you ever get kind back up again and using lynx. could you please enable the block bypass feature ^-^' I can't really use the web without a vpn cause of situational reasons, so not being able to post for great periods of time has been rather saddening.
>>122 Kind is the best place I know and I love it's userbase. I cherish each and everyone of you and I won't abandon it.
>>125 Yeah, it sucks that it's down but I'm not going to abandon it.
>>122 An anon on wirechan said that you should check out the captcha expiration setting, because if it is 0 it will likely loop like crazy, which can cause excessive CPU usage.
>>124 can you post?

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