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Open file (2.07 MB 2480x3288 111377589_p0.jpg)
Tail Toucher 09/05/2023 (Tue) 19:15:21 No.384
Cool b&r, bud.
Open file (44.24 KB 300x100 k2.png)
Thanks homo. If anyone else wants to submit something (or improve pic related), you're more than welcome to.
Open file (36.27 KB 300x100 k911.gif)
>>385 Wait, I've got it.
Open file (49.27 KB 300x100 1-2.png)
Mei is still funnier.
>>386 Make this one Mei.
Open file (55.80 KB 300x100 k911_2.gif)
>>388 Fear not, there's a tower for both of them.
Open file (32.00 KB 300x100 ㍴2.png)
Low effort one.
Open file (26.42 KB 340x170 added.png)
>>393 >throwing faggots out of the twin towers
BO, are the thread limits and early 404 in place? /retro/ was nearly destroyed by a random spammer earlier this year, and it was only through sheer luck that there was a board archive from the previous month.
>>415 They are indeed, and the hourly thread limit is set absurdly low for now.
hello yes I enjoy the animu furries

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