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Bird Thread Tail Toucher 08/27/2021 (Fri) 17:11:52 No.285
Where my feather lovers at?
>no bird love let's fix that
I likea de cute birbs.
I could have sworn I had a few bird kemono images in my folder, but a quick look tells me I don't. I'll have to fix that. I haven't really liked any anthro bird characters, Western or Japanese, for as long as I've been into anthro art, but I've been spending more time in my yard recently and I've noticed the birds that live in the neighbourhood more. They're just common city birds (robins, blue jays, sparrows, chickadees, cardinals, finches, the occasional woodpecker and mourning dove) but they way they flit around from one branch to another and pluck fruit off trees and bushes is endearing. Anthro birds seem to be less of a focus for sparkledog faggotry in Western art, which is nice. I've always been a bit skeptical of how to make a beak or talons or wing-arms look human enough for it to be natural, but perhaps I'm splitting hairs and it's no worse than a muzzle or a row of dragon teeth.
>>326 I personally like the birds from ashcozy and royluna, but they have different styles. Royluna focuses on being more anthro/human-like, especially with the arms/hands and lack of wings. >>323 Ashcozy focuses on keeping them more bird-like with more subtle human features. >>327 However, they're both similar in keeping the birds' beaks and talons instead of human-like feet.
>>327 >anon replies to himself >breaks his own post links wew Dev should fix that, especially considering how common self-replies are in get threads. I'm assuming it's because the post links are generated before the post itself, but the links break because the post wasn't created yet? At least cuckchan knew years back to have the post direct internally to an identifier, so if the post didn't exist yet, it would simply generate a link when the post finally exists, or for as long as it exists. Back on-topic, have more birbs.
>>329 You could submit an issue against the LynxChan project, but StephenLynx is a nigger.
>>327 >>329 Wew, didn't expect my post to break the imageboard. >>330 >You could submit an issue against the LynxChan project, but StephenLynx is a nigger. Is he really that bad, or is he just lazy?
>>331 As I understand it, he's kinda both.
That's one thick bird.

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