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Open file (109.38 KB 560x420 RJ325681_ana_img_main.jpg)
Kemono Games & Media Tail Toucher 05/08/2021 (Sat) 09:49:07 No.247
Obviously there's kemono doujins, but let's have a thread for games, anime, or other media involving fluffy kemonos. The demo released for Two Beasts or Not To Beast, it has a lot of the big kemono artists behind it. https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/announce/=/product_id/RJ325681.html/?locale=en_US
I think I’ve transcended into some kind of omega hipster because all the publicity this got has really turned me off.
Open file (12.89 KB 470x369 15692917826.png)
What are some gud mods or gaems that lets me have fluffy wolf girls as a companion?
>>251 Outside of Custom Maid 3D (with furry/kemono mods) being a waifu builder, and Skyrim's endless mods, I'm curious as well. I know Elona has followers, but I think they're human/kemonomimi. No extra fluffy companions as far as I'm aware.
>>252 >Outside of Custom Maid 3D (with furry/kemono mods) being a waifu builder Never heard of this game, how does it play and is it fun? >and Skyrim's endless mods <Do you see those kemono girls? <You can pet it.
>>253 Custom maid is really more of just a fap tool, there isn’t really much in the way of gameplay. You can have your maids dance and talk to you, and I think there’s a mode where you can manage them and buy clothes, but it’s really all just in service of getting to the sex scenes. Also don’t starve has a nanachi mod, and made in abyss is getting a game soon so maybe playable nanachi?
Open file (812.05 KB 630x707 Goobers.png)
>>254 Hmm I'll try out the Custom maid gaem then, do you happen to have a download link for it including the various kemono mods?
>>256 Copied from the old /kemono/ thread https://8kun.top/kemono/res/7026.html#7026 Setup guide: https://pastebin.com/A7FXWPW3 Mod archive: https://pastebin.com/hHR6tfih If someone has a more up-to-date paste please share it.
Open file (87.68 KB 329x420 1442652439003.png)
>>258 Thank you anon, I'll check it out soon right now I'm trying to get the Koikatsu game to work as I have some issues changing the ingame language.
Anyone found any good kemo vtubers? I’ve yet to find any vtuber I like but the kemono models are gaining use, so maybe if they’re furry enough I’ll be able to enjoy it.
>>271 I only know of Nanahoshi Suzu. The art is cute, but she sounds too robotic. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM69L73KZwo__gte8Bhghcw
Open file (44.86 KB 640x505 Animal Control.jpg)
>>271 >vtubers I fucking swear to God.
This is somewhat tangential, but does anyone know what is up with pixivutil2? I went to go download the newest version from GitHub and my computer gave me a Trojan alert. As much as I want to trust the guys who make the pixiv downloaded I don’t want a trojan.
>>276 It could be a false positive. Antivirus are notorious for those. Worst case you could compile it yourself, or just use the most recent version that doesn't flag your AV.
>>280 >pirating from CC2 Shamefur dispray
>>281 >not buying it for Switch and pirating it on PC
>>281 >not just pirating it anyway for a free demo then buying it later if you want to
>>280 Damn dude this game is harder than I expected, my kids keeping getting kneecapped.
I wasn't sure what to expect from a kemono music video, but the song and animation are both excellent.
>>280 For anyone who's played this, how is it? Temped to give it a try.
>>289 The best comparison is 2D fire emblem, or that one metal slime tank game on the DS. I think I’m about 2/3rds of the way done with the game. It’s decently long. The gameplay is in stages with your tank facing off 1-6 enemies. You have 3 slots available and there are 3 weapon types, machine gun, mortar, and cannon. Each kid has a specific weapon they use, as well as a special support skill when paired with another kid. They also have moves they learn by leveling up like pokemon, with kids learning unique moves or sometimes sharing moves but learning at different levels. The combat works by having a single timeline that both allies and enemies attack in. Lighter weapons deal less damage but are more accurate and attack faster. Each enemy can be delayed by using the right weapon type on them. In between the combat you have rest sections. You get 20 action points, and each activity you do consumes a variable amount. You can cook, talk to each kid, do little side dungeons, fish for materials, and plant things on the tanks farm. Each kid will have something they want to do on each intermission, so the goal is to try and keep them happy by doing what they want. The intermission occurs between combat segments, but between each chapter you can also visit towns where you will get some free supplies, can trade your supplies, and get some fluff like a comic. Overall it’s real good, though it quickly gets a bit stressful as enemies are able to tank hits and start doing shit like giving you status ailments, healing each other, and calling reinforcements.
>>247 VN in OP came out today. It’s Japanese only though so if anyone knows of a translation is planned or if you can get by with shorty Japanese let me know. I didn’t realize just how many great artists worked on it, it has all my favorites.
>>303 >VN came out today So considering sacrificing the children is "optional" in the game if you play optimally, how many are an heroed in the VN?
>>304 Uh, that’s a completely different thing you’re thinking of.
>>271 Shinobe’s a vtuber now, but he doesn’t use a voicechanger like the noja loli kitsune ojisan one so it’s a fat titted foxgirl with a guy’s voice https://youtube.com/channel/UC1NBFVyCkkxDb9bUl4_2LBw
>>247 The full game is out. If you're having issues with the game starting, rename the parent folder ハルキの最大の敵は理性 into an English name. (Anything works, but I just renamed it to "Two Beasts or Not to Beast") https://anonfiles.com/B7m3Y4I4u6/Two_Beasts_or_Not_to_Beast_torrent (Might just be me seeding for now. I try to leave my laptop on, but I can't run it 24/7.) Otherwise, here's a direct download: https://anonfiles.com/R81f6fI9ue/RJ325681.part1_exe https://anonfiles.com/za136fIfub/RJ325681.part2_rar https://anonfiles.com/f10560I3u7/RJ325681.part3_rar The unlocked scenes from the demo still work apparently. https://files.catbox.moe/8xthh1.zip
Open file (66.85 KB 490x494 cbar_short.jpg)
>>312 The fuck? I watched a stream and had to close it after a minute. It's too jarring. The voice doesn't match the character at all. He doesn't even try to sound feminine to go for the trap appeal.
Open file (1.50 MB 1920x1080 img20170820155819.png)
I'm trying to reinstall CM3D2 after getting a new computer but I'm too stupid for this shit. Does anyone have a guide or an archive of the 8ch thread? Have my fox for your troubles.
>>318 >>319 >>320 >check old 8kun thread >all folders in https://mega.nz/folder/hTRzmArY#2BA8MIwUYlwbaeOBRoRWfw video archive are present >but empty
Open file (7.84 KB 300x168 images (7).jpeg)
Any kemono dungeon crawlers out there? >Playable kemono pref
>>340 class of heroes has the dwarf
>>314 Found an updated download, rar password is kimochi.info https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1zxGqF-jTRNAqd8udxEYBFmPYKazyvzpj&export=download My internet is too shit to seed a torrent or re-upload this to a non-jewgle upload in the meantime.
>>344 thank u
>>344 Have another rar without a password, but also official artwork as well. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gwKgVjQxP8LFx6xLI-jrB79-s-l4dZWv/view?usp=sharing
Looks like Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 was released since this thread was made. Has anyone here played it?
Have any of you played this game? I recall seeing the characters in a webm ages ago, but I assumed the characters were from a rhythm game or something.
>>440 They're a stickerpack ascended to playable character status an IOSYS video and a Muse Dash "collab" (aka, they licensed their songs, every jap property with an OST has those nowadays, ZUN even got a custom skin).
>>447 Ah, thanks. I'm not sure if the game has anything going for it besides cute characters, but it has a free demo so I might as well give it a shot.

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