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Reaction Image Thread Tail Toucher 01/12/2021 (Tue) 20:28:46 No.147
In loving memory of the reaction Image thread on 8chan. Post your Kemono-themed reaction images here!
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The large majority of what I've collected was from the thread on 8chan, but I've recently been looking through some manga to find anything worth sharing.
Open file (227.83 KB 685x653 Nanachi ....png)
Open file (595.93 KB 1470x653 okay.png)
Open file (312.30 KB 761x1148 scared.png)
Open file (476.87 KB 1470x653 sure.png)
All I have are Nanachi reaction images.
Open file (47.31 KB 325x630 nanachi delete this.png)
Open file (197.12 KB 241x667 could_you.PNG)
Open file (625.14 KB 1600x2087 furfag.jpg)
Open file (915.79 KB 3500x2700 furfag2.png)
Dumping what I have. There are precious few of these that aren't just porn crops or smug kemono girls (not that there's anything wrong with that).
Open file (66.59 KB 355x631 he wants older women.jpg)
Open file (60.42 KB 362x284 ignore_it.PNG)
Open file (103.32 KB 645x474 I'm gonna marry you.jpg)
Open file (93.35 KB 195x451 Microtransactions.PNG)
Open file (112.23 KB 900x900 smug_kemono_girl.jpg)
Open file (2.05 MB 304x281 cat head bob.gif)
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Open file (282.16 KB 750x500 Laughing vulpix.gif)
Open file (191.82 KB 724x544 Mayonaise.mp4)
The third one may be stretching the definition of a reaction image, but I thought it was funny when I watched one or two episodes of the show. It's kind of surreal seeing a North Korean propaganda cartoon with such a cutesy art style.
The 5th image comes from a kemono doujin. I'm assuming that counts.
Open file (51.20 KB 500x700 /monster/.jpg)
I don't know if this counts, but I've never found a time to use it so I'll post it anyway.
Open file (278.17 KB 502x534 1456541123093-0.png)
Open file (139.96 KB 376x383 81488881_p0.png)
>>151 >"It's okay if it is Japanese" >It's Chinese
sauce in filename
Open file (113.19 KB 278x266 why.png)
Open file (151.31 KB 690x627 what is this feel.jpg)
Open file (63.48 KB 402x358 smug.jpg)
Open file (73.74 KB 251x243 dream why.png)
Open file (71.87 KB 420x384 my my.jpg)
>take a smiling kemono girl >turn the smile upside down >get first pic related It was such a stupid idea, and yet it somehow has this very specific look of disappointment that I've struggled to find anywhere else.
>>398 >it somehow has this very specific look of disappointment that I've struggled to find anywhere else With the slight blush it looks more like embarrassment than disappointment.
>>399 Embarrassment is a large part of it, except it's embarrassment at whatever she's looking at rather than for herself.
I don't know why, but the approval face is just funny to me.
Who in fuga has this funny voice line: "Gar-r-rBaje!" I think it's either the radio or the milf.
Open file (73.20 KB 609x705 stupid cat prayer.png)
I'm a little embarrassed that I made this.

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