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Open file (113.54 KB 720x570 n52759_Desert Warfare.jpg)
Open file (203.57 KB 900x672 Ivanov-art-1.jpg)
Open file (212.08 KB 2048x868 EmndIs_VMAAdiMY.png)
Open file (249.22 KB 1290x2450 EM3OSidVAAAACjD.jpg)
Fantasy Weapons, Armor, and Armaments Strelok 11/19/2020 (Thu) 21:05:24 No.9363
A thread for all sort of all sorts of /k/ related things that range from cool to cursed.
Your mother.
Open file (122.86 KB 1000x490 flat,1000x1000,075,fii.jpg)
Open file (1.35 MB 2560x1440 by_warmachines1_2560.jpg)
Open file (258.37 KB 1920x1080 peripheral2_1920.jpg)
Open file (3.75 MB 2560x1248 by_josies_2560.jpg)
>>9363 >>9365 >>9366 >>9367 this is all awful and your thread fucking sucks you get two more posts to make things right or you're going to the shadow realm
>>9369 Quit whining and post something better, faggot.
Open file (169.04 KB 2048x1096 Emd3y-uU4AIWdqE.png)
Open file (259.10 KB 2048x1378 Emd3zA0U8AAARNl.png)
Open file (177.63 KB 2048x1059 Emd3zE0VkAAiYb2.png)
Open file (158.51 KB 2048x1015 Emd3zHeUcAAa9wK.png)
Open file (153.55 KB 2048x1152 EiWhJZJU8AE8rX7.png)
>>9369 I'm sorry I don't know how to do better.
>>9373 >>9374 Not bad, certainly stylized but still look practical unlike this utter trash>>9366
>>9369 You won't do shit nigger.
Open file (179.92 KB 2048x1240 Ec9eWH8UEAABiWK.png)
Open file (158.24 KB 2048x942 Ec9eWH6U4AAOMZi.png)
Open file (139.26 KB 2048x916 Ec9eWIFUYAEzgiR.png)
Open file (157.85 KB 2048x1014 Ec9eWH8UcAEneno.png)
Open file (179.14 KB 1442x2048 DXraDQPVAAAnDC7.png)
>>9376 I just discovered this artist today and I sort of like his style.
Open file (103.44 KB 1728x1221 D5PH6xLUEAEJteS.png)
Open file (77.35 KB 1478x1045 D5PH6xKVUAEuls6.png)
Open file (86.44 KB 1516x1072 D5PH6xJUwAAInB6.png)
Open file (81.75 KB 1554x1099 D5PH6xKUYAAfRTU.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 3818x1034 Eve Online.jpg)
>BO thinks he's the arbiter of content on a dead board not OP but if you insist What is the practicality of plasma-based weaponry being used in the near future? If energy-producing technology ever gets modular and efficient enough to slap on every gun, would it still be practical? Would aircraft/spacecraft of the future look similar to how it does now? Would fighter craft in space look similar to how modern jets today look?
Open file (194.10 KB 1030x766 1382809889785.jpg)
Open file (482.03 KB 1002x1600 1382809972902.jpg)
Open file (139.53 KB 989x474 1382810323516.jpg)
Open file (194.09 KB 1017x763 1382809827726.jpg)
>what would you do if had a time travel machine /pol/ /k/ is halal because someone mentioned the kaiser >a picture thread of actual armaments is haram because BO doesn't like that gay art style Why are you like this BO
Open file (294.67 KB 640x338 1432862727175-0.png)
Open file (140.51 KB 640x480 1432862777442-2.jpg)
Open file (545.52 KB 1536x2048 1423119126733.jpg)
Open file (141.80 KB 1600x1131 1423867152003.jpg)
Open file (27.84 KB 640x261 1438466837081-1.jpg)
>>9373 >>9374 these are good, thread stays I like seeing how concept designers try to smuggle magazines into alternative locations on the gun or try to address getting extra capacity. would really fuck with the weight balance but if it's The Future then everyone allowed to have a gun is JC denton augmented right >>9372 >no u gonna cheat with real examples >>9380 if there isn't air resistance in space i don't see why wings would still be retained except for weapons placement
>>9380 >plasma guns The future of small arms is subsonic rail guns. pics unrelated
Open file (178.34 KB 1600x1200 m1d1.jpg)
Open file (122.84 KB 1600x1200 m1r.jpg)
Open file (208.32 KB 1600x1200 mta1.jpg)
Open file (677.25 KB 1920x1015 AK-15 1.jpg)
Open file (505.17 KB 1920x1037 AK-15 2.jpg)
>>9381 >>9381 was the left image from earlier in the show? never watched star trek, but it seems interesting that their designs seem to become more weapon-like in later seasons.
Open file (312.37 KB 1200x881 eaves-stv-phaser.jpg)
Open file (402.62 KB 1000x817 eaves-ds9-fbts.jpg)
>>9385 If you mean the type 1s they weren't really used all that much and all but disappeared by the time of TNGs midrun.
>>9386 yeah, the stuff from the earlier show really doesn't look weapon-like but the type 2 stuff, even when it's clearly based off the original design, still becomes increasingly more weaponlike with later iterations.
>>9380 How can you keep it as a projectile though? i guess it would work in space, but i can't see it being practical anywhere with an atmosphere.
Open file (18.83 KB 600x377 phase pistol.jpg)
Open file (51.98 KB 880x660 particle rifle.jpg)
Open file (380.82 KB 1368x1800 maco uniform.jpg)
Open file (509.74 KB 1829x1023 proto starfleet.jpg)
Open file (32.01 KB 156x136 29th century type 2.png)
>>9388 Yeah with the Type 3s they definitely become more like a practical weapon and the Type 2 was going the same way until TNG turned them into vacuum cleaners, and then sometime in the far future they turn back into a more standard form. The farther you go back in the timeline the more practical they become with ENTs weapons and uniforms being the most usable out of them all.
Open file (740.46 KB 2500x1875 1439456758597.png)
Open file (220.16 KB 1200x985 1448597424461.jpg)
Open file (217.18 KB 1280x1024 1448598389371.jpg)
Open file (168.99 KB 1600x1200 atmg.jpg)
Open file (623.25 KB 1529x401 Rosch Mk I.png)
>>9388 >>9390 In TOS they just made them ray guns, then in early TNG Rottenberry refused to let them make the phasers look too much like guns, and once he died they gradually started to get more weaponlike again.
Open file (51.44 KB 700x285 Spartan_NCS-12.jpg)
Open file (61.59 KB 700x272 Hammerhead_GL-1.jpg)
Open file (60.27 KB 700x271 Icarus_HM-7.jpg)
Open file (47.83 KB 700x195 Hydra_SG-7.jpg)
Open file (47.78 KB 762x384 RedshiftCS-12.jpg)
Open file (369.81 KB 800x600 Nerf AS20.jpg)
>>9393 nerf guns have excellent designs
Open file (433.86 KB 1864x2268 Nerf Wars.png)
>>9393 also reminds me of this
>>9391 I love futuristic big ass anti-materiel rifles
Open file (130.55 KB 370x379 1600393534102.png)
>>9393 >>9394 I remember going to the park close to my house when I was a kid and playing with my cousins/neighbourhood kids all using nerf guns or even airsoft the cops would probably be called within minutes if I was young and tried that today along with a news story about children being corrupted by gun culture. I hate this shitty world lads.
Open file (7.24 KB 459x110 Cursed.jpg)
>spamming toon guns thread Too can play at this game.
Open file (118.23 KB 766x1024 1540978465007m.jpg)
Open file (1.81 MB 2950x900 COMBATSHOTGUN.gif)
Open file (849.95 KB 2048x625 Combat Shotgun.gif)
Open file (8.61 KB 150x150 AAAAAAAA.gif)
Open file (221.60 KB 1035x1077 1439456874859.jpg)
Open file (219.54 KB 1095x1600 1438994462927.jpg)
Open file (328.20 KB 1600x900 1439459363424.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 5100x3300 1442820081501.jpg)
Open file (56.89 KB 321x203 Infinite pewpew.png)
Open file (282.85 KB 1864x620 Oblivion Shrubmaster.jpg)
Open file (14.61 KB 505x223 Laser Battlerifle.jpg)
Open file (320.37 KB 1287x437 1452894847699.jpg)
Open file (395.05 KB 1920x1080 1452894376968.jpg)
Open file (182.42 KB 1280x906 1439453498039.jpg)
Reminder that the unfinished sequel to this had an official Microsoft Flight Combat Simulator mod and as far as I know no one has uploaded it yet.
Open file (2.76 MB 2532x3436 1417916190140.jpg)
Open file (111.88 KB 650x896 1417916481123.jpg)
Open file (152.70 KB 900x642 1417916667928.jpg)
Open file (292.66 KB 1019x1024 1417908174085.jpg)
Open file (318.15 KB 714x574 1443649010663.png)
>>9404 You can find the J7W and its variants in mods for IL2-1946 and the old men are still autisiming on that game with BAT so if someone gave them the idea it could be created at some point in the future. fuck I'm almost out of fake stuff to post
Open file (190.69 KB 1024x809 Kuratas Operator.jpg)
Open file (70.24 KB 992x558 Kuratas view 1.jpg)
Open file (153.45 KB 1200x901 Kuratas view 2.jpg)
Open file (74.20 KB 600x785 Kuratas view 3.jpg)
>>9373 >first pic Trying to imagine that red bull as either coolant or a type of energy source (fuel cell) which the latter makes sense for obvious reasons. Is this some kind of borderlands fanfiction design? >>9382 >wings for weapons placement The only reason to have wings are on reentry vehicles and having weapons mounted would cause too much friction either damaging the system to the point of it malfunctioning with every use or destroying it all together. And by now, that and directed energy weapons/torpedo/missile bays are already understood on /k/ to be the primary storage methods for space loitering.
Open file (223.56 KB 600x666 1426747167140.jpg)
Open file (121.40 KB 1962x684 1442829399040.png)
Open file (162.57 KB 1280x769 1495964243321.jpg)
Open file (517.54 KB 1596x1056 Baur H-AR.png)
Open file (115.46 KB 800x490 CVA 58.jpg)
Open file (161.34 KB 1600x1200 nth.jpg)
Open file (248.11 KB 740x384 Montana_Class.png)
Open file (1.03 MB 1750x1100 PlasGlock.png)
Open file (140.16 KB 1000x330 PSRL_0.jpg)
we can only wish that rpg was fantasy
>no command & conquer
Open file (437.97 KB 1476x464 1448342407282.png)
>>9393 >>9398 Why not both Fallout AND Nerf? God, FO4 had such shit weapon design.
Open file (540.45 KB 689x542 cnc-orca08.png)
Open file (84.45 KB 720x559 cnc-sketchhummer.jpg)
Open file (62.44 KB 632x394 ra2-render10.jpg)
Open file (716.53 KB 1920x1309 ra2-concept06b.jpg)
Open file (58.89 KB 400x579 ra2-concept01b.jpg)
Open file (680.32 KB 1920x1396 ra2-concept37a.jpg)
Open file (1.26 MB 1600x2000 ra2-concept13c.jpg)
Open file (280.22 KB 1500x1053 ra2-concept24a.jpg)
Open file (62.44 KB 632x394 ra2-render10.jpg)
Open file (72.81 KB 640x400 apc_01.jpg)
Open file (25.94 KB 480x360 harvester_flying.jpg)
Open file (24.25 KB 358x600 discthrower_01.jpg)
Open file (88.53 KB 529x348 ren2_concept12.jpg)
Open file (80.17 KB 399x738 ren2_concept8.jpg)
Open file (115.46 KB 619x366 ren2_concept18.jpg)
Open file (146.53 KB 450x704 ren2_concept7.jpg)
Open file (182.50 KB 500x828 ren2_concept6.jpg)
Open file (4.17 MB 3000x2250 003_concept2.jpg)
Open file (365.04 KB 2048x1536 034_concept1.jpg)
Open file (2.77 MB 1680x945 040_concept.png)
Open file (93.52 KB 1050x562 037_concept-1.jpg)
Open file (21.03 KB 640x480 ren2_concept25.jpg)
>cnc Nice stuff IS that a rocket buggy from Generals or a dune buggy from tib sun?>>9417 >>9417
>>9418 Cnc 2013/ generals 2 there isa quite nive site that has a lot of cnc concepts https://cncnz.com/gallery/command-conquer-concept-art/
Open file (14.81 MB 1024x576 Rocket_launch.webm)
Open file (42.87 KB 700x465 machine gun.jpg)
>>9421 Doesn't say anything about its range, though it must have worked in some way if it became classified
Here's some mundane ones. Simple rifle. >full length bolt-action >wood stock >5-10 round internal magazine >iron sights and easily applicable scope >bayonet applicable >.308 Winchester >single-shot .50 cal modeled after an arquebus "Scout/patrol" rifle >semi-automatic carbine >20-round mag >.357 >full-bodied wood stock >weighs about as much as a Ruger carbine >in fact it's essentially just a 10/22 in .357 Some guy made 10-round magazines for the Ruger 44 but they cost $100+ and it looks like they're no longer in production.
>>9434 First is practically any scout rifle on the market minus the bayonet lug.
>>9411 >missing that dancing jumpjet trooper concept art with 4 arms
Open file (2.05 MB 538x400 Marcon.webm)
Open file (247.77 KB 966x700 Macon.jpg)
Open file (862.93 KB 1272x1766 1572345936113.jpg)
Open file (1.09 MB 1740x2625 1572346004838.jpg)
Open file (136.24 KB 1600x797 uss macon.jpg)
Open file (861.44 KB 382x382 heavy-plane_1.gif)
Open file (1.01 MB 512x512 recon.gif)
Open file (5.93 MB 600x338 Air_Superiority.gif)
>>9405 >You can find the J7W and its variants in mods for IL2-1946 and the old men are still autisiming on that game with BAT Man, I should try getting into flight simulators again someday. >fuck I'm almost out of fake stuff to post You might be interested in that /agdg/ anon's Dorf RTS. I'm not sure whether he posts on zzzchan's /agdg/ thread or .moe's these days, but last I remembered he was posting neat shit pretty often and it's definitely worth following. >>9425 It's really disappointing how few people have seen or talk about Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise these days. At most you'll see feminists and soys complaining about that one scene, or maybe someone posting the rocket launch scene and nothing else. You'd be forgiven for assuming it's just a war movie with neat planes or that the rest of it is boring because people only post one clip. It isn't. There's way more to it than that. Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise is a very ambitious movie and takes being set in an alternate history way, way further than any book, game, or film I've ever heard of. Most content themselves with "what if X happened instead of Y?" or "what if X unfolded differently?", but this goes much, much further. The people behind this film asked "what if everything was different?" and as part of this set out to redesign all the commonplace objects, tools, and machines we see daily and take for granted, and not only did they succeed, they succeeded in ways which actually make sense. It's almost like watching a movie filmed in a very foreign country where that country is not the sole subject, but the setting. Even without all this attention to detail it's a really good movie, this just completes it and transforms it into something far greater than it has any right to be. I've rewatched it two times with friends over the last several weeks and I'm still amazed such a film exists. I can't recommend this movie enough. If you have any friends into /k/ stuff, design, or are the walking encyclopedia type, it's the kind of thing you'll get a lot out of by watching it together and talking whenever something catches your eye. It's great stuff and unless the world gets a lot better or I'm overlooking something huge, you probably won't see anything like it again.
Open file (3.43 MB 800x450 windmill2.gif)
Open file (186.75 KB 780x1170 poster-780.jpg)
>>9455 Fugg, two images didn't go through. In hindsight part of me wishes I'd skipped through the movie and screencapped a bunch of stuff from the movie. Still, I'd rather not spoil it and a lot of that stuff is best seen in motion anyways. >>6683 in the webm thread prompted me to revisit this movie and whoever he is, I can't thank him enough. I saw it once many years ago but I was too young to appreciate it back then and probably wouldn't have revisited it without him.
>>9455 >>9456 Something else I should mention is that if you're the type who spergs about muh christcucks, you probably won't enjoy this.
Open file (136.52 KB 1600x947 1446052617019.jpg)
Open file (176.22 KB 1143x1600 1427615763809.jpg)
Open file (315.58 KB 1200x1920 1427851193790.jpg)
Open file (81.56 KB 533x800 1446059360941.jpg)
Open file (47.79 KB 480x720 1470976302570.jpg)
>>9456 Benefits of a small board huh, there's only a couple dozen of us here.
Open file (46.08 KB 500x617 1446535893298.jpg)
Open file (572.58 KB 1920x1200 1446559015695.jpg)
Open file (1.18 MB 2304x1529 1394441496308.jpg)
Open file (340.48 KB 1500x1488 Space P99.jpg)
I might have some weapons of one sort or another from my pulp art folder.
Open file (39.96 KB 304x500 Mystic Rebel.jpg)
Open file (612.50 KB 1280x972 Copter Cops.jpg)
Open file (129.23 KB 777x512 GITS_CZN-M22_EN.jpg)
Open file (93.80 KB 676x603 GITS_SPP_briefcase.jpg)
Open file (93.78 KB 698x450 GITS_Kompromisslos.jpg)
Open file (95.86 KB 737x496 GITS_SPIW_2020.jpg)
>>9380 Plasma is cool well, not really and all but I can't see any practical way to fling it around, especially not the way the Gallente do it. My understanding is that they use cyclotrons to accelerate matter to relativistic speeds, accumulate it into a glowing death ball and then fling it at the nearest threat to Democracy™. However, having any radical difference in temperature causes the hotter thing to cool down ridiculously fast so you want the plasma ball to be flying ridiculously fast. Now while I've never played EVE, I have played Dust and none of the plasma bolts seemed to fly at relativistic speeds and were, in fact, even slower than the Matari bullets. IRL most of the blasters would have just been a dangerous waste of energy. The shotgun would have worked just because of how pathetic its range is and the fact that we already have the MARAUDER. However, if you were to fire the relativistic particles directly at the target like a particle beam instead of fucking around with magnets, I can see that working. Or alternatively you could fire them through a smaller, weaker plasma beam. >>9389 Plasma would be even more useless in space because space naval fights happen at long range and the plasma would lose too much energy via black body radiation. Again, I can see a particle beam working because if it doesn't glow it doesn't lose energy. >>9381 Most of the things posted ITT are entirely impractical as weapons to the point where they aren't even worth discussing as weapons. You posted a fucking TV remote that atomizes people with magic and asspulls. At this rate we may as well discuss some magic dildo from a doujin you read that brainwashes anybody you fuck with it.
>>9548 Whether they're practical or not is not the point of the thread these are fantasy weapons. The P.1000 and P.1500 for example will never ever work in anything but fantasy, however that doesn't mean that we can't speculate on them or post art of how some people think they could have appeared.
Open file (188.94 KB 1520x920 new OC's.png)
>>9548 >At this rate we may as well discuss some magic dildo from a doujin you read that brainwashes anybody you fuck with it. Hey now, that thing could revolutionize espionage. You'd have to be very careful transporting it, mind you, and if enemy intelligence learned of it they'd probably waste a bunch of time trying to capture it through baiting you, but it would still be disproportionately more useful than most of the stuff in this thread, especially if you could make more than one. >>9559 pic 2 is for you
Open file (294.66 KB 1134x283 Ratte size.png)
Open file (29.96 KB 720x405 Maus Tank.jpg)
Open file (38.29 KB 686x888 STG prototypes.jfif)
Man, this thread went from straight shit into comfy
>>9563 A universe without land battleships and air carriers is a pretty shitty one. Those prototypes look so derpy, some really look like dildos.
Open file (232.58 KB 1600x1200 T-39 Bogatyr.jpg)
Open file (40.92 KB 673x362 Thunderbird 4.jpg)
Open file (265.59 KB 1500x998 Federal Corvette.jpg)
Open file (457.03 KB 1440x900 MMM_HODGE_40K_001.jpg)
Open file (747.99 KB 2048x1574 1387498512431.jpg)
Open file (320.87 KB 1920x960 1470183387945.jpg)
Open file (1.61 MB 1920x1080 N9mIqvbpS7w.mp4.png)
Open file (152.03 KB 704x552 baneblade_cutaway.jpg)
Open file (33.29 KB 500x527 Baneblade_Variants.jpg)
Open file (63.98 KB 508x364 storm_bolter_cutaway.jpg)
Open file (30.14 KB 500x253 bolter.jpg)
Open file (57.93 KB 500x349 bolter_blood_angels.jpg)
>>9567 Even if it's a fan model, w40k is w40k, so now I feel free to post these.
I Have some designs from Cyberpunk 2020.
Open file (18.57 KB 239x126 Araska WSA.png)
Open file (31.52 KB 277x165 Armalite .44.png)
Open file (43.25 KB 432x179 Arska WAA.png)
Open file (54.23 KB 375x316 Beretta 97P.png)
Open file (34.53 KB 264x193 Beretta 1010.png)
Open file (68.54 KB 407x237 Beretta PM24S.png)
Open file (35.72 KB 281x181 Colt Enforcement 10.png)
Why the fuck am I getting flooded.
Open file (60.76 KB 423x233 H&K MPK-2020.png)
Open file (60.72 KB 352x244 IMI Gamad.png)
Open file (48.57 KB 348x250 IMI Gamdall.png)
Huh shuh guh.
Nigger America Hollywood.
Duck duck dad.
Max message length: 28/5120.
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Open file (29.98 KB 239x188 Stolvoboy ST-2.png)
Open file (21.84 KB 400x158 Stolvoboy ST-5.jpg)
Open file (26.75 KB 279x169 Stolvoboy STS.png)
Open file (12.09 KB 563x191 Techtronica M40.png)
Chuck her in.
Open file (130.40 KB 586x627 TowerOfSkulls2.jpg)
Open file (511.59 KB 3840x2160 Tankgamemnon 1.jpg)
Open file (560.98 KB 3840x2160 Tankgamemnon 2.jpg)
>>9568 Chaos always has far better looking vehicles than the Imperium. Well Khorne does anyway. Ans I guess GHR if you take Doomwheels into account.
>>9562 Oh, I'm not denying that a brainwashing device of any form would be incredibly useful in a war. But what's the point in discussing it if it is fictional and we have no idea how it works or what its limits are? There's gotta be some basis on reality, or at least have the setting thought out enough that things in it can be discussed. Besides, I prefer doujins where the sub gets brainwashed not through magic but just because the domme is really good at fucking with his head and... well, fucking. >>9559 If you want to speculate, why did you post Star Trek? You can't speculate on something that has no basis beyond a director saying "I want [thing] to happen" with a generous sprinkling of irrelevant science words. If you wanted to post art, why did you post a fucking TV remote? Post something cool or pretty.
Open file (412.32 KB 1708x2206 STOM p80.png)
Open file (493.71 KB 1700x2200 STOM p91.png)
Open file (576.05 KB 1700x2200 STOM p92.png)
Open file (469.80 KB 1708x2206 STOM p93.png)
>>9617 My dude I'm starting to think you're just angry it's star trek so here's someones autism on how they could function. and a tricorder because those are neat
Open file (63.21 KB 1024x768 3.jpg)
>>9617 >doesn't like hypnosis inductions to be fair, almost nothing has them >gay
>>9638 t. sissy hypno-watching tranny
>>9640 >sissy "hypnosis" It may be a weapon, but hypnosis it ain't.
Open file (152.45 KB 344x358 reitears.png)
>>9618 I do dislike Star Trek, but that was more my way of saying "post more cool shit and less dumb shit" than me having a grudge against Spock or whatever. >>9638 I'm not gay, Strelok! I'm a sub! I just want a sexy domme to take the sad voice away and replace it with love, devotion and happiness.
Open file (329.57 KB 1920x1080 1428611472988.jpg)
Open file (178.37 KB 1132x1600 1428456438577.jpg)
Open file (205.02 KB 878x910 1436712815208.jpg)
Open file (71.00 KB 697x1145 1443993115429.jpg)
Open file (1.85 MB 1920x2159 1446003915888.jpg)
Open file (443.90 KB 1920x1280 1450575008763.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 2560x1691 1450804348361.jpg)
Open file (399.95 KB 1200x1200 1484071115104.jpg)
Open file (909.50 KB 5120x2880 1524519677139.jpg)
Open file (1.26 MB 3440x1440 1598546236655.jpg)
>>9373 >third image Has anyone ever developed anything like this? It seems like the sort of thing that someone would come up with.
>>9727 A gun where the barrels are integrated into the magazines? Why would you even want to develop such a travesty? You are massively increasing the cost and weight of your spare mags for no good reason. At that rate you may as well go pirate mode and carry 20 spare guns on you that you just toss away instead of reloading.
Open file (207.30 KB 2000x1058 garbage.png)
>>9739 Indeed, you should instead have a single barrel and as many magazines as possible.
>>9727 What is the ring used for? aesthetics?
>>9739 What if it allowed you to cheap out on the barrel and therefor the manufacturing of the gun? Like you made the barrel out of aluminum or something like that one shotgun did and every so many thousand or so rounds or so you just ejected the barrel from the mag and swapped in a new one. Or maybe you even go even further than that and have a mag of just barrels that auto eject after the appropriate number of shots. I know that some niche guns already have a barrel life of only a few hundred shots. Having a quick swap barrel could make them more viable. >>9742 Knowing that particular artist I'm going to hazard a guess and say it's a keychain. I'm actually more puzzled about what the zipper pull on the side of the gun is all about.
>>9739 >>9746 What about integrating a suppressor to the magazine? It slips over the muzzle instead of replacing the whole barrel, fires however many shots through rubber wipes, and after a magazine's worth of shots the rubber wipes are holey and less effective, so you discard them with the magazine. When you reload the magazine, you also clean out the suppressor and add new rubber wipes. Then that "zipper pull" on the outside could be a latch to tighten some sort of gas seal when you swap magazines, to prevent all the gas trapped by the suppressor from blowing out the back. That aside, the gun in >>9373 is clearly an energy weapon, and the "magazine" and "barrel" are marked as being a battery, so this is all rather irrelevant.
>>9747 >is clearly an energy weapon, Well that explains the on button.
>>9363 My contribution. It seems pretty realistic to me.
>>9746 >Like you made the barrel out of aluminum or something It still has to deal with the pressure just the same, so that's a no-go. A better explanation for an integrated barrel-magazine combo is that the cartridge is such a throat-burner that a barrel can't stand two whole magazines without the rifling completely eroding. Also, you could make the barrels significantly cheaper in this day and age by using electrochemical machining: https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/02/18/rifling-barrel-electrochemical-machining/ https://archive.vn/ANP1R
Open file (41.36 KB 630x339 AR-17.jpg)
Open file (353.79 KB 1600x1200 wm_3369466.jpg)
>>9755 >It still has to deal with the pressure just the same, so that's a no-go.
>>9774 If you shoot a high pressure cartridge with that barrel it would fucking explode, because it couldn't withstand said high pressure. Shotgun shells are so low pressure that yes, you can use aluminium barrels. The only way a barrel should allowed to ˝go wrong˝ is by wear on the inside of the barrel. Using inferior materials will just risk an explosion at every shot.
>>9755 >A better explanation for an integrated barrel-magazine combo is that the cartridge is such a throat-burner that a barrel can't stand two whole magazines without the rifling completely eroding Or that it's full auto and heats the barrels up. >>9775 I can't help but think that there would be some way around that such as using gyrojet ammo or flechettes. Or using lower powered ammo. OR it just being a shotgun and instead of using aluminum for the barrel, it uses something even cheaper and lighter like zamac or magnesium.
Open file (40.92 KB 118x117 what the fuck.PNG)
>>9661 First one looks great but needed two barrels in each hand instead of all 4 in one. He's not even shooting and it already looks like the recoil will be impossible to control.
Open file (408.46 KB 1000x666 2015-11-26-787760.jpeg)
Open file (149.94 KB 1275x1754 1604391902321-1.jpg)
>>9746 I've always seen pictures of this gun but how well does it actually work? The one video I found of it firing the projectile only went about a couple meters underwater. Is that how far they wanted it to go or was this gun a big disappointment to the Russians? >>9812 If all matchlock rifles looked like that my faggot country would honestly try to ban them.
>>9819 >I've always seen pictures of this gun but how well does it actually work? The one video I found of it firing the projectile only went about a couple meters underwater. Is that how far they wanted it to go or was this gun a big disappointment to the Russians? I don't know a lot about it but it must have been relatively successful because a successor rifle was made to the APS that used the exact same system and just added on an attached pistol under-slung the barrel so that users would have an option for above water shooting that won't damage the barrel of the main gun and wouldn't tank the range and accuracy.
Open file (51.60 KB 450x698 ASM-DT.jpg)
Open file (43.42 KB 512x189 ASM-DT 2.png)
>>9822 >just added on an attached pistol under-slung the barrel I can't seem to find any info about a under-slung pistol the only successor rifle I can find is the ASM-DT pics related which fired both 5.45 and 5.45MGTS the MGTS rounds used for underwater shooting. It took both ak-74 mags and the same mags that the APS used. From the Wikipedia page >"The magazine release shifts forward when using AK-74 magazines, and the gas system automatically adjusts for firing out of water. To enable accurate shooting when outside of water, the barrel is rifled, however it has shallow grooves running along its length, which expel some gases ahead of the bullet and blow any water out of the barrel. This prevents the barrel from bursting if the rifle should need to be taken to the surface quickly, and fired outside of water without being drained first." I can't seem to find any videos on this rifle, I wonder how well it actually worked during combat. or if it ever did see combat Also do you have any links or pictures on the under-slung pistol you were talking about?
Open file (91.63 KB 2048x1184 C-JMDqiU0AARt0m.png)
Open file (86.65 KB 1606x808 C-HDK5AVoAEUjSy.png)
>>9819 >If all matchlock rifles looked like that my faggot country would honestly try to ban them.
Open file (28.89 KB 350x141 Sub.jpg)
>>9857 >First pic Kek I wouldn't be surprised if that got lambasted by my country's (((media))) as a hyper deadly assault rifle or if they even did a modicum of research they would be screaming that it's and "EVIL NAZI RIFLE". >Second pic AK's are already banned anon please don't rub salt in my wounds. Even worse because ever since I was a little kid I wanted an AK after watching my dad play CS 1.6 >>9658 I always liked the looks of the ODST SMG.
>>9824 >I wonder how well it actually worked during combat. The troops thought it was too long and heavy, didn't like the size of the magazines, and had trouble quickly switching from underwater mode to dry mode (especially in the dark). A few years later someone developed an improved underwater round that fits in a standard 5.45 magazine, which gave us pic related. >Also do you have any links or pictures on the under-slung pistol you were talking about? I think something got lost in translation. The Soviets had developed an underwater pistol (SPP-1) in parallel with the APS, so if a frogman expected to shoot things both above and below water he'd be issued both an SPP-1 and some variety of AK.
Open file (5.98 KB 640x400 LOr93qO.png)
Open file (328.78 KB 1236x953 MM2 demake.png)
Open file (193.95 KB 864x720 1460285066787-1 (2).jpg)
I'd like to see "retro" versions of modern fire arms. You know people do "demakes" of games? Same thing. I'd like to see shit like matchlock ARs and flintlock AKs, that sort of thing. Either concept art or actual functioning builds made from parts kits or similar. Has anyone seen anything along those lines?
>>10160 You could check out Khyber Pass guns, or old ramshackle shit in Africa.
Open file (233.44 KB 2048x1536 40737089_p0.jpg)
Open file (289.91 KB 1458x1376 40735436_p0.jpg)
Open file (285.96 KB 1986x1288 40735635_p0.jpg)
Open file (197.89 KB 1476x1150 40736228_p0.jpg)
Open file (324.43 KB 2048x1536 40736517_p0.jpg)
Found some of his older stuff.
Open file (214.37 KB 1520x1220 40737498_p0.jpg)
Open file (195.72 KB 2048x1536 40737914_p0.jpg)
>>11864 Couldn't you have used invidio?
Try to imagine fantasy weapons in the hand(s) and pretend on how reload process would go. It's fun. >>11864 >>11865 I do remember there was a script to change YouSuck into Invidious automatically (either by redirection or by changing links), but it was written before official instance was shutdown. Need to see if shit was been updated. I wonder if there's script that also make you to jump on random or most responsive instance.
>>11865 I was just lazy.
Open file (1.45 MB 500x281 1537725362291.gif)
>>11871 This thread blows chunks, it's not even discussing fictional weapons it's just endless pictures of concept art. Railguns are the coolest fantasy weapons. When they're scaled down to humanoid sizes they become devastation and you get into full hillbilly mode. Railgun blunderbus loaded with wrenches, screwdrivers and nails leaving a new canyon where a base used to be would be a 10/10 weapon
>>11874 >Railgun blunderbus loaded with wrenches, screwdrivers and nails leaving a new canyon where a base used to be would be a 10/10 weapon I don't think a railgun would work very well like that given how they work. Now a gauss gun blunderbuss would work great.
Open file (177.40 KB 371x405 !UC-Weapon-BioRifle.png)
Probably the bio rifle from UT
Open file (49.02 KB 500x295 large_1141_3254rt.jpg)
>>9739 >You are massively increasing the cost and weight of your spare mags for no good reason. >ammo load so hot that it destroys the barrel in 10 rounds >120" penetration of hardened steel from bullet >no good reason
>>9610 Khorne looks goofy but at least it looks like something that concieveably would be on a battlefield. Tzeentch is magitech shit, so its all wizardy and floating Nurgle looks cool with things like the biomechanical theme for things like Blight Drone and the Contagion (Nurglefied Baneblade) but then you get stuff like the plague tower which just looks tacky. Slaanesh just glues tits and/or dicks onto everything and calls it a day. I think Tau battlesuits and Necron Tomb constructs look pretty cool too
I want to see soft top carriers, where a runway is built from segments or where planes are launched from boosters on open ocean like V2's
Open file (3.76 MB 780x438 falling.webm)
>>9425 For you
>>9619 This isn't actually actual concept art for Planetside is it?
Open file (764.74 KB 1200x849 賀寸哉 Mech.jpg)
>>12054 What anime is this? This nice.
>>12054 Shining toy guns. I'm going to check this out.
What are your favourite alt-history weapons /k/. I know that this is kind of retarded, but whatever Also I'll post some southern victory vehivles and what not Last pic is supposed to be a realistic version of RA2 tank destroyer
>>14436 >Pics didn't post It's the middle one.
Open file (78.15 KB 646x201 FV38M-A1 Coyote 57mm.png)
Open file (79.41 KB 646x189 FV38M-A2 Coyote 75mm.png)
Open file (60.29 KB 663x194 FV38M-A3 Coyote 75mm.png)
Open file (64.77 KB 645x225 FV42B Jackal.png)
>>14437 These are supposed to be medium? Confederation barrels
>>14438 Some more
>>14437 >UK rifle is just a tavor with a slimmed down handguard and aug carry handle didn't pay for a creativity loicense it seems
Open file (153.22 KB 1700x1000 German Missiles.PNG)
Open file (74.55 KB 622x351 SovietF2000.jpg)
Open file (58.55 KB 919x299 SovietG36.jpg)
Open file (41.42 KB 729x196 myweapon2.png)
Open file (25.62 KB 400x166 SMG.png)
>>14459 Yeah, that's actually the problem with majority of alt-history guns. I've still seen worse. Like the spoilered pics.
Open file (18.15 KB 1037x244 0.png)
Open file (24.28 KB 660x265 kube forgive me.png)
Open file (9.10 KB 545x228 275.png)
Open file (13.20 KB 708x225 151.png)
Open file (8.91 KB 724x155 315.png)
>>14464 They can get pretty whacky though.
>>14466 Yeah they can.
Open file (68.27 KB 890x377 ki-154_1.png)
Open file (48.03 KB 838x334 ki-162_1.png)
Open file (36.38 KB 1257x386 ki-204_karyu.png)
Open file (18.34 KB 1000x357 BOLO.png)
Open file (38.77 KB 1000x330 Fuckyeahcenturions2.png)
How do you guys think would tanks/barrels look like in southern victory like timeline? How would whermachts guns look post ww2? Also how would military technology continue if the industrial Revolution happened later ea. In A.E.I.O.U steam engine was created in 1880s in bohemia. How would it look like?
>>14522 Everything would be made of copper and cheese.
Does someone have more like 2nd pic?
>>14952 *1st pic
Open file (248.05 KB 640x480 1450786235397.jpg)
Open file (6.24 KB 192x144 E_HT30LR'Crusher'.gif)
Open file (4.98 KB 192x144 E_HT33R.gif)
Open file (6.67 KB 192x144 E_ST01B.gif)
>>14952 >2nd pic That is some big ass barrel.
>>15119 It's a late war proposal modernisation of pz.4
>>12604 Pretty sure it's Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise. Lots of big names worked on it before they were big names. Bandai, who would become THE anime toy comany, Studio Ginax later to be of Evangelion fame are the 2 big ones I can remember
Open file (248.10 KB 1900x702 Grizzly.PNG)
M61 Eisenhower Main Battle Tank Crew: 4 Country: United States of America Other Users: European Alliance, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt Builder: Chrysler Defense Armament: 1x M68A1 105mm 1x M2 12.7mm HMG (Turreted) 2x M204 7.62mm MGs (1x COAX) By the end of the Second World War the United States was equipped with a mix of M4 Sherman II tanks and heavier M48 Patton MBTs. The M48 continued to be upgraded through the 1950s and early 60s. However by the late 1960s the U.S. Army was concerned that their armor was falling behind the curve. Beginning in 1965 the European Alliance introduced a series of new tanks. These were better armored, armed, and ahead electronically then the latest Patton tanks. Not to mention Soviet rearmament had been ongoing since the early 60s. Worried about how the M48 would compare to the Chieftains, Leopards, and Soviet ‘Rhinos’ the Defense Department announced that it would hold a competition for a new MBT in 1966. After much debate and testing Chrysler’s XM61 was chosen. The M61 had many improvements compared to the M48. New composite armor, electronics, and crew survival systems were incorporated into the design, named for General Eisenhower. A new feature of the M61 was a separate ammo compartment that kept the crew away from the tank’s explosive ammunition (a feature in all of the European tanks and new to the T-64). Blow out panels and thick blast doors protected the crew in the event of a penetrating hit on that compartment. Fire suppression systems were also built into the engine and turret. The 105mm cannon that armed the Grizzly, was a licensed copy of the British L7. An innovative feature of this new gun was a stabilization system. This allowed the Eisenhower to fire while on the move. Room was left in the turret for new technological upgrades in the future. The first fleet of M61s was armed with simple low light night fighting systems, but replacing these with new thermal sights coming online in the next decade was very easy. The tank commander had his own controllable turret armed with a M2 HMG that could be targeted with a periscope and sight. It also allowed the TC to fire his MG under cover. After its production went into full swing the M61 was fully equipped to the 1st Cavalry Division and 1st Armored Division. It is not known how but the tankers of both heavy divisions christened the new tank the ‘Grizzly’. The name stuck perhaps because it was easier to say in than Eisenhower. Crews enjoyed the fire on the move ability of the M61 along with its high powered engine. However the speed was also achieved by less armor. The special composite nature of the armor did provide better protection then just steel, but this lack would become a weakness in the next war. Grizzly tanks found themselves in combat only hours after the Soviet invasion of the United States in June of 1975. Eisenhowers from Fort Hood and other military bases in Texas ran head first into Red Army T-64 ‘Rhino’ tanks with their powerful 125mm cannons. It was quickly discovered that while the Grizzly had fine frontal protection, it had weaker side protection that could be penetrated by the Rhino’s main weapon. The Grizzly could move faster though and shoot while moving, something the Rhino lacked. Despite weaknesses to the Soviet T-64s and even more powerful T-72 Apocalypse tanks, the Grizzly could hold its own against larger Soviet numbers. Shoot and scoot became the motto of American tankers. Quickly moving from defense positions and killing Russian tanks on the move. The Grizzly’s deadly ability increased with the introduction of thermal sights and depleted uranium shells for their 105mm guns. Combined with a new ballistic computer and laser range finders, the technological gap between the Soviets and the American forces grew, in the USA’s favor. As war production swung into full swing, the U.S. was able to supply export M61 Grizzlies to the European Allies. Poland who used a mix of equipment received a large number of M61s and used them in the defense and counterattack launched by the Europeans. The Grizzly would serve through the entirety of the Third World War. Many M61 crews received fame and awards throughout the war. M61A1s have been sold too many other nations to equip their armed forces. The latest Grizzly models are being upgraded with a 120mm cannon and new armor of British design. These with additional electronic upgrades will allow the M61 to continue to match any other tank around the world.
Open file (133.51 KB 1879x701 T-64 Rhino Tank.PNG)
>>15339 T-64 Rhino Main Battle Tank Crew: 3 Country: Union of Soviet Socialist Republic/ Russian Republic Other Users: Ukraine, Islamic Union, Iraq, Syria, Algeria, Libya, Cuba, Mexico, Pakistan, African nations, Republic of China Builder: Morozov Design Bureau Armament: 1x D-81T 125mm (Smoothbore) 1x NVST 12.7mm HMG 1x 7.62mm MGs (1x COAX) Unlike the Western Powers the Soviet Union had to rebuild its armed forces from nearly scratch. Due to the Treaty of Geneva signed by the Allied powers and USSR at the end of World War II, the Red Army was severally restricted. It was only allowed to have enough divisions to maintain a proper defense of the Soviet Union. Heavy weapons particularly tanks were limited to only a few divisions. Neither the United States nor European Alliance ever wished for the USSR to threaten them again. These restrictions left a bitter taste in the senior Soviet military leadership. However the rebuilding of the Soviet industry and agricultural centers following the war was the main priority for CPSU leaders. From the 1950s till the early 60s the Red Army was forced to use the IS-2 Heavy Tank and other AFVs left over from World War II. Things not might have changed if not for the bickering amongst the Allies. Europe too needed to rebuild following the Second World War. The massive damage across Eastern Europe, Poland, and Germany was their primary concern following the war. The Alliance wanted a quick withdrawal from the USSR so their money could be spent on reconstruction. Leary of maintaining sole responsibility for the Soviets; the United States began a pullout shortly after the start of the European one. More control was handed back to the Soviet Union and eventually the CPSU leadership was able to operate without restrictions. As a result the Soviet Union was able to move freely to secure its borders in the late 50s. Unrest that had begun in the former Soviet Republics was spilling over into the USSR itself. Eager to stop the unrest and to regain control of their former states, the leadership in Moscow announced it was sending in the Red Army to restore order. The Europeans and Americans, not willing to go in and aid the former republics themselves allowed the Soviets to carry out their incursion. Sensing weakness and distrust among their former enemies, the Red Army began as series of small modernization and research programs for their armed forces.
>>15340 True re-armament of the Soviet military did not occur till the rise of Alexander Romanov as General Secretary of the CPSU in 1960. Romanov had worked in the postwar government. He had played a critical role in protecting the Communist Party from being dismantled by the Allies following the war. Now as General Secretary he informed the armed forces that he intended to seek re-armament. Much of the work began in secret but once it was known that the Europeans and Americans would not protest Soviet rearmament it was pushed into the open. Among the first things addressed by the Red Army was the creation of a new main battle tank. The end result was the T-64. As with pervious Soviet tanks it focused on firepower and armor. There were however a number of interesting changes. First was the abandonment of a circular round turret. Designers opted instead to build an angular western style turret including the use of blow out panels with an ammunition bay in the turret. One major complaint by veterans of the Great Patriotic War was the tendency of Soviet armor to explode its ammunition when the turret was breached by a round. Although the T-64’s system was not up to Allied standards, it was better then nothing. A very new idea for the T-64 was the addition of big 125mm smoothbore cannon. Western designs used rifled tank barrels. The smoothbore feature doubled the range of the gun and increased muzzle velocity. Later models of the T-64 would be able to fire anti-tank missiles from their cannons. The fourth crewmember, the loader, was eliminated from the tank. A new electric automatic one took his place. Good armor protection combined with the powerful gun did lead to a slower tank. When shown the first production models General Secretary Romanov remarked, “Look at this gun, a fine gun. Very long like a Rhino’s horn.” The comment by the Secretary was not forgotten by the Soviet Defense Minster or his deputies. As a result the T-64 was soon called the Rhino much to Romanov’s delight. First revealed to the Western Powers in 1963 during a parade in Red Square, the Allied observes were dismayed to see how far the Soviets had come in such a short time. An American military officer working in the Embassy in Moscow wrote that the T-64 incorporated a series of new features while maintaining a low silhouette. Rhinos first saw combat in the hands of Soviet clients in Africa. The formation of the World Socialist Alliance gave the USSR a number of allies and weapons testing ground around the world. T-64 Rhinos in the hands of Libyan tankers and some Soviet ‘advisors’ saw combat against Egypt during a border dispute in 1965. It was quite superior to the M48s in Egyptian hands. Numerous teething problems with the engines were found during the combat in Africa. New production versions of the Rhino corrected the problem. Even though the T-64 could not outclass the latest Western designs, the sheer numbers produced combined with their firepower and armor protection would ensure victory according to leaders of the Red Army. All the Soviet Motor Rifle and Tank divisions were using Rhinos by the time of World War III. American Grizzly tanks were overwhelmed by Soviet numbers and surprise in 1975. Many of the attacking Rhinos also included a new defensive armor. Explosive Reactive Armor was something the Russians had been experimenting with in-between the World Wars. A block of explosives the ERA was designed to defeat HEAT warheads. Soviet tankers were thrilled as American TOW and Dragon missiles failed to kill them. The ERA did not always protect the T-64s nor did they stop the sabot rounds fired by M61s. In a series of crushing battles the Rhinos swept into the American plains and devastated U.S. forces in early battles. The T-64 was the mainstay of Soviet forces throughout the war. It’s heavier and more complicated cousin, the T-72 Apocalypse Tank never entered the war in sufficient numbers to phase out the Rhino. As the Americans rallied and began their counterattacks during the war they did so with increasingly effective equipment. The Soviet research and development departments found it hard to keep up with their Western counterparts. As a result the Rhino began to fall behind the curve of new tank improvements. In the end the sheer number of T-64s produced worked against the USSR. The Soviets simply couldn’t afford to add thermal sights, new electronics, and other high cost upgrades to the thousands of Rhinos that had been made. Still the T-64 served till the end with the fall of Moscow. Although many were destroyed during the war, numerous T-64 Rhinos lay in storage for the reserve divisions of the new Russian Republic. Others were used to equip the armies of countries like the Ukraine, China, and Islamic Union. Cuba, Iraq, and other former WSA members are still using T-64s ensuring that the Rhino will be in service into the 21st Century.
Open file (191.83 KB 1630x701 Prism Tank.PNG)
>>15341 M112 Prism Tank (Prisma in German Service) Crew: 3 Country: United States of America & Germany Other User: Germany Builder: Rheinmetall Landsysteme/ General Dynamics (Land Division) Armament: 1x LM-57 DEW 1x MG42 As the war raged between the USA and USSR, American weapon designers began seeking any possible advantage to get the edge over the Soviets. Various ideas were considered. Many while ambitious were not practical for the current war effort. In late September of 1972, several members of the Rheinmetall Landsysteme came to the American government in its temporary capital of Ohio. The European Alliance had for the moment chosen to assume a policy of neutrality, officially. Unofficially Germany was one of several European nations willing to supply the Americans with covert assistance. The R.L representatives presented the USA with designs for a new weapon system. It was a new directed energy weapon system, similar to a laser. Much of the work on the DEW had been done by Albert Eisenstein during his last few years of life. The famous World War II physicist had worked on a way to amplify the power of light by reflecting it off a series of prisms. However the first set of lasers and prisms he had to work with lacked the power needed to be an effective weapon. Too much energy was also required to start the process. Only large bulky generators could provide it. Eyestone abandoned the work shortly afterward. Germany’s defense department had discovered this work again in the earlier that decade. Over the next five years they managed to research and develop a working prototype. It was fixed and mounted in a large tower. New lasers combined with a special artificial diamond prism inside the tower boosted the power incredibly of relativity low powered lasers. This DEW tower was simply called a Prisma by the German designers. In tests the tower could damage equipment and weaken armor. In wasn’t till a freak accident was the true power of the weapon. One test involved two Prisma towers firing on a signal target. A computing error led to the first tower firing its beam not at the target tank but the other tower! Instead of damaging the tower, the beam went into the wrongly targeted tower’s emitter. It bounced off the prism inside and fired at the original tank target. In a flash the front of the target was melted and damaged. Further tests confirmed that the power of the Prisma beam was increased if the beams were fired between towers, bouncing off and gathering strength. If enough towers were linked they could destroy a heavily armored Leopard I tanks in a single blast. The system could also rapidly engage multiple targets. To the United States a series of Prism Towers built into defensive lines could be a God send. American forces needed an edge against the mass Soviet tank forces advancing across the Midwest and Great Plains. RL was willing to provide their designs to the Americans for a price. Besides the finical cost, the U.S. would help design an AFV version of the Prism weapon. The M112 was the final result of German/American efforts. Containing a miniaturize Prism DEW turret, it also held a specially designed American power pack. This engine and power plant was able to provide enough energy for the vehicle and DEW. No fancy names were attached to the tank, simply being called the Prism Tank. GIs referred to them as PTs in short communications. The Prism Tank was designed on a light IFV chassis. A drawback to its design was very weak armor. Nearly all the weight came from the special power pack that powered the M112. Only able to withstand some small arms fire, it was easy pickings for any Soviet AFV or even conscripts armed with RPGs. As a result the Prism was used mostly in a battlefield artillery role. With their long range the M112s could attack fixed Soviet targets from long range and pummel them with energy. Like their fixed tower cousins, the Prism Tanks could combine their fire for devastating affect. A receiver reflector at the rear of the DEW turret could receive a beam from another M112 or Prism Tower. In defensive battles, groupings of M112s and Prism Towers could break up Soviet armored assaults. In the first deployments of the Prism systems Russian tankers had no clue what happened to them. Their reports frustrated Soviet commanders who couldn’t understand what happened. Finally a combination of field experience and information from the KGB revealed the true nature of the powerful white light. This began a frantic effort to duplicate the Prism technology. Soviet efforts failed due to a lack of understanding of the process and their poorer technology base. Plus American Special Forces destroyed the Prism research base in Mexico. Eventually the Soviets tried to eliminate the problem by staging air strikes against the Prism production sites in Germany and America.
>>15342 These air strikes helped drive the Europeans into declaring war on the Soviet Union. Germany had already produced a number of Prism Tanks, called simply called Prisma. They were used by the German Army much in the same way as the USA. The tanks blew apart Soviet defense weapons and positions. Often the Prismas destroyed anti-aircraft weapons to bring in additional air support. Their battlefield role was limited. The Prism weapons could not accurately target aircraft. Most of the air to air kills came against Soviet helicopters. Despite their limitations the Prisms preformed well. A new generation of Prism vehicles and DE platforms are expected in the next few decades including ones for air defense and even ballistic missile protection.
Open file (251.02 KB 1630x696 Tesla Tank.PNG)
>>15343 -76 ‘Tesla’ Tank Crew: 3 Country: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Other User: Ukraine Builder: Mytishchi Engineering Works/OBK 417 Design Bureau Armament: 2x TE-45 Electrolaser Emitters Wartime Addtion: 1x MG (7.62mm or 12.7mm) Part of Soviet rearmament efforts during the 1960s included the look into new technologies. With many restrictions placed upon the Red Army following World War II much of this work was carried out in secret at first. General Secretary Romanov hoped that by deploying new battlefield weapons and technology that the USSR could match or even exceed the advantages possessed by the European and American militaries. As a result new research and development cities were founded in the vast empty spaces of Siberia. One of the first areas researched by the scientists at these sites was Tesla technology. In the last year of the Second World War, the USSR deployed powerful defensive weapons created using research of Nickola Tesla. Using modified Van de Graaff generators, the Soviets were able to create bolts of artificial lighting. These shots however were very unpredictable. If they did hit a target, it inflicted massive damage. However these first generation Tesla Coils required massive amounts of power. As a result they were only deployed near major Soviet bases and cities. Often they were rendered useless as soon as the power was cut. Romanov however was fascinated by the weapons, he wanted them recreated and improved. The scientists working at OBK 417 were able to follow through with the General Secretary’s orders. Soviet bases had new and improved Tesla weapons. Improving on Tesla’s first design, the scientists created an electrolaser. The emitter for this weapon was similar to a Tesla Coil but combined with a low power laser. A Laser-Induced Plasma Channel is created. This LIPC acts the same way as a natural plasma channel does for a lighting bolt. The electric charge is then sent down the LIPC, creating a devastating weapon. Using the laser in the first part of the process allowed the Soviets to finally control and targets their Tesla weapon (which was the preferred name over electrolaser). While the new Tesla Coils were produced, a few OBK 417 scientists wondered about making a mobile version. Using an experimental light tank chassis, they mounted their Tesla Coil onto it. Test after test followed, in which it was learned a ‘Tesla Tank’ could be created. However smaller and more powerful electrical generating systems were needed. A new trade and technology agreement with the Empire of Japan in 1968 gave the Soviets the final part needed. New efficient Japanese batteries and power systems would allow the Soviet designers to build the Tesla Tank. The first production models enter service in 1972. Unlike other Soviet weapons, the PT-76 was complex to produce. Even after being militarized, the electrolasers were still delicate weapons and the new tank carried two of them. Numerous problems were found during the first three years of deployment. These were worked out but did not slow construction time. With the teething errors corrected the PT-76 Tesla Tank was a deadly vehicle. Combat tests in Mexico and USSR showed that the electrolasers could inflict horrible burns and fatal injuries against infantry. Not even the heaviest body armor could shield people from the artificial lighting. The affects against vehicles depended on the target’s range, armor strength, and electrical system. At close range the Tesla Tank could punch holes in even heavy armor of Grizzly tanks. Many times at longer distances the PT-76s disrupted or even destroyed the target’s electrical systems. U.S. GIs were particularly afraid of the PT-76s calling it the Zat Track. While the Tesla Tank was an interesting Soviet weapon it was in service inside the Group of Soviet Forces America in limited numbers. The long time it took to produce the PT-76 combined with its delicate nature compared to other Red Army AFVs kept its numbers low. Many were lost through poor use by Soviet commanders in the invasion of the United States. Unlike the Rhino Tank, the PT-76 lacked the heavy armor of the T-64. Nor could it be protected with ERA, the explosives would damage the TE-45 emitters and their electronics. With only 9mm of armor on the turret the Tesla Tank could be damaged by 12.7mm heavy machinegun rounds, let alone ATGMs and cannon shells. In addition to its armor weakness, the PT-76 could not target aircraft. The tracking systems and LIPC could not engage fast moving fighters or fighter bombers with any accuracy. Without the support of mobile SAMs or AA guns, the PT-76 was very vulnerable to attack helicopters and aircraft.
>>15344 Most of the PT-76s were used in a backup or rear echelon role. KGB Security units took in many Tesla Tanks for use in subjecting the Americans behind Soviet lines. The Tesla Tanks became a symbol of Soviet oppression, as the KGB used them to kill American insurgents or collaborators. In the most famous incident, a company of PT-76 tanks were used to burn the small town of Calumet in Colorado to the ground, in February of 1976. Nearly all of the town’s residents were killed by the Tesla Tanks. As World War III turned against the Soviets, the Tesla Tanks found themselves used in a defensive role. Like their adversaries before them, the PT-76s often were used in ambushes. Groups of Allied infantry or armor were hit by Tesla Tanks hidden with other Red Army forces. The light armor on the PT-76s again proved to be a weakness as they were often destroyed by the return fire of Allied units. By time of the European invasion of the Soviet Union the majority of all PT-76s had been destroyed or captured in the American theater. European Alliance troops encounter the majority of the Tesla tanks deployed with the Red Army, many of which were lost. With the destruction of the Mytishchi Engineering Works factories by Americana and European airstrikes, the PT-76 could no longer be produced. All remaining models are in service with the Russian Republic’s army and the armed forces of the Ukraine. Reports indicate that Iraq and several other nations have expressed an interest in acquiring the Ukraine PT-76s which have been kept mostly in storage. It is unknown whether the PT-76 will every enter service in large numbers ever again; however its place is secure in the history of unique military weapons.
>>14952 >>14486 >>14470 >>14468 It would be great if those authors added more perspective to those drawings, it would be a bit difficult trying to make models out of that.
>>15531 Well those were made just for the design stuff. I've seen a few with multiple angles, but not much.
>>15558 Nice collection thanks.
>>15559 No worries.
>>15558 sexy pixel art man. ^^ if here, on this thread are some ho 229 pixel art drawings I would be glad to see.
My first thought was that this would never work but then again I've seen pictures of some pretty scuffed looking African poacher's guns and things of that sort so I'm not so sure. It doesn't look safe in the least though.
>>15699 I wouldnt say never, but I wouldnt put anything bigger than bird in it.
>>15704 That latch is what makes me the most nervous. It's not as bad as a screen door eye-and-hook but it's close to it.
>>15699 That's a damn nice pistol grip on a damn gruesome gun. C'mon, why do people think of crazy complicated designs, when slamfires are a simple, reliable and proven by time weapon?
>>15711 >when slamfires are a simple, reliable and proven by time weapon? That 3d model's firing method at least is also proven on homebuilds. A slamfire where the rear endcap was held on so weakly, instead of being threaded on or something, would be just as bad.
Open file (42.77 KB 800x569 gunchucks.png)
A long time ago, a sci-fi+detective novel I read was set in either a space station, or the moon -- mostly. Protagonist's preferred weapon was a 1911 chambered in .75, though he had a service pistol that shot explosive flechettes. Explosive payload was detonated by the presence of moisture -- a space gun. It didn't have enough energy to poke holes in your air balloon but if you hit flesh you could rip sizeable holes in your target. Anybody know what book it was? Anybody else want explosive flechettes? I grew up thinking that moving from .45 through fifty cals and on was natural, that by the time I was well established enough to buy my own gun, it would indeed be a seventy-five. Also, is the gun chuck significantly less dumb than the gunblade, or only a little bit?
>>15716 >Also, is the gun chuck significantly less dumb than the gunblade, or only a little bit? Ask the makers of gun blades. But still like the idea of a knife-knuckles-revolver.
Open file (132.49 KB 1280x854 THATgunblade.jpg)
>>15717 >knife-knuckles-revolver It revolves, but there's no barrel. At least the gunchucks have barrels, so they won't explode when you shoot someone.
>>15718 >that handheld self-amputation-device Kek, that goes straight on the wall.
>>15716 The stealth problem with gunchucks is that you're going to be pointing the barrels in unsafe positions about 80% of the time. If you emptied the cylinders first and only then used them as a melee weapon it would be kind of a smart concept. I'm not so sure about the balance of that particular example though nor the long term longevity of their more intricate parts.
>>15716 >gunchucks uncomfortable to fire (look at those nonexistant grips), aiming is nearly impossible, and their moving parts would be beaten up real quick, if you go for a light build. If you make the parts more durable, you have to make the chucks heavier, and that means you lessen their effectiveness as a melee weapons. >Gunblade same problem, if it would actually fire. Gunblades in final fantasy are just swords with fancy vibroblade tech (press trigger, blade vibrate, moar damage). It's not something that works in reality, at least not practically. as with most fantasy weapon concepts: looks super cool, but it's horseshit as soon as it hits reality.
Open file (24.14 KB 500x292 1226080266339.jpg)
Open file (68.80 KB 800x533 1444370665914-2.jpg)
Open file (26.84 KB 800x287 1443192895955.jpg)
Open file (71.47 KB 499x395 1443553663672.jpg)
Open file (21.97 KB 640x480 GunKatar01.jpg)
>>15721 Of course actual "gunblades" exist, at least in the sense that they were a cutting weapon combined with a gun.
>>15724 Meant to add: But they aren't anything like the FF8 BS and function mostly how you would expect.
Open file (13.39 KB 300x237 tbh.jpg)
>>15724 >Of course actual "gunblades" exist Yeah, I know but if you recall I was pining for moisture sensitive explosive laden flechettes. The gunchucks were just for discussion, so I guess that post was a win overall.
>>15724 >Gun axe Alright I can kind of see the appeal and perhaps more importantly ability to be transferred into the real world when it comes to gun blades, even if they're the worst of both worlds, but why the fuck would you ever combine a gun with an axe? The axe is weakened by having a hollow handle when the whole point is supposed to be a blunt (but still edged) weight that crunches into the opponent, while the gun is weakened by having the center of balance pulling the gun down (and with that sort of gun you'd want to aim high anyways), and having to worry about a weapon's impact against the handle or inopportune/over-extended swing turning that gun into a hand-exploder.
>>15727 I think it would be better engineered if the axe blade was hafted on the stock instead of the barrel. Especially if the stock were made a little more substantial and maybe surrounded the barrel.
Open file (274.64 KB 873x544 sabrevolver.jpg)
I'd say something like these might be the best design for such a combination weapon. You could make a grip that works both for the sabre and the pistol, and with a folding trigger you don't need to worry about accidentally shooting the pistol when you want to use it as a sword. And you could even base it on a self-loading pistol that has the magazine forward of the grip (think of the Mauser C96).
>>15727 I think with older smoothbore guns, the actual barrel thickness is a lot greater than you'd expect. This could work if it was just a really grossly overbuilt bull barrel with some form of plug bayonet attached to give extra reinforcement to the barrel where the axe head's been attached.
>>15729 I've seen this magnificent thing before but still >a delicate wheellock mechanism married to a a melee weapon designed to slam into plate armor and mail This is basically a less reasonable and less realistic version of the boom hammer. Which is all the more ironic since this is a real historical artifact as opposed to a a weapon from a living nightmare in a video game.
>>15732 I doubt that a plug bayonet would give any serious reinforcement to the barrel. The handle is just a piece of conical wood for the most part, and it only plugs into the very end of the barrel.
>>15733 It also has three barrels.
>>15736 >three barrels I count five. I guess it's suppose to be a volley gun since I don't see multiple touch holes or anything.
>>15718 The sad thing about the FF8 Gunblade is, it actually does make sense in context and only in context of a fantasy world with magic. Just, as with almost anything else Tetsuya Nomura, it didn't get explained at all. in the source material and what it actually was supposed to be was only revealed in the artbook. The FF8 Gunblade isn't actually a gun at all, it's a sword designed for non-magicians to be able to utilize magical effects via the use of 'magic cartridges', which when activated inside the system wreathe the blade in magical energy corresponding to whatever type of magical cartridge was loaded. This is why the enemy mook gunbladers can use 'magic' despite magicians being rare. This is also why the game comments on Gunbladers being rare among garden troops, because garden troops all can use magic inherently making the gunblade a very, very poor choice in weapons for them as it's not a gun and it's a poor sword to boot - you get an extremely overly complicated turkey carver, and that's about it. It is not a gun and would not work as a gun, it's only called a gun due to its superficial resemblance to a revolver, the design sheet is very clear on this.
Open file (86.47 KB 438x630 shocked.webm)
>>15760 That makes a shocking lot of sense. >This is also why the game comments on Gunbladers being rare among garden troops, because garden troops all can use magic So in truth Squall and Seifer are both just two nerds and they chose a foreign weapon just because they thought it looked cool.
Open file (103.00 KB 776x1029 Zone Troopers.jpg)
Open file (178.45 KB 950x1400 ssdt-flame-vent.jpg)
Open file (137.99 KB 1030x920 ssdt-loaded-axe.jpg)
Open file (147.22 KB 950x1400 ssdt-loaded-spear.jpg)
Open file (201.54 KB 930x1440 ssdt-loaded-umbrella.jpg)
While we're still sort of on the subject of video game weapons, I wan to say that I really appreciate how the fantasy weapons in Sekiro look like something that could exist rather than say something like swords that the size of a tower shields and a tower shields the size of cow-catchers. I wonder how many of them would actually function somewhat as is or with only slight modifications?
>>15774 The shuriken thrower would be pretty cool, though in general my guess is that such a system would be more dangerous to the wearer than to the target.
Open file (160.05 KB 950x1400 ssdt-loaded-shuriken.jpg)
>>15778 >shuriken thrower Out of all of the weapons it's the only one that I call bullshit on, at least as depicted in the schematics. According to the diagram it function like: >step 1. load shurikens into dial >step 2. ???? >step 3. dogs are dead everywhere
>>15824 >lifting body Zero Nice. Really nice in fact.
>>16032 Intresting.
>>16037 Just dont think about the logistics too hard.
>>16038 Well yeah
>>16037 >>16038 You know when I first saw it I thought it had a different setting for men and women instead of humans and robots.
Open file (27.69 KB 743x360 splanker.jpg)
>>15699 I just realized what this reminded me of.
Open file (10.07 KB 1047x376 90813801_p0.png)
Open file (11.28 KB 1047x376 90682771_p0.png)
Open file (21.74 KB 2189x376 89896294_p0.png)
Open file (12.69 KB 1047x376 90784342_p0.png)
>>15699 I almost want to build this.
>>17364 I wish someone would. And obviously be safe/not retarded about it but I'd kind of like to see how something like this would preform.
Open file (14.84 KB 779x373 89111765_p0.png)
Open file (31.25 KB 800x600 88967161_p0.png)
Open file (29.60 KB 2200x600 89560184_p0.png)
>>17313 Moar
Open file (493.48 KB 1135x792 1622899965909.jpg)
>>9657 being dominated by a woman is the gayest thing you can do, we'd prefer if you just sucked dick. you need a man to satisfy your needs anyway
Thought these looked interesting.
>>17926 Ok faggot
>>9455 I'll give it a watch.
Open file (12.73 KB 230x350 Savini.jpg)
Open file (44.82 KB 1280x720 the sex machine 1.jpg)
Open file (298.47 KB 1920x1029 the sex machine 2.jpg)
There's no way in hell this works out but I love it anyway for it's absurdity.
Are there any real guns like this? Either production or after market mods?
>>18127 french apache revolver is your closest bet, but the idea is really stupid. if you're going to draw a gun, there's zero advantage to gimping its ballistics so you can punch people with it.
>>18181 I didn't so much the knuckle duster aspect as I did the second one with shortened barrel and slide. Would there be any value for such a thing, aside from being more concealable and lighter?
>>18220 Almost all concealment difficulty comes from the grip, the slide/barrel length is primarily comfort. It's why you'll see custom pistols (esp Glock) with long sides and short grips.
Open file (96.42 KB 1800x728 Flintlock pistol.jpg)
Open file (112.13 KB 980x364 hacketole.jpg)
>>15727 >...but why the fuck would you ever combine a gun with an axe? The majority of early fire weapons were built to be usable as a meele weapon to deal with the miserable fire rate and loading times. It's a gun first and if the enemy doesn't go down after the shot or there are more enemies that get closer, you simply whack them with the gun. Look at the grips of Flintlock pistols, they are formed this way, so once you have gotten your shot off, you can turn them around and use them as a club. This gunaxe is just a fancy version for that and so massively build that the problems you wrote about didn't matter.
>>18220 one of the shortest practical designs for a pistol would be the boberg XR9 then, give that a look as it could be used to shorten a slide even further than usual (though as >>18224 mentions, the barrel isn't usually the problem)
Why aren't disposable hand-cannons more widely used in fantasy works? Seems like small welded pipe guns and the like would be fairly common in the subgenres that allow them.
>>18300 Ask fantasy writers. But in real life, iron was way too expensive to waste it on disposable items. There were cannons made of wood though, but those were overbuilt for safety reasons so that you couldn't lift them. And they were also strong enough to the point you could use them multiple times.
>>15727 >but why the fuck would you ever combine a gun with an axe? Because it's more feasible than a gun sword
>>18243 I like this gun axe/hatchet because it's very built with the axe head not wrapped around the barrel, unlike that one from before.
I'm not sure where to share this. Fantasy, because these guns thanfully don't exist? Or autistic ideas because what were they smoking? Or start a "terrifying mistakes" thread. Granted, this is a furry image, which might rightly imply to you that the artist cares little for the "real world" -- most furry spines likewise are made to ignore natural limitations. But I chuckled noticeably, and I thought you could use having your day lightened also.
>>18559 given the average furry is a homosexual pedophile, making your OC a pit bull seems like it might end up thinning the herd of potential victims if all you do is murder toddlers
>>18559 Why is the barrel so big in comparison to the mag?
>>18568 because most artists have no regard for realistic proportions, and instead aim for comically oversized "powerful" guns.
>>18568 TBH the artist might not even know what the "magazine" is for. This could be a bazooka and the mags hold the primers or something equally dumb. I'm personally most amused that a veritable bazooka has a small bayonet for stabbing people that get to close.
>>18568 >>18575 Also, it could be a bull barrel with an overly-steep 25d taper. The shading here doesn't really make depth-of-field judgements easy or clear. Also I just noticed that, like that grenade dangling, at his knee he has a derringer dangling from a keyring. Y'know, in case his first three guns fail him.
>>18559 Looks like a generic "i have no idea how weapons work" artist.
Open file (23.04 KB 1718x376 89402836_p0.png)
Open file (9.21 KB 626x373 89222085_p0.png)
Open file (19.66 KB 2000x376 89758927_p0.png)
Open file (20.11 KB 1718x376 89685053_p0.png)
Open file (12.05 KB 1200x373 89615511_p0.png)
Also some more stuff.
Open file (18.14 KB 1718x376 88986627_p0.png)
Open file (19.79 KB 1718x376 88794951_p0.png)
Open file (126.80 KB 1400x601 M1A4 Thompson.PNG)
Open file (262.79 KB 1200x836 Pzkfw III FS.PNG)
Open file (91.08 KB 1119x1000 M8 US AR.PNG)
>>18583 Btw those pixel arts are from https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/43331258
This is a hell of a thing.
>>18585 Strelok, that's not exactly fictional. That's just a caricature of an actual operation system for through-spinner mounted guns.
Open file (275.00 KB 977x1024 large.jpg)
>>18597 However, as depicted it appears to be a city-sized ... craft of some sort launching fighters with flame & fury. Which is better than launching them with furry but not all that much less confusing.
>>18608 Anon why do you need to post these shits?
Open file (7.17 MB 1280x720 AryanneLikesTanks.webm)
>>18616 because this is a slow board and needs a little prodding to keep the discussion going. Also flippant disregard for others confusion calls for something to bring confusing to the poster, so we can achieve equity when everyone is confused. Also you guys don't like ponies because they're still topical so I have to go digging for anthro robot sharks to make my point.
>>18630 Ok liberal.
Open file (243.45 KB 436x517 3 mags inserted.png)
Man, Saints Row is dead.
>>18608 >>18630 if you need to post furry or pony shit to make a point, work on your communication skills or consider going text only
>>18654 >or consider going text only Might want to reword that before he interprets it as an endorsement of uwu-posting.
Open file (33.05 KB 800x410 uWuPosting.jpg)
>>18669 It's not like I'm going to be less of a furry, or less of a gun nut, just because you start deleting posts that make your palms sweat.
Open file (55.81 KB 963x482 Plunger-Gun.jpg)
>>18653 is this new? I've never played any of them. What changed?
>>18671 other people aren't furries. you already know that the stuff you're posting is unappealing at best, but you're attaching it anyway for the express purpose of getting attention, positive or negative. if you don't have confidence in your posts, then that's fine- we're anonymous and without IDs. just make another post in the thread or something if it doesn't get the feedback you're looking for. being uncharitable to other people who you ostensibly want a response from is only going to get you a negative response. note that the only post you've made that I have deleted was in a thread that got nuked due to being a web advertisement. implying that i'm going around deleting your posts (plural) is a flat out lie- unless you happen to be the guy who keeps linking his telegram trying to sell "covid passports".
>>18673 >What changed? Saints Row 5 looks more like Watchdogs 3 and you don't play a gangster crew but instead a bunch of ambiguously brown college students that need to pay off their college debt. None of that was a joke or hyperbole.
>>18671 >Furry Literally trangender equivalent of a fandom
>>18679 >a bunch of ambiguously brown college students that need to pay off their college debt. So it's a politically correct BLM simulator?
>>18694 we're painfully aware of our internal dramas. It's not like gun-nuts don't have zoomer/boomer flareups frequently enough.
>>18708 Ok tranny.
Open file (71.96 KB 423x400 1443408515293-2.jpg)
Open file (58.44 KB 423x400 1443408515293-1.jpg)
Open file (6.18 MB 384x288 KNIFESTI M4 CQB.webm)
These aren't fantasy weapons but they probably should be.
>>18870 What is this?
Open file (47.30 KB 423x400 Holster_kydex.png)
Open file (66.97 KB 423x400 Holster_kydex1.png)
Open file (27.69 KB 450x391 saisies90.jpg)
Open file (37.97 KB 437x400 CARRYKNIFE.jpg)
>>18897 They are knives specially created so that you can preform gun fu, or something like that.
Open file (60.06 KB 423x400 CarJacking.png)
Open file (83.19 KB 423x400 CarJacking2.png)
Oh fuck I found this and now I can't stop laughing.
>>18905 Every yandere needs a box cutter.
Open file (222.30 KB 1920x1377 Forja de Draedon.jpg)
Open file (254.25 KB 1600x1227 Manipuladores de Materia.jpg)
Open file (86.39 KB 1100x1063 Granada Experimental.jpg)
Open file (16.97 KB 1000x400 92849717_p0.png)
Open file (8.17 KB 825x373 92547483_p0.png)
Open file (10.84 KB 1260x376 92737700_p0.png)
Open file (8.64 KB 1047x376 92850329_p0.png)
>>9775 So does this mean that you can make a viable shotgun barrel (for shot not slugs obviously) out of material like brass or bronze then?
I like the way those Egyptian ones all look.
>>19841 1st pic is great. I like these sort of shit.
Open file (14.48 KB 2000x376 93472150_p0.png)
>>19850 Like this
>>19841 What the fuck is the third pic? A revolver that shoots AIDS needles?
>>20076 is that feasible?? if so, i want one.
Open file (82.45 KB 1331x600 M24.jpg)
>>20076 It's an art piece by from some frenchie. He made a rifle too. >>20077 >is that feasible It should be. Just make a primer only cartridge or one with only a couple of grains of powder. That should be enough to propel a needle sized projectile.
Open file (56.91 KB 658x403 Eversor's_weapons.jpg)
Open file (13.90 KB 312x115 NeedleRifle.jpg)
>>20096 Needle guns?
Open file (12.25 KB 1000x330 stiahnuť (3).png)
Open file (32.13 KB 1098x1434 stiahnuť (2).png)
>>9753 That's not bad. The L/W ratio is too low, and it doesn't seem to have anywhere to store ammo for the gattling guns or fuel for that matter. But otherwise pretty sensible. Needs missiles.
Open file (635.36 KB 948x1024 ancient-fantasy-weapons.png)
>>18897 >What is this? >>18870 >IDF krav maga >patent >sheet steel with sharp edge >bent knife >sold as revolutionary hot shit clearly a jew making shekels from goyim
Open file (223.21 KB 640x427 ClipboardImage.png)
>>15647 Fun Fact: The Poos actually issued SMLEs chambered in 7.62x51.
>>28475 It's the same kind of brilliant entrepreneurship that brought us the likes of the ZIP .22 and 8kun.
>>28512 And South Africans rechambered Vickers machine guns to 7.62 NATO in the 1980s. Moreover, the original .303 Vickers was still the standard British medium machine gun until 1962, and it still served in some units until 1968.
>>18870 >>18904 Every time I scroll past this I have a sudden rush of trying to analyse who would want this, who would want to make this and if there's anyone who is actually taking seriously. Looking up information doesn't help. It feels like a steven segal kind of idea. These stupid fucking gun knives are going to drive me nuts.
>>28572 Sales were probably split 50/50 between people who bought one as a joke and mallninjas who actually thought this was a good idea. It's not a terrible business model, since really basic stampings like this are cheap to set up and cheaper to manufacture.
Open file (183.72 KB 1269x1395 60 cal Safari.jpg)
Open file (42.22 KB 1185x414 1403839321198.jpg)
Open file (52.12 KB 750x578 This.jpg)
>>31437 I'm not sure if if fully grasp this but I like it.
>Grandpa? What did you do during the franchise wars?
>>31437 >1st Is that some roman musketry i see there?
>>32547 That's more of an original civilisation. But here you have something.
>>32549 Well thats cool, but i prefer the concept of how an evolution of tech would have looked like for the roman/byzantine army had they survived the ottomans rather than /k/'d legionaries.
Open file (38.60 KB 400x533 400px-Soda_gun_use.jpg)
>>32542 >>32543 >soda gun already exist
>>32550 Well this is a thing
Open file (3.81 MB 720x404 thumbs up crusader.gif)
In the night came the killers with the cross
Open file (80.89 KB 640x1257 elemental revolvers.jpg)
Veering into more /tg/ than /k/ but still neat.
>>34151 I had an idea for a game like this, once.
>>34151 Wouldn't it be more expedient to have a gun that shoots elemental, or otherwise magical bullets like in outlaw star?
>>34178 I'm guessing those are basically just magic wands that have been stiled after revolvers in a sort of cargo cult fashion.
When I first saw last pic related it got me wondering, could you make functional armor out of ceramic?
>>34200 Ceramic armor is commonplace right now. The standard armor plates for US infantry are ceramic, for instance.
>>34201 That's what made me wonder about it. Could you make a suit of armor made from porcelain and it protect you from possibly small arms fire?
>>33608 >Second image Great to see that even in the far future the Belmont Clan still uses the vampire killer.
Open file (13.86 KB 1036x376 98141110_p0.png)
Open file (513.64 KB 1000x999 Peppa.png)
Be honest. How many here would own one if it were real?
>>37979 It looks extremely impractical. If I came into possession of something like that I'd pew pew it for fun.
Open file (173.08 KB 1821x1024 EysuZStVgAQfUQr.jpg)
>>34151 I wonder if you could make some thing like this work? Not the magic part the rest of it I mean.
>>39573 It's literally just a super soaker. Yes they exist, and they even make ones with interchangeable "magazines" that can be filled and even pressurized beforehand.
>>39584 Yeah I suppose I wasn't quite thinking that question through. Of course one of the benefits of a super soaker made out of metal and, what I would hope is, tempered borosilicate glass is that you can put some nastier stuff in it than just water. If the glass were strong enough it could even be a super critical fluid instead of a liquid.
Where does this tendency of fantasy blades being made, apparently, out of some sort of crystal or mineral come from? Admittedly it looks really neat but I have some doubts about them staying together. The only real equivalents in the real world that I know of are knapped knives (which tend to be made of flint or obsidian, but I have seen things more exotic like opal), Mesoamerican weapons that use prismatic blades but the bulk volume of those weapons are made of hardwood, and Maori jade "hatchets"/sharpened short clubs.
And for the people that don't care about the fantasy swords here are some AU aircraft.
>>40168 Part of it could be based on the fact that diamond and sapphire are incredibly hard materials, but as you implied it's mostly just goblin brain liking the shiny-shiny. Exact same reason why all of the swords you posted would be terribly impractical even if they were made of steel although the Spider Sword design in #1 and #2 was based on real life African swords which are still useful for executions and somewhat okay against unarmoured jiggaboos.
>>40171 Just after typing that post up it struck me that gem stone swords would work really well in a fantasy contest after all maybe. The caveat being that it would really only be viable for small or tiny sized races. As in 6 inch brownie sized. Making a proportionally sized sword out of something like quartz or obsidian would work fine at that scale. Of course if you're dealing with magic or far future science then you can bs a weapon to function however you want but it mostly pointless to discuss that sort of thing.
>>40172 A stone sword would have the same issue with brittleness at any size and the only solution -aside from using a fictional crystal with desirable quantities- is to use a strong non-crystaline backbone like with the macuahuitl. Now as a stabbing implement like a rapier or a spear, or a chopping implement like an axe or a stubby slicing implement like a knife I can see that working, but at that point the only thing "fantasy" about it is the fact that the people are tiny and they are killing each other with precious gems instead of flint. That being said, I think a diamond sword with a carbon fibre core would be a pretty neat idea.
Open file (112.58 KB 906x1280 Crystal dagger.jpg)
>>40168 Pic related was found in Spain (dated to around 3000 BC supposedly), and I've heard of similar finds in France and somewhere in North America. I'm not sure if it was actually meant to be used though, or if it was more a ritual implement.
I really like that fish revolver. And the katana (kodachi?) gun looks like maybe not a half bad concept for a combined weapon for a change. Can't be completely certain about the balance of course.
Open file (187.70 KB 1500x1656 french military.jpg)
>>40392 That's kind of useless isn't it?
>>40169 Nice anon I love it. Do you have more
Open file (187.37 KB 1400x900 0112jm00mep.jpg)
>>40168 This is what I was talking about when I said Maori jade "hatchets", I finally found my pic.
>>32542 >>32543 What are those guns supposed to be? Energy weapons?
>>41866 Either energy weapons or based of of some sort of unstable or combustible gas or liquid that basically turns into plasma when ignited I would imagine. Like how the blasters in Farscape are liquid fueled. It's pretty clearly no kind of physical projectile because I'm not seeing anything that unambiguously ooks like an ejection port on any of them. Or a slide or a bolt for that matter.
>>40861 that's known as a mere.
>>40734 What are the specs of this tanks or would someone have to theorize
>>41998 Impressive also thank you for translating it for me. >mfw I don’t know what electronics it has Welp I gotta guess it has electronics similar to a Leo :5 also can you give link to his devient page?
>>42001 Thanks again I’d rather not brother you to translate stuff imao and I kinda already know how to read Spanish sort of
>>42008 Don’t want to be mean anon I’m really grateful but I do not require your translating services this Spaniard dude is really impressive I wonder what region he comes from dudes fucking good af thanks again anon
>>40392 Yes. Tactical french gear.
Open file (720.65 KB 3030x1536 57290862_p0.jpg)
Outside the obvious inspiration from the Antonov A-40, was there another aircraft that deployed cargo similarly? I feel I've seen something like this before (albeit probably not quite as stupid), but I can't remember exactly what it was.
>>41996 The "Pz 61" looks to basically be a Leopard 1, the "Pz 51" looks to basically be an AMX-30, and the "Pz 54" looks to be based on the T-72 hull.
>>34202 >Could you make a suit of armor made from porcelain Yes. >and it protect you from possibly small arms fire? No, unless you used plates of it thick enough that you could hardly move.
>>43898 >Outside the obvious inspiration from the Antonov A-40, was there another aircraft that deployed cargo similarly? I feel I've seen something like this before (albeit probably not quite as stupid), but I can't remember exactly what it was. The Fairchild XC 120 probably? https://www.snafu-solomon.com/2016/06/blast-from-past-fairchild-xc-120.html
>>43943 That's the one! Thank you, anon.
>>43942 >No, unless you used plates of it thick enough that you could hardly move. Even handgun rounds or shotgun shot?
Open file (82.36 KB 768x508 swastika_bayonet.jpeg)
Not a fantasy weapon per se, but holy shit, this is well outside of the melee thread.
>>44567 Wouldn't a swastika wind-fire wheel or a swastika chakram make a lot better sense?
>>44589 But can you mount that chakram on your rifle for parades?
>>44589 Even that abomination would make more sense if they just didn't rotate the swastike 45 degrees, and kept the original blade intact. In that case they could put a swastika cut from sheet metal on the blade and call it a day. That would be still retarded, but at least somehow less atrocious.
>>44593 Someone should try.
Open file (292.96 KB 1280x720 100779727_p0.jpg)
Open file (262.83 KB 1280x720 100779727_p1.jpg)
Open file (748.73 KB 2480x1754 101295135_p0.jpg)
Open file (533.92 KB 1754x2480 101001222_p0.jpg)
Open file (652.86 KB 1754x2480 98238770_p0.jpg)
I have let this thread lack for attention for far too long. Have some gun, melee, and vehicle autism.
Open file (846.50 KB 2469x1866 83601090_p0.png)
Open file (523.83 KB 2138x1509 81931492_p0.png)
Open file (1.13 MB 2732x2738 84386356_p0.png)
Open file (1.40 MB 2932x2388 85162922_p0.png)
Open file (817.27 KB 2111x2206 85391591_p0.png)
Open file (1.37 MB 2556x2372 93626056_p0.jpg)
Open file (976.45 KB 3840x1783 93626056_p1.jpg)
Open file (1001.00 KB 2398x2361 91487835_p0.png)
Open file (1.28 MB 3344x3270 90592215_p0.png)
Open file (827.18 KB 1715x1653 88922852_p0.png)
Open file (1.05 MB 2751x2737 88161877_p0.png)
Open file (947.55 KB 2512x2048 87568348_p0.png)
Open file (1.47 MB 2732x2048 87063076_p0.png)
Open file (725.51 KB 1965x2046 86952678_p0.png)
Open file (1.21 MB 2321x2540 86044443_p0.png)
Open file (2.02 MB 2732x2360 87429514_p0.png)
Open file (1.87 MB 2632x2637 101079227_p0.png)
Open file (1.96 MB 2732x2588 101079227_p2.png)
Open file (891.79 KB 2970x2100 88457478_p0.jpg)
Open file (8.18 MB 7026x4380 80136213_p0.jpg)
I particularly like the spiral bullets on the second one.
Open file (135.59 KB 2724x1075 74638159_p0.jpg)
Open file (228.93 KB 3555x1389 74650967_p0.jpg)
Open file (598.38 KB 2809x1158 74752585_p0.jpg)
Open file (92.01 KB 720x1280 40584380_p0.jpg)
Open file (839.61 KB 1600x1600 87229288_p0.jpg)
Nothing personal /k/id
Open file (2.54 MB 3508x2480 100564319_p0.jpg)
Open file (1.77 MB 3508x2480 100564319_p1.jpg)
Open file (905.95 KB 3508x1887 100564319_p3.jpg)
Open file (2.32 MB 3508x2480 100564319_p2.jpg)
Open file (3.11 MB 3508x2480 100564319_p11.jpg)
Open file (300.33 KB 1330x2000 93623561_p0.png)
Open file (154.66 KB 1302x1176 93623561_p1.png)
Open file (2.03 MB 1230x1638 93623561_p2.png)
Open file (498.62 KB 1754x2480 92841160_p0.jpg)
Open file (443.99 KB 1754x1824 92841160_p1.jpg)
I keep searching for more from that first set but I'm not having much luck so far.
I could only find one more. This may be all that were ever made. Have an axe-pistol compilation and some AU tanks as well.
>>44828 I can't quite tell if they are going for pet guns or dinosaur guns.
>>45250 I was assuming they were dino guns because the drawings have a feeling of scale to them.
Open file (220.51 KB 661x625 tonk1.png)
Open file (54.82 KB 655x499 tonk2.jpg)
Today, children from preschool named after John Paul 2 graced us with these beatifull paintings. All credit goes to Aleksandryi (pencils, inks) and Mokebe (crayons)
>>45989 Anon are you stealing drawings from children?
>>45989 >>45997 Anon, get those boys a grant to go to a males-only, military-based, mechanical engineering school immediately!! Won't someone please just think of the children!?
>>46008 When I create CPUs, I like solder them n shit.
>>45989 >anon is mentoring the next generation of Streloks Cool.
If you could create a purpose-built city (population in the tens of millions) in the future (200ish years), where there is a very high likelihood of Earth being invaded and occupied by ayy invaders, how would you design it given the following circumstanes? >Earth could be invaded by ayys at any moment >Energy/power generation is not an object >Massive military >Globalist/one single worldwide government This is obviously a very basic start, what are some other ideas that come to mind for building a city of the future?
>>46090 You wouldn't fucking design it with 200 years old technology dude.
>>45997 >>45998 Sadly Aleksandryi with his family was repatriated on the orders of Master Zelensky. He died yesterday protecting freedom and democracy in his homeland defending Bakhmut. But dont worry, brave soldiers do not die - they live on forever in valhalla, waiting on the right side of Bandera for the final war. He had beatifull funeral, which was visited by his father, cousin and by at least 1/2 of his grandfather. >>46090 People might live in mudhuts for all I care. Funnel all the funding into mechs piloted by teenager sluts, its the only way to survive.
>>46090 You build a giant underground complex. One that goes very deep, say 500 feet down at a minimum. But you don't make just one central part, like a Fallout vault, you spread it out. What you want is a network of "centralized" clumps. Each clump functions as a point of muster. That's where you can gather a bunch of people and stockpile equipment. From there, they can travel to the surface and fight the ayys. One key feature, that is mandatory, is that each clump would have a multitude of entrances and exits. Then you want the clumps to be spread out enough that you can't easily figure out where they are and have at least three on every major chunk of land. Ultimately, the purpose of this thing is to foster a resistance force that will be able to attack the enemy any where at any time. If the ayys are bound to the dirt as we are, then they're fucked. They'd only survive if they were aquatic or aerial in nature.
Open file (78.27 KB 880x589 dontask.jpg)
>>46090 >b CY >white flight due to niggers >b CY+200 >human flight due to ayys >build a mobile home >leave shithole planet >leave behind ayy lovers and deviants
Open file (9.34 KB 1000x400 STG-54.png)
My own design. What do you think of it?
Open file (177.31 KB 1332x882 Germanytime.png)
Open file (253.53 KB 1786x967 Tank_Post_yay.png)
Open file (262.22 KB 1786x1200 Russian_Tech_Teaser_01.png)
Kin>>46359 Kind of inspired by TNO.
I come bearing autism.
>>40391 There needs to be more mouth guns.
I'll end right now with some axes.
>>49361 After posting I realized that the 5th one, despite making it nip-nonged, made a bit mistake in the mechanism. Almost all Japanese matchlocks are snap matchlocks instead of the more primitive pivot serpentine like what is illustrated there.
>>49371 * the artist made a bit of a mistake
Open file (4.85 KB 400x400 everytime.png)
>>49378 But why would you be holding the axe like that though?
>>49402 Have you ever swung like, a sledgehammer, or done a mace drill, or hit someone with a tray or a laptop or a textbook or something in your life? The neutral position for a topheavy metal stick is with the head over your shoulder, there's a reason that reversible axes weren't a thing outside of poleweapons or the era when anything not swung through a 90degree arc would literally bounce off your hat so when you used your polax/polehammer for grappling and the sharp end got pushed into you it didn't matter. Grazing your face with this big fuckoff spike on a weapon that is basically a glorified sword that can't even stab is the dumbest shit.
>>49409 I see. I don't swing a lot of battleaxes around so it didn't make sense to me. I've never had problem with a pickaxe though. Personally with those fantasy type axes I's be more concerned about catching the back of my shoulder than my face. Also, I'm surprised that no one's mentioned either of the firearms in >>49364 yet.
For those who did not see it yet: https://acoup.blog/2019/12/20/collections-starships-in-silhouette/ Basically, asks a good question: “Where is your payload and what parts are for hauling it around?”
>>49486 I'm not sure you can even make a "realistic" starship battle cruiser because we really don't know what a starship would really look like. I'm assuming that most of a star destroyer's volume is taken up by conduits and reactors and sub reactors to power all of its various laser armaments.
Open file (441.23 KB 770x912 red bull and sagi.png)
Open file (507.20 KB 756x874 I want a wallaby.png)
Open file (369.80 KB 770x874 dragonfly and eagle.png)
Open file (702.67 KB 767x905 tanker and vandal.png)
I'm so happy this thread wasn't destroyed in the spam attack.
>>50892 Me too Strelok. I managed to bump it literally as the last thread -- just in time.
Open file (396.16 KB 576x841 Ammon and T6-16.png)
Open file (319.16 KB 596x889 Crud and Raptor.png)
Open file (401.32 KB 608x850 Fatman and Vulture.png)
Open file (316.83 KB 683x888 Raven and Strelok.png)
Open file (4.63 MB 2558x1238 106757530_p4.png)
Open file (6.76 MB 2527x1241 106757530_p1.png)
Open file (2.23 MB 3926x2104 106757530_p3.png)
Open file (2.40 MB 3385x2324 106757530_p2.png)
Open file (2.28 MB 4000x2430 106757530_p0.png)
Open file (2.58 MB 2663x2710 105973155_p0.png)
Open file (3.87 MB 4756x3064 105973155_p1.png)
Open file (1.66 MB 3091x1923 105973155_p2.png)
>>51412 Seen worse. Most of it on pop media focusing on fighter planes.
Open file (406.89 KB 749x845 aspic azrael.png)
Open file (373.95 KB 616x823 black wind buzzard.png)
Open file (362.46 KB 649x793 dragonfly eagle.png)
Open file (503.31 KB 708x845 bacchus blimp.png)
Speaking of planes Heavy Gear also ahs some pretty cool ones. Mainly fighters of both main factions (north (aspic, eagle) and south (quetzal, redjacket)
Open file (241.67 KB 659x825 flea flitter.png)
Open file (301.43 KB 590x813 quetzal redjacket.png)
Open file (396.51 KB 649x863 rock beetle samson.png)
Open file (403.74 KB 678x856 sand cobra scorpion.png)
Open file (478.82 KB 663x880 varis titan.png)
>>51436 On the tabletop, there are only models for VTOLS. planes are represented by airstrike tokens. Also due to freak volcanic activity on settings main planet standard rotors and engines get really fucked up quickly, so they invented these hoppers with multiple protected engines.
Open file (439.29 KB 644x854 walfish ghost.png)
Open file (465.01 KB 677x846 what the fuck.png)
Open file (906.17 KB 601x783 terra nova gambit.png)
Open file (1016.94 KB 603x781 shattered peace.png)
Open file (646.45 KB 812x919 Victory Geardam.png)
>>51437 I ran out of planes halfway throught this post so there is some filler.
These are all amazing. Thanks Strelok(s).
Open file (730.57 KB 1200x1200 99190566_p0_master1200.jpg)
Open file (6.65 MB 5713x3989 99105364_p0.png)
Open file (809.60 KB 1550x1037 95545288_p0.png)
Open file (188.87 KB 1280x549 95308972_p1.jpg)
A weird plane and some funny guns.
Open file (123.72 KB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (708.95 KB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (858.16 KB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.25 MB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.22 MB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Some real classic, Five Star Stories, japanese Dune.
Open file (853.81 KB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.24 MB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.09 MB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.40 MB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (909.73 KB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.09 MB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (695.56 KB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.51 MB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (736.19 KB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (917.30 KB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (997.28 KB 1023x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (704.85 KB 1019x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.05 MB 1019x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.03 MB 1019x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (867.48 KB 1093x1499 ClipboardImage.png)
Of course skipping all the not /k/ parts, like worldbuilding autism, mecha autism, latex fashion, guides to field stripping your state assigned supercomputer fuckdoll, deep dive into syntethic drugs used in far future ...
Open file (1.14 MB 1093x1499 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1022.12 KB 1093x1499 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.28 MB 1093x1499 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.25 MB 1093x1499 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (710.36 KB 1093x1499 ClipboardImage.png)
>t-72, the worlds most powerfull tank!
Open file (1.94 MB 1093x1499 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (917.98 KB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (791.68 KB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 1021x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
I think thats it. Chronology as a bonus >tfw 17 meter tall murder robot made out of pure gold that can control time was hidden below baltic sea during ww2 >tfw it was only done so that the author can draw his waifu with StG44
>>9363 >first pic Anyone have more pics like that?
Open file (79.92 KB 640x467 iuygiuygiuytiu6ri7.jpg)
Open file (70.97 KB 700x556 stan-mott (11)[2].jpg)
Open file (75.13 KB 700x497 stan-mott (12)[2].jpg)
Open file (79.00 KB 700x450 stan-mott (14)[2].jpg)
Open file (76.05 KB 700x486 stan-mott (17)[2].jpg)
>>52719 Do you mean by the same artist or the same exact theme? The artist is Stan Mott who died only last year.
>>52724 Same theme, ships holding water and moving thru a desert is very interesting.
>>52725 I think it's pretty neat too. It would be a good concept for a setting.
Open file (300.31 KB 490x960 413973205473048.png)
Here's an assortment of weapons and vehicles, one of which is a crab tankette.
>>52882 >1st pic That nosecone is pretty nice but where is the engine?
>>52896 The engine is in the middle of the plane. The intake is right above where the wings meat the body with the exhaust a little while back. It may not be immediately clear but that's a propeller driven plane and the blades revolve around the body of the plane.
If you want to speculate, why did you post Star Trek? You can't speculate on something that has no basis beyond a director saying "I want [thing] to happen" with a generous sprinkling of irrelevant science words. Sure you can. It just goes into more ridiculous directions this way. >> http://www.stardestroyer.net/Empire/Tech/Ground/Guns-ST.html > Handguns > This weapon is an ergonomic nightmare in every conceivable respect. With no trigger guard, it is dangerous to handle and prone to accidental discharge (I pity the Federation soldier who tries to catch one). Would anyone design a real-life handgun with no trigger guard, using the rationale that the safety switch is the same as a trigger guard? I doubt it. Worse yet, with no sighting devices of any kind, it is exceedingly difficult to aim. The shape of its handgrip forces you to either hold your wrist in an uncomfortable position or hold it far too low to sight down its barrel (an impossible feat anyway, given the bizarre shape of the gun). No one could possibly achieve proficiency with this sort of gun without huge amounts of practice, thus compensating for its horrible ergonomics through sheer determination. > It's hard to imagine the reason for this bizarre weapon design, but one might theorize that it is political in nature. > Since Starfleet is tasked with numerous diplomatic and exploratory tasks in addition to its primary military function (a dangerous dilution of focus), it's possible that some weapons were designed for concealment and then foolishly adopted across the entire corps, perhaps for the sake of standardization. After all, the Type II hand phaser seems to have been designed to look like anything but a handgun, and we know from "First Contact" (the TNG episode, not the movie) that undercover operatives try to pretend it's not a weapon if they're caught with it. > TOS-era Handguns > The characteristics of TOS-era hand phasers were considerably different than those of TNG-era phaser weapons. They incorporated cylindrical (albeit stubby) barrels, and their handgun ergonomics were somewhat better, with a conventional handle and trigger group (but still no trigger guard or sights!). However, while their destructive power was similar to TNG-era phasers, they were much more dangerous to their users. In combat, they could blast through light masonry and thin rock walls, and they could make organic matter and certain light ceramics disappear, just like TNG-era hand phasers. However, an overloading TOS-era phaser in "Conscience of the King" caused widespread panic (Kirk ordered the entire deck evacuated), and when it exploded (after being thrown into some sort of disposal chute), it shook the deck so violently that Kirk was nearly knocked off his feet. However, in TNG, an overloading TNG-era phaser detonated less than a dozen metres away from Ro Laren and Geordi Laforge in "The Next Phase" without injuring them at all. > In this TOS episode, Scotty drained the crew's hand phasers in order to refuel the shuttle (which suggests that the phasers carried a form of chemical fuel that was compatible with the shuttle's engines, since it was later dumped and ignited).
>>53534 fsck, was supposed to quote >>9617 but lost. Anyhow, here’s some orky stuff from SkeeNLangly.