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Open file (113.54 KB 720x570 n52759_Desert Warfare.jpg)
Open file (203.57 KB 900x672 Ivanov-art-1.jpg)
Open file (212.08 KB 2048x868 EmndIs_VMAAdiMY.png)
Open file (249.22 KB 1290x2450 EM3OSidVAAAACjD.jpg)
Fantasy Weapons, Armor, and Armaments Strelok 11/19/2020 (Thu) 21:05:24 No.9363
A thread for all sort of all sorts of /k/ related things that range from cool to cursed.
Your mother.
Open file (122.86 KB 1000x490 flat,1000x1000,075,fii.jpg)
Open file (1.35 MB 2560x1440 by_warmachines1_2560.jpg)
Open file (258.37 KB 1920x1080 peripheral2_1920.jpg)
Open file (3.75 MB 2560x1248 by_josies_2560.jpg)
>>9363 >>9365 >>9366 >>9367 this is all awful and your thread fucking sucks you get two more posts to make things right or you're going to the shadow realm
>>9369 Quit whining and post something better, faggot.
Open file (169.04 KB 2048x1096 Emd3y-uU4AIWdqE.png)
Open file (259.10 KB 2048x1378 Emd3zA0U8AAARNl.png)
Open file (177.63 KB 2048x1059 Emd3zE0VkAAiYb2.png)
Open file (158.51 KB 2048x1015 Emd3zHeUcAAa9wK.png)
Open file (153.55 KB 2048x1152 EiWhJZJU8AE8rX7.png)
>>9369 I'm sorry I don't know how to do better.
>>9373 >>9374 Not bad, certainly stylized but still look practical unlike this utter trash>>9366
>>9369 You won't do shit nigger.
Open file (179.92 KB 2048x1240 Ec9eWH8UEAABiWK.png)
Open file (158.24 KB 2048x942 Ec9eWH6U4AAOMZi.png)
Open file (139.26 KB 2048x916 Ec9eWIFUYAEzgiR.png)
Open file (157.85 KB 2048x1014 Ec9eWH8UcAEneno.png)
Open file (179.14 KB 1442x2048 DXraDQPVAAAnDC7.png)
>>9376 I just discovered this artist today and I sort of like his style.
Open file (103.44 KB 1728x1221 D5PH6xLUEAEJteS.png)
Open file (77.35 KB 1478x1045 D5PH6xKVUAEuls6.png)
Open file (86.44 KB 1516x1072 D5PH6xJUwAAInB6.png)
Open file (81.75 KB 1554x1099 D5PH6xKUYAAfRTU.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 3818x1034 Eve Online.jpg)
>BO thinks he's the arbiter of content on a dead board not OP but if you insist What is the practicality of plasma-based weaponry being used in the near future? If energy-producing technology ever gets modular and efficient enough to slap on every gun, would it still be practical? Would aircraft/spacecraft of the future look similar to how it does now? Would fighter craft in space look similar to how modern jets today look?
Open file (194.10 KB 1030x766 1382809889785.jpg)
Open file (482.03 KB 1002x1600 1382809972902.jpg)
Open file (139.53 KB 989x474 1382810323516.jpg)
Open file (194.09 KB 1017x763 1382809827726.jpg)
>what would you do if had a time travel machine /pol/ /k/ is halal because someone mentioned the kaiser >a picture thread of actual armaments is haram because BO doesn't like that gay art style Why are you like this BO
Open file (294.67 KB 640x338 1432862727175-0.png)
Open file (140.51 KB 640x480 1432862777442-2.jpg)
Open file (545.52 KB 1536x2048 1423119126733.jpg)
Open file (141.80 KB 1600x1131 1423867152003.jpg)
Open file (27.84 KB 640x261 1438466837081-1.jpg)
>>9373 >>9374 these are good, thread stays I like seeing how concept designers try to smuggle magazines into alternative locations on the gun or try to address getting extra capacity. would really fuck with the weight balance but if it's The Future then everyone allowed to have a gun is JC denton augmented right >>9372 >no u gonna cheat with real examples >>9380 if there isn't air resistance in space i don't see why wings would still be retained except for weapons placement
>>9380 >plasma guns The future of small arms is subsonic rail guns. pics unrelated
Open file (178.34 KB 1600x1200 m1d1.jpg)
Open file (122.84 KB 1600x1200 m1r.jpg)
Open file (208.32 KB 1600x1200 mta1.jpg)
Open file (677.25 KB 1920x1015 AK-15 1.jpg)
Open file (505.17 KB 1920x1037 AK-15 2.jpg)
>>9381 >>9381 was the left image from earlier in the show? never watched star trek, but it seems interesting that their designs seem to become more weapon-like in later seasons.
Open file (312.37 KB 1200x881 eaves-stv-phaser.jpg)
Open file (402.62 KB 1000x817 eaves-ds9-fbts.jpg)
>>9385 If you mean the type 1s they weren't really used all that much and all but disappeared by the time of TNGs midrun.
>>9386 yeah, the stuff from the earlier show really doesn't look weapon-like but the type 2 stuff, even when it's clearly based off the original design, still becomes increasingly more weaponlike with later iterations.
>>9380 How can you keep it as a projectile though? i guess it would work in space, but i can't see it being practical anywhere with an atmosphere.
Open file (18.83 KB 600x377 phase pistol.jpg)
Open file (51.98 KB 880x660 particle rifle.jpg)
Open file (380.82 KB 1368x1800 maco uniform.jpg)
Open file (509.74 KB 1829x1023 proto starfleet.jpg)
Open file (32.01 KB 156x136 29th century type 2.png)
>>9388 Yeah with the Type 3s they definitely become more like a practical weapon and the Type 2 was going the same way until TNG turned them into vacuum cleaners, and then sometime in the far future they turn back into a more standard form. The farther you go back in the timeline the more practical they become with ENTs weapons and uniforms being the most usable out of them all.
Open file (740.46 KB 2500x1875 1439456758597.png)
Open file (220.16 KB 1200x985 1448597424461.jpg)
Open file (217.18 KB 1280x1024 1448598389371.jpg)
Open file (168.99 KB 1600x1200 atmg.jpg)
Open file (623.25 KB 1529x401 Rosch Mk I.png)
>>9388 >>9390 In TOS they just made them ray guns, then in early TNG Rottenberry refused to let them make the phasers look too much like guns, and once he died they gradually started to get more weaponlike again.
Open file (51.44 KB 700x285 Spartan_NCS-12.jpg)
Open file (61.59 KB 700x272 Hammerhead_GL-1.jpg)
Open file (60.27 KB 700x271 Icarus_HM-7.jpg)
Open file (47.83 KB 700x195 Hydra_SG-7.jpg)
Open file (47.78 KB 762x384 RedshiftCS-12.jpg)
Open file (369.81 KB 800x600 Nerf AS20.jpg)
>>9393 nerf guns have excellent designs
Open file (433.86 KB 1864x2268 Nerf Wars.png)
>>9393 also reminds me of this
>>9391 I love futuristic big ass anti-materiel rifles
Open file (130.55 KB 370x379 1600393534102.png)
>>9393 >>9394 I remember going to the park close to my house when I was a kid and playing with my cousins/neighbourhood kids all using nerf guns or even airsoft the cops would probably be called within minutes if I was young and tried that today along with a news story about children being corrupted by gun culture. I hate this shitty world lads.
Open file (7.24 KB 459x110 Cursed.jpg)
>spamming toon guns thread Too can play at this game.
Open file (118.23 KB 766x1024 1540978465007m.jpg)
Open file (1.81 MB 2950x900 COMBATSHOTGUN.gif)
Open file (849.95 KB 2048x625 Combat Shotgun.gif)
Open file (8.61 KB 150x150 AAAAAAAA.gif)
Open file (221.60 KB 1035x1077 1439456874859.jpg)
Open file (219.54 KB 1095x1600 1438994462927.jpg)
Open file (328.20 KB 1600x900 1439459363424.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 5100x3300 1442820081501.jpg)
Open file (56.89 KB 321x203 Infinite pewpew.png)
Open file (282.85 KB 1864x620 Oblivion Shrubmaster.jpg)
Open file (14.61 KB 505x223 Laser Battlerifle.jpg)
Open file (320.37 KB 1287x437 1452894847699.jpg)
Open file (395.05 KB 1920x1080 1452894376968.jpg)
Open file (182.42 KB 1280x906 1439453498039.jpg)
Reminder that the unfinished sequel to this had an official Microsoft Flight Combat Simulator mod and as far as I know no one has uploaded it yet.
Open file (2.76 MB 2532x3436 1417916190140.jpg)
Open file (111.88 KB 650x896 1417916481123.jpg)
Open file (152.70 KB 900x642 1417916667928.jpg)
Open file (292.66 KB 1019x1024 1417908174085.jpg)
Open file (318.15 KB 714x574 1443649010663.png)
>>9404 You can find the J7W and its variants in mods for IL2-1946 and the old men are still autisiming on that game with BAT so if someone gave them the idea it could be created at some point in the future. fuck I'm almost out of fake stuff to post
Open file (190.69 KB 1024x809 Kuratas Operator.jpg)
Open file (70.24 KB 992x558 Kuratas view 1.jpg)
Open file (153.45 KB 1200x901 Kuratas view 2.jpg)
Open file (74.20 KB 600x785 Kuratas view 3.jpg)
>>9373 >first pic Trying to imagine that red bull as either coolant or a type of energy source (fuel cell) which the latter makes sense for obvious reasons. Is this some kind of borderlands fanfiction design? >>9382 >wings for weapons placement The only reason to have wings are on reentry vehicles and having weapons mounted would cause too much friction either damaging the system to the point of it malfunctioning with every use or destroying it all together. And by now, that and directed energy weapons/torpedo/missile bays are already understood on /k/ to be the primary storage methods for space loitering.
Open file (223.56 KB 600x666 1426747167140.jpg)
Open file (121.40 KB 1962x684 1442829399040.png)
Open file (162.57 KB 1280x769 1495964243321.jpg)
Open file (517.54 KB 1596x1056 Baur H-AR.png)
Open file (115.46 KB 800x490 CVA 58.jpg)
Open file (161.34 KB 1600x1200 nth.jpg)
Open file (248.11 KB 740x384 Montana_Class.png)
Open file (1.03 MB 1750x1100 PlasGlock.png)
Open file (140.16 KB 1000x330 PSRL_0.jpg)
we can only wish that rpg was fantasy
>no command & conquer
Open file (437.97 KB 1476x464 1448342407282.png)
>>9393 >>9398 Why not both Fallout AND Nerf? God, FO4 had such shit weapon design.
Open file (540.45 KB 689x542 cnc-orca08.png)
Open file (84.45 KB 720x559 cnc-sketchhummer.jpg)
Open file (62.44 KB 632x394 ra2-render10.jpg)
Open file (716.53 KB 1920x1309 ra2-concept06b.jpg)
Open file (58.89 KB 400x579 ra2-concept01b.jpg)
Open file (680.32 KB 1920x1396 ra2-concept37a.jpg)
Open file (1.26 MB 1600x2000 ra2-concept13c.jpg)
Open file (280.22 KB 1500x1053 ra2-concept24a.jpg)
Open file (62.44 KB 632x394 ra2-render10.jpg)
Open file (72.81 KB 640x400 apc_01.jpg)
Open file (25.94 KB 480x360 harvester_flying.jpg)
Open file (24.25 KB 358x600 discthrower_01.jpg)
Open file (88.53 KB 529x348 ren2_concept12.jpg)
Open file (80.17 KB 399x738 ren2_concept8.jpg)
Open file (115.46 KB 619x366 ren2_concept18.jpg)
Open file (146.53 KB 450x704 ren2_concept7.jpg)
Open file (182.50 KB 500x828 ren2_concept6.jpg)
Open file (4.17 MB 3000x2250 003_concept2.jpg)
Open file (365.04 KB 2048x1536 034_concept1.jpg)
Open file (2.77 MB 1680x945 040_concept.png)
Open file (93.52 KB 1050x562 037_concept-1.jpg)
Open file (21.03 KB 640x480 ren2_concept25.jpg)
>cnc Nice stuff IS that a rocket buggy from Generals or a dune buggy from tib sun?>>9417 >>9417
>>9418 Cnc 2013/ generals 2 there isa quite nive site that has a lot of cnc concepts https://cncnz.com/gallery/command-conquer-concept-art/
Open file (14.81 MB 1024x576 Rocket_launch.webm)
Open file (42.87 KB 700x465 machine gun.jpg)
>>9421 Doesn't say anything about its range, though it must have worked in some way if it became classified
Here's some mundane ones. Simple rifle. >full length bolt-action >wood stock >5-10 round internal magazine >iron sights and easily applicable scope >bayonet applicable >.308 Winchester >single-shot .50 cal modeled after an arquebus "Scout/patrol" rifle >semi-automatic carbine >20-round mag >.357 >full-bodied wood stock >weighs about as much as a Ruger carbine >in fact it's essentially just a 10/22 in .357 Some guy made 10-round magazines for the Ruger 44 but they cost $100+ and it looks like they're no longer in production.
>>9434 First is practically any scout rifle on the market minus the bayonet lug.
>>9411 >missing that dancing jumpjet trooper concept art with 4 arms
Open file (2.05 MB 538x400 Marcon.webm)
Open file (247.77 KB 966x700 Macon.jpg)
Open file (862.93 KB 1272x1766 1572345936113.jpg)
Open file (1.09 MB 1740x2625 1572346004838.jpg)
Open file (136.24 KB 1600x797 uss macon.jpg)
Open file (861.44 KB 382x382 heavy-plane_1.gif)
Open file (1.01 MB 512x512 recon.gif)
Open file (5.93 MB 600x338 Air_Superiority.gif)
>>9405 >You can find the J7W and its variants in mods for IL2-1946 and the old men are still autisiming on that game with BAT Man, I should try getting into flight simulators again someday. >fuck I'm almost out of fake stuff to post You might be interested in that /agdg/ anon's Dorf RTS. I'm not sure whether he posts on zzzchan's /agdg/ thread or .moe's these days, but last I remembered he was posting neat shit pretty often and it's definitely worth following. >>9425 It's really disappointing how few people have seen or talk about Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise these days. At most you'll see feminists and soys complaining about that one scene, or maybe someone posting the rocket launch scene and nothing else. You'd be forgiven for assuming it's just a war movie with neat planes or that the rest of it is boring because people only post one clip. It isn't. There's way more to it than that. Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise is a very ambitious movie and takes being set in an alternate history way, way further than any book, game, or film I've ever heard of. Most content themselves with "what if X happened instead of Y?" or "what if X unfolded differently?", but this goes much, much further. The people behind this film asked "what if everything was different?" and as part of this set out to redesign all the commonplace objects, tools, and machines we see daily and take for granted, and not only did they succeed, they succeeded in ways which actually make sense. It's almost like watching a movie filmed in a very foreign country where that country is not the sole subject, but the setting. Even without all this attention to detail it's a really good movie, this just completes it and transforms it into something far greater than it has any right to be. I've rewatched it two times with friends over the last several weeks and I'm still amazed such a film exists. I can't recommend this movie enough. If you have any friends into /k/ stuff, design, or are the walking encyclopedia type, it's the kind of thing you'll get a lot out of by watching it together and talking whenever something catches your eye. It's great stuff and unless the world gets a lot better or I'm overlooking something huge, you probably won't see anything like it again.
Open file (3.43 MB 800x450 windmill2.gif)
Open file (186.75 KB 780x1170 poster-780.jpg)
>>9455 Fugg, two images didn't go through. In hindsight part of me wishes I'd skipped through the movie and screencapped a bunch of stuff from the movie. Still, I'd rather not spoil it and a lot of that stuff is best seen in motion anyways. >>6683 in the webm thread prompted me to revisit this movie and whoever he is, I can't thank him enough. I saw it once many years ago but I was too young to appreciate it back then and probably wouldn't have revisited it without him.
>>9455 >>9456 Something else I should mention is that if you're the type who spergs about muh christcucks, you probably won't enjoy this.
Open file (136.52 KB 1600x947 1446052617019.jpg)
Open file (176.22 KB 1143x1600 1427615763809.jpg)
Open file (315.58 KB 1200x1920 1427851193790.jpg)
Open file (81.56 KB 533x800 1446059360941.jpg)
Open file (47.79 KB 480x720 1470976302570.jpg)
>>9456 Benefits of a small board huh, there's only a couple dozen of us here.
Open file (46.08 KB 500x617 1446535893298.jpg)
Open file (572.58 KB 1920x1200 1446559015695.jpg)
Open file (1.18 MB 2304x1529 1394441496308.jpg)
Open file (340.48 KB 1500x1488 Space P99.jpg)
I might have some weapons of one sort or another from my pulp art folder.
Open file (39.96 KB 304x500 Mystic Rebel.jpg)
Open file (612.50 KB 1280x972 Copter Cops.jpg)
Open file (129.23 KB 777x512 GITS_CZN-M22_EN.jpg)
Open file (93.80 KB 676x603 GITS_SPP_briefcase.jpg)
Open file (93.78 KB 698x450 GITS_Kompromisslos.jpg)
Open file (95.86 KB 737x496 GITS_SPIW_2020.jpg)
>>9380 Plasma is cool well, not really and all but I can't see any practical way to fling it around, especially not the way the Gallente do it. My understanding is that they use cyclotrons to accelerate matter to relativistic speeds, accumulate it into a glowing death ball and then fling it at the nearest threat to Democracy™. However, having any radical difference in temperature causes the hotter thing to cool down ridiculously fast so you want the plasma ball to be flying ridiculously fast. Now while I've never played EVE, I have played Dust and none of the plasma bolts seemed to fly at relativistic speeds and were, in fact, even slower than the Matari bullets. IRL most of the blasters would have just been a dangerous waste of energy. The shotgun would have worked just because of how pathetic its range is and the fact that we already have the MARAUDER. However, if you were to fire the relativistic particles directly at the target like a particle beam instead of fucking around with magnets, I can see that working. Or alternatively you could fire them through a smaller, weaker plasma beam. >>9389 Plasma would be even more useless in space because space naval fights happen at long range and the plasma would lose too much energy via black body radiation. Again, I can see a particle beam working because if it doesn't glow it doesn't lose energy. >>9381 Most of the things posted ITT are entirely impractical as weapons to the point where they aren't even worth discussing as weapons. You posted a fucking TV remote that atomizes people with magic and asspulls. At this rate we may as well discuss some magic dildo from a doujin you read that brainwashes anybody you fuck with it.
>>9548 Whether they're practical or not is not the point of the thread these are fantasy weapons. The P.1000 and P.1500 for example will never ever work in anything but fantasy, however that doesn't mean that we can't speculate on them or post art of how some people think they could have appeared.
Open file (188.94 KB 1520x920 new OC's.png)
>>9548 >At this rate we may as well discuss some magic dildo from a doujin you read that brainwashes anybody you fuck with it. Hey now, that thing could revolutionize espionage. You'd have to be very careful transporting it, mind you, and if enemy intelligence learned of it they'd probably waste a bunch of time trying to capture it through baiting you, but it would still be disproportionately more useful than most of the stuff in this thread, especially if you could make more than one. >>9559 pic 2 is for you
Open file (294.66 KB 1134x283 Ratte size.png)
Open file (29.96 KB 720x405 Maus Tank.jpg)
Open file (38.29 KB 686x888 STG prototypes.jfif)
Man, this thread went from straight shit into comfy
>>9563 A universe without land battleships and air carriers is a pretty shitty one. Those prototypes look so derpy, some really look like dildos.
Open file (232.58 KB 1600x1200 T-39 Bogatyr.jpg)
Open file (40.92 KB 673x362 Thunderbird 4.jpg)
Open file (265.59 KB 1500x998 Federal Corvette.jpg)
Open file (457.03 KB 1440x900 MMM_HODGE_40K_001.jpg)
Open file (747.99 KB 2048x1574 1387498512431.jpg)
Open file (320.87 KB 1920x960 1470183387945.jpg)
Open file (1.61 MB 1920x1080 N9mIqvbpS7w.mp4.png)
Open file (152.03 KB 704x552 baneblade_cutaway.jpg)
Open file (33.29 KB 500x527 Baneblade_Variants.jpg)
Open file (63.98 KB 508x364 storm_bolter_cutaway.jpg)
Open file (30.14 KB 500x253 bolter.jpg)
Open file (57.93 KB 500x349 bolter_blood_angels.jpg)
>>9567 Even if it's a fan model, w40k is w40k, so now I feel free to post these.
I Have some designs from Cyberpunk 2020.
Open file (18.57 KB 239x126 Araska WSA.png)
Open file (31.52 KB 277x165 Armalite .44.png)
Open file (43.25 KB 432x179 Arska WAA.png)
Open file (54.23 KB 375x316 Beretta 97P.png)
Open file (34.53 KB 264x193 Beretta 1010.png)
Open file (68.54 KB 407x237 Beretta PM24S.png)
Open file (35.72 KB 281x181 Colt Enforcement 10.png)
Why the fuck am I getting flooded.
Open file (60.76 KB 423x233 H&K MPK-2020.png)
Open file (60.72 KB 352x244 IMI Gamad.png)
Open file (48.57 KB 348x250 IMI Gamdall.png)
Huh shuh guh.
Nigger America Hollywood.
Duck duck dad.
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Open file (12.09 KB 563x191 Techtronica M40.png)
Chuck her in.

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