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what's a war board without a conflict?

One-Time Time Travel Strelok 11/12/2020 (Thu) 20:15:29 No.8925
If you were offered the chance to 'time travel' back to any date in 1938, anywhere in the world, where/when would you go? What would you do? Would you even accept the offer? You would be spending the rest of your life in that era nya~
Anyone who says anything other than the Third Reich during the Blumenkrieg is a faggot /thread.
>>8925 >where/when would you go? Germany 1933 >What would you do? My Fuhrer, let me present you as a gift these plans of a nuclear bomb ...
>>8927 >back to any date in 1938 >Germany 1933 Ehh >My Fuhrer, let me present you as a gift these plans of a nuclear bomb Do you even have access to such plans?
Why stop at 1938? Why not go way back in time and stop all the bullshit from happening by exterminating the ancient kikes and niggers? Churning up human history starting from the BC period sounds more promising
>>8929 >can time travel but have no access to nuclear bomb plan why even live no seriously, every freely available today is well enough to help them build a bomb and nuke Jew York
>>8932 I go back to 1912 and explain to Roosevelt what'll happen if he splits the Republican ticket
Whatever gives the best chance to kill the President of the United States. If I can after that, kill his supreme court justices and Karl Frederick.
>>8927 And what do you suppose he could do with a nuke?
I'd go back and hand over all knowledge of nuclear physics to the most important nation of the time, Brazil
>>8925 >1938 Two years too late to prevent the NFA. What board are we on, again? I'd bring instructions on converting a pistol into an SBR from any or all of the gun clubs' online pages, to the congresscritters of the day, try to convince them what they had was pretty great and where they were going wouldn't actually be good.
Open file (99.81 KB 640x480 M1917_revolver.jpg)
Open file (87.94 KB 908x681 RN_G3_model.jpg)
I'd go back to the early 1880s, ˝invent˝ moonclips, and use some of the profit to hire an assassin and get rid of Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert before he has a chance of becoming the next Kaiser. Moonclips could easily give revolvers an edge over early autoloaders, keeping them in military service a lot longer. And without Wilhelm II Germany wouldn't ruin the British-German relationship, resulting in a Cold War with Britain, Germany and Austria-Hungary on one side, and the Franco-Russian alliance on the other side. This would abort the First World War, because the former could easily curbstomp the latter. Without the First World War Britain would have no reason to stop building battleships and battlecruisers, constantly escalating their designs. Britain in those times had a strong alliance with Japan, so the Japanese Navy would follow suit, trying their hardest to build and then constantly rebuild their 8-8 fleet. The Anglo-Japanese alliance and the US of A were quite suspicious of each other, so America would most likely respond to this by building their own fleet of increasingly larger and more powerful battleships. By the 1930s we'd live in a world filled with revolvers and battleships!
Open file (787.04 KB 735x1070 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8968 >use some of the profit to hire an assassin and get rid of Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert before he has a chance of becoming the next Kaiser. You could just tell this guy to be wary of the tobacco jew.
tell hitler not to split his forces when invading the USSR, focus on the Caucuses for oil instead of wasting everything on frothing hatred because some town is named after his enemy
>>8972 I doubt I could get close to him, and then convince him to stop smoking.
>>8982 If you become a famous inventor and entrepreneur with close ties to the Imperial German military you could try marrying into a Prussian noble family, even the most boneheaded Junker surely would see the value in marrying his daughter off to the autist who invented the steam turbine and efficient nitrogen fixation at the same time.
>>9004 At this point I might as well go back to the Migration period and turn a group of my choice into a superpower by teaching them how to make a furnace to mass produce high quality steel. Or go even further beyond and teach them how to make muzzle-loading rifles and Minié balls.
>>9008 >Migration period >a furnace based and steel-pilled
Open file (19.50 KB 438x438 1605371762307.jpg)
Why would I care about 1938 when everything had already gone to shit in 1863 and 1913? 1938 was the result of 1913 and 1917.
Open file (87.86 KB 650x487 inthetub.jpg)
>>9008 Don't forget them to teach late medieval hydro power, that would actually cause a population boom. And maybe don't forget of sanitation? While the myth of the Middle Ages not seeing one single bath in Europe is entierly based on myth, and slander, every single little no-name village had a HOT bathhouse connected to the bakery, do not forget that you are coming in from the current day. I hope you take the hygienic precautions in consideration, you wouldn't want everybody dying around you.
>>9169 Take a look at this before we turn this into an ise/k/ai thread: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_Who_Came_Early
>>9191 Wait, why did Poul Anderson write a novel about my first time? Seems a bit disrespectful.
Open file (119.62 KB 637x265 yes.png)
Just nuke them all bro, they're going to nuke your ally Japan for no good reason anyway
>>8925 y go bak wen u can go forword?
>>9169 >While the myth of the Middle Ages not seeing one single bath in Europe is entierly based on myth, and slander, every single little no-name village had a HOT bathhouse connected to the bakery How could that be true, Anon? Reliable historical delusions inform me that medieval and Middle Ages Europe was a desaturated muddy hellhole until the brave and kind blacks who were there all along deigned to teach white people to wash themselves. :^)
>>14366 I'm more annoyed with their believes the moors were black and the Europeans kidnapped their slaves
>>14368 >annoyed with their believes This comment makes me a little concerned that you may not be aware what's really happening Strelok. """TPTB""" don't actually believe that set of lies themselves. But they certainly want your kids to believe it.
in 1938? I would be in spain fighting commies
I would have gone to Japan and warned them of the nuclear bomb.
Easy, kill stalin. Or meet Hitler.
>>14372 Well that's pretty pointless
>>14382 This. They couldn't strike America and they would have to surrender all the same. May as well go to Germany and help them finish their nuclear weapons before the Americans and watch all hell break loose.
Open file (352.23 KB 1252x1252 tojowojakfull.jpg)
>>8925 Somehow find a way to assassinate Tojo and the rest of his Toseiha Cronies, including the IJN leadership, that led us into war with the U.S. ; there was no way of "suing for peace" - if Hitler couldn't even get Churchill to sign a ceasefire, how would any Zipperhead retard ever hope to get two of the largest economies at that time? It makes me absolutely livid. That little cunty fuck deserved to die in 2.26, and why the young officers didn't target him I don't know...
>>8930 What would happen if you killed Abraham?
>>14690 Considering that the modern Kikes have literally no genetic relation to the Hebrews, all you'd be doing is changing the official name of the Kikes today - we'd probably still call them kikes because the word kikel didn't even exist in Ancient Hebrew - circle was 'krkl' (pronounced 'kirkle') - kikel was a Khazar thing.

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