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Ammo you wish existed Strelok 11/10/2020 (Tue) 05:34:36 No.8753
I just wanna buy some Gun-Nut brand ammo frens.
9mm that's less than 80 cents a round.
Caseless ammo, that can be manufactured without a whole industrial complex, and while still being robust enough to not crumble or deform from the slightest touch.
MysteryAmmo Inc. Specialising in rare, dying, and dead cartridges for all your milsurp needs. Too bad it would be financially unviable for the most part or too retarded to come up w/ business model, monopoly of the .40/70 Peabody What Cheer never ever :(
I personally would like to see commercially available silver bullets.
>>8781 Just get a bullet mould and make your own. It's not like you're gonna use modern gun to hunt werewolves, and muzzleloader balls are easy enough to make.
>>8781 >silver bullets What for? Just drill a hole in a regular bullet and fill the cavity with silver if you want to play van Helsing.
Is that the old retexture by Slug from Half-Life Improvement Team / Half-Life Creations forums?
>>8838 A fellow man of culture I see.
>>8780 >Too bad it would be financially unviable for the most part The major issue is brass forming. Of course you'll also need an FFL :^)
>>8780 Already exists.

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