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Weapon prototypes Strelok 11/07/2020 (Sat) 15:47:30 No.8584
I have a big loss of a prototype thread Talk about any firearm prototype from the long forgotten past to the semi-modern **early 2000s, because there is already a dedicaded thread about adoptions. Here I'll present you "7,92mm Light Automatic Machine Gun T44" >A franken version of Mg42 and Fg42 which preceded M60. Yes it's American Also why wasn't XM8 adopted? Also also Krása
Open file (231.60 KB 1035x266 ClipboardImage.png)
it's a meme gun at this point but holy fuck I would've loved to have one of these. shame they were jewed by the DoD because of contract obligations and weren't allowed to sell to other potential buyers until the gubmint were done with them >Unique to the Jackhammer was the ability to convert a loaded cylinder from the weapon into an anti-personnel device similar to a land mine by the addition of a firing mechanism. The cylinder would be loaded with up to ten 12-gauge shells and the firing mechanism fitted over the bottom section of the cylinder. A pressure plate or plunger can then set to mechanically fire the shells in the cylinder upon pressing or initiate a spring-loaded timer which can be set to trigger firing up to twelve hours later, in one hour intervals. As the cylinder is designed to contain the pressure of firing normally, it can be discharged and reused when used in Bear Trap configuration.
Open file (583.88 KB 4253x2235 Vahan.JPG)
The XM8 failed because engineers tuned it to their needs instead of the soldier's according to Strelok 5 years ago in another thread. Since there's a war in Armenia I'll bring up again this prototype rifle they made. Any post-Soviet country that attempts to implement a new rifle fails because AK is fine and they made so many no one will buy them. >>8595 >meme gun So what.
>>8607 >Vahan This looks awesome, why is the fuck is not at the very least a civilian rifle?
XM8 is peak 2000s
>>8584 >why wasn't XM8 adopted? https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=8z1wSamsXLs https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=Te2IqFbRR7A https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=cNB_2hih31I tl;dr is that there wasn't an actual program with a lot of contestants to replace the M16 and M4, and HK didn't bribe enough senators and congressmen for them to just let it fly. We can of course argue if there was even a need for this weapon to begin with, but overall it seems like this would have been an improvement.
Open file (15.25 KB 689x165 urz_-_t_897.jpg)
Open file (39.17 KB 689x456 urz_-_tk_770.jpg)
Open file (14.46 KB 685x151 urz_-_ap_147.jpg)
Open file (22.67 KB 680x265 urz_-_lk_689.jpg)
I've found this. https://www.valka.cz/CZK-URZ-t38624 It's basically a universal assault rifle made in the 60's with a three machine gun variations. But the intresting thing is that it takes NATO rounds instead of the soviet ones. This makes me wonder, why?
>>13972 It was meant for import, and making a belt-fed weapon like this is also easier with rimless ammunition. Although the Czech already made a 7.62x54mm machine gun with push-through links, and so did the soviets, but it's still easier with rimless.
>>8673 Why are Malaysian marine special forces the only military unit to officially adopt the XM8? Did HK have leftover bribe money they needed to get rid of somehow?
>>13977 I think it was simply timing: muhreens are usually a small yet independent service who can choose their own equipment. They were still talks about the XM8 being adopted, they needed a relatively low number of 5.56 carbines, and so they choose what seemed to be the future. Realistically speaking, they could keep some of the features (like that nice magazine release), switch to M-LOK for the forestock and rails for the optic, make the whole thing work with G36 parts, and try to sell it as a direct upgrade to G36 users (either as whole weapons or just the furniture).
>>13992 >Realistically speaking, they could keep some of the features I mean HK, not the Malays.
Open file (37.87 KB 857x212 Hyde.jpg)
Excuse me but what is this? https://www.valka.cz/Hyde-Carbine-t140145
>>20065 https://www.forgottenweapons.com/submachine-guns/hyde-carbine-1944/ The actual Forgotten Weapons site has lots of cool stuff scattered around.
Open file (91.24 KB 640x950 Type64 proto 1.jpg)
Open file (726.51 KB 2720x2131 Type 64 Proto 2.jpg)
Designs that never became the Type 64. Few years after the foundation of the National Police Reserves (later SDF), the upper echelons decided it was time to ditch big American semi-autos and the unreliable (as in literally 0 of the tested rifles passed inspection) pre-mid war Japanese rifles converted to .30 cal with domestically developed weapons. To do this, they got a number of teams within and outside of the NPR/SDF and Howa, calling on former IJA/IJN weapons designers and arsenal heads, especially those who were involved in the development of the Type 4/5 "Japanese Garand" and the Japanese Pedersen. The new rifle was to be light, accurate in full auto, and have a rather low rate of fire of around 400 rounds per minute. Much of the information is based on websites covering Tsunose Mitsuo's book "The Dream Automatic Rifle ~ Everything Surrounding the Type 64 (幻の自動小銃~64式のすべて)", Arms Magazine articles, but should be taken with some grain of salt as I've not had access to these publications yet and I'm not the best when it comes to translating. From top to bottom for pic 1: 1958 R1 (Rifle 1 Type) - Gas piston operated with CETME inspired trigger mechanism, designed by Tsunose Mitsuo of the Defence Agency TRDI who had formerly wroked in the IJA Technology HQ (陸軍技術本部?) 1958 R2 (Rifle 2 Type) - Delayed Blowback (system of cams and a cylindrical bolts according to texts) designed by Iwashita Kenzo consul for Howa, who was formerly involved in the development of the Type 99 and Japanese Pedersen copy. Apparently wanted to use the toggle delay mechanism in the R2 but too complex and bulky and was scrapped. 1959 R3 (Rifle 3 Type) - Direct Impingement operated, designed by Howa weapon designer Shizuno Katei. It broke after a few test rounds due to high RoF. skip R4 (contested - 4 can be read as SHI which is the same way death is read and thus avoided, others say it was an M2 carbine with a fire rate reduction mod) and the R5 (R3 with a gas piston to improve reliability and reduce RoF, blueprint only) By 1960, politicians and brass in the Defence Agency started to seriously consider adopting the M14 and there were plans for 50,000 rifles to be purchased in the Second Defence build up budget which would start in 1961. To prevent this, the R6 was developed from the already developed Type 60 12.7mm spotting rifle, and was reduced in calibre and given rate reducer mechanism that the developer claims is seen in the SKS and FN type rifles. At the same time, Tsunose was ordered to leave the Defence Agency and work in Howa, which gave him much better access. The R6 types would go on to be refined, simplified by all the actors involved in the R project and then some (e.g. the K designation in one of the last models of the R6, the R6K, was taken from Iwashita Kenzo who developed a simplified rate reducer that solved reliability issues with previous R6 prototypes). By 1963, the final R6 model (R6E2 Kai) would be sufficient and the budget set aside for the 50,000 M14s were used to purchase the R6EKai, which would be designated the Type 64. Some sources in Japanese http://jisakujien.org/2016/04/16/developmental-history-of-howa-type-64-89/ https://hobbyjapan.co.jp/armsweb/report/2382.html https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/64%E5%BC%8F7.62mm%E5%B0%8F%E9%8A%83#%E9%96%8B%E7%99%BA%E7%B5%8C%E7%B7%AF
>>20073 That's intresting. I've always liked the nip designs. This sort of reminds me of Lada-2000, but I just don't want to talk about it right now.

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