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Open file (213.07 KB 600x418 1595333254645.jpg)
Strelok 10/16/2020 (Fri) 19:47:16 No.7531
Will the ammo scare get as bad as it did in 2013?
It's already way worse, a box of 50 9mm rounds is going for like $45 at most places in my area when it was only something in the range of $20 before the nigger tantrums.
>>7533 Also there's jack shit for stock in regards to the more common rounds in general.
Locally, 9mm shot up to 10mm prices at about $30 for a 50 round box, .308 is nearly $2 per round, and everything else shot up by 10-20%. .32 is dirt cheap and plentiful around me for some reason, so that's what I've been shooting. It's only about a dollar or two more than a box of CCI mini-mags which have been a steady $12-$13.
>tfw I have so much I don't need to worry
I just want to know if they're still manufacturing primers. Finally have a die set, and technically no pistol powder but it hardly matters if I can't put the plug in the base of the pan to hold the oil --er, powder.
>>7736 >Oil All the oils I know of that you could be describing are high explosives meaning they'll blow up/blow out the barrel of anything short of a four gauge shotgun. Just use Potassium Nitrate mixed with either sugar or charcoal, anon. Technically you could become an old film hobbyist and then if some of that film were ground up into silver nitrate/cellulose, it would be a shame if someone loaded it as a powder.
Also before I forget to post them...
>>7736 from what ive heard the shortage is copper, as the mexican mines are still shut down. i have not personally verified that though
It sucks as I couldn't buy ammo until recently. My previously anti-funs family just recently let me buy guns because they realized how fucked the world was. I have like 500 rounds of .223 so I don't feel absolutely fucked, but I do wish I had more. I will buy more when the prices hopefully go back to normal, but I don't think thats gonna be anytime soon.
>>7769 Well at least you got your family to stop being retarded in regards to guns in the process. Having a support network in uncertain times is as important as being armed.
>>7777 Fucking quads checked. But anyways yeah, a year or two ago I was bitching about BLM and more stuff to my parents and they basically told me that I need to be fair or treat people with respect. After the George Floyd killing my dad went in my room and asked me for advice for his first pistol. It feels good because now there is two guns in my room when last year there was 0.
>>7779 If gun shows are being allowed to operate in your area I'd suggest hitting one up as early as possible to spot some relatively sanely priced ammo. I always look for the people who set up at the back wall first because there's always one or two vendors that are selling old military surplus guns from before everything was standardized into 9mm/5.56/7.62 NATO etc. but they always have decent stock of more common modern rounds that they keep hidden under their tables for some reason and they're usually much cheaper than every other table when it comes to buying individual boxes instead of bulk I genuinely don't now why some of them do this, it's been going on since way before this panic buying and none of the actual firearms they sell ever uses shit like 9mm so why stock it and why keep it hidden?. Obviously I look to see if anyone is selling bulk first, but since that's pretty rare right now it's best to hunt down the guy who is selling boxes of 50 rounds for ten dollars cheaper than everyone else. Fuck this post is a mess but I'm tired as shit and not fixing it so deal with it.
>>7781 And by early as possible I mean get to the door like an hour and a half ahead of opening time at least so you can bust in like a nigger charging into walmart on black friday and be the first to spot any bulk stuff assuming there's any left.
Open file (29.74 KB 458x407 ClipboardImage.png)
ammo shortage still going strong, boomers are panic buying like mad. Probably won't end any time soon, saw this today
It's worse for fudd calibers this time around. I can still find 22 in box stores semi-regularly whereas 2 weeks post Sandyhoax it took almost 8 months to find a single bulk pack in retail settings. Sadly, I can't find any SV for my grandfather's Colt Woodsman and I won't beat it up with high velocity ammo.
>>12592 If they're worried about ammo to harvest deer, why not take up archery or muzzleloader? In my state those seasons are way better than rifle for a variety of reasons. Also, if it's a post-apocalyptic scenario, touching off a 30-06 will bring way more unwanted attention than loosing an arrow (ignoring the fact that subsistence hunting will only be viable for a fleeting time before everything is either gone, or it's just not worth the risk)
Open file (1.17 MB 1152x720 alexass.mp4)
>>12601 they're not worried about ammo to harvest deer. In a SHTF scenario the population of whitetail deer would be hunted to extinction in a matter of weeks. They were almost hunted to extinction in the 1800s when the entire US population was around 10 million. There are 18 million registered hunters in the USA today and less than 30 million whitetail deer in the entire country. If you're stocking ammo for SHTF you are stocking ammo for hunting raccoons, dogs, house cats, and people.
Open file (304.57 KB 1200x700 feralpig.jpeg)
Open file (228.28 KB 1047x585 successfulboarhunt.jpeg)
Open file (2.55 MB 1250x2448 bassfishing.png)
>>12603 Since we are talking about the USA, another great subsistence hunting food source would be rabbits, hares, ducks, and perhaps most importantly, swine of any kind. Hogs cause a lot of damage to not only farm land but the local wild life due to them being an extremely invasion species. I heard their numbers were pretty significant and they reproduce fast so they'll always be available to hunt. Also don't forget about fishing either.
>>12592 You sure these fagola 50 year as coward boomers won't just get btfo by biden and let all all their shit get confiscated? I'm not sure but I'm confident most of these silly old chickens will give up their shit to ZOG, although I hope they won't cuck and will go out like decent honorable men.
>>12828 Sure, their numbers are pretty significant. But what if every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Ultra Normalcattle Johnson grabs out grandpa's old fudd shotgun and goes to hunt local boar and keep doing it when SHTF because that's what all his survival crafting games told him to do? Sure, it's good, easy, and sustainable when it's only one person. Things change when the routers stop working.
>>12830 That's when the number of hunting accidents start to soar, and manly of those hunters who were accidentally shot will be found robbed of all their valuables.
>>12828 >Swine Wild hog meat tastes disgusting and is riddled with parasites. I suppose it'd edible if you have nothing else and you're starving, but that's about the only time I've willingly ate that shit.
>>12833 it's better than eating democrats
>>12830 >Things change when the routers stop working. Save Everything >Even more things change when the electricity stop working. Best be self-sustaining Anon.
>>12860 Oh, I wish - but such things are unable to be completed on my part at this time. No further information available.
>>12830 Litter size is an indication of how fast a mammalian species can recover from predators. 4-6 piglets is almost rodent levels of reproduction, which means that as long as faggots don't wipe them out now, they'll be around if things get bad. And the people willing and capable of hunting boars won't be supplying the cities without in-fighting.
>>12833 >tastes disgusting and is riddled with parasites Sexually mature males are indeed nasty. Sows are edible, and the younger the better. Young pigs in general are actually good eating. As for parasites, that depends. If you cook the pork well, then you're fine. You should be doing that with pig meat generally because of Trichinosis.
>>12592 it will be going into next year, dumbshit boomer population is to blame. I can't wait until they die off.
>>13318 What uses are there for their bones and skin?
>>13323 all the uses of regular hide and bones. >Bones fuel, bone glue. though i'm not sure about the glue part. >Hide leather. Pig leather is really damn strong, i've got a pig leather jacket that i inherited from my grandfather, it's still going strong. also, when cleaning the bristles off the skin, you can keep them and use them to make brushes. There's a lot of uses for good brushes, be it brushing off dust, or applying oils and other chemicals. think creatively. Don't waste anything, even if it seems like some things just don't have any use.
>>13319 >be boomer >kowtow to authority for virtually your entire life >save for maybe some hippy shit for a few years being the sole exception >hoard entire pallets of ammo for years on end because you're afraid the government will ban it >instead of using that stockpile to water the blood tree like you beat your chest and yell over you just let it sit in your garage >don't even use any of it for target practice >berate younger generations for saying fuck the government while cowering in fear of the government taking your shit >while openly supporting the pig niggers that will be confiscating said shit It really is a shame they won't live to suffer the full consequences of their faggotry. At least the GI generation lived to completely regret selling their countries out to kikes because some failed Austrian artist wanted some of Germany's clay back.
Open file (107.13 KB 640x779 1598306580530.jpg)
I'm sorry if this is off topic for the thread but does anyone know where there might be a collection of gun shop or gunbroker stories especially with how things are now? I've heard stories of someone paying $12k or $1.2k for a few rounds of 30-30 along with IWI sales man of the decade tim of military arms channel scooping up SVDs that would have been sold for $4kish now going for 10 million a pop. Of course most would probably be ban staters asking for the billionth time if X gun is legal in Y state and can they "gun loop show hole" it directly into their rectums like its their 87th dildo delivered using amazon 2 day shipping.
>>14141 >go to local sporting goods place to buy some weights >nothing in stock, told to show up in the morning >arrive in the morning and call in late so I can get some reading done >6 boomers or oldhead GenX types literally sitting out front an hour before opening >over the course of an hour, line grows to 30 people, all crust geriatric fucks like >>13510 describes babbling about da gommies >finally let in, decide to check out ammo prices as i'm pretty close to the front >everything is 4x higher than what I paid two years ago >they had exactly five boxes of 9mm >two boxes of .223 rem >buckshot for something like 10 dollars for a 5rd box >everything sells out >didn't have my weights in stock
>>13326 >though i'm not sure about the glue part. If you can make gelatin out of it, it's glue.
>>14144 >Buying weights from a brick and mortar store >Ever Anon this is what craigslist is designed for. It's moving season for most of Burgerland and Leafland, and people don't want to haul their squat rack and 300lbs of weights with it halfway across the country while they flee Wu Flu. Obviously there's the jackasses who want full price for their shit that's 10 years old, but there's equally people who just don't want to bother with it or are angry at their boyfriend/husband. And if you can't find those, there's lots of outlet stores both in meatspace and online that sell new and refurbished equipment fairly cheap.
>>14180 You'd think that, but in my area the supply of weights on craigslist has gone completely dry. We're talking people listing a 45lb olympic cast iron weight for $120 each. Home gyms have gotten super popular and availability is fucked. Trying to buy from shifty assholes on local marketplace websites inevitably results in getting texted three days later with "som1 offerd me +$30... u gonna meet"
>>14183 craigslist, offerup, ect are dead. faceberg marketplace decimated the other classifieds in my AO. within 10 yrs, the secondary market is going to be goyim spending their digital fedbux on facebook marketplace with 20% sales tax and processing fees being taken off the top. if they're lucky they'll be able to drive their EV loaded with more telemetry than a phone to meet up.
>>7531 It's already worse.
https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=O90Qqj7L6F4 Some madman realized that .40 SW cases fit into .44 calibre cases, and so he filled the former with lead and loaded them into the latter. And it actually seems to work.
>>14273 pretty cool
>>14273 I've been doing that, but with 9mm cases and .410

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