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Gun Ranges Strelok 10/16/2020 (Fri) 16:08:35 No.7513
Do you go to any ranges, or do you know any open land areas where you can do whatever you want? Is it a fun range where they let you do what you want or is it rulecucked like webm related? Any stories? I keep trying to find a range around here but the only free ones are only for pistols, and the only "real" range in the area is invite only. Do I have no other choice but to drive three hours out to the sticks to find a good one?
>>7513 Have you tried shooting in the forest yet?
>>7513 Look up BLM land in your area. No one here knows where you are.
>>7529 Yeah man the US is fucking huge and different states have different regulations for such things and different counties in those different states have even further regulations in some cases, there's no way to answer you more accurately beyond "find a place out in the middle of nowhere and have fun" without knowing where you live.

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