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QTDDTOT-Axe Repair Edition Strelok 10/08/2020 (Thu) 05:07:21 No.7036
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread I'll start. I decided recently to fix up this old axe I found a few years ago. I got some rust converter to do the job but then after I took a closer look I realized that it has a big crack all the way through on the back of the eye. How do I fix this shit? Can I just heat it up and weld it back together blacksmith style?
>>7036 Looks like you need to throw it in a fire to burn the wood out, then arc-weld the crack as deep as you can and hope that it's enough. You'll know if you whack something with the back and it "rings" a nice clean tone, if it sounds dull, just get a new one unless you're a proper smith, you won't be able to fix it properly.
>>7040 >burn the wood out I can get the remnants of the haft out without problems so that doesn't worry me. >arc-weld I don't have an arc welder nor access to an arc welder nor do I have any experience doing that. I do have a little bit of smithing experience as limited as that may be. I don't have a forge or an anvil but I think I could nigger rig up a forge with firebrick and a blower pretty easy or buy a hobby forge without too much expense. What I'm most concerned about is what do I need to do about cleaning the crack. It mostly just has a rust patina rather than serious rust. Do I need to rasp it out to get real clean surfaces or will a good thorough washing plus rust converter transform it into a form of oxide that wont overly interfere with a weld? I'd rather not have to physically remove anymore material than necessary.
Open file (308.26 KB 1500x1500 tb-fx2-cd-11_1(3).jpg)
What are some good buttpack rigs? I found this polish made one that sold for $65 but is no longer in production. I am looking some thing that is cheap, robust and non camo/taticool so I can take it both to the range and around town. Do any of you have recommendations?
>>7052 Pictured is the "FOXTROT MK2 BELT RIG® - CORDURA" for any one wondering. sage for double posting
Open file (3.73 MB 490x360 American Sniper.webm)
Good first revolver to buy? I was considering Taurus but after seeing they're (unsurprisingly) hue-tier quality they're off my list.
>>7052 If you don't mind it being in a fannypack form and without the suspenders, the hipmonkey from mystery ranch is a pretty solid sell. Not too different in capacity either I think and comes in less tacticool colours like purple or jade if you're into that you fashion icon
>>7087 Are all Taurus' shit? I know some of them are but I was under the impression that a few like the Judge were passable at least.
Open file (145.04 KB 1400x1396 aa.jpg)
Any recommendations on electronic ear protection? Preferably up to about a 100$
Open file (41.80 KB 522x884 walker razor slim.jpg)
Open file (10.21 KB 342x441 howard leight impact.jpg)
Open file (160.26 KB 1500x1500 peltor sport 500.jpg)
>>7132 >Walker Razors >Howard Leight Impact Sports >3M Peltors They're all about $50 or less; more expensive models from these companies just add a bunch of features like bluetooth, stereo sound, AM/FM radios, sound amplification etc, which imo aren't really worth it, since it's extra shit that can break. Unless you're buying expensive earpro there's so little difference among the brands apart from design - they all offer about 22~24 db noise reduction, auto-shutoff (except for the walkers) after several hours. Like you're probably better off reading amazon reviews to compare features than getting info off here. But get gel cups, they're comfier and it makes summer shooting much better.
Open file (44.42 KB 600x701 herro ferrow aryan.jpg)
>>7133 Forgot to add that you should never get chinkshit earpro, your ears are worth more than the $25 you skimped off >polite sage for double post
>>7042 Try an acid to remove rust within the crack. You may have to punch holes sideways across the rear and pin the two sides together somehow with a rivet to ensure it holds if you can't access a welder. Good luck anon, let us know how it goes.
Can any Streloks remember the name of that South African guy who was a genius at designing artillery but then got assassinated for working with the wrong country (despite getting permission first)? I was reminded about him but I can't remember the specifics and now it's really bugging me.
Open file (155.22 KB 618x1159 Gerald Bull.jpg)
>>7188 Thanks Strelok.
>>7188 Is that the hitman caught over his shoulder in the pic? He seems pretty intent tbh.
>>7187 >>7188 The US got Von Braun to make them a rocket, why not Gerald Bull? Improved SRMs and the atomic-age equivalent to the Paris gun would have given them the edge during the cold war.
Open file (24.43 KB 450x267 babylonian numerals.png)
>>7197 It might be a case of the military-industrial complex simply not being interested in artillery, and so he was nothing but a plaything of CIAniggers. Then he went rogue, started to improve the SCUD missiles for the Iraqis, and jews came to the conclusion that it's easier to kill him than to make their golems hire him to make big fucking cannons for Pentagon. Or at least that seems to be the story from what I can gather.
>>7203 I bet they regret choosing this path now that missiles have become more relevant than ever.
Open file (300.02 KB 750x476 Colt2.jpg)
Anyone got a source for firearms schematics?
>>7197 >>7203 Bull WAS working with the US. The Navy lamented his death because he was still developing their super-gun, the Army was despondent because he was still assisting their proto-SLRC project - which they are JUST managing to recover from his loss. The CIA even went nuts trying to find out who killed him, because - according to recently declassified documents - at the time of his death, Bull was working with the CIA to create a spy (satellite) cannon. Then they found out that the Israelis killed him, and that was in fact the closest the post-WW2 US ever came to cutting ties with the tribe. If only.
Open file (72.77 KB 1280x720 tsurezure_imouto_!?.jpg)
>>7299 >The Navy lamented his death because he was still developing their super-gun What gun?
>>7326 Not sure which ones in particular Bull was working on, but the US Navy at various points had designs for 20in, 24in, 32in, and 36in 'super-heavy' cannon. A majority (but not all) of the 32/36in 'guns' were actually armored missile launchers, but that still leaves a few conventional guns for each.
>>7299 >>7336 So are you saying that if it wasn't for the jews then we might have mass drivers right now.
>>7341 We could have a lot of nice things if the jews didnt exist.
>>7341 Easily.
Open file (115.16 KB 500x500 анончик.png)
>want to buy new guns and stock up on ammo >12,097 dollars in my account >i get paid from my two jobs on the 15th This is fucking bullshit. The only way to win is to strike the jackpot. Anyone got a good tip on getting rich quicker?
>>7348 >tip on getting rich quicker? Why not buying cheaper? Nobody is going to check the legality of the tools when SHTF.
Open file (214.61 KB 500x375 theshinning.gif)
>>7349 >buying cheaper Unfortunately, I live in the soon to be shithole known as Canada, where shit has fucking inflated and our government has spent more on a "totally legit virus", than on its involvement in WWII
>>7382 >than on its involvement in WWII ??? Still, seems like you need to make some shady connections if you want to stockpile, in Minecraft of course
>>7348 >12k what are you trying to buy? That shits more than enough to grab one of your peoples not an AR18 with a trijicon expensive optic, ballistic helmet, gen 3 nods, ammo, armor, and shit tons of mags. Hell you're probably better off than 90% of the western world. If you wanna be SHTF rich then get beans, bullets, bandages, and some bullion. You could get all the Chinese pussy you'd want by holding up your gun in one hand and a can of beans in the other to get peoples compliance.
>>7388 He still has bills and savings, anon.
Open file (85.88 KB 1152x864 whatthefuckcomrade.jpg)
>>7384 I'm too much of an assburgersfag to go to the local HA gang and ask them for fun stuff. Plus, i have the constant feeling of entrapment plots by the RCMP. >>7388 See what anon said here >>7392, plus I have rent of $600/month. I can't just drop everything and decide to willy-nilly with all of my money that i earned with blood, sweat, and pain. >what are you trying to buy More ammunition because I feel there's going to be an ammo ban >t by holding up your gun in one hand and a can of beans in the other to get peoples compliance. Funnily, enough there are certain others with that same mindset. So far gearwise, I have a Mayflower P/C with two LV III plates, a PASGT helmet from 1996, a few MREs, my STAG-10 and VZ-58, one crate of surp 7.62x39, and several Winchester boxes of 7.62 NATO FMJ. And to top it off, also my auto-nugget and several boxes of nugget food, a tula sks, and nugget.
Is op atill around? You can totally fix that with some pretty basic blacksmithing. Just heat it back up and beat it together over your anvils horn. Welding it over then grinding it flat to be safe would be a good idea. Be careful not to damage the eye. No need for the rust converter just quench it in oil to blue it after forging. Anyways, for my question. Does anyone here hunt pigeons? A family friend has a pigeon problem at his farm and wants me to kill them for him. Is a 4.5mm air rifle good enough? Any tips would be welcome.
Open file (90.91 KB 803x790 question!.jpg)
Is 6.8 NGSW a meme? If so, what caliber should we have switched to?
>>7563 Here is my answer: >>7564
Open file (181.49 KB 752x1062 kybzgEt.jpg)
>>7036 what is the Ideal metal to make a katana out of?
Open file (579.28 KB 2221x3107 trainbikini.jpg)
>>7568 Railway tracks.
>>7571 Perfect body type
>>7485 >Plus, i have the constant feeling of entrapment plots by the RCMP. Worry not fellow leaf after the shit show that was the Nova Scotia attacks the rcmp has shown everyone how fucking worthless they are that you could get away with a lot of shit as long as you use your brain, but it is always good to be careful. How long do you think it will be until we become Yugo 2?
Open file (268.46 KB 1488x2105 iowatheneet.jpg)
>>7579 >how long Depends, maybe like in two years or some shit. I live on the west where the normalniggers seem to be satisfied still. I want to get spare parts and as much ammunition as possible , so i can toss them in the Pelican case 6' under or in a cave in the mountains if worst comes to worst.
>>7581 If you're in the west most rural folk aren't what you would call happy.
>>7585 To my demise, I live in the Lower Mainland.
>>7586 GVRDite or eastern valley. From my understanding the former is nothing but imports.
Open file (703.59 KB 1023x724 52800030_p10.png)
>>7568 If you want to to go by the traditional style, iron sand. Magnetite basically. Assuming you don't want to do it the old way, which would require using some sort of tatara, then your best bet would be reclaiming old good quality scrap steel and iron. I've recently been considering making pure magnetite chemically and then proceed to process that into gemsteel.
Open file (626.88 KB 1506x2000 german_industry.jpg)
>>7589 >gemsteel What is that?
>>7591 It's the approximate translation of tamahagane. It can also be translated as precious steel or quality steel.
there truly is no way to order funz online completely anonymously is there?
>>7637 No, but personally I don't give a shit because so many people have bought so many fucking guns in the past year both online and off that being on some gay list is meaningless especially when you live in a state that doesn't require background checks for private sales.
>>7642 well i live in one of those gay states. life is pain.
Open file (185.64 KB 745x867 bolt.jpg)
>>7587 Surrey, specifically Too many fucking pajeets
Can someone recommend me a a set of mag pouches that aren't overpriced as fuck? preferably mounted on a belt since I don't have a sidearm anyways, It's 5.56 30 rnd mags are all I have right now.
>>8002 Get malice clips to convert molle shit to mount on belts a bit better. Alice on molle usually pulls and pinches the material a lot more causing more stress on the pals ladders that could cause tearing. Usually ~$8 for a pack of 4 >5.11 bungee/Velcro flap mags come in both double and single variety usually $20 to $30. Double version have mags to each others sides flat style >Gun show kydex/safariland/lag tactical pouches are usually $20 to $30 something for single pouches Assuming it isn't some garage operation where the owner tells you he "knows what he's got" even though it's easily cracked kydex supplied from amazon instead of getting bulk package deals from actual suppliers. Kydex style pouches are generally more designed for competition or range use and usually more expensive in general while taking up an extra inch of belt space even for single mag styles due to tension screws but have faster easier use. >surplus USGI/British osprey mag pouches off ebay Old school USGI pouches have three mags per pouch but no retention for individual mags so close them up. Alice clips usually fit tightly on regular belts pretty well. USGI molle are usually designed as a one piece triple mag shingle for the front of the armor or if its the single pouch styles they're beat to fuck usually with dead Velcro. British style are a combination of old school USGI and molle with really nice rapid pull tab closures. Usually only sold in large batches of a complete set, other smaller sellers usually only have like 2 or 3 >tactical tailor fight light mag pouches ~$30 for a double/triple pouch, $20 or so for a single Very similar to the 5.11 pouches with bungee retention but some double versions have mags that stack on each other instead of laying side to side. Comes with malice clips standard >eagle industries around $30 to $50 similar styles to tactical tailor but a bit more pricey and like HSGI they also use a plastic insert to keep the pouches shape but unlike HSGI they aren't total kikes and asking ~$40 for a single mag pouch, they'll give you a double pouch for $45 instead >condor/ar500/fox tactical/whatever Some are actually pretty good but generally avoid Velcro closures and designs with lots of stitching like quad stack mag pouches
Open file (96.53 KB 810x586 LifchikType1afront.jpg)
>>8002 Ebay is your friend, type in "magazine pouch" and look around. Just don't buy tacticool chinkshit, and you should be fine.
>>8020 How can you tell what's Chinese or not.
Am I able to nigger-rig a Chinese spike onto a Romanian AK, and if so how much work is involved. I'm thinking about an autistic Khyber abomination type ak with a triangle side folder, cheese grater handguard, and chinese spike. The side folder is the easy part. What would I need to do to get a spike on there? Will it be simply changing out the lower handguard, gas block, and FSB, or do I need a different barrel to boot? Quick concept edit to show what I am going for.
>>8098 I think the chinese AK bayonets all fit on an AK EXCEPT the type 81 bayonet, which is for commercial shit, not angry chinaman in vietnam shit. QBZ 95 bayonet is a shitty M9 clone. The commercial chink ones are bad so avoid those as well the weird olive green chink AKM bayonet. Type 56 might not fit since its a special spiked design, theres a clamp on, pinned on, and quick detach version.
>>8098 >Will it be simply changing out the lower handguard, gas block, and FSB, or do I need a different barrel to boot? That I don't know, but can't you take a look at this if you have access to all those parts? Although it sounds like you'd be better off adding the new stock and rails to a Type 59.
I have a MAB P-15 and trying to disassemble it. I can easily take out the slide stop pin but I can't pull off the slide. There's almost no info online about folks having issues with these so I got no idea where to start troubleshooting when it isn't a browning tilting barrel.
How was rifling made in the early-middle 1800s when rifling started becoming common?
>>8164 https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=qTy3uQFsirk The rifling starts around the 10th minute, but you should watch the whole documentary.
I have 10k dollars available to me, how would I go about looking for land to purchase? I'm completely new to the prospect of owning my own land and I have no idea where to start. Search engines haven't provided much help in terms of first steps to take, a lot of the information I get seems to relate more to finalizing the sales than what to look for that suits you best.
>>8174 Thanks. Shame the picture quality is so low.
Open file (343.77 KB 526x495 1427903496380-1.png)
What are some essentials for camping and what's the legality of doing it on public property in the middle of nowhere. Any tips I should know about?
Open file (23.23 KB 450x377 qcb8ewt.jpg)
I have $100 to spend on a sharp pokey thing. Any recommendations? I'm leaning towards the Ontario MK3 Navy Knife, but I'd appreciate /k/'s expert opinion.
>>8222 Well, for starters, what country? >>8244 Get a good pukko.
>>8244 What >>8279 said. Assuming your a burger. Do you want a knife for everyday use or a specialized one? IF former take a look at the M9 and realize, it infact suffers the same issues the F-35 does.
>>8059 Is the seller is in Chy-na, for a start. Or in Taiwan. If it's advertised as "Made in the USA" or googling the name shows it's not based there works, too. I bought some surplus euro-made stuff awhile back and it's solid. >>8195 Read the book >>7252 It has suggestions on further reading.
>>8195 Also see the book here: http://library.lol/main/7B08A48586AC506FBD6612FA7584311F Naturally, it all depends on what you're actually buying the land for.
Is there such thing as night hunting on a budget? Might be an odd question, but I'm having some trouble with rats in the vegetable garden. I should try different trap placement at the very least. But when I hear them and grab the flash light and the pellet gun, they flee once the light gets shone on them. Apologies if pest control isn't board appropriate.
So I noticed that 16th century Guns have counter weights to them. How would that work on Modern Guns?
>>8327 A heavy barrelled rifle's counter weight is its stock. Nothing has changed, only become more ergonomic.
>>8332 Sorry, I figured that. I meant one specifically rounded like pic related.
>>8327 Part of the reason for the counterweight was to make it a good club after the shot is expended. That's completely and utterly unneeded after metal cartridges came around.
>>8327 Are those counterweights? I always wondered if they were suppose to be a back up bludgeoning weapon.
>>8341 They're both
Open file (565.45 KB 947x471 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (393.71 KB 942x369 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (383.27 KB 810x411 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8327 Aside from the melee weapon implications, it still shows up to a degree in fancy target pistols.
>>8321 It is, but you can't do much more than leaving some poisoned food for them.
Open file (247.70 KB 2112x1584 Luger.jpg)
>>8327 >>8344 The grip angle of those old pistols are a lot more extreme that even the Luger or those target pistols have. Not to mention that the Luger has the magazine inside the grip, and that should give it enough weight to work as a counter-weight. Target pistols usually just have a solid wooden grip, so they do need some extra weight.
>>8348 Didn't want to get into poison because I live in the suburbs and have to worry about pets. I wound up getting a scope for my pellet gun and will see how that goes. Thanks anyway.
>>8340 >>8339 Handguns were used primarily on horseback so having the ability to steady your aim while at a trot is imperative. The claim of having a second design function as a club is a bit dubious to me as back then the second was to draw your sidearm, typically a hilted sword that is more agile and longer reaching. It seems much more likely that it's use as that was up to how much ingenuity it's user had which later could have been knowledge passed on to subordinates through training, then you start to see metal being incorporated to add to the lethality of that tactic. As for later period muskets which essentially become the predominant primary weapon because of their length and mass you cant help but design the counter balance to function as a last ditch melee weapon when you only have one shot. Otherwise you'ld see pistol stocks staying large at their back ends instead of slowly slimming up. Of course as soon as internal magazines come around you can carry more ammo and your firearm can function as a firearm on the battlefield for a lot longer.
>>8344 Are target pistols usable for self defense?
Open file (57.82 KB 640x480 trigun_life_problems.jpg)
>>8429 Any sufficiently hard object can be used for self-defence, but that doesn't tell us much. Ask yourself: if you wanted to stop a wild nigger, would you choose a .22 pistol that could be easily mistaken for an airgun? If yes, then it's a perfectly viable tool, otherwise you should pick something that is both deadlier and more intimidating.
>>8435 What rounds do those things use anyway? Are they normal .22 rounds or do they use one of those niche dwarf .22 rounds?
>>8279 America.
>>8327 >>8395 https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=ldz0AviUYvI According to this video they only shot at each other from 2-3 metres at best, but often they even pushed the pistol against the body of the enemy. And they even held the pistol sideways (like gangbangers do) to help with the ignition of the powder. >>8438 They are chambered for .22 Long Rifle.
>>8442 Royal Armories agrees with the range. No mention of holding sideways. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=X62qL5E2NHc
Anyone into ratting? I just found out infrared and night visions scope cannot be sold in my state. Im thinking of spreading some peanut butter on a branch of the lemon tree they like to hang out on and setting up a red light lamp on it. Any thoughts on this?
>>8442 >>8474 Why does it take eons for these links to load, then longer for them to play?
Open file (9.52 MB 720x1280 Boomerine.mp4)
are armblades like boomerine in vid related practical? if they are where could I get one?
Open file (123.30 KB 942x943 nigga-mouse1.jpg)
>>8566 >armblades >practical You can't possibly be serious.
>>8566 Unless you are talking about something like a katar or a pata then no.
>>8566 Next time you have a "practicality" question about melee weapons, ask yourself this: "Was this thing used extensively during the Greco-Roman times and Medieval Europe?" If the answer is "nope" then there you have it. The melee weapon you're interested wasn't used by anyone during a time of melee warfare. That says everything that needs to be said about the effectiveness of a weapon.
Open file (99.48 KB 600x450 urumi.jpg)
>>8858 >not moving down a whole BLM protest with a pair of urumis Never going to make it.
Are kayaks a meme or am doing something wrong? I feel like kayaks are much slower and less maneuverable then canoes. Why are they so much more popular?
>>8875 > I feel like kayaks are much slower and less manoeuvrable then canoes. It's the opposite. Kayaks are faster, but unlike canoes they can't transport shit. You can load a canoe with a bunch of supplies and be good, but there's no space in a kayak. They serve different purposes though so this comparison doesn't matter anyway. As a general rule of thumb, kayaks are a (real fun) toy and canoes are a tool
>>8858 >jian isn't practical >dao isn't practical >renaissance war swords aren't practical >renaissance polearms aren't practical >post-renaissance swords aren't practical >modern steel isn't practical >bayonet isn't practical
Open file (94.35 KB 640x716 (You).jpg)
>>8884 >missing the point completely
>>8881 > Kayaks are faster, but unlike canoes they can't transport shit I guess I suck at kayaking then especially on a two-seater. Are there only one person kayaks I could maybe try?
>>8922 I got news that nobody wants to go camping/ boating with me, I am planning on gonging one of the parks in the Florida panhandle/ southern Georgia . I am supposed to be in a wedding in a couple months but I plan on staying a bit longer. I have a headache from all the loud city sounds and want a break from it all. I never really camped by myself and I miss the outdoors. I am bringing my fishing equipment regardless
>>8934 Even in Florida the ground gets cold at night, so invest in a cot.
>>8935 Heres a question about something i've been banging my head against the wall for months. How does one start a fire if necessary on the cold ground where theres high humidity? Kindling is easy, but it's always a bitch to keep it lit no matter how hot the kindling seems to start out. I've been striking sparks off a magneium stick into my prepped kindling and sometimes when i'm frustrated i'll hold a cheap lighter over it. Am I just not giving the fuel enough time to dry up before burning it? Would setting down a thick enough layer of rocks before laying down fuel save me some headache?
>>8940 You gotta direct the heat as much as possible to dry out fuel, high humidity nothing will burn. One trick is to put a candle in a tinfoil tent, even with wet kindling should be able to get it going, eventually. Putting down rocks will help if ground is wet, anything that keeps humidity down and moisture away will help.
>>8935 >so invest in a cot. Isn't he kayaking/canoeing?
Open file (19.37 KB 852x480 1.jpg)
alright /k/ i need your help. I bought a saint victor ar15 https://www.springfield-armory.com/saint-series/saint-victor-ar-15-rifles/saint-victor-556-ar-15-rifle/ i'm confused i want to get a spare extractor, spring,o-ring and pin because i figure that is the most common thing that is going to fail ( if thats not true let me know). I believe that this is a mill spec rifle and therefore any mill spec parts will fit ( is that true) and where does k recommend buying parts from? Thanks fam
>>9211 It having a mil spec bolt means you should type in "mil spec m16 BCG replacement parts" and find whatever option gets you the best deal. Nothing else to it than that, you've got a basic bitch ar.
Open file (1.22 MB 2245x2777 frontplate.jpg)
Open file (1.00 MB 2140x2722 backplate.jpg)
This may be a /fit/ question, but does anyone know where to find training ballistic plates that wont cost nearly the same amount of money that an actual ballistic plate may cost, or something of greater value as a priority like bulk ammo or mags?
>>9255 >training plates You mean as in weight wise or getting use to using a plate? I don't know the latter. The former is somewhat easy, grab weights that are similar to the weight of the plate, spread it evenly out on a cardboard box, glue (or fix them) and run with them. AT least thats what I did because poorfag.
>>9255 most hesco ceramic plates aren't going to run more than $300 a set; even if you're a poorfag that's not all too expensive compared to a lot of tactical shit
>>9255 The latter as I specifically wanted to train with plates without running the risk of cracking the ones i'ld use if SHTF. Anything less isn't as useful. >>9256 I think I might've found a cheaper set of plates for training for half that as again, training with ceramics increases the chance that they'll get busted up and abused which isnt an efficient use of good ceramic plates. WarriorTrail is almost out of their stock, but luckily for me they have small for lanklets.
>>9299 Fucked up the quoting on that one. That first response was directed at >>9256 The second at >>9279
Open file (734.69 KB 454x682 TIG Bicord PSH-77.png)
Who's selling new helmets? Epic Militaria is selling WW2 repros and multiple companies make the bicycle helmets but where does one buy kevlar with more protection or titanium helmets?
>>9255 >>9299 Step 1: buy a set of those plastic airsoft plates Step 2: drill a hole in the top and fill the empty center with sand Step 3: epoxy the hole shut. WOW! I can't believe it's destroying my knees, just like actual plates!>>9299 >>9299
>>9335 I get that weight being supported on your shoulders as opposed to on your hips is worse for your knees, but it's not like i'm jumping out of planes from 1000ft and walking a marathon in it everyday. Once or twice in a week is fine to casually crawl, walk and shufflerun/sprint to condition yourself to them since the same applies to a backpack.
>>9255 https://www.ar500armor.com/training-plate-pair.html You should still ask /fit/ before training with dummy plates.
Open file (11.90 KB 564x423 underhammer rifle.jpg)
What was the purpose of underhammer guns? What spurred their development?
>>9599 It's easier to manufacture them, which is quite an important thing if your only real precision tool is a set of hand files. Until around the 19th century most American gunsmiths used locks imported from Europe, and the underhammer system was developed as a simpler alternative. Now that I think about it, most percussion muskets didn't differ that much from flintlocks (after all, many flintlocks were turned into percussion actions), meanwhile underhammer only works with percussion caps. But by the time percussion caps were developed European countries and the US of A already developed the industrial base and expertise to manufacture capslock muskets and rifles with traditional-style locks, so there was no incentive to mass produce underhammer guns. Yet it was perfect the perfect action for gunsmiths who just wanted to make a cheap gun quickly.
Why do hunting rifles have magazines if you're only gonna get one shot before all the animals leg it? Wouldn't it make more sense if they were single shots?
>>9621 Because people like those features.
>>9621 In parts of Europe there is still a tradition that using single-shot rifles is more noble, because if you miss the first time then the game deserves to live. But I think repeating rifles became the standard because military surplus became ever cheaper in the previous century, and it was both simpler and more profitable for companies to offer their military arms to hunters than to make a separate single-shot rifle just for hunters. You also have to consider other outdoorsman who might need more than one shot to defend themselves from animals, or might have to kill a whole lot of them quickly. Then all of these collapsed together so that most hunting rifles have magazines.
>>9624 >In parts of Europe there is still a tradition that using single-shot rifles is more noble In my country it's also frowned upon to use lures and to camp in place until an animal shows up. "Waaaah you killed the poor animal while it was drinking water, you are scum!". In fact, lures are forbidden by law. Instead you must be a retard braindead nigger who uses loud ass hunting dogs to find pray for you, as if that takes any fucking skill or is enjoyable. We aren't allowed more than 3 shells in our shotguns either. I fucking hate these retards and I hate these retard laws. I've always ignored them and always will. I fill up my shotgun up to 8 shells and I use lures every time. The game wardens can suck me.
>>9621 Depends on the animal. Boar need to be exterminated in massive numbers. Nilgai need multiple fullpower rifle shots to take down (I've heard of hunters taking one down and finding other people's rifle bullets in them).
>>9621 Why do hunting rifles use external instead of internal mags since they usually old hold 3-5 rounds.
>>9644 After looking up what a Nilgai is it looks like it would make a neat farm animal. I wonder if you can get them in the US for a reasonable price with minimal hassle?
>>9650 Easier to service; you can put more boolet in them with minimal hassle.
>>9654 They're a fucking pest in Texas.
Hello /k/, I have a few questions for you. What Hunting Rifle do you use and what would you recommend for me? I am hunting in the deep south, mostly going after deer and possibly feral pigs or boars What happens if I were to fire a 3.5 inch shotgun shell out of a shotgun that is only chambered for 3 inch? In this case, the gauge is 12. Was image 1 related actually used in Rhodesia or is it just a meme round and primarily a marketing term? What is /k/ doing for thanksgiving?
>>9662 Depends on the game. Anything from a bog standard AR to a .45-90 chambered 1886, for you a 44 carbine will do you well enough down there. Don't use shells larger than the chamber in the gun. No clue. Cooking for an assload of people.
>>9662 >What happens if I were to fire a 3.5 inch shotgun shell out of a shotgun that is only chambered for 3 inch? The chamber is not long enough, so it would physically not fit. You could try to hammer it in place and turn the shell into a complete mess, but I don't recommend it.
>>9665 Now that I think about it, I might be a fucking idiot. It's not that you can't load it, but it wouldn't have enough space to completely open up.
>>9659 So you're saying I could head down to Texas and pick up a small herd and no one would object?
>>9650 They have usually optics installed, and that makes loading from the top rather tricky. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=wAshu34OvC0
Open file (22.93 KB 700x525 .22 BB.jpg)
Open file (111.09 KB 1920x1440 .22 CB.JPG)
Are there any modern and good/interesting looking Flobert guns? Are they usable at all for self defense in any reasonably theoretical situation?
>>9667 I'd go bother with the game wardens down there. They might not like the idea of having an invasive pest spread around.
>>9673 I think I'm probably far enough up north that blue bulls wouldn't establish a population in the wild here. I didn't even know we had a feral pop here in the states before I started researching them.
I've noticed that the UK rarely used any helmets throughout the Cold War, why was this.
>>9676 They wore berets instead of helemts in WW2 for tankers too. My guess probably had to due with supply issues Also their own helms were shit until the recent MK 8, the others weren't even level I proof
>>9255 DO NOT GO RUNNING WITH PLATES OUTSIDE OF OCCASIONAL TRAINING EXERCISES I zogbotted for one, one, four year contract and the platoon I was with was all gung ho hardcore about "training like you fight" and at least once a week we would do runs with our IOTVs. My knees are fucking obliterated now, I literally cannot do weighted squats anymore without genuine fear of them giving out. It's okay to do that shit sparingly, but don't be doing it so often that it feels like your femurs are about to snap right above the knee joint. There's also back issues to contemplate, but holy shit the knee pain.
Quick question on supressors. I want to build a DIY SMG next year. I plan on using a real barrel though, an old one in pretty much bad shape but that's besides the point since it's a fun project anyways. I want to attach a supressor but I'm not sure whether I'll make it detachable or just drill through the barrel and make a permanently fixed version. What do you think is easier to achieve? I'd guess the latter since I have done it before this way but there might be obvious downsides. Sadly I didn't really do a lot of experimenting tl;dr integrated supressor vs detachable in DIY guns
>>9706 Can you make threads? Then I'd rather trust that, as it's an old and reliable technology.
>>9708 >Can you make threads? Probably not with the necessary precision. What I'm able to to with my cutting tools might be good enough for a couple of rounds fired by a semi-automatic design but I guess not for a SMG. That was actually my main reason to just drill the barrel, which was tricky enough on its own, and avoid coupling two parts together.
Open file (2.70 MB 1593x1665 thread_cutters.png)
>>9710 You just need thread cutters, and you can operate that just fine with hand tools. All the precision is already there for you.
>>9711 I have thread cutters but not a professional mount, don't know what it's called exactly, it looks similar to a lathe. Anyways, using my cutters mostly for plumbing so I don't need one usually. Hand-cranking them works nicely and if not it's not a big deal since that can be fixed with silicon seal but mounting a supressor that way? And in case that wasn't clear, I'm going to make the supressor as well, so that's some added potential for imperfection. The old barrel I use is basically scrap so I can spare it but I'd be pissed to see my threading ending up off-center.
>>9689 Do you mean Mk6 or 7? Those are also shit if you did.
What's the best stratagem to destroy a communist insurrection through the sword and shield method as a handful of loners and would the u.s. army's model for a squad sized element be useful for this even without SAW gunners?
I'm planning to assemble a unicorn round 9x39 ar, are there any other parts that wouldn't fit a standard build? As far as I know I need a 9x39 barrel and a 7.62x39 bolt and everything else are regular parts.
>>9729 >What's the best stratagem to destroy a communist insurrection Read up on COIN (counter-insurgency) operations, but the short answer is to make the locals trust the local government. Part of it is that said government has to be functional and not too corrupt, all the while being able to catch (or kill) insurgents without harming the civilians or their property. So what you need is an effective police force and good propaganda. >sword and shield method The what?
>>9733 Sword and shield as a euphemism for warfare through close combat as paper and pen would be the propaganda war, or cloak and dagger everything related to espionage. Jin-roh or angel cop is what I imagine when thinking of counter terrorism.
>>9734 >Jin-roh or angel cop is what I imagine when thinking of counter terrorism And that's why the US of A is so terribly bad when it comes to COIN. Shooting at a bunch of insurgents whose equipment is lighter than what even light infantry has is the easiest part.
Open file (34.54 KB 815x611 oddgun.jpeg)
Any ideas what this gun is?
>>9731 the 7.62x39 AR-15 (I built one myself) is a bit of an odd duck amongst ARs. For eastern-bloc surplus ammo, you'll want either an enhanced firing pin, or wolf's extra-power hammer spring, or in my case I have both. The magazines are subtly different and magpuls won't feed reliably. But either 7.62 or 6.5 grendel magazines to go with the 7.62 bolt, standard carrier or go side charging for that AK-alike feel, and yes by all that's holy make sure the ammo you load fits the chamber and bore you're firing it through. If you're handloading all your 9x39 (just 7.62 brass straightened into pistolbrass, AFAIK) you'll be using standard small-rifle boxer primers, and won't need the fancy pin/hammer-spring. But if you're buying the ammo, you better take steps to make sure it'll go bang the first run through your gun.
>>9745 >9x39 Unrelated but question. How has the performance felt for 9x39 versus 556? Especially the acoustic perf without a supressor?
How does ceramic compare to steel or iron when used as fragments in a bomb?
>>10108 Much less density, thus less mass and penetration power on soft targets. Probably none against hardened targets.
I'm a complete newfag to guns. I'm interested in reading material that can adequately introduce someone to guns (gun maintenance, the internal mechanics of guns, etc.). Any anons have PDFs to share?
>>10145 If you aren't interested in the depths of their history or science, then moving pictures are a lot better for learning about them, simply because automatic firearms are objects with lots of moving parts that have rather straightforward practical applications. Start here: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=HJnhr08aIJs https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=MJGu8prreZM https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=-7Tx8OO3JGU If you want to learn about using them, then watch the videos of Paul Harrell. He is a very down-to-earth man who not only talks a lot, but makes a tremendous amount of sense and demonstrates whatever he speaks about. https://invidious.snopyta.org/channel/UC6QH13V2o68zynSa0hZy9uQ If you want to learn about the historic and mechanical aspects of firearms then these two channels are indispensable: https://invidious.snopyta.org/channel/UClq1dvO44aNovUUy0SiSDOQ https://invidious.snopyta.org/channel/UCrfKGpvbEQXcbe68dzXgJuA There are some other channels I can recommend, but those are mostly about certain niches that might or might not interest you, and to fully enjoy them you do need to know about the basics.
>>10110 Okay, thanks.
>>10108 >>10110 Reminds me of a post a couple of years and a couple of sites ago by a nipanon about how the Japanese tried making ceramic grenades during WWII and instead of fragmenting they just tended to turn to powder on detonation.
would wired field telephones emit detectable EMF radiation? The reason I ask is I watched a presentation about the annexation of Crimea the guy went into detail about how the Russians scanned EF "hotspots" then blasted them to hell. I'm just wondering if the bulk pack of memefangs I'm going to hand out to the...ahem... "neighborhood watch" could cause problems, and if wired solutions are better for fixed positions.
>>10431 Strelok, it uses copper wire and electricity, those things natrually have EM fields. Most likely its cause the russians just brough their ULF and VHF EM masts from their ships and mobile units. It's somewhat easy to find a transmission so long as you have more than 3 receptors. Basic trig math will get you the answer. There's not really much avoiding that unless you can make it appear to be some sort of microwave in strength I'm not sure how senstive military ESM are, but I doubt they will pick up a single copper wire unless high voltage or very large, or if you wire the transmitter antenna and radio to somewhere far away from you and move it after a short burst transmission. >tl;dr, if you use radios, move immediately after broadcast so they don't know where you are or if it is expendable, relay it far away from you.
>>10431 Any form of electricity across an exposed conductive surface will form EMF radiation, anon. That's how electricity works- electronics bounce along the outer diameter of the wire. The reason you need thicker wire for higher power objects is because you need more space for heat/amperage to dissipate over it. The more power (electrons) flowing across the wire, the more are going to bounce off into nowhere land since electron "clouds" are just that, a matter of probability of being within a certain area 99.99999% of the time (but those percentages don't mean much when there's a trillion+ electrons bouncing around). Consider that after a certain amount of power, insulation is not going to prevent that EMF from coming off the conductive surface. Consider that a lightning detector can detect a CRT TV from roughly 10-20 feet away and that's just house voltage, not the type of power coming off a power line.
>>10444 But strelok, I don't think a radio/telephone is broadcasting all the time isn't light also a higher detection chance. I'm actually >>10442, but do you by chance know the sensnitvity of mil ESM units? I'd wager they'd be pretty sensitive to a degree of being able to pinpoint phones.
>>10446 >Radio/Telephone broadcasting I can only form an opinion based on what I know, however broadcasting runs into two issues. 1) It's typically in a fixed position. 2) You typically have to significantly ramp up the system in order to broadcast in the first place for anything larger than about a city block/inner baseball field. The first issue means that even if you're sending out pulses, it will eventually be found. The second issue means that portability becomes a hassle unless you know exactly where you're aiming it because you'll either lose distance by not aiming properly or lose fidelity by being constricted in how far you can broadcast without being found. >but do you by chance know the sensnitvity of mil ESM units? I'd wager they'd be pretty sensitive to a degree of being able to pinpoint phones. More than likely. Fixed structures can effectively detect a cell phone from about 45 miles away if it's releasing a signal. (Let's say 20 miles for practical purposes) if they mimic a cellphone tower/protocols, but due to military-enforced communication standards, they can only detect that the cellphone is somewhere in a space the size of a restaurant, and it has to be detecting an active signal. When not actively broadcasting, fixed structures would only be able to detect a cellphone about 500 feet out roughly. It depends on the system and its intended purpose. Consider that because of how consumer electronics utilize communications protocols, they would need minimum two fixed structures (preferably three or more) to pinpoint your location since a cellphone tower doesn't actually detect where you are, it just says "oh, you're west" and blares back the request you made in that direction. Instruments designed to locate such a signal could do a better job pinpointing direction down to the level of angle and approximate distance it needs to look in, but the farther you are away from it, the less accurate it will be. Communication devices since radio (whether wifi, 4G, etc.) have relied on protocols involving blaring a severely overpowered signal out into the world and receiving a tiny signal through the air that must be filtered and amplified back into something logical to an analyzer/processor. It's the fact that everything blares its signal out into the open that encryption is so important.
Open file (63.89 KB 1000x1000 carrier rig multi cam.jpg)
What is the Ideal carrier rig if I have an AR-15? What is the best way to carry shotgun shells on my person?
>>10552 >best way to carry shotgun shells on my person? In the end it's a matter of what's most conventient to you. However choose a place where you can pull out every shell in the same manner, ie. don't use some absurdly constructed tacticool shit like symmetrical double poaches or belts where every odd shell points to the opposite direction than the former. Top of my head I think I would place a stack somewhere on my right hip pulling a shell out with a backwards movement and just using the natural countermovement to load. Pretty easy to muzzle memorize. A loose belt from the left shoulder diagonal down over the torso would be fine, too. All assuming you're right-handed and rest the shotgun somewhere on your left hip while reloading.
So wierd how there's not more modhack stuff on baofengs,, especially some basic encryption it's a good almost indestructible unit at the price of a literal toy which is pretty crazy.
>>10431 I still can't find the link, but he also mentioned they would jam certain bands then wait for a "harris" to TX and zero in on that. Also from the presentation; Russians would call family members of known Ukrainian fighters, state they were captured or kia, wait for family members to call the fighter's cell to confirm, then strike whatever phone they dialed on the front. the above makes me concerned about China and the OPM hack. If you were exposed in that leak, it might be good to have a talk with family members about responding to cold calls claiming you're captured, dead, injured if things go hot
>>10442 >move immediately Yeah, one of the big takeaways from that presentation was the Russians were hitting them within minutes >>10444 The field phones are pretty low powered, so I'm assuming they wouldn't warrant much attention. I guess it would depend on how "dark" things were in that area and the timeline (grid down for a few weeks vs months vs years)
>>10557 it would be neat to have an Arduino or pi interface with it for encryption.
>>10581 Can you explain a bit more on how you'd do that? I know a guy has connected to arduino but think a better solution would be an additional custom PCB piece. Because it would be best to keep it within one unit as practical usage instead of experimentation. This would require solder and also reprogramming of the unit functions which will likely be a quite difficult hobby project right? Since there is no service manual for the 5r and the case it quite cramped. Would be really interesting to see though. Maybe some programming wizardry could take a shot at creating some wierd basic encryption firmware on the device.
What are some decent and cheap bandoliers/chest rigs for AK74 mags? I plan to carry 4 30 round mags and 2 45 round mags. I ask, since I really don't want to give China my money. I just need something basic for SHTF/defense in general. The other option I was looking at was an ALICE rig with surplus warpact AK pouches. Anyone else have experience with this? I have literally no experience with tacticool equipment shit.
What is /k/ take on ranks? Is the discussion of the rank insignias allowed mon anontenant?
>>10960 >What is /k/ take on ranks? They've been constantly reinvented by every proper army of the world, so there is not much to say about this question. >Is the discussion of the rank insignias allowed mon anontenant? Can you think up a single reason why something so connected to militaria wouldn't be allowed in a board dedicated to warfare?
>>10962 >Can you think up a single reason why something so connected to militaria wouldn't be allowed in a board dedicated to warfare? Touché.
Open file (134.69 KB 280x340 nani.png)
Is there a reason to bother with fancy stuff like breacher gloves when from what I can tell, they're just fancy impact gloves? Impact gloves cost like $15-$30 and at a glance would provide the same protection. Similarly wouldn't coveralls and a IIA tank top provide similar levels of protection to the sort of body armor people pay hundreds of dollars for?
>>10997 You want to have the maximum dexterity in your hands to be able to manipulate your equipment when time is a valuable resource and you loose a bit of that trying to prevent minor cuts or bruises to your hands. When youre getting shot at ruining your manicure should be the least of your concerns. The only exception I could think of is fire retardant clothing especially when handling highly flammable liquid when a fire extinguisher isn't handly convenient. Concern yourself more with zeroing your weapon on a good reflex/holo sight and training snap shooting will get you further than body armour but think of the caliber youre likely to be shot at by and consider your choice of armour wisely. Carry as little shit as possible. You'll thank me down the line.
>>11003 >First half Well that's a non-answer since impact gloves are still the same thing as breach gloves as far as I can tell, and I was asking what the difference is. Impact gloves come in various ranges of size and mobility. >Second half Proper coveralls are flame retardant and shrapnel-resistant while being fairly mobile, hence my asking. Being familiar with your choice firearm first and foremost is a given. I was asking if there's any reason not to go for coveralls and a IIA tank top instead of a proper vest/rig if your goal is pre-plate general defense that can be worn for hours at a time.
>>11005 Perhaps a better way to go about it: 1) Why are breach gloves 3-6x the price of impact gloves for a construction site when they appear at a glance to do the same thing? 2)Would coveralls/IIA tank top be preferable both for defensive reasons and for concealment since no one questions why there's a guy in work clothes walking around?
Open file (1.92 MB 2268x4032 Bow image 1.jpg)
Open file (1.58 MB 4032x2268 bow image 2.jpg)
Open file (2.33 MB 4032x2268 bow image 3.jpg)
Open file (2.46 MB 4032x2268 bow image 4.jpg)
Hey there /k/ I have a question regarding a bow I recently picked up for a family member. I got it at a gunshop and when I inquired about the price for the bow, the owner ask me to give him a price. I said 40$ and he sold it to me to that price. He himself knew very little about the bow so I did some research and I got some information but not a whole lot, this is what i know about it. >the bow itself was made, or at least the camo on it was copy written in 1990. >The company that made it knew very little about after I called them. I couldn't even give them the serial number on it because they said it wouldn't help identify it. The company that makes it called Bear and apparently they still make bows today. >It has a draw length of 26 inches and a draw weight of 50 inches. >It is missing a sight and arrow rest. So /k/, what can you tell me about this bow? What is the model name and is it still safe to shoot? I hope all these images upload properly.
>>11138 >The company that makes it called Bear and apparently they still make bows today. Is the company called "Bear Archery"?
>>11139 Yes it is.
Open file (10.49 KB 259x194 Fred Bear.jpeg)
Open file (8.82 KB 188x268 Fred Bear 2.jpeg)
>>11140 The company was made by a legendary bow hunter name Fred Bear. The bow is probably amazing quality. You can watch his hunts on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AA4HRYx-zhU
>>11141 Colt was a pretty cool gunsmith, but that doesn't have much to do with the company named after him in this day and age.
>>11142 Fair point
>>11139 >>11141 >>11142 >>11143 But none of you anons would happen to recognize the make or model? Also do you happen to recognize what camo it is? I've never seen it before. It kind of reminds me of a wet damp forest at twilight. Would providing the serial number help in any way or would that let the CIA niggers know who I am?
>>11147 You bought it second hand at a gun shop from a guy who knows nothing about bows, so I don't see how it would ever be traced back to you. although that exactly what a CIA nigger would say
>>11148 Alright fair enough. Is the system in place for firearm serial numbers as extensive as it for bows? I didn't have to do any background checks for it, only show I was old enough to buy it.
>>11149 When I got my compound bow, they didn't take down any of my information, they only asked for ID to prove I was over 18.
>>11151 Take another picture of the medallion
Open file (2.44 MB 4032x2268 medallion image 2.jpg)
>>11153 Sure, what exactly are you looking for on the medallion?
>>11151 >Okay, I hope the CIA doesn't teleport in my house, kill my dog, then kill me. DO NOT POST PERSONAL IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION LIKE YOUR SERIAL NUMBER. READ THE RULES >>11155 >>11151 I have reposted the picture since I seem to be unable to remove it an add in another one.
>>11155 I just spent this entire time trying to figure it out but, without the model or the year, its really difficult. Also the serial number isn't matching up with the 1990 illusion camouflage. or I'm just retarded
>>11156 Yeah, I read the rules but how could it be traced back to me? I bought it 2nd hand from a guy who knew nothing about it and I didn't go through any background check when I bought it. The bow was made in 1990. However, I understand your concern, I just strongly doubt the serial number could have been used to identify me.
>>11158 Even if it is not matching up with the camouflage, a S/N is incredibly identifiable if an interested in it does a bit of digging. I'd also say that the draw length weight and compound strength length might be considered identifiable if by some reason it was a unique combination that wasn't mass produced, but I don't know enough about bows to make that call. >>11159 >goverment subpoenas the bow company for the S/N. >trace down the original owner >traces down the shops they were in frequently (By the way, geolocation data on phone helps). >finds the shop owner, assuming they use telemetry devices quite a few do in clothing, idk ammo stores but haven't seen em or geolocation data for that range, subpoenas the carriers for info (it's an automated process for verizon). >dig through the GIS data to find phones within the time you bought it >profit Assuming you brought a phone there, they can use GIS or if you use new android or iphone they can use google and apple's usage of wifi to track you. Can they do it? Yes. Will they do it? Maybe. If you go out and theoretically shoot urist mcdindunutting the cops might not care, if you theoretically shoot like, I dunno, a semi-major politician, they will go after you. See >>11157 on the meta thread if you wish the BO to appeal my judgement. EDIT: IF YOU WISHED THE RULES TO BE CHANGED, please see the meta thread. Thanks.
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>>11158 Thanks, the bow itself is an extreme oddity in terms of what it is. >>11160 Fair enough, I understand. I won't post anything like that again. I thought buying it 2nd hand and not having to go through a background check would make it more anonymous but you've made valid points. Thanks you BV.
>>11161 oh fug too much Christmas eggnog, I put the sage in the wrong field
>>11161 No problem. The fact that its an extreme oddity makes it even worse. Just by looking at the lengths I can determine you have a bow and most likely reside in the US (Inches in the length). These days its not hard for them to catch you so long as you have any device that can connect to wifi/celluar, why do you think cars now have Sat Nav? While E911 GIS data is not always accurate (especially outside of the city), the google/apple geolocation data is extremely dangerous, these are turned on so long as you have wifi on the device, and that is how for their mapping programs they can paint such an exact location of you without strong GPS signals (usually 1-5 feet). Burner SIM? Useless, still tracked with the device ID. What if you get rid of the device and get a burner? They look for all the places you get close to and then track those devices, sooner or later they run across where you turn the burner off and switch to your primary. There are rumors that the newest ARM trustzone devices still ping when off, so your only chance is to physically disconnect the battery. By the way, its not as hard as you think it is to get that data. Most companies store it for 6-10 years, google is indefinite (to my knowledge). The main prepaid sim provider (verizon) has actually automated its program because they got tired of reading subpoenas. The other major providers basically gloss over it to make sure it wasn't filed by a phisher and just rubber stamp it. Of course, you may not be osama bin laden or american's most wanted on the FBI, but it is better safe than sorry. Edit: Cars, not Cards.
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>>11163 >Of course, you may not be osama bin laden or american's most wanted on the FBI, but it is better safe than sorry. True, Glow niggers will take any excuse to do that. Thanks for all the info, I'll be sure to take opsec more seriously from now on. I just thought it was too old and too obscure to find anything about it. I could barely find anything about, as previously mentioned, I called up the company and they couldn't tell me anything about it.
Say I'm looking to get some land in the next year, but in the meantime I need somewhere to store my weapons that isn't my current residence, what should I do? Rent a storage unit and hide my stuff in a bunch of toughboxes? How should I go about keeping them from being fucked by not being in a climate controlled environment? This next year is going to be really fucking gay in regards to gun laws and I have relatives that will probably try and red flag me so this isn't just paranoia I need to actually hide my shit somewhere.
>>11201 First don't use fabric cases, those wick up moisture from the environment. If you're really paranoid you'll disassemble and seal them in PVC tubing with PVC cement and a healthy scoop of silical gel and a liberal dousing in an oil or CLP of your choice. You can get silica gel in 5 gallon buckets if I recall. For shorter periods of just a few months (although it is winter now) a simple hard sided case with a soaked boresnake and a liberal dousing of your oil/CLP should be fine.
>>11204 Hopefully it's just short term, but it's good to know both, thanks buddy. My state cucked ridiculously fast in regards to guns so I'm thinking once I finally move further away from the city I'll probably look into setting up a hidden long term spot and have it all set up and ready to go in case I have to dump my stuff on short notice.
How likely is it there is a tracking device embedded into the frame of a pistol if one lives in a cucked country? The pistol in question is a glock.
Open file (14.95 KB 987x157 bear bow.png)
>>11161 I emailed the Bear company a picture of your bow. I gave them a serial number off of a different bow that I found on the internet researching your bow it was the same model of bow, the serial number is older than yours though. Can you send me some more photos?
Open file (13.50 KB 993x148 bear support 2.png)
>>11335 i emailed him a picture of the medallion.
Open file (388.37 KB 1024x588 FGC-9 MkII.png)
Can somebody spoonfeed me how to manufacture 9mm ammo in a guncucked country with limited resources in robolx? I cannot purchase ammo legally or buy spent ammunition.
>>11355 >I cannot purchase ammo legally or buy spent ammunition. No kind of ammo?
>>11355 You don't. Instead you buy it illegally, because if you can't even get brass then you can be positively sure that you won't get away with setting up a small ammunition manufacture. If you have the means to set up that then you also have the means to just buy it. The best you could do at home would be shotgun shells, but even then that would be enough of a challenge that you are better off buying them on the black market. Still, if you are that dedicated you might be able to make the projectiles and cases. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=wXNXUpOozDg https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=o0JVm76Y37I But even then, you will have to get primers and powder somehow. If you are mad enough of a madman you can give a try to the old matches trick, but I personally wouldn't recommend it. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=ya8eKgm0zAQ https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=CMGYUmYLhAo
>>11367 Not the anon you replied to, but how do i get inna blackmarket? I play on european server, and I don't know anyone from the shadows, not even former military. Is it hard to get in contact with these kinds of people?
>>11368 I am an autistic NEET wasting his time on imageboards, so I have no idea how to engage with people. But it looks like you just have to know people who know people who know the right people, and you can get guns. Your two best bets are extremist groups and shady criminals, and usually both types hang out in various pubs and whatnot. Now, if I knew how to engage with people I'd tell you how to engage with them, but again, I'm too autistic for that.
>>11368 Honestly, it just takes some time to feel out the local scene. Start with something semi-related like an archery or airsoft/airgun club...the doors will open if you play it cool.
>>11369 >Your two best bets are extremist groups and shady criminals shit's not a movie. I guarantee you there are "regular" people who value the natural right to self-defense to the same degree that we do.
>>11368 kek, you dont simply walk into the black market. seriously, where drugs are sold, guns are to be had, too. Of course, its a matter of trust and unfortunately for you, probably being white, the market is dominated by shitskins who hate you so the best outcome is likely that they refuse to deal with you and worse they just rip you off.
>>11376 >worse they just rip you off It can get much worse than that. As implied above, rely on and network with your own kind. There's more value in that than just getting your hands on some hardware.
>>11335 >>11351 I am sorry for the late response. I have been busy with stuff in my personal life. What other kinds of photos do you need? I don't see any kind of identifying names on it besides the bear medallion. >>11351 >>11351
>>11384 >I am sorry for the late response. I have been busy with stuff in my personal life. That's fine, in that time I found out that it is a '"old"' super grizzly. >What other kinds of photos do you need? I don't see any kind of identifying names on it besides the bear medallion Nothing. Bear no longer make the parts for your bow so your three options are: 1. Find the parts used online there is almost no information about the super grizzly, so good luck 2. Outfit that bow with parts from other models I don't know if this is possible, I'm still waiting for a response back. i will let you know when I find out. 3. Hang it up on a wall
Open file (174.73 KB 483x382 chinksewingmachine.png)
How well do these chinese manual sewing machines work for modding nylon web gear? On the youtube reviews they appear to work well enough on veg tanned leather - does nylon present unique challenges compared to that? (I have a Bezosbux gift card burning a hole in my pocket.)
Open file (55.49 KB 600x400 1431968423733.jpg)
What's the verdict on clean water? How do you acquire it in large enough quantities to drink, and ideally to cook and to clean critical things. I assume you want to distill it somehow, but what's the best methods for it? There's multiple things you might want to remove from water, for example cleaning dirty water is probably easier(?) than cleaning chemical infused fluoride water from the tap. Is distillation enough to clean water from a well/river/lake/snow/rainwater? What would you do for water that distillation is not enough for, or is it not worth the effort and you should just get a different water source? An electric water distiller is obviously not ideal since it relies on electricity, but would it work for daily life when you're not facing any immediate problems? Does an electric distiller add something to the water? Are there particular distillers/brands you should buy that are efficient and reliable? What about when there's no electricity, what's the most "economical" setup in terms of needing the least secondary resources or time? Maybe this deserves it's own thread, but maybe there's an easy answer or a link that answers everything or people get upset that I don't know these things already.
>>11441 The easiest would be boiling, you could also use reverse osmosis(does not need electricity) afterward. Could simply use pure RO in a ditch but this will clog the filters fast unless maybe there is some very nice cleanable filters I don't know about that can sustain the job without needing to be replaced. In an emergency store sizable amount of sodium hypochlorite. Tablets are also availible this must be properly measured against how much water you have. There's an infograph on how to make natural reverse osmosis filter by putting multiple layers of clean sand and rocks in a vertical container, however I don't know how clean that is. >cleaning chemical infused fluoride water from the tap. You need to use special fluoride filters or distillation to remove directly from tap. There are combo's for stove top available, but always try to research the tests done on particular filter/setup. >distillation remove fluoride etc It will remove fluoride etc but it will render your water dead from micro-nutrient minerals in water IIRC this can be substituted with a proportion of rock salt added. If you're able to get well water from a healthy bore that's not contaminated this is the best form of drinking water that exists. >Are there particular distillers/brands you should buy that are efficient and reliable? What about when there's no electricity, RO imo >what's the most "economical" setup in terms of needing the least secondary resources or time? Berkey is good but you must take care of the filters and clean them as instructed every now and again, they're expensive.
>>11441 In terms of a "bugging in" situation this is probably the best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT1EVVNPyqg
>>11443 That's a really cool solution if he's drinking it sure hope he has filter for the chemtrail aeresols kekekekek
>>11442 Filters and substances like sodium sound like they work for regular use or camping, but what about a hypothetical situation where you don't have any or run out and can't obtain more of them?
>>11446 Boiling
Open file (18.56 KB 1070x713 shottyboy.png)
How do I get a gun with these restrictions placed upon me?
Are you in a rural area?
>>11441 >>11442 At the right time of year you can tap the sort of trees that have sap that can boiled to syrup (e.g. maple, birch) and use that as a source of absolutely pure filtered water.
Open file (2.18 MB 378x403 ALLO.gif)
>>11448 Get a license, a car, and a CC. Keep your piece on you 24/7. Is she like my mother, where as if you just ignore her and go through with something against her wishes she will just go along with it afterwards? If you are an intercity nigger, you likely fucked completely from a legal stand point.
Open file (109.33 KB 736x513 render.jpeg)
>>11441 rain collection in big ass water totes, or barrels plumbed together. I live in coal and farm country. I wouldn't drink from any surface water source, nor most wells - too much farm runoff, sludge ponds, fracking, ect..
Are there any modern .22 derringers or pepperboxes in reasonably good quality and that don't look completely retarded? >>11448 Is she against any and all guns or just specifically the type that you want?
Is murderhobo the ultimate playstyle for homeless Roblox players? Also, knives or bludgeons for ease of use?
>>11397 update. no other parts will fit this bow
Am I reading this right? Are all drones of a certain size going to be required to broadcast id so people can get their amazon crap easier? https://www.boston25news.com/news/faa-outlines-new-rules-drones-their-operators/IB4CE2KHZHK46NBOXMULUUHLLI/
>>11487 Looks like it. I hate drones anyway all they're doing is adding to the sousveillance-surveillance hellscape.
>>11465 If you're that worried about the ground water, look into reverse osmosis filtration.
Open file (18.76 KB 480x380 Sid.jpg)
has anyone here ever attempted to build a small bunker to live in? if so, Im looking for advice on building something like sidorovich in STALKER had, a small underground living space.
Open file (68.55 KB 1000x667 deagle.jpg)
Suppose this $2000 burgerstan stimulus actually goes through and I'm able to afford a Desert Eagle for no other reason to show off, punch holes in paper, and lament how expensive .50AE is to enamored boomers at the range. Are they even any good? I've never heard anything bad about them (besides being made by the kikes for a good while) but I don't tend to believe the glowing reviews of it by Hicuck and co.
>>11529 >Never heard anything bad about them. It's because everything bad about them them is clear as day. They're heavy, got low ammo capacity, impractical for anything but showing off and killing big animals from close range. Also, it's gas-operated, what the fuck? Just get a rifle for that price and chop off the barrel and stock, if you really want a handcannon.
>>11517 Why that's a really good question, also fuck sidorovich he's a jew
>>11529 Get a revolver instead. Even .454 Casull has more kinetic energy than .50AE or .44 Magnum, and you can either load it lighter or just fire .45 Colt if you want something cheaper and more manageable. Or you can go even further beyond with a .460 revolver.
>>11531 >>11533 I know they're horribly impractical and heavy as hell, that's half the novelty appeal of them to me. I already said I'd get it for the same reason a nigger gets a Cadillac. My main concern is whether or not it'll jam every other round or explode in my hand. Though, I have seriously looked at a .454/45LC lever action/revolver combo for hunting, so that's an option as well. The other main reason I'd like one is to get my normalfag friends into funs through a sort of bribery. They act indifferent if I say 9, 12, 308, or even 10, but 50 is ubiquitous- a tantalizing forbidden fruit of sorts even those that know nothing about guns understand. Basically, my plan would be to disguise a chance to shoot a 50 caliber pistol as a training course working up to the Deagle itself (knowing all of them have already shot in the past and know basic gun safety, but never made a hobby out of it.) if this sounds retarded and seems like it won't work at all tell me, I'll just save it to buy a zpap when they become available again
>>11534 from what I understand the unreliability problems with deagles come from the .357/.44 models having trouble with ammo that has too much variance in cartridge OAL. something to do with the round being too long, fucking with the ability to extract and feed new rounds. outside of that the problem seems to be having a weak grip
>>11529 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK21F7Wy7uc If it weren't for the apparently frequent malfunctions I would say go for it. It would be 100% worth it if you have the equipment to reload .50AE (At least for me). If you want big bore oddballs, have you considered a rifle in .50 Beowulf/.458 socom? Perhaps a 1911 converted to 460 Rowland/45 super? Do you have a place where you can shoot any of these? Part of the reason that I don't have a stupid big bore AR today is because all the ranges in my area forbid it.
>>11477 Thank you anon, I appreciate what you've done for me. The guy I bought it from is a good person and he's willing to give me my money back nearly a month later. We are still deciding on rather or not to return to bow or hang it up on the wall. Image unrelated.
>>11534 You could go for .500 S&W if it's that important. You'd still get a revolver that can fire weaker loads (there is even .500 Special brass available).
>>11537 Alright, so it's a jam-o-matic half the time even in .50AE. Looks like >>11533 and >>11543 are the way to go. Now I just need to decide if I'd really want .500SW for the novelty or abandon the whole idea and go for 45LC or 45-70 since lever actions and break barrels in those calibers are much more common and cheaper than .500SW. Thanks, Streloks.
>>11536 Only time I've seen a .44 dun fuck up is when people rimlock the thing.
>>11553 if money is a problem, get a Ruger Super Redhawk in 454 Casull and start reloading. With any big pistol caliber, and rifle too, you must reload to shoot with any frequency.
>>11559 I'm definitely going to start reloading in some capacity in the new year (My main go-to .32 is getting hard to find when I could get it for $.25/round locally and I'm seeing 50 packs of 9mm and 10mm for the same price at $40), and there's apparently a really dedicated group of cowboy action shooters near me, so that may be the best course of action after all. Mind you almost all of this depends on whether or not that $2000 burgerbux shows up.
If you affix a section of Picatinny rail into an M-LOK slot, and then put optics to that rail, will it work just fine, or is it going to lose zero as the recoil of the gun shakes the whole thing apart? I'm asking because it's quite baffling to see all these octagonal handguards that have rails on top and bottom, because I'm not sure if they are made that way for conveniences sake, or because it wouldn't work otherwise.
>>11570 ideally you'd have used loctite and screwed the rail section down enough to the right torque if you were mounting optics to a M-LOK slot, but the overall amount of space on one of the pic rail segments you get may not be enough to mount whatever it is you want most have rails along the top because most uppers also have rails there and they want to match the handguard with the actual receiver along with having enough room and railzrailzrailz to mount all of your shit assuming you can afford a big boy 1x56 40mm scope + clip-on night vision+thermal imager
>>11571 So it could work, it's just not practical. What I'm thinking about is to have M-LOK slots on top a of pistol, so that if somebody wants to go full tacticool he can put rails there, but otherwise they are just there as decoration. Of course most pistol optics aren't designed to mount on rails to begin with, but that's a different matter. Imagine something like a Deagle brand Deagle.
>>11572 a pistol pistol or a not-a-sbr pistol? because M-LOK slots need a fair bit of clearance between the guard and the actual barrel for the screws to go through. i'd be a bit concerned about using M-LOK pic rails for anything requiring precision as the most they're supposed to be torqued to is 20 ft/lbs each and if they're hit by something all the force is put onto the ostensibly aluminum handguard or the screws attached to it. people can definitely stably mount stuff like foregrips or flashlights to them, but I can't say I'd feel comfortable with mounting a scope intended to be more than 4 MOA to it. if you wanted to do this for weight saving reasons, the right thing to do is what deagle brand deagle does and offer two versions of their pistol, one with rails rails and one with just the cuts for a pistol scope.
>>11573 >a pistol pistol or a not-a-sbr pistol? By pistol I mean pistol, not whatever an ATF agents thinks of when he reads this word. >the right thing to do is what deagle brand deagle does and offer two versions of their pistol I've been thinking about circumventing this exact thing somehow by making the rails optional instead of making two different models. But there doesn't seem to be a convenient way other than M-LOK. >cuts for a pistol scope. Is there a specific name for those cuts?
Suppose you are redesigning all firearms, cartridges and their production lines completely from scratch. In terms of primers, are there any changes you would make?
>>11594 Yeah, make em electric. Less moving parts in a gun, less possibilities für fuck ups, more reliability. Though I don't know about automatic firearms, how the automatic firing could be realized.
>>11594 In terms of small arms, I'd either do nothing or see if they could be replaced by something like the Daisy VL. Mind you, the ammunition would be cased, just with a sealed hole in the bottom instead of a primer pocket. If the firing pin could be simply replaced by this air igniter, and it works reliably, then I can see some merit to it. I'd post pictures, but the anti-spam measures are still in place. On that note: are the primers made of steel?
How much would the world change if Bismuth bronze usage became wide spread in the western hemisphere as a metal for tools and weapons? And would it actually happen?
>>11628 >And would it actually happen? I meant in if it would be possible
>>11628 China holds the majority of bismuth reserves in the world. It's also not the common in the world (twice as common as gold iirc). They are primarily used in mechanical parts that suffer extreme wear (as are lead-bronze alloys). So not likely, too cost prohibitive. Maybe if it had some sort of superior kinetic pentration that made DU look like wet towels, but I doubt it. >sause, I did lots of research on bismuth bronze for ball bearings for a pet project of mine.
>>11631 So would be ever possible to for any pre-european american civilisation to advance further since the stone age?
>>11647 There were some of them that were already well into a chacolithic age. A few, mostly South American ones, were already fully into their bronze age.
Did you get your 600 rona rubles? I'm going to spend it locally as cash rather than ordering online - USPS sucks ass lately and I'd hate to have supplies stuck in limbo if things kick off on the 6th.
>>11647 Given enough time, yes. After all, you have to remember we wuz kangz n' sheet got to the iron age before the europeans came. There is evidence to support two (maybe 3?) seperate discoveries of iron age smelting. One in China, one in the middle east/Turkey (greeks), and maybe, maybe one in egypt (technically "african"). The chinese were seemingly the first to find large scale steel production (obviously, lesser quality of 19th century steel). One of the very interesting things is that in China, during the Qin Dynasty, that some arrows were forged in a cellular manufacturing method instead of the traditional assembly line method. A shame all the knowledge was lost when the barbarians invaded.
>>11655 What is the threshold for receiving the payment? I don't make all that much money but I still didn't get the first one and I haven't seen the second one either. The only thing that's gonna happen in January is another spike in panic buying and ammo getting even more prohibitively expensive. I'm almost convinced the real push for national level gun control is making panic buyers snatch up all the stock until even owning a shitty Hi point or Taurus will cost someone multiple paychecks, leading to a drop in the number of newer gun owners over time. I know that's some 4D chess tier schizo bullshit, but I still think about it a lot.
Open file (11.57 KB 850x175 requirements.PNG)
>>11689 >I need to be spoonfed!
>>11695 Sorry, should have clarified that I already looked that up. I fall under the group that should get it but I haven't, is there some legalese bullshit I'm missing out on?
Open file (93.95 KB 956x673 irs_glows.jpg)
>>11696 >I fall under the group First off, op sec. Second off, the IRS made a tool to check https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment Don't click the link and use it - search it up on the government site itself Prepare to break op sec and get anal fisted, you'll need >your SSN >address >date of birth >zip code Lets be real, this program is just funneling the monies of all the dead recipients to congress and co.
To the anon asking about vz.58 : They're more accurate than an AK and the mags are far lighter (but less durable), but they get really hot with even fairly casual firing. Wear gloves.
>>11699 >opsec lol where's your complaint about the guy asking in the first place? Saying you fall under a tax bracket that something like half of the country falls under isn't saying much.
>bought tactical gloves and a plate holder + front and back plates for $290 burgerbux did i fuck up
Open file (68.58 KB 1155x1155 dual.jpeg)
Open file (464.80 KB 1600x1200 offset.jpeg)
Having dual optics on your rifle (magnified scope for long range engagements and a short range red dot/irons for CQB): good idea or bad? Which configuration is better: mounting the unmagnified sights on top of the long range scope or having the sights on an offset? What's the best config I can get for ~$300?
>>11978 Yes. Unless you found some God-like sales, all that shit will be falling apart within the first few days of rugged use. No way any of that could be quality. Should have just gotten a good plate carrier and a single good steel front plate for only a little more.
>>11980 >$300 >good optics 300 dollars is enough to get an entry-mid level reflex sight or an entry-level variable power scope. Getting both for 300 would be getting an airshit tier chink garbage sight. I think the most entry level possible optic for someone who wants scope+reflex is a burris RT6 and they're around $550 each.
>>11981 what brands are the good ones then?
Vertical foregrip, angled foregrip, or none for an AR-15
Does anybody have a pdf of Chuck Taylor's book "The Fighting Rifle"?
Open file (127.16 KB 1600x1074 index.jpg)
Is it possible to add stripper clip groves to a modern bolt action or does the receiver need something more to accommodate their use?
>>12025 That depends quite a lot on the exact weapon in question. Adding a charger bridge like how the bongs retrofitted their older rifles should be possible with nearly any of them, but that might interfere with the sights, or it could end up a bit too high for the cartridges to reach the magazine. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=GD6QS0za5pI
>>11990 That looks very airsoft chinkshit.
>>12026 I'm mostly thinking about something like a Tikka T3, Remington 700 or Howa 1500, for scout rifle conversion without external mags. >charger bridge That's interesting. I've thought about the possibility of modifying a rail into something akin to the M14 clip guide, guess it's not as complicated or far fetched as I thought.
What are some good armorer's/work bench designs that can be easily disassembled and stowed away in a truck bed?
>>11992 Whatever is most comfortable for you. I personally prefer broomsticks. So long as you're arm is straight, it's fine. Broomsticks offer better retention.
Open file (43.09 KB 540x960 Bwambale.jpg)
I already have two multitools that work pretty well, but I'd like a bigger knife for everything else that it can't handle. It should be good for survival scenarios and, if it comes down to it, self-defense, so something akin to a machete. What are the good brands and which ones do I avoid?
>>12279 If you want a machete for cutting through jungle and utility tasks, get one from a reputable hardware brand. https://amagicalplace.fandom.com/wiki/Sticky#Choosing_A_Knife_To_Purchase.
>>12027 What would be the advantage of having an expensive optic then? I mean, I got the "chinkshit" optic I mentioned above and it seems to work quite nice. Then again, I don't really have anything to compare it to. Only gripe is that the laser reticle on the red dot sight is pretty blurry, but I don't know if that's normal or not.
>>12279 in a survival scenario you won't want to depend on the knife of your multitool. You should have a good knife that is just a knife. The pliers and bolt cutters are the most useful parts of the multitool. I would put more emphasis on having firestarting materials like a lighter wrapped in hemp wick and cordage like a paracord belt for edc. The other tools should be kept at home
Open file (243.60 KB 1280x768 douk-douk.jpg)
Open file (175.78 KB 1183x556 douk-douk.png)
>>12301 Speaking of knives, here is this thing.
>>12292 >What would be the advantage of having an expensive optic then expensive != quality you can get a cheap bushnell or something that will be fine. If you get a chinkshit optic the recoil of the gun will destroy it in short order. Probably in under 100 rounds
>>12289 don't forget that "hecho en columbia" stamped onto the blade increases damage to unarmored targets by 25%
>>7568 Best scrap metal to build blades is spring steel from leaf springs. Easy as hell to find. Find an abandoned wreck and grab, watch out for tetanus. Also settle for a machete, hell, just make one longer if you want a bloody sword. Katanas are bloody useless design in general.
>>12320 I've been actually thinking about it, and I think the best OC donut steel sword for combat and survival would be this: https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=hHRNCDvsWqA >yatagan blade with a nice big handguard on the handle >the straight part immediately after the handle has sawtooth in it >the opposing part (before the bend) is left dull (obviously, as you can't really cut with that part due to the handguard) >there is a hole somewhere after the saw part but before the bend, together with the scabbard you can use it as a wirecutter (just like the AK bayonet) This way you'd have a blade that can be used to hack through shrubbery or people to pieces. And you can still stab with it relatively fine, or use it as an acceptable saw or wirecutter. It would be more of a tool than a weapon, obviously, but it would be still quite intimidating if you have nothing else to defend yourself. Of course, anon would be better off with a machete, but I think the tacticool crowd would eat up something like this.
>>12279 That this image says "get da machetes" instead of "get da pangas" always bothered me. At least get the afrinigger terminology right.
What exactly does the zog learn about you when you have a background check run on you? Do they know what gun you're buying and where you're buying it from? Is it basically just a way of them knowing that you have a gun, but they don't know what kind?
>>12538 sometimes they don't even do a background check. One state, Florida if I remember right? Only had one person on the job and he didn't know how to use the computer so he didn't process any of the requested background checks at all. After the 10 day waiting period expired and the government didn't object to the gun purchase the gun was sold
>>12538 >>12540 Yeah it looks like it depends on who is doing what in the process. I've been to gun stores where the employees deliberately made the model and serial numbers as illegible as possible on the forms I had to fill out. Also been to some where they didn't make anyone fill forms out at all as long as your background check came in clean, they'd just write it up as a private sale or some shit since those don't require 4473s in my state afaik, and since so many people are buying nowadays I'm sure the fags they have at alphabet headquarters are barely able to keep up with any of this shit assuming they're even dong their jobs properly.
>>12540 >>12547 so if i really wanted to cover my tracks would it just be smarter to drive out of state and go to a gun show/find a private seller and pay out the ass because of CY + 6?
What gun would be best against crowds for maximum lethality?
>>12574 You're almost surely the same shill shitting up /fascist/
>>12575 If you're not going to help, then fuck off nigger
>>12574 Get a pom-pom.
Open file (60.89 KB 996x1095 Country Music.jpeg)
>>12574 several AR-15s with bumpstocks and drum mags
>>12574 Artillery or other forms of heavy Cannon. I'm not joking. Even old medieval-era cannon with grape, canister, shrapnel, or even langrage shot is, within range, many times more lethal than any shoulder-fired weapon money can buy. Plus, with even a modicum of know-how, any able bodied man with a welder and access to scrap metal can make them, assuming you know enough to make basic black powder.
How accurate is this?
>>12702 Not very accurate, a real catana is more in sharpness so it cut faster.
Open file (26.54 KB 680x375 nwordkatana.jpg)
>>12702 that katana could not slice through the broadsword this one, however...
>>12702 Not accurate. Newton's Third Law would rip that katana in half if it wasn't made of absurdly, superhumanly hilariously good steel, and that's not counting the strength needed to LITERALLY CUT THROUGH STEEL.
Open file (35.16 KB 500x316 mendes-pinto-2.jpg)
Make a guess based on this image OP
I'm an out-of-state college student. My driver's license is from my home state, but I rent a house in the state of my school. I really don't want to update all my shit to look like a resident of my school-state, but I want to buy a gun. Everyone on ArmsList wants an in-state DL, if not a CC permit. I have to be a resident of the state to buy a handgun from a gun store. So, am I stuck only buying a rifle from a store, should I contact ArmsList sellers and try to find one who will sell to me without checking my license, or can I convince a store that I'm a resident since I have mail delivered to me in this state, pay bills, etc.? There's a milsurp gun I really want to buy, and the higher quality ones are already out of stock, and I really feel like I need to have a gun and do not currently own one (I've wanted one for years, but broke + residency issues...). Any advice is appreciated.
Open file (97.23 KB 903x864 disappepe2.jpg)
>>12702 >making an entire thread for a nipshit GIF cuc/k/channel is over there
What weapon would you least like to be killed with? Everything from paper cuts to bleed out to nukes is allowed. What's the one thing that makes you go NOPE and do a 360?
Open file (448.40 KB 700x440 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12883 Mustard gas. Fuck all that.
>>12876 Depending on the time frame and the home state in question it might just be easier to take a trip home and buy one there or settle for a long arm. It's not going to work trying to convince a gun store that you're in state with an out of state license since they aren't the ones to make that determination and would get their asses rammed if it became an issue. A home state CC permit might sway some sellers but the whole "I have an out of state license" or "I don't have a license" is a flag that people would like to avoid. People really just want to avoid trouble even if what you want is legal. But who knows, there may be some sympathetic sellers.
>>12876 Can you get a student ID?
>all these newfags
>>12886 >Depending on the time frame and the home state in question My home state is pretty far away, so I usually fly home. Also, my mom doesn't like having guns around and I would like to try to respect that, even though I don't agree with it. Still, I may be driving home over the summer so it may give me an opportunity, depending on my grad school plans, but I'm worried that the gun I want to order may be sold out by then. It's one of the few I can afford, plus I missed out on Makarovs before and don't want to make that mistake with this gun. >People really just want to avoid trouble even if what you want is legal Yeah, I've noticed this with people on ArmsList too. I understand why, I just wish things didn't have to be so complicated >>12887 I do have a student ID, but I have no idea what the legal implications of that are for buying a gun Thank you both if you're different people for trying to help me
>>12877 >frognigger calling others cuckchanners Go and stay go, you imageboard parasite
Open file (61.36 KB 500x503 backtohalfcucknigger.png)
>>12889 I feel like they're leaking from cuck/k/. I can almost sense it. They do nothing but behave like absolute bonafide niggers and spread like cancer.
>>12895 >can't post without double posting like a faggot without good reason <calls others cuckchanners Oh the irony. No, I can't ban them, there's no rule against being a 4cuck poster (yet). If you want to change a rule, take it to the meta thread. Thanks.
Open file (121.00 KB 1024x1024 annon.jpg)
>>12896 >going forth to defend 4cuck's posting style Drown in semen, you fucking faggot.
>>12895 they're coming from nein dumbass
>>12901 Who cares where cuckfaggots are from. They need to leave, as do you.
>>12902 >D&C shilling
>>12895 >I feel like they're leaking from cuck/k/ neinchan is having a huge drama, BO went full retard and some anons moved to /fascist/. Sadly the shitposters that ruined the place followed them.
Do you think other banks did this as well? I'm gonna guess they'll go after purchase histories for things like 80% parts, armor, radios, drones, ect. Which leads me to my next questions Are re-mailers still a thing? Are they reliable? dailymail .co.uk/news/article-9226315/Bank-America-handed-transaction-details-feds-investigating-Capitol-riot-report-claims.html
>>12949 Just how fucking new are you? Next time fucking archive the link and put at least the title into your post. Like this: Tucker Carlson accuses Bank of America of treating customers 'like Al Qaeda' as he reveals it gave the FBI details of every customer who spent money on hotels or AirBnb, flights and guns in DC around time of the Capitol siege https://archive.vn/ynkwS >Bank of America searched through customer transactions to target people who may have been involved in the Capitol riot, according to a Fox News report >Tucker Carlson claimed the bank identified 211 customers who fit the profile and handed over the information to federal agents >The criteria involved people who booked flights and accommodation in the days around the January 6 violence >Carlson also claimed one person was questioned but had no ties to the violence >He accused the bank of treating customers 'like a member of Al Qaeda' >Bank of America has stated it is required by law to cooperate with the feds >It added it can not disclose information on its dealings with law enforcement
Open file (90.37 KB 680x794 Peestol.jpg)
i'm gonna buy my first pistol tomorrow, going to a pawn shop I've had good luck with before and the guy that runs it is down to earth. what are some red flags I should look out for that tell me if the gun is shit? the max I'm willing to pay is just over $500 and that includes a BG check, is that too low?
>>12953 General wear, anything being loose (grip panels, slide is wobbly, sights wiggle, ect), shot out bore, inconsistent trigger pull, gritty action whenever you rack the slide, and a price that is too low. Avoid anything sub-$200 that isnt a hi point, avoid anything sub-$300 that isnt a sccy or tokarev. We can't help you much if you don't tell us what you plan on getting. Are you getting a glock or other poly striker fired pistol? A 1911? trying to find a surp pistol like an old beretta or a makarov? A revolver? gibs details
Open file (1.55 MB 408x720 This_kills_the_k.webm)
>>12953 >$500 >For a handgun >For a FIRST handgun That better be a damn nice brand spanking new handgun if it's over $300. I can't help you unless I know what you want to use it for though, anon. I suggest getting something that's light-weight, fun to shoot, and you don't mind trashing it if it's your first handgun. Preferably something you can easily mod into a plinking carbine for shits and giggles or something that you can conceal. Avoid the ring of fire guns. If this image doesn't cause you to flinch or otherwise feel personally threatened, please stick to something 9mm for the time being. >>12954 My Shield was like $175 on sale ($250 normal price) brand new from Bass Pro about two years ago, and it's worked fine up until now.
>>12955 Have you been to a gunshop in the past year, let alone the past month? prices have skyrocketed even higher than they were right before the 2016 election, prices are almost 2x what they were two year ago.
Open file (523.27 KB 720x720 REEEEE.webm)
>>12953 a .357, preferably. I've shot my dad's M9 and I didn't really care for it. My boss showed me a Kimber he got a couple weeks ago and it was real nice, but I'm not going to find something that comfortable in a pawn shop, let alone for under 500. >>12955 i've been told that 500 is the minimum for a good handgun, apparently i've been bullshitted to. fucking boomers, can't even trust them for the one thing they're supposed to be knowledgeable about. although with the way things are nothing will surprise me at this point. also >webm every time
>>12957 If you're sure you want a .357 mag revolver, you can probably pick up a rossi or taurus for around $300-400. They're brazilian huehshit guns but they work well enough, especially Rossis. Rock Island out of the philipines makes some .38 special revolvers for very cheap if you're okay with a downgrade in cartridges. Keep in mind .38spc and .357 mag are really fucking hard to find right now and very expensive, and you're really probably better off with a doublestack 9mm autoloader. Something like a S&W Shield or Canik pistol (or a used CZ or CZ clone if you have an ounce of taste and want that hammer fired DA/SA goodness) could probably be found within your price point and will serve you well. Capacity matters in these times, where you may be facing a horde-mode situation if you catch my drift.
>>12959 i figured that'd be the case. up until last year i really wanted a taurus, then some anon posted a vid of some huzillians firing one by just shaking it around, even with the safety on, which is something i'd rather not deal with right now. my options are probably going to be very limited as is, but i'll let you know what I got.
Open file (1.86 MB 640x640 MURRICA.webm)
Anon writing the good book on resistance reporting in. I'm reading up on methods to produce baking powder ranging from the 1400s through the 1800s involving turning bones (fish bones, deer bones, sea shells, etc.) into Monocalcium Phosphate to use as a leavening agent in making ginger breads that can be stored for a year or more without going bad. I KNOW it was produced small-batch, but the only recipes I can find involve powdered lime and heavily reactive acids that the average person can't find at home, but I think I stumbled upon a way to do it using Hydrochloric Acid, which in theory SHOULD be producible at home. The issue is that all the recipes to produce HCL at home involve producing forms with other agents mixed in that are toxic for consumption, and would have to be vacuum filtered off in water or ethanol which makes them impractical. The idea is fairly straightforward: >Wash animal bones thoroughly (this can be done by making bone broth from them) >Grind or crush them into a powder/small pieces >Combine with HCL solution and leave it to rest for a week to soak in >Stir at 100C (boiling temperature of water) for about 3 hours >Dry it out (or vacuum filter it) >Should get about a 20-40% yield of Monocalcium Phosphate which can be used with an acid and water to produce a leavening agent for breads I've been trying to think of a method to produce food-grade HCl at home to react with bone fragments to make Calcium Phosphate, but I'm coming up short. Obviously you can mix Acetic Acid with salt to produce weak HCl, but you're left with sodium acetate in the solution. This is fine as a cleaning agent, but it's unfit for use in converting bone matter into potassium phosphate since it would make the baking powder unfit for human consumption. You COULD produce it by mixing sulfuric acid with salt and heating that to produce HCl, but the only readily available source of sulfuric acid I can think of in the home is from a car battery, which makes that conversion impractical. Toilet bowl cleaner sometimes has it too, but then you're dealing with toilet bowl cleaner. I'm reading that copper sulfate can be pretty easily converted into sulfuric acid, and I might follow up on that lead a bit since copper sulfate is a decent enough pesticide to keep around for growing crops, but then it comes back to the impractical fact that once you run out of copper sulfate you're fucked again. The only really viable way to produce copper sulfate at home that I know of involves running copper wire through sulphuric acid which would make us go full loop. Strelo/k/ is pretty resourceful, can you think of a method to produce either Hydrochloric acid (preferable) or Sulphuric acid without adulterants that could potentially be harmful if ingested in large quantities? I could be putting the cart before the horse here, but I'm trying to think of a use for bones/calcium-rich organic materials from hunting/fishing/scavenging other than just tools or fertilizer. Homemade acids in general seem like the most handy since they can be used in food prep, processing raw goods, preservation methods, and obviously more nefarious purposes, so I think it's important to include at least a few such recipes for FOOD GRADE acids in the book due to how handy they are.
>>12960 That vid was of a locally produced gov contract taurus autoloader. Those are not to be trusted. Their imported revolvers are fine.
ayo what handgun should I get for protection against black bears
Open file (31.61 KB 289x280 blackbear.jpg)
pic related, these fucking niggers throw trash everywhere and camp your front door
>>12966 >>12967 So long as you don't have brown bears in your area as well, a few black bear deterrents that don't involve being a nigger and shooting an animal you likely don't plan to eat are: >Vinegar Put it (diluted) in a super soaker or spray bottle and spray it at their face. They hate vinegar. >Ammonia (bears hate rotting fish smell) >Pepper spray >Clean your front porch and entrance with Pinesol (and maybe pour some on your trashcan) >Lysol apparently works too Or you could not be a bitch and just smack the lazy fuck with a long metal stick while shouting at it. Black bears are pussies and will generally fuck off 99% of the time if you get nasty with them and shout/throw shit/smack them with shit. Don't do this in the early Spring when their fight or flight response is geared towards fight. Make sure never to bend down to pick something up if you're gonna chuck projectiles at a bear though. If you ultimately still feel like you have to be a nigger, not to say handgun calibers won't work, but a rifle is going to be much more useful in that situation. You better eat the meat too if you kill it.
>>12970 The thing is with bears, the moment they become trash eaters they sorta need to be put down because otherwise they will return to human settlement and cause a lot more trouble. Had to deal with one last year that was a catch and release, dumb fuck figured mauling a kid was better than the trash can. >>12966 Anything in 10mm/.357/.44. If you go the 10mm route make sure its gucci shit that is FBI spec and not just a .40 load in a 10mm case.
>>12971 thanks anon, I think I'll check out .44 first because it's more familiar to me. I'll take a look at .357 too though. >>12970 I'm going to be doing things like cutting and hauling logs in the middle of the woods and dragging shit through trails. If I did have to shoot a bear I would eat as much of it as possible. It's unlikely that would happen, I'm not going to just blast a bear that's digging through my garbage with a handgun. If one was niggering around my property long term I would use the rifle
>>12971 That's pest control at that point. >>12975 In that case most revolver rounds should do a number to a black bear. .45 or 10mm should work too. I think a black bear's skull is roughly as hard as a boar's jaw since they have similar diets. I would still keep a pipe or club on-hand since if they do approach anyways out of anger or hunger during a fight or flight response, you'll want a solid stick to smack it away. You could loop it to a simple leather or cloth holster at your waist. All that being said, most black bears will run if you yell at them and maybe throw a rock or water bottle at it. If you're working innawoods, the best thing you can do is attach a bell somewhere on your person since the ringing will alert bears to your presence and then they will generally stay away unless they're acclimated to trash-digging.
>>12979 >pest control at that point. Pretty much. I've always seen it as a massive waste of resource to transport a tranq'd bear out into the middle of nowhere only for it to come back into civilization with a vengeance. >>12975 Honestly, its more you can place a shot with the handgun than anything. If you're serious about it make sure you can hit what you want to hit with the appropriate ammo.
I'm sure this has been asked many times on this board over the years but is leaving rounds loaded in the magazines of your dedicated home defense guns for long periods a bad idea? I get conflicting answers when I look this up elsewhere.
>>13027 It's fine for a year or two. At the end of that interval, discharge the weapon until empty, disassemble it, clean it, disassemble the magazines, clean the magazines, and let the springs "relax" for a few days. Then feel free to reassemble it to sit for another year or so. Most of the stress on the springs comes from repeated loading/unloading cycles, and ammunition can go bad after a few years of humidity (sealed spam cans can last almost indefinitely). Repeatedly loading/unloading your magazines will prematurely wear the springs and followers.
>>13030 Alright thanks buddy. Normally I'll take each of my guns out and go target practice every couple of months at least but I haven't been able to go shooting at all for over a year and I've never left rounds just sitting in a magazine that long before so I've never bothered thinking about it until recently.
>>13034 don't forget some states have (illegally) made it de facto illegal to have a loaded magazine in your car
>>13035 At this point pistols that can be loaded with chargers (like the ones Austria-Hungary had) are going to have a future.
From a practical standpoint, is it better for a military rifle to have adjustable stocks with cheek raisers; or is it better to go old school and do the adjusting by adding more buttplates and raise the cheekweld by adding more pads? The latter obviously requires more fiddling, and you can't just grab a random rifle and adjust it. On the other hand, it's a lot more durable.
>>13045 that depends on the use case. What rifle, what range, what kind of target, what kind of optic
>>13049 Let's take a bullpup with some meme ammo that is effective to 1km, and the rifle has a scope with a red dot on top of it.
>>13035 I don't live in one of those and have no intention of ever visiting them. I'm also talking specifically about a house gun, my carry gun gets looked at regularly out of hand just because it gets exposed to humidity more often while the home gun only leaves the house when I get some range time which has been extremely limited lately unfortunately.
>>13051 >talking specifically about a house gun that's why it would be relevant, because it would be retarded to unload it to take it to the range and reload it again
>>13056 Oh I see, that's true. It's kinda retarded but part of the reason why I didn't consider that is because the range I usually go to actually inspects the rounds themselves supposedly because they've had too many incidents of people using improperly reloaded ammo and having receivers explode in people's faces so if the rounds you're using look like reloads they won't let you in. It's the only viable range near me that doesn't also require an NRA membership because of sponsorship faggotry though, and I refuse to give those cucks any money.
>>13057 yeah the range officers at mine have been assholes about it too. I've got a box of like 250 obviously m193 and this idiot is holding magnets against them like they have ap cores and wasting my range time
>>13062 Why would anyone waste AP ammo at a shooting range?
>>12962 Hey, I can't remember the exact details, but historically sulphuric acid is produced by burning pure sulphur, to produce sulphur dioxide, and then running it through a platinum catalyst to turn it into sulphure trioxide, which is then dissolved in destilled water to produce the acid, or in existing acid, to concentrate it. The problem is, when getting into food-grade stuff, you really need to have an understanding of chemistry and analysis methods, and the proper tools, to know that what you're making is safe. I'll look into the details, but as of now, I can only recommend using the crushed up antlers of deer n shit instead, they contain ammonium carbonate, which acts as a leavening agent. Also, you're probably better of using bones for glue or for eating the inner part for nutrition.
>>13067 apparently just to ruin this guy's backstop. Maybe if he wasn't such a douchebag people wouldn't want to fire ap ammo at his backstop
>>7036 What's a /k/-tier winter coat that will last for me? So many once-good brands have gone full-razr-tard and have cut the quality of their materials down like hell.
>>13104 As much as people might be against name brands, L.L. Bean and Patagonia both make good quality down jackets and 3-in-1 jackets, though they aren't cheap. My dad got me a fleece 3-in-1 from L.L. Bean a decade ago, and other than the zipper being busted (it zips fine, just wonky now) and words being a bit faded, it's survived two outdoor manual labor jobs for a combined 12 months of winter exposure, several camping trips, and roughly monthly washings in the winter time during that last decade. I'd say it'll keep you warm down into the 20s with just the fleece or down into the -10s by itself with the outer shell. Past that and you'll need more layers or a winter down jacket. It's pretty light and has 7 pockets, almost all of them being hidden on the inside. It's pretty /fa/shionable as well, while the mute colors won't make you stand out in a crowd.
>>12962 (1/2) First off, I'm not sure how you're planning to get a phosphate salt from mixing things with hydrochloric acid (if you are thinking of phosphoric acid, there are various OTC sources, but I've already written this whole post on HCl). I am too lazy to research this myself, but if >>13085 is right and the bones/antlers are ammonium carbonate, this should give you ammonium chloride and carbon dioxide. I could be missing something, that anon could be wrong, or you could be leaving out part of your procedure, but I'd double check if I were you. The same concept also applies if what you're using is calcium carbonate (think seashells, and I'm pretty sure human bones are calcium carbonate too). Also, hydrochloric acid is a stronger acid than acetic acid, so mixing NaCl with acetic acid will give you nothing (this is why sulfuric is used - it's stronger than HCl, so you get sodium sulphate plus hydrochloric acid - the stronger acid always displaces the weaker one and forms a salt, leaving the weaker one as the free acid). Moving on... >I've been trying to think of a method to produce food-grade HCl at home Don't make it. You can buy HCl at very high concentrations. HCl, at room temperature, is a gas, so you will purchase it as a solution in water. The maximum theoretical concentration is somewhere in the 30% range, and it turns out that "muriatic acid" at your local hardware store (used for cleaning concrete and shit) is just hydrochloric acid solution in water at a concentration of high 20's or low 30's of percents, obviously with specifics depending on brand and batch (safety note: due to the high concentration, the bottle will release HCl fumes every time you open it, so keep it away from your fucking eyes; also, don't store it near anything metal, because the fumes leak out slowly over time and cause corrosion). >but anon, concrete cleaner isn't food grade You're right, it's not. It will, at the very least, contain iron chloride as an impurity, hence the yellowish-greenish color that you'll notice. But here's the key: iron chloride, and any other impurities, are not gaseous. Dessicate the solution, liberating HCl gas, then bubble the gas through some distilled water. If you aren't very precise, it won't end up highly concentrated and if you aren't good at this, you'll probably lose some, but it's a great way of purifying it Dessicating the solution is easy. Basically, you're just going to dump some muriatic acid onto something that absorbs water. You want to do this carefully and slowly and preferably in a covered container, or you will get hurt. I would expect that dehydrated epsom salts work, as they are an effective dessicant for other purposes, but dry CaCl2 is more commonly used. You can also use concentrade H2SO4 (sulfuric/sulphuric acid). Unlike HCl, sulphuric acid is a liquid at RT, and really likes to absorb water. So if you just slowly drip aqueous HCl into relatively dry H2SO4, it'll suck all the water out and release gaseous HCl. You are, of course doing this in a covered container with a tube leading out the top, so the gas passes harmlessly into the tube, then down into a container of distilled water, dissolving in the water and giving you what you desire. >the only readily available source of sulfuric acid I can think of in the home is from a car battery First off, you can buy battery acid at the hardware store, separate from a battery. To concentrate this, boil til the fumes turn white. The internet can give you info on concentrating from there. But, there is, in many areas, a better source. Have you ever been to the hardware store and seen the drain cleaner (not toilet bowl cleaner, drain cleaner) that is a bottle inside a plastic bag with shitloads of warnings all over it? That's VERY highly concentrated H2SO4 (>90% - it will cause severe chemical burns, as well as severe heat bruns from rapidly dessicating your skin, so be fucking careful). It's often reasonably pure, but for use as a simple dessicant, the purity is irrelevant - it never touches your final product.
>>12962 >>13134 (2/2) A last tip, on finding information. There are a lot of amateur chemists out there. Sciencemadness can help a lot with this kind of stuff, and youtubers like NurdRage and NileRed (both also available on Odysee if you don't want to use YouTube) have videos that you might find very helpful. But if you're trying to be really underground, check out drug synth stuff. I don't mean some redneck making shake-and-bake meth. There are people who actually are really into chemistry and make drugs. Particularly, you want the people who make psychedelics (acid, 2C-B, etc.) and empathogens (ecstasy and the like) (they often make other things also, but your redneck shake-and-bake methhead isn't making acid, and your acid cook has much better ways of making meth) - whether you agree with them or not, the people who are really into those classes of drugs believe that they are very spiritual and help people, so they actually really care about making high-quality drugs, while also (due to 10-year mandatory minimum prison sentences for drug manufacturing in the US) having very strong incentives to avoid things like chemical suppliers, professional glassware, and other things as much as possible. This means that they often are producing their own reagents and their own setups from completely OTC materials while trying to get as close to "food grade" as possible. Case and point: https://www.erowid.org/archive/rhodium/chemistry/hcl-gas.html A detailed procedure for producing HCl gas with hardware store materials - just replace "solvent/amine solution" with "distilled water" because you're not precipitating meth/MDMA/2C-B/whatever hydrochloride, you are just dissolving the gas in water. I have used this procedure myself (in preparation for making exotic thermites, not drugs), and it works well. If the use of plastics concerns you, look up relevant chemical resistance charts. This procedure comes from an archive of a site called Rhodium, which was an archive of many different drug synthesis, as well as preparations of reagents (HCl, for example) and hardware setups, as well as other things. It was a sort of sister-site to The Hive, which was a drug synthesis forum shut down in 2004, but an archive exists of it on the same site as the Rhodium archive. This may draw attention from LE, so use protection, but you're not making drugs, so you should be fine. There are many other resources like this, but I've spoonfed you enough. Again, seek out amateur chemistry forums and youtube channels, and, where those fail, clandestine chemistry resources. Oh, and here is a review of different OTC methods of producing OTC HCl gas if your area is lacking in desirable drain cleaners: https://www.erowid.org/archive/rhodium/chemistry/hclgas.argox.html and a CaCl2 prep using a non-OTC setup, which should be trivial to modify in conjuction with the above information (but don't blame me if you fuck up): https://www.erowid.org/archive/rhodium/chemistry/equipment/calcium.hcl.generator.html DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anything you do with any of this information. Chemicals and chemistry are dangerous, people have died fucking around with some of these things, do it at your own risk. This concludes autism hour. Thank you for joining us.
>>9334 Ebay is a good place for used Kevlar from former zogbots, if you want new, it's not hard to find but you'll be 300+ dollars. If you're American anyway. If not, eBay for wherever you are may have some. But any helmet is better than no helmet, even a construction hard hat.
Open file (50.89 KB 1440x675 Sten_Gun_Featured.jpg)
Open file (136.19 KB 1280x849 m3-grease-gun1.jpg)
Which was better, the Sten or the Grease Gun?
>>9334 Botach sells current issue ACH helmets for around ~$300-350, though you can get fucked by their customer service if the items they have aren't actually in stock. Owners are also Jewish.
>>13315 The main weakness of the STEN is the magazine: it's a double-stack single-feed design, and it's also responsible for most stoppages. The ergonomics are also horrible, because it's based on a German design that had a nice wooden stock, which is obviously missing from the STEN. You are also not supposed to hold it by the magazine, because that can damage it, and yet it seems like a good idea for an untrained person due to the horrible ergonomics. In contrast, the M3 has a double-stack double-feed magazine which is inherently more reliable. It also has better ergonomics, because it was designed to be a cheap stamped gun from the ground-up, instead of an interwar design stripped of its wooden stock. We could argue about calibre, but the M3 was designed to be easily converted to 9mm Parabellum (even if they never mass-produced the conversion kits). So the M3 is easily superior, but you should compare it to the Sterling and the Owen SMGs, simply because those too were designed to be simple and cheap stamped guns from the beginning.
How is occupying an enemy city supposed to work in this day and age? What I mean is that modern armies are simply small, and wasting them as police force is not really an option. Yet all those enemy civilians can cause problems if you just keep a motorized battalion in a city of tens of thousands of people. And it's even worse if that battalion has to move out and now you have all those civilians behind your frontline. So, what is the solution? Quickly sweep the city for enemy forces, disarm the police, and tell the mayor that for the next few days there is a curfew and anyone who breaks it is dealt with as a potential enemy combatant? Do you tell the civilians to leave their homes because they are in a combat zone? The best solution might be to cause mass panic so that they go away on their own, but then they will jam up the roads and potentially slow down your advance. Just how should I imagine any of this?
>>13464 Propaganda. If they don't know they're occupied by an enemy force, then your opposition movement can't mobilize their civilians.
Open file (25.95 KB 1176x142 edgy.png)
>>13474 We are speaking about a conventional war here, the kind where the countryside is littered with burned-out columns of vehicles, and the eventual goal is to conquer new territory and hopefully expel the current population.
>>13464 While modern armies are bretty small, most countries do still have some kind of significant paramilitary/home defense type of formations, these would be the units who would do the occupation.
What is the primary reason for banning airsoft replicas? I assume there are a variety of reasons, but which is the chiefest? >hinders discrete training/weapon handling? >destroys gun culture in the youth? >prevents realistic looking guns from being used in robberies >?
>>13598 All those , and throw in the fear of people who can accept that it's just another tool, one especially suited to removing tyranny.
>>13598 >>destroys gun culture in the youth? This one. They have no intentions of pulling a full on Auscunt tier gun grab in our lifetimes, this is a long game that is being played on a generational level. With the current adult generations they have them cowed enough with optics faggotry and toothless saber rattling from fat cuckolds with expensive range toys to the point where they can push for lighter gun control measures and then just wait for us to die off and push a little bit more later on until owning guns becomes way too expensive and requires too many hoops to jump through for the average burgernigger to even own a single shot .22. This is how they've been playing the gun control game ever since the first laws that shit on the second amendment were introduced and ratified. Yeah occasionally they have setbacks, but they've never lost a significant amount of ground in their never ending campaign against guns. Barring some genuine pushback where the elite start getting ganked the only realistic option in the foreseeable future will be to disregard the law and manufacture your own weapons and ammo, but pointing this out makes you a glownigger niggerpiller. I'm not hopeless about it like niggerpill though, kikes and their stooges always overplay their hands at some point and get kicked straight in the balls for it, I just hope I live to see it happen.
>>13601 >one especially suited to removing tyranny. This. The writings of the Founding Fathers made it amply that this and this alone was the purpose behind the 2nd Amendment. It wasn't for hunting Tom Turkey or Bill Buck -- useful as that is. It wasn't even for self- or home-defense against the odd Red-nigger or scurrilous lout (again, useful as it was at that). Plain and simple >"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." is about stomping anything that would threaten the security of a free state -- AKA, tyranny -- with violent force, as necessary. No soldier really looks forward to the prospect of war (presuming they aren't a fool) but a man has to do his duty at times, and in due measure. The globalists don't have the entire world by the balls just yet. I suspect this will become amply evident over this decade, all around the world.
>>13598 >What is the primary reason for banning airsoft replicas? When did this happen?
>>13616 It hasn't yet (at least not nationwide because my area still has stores that sell realistic looking airsoft), but we're quickly heading in that direction.
>>13627 >heading that direction. Are you in the US? If so, I'd like to hear your reasoning. Straya did ban it a little while ago, though. Because apparently they scurred.
>>13647 >I'd like to hear your reasoning Every level of government outside of specific local county governments is hellbent on cucking. Some of them pretend to care but will readily bend over for "common sense" laws or at the very least continue enforcing already cucked laws while pretending that not cucking further is a saintly act (that whole second amendment sanctuary thing being good example of the latter). It'll probably just happen a little more slowly than it did in Australia because we still have the chest drumming all bark but no bite "muh three puhcent molon labe sick tyrannosaurus" retards that fewer and fewer lawmakers give a fuck about lately.
Is it viable it to do all the maintenance for a compound crossbow yourself, or is this only practical with recurves?
>>13616 Canada https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/u-s-airsoft-pros-fear-canadas-looming-ban-will-impact-entire-sport >>13648 >Every level of government outside of specific local county governments is hellbent on cucking They all cuck if the purse strings are pulled. Fed and State grants make local municipalities beholden to their whims. I'm in a rural county in a supposedly red state. My local emergency services, to include LE, can only achieve fiscal solvency through outside money - (((by design))). It's actually worse than that because public utilities, schools, courts, et al are in the same boat.
>>13613 >It wasn't even for self- or home-defense against the odd Red-nigger or scurrilous lout (again, useful as it was at that). When I proselytize to normans about the virtues of the 2A I frame it as a defense against tyranny at the micro and macro level. >micro level tyranny = Tyrone torching your business, or assaulting your family at a blocked intersection >macro level tyranny = gov't loading undesirables onto trains In reality the lines get blurred because their are macro-tyrannical top-down policies and sentiments that encourage Tyrone to commit micro-tyranny against you - I mean we're in a years-long blitz of pro-BLM institutional and cultural changes spawned from the highest levels of gov't and corporations.
>>13707 What maintenance do you even need to do for crossbows past waxing/replacing the strings and greasing the trigger mechanism.
I recently came into possession of a Stevens model 67e 12 gauge. I bought the weapon for around 100 dollars after I traded away a single shot 12 gauge I didn't want anymore. Does /k/ have any experience with this weapon? Image related is what the weapon looks like but that particular gun is not mine. It's just an image I found on the internet as an example.
>>13719 Fair enough. I have no reason to disputes either of these postions on the matter. One thing's patently obvious: It's foreigners, not European-descent Americans, trying to remove the right to bear arms in the US. To wit, the current so-called US 'Administration' could hardly be a more obvious move by (((foreign))) interests to install a Bolshevik regime over the US. I have little doubt their macro-tyranny will target Whites first, as we're the ones who represent the largest threat to their un-Constitutional, illegal schemes.
>>13864 The internals tend to be fragile on them. Hard use will absolutely fuck them, serviceable for anything else though. Treat it like a 70's era Model 94 with its pot metal receiver.
>>13874 Could I buy replacement parts for it? Also, would it be a bad idea to go hunting with it? I like the shotgun because I got it for a good price and It has that Mossburg 500 safety that i really like. It's easy to operate with large gloves on. Also, on a largely unrelated topic to my question, has anyone tried the quadstack 60 round AK mags? Some company called AC unity makes them.
>>13885 There is still parts out there for them the last I bothered to look. Like I said hard use will kill it, you blasting nigger chickens on a weekend is fairly light use.
Was PK mg based off RP-46?
>>13923 No, if anything the PK is a belt-fed, striker-fired, upside-down AK that fires from the open bolt. https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=FT_NrljbCt8
Open file (98.92 KB 387x545 Selection_284.png)
>Stronk, independynt General token >No Whites Allowed!111 >Oh noes, why are we losing!?111 Since the US military branches are being blackwashed and woke, how long can it really be now until the US is overrun by enemy forces? Both at home and abroad, we are becoming a military filled with ever more buffoonsbaboons. >tl;dr What could possibly go wrong with Bolshevik-in-chief's woke military moves?
>>13928 Pretty long, because assembling an army to invade and a fleet to carry it over is quite a big task, and that is assuming that no nukes are involved. Balkanization with lots of foreign agents is a lot more likely.
Open file (1.67 MB 1998x4609 bidenZOGjews.jpg)
>>13928 >how long can it really be now until the US is overrun by enemy forces? Fucking what? What are you talking about? Most smart people know the USA has literally been ran by enemy forces since forever jews openly run your banks, media, and now government. But back then they used more free-masons and other shabbos goyim and it wasn't as super obvious as it is today pic related.
>>13930 >Fucking what? What are you talking about? Do you have reading comprehension issues friend? The question wasn't about business-as-usual US military political manipulations. It's about the blackening (and the commensurate loss of IQ and competence) as it relates to hot military operations. And the 'overrun by enemy forces' I speak of is the blood-and-guts-heads-blown-off-body-parts-strewn-across-the-ground type, not kikes pulling puppet strings of politicians.
>>13929 >Balkanization with lots of foreign agents is a lot more likely. Hmm yes. And frankly, that's most likely the best outcome at this stage as well. I think we will likely see a metric shitton of US military operational failures during this alleged 'Administration' foreign policy manipulations and interventions. Quite honestly If I were a White in the US services today, I would get out immediately. It's going to be a regular disaster.
>>13931 >I speak of is the blood-and-guts-heads-blown-off-body-parts-strewn-across-the-ground type, not kikes pulling puppet strings of politicians. That's old Clausowitz bullshit based on "moral" and "honor" which existed in civilized white society of his days, he had no idea of the asiatic and semitic ways or war. But in reality both tactics we mentioned are warfare, jews running America is just like say hostile enemy subversive agents from israel disguisting and infiltrating to get in power of your government by targeting vital institutions like the Federal reserve and Media, without firing a shot. Bombs or not it's still warfare and it may just be as effective or even more effective than bombs.
Open file (41.57 KB 800x450 mfw.jpeg)
>>13933 Tell us about all the enemy heads you've personally blown off, oh sage of military might and wisdom. I personally doubt you've ever even picked up a weapon heavier than a book.
Open file (11.47 KB 209x168 332.jpg)
>>13934 Yes why I am indeed a learned sage how could you tell my jarhead friend.
>>13932 If I was white I would get out of the country full stop and find somewhere that is too run down to be inoculated by American media.
A dude I work with is a prohibited person - Good guy, not a shitbird. He wants a firearm and 80 percents were mentioned. My question is how much advice can I render without being criminally culpable? I know I can't help him build it out or gift him ammo. What's the line? If he was a really close friend I'd just give him one, but he's just a work buddy
>>14000 Hello Mr. ATF, information isn't illegal. Directing someone to where you could find information publicly available is not illegal either.
>>7348 I'd think I'd just stick with what you have and stock up on ammo. That's what I'm doing and I basically only have fudd guns. Even seriously considering getting a bunch of birdshot shells and making wax slugs lol out of them lol
>>14000 I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you're not a fed nigger. How and why is he a prohibited person? If it's a felony he had years ago and he hasn't done anything illegal since then, he might be able to get his felony removed from his criminal record. If he's a prohibited person because of a mental disorder, well I really don't know what you could do then. If you could tell us what kind of felony he committed then maybe we might be able to tell you how you could help him. images unrelated.
>>14006 he bought his kid brother some booze to drink out in the woods with friends. a group of them left the party and were in a fatal car crash. I don't know what exactly the charge was, but he got a felony conviction for supplying it. As far as my original question, I just don't want to catch a conspiracy charge if I talk shop with the guy or point him to parts listings.
>>8321 As the other anon said, poison/traps would be the most effect At least indoor I've found glue traps very effective but if you're also looking for some sport you have some options. 1) Shine so light behind and away from them, and try to shoot them based on their silhouette/shadows. 2) Try to jerry rig some NVGs with an IRL light (TV remotes, security cameras, etc have them) and just some digital camera to look through. 3) The night time machine gunner route (probably best with a semi-auto .22) Pre dial the gun (basically bench zero it for a target with support) for various positions you think the rats will be (and were you would hear them) during the day and then at night when your hear one there, put the gun in the position for it and unload on them.
>>14008 Fair enough. I would actually advise you to help him look into getting his felony charge removed from his criminal record. as long as he has not been in trouble recently, that should be doable for him. You'll probably have to speak to a lawyer and it's going to take some time but I think it's worth it. The state you live in will depend on how hard it is to get it removed. anyways, i wish you luck going that route as opposed to helping him obtain a firearm. Fed niggers love it when largely innocent people violate their Jewish rules.
Open file (148.41 KB 591x341 based grandma.jpg)
>>14010 I meant to add these images but they didn't post properly.
>>10431 >wired <detectable? no. Wireless would be, but the hooligans would have to capture it from multiple locations to triangulate where it came from. If you're not already v& you probably don't need to worry about it even if the neighborhood get's much worse
https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=djB9oK6pkbA >>10431 >the Russians scanned EF "hotspots" then blasted them to hell. >>10580 >the Russians were hitting them within minutes I've seen that presentation by the literally glows-bright-as-the-sun (((Dr.Phillip Karber))). He's stuck in the cold war and wants to restart it, however even his BS is based in reality: The Soviets had EW vehicles based on trucks, the BTR-70/80 vehicles and even on the MT-LB or the GM-series chassis. In each case, the systems could log, track, and triangulate RF transmissions longer than about 30 seconds. This was in the 1980's or so. They could track flights of F-15/16/18s even if they had their radars off by simply plotting the radar altimeter and Link-16 networking emissions, as well as GPS pings later on. I'm pretty certain the same could be done to track the F-117, F-22, and F-32, and maybe even the B-2, if you had good enough equipment. Notice however that even Karber specifically mentions that EM nodes were targeted - that means command posts and such. To avoid that, don't transmit from your CP, use written orders and distribute them using messengers. If you base your setup on auftragstaktik you shouldn't need too much RF transmission from your CPs anyhow. Also, as others have said, don't sit still while transmitting, and if transmitting on the move, change direction immediately after the transmission ends. You can also have any CP radio remoted from it's antennas and have it also be remoted from the CP via a landline (preferably one that has been buried). However, by this point, you're looking at theatre conventional war levels of action, and you can yourself disrupt hostile EM with something as simple as mass-manufactured spark-gap jammers.
>>11436 Where did you find that? And how much are they?
Since fortifications and such are /k/ related I'll ask this here. Does anyone have any good schematics for the construction of Japanese castles? I cand find examples for Japanese houses but I've not been able to find much in the way of castle blueprints at all and those that I have found haven't been particularly clear or in a good resolution.
>>14030 >nippon castles. I have books written in chinese on the design architecture of the chinese Han/Tang dynasty buildings they are built off of if that intrests you. No castles but general layout, woodwork, construction schematics.
>>14041 >I have books written in chinese on the design architecture of the chinese Han/Tang dynasty buildings they are built off of if that intrests you. It does. It sounds like a good start anyway.
Anybody got that one graphic for buying cheap guns?
Open file (212.67 KB 1080x1440 3.jpg)
Open file (186.11 KB 1080x1440 2.jpg)
>connection failed >connection failed >flood detected Post(1/3) fuck you cafe for not allowing so many images due to connection failed >>14030 >schematics I'm away from a scanner so this shit will have to do. I'll run through what these are in a bit but first there are some academic sources in english you may be interested in. No idea of the quality of these works since they are pretty obscure shit. Murphy, H.K. 'Chinese' Archiecture in China. H.F McNair. University of California Press Berkeley, Los Angeles 1946. Gin-Djih Su. Chinese Architecture, Past and Contemporary, Hong Kong 1964 Joseph Needham. Science & Civilization in China Vol IV:3. Cambridge university press, 1971. I'll leave any explainations out of greentext. Green text number = picture number Sorry for rough translations >1 Different connecting truss methods for horizontal roofing >2 Song dynasty book 'Work on Military Precision" diagram. 1/2-Battle (position) dividers face, 3. "Horse face" (Internal rampart tower), 4.Female sections (face toward enemies), 5. External gate rampart (doesn't trans well), 6. ricetto 7. moat >3 Drawing from late Qing dynasty book "Preparations for stabilizing (foundation and walls)". Pic shown is the construction of a city wall >4 Two pictures relate to design of floors and walls.
>>14117 >>14116 >>14115 Ok we'll have to wait until the cafe isn't being retarded and nuking me with mutiposts and corrupted images.
G'day fellow autists, planning on making my own submachine gun and ammo and wanted to use an old .30 rifle barrel some of which I just happen to have lying around. Whole thing's nothing supposed to be fancy, I know stopping power shouldn't be great, but it's more of a fun project. So my question is generally is an SMG in a 0.30ish caliber a bad idea? Russians had a lot of stuff in 7.62x25 but it seems they abandoned that mostly
>>14167 They abandoned that cartridge in favour of 7.62x39mm, because the AK was meant to be a direct upgrade for their grunts armed with SMGs. Realistically speaking 7.62x25mm is your best bet if you want to use those barrels, assuming that this is the same 7.62 calibre and there is nothing weird going on.
>>14170 Nah, it's not the same caliber but I basically could make the chamber anything I want. In general though I'm a bit concerned whether under-/over-rifling might become an issue. I don't really care that much for accuracy but I'd like to hit the stumps in my backyard.
Hey chinkanon, what are the Chinese translations for ammunition components such as the primer, propellant, projectile, and casing?
>>14171 Honestly, if its a brrrt machine I wouldn't worry too much about it provided your blowback bits are beefy enough.
Where does the US stand in regards to the current antagonism between the EU and UK?
>>14186 I don't know that we have any real policy opinion on it.
>>14186 >the US Just in case you missed the memo Strelok, there is no unified US any longer. The recent election process re-elected Donald Trump as POTUS (clearly), but """TPTB""" installed a puppet for their Bolshevik plans against traditional, White US culture. Obviously, this scheme was begun by Commies decades ago (1965 & LBJ to be specific), but it has now come to fruition for them. The best likely outcome we can hope for here now is an honest Civil War 2.0, and Balkanization. Otherwise, we are headed towards Brazil 2.0 & Venezuelan austerity to go with it. >tl;dr There is no 'US' any longer mate.
>>14190 >we are headed towards Brazil 2.0 & Venezuelan austerity to go with it. By far the most likely scenario
>>14191 All because faggots didn't do anything about it other than complain.
>ctrl+f 'GreenScreenGate' >no results This is obviously intentional. What's their game? Surely the niggers surrounding the Banana-Republic's Usurper-in-Chief aren't really that retarded?
Open file (7.44 KB 259x194 origin of zergface.jpg)
>>14179 >pic unrelated This first section are the layman's (civilians with no firearm interests and slang terms, some are used officially). >bullet (or, ball ) 子弹 (lit. Seed quiver) >ammunition 弹药 ("Quiver medicine) >cartridge 药筒 (or 弹壳 for "bullet casing") >primer 底火 (Lit. Bottom fire ) >propellant 发射药 (lit. shooting medicine) Musket >鸟枪 (bird gun) Rifled musket > 线膛铳 (stringed bore blunderbuss- This one really, really translates badly) Rifle (modern) >来复枪/线膛枪 ( lai-fu gun (transliteration/ stringed bore gun) Smokeless firepowered >无烟火药 (Without smoke fire medicine) Black powder >黑火药 (Black fire medicine) I got fucking tired of switching between IME so here's the rest. These are more "technical". More technical stuff: 前膛步枪(muzzle-loading rifle) 火绳枪(matchlock) 簧轮枪(wheellock) 燧发枪(flintlock) 雷管枪(caplock) 后膛步枪(breech-loading rifle) 单发步枪(single-shot rifle) 单管(single-barrel) 折管步枪(break action rifle) 闩锁步枪(breechblock rifle) 下落闭锁式(falling block) 滚轮闭锁式(rolling block) 翻动闭锁式(hinge block) 倾斜闭锁式(tilting block) 皮博迪式步枪(Peabody rifle) 螺丝闭锁式(screwed block), 弗格森式步枪(Ferguson rifle) 多管(multi-barrel) 双管步枪(double-barrel rifle) 复合枪(combination gun) 连发步枪(repeating rifle) 手动连发步枪(manual repeating rifle) 转轮步枪(revolver rifle) 杆动步枪(lever action rifle 泵动步枪(pump action rifle) 栓动步枪(bolt action rifle) 旋转后拉式(turn bolt) 毛瑟(Mauser) 李-恩菲尔德Lee-Enfield) 和莫辛-纳甘(Mosin-Nagant) 直拉式(straight pull) 栓放式步枪(bolt-release rifle) 称柄放式步枪(lever-release rifle) 自动装填步枪(self-loading rifle, w) 半自动步枪(semi-automatic rifle) 前冲式(blow-forward) 反冲式(blowback) 后座操作(recoil operation) 气动操作(gas operation) 自动步枪(automatic rifle) 选射步枪(selective fire rifle) 定装弹药(cartridge) 纸壳弹(paper cartridge) 金属壳弹(metallic cartridge) 针式底火(pinfire) 杯式底火(cupfire) 唇式底火(lipfire) 乳头式底火(teatfire) 凸缘底火(rimfire) 中心底火(centerfire) 飞镖弹(flechette) 无壳弹(caseless ammunition) 前冲式(blow-forward) 反冲式(blowback) 后座操作(recoil operation) 气动操作(gas operation) 战斗步枪(battle rifle) 卡宾枪(carbine) 侦查步枪(scout rifle)-- This is like a remington 700 but no mag/clip. One shot and reload. 个人防卫武器(personal defense weapon), colloquial “冲锋卡宾枪”(submachine gun) 突击步枪(assault rifle) 精确射手步枪(designated marksman rifle) 狙击步枪(sniper rifle) 反坦克步枪(anti-tank rifle) 反器材步槍(anti-material rifle)
>>14195 That's really detailed, thanks for the help. Is the term for primer only a colloquialism or is the actual technical term some dumb shit like "fire hot spicy medicine rock sulphuric bottom side hammer hit"?
>>14192 Moreso because the elite is all on the same side, it's in the best interest of anyone with a modicum of power for the status quo to remain. >>14193 The hand in the actual video didn't look that sharp by what i remember, i think the mics are actually below his hands, the hairs of the mics and the angle making it seem as if the hand was super imposed, otherwise is too big an editing mistake, that wouldn't make any sense.
>>14179 It's a technical term.
>>14197 >otherwise is too big an editing mistake, that wouldn't make any sense. Exactly my point. Don't let me sway you, judge for yourself. >hassciencegonetoofar.mp4 We report. You decide.
What are the things to look for in a quality long gun safe?
>>14204 Being fire resistant/proof. Also having hook ups for lights and a goldenrod is a bonus. Goes without saying but you want something that locks up like a proper safe instead of a locker style lock up.
Open file (205.73 KB 1024x768 919515744_a79e79ede7_b.jpg)
>>14115 >>14116 >>14118 Is the site stable enough to try to repost these?
How do you extract PCT ammunition if you have a conventional (ie. non-floating) chamber design?
>>14216 If there was an easy solution, then many people actively engaging with this subject would go for it. You can't have an extractor groove with those plastic cases, therefore you have to move the whole case as one, and you need to move the chamber for that, even if you come up with some alternative that is closer to a conventional gun. E.g. you could have the chamber as part of the barrel (like on a normal gun), and for reloading they move forward towards a fixed rod that goes into the chamber and so you are effectively pulling off the chamber from the case, similarly to a long-recoil gun.
>>14217 Would a little steel band around the base be enough for the extractor or does extraction fail due to the tensile strength?
>>14225 There is already a similar case: just take a traditional metallic case, keep the base for the primer and the extractor grove, but replace the wall with a plastic material. This works just like a normal case (or at least supposed to, there were quite a lot of failures with early models), therefore it's not telescopic. One of the new cartridges currently being looked at by the US Army is just like this. I'd post pictures, but I am currently cursed to be a phoneposter.
>>14227 It's not the one in the program, but it's the same concept.
Open file (153.64 KB 700x980 Colt_Christmas_gift.jpg)
If I wanted a revolver and a lever gun to play cowboy on the range, should I go for .357 Magnum or .45 Long Colt? Also, is Uberti any good?
>>14274 I'd go for the .357 only because factory .45lc loads are sort of whimpy due to older guns and their repros on the market. if you do handhold, you can make some absolutely nasty 45lc loads, though I'd only use those in a lever gun and a ruger set up for +P. In regards to uberti, they're alright for the price point.
>>14274 45 LC is expansive as hell now. I would actually suggest getting a 22/22 mag lever gun and revolver for practice and getting a hang of the guns. Uberti is a good low/mid range option
Open file (4.62 MB 2550x3501 5.png)
Open file (4.92 MB 2550x3501 1.png)
Open file (4.79 MB 2550x3501 2.png)
Open file (4.77 MB 2550x3501 3.png)
Open file (4.52 MB 2550x3501 4.png)
>>14196 technical term is usually something that is completely indecipherable in english in the sciences. Since primers are a chemistry thing they don't often make since in a direct translation (This one kinda does but thats a 3 page explaination) >>14208 Post 1/3 >repost. I got them scanned at a better res and added a few more. Images 2 and 3 are in english and are best for an introductory first overview. >page 1. Stargazing pavilion (and the basis for most defensive structures in China, it's a modified watchtower) >page 2&3 are self explaintory >page 4 is a cross section of a truss and how to assemble. >page 5 is a truss and pillar and their labels (I'm not translating those names since 90% of them can't translate well)
Open file (4.67 MB 2550x3501 10.png)
Open file (4.57 MB 2550x3501 6.png)
Open file (5.09 MB 2550x3501 7.png)
Open file (4.42 MB 2550x3501 8.png)
Open file (4.64 MB 2550x3501 9.png)
>>14282 >post 2/3 >page 6 Song dynasty book 'Work on Military Precision" diagram. 1/2-Battle (position) dividers face, 3. "Horse face" (Internal rampart tower), 4.Female sections (face toward enemies), 5. External gate rampart (doesn't trans well), 6. ricetto 7. moat >7 Drawing from late Qing dynasty book "Preparations for stabilizing (foundation and walls)". Pic shown is the construction of a city wall >8 Dimensional cross section schematics of a section of the Badaling great wall near Beijing. measurements in meters and centermeters >9 Different connecting truss methods for horizontal roofing >Layout of tang era Chang'an (capital) and likely inspiration for cities in Japan and china
Open file (4.49 MB 2550x3501 11.png)
Open file (4.33 MB 2550x3501 12.png)
Open file (4.62 MB 2550x3501 13.png)
Open file (4.53 MB 2550x3501 14.png)
>>14284 post 3/3 >11 City layout for most towns in China, with corresponding philosophy (in chinese). >12 Pic on top shows different types of arrangements for structures, left to right are: Residence, judge (Magistrate's office), tomb, martial (war) office, administrative office, Taoist temple, palace >13 Picture at top is layout of a siheyuan house and names of areas >14 bottom pictures are alternate siheyuan house layouts.
Open file (3.35 MB 1280x720 _-nirc1e.mp4)
>>14197 There was a pic, from I belive the NYT or WaPo from Biden's right, reporter's left. With his hand being between the camera and the microphone (being over the micophone again) from an extreme angle, it wouldn't be possible from both. There's also another pic from Bidens left looking more towards the reporters and in that one you can also see his hand isn't between the microphone and the reporters. (To lazy to get the OG sauce) https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/m75e1y/for_anyone_claiming_the_biden_green_screen_is/
Open file (1.68 MB 1295x732 Capture.PNG)
Open file (1.31 MB 1311x730 Capture2.PNG)
>>14323 I think it fits, sure it looks weird but i think both angles show that his hands are between the microphones and the camera, in one angle is one in the other is another. Nowadays with editing software and AI deepfakes there's plenty of reasons to question what we see, but i think this time it's just an illusion, or maybe it's on purpose to keep people paranoid.>>14323 >>14323
>>14323 >>14335 It's obviously a botched diversity-hire greenscreen job. I have been trained in compositing work in the film industry, and I can tell you this is pajeet-tier comedy. Here's a clip. >>14199
Open file (513.37 KB 410x302 1.png)
Pros and cons for 9mm over 45acp and vice versa?
Open file (93.75 KB 400x399 Elite NEET.JPG)
>>14469 name fag get out
>>14469 Point it at your head and see which one oit of 9mm and 45 acp does the most damage faggot
They're both 100-year-old calibers, aren't they?
>>14491 No. One is a 120 year-old cartridge,
Should I make a alternative history thread.
>>14514 We already have two, so you should ask yourself if we need a third one.
.45 ACP has bigger tits.
9mm is a pussy round for cheap cowards. .45 acp is a good round if you are reloading for it to +p velocities and have big hands to grip the massive double-stacked magazines. Otherwise you will want to use either a 357 magnum, a 10mm, or a 357 Sig. If you can't handle those, you shouldn't be allowed to own a gun tbh.
>>14551 .45WM or fuck off.
Is it a viable strategy for national defense to have civilians own shoulder mounted rocket launchers? Like the ones that are capable to taking out a plane or maybe helicopters. I like the idea because let's say an invading army comes in and they are constantly having their planes getting shot out of the sky from seemingly random places because Joe Blow on who lives 8 houses down on Gensokyo street has a Stinger in his shed. My biggest concern is that someone might get a really bad idea like shooting down a commercial air liner, which would sour relations with other countries had their citizens been on present on that said plane.
Open file (1.30 MB 1094x618 The_Last_Good_G-Man.png)
>>14556 >Is it a viable strategy for national defense to have civilians own shoulder mounted rocket launchers? Sure seemed to work out OK for the Al-Qaeda during the Soviet invasions. The only question now is where will you obtain such toys? The glowniggers who 'conveniently' supplied them to the sandniggers back then, have all actually turned against their own people and their own national heritage today. G. Gordon Liddy was the last of the great G-Men Strelok. There are no more heroes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UShkD4BYYBg We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. Bolsheviks have now usurped the West.
Open file (46.27 KB 1178x216 k - SAM 2.png)
Open file (117.81 KB 1175x451 k - SAM.png)
>>14556 I dunno, they seem to be nice to have.
Open file (146.33 KB 635x1650 1517788864.jpeg)
I've been compiling a list of AR manufacturers to compare qualitywise via word of mouth & would like to learn more about where to put my wallet next time I do a build/complete rifle. Gold-Standard >Bravo Company Manufacturing The most commonly recommended company to buy a complete rifle/parts from because of their huge commitment to quality control & decent prices compared to other high-end manufacturers >Lewis Machine & Tool Most famous thing I heard from them was having a redesigned BCG that is optimized for people generally running carbine length or shorter systems alongside being contracted for the Kiwis new rifle system, one anon warned me though that they sometimes outsourced certain parts for MiM manufacturing to companies with looser QC tolerances. >Daniel Defense Mostly heard about their cold hammer forged barrels being absolute monsters in round counts short of an HK or Noveske but also some decent designs like their MK18 uppers. >FN Herstal Our current contractor for our rifles, their barrels are also cold hammer forged but within more of a flexible price point like BCM/Colt compared to DD/Noveske. Commonly repeated is that some of their barrels are also sold to PSA rebranded as a PSA premium but I'm wondering if those were either barrels that didn't meet certain tolerances or are actual standard barrels >Hodge Defense Usually hear of them as the Creme de la Creme for ARs since their QC is pretty damn immaculate that goes beyond DD/BCM. >Forward Controls Design I checked out their parts catalog and most of it points towards improvements in ergonomics or in simplistic design changes that don't require proprietary parts and that they also collaborate with Hodge Defense & VLTOR. >VLTOR Known for their A5 Buffer System that brings a rifle-length buffer performance into a slightly larger carbine package that is a massive improvement for people running carbines/SBRs as well. >Noveske Personally, the price tag of their rifles are a huge bummer for me but I generally hear their barrels are a cut above the rest in terms of accuracy & durability that they compete with Hodge Defense for the top spot. >Sons of Liberty Gunworks Besides providing quality parts at BCM prices as well, the owner, Mike, is really proactive in customer outreach alongside releasing several informative videos of why they do things certain ways, use parts from certain manufacturers, etc. Mid-Tier These guys are generally gonna be more intended for people who have a decent budget looking for rifles with features accessible but certainly not the best of the best. >Aero Precision What I hear of them is that they make good AR parts for price points shorter of BCM but still somewhat flexible. >Colt Their 6920s are their civilian bread & butter outside of re-releases of the Anaconda in that some people have said that most ARs try to compare their quality vs it as the gold-standard before BCM. >Ballistic Advantage Known for their Hanson profile barrels & being originally founded by Spurdo Sparde, they make nice & decently-priced accurate barrels. Some of the employee reviews I've been reading on them however, speak of the usual Upper Management vs Lower troubles that I worry could be affecting their QC besides the pandemic or if the acquisition by Aero Precision also affected them as well. >Palmetto State Armory A manufacturer that has grown in size from all the sales it brings by providing budget AR parts, that it is now providing a decently built American AK outside of Arsenal or Russian VEPRs. Usually I hear their parts are fine for someone who intends to do light shooting like at a controlled range with time to relax, but fail abysmally the moment it meets a carbine class with a high rd. count training regime. King of the Porcelain Throne Tier Avoid these companies for absolutely abysmal QC, "works 60% of the time for me", or is just dead. >Anderson Manufacturing Horror stories of incorrect-sized ports, pinholes, and I remembered seeing an image of a stack of 3 Anderson lowers all with improperly-made magazine wells. >DPMS Personal anecdote, bought an LPK from them for my 1st build & the trigger feels gritty, hammer lost its phosphate coating after 150 rds, and the endplate looks like a cast-iron skillet was used in place. >Strike Industries Supposedly a good chunk of their parts are Chinesium and really only bought because of their offerings for anodized color schemes. That's all I got but I would love to hear more from you guys & also reconsider any of my options as well since I do want to invest in a good rifle.
>>14650 I'd add CMMG and Windham Weaponry to mid-tier. Strike Industries is really hit or miss with their stuff- a lot of their accessories are actually pretty good, such as their muzzle brakes and aluminum hand stops, but getting stuff such as actual free float rails might cause you trouble
>>14650 >mega arms is gone forever
>>14651 CMMG I forgot to add but I do appreciate them for color-coding their LPK packets, the new radial-delayed blowback system, & I do want to try that 22LR system they designed as a complete BCG set. For Windham Wyndham? Weaponry, all I heard was that the old Bushmaster team responsible for delivering a decent AR moved into that company so I could use more info. >>14652 I got you fam, ZEV technologies just recently announced that they brought back Mega Arms with some of their lowers & uppers for sale.
>>14680 Windham is just a completely standard AR manufacturer that QCs their shit and has cool dissipator uppers. They are the remnants of old Bushmaster. Pricing is decent. Being boring as shit is a lot better than being jank. Also add Spike's Tactical to okay tier.
>>14681 Gotcha, and all I know for Spike's were those meme lower receivers, but usually people say their comparable to Aero in terms of quality & price.

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