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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (360.86 KB 1600x1318 Azerbaijan.jpg)
Open file (42.45 KB 1100x619 BB19t4A8.jpg)
WAR IN THE CAUCUS REGION Strelok 09/27/2020 (Sun) 19:42:40 No.6332
i'm curious to see how other streloks think this'll turn out. how many troops are each side likely able to mobilize and what are their overall capabilities? is there any information on what their training looks like? https://archive.is/E9VaA >Turkey Criticises Armenia After Clashes With Azerbaijan, Supports Baku https://archive.is/J4u9H >UPDATE 5-At least 16 dead in clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan https://archive.is/DvN1b >Armenia-Azerbaijan clashes kill at least 16, undermine regional stability
how many ethnic cleansing incidents did they order?
Open file (7.43 MB 1280x720 9pYo9erIgi38vU3-.mp4)
Open file (193.78 KB 798x1120 Ei7MahbXgAA6wXy.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (32.89 KB 398x314 Ei7Mbm7XkAEGhHe.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (4.77 MB 1280x720 TP17mWxhVzjS5hQ3.mp4)
Transferring from /100rads/: https://archive.is/GvC3F https://archive.is/g0MrW https://archive.is/Ekjxh >Heavy fighting between Azeri and Armenian forces along the Nagorno-Karabakh frontline. Armenian MoD footage shows Azeri tanks burning. >More footage of what looks like a deadly morning for Azeri forces. Several T-72 getting destroyed >And here comes the Azeri army, destroying multiple Armenian mobile radar installation with what looks like Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones, blinding the enemy. Each of the field radars has a much higher military value than the T-72 cannon fodder tanks >Armenia confirms 16 KIA and more than 100 WIA among its troops. - MoD in Yerevan >Armenia shows the destruction of what looks like Azeri BTR-60 and Ural trucks. >And Azerbaijan shows the destruction of a covered Armenian vehicle in a fighting position as well as an abandoned convoy of BMP-1 or 2. https://archive.is/9Y6Yl
As I said in the offtopic thread, I don't think Armenia has a chance. Officially they fired the first shot by international standards, so neutral countries can't get involved. Azerbaijan by themselves can't win, but unless they capitulate to the EU, they can pull in as many allies as they want without repercussions. Armenia's best hope is a war of attrition to force European involvement in negotiations, and even then they'll probably lose land. Keep in mind Azerbaijan is treating this as a "retaliatory strike" at the moment.
>>6339 Russian mercs? And what is Georgia's position on the whole affair?
>Kim Kardashian: Call upon Baku to cease all offensive uses of force, cut off all US military aid to Azerbaijan being used against Armenians & warn Turkey to stop sending arms & fighters to Baku https://archive.is/JWKbB
>>6342 I want Kanye to win the election so ww3 can finally start
Not sure what the state of their militaries are these days, but don't the Armenians usually win these spats?
>>6344 >>6342 https://nitter.net/TyrannosurusRex/status/1310321596503121920#m Armenians have no chance, imo. Azeris can pull in Turkey if need be. Not sure about the size of their militaries however.
>>6340 >Russian mercs? They got curb stomped last Autumn in a strike on a US military base in one of the goat fucker regions. Like Russians left them to rot without telling them levels of got curb stomped. With the theaters they're contractually obligated to stay on, I can't see them rocking the boat helping the Armenians. Especially since they have little to gain from that arrangement financially. >And what is Georgia's position on the whole affair? In public they're saying they want the two to get along, but in private they're basically only meeting with Azerbaijani figureheads.
>>6345 >Azeris can pull in Turkey if need be. Is there any chance that Armenia could pull any of the anti-Turk countries or other groups into the conflict and cause an East Mediterranean version of WWI? The Turks have many enemies after all.
>>6356 The casus belli for the hit on Armenia was a strike Armenia launched a couple months ago IIRC. Even if anti-Turk countries wanted to get involved, their handlers wouldn't let them because they're either fighting their own wars or in a position where them joining the fight would turn this into a world war due to treaties and alliances.
>>6355 >all russia aligned mercs are wagner group >>6357 >their handlers wouldn't let them This isn't the 2000-2010 era anymore. All bets are off. Also Turkey can't get involved without seriously undermining their domestic situation and Syria/Libya deployments. /k/ is always wrong so Armenia will "win".
Yom Kippur today. What a cohencidence.
>>6356 >East Mediterranean version of WWI? You mean a Balkan War III? that would be interesting.
>>6361 Now i realize that sounds dumb, this would the modern Caucasian War I
Open file (87.97 KB 1133x767 Ei825TmWkAAguSM.jpeg.jpg)
>>6355 Alleged Russian forces on the move: >Russian army trucks are entering #Armenia via #Iran's Julfa border crossing https://archive.is/6JNJu
>>6363 Then allegedly this conflict just went from a mild back-and-forth to an actual happening if true as this is the sort of shit that starts an international crisis/real war.
>>6358 Turkey is already involved. They are sending their syrian mercenaries over. Nothing will happen though, they will stop fighting in a week or so just as they have done in the previous ten wars or so.
>>6366 In this case, by "involved", I meant formal military intervention. Their "syrian" mercenaries are cannon fodder and basically irrelevant. We'll see, but I think this one is different. It's the geopolitical situation. There basically has to be a major war soon. https://archive.is/DM5qt
>>6367 Turkey is trying way too hard to be a regional power. It will continue to force an escalation so it has an excuse to get involved as this is right on its borders. As for other nations, I don't see why they wouldn't get involved in some manner. Germany/UN was recently trying to get a report released that claimed everyone is breaking some arms embargo on Libya and China/Russia blocked the report and are still sending shit.
>>6375 This. They're well on the way to overstretching themselves, being involved heavily in Libya and Syria. Short term gains might look good, but eventually Russians and/or NATO will get sick of them trying to play both sides.
>>6376 But will the EU take in Roach refugees?
>>6376 How far will Erdo get?
Open file (5.97 MB 1280x720 FKnlJ1dth0V1t1oZ.mp4)
>NEW VIDEO: Azerbaijani tank column taken out by Armenian tanks, ATGM crews. https://archive.is/wip/aMoJX Archive slow as shit. >still no videos from the Azeri side What are they hiding /k/? And why is the Armenian MoD logo so aesthetic?
Open file (32.63 KB 660x274 1601314503665.jpg)
Armenian threatens Turkey with Iskanders if F-16s deployed in Artsakh. https://archive.is/wip/vXLXq
Open file (141.90 KB 356x363 alois toasty.png)
>>6361 >You mean a Balkan War III?
>>6383 This is getting interesting, the Armenians want to do what the Russians couldn't on the Syrian border. Consequences are doubled down, and so does the fun.
Open file (15.12 KB 236x428 turk horns.jpg)
>>6378 >How far will Erdo get? All the way back to where he came from if he keeps fucking around with other countries.
>>6385 That's probably why the Russians are involved then, since otherwise they don't have much of a legal claim to be involved in this war.
>>6383 Realistically, what could they do with them? Kikepedia says Armenia has 25 units, each able to carry a 1,000 - 1,500 lbs warhead. This will do some damage but won't be a gamechanger. Roaches would be pissed but hardly deterred.
>>6388 Would the Turks use an attack to call in NATO? Would NATO even honor it?
I>>6389 Turkish involvement would be considered their own doing, so unless a NATO nation calls out and says they'll get involved if Armenia drops bombs before it happens, they won't have a leg to stand on to wrap in the rest of NATO. Azerbaijan only attacked because they had the "legal" justification to attack. Otherwise they'd never be dumb enough to launch an attack.
>>6389 Doesnt really matter either way. Roaches don't need Nato to steamroll Armenia, ofc there's the Russians before that but the roach air force would bomb Armenian cities day and night if they were attacked with an Iskander. thats why I dont really know what value the couple of Iskanders actually have for Armenians and if they fit in a bigger picture.
I have been thinking about wider ramifications of this event. I think Russia wants to make a big move. My reading is that they see a rare opportunity to make a provocative military move with the upcoming chaos of a contested US election. Believing that they can probably bring enough pressure to bear to bring both parties to the table should the political situation in the US prematurely stabilise, they offered Armenia support (hard to tell to what extent). Otherwise, Armenia, the weaker party on paper, probably would not have initiated this conflict. Russia can transport materiel via the Caspian through Iran, and can even pressure Azerbaijan from the Caspian should they choose to do so. Azerbaijan's Caspian forces don't seem very significant, So I doubt they can do much in that arena. The trouble is figuring out what their strategic goals are. Intuitively, I feel there are two options. Offensively: potentially the first step towards removing the Turkish menace from the board. Defensively: preempting an attack on Iran by preventing use of Azerbaijan as a staging area and securing Iran's north and the Caspian region. Maybe it's both. If any of basic assumptions are off this would all have to be thrown out though.
Open file (426.94 KB 593x822 1601308257759.png)
US evacuating Incirlik. Turkey kicked out of NATO soon? https://archive.is/wip/Ug8cY
>>6394 >Americans have a base in Crete wat
>>6389 >Would NATO even honor it? The US nominally likes Armenia, the US would refuse to get involved. If the US refuses to get involved, no way in hell the rest of NATO gets involved. In fact, if Turkey jumps into this, there's a larger chance that the US would kick Turkey out of NATO than- As I was typing this, >>6394 was posted, so. Yeah, that's basically what's happening, the US appears to be moving to retaliate against Turkey for this.
>>6395 It's Greek. Bound to piss off the Turks even more.
>>6394 >US evacuating Incirlik. literally nobody else is reporting that
>>6397 Hard to think greeks "want" a base there merely because it pisses turks off. Reading some more it seems it's an old greek base partially converted for naval use and has a NATO deal since 2007, i thought it more of a Diego Garcia base rather than an alliance thing.
>>6399 Another source would be nice, but on the other hand mainstream news doesn't report military movements because they're all glowfags, and it's also only been hours, if true.
>>6401 I'm not asking for a confirmation from the jew press but none of the war junkies on witter reports anything. Checked multiple accounts but nothing, not even those who share any bullshit. Seriously, abandoning Incirlik would spread like wildfire but frankly Americans will never leave the base just as they wont ever leave Guantanamo. It's ours whatever the roaches say
>>6399 >>6401 https://web.archive.org/web/20200928193742/https://www.euractiv.com/section/all/short_news/us-secretary-pompeo-in-crucial-visit-to-greece/ What seems to be confirmed: >Pompeo in Greece >withdrawal from Incirlik on the table >Souda Bay in Crete under consideration for further development What's not confirmed: >decision finalized >material already on the move
>>6402 Fair enough. Twitter makes me nauseous so I just wait for strelok to post caps here. If Burgers really have pulled out in a hurry that would seem to confirm that roaches are about to get their shit pushed in. >>6403 >>6404 Thanks. Pompeo's visit was planned before the Armenia/Azerbaijan happening, but it's still interesting that leaving Incirlik was on the table.
>>6405 >Twitter makes me nauseous lol yeah me too >If Burgers really have pulled out in a hurry that would seem to confirm that roaches are about to get their shit pushed in. prolly, but >>6404 >interesting that leaving Incirlik was on the table. I just cant imagine them ever telling us they would abandon the base in advance so my take is that info was meant to leak, typical for the way Ziondon does diplomacy. I dont think they want leave for real but its meant as a warning shot, to Erdogan who profits much more from being in Nato than the other way around.
>>6393 It is certainly an interesting situation. I see it as if this was a boxing match where the boxers switch sides and have their enemy's coach throwing potshots behind them. As far as objectives, it is clear that Azerbaijan wants to reclaim what it lost; Armenia has to defend that, and there is that tiny piece of Azerbaijan to the SouthWest of Armenia that could also be taken, though no doubt that would be crawling with Turks.
>>6408 >As far as objectives, it is clear that Azerbaijan wants to reclaim what it lost; Armenia has to defend that, and there is that tiny piece of Azerbaijan to the SouthWest of Armenia that could also be taken, though no doubt that would be crawling with Turks. Yes, I'm clear on what the Armenian/Azerbaijani sides are after. I should have clarified that I meant Russian objectives, if in fact the Russians are supporting Armenia, and my conjectures are correct. If the news about Incirlik being evacuated is true, it would appear the offensive scenario is what's happening.
So exactly who started this and why?
>>6411 Muslims being pricks around the area converting people, but it didn't get bad until mongols came around invading that land 900 years ago and mixing with everything they found on the way, creating a racial, cultural and religious shock.
>>6413 Strelok, while you are technically completely correct, I needed that guffaw. Thank you.
>>6413 Fucking Seleucid boipussy man
>>6411 The Soviets gave Armenian land to Azeris in the 1920s to convince Turks that they wouldn't persecute Muslims to get a non-aggression pact. The Azeris want to keep it the Armenians want it back after the communists fell. It's like Stalin colonizing Crimea with Russians and then Khrushchev returning it to Ukraine in the 50s as an "apology". The lefties and roaches did this.
Armenian FM claiming Turkish F-16s are already supporting the Azeris so they better back up their words about those missiles.
Open file (429.91 KB 633x475 image0-40.png)
>>6377 I think Russia, Iran and EU will all take their fair share of roachfugees. >>6378 Honestly if he focused on just the immediate region and then spreading their influence across the ME they could get quite far. But instead they seem content with spreading themselves thin by trying to LARP as a neo-Ottoman Empire. GNA will likely win in Libya, and maybe some other small victories, but I'm willing to bet they will effectively without any allies in a decade's time.
>>6423 >GNA will likely win in Libya
>>6423 Erdogan probably wants to compress 400 years of Ottoman history into a lifetime.
I'm glad Bannerlord got released before this bullshit
>>6431 >released I wouldn't call a bugged-to-geroia early access game "released" I'll wait until they do the full official release to judge, just sad that by that point many will be burned out of the game. But hey at least they release the map editor, that alone is a big step.
>>6411 Armenians started it "on accident" (they meant to make a stink but not to start a war) and Azeris had been itching for a war for a while so they made a mountain out of a molehill. >Why Land. >Who is /k/ supposed to support? It's a shit show no matter what, but Armenians are Christians and Azeris are allied with the Turks, so most posters will root for the Armenians. Neither of the groups are bad in this case, but rather their handlers/allies are shit so /k/ (and the world) is treating this as a proxy war. There's a slim chance that it could turn into a happening and not just an armed conflict since Russia decided to get involved despite not having the legal grounds to do so which is actually a fucking big change of pace for them since they typically only actually violate international law (and not just skirt it/play-violate it) when they see a once-in-a-decade opportunity.
>>6435 >they see a once-in-a-decade opportunity This is why I think this isn't the result of a mistake. Think of the timing with the US election shitstorm that's about to unfold.
>>6436 To be fair, the turks did piss off both the US AND Russia. It will be intresting to see if Edrogan gets coup'ed out of power by the glows or if the glow in darks decide that its better to just let greece reclaim constanople. >>6396 >kicking turkey out Isn't that contingent on someone NATO aligned taking control of the bosphorus? I know the greeks want it but they don't really have an economy for war >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vui6M0tjOBA >azeries lost 3 tanks and 2 helos >Armenias lost "12 air defense network systems" Rumor mill in HK Media, is claiming 27 dead, and 7 villages shelled. the substiles say that Putin called Armenia FM and asked for the prevention of "immediate escalation". Knowing the Russians they could very well mean "start an actual shooting war in a few days" like crimea. The footage is both from armenian MOD and azeri MOD. WE've got ourselfs some HD footage for the Transcaucasia war mark 4 videos now .
Open file (6.22 MB 1280x720 BT1HeSt6SDYThCPS.mp4)
Double post sorry, for some reason file wouldn't upload properly. anyone having connection issues right now? Azeris claimed took out several AA and has shown footage. Looks like 19K330 tor in the beginning and 2x 4K33 (AK or AKM? Not sure) osas. It's not the 9K33 since that only has four missiles and this one has 6 missles (Origina 9k33 has uncovered missles)\ Either the Armenians got caught with their pants down or they haven't gotten the memo about drones yet.
>>6435 >Armenians started it "on accident t. not so subtle roach stupid turk faggot, you just don't start a massive "counter"-offensive like that within hours, Azeri offensive was planned, everyone combat-ready, the material was in place it's obvious.
>>6439 >the turks did piss off both the US AND Russia Isn't China in a similar boat? Will there be a Chinko-Roach alliance in the near future?
>>6443 Not really, there was a pretty major diplomatic slapfight between the two. Edrogan claims that Uyghur's are "turkic" and thus it's his "responsibility" to protect him. Also let's be fair, the Turks can't help the Chinese in anything really. That's why I said Edrogan getting lead treatment is only a matter of time. He's pissed off the Sauds, EU, US, Russia, China, (kind of ) Iran. What major power play in the world has he not pissed off? Brazil, and brazils is only a power because they can ransom the amzazon rainforest.
>>6445 The best part is everyone has kept him fat and in power precisely because dealing with the aftermath is a bother, and his response is to be a bother.
>>6442 >Roach Armenia was doing standard posturing they do every couple years. It was the Azeris who used it as an excuse to launch a war since they had legal cause in the international community. I don't know how stating an uncomfortable fact somehow makes me a Roach, but you do you, nigger.
>entire world is trying to stop the retard fight to no avail because churkas and roaches
Armenian government seems to be claiming Turkey is directly engaged in aggression against Armenia, but cannot find a third party source that isn't Armenian shills. Wonder if this is posturing that they will activate CSTO obligations of Russia.
Open file (355.62 KB 1080x1518 Turkey_Escalation.jpg)
FIRE IN THE SKY >A Turkish F-16 fighter jet shot down an Armenian SU-25, Yerevan has just claimed. The Turkish F-16 was operating out of an Azerbaijani airbasе, they added. If true - this would be the first direct confrontation between Armenia and Turkey - and also a dramatic escalation https://web.archive.org/web/20200929143109/https://twitter.com/MuradGazdiev/status/1310945565228883972
If the Turks are helping out the Azeris, what legal reason would they have? I mean, they can't just come in and fight the Armenians without just cause, right? Do the Turks and Azeris have a treaty that I just don't know about?
>>6452 welp, there goes peace talks
>>6457 Armenia will have to pussy out if the Turks get serious
>>6457 Time for Russia to declare the same thing and see if things get wild.
>>6457 What are the turks thinking? There is no way they can pull some shit without russia getting ansty like in syria, or even other countries putting up a fuss. Is it just for demoralizing the Armenians? If they really are serious about this, what is the win condition for them? Is there actually a way for them to get away with taking more than just a little bit of land?
Open file (6.78 KB 900x900 gahjet.png)
>>6462 Armenians are millenary common enemies of the turks, anything they can do to bother each other will be done. It's a mata of time to see if Russia will go in or not, if they do then a couple balkan countries will get in as "humanitary" help with the exception of Serbia due to just writing that Kosovo friendship pact a week ago. I am having A LOT of fun, just thinking about the repercussions.
>>6464 They won't, unless there is a risk of Armenia being annexed by Azerbaijan. Armenia tried to become US protectorate but apparently that didn't work out so well for them. So, Russia in general has no particular interest in helping Armenia.
>The President of Azerbaijan just said there is no chance of negotiations with Armenia in lieu of their current stance >Armenian PM: the existence of the Armenian people is under threat. Turkey is looking for a reason to invade. The international community must force Turkey to withdraw. >Russia says it is seeing a large-scale escalation in the Karabakh conflict. Says it foresees a much more active Turkish role in the conflict. >Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense has hinted it could bomb Armenia’s nuclear power plant, warning that “Armenia shouldn’t forget that our missiles will reach the Metsamor nuclear power plant.” https://archive.is/wip/GlGUZ
>>6468 I bet you're wrong. Russia might not care about Armenia, but I think they want to gut the turks.
>>6469 >their shelling Azerbaijan from the territory of Armenia will endanger the Metsamor nuclear power plant and the capital Yerevan, about which Baku has already warned Armenia more than once. >The missile systems available to Azerbaijan make it possible to fulfill both tasks. There is no more that 60 km from the border of Azerbaijan to Yerevan. -02D- https://web.archive.org/web/20200929173656/https://contact.az/ext/news/2020/9/free/politics news/en/128066.htm >>6468 >>6470 I doubt Russia wants Turkey on their border yet again after 400 years of conflict with them.
I used to think all the jokes about Erdogan wanting to create the second Ottoman Empire was just memes but now I eagerly await his inevitable MY NEW EMPIRE Spergout >>6471 How bad would the fallout be if the Azeris said fuck it and went through on their threats of blowing up the nuclear plant?
>>6471 >I doubt Russia wants Turkey on their border yet again after 400 years of conflict with them. How do you interpret "Russia wants to gut turkey" as "they won't do anything about Azerbaijan annexing Armenia"?
>>6472 Can't wait for him to try something.
>>6473 It doesn't have to get to the point of wanting to gut the Turks when having the whole Caucasus be placed under a Turkish sphere of influence could be enough of a problem for national security to justify intervention.
Open file (175.39 KB 1364x2388 site.jpg)
Is the mainstream media painting support for Armenia as right-wing nazi yet?
Open file (159.63 KB 1280x871 nCbelPOEamo.jpg)
>>6477 >It doesn't have to get to the point of wanting to gut the Turks I'm pretty sure It already reached that point last year.
>>6472 >>6468 To be fair, the armenian lobby is pretty influencial in the US. Maybe don becomes a sellout again? If the Azeris hit the plant I suspect the Russians and the US will get involved. Especially since the US doesn't want a wholesale esclation. Everyone keeps saying the armenian lobby is influential, if thats the case I fully expect turkey to suddenly break up into smaller states. The thing with georgia is that they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. Do they not realize that the historical enemy of Georgia is fucking Turks? I fail to see how the Azeris/ Turks don't turn on them since the turks have always wanted to control Georgia due to that sweet sweet crude petrolium. Do the georgians and armenians not realize that if they were a unified states neither the Azeris, russians NOR turks would fuck with them?
Open file (31.92 KB 564x428 81.jpg)
>Turkniggers are openly allied with the subhuman Azerbaijani >We, Greece, are simply staying neutral like pussies, yet again I can't stand this total fucking cuckoldry anymore, /k/.
Open file (122.39 KB 151x151 Tie eating loser.gif)
>>6481 The Georgians are retarded russophobes. Don't expect them to act reasonably.
Open file (11.97 MB 1280x720 Azeri possitions.mp4)
Open file (2.76 MB 1280x704 RfTw2xAnpTZo3jsT.mp4)
Some footage
>>6483 That's what I'm saying, it's like Poland allying itself to the Germany against the soviets when the first thing thats going to happen is the Germans will occupy poland like current day EU >>6482 Greece doesn't have the economy to fight no? The EU needs to grow a pair but seeing its Merkel running the show.... I wonder if the french will broker the ceasefire like they did in Georgia last time?
https://hooktube.com/watch?v=fA48K9yO4E0 I have an MP4 of this I got from KC but it was too large and I can't compress for shit
>>6481 >Maybe don becomes a sellout again? At this point, I don't really think taking an excuse to knock turkey down a peg is being a sellout, considering it was one of trump's stump points that people seem to have forgotten about. Far more likely that the US just sends Armenia relief supplies than commits manpower, though. The US Mil. is stretched too thin to open up another front somewhere else.
>>6486 Why are the French even involved, and the Turks not at the negotiating table?
>>6482 >Turkniggers are openly allied with the subhuman Azerbaijani They're one and the same
>>6489 French negotiated the last cease-fire when it was a Georgia-russia war. Most likely will try to broker a ceasefire again (Since RUS and TUR won't do it)
Eight-nation alliance against the Roach menace when?
Open file (80.50 KB 1000x500 4fd.jpg)
>>6497 >when the dreams become memes
>>6478 Give it time.
>Armenian tanks and mobile SAMs are being taken out by slow ass suicide drones the Azeris bought from Turkey and Israel Where the fuck is their infantry support?
>>6504 I think the armenians were retarded and not expecting a full blown retaliation.
>>6504 >where the fuck is infantry Dead or dying, as is normal.
>>6506 Didn't they issue general mobilization?
>>6514 I know both they've barred all males over 18 from leaving the country.
>>6514 Mobilization isn't an instant thing, and it looks like Armenia was caught flat footed while the Azeri's were just waiting for the opportunity and were ready enough to pounce on it
>>6478 If they do it then 90% of the cars on the road in Glendale and Fresno are going to have swastika banners flying from BMWs causing a massive freak out which hopefully leads to antifa types coming down and then getting their shit stomped by masses of hair that smell like chanel cologne and camel crush menthols. god that's the dream
>>6570 I chuckled. The only Armenian I know is bald, but I think I may have caught a whiff of menthol before.
>>6453 Turks have an alliance/contract saying they'll fight so long as Armenia starts the conflict. See >>6447
>>6470 >I bet you're wrong. Russia might not care about Armenia, but I think they want to gut the turks. It's a religious thing. Putin is getting old and he's largely the reason the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia isn't a meme after the shit they went through under the Soviets and Soviet collapse. Russia reclaiming Constantinople for the Christians before Putin is old and decrepit even if he hadn't quite genocided all the Muslims by the point he was assassinated or had to withdraw from his position due to age complications would be a sort of major religious victory that could rekindle old Christian theology. That would be huge. Of course Putin also knows that's a pipe dream, but it does influence his actions since he would like to get even a little bit closer to that.
>>6472 A power plant produces about a gigawatt of power over its lifetime which would equate to 3,600,000,000,000 Joules or about 860 tons of TNT (we'll round up to a kiloton as a lowball estimate, but keep in mind the building would create more fallout due to pressure buildup). Combined with it being a "ground explosion" it probably wouldn't even actually reach the city of Yerevan since the plant is roughly half the size of a normal power plant, and the fallout wouldn't reach an Armenian-tolerant country (or even really get to the city unless the winds picked up). You would not want to go outdoors anywhere without a light cover like a hoodie and a medical mask (fit to the face correctly) until either about a week had passed or a rainstorm swept through to decrease your lifelong risk of cancer on the offchance of a bad wind passing by, but otherwise the threat of losing the power plant would be a bigger threat than the actual explosion which would be more throwing the radioactive dust up into the air until it settles in a couple days.
>>6576 Aren't the Armenians monophysites? That's considered a very serious heresy in Eastern Orthodoxy and most other denominations.
>>6580 Yes, but I don't see what using Armenia as an excuse to curb stomp Turkey has to do with that? They just need a reason (or a damn good excuse) to crush the roaches, not an ally.
>>6580 >Miaphysites are often labelled monophysites, a label that they reject, basing their theology on the formula of Cyril of Alexandria that spoke of mia (one) physis, not of a mone (lone) physis.[21] and they distance themselves from and denounce the Eutychian interpretation of monophysitism.[22] Miaphysitism is the official doctrine of the Oriental Orthodox Churches,[23] who hold that the one hypostasis of Christ is fully divine and fully human,[24] so that Christ became a real and perfect Man in body, mind, and soul without ever ceasing to be God.[25] Christianity's theological nitpicking is crazy.
>>6587 A lot of the early Christian converts were Greek philosophers who brought their philosophical autism with them.
>Iran officials finally admit footage of Kamaz trucks at Armenia border was authentic, tell state TV trucks, not loaded w/ any weapon & ammo, had been bought by Armenia from Russia & were transferred to Iran-Armenia border, but now Iran won't let them pass https://archive.is/AWPCQ Guess Russia really has done nothing so far.
>>6595 This is a pretty common Russian scare tactic used to make their enemies escalate a conflict faster, so I wouldn't put it past them quite yet.
Open file (1.29 MB 720x1040 gorW8CQBfYTppZsQ.mp4)
>Iranians stand and watch over the border as fighting rages on the other side in Karabakh How to get this /k/omfy?
Open file (1.54 MB 848x464 W22YGdfC8wm664NO.mp4)
>>6600 >Armenian MoD - video shows a mass counterattack being carried out by Armenian/Karabakh forces. Note the mass charge
>>6602 >mass charge Well, I count about two, perhaps three platoons of infantry. Together with the vehicles it might be a single mechanized company. Looks nice but not really a mass charge.
Armenian Ministry of Defense released images of destroyed Su-25
>>6602 Yeah, looks like a single company pushing forwards. >>6607 >>6608 This war is already far worse than the one in Syria. Atleast in Syria participants had the basic human decency of not putting overly obnoxious music in their videos or putting loud ass intros and outros to mute videos.
>>6610 All those names sound like made up countries and regions in CoD or spy/action movies
>>6611 Is France only pro-Armenia by way of being anti-turkey? Why are they this invested? Also, it would be very interesting to get a full look at France's actual capabilities in real combat, which France v. turkey would certainly expose.
>>6610 >>6602 >massed push Jesus fuck I'm not even christian did they not learn the first fucking lesson the soviets learned? Massed infantry charges without supporting fire is literally suicide without achieving objectives. It only works against a nation who doesn't believe in holding the land british in Singapore and hk. >https://www.france24.com/en/20200930-macron-condemns-turkey-s-bellicose-statements-on-nagorno-karabakh-fighting >"I have noted Turkey's political statements which I think are reckless and dangerous," Macron told reporters in Latvia's capital Riga during a visit to the Baltic EU state. >France remains extremely concerned about the bellicose comments that Turkey made in the last hours, which essentially remove any inhibitions from Azerbaijan in what would be a reconquest of northern Karabakh. That we will not accept, >He also appeared to voice support for Yerevan: "I say to Armenia and to the Armenians, France will play its role." turks call that supporting occupation cause fuck armenia. Like I said, france gonna get involved. Seems like some of his supporters are being challenged in parliment and LR holds a coalition in the lower house and is the minority in the upper so it's not a strong position (he desperately needs to rally). This finna be lit. Assuming the french don't get cucked my mommy merkel again. Maybe the EU will collapse since the krauts are pro turkey and france is pro armenia? So currently of the major/regional/important states/ powers: Pro Armenian: Russia, Pro Azerbaijan: Turkey, Georgia lean Armenian: Iran, France, , Greece? lean Azerbaijan: ???? Don't know: Sauds, USA, Germany, zionist state, kurds (they can fuck the turkish state hard) Don't care: China
>>6613 Sorry for double post I missed something in earlier one. France is interested in Armenia because of how they are basically mini-usa. De gaulle pulled out of nato because he wanted france to be independent. Out of the NATO powers, france is the only nation with global strike and force projection with serious influence outside of Europe (They run several peacekeeping operations in N africa by themselves). UK doesnb't coun't because LOL royal navy. Mainly because of their nuclear carrier and the force de frappe. Me thinks Marcon is looking to force a Turkey -EU confrontation and one-up merkels rapefugee policy. since' merkel's retiring, and Marcon is only in his first term I think he will try to do this to end up as the "leader" of the EU. Any news from Greece/Bulguria? If the turks get hammered those two are no 2 in trying to fuck them over after the kurds.
>>6613 >Is France only pro-Armenia by way of being anti-turkey? Why are they this invested? Macron needs some political success, his electorate hates him and he tries to boast his image with foreign policy. Much more pragmatically, France and Germany are the only two political heavy weights within the EU. They both and the entire EU, probably the whole west, are anti-Turkey by now but Germany has millions of roaches on its soil who would sperg out immediately once Merkel says anything overtly critical of Erdogan.
>>6616 Macron is so odd. It's like he wants to blend globohomo and nationalism with imperialism. I wonder if turks in Germany (or even the German government itself) would have an Allan's Snack bar reaction to France fucking up their homeland. Regarding >>6615, israel certainly supports Azerbaijan, and Kurds will have a field day even in the current situation. I wouldn't discount China's interest entirely, but they certainly won't act directly.
Open file (67.49 KB 599x378 CUxbAkoUYAAjy54.jpg)
>>6619 Didn't mean to sage. >>6618 Interesting that Germany is somewhat forced back into it's old alliances. What kind of Karma has to the roach to the kraut?
Open file (553.95 KB 1280x720 R5iAcXuV0h-u3k8F.mp4)
Azeris release a video of them hitting a dummy target. Training footage or Armenian decoy? >BREAKING: Azerbaijan has handed over the air command of its offensive operation against the Artsakh Republic to the Turkish Air Force - Armenian MoD https://archive.is/IEB2n I'm not sure how much I trust the Armenian government on information surrounding Turkish intervention. If Turkish F-16s were all over the Caucasian skies they would have released a video by now. >Russian: intelligence reports indicate more and more mercenaries/radicals from Libya and Syria are still being transported to Azerbaijan, in order to take part on the fighting https://archive.is/RzANx It sounds like Russia is building a case for intervention. Who knows what the Turks might cause in Chechnya if they take the Caucasus.
>>6621 don't think TAF is active over Armenia either but it's obvious turkish military is coordinating azeri drone warfare and helping with radar information and providing intelligence. Same as in Libya
>>6615 Sorry, I don't speak nigger. What did this anon say?
>>6620 Merkel has been anti Erdogan for a long time, and almost all german parties condemn him. Due to Merkels policies and the fact that most immigrants in Germany are some form of turk/arab really the same thing nowadays, even if they will never admit it Germany has never threatened any action against turkey until now. If France actually gets involved in this conflict, the question is if Germany will stay neutral or actually become more actively anti turkey/Erdogan. If it does happen I hope but don't think that Germany becomes active against Erdogan. The mass chimpout of arabs in Germany could lead to some fun happenings, expecially because they don't have the critical mass to have a chance at winning a full blown racewar there, yet.
>>6625 >I cant bother to read >literally a nigger yourself sorry not sorry for fat fingers on a keyboard >>6621 maybe they didn't actually kill the osa in the earlier video? That looks very close to the real one with exception of the lack of windows and the radar dish not scanning. >>6628 Thanks strelok, didn't know Merkels was anti edrogan due to her ability to flip flop like a fish out of water. Metropolitan france will chimp out too though, and french prisons have like a 60% barbaric incarceration rate. Edrogans biggest leverage is rapefugees he 's holding back, the bosphorus, and terrorisim. If the EU can agree that NONE SHALL PASS and enforce it (unlikely). That will be a pretty big shift and we might see a grand coalition of the EU, russia, usa dabbing on turks. >>6619 china is too busy with dosmestic issues... although they could solve the Uighur question once Mfw might do something hitler could not lol and for all if their major supporter (turkey) gets yeeted. The turks are their only major supporter since edrogan claims them as "turkic breathen".
>>6632 >although they could solve the Uighur question Isn't that what China is already doing? Sure they don't want to cause an outright Genocide in case of some international outcry. But destroying the mosques, placing the men in jails, and the women hooked up to chinese men is a genocide that will be achieved in a generation or so.
>>6632 >Fat fingers I have fat fingers and I'm typing this out on a 3x3 inch keyboard. You don't even know English, dude. Shit's not going anywhere, we're not high velocity so there's no reason to be unintelligible.
>>6634 who says that my job isn't high velocity? Ah dindu nuttin dawg. >>6633 Yeah but the turkish and the uighur (obviously) are the ones screaming the loudest on this. If the turks stop screaming about it then there's no real nation state backing those claims. The US turns a blind eye cause "muh war on terror". Russians might support them but the russians aren't capable of fighting a two front war
Open file (22.80 KB 480x360 snooze.jpeg)
are we ever going to see full-on war or just endless skirmishes that lead nowhere?
>>6657 >war starts less than a week ago >already one of the costliest wars in recent history >hundreds of vehicles destroyed >hundreds dead, thousands wounded >increasing likelihood by the day that major powers will be drawn in <when does the war start You're a nigger.
Open file (8.52 KB 300x222 1491188024950.jpg)
>>6658 >can't pinktext
>>6658 this isn't going to go anywhere and you know it. it's not going to get any more exciting than what you've seen in the past few days. as usual. i always hope I'm wrong though
What does /k/ think of the suicide UAV spam the Azeris are performing?
>>6661 With America's domestic issues i can see many players taking advantage and making moves, Erdogan will be certainly among them, it's true that chances are there won't be any significant escalation, but those chances has never been smaller.
>>6666 Kalashnikov has been developing similar drones for a while now, they might even be that brand and this might be them showcasing them, Satan.
>>6610 Why aren't the Armenians taking that Azeri exclave? Is it one or a mix of the following? >Not strategically relevant >Heavily defended airfield >Actual Azeri clay with no claims on it >A buffer with Iran who could join in and kick their teeth in >Not enough manpower to defend it
>>6675 They fear it might give the Roaches a casus belli for direct intervention on the ground note how the fighting so far is limited only to Nagorno-Karabakh.
>>6666 At that point isn't it basically just a guided missile?
>>6679 They're cheaper than one and can loiter in the area until a tactical opportunity opens, striking on short notice. Smaller size, lower heat profile, less noisy so much harder to notice on radar. Their main flaw seems to be vulnerability to jamming, but the Armenians don't have EW equipment. Azeris have been deploying dozens to attack air defense, tanks command and control infrastructure, logistics convoys, it's ridiculous. It seems to be a serious impediment to the Armenian edge.
How long can Armenia hold the line at the current rate of attrition?
Open file (51.94 KB 600x775 377.jpg)
>Two French Le Monde journalists, reporting from the Armenian side, have reportedly been injured in shelling by Azerbaijan forces. >Erdogan: The OSCE Minsk Group’s calls for a ceasefire are unacceptable. They must first demand that Armenia end its occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh >Macron says France has proof that islamist fighters from Syria have been flown to fight for Azerbaijan >France to send medical aircraft to Armenia to evacuate the two French journalists wounded in Azerbaijani shelling Erdogan telling Macron to fuck off. This is escalating to a diplomatic crisis.
>>6687 Armenians have proven unexpectedly compentent, while the mongoloids keep dying. I'd say they can keep this up for as long as they have munitions.
>>6687 These drones are nasty but I don't think they are so decisive as they often are made out to be. Don't know about NK in particular but the terrain in general is absolutely horrible for fighting. Much better men then the Azeris have tried to advance in the Caucasus but ultimately failed too. It just doesn't take much to stop somebody even if you're ready to pay dearly in blood. Also, winter is coming and sure as hell the Azeri high command didn't plan to fight in the winter. Nobody in his right mind would. They thought with the help of the roaches they would just blitzkrieg the armos but now they are stuck. I think Azeris already lost but they can't admit it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Caucasus
>>6692 At the very least Macaroni could pack the aircraft with weapons/supplies and give it to the Armenians.
>>6687 The Azeri are releasing all this drone footage as a part of their propaganda comparing, they are actually getting destroyed on the ground. Former SACEUR Stavridis also predicted that Armenia would win (again) and that Turkey and Russia will get directly involved. https://archive.fo/O2ESF
Big question for me are 1) do the Azeris have enough processing to deal with the winter? 2) Do the armenians? If the zeris don't the only pipeline is to iran or russia.... both. Of which are not pro-azeri. It will likely freeze over like ukraine until the spring again. If my memories serve the only pipelines in the area are through iran, russia or The first two don't like turkey, the latter is current fucked 11 ways from sunday with a turkish hating group (kurds) holding the keys Theres one that runs through turkey but it supplies turkey with russian gas
>>6699 (ckeck check) >winter Nobody here fights in the winter, especially not in the Caucasian winter. The best material won't help you for long. There'll be a front obviously but everybody will just do the absolute nescessary, meaning no major offensive operations whatsoever. Expect drone strikes, small skirmishes spontaneously flaring up and some good old fashioned arty duels.
Open file (649.17 KB 850x875 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6701 >Nobody here fights in the winter, Gee I wonder if the Watermelon seller wants to be a strategic genius and attack when least expected. Hell he might run into a situation similar to China where he has to pull off some stunning victory so the Roachabteilung doesn't depose him or descend into infighting amid the absolute state of the Turkish economy.
>>6707 I often wonder if there's some kind of a secret gentlemens agreement between Russia and Turkey to let the roaches vent with their drones, so said water melon seller can fire up his base with rehashed videos while no real harm is done on the ground.
>Greek mercenaries heading to Armenian-occupied #NagornoKarabach to fight the Turks by proxy! >Up to 80 Greek citizens make up the first batch of volunteers to leave Greece and defend #Artsakh from Turkish-sponsored Azerbaijani aggression. https://archive.is/wip/ZIFiw https://greekcitytimes.com/2020/10/01/greeks-going-to-artsakh-battlefront/
>>6714 Can you imagine if this reignites the Cyprus conflict too?
It's sad and funny at the same time watching puzzled christian boomercons trying to figure out why israel is supporting Muslims over Christians. This is the first time I've seen these people actually at risk of being red pilled.
Open file (2.24 MB 1280x720 xXkwPkpnxhK9Pipb.mp4)
CAS or arty?
>>6719 Drone if you believe the Azeris
>>6719 Fucking brutal
>>6723 These guy's aren't on the frontline either, place I got it from said it was reservists getting bombed
>>6716 Do you have proof?
>>6725 Fucking roaches
>>6726 Do I have proof that my local boomers are confused and may be susceptible to red pilling at the moment? No.
Reports that Armenian S-300 engaged and shot down 2 Azeri missiles. Wonder if Armenia will finally fire those Iskanders in response.
Open file (849.10 KB 1290x1600 merc diet.png)
Open file (900.89 KB 1242x895 truly inspiring.jpg)
Open file (77.03 KB 771x800 MSF.jpg)
>>6714 >Greek mercenaries heading to Armenian-occupied #NagornoKarabach to fight the Turks by proxy! please god let it happen. nothing would bring me more joy than cozy camping in a M106 in the caucus mountains eating shitty rations and BTFOing roaches as a merc.
Open file (39.48 KB 730x1023 Chi Rho.png)
>>6714 Isn't there some international law that prohibits mercenaries from fighting in wars that their countries aren't involved in?
>>6719 Based on everything else the Azeris have shit out as of late, probably drone. I'm starting to realize why most of Call of Duty 4 takes place in Azerbaijan.
>>6749 Better tell the Burgers fighting alongside Russians in Donbass.
Open file (1.06 MB 1280x720 brother.mp4)
>>6749 Yeah but the countries that matter never signed it. >>6719 >>6750 Do the Armenians not realize that the OSA can shoot down drones (although not effectively)? It IS a low - medium altitude AA device....... >>6707 would be something putin would do to fuck the NATO-Turkey relationship >>6701 Armenian moonman when? <spoilered for shitty airsoft
>>6752 Erdogan is a jew puppet though.
>>6752 No, he can fuck off. The ottomans lost that territory to the UK in WW1, the israelis took it from the idiots the UK left in charge and didn't even have the decency to war with the right power. They can fuck off too. Jerusalem is English clay.
>>6751 (((burgers)))
Open file (45.09 KB 300x395 bf.jpg)
>>6755 That is not quite right, the kikes got this land in exchange for pushing the USA into the war.
>>6752 It's all over for him
Open file (8.75 MB 1280x720 0gfZ5XRj2052XLfH.mp4)
>>6610 >overly obnoxious music. Just when you thought it couldn't be worse strelok. it is. >azeri propanda music video
Open file (584.34 KB 740x740 madotsuki puke.jpg)
Open file (8.69 MB 320x240 muh navy.mp4)
Open file (9.96 MB 1280x720 FUPwXWEYGaz2yPu3.mp4)
>>6782 To be fair, music videos being retarded and the military using them isn't uncommon, remember that the VDV has a song, czech vysadkari has one link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4lYAPO81y8. I'm about to hang myself after watching the USN one, also if you weren't around cher shot a music video on a navy ship lol https://youtu.be/GgD9FyE60hs Below is another azeri cancer piece spoilered with a US Navy one with now 100% more wamen Sage aside: >https://twitter.com/i/status/1310161910998990848 >Turkish media in azer, thinks PRESS pass will save him >ordnance goes of nearby, reporter shits his pants. <when you have shit net and the file downloaded is 20.1 mb someone compress this shit pls.
>>6786 Didn't the US Navy hire the Village People to make In the Navy for recruiting purposes in the 80s without realizing they were camp as fuck?
>>6787 No idea. I only know the cher video because she was slutting around the battleship lol.
>>6786 >>6789 Cher's shitshow wasn't authorized by the Navy and the Navy and DoD actually filed protest against it, but was shot down by the state department, because the latter declared the former didn't own the ship in question. >>6787 Ironically, 'In the Navy' nearly perfectly embodies the US Navy humor of the 80s. I haven't actually heard any serious complaint from Navy people about that one.
>>6786 Syrian war propaganda MVs are still superior.
>>6792 Can't help but to wonder when and if ANNA news is going to get their reporters on the ground.
>>6615 >>6616 >>6618 >>6619 "Odd" is an understatement. I always thought he was centre-left, not the kind to say something like this: >France's Macron vows to fight 'Islamist separatism' >Mr Macron said a minority of France's estimated six million Muslims were in danger of forming a "counter-society". His proposals include stricter oversight of schooling and control over foreign funding of mosques. >Speaking outside Paris on Friday, Mr Macron said radical Islam was a danger to France because it held its own laws above all others and "often results in the creation of a counter-society". >He said this form of sectarianism often translated into children being kept out of school, and the use of sporting, cultural and other community activities as a "pretext to teach principles that do not conform to the laws of the republic". >"Islam is a religion that is in crisis all over the world today, we are not just seeing this in our country." https://archive.md/zPVUg
>>6800 Remember that he was a Rothschild banker before becoming President.
>>6787 >>6790 >80's Village People are trademark 70's, unless you mean a public service remake.
>>6801 That just makes him even odder.
>>6802 'In the Navy' was released in January of 1979, we were off by all of one year.
>>6804 Didn't mean to be a Village Defender, just saying that the cultural swing from the late 70's to the early-mid 80's was blatantly fast, the mainstream went full swing to kill disco.
>>6800 Because they're only interested in using the muslims, they are not gonna really bend over for them, i'm not sayng muh poor muslims, i'm just saying that the elite uses everybody to their ends
>>6800 Long story short, french people are tired of the whole covid shitshow and the anger that was repressed earlier (yellow vests) is permeating more and more. People are restless, angry and are growing more and more desperate.
>>6807 Desperate?
>>6808 >Desperate Sorry, i meant hopeless.
>>6809 Desperate. Your turn.
Macron is a shrewd politician and was mentored by the previous leader of France. He is not an ideologue, but a pragmatist.
Open file (165.52 KB 827x1486 EU_unemployed.jpg)
>>6807 Macaroni and Merkel going to use this as an excuse to fund the EU military and solve unemployment with conscription, as well as align themselves with Russia while causing a split in NATO.
>>6813 So things are going to get interesting after all.
>>6813 >40%+ in young adults How does it get that bad? i remember when in my area we had something around 10% and it was widely considered the apocalypse.
Open file (454.54 KB 960x720 25264-12256-5526.png)
>>6780 holy shit
>>6814 It's too good an opportunity to pass over. With the US temporarily in retreat and Britain out of the way they can finally build the pan-continental empire they've been dreaming of. >>6815 The excuse seems to be that they are in school longer than Americans but that sounds like they have no jobs and are therefore dumped in academia. The worst afflicted countries based their economies around tourism and its associated contract jobs. European governments mostly prioritize stability over flexibility so the response has been directed to keep senior workers on payrolls while new hires are let go en masse.
>>6786 Normally I'd say they put women in the video for the sake of diversity, but in the Navy's case there's a very real chance that they did it to fight the stereotype that the entire branch is just a bunch of gay guys sodomizing each other at sea 24/7.
Open file (78.10 KB 604x814 me.jpg)
>>6780 >those qts I think I know which side I'm supporting now.
>>6815 By being a democracy. It's simple really. Combine unlimited immigration with eternally increasing taxation and ever tightening legistlation and that will be the natural end result.
>>6810 Desperate. The gep gun is the most effective way to eliminate manderly >>6813 Don't forget, Marcon want's to lead the EU, since Merkel is quitting. Also KMW+Nexter Defense Systems is in monetary trouble again... EU MBT (Leo 2 chassis + leclerc turret and autoloader) already kicked poland out so there goes the EU standardization lol >“When it comes to Mediterranean sovereignty, I have to be consistent in deeds and words.I can tell you that the Turks only consider and respect that. If you say words that are not followed by acts...What France did this summer was important: it’s a red line policy. I did it in Syria,” >“I don’t consider that in recent years Turkey’s strategy is the strategy of a NATO ally ... when you have a country which attacks the exclusive economic zones or the sovereignty of two members of the European Union,” Marcon just said that France must" reign in" illegal (muslim) schools. The great replacement is taking place before our eyes, get ready for more islamist attacks in france lol. >L’ambition de former et promouvoir en France une génération d’imams et d’intellectuels qui défendent un Islam pleinement compatible avec les valeurs de la République est une nécessité. >https://www.elysee.fr/emmanuel-macron/2020/10/02/la-republique-en-actes-discours-du-president-de-la-republique-sur-le-theme-de-la-lutte-contre-les-separatismes >Le problème, c’est le séparatisme islamiste. Ce projet conscient, théorisé, politico-religieux, qui se concrétise par des écarts répétés avec les valeurs de la République, qui se traduit souvent par la constitution d'une contre-société et dont les manifestations sont la déscolarisation des enfants, le développement de pratiques sportives, culturelles communautarisées qui sont le prétexte à l'enseignement de principes qui ne sont pas conformes aux lois de la République. C'est l'endoctrinement et par celui-ci, la négation de nos principes, l'égalité entre les femmes et les hommes, la dignité humaine. Le problème, c'est cette idéologie, qui affirme que ses lois propres sont supérieures à celles de la République. Je ne demande à aucun de nos citoyens de croire ou de ne pas croire, de croire un peu ou modérément, ça n’est pas l'affaire de la République, mais je demande à tout citoyen, quelle que soit sa religion ou pas, de respecter absolument toutes les lois de la République. >Ce qui est contraire aux principes de laïcité et d’égalité sera interdit. >La nécessité de libérer l’islam en France des influences étrangères. Il sera mis fin au système des imams détachés. >La volonté de protéger les responsables des mosquées des prises de contrôle hostiles par des extrémistes. Des dispositifs anti-putsch seront créés. > L’ambition de former et promouvoir en France une génération d’imams et d’intellectuels qui défendent un islam pleinement compatible avec les valeurs de la République. For the non baugette speakers: > The problem is Islamist separatism. This conscious, theorized, politico-religious project, which materializes by repeated deviations from the values ​​of the Republic, which often results in the constitution of a counter-society and whose manifestations are the dropout of children, the development of community-based sports and cultural practices which are the pretext for teaching principles which do not conform to the laws of the Republic. It is indoctrination and through it the negation of our principles, equality between women and men, human dignity. The problem is this ideology, which asserts that its own laws are superior to those of the Republic. I do not ask any of our citizens to believe or not to believe, to believe a little or moderately, it is not the business of the Republic, but I ask any citizen, whatever his religion or not, to respect absolutely all the laws of the Republic. > Anything contrary to the principles of secularism and equality will be prohibited. > The need to free Islam in France from foreign influences. The system of seconded imams will be ended. > The desire to protect those in charge of mosques from hostile takeovers by extremists. Anti-putsch devices will be created. > The ambition to train and promote in France a generation of imams and intellectuals who defend an Islam fully compatible with the values ​​of the Republic.
>>6800 Macron is a state capitalist. Whatever stupid "civil blah blah blah" equivalent works fine too. He likes money and business.
>>6822 >Islamist separatism. kek, the globalist whore's really tried not to mention islam at all but it was simply unavoidable at some point so they call it islamist separatism now.
>>6823 >the french >being capitalist anything No.
>>6826 Macron is.
>>6822 >Des dispositifs anti-putsch seront créés. It almost begs the question. Is funnelling in wave upon wave of immigrants worth it if you have to create mechanisms to counter the looming violent overthrow of your government by immigrants?
>>6822 Is this cocky motherfucker deluded enough to start a race war?
>>6833 The problem is they don't even consider that a possibility until the immigrants are at their door. Globohomo is short sighted and retarded after all if they aren't actually trying to collapse everything then they are doubly so.
Azerbaijan just struck Stepanakert, a town of 60,000, with a cluster bomb! https://archive.is/YmRvZ
>>6842 You know globohomo isn't in control right? Macron worked for the Rothschilds. They aren't loyal to any country, they could move to the moon if they wanted to. It depends on what their high councils decide.
>>6844 What in the fuck? Rothschild is globohomo. Where the fuck do you think you are?
>>6845 Do you have any reading comprehension or were you just conditioned to react to certain trigger words?
>>6846 Words have meaning nigger. Are you seriously trying to tell me that France, of all countries, is not controlled by (((globalists)))?
Open file (37.44 KB 960x867 1453332191710-1.jpg)
>>6796 >ANNA If only it was ANN in the middle of a warzone.
>>6847 Rothschild controls the globohomo. He can turn it off if he thinks another course would better line his pocket. The real elite don't consume their own propaganda.
>>6849 Yes, that's all obvious, with the caveat that it's not as simple to "turn off" globohomo as you make it sound. Globalism is an ideology and like all ideology it can take on a life of it's own even after artificial support dries up. This is especially true because of the compartmentalisation involved in these projects, many business leaders, academics and politicians simply won't get the memo, and might not like it even if they did. I personally know people like this, academics who sincerely believe in the "promise" of globalism. The type who still has PTSD over the brexit vote. The way you worded >>6844 made it sound like globalism was somehow in opposition to the Rothschilds.
>>6850 They're probably tired of the shitshow, going to start another banker's war ala WWI to thin the herd. The system has reached its limits.
>>6843 If actually true that's basically the equivalent of shooting themselves in the foot since it gives the international community an excuse to get involved. It also makes it clear how desperate they are right now to win.
>>6852 The eternal Turk never plays fair.
>>6853 Yes, but this gives allies excuses to pull out, and the international community an excuse to force Turkey to pull out or to possibly face peacekeeping invasion. Countries like America who are only on standby because of Elections/Corona would love to stick a more reliable ally somewhere even closer to their golem master.
Any news about azitrannies advances or are they still stuck within 5 miles of empty bufferzone now littered with their corpses after a week of mudshit-tier blitzkrieg lol?
>>6861 They just keep releasing drone footage of Armenian tanks blowing up, TAF members have been sighted in Azerbaijan proper and Libyan mercs are starting to get involved. Interestingly enough neither the Azeris nor Armenians have released any footage or reports of POWs being interned.
>>6884 Do the Azeris even fight at this point or is their entire strategy to throw paper airplanes at their enemy while hiding in a trench?
>>6885 >paper airplanes No, they throw paper Syrians as the airport at Ganja hosting some Roach F-16s was bombed to shit by Armenia.
>>6887 There's too much damn shit to cover and too little time. Azeris are saying they will attack Armenia proper if there are any more attacks like the one in Ganja. President Aliyev also demanded Macron apologize for accusing them of employing jihadis on the battlefield. Syrian jihadis have been caught posting selfies of them boarding planes to Azerbaijan. Georgia has banned Armenian air traffic through its territory while allowing Turkish flights, while denying that it has enabled the transport of men or material to the conflict zone. Along with the cluster bombs in Stepanakert they also have been shelling the town with artillery daily. Journalists have been asked to leave the area due to the danger. Azerbaijan accuses the international press of bias towards Armenia while they ban all reporters except Turkish ones and announced that they "cannot guarantee the safety of any journalists they have not permitted to enter." Reports Iran has moved troops and tanks to the border, and evacuated civilians following multiple incidents of stray munitions landing in their territory.
>>6892 Where's Iran to fall on this? I doubt they like the turks and they are in bed with the russians... but at the same time they might not get along with the armenians.
>>6894 I'm wondering the same thing. I'm sure they'd like land access to Russia through a country in their sphere, but at the cost of supporting Armenia over a Shia country?
unlike cuckchan's /cwg/ which is just sad dick-waving of shills from the various diasporas some of the posters of russiadefence forum appear quite informed https://www.russiadefence.net/t3305p975-azerbaijan-vs-armenia-nagorno-karabakh-conflict
>>6896 Even then they still have to go through georgia. I think they already have access through the Caspian sea
>>6812 This is correct. Reminder that the entire elite from the left and right sides of France basically asked their people to vote for him over LePen. >>6815 It's pretty simple even though it's supposed to be nuanced and all. Poorer countries in the Eurozone tend to send their own people abroad to work all kinds of odd jobs, Med nations in particular couldn't supply their youth with a good job market so they just emigrated, until all high skill jobs were taken and all low skill jobs were given to refugees. To combat this the poorest nations just added requirement after requirement to getting a suitable job within the country (years of experience despite hiring for junior categories, multiple diplomas or skillsets required, mandatory travel and transfer dispositions, low income up until a set number of years etc.) which forces a lot of youngsters into perpetual debt towards universities and/or emigration to big financial hubs.
Open file (3.22 MB 226x400 fYQ5W3uv7H_KXurV.mp4)
Armenians supposedly captured a foritified azeri positon yesterday. >https://lenta.ru/news/2020/10/04/spion/ >Russian news claims that the armenians have arrested a high ranking MOD worker for espionage.
>>6897 Is it true Azeris are trying to encircle Artsakh after direct assaults have failed for a week?
>>6902 >encircling Artsakh I wouldn't know how they would go about it. Looking at the topography of the area there seems to be like two main angles of attack, along the valleys, they could go and that's what they try. Mountaineous as it is it's actually an awful terrain to fight in, especially for armored units on the attack.There's just pressing ahead with not much room for tactical surprises and evading. Even in the few small isolated places where it might be done I don't see the Azeris do any encircling. They don't have the numbers nor the expertise let alone the competence to pull something off.
Open file (3.32 MB 320x576 Dead mudslimes.mp4)
I don't have a lot of information on this but from what I gathered, here we see the result of an Armenian tactical retreat. The Azerbaijani took the bait and pushed into enemy territory. What happened next is where the claims get random. Some sources claim the Armenians bombarded them with artillery. Others say that Armenian troops encircled the Azerbaijani and wiped them out. The only things every source agrees on is that so far the Armenians count over 200 enemy corpses.
>>6937 >Others say that Armenian troops encircled the Azerbaijani and wiped them out. A Hannibal in the mountains? how did they move so fast.
>>6937 Reminds me of what happened in Ukraine when that company+ worth of conscripts were wiped out.
>>6937 #DefenseArmy of the Artsakh employed a tactical trick, creating impression of retreat in the Azerbaijani units. The enemy made an attempt to occupy abandoned positions & was trapped. Strong artillery strike destroyed most of the Azerbaijani unit. Enemy left 200 KIA and fled https://archive.is/fcDEg Armenian press secretary of the president issuing a warning: " A few more days and I'm afraid that archaeologists won't even find Ganja. Come to your senses before it is too late" President Aliev of Azerbaijan has declared that Turkey must take part in any peace settlement over Karabakh.
>>6942 NATO also announced they're expecting Turkey to take an active role in peace negotiations. Why the fuck is everyone cucking to the roaches on this one? This is the straw that breaks the camels back that should give them an excuse to rip Turkey a new one and hand it to Greece.
>>6937 that's pretty metal, i almost feel bad for the roaches
>>6937 I can't believe they fell for the oldest trick in the book.
Open file (15.03 KB 752x292 lol.png)
>>6946 >I can't believe they fell for the oldest trick in the book
>>6938 Clausewitz once said if a general is to be out maneuvered by an attacking force in the mountains he ought to neck himself. Almost all the advantages belong to the defender here ontop of the usual 3:1 attacker ratio needed. >video unrelated
>>6942 >>6943 Armenia is encircled by its oldest enemies, cooperating with each other, and NATO is turning a blind eye. Hard to see but that's the sad reality, i wonder who's behind that decision.
>>6937 How many more losses like these can the Azeri's afford?
Open file (110.09 KB 1200x675 EjlXq1UWoAENzkE.jpg)
Canada is suspending arms export to Turkey. Why? Who the hell knows.
>>6957 Did you even read the statement? It says why.
>>6943 Because nobody in the Western World gives a shit about Armenia. The Left is too busy to declare Trump the new Hitlersatan and the Right is more concerned about their own countries going down the drain than what happened under Russias arse.
>>6954 Not very many since they're the attacker in everything but name and I can't imagine fighting a proxy war for Turkey looks good back home when people are dying.
>>6958 They haven't previously cared about "human rights violations" in Yemen. Do you really think they universally enforce their regulations?
>>6953 And Russia has its hands tied because it is bound to accept previous negotiation defined borders.
>>6967 Turkey is selling to unapproved dealers. It makes all the difference.
>Inb4 Armenia somehow survives this, glasses conquers Azerbaijan, and pulls Iran/Turkey into a holy war I know Armenia is fucked, but a man can dream, right?
Also if Armenia can gain territory literally anywhere, how long until the UN/NATO intervenes for "humanitarian" reasons?
Turkey has started flying al-Nusra members from Syria to Azerbaijan.
>>6939 Conscripts, mechanized units, god only knows what fell for that shit multiple times. ~50 dead and a fuckton of salvageable equipment everytime. Those were the days.
>>6974 And they'll all get killed
>>6977 Makes sense. Gotta use up those mercenaries til they all die, else they try to go to Turkey and start shit.
Open file (163.14 KB 947x711 [shitposting_loudly].jpg)
>>6971 https://archive.is/R3P4C >As Greece and EU lags, Saudi Arabia announces embargo on all Turkish products >At a time when the European Union and Greece lag and delay in announcing sanctions against Turkey, Saudi Arabia announced that they are imposing an embargo on Turkish products. The embargo will begin on October 3 and will be a strong blow to the already struggling Turkish economy. >Turkish exports to Saudi Arabia amount to $3.3 billion a year. >It is the first time that Turkish products have been banned in Saudi Arabia in the 30 years of trade relations between the two countries. >Turkey exported to the Arab kingdom fruits, vegetables, food, furniture, hotel equipment. >Turkey-Saudi Arabia relations could be described as Cold War. >The administration of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has launched a series of verbal attacks on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud and has openly accused him of ordering the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. >Saudi Arabia was the 15th largest exporter to Turkey. >According to Turkish media outlet Cumhuriyet, the relations between the two countries are turbulent due to Turkey’s policy in the Gulf, military operations in Syria and the subsequent death of Khashoggi. >Tensions in politics also disrupted economic relations, and in fact a silent embargo was in place for two years. >For example, Saudi Arabia increased taxes on Turkish products from 5% to 15%, while products of Turkish origin, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, were treated negatively at customs, causing serious problems. >At a time when Turkey has threatening war with EU members Greece and Cyprus, and continues to violate the maritime space and continental shelf of the latter, the EU has been split between those who want to sanction Turkey, and those who do not. >Saudi Arabia however made the decisive decision as its split with Turkey and Qatar widens over the latters open support for the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization that directly threatens other Gulf states.
>>6978 Yes that was the theory, that Turkey need to find a place to waste them as well so them it's a win-win whether or not the Azeris succeed. >>6980 What the fuck is Saudia going to start shilling for human rights now? Has Erdogan united, due to his past and ongoing retardation, the US, the EU, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and China against his dumb ass? How many more armies are going to join in the march to Constantinople?
>>6980 Greeks should have embargoed Turkey since 1822
Open file (117.14 KB 1024x749 jqdnxkhwjfr51.jpg)
>>6981 >Russia, the Balkans, Saudis, Syrians, Iraqis, Kurds, Armenians, Iranians and the French go on a crusade against Roaches >while Japan, India, Indonesia, possibly best Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and Australia have their 55 days at Peking 2.0 >on top of America mimicking the Spanish civil war but with nuclear weapons and shit tons of small armed splinter factions going after NAP violators It's all fine though as NASA is certain to send the first womyn to the Moon by 2024.
Open file (157.67 KB 1200x800 I'm doing my part.jpg)
>>6937 >Dead roaches
>>6981 Sauds hated the ottomans so when Edrogan tries to rebuild a neo ottoman empire of course they will be angry. Same with Iran. EU too cucked to do shit and kinda the same for the ruskies (but in a different manner). Iran/China/Saudis are pissed as shit, US is playing the old wait and see thingmajig we've been doing since ww2. Where does the zionist state stand? Anyone seen anything regarding that? >EU pissed cause rapefugees and muh human rights >Russia pissed cause muh sphere of influence >Iran pissed cause muh azeri seperatists >China pissed cause muh uyigurs brothers >Sauds pissed cause muh ottoman history >zionists sitting in the backwings contemplating who to side with schemeing to get both sides to pay them >US waiting to see the fallout to expand nato >>6972 >Also if Armenia can gain territory literally anywhere, how long until the UN/NATO intervenes for "humanitarian" reasons? It's the opposite situation here actually, the Armenians current stance is pro-nato ironically it wont save them lol. Meanwhile the russians don't want to bother so long as there's no clear winner or if the azeris get the upperhand they secretly want the Armenians to bomb that oil production though Transcaucasus politics is a fucking shitshow.
>>7003 They'll just make loads of money by selling Turks and Azeris all the weapona they could want. And they'll gain strong ally in Turkey for when USA decides to implode.
>>7003 Israel is supplying drones with the Turks. Not sure why.
Open file (3.20 MB 640x640 1nE7xD6aCc7iigWg.mp4)
>Syrian islamists who rejected Turkey’s offer to go and fight in Azerbaijan blast those rebels who did - accusing them of abandoning the Syrian revolution and their families to go and fight for money. /sg/ right now.
>>7012 Christian takeover of Constantinople would not end well for the Jews. It never does.
Open file (28.48 KB 950x336 ClipboardImage.png)
Turkey will grow larger
>>7022 The Turkish economy takes multiple nose dives dozens of times every year
>>7017 An appreciating Lira is interesting, but it's better to look at bonds in a pre-war or proxy war situation. Turkey is already in a precarious economic situation and risking war, and therefore massive debt is an interesting choice right now. I would like to find data on Turkey bond market and what kind of sovereign buyers they may have as this might tell us whether they really are "rogue" or just playing at being NATO's bad cop.
>>7027 meant for >>7022
Open file (9.30 MB 920x920 erdogan.mp4)
>>7027 >playing at being NATO's bad cop Erdog of Turgay ~ the enforcer.
Open file (20.93 KB 600x576 Hold Up.jpg)
so the azeris are turkroach proxies, armenia is rightful independent clay, and turkey is going max spaghetti over this whole incident, do I have that all right?
>>7033 Yes
>>7027 I mean there's that other nation backing the Azeris, the one with the blue and white flag and lot of financial resources.
>>7035 >the one with the blue and white flag and lot of financial resources. Finland?
>>7037 You. I like you Anon. Have a Hu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM8dCGIm6yc
Open file (1.24 MB 1366x768 Oy Vei.png)
>>7035 That doesn't actually tell us as much as you might think. The israelis will support Azerbaijan because they are an ally against Iran, so NATO will look the other way, even if Turkey and Azerbaijan are out of line. But that's the question, is Turkey (and therefore the Azeris) actually out of line, or are they actually doing NATO's bidding and just pretending to be out of line? If they are just doing a good cop/bad cop routine, why is Russia playing softball with them? Where do the Chinese stand on the Turkish question?
>>7039 Azeris have wanted this war since the 90s so I think it's more NATO staying out in fear of escalating it from a Balkan war into a World war
>>7037 >>7039 I think "Finland" may be supporting Turkey as its hatchet man in an extension of its own foreign policy. Why should NATO question the master, when that would be anti-Finnic? All the world's powers are bowing down to Turkish aggression where they should speak up, there must be a deeper element to it. The Chinese are just hapless copycats that don't know what to do when someone starts making moves they have no open access to.
>>7044 >Turkey - Syria - Armenia - Azerbaijan >Balkan Open a fucking map for once, burger man
>>7035 Scotland? Greece? Argentina?
>>7046 I'm pretty sure he means it in "concept", as this conflict resembles a lot of balkan ones, as in small scale, ethnic based and with the same geopolitical players.
Open file (140.79 KB 359x414 1.png)
Open file (11.87 KB 373x159 2.png)
Open file (17.71 KB 368x194 3.png)
>>7048 That was exactly what I meant, yes.
Open file (268.70 KB 1242x2005 Ejy_ynBWoAA8dG2.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (306.82 KB 1242x1994 Ejy_ynFXkAAlvch.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (327.78 KB 1242x1949 Ejy_ynDWkAATdWs.jpeg.jpg)
>Bizarre spectacle from Azerbaijan: First an evidently staged “Armenian rocket attack” on a powerplant. Then “an Armenian attack” on an oil pipeline with Israeli cluster bombs that only Azerbaijan has. Now they shoot down “an Armenian suicide drone” - turns out it’s Azerbaijani >“The faithful are being tested from the West to the East - and our war is now in Azerbaijan, just as it is in Syria” A jihadists recruiter, apparently in Syria, calls for volunteers to fight for #Azerbaijan, against #Karabakh. He seems to be recruiting jihadis, not mercenaries I wonder if the Turks are fighting this war even though there is no chance of an Azeri breakthrough at this point just to get rid of their Syrian "refugees," just like Mao initiated Korea paritally to get rid of his political opponents by blaming them for the inevitable mass casualties.
https://www.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN26L3SB https://archive.is/jPm9v >French President Emmanuel Macron accused Turkey on Thursday of sending Syrian jihadists to fight in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, a move that he said changed the situation. Not sure how that is supposed to change the situation from Macron's point of view but I suppose we will find out next week. Presidential elections are 2022, therefore I still don't get it how Macron stands to benefit from this posturing as people will just forget that Macron did all this stuff. >>7051 It's baffling as to why they think this incompetence isn't going to backfire on them.
>>7047 Argentina is more yellow than blue.
>>7051 >I wonder if the Turks are fighting this war even though there is no chance of an Azeri breakthrough at this point just to get rid of their Syrian "refugees," This is definitely their real goal. At worst they kill off a dangerous demographic.
>>7054 Feels like a fake war the Turks and the Israelis have set up with fake justifications and fake outrage so they can >>7056 which is why no one is taking it seriously, they are fooling their low-IQ cannon fodder into killing fields and dealing with the remainder manually.
Open file (272.35 KB 520x322 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (696.71 KB 1476x613 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7056 >>7057 Why does this feel so familiar?
>>7037 Yes.
>>7064 >5th Never fails to make me laugh
>>7055 And its even whiter
>>7070 Argentinia is white
>>7072 Serious question, is Argentina an ok place to live? I know they're probably poor as fuck, but I never see or hear about any atrocious shit happening there, or at least not the kind of stuff that happens in Brazil and Mexico. What about Chile? Uruguay? These places are almost a total mystery to me. I'd gladly move to a poor yet relatively peaceful country where I ca be left alone than live in a "rich" shithole with a bloated elite that constantly stirs shit with its own citizenry.
>>7073 They go bankrupt every 7 years and the government flips between commies and cuckservatives.
>>7073 They are decent and well educated, if a bit on the cunt side with the GBA area, but suffer from Mexico-tier corruption and tons of low-level crime (pickpocket, house breaking, robbery executions) There's also tons of jews there, it's the country with most in latin america by a long stretch. >not the kind of stuff that happens in Brazil and Mexico. Because it doesn't go directly to the U.S. and doesn't have dancing niggers in it hence why americlaps don't care, but they do have some massacres once in a while in the desert areas and sometimes in the pampas, but it happens very once in a long while unlike in Mexico where it's weekly or Brazil where it's daily. Great food, good weather, shitty beaches but good attention. Northern ones hate anyone and southern ones hate anyone not german, italian, welsh or someone acting suspicious. Both hate anglos in general other than welsh/scots.
>#Breaking: Vladimir Putin calls for a ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Armenia in #NagornoKarabakh, at least to exchange prisoners and collect bodies. Staged war for a new era.
>>7074 So like every other Latin American country then.
>>7054 I just remember the baugettes are still sore about the ERYX missle deal. Turks bought it, paid for a part of it, and then said it wasn't performing up to standards reverse engineered and then made their own+ turk economy and then forced the company out of turkey at gunpoint. >>7045 More like the chinese don't have any sort of power projection also cause economic downturn = can't fight trade wars with everyone. If they did militarily they'd back the armenians sheerly out of spite for turkey backing the uyigurs.
>>7078 Is China a eunuch? Politically influential but fundamentally impotent?
>>7079 China is not a sovereign nation because they rely on imports to feed their population.
>>7073 >Argentina an ok place to live? Yes, certainly one of the best places to live in the americas. >I know they're probably poor as fuck That's exaggerated honestly >What about Chile? If you go south enough you'll be basically in south america's scandinavia, my own dream is to build a cabin and live in some island there as a safe house if shit hits the fan >>7075 >but they do have some massacres once in a while in the desert areas and sometimes in the pampas I've never heard of that, but i'm curious now. >>7077 Except that they're mostly Europeans, so even at its worst it's pretty decent, if someone threw in you in the middle of Buenos Aires and told you it was Paris you'd know they're bullshitting you because of the lack of niggers. >>7079 Nah, China is too angry and boastful
>>7084 You can be sovereign and import 90% of your food. China are just idiots who can't divest assets across multiple countries and thus suffer the international fallout of their own inability to play nice. Food-importers can be quite successful countries, but they have to play by different rules. China is nationalist thanks to memes though and doesn't understand how to flex.
>>7085 >Nah, China is too angry and boastful That's how eunuchs have been portrayed historically because of their inability to get off. And they are a nation controlled by them for the past 2000 years. Reminder Chinese castration removed the whole dick, not just the balls.
>>7086 That's what they've been trying to change recently though, with their belt and road thing, it's not like they're ignoring their problems, though like likely bite off more than they can chew. >>7089 I thought their lack of testosterone would make them chill and not aggressive.
>>6981 Turkey is a huge liability to the entire world. When they were a core part of NATO, the US and European nations just accepted them and their leadership was nowhere as terrible as today's. Now that the cold war is over, relationships are strained and Erdogan thinks he can project his power all over the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and given that Anatolia is one of the most strategically important places on Earth, everyone else went in full on "screw this shit" mode and is just trying to either pacify them into being a minor power or to outright install their own puppet government. I wouldn't be surprised if the Baguetto-Burger alliance launches a surprise attack and install a strong female of color as the next head of State. By the way, Istanbul is much more progressive than most of Turkey so who knows what they'll do when things go sour for the roachy boi. Might even allow Greece to take it back as a special administrative division just to get away from Ankara. Think of what California is trying to achieve but think of like a thousand times more strategically critical. >>7086 Actually China suffers because its regions have both first, second and third world problems. >First All their major cities are overpopulated, polluted shitholes with zero social interaction among its people and authoritarian control, Capitalist problem >Second All regions harboring large minority groups or the super poor have their people enslaved to work for extremely low wages and long times and cannot even move about the country without special permissions, Communist problem >Third Some rural areas have literal retards and a bunch of corrupt industries and politicians polluting and pillaging everyone, "Developing" "Country" problem
>>7092 >Actually China suffers because its regions have both first, second and third world problems. That's the funny thing of communism, you get first world demographic problems with a third world economy, the west can afford to live with their problems for a while, while China and Russia as ex commies are on a race against time, China will get a lot more aggressive soon .
>>7091 >I thought their lack of testosterone would make them chill and not aggressive. They act like women instead.
>>7092 >Ahkshully I was pointing out why Chinkland is a sovereign country (just a shitty one). I never said the bugmen were without issues.
>>7093 >Russia Russia actually isn't that bad off. All the rest of the USSR satellite nations that didn't suck Western cock are fucked, but the Russians have either fixed most of those old problems or passed them off to the citizenry to handle on an individual basis (think Russian dashcams). Russia is in a race against time because NATO is still trying to strangle them for resources/trying to reduce them to a third world production nation, but their race is more of a timed defense trial until the US goes bottom-up rather than an objective-based one.
>>7085 Argentinians have drug trade routes too but they are very small compared to Mexico or Colombia, even Paraguay. Still it is normal popular culture knowing there's the whole "chorro" (petty criminal) thing that every country has, in their case there's a small evolution in which these fellas become hitmen, in some famous (but rare) cases also getting paid relatively tons before going out on a suicidal task, if they pull it out they get to keep the riches but usually they just spend it all beforehand thinking they aren't going to return. Kinda like the chinese triads. These things happen mostly in the northern villas/towns near the Paraguay border (hence villeros) but are also common in southern towns for some reason, that i don't know other than criminals just killing each other, the rest are silencing/debt solutions. Their fashion selection is the usual allyoucanwear from low-class youth but for some reason they are compared to slavs/chavs due to their light sportswear and flashy haircuts, when i was there i honestly didn't see anyone like that but i wasn't outside GBA anyways, but the people from those non-capital provinces i found were usually much nicer but that's normal with most anyone from rural parts in almost any country. I heard and read that sometimes things get really bad and on a single go as many as 10 can die in a shoot-out, which is standard gang warfare, but when things do get bad as fuck with the actual paramilitary drug smugglers they just chop them and throw them on a ditch in the wild. It's very tame compared to Brazil throwing diced people in front of their grandma's or in Mexico where they leave a truck with 30 corpses in front of the police station, especially when it happens less frequently, but i mean it's still something americans get their panties off even when their zogbots usually do worse. The argentinian outback is as beautiful as it is overlooked. >Chile is south america's scandinavia >they're mostly Europeans down there >Buenos Aires Paris Come on buddy, come on now. The land is very pretty at times but the people there are not european, at best there's some italians and scruffy spaniards from the moor side but the rest are paler mestizos with beards, in the small towns you either have many europeans or many injuns but usually they mix together in small proportions like on any mountain region where nobody can see you, i mean there's whites but not "small northern denmark town by the sea", it's more like "small eastern texas town" aka mainly white but with tons of mestizos you can't ignore the fact. One thing is true, no niggers other than the somalians in Buenos Aires port areas that the jews brought over. Even the outback argies banter to hell and back the porteños for it. And let's not bring into the table the whole Bolivia immigration issue they have.
>>7099 I honestly didn't know it was that bad. >Come on buddy, come on now. Southern Chile is exactly like scandinavia in its landscape, that's what i meant, the people obviously are not nordic, i can see why you thought i implied that though, even so Chile is rather developed from what i know. The Buenos Aires part is true, though it obviously depends on where you are, it has its shitty and poor areas like any big city. >mainly white but with tons of mestizos you can't ignore the fact. I'm not ignoring it, hence why i said mostly European going by genetic studies, which considering the state of some parts of Europe that's actually not so bad, but that tells us mostly how much Europe has fallen. >"small northern denmark town by the sea" I know there are some places like that though, villages in South America that were funded by european immigrants at the start and middle of the previous century that apparently have stayed pretty much european. In any case as the west takes a nosedive, if you're looking to move to a similar place in landscape, weather and culture, south america will do the trick. >scruffy spaniards from the moor side That's a meme, at least i remember a guy back in /his/ showing how the Alhambra decree really must have expelled all the jews and moors as the genetic imprint they left is actually extremely small, nothing in comparison with the Roman Celtic, Visigoth and the original Iberian imprint. So yeah i hope Armenia kills the roaches.
>>7097 I mean demographically, Russia's population is shrinking, the people retiring are not getting replaced by new workers, they'll get into the trap the west has also gotten into but the difference is that Russia really can't afford it, if they fall in the trap it's all downwards from there, obviously NATO is an issue, but they also have domestic problems of their own creation to take care of first.
>>7099 >Come on buddy, come on now. The land is very pretty at times but the people there are not european, at best there's some italians and scruffy spaniards from the moor side but the rest are paler mestizos with beards Finally someone tells the truth about this for all the "argentina and chile are white!!!!" idiots to hear
>>7104 What trap? Modern countries should be seeing population decline because most of them are moving towards skilled economies that don't need to shit out 8 kids per mother since child labor isn't necessary and thus many industries that require indefinite growth are hitting brick walls since they only lasted this long riding the Boomer inflation wave, but populations are supposed to stabilize towards a constant after achieving that sweet spot between labor shortages and goods shortages. Russia still has PTSD from their gommie days, so from what I understand most try to be as self-sufficient as possible keeping their own vegetable gardens and prepping in case of emergencies. I was saying many of the problems the west face aren't issues in Russia because the government said "fuck it, not our problem" and made people figure it out locally. While they import migrants, it's not nearly at the same level as the West and is usually more akin to slavery like North Korean work camps located throughout their Eastern regions because Norks would rather work a Russian oil rig/lumber yard/mine/fishing boat/work camp for pennies while companies like Nabors brag about hiring them as "SEA workers" due to legal loopholes rather than stay in North Korea. While the Russian oligarchs are certainly a thing and certainly Jewish, they're also very much aware of the shit shows out West and either move West to get involved or consolidate their power to avoid that shit like the plague. I don't see what trap the Russians have to look out for other than just standard corruption and the oil wars which stop being a problem when North America (poutine and burgers) is out of the picture and not interfering.
Open file (711.89 KB 1280x720 videoplayback.mp4)
>got decent answers for my question about Argentina Thanks streloks.
Open file (76.00 KB 692x625 Ej7QRTqWsAU9rUX.jpeg.jpg)
Lavrov: "Azerbaijan and Armenia have reached an agreement. A ceasefire will be declared from 00:00 on October 10" >>7116 Go to Uruguay if they'll accept you. It's a quiet brown place with nothing but cows. Don't go to Paraguay though, it's a shithole because 3/4s of its population died in a war in the late 1800s and it never recovered.
>>7113 The trap of having a ratio of workers to retirees skewed too much towards the retirees, Russian women are just not having kids and the boomers won't pay for themselves, i know it's usually an argument made in favor of immigration but that doesn't mean the problem is not real. >>7117 wew lads, till next time
>>7103 >scandinavia in its landscape In that case yeah, i agree, it's a pretty place but rather different, there's not a lot of forests but there is rivers and some waterfalls. It's pretty in its own unique way. >though it obviously depends on where you are Yes that's true, Recoleta and Madero are good but i was with friends in Soldati, you tell me because i don't know the place other than the main tourist points. Boca is world famous so no introduction needed. >I know there are some places like that though No doubt, but there's also places like that in Mexico, Chile, Venezuela (before being kicked by gommies via land expropriation) and so on and so on. It's notable but doesn't mean they are white or white cultured, it's not even rare seeing german/dutch folk in powwows because they won their full native rights for being important members in injundom, leading to their descendants still lingering among them. >and culture I remember reading there's some settlements near Comodoro Rivadavia that have tons of welshmen and germans still doing their own thing back in the 70's, but nowadays i highly doubt that would do the trick. Don't mean to shit on you, i agree Argentina is a great place and we practically agree with it, but for an actual caste european to satiate his cultural needs i don't think anything will do the trick other than a rural place in Europe itself. In terms of jaded americans i think the problem here is the utter lack of moral consistency, it's a conquerors getting conquered in a foreign land made theirs but being taken back by force suddenly but this time with a complete disdain of decency towards anyone involved, which makes things extra jarring. And history has made that non-tourist americans/anglos are not trusted almost anywhere in the continent other than maybe Canada, and the mood is special in Argentina where the Malvinas thingy is a lingering sensible topic among most adults. >That's a meme It is not, when the studies were made (late 80's) the sequencing was limited and could not be interpreted fully. If you do it again half of Portugal and Spain would share most of the same with native Morocco and Tunisia. Keep in mind when i say moor i mean the actual head honchos of the marinids and other north african dynasties, not the standard foot soldiers and certainly not the cannon fodder niggers. And back then the arabization was not an actual thing as mongols had still not reached fully the middle east, when we say Spain is moor it means they are more overly tanned mediterranean caucasians than germanics or the native europeans like the basque and the irish (who are left untouched in some regions). Also to be fair they are very prideful people, they hate the fact they are half africans and dismiss most claims with even lies. It's like the native mexicans who hate the fact the real aztec kings were actually from the hohokam wizard injun area rather than their own mixtec/jungle monkey region variant. They were always a slave population with different kind of peoples in charge of them, either naked desert red wizards who knew order, blue-eyed snow people dressed in fine textiles who knew how to build or the old mayan exiled military men who knew how to win battles. Yes, hope Armenia would clean their mountains out of this turkic/muslim pest. That will take a while.
>>7124 The solution to the problem is to let it ride out. Boomers don't get to retire if they didn't play smart, and an employee's market will open up in the fallout in industries not supersaturated. More kids is the last answer to a stabilizing population unless there's not enough people. When that prime/peak deflation hits where one man's salary can feed a family of twelve four, you'll see a return to families of that size. Even countries like Japan fuck this up by importing SEAniggers instead of letting the markets crash without bailing out bad businesses.
>>7117 >ceasefire Fuck, I hate ceasefires. Season's not over yet and I don't want my team to sit on the bank! Who I'm gonna rootin' for now?! FUCK!!!
>>7125 I was just mentioning the thing about the towns, yeah it doesn't mean much, but it's still an interesting historical quirk. >i don't think anything will do the trick other than a rural place in Europe itself. Well of course, but we all know what Europe itself is going through, i don't want to be blackpilled, but at the same time people should be prepared for the worst, south american countries have an history of opening their arms to Europeans immigration, they're not dumb. >If you do it again half of Portugal and Spain would share most of the same with native Morocco and Tunisia. As far as i know that's the opposite, i mean that north africans have significant European admixture, if anything i think Phoenician Carthage and Roman rule would have lead to more mixing in the Mediterranean than the moors, as the religious divide made it harder for miscegenation, there's obviously some admixture, even if just because of the proximity, but i do think it's been exaggerated, and it's usually used by leftists to argue how Europe is already race mixed and how it was diverse and multicultural, you know what i mean. Well, seems Armenia will have to tolerate the pest for another while. >>7127 That's a tough pill to swallow, even if it works, it will lead to instability in the mean time, and that's something they can't afford, it's better for them China and Russia mainly to wait for the correct moment such as after a contested US election to strike and push their geopolitical interests and hopefully "revive" their nations or at least buy more time. >>7130 Perhaps it's actually the seasons, winter in the Caucasus mountains is not nice, it would probably be too much of a strain to keep the fight during it, maybe it will resume next spring.
Open file (43.54 KB 591x262 mod armenia.png)
Open file (35.06 KB 585x229 mod azerbaijan.png)
>>7130 Worry not strelok, the ministries of defence of both sides is accusing each other of breaking the ceasefire lmao
Open file (18.28 KB 204x255 1438834618037.jpg)
>>7137 >international game of no u
>>7127 >>7135 A bunch of pretentious old men playing at running the world, but the world left them behind long ago
>>7139 Realistically speaking, how much is politics going to change when the last of the truly influential boomers die and older generations die out?
>>7157 Quite a bit. I'd like to say it will all be sunshine and rainbows, but you'll likely see a "resurgence" of the Left since Boomer PTSD is about the only thing that keeps the CommieShit in check IRL. This will be followed by the economy finishing collapsing (Corona sped this process up rapidly), and many people all growing up all of a sudden when they can't just use the fancy monopoly money their work gives them to secure basic needs. I don't know what exactly will happen at that point, but I promise you it will likely be very violent.
Open file (1.21 MB 480x360 jobs done.mp4)
>>7157 The next generation of young jews will see the error of their ways and stop jewing. Hispanics, arabs, and chinese who are natural libertarians will usher in a new era of freedom as they take over the base of political bodies.
The only thing I got out of this is that turks are worse than jews.
>>7158 Agree, i see either a violent future or 1984 repression in the west the coming decades. >>7159 We can only hope.
>>7159 >historically subservient races will overthrow their Jewish masters and usher in a new era off freedom >don't worry goy, all according to plan!
Open file (5.43 MB 352x640 38rxram1CTaCQm0O.mp4)
Open file (186.27 KB 1080x1080 EkAvz3mX0AA_jTv.jpeg.jpg)
>Air raid sirens wail in Stepanakert, as heavy #Azerbaijani bombardment targets city center - 12 hours into the ceasefire. Journalists and locals crammed into bomb shelters >The first video showing Syrian mercenaries in direct combat has been leaked from Azerbaijan. It’s unknown what date it’s from, but it’s conclusive evidence that Syrian fighters are involved in infantry combat on the front lines against Armenian fighters. Abu Hajaar tier. >Explosions reported in Baku, Ganja, Barda and Mingachevir. Residential building collapsed in Ganja killing 2. Missiles fired at other cities have been intercepted. >Meydan: As a result of a rocket attack by the Armenian Army, a residential building collapsed in Ganja, injuring more than 40 people. Three people were killed. Some ceasefire.
Open file (38.09 KB 440x398 img_023.jpg)
If a war between these 2 literal 3rd worlders can be THIS interesting, imagine what a war between the likes of China vs India or, dare I even say, a Balkan War would be like.
>>7179 >3rd worlders At this point that term is a meme, and it was a meme to begin with since the U.S. subverted its real meaning in the cold war.
>>7170 Is this the first time that happens? bombing cities outside Nagorno? seems like a very significant escalation.
>>7204 I think they bombed a cathedral some days ago. Really a shame the serb gov cucked out immensely weeks before this happened because it's getting Yugo Wars vibes really quickly.
>>7207 What happened with the serb government?
>>7207 But have they done that in previous clashes in the previous years? I don't know enough about this conflict to know if this year's "war" is any more significant than previous ones, but it looks like it.
Open file (594.25 KB 1280x720 serbie Kosovo 0509.jpg)
>>7209 Signed a "normalization pact" with Kosovo a month ago in the U.S.A., opening all travel and trade routes along with imports/exports with them. Basically fancy talk for a peace deal or at least the anteroom for it; usually you don't normalize relations with an invaded and runaway state.
>>7212 I've heard they got basically scammed into signing it
>>7170 what exactly are the Syrians doing that far away from Syria? Am I missing something obvious?
Open file (132.35 KB 586x430 armeniancathattack.png)
>>7211 >But have they done that in previous clashes in the previous years? Not directly in a military way, i think some loonies went with vest bombs at churches before but not artillery. Also i was wrong, the cathedral was at Karabakh, not Armenia itself. >>7214 There's no other way of seeing it, but it means if they do any harsh action against Kosovo then only God could defend them. I mean even if they did without any pact the U.S.A. would put their heeb hands into bombing their infrastructure, but many nations could still support them without getting so much flack for it, like for example Bulgaria surprisingly did back then taking account their old rivalry (at least with tons of food and some mercenaries).
>>7215 Have you been reading the thread at all?
>>7215 TLDR version: They are ethnic turkmenis from Syria working for the cockroach government of Turkey under erDOGan.
Open file (1.17 MB 1665x2500 Arkan.jpg)
>>7212 What the fuck does Serbia even gain from signing this, isn't Kosovo poor as fuck and at the mercy of the Serbian government? Also if the serb government acknowledged Kosovo as an independent state would it not be a coup leading to Yugo wars v2?
>>7222 Kosovo has something in it that makes the US, Israel and the EU defend it. It might be rare minerals or who knows, but the fact is Serbia also doesn't have good footing to go and reclaim it without several countries sharpening their knifes at the idea of 2 fronts being undefended. I cannot really go into it because i don't know the precise internal politics or quirks from each country (other than Montenegro being a cartel state) but you brought an interesting point, the serb population aka cops and some military units are ballsy enough to try and coup some sectors of the country if they recognize Kosovo as another brother country like nothing happened. Yet Montenegro got away with it and in the middle of a giant sporting event like World Cup 2006 (losing a match with a scandalous 6-0 despite being the best defense in the world at that moment), and the serbs didn't do much other than egg some places and bully some people. I learned that everything coming out of the Balkans is unpredictable.
>>7229 Aren't Balkan men slaves to their women? In the old sense that they are hen-pecked husbands?
>>7170 Gotta give credit to the Armenians. They're aware that they're outgunned due to Turkey, so they're trying to make the war look as unappealing as possible to civilians on the enemy side and is tightly controlling their news output about the war. Meanwhile all the young boys fighting on the Azeri side are clamoring to get internet famous and unintentionally posting shit that makes them look even worse both back home and abroad. Armenia might pull through because of Azeri propaganda backfiring and their own civilians getting shitter shattered at this rate.
Open file (513.78 KB 431x816 hi.png)
Open file (634.91 KB 672x816 what.png)
Open file (1.01 MB 773x816 READYFORACTION.png)
>>7222 What even are those faces?
>>7229 If you just ask "what would Appalachian trailer park/mobile home trash do?" and then export them to the Balkans, it all will make sense.
Open file (77.76 KB 640x733 Balaclavas.jpg)
Open file (6.92 KB 207x236 img_045.jpg)
>>7246 These are the faces of killers
>>7215 Turkey invaded Northern Syria which was occupied by turkish backed terrorist. Now that the northern Syria has basically potato-economy since terrorist sold basically anything that was not bolted down to turkish merchants in order to get extra funding in their war against rest of the Syria there are no jobs. And Turkish government is offering them jobs as mercenaries, so they're being sent to fight Erdogans enemies in Libya, caucasus and possibly Yemen. This has the benefits of killing off these extra men so that they will not cause problems in the future, expent Erdogans enemies resources killing them and not spending lives of Turkish conscripts which might cause issues in Turkey.
Open file (217.15 KB 640x480 killer.png)
Some wikipedia editor made this map, apparently it seems the azeris captured only a little bit of land in the fighting. >https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1f/QarabaghWarMap%282020%29.svg If this is true I don't know if I should be laughing or not at their fucking incompetence, although, the highway to the south I'd imagine would be probably strategically important. >can't upload svg fuck off.
>>7243 Can't say for sure, that's an odd question >>7247 Appalachian as in injun or as in bored hwite man living in the middle of nowhere? Or was that the joke?
>>7138 Its Minsk II all over again.
>>7287 Are you too retarded to be able to convert it to a png?
>>7325 >convert it to a png he doesnt even need to since kikepedia offers both svg and png for download smh
>A Moscow-based Azerbaijani blogger is under investigation for saying he hoped a Russia journalist “would be eliminated” for filming the town of Hadrut - which Azerbaijan had claimed it had taken. In the days after, journalists flocked to the town demonstrating that it wasn’t so >Azerbaijan has launched a criminal investigation against a Russian journalist, accusing him of “illegally entering Karabakh” and “supporting terror”. The same charges can be used against hundreds of journalists in Karabakh, none of whom Azerbaijan “allowed” to cover the conflict >«Our movement, and our freedom to report are controlled. We have a [Azerbaijani govt] minder with us at all times” - France24 @cntrentF24, one of few intl reporters let in by Azerbaijan. >Armenia and Azerbaijan, with Russia as mediator, are right now working on a ceasefire monitoring mechanism - Russian FM >Turkey has blocked almost all Armenian state websites; the Armenian President’s website is inaccessible, the government’s, various ministries etc
>>7327 >>7325 That's my bad, I was braindead and it must have missed my eyes when I was reading.
>>7338 Sounds like the Russian Journo should tell the Azeris they can come and arrest him, in Hadrut. Then laugh as the truth comes out they can't do shit.
Open file (974.21 KB 480x368 DnQw6OlOTrtu944J.mp4)
Azeris claim to have discovered and destroyed an Armenian deployment of tactical missiles.
And this kind of shit is why the progress is somewhat sluggish in this war as well. Whole infantry company essentially became an academic interest in some excel spreadsheet in 5 minutes or so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiL6CdXjku8 And these men are doing what infantry does the best. Being sleep deprived. As far as I know, even after several thousand years of innovation in warfare, no-one still hasn't figured out how not to have sleep deprived troops. youtube.com/watch?v=HjZEX-Tg0qI
>>7401 Pretty cool channel. Good to see the Armenians seem are in good spirits.
>>7047 >financial resources >Greece
>>7401 This clearly explains why Azeri command is skewing their own losses to make it seem as if they are wiping out the Armenians when it is totally the opposite. Their reports on air to ground victories are also completely fabricated. No wonder the Turks wanted to divert their mercenaries from Syria to Nagorno.
>>7405 They're neck deep in corruption and political debt but they still have enough to wage war on the likes of Azerbaijan
>>7406 >In every Armenian video with piles of dead Azeris, the Armenian soldiers talk calm and act composed >In every Azeri video everyone is shouting ALOHA SNACKBAR ISLAM NUMBA WAN WORLD 1 POWER
>>7287 So they claim the entirety of Azerbaijan? I thought they only wanted the Armenian lands. >>7410 Almost as if there’s a correlation between Turkic peoples and pislam, and low IQ 🤔
Open file (91.56 KB 900x581 benissimo.jpg)
>>7406 >60:1 K/D I hope the Azeris keep trying to assault dug in Armenian positions throughout the Winter.
>>7411 >So they claim the entirety of Azerbaijan? There are two different shades of green, anon.
>>7415 Please be patient, I have autism.
>>7406 To think I was worried about the Azeris winning at the start of all this. They have somehow managed to piss away their initial advantages. All their propaganda videos were already full of hot air, now doubly so.
>>7412 >I hope the Azeris keep trying to assault dug in Armenian positions throughout the Winter. We're finally getting an interesting war. Last time one happened was 81 years ago.
Open file (1014.35 KB 1280x762 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7417 They were handed victory on a golden platter and managed to fuck it up. I didn't think Armenia had a chance (not because of their forces but due to sheer logistics of several countries trying to gang rape them) and instead the Azeris managed to shit in the streets so hard they prolapsed their anus while screaming about Armenia.
>>7422 The Azeris are not only incompetent but now also incontinent.
Open file (800.58 KB 250x195 img_003.gif)
>Azerbaijan claims that the attacks on a 19th century Armenian cathedral, during which journalists were injured, was likely a “mistake”. >Twice. There were two strikes that hit the exact same spot in a “double tap” attack, all but confirming it was intentional. https://archive.is/ZD2IH >SNA fighter, recently returned from Azerbaijan: “My cousins and I have fought in Syria this whole war, and we’ve never seen anything like this. In one battle, 45 of us were on a small hill. One sniper killed 8 Sultan Murad and 2 Hamza. The snipers are like we see in movies.” https://archive.is/adPIY
Whats even going onover there?
Open file (50.31 KB 480x270 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7432 Azeri mudshits and their Roach friends try to capture fortified Christian mountains but it's an elaborate scam to get free virgins in paradise.
>>7432 Lurk more.
>>7432 Did you even read the thread?
Open file (536.68 KB 352x640 OtgpVWCl8Xs18RRl.mp4)
AZERI FORCES EXECUTE TWO ARMENIAN PRISONERS IN WAR CRIME >An Azeri nationalist Telegram channel just posted a video showing two alleged Armenian PoWs. The clip captures abuse and clearly violates Geneva convention. Similar content was published by Armenian nationalist Telegram channels. Neither side released any data on PoWs so far.
>>7444 I like how modern armies went from spending billions of dollars covering up their war crimes to random kid soldiers posting them online for the memes
>>7444 >muh war crimes No such thing exists. Prisoners don't deserve any human rights. If my enemy returned our prisoners back to us, I'd them executed for being pussies and surrendering to the enemy instead of fighting to the death. Fuck the Azeris though.
Open file (30.32 KB 527x527 stalin_heart.jpg)
>>7445 It's the best, i miss the days of twitter flamewars with literal ISIS fighters >>7446 Careful, you may cut yourself
>>7448 >Careful, you may cut yourself Different anon, but they don't. The only law of nature is the law of tooth and claw. Might is right.
Open file (196.15 KB 850x1151 1600997899534.jpg)
>>7448 While I agree that the latter half of that post is edgy as fuck, "War Crimes" are fucking stupid and are only brought up because nations saw them as a path to garner sympathy and support form their own war effort. Also demonizing the enemy is a great way to incentives your soldiers too shoot to kill if they believe they are doing a morally right action by killing the enemy.
Open file (259.39 KB 595x600 1602678931126.jpeg)
>>7451 Funny how the mightiest were the ones who declared killing POWs to be a war crime. Funny how only fringe ideologies that would get curb stomped IRL are the sorts who believe this edy teenager shit.
>>7453 War crimes are a political tool used to punish weaker nations and justify destroying them, same with human rights. The mighty are not accountable for the rules they set, rules which are ultimately fictions and social constructs with no basis in nature.
>>7454 It worked in a more civilized age.
>>7453 >Funny how the mightiest were the ones who declared killing POWs to be a war crime. Funny how only fringe ideologies that would get curb stomped IRL are the sorts who believe this edy teenager shit Do you actually believe the 'mightiest' nations don't do the same shit as third world hell holes but just write the history as themselves being the paragon of peace and justice for all man kind? Are you shitposting?
Open file (27.13 KB 387x420 1469731217690.jpg)
>>7453 So if your neighbour bent over his ass to an attacking force and surrendered, you wouldn't want him to be lynched? Are you retarded? Literally why would you let a traitor live? Since when is surrendering to the enemy a choice? What's edgy about killing traitors who care more about their lives than the nation?
>>7468 >capture equals betrayal
>>7469 >Dude one moment I am minding my own business, next thing I know I'm in handcuffs! >I had literally no way to resisting capture!
>>7470 >what is incapacitation >what is an ambush Of course that assumes your side possesses honorable people that put forth their best effort already and tell the truth, which 19th century Europe took for granted when it met at the Geneva Convention. It never thought someone was going to apply these principles to everyone else.
>>7444 Why not turn them into songbirds and parade them around in your capital? Also they look more like civilians than captured soldiers. These inbred retards are really missing out on opportunities.
>>7422 >Several countries. It's mostly Turkey and various Turkey-friendly militias. The Arab world as a whole hates the Turks and won't lift a finger to support one of Erdogan's vanity projects. Russia just wants the conflict to de-escalate. Iran has enough on it's hands worrying about the Saudi/Israeli alliance and has nothing to gain being involved in a stupid war in the Caucasus.
Don't care about whatever the other argument is, but... You God damned fucking RETARD. PoWs are a political tool you retards. It's the golden fucking rule. Not taking prisoners might be a good strategy if you're some 1800s European country trying to get some of them there cheap raw materials for pennies by letting your impoverished/dregs of society fuck the natives to give you a semi-loyal and cheap workforce in said imperial colony, but unless your goals are imperialism or genocide (or both), you have to be a fucking retard to kill prisoners of war. The end goal of most military conflicts is not complete annihilation of hostile troops, that's why usually only officers are prosecuted following a war. As counter-intuitive as it might seem, death troops (don't remember the proper term but I know there is one) are a real thing, and are a real consideration in military strategy, as is the threat of rebellion from the local populace. Men start doing some real scary, real screwy shit when they know the enemy doesn't take prisoners and that they're a dead man, and CIVILIZED Europeans have understood this for the last 2000+ years. Just from a logistical standpoint, not taking PoWs is the equivalent of shooting your own forces in the back because: A) When forced to fight to the last man, soldiers have been shown time and time again to be much more resolved/efficient in killing your men since the fear of death is no longer a factor (this is QUANTIFIABLE with friendly casualties SPIKING in conflicts where prisoners were not taken). B) As I said above, the golden rule applies and your enemy will not hesitate in killing your potential future assets in retaliation. C) The slippery slope is real, and the moment killing surrendered soldiers is on the table is the moment using chemical weapons and other shit on civilian areas is also an option. "War crimes" are not excuses for larger countries to rain shit on smaller countries, holy fuck. War crimes are gentlemen agreements established back during WWI when some countries lost as much as 8% (or even more in some cases) of their working-age male population in a time when most countries were still industrializing. In fact the numbers are skewed because those 8% figures don't adjust for men in that age group, but account for ALL men in said countries regardless of age, and that's just deaths, that doesn't include those permanently crippled. You still have to go home after a war, and crippled/dead men are a drain on society in most cases, not a benefit. Those are men potentially no longer working, fucking and having babies, etc. 99% of armed conflicts are not fucking wars of annihilation/genocide, they're wars with specific objectives in mind that the higher ups are trying to achieve whether it be resources, territory, whittling down a rival, etc. At the end of the day, you aren't just losing numbers in a conflict, you are losing the fucking lifeblood of your nation that keeps it from being subverted by women and cucks you fucking faggots. Go watch that Armenian propaganda video documentary team on jewtube. Read the fucking subtitles. The soldiers are the local men. In the video you had a principal, geography teacher, and town mayor all acting as part of the standing army, and that behavior likely spawned BECAUSE of Turks and Azeris being fucking roaches that don't honor gentlemen's agreements like recognizing war crimes for what they are. That video of 60 dead roaches wouldn't have happened if the Azeris had played by the rules since the civilians wouldn't have gotten involved in the conflict. (1/2)
Open file (3.73 MB 640x360 WWI artillery.webm)
>>7478 The fact that I even have to EXPLAIN the underlying reason for why PoWs are a thing tells me that the real nigger is (You), Strelok. As for why BEING a PoW is acceptable, it's because the VAST MAJORITY of armed conflicts ARE NOT FUCKING WARS OF ANNIHILATION/GENOCIDE. Men at war are certainly fanatical and certainly have to dehumanize themselves to do what has to be done, but you've been eating the fucking soylent if you think the goal of war is killing everything that's not your [nationality/ethnicity/etc.]. He who lives and runs away lives to fight another day also applies to prisoners of war. They can be traded/negotiated over, and generally they can be reintegrated back into society (or exiled to a foreign power willing to take them) if you win the war as an asset for your nation. The act of keeping them means you will generally receive more favorable conditions in the event that you lose the war too. At the end of the day whether it's your life or some stranger on your side's life, your survival is generally a benefit to your country or to future chances to fight back an invader, and there's even the slim chance that you might be able to rejoin the war effort at a later point if a negotiation is reached for your return. Dead men don't learn lessons, and dead men certainly don't reproduce. If you hold the belief that you shouldn't surrender to the last man, YOU are the guy everyone's expecting to get shot first in a conflict being a fucking idiot, YOU are the reason the world is currently like it is because of people like you getting the rest of their comrades killed, and your theoretical children you had before fucking dying that adopted your ideology from you being a fucking idiot are the ones who are going to get themselves killed when they should have held out for a generation before picking another fight with a foreign occupying power. You are the equivalent of Bongs/Frogs/Krauts right before the start of WWI asking why they should give a shit about using mustard gas on each other. Genocide can be the goal of your grunts, but that's why grunts have commanding officers who are supposed to beat them within an inch of their lives when they step out of line when their goals do not align with the nation's goals. From what I understand, the Armenians have absolutely fucked the Azeri chain of command which is why you're seeing these war crimes unfold (unsupervised grunts and grunts that don't understand the needs of the nation being promoted into positions where they are supposed to enforce those needs). War crimes in territorial wars (which this is one of) are generally a sign that your military is falling apart at the seams. There's a reason countries used to spend millions hiding these embarrassments or putting them on trial and why war crimes tend to start happening closer to the end of a war. Yes, I'm aware of shit like the Brits firebombing Germany into dust, but the Brits have always been dumbasses, and have always reaped what they sowed in the end. God fucking damn it, where's the Tylenol?
>>7479 Different strelok here. The Armenians I think are stuck from pushing into Azeri land proper because the turks will come in and finish the genocide, the US/ Jewish state wants this dumptserfire to grown, the russians might not be able to do anything (?). The Armenians are much more constrained politically and militarily vs the azeris. I think it is totally possible that the Azeris can go for the genocidal slant and get away with no repercussions aside from the Armenians lobby in the usa bribing congress to invade maybe.
>>7480 >the russians might not be able to do anything (?). IIRC near the beginning of the thread Russia sent some media convoys down there and the Iranians immediately jumped on it/tried to claim they were military vehicles carrying soldiers to Azerbaijan, so it might be that Iran is pressuring Russia to stay the fuck out. I think that the Azeris think they can go full genocide and get away with it, but I think they're going to be in for a rude awakening. This war has actually brought some interesting stuff into the woodworks such as the US pulling out of Turkey's airfields (the only real reason they've been our "ally" for the last 20 someodd years since they let the USA launch from Turkey into other ME nations ) and moving their forces to auxiliary bases in Greece. That minor story seemed like a much bigger deal than this conflict since it implies the US is done sucking roach dick meaning the EU will likely be done with them soon too (since about half the reason the EU is allies with them in the first place is because of NATO). Saudi Arabia also started a trade war with them a couple weeks ago and is banning products from Turkey, and they accounted for something like 10 or 15% of Turkey's exports. It makes me wonder if the US/Israel is letting the dumpster fire grow so they have casus belli to finish off the Ottoman LARPers.
>>7478 >>7479 This isn't a pussy nu-war about resources, it's a holy war driven by hatred. Genocide is the ultimate objective of both parties involved. Your muh political tool serves no purpose here, faggot. Also >That video of 60 dead roaches wouldn't have happened if the Azeris had played by the rules since the civilians wouldn't have gotten involved in the conflict. You are truly retarded if you think civilians wouldn't be involved if muh war crimes didn't happen. As i already said, this is a war where the populations of both countries want to genocide each other.
>>7486 Do shitskins even know any other type of war?
I think Turks have such a hateboner for Armenians because they defied them by not completely going extinct and they have the gall to be pissed at them for killing most of their people. I don't who would take the Turks' side on this whole conflict aside from a Turk or kike.
>>7487 >Do shitskins even know any other type of war? Yes, but they rarely happen. Even when the political objective happens to be about resources, the troops themselves still fight driven by hatred. This concept is completely alien to westerners because none of you have fought holy wars in centuries. Westerners truly believe that wars are only for resources and political schemes because when they look at their history they see almost nothing else. Balkan people and middle easterns however are the opposite. 99% of their wars throughout history are about extracting revenge and genociding the neighbour because he has a different religion and his ancestors invaded your lands 1000 years ago, so he must die.
>>7486 Thanks for missing an entire point I made about idiots like you saying stupid shit like this instead of trying to rub two braincells together. How about you go back and actually fucking read the last paragraph that specifically talks about this, dumbass. The wishes of grunts are not the same thing as the wishes of a nation/officials, and there is a world of difference between the hatred/genocidal streaks intentionally fomented in boots on the ground so they dehumanize themselves into justifying their actions vs an actual genocidal campaign by the top officials. Mudshits have always had a culture of letting their grunts run wild while the COs/politicians have to reign them in. It's gotten this bad because the Azeris are such shit that the Armenians are fucking their chain of command up the ass and forcing them to put grunts that should never be officers into officer positions to fill the void and maintain order. Azerbaijani troops are after blood. Azerbaijani generals/politicians are after land and understand genociding the local populace is a quick way to lose it. A significant portion of their military equivalent of middle management being fucking dead and being replaced by the new guy who joined three months ago and doesn't know jack shit is why you're seeing this disconnect in their actions versus what their politicians/generals are pushing which is why you have them insisting that the strike on that cathedral was an accident since it was probably approved by an overzealous CO that probably got a very abrupt demotion. This is warfare 101 faggot.
Open file (434.94 KB 675x637 Heresey1.jpg)
Open file (417.89 KB 849x543 Heresy2.jpg)
>>7489 >99% of their wars throughout history are about extracting revenge and genociding the neighbour because he has a different religion and his ancestors invaded your lands 1000 years ago, so he must die. This is pure, 100% concentrated kike propaganda that Israel has been pushing on Western nations for the last century to justify their Zionist policies and to manipulate western politicians into supporting them out of empathy when they take sides with various Arab nations for their own ends. Jews are once again unironically the reason the situation in that part of the world is such shit and why people still believe this crap. While Christians and Muslims have never gotten along, the old Christian world has lived more or less at peace with Islam for centuries. Constantinople is Istanbul right now because the Orthodox Church realized they got a better deal with the Ottomans being in power than the Catholics because the foreign Catholics did more raping and pillaging than the fucking mudshits. It would take far more energy than I'm willing to expand to try and explain the very detailed and very intricate history of the old world, but historically the only place where Genocide was the main goal was Spain and North Africa.
>>7490 >This is warfare 101 faggot. Again, only for westerners. Even politicians in the middle east are generally driven by nationalism instead of muh resources. But a retard westerner like you who has never lived in an environment like that will never understand. To you everything is politics and money, but thankfully not every part of the world sees things this way. Wars are holy. >>7491 >this entire post Disgusting, please kill yourself. You don't know jackshit about the Orthodox church and it's fight against Islam so please stop posting.
>>7492 >You don't know shit about the Orthodox Church I'm willing to guarantee I've been part of it longer than you have since I go to a brick and mortar Orthodox church and didn't come about that decision because of stupid memes like the majority of imageboard users that LARP as Orthodox.
>>7492 He's not wrong that the jews fuel most of the modern conflicts now but the notion that christians and muslims lived in peace once is so wrong it's not even funny. Every muslim country heavily taxed christians and forced conversion of many of them, or forced castration. And that's going on the soft facts, "foreign Catholics did more raping" doesn't explain the hard fact that most of the arab world is, well, arab to begin with.
>>7494 The 1204 Sacking of Constantinople by fucking Western Christians was what FORCED Orthodox Christians to take up the deal the Ottomans were offering since it was a better jig than the shit the fucking Western church brought back with them. Don't give me this line of fucking bullshit. >B-But muh Massacre of the Latins It was a massacre of the fucking Venetian Jews who's impotent navy was allowing Arab pirates to constantly raid their ports while sitting in Constantinople's docks acting as a foreign occupying force. It's not an understatement to say that the fucking Ottomans offered a long-lasting peace and stability that fucking crusaders and Western Christians had been ensuring couldn't happen during their entire occupation, which in and of itself was the Pope trying to flex and eliminate the Patriarchate in the first place. You niggers drove the fucking Orthodox Church to the point where all the shit they faced under the Ottomans was STILL considered preferable to a Latin foreign occupying force. Not to mention the forced castration and all the other horror stories you hear came primarily either from SPAIN/NORTH AFRICA like I mentioned. LATIN Christians were treated like shit by the Ottomans because they recognized that LATIN Christians (and Jews) were the cause of all the infighting in the first place and were the reasons the Greek branches capitulated to the Ottomans.
>>7497 Slight correction because I have insomnia and it's 4 in the morning and I know this nigger is gonna latch onto it to ignore everything else I said. Yes, the Ottomans didn't officially form as a group until the beginning of the 1300s. I'm referring to the ethnic groups driven to that region by Mongolian invasions and countries of the time period that would later form the core of the Ottomans.
>>7497 >You niggers Who is we >STILL considered preferable to a Latin foreign occupying force Yeah look how that turned out, to this day that entire region is on the border of total ethnic cleansing.
>>7497 >no no it was the Latin Christians who caused the fall of the East Roman Empire! >you know the Latin Christians the East Roman Empire invited because of the Muslim conquest of its lands >they were the true bad guy! Sure thing Ahmed.
>>7491 Reminder the pleas for sympathy only happened after they pushed wars of annihilation as a good thing and Western countries took their advice.
>>7497 >The 1204 Sacking of Constantinople That was Venetians being honorary kikes for the most part, the 4th crusade got disowned by the pope even before they marched on Constantinople. But yes, western and eastern relations could've been better.
>>7501 >Yeah look how that turned out Well considering the pope intended to disband the Patriarchate and the Catholic Church is dying while the Orthodox church has seen a resurgence even after having to deal with militant atheists that wanted to wipe them out, surprisingly well. Constantinople could be reclaimed in my lifetime.
Honestly the whole genocide narrative falls apart when the original genetic descendants still inhabit much of the Middle East despite Arab and Mongol invasion. Certainly they've become ethnic minorities, but do you honestly expect me to believe that narrative when the Arabs have failed to actually wipe out most of those ethnic minorities after 800+ years of oppression, and that they've literally been at war with said ethnic minorities for the entire 800+ years the genocide narrative claims they've been trying the kill them off? They would have to be less competent than sub-saharan Africans that have pulled off genocide faster and more efficiently. What does that say about Europeans if the Arabs are allegedly THAT incompetent and they managed to lose 1/3rd of their landmass to them? It's disgraceful to your ancestors.
>>7510 Most wars have been wars of subjugation. Wars of commerce and wars of annihilation emerge only in particular conditions.
Open file (167.55 KB 878x420 pentti linkola war.png)
>>7478 Soy post. Wars should primarily target women and children, otherwise they are useless.
>>7511 Tell that to the anons up above.
>>7478 >>7479 I came here to laugh at your soycuck post. War is about wiping out the other side. If you don't so that, you're a cuck. Go suck off your boyfriend, you raging homo. Also "warcrimes" is a cuck term made to get rid of fun stuff.
>>7512 Why not capture the women and get some rape on before killing them? Might as well get some use out of them before killing them.
>>7516 It's always a possibility.
Open file (133.91 KB 1302x444 Genocide works.png)
>>7511 >Most wars have been wars of subjugation. And yet you still haven't learned that this was a horrible mistake. So many times in history the conquered people end up getting back their lands because the conquerors were FUCKING RETARDS and didn't just genocide them and get it over with. You will NEVER EVER subjugate a country for all eternity even if you're the strongest country on the earth and they are the weakest. Even if it takes 1000 years, their descendants at some point will take arms and kicks you out. That is why we MUST start wiping out the enemy.
Open file (853.75 KB 960x720 6d7.png)
>Police in #Paris have shot dead a man after he beheaded someone in the streets, incident is being treated as terrorist related. >BREAKING - The person beheaded in Paris has been identified as a teacher who showed drawings of "Prophet Muhammad" during a lesson about freedom of expression; suspect said to be a parent - Le Parisien/BNO Turkish fifth column has been activated >Every one has their own way of freedom of expression. Deal with this. https://archive.is/YmK2h >>7518 Survival of the fittest has not been about survival of the best, rather it's been about the survival of the path of least resistance. That is why most countries don't pursue genocide to the end: human nature is lazy. Only with advances in technology has it become possible to both be lazy and completely destroy an enemy.
Open file (1.90 MB 1568x1868 part and parcel.png)
>>7521 No what humans did for most of human history was replace the ruling class and have their men marry into the native ruling class by taking all their women. In this way you just intergrate and take over the people in question. Parallel to this was the goals of killing all the men and taking all the women.
>>7522 Fuck I can't imagine living in a (((Western))) nation where they literally behead you for defaming some book retard. I could understand being shot dead but beheading? Jesus Christ man.
>>7526 I look forward to the revival of sword fighting personally.
Docile sheep >obeys laws, tries to be meek, thinks he's being edgy for showing a cartoon of Muhammad, will go to infinite lengths not to upset Jews Islamic BVLL >will cut your head off in broad daylight for a single insult against his religion TALK SHIT GET HIT
Open file (374.60 KB 220x232 nash.gif)
>>7526 >Third world Mexico >Get beheaded for messing with paramilitary cartel members and loudly announcing their whereabouts >First world France >Get beheaded for mentioning in class that a Mohammad drawing is a perfectly ok example of freedom of speech
>>7526 That's the new normal. Conquerors get to do whatever they want.
>some of your troops fight but get captured >enemy hands them back over to you >you kill them for getting caught How is that going to do anything but make your own side fucking despise you? It'll motivate your soldiers long enough to kill your enemy, then they'll turn right around and fuck your ass for killing their friends.
Don't know how I missed it, but an article from about ten days ago: Democrats urge halt to security aid to Azerbaijan in Armenia conflict https://www.defensenews.com/congress/2020/10/06/democrats-urge-halt-to-security-aid-to-azerbaijan-in-armenia-conflict/ https://archive.is/XD7Ya >A growing number of Democrats in Congress are calling for the Trump administration to immediately suspend U.S. security aid to Azerbaijan as fighting between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces over the separatist territory of Nagorno-Karabakh reaches its second week. >The hostilities have killed dozens, marking the biggest escalation in the decades-old conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh―which is part of Azerbaijan, but run by its mostly ethnic Armenian inhabitants. The U.S. has provided military training and some equipment to both former Soviet republics, but Russia and Israel dwarf the U.S. as suppliers of military hardware to Azerbaijan. >The aid is intended to achieve, “security objectives that are in the national security interests of both the U.S. and Azerbaijan,” Department of Defense Spokesperson Mike Howard said in an email. >Roughly a half-dozen lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives have individually made public pleas to suspend security assistance to Azerbaijan in recent days. That includes Rep. Frank Pallone Jr., co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues, who argued the administration should have cut off aid amid signs the conflict in the Caucuses was ramping up. >“We have been warning Pompeo and the State Department for months, if not the last few years, that between the rhetoric and [Azerbaijani] military exercises jointly with Turkey, and the incursions and attacks by Azerbaijan into Nagorno-Karabakh ... that this was getting more and more likely to be a war,” Pallone, D-N.J., told Defense News. >Pallone has also questioned why the Trump administration spearheaded an increase of roughly $100 million in security aid to Azerbaijan over 2018 and 2019 ― all under the Pentagon’s “building partner assistance program.” Pallone speculated the aid could be used in a conflict with Armenia, directly or indirectly. >“If you give them $100 million to pay for things, that’s $100 million extra for things that could be used against Armenia,” Pallone said, adding: “The concern we had, that was justified, was that you had this money going toward military purposes at the very time we knew there was this [military buildup].” >The Defense Department has long recognized Azerbaijan as a strategic fulcrum and sought to both work with it more closely and bring it closer to NATO, said former U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Matthew Bryza. Azerbaijani roads, rail lines and airspace that comprise a crucial U.S. logistics channel into Afghanistan, and they enabled one-third of all non-lethal supplies to NATO troops at the war’s height. >Israel, which reportedly receives 40 percent of its oil supply from Azerbaijan, has sold it more than $800 million in military equipment over the last decade, including drones, loitering munitions, anti-tank missiles, and a surface-to-air missile system, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Everything suddenly becomes very clear after reading this article.
>>7541 Not for me though. So Israel wants to genocide the Armenians for some reason?
Open file (1.04 MB 704x480 IKyqQaROLps4B_ho.mp4)
Alleged Armenian missile strike in Ganja, Azerbaijan. Armenia denies the attack.
>>7543 Seems more like the size of a car bomb than a missile strike unless it's super far away.
Open file (184.34 KB 640x500 1560668401542-0.jpg)
>>7542 tl;dr- >Burgerland has been ignoring Turkey's aggressions/Azerbaijan's obvious bullshit because Israel gets a fuckton of oil from them >Burgerland has also been laundering them military funds for quite a while now under the excuse of it being stopgap measures against Iran >Going so far as to approve military aid increases to Azerbaijan that were very clearly not being used for their intended purposes >Despite knowing that Azerbaijan was arming themselves for another war with Armenia >Israel has been supplying the Azeris with everything the Turks aren't supplying them with (as well as some of the stuff they are) Not mentioned above due to character restraints, but additionally... >Burgers have been giving fucktons of financial military aid to the companies producing Azerbaijani suicide drones and missiles that have been being used in very clear international law violations >Azeri oil pipelines supplying to Israel are right along the Nagorno-Karabakh border Burgers have been silent because getting involved would hurt the Jew. Israel is likely the real reason no one is getting involved, not Turkey. Also if Azerbaijan somehow secures Nagorno-Karabakh I expect fracking-type rigs to spawn up in the region within a decade.
>>7545 This is incidentally ignoring the fact that Burgerland has been supplying Armenia just as much 'in other means'. The Americans have been silent and want nothing to do with this because it's two houses fighting where the Americans want to be on good terms with both.
>>7547 America is set to provide ~$9 Million dollars in military-related aid to Armenia by the end of the year (this number is actually higher than the real number since the US cut a lot of the shit last year that it promised to give). In comparison they had already given Azerbaijan $200 million in military aid before accounting for this year. That number does not include aid in the form of subsidies to companies that Turkey buys shit from to give to Armenia. They're no the same.
>>7551 Fuck, that amount is from 2018 through 2020, not all this year.
>>7551 You're ignoring 'in other means'. AFAIR, the US sent Armenia roughly $220 million over the same time period (2018-2020) for civil infrastructure assistance because Armenia turned down the Military aid, saying they didn't need it. By the looks of things, the Armenians were right - they didn't need it. Admittedly, the $200 million figure isn't counting US-Azeri civil aid, I wasn't aware Azeri military aid was already that high. So, I'll relent that you're right in that the US is financially supporting the Azeris more, but you're wrong in saying that the US doesn't care about the Armenian side. Simply look at which side has the bigger lobby in the US and that much becomes obvious. The Armenian lobby is about half the size as the israeli lobby, which is saying something.
>>7551 It sounds like this is the exact opposite of a proxy war: two small powers are biting into each other and most of the bigger players have no idea how to benefit from it.
And with their blood they were to colour red A hill that neither owned. I hear it said That they were forced to kill each other. True. My only question is: who forced them to?
>>7558 Isaac and Ishmael.
>>7558 Shut the fuck up Brecht. Your book sucks and you were a fucking pussy. Learn how the world works, faggot.
>they tried for another truce but it broke down in hours Pacifists BTFO
Open file (290.08 KB 581x533 1590884143317.png)
Open file (98.30 KB 940x624 bullying the losers.jpg)
>>7598 Truces are for faggots. You can't expect 2 sides that fight driven by nationalism instead of muh oil to not shoot at each other because some retard in a suit said so. This war will never end until 1 side declares defeat and bends over to get ass raped by the conqueror. Even after the war ends we should expect local genocide to take place since both want to wipe out each other. Civilians are legitimate targets.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=y4xB3deL32A A man of culture goes to war >I don't care about those other aircraft >but if I have to shoot down an F-15 I'll cry
>>7530 At the least the cartels have billions of dollars riding on their trade, not some moon god and their imaginary virgins
>>7601 God bless Armenia
>>7452 >he’s so weak he needs to execute unarmed soldiers rather than face them fairly in combat. No honour.
Open file (128.60 KB 700x844 The Division.jpg)
>>7612 Those soldiers were armed at one point! :^) Also if your enemy is not even human why would you show them honour? Would you show honour to an insect? These pictures were made by a gook so don't expect any honour to be found
>>7543 >missile strike >big fireball going straight upwards Yeah don’t think so.
>>7614 >Also if your enemy is not even human why would you show them honour? I wasn’t talking about Jews or chinks or Turks. Anyone else is a human (regardless if they’re bottom of the barrel {i.e. Abbos, sub-Saharans, Indians, Amerindians, non-southern Caucasian Brazilians or middle of the barrel {i.e. SEAs, Arabs, Poles, South/Central Americans, Inuits, Mongols, Japanese, Siberians}) and deserve at least a little respect for fighting for their ethnicity and beliefs.
>>7617 >and deserve at least a little respect for fighting for their ethnicity and beliefs. Then why did they surrender?
>>7614 Why did they pull his pants down?
>>7619 >his That's supposed to be a woman anon.
>>7619 The better question would be why did they let them keep their helmets
>>7619 You don't see the implied raped away virginity?
>>7624 >>7619 There's blood and cum drawn right there in her snatch region.
Open file (450.30 KB 848x1327 Holo MoH.jpg)
What sources do you guys get your news about the war from? I want to be more active in the thread but not sure what websites covering the war are good to source info from.
>>7646 I get news from various Greek-Armenian sites. Videos mostly leaked from Armenian twitter accounts or from here https://www.youtube.com/user/BarsMediaFilms/videos I don't know of any english websites that cover this war
>>7646 I still can't get over that gay fucking rainbow. Makes me laugh every time.
>>7646 The CaspianReport posted a video about it a few weeks ago and the Epoch times is keeping up to date with the political back and forth. I come here for battle assessments.
>>7678 >The CaspianReport posted a video about it a few weeks ago Did he? i can't see it, gotta say, for an azeri he uploads pretty decent content, but at the same time i wouldn't trust him on this conflict for obvious reasons.
Open file (164.03 KB 520x387 1390533509443.jpg)
>>7518 >Genocide works It works only if you've also managed to completely erase the victim's identity and also the knowledge of said genocide. It's pretty much an all or nothing action, if you fail then you're pretty much condemned as a genocidal warlord unless you manage to be the victor or let enough time pass to make people forget about the gravitas of the actions that you've made and even if you do manage to succeed, then you've only killed an ethnic group out of a hundred. I'll give you an example of a successful genocide that also made people forgot about it . An empire that managed to be (almost) completely erased from history, like the Olmecs did, was the Western Xia Kingdom. It was razed by the Mongols, leaving Uighurs squatting on its land. Even China today had barely any lick of idea on these guys because the Mongols had thoroughly killed off their identity and their population. And you know what? Nobody, and i mean nobody today is shedding any tear on them. They're now just a footnote in some specific history books on Chinese history. So, it's true that Genocide works, but a successful Genocide is hard. And the rewards for doing so is just a reduction in the overall human genome, alongside the death of its culture. Killing an identity isn't as easy as putting 6 gorrillion jews in a bakery oven, especially when we have more writing mediums than we've had in the last century.
I have but one question: WORLD WAR WHEN?
>>7687 November 4th
>>7687 It's been brewing for a while. You're living it and everyone is gonna claim hindsight 20/20 when the signs are clearly there right now. The USA pulled out of Turkey to put their ME air raid base in Greece, for fuck's sake.
>>7687 By the looks of things? Soon, all the fat assed boomer dinosaurs are dying and leaving their incompetent offspring and successors to rule for them out of cronyism and nepotism alone. And half the western world is not liking it one bit
>>7680 Actually I fucked up on that one. I misremembered a 4 year old video he made on the conflict that someone shared with me a few weeks ago. My apologies.
>>7687 Soon I hope so i can either die and finally be away from this retarded planet for good or live to see the return of firing squads in the west.
Open file (83.79 KB 570x380 Vishap stone.jpg)
Will this conflict wake up the vishaps?
>>7726 No, it'll just make more history disappear because muslims took refuge in a mosque and threw out the manuscripts in it to "make up space" again.
Open file (1.41 MB 5075x3569 1595476317527.jpg)
>>7646 SouthFront, seems mostly unbiased and is crowdfunded. The occasional leaked tweet and here fills in the gaps.
>>7743 >'Guys, guys, how can we present a more kind, accepting, inclusive public face for our blackbag ops?' < 'I know, let's use stronk, independynts! That always gets 'em' What could possibly go wrong?
Have the Azerbaijanis been more successful in southern arstakh, or are they going to get hit hard from another strategic retreat from the Armenians in the near future? If the updated kikepedia image >>7287 posted is accurate?
>>7755 from the 17th to the 19th the azeris took a fair bit of land. im not gonna say they have any chance of winning but if they arent retarded they may be able to maintain it
New thread?
Open file (94.22 KB 500x424 putschchan_headpat.jpg)
>>7452 Absolutely retarded. Rules of war were put in place because if you fight against a civilized enemy, you want make sure you can have peace afterwards. Not every war is war of complete annihilation. By limiting the horrors inflicted on both sides, you try not to destroy any diplomatic basis for peace deals. If you go for total extermination, you don't need rules of war because there will be no one left to complain.
Open file (67.46 KB 600x720 1603345251758.jpg)
>>7617 >Anyone else is a human Sure, except for Aboriginals.

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