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what's a war board without a conflict?

The Return of Gookening / Pajeetening Strelok 09/22/2020 (Tue) 17:25:17 No.6086
2 for 1 Asian Special Fuck it I'm just going to clone the old OP. Korea: >June 13th: Kim Yo Jong Severs Relations with South Korea https://web.archive.org/web/20200613152332/https://twitter.com/xhnews/status/1271824285703651328 >June 15th: North Korea Threatens to Advance Into DMZ https://archive.is/ycpZY >June 16th: >North Korea Demolishes the Inter-Korean Liaison Office https://archive.is/5xu42 >North Korea Declares Intention to Re-Militarize Kaesong and Mt. Kumgang https://web.archive.org/web/20200617032412/https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20200617000200325 >Kim Yo Jong Lambastes South Korean President Moon for Pretending to be a "Cool Guy" https://archive.is/nyzoJ >South Korea Prepared to Retaliate Against Military Incursion https://web.archive.org/web/20200617032543/https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20200617003800325 https://archive.is/8Y4H7 India: >June 16th: Indian and Chinese forces engage in hand-to-hand combat on a mountain ridge in the Himalayan Galwan Valley. 3 pajeets dead on the scene, 17 die later from injuries. Indian media claims 43 Chinese casualties. Chinks claim it was an Pajeet provocation while Pajeets claim they were attempting to de-escalate and came under attack. >New Delhi: Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in a "violent face-off" with Chinese troops at Galwan Valley in Ladakh, the army said on Tuesday, in the most serious escalation between the two countries along the border in five decades. News agency ANI claimed that sources had confirmed 43 Chinese soldiers have been killed or seriously injured because of intercepts, though the army's statement did not refer to this. A statement on Tuesday confirmed the death of a Colonel and two jawans and spoke of "casualties on both sides". India blamed the clashes on "an attempt by the Chinese side to unilaterally change the status quo there", rebutting China's claims that Indian soldiers crossed the border. https://archive.is/Lei0Y >PLA Death Squads Hunted Down Indian Troops in Galwan in Savage Execution Spree, says report >Furious hand-to-hand fighting raged across the Galwan river valley for over eight hours on Monday night, as People’s Liberation Army assault teams armed with iron rods as well as batons wrapped in barbed wire hunted down and slaughtered troops of the 16 Bihar Regiment, News18 cited a senior government official familiar with the debriefing of survivors at hospitals in Leh as saying. >The savage combat, with few parallels in the history of modern armies, is confirmed to have claimed the lives of at least 23 Indian soldiers, including 16 Bihar’s commanding officer, Colonel Santosh Babu, many because of protracted exposure to sub-zero temperatures the Indian Army said late on Tuesday, the report added. >“Even unarmed men who fled into the hillsides were hunted down and killed,” the report quoted an officer as saying. “The dead include men who jumped into the Galwan river in a desperate effort to escape,” it added. >Government sources say at least another two dozen soldiers are battling life-threatening injuries, and over 110 have needed treatment, the News18 report said. “The toll will likely go up,” the report quoted a military officer with knowledge of the issue as saying. https://archive.is/dcT9e >Chinese State Media: China is well prepared for and holds the advantage in a potential larger military conflict with India, which should not take China’s restraint as a sign of weakness. Both sides should maintain restraint as military clashes don’t fit each other’s interests. https://archive.is/26MzK >Editor of Chinese State Newspaper: This is definitely not Chinese people like me want to hear. Lives of Chinese and Indian soldiers are all precious. Indian political force that pushes those young soldiers to deadly physical clashes is responsible for their death. India must stop taking risks at border. https://archive.is/h0LNO >PLA Rocket Force Official "If we had to go to battle tomorrow, We are Ready !" https://archive.is/UsLpQ
Open file (1.78 MB 2029x1713 China Army.png)
>>6086 Any recent news on the bending dam?
>>6091 Man the Quin dynasty could not fight for shit.
>>6091 >17th century Try since before the great wall was built, they were getting their asses kicked by much tinier populations of Mongols, Vietnamese, Koreans, and Tibetans for centuries. Especially by Koreans and Mongols.
>>6126 It's because they can never stop infighting. The Chinese did as much as the Mongols to bring about the fall of the Northern Jin and Southern Song dynasties, maybe even more.
Open file (1.62 MB nomura.pdf)
>>6091 That last storm had been a freak storm far later into the year than expected. That area is in its "dry" season now, so I wouldn't expect much. From what I understand most crops were flooded and ruined either during the flooding or after the flooding, and the late rains ruined the crops in the places that didn't flood and mold ruined the storehouses. I'd expect some sort of rationing if not outright famine in China in about three months max, though their government will be tight-lipped about it. The results for July was that overall food prices went up 13% in July with the cost of things like soybeans jumping 30%. Food damages in China are predicted to be to the tune of $1.7 Billion and China is expected to lose about 1% of its GDP (which is death for a country that feeds on nonstop growth unless everyone else also drops). It doesn't end with food getting more scarce either- Chinks are getting fatter/more gluttonous. You can blame some of it on Corona, but grain imports were 22% higher than in the previous year which is huge when you realize that we're dealing with tens of millions of tons (millions extra) while the Chinese government's releasing ~800k tons of grains right now in an unprecedented move. Their corn crops are being absolutely decimated by Army Worms while their other crops are being devoured by locusts, and swine fever forced them to kill (and dispose of) 40% of the pig population of China. All of this is happening while China is shitting on all of their trade partners that happen to deal with food to the point where I think even Brazil is fed up with them. The incoming food shortages are going to either literally starve China or figuratively starve them by crippling their economy, and the Chink-Poo conflict is just a side-show to the Chinese elite as a means of keeping the plebs in check.
>>6133 Some other highlights of China's Numbah Wan Agricultural policies: >Forced farmers to destroy their crops during Corona >Banned agricultural products from Australia for putting in an inquiry about their shit being sent back >Almost did something similar with Brazil >All agricultural trade with India, New Zealand, Canada, and Indonesia is at a halt >US agriculutral policy has always been willing to trade but anti-China >Now that China can benefit from those trade agreements to feed their people with imports, they decided to pick a trade war with the USA precisely over agriculture >Agricultural Science journals are basically in agreement that China's food issue is completely self-made and policy-driven >They only expect it to get worse even without any further flooding >Government have been extremely censorship-heavy about anything related to famines recently >But then Xi got on-stage and basically quoted the words that marked the start of the Great Famine(s) >Their response was to pass a China-wide law that requires any non-grocery foodplace to only serve N-1 plates to guests >Applies to gatherings of 1 person as well That is, one less dish than the total number of guests.
>>6134 >Their response was to pass a China-wide law that requires any non-grocery foodplace to only serve N-1 plates to guests >Applies to gatherings of 1 person as well What a clusterfuck holy shit. Also, what's to stop restaurants from just altering portion size so they don't lose all their customers? How the fuck do you even codify these rules? >>6133 A couple months ago I told a friend (a non-chinese, china numbah wan leftist) that I think it's possible that China could be Balkanized within 20 years, which blew his mind, it's not something he ever conceived of before, but now I think I might have been too generous with that timeline.
>>6144 Even if they surivive this without a collapse, Xi's in big trouble right now in the CPC since there's a broad anti-Xi coalition formed behind the premier, it'll likely be 50/50 on who wins. If Li wins we should see a reduction in the fighting, he's more pro-western (US) in the vein of "leave us alone and we don't give you shit". Or should be.
>>6144 China really should be balkanized. It's already many nations glued together Maoism and before that by the various Empires.
Open file (221.51 KB 316x431 673456235412125354725.png)
>>6134 >one less dish than the total number of guests. >Applies to gatherings of 1 person as well
Open file (143.68 KB 720x400 cowcow'spasture.jpg)
Cao Cao did nothing wrong!
>>6166 It's pronounced "sao sao" nigger, and you're right, the Duke of Wei is fuckin' rad.
>>6086 What a coincidence one day after you renew the thread Best Koreans shoot a Worst Korean dead: North Korea shot dead South Korean in its waters >SEOUL: North Korean forces shot dead a South Korean fisheries official who disappeared off a patrol vessel and ended up in Pyongyang's waters, Seoul's defence ministry said on Thursday (Sep 24), calling it an "outrageous act". >The 47-year-old man had been on board a vessel near the western border island of Yeonpyeong, the ministry said in a statement. After analysing intelligence, the South Korean military had "confirmed that the North fired at a South Korean national found in the northern seas and cremated his body", it said. "We sternly warn North Korea that all responsibilities for this incident lie with it," it added. >It was not immediately clear how the man came to be in the water. Earlier reports said that his shoes were found on board the patrol vessel, leading to speculation he may have been trying to defect. The exact reason the official was shot is still unknown, but North Korean troops may have been acting under anti-coronavirus orders, Yonhap news agency quoted multiple sources as saying. https://archive.is/ByIO0 https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/south-korean-official-killed-shot-defect-to-north-13140478
>>6153 It's much harder to artificially raise your GDP when you can't steal raw materials from your outer provinces at a fraction of market value, strelok.
>>6177 Don't Norks periodically take pot shits at people along the border?
Open file (1.60 MB 2850x1910 DMZ_incident_tree.jpg)
Open file (152.19 KB 1024x672 AxeMurderAxe.jpg)
>>6183 Pretty much from the moment that the war "ended".
Open file (569.15 KB 1000x618 555-come-on-now.png)
>>6177 >shooting a potential defector because of a fake virus
Open file (5.76 MB 320x568 chinese cuisine.mp4)
So according to the Financial times China's current stockpiles of frozen Pork will run out in 3 months.
>>6190 Well yeah, when you're on the verge of a famine the last thing you need is some pampered snob traitor who doesn't understand austerity.
>>6192 Some of these are much less offending than others if you consider some of the shit Victorians did and that third worlders do.
>>6192 Time to buy pork cheeks and belly before they skyrocket then >Pork head being cooked What's wrong with that? i'm more worried about the black tar than the head itself. Eating cheap vanilla ice cream flavored with beaver anus sweat is worse than good old deep-fried pork belly or smoked cheeks. Nothing beats gutter oil in absolute hellish depravity tho.
>>6196 >Nothing beats gutter oil in absolute hellish depravity tho. What about transformer oil?
>>6192 That's three months too long. They will probably invade Taiwan for long pork.
Open file (223.28 KB 659x568 whoobs.png)
Open file (38.24 KB 540x303 the mistake.jpg)
Even cute Nip streamers have apparently started shitting on China. Second (or First depending on source) top earner in Hololive publicly called out the bugs on "accident" shortly after an Aussie with the company did it. https://comisoku.com/archives/125196
>>6199 Transformer oil is just a recipe for death.
>>6192 This is an Ancap future btw
Open file (4.01 MB 1425x4413 indonesia rising.png)
>>6204 I hope Homolive's Indonesian branch gets involved.
>>6239 a paper tiger
>>6239 >have never once done an amphibioua landing in history >teeth
>>6209 >nation with the largest and most powerful government relative to it's private sector in the world and a history of questionable cuisine choices spanning millennia >has some questionable cuisine >ancaps did this Nigger how the fuck do you manage to be this retarded?
Open file (69.70 KB 542x594 1289097113116.jpg)
>>6239 >Tiger with teeth The teeth is just rotting at this point with the caretakers desperately spray-painting em white.
China’s surging corn prices blamed on speculators as Beijing plays down fears of grain shortage >Corn price recently hit an eight-year high following typhoons and floods that damaged the nation’s corn belt. A trip to the area by the South China Morning Post this month found swathes of cropland had been flattened, fuelling concern among local farmers about a steep drop in output. >China’s imports of corn, which are mainly used in animal feed, hit their highest level in nearly three decades in the first eight months of 2020, adding to anxiety over a domestic supply gap. >But Han Changfu, the nation’s Minister of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, said the surging prices were caused primarily by “market speculation and irrational hoarding”, according to an interview transcript published on the ministry‘s website. >In the interview with state media, Han said the country had ample stocks of the grain and was set to have another bumper harvest in autumn, despite the impact of natural disasters in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces, which together account for a quarter of China’s corn output. >“New corn will enter the market soon, the supply will further increase,” he said. “Corn prices have started to stabilise.” >China’s corn futures for January delivery hit 2,443 yuan (US$359) per tonne last week on the Dalian Commodity Exchange, the highest level since August 2012 and up more than 35 per cent from a year ago. But they declined by 2.06 per cent on Wednesday – the sharpest drop since the beginning of the year – after Han’s comments were published. >Meanwhile, the bidding price for new corn in Heilongjiang, the country’s largest corn producing region, was this month more than 30 per cent above what it was last year, the Post found after talking to traders. >The government’s Chinese Agricultural Outlook Committee this month cut the corn output forecast for the year by 1.8 million tonnes to 265 million tonnes, meaning the domestic supply gap will widen to 23.5 million tonnes. >Li Xigui, division director at China National Grain and Oils Information Centre, said at an agricultural conference in Harbin earlier this month that output last year may have been overestimated. >China’s statistics agency said production rose by 1.3 per cent to 260.77 million tonnes in 2019, but state purchases of the grain dropped by 118.4 million tonnes, according to the data from National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration. >That indicated traders are hoarding corn in expectation of further price gains, according to Li, who called on them to stop. >Feng Jilong, general manager of Dalian Northern International Grains Logistics Company, a corn trader, said the surge in corn prices was partly a result of speculation. >“New players are entering the market to stock up corn at state auctions,” he said at the same event in Harbin. >Although China has auctioned 560 million tonnes of corn reserves to calm supply concerns this year, only around 200 million tonnes had come into the market, Feng said. >The State Council, China’s cabinet, announced on Monday all traders would be banned stockpiling grains, except for China Grain Reserves Cooperative (Sinograin). >Sun Lige, vice-president of the Wellhope Agri-Tech Joint Stock, expected authorities to take stronger measures to intervene in the corn price. >“Now the corn prices do not depend on what the market says, but what the government says,” he said. “The current price is certainly not what the state wants to see.” https://archive.is/4VtJa https://www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/3102907/chinas-surging-corn-prices-blamed-speculators-beijing-plays
Open file (94.86 KB 584x1200 EievbU5X0AYPLrr.jpg)
Open file (116.30 KB 1024x937 EibwvlpU8AAdLfl.jpg)
Open file (3.41 MB 1280x720 H4bS-erittuoWmf8.mp4)
Open file (78.75 KB 253x345 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6250 >The State Council, China’s cabinet, announced on Monday all traders would be banned stockpiling grains, except for China Grain Reserves Cooperative (Sinograin). China will grow larger.
Open file (171.76 KB 624x641 dont talk.png)
>>6248 >Taking the obvious bait >Not even using an anime girl to upset him
>>6239 Isn't that guy just a journalist? I'll believe the threats when it's an official making them.
>>6128 Exactly and that's also the reason why giving them christianity, which spreads like wildfire there, is the single most dangerous thing. With a unifying moral code that puts truth before anything else and ends excessive lying to save your face they loose their biggest weakness and are able to fuck enyone up in 50-200 years down the line.
>>6248 Way to miss the point
>>6260 He's the editor of some official state newspaper so what he says is always an exaggerated version of the actual party line, which seems to be at the moment due to their insistence across multiple platforms that Taiwan should be integrated into Mainland China by 2025.
>>6265 What point? It was bait.
>>6261 Strelok, no matter what moral code or religion they follow, a chink will still be a chink.
>>6204 >Nip Strelok... she's from Atlanta, Georgia. Which explains why she venomously hates Nigs.
>>6250 >>6257 This really is The Great Leap Forward all over again. I'm starting to think that CCP actually believes their own propaganda and rewritten history.
Some news articles I skimmed. (Two days ago) Tensions rise across the Taiwan Strait as Taipei test-fires missiles https://archive.is/xsSgz https://www.scmp.com/news/china/military/article/3102990/tensions-rise-across-taiwan-strait-taipei-test-fires-missiles >Test programme follows multiple PLA Air Force flights near self-ruled island over past nine days >Taiwan has test-fired missiles off its eastern and southern coasts following military manoeuvres staged by Beijing near the self-ruled island in recent days. (Yesterday) Taiwan's armed forces strain in undeclared war of attrition with China https://archive.is/szFMT https://uk.reuters.com/article/taiwan-security/taiwans-armed-forces-strain-in-undeclared-war-of-attrition-with-china-idUSKCN26H08Z >Taiwan’s air force has repeatedly scrambled to intercept Chinese jets. Though they have not flown over mainland Taiwan itself, the flights have ramped up pressure, both financial and physical, on Taiwan’s air force to ensure its aircraft are ready to go at any moment. >Visiting the Gangshan air base in southern Taiwan’s Kaohsiung, Tsai received a detailed account of how the maintenance crew is making sure Taiwan’s F-16 and other fighters are operating at peak performance. >She appeared slightly taken aback when told the cost of one small component for the F-CK-1 Ching-kuo Indigenous Defence Fighter was T$380,000 ($13,000).
>>6293 Why don't they just buy some AA systems?
>>6294 Because then they'd have to actually fire the first shot instead of playing tag
>>6204 Both of those two have now been suspended for three weeks. In their Japanese and English press releases, the company never mentioned China, and claimed it was because the Analytics data they showed was considered confidential (even though multiple other Hololives have talked about it before without incident, not having mentioned Taiwan...). In the China press release however, the company said they strongly supported the One China Policy. Japanese and Western fans are outraged (even Reddit is fucking pissed) and China is not appeased at all, calling for them to be fired.
>>6291 That almost has to happen. If you tell the truth there at minimum you get a bad social credit score or at worse black bagged in the middle of the night. Eventually no one tells the truth out of fear and then after a time everyone forgets where the line between fact and propaganda lies. This sort of thing happens in the West as well to some degree as well but in places like China it reaches a terminal state.
>>6311 If Cover cucks here I think that will be the end of Homolive. Not as a company, they'll continue to exist, but as the concept they were for autistic girls to stream, they'll probably lose interest from future girls and a few girls might even quit if they do get fired. The three week suspension is just standard Nip posturing hoping the whole thing blows over (even though it's just pissing everyone off).
>>6287 Moral codes given time form the darwinistic environment that manifest in genes. How do you think Europeans got from tree hug nigger to I rule the world and rape subhuman pussy for lulz?
Open file (9.35 KB 833x92 Maybe not.png)
Open file (26.65 KB 285x421 four-pests.jpg)
Xi Jinping to reintroduce Mao style command economy distribution to rural China: China’s Xi urges revival of old rural distribution system to boost economy and enhance ‘ties with rural masses’ >President Xi Jinping has renewed his call for a revival of an old state-run distribution system to boost the rural economy, unite farmers and strengthen the ruling Communist Party’s power base in the countryside. >In a note to a conference hosted by the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives – also known as China Co-op, which supported the party’s rule in the countryside during the command-economy era from 1949-78 – Xi urged government officials to revamp the system to help modernise rural villages and to consolidate the party’s governance in rural areas, according to the official Xinhua news agency. >Xi said the cooperatives, which throughout their long history have been a driving force in the country’s agricultural and rural development, need to “become a comprehensive platform for farmers’ production and lives, as well as a bridge for the Communist Party to maintain close ties with the rural masses”. >The renewed attempt to inject new life into the decades-old co-op system came after Xi introduced a new dual-circulation strategy in May to rely more on the domestic economy as the country’s diplomatic relationship with the United States deteriorates. The model focuses on internal circulation – the domestic production and consumption cycle supported by innovation – while trade with other countries and regions, or external circulation, is regarded as secondary for economic growth. >From the days of Mao Zedong until the late 1970s, these cooperatives were the only place where peasants were able to access daily consumer goods and farming supplies, thus serving as an important institution in a Soviet-style command-economy system. >The role of China Co-op as the sole retail outlet for rural residents diminished in the 1980s as private producers, wholesalers and retailers mushroomed in the country. Xi, who became the party secretary in late 2012, has tried to remake the China Co-op system to serve the country’s rural development in a market economy and lift the rural population out of poverty. The primary objective of many rural cooperatives today is to help farmers find customers for their products by building e-commerce platforms and logistics centres. >Cooperatives are not state-owned enterprises but “collectively owned”. Unlike in other countries, where cooperatives are characterised by their democratic management and profit-sharing systems, in rural China they operate like state-owned industry. >A paper published in 2017 by Forrest Zhang, an associate professor of sociology at Singapore Management University, found that only two out of 50 Chinese rural cooperatives he visited and tracked from 2009 to 2016 were genuine. The rest were either private businesses controlled by individual owners rather than member farmers, or fronts for fraudulent operations set up for the sole purpose of cheating the state out of its money. https://archive.is/pCqgv
>>6364 Oh boy, get ready for Great Leap Forward 2: Famine Boogaloo
Open file (92.46 KB 912x1024 Hahahaha Hanibal.jpg)
>>6364 >Collectives Nao for Mao: Revengeance >Only 2 outta 50 coops were "genuine" compared to the rest being either privately operated or were fraudulent in a 2017 study. Next thing you know, China going to increase steel exports by having their farmers melt tools for pig iron again
https://archive.is/Jv6L3 >On September 28th, China began five military exercises simultaneously along different parts of its coast. >Two of the exercises are being held near the Paracel Islands in the disputed South China Sea, one in the East China Sea, and one in further north in the Bohai Sea, the Maritime Safety Administration said in notices on its website. >In the southern part of the Yellow Sea, drills including live-fire exercises will be held between September 28th and 30th, it said in another notice. >All ships are prohibited from entering the area, it said. >It is rare that several exercises happen at the same time, but it is likely a result of increased rhetoric from the side of Taiwan, as well as the approval of various weapons sales by the US. >In August, China announced four separate exercises, from the Bohai Sea to the East and Yellow Seas and down to the disputed South China Sea, in what Chinese military experts said was a rare arrangement of drills. >The United States sent spy planes into a no-fly zone over Chinese live-fire military drills. In response, China lodged “stern representations” with the United States. >On September 27th, a US state department statement said China has “pursued a reckless and provocative militarization” of disputed outposts in the South China Sea’s Spratly Islands, adding that China’s governing Communist Party “does not honor its words or commitments”. >In response, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin on Monday said US military actions have made it “the biggest threat to the peace and stability of the South China Sea”. >China has also held frequent military activities near Taiwan, declaring that the drills were directed at the island Beijing considers part of its territory. >On September 25th, Taiwan’s defense ministry said China threatened to or entered its airspace 46 times in the past nine days. >In earlier September, an Indonesian patrol ship confronted a Chinese coastguard vessel that spent almost three days in waters Indonesia claims as an exclusive economic zone and are near the southernmost part of the South China Sea.
>>6288 Yeah she trys to hide it with intentional engrish but every now and then you can hear the twang.
Open file (234.23 KB 1061x597 poohd.jpg)
>Gookening/Pajeetening More like A Tale of Two Poos by A.A. Milne
>the vtuber cancer is spreading beyond /animu/ Fuck's sake.
Open file (2.46 MB 494x740 1558843393628.gif)
>>6523 >Using /animu/
>>6523 I don't like vtubers, problem is that's one of the only Winnie the Pooh pictures I have on this PC.
>>6554 . . . Yan-yan the Pooh is still alive?
>>6444 (checked) When will someone bomb the chinks?
>>6591 I'm waiting for Trump to call the nukes on them
>>6591 >>6596 Why waste resources? They've already got an incoming famine. Just blockade their food imports by sea (since the land countries hate them) and they'll either... >1) Capitulate from famines willingly or unwillingly >2) Invade a foreign country for resources spelling their demise similar to the Imperial Japan demise >3) Achieve a new record for decisive Tang victory strategies
>>6591 It'll happen if that try to take Taiwan by force.
>>6630 Current policy is reunification by 2025, so we've only got about four years left for them to get on it.
Open file (98.17 KB 605x811 1601545186088.jpg)
Open file (73.06 KB 592x646 1601539295828.jpg)
>That moment when a Japanese dragon males it into political meetings Kiryuu-Kai represent! Although it appears to be a Haato secondary.
>>6682 I'm laughing over the fact fucking with vtubers has this sort of response.
>>6688 If 2chan is to be believed, the one with the blonde avatar is the daughter of an influential far-right Japanese politician who despises chinks. This is just the beginning.
>>6705 Oh, I'm really fucking laughing now.
>>6706 That 2chan family claim is very probably true, since her dad planned to actually appear by voice in one of her streams, but it was aborted out of concern it would reveal her identity too publicly. From what I've heard secondhand (I don't speak Nip to confirm it) that situation ended up with her identity pretty much confirmed by an old report card posted on social media that had personal info visible. Also, she's studying in Australia, and rumour goes that she does not get along will with her non-Japanese Asian (read: Chinese) classmates. Meanwhile, the orange-haired one is from Atlanta, which means she does not take shit lying down the way a lot of the meeker Japanese girls would. She was already known for pushing boundaries, and for not backing down. She's been banned from livestreaming by YouTube before, and when she was uploading pre-recorded videos until YouTube lifted the ban, she replaced the chat box with a large image of YouTube's logo being given the middle finger. She's also arguably the most dominant (and highest earning) girl in the entire cast. And while she mostly keeps quiet about political topics as a VTuber should, she is from Georgia, and since she's clearly not oversensitive we can take a guess what she really thinks. Case in point, her character in one of the games they play was an enormous black woman with a deliberately-grotesquely large ass and tits, alternating between calling it an "ugly monster" and sarcastically saying it's the ideal body. So now you've got the member with probable family political connections who hates chinks already, and the big-time money maker who doesn't back down easily and very possibly hates chinks already.
>>6736 The Dragon also had to live around Chinks and Zainichi while living as a foreigner in Japan while VTubing, though she claims it was before her career.
>>6739 Right, there was that too. That was probably the most political she's gotten, actually, since she was pretty clearly telling the Nips to be wary of uncontrolled immigration.
>>6736 >China gets fucked harder with its already collapsing birth rates, famines, plagues, & a govt desperately maintaining whatever power it holds because it dared to touch Vtubers for saying Taiwan. >The immense asshurt a simple country can cause to the chinks
>>6736 >Case in point, her character in one of the games they play was an enormous black woman with a deliberately-grotesquely large ass and tits I want to see that
Open file (2.29 MB 1920x1080 Coco's Ark character.png)
>>6736 Man, that is like looking at a bear trap, stomping on it then immediately putting your hand onto another one.
>>6177 >>6183 Update, the worst Korean was trying to escape gambling debts, brother denies the story: >A South Korean fisheries official shot dead and allegedly burnt by North Korean soldiers last week would never have defected, his brother said Tuesday, and appealed to Pyongyang to return his body. >North Korean leader Kim Jong Un issued a rare apology after what he described as the "unexpected and disgraceful" killing of the official, who Seoul said jumped ship during an attempt to defect. Citing intelligence sources, Seoul said the man -- named only as Lee -- was found adrift by North Korean troops who interrogated him in the water before shooting him and setting fire to his body as a precaution against coronavirus. >The coast guard said Tuesday an initial investigation had ruled out a suicide attempt or accidental fall from the vessel, adding Lee had huge gambling debts. But the brother, Lee Rae-jin, refuted the findings, saying there were no signs he was planning to defect and was proud of his job. >"They keep on bringing up my brother's family issues and debts... then should all 50 to 60 percent of ordinary South Koreans defect?" Lee said during a press conference with foreign correspondents in Seoul. "I talked to him two days before his death and he never once mentioned or gave signs to defect." >In an earlier news conference, the Coast Guard said an investigation suggested Lee had voluntarily jumped ship with the aim of reaching the North. "Some circumstances in which he expressed his intention to defect to North Korea have also been confirmed," a senior coast guard officer told reporters The possibility he had attempted to commit suicide was "extremely low" as he was wearing a life jacket. >The officer added Lee had some 330 million won ($282,000) in debts -- mostly from gambling. Lee's brother insisted, however, his sibling had been "devoted" to his job as a civil servant, noting he had once turned down his offer to work for his business. "I earnestly plead to Chairman Kim Jong Un of North Korea to return my brother," Lee said. >The South's coast guard and navy are searching for Lee's body after Pyongyang said the soldiers burned only a flotation device he was using over fears of the coronavirus outbreak. South Korea has demanded a joint probe with the North on the shooting. Pyongyang remains mum on the request but said Sunday it would begin its own search for the body. https://archive.is/RcbzZ
https://archive.vn/edVhf https://archive.vn/fWnpQ (author's Twitter with more details) Food shortages in Manchukuo and its occupier are are so bad even the Washington Compost has to admit it.
>>6915 I like the chinks in that Twitter feed insisting that everything is fine. >There's a "say no to waste" campaign in #China, but this has NOTHING to do w/ "food rationing". >China had a record summer crop harvest despite the flooding
>>6915 >lemme destroy all my country's farmland for industrial parks Commies, when will they learn?
>>6915 Didn't the Poos just test fire an ICBM?
>>6705 > the one with the blonde avatar is the daughter of an influential far-right Japanese politician who despises chinks So Haato went to Australia just to cleanse the red menace Nankin style?
>>6918 Never because they just deny all their failures as not real communism.
>>7001 Mao got pretty close to reducing the entire country to a bunch of starving, cultureless, penniless, indoctrinated worker drones.
>>6963 >cleanse chinks First off, you don't have a loicense mate Second off, ain't the aussies so cucked that they'd pull a reverse on that one and sell her off as a bride since the chinks need women anyways? I don't keep up with what goes on down under but last I checked christchurch did a number on them. In my part of the US mostly the nips and chinks children get along decently. The immigrant parents, well uh. Not so much lol, I say that as a mongoloid myself. God forbid we all hate the chinese children who immigrate to the US and are rich ass fucks with no respect or manners >>6745 > picture That slider bar is hilarious. >thigh size: Maximum >Hip size: Maximum, >hands size: Maximum >arm size: half >breasts: maximum >should width: maximum
Coup in Kyrgyzstan >Sadyr Japarov was appointed acting prime minister, hours after protesters freed him from jail. >President Sooronbai Jeenbekov has hinted that he is ready to stand down. This isn't a colour revolution like euromaidan or the rose revolution. Looks like a chinese power play to me since the kyrgs are closer to china and the fact that they had support from the police and internal troups. Either that or Putin sees current leader as a liability.
>>7014 >Kyrgyzstan Probably nothing. They have a coup or revolution roughly every couple years.
Open file (1.52 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.59 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.28 MB 1199x670 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.56 MB 1200x630 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (920.46 KB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7148 Nice nuke Kim. What's the range on this bad boy?
>>7148 Size comparison with previous ICBM models. >>7167 Speculation: >The new ICBM, presumably a Hwasong-16, appears to be approximately 25-26 m long and 2.5-2.9 m in diameter—about 4-4.5 m longer and about 0.5 m larger in diameter than the North’s Hwasong-15 ICBM flight tested once in November 2017. Indeed, the new missile has been correctly characterized as the world’s largest mobile ICBM—in part because countries with ICBMs generally seek to make their road-mobile ICBMs smaller so they can be more mobile and concealable. >That said, we estimate the new missile’s launch weight at roughly 100,000-150,000 kg, compared to some 80,000 kg for the Chinese DF-41 solid-propellant, road-mobile ICBM and about 104,000 kg for the former Soviet SS-24 rail-mobile solid ICBM. >The first stage of the new ICBM appears large enough in diameter to accommodate four of the Soviet RD-250-sized rocket engines believed to power the Hwasong-15 (which uses two in its first stage). The number and type of engine used in its presumed second stage are unclear, making the new missile’s throw-weight capability uncertain. Based on the assumption of four RD-250-type engines in the first stage, however, we estimate the new missile could, in principle, deliver 2,000-3,500 kg of payload to any point in the continental United States—much greater than the Hwasong-15’s assessed 1,000 kg payload capability to the same range (13,000 kilometres (7,000 nmi)). >In terms of larger payloads, the North may be working toward developing multiple independently-targetable reentry vehicles (MIRVs). Perhaps the North’s current nuclear RVs are larger and heavier than we expect, and so the Hwasong-15 cannot carry enough such RVs along with the size of post-boost vehicle (PBV) the North currently can provide to dispense them. Or perhaps the Hwasong-15 can be MIRVed but the North wants to be able to deliver more MIRVs per booster. >It should be noted that North Korea has not demonstrated a militarily useful MIRV capability, which is technically demanding. For example, it has yet to flight test a PBV, much less the deployment of MIRVs from a PBV. Given the technical demands of MIRVs, it might instead first deploy non-independently targetable Multiple Reentry Vehicles (MRVs) like the US, USSR, and UK did. Even in this case, the North might want more payload capability to deploy more or larger MRVs. >Another reason for having a bigger payload capacity is the desire to carry more and/or more RV-like (heavier) decoys to spoof US missile defenses than is possible with the Hwasong-15. Alternatively, the North may have decided that it wanted to possess or portray the capability to deliver a “super heavy” single large thermonuclear RV against US cities for political or deterrent effect. While this also is Khrushchevian in nature, one should recall that the Soviet SS-18, Chinese CSS-4 and US Titan-II ICBMs were deployed with massive single RVs having up to nine megatons of yield.[4] https://archive.is/5i8oI
>>7148 >pic 2 >Nork AKs held together with string and rubberbands
>>7218 I thought the same,but now i think it's just cloth so the AKs don't stain their white uniforms, they're not so dumb to make a close up shot of things they want to hide
>>7221 True, I see that now. However, they've shown some goofy shit before.
Open file (151.76 KB 800x532 ClipboardImage.png)
Is it normal for the TGD reservoir water level to be this high during the season?
>>7439 Yes they are filling it to generate power during the winter.
Open file (12.17 MB 1280x720 videoplayback.mp4)
Xi Jinping seen with hacking cough in public. Has he been infected?
>>7439 Those numbers certainly don't add up on the graph. Official Numba Won state propaganda?
Open file (190.90 KB 1480x1556 coronachan52.png)
Open file (560.08 KB 350x350 clapping fat chink.gif)
>>7439 Three Gorges Dam is a gravity dam. During dry seasons (which they are in) with gravity dams, you are supposed to use any excess power you have to pump water from downstream back upstream so you can dump it back downstream if there's a sudden demand for power. I don't want to explain how water energy storage systems work in great detail, but with most power generation systems, they're not really on/off so much as they're "2-3 days to ramp up to full power" and then you really don't want to turn them off unless there's no need to keep them on. The idea is if you have to waste the power anyways since you can't turn the system off, so you might as well pump the water back in so you aren't wasting as much energy.
>>7483 >>7439 Ah right, you can actually track this with that chart you posted. In dry months, outflow represents water released downstream to provide energy and inflow represents water that's come into the system (whether by rain or by pumping). When outflow increases, water levels and inflow decrease since it means your energy demand is high and you don't have the spare power to power the pump to send the water back upstream. When outflow decreases and inflow increases, that generally means you're using spare energy to pump more water into the system and allowing buildup from upstream to power your stuff. In the rainy seasons you want to keep your water levels low to use the dam as a barrier, but in the dry seasons you want to let your water levels remain near capacity.
>Don’t miss this stark warning from NSA O’Brien on Taiwan: “Taiwan needs to start looking at some asymmetric & anti-access area of denial strategies of its own & really fortify itself in a manner that would deter the Chinese from any sort of amphibious invasion.” https://archive.is/OISYl
>China’s military used microwave weapons to force Indian troops to retreat during a border stand-off in the Himalayas, a Beijing professor has claimed. >Its forces turned two strategic hilltops occupied by Indian soldiers “into a microwave oven”, Jin Canrong, a professor of international relations at Renmin University in Beijing, told students during a lecture. >The Indian troops were forced back, allowing the positions to be retaken without an exchange of conventional fire, he said. >The People’s Liberation Army “beautifully” seized the ground without violating a no-live-shot rule governing the orders of engagement in the mountain stand-off. >“We didn’t publicise it because we solved the problem beautifully,” Mr Jin said. “They [India] didn’t publicise it either because they lost so miserably.” >The professor said that Chinese troops fired from the bottom of the hills and “turned the mountain tops into a microwave oven”. >“In 15 minutes, those occupying the hilltops all began to vomit,” he said. “They couldn’t stand up, so they fled. This was how we retook the ground.” >The two sides have been locked in a border dispute since April in the Ladakh region, which culminated in bloody hand-to-hand combat in the Galwan River valley in June. Twenty Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese were killed. >Despite rounds of high-level talks, the two armies have shown no sign of disengagement but are seeking to strengthen their positions, while sticking to the no-live-shot rule to avoid escalation and a repeat of the 1962 Sino-Indian War. >The microwave attack was said to have taken place on August 29. >Microwave weapons attracted attention recently as America researched radio-frequency or electromagnetic pulse weapons that use high-energy radiation to attack targets. >This may be the first use of such weapons against hostile troops. >Mr Jin said in his lecture that India had surprised China by sending in a team of Tibetan soldiers, known for their mountaineering skills, to seize two critical hilltops on the southern bank of the Pangong Tso Lake, in eastern Ladakh on August 29. >“At the time, the western theatre command [of the People’s Liberation Army] was under huge pressure,” the scholar said. “These two hilltops are very important but we’d lost them. >“The central military commission was quite furious: ‘How could you be so careless as to let India seize the hilltops?’ So it ordered the ground be taken back but it also demanded that no single shot be fired.” >Mr Jin said that it was almost impossible for the Chinese soldiers, who were mostly from the lowlands, to fight at an altitude of 5600m. >“Frankly speaking … their bodies won’t stand it,” he said. “Then they came up with the clever idea to use microwave weapons.” Article refuses to archive, along with paywall: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/world/the-times/chinas-microwave-pulse-weapon-defeats-indian-troops-at-himalayan-border/news-story/4683263ed8d35b735f37cd57715877a5
>>9313 >China’s military used microwave weapons to force Indian troops to retreat The hilltops must smell like steaming shit now.
>>9314 Next thing we know the Indians recaptured the hill with their ingenious use of biological warfare
>>9324 tactical shit launcher?
>>9327 Short-range ballistic missile launchers filled with Coronavirus 2: Electric Poogalo warheads sampled from the most pristine streets of Dharavi. God I hope the Pfizer/Moderna "vaccine" accidentally creates a race of Himalaryan superbeings.
>>9340 >superhuman tibetans Nigga don't you know they already basically ARE in terms of lung capacity and blood oxygenation at alititude?
>>9342 That reminds me: India is supposed to have Gurkhas of their own, so why didn't they send a battalion of them to remove chink? They are scary good in melee as it is, let alone in their home turf against a bunch of bugs who aren't adapted to that environment.
>>9345 The unit they sent was Tibetans. The Chinese couldn't compete so they brought out the microwave.
Open file (657.34 KB 224x480 攻占5104高地.mp4)
JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS: CLASHES ALONG THE CHINESE-INDIAN BORDER >Breaking: On December 8th, a video showing an epic clash between Chinese forces and Indian forces at the LAC (line of actual control) in the Ladakh region. >According to geolocation, it happened a bit past the line of actual control, and around September 2020. >Clashes similar to these are apparently a frequent occurrence. Back in June 2020, after a large-scale fight such as the one in the video, at least 20 Indian soldiers died, and an undisclosed number of Chinese soldiers were also killed. https://web.archive.org/web/20201209145409/https://southfront.org/footage-of-epic-clash-between-chinese-and-indian-troops-in-ladakh-border-region/
>>10643 >video of an earlier incident from September
>>10657 Even November would've been a different story, but September was the height of the conflict I think, right?
https://archive.is/DhXeS After Libya & Karabakh, Turkey Is Preparing To Ship Its Syrian Proxies To Kashmir – Reports >Turkey is allegedly preparing to deploy Syrian militants in the region of Kashmir, which remains the focal point of a serious conflict between Pakistan and India since the late 40s. >The conflict over Kashmir started after the partition of India in 1947. Back then, India and Pakistan claimed the entirety of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. The dispute over the region escalated into three wars between India and Pakistan and several other armed skirmishes. >Today, India controls over 55% of Kashmir. The remaining part, formally known as Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), is administrated by Pakistan. >The Syrian Hawar News Agency (ANHA) said on November 9 that Turkey is preparing to deploy Syrian militants in the AJK, where they will fight as mercenaries against India. >“Turkish intelligence instructed the mercenaries of the Sultan Suleiman Shah Brigade to prepare a list of 100 mercenaries, who will undergo a training course in the Turkish city of Mersin in preparation for deployment in Kashmir where they will fight against India,” the ANHA said, citing sources familiar with the matter. >According to the ANHA, the Turkish intelligence promised the mercenaries a monthly salary of up to $3,000 during the deployment in Kashmir. >The reports on the deployment of Syrian mercenaries in Kashmir were denied by the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan and the president of the AJK. >“India’s propaganda is rubbish and a crude attempt to undercut Turkey’s political and diplomatic support for Kashmiris struggling against Indian oppression and tyranny. It won’t happen,” said AJK President Sardar Masood Khan. >The recent reports didn’t present any material evidence. However, Turkey has a track record of using its Syrian proxies as a pawn to promote its interests in other parts of the world. >Between 2019 and 2020, Turkey deployed around 18,000 Syrian militants in Libya to support the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord. In the second half of 2020, more than 2,000 Syrian militants supported Azerbaijan’s large offensive on the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. >Despite Pakistan’s denial there is a real chance that Turkey is preparing to deploy its proxies in Kashmir. The upcoming few weeks and months will likely reveal more information on the issue.
>>10665 I'm utterly amazed no one has just said "fuck it" and invaded Turkey at this point. They don't even have Russian or American protection any more.
>>10666 >Greek military incursion/Eastern crusade to retake Constantinople and Remove Kebab
>>10666 >American protection I honestly wonder why burgers haven't dismantled Incirlik yet and relocated all the nukes to Cyprus or Greece, there's no more ISIS left to bomb and the Roaches aren't above taking the base by force so what's the point.
>>10706 Because trump (seemingly) doesn't want a war and that would also mean the EU would cuck out or the turkish would make ISIL look nice. In other news: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-55271020 https://archive.is/L7zq7 If anyone was hoping for a westernized China, it's now dead. If anyone was rooting for the glows getting their asses handed to them, celebrate The CIA and most NATO intelligence runs their shit through HK since until recently, the PRC could not arrest people for treason or espionage there.
Open file (70.32 KB 600x410 hammer.jpg)
>>10643 >>10666 >>10704 >mfw battle of the nations/WMA could actually prepare modern armies for a new era of mass melee skirmishes >>10665 It seems as though roaches have been buying roaching as mercenary companies for centuries and eventually became the new noble caste of the Ottomans after realizing their armies were more powerful than the local levies their masters could raise.
>>10741 Communism is a Western conception.
>>10759 Marxism/Communism is a Jewish conception.
US is moving to open fuller diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Full statement from Pompeo: >Taiwan is a vibrant democracy and reliable partner of the United States, and yet for several decades the State Department has created complex internal restrictions to regulate our diplomats, servicemembers, and other officials’ interactions with their Taiwanese counterparts. The United States government took these actions unilaterally, in an attempt to appease the Communist regime in Beijing. No more. >Today I am announcing that I am lifting all of these self-imposed restrictions. Executive branch agencies should consider all “contact guidelines” regarding relations with Taiwan previously issued by the Department of State under authorities delegated to the Secretary of State to be null and void. >Additionally, any and all sections of the Foreign Affairs Manual or Foreign Affairs Handbook that convey authorities or otherwise purport to regulate executive branch engagement with Taiwan via any entity other than the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) are also hereby voided. The executive branch‘s relations with Taiwan are to be handled by the non-profit AIT, as stipulated in the Taiwan Relations Act. >The United States government maintains relationships with unofficial partners around the world, and Taiwan is no exception. Our two democracies share common values of individual freedom, the rule of law, and a respect for human dignity. Today’s statement recognizes that the U.S.-Taiwan relationship need not, and should not, be shackled by self-imposed restrictions of our permanent bureaucracy.
Open file (664.76 KB 1200x960 fetafla.jpg)
>>11963 >we are so deep in this weird shitshow of an era that it takes a fucking neocon to do the right thing wewlads
>>11963 Isn't it a bit late when we are less than two weeks away from a new president? Or is it supposed to be an act of sabotage, so that Kamehamehameha will have to deal with a shitshow?
>>11968 >Or is it supposed to be an act of sabotage, so that Kamehamehameha will have to deal with a shitshow? I'm guessing so. It's probably one of those things that just can't be reversed easily like committing or removing troops from some country or recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. Our position vis a vis China and Taiwan through many administrations has been one of having our cake and eating it too. Pompeo just collapsed the wave function.
>>11963 This is probably part of their deal to open up a Taiwanese Government-backed semiconductor facility in Arizona by 2024 and the December weapons deal that I think passed. I'll give Trump credit, even if it was just to piss off Pedo Joe. This was actually a very smart move since China has been talking seriously about "reuniting Taiwan with the mainland by 2025." https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4093733
>>11968 >>11969 I think this was already in the works regardless in-line with Taiwan's opening of a semiconductor facility in Arizona that will probably be run by illegals that would be in direct competition with China/India. This was probably part of the deal since the semiconductor facility is Taiwanese-government-owned but pays taxes and such like a semiconductor equivalent to Amtrak. Those talks were supposed to be finished in February, but I could see this as being part of the concessions and Trump helping rush through the decision in order to fuck with Biden who's pro-China. Now Biden can't pull out of Taiwan since the deal is sealed. If he does, it will leave a black mark on his presidency with Japan and Australia who are already set to be hesitant allies with a Democrat after they went all-in for Trump with military budget increases/removing barriers to entry for enlistment for their home countries. This would also line up with a weapons deal that was in the works back in September/passed in October that would give Taiwan mid-range missiles capable of striking ports and air fields in the Chinese mainland that would normally be where Chinese fighters scramble in their prodding Taiwan's defenses. Previously Taiwan's missile systems could only really get out as far as Fuzhou, but the weapons deal expanded their missile range to include several Chinese inland air fields that jets are usually scrambled from, with the outer ranges of said missiles possibly being able to hit Taizhou, Nanping, and Shantou. This also puts Taiwanese ship missiles in range of Shenzhen/Hong Kong and Shanghai in the event of a Chinese offensive. With that much extra firepower that could quickly backfire and that can't be taken back at this point, I could see why the US would be interested in maintaining their cordial relationship with Taiwan regardless of the president's personal feelings for China and why more open relations would be established. That weapons deal made Taiwan a player comparable to North Korea- someone that could probably be easily curb stomped if necessary, but who has enough firepower to take out every motherfucker with them in the process if you tried. Hong Kong cucking out probably forced this relationship in order to maintain the status quo.
>>11999 >the semiconductor facility is Taiwanese-government-owned but pays taxes and such like a semiconductor equivalent to Amtrak So the Taiwanese government can basically pump as much money into that facility as they want, and it's up to them to eke out some profit. Do we know what are they planning to make there exactly, or is it a case of them waiting for other companies to give them orders for specific products? >removing barriers to entry for enlistment for their home countries. What?
Open file (7.82 MB 640x288 Nanking 1937.webm)
>>12000 >Do we know what are they planning to make there exactly Semiconductors. More than likely semiconductor wafers for transistor production for computers or chip production for higher-spec hardware. >Or is it a case of them waiting for other companies to give them orders for specific products? They're a contract semiconductor facility from what I understand. That generally means working on small-scale production, but the size and scope of the facility lends itself to projects closer to the stuff Sanmina did in the 90s/early 2000s. The facility isn't going to be large enough for Apple-tier production, but there are several US chipmakers that end up on hold because China intentionally delays the export of semiconductors and inductors, Coilcraft being the only American-owned large-scale producer and India can't keep up with demand. Given the size of the facility, they might drop the price of graphics cards (and in the process bitcoin) or otherwise function in a niche of mid-scale production in the 10,000-500,000 unit range. They might also have separate sections of their building dedicated to small-scale 1,000-5,000 unit range production. >What? Japan has been steadily reducing barriers to expanding the JSDF under Trump (they weren't even allowed to operate in combat roles in the Middle East, only in support roles prior to Trump, and they came to agreements to allow the JSDF to take "autonomous action in respect to self-defense" back in 2018). Australia similarly under pressure from Trump quintupled their military budget between now and I think 2023. Despite his failings on the domestic front, the orange radioactive Cheeto actually accomplished quite a bit in the Asian theater to grab China by the balls during his presidency.
>>12004 BTC has moved on to ASICs though, hasn't it?
>>12007 I haven't followed Bitcoin since about 2017/2018 so that's news to me. Anyways, ASIC chips are typically fabricated using metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) technology, as MOS integrated circuit chips. Semiconductor facilities would have a MOS section at bare minimum so the same principle applies.
>>12009 You should have kept following it, it's almost 40K now
Yesterday China few eight bombers and four fighters into Taiwanese airspace. This marks a substantial change from previous incursions, which were generally only one or two reconnaissance aircraft. Then today, for the second day in a row, China flew "six J-10 fighters, four J-16s, two SU-30s, a Y-8 reconnaissance aircraft and two Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft" into Taiwan's ADIZ. They're wasting no time pressuring Biden's administration.
>>12556 >pressuring Anon, I...
>>12556 Biden will mostlikely suck their cock. (((China))) is litelary a second Israel.
>>12564 >>12563 >>12556 That October weapons deal probably has the chinks upset. Taiwan got new missiles from America right before the cheeto was booted that make them a trade threat to Chinese waters and port cities. Chinks probably feel threatened by India so they want to settle their coastal disputes before they accidentally get pulled into a three-front war.
Open file (6.15 KB 191x255 1435828542757.jpg)
>>7449 Oh yes, most certainly.
>>12566 Three front war sounds pretty cool.
>>12566 >was booted . . .
>>12570 Did I fucking stutter, QBoomer?
Indian and Chinese troops had another fist fight on the border on January 20th but after the fakeout last year it's not worth reporting on unless they start a shootout.
>>12571 You tell me /trannypol/ . Counting on those free dilation services soon?
>>12586 He could have passed an executive order to allow all felons to vote at this point and it would have done more for conservatives in this country than sucking Israeli cock and letting Browns do whatever the fuck they wanted.
Pajeets got mad and decided to occupy the red fort in India. Inspired by the shitshow on the 6th? Fall of the BJP soon India pakistan shooting war with china 2.0? >bring your tractor to capitol to protest >police allow protests >run over cops >run over barricades >only fatality is a tractor driver >say that your job is done and you're going back home. 10/10 makes the 1/6 shitshow in the US look ballsy in comparison. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-55793731 https://archive.is/SFBSM >A rally against agriculture reforms in India turned violent on Tuesday, after protesting farmers broke through police barricades to storm Delhi's historic Red Fort complex. >On foot and in tractors, the protesters were part of a huge rally planned for India's Republic Day. >Many protesters diverted from agreed routes and clashes broke out with police. >One protester died and more than 80 police officers were injured. >Mobile internet services were suspended in parts of Delhi and some metro stations closed as security forces scrambled to restore order. >The government is yet to comment on the violence, but reports say Home Minister Amit Shah held a meeting with Delhi police to discuss the situation. >The government says the reforms that spurred the protests will liberalise the agriculture sector, but farmers say they will lose income. >Tens of thousands of them have been striking on the outskirts of Delhi since November, demanding the laws be repealed. Last week they rejected a government offer to put the laws on hold. >It is one of the longest farmers-led protests India has ever seen, pitting the community against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party-led (BJP) government. >How did the protests turn violent? >Police allowed Tuesday's rally on the condition that it would not interrupt the annual Republic Day parade in central Delhi. >Republic Day is a national holiday that marks the anniversary of India officially adopting its constitution on 26 January 1950. >Farmers were given specific routes for the rally, which would largely be confined to the outskirts. But a group of them converged on the historic Red Fort. They breached security and clambered onto the walls and domes of the fortress, even hoisting flags alongside the national flag >By Tuesday afternoon, police said they had removed protesters from the complex, but the situation remained tense. >"We came here to deliver a message to the Modi government, our job is done. We will go back now," one protesting farmer told NDTV. >Images from the ITO metro station junction - on the route to central Delhi - showed police clashing with farmers and using tear gas and batons. Protesters driving tractors appeared to be deliberately trying to run over police personnel. Local media reported injuries on both sides. >At least one protester died at the junction when his tractor overturned as police fired tear gas. >BBC correspondents said protesters outnumbered the police at the ITO junction, leaving them struggling to control the crowd. "We have been appealing to farmers to go by the pre-approved route but some of them broke police barricades, attacked police personnel," a senior police officer told ANI news agency. "We are appealing to farmers' unions to help maintain peace." >Union leaders issued similar appeals, condemning and distancing themselves from the violence. >What do the new farming laws propose? >The laws loosen rules around the sale, pricing and storage of farm produce which have protected India's farmers from the free market for decades. >Farmers fear that the new laws will threaten decades-old concessions - such as assured prices - and weaken their bargaining power, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation by private companies. >While Mr Modi has defended them, the laws have been likened to a "death warrant" by farmer groups. >Most economists and experts agree that Indian agriculture desperately needs reform. But critics of the government say it failed to consult farmers before passing the laws. >Experts also point out that the reforms fail to take into account that agriculture still remains a mainstay in the Indian economy.
>>12595 Can anyone fill me in on this poo riot over farming reforms? What benefit does the reforms give the government instead of simply buying the food outright at set prices like they seem to have been doing in the past?
>>12627 It means the government doesn't have to spend a single dime in maintaining that system of set prices (which I assume needs quite a lot of infrastructure and employees), and it also doesn't have worry about either over- or underpaying for that foodstuff. Instead people will be left to buy at sell for whatever they find reasonable. And that obviously has a chance to work out perfectly well, but also has a chance to fail horribly.
China has issued a strong announcement against Taiwan, stating that "those who play with fire will burn themselves, and Taiwan independence means war". The US responded by saying that they "find that comment unfortunate".
>>12630 >Indians >working perfectly well
>>12630 So farmers being welfare whores?
>>12632 That is very nearly a banepost between governments.
>>12633 I'm not a lolberg, but I have a hard time arguing with results, and I've seen gypsies who are not very sharp and yet are still very business savvy. Remember that Somalia has the best internet in that part of Africa, and that's because there are no regulations whatsoever over there. This could actually result to a lot of pajeets suddenly doing their best to increase their profits, and turn India into a superpower actually have an overall positive effect on the economy. Or maybe they will just all crash and burn and a few big companies will buy up their lands. >>12634 Pretty much.
>>12638 Difference is Somalia has very limited government. India has a clusterfuck of a government.
>>12638 I'm pretty sure the globohomos are pushing deregulation of the farming industry in india so they can manufacture a famine by sending all the food to china to exterminate the poos to stop them from "emitting excess CO2" in the name of global warming
Open file (940.08 KB 627x502 1de.gif)
Since this thread relates to Asia, albeit specifically India and west Taiwan, what is going on in Myanmar? And will it have any impact whatsoever, or are they still going to be irrelevant?
>>12709 >what is going on in Myanmar? It looks like a military coup has begun. https://archive.is/1QqL1
>>12716 Probably some kind of glownigger gayop so Bolshevik-in-Chief can entrench an ever-growing cadre of ZOGbots to get the US embroiled in a new jungle war peace-keeping effort. This is ofc a calculated move to quickly distract the sheep away from his own election theft and coup. The irony tbh. We can expect them to ramp up the attacks against all dem ebil Trump nahdzees at home once everyone else is looking the other way.
>>12720 Do they really need a distraction when it's been proven beyond a doubt that magacucks won't ever actually get violent?
>>12723 Of course they do. The Bolshevicks are smart enough to know their useful idiot neolibs care 'deeply' about muh_snowflake optics.
>>12716 >military arrests old lady they formerly arrested because she's no longer useful as a PR tool to deflect from the Rohingya kebab purge What a nothingburger.
>>12764 It's actually slightly more complicated. Peace prize woman and military are actually embroiled for a power struggle. Before she was "elected" shes was Pro-US. Now shes is pro China, and the military likely oscillated to the Us side. Question is, who is the pro-Indian faction? My guess is the muslim minority. I wonder if this goal is to force PRC intervention (and specifically so Biden can spin it as muh democracy)? Burma is like Ukraine but worse in the political shitshow sphere.
>>12714 >>12716 I believe this was to keep Chinese interests out of the country. The civilian government was pro-India which had sparked threats of a territorial war back in August with China to get back at the Indians. I bet now the military will go about establishing neutrality from their neighbours and consolidating their military in preparation for a Chinese war. The international community treating them like dirt is sickening since it's the equivalent of throwing them to the wolves.
>>12720 Biden has no incentive to start a war with China. He's not gonna do shit about Burma.
>>12766 >who is the pro-Indian faction? My guess is the muslim minority Isn't India going hard Hindu right now, and anti-Muslim and Sikh?
>>12770 I'm not too sure. I'd take a wait and see approach. Indian politics is a literal shitshow (figuratively and literally), but if memory serves they are. But keeping the Chinese out of Burma (and thus south Tibet leads me to believe they will make a deal with the devil). It could also be possible Syu is pro india now, military pro china, and muslims pro us. I still think the Burmese military is relatively non aligned... remember they "accidentally" bombed the chinese side of the border a few years back and killed some people.
>>12770 Ah shit, ignore (most of) my earlier reply since I didn't read the article properly. I'll clip the two relevant portions https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-54899170 https://archive.is/VztxW >The party has announced that it would be inviting ethnic minority parties to work with it read: pushing affirmative action and human rights, an offer it did not make when it won the last election in 2015. >India, Japan and Singapore had earlier congratulated the NLD on their win. First off, notice a big neighboring country missing from that list? Hint: It's China. Notice how it said "inviting ethnic minority parties"? That's a big red line for the military that they will not tolerate, since thy view themselves (similar to) the turkish military as the unifying and protectors of the nation minus the muslims. The big question now is.... How will the populace respond?
>>12773 It's not gonna respond : *The coup is over since more than 12h *all power centers are occupied *the politicians/major people in a cage if needed *communications are in clear control of military. *no external power has made any direct threats Basically Edward N. Luttwak will add a new entry labelled success in the data section of Coup d'État, if you can call going from guaranteed 25% representation to sole ruling party a coup. While the population has something like a beginning of a political community, they have been under military boot for most of the last generation. Perhaps some minor protest can happen and be slammed into the ground or looked over. The two main things that could still bite them in the ass were it not for the long history of dictatorship would be the locals and external power.
>>12773 >Tatmadaw unifying the country Unifying the country under one big boot. They are making civil war against minority ethnicities for 70 years, because the bamar want supreme rule in the country. it's the longest civil war in history and almost no one discusses it. Again a story of colonial regimes putting a bunch of groups togetner in one country. FREE ROHINGYA FREE KAREN FREE THE SHAN FREE KACHIN
Open file (17.47 MB 854x480 hg8bi1kcswe61-480.mp4)
Aerobics class instructor inadvertantly records Burmese military junta showing up to arrest peace prize woman.
>>12782 /leftypol/, pls. you make that sound like it's a bad thing. back to trannychan with you!
>>12791 Kek, their own (((Democratic))) degeneracy captures the moment. Ironic.
Open file (466.46 KB 768x511 burmese monks 2.jpg)
>>12791 >FREE ROHINGYA Nah
>>12782 >The Shan The Shan must be subjugated.
>>12795 aaaAAAAaah the Shan separatists have always been subjugated for their indolence..>>12795
>>12795 >>12792 >>12797 >>12794 The struggle will continue, the oppressed will never accept the oppressor.
>>12792 They aren't communist. They're defending their people.
>>12803 >mixing AKs and ARs
>>12805 Probably can't afford to be picky.
Does Thailand have any potential reason to get involved?
>>12792 >supporting Burmese military dictatorship >calling others /leftypol/ oh the irony
>>12811 Maybe if the civil war gets really hot. Border regions of Myanmar are ethnically close to the Thais. They probably won't move far across the border, though. Could become a similar situation to Turkish forces in Syria.
>>12791 >junta tranny detected, wish that would happen here
>>12816 What even is a junta?
>>12818 It's basically a Constitutional Republic where military generals either are the senate or military service is required to be part of the political process. It's different from a dictatorship because usually there is no one guy who is clearly the head honcho. A couple generals might be the heads of state, but their positions on the political side are mostly that of figureheads. Starship Troopers is the most meme-worthy example of a junta.
Open file (910.30 KB 250x188 1-800-KEK.gif)
>>12818 point is junta is a derogatory term which only commies use to describe the army taking control of the mess they created
>>12854 please at least skim over the wiki page on burma's post war history
>>12855 post independence* history
Open file (1.37 MB 1200x717 junta-game-box1.png)
>>12854 >derogatory term What? Since the fuck when? What would you call it, then, oh enlightened one?
>>12857 He's probably a Spaniard or from a Spanish-speaking country where the term originated.
>>6347 low effort
>>10666 i dont want to sound like blackpilled shill but it seems to me that turkey has massive support from both the US and russia. whenever i check syria on live maps, i see joint turkish/US and joint turkish/russian patrols. its all very strange and i admittedly dont completely understand it
>>13069 From my understanding Turkey is a strategic area that has been used as a major crossroads between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East since the days of the Roman republic, and if you have control of Turkey you can use them to cockblock and make things really shitty for anyone else who tries to fuck around in that general area. Also when the US put ICBMs in Turkey during the cold war it made Russia butthurt enough to try and put missiles in Cuba leading directly to the Cuban missile crisis which was the closest we've ever come to honest to god nuclear war, so they're probably trying to woo the roaches in order to remove that relationship advantage the US has with them and obviously the US isn't going to just let it slip from their grasp. This sort of shit is nothing to be niggerpilled about because it's part of how major powers have operated since empires became a thing, outright vicious warfare isn't always a preferable or sensible option.
>>13073 thanks brother
>>13073 >outright vicious warfare Indeed. Neither Russia or the US actually want to spill their own blood, but they sure as shit will toss a lot of money at 'em, and forgive them when they act like dickheads.
So it looks like the Burmese military is deploying armor. Crisis soon?
>>11965 We had the chance to nuke the gooks 70 years ago and we FUCKING blew it because Truman was too worried about offending the newly emerging liberal democrats.
>>13310 >Truman His entire presidency was a crime against humanity.
>>13314 He killed patton, nuked Japan, and fired the last decent male leader we had. What's funny is that people put the blame on MacArthur for the Korea fuckups, but he was BEGGING Truman for reinforcements after Inchon because he knew the chinks were up to something. Truman was the one who denied him his troops and claimed the Chinese were not part of the war. Yet by the end they had deployed over 2 million troops to NK. It makes me so fucking mad how history is cleverly re-framed to make Truman not look like and absolute fumbling weak moron and a coward.
>>13343 That's just the surface Strelok: >directly shelled Germans as an artillery officer in World War I >only got into political office at all due to a political machine >incredibly corrupt administration, full of spies >lost the atom bomb to Stalin, blames the UK >defunded the military right before Korea >literally destroyed the White House >directly involved the US in the Middle East out of a personal relationship despite everyone advising him it was retarded >established the CIA, later regrets it in retirement >leaves the presidency penniless; Congress established the presidential pension out of pity for his situation and Herbert Hoover had to accept one with him to save Truman the embarrassment And that's leaving out the part where you check out his early life. I'm sure if you do research you'll find even more ways he fucked up. His actions were invalid on a fractal level.
>>13343 Truman sounds very similar to Churchhill. He's a hero because the kikes wrote him as one, the real man was a hideous monster who fucked up everything he touched.
>>13356 >wrote him as one He practically was their messiah.
>>13355 Oh I know it, I read an entire 1000 page book about the guy by someone who clearly wanted to suck his dick. It made my eyes bulge out of my head when I read about the shit tom pendergast pulled. And people today try to claim there's no corruption or voter fraud. And the fucking Israel situation was only because his ol' buddy, his jewish shop owner and fellow business entrepreneur, told him it would make the jews in new york reeeeally happy. I'm amazed there isn't a statue of him in the middle of Tel Aviv right now. But the MacArthur shit makes me the most mad because it was a personal ego problem that caused a long, pointless war and ruined the career of a pretty decent General. I really, REALLY don't like the trend of civilian democratic governments fucking up wars and getting more people killed because it bruises their ego to let the military do it's job without their meddling. I'll just say it right now, I'm not a "big civilian control of the government" guy, I'd prefer military leaders to politicians anyday. MacArthur had his problems but he wasn't wrong when he said the best thing for the world was 30-50 nukes dropped on china and a radioactive river barrier just to make sure.
>>13363 Why did you torture yourself with that book Strelok?
>>13369 I wanted to know what was going on inside the head of the guy who pretty much created the modern ZOG hegemony. Turns out he was a fucking retard.
>>13363 >>13371 What is the name of the book? I can stand the author's faggotry if the actual history is still presented.
>>13393 Just "Truman" by David McCullough. It IS pretty historically accurate, I was actually pretty amazed that he discussed in detail how the democrat party bosses would organize gangs behind closed doors, to steal ballots and bribe people to vote for them to get positions. The weird thing is, through the entire book he seems to see it all as an unnecessary evil or some shit. He also hates MacArthur, that's the one area he just can't help but use hyperbole every sentence, even if he tries to stay accurate.
>>13393 There's only one 1000 page book about the guy >>13396, and they also made a movie about it.
>>13457 >postmodern warfare wherein we have all the weapons of modern warfare but we fight with ancient ones because the rules ban all those of modern warfare, so conflict regresses akin to a post-apocalyptic scenario without the apocalypse actually having happened >india and china performing a bootleg remake of Thermopylae as informed by popular culture
Open file (624.21 KB 800x571 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (378.55 KB 702x661 map.png)
Open file (483.38 KB 600x400 ClipboardImage.png)
India plants 50k troops on India-China border: https://archive.is/2Awwb Company that built Three Gorges Dam built a second supermassive dam, deadpool forming on how long until it collapses: https://archive.is/0OLlY
>>16811 Last I heard China was having a drought so far this year.
>>16819 There's practically a global drought this year
>>16819 >>16821 A global drought is an understatement. The last time the world was this dry was in the 1550s and it lasted 40 years. Before that was a global drought of even bigger scale in the 9th century. If you believe in global warming, this drought will continue indefinitely. If you don't, you should expect this megadrought to last at least another 20-50 years. At least in North and South America based on ocean and coral speculations that are being investigated.
>>16823 Did anything happen circa 1550-1590?
>>16829 Nothing too major to my knowledge. There was a major religious distinction of the soul that happened in the Americas and many of the Spanish and French settlements just barely forming had to be abandoned due to crop failure paving the way for English colonialism. There were allegedly a fuckton of peasant uprisings in Russia/The Middle East/Asia during that time period. I think some cities in South America disappeared but I would have to verify that. Much like anything below the Mason-Dixon line, (mostly Western and Central) Europe is largely isolated from global drought conditions, so with most of written history being Euro/North Africa-centric or China-centric, it's hard to pinpoint a lot of cultural events. Keep in mind how to preserve food in the 18th and 19th century was almost lost before the age of the internet so lots of information just isn't there any more and is irrecoverable. I know Scandinavia experienced a miniature ice age that forced some of them to try to flee to Canada during that time period. My personal pet theory without being able to verify them is that these global drought conditions are what allowed Portugal to conquer parts of South America and Asia and what I assume would be lower sea levels allowed for more farmland that probably subtly helped along the renaissance.
>>16831 Honestly, I am much more afraid of a large scale cooling event like a vocaninc eruption. It is easier to deal with too much sunslight/heat than it is to deal with too little. I deathly fear some sort of Taupo or Yellowstone eruption since it would knock down the agriculture system completely in westernized countries since farming is done on an extremely centralized area and usually not capable of responding to events like these, (then again, nothing really is)
>>16843 >then again, nothing really is Modern civilization pretty much flies by the seat of its pants at all times, some places moreso than others, but nobody's ready for anything. It'd be almost impressive if it weren't terrifying.
https://archive.is/GaRTI Fug.>>16843 >I deathly fear some sort of Taupo or Yellowstone Or an asteroid impact. That could happen at literally any time with maybe only weeks or days of forewarning.
>>16883 Isn't this basic strategy? Did the Pentagon really take their word that their nuclear weapons program was for regional deterrence only?
>>16884 >Did the Pentagon really take their word that their nuclear weapons program was for regional deterrence only? Probably.
Looks like the US is not really "pulling out" of Afghanistan. Lol. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-57714808 https://archive.is/famAf >Any foreign troops left in Afghanistan after Nato's September withdrawal deadline will be at risk as occupiers, the Taliban has told the BBC. >It comes amid reports that 1,000 mainly US troops could remain on the ground to protect diplomatic missions and Kabul's international airport. >Nato's 20-year military mission in the country has all but ended. >But violence in the country continues to rise, with the Taliban taking more territory. >As Afghan forces prepare to take charge of security alone, concern is growing for the future of Kabul. >Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said seizing Kabul militarily was "not Taliban policy". >But speaking to the BBC from the militant group's office in Qatar, he said no foreign forces - including military contractors - should remain in the city after the withdrawal was complete. >"If they leave behind their forces against the Doha agreement then in that case it will be the decision of our leadership how we proceed," Mr Shaheen told the BBC. >"We would react and the final decision is with our leadership," he said. >Diplomats, NGOs and other foreign civilians would not be targeted by the Taliban, he insisted, and no ongoing protection force for them was needed. >"We are against the foreign military forces, not diplomats, NGOs and workers and NGOs functioning and embassies functioning - that is something our people need. We will not pose any threat to them," he said. >Mr Shaheen described last week's withdrawal from Bagram Airfield - once the largest US military base in Afghanistan - as a "historic moment". >Under a deal with the Taliban, the US and its Nato allies agreed to withdraw all troops in return for a commitment by the militants not to allow al-Qaeda or any other extremist group to operate in the areas they control. >President Joe Biden set a deadline of 11 September - the 20-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the US - for American troops to fully withdraw, but reports suggest the pullout may be complete within days. >An Afghan MP speaking on behalf of the Afghan government said the withdrawal was being carried out irresponsibly. >The MP, Razwan Murad, told the BBC that the government was ready for talks and a ceasefire and the Taliban should now prove that they were committed to peace. >Mr Shaheen denied that the militant group had played any part in the recent uptick in violence. >He insisted that many districts had fallen to the Taliban through mediation after Afghan soldiers refused to fight. >On Sunday, the Taliban captured another area in southern Kandahar province. The militants say they now control about a quarter of the country's nearly 400 districts. >The Taliban spokesman described the current government as "moribund" and referred to the country as the "Islamic emirate" - an indication that the group envisaged a theocratic basis for governing the country and were unlikely to agree to Afghan government demands for elections. >Mr Shaheen said elections had so far not been raised in negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government. >President Biden has said the American pull-out is justified as US forces have made sure Afghanistan cannot again become a base for foreign jihadists to plot against the West. >Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, meanwhile, insists that the country's security forces are fully capable of keeping insurgents at bay, but many believe the withdrawal risks casting the country back into the grip of the Taliban.
>>16883 Why can't we just shoot the meteor with a nuke? I've never understood why people say it won't work since we even have shaped charges that could direct the beam of nuclear plasma through the meteor like an RPG-7. >muh fallout It's either a small amount of fallout evenly spread across the entire planet + some unfortunates getting pwned by "small" meteors or a large amount of death spread across every terrestrial animal larger than a cat. Plus, we have hydrogen bombs now and big nukes are cleaner in general.
>>16991 If it's a big enough meteor you'd just be splitting it into pieces that are still individually deadly. If you could get a nuke our there the simplest thing to do would be to try and divert its path earlier on.
>>16991 Well you can shoot a meteor with a nuke. It's probably not going to do a fucking thing in the vacuum of space though. If the meteor, asteroid or comet was significant enough to cause problems on a global scale, it would be likely that throwing nukes at it would be similar to a child throwing rocks at an maddened elephant hell bent on crushing that child. A futile effort against the kinetic forces involved.
>>16991 If you have that much mass moving at cosmic speeds, a nuke won't cut it.
>>16991 Anon, pls. We've already been over all this, so try to keep up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au47y23N-QM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQWmd8REdaE
Open file (2.75 MB 598x448 fat ran.gif)
>>16998 >>16991 I realized that my answer, while correct, is not really an answer. The meteor believed to wipe out the dinosaurs was about 10 kilometers across and can be considered the "minimum world-ending threshold" so we'll say it would take a 10 kilometer-diameter sphere (simplifying) for the world governments to convene to launch a nuke at this theoretical body. Scientists say it would take a meteor ten times that size to wipe out humanity, but this will serve our purposes for now. Anyways, the volume of a 10km sphere is roughly 525 cubic kilometers rounding up V = (4/3) π r^3. Most celestial bodies are 95% silicon with metal (usually iron) fragments throughout so I'm just going to say it's 100% silicon, silicon having a weight of 2.65 grams per cubic centimeter. This gives our meteor a mass of about a trillion tons rounding down. Keep in mind actual meteors have a density of 3-4 grams per cubic centimeter, so this is a very "airy" meteorite up in space. Based on that weight, it would take 1.363425E+16 Newtons of force, or about 0.13 gigatons (1 million three hundred thousand megatons or 26,000 tsar bombas going off simultaneously) of force to move such an object when fully at rest with only earth's gravity influencing it in order to reach equilibrium (it only gets worse when it's careening towards the Earth). Even if you could get into space and set off 26,000 Tsar Bombas simultaneously, I'd be equally worried about the forward momentum of the meteor still causing massive destruction since when objects get that massive, they tend to still act as one solid object when impacting, even when acting as a million little pieces. I'm not ruling out incrementally moving a meteorite, somehow anyways, I'm mostly just aiming to squash the concept of using explosives to stop meteorites from impacting the Earth. Nukes are fairly weak compared to the sheer forces of nature.
>>16829 There was a long conflict between Thailand and Myanmar, that was the period when Europe seriously began pushing back against the Ottomans and I think that was when the Russians began colonizing Siberia.
>>17016 Are there any nearby sub-1km asteroids that could be fitted with enough CY+6 rockets+fuel to be steered on a collision course with an easily observable Chicxulub-tier impactor at relativistic speeds or has NASA run out of cryogenically frozen german rocket scientists to accomplish such a feat on short notice 1-2 years?
>>17034 I mean the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is basically made up of those, and there's even more in the Kuiper belt past Neptune. I think the big concern there is simply uncertainty. That technology would be very useful for crash-landing space rocks full of rare metals into Earth for harvesting or for space ship combat, but I still think that's one of those "when the stars align" sort of moments where putting thrusters on the Chicxulub-tier impactor a year or two out hoping to sightly alter its trajectory makes more sense.
Open file (22.41 KB 250x830 noble_prise_pls.png)
>>17016 Why are you trying to toebash the thing back into the Asteroid Belt? Obviously that's not gonna work and even the anon that mentioned diverting it probably meant something more along the lines of pushing it sideways into something else's orbit than straight-up pushing it backwards. I have no hope of repulsing the asteroid. I want to split it. If you slice a spherical rock in half, you increase its surface area by no less than 25% which means that you'll increase the amount of energy dissipated as heat by that much from this alone. Also taking into consideration the shittier aerodynamics you'll not only lose even more energy, but also the descent will be slowed so that even the heat energy is wasted, every division will drastically reduce the kinetic energy of the impact. Thermal energy is hardly an issue since it'll just distribute itself across the planet and half of it will go back into space anyway. So yes, as in the movie we want to cut the meteor into as many pieces as possible. I'd have to do some crazy calculations about the heat capacity of silicon and the expansion of its gas, the strength of silicon at space temperature and other such bullshittery to figure out whether we could shatter your fußball of death, but here is a diagram of what I'm thinking. Castle Bravo made a 2km crater and they set that off without actually trying to crack the Earth. It would have been much larger and dirtier had they set it off underground such as by injecting the warhead via a bunker buster. By making an initial crater with a smaller warhead you could set the primary warhead deeper in the asteroid thus maximizing the energy used for expanding forces as well as putting them where they'll do the most harm. You could even synch up multiple nukes in a pattern so that you can predictably split up the asteroid. The method would be similar to how a stonemason might cut a stone: Drill a series of carefully measured holes then simultaneously drive a wedge into each hole until a clean cut is made. Only this time instead of a hammer drill you're using bunker busters and instead of wedges you're using thermonuclear warheads.
>>17052 >Why are you trying to toebash the thing back into the Asteroid Belt? Anon's idea was to take a meteorite and bludgeon it into the side of the asteroid to divert it. I was saying that the most plentiful sources of asteroids to do that is between Mars and Jupiter. The impactor would be approaching the sun with Earth in the way due to differences in gravitational pull, so my suggestion was to use an asteroid from the asteroid belt if anon really wants to deflect it with another celestial object since the asteroid belt is the most accessible source of big deflector rocks that meets the angular criteria without requiring complete luck.
>>17052 >>17057 I properly read the second half of your post. I see where you're going with that, and I can't in good faith say it's impossible to split it stonemason-style with the goal of creating more surface area for heat dissipation, but I still believe such a large object would effectively act as one solid piece even if split in two, and have concerns that it's the least economical way of dealing with the asteroid in terms of costs of life versus costs of destruction/diversion. If you have the arsenal to split such an object in two, it would still be better to repurpose it towards deflection rather than destruction (deflection towards the sun since that would be the path of least resistance).
>>17059 >deflection This is getting quite into the relm of absurdity here (and saging since offtopic), but considering that it takes around 5/20 minutes a radio signal to be detected, I don't think that it woudl be possible to do anything remotely. You'd probably have to suicide mission a group of engineers and strap the astreoid with a nuclear engine or if you believe in hopes and dreams, ion engines
>>17052 >that sketch Kek, you're hired Strelok. Please take charge of the special Earth Defense Division of the Space Force.
Open file (1.19 MB 1050x591 ClipboardImage.png)
India Border Clash Leaves at Least 5 Dead https://archive.is/8KYVv Two Indian states have been arguing since the 1980s over where exactly the line falls on a 193-square-mile strip of land dividing them. On Monday, guns and hand grenades came out. >At least five police officers from the state of Assam were killed and dozens of officers and civilians were injured in the melee, which took place in the small village of Vairengte in the Kolasib district of the far northeastern state of Mizoram. >Mizoram and Assam officials quickly blamed each other for the bloodshed. >The flare-up over the disputed territory was the first involving casualties in decades, experts said, and raised broader questions about India’s ruling party, Bharatiya Janata Party, or B.J.P. >The clash occurred two days after Amit Shah, India’s powerful home minister, and a member of the party, held a meeting with state leaders meant to resolve the border dispute there and some elsewhere in India’s northeast. >Though Assam is led by the B.J.P. and Mizoram by a regional party in coalition with the B.J.P., the talks with Mr. Shah appeared not to defuse tensions >Observers outside the political fray said two state police forces shooting at one another raised serious issues. >Boundary disputes between Mizoram and Assam are not new. The two sides have argued where exactly the line falls on a 193-square-mile strip of land since the 1980s, when Mizoram and three other Indian states were carved out of Assam, a sprawling state that borders Bhutan and Bangladesh. >The states were created in accords drawn with the government of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in an attempt to broker a solution to years of rebel insurgency by groups seeking independence from India. >The episode began Monday morning, when police officers from Assam state seized a newly constructed Mizoram police post, according to Mizoram officials. The Assam police said that the post was illegal because it fell within Assam’s borders, and that troops had taken it over in protest. >But by Monday afternoon, hundreds of people, many Indigenous Mizo, from villages on the outskirts of the Singla Forest Reserve had joined the standoff, throwing stones and firing guns. At the same time, Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, and Zoramthanga, the chief minister of Mizoram, traded barbs on social media, tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office and Mr. Shah. >“Assam police used cane charging and tear gas smoke,” Vanlalfaka Ralte, the Kolasib district police chief, said. >“Assam side started firing on the Mizoram side,” Mr. Ralte said, “Then my troops replied.” >The Assam police had a different account. They said after they seized the post, Mizo civilians attacked them. >Afterward, Assam police officials said, Mizoram police opened fire on Assam police and civilians using automatic weapons including light machine guns, which are used in military combat. >That account was repeated by Sushmita Dev, a member of the Congress party and a former member of Parliament from Assam. >“It is the civilians of Mizoram who came out of the forest with weapons like slings,” Ms. Dev said. “They created tensions. Behind civilians there were Mizoram police on standby. They say that this is public outrage about land.” >Whatever preceded the violence, the Assam police were said to have borne the brunt of it. >The episode left five of them dead and perhaps 50 injured, including a district-level officer from Assam’s Cachar district. On the Mizoram side, two police officers and seven local residents were injured, according to Mr. Ralte. >The Central Reserve Police Force, controlled by the Indian government in New Delhi, was deployed to the area, where an uneasy peace had been restored on Tuesday. >Last year, residents of Assam and Mizoram clashed twice in the space of a week over disputed territory, resulting in at least eight people injured and several homes and shops burned to the ground. >In one episode, a Mizoram betel nut plantation was set on fire. In another, people from Assam pelted the Mizoram police and residents with stones. >“In turn, Mizoram residents mobilized and went after them,” H. Lalthangliana, a Mizoram district-level official, told reporters. >The conflict began reheating earlier this month, when a crude bomb blasted a civilian shelter in Mizoram, according to Ms. Dev.
>>17636 Finally a war that India can win
Slight sage because its old new but here's an "interview" (read propaganda) shot of a China 039A submarine, you can see some command controls near the very end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kyku34SAMzM
https://archive.is/PUInR >Amid fears of leak, China nuclear plant operator says reactor shut down for ‘maintenance’ >Weeks after the Chinese government admitted damage to fuel rods at a nuclear power plant, the operator said one of its reactors has been shut down for “maintenance”. An increase in radiation inside Unit 1 reactor of the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant had sparked fears of a leak, according to a CNN report. >"After lengthy conversations between French and Chinese technical personnel, Taishan Nuclear Power Plant ... decided to shut down Unit 1 for maintenance," China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) said in an online statement. >The Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, owned by CGN and Electricite de France (EDF), began commercial operation in December 2018. EDF had warned of an “imminent radiological threat” after damage to fuel rods, reported CNN citing a letter to the US department of energy. >In the letter, the French power company reportedly accused the Chinese safety authority of raising the acceptable level of radiation outside the power plant, a report denied by the Chinese government. While the ministry of ecology and environment admitted the power plant had five broken fuel rods, it said no radioactivity leaked. >The ministry claimed on its social media account that the radiation was contained by barriers that functioned as planned. “There is no problem of radioactive leakage to the environment,” the ministry statement said. It also downplayed the damage saying it was a “common phenomenon” and the damaged fuel rods accounted for “less than 0.01 percent" of the 60,000 fuel rods in the reactor. >After China’s admission of minor damage to the plant, a spokesperson for EDF told CNN that it was a "serious situation that is evolving." The spokesperson said that EDF would have shut down the reactor if it was in France due to "the procedures and practices in terms of operating nuclear power plants in France," reported CNN. Wonder if they'll blame T*iw*nese saboteurs/Vtuber simps should it create anudda zone.
>These supply issues would be compounded by the fact that the U.S. military relies on private contractors that are more vulnerable to Chinese cyberattacks than the Defense Department. Why is it every article I read about a potential US-Chinese war tells this lie, /k/? As a private contractor myself I'm aware that when the PO gets passed two or three companies down the line that cyber security becomes a joke, but as it stands private industry has better cyber security protection than most of the "still solving computer virus problems from the 90s and using coax cables" Department of Defense or NSA.
Open file (1.03 MB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.50 MB 1024x608 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (644.89 KB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.04 MB 1024x580 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (848.26 KB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17984 Forgot the article: https://archive.is/N57sT https://taskandpurpose.com/pentagon-run-down/china-taiwan-next-major-war/ Have some Chink military pics and a Taiwanese national.
Open file (2.07 MB 1293x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
How does Strelok think a Chink war would go down? I imagine it would go something like: >China does a provocation like they have for the last 20 years >America suddenly makes a big fucking deal out of that incident, even if it's mild compared to the shit they've (both) done like bugging the private rooms of an international conference building >Uses it as an excuse to reject the three peace talks or whatever that currently serve as the de facto Chinese-American truce >Gets a military base on Taiwan >G7 recognizes Taiwan as a country >UN Security Council vetoes allowing Taiwan to join UN because China is on it >Gets a joint-resolution from the general assembly passed shortly after de facto stating Taiwan is a democratic country whether they're in the UN or not >China backs off for a year or two because floods and famines >Comes back "without warning" (read: after preparing for the last twelve to twenty four months) invading Taiwan over a fishing incident or something similarly mundane that happens all the time >Uses it as a sovereignty excuse to force Europe to cuck out >Either it's a repeat of the Taliban in Afghanistan right now or the Taiwanese fuck up the Chinks (or weather wins) long enough for America, Japan, Australia, and India to get involved >No South Korea because they have an unspoken agreement with the Norks to stay out so long as the other does too >China-Iran-Pakistan alliance invade India to either turn India into France or effectively keep them cucked out of joining the war >No Myanmar because the Japanese bribed them to sit down and shut up as they have been for the last decade >Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia collectively carpet bomb Iran and half the Middle East/Caucuses while nobody is looking >Iran's renewed alliances with Pakistan and the Taliban mean that the carpet bombing is only half-successful >Palestine ceases to exist, Morocco and Indonesia become the new centers of Islam >Yemen uses the opportunity to claim half of Saudi Arabia while the Saudis are preoccupied >Russia stays out of Asia with the intent of siding with whoever wins so long as it's not America, sells weapons off to the side >Russia starts a war in Ukraine to keep Eastern Europe preoccupied >Turkey overtly helps the Ukrainians but somehow ends up bombing Greek vessels >Greeks and Russians collectively bomb Turkey back to the stone age (and then go to war over who gets to own the land) >Germany turns a blind eye because that sweet, sweet Gazprom oil >France stays out of it all because allies are fighting allies or joins the Chinese war as new-age Italian mercenaries "contractors" >Britain joins in BOTH the Russian and Chinese wars because still butthurt over Pakistan & China and wants to virtue signal about being tough on Russia >New crown instated due to sudden loss of the old bat >Forces Canada to join the war too >Regardless of whether China or America "wins" everyone loses >Chinks get antsy due to prolonged global war making their people less likely to put up with CCP bullshit >Try to secretly demand Norks get involved >Either Norks politely tell China to go fuck themselves but the secret messages get "leaked" and Norks are forced into the war anyways >Or Norks carpet bomb South Korea and take the Korean peninsula while America is distracted >This leads to the war being prolonged an additional X years, gives France an excuse to take sides >Eventually either North Korea launches nukes at somebody and California becomes the first American territory to be nuked, or Israel gets nuked, oy veys, and goes full Samson on every Middle Eastern country >With China neutered, global supply chains shattered moved to South America & SEAnigger countries, and nuclear proliferation back on the table, the world quickly comes to its senses as inflation has hit peak levels back home >Everyone ends up offloading their debt onto whichever country "lost" the most in order to prevent an economic collapse that makes the global Great Depression look like a fun time >Doesn't matter who because both China and America are about to have a civil war/balkanization anyways and will only be saved by an impending global mineral resource shortage that only the two of them can fix
>>17987 If you seriously imagine that is how it would go, you need to stop reading military thriller novels. Projections place a Sino-American war as over in a matter of less than a month, regardless of who wins, with around a billion casualties without so much as a single invasion of either homeland. This isn't enough time for basically any of what you're saying would happen to happen, except the world trade economy getting fucked over. >Or Norks carpet bomb South Korea and take the Korean peninsula Oh, you're having a giggle, that explains it. The most the Norks could do is flatten Seoul (and even that is questionable, the Socks have the most developed CRAM system in the world) before their entire territory is flattened in response - again, days, not years. The Socks' military are not complete pushovers, Strelok, it's where they confine any of their men that actually have a backbone - as they have for nearly 2000 years. For another thing, if India is invaded, the Russians will get involved. India is currently Russia's closest military ally. For that matter, the Americans are also essentially allies with India, so if you want America and Russia to suddenly begrudgingly get along, overtly invading India is a near surefire way to get it to happen. West Taiwan isn't that stupid.
>>17987 Here is how I think it will go down. PLA invades Taiwan, and US bitches at the UN about it and does fuck all. Que Ukrainian style bitching and moaning from Taiwan. And that's it. There will be no great war,
>>17987 >china uses international psyop via covid 19 >cyber trolls cause infighting via plebbit spam with redditors and normies, being niggercattle, join in and pick each other apart >muh racebaiting with niggers >usa is muh raycist >obama and his 2 terms dont exist mmkay? >US weakens and demoralizes itself with constant pushes with COVID vaccines and removing human rights >china not held accountable for act of war >china literally claims that they own the US now >muh capitalism >Us is changed much like Star wars under disney >anyone standing up for america is “raycist” and “bigoted” >gg
>>17995 https://archive.is/BpDjE https://archive.is/KNApT https://archive.is/p4PZE https://archive.is/vKImH https://archive.is/bjkzd If it were just Taiwan maybe but it's bigger than that. China wants to expand into the entire South China Sea with Taiwan as a stepping stone. Not only that but there's beginning to be the formation of a coalition of different nations that are pissed at China. This really looks like the beginning of either a warm cold war or an actual hot war.
>>18012 On the topic of Canada, there's a not-insignificant number of people calling for Canada to boycott the coming Winter Olympics, and the current leader of the opposition and head of the Conservative party has directly warned that it is dangerous for even ordinary Canadians to enter China lest they be abducted as political prisoners. There's also a federal election about to be announced, so there may be more rhetoric on China coming not that the election matters. I'd be shocked if Trudeau doesn't win again.
>>18012 >fucking leafs Am I the only one who suspects those two actually are spooks? Arresting randos in retaliation for an important exec seems seems petty and implies lack of capability for a symmetrical response, unless they are more than they appear. Actually, a quick gander at their wiki entries basically confirms it. Glowniggers more or less confirmed.
>>18019 Normally I would be more leery, but the Kochs had a similarly shady past in the 60s/70s with their oil refining in the USSR and they got hit with similar bullshit as a political ploy (and the Kochs have always hated the feds), so I'm not ready to write off diplomatic retaliation quite yet.
>>18019 Fun fact: Kovrig is a Canadian-Hungarian dual citizen, and in the 90s he was the singer of Hungarian punk band called Bankrupt. Here is their channel, but unfortunately it looks like none of the songs has literal glownigger vocals: https://yewtu.be/channel/UCDyI0CW_TFALB-pkUf11EnQ
>>18021 I'm not saying China wasn't retaliating for the Meng Wenzhou arrest, just that arresting these two makes more sense if they actually are spooks. Otherwise it's just a hissy fit that doesn't actually do anything to embarrass or inconvenience our retarded leaf government at all.
>>18012 True, China will expand, but I am not sure United States is in position to do much about it. Morale in the navy is right next to Atlantis, left of USS Fletcher, and the wider society in the US does not seem to be doing much better. If there was a armed conflict with China, could the US, as a nation, remain viable or would it just tear itself apart when and if chinese infiltrators and symphatizers start busting infrastructure on purpose? Would the political and financial elite be willing to risk it? But then again, jews want dead goyim so.
>>18024 >>18019 >political retaliation. It absolutely is. Allow me to explain. Before HK went full protest and then got raped by the NPC (CPC congress) legally, the majority of espionige work went outa HK cause they basically had immunity as long as they didn't fuck up and kill/rape/maim someone from HK (No extradition treaty). The Chinese viewpoint of Meng's arrest is that was a deliberate pressure move by the US (think the Gosen dude fron Nissan). Thing is, they can't just grab an American because that would fuck the sweet sweet sweatshop money over. So they grab a Canadian instead. >glows or not Kovrig, by his stationing in HK and Beijing, is a glow in almost 100% certainty in my opinon. Spavor... Not so much, I think he is one of those "brokers" like the whites who help back up Zimbawae and play shady middleman. Usually the police in China keep foreigners arrests hush hush... Unless there's some political ploy at play. Black Africans aren't viewed as human so that's a different story. >>18027 >wider society Strelok, have you ever read Art of War? Literally one of the key statements that is often repeated in Chinese philosphy is in there, "One should aim win by without moving their troops". In historical works, they say something along the lines of "The upper (more favored) stratgem is to attack the enemies' heart. The middle stratgem is to attack the enemy directly. The lower (least favored) statgem is to walk away.
Open file (27.06 KB 450x300 Yeren Monument.jpg)
>>18030 >It absolutely is Yes, I agree. >The Chinese viewpoint of Meng's arrest is that was a deliberate pressure move by the US (think the Gosen dude fron Nissan). Thing is, they can't just grab an American because that would fuck the sweet sweet sweatshop money over. So they grab a Canadian instead Personally I think the Chinese (correctly) interpret Canada as mere appendage of a monolithic entity. The Anglo-American empire, Atlanticists, ZOG, it all the same thing. >broker Strelok that's just a specific kind of spook. Pic unrelated.
>>18027 I'm more optimistic than most about the US Navy, but maybe that's because I actually read the FUD demoralization paperwork. They have maintained firefighting capabilities and other combat drills, they just aren't training officers right and haven't had a serious war to prep for in 30 years. The Navy will be fine other than losing 1/5th to 1/3rd of the fleet in the first week of combat, effectively trimming the fat.
Open file (76.75 KB 1280x700 Ankimo purge.jpg)
>>18027 >If there was a armed conflict with China, could the US, as a nation, remain viable or would it just tear itself apart when and if chinese infiltrators and symphatizers start busting infrastructure on purpose? I'm optimistic perhaps, but America isn't all doom and gloom and honestly just needs true hard times to train strong men. If America is fighting a "winning" war with China than the economy will collapse and the fat (Jews, Bankers, Politicians, etc.) will get trimmed, and if America is fighting a "losing" war with China, than the military industrial complex will collapse and the fat (Jews, Bankers, Politicians, etc.) will get trimmed by the ensuing civil war brought on by burgerlines and lack of television programs to binge. This is why politicians, Jews, etc. are going to fight tooth and nail for any bullshit they can come up with to try to keep China a cold war for a few more years we've been in a cold war with China since 2008, let's not kid ourselves in order to get their New Zealand or Swiss bunkers ready since COVID forced a delay on purchasing them. The current status quo can not survive a war with China, but ironically a war with China is the only thing that could keep America from becoming a third world nation. Doubly so if the Chinks or Norks can land a missile or two on mainland soil. Just know that the world economy is fucked if the biggest global producer of cheap plastic, office supplies, and consumer electronics goes to war with the biggest global producer of cheap foodstuffs, industrial machinery, and industrial chemicals. The only four countries that "win" if China and America go to war are India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Russia since someone will have to provide cheap goods to the world market in their absence to prevent a global citizen uprising.
Open file (283.34 KB 1311x1432 E9KNo6NVgAAoQIr.jpg)
A slip of the tongue from Bidup reveals the plan to defend Taiwan in the same vein as Japan or South Korea in the event of foreign invasion. The State Department is trying to run damage control and reiterating their policy of "strategic ambiguity" hasn't changed.
>>18474 That transcript is genuinely barely intelligible. Trump wasn't exactly the most eloquent president the US has had but at least you could tell what he was trying to say. >reveals the plan I don't trust Biden's slips of the tongue to reveal anything factual. I think he's too far gone for merely forgetting what he shouldn't say, and is all the way into not knowing what he's saying at all. I wonder how bad he'll get before he dies. The 25th probably won't get invoked, since it would be too humiliating, especially after they kept talking about invoking it to overthrow Trump, but who knows what state he'll be in three years from now?
>>18474 Well that statement just accelerated the west-east war at least a year or two. Good.
>>18480 Would communist bugmen be liable to start WWIII if Bidet were to get a really bad flashback to half a century ago mid-interview and say "Republic of China" instead of Taiwan?
>>18480 Back at 2008 I was sure the PRC would surpass the US as an economic powerhouse by 2050, militarily a little after 2060 and would become indisputable global hegemon around 2090, possibly after a war or not depending on the degree of decadency of the West. Prior to 2012 I would not think even remotely plausible that the PRC would have become indisputably the world's largest economy by the early 2020s, certainly not without major reformations away from marxist rhetoric or the West being hit by Yellowstone eruption or a meteor shower or something, and yet here we are. And the funny thing is that, creating a pandemic aside, the CCP did not have to lift a freaking finger, the West inflicted it all in itself.
Open file (47.16 KB 424x600 download.jpg)
>>18489 At this point I don't think they care about anything the senile toesniffing puppet is mumbling. Fucking Vtubers have more influence on geopolitics than he does.
>>18474 Well there you go. That's why there was such a rush to get out of Afghanistan. Taiwan and China and then on to WWIII. I always loved Mad Max 2 as a kid, I never knew that one day I'd get to see the live show.
Open file (90.71 KB 584x270 Cornyn.png)
>>18489 Senator John Cornyn had a flashback to the 1970s the other day and stated that 30,000 US troops based on Taiwan; it was enough to provoke the chinks into war games. So I wouldn't write it off.
>>18491 I'm in the same boat. I saw them building aircraft carriers back in 2007-2009ish and figured something similar with some reforms and a good future 20-40 years down the line. Then the West went full clown world this decade and what I thought would be the next generation's war gets to be the next generation's war due to being born a decade too soon my generation's war. >>18498 I doubt it was a flashback. He probably has zero reading comprehension and thought it was current. The thing about Chinks is they're fast to beat their chest but slow to pick up arms. What you're witnessing between America and China right now are what are known as a "false charge" in the animal kingdom to scare off rivals. They're both waving weapons to costly to use at each other and threatening to use them. The issue is that both countries drank the koolaid and believe the propaganda that they can beat the other without this becoming the bloodiest war as a ratio of deaths over time in human history.
>>18491 And you couldn't be more wrong, China has too many internal problems, i see a collapse of the Chinese state much more likely than its world hegemony, no matter the time scale.
>>18491 >>18504 we live in interesting times. I can see China increasing it's international influence, and maybe it will even manage to create a new global standard, break the monoply of western products, and widen its offer of affordable tech products. No, i would even say it's highly likely that the PRC will do that, as they not only have a financial and political interest in doing so, but they also have a deep grudge against the US and it's global players Google, Amazon and Microsoft. My opinion will probably not gain too much acceptance, but i believe that the PRC deserves to become a major global influence. The US has played world police for about half a century, and secured global influence by the use of predatory strategies and shady schemes for even longer. It is time for them to step down and take a seat, while others get to rule the world.
>>18505 Whatever you say chang
>>18505 It's not that I think that the US deserves to be a global influence more than China, it's that I want all the current global influencers gone. Yes, including Russia.
>>18491 >creating a pandemic aside >China Doubt.jpg
>>18501 >2007-2009 The real change was in 2008 tbh. I remember the Beijing Olympics just bringing loads of cash and the subsequent CPC spending "development" spree..
Open file (63.79 KB 828x567 E9jwCO_X0AMqi1w.jpg)
Kamehameha warded off by sonic emitters >US Embassy in Hanoi says the Vice President’s traveling delegation was delayed from departing Singapore because VPs office was made aware of a report of a recent possible anomalous health incident in Hanoi. Anomalous health incident is what the USG calls Havana Syndrome. http://web.archive.org/web/20210824162006/https://twitter.com/NatashaBertrand/status/1430156807889203208
>>18591 >Havana Syndrome Literally just symptoms of an overloaded Central Nervous System and/or heat exhaustion. I had it happen a few times when I would push a PR while weightlifting, or running in a hot area that I wasn't ready for, and it had me unable to function for about 6-12 hours and then suffering from the aftermath for several days/weeks. Given the nature of diplomats, they probably have sudden strains/stresses when a big wig politician is coming to visit and they end up working themselves into a CNS overload situation or a heat exhaustion situation brought on by improper hydration/diet/posture. No one can come out and just say they are being overworked and blacked out though.
>>18595 I also think it's something like that, but americans get nervous because that thing only happens in "communist" countries/areas and to people near the windows. Some say it's microwave surveillance, the symptoms are pretty similar to what some gangstalking theories say too.
Open file (3.24 MB 480x270 giphy.gif)
>>18595 >>18601 Maybe the Russians or the Chinese figured out how to make IRL scanners.
>>6126 >>6128 Has China ever won a war against someone who wasn't Chinese?
Open file (905.26 KB 1024x551 download.png)
>>6153 >east roachistan No. Get raid'd, mehmet
>>18504 >i see a collapse of the Chinese state >says increasingly nervous westerner for the sixth decade China will inevitably crumble eventually, that's what they've been doing for the last five millennia, problem is that it's not China that is manning its armies with trannies conscripted by an emasculating ejewcation system, if you can't see how the West's institutions are more subverted by marxist than the fucking self proclaimed communist regime then your denial has pushed your head all the way up to your duodenum.
>>18686 The China of today is more fascist than anything, it really is, but China's real problem is geopolitical, demographic and economical, China simply does not have the capacity to project power like the US does either. I'm not saying the Chinese state will collapse soon, what i'm saying is that i see that collapse as more likely than its hegemony or even parity with the US. >if you can't see how the West's institutions are more subverted No one said that, but now that you mention it, the China of today is surprisingly third positionist once you look beyond the facade they put up https://odysee.com/@keithwoods:e/is-china-a-communist-state:8
>>18695 Why is it that people online only ever base their opinions off of one guy's hot take presentation? This is the same China that imposed the one-child policy on its majority "Han" ethnic population while allowing their minorities to have as many children as they'd like. Some "fascism".
>>18699 >people online only ever base their opinions off of one guy's hot take presentation? Stop projecting. >one-child policy on its majority "Han" ethnic population Are you gonna ignore everything else and just cherry pick that?
>>18700 I think he is going to ignore "everything else" because him and I both are wondering what you're smoking. A counter-example or two goes a long way towards establishing credibility and consensus.
Open file (180.98 KB 1018x1200 China.jpg)
>>18700 >Stop projecting. I've seen this shit reposted across multiple boards like it's a gospel truth. People are more convinced by persuasive argument than any veracity in media. Both the left and right put forward whatever image of China supports their talking points, whether that it's a communist wonderland or a based fascist state. Neither correspond to reality, especially when what the CCP says, what it does, what it says about what it does, and what it does with what is said is a clusterfuck because of their face-based society in which reputation precedes honor. As long as they've fooled you into putting a good word in for them, they've achieved their the goal as far as they're concerned - it doesn't matter how empty any of it is. If you disagree, don't give them that satisfaction.
>>18703 And before anyone thinks I exclude the "center" from my disgust: no, they're not, those retards have touted China as this pre-eminent example of progressive governance by impartial technocratic experts for the past 20 years until it blew up in their faces with the personal rule of Xi.
>>18703 >it's a communist wonderland or a based fascist state Why can't it be both? I've seen too much China hate in anglosphere to really be swayed by more Anglo Muckraking. I prefer a healthy skepticism like Japan geopolitics takes and be prepared to protect national soverignty of your kind while not giving a shit about what China do otherwise (defense of Islands and Allies under invasion). Like a Switzerland of WWII being called a Judeo-Bolshevik paradise while at same time being called Nazi but in acuallity enforcing Armed Neutrality and thier own path of National self determination.
Open file (1.24 MB 1920x1080 Korone loves Taiwan.webm)
>>18711 Pre-Obummer West Taiwan at least had the decency not to boast about their moral superiority and ambitions to the point of shutting down Japanese streamers and forcing their twisted bugman moral standards on everyone else via Tencent, Pozzard, Dicksword, Epic etc., it makes it hard not to give a shit about them.
>>18703 >>18705 Is it OK if I just call China a dystopian hellhole and don't get more specific than that?
>>18717 I mean fascist or communist, it's still an authoritarian shit hole.
>>18701 What am i smoking? The argument and the evidence is pretty clear, you're just stuck on cold war thinking, that or you happen to like fascism but dislike China or vice-versa and don't like to put them together. >>18703 I'm not giving any moral judgement at all, again, stop projecting, the point is that the China of today is closer to fascism than communism. >>18717 Yes
Open file (1.66 MB 1200x1125 ClipboardImage.png)
>>18733 Your argument is that Chinks are fascists. Two anons have asked you to provide an example. You have not done so and argue like a Chang. At this point I might as well just post bugspray and move on. Taiwan is a country, Uyghurs are being genocided, and your chairman looks like Winnie the Pooh. >that or you happen to like fascism 1) Where the fuck do you think you are? 2) I'm a fucking AnCap. Hippity hoppity get the fuck off my property. >But dislike China Gee I wonder why? Couldn't be the government-subsidized tech sector that creates artificial scarcity in the inductor market, the Han attitude towards the western half of China, the fact that Han Chinese are literal bugmen with the hive mind mentality to boot, that Chinks blatantly disregard human life (thanks, Communism), or the fact that Han are a slave race that have only been kept around because they are incredibly docile and easy to manipulate. It couldn't be how they have gone out if their way to destroy remnants of Chinese culture from before CCP rule or how they act in true Stalinist authoritarian manner towards anyone who doesn't drink the koolaid. It couldn't be how they systematically offer "favours" to foreign countries only to later give loans they know said nations can never pay back so they can use their "favor" infrastructure as collateral to slap a military base wherever they please (or blatantly spying on foreign countries as they did with that one African country's congressional building). It couldn't be because the only nationality that causes more incidents in international shipping are Pajeets. It couldn't be how they are a godless country that actively persecutes one of the largest Christian populations in the world. It couldn't be how they are the reason antibiotics no longer work on several diseases around the world due to mass improper application of them both personally and for agricultural use. It couldn't be the complete lack of food regulations, nor could it be the fact that all meats are more expensive worldwide because of the unfair international trade agreements that send half of my country's meat to China. It couldn't be the crypto miners, the scams, the stock manipulations, or the currency manipulation. It couldn't be how they have fucked over international trade on several occasions because some politician was butthurt about what some celebrity aaid halfway across the world. It couldn't be the lying, cheating, stealing, and general dishonorable behavior of Chinese in business dealings nor how they will do all of this yet blow a gasket when you make them lose face. It can't be the rapid militarization over the last decade, and it couldn't possibly be because China is an existential threat, and how control over the Taiwan strait would royally fuck over international shipping for half the world when China pulls a Northwest Passage on it. No, China has a perfect track record par for the course of your average "communist" or "former communist" country of not violating human rights, national sovereignty, etc. No, I just "dislike China" and therefore they must be Communist and not Fascist. Go fuck yourself. China is neither fascist nor communist, they are simply a party-led dictatorship, and a totalitarian one at that. All I wanted was for you to provide some sort of example to back up your claim of them being fascist, Chang. The people of China have certainly drank the CCP one China koolaid, but Chinese policy is still based around the social contract theory and is still one of the various blends of Socialism that end up corrupted. The only thing they have in common with National Socialism though is the retarded Keynesian spending on public infrastructure projects that ultimately bankrupts a nation if they don't continuously expand.
>>18736 >Two anons have asked you to provide an example It's a nationalist and collectivist state that puts the nation before profits but that also abandoned marxism in any practical way. https://odysee.com/@keithwoods:e/is-china-a-communist-state:8 is a good explanation. >Taiwan is a country, Uyghurs are being genocided, and your chairman looks like Winnie the Pooh. What the fuck makes you think i'm a sinoboo? what the fuck are you projecting onto me? i've already said that i'm not passing any judgement, genuinely, why do you think i like China? i'm utterly confused.
>>18737 For the record i'm >>18504
>>18737 Nigger they harvest their own people's organs for the benefit of the party leaders. Profit is all China cares about nation before profits? Then why the fuck did they poison all their land to build factories to sell cheap shit to people? Do you even live on this planet?
>>18742 Can't you think for a second? China is pragmatic, China puts the state and the nation above the will of their corporations and CEOs, that does not exclude exploiting their own population.
Open file (267.11 KB 1365x1024 finalbaidumap.jpg)
>>18737 That video paints an image of a China that's way more competent and coherent than the reality. Luckily, we have a literal mainland chinkoid janitor on this board to ask for comments comments. >>18746 >the will of the state and nation is when corrupt local officials screw the rest of the country over and smuggle the profits into overseas real estate bubbles since they know it's a house of glass
>>18742 >Nigger they harvest their own people's organs I know this is a popular rumor, but it was popularized by the Falun Gong who are funded by the US news media and who believe they have magical healing powers contained within their organs. There are a lot of reasons to hate China but this is not one of them.
>>18736 >China is neither fascist nor communist, they are simply a party-led dictatorship, and a totalitarian one at that. True. China's problems run much deeper than ideologies and culture. It's the psyche of the Chinese people. Ways That Are Dark is a fascinating book on this subject.
>>18737 Is that you Xi from sven coop?
>>18749 >That video paints an image of a China that's way more competent and coherent than the reality I'd agree with that, but that's irrelevant anyway No one has ever said that fascists can't be corrupt
Open file (576.52 KB 1006x467 Chinese_AI.png)
>>18754 What's the point then, if the same materialist corruption that destroys the West can destroy China just the same? Taiwan and South Korea used to be nationalist dictatorships, look at them now. Mussolini's Italy never lived up to the ideals of Evola's fascism. The Soviet Union and Brazil had major periods of state directed expansion that led to economic recession and stagnation in the late 20th century, leading to the end of both authoritarian governments. One of examples Keith cites in the video in Western Europe, Britain, stopped pursuing corporatist policy because subsidizing industry past a certain point becomes self-defeating - politicians do it because it makes them popular at the expense of value generation. France, Germany, and Japan also all pursued corporatist policy in the mid- to late-20th century, in their policies of dirigisme, ordoliberalism, and window guidance. They all stagnated following the initial period of innovation. The French had an incomprehensible baby boomer revolt in 1968 (inspired by Mao of all people), which along with the the Arab oil crisis threw them into governments perpetually at odds with rioting unions and bleeding money. Germany found its social programs were unsustainable following reunification with the underdeveloped East and switched to neoliberalism through the European Union, European Central Bank, and domestic benefits cuts with the Hartz IV reforms. Japan walked into a real-estate bubble and was stabbed in the back by the central bank which blew it up following the Plaza Accord with the United States, in which they agreed to rack up the value of the Yen causing a housing crash and a lost "decade" that's persisted ever since. China has the luck of these examples to learn from, and that having a massive population without any industrial regulation meant it was ripe to undercut Western advanced industry with cheap labor and cheap goods. Any technological initiatives in the West they would mimic and cheapen, destroying the rewards of innovation. Today, research labs would rather keep trade secrets and secure funding from private equity firms than file a patent and go public on the stock market, to avoid having their designs stolen by the Chinese and their ownership bought out. This happens at the expense of the nation, since the whole point of the patent system and the public markets of the West was that the government would maintain ("temporary") domestic monopolies and property rights allowing for both innovation to be rewarded and the public to benefit from self-funding entrepreneurship. At the end of the video Keith mentions the Chinese trying to shift to a bottom-up corporatism, but China is structured in such a way that prevents a bottom-up self-sustaining corporatism from emerging at all; the only thing that keeps it going is the steady flow of export dollars from the West.
Open file (21.74 KB 660x447 407358344.png)
Open file (45.45 KB 977x549 977x-1.png)
>>18764 Among China's more critical problems are: their state-owned enterprises are in rapidly aging heavy industry and are bleeding money, their private sector is already well funded and won't grow simply with more money being thrown at it, the tech industry is not labor-intensive, and thus can't employ the droves of jobless industrial workers if they ever cut subsidies; if you made a dozen Huaweis and Xiaomis to do so, it would just devalue them; the high household savings rate is mainly assets in the hands of the business elite, so your average bugman can barely save his scant wages for retirement, an issue due to the rapid aging of the workforce -- this has led to the Communist Party announcing they are pushing back the retirement age despite widespread disapproval; workers can't access retirement benefits unless they work in the province of their household registration, which is based on birth -- all the jobs are concentrated on the coastline; even with the money in the hands of the business elite accounted for, the total Chinese household share of national income is the lowest of any developed economy in history, thus preventing Chinese domestic demand from being an economic force without an explosion in household debt; government and household debt has exploded to nearly 300 percent of GDP, owed to themselves, but paid with the income from exports; no one trusts the markets because party officials can walk in and wipe out your investment by arresting the head of the company you've just invested in because they looked at someone the wrong way, or simply preventing the entire market from selling at all (Shanghai, 2016) -- this prevents self-funded domestic entrepreneurship; the central government in Beijing is the only entity authorized to collect most taxes, forcing the provinces to rely on grey market "local government financing vehicles" that operate a land monopoly; and the summation of all these problems: national production is driven by provincial party officials with unlimited budgets and GDP and full employment mandates who have only three tricks up their sleeves when export growth is slower than expected -- land auctions, infrastructure development in excess of any local need, and real estate speculation. Results are where fantasies meet reality; the Western left is just starting to have a discussion about MMT, while the Chinese might as well have been running it for over 30 years -- the advantage of being able to underprice your currency. All good things eventually come to an end.
>>18764 >Today, research labs would rather keep trade secrets and secure funding from private equity firms than file a patent and go public on the stock market, to avoid having their designs stolen by the Chinese and their ownership bought out. To be fair, the Soviet Union did the same thing with ignoring patents. China is just filling that gap, ironically.
Gentlemen, as much as I appreciate the sane discussion here, please take it to the 100rads thread, I am not sure how this is directly related to /k/ discussion. inb4 we get yeeted off cafe like /fascist/ >>18749 >pic that map is quite inaccurate but gave me quite the laugh. Just remember to change Henan to "literal jews" because that's what they are. Bonus points for Inner Mongolia reading "free bubonic plague"
>>18764 There's nothing there i disagree with, i'm not saying "China is fascist and therefore good" nor the opposite, all i'm pointing out is that China is closer to fascism than communism or democratic capitalism, that doesn't mean that i think China is the perfect example of fascism or that China is the good/bad because of their fascist tendencies. >>18765 I again agree completely, which is why i posted >>18504
>>18715 It's japans fault for allowing their companies to be dictated by chinese (or any foreign) shareholders then. Simple as preventing foreign influence is good enough to solve that domestic issue. Sitting and whining to invade China is stupid. You deal with china by making demands. You make deals under your terms and conditions, do not let china make those terms and conditions. Timestamp 3:17 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xwAZLRy1TIY
>>18770 They are self-proclaimed marxists , not fascist, and also have the full package of marxist regimes with red flags, peasant chimpouts, anti-nationalist and anti-libertarian purges and famines; burden of proof is on you and you are not doing a good job with that, cheng.
Open file (321.18 KB 500x350 ClipboardImage.png)
>>18827 >They are self-proclaimed marxists , not fascist Ok, i guess pic related is a woman too >burden of proof is on you Yes, it seems you have missed it
>>18770 >i guess pic related is a woman too According to your comrades, yes.
Open file (15.03 KB 255x231 1439879734680.jpg)
Open file (38.69 KB 460x337 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.08 MB 924x520 ClipboardImage.png)
Taiwan’s new representative office in Hargeisa not only gives Taipei another connection to the African continent, but also establishes a new model of relations that could be extended to other states. https://archive.is/DJjbQ So if I'm reading this right, China wrote off Somaliland as a non-country since they weren't recognized internationally so Somaliland sided with Taiwan as a "fuck you" to China. Taiwan is now helping grow Somaliland businesses and agriculture in a similar manner to how Japan has invested into mainland Asia for political anti-Chinese clout (keep in mind Japan's implementation of similar policies halted Tatmadaw advances in their tracks around the beginning of the summer due to the Tatmadaw valuing Japanese yen more than killing protestors). Because of the location of Somaliland and Taiwan, this is a pretty big flex on Taiwan's part since if they pull it off (seems likely), Somaliland might be recognized as a country (something impossible for Taiwan right now) leading to a restructuring of shipping lanes that would effectively hold Chink vessels bound for Europe and South America (via African routes) hostage if they ever invade Taiwan. Taiwan and Somaliland could grab the world economy (specifically China's economy) by the balls if this works or if the Americans help out, and could effectively restructure African-Chinese relations, since the Chinks rely on Africa for raw resources. Ethiopia (third player in this) is fucked, but how likely is it for the Tigray alliance to side with Somaliland over China right now? Egypt, Ethiopia, and the UAE seem to be on-board with talks to expand the trade alliance, with South Africa and a few other countries debating joining in.
>>18938 > We You mean Israel?
>>18938 That's a stock exchange for regional businesses bigger than one or two locations, not for the international megacorps owned by Israel.
>>18937 > The Somaliland government continues to apply the 1962 penal code of the Somali Republic. As such, homosexual acts are illegal in the territory. I give full support of Somaliland and their righteous goal of sovereignty and national recognition. Unless things change for the worst which I hope not.
>The US has agreed to a "resolution" with Meng Wanzhou that will likely see the US case against her dropped >The extradition case in Canada would then obviously collapse >China gets what they wanted, the US is unaffected, and Canada will be left holding the bag for all the tension with China this caused Just fuck my country's diplomacy up.
>>19365 To make matters worse, China convicted one of the two Canadians for espionage in a kangaroo court while continuing to deny political motivation, so now Canada will have to play bad guy and keep the Huawei exec as a hostage for exchanges or suck China's cock (and I think we both know what they are more likely to do).
>>19365 To make matters worse, China convicted one of the two Canadians for espionage in a kangaroo court while continuing to deny political motivation, so now Canada will have to play bad guy and keep the Huawei exec as a hostage for exchanges or suck China's cock (and I think we both know what they are more likely to do).
>>19367 As a heads up to any Leafbros, the VPN node out of Vancouver I was using slowed to a halt within seconds of that post going through, similar to times when I've had the Chinese intercept my connection while using the Hong Kong node and talking shit about China.
And within hours of Meng's release, the two Michaels were on a plane back to Canada.
Why would the US choose now to announce an American presence, /k/? What is China making Biden throw a temper tantrum about since we know he wouldn't do this as a good person? The entire policy was always keeping the presence of US troops ambiguous because the goal was to have Americans killed in a China first strike to justify a triple-strike from Russia, India, and America (+ Pacific allies). This isn't even about strategic ambiguity, it's just flat out hardlining in a retarded way that doesn't suit anyone's political interests on paper anyways. U.S. Troops Have Been Deployed in Taiwan for at Least a Year https://archive.is/N74Bg
>>19672 China's been flying a lot of military planes into Taiwanese airspace this week. Maybe the US thinks invasion is imminent and hopes that announcing the presence of troops would serve as a deterrent.
>>19672 As long as it means WWIII is accelerated, I'm happy. I'm starting to get up there in age, and I want to bag me some commies. That being said, the Chicoms have their 100th birthday this year, and what with China not doing so hot with blackouts and the housing market crumbling like their houses, there's every chance they actually plan to retake Taiwan to not lose face internally. Putting troops there works as a signal that the US won't tolerate it. Only question is if Xi believes it to be a bluff, or if he cares either way, because if he fears his people might rise up against him, he'll risk a war any day. Afghanistan made the US seem like a rapidly crumbling Empire, ready to be dethroned, and if Xi manages to pull it off, he'll have his eternal legacy secured. He may well have stopped giving a shit and is willing to throw the dice for glory.
>>19672 >U.S. Troops deployed in Taiwan Wait, wouldn't that mean, that they already invaded China? Well, by the chinks point of view.
>>19676 I know Taiwan receives foreign military aid quite often in the form of training for "natural disasters and other threats to civilians" and the Pentagon painted it as the special forces being there in an advisory setting, so it's a gray area on the part of China and really comes down to how they react to the news. In the past they have said if the US plants troops they will consider it an invasion, but in this context the troops are more diplomats than actual military members stationed in Taiwan. If China is pissed (and thinks they can win) they'll retaliate in the next few days, if China thinks they aren't technologically capable yet, this clear provocation will only be met with maybe sanctions or silence out of fear of making the burger drip ketchup.
>>19674 That's the only rational explanation I could think of is the military or CIA knows something we don't, but since when was the US rational when it came to waving guns/dicks everywhere?
>>19674 >show theatre It's because the Taiwan president leader (Part of the DPP)is the first open "seperatist" president. Her party is analgous to the democrats whereas the opposition (KMT) is analgous to the republicans in preservation for the status quo. There was a big shitshow over this when she was initaly elected because the DPP won a majority in the Legislative Yuan (Unicameral legislature), so they ripped open the textbook and "rewrote" the history books to remove mentions of Taiwan and China being inseperable and rewrote the history section about how most "Taiwanese" are escaped mainlanders so they could promote the pro-Taiwanese agenda.
>>19718 >so they ripped open the textbook and "rewrote" the history books to remove mentions of Taiwan and China being inseperable and rewrote the history section about how most "Taiwanese" are escaped mainlanders so they could promote the pro-Taiwanese agenda. So bassically nearly the same as mainland china? Rewriting history, but why? Because they hate their nationalist history?
>>19722 While China isn't good, Taiwan was originally something of a "rich millionaire's island" awarded by America for those who fought (and wasted millions through corruption) against the commies. They were viewed as a military occupying power until the 70s, just one that America was allied with. The agreements signed in the 70s were supposed to make Taiwan a lot like Hong Kong, but more heavily armed, in exchange for ending what most of the world perceived (wrongly) as American hostilities towards China.
>>19722 >Rewriting history The same reason China (PR) rewrites theirs, to achieve their politcal goal. Tthey don't want to be a part of China because the US is tacitly supporting it. The thing is, in Taiwan it's around a 60/40 split against independence. The issue is that while the media is biased against the KMT (again, just like the GOP), the idiots in the KMT are actually dumb enough to try and embezzle shit in the upper echelons blatantly and not being an actual Uniparty, the media just goes full ham on them. In the younger generation, it's more of 70+ % for independence. It's mainly due to traditional/simplified Chinese causing a language barrier and the influence of the US being stationed there for so long. >>19725 The one country, two systems was just fancy wording for the US to mostly fuck off without either side loosing face. Most likely nothing will come of this incident. If the PLA starts shelling islands again then I'd be worried. Considering Taiwan's ADIZ extends into mainland China proper, the intrusion could just be Taiwan complaining of a PRC flight exercise on the mainland coast (I don't THINK it was in this case though). They used to bitch about it every year for USAID and spending bill shenanigangs.
>>19726 >because the US is tacitly supporting it. Makes me wonder why is US doing it. Is it just biden cuckoldry? Also It's ironic that people are saying that china is bad in colleges mostly but never the people. Really makes you wonder. When the chinese are actually disgusted by nigs they say that that it's thanks to white supremacy. Yes I've seen that Maybe china should've ended under japanese rule. Maybe not under uncucked nationalist rule.
>>19728 >not under *under
>>19728 >why To keep itself as the world power. >Under Japan Then it would be a shitty african state mired still in the feudal ages. The KMT dragged China kicking and screaming out of the feudal ages, and into the age of enlightenment and nationalisim. The CPC dragged China kicking and screaming from the age of enlightenment to the age of absolutism and the industrial revolution. It appears Xi Jingping wishes to not drag China into the cold-war age/ age of "global terror", but dares to lead it into a brave new world. Time will tell if he will be written down in history as Elagabalus or Augustus.
>>19726 >Considering Taiwan's ADIZ extends into mainland China proper, the intrusion could just be Taiwan complaining of a PRC flight exercise on the mainland coast They've been flying up to the dividing line. Taiwan doesn't announce ADIZ "violations" until they are 30 miles from where Taiwan's territorial waters begin and China has been intentionally launching the practices after Taiwanese statements and during Xi's political speeches. This isn't the early 2000s any more, anon.
>>19728 >Makes me wonder why is US doing it. Mostly for global trade. Currently thirteen nations pass through those waters for trade. China would have only one passing through without paying exorbitant tariffs. Most of the SEA nations passing through there are allied with the US explicitly for that trade route.
>>19734 >dividing line What I've been saying is the Legistlative Yuan uses the "total" number of ADIZ incursions for their justification of bososting defense spending. Kinda like saying how the US always uses "number of possible terrorists attacks" for unlimited PATRIOT act spending.
>>19730 >Then it would be a shitty african state mired still in the feudal ages. Alright I kinda get it. But to what (geographical) extend would japan be abke yo go? Would it be like all those hoi4 Axis victory mods where it only occupies the han territory abd the outer mongolia not manchu is it's own state or something? Does anyone have the nip plans for china? But thanks anon.
>>19736 What I've been saying is that all 150 of those planes were judged by the fact that they were over the water. While Taiwan might be listing a higher number for boosting defense spending, all 150 planes crossed over the water and past the halfway mark of the strait that marks the point where Taiwan uses their warning systems, and that China does not have a robust enough chairforce to claim innocence on this one since civilian flights basically don't exist in that portion of China and all airfields are military airfields in that region (even if one or two of them service civilian vehicles also).
>>19755 >hoi4 Kill yourself faggot. Any idea of involving Monoglia proper would immediately draw in the Soviets, which would result in a brutal facefuck by Zhukov, Isserson, or Tukhachevsky (Assuming no purge). Also, occupying China proper for an extended time... Is not something that I think could be feasibly done. Assuming Japan proper only, they have around 71 million. Unoccupied China by 1939 had 270 million. Were Confucius not a complete cuck then it would just devolve into a repeat of the Qing/Five Dynasties era. Invading force gets Sinicized by the sheer population of the Han alone. Also, you have no idea of how poor infrastructure in the warlord era China was. Take it from someone who had relatives alive in the era that it makes modern Congo look nice. >roads are basically mud trails if any >rainy season makes russian spring look nice >common flooding reduces roads to shit for most of the non winter months down south >many places only accessible by climbing mountain roads where steps are just wood jammed into the mountainside >bridges just a shitty iron chain on both ends with rotting planks if at all. >lots of swiftwater rapids >lots of disease issues, say hi to malaria >no standard "Chinese" dialect The only worse place to fight would be if you took Afghanistan and Vietnam and merged the two. >theoretical japanese hyperstates Not very large, considering that the British/Soviets/US all wanted to rape them them 8 ways from sunday >Soviets salty about civil war intervention and muh russo-japanese war >British just want a bigger empire, also opium trade >US angry because can't export cheap goods to china alongside looting antiques >>19761 >150 planes I am not disputing that. However, your assertion that civilian flights basically don't exist there straight up bullshit. There's pretty frequent flights across the straights and to/from Xiamen especially, I've actually been questioned by the MSS before since I landed at one of the Military-Civilian dual use airports frequently at one point in life. Xi doesn't have the capability to fight a war with the ROC at least in my opinon because he lacks the political capital. While the CMC and the PLA might be willing to fight, the majority of "Han" would be against it, and the civilians in some of the provinces (Fujian esp) would be revolting due to the the extensive ties they have due to marriage with Taiwanese in the last 20 years.
Open file (5.41 MB 3840x2160 inb4hoi4.png)
>>19894 >Kill yourself faggot It doesn't mean I play it often retard. >Any idea of involving Monoglia proper would immediately draw in the Soviets Oh, sorry, I've meant inner mongolia. I kind of mixed the two. Also as far as I know didn't japan want to make a puppet state? Reorganized republic of china to be exact? Something like pic related?
Open file (3.35 MB 396x720 been_chilling.mp4)
>>19894 >and the civilians in some of the provinces (Fujian esp) would be revolting due to the the extensive ties they have due to marriage with Taiwanese in the last 20 years. Can't Xi just dock their social credit scores?
>>19926 How about blocking your social credit scores? https://yewtu.be/watch?v=9w2W2iizbxg
>>19925 Japan wanted to colonize China the way America and the English had tried to colonize them. As a resource colony, not a puppet state.
>>19925 >HOI4 Play hoi3 with the HPP mod and die of lag because Clausewitz 1.0 sucks shit >Inner Mongolia Was a "puppet" to deliberately inflame Mongolian-Han Tensions. There are large groups of ethnic mongols in China proper and Tibet/Xinjiang who spoke the local language instead of Mongolian. >Puppet state Reorganized ROC was a meme that makes Vichy France look independent. See greentext below: >Be Wang ZhaoMing AKA Wang Jingwei >Hardline anti-imperialist, views Russia as the greatest threat to China >Fail to assassinate a council rengent in the Qing, imprisoned upon pleading guilty >jailed and useless until the Xinhai revolution, become national hero because of speaking skills >leader of the (relatively) moderate left wing party of the KMT >Chiang coups out the CPC in the shanghai massacre >Form another split government in Wuhan >Gets crushed by Chiangs KMT branch >fled to europe >Gets on rather "good" terms with the NASDP >Forms this mutually exploitative relationship with Chiang, Chiang wants his NASDP ties and control over moderate "leftists" wheras Wang needs the actual power of government. >Learns to view/hate every industrialized nation in the world as a threat >Comes back to China, as a pessimist realizes country is backwards and probably won't win a war with japan >Chiang disagrees .jpg Chiang was right in the end >1936 rolls around. Xi'an incident >Chiang is forced to agree to true with CPC at gunpoint, Wang ironically wants German-China-Japan cooperation (Which would have probably been far more dangerous to the USSR) >Still a pessmist by the 2nd Sino-Jap war, advocates for peace with japan to fight the USSR >Kicked out by literally everyone in the KMT because they took the USSR type "hardline" stance >Become the first modern weeb. Forms Reorganized ROC purely to fuck with Chiang and Mao >Doesn't have officers or people to work under >Basically yes man to the nips. >Dies in 1944 The fact that both the KMT and the CPC hate him should speak volumes. Imagine being say, Benedict Arnold but hated by both Loyalist and Revolutionary because you sold out to the French instead. Fuck, I hold even Petain in higher regard. At least the French scuttled their ships. >"I rejoice over the sinking of the German fleet in Scapa Flow, the stain of surrender has been wiped out from the escutcheon of the German Fleet. The sinking of the ships has proved that the spirit of the fleet is not dead. This last act is true of the best traditions of the German navy."-Reinhard Scheer >>19926 >social credit That won't mean jack shit when the natl. party congress decides to impeach and remove him.
>>19932 >Inner Mongolia Wasn't that full of Manchu and Western Muslims until the PRC took power and renamed it that to cut the Muslim ties? Kinda sad since the Muslims assisted the Chinese quite heavily in removing foreigners.
>>19932 I play hoi4 mostly for alt-history mods and that's it. >Reorganized ROC is a meme Well shit. Guess I know jack shit.
>>19935 >Manchu/ Western Muslims Manchus basically got completely assimilated by the end of the Qing, as a matter of fact, the amount of people who read Manchu by the early 21st was probably at best a few thousand. >Western Muslims On the western half of the (modern) province, yes. Though the Muslims hated the ethnic Han just as badly as foreigners Xinjiang used to be around 60/40 muslim Han split before the Qing broke up and they massacred the Han. There's a reason the relationship would be "mutually exploitative" rather than mutually beneficial. Importing Kebabs was one of the biggest mistakes made in historical China, the others being the entire Song Dynasty, the Jin Dynasty causes of the Warlording of the eight princes, the early Qing three Feudal lords Ming traitors, An Lushan, and Confucious. Once again, barbarians are the ilk of all civilized men. >>19936 >HOI4 mods They're shit ouside the meme anime ones for shits and giggles. You can't polish a turd
>>19938 Are chinks fans of GSGs?
Were the Qing emperors supposed to be patrilineal descendants of previous emperors, or was it enough to be kinda-sorta related to the ruling bloodline? I ask this because Puyi didn't have any children, but his otouto married a Jap lady and they had three daughters. Said daughters moved to Japan with their mother, and had children of their own. So if a crazy Japanese man started rambling about how he is a descendant of the Qing dynasty and all of China should bow before him, would he have any legal ground to stand on? Not that anyone would take him seriously, but it would be quite the curiosity.
>>19939 >GSG Yes. When Romance of the Three Kingdoms is considered a cornerstone literature work, yes. Just like the book, many of them are not GOOD at gsg though >>19939 >Patrillineal Yes. They had shit tons of Children though, so one could technically be "appointed" via the monarch via his will (as did most after the Kangxi emperor). It would be very hard to falsify, because the will was written in 3 languages, Traditional Chinese, Manchu, Mongolian, and lists the title and position of the prince. >theroetically Not really, the last two or three were basically selected by the Empress Dowager Cixi, who goes to show that women ruin most things she put off reforms until the status quo could not be held any more, and died before they were completed, in traditional terms, all three of the last emperors would be considered illegitamate.
Open file (37.74 KB 360x516 Tang in charge.jpg)
>>19967 Was there some sort of traditional ritual or set of conditions the very first emperor of a new dynasty had to fulfil; or was it just a case of saying ˝I'm emperor now!˝, and if nobody was left to disagree then he was the emperor?
>>19970 >or was it just a case of saying ˝I'm emperor now!˝, and if nobody was left to disagree then he was the emperor? Isn't that every autocracy when it comes down to it?
>>19970 No in China, unlike Japan, an emperor is just the HNIC that ceases power from the previous HNIC. Now once a new dynasty is formed there generally it was expected for the new government to comport themselves to Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, etc. but that was a societal expectation for everyone.
>>19973 *seizes
>>19973 >>19974 Weren't they supposed to get the Qin Imperial Seal up until it was destroyed?
>>19938 >They're shit ouside the meme anime ones for shits and giggles. Some in development do look alright. >spoiler Say that to divite at impera devs
Biden says US will defend Taiwan if China attacks https://archive.md/KZNiz President Joe Biden said the US would defend Taiwan if China attacked, in an apparent departure from a long-held US foreign policy position. >At a CNN town hall event, a participant referred to recent reports that China had tested a hypersonic missile. He asked Mr Biden if he could "vow to protect Taiwan", and what he would do to keep up with China's military development. >Mr Biden responded: "Yes and yes." He added there was no need to "worry about whether they're going to be more powerful", because "China, Russia and the rest of the world knows we're the most powerful military in the history of the world". >He was then queried a second time by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper if the US would come to Taiwan's defence in the event of an attack by China. Mr Biden replied: "Yes, we have a commitment to do that." >China has yet to respond to Mr Biden's comments. Bring on the war train because it's time to make the human experimentation and Nanking look like a joke! Nothing is going to happen for at least another two years.
>>19977 Was he serious, or is it just his dementia acting up again?
>>19977 >bidup has bigger balls than drumpf
>>19980 >Implying politicians don't lie >Implying Cornpop's friend doesn't think Mao Zedong is currently in the middle of the Great Leap Gravewards
>>19977 >Biden Apparently the white house press sec said they are "walking it back". 10/10 We're gonna end up in a Korea War 2.0 scenario, because in Chinese culture they consider anything you say representative of anything you represent, even if its your own personal opinion (see: Macarthur and "nuke china"). >>19975 Just ignore this uneducated fuck >>19973 because he doesn't understand nuance. >Qin seal No, it's the imperial heirloom seal. It's different from the Qin official seals of the emperor, since it has carved instead of country name and emperor, has the phrase "Having received the mandate of heaven, may we (royal we) lead a long and prosperous reign. Shit was lost after the mongols and maybe before, I suspect it to be lost in the five dynasties and ten kindoms era, it makes the warlords era look tranquil, fuck, it makes the fucking crisis of the third century look tame. >>19970 Depends on the era, but generally: >needs to send a steele to Confucius' birthplace every emperor enthroment Post Confucius obviously, leads to some interesting steele interactions if you read them. >Nine gifts or "九錫" Origin: Book of Rites. Used to indicate impending usurption against the current dynasty. Ursurp recieves a gift of: Carriage with horses, clothes, armed guards , written music, a ramp, red door, weapons/bow/arrows, executioners axe, wine. >requires the endowment of a title to a survivor of the previous dynasty as a duke alongside some gifts. This is known as "二王三恪" or "Two Kings (and paying) three respects". Of which they are: Two kings: Called "king" for two dynasties, rank of "duke" for three, down ranked at the fourth dynasty (Remember four = death in tradition) Three respects: 1) A fief so that he may live decently 2) Temple so he may worship his family properly 3) Allowance of their previous customs so they may be (nominally) independent
Looks like the ruling party (DPP) in Taiwan is trying to actually kick off a shooting war lol. Maybe they thing the USN won't be effective in four years? https://archive.md/qCTbo http://www.news.cn/english/2021-10/22/c_1310262682.htm >BEIJING, Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese mainland spokesperson on Friday voiced strong opposition to any attempt of seeking "Taiwan independence" through so-called constitutional amendments. >Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, made the comments in response to Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authority's submission of draft "constitutional amendments" to the island's legislative body for deliberation. >Anyone who takes the lead in the "constitutional amendments," which would make convenient the path to seeking "Taiwan independence," will be held accountable, Ma said. >Ma called on responsible political parties and individuals on the island to identify political plots and wrongful intentions, and make joint efforts to safeguard peace and stability across the Strait. >"Taiwan compatriots should also oppose and resist all attempts of seeking 'Taiwan independence' through so-called constitutional amendments," Ma said. Enditem
>>20022 If the CCP decides to attack Taiwan sooner than their projected date (2035?) and the Biden administration decides to let it happen what nation(s) if any would most likely step in to challenge them? Australia maybe?
>>20025 probably nobody, by the time any nation is ready to mount a response they'd already be dug in. nobody wants to fuck with the bugs since we're all reliant on them whether we like it or not
>>20025 Well nobody. I mean, it's a fucking island right next to China. Why would anyone want to fight a war that they will probably lose over some island that's irrelevant to them?
>>20025 Just to make the thread more positive: the invasion of Taiwan would be the perfect time to attack Shina. I have no idea who would think it's a good idea, but imagine if India started the great Himalayan offensive in order to liberate Tibet.
>>20025 Based Aso-san was making noises about defending Taiwan, but it is unlikely they would go it alone. While theoretically held in check by Best Korea, I wonder how Worst Korea would react to such an aggressive move by China.
>>20025 The projected date is 2025 last I checked. >What if America doesn't help If Burgerland doesn't join in, nobody else is going to unless India joins in (at which point America will have to join in because Russia joined in). Right now it's highly unlikely Burgerland will stay on the sidelines though.
>>20028 Australia, Japan, India, and several SEA nations benefit from the strait being seen as international waters. They need somebody to kick off the war, but they will all jump in if that happens. Even Vietnam has been casting off the Communism meme lately and wants more international trade that isn't China.
>>20030 Worst Korea has already started military drills in conjunction with Japan and Australia because while they don't want war with China, they also understand they are next.
>>20031 >unless India joins in (at which point America will have to join in because Russia joined in). Wait, whom would Russia support? India in order to get rid of the chinks?
>>20034 Russia is in more than just words allies with India. America is in all but name allied with India. Ironically, actually militarily pissing off India is probably the only way to get both the Bear and the Eagle on your back in short order.
Open file (486.39 KB 383x681 2030.png)
>>20038 >the three superpower alliance
>>20028 >Taiwan >some island that's irrelevant to them? Taiwan has almost 2/3 of the world's semiconductor manufacturing capacity. Never mind factories getting blown up if it becomes another Crimea there will be economic sanctions and the will be massive chip shortages. Hard to imagine a better way to tilt the global economy. Best case outcome is that semiconductor manufacturing expands elsewhere in the world but it will be painful.
Why did the warlord states happen? What and how did the warlords want to unite china, if they wanted to.
>>20051 >Warlords same reason they happen in any state.
>>20051 Cixi. A powerhungry cunt that slept/murdered/abducted her way to power and stayed there until death. She did this by quite possibly bumping off her husband, the Emperor, and installing her infant son. Then offing him and installing his infant cousin. Imprisoning and eventually offing him as he grew up to resent her influence. Then offing him and installing his infant half-cousin and dying two years later. She ran the country with Eunuchs, but Eunuchs are corrupt cowards at the best of times, and she was a powerhungry cunt. So the leaders of regional armies grew more and more powerful during this entire time until the palace only really controlled the palace.

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