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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

/k/anteen X - moe anthropomorphic guns Strelok 11/20/2023 (Mon) 14:53:31 No.59164
Welcome to the /k/anteen! This thread is a catch-all for general discussion that doesn't really belong anywhere else or might be off-topic. Previous iteration: >>48689
Open file (527.92 KB 830x622 ClipboardImage.png)
The ancap candidate won the Argentinian elections.
Open file (3.47 MB 1226x720 millei israel.webm)
Open file (245.16 KB 1920x1080 20231124.jpg)
>>59164 Why did the Canadians choose Leopard2 as their MBT when USA make Abrams?
How many Girls' Frontline secondaries here?
Open file (209.48 KB 1615x997 54687.jpg)
>>59235 Me. Never played the game, maybe one day when I get a phone.
>>59192 You should ask this in the tonk thread. >>59235 I am planning to try out Waydroid, so might as well see if I can somehow play it on an old laptop without a google account, but until something similar happens I am a filthy pure secondary.
>>59235 Its soulless. I dont find any of th designs in the "game" to be attractive.
>>59164 I prefer moe navy like Kantai Collection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IuCBj7WB0o
>>59290 That is better and has some interesting designs but most are bland, do not fit the ships they are attached to and are not even good as shitposts. Like, italian shipgirls dont even have striped white red pantyhose pointing towards their vagina. There are so many missed opportunities.
Apparently some poor refugee in Ireland with a difficult childhood meditated by putting his knife into small children on the street and now there's evil right wingers culturally appropriating Algerians or something.
>>59292 What are you talking about? KanColle only focuses on ships of the IJN.
>Budget: $130–200 million[4][5] >Box office: $78.8 million[6][7] Ridley Scott got fucked hard.
>>59350 Shit I did not know Roma, Zara, Pola, Duca Degli Abruzzi were japanese ships.
Open file (18.39 KB 271x395 iowa_history_special.jpg)
>>59416 Bet you though Iowa was not Japanese either.
Open file (12.01 KB 240x240 VU6PV2cZ.jpg)
Open file (525.99 KB 1500x1500 1676739988751826.jpg)
Open file (504.98 KB 720x379 fascist_boobs.png)
Open file (305.67 KB 849x1567 Fascism.jpg)
Useful threads https://archive.ph/7Fzov https://archive.ph/CXpJj https://archive.ph/jHXzJ https://archive.ph/FyjjL https://archive.ph/IDG7R Since /k/ is now a white-only board and for any persons who are ardently against Abrahamics, I have found sources that can shore up your arguments. A pertinent website regarding the scholarship of the bible: https://archive.ph/jO9O5 Russel Gmirkin is the author's name. The premise of his works is such; the Old Testament originates from Septuagint texts written by Jews during the period 270 - 250 B.C. Owing to their vicinity to Hellenic states, they drew primarily from Plato's work, particularly Timaeus and the Law, to conjure up a semi-historical framework for the 'Chosen' Jews to abide by. https://archive.ph/hi6Bw >Plato's Timaeus and the Biblical Creation Accounts https://archive.ph/K643E >Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible This is a website dealing with the origins of YHWH as a figure belonging to a polytheistic pantheon that was worshipped on the Elephantine Islands https://archive.ph/GYpw7 >Reconstructing the Pantheon of Judean Elephantine Here are some articles written by Laurent Guyénot in regards to Zionism, the Torah, and Yahweh: https://archive.ph/GfGsS Zionism, Crypto-Judaism, and the Biblical Hoax https://archive.ph/0SpMP The Devil's Trick: Unmasking the God of Israel https://archive.ph/6DfUE The Holy Hook Yahweh’s Trojan Horse into the Gentile City https://archive.ph/ZQ5tV How Yahweh Conquered Rome Christianity and the Big Lie https://archive.ph/ivQwH Israel as One Man: A Theory of Jewish Power https://archive.ph/cnTJ4 The Arabian Cradle of Zion Moses, Muhammad, and Wahhabo-Zionism Bonus: Two articles that feature some serious schizoposting and a much more esoteric take on the Bible's scholarship and the inauthenticity of Zionism. Also features Qaballah heavily alongside Nordic mythology. https://archive.ph/Jj8yL https://archive.ph/GkDk You can save this as a copypasta, modify, update it, etc. and most importantly anons, remember to read seige.
Test, because captcha is a faggot.
Gang that launched savage knife attack at French village's winter ball killing boy, 16, and injuring 17 'told guests "We are here to stab white people" before rampage' https://archive.ph/UKkuD >A gang that launched a savage knife attack at a French village's winter ball, killing a teenage boy and injuring 17, told guests, 'we are here to stab white people' before the rampage, according to a report. >Far-right activists have been posting videos online that they said were shot during the dance, claiming they allow the identification of two of the attackers. One video circulating on social media shows several people involved in an altercation at night.
My hours at McDonalds' being cut to 3 days a week instead of working 4-5 days ever since the the change of the GM, should I apply at another fast food job? From my experience Christmas and November is the busiest time of the year outside of Easter and summer. I have done all positions except higher up manager type shit. I don't understand how some underage workers have the code to can give refunds but I cannot. My wage increased because of my performance reviews but I never actually got promoted.
>>59473 Wouldn't it be better to learn a trade, than working at mcdonalds?
Open file (2.32 MB 720x1280 VEsIGZokCnaqxuaM.mp4)
>>59472 Here's a version of that second video with the fat journo's Twitter account.
>>59477 (checked) You think the frogs have the balls to lynch him?
>>59473 >Working fast food If you're smart enough for imageboards you're smart enough to do a trade. t. Sitting at a drug testing clinic for a new trade job
>>59483 There definitely are some froggies that would be up to that, but I think the smarter way would be to just wait. It would be beyond hilarious to see him get butchered by the very same people that he's trying to defend at some point in his life (with them not even realizing that he's on their side). Kind of like that antifa guy who's commie gf grifted money off of his death on a fucking gofundme, and even if that won't happen, they'll for sure take good care of him during the happening.
>>59473 Strelok, even working at a fucking call center would be an upgrade for you.
>>59477 I'm french and I know the story for sure but as I don't roam in those constant drama places that we call now socil media I wasn't aware of this. Who's that fat fucking pig ?
>>59489 My fucking bad, didn't nticed there was his profile under the vid XD
>>59474 >>59484 You think that is so easy? They want only people with experience and without getting a job first you cannot acquire experience so unless you get in through family you are fucked. Why would anyone take you on apprenticeship if there is a high chance all the time, money, nerves, the "master" spends on training you will be wasted since the student will most likely fuck off to reich to do the same shit for 4 times as much money. You have no fucking idea I feel for the >lol do trades bullshit so many times I am certified electrician, welder, heavy machinery operator forklift ace and guess fucking what, I cannot find work anywhere. Sometimes it is better to sit in McDonalds your whole live like Terka >>59490 Its xD you heathan.
>>59495 > I am certified electrician, welder, heavy machinery operator forklift ace and guess fucking what, I cannot find work anywhere In the USA you would easily be getting middle class if not upper-middle class salary with certs like that, how shitty is Poland that not even the highly skilled workers can be kept around?
>>59498 You're talking to a man that's being outpromoted by the average teenager, he's hardly a bastion of technical skills
>>59498 >In the USA I was told that none of my 9 years of experience in the electrical industry count as electrical experience just last week and that the certs for one company aren't good halfway across the US of A so don't ever think of leaving. Don't say things you aren't aware of. You get a nice middle class salary if you stuck around during the 2008 collapse because everyone quit, but the new guys are expected to make less monthly than the cost of rent for 4-10 years if they want a chance at the decent money here. Not doable unless you have family in the industry or who really care about you and the debt you have to take on to make ends meet takes until your 40s to pay off. Trades are a meme unless you have nothing to lose or friends in high places. Thankfully for me I have the latter.
>>59501 Yeah nah you're full of shit, taking a quick glance at job listings for entry level plumbers electricians HVAC techs and welders immediately gets me a shitload of results. Hell even forklift operators have a fuckload of listings. You aren't certified in jack shit and are talking out of your ass.
>>59502 >flag switched to Belgium What in the god damn?
>it switched back Ok
>>59502 A million entry-level listings and they all pay less than pizza delivery in a given area or have a required 8 years experience.
>>59508 You're not even trying anymore. Now bring me my Big Mac, chop chop
Open file (134.66 KB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>59509 And you could apply to every single one of them and you wouldn't get a single one unless the pay is less than pizza delivery drivers after tips. That's the point. When rent is $1100/month for a studio/single-bedroom, and gas is $50/tank, you aren't going to be able to afford to work for $12/hour without taking on debt, and unless you have credit built up, nobody is going to give you that debt. Maybe you live in bum fucking Egypt where rent is only $300-$600/month, but then you're spending $150-$300/week on gas for the commute for those kind of entry-level jobs. If you have family it's doable, but the people those jobs are meant for could earn more and be happier working as a general manager at a burger-flipping joint or delivering pizzas. It's like pointing out that there's entry-level piloting jobs galore without realizing that regional pilots can't even touch the plane until they're $80,000-$200,000 in debt and they only get about 14-20 hours per week of actual paid time in a 50-60 hour work week until they've been with the company for 6 years, and then being upset that pilots tell people it's a shit job.
>>59510 >more bullshit >still no burger Keep this up and your hours will be cut back to 2 days after I tell your manager you're not only a liar but bad at customer service.
>>59510 >get called out for lying about lack of entry level job opportunities >nuh uh those don't real you need nepotism and I looked through literally all of them and none of them pay anything >just like deliver pizza and live in Egypt bro it's so over and hopeless lol the burger's an idiot for wasting his time with you at all. Nice hidden flag too I guess you're IP hopping because even you realized how stupid your claims of having a bunch of skill certifications and not being able to get a fuckin forklift job actually was.
>>59498 >how shitty is Poland that not even the highly skilled workers can be kept around? So shitty that streams from sejm meetings have became the top 1 most watched thing on youtube beating all local singers, celebrities and drunks streaming their libations where you can bet on who pukes first. >>59502 Lol try applying then faggot. >>59510 Not to mention that most of these listings are empty - they are made not to get recruits but to obtain data on the number of people interested / capable of a given job HR can sell later to analytics. For every 25 or so CV I send out I get usually replies from 1 job (which rejects me after it turns out they wanted someone with 20 years of experience they just have not mentioned it in the listing) . Now add in competing with milions of ukrainian slaves to the mix. And there are of course these job listings which are made because the entity is a corporation of some sort and it is required by higher ups but internally the position is already taken by acquitance of employee. And then there are these jobs which are reserved outright for the upper caste of society - women. I have never received any back message from any shop I applied to. Even if they are selling pipes or concrete. And getting higher education does not guarantee you will fid a job either. Famously one firm in Warsaw had 1 000 applicants for 1 (one) place as coder.
>>59519 You're literally saying >Lol bro, I can see a job application right there, that totally means it's legit While it's being explained that those jobs aren't real, my dude. They are either 1) Already filled and there for legal purposes only 2) Don't hire white men because HR and/or quotas 3) There for analytics reasons only 4) Pay you like a slave 5) Retarded and want the best of the best at pajeet prices or god forbid 6) An identity theft scam saw it happen to a customer at work where Chinks were impersonating his business to steal identity information from unsuspecting applicants Yes I'm sure there's the rare high school grad chop shop that is legit and needs a guy to sweep the metal shavings for pity money, and I'm sure there is the occasional city that actually is seeing a resurgence of tradesmen because their mayor/city council have wrecked the place so badly that nobody wants to live there (Portland, Kansas City, and Detroit are all good examples) but those are exceptions to the rule and you will be spending half a year on a process that shouldn't take more than a month job-hunting. Before I was treating you as uninformed, but at this point I'm starting to suspect you're a fucking retard who gets taken advantage of and lives with his parents still because of it. >>59520 >Flag I have nothing to prove to an eternal leaf because it encourages the lowest common denominator of shitposting, and I said I was opposed to country flags in favor of IDs from day 1. I measure twice in inches/feet, read FREEDOM on my thermometer, and drink more water than you. Eat my ass. Actually don't, you'd probably like that being a fucking leaf.
>>59523 >>59521 >it's all fake all of it trust me bro Where's my fuckin burger asshole, if teenagers are passing you up at a fast food job and your hours are getting cut there's something wrong with you and employers can probably smell it on you from a mile away. >try applying then I have, and I've literally never had trouble finding a job. Maybe you're shit at writing resumes or something I don't know but I do know crying fake at everything is a bullshit non-argument. And before you say "muh nepotism" I don't live around any family members that own a business or are supervisors, and none of my friends are in a position to hand out jobs like that. I can't speak for the Pole because I don't know shit about Poland but the other guy is a straight up fuckin liar or lives in a jobless shithole like Alabama.
>>59525 I will have nothing but catharsis for when the jobless trailer trash gun you down in your home out of resentment in the coming civil war.
>>59531 >no rebuttal >hope you die Oh no the fast food mental gimp is grr'ing at me because he's too dumb to write a resume. You could just use all that energy you waste making up shit and getting mad when others don't fall for it to train yourself into not being a useless burger fetcher instead. Then again if you had the mental capacity to do so I guess you wouldn't be getting outclassed by pimply teenagers at one of the simplest jobs you could possibly have lol, now go ask high school Timmy fornthe password to give me a refund for that fuckin burger you forgot to bring me.
>>59534 In the words of cuckchan: Seethe louder, faggot.
>>59537 About what? I'm not the one that has to go beg a teenager for a password at a fuckin burger job. Run off to the meta thread and cry to tengu if you have a problem bitch, maybe this time he'll listen lmao
FBI allegedly dragged Catholic family out of home at gunpoint over “offensive memes” https://archive.ph/0XGIC >“None of our children, including my son, had been raised with cell phones or unrestricted internet access. It became necessary for him to have a phone so we could communicate while he was alone at my father’s house caring for my grandmother, and so we reluctantly allowed him to have a cell phone. He spent a lot of time alone with nothing to do but wait and think and the cell phone became a welcome distraction. His interests in history and theology led him down a rabbit hole where he was recruited into group chats targeting teenage traditionalist Catholics with extreme political content. We later learned that these chats were being closely monitored, and possibly operated by, FBI agents as part of an effort to investigate Traditional Catholics that was downstream of a broader domestic investigation spurred by the events of January 6th.” >Unbeknownst to us, he was being drawn deeper and deeper into these chat groups and goaded into doing things like take pictures of himself in public wearing ski masks and to print out memes and leave them on picnic tables. They would ask him if he had access to guns (he would go target shooting under the supervision of my brother, who lived in an in-law apartment at our home and owned firearms) and encourage him to sneak photographs of the guns and post them. Ironically, our legal troubles began when he had an attack of conscience and abruptly deleted all of his chat apps. He later told us that he felt using social media was a coping mechanism and it had been affecting his mood and ability to sleep. >There was no such plan and they had no evidence of one, but it didn’t stop them from spending two weeks fabricating a legal pretense for a search warrant of our home. At 10:00pm on a Sunday evening we were dragged out of our home at gunpoint, handcuffed and locked in a van while they searched our home for evidence of this imagined plot. Having found no such evidence, they seized my brother’s firearms and had my son hospitalized on mental health pretenses. <No qt glowing in the dark christmas cake that tells me to blew up a federal building.
Henry Kissnigger is finally dead.
>>59549 They pumped him with just enough cocktails to shill for China one last time and discarded him.
>>59540 >>59540 Which state did this happen in? The article doesn't say where it happened.
Open file (109.60 KB 1200x800 Kissy 4.jpg)
Henry Kissinger is dead. He was 100!! https://archive.is/BnkQR

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