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Open file (157.73 KB 1020x768 w4aiccommiqb1.jpg)
What is your most simple carry gun? Strelok 11/19/2023 (Sun) 08:06:16 No.59113
I'm tried of seeing the dudes who lug around entire glock 17s, extended mag, comped, new trigger, big red dots, and a light. I enjoy simplicity.
>>59113 Nothing wrong with enjoying simplicity through snub nose appreciation. Is that a custom or a mass produced holster? Also >spured hammer >no wad cutter projectiles >speed loader instead of superior speed strips
For everyday tasks anything more than a compact single-stack or DOA snubnose is overkill. If a group of niggers or other hoodlums approach you shooting one will make them disperse. >>59125 Moon clips may need a recess engraved in the cyclinder depending on the model of gun.
>>59132 But strelok, speed strips are not moonclips. But speaking of moonclips, couldn't you use trimmed down 5.56 cases instead of proper .357 or .38 Special with them?
>>59125 Speed strips are more easy to carry but speed loaders are much faster.
>>59135 Theoretically they're faster at reloading the entire cylinder, however speed strips are more versatile than speed loaders. They're light, flexible, and flat enough they wont create a conspicuous bulge while carrying it in your pocket, which means you can carry more. Speed strips are enherently easier to conceal, but more importantly can be loaded with a greater level of control. Although they're faster on all chambers you must drop the speed loader into all the chambers in order to make a reload, an issue a speed strip does not have.

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