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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Holocaust 2.0: Total Jewish Domination Edition Strelok 11/13/2023 (Mon) 18:48:00 No.58930
The story so far: >IDF takes over Gaza City >Israel now openly bombing agricultural areas in Khan Younis >White house announced that they will accept Israel permanently occupying Gaza City >Israeli defense minister responded that they will not only occupy Gaza City but they will make sure they have permanent free military movement through the entire strip >Entirety of Israel seems to be on fire from militants in the North and East launching rockets, with Israel having little to no control over the situation >Israel airdropped flares directly over Al-Shifa Hospital about a week ago and there's been few reports coming out of that area since then >Israel detonates experimental, miniature nuclear warhead in North Gaza >Anons argue whether or not new thread is worth making, answer still unknown, rumors of internal memo suggesting press conference to be held on Tuesday, noon BRT (UTC-3:00)
Open file (99.91 KB 800x484 as.jpg)
You forgot to mention the escalation over at Lebanon and that all out war against Israel and Hezbollah seems to be days away. Also this: >The streets around Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, littered with Israeli tanks destroyed by Hamas https://t.me/Middle_East_Spectator/3511
Open file (170.99 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0008.jpg)
>>58930 >Israel detonates experimental, miniature nuclear warhead in North Gaza What?
Open file (29.70 KB 484x413 two-point-three.jpg)
>>58930 >Holocaust 2.0 Why is this not 2.3?? It's the third iteration of this thread talking about the second holocaust, it is logical to refer to this as 2.3.
>>58932 He's just shitposting. Either that or he's a facebook-tier retard who saw an explosion produce a mushroom cloud and think those only happen from nukes. Wouldn't be the first time by any means. But more likely it's just shitposting.
>>58930 >Israeli defense minister responded that they will not only occupy Gaza City but they will make sure they have permanent free military movement through the entire strip Can't wait for when Israel runs out of soldiers.
>>58952 >Implying that they don't expect 'Merica to do the grunt work for them
>>58932 >>58950 To be honest there are always nuke accusations after a major ammo dump gets blown up.
>>58955 Can't wait for America to run out of troons.
>>58959 What even are the recruitment numbers after their recent "ypipo pls halp ur actually gud" ad campaigns? If they didn't get a significant uptick in goyim applications I will laugh.
Open file (428.84 KB 860x880 TIE Comfy.png)
>>58963 That is one expensive shitpost.
>>58963 Nice. >>58965 Not really. Those billboards are surprisingly cheap. Not something an individual can afford but even a small business could shell out the cash for a short slot like that.
>>58965 Supposedly the owner of the billboard denies it ran. Still a good shitpost, but apparently an edited video rather than someone dropping a lot of money on it.
At this point i don't know what game are arab countries playing, one would think they would've gone in after all the Yugo-tier cleansing that has been going on at this point
>>58968 The arabs are stuck between too poor to wage war, but scared shitless they will get couped if they don't or Iran tier "this will start ww3 if we join" concern. I bet at this point a failure to occur either with israel, america, turkey, or iran that causes shit to escalate as even though everyone in power is scared of this causing ww3 or their heads to roll, they might not have a choice soon.
>>58970 >"this will start ww3 if we join" Why would that be a concern
>>58968 >>58970 Maybe it's partly them waiting for the IDF to be softened by Hamas in Gaza (which is apparently going pretty well all things considered) so they can rush in and maybe force the kikes to the bargaining table? If they penetrated far enough and quickly enough into Israel the USA may not be able to respond fast enough to prevent mudslimes from holding a whole shitload of territory and hostages for ransom demands. Plus for all their bluster about Arab brotherhood or whatever the fuck many mudslimes are perfectly fine with Palestinians being kicked into the dirt they just don't want the kikes to be the ones profiting from it because like the rest of the planet they're fucking tired of the USA breathing down their necks while the jews fuck with everyone else and dare them to do anything about it.
Israeli troops have entered the al Shifa hospital.
>>58973 Hoo boy so they decided to just go in and murder everyone with rifles instead of a big kaboom this time. Wonder if there's gonna be any videos of it.
>>58967 Yes, it is chopped, the reflection on the building doesn't match the ad.
>>58974 The US released a statement "independently confirming" Israel's claims about Hamas command centres under the hospital shortly before the attack began, so this hospital attack was implicitly condoned by the Rules-Based Order™. As far as I can tell the attack launched within at most a few hours of the US statement, so it was obviously planned in advance.
>create terrorist organization >falseflag with hostages >get free rights to take territory and kill innocent civilians Is this how it's going? I'm not following the conflict but the fact that I read that Isn'treal has taken the center of Gaza is perplexing and I don't like it. I think I might have heard of Hamas before when the Syrian war was the only relevant one going on but that might be dud memory.
Any decent casualty estimates so far? i read about 3k dead for the IDF for that honestly sounds far fetched, they seem to be advancing well enough, i wonder if HAMAS' plan is to allow that and ambush the IDF when it passes around occupied territory
Open file (38.24 KB 468x462 20231116.jpg)
Make love, not war. Gaza has had enough...
>>58982 Ah yes soon Israel is going to be penetrating deeply into Hamas' tunnel.
>>58971 State level entities tend not want to have state destabilizing wars.
>>58980 That is about the long and short of the conflict, yeah.
Open file (277.04 KB 400x470 laughing slut.gif)
>>58976 >Look! A string that we don't even show connected to the chair! >Look! A baby bottle! Proof of torture! >You don't build something improvisedly in the basement when everything above-ground is being bombed! Is this guy for real?
>>58979 Whelp, guess everyone there was executed as Hamas soldiers then RIP.
>>58988 Yes kikes have gotten away with lies for so long they don't even bother trying anymore.
>>58988 The lounge-room is pretty nice, even though it has evil drapes covering the cinderblock wall.
>>58976 LMAO, you people need to check the comment sections on msm outlets covering the conflict, christcucks and boomers cheering on the dead pali civies and justifying it by claiming "there are no innocent Palestinians". jfl.
>>58977 Nearly every Kurdish, Syrian, Hezbollah and generic armed mudslime combat video that I've watched consists of ATGMs being fired at groups of infantry, sometimes even at 1 guy. Do middle easterners only use ATGMs nowadays? Can't they just aim their rifles?
>>58988 Israel has completely fumbled their propaganda. >>58995 Explosions are cool, rifles don't produce explosions, simple as.
>>58995 They only used small arms in the first place because of cheap Soviet shit. The cheap soviet shit is aging and they aren't going to waste expensive bolt actions or modern automatics on grunts. The types of ATGMs they use in these conflicts are cheap to produce, cheap to train with (hours/days vs weeks/months to learn how to fire an ATGM accurately vs a rifle), and if the soldier dies it's not a great loss if the boomstick goes with them. Rifles are only affordable when you have an industrialbase to produce them and a means of getting them from point A to point B. Hummus does not and explosives are cheap/readily available/easily concealable in transport.
For all the talk of whether Hamas is at the hospital, don't they have not just a right, but a responsibility to be there? If a western hospital were besieged and actively being fired upon by a hostile invasion force, it would be unthinkable for that country's military to say "we will not send troops to the hospital, we will not defend it at all, so please stop :(". Most of the discussion seems to be whether Hamas is actually there or not, but the problem with that angle is that for all the kikes' screeching about how "Israel has the right to defend itself" and that justifies genocide, it seems like everyone, even most of the pro-Palestine side, is rejecting "Palestine has the right to defend itself". If the enemy is targeting hospitals, it is justified and correct to station troops at them to defend them.
>>58998 Apparently there was no combat in the hospital. Just "Hamas hq" which was totally unprotected. To me it sounds like >alright we killed king of hamas good job we can now pull back situation. >>58970 Dont forget about Egypt and Sauds. They can medle a fuckton. Both are cozying up to BRICS and have mixed royalties.
>>58994 Have any of you ever thrown muh halls of cost takes reformulated for Palis at a boomer IRL before? As in tell them something like "that's exactly what the nadsees said before they threw innocent jews onto the masturbation inferno rollercoasters"? They get ridiculously fucking angry almost immediately. You can tell they see the fucked up hypocrisy of it all but are so heavily programmed to suck jewish dick that they absolutely refuse to think for even a second that maybe genocide of other people besides jews is probably also morally wrong according to their own beliefs. Cognitive dissonance is some mind bending shit it makes me wonder if it leads to higher rates of Alzheimer's.
>>58995 >Can't they just aim their rifles A lot of Arabs are barely above Africans when it comes to that. Outside of some snipers the rest of them are doing AK-above-head retarded mating dances and thrusting their guns forward like it makes the bullet more bulletier. The more highly trained fighters can manage it but the rabble that they usually scrape together is better off flinging explosives at targets than wasting whole pallets worth of ammo on anything further than 50 meters away.
>>58997 >The types of ATGMs they use in these conflicts are cheap to produce >Rifles are only affordable when you have an industrialbase to produce them You got some sauce to go with that baloney?
>>59004 >Hummus budget: About $100 million >Hummus budget after tunnel diggers: $60 million >Cost of a rifle: $1000 for the rifle + ammo costs + training costs + death of soldier costs (you trade price of training for price of ammo) >Cost of ATGM: approx. $2500 + a guy off the streets who's already pissed at Israel + a few hours so Habib doesn't blow up his own fireteam launching the thing - subsidies from Russia/Syria/Iran who are supplying most of them The end result is that the ATGM is going to be significantly cheaper when you aren't expecting soldiers to come back, and when they do come back you give them additional training at that point in how to use the "more valuable" rifle.
Open file (819.26 KB 978x563 654987.png)
The salt this season is quite excelent.
>>58996 >rifles don't produce explosions Kentucky Ballistics would like a moment to rebut, I'm sure.
>>59001 Israelis claimed to be handing supplies over to the hospital and then suddenly they've now found stashes of Hummus material clearly proving it was an hq all along. The doctors are saying they haven't received a thing, so it sounds like it's out of the standard Israeli playbook of pretending to help while actually just murdering and planting evidence.
>>59010 >planting evidence They don't even bother with that half the time the zog media in the west parrots whatever the kikes tell them. I know twatter is a shithole and social media in general is poisonous but if something like that didn't exist there'd be zero counterpoints being made by anyone with how tight zionist control over literally every other type of media is.
So where is the holocaust? All I'm seeing is the world begging Israel and just Israel to play nice. Must be boring to see one side dominating the other for over 70 years.
>>59020 Bait.
>>59010 >The doctors are saying they haven't received a thing Not only that, but the doctors were repeatedly saying that the "aid" Israel was offering wasn't even things they needed, like how Israel kept saying "we'll give them incubators. See? We care about the babies" when the hospital kept pointing out they had incubators, and only needed fuel to run them. But presumably it's easier to disguise "evidence of Hamas" as boxes of solid medical equipment, than it is to disguise it as whatever liquid or gas fuel the generators run on. Also, Israel is now saying they may need to spend weeks occupying the hospital as they fabricate search for more evidence of Hamas activity. Meanwhile, the hospital staff were reporting that Israel had blown up the main water line to the hospital, and armoured bulldozers were also reported being seen outside. There are now also more reports of actual shooting inside the hospital, which there were only a few of initially (some videos on Twitter, but that's all). But communications to Gaza have been cut again, so what's currently happening will be in the dark for a bit.
Open file (10.53 MB 480x852 mCVjV4KRf0jnGg2q.mp4)
>Boomer insists I have to wash video related because it's hi-lar-ious >"Yeah this is basically Russia and Ukraine" >Watch him squirm and struggle and screech about how Literally Putler needs to be nuked lol. lmao
>>59023 holy hasbara that video.
>>59023 in the first 30 seconds the jew goes from wording it as jews being refugees in palestine, to Palestinians being refugees in israel.
Man, usually the BB shows funnies but they really wanted everyone to know how much they love sucking Jewish dick this time around. Comments are being censored hard by the algorithm based on comment count.
>>59040 Seeing that ignorant boomer nod along with what he saying has to be the most disgusting example of treachery I have seen recently. "Worship all Jews"? As far as I'm concerned Christ was shunned and rejected by the Jews and He even made a promise that all the buildings and temples in the holy land would be reduced to rubble. That would come true just a few years later during The Great Revolt. If that Zionist is really trying to convince me to support Israel by telling me "worship the Jewish race" then he clearly doesn't understand what Christ was preaching. I almost want to show this to members of my church to see what they would have to say about it but I fear they would actually agree.
>>59042 Sometimes it's worth taking a chance.
>>59042 Maybe show it to the priest first. If he gets angry he might go on a rant during mass about that specific video.
>>59040 This is literally blasphemy and heresy. >bulwark against the orcs Literally falling back on the old "the goyim is an animal in human form".
>>59042 >but I fear they would actually agree If you're American then it's basically a guarantee, burger "christianity" is all about sucking yid cock and licking nigger feet.
Why not let the shoah and the kebabs simply fight it out? If Israel succeeds in playing that's how Mafia works and colonises the Gazan strip... Why should it matter to me? When our friendly Pally wouldn't care or would actively celebrate what happens to us? Similarly if all the press ganged Israeli conscripts die fighting a fresh hoarde of poo in the street orangutans why should it be important to me? Since when did Israel start caring about *our* borders or the state of our governance? Are you worried about the draft happening in the West or something? Do you think for the sake of a regional conflict the world's fattest landlords are going to blow up the world for a shot at more gibs? I don't have much reason to care beyond all you POS anons making the optics of it seem kinda funny to look at
>>59040 Was this a series of intentionally bad arguments, so that Christian Zionist's ignore that Israeli citizens themselves are protesting their genocidal overlords?
>>59056 >Why not let the shoah and the kebabs simply fight it out? That would be the ideal situation but pretty much no one with any power to bring that scenario about agrees with you. There isn't just Pali vs kike interests at stake here, pissrael's existence has become so intertwined with the USA's interests in the Middle East that it's borderline impossible to just let it play out on a national level because either goymerica will get involved or someone in the immediate area who fucking hates goymerica and the yids will get involved or larger cunts like vodkaland and chinkland will meddle about just to fuck with goymerica or, as we're seeing here, all of that at once.
>>59057 >that Israeli citizens themselves are protesting their genocidal overlords? Wouldn't it be fucking hilarious if Bibi, the Likud upper leadership, and some of the upper echelons of the IDF end up being deposed and get sent to the Hague court/
>>59042 >but I fear they would actually agree. Just do it. Life will be a bit more burdensome in the short term if it turns out the people you thought you knew were heretics all along. But in the long term you'll avoid getting yourself locked up in subtle schemes by knowing better who to trust. >>59050 >"the goyim is an animal in human form". They're half right. Because the other half is Judaist projection. Parable of the wheat and the tares, anon. That parable is more than an illustration of fake saints vs. real saints. It's an illustration of real humans seeded by God vs. fake humans seeded by the Devil. The NPC meme is more true than said memers would dare to know.
>>59064 >real humans seeded by God vs. fake humans seeded by the Devil Serpent's seed? Most "justifies my preconceived biased" theology there is.
>>59064 >Parable of the wheat and the tares This one confuses me. How the fuck are you expected to sort through a field's worth of grass stems to separate out the wheat??
Open file (3.33 MB 640x360 we stand schumer.mp4)
>>59057 At this point, i have more sympathy for literal kikes than christcuckolds.
>>59096 I hate white selfracists in general
>>59096 You /pol/ fags are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.
>>59096 >>59098 >>59099 These posters are all jews trying to derail the thread.
im jew t. im jew >>59100 >derail the thread says the man not posting about anything relevant to the 2nd yom kippur war or /k/ in general
>>59100 Anon /pol/ has the same ideology as the Jews. Jewish line of thought is basically "The non Jews are not human and Jews are naturally superior." Meanwhile /pol/ ideology is basically the same except replace Jew with white. And then the /pol/ fags have the audacity to call us Christians cucks for supposedly supporting a Jewish faith when they've literally adopted their ideology. And that's ignoring the fact that the Jews might not even be who they say they are to begin with because they're indeed notorious liars. Yet somehow a lot of /pol/ posters are completely willing to trust them on that. It's true that the Jews are trying to genocide the white race that much is undeniable. However adopting your enemies Ideology is a surefire way of losing. Like right now, during this war. More people are seeing the Jews for what they really are than what /pol/ has accomplished throughout it's entire lifespan.
>>59102 /pol/ and Jews are two homos fighting over who's the top and who's the bottom, while you're pointing out that they're still both fags. Neither fag is objecting to homosexuality itself, only the role they play in it, so it's not really "hypocrisy"; likewise /pol/ supports the Jews' ideology, but merely objects to not being on top. It's only hypocrisy when they pretend to hate the Jews' methods, like a homo who fucks another man in the ass but objects to touching his dick because "that's gay".
>>59101 >t. im jew Rabbinic or Karaite?
>>59061 On that note, the dear leader of Türkiye already stated the he will start a case against them for genocide.
https://archive.ph/TmQKB The ADL’s Zoomer Problem >Here is a brief article regarding my friends at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Because Jews lack the genetic capacity for self-assessment and inflection, I will take a shot. Jews lost Generation Z due to a perfect storm of demographic and genetic reality. >Gen Z – Zoomers – are probably the most sharply divided political and social generation since 1860. However, it is largely gender based. Male Zoomers are statistically more conservative than every other age/gender cohort, which is why the military cannot recruit them. They also have access to Telegram, Gab, and most importantly, online gaming communications. They learn facts from Gab or Telegram, then chat with one another, reinforcing their political and social beliefs. My sons are Zoomers, and I have watched this occur in real time. >The ADL – which is really the spokes piece for the global Jewish community – could only control narratives through censorship, dominance over public school education, and Israeli grants to Evangelical churches. Since Boomers have been raised on a steady diet of pro-Jewish propaganda since they were in elementary school – whether in class or in church – they are largely a lost generation. There are exceptions, of course. But, unlike Boomers, Zoomer males are not sitting in churches and the “anti-Cis White male” messaging of Randi Weingarten’s public-school teachers has shut them off to all teacher based social programming. Thus, Zoomer males are neither imbued in religious based pro-Jewish propaganda nor education system pro-Jewish propaganda. The old tactics simply don’t work. That is a problem for the ADL, but it gets worse for them. >Zoomers are the last White majority generation in these United States. They are not being replaced by blacks, who are also shrinking. They are being replaced by Hispanics. Hispanics are statistically the most antisemitic ethnic group outside of the Middle East. Correspondingly, the other group replacing Whites are Arab descendants (who are listed as “White” for census records). Thus, the two ethnic groups that Jewish groups chose to embrace and support by means of migration happen to statistically hate Jews. >Finally, there are the Zoomer girls. Contrary to modern attempts to change the definition of “women,” females are naturally drawn to security. This comes in many forms. They seek out strong males – at least, males they perceive to be strong. Jews know this. That is why Jewish groups have pumped billions into mixed race depictions of strong black males in marketing, while undermining White males in media. To date, statistics bear out that mixed race black-White couples have not taken off, but that is not for a lack of trying. >When a female neither has a strong male or family connection in her life, she gravitates to the security of the pack. They crave inclusion. That is why many women are often the most vocal proponents of whatever cause they adopt as a proxy for family making – both on the Left or the Right. The reaffirmation of the pack is critical to a female sense of security. >Currently, the pack within which many females find themselves is a Far Left group. It has been my experience that many of White girls will shift to the Right when a rightwing male enters their life in a meaningful way. Until then, Gen Z females are wrapped up in the cause of the day: transgender acceptance… homosexual acceptance… Trump is bad… wear a hijab as a form of resistance… White people are oppressors… black lives matter… “justice for Palestine.” >In essence, Gen Z may find themselves on totally opposite sides of the political spectrum, but the Horseshoe Theory in real time is the Jewish Question for different reasons. White Gen Z males consider Jews increasingly as an oppressive enemy. White Gen Z females see Jews as an oppressive enemy of brown people manifested in the form of Israel. It is only a matter of time before these White couples find each other and begin having babies. >Long term, this is a major problem for the Jews. The ADL is simply stating what everyone knows. They are on borrowed time, largely because they intentionally dismantled a system that worked for them. Their hatred of White Christians was their undoing.
This whole massacre has only solidified that /pol/ was always right about jews, I've always been a hardcore moralfag, but if your entire identity is centered around being evil, the only moral recourse is to either force you to change or execute you before you harm the ones I care about. If a people are so collectivist, idiotic, and evil to such a regimented extent as the jews, the most moderate moral measure is to force any talmudic jew to either convert or die if they believe in their evil ways. Even doing an immigration ban or deportation of talmudic jews in a similar manner to sharia law muslims, that is ultimately immoral to your own people, as muslims are exponentially less dangerous and bloodthirsty than jews are as seen all through not just western history, but with literally all people associated with them. They only moral thing to do about this evil talmudic cult is ideological extermination so that it can be relegated to the dustbins of history, as such humanity can focus on killing each other for something other than powerful parasites fucking children again. >>59099 (checked) >hating traitors more than enemies is hypocritical I'd say a reasonable opinion even if not really the most utilitarian attitude. >>59102 >muh /pol/ is just like jews How many times has /pol/ professed their love for blm or black panther? After all, if they hated blacks so much wouldn't having anti-white black organizations be good for the long term goal of exterminating the blacks? Hell the more innocent whites they kill the better if it forces innocent whites and blacks into a conflict they know whites will win. No? Never seen any posters gush about that? It doesn't take much searching at all to find jews or even fake christian neo cons drooling at the mouth at hamas giving them an opportunity to finally genocide the palestinian as the subhumans they see them as. True genocidal jews have loved hamas and similar palestinian organizations ever since the inception of Israel, as they give them the ability to actively and passively push both the israeli and palestinian people into an artificial racial conflict for the sole purpose of genocide. When was the last time you saw any member of /pol/ at any time in all the time you've been on any of the boards express anything like that same sentiment towards any other race? 99% of the people on /pol/ only hate other races for what they DO, not who they are, as they are descendant of classical white christian morality. And the few exceptions (at least on 8/pol/) only hated other races intrinsically in a very shallow manner, and I have never seen any poster on 8/pol/ ever suggest anything remotely close to how evil these countless jews and their puppets are acting towards the palestinians. To celebrate and shadow support palestinian terror orgs, even at the cost of israeli lives, solely since it allows palestinian genocide, it is true evil in its purest form, only matched by something like mainland China bugmen culture. >more people are seeing Jews More normies are, non-muslim people only know about the long nose due to /pol/ and only kept it quiet to themselves until the pandemic made them realize hiding power levels was meaningless. Even strelo/k/s here forget, but the sole reason the new right got the momentum it has had, getting trump elected, and pushing zoomers to be so radicalized even the adl can't ignore it >>59108 was all due to an ideological shift focused by meme culture that was mostly started in 8ch/pol/ that trickled into 4chan, then twitch/reddit/twitter. Even if /pol/ didn't start the new right movement as seen with stuff like the tea party and occupy wall street, they did an amazing job marketing it to the younger generation, as well as weaponizing it towards giving a new life to alternative right candidates/parties in the west as a whole. We wouldn't even be on this small alternative site if the jews never felt threatened by 8/pol/.
>>59108 >>The ADL – which is really the spokes piece for the global Jewish community – could only control narratives through censorship, dominance over public school education, and Israeli grants to Evangelical churches. Since Boomers have been raised on a steady diet of pro-Jewish propaganda since they were in elementary school – whether in class or in church – they are largely a lost generation. There are exceptions, of course. But, unlike Boomers, Zoomer males are not sitting in churches and the “anti-Cis White male” messaging of Randi Weingarten’s public-school teachers has shut them off to all teacher based social programming. Thus, Zoomer males are neither imbued in religious based pro-Jewish propaganda nor education system pro-Jewish propaganda. The old tactics simply don’t work. That is a problem for the ADL, but it gets worse for them. While I would say that those are mostly true, one thing I do want to add is that a lot of zoomer males who have had their family members in the military have heard all the stuff they were doing and dying for. They want nothing to do with it and they see Israel at the center of it. They see all the vets with PTSD, missing limbs, disfigured bodies. They want nothing to do with it and I don't blame them. The last 20 years of foreign and domestic policy has shown the young men of America that this country hates them and wants to use them as disposable soldiers for a war that doesn't benefit them.
Open file (56.04 KB 501x263 Kikery.png)
>>59109 >I'd say a reasonable opinion even if not really the most utilitarian attitude. Nah it's just another thinly veiled attempt at making Christians the enemy instead of Jews. I've noticed it for years and these types of comments are more common than you think. Especially considering the fact that the Jews hate Christianity to an almost comical degree. >How many times has /pol/ professed their love for blm or black panther? This has to be the dumbest argument I've ever heard, This is like saying why haven't the Jews professed their love for the national socialists. It's because supporting them would directly go against their interests. >if it forces innocent whites and blacks into a conflict they know whites will win. No? Never seen any posters gush about that? 1) The majority of whites wouldn't side with them in a so called race war. Remember the propaganda is strong. 2) They'd just be playing into the Jews hands because of divide and conquer Though I doubt they'd actually think this. Don't act self righteous.a lot of /pol/ would happily kill a black man if they could get away with it. They're blinded by rage because of all the race mixing propaganda. I understand that sentiment and I agree that it's a bad thing even the bible says so. But at the end of the day it's the Jews that promote it and the reason they promote it is more than just humiliation which is certainly a major aspect of it. But also the fact that it divides whites and blacks so profusely and makes them fight each other rather than focusing on the real enemy. And then we also have /pol/'s blacks are more predisposed to crime than whites. I also agree with this. But I also think culture also plays a role. Otherwise Whites would never be as toothless as they are currently. Just think about black culture currently, Drugs, Gang behavior and other types of degeneracy is promoted at large by the media. Think of all the black rappers and what they sing. Do people seriously think this doesn't play a role in the mentality of the black population in the USA? As a matter of fact, They'd be more susceptible to it due to their lesser intellect in comparison to whites. Yet if Jews can defang whites and make them support garbage like Sodomy. It'd be even easier for the Jews to manipulate Africans. >evil these countless jews and their puppets are acting towards the palestinians. To celebrate and shadow support palestinian terror orgs, even at the cost of israeli lives, solely since it allows palestinian genocide, it is true evil in its purest form, only matched by something like mainland China bugmen culture. Honestly mate Christians shouldn't even be supporting Jews. In fact, According to the bible if you help the Jews you're liable to the crimes they've committed. I believe the Jews are the pinnacle of evil like /pol/ does. I just think a lot of /pol/ have fallen into Jewish propaganda regarding the other people groups. >More normies are... Honestly anon, Trump at the time may have been seen as the counter pick but at the end of the day he was on the side of the enemy to begin with. Furthermore a lot of the "alt right" influencers like mike enoch were Jewish themselves. I certainly agree that the final generation getting radicalized is a good thing. And I also agree that the Jews are on their last legs as everything is slowly crumbling down. But remember they've already injected the vast majority of the population with a death Jab with who knows what kind of side affects. The fact is we're on borrowed time.
I wish this damn forum of gun Moe anthropomorphism autismo would allow AV1 webms.
Open file (97.96 KB 610x1016 negev_dutch_news.jpg)
>>59061 >>59116 >gun Moe anthropomorphism autism You write this, but there is barely any gacha fanart is posted here,
>>59116 WEW. I do believe that They may have lost their H card with this latest stunt.
>>59116 With how in-depth that video goes, a more appropriate title would be "Oy gevalt, the goyim know". I know the original title is a classic line, but it's so offensive that the less common and more urgent "gevalt" would be more fitting.
>>59116 >the goyim knows Goyim is plural. The singular would be "the goy knows".
Open file (67.65 KB 742x1024 1699478531717064m.jpg)
>ywn hunt jews in Gaza
>>59137 Reportedly Barib Yariel doesn't actually exist, and I don't see that tweet anymore. I laughed though.
>>59139 I wish these videos showed more of the aftermath. I don't mean I want to see the charred corpses, and I also recognize the impracticality of sticking around to record it, but without knowing how many of these actually knock out the tank, how many are reparable damage, and how many shrug it off, it doesn't tell us much.
>>59137 >>59141 No RPG warhead is going through a Merkava's turret, from any direction (except directly on the roof). They're not going through the front of the hull either unless they're fired from above, since the Merkava has only a thin layer of composite on top. Maybe a Bulgarian, Chinese and Russian new-gen tandem warhead could go through the side armor from at a 60 degree angle but I doubt the shitty rockets Hamas makes are good enough for that. So, RPGs: >Turret front, side, rear >Front hull >Side hull at <75 degree angle No penetration >Roof >Engine deck from up above >Side hull at 75 - 90 degree angle >Rear hull ramp Penetration That's assuming there's no APS or addon armor present, just a factory stock Merkava 4 or Namer APC. For Merkava 3s, consider any hit at the side of the hull to be nearly guaranteed penetration unless it is a Dor Dalet variant.
>>59143 So what about all that shit in >>58931?
>>59143 According to jewish lies.
>>59116 Israel is kinda based ngl
>>58930 Can a shoopfag edit the OP's image in front of white phopshorus'd palestinian children? >>59006 Why do kikes have so twisted wet dreams? >>59102 >Meanwhile /pol/ ideology is basically the same except replace Jew with white. So the only difference is that /pol/ was right again?
Open file (316.65 KB 942x628 phosphorus'd.jpg.jpeg)
>>59163 Is that really the result of white phosphorus? Usually whatever's left after that shit is way more horrifying. Not that I would put it past kikes to use it they've done it plenty of times before.
>>59146 Those are not destroyed tanks, anon, they are just sleeping.
>>59157 >Why do kikes have so twisted wet dreams? I wonder why?
>>59146 >>59147 Do you see any frontally penetrated vehicles in >>58931 because I can't see anything other than their asses In fact, is there any proof that these vehicles are even destroyed/abandoned?
>>59166 Dunno I looked for "Gaza phosphorus kid victims" but cannot find anything besides that. I spent literally 30 seconds on that tbh.
>>59174 >any proof No no proof at all jews won forever and those pictures of obviously fucked up tanks are hasbara.
holocaust? moar liek lolocaust, amirite guise? amirite?
Open file (2.31 MB 480x268 muslim propaganda.mp4)
Open file (425.79 KB 597x851 ClipboardImage.png)
I think my favourite part of Israel's fake Hamas weapon stash is the part where, out of all the places they could pick, Israel claims Hamas was storing iron-based weapons next to a superconducting magnet.
Open file (15.99 MB 854x480 465987.webm)
I don't know what is happening anymore.
Open file (4.52 MB 1280x720 pusheen-cats-gaza.webm)
>>59187 >I don't know what is happening anymore. Nyan~? =( ^ . ^ )=
Open file (153.11 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0002 (copy 1).jpg)
Open file (10.75 MB 1280x720 654897.webm)
>mfw when a kike drinks his own poison
Open file (377.16 KB 680x654 ClipboardImage.png)
Okay summing up recent activity: >jews find nothing in Al-shiffa hospital, as predicted. >jews drop leaflets in the southern part of gaza telling people to scram >they plan on expanding their operations to the south <yeah thats is where they told people to run away to or die <yeah, the real stronghold of Hamas is in the East of the strip. They are fighting over nothing >Houthi capture israeli ship going through Suez. No further data. Sounds like a false flag to me. >america tries to bribe Iran, fails. >Hamas released a statement that they’ve destroyed nearly 200 of Israel’s ~500-600 active Merkavas already. Probably bullshit, might be true if they conflate "merkavas" with "afv" <israel basically goes tank only, without infantry support (which is a meme to begin with and gets snipped as fast as they leave their vehicles)
>>59198 >infantry support is a meme Most retarded take in the thread, if they put up even token foot patrols the Arabs wouldn't have as easy of a time just walking down an alley to disable or destroy their tanks and then run away unscathed to do it again tomorrow. Gaza is a blown out hellscape right now and they're not going to accomplish shit besides jerking yourself off in front of the world just by driving tanks around an already destroyed urban area, if you want to actually control places like that you have to send out foot soldiers to hunt down and kill the enemy there's basically no other way around it unless there is no intention of actually occupying the land.
>>59200 > if they put up even token foot patrols They tried, they died .
>>59186 >we found defensive weaponry inside of a hospital we bombed and invaded. epic >>59187 from sportschan; iranian-backed rebels hijack a bahamian-flagged vessel leased by japan en route to india >>59198 Based if this allows iran to funnel more money into israels enemies.
>>59203 Yeah no shit urban warfare is extremely costly in manpower and equipment. You're going to lose soldiers in this scenario no matter what, especially in a hellhole that you yourself are responsible for turning into a massive hidey hole for your enemies, and the kikes can either accept this and crush the Arabs while eating the cost or they can meander around pretending this is going to do anything but piss everyone off even more and gain them fuckall besides rubble that they can't even move settlers into.
Open file (160.39 KB 1024x1468 new coffe .jpeg)
>>59209 >top tier bants + profits Smart move to be honest. >I'm close to giving up on humanity Yes please do and fuck off from the internet forever.
>>59186 >but they lie so ineptly, and so clumsily even a child can easily detect it.
A deal has reportedly been reached. The baseline is a 4-day pause in which Hamas will release 50 women and children hostages, while Israel will release 150, with the pause to be extended a day for every 10 additional hostages Hamas releases. No word on provisions for Israel to release more of theirs too. Presumably fighting will resume after the end even if Hamas releases all the hostages not that such a thing is possible given how many of the hostages Israel claims were taken must be dead, either because they were never taken and were actually burned beyond recognition by IDF Apaches, or because they've since died in the month and a half of bombardment. Any bets on how long the pause will actually hold?
>>59220 >a deal has reportedly been reached Nah that sounds like bullshit to me, the yids probably told everyone that so when some Pali shoots another one of their tanks they can point and soy gape while screaming "SEE SEEE THESE BARBARIANS DON'T HONOR AGREEMENTS" in an effort to justify further atrocities. It would not surprise me in the least if this was completely made up, expect to see even more open bombardment of civilians.
>>59220 >Any bets on how long the pause will actually hold? knowing the kikes, 1 day.
Open file (180.58 KB 1482x833 floyd_wall_pal.jpg)
I don't know, man. The sandniggers started a war and now they're whining that war shit is happening. Are they not enjoying the war they wanted? Fuck 'em. I want to be sympathetic but I just can't any more. I can't summon much enthusiasm for the Israelis either, but one of the things that makes up my mind on the topic is that all the purple-haired BLM types are now blocking downtown traffic in major cities holding Palestinian flags with the "Queers for Palestine" groups. If the Israelis ever decide they've had enough of scraping what's left of their children up with a sponge after the week's thousandth rocket attack, and drive them all into Egypt, or into the sea, I'll make popcorn. And I don't even like Jews.
>>59230 The whole coalition of third worldist browns has been orchestrated by kikes. They can get consumed by their own golem tbh. When third worldist types agitate on my land in my country for their own benefit in my country or for my country to privillage their country, they can all get pushed into the ocean then. As it stands now we just have two foreign powerblocks using our nations as a political football field and they both need to actively fuck off to their dusty sun baked shitholes and remove all their institutions and political influence from my land.
>>59230 >they started This fuckin shit again. Didn't realize the Palestinians moved jews into their land in the early 20th century and told them to massacre Palestinian villages and force anyone remaining into a big prison camp what the fuck Palestine. That being said I don't care if the Arabs get genocided all I want to come from this ultimately is pissrael's destruction and the irreparable global ruination of the kikes' collective reputation so that they dont have anywhere safe to flee after the USA becomes completely unable to do shit to protect them. They've already shit up their own public image now all that remains is for the US to finally shit the bed and the kikes' precious iron dome to run out of rockets forever.
Open file (2.95 MB 2000x2600 Not so happy.png)
>>59230 >blurring the normalfag name Oh now they love being anonymous.
>>59023 <"Yeah this is basically Russia and Ukraine"<>Watch him squirm and struggle and screech about how Literally Putler needs to be nuked kek will be using this next time whenever a boomer tries to talk to me about this, thanks anon for the laugh.
>>59244 Funny. When you pull it up as a search it comes up, but when you try to use news search it tries to hide articles about it.
Open file (61.83 KB 886x670 546123.jpg)
>>59243 Does HAMAS have snipers at all?>>59243
>>59249 I don't know if it's a sniper but there's a clip in the first mp4 of >>59244 that shows a foot patrol getting btfo by a rifleman.
>knock knock, kikekun you there?
>>59187 I hope this is the future of Piracy, Airborne Privateers with Attack Helicopters
Just found some crossover kino.
Open file (272.57 KB 640x360 mpv-shot0001.png)
Open file (279.38 KB 640x360 mpv-shot0002.png)
Open file (297.92 KB 640x360 mpv-shot0003.png)
Open file (270.67 KB 640x360 mpv-shot0004.png)
Open file (269.17 KB 640x360 mpv-shot0005.png)
>>59269 This goes hard multiple ways.
>>59274 >therell be no messenger or whatsapp I don't get it will those things stop working if worst Korea gets shitstomped buy the Norks or something? I imagine there'd be plenty of backup servers or whatever for services like that.
>>59280 You'd be amazed at how badly social media is NOT wanted in most countries. It's a significantly worse power-consumer than crypto mining which has lead to the majority of servers being conglomerated in a handful of countries that can eat the power costs. IIRC the US military filed lawsuits because Google and Fagbook were consuming too much energy running their servers near some of their military bases. The only reason social media is allowed to exist the way it is given its power consumption in a given area, is because a handful of governments like having that much power over the world populace via social media.
>>59281 >It's a significantly worse power-consumer than crypto mining I never considered that. I guess it would be pretty energy intensive storing and constantly backing up millions of goyims' terabytes worth of obnoxious selfies or insipid pictures of their lunches or whatever the fuck.
The Israeli government is now trying to defund and shut down Haaretz for being antisemitic.
>>59283 >I guess it would be pretty energy intensive storing and constantly backing up millions of goyims' terabytes It's not, especially not storage. I'm 99% sure >>59281 just pulled that factoid out of his ass. Data centers cost a fuckton to run and companies will obviously want to reduce costs, crypto on the other hand was specifically designed to burn through a lot of compute cycles to make it hard (not impossible) to undo past transactions. Crypto was estimated to consume 120-240 TWh of energy globally per year. Facebook meanwhile used 7 TWh last year and they have >50% market share, so overall 'social media' is maybe 1/10th of crypto's energy use. It's probably higher this year thanks largely to the AI bandwagon and lots more GPUs being provisioned in everyone's data centers. Fun fact: data center capacity is measured in MWh, not floor space, not # of servers. Source: my autism.
>>59288 I think the problem with data centers are their use of water, from the last time I was reading about it.
>>59293 >use of water, from the last time I was reading about it. With water use figures in general always put them in context, writers will throw out lots of zeros and "millions" and "billions" to make a point. The average water-hungry data center is comparable to a golf course (on the smaller end) in terms of water use and there are probably 2-3000 data centers and 12000 golf courses in the US last I checked. and don't get me started on agriculture in the natural desert regions of California DCs get a bad rap when they use potable water from municipal mains - usually designed that way when water is cheap and abundant in the region and often helping prop up the water district budget - soaking up the excess water system capacity and can creates problems for future growth for the region though. Anyway the cooling systems can be designed many ways w/o relying on fresh water or to cut use by 10-20x if evaporative cooling doesn't make economic sense anymore. Polite sage for off topic autism.
I like how according to ZOG media, Hamas has "hostages" while Israel has "prisoners" and "detainees". >but muh rock-throwing criminals I didn't know Israel had jurisdiction in Gaza and the West Bank. I didn't know that Israel's law enforcement was handled by the military instead of police. And I want to see the kind of meltdowns that christcuck zionist boomers would have if you asked whether it's a crime for a Ukrainian to throw rocks at Russian troops.
>>59230 SandNiggers started and ended wars while you wignats are still on muh ethnoglobe larp for the 4th year on row. >>>/fascist/ retarded zzzigger
>>59244 That was a military base? The buildings look to be little more than shacks. A hailstorm could have flattened that place down. Thought with the billions that they get from the US; they could have at least spent it on some reinforced concrete.
>>59321 *started and lost
>>59216 Same old “point deer make horse”. In this case, it forces double-dealing allies to commit by repeating something fishy yet non-falsifiable. Of course, in reality that’s almost worthless, since the USA Outer Party crowd is not in control and has habit of leaving positions with tails between the legs. Until the $CURRENT_THING will be suffrage to asses, per Robert Lewis Dabney… though lately even that is uncertain. >>59220 Does not make sense. If the Israeli bosses did not want to flatten the place and slaughter everyone just to be sure the issue is closed, they would not start it like they did. This still could go exactly as claimed, on the surface. Which is not a good reason to take anything any politician says on face value. There are many possible reasons aside of clumsy PR. Maybe they need a pause themselves for some reason. Maybe it’s a feint so that 🤡🌐 would try to fix the Endless Peace Process in a way that cannot work, instead of something that may actually drag them back to square #1. Maybe want to provoke a squabble and defections over whose relatives will be allowed out of the meat-grinder before it’s turned on again. Who knows?
Open file (1.49 MB 900x900 ClipboardImage.png)
Boo fucking hoo. Poor widdle IQ-55 sandniggers didn't think their brilliant plan through, I guess. Meanwhile, another sandnigger, encouraged by the news of "jihad," carved up a bunch of children in Ireland. By the way, if you're in the US or Canada, you're "colonizing stolen land too," and the same people want to exterminate you also.
>>59326 Nice try JDIF. >and the same people want to exterminate you also I had no idea the original north american natives were muslim.
>>59327 Bet you didn't know that they were also black.
>>59328 Das Rite!
Open file (11.45 KB 276x182 1464723302824.jpg)
Open file (1.02 MB 1156x1694 1571504233744.jpg)
>>59326 Based post, I am tired of the endless hamas shilling from 4/k/. How many Israeli and Irish children must die before /k/ learns that Israeli Interests are the White Man's Interests. Christ stands with Isreal
>>59327 >>59328 >>59329 >>59330 Low IQ Mudslime derailment, remember Isreal is going to be ever victorious. 14/88. Hail Saint Tarrant.
>blacked fag is back to blatantly spam and samefag the thread Fuck it, next time I see cp I'm reporting the site directly to the FBI to see what happens. They probably won't do anything though I'm sure they expect someone here to be stupid enough to eventually click that shit and I can't say I blame them. Fuckin useless lazy ass tengunigger was the worst thing to happen to this board and that is saying a lot.
>>59332 t.Dispensationalist 🤢
>>59332 >How do you do, fellow white people? ;^) hmmmmmmmmm
Open file (292.78 KB 1200x750 DQWhaaDXkAASRu4.jpg)
Open file (674.12 KB 1329x1218 NPC-chan.png)
I support Israel because I'm white, Jews are a long time ally and part of my culture, and Hamas are demons who literally mutilate children. You are literally retarded if you have any other opinion. Even normalfag conservatives agree with me. I understand superior genes alone do not make you immune to brain damage, and so there are a few among my race who believe some fairy tale about Jewish conspiracy theories or about war as usual being bad and provide no alternative. And last but not least, the entire SJW argument this time around is irridentist (some mud hut sand niggers owned the land where Israel now is, until the Ottoman Empire lost). The SJWs using this argument would normally consider iridentism to be off limits wrongthink, just like "racism". Reminds me of when they forced everyone to wear masks 8 hours a day and vaccinate whereas such a thing would normally be a fascist polilcy. Really shows how they don't believe anything at all nor have any philosophy but are just some decrepit loser who decides to be that guy who brings up an edge case explaining why you're a bad person, kind of like anti-Jew schizos.
Its a slow day and nobody is taking the bait.
>>59353 Thank you soo much for this post, this post made me motivated enough to join Hamas.
>>59353 I'm aware this is bait, but here's a reminder about the words being use since many still fall for it.
Open file (108.95 KB 1024x807 1650051051950-2.jpg)
Open file (442.22 KB 713x1039 1650051051950-1.png)
Open file (650.36 KB 1202x921 1650051051950-3.jpg)
Open file (467.82 KB 1011x574 1650051051950-4.png)
Open file (108.87 KB 618x411 1650576236891.jpg)
>>59372 Most of you would rather live in south america or the philipines than san fransisco or portland.
Open file (57.16 KB 574x574 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>59372 >The /pol/ nigger takes his second dose of methamphetamine for the day as approved by Uncle Adolf >His yellowed eyes glaze over his desktop screen featuring an anime nazi death squad before opening up Chrome and remembering to sign in >Browsing through his dead imageboard, destroyed by his own hands when given a mod position out of pity, he catches sight of the BBC Christian Shitposter >"Ugh, how could they ever make fun of the white race like this!?" >He licks the cheeto dust from his fat sausage-like fingers and begins searching through his database of images posted by mossad years ago >"Heh, this will show those kikes on a stick!" >After failing the captcha six times from blurred meth-fueled vision, he finally manages to upload his pictures at a whopping 200kbps from his throttled internet >After all, to the LARPagan, being friends with the pale-skinned blue-haired faggots at the gay bar who hooked him up with meth is more WHITE than loving thy neighbor, and those kike-lovers should be ashamed of themselves for having morals beyond ethnicity >The IDF deposits 1 shekel into Mr. /pol/'s account. He has no idea where it comes from, but he knows it will pay rent so he can fight the Christian menace one more day as an honorary WHITE man (Irish/Italian heritage) >After all, he's totally not an untermenschen and he deserves to be paid to exist >A WHITE non-Christian virgin will certainly find her way to him one day as he fails to do anything to improve his situation; it's all the kikes' fault after all >Today, like all other days, is just another day in the sad life of an incel NEETSoc /pol/nigger
Open file (84.00 KB 459x1000 Fat Hellsing.jpg)
btw I fully agree with the sentiments in 3 and 4. You can hate BBC-fag and still agree that an upright black man is better than drugged-out white trash unfit even for trailer living (virtually every unironic Pagan I've had the displeasure of interacting with).
>>59377 >upright black man The myth. The legend. Can we agree this is all a hypothetical pissing contest designed to use extremes to put ideals to the test in order to divide white people that largely agree on most things and would be completely compatible with eachother in a society? Funny thread for an off-topic D&C to take place in.
Open file (93.05 KB 608x755 1508986263343.jpg)
>>59372 Praise Yeshua!
Open file (189.82 KB 653x584 1591645724969.jpg)
>>59379 Yes, anti-religious people, atheists, secularists, and "pagans" never do this sort of thing. Infact they're definitely not the majority of this type of behavior, influencing christendom. it's clearly the other way around!
So what happened in pissrael to cause this totally organic tantrum?
>>59382 Who knows if it's anything in particular, with the psychosis of kikes it could be anything. The military operation isn't going well in Gaza with roughly ~3k dead and another ~12k wounded. I can't find a source for these statistics other than I heard them second hand but it's reported that israel had ~350 KIA total by November 3rd. The invasion started in earnest around the October 20th or so. 350 KIA in 2 weeks which when extrapolated gives roughly ~875 KIA and probably ~3.5k wounded, if using a 1:4 ratio, since the start from the 20th. And seeing how israel didn't start pushing into Gaza proper until about the start of November I see 3k KIA as being a realistic estimate.
IDF opened fire on UN peacekeeper patrol 😑
>already with the Christian dnc
>>59355 I donate a symbolic sum of 14 euros to the YPG every month.
>>59383 What even is the total size of the yid military nowadays? 3k could be really fucking bad or small enough to shrug off depending on the answer. >>59385 Is there a link to this story? Nothing will come of that regardless because the UN never actually does shit but the rundown might be worth a laugh.
Damn I love how this thread is tirning out
>>59385 I need some videos, videos of UN golems getting BTFO!
50 days since the "Holocaust 2.0" began and yet only the shitskins keep losing.
>>59401 No one expects Hamas to win dipshit you keep switching flags and making this statement and you're incredibly obvious.
>>59402 I just take this salty kike as evidence the ground offensive isn't going nearly as well as the Israeli's would have liked.
>>59390 >What even is the total size of the yid military nowadays? The standing size prior to this conflict was about 126k troops. Since then they expanded out to around 360k troops total. It's one of the reasons why the Gaza invasion had to be delayed, they had logistic issues and not enough equipment to go around when they tripled their military size almost overnight. There's also the issue of mercenaries and foreign jews who have been asked to serve; israel has a program where someone with even a single jewish grandparent can be given an offer to serve. So adding that it's probably close to around 400k total. It's also probable that bibi is sacrificing these foreign jews in lieu of israeli nationals to help hide the true casualty count.
>>59403 >We need to shill pro-Palestine positions hard in rightwing circles. No we don't, that is a waste of time, let the faggot right wingers shill for Israel all they please we will not change their mind. >because they hate muslims and jews equally. Why shouldn't we hate the criminals who have repeatedly demonstrated they are worthless, and should be killed wholesale, and the Masters of the christian traitors we have to constantly oppose in order to get anything worthwhile done, equally? Why should we take any stance on who's better when since the outset of this current phase of conflict, Hamas has demonstrated outright that they would rather call on palestinians and sympathetic muslims in our countries to kill us and rage against us here rather than to come back to Palestine and fight there? They do not care about the collateral damage they do to us while they oppose the Israelis that our governments have chosen against our will to support. >There are huge protests going on in support of Palestine and we honestly have everything to gain and benefit from it. We have nothing to gain from shilling for the support of palestine, not a fucking thing, people who have gone to the protests in London with English flags have been beaten and left for dead or else driven out OF THEIR OWN CAPITAL CITY no matter that they were expressing support for Palestine. >but it's putting pressure on ZOG. What pressure? their threats of deporting palestinian supporters, and anyone else who criticizes Israel? they will have this well in hand, but if you think the White populace in our nations will see you standing alongside the shitskins who are wreaking havoc in our cities will be proud and somehow go from "aww poor shitskins" to "FUCK ISRAEL, KILL JEWS, DEPORT JEWS", you're delusional. Far more likely people will see idiots akin to NRM marching alongside Palestinians who are still committing crime alongside their "protests" and smear them as supporters of these disruptive criminals. >There should be pro-Palestine flags on social media and Palestine flags everywhere. The best course is to express hatred of both and say fuck off, I don't care about a soon to be destroyed patch of desert when these people are here destroying my country. they think these protests will somehow gain them something in the way of support when their actions will directly lead to a solidification of alliance, throughout the NATO alliance and the rest of the west, with Israel.
>>59408 I bet this jew doesn't realize he's calling attention to the fact the holocaust never happened.
>>59408 >people reporting him for Holocaust denial Heh.
Open file (98.12 KB 958x960 W6Zvf1M.jpg)
Whoa, when the clowns are back, it’s the whole clown car. >>59408 > Privileged camp There’s always someone who gets to be more equal. >>59425 Glowies are picked from the agreeable semi-literate crowd. They crosspost without reading more than 5 words diagonally, and then report, still without reading.
>>59402 >Muttmerican Understanding Race Mixing (Miscengenation) Induced Infertility Factors. 1. Inherent Biological Incompatibility such as antibody formation to foreign race proteins. This is expressed from the first mating of individuals of two different races. A classical example is antibody production to Rhesus factor. It is an allergic immunological reaction to the offspring by the woman. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34262225/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rh_blood_group_system#Hemolytic_disease_of_the_newborn 2. Recombination failure in gamete formation in both males and females. This is the result of conserved genes being located at different locations on the chromosomes between races due to natural speciation forces such as transposon activity. When recombination occurs in the mixed race offspring to produce gametes, sperm and eggs, recombination between the chromosomes results in additions and deletions that render the gametes inviable or as carriers of addition/deletion diseases. This is measured on a physical chromosome map as the distance in nucleotides between conserved genes. The further apart each parent's conserved genes are on the chromosomes of a mixed race offspring, the higher the percentage of gametes will be non-viable due to additions and deletions in humans. In other species, such as canines, conserved genes are widely spaced apart by SINE repeats, making recombination failure between populations much less likely. Ethnicity 1 DNA Segment -------A-B-C-D-E------------- Ethnicity 2 DNA Segment ---------------A-B-C-D-E----- Recombination of Ethnicity 1-2 -------A-B-C/---A-B-C-D-E--/- (Recombination FAILURE!) Recombination of Ethnicity 1-2 --/-----A-B-C-D-E---------/-- (Recombination success!) Canine DNA Segment ---A------------------B------ Where conserved genes don't align between parental chromosomes, it is expressed as persistent reduced gamete viability. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16339378/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1196373/ It's worth noting that this recombination failure, decreased fertility in mixed race people, results in mixed race chromsomal gene placement in gametes with conserved gene placement that is not aligned with any racial group or any mixed race populations, since the recombination is semi random. The infertility of race mixed people persists until all conserved genes are lined up in a population's collective genome. For a mixed race offspring, for every gene which is in a different location on a chromsome between parents, you can expect a 50% reduction in gamete viability with a Mendelian distribution table, but that probabilistic outcome is mitigated by the randomness of recombination of crossover sites, the number of misaligned genes, and number of cross over sites per chromsome, since entire sets of out of place genes can be on a contigious region of DNA which is not affected by the recombination crossover. Predicting the degree of infertility is complicated by the differences between the location of genes in the parents, the number of incompatible genes, and their proximity to likely recombination cross over sites. The addition and deletion of genes can result in gene based disabilities. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1196373/ 3. Failure to Group Mixed race offspring do not resemble any racial group, they also usually do not resemble other mixed race people which inherit their parental traits randomly. This can create social difficulties which result in fewer chances to procreate and life difficulties. Humans are a social species and in-group bias is hardwired for survival. 4. The Results of Racial Admixture To stabilize a mixed race genome requires inbreeding to produce a new self compatible genome (see Indian endogamy after the population collapse of the Gupta empire and the infertility of the Gupta monarchy) or for the racial admixture to be pruned down over many generations that suffer from significant infertility until only gene placement that is compatible with an existing racial group remains (see Neanderthal admixture from 1 or 2 race mixing event survivors with most of the Neanderthal genome being pruned out because it was incompatible with Homo sapiens sapiens genome). The immense hurdle of recombinative failure infertility, recombination failure induced genetic defects, and failure to group means only under the most extraordinary circumstances do any race mixed bloodlines survive long term. 5. Why Can't Scientists Say This? Imperial state ideologies are based on the belief that race mixed populations will result in a viable population and that annexed people will have a shared future. The incomes of the elite of empires are totally dependent on the belief that race mixed people don't have reproductive obstacles to annex other nations and loot them. Many articles on genetic studies are written in a way that gives the illusion that race mixing has been prevalent to conform to institutional pressures and you can only deduce the truth by reading between the lines. For instance, there are articles saying Europeans are descended from Genghis Khan, but his Y chromosome haplogroup and Asian haplogroups are completely absent from White populations except through recent Asian admixture. 6. What Gives the Lie of Imperial Powers Believability? Endogamy. Within many countries there are endogamous uniracial populations that shed members to interracial marriages. The interracial offspring bloodlines die out, while the endogamous racial communities continue to shed members. This produces a marked population growth depression in these countries as a whole. If you look at countries like Spain, Mexico, Brazil, etc. you see uniracial communities practicing endogamy while continously losing members to race mixing. You can see mathematically what is happening in these countries through demographic statistics. Uniracial population = endogamous births - mixed race births Mixed race population = endogamous mixed race births + shedded mixed race births from interracial marriage between two pure raced people The growth rate of the mixed race population should be whatever kids they produce plus recent interracial marriages, but the growth rate of mixed race population demographics is lower than uniracial in every country I have checked, which indicates massive reproductive issues. When DNA analysis are presented on the country as a whole, it gives the impression that the entire country's population is race mixed and that race mixed populations are viable. However, any race that doesn't prevent admixture into a portion of their population gets erased from the gene pool within 2.5 centuries without the ability to form a new genome with close relatives like modern Indians did 1,600 years ago between two racial groups. Misrepresentation of ancient genetic markers carried by multiple races as evidence of race mixing after the last ice age when actually they represent common ancestry from before the races diverged. The articles look like this, "Common ancestry between groups A and B! Group A is related to group B!", but they often fail to mention the commonality is from before the wooly mammoth went extinct, or "Group A descended from Location X people", but fail to mention a now extinct population used to live at location X to give the impression one ethnic group descended from another, when they did not. Virtually everything published in the media on genetic commonality focuses on pre-ice age common ancestry, because modern genetic markers would show a very strict tree of racial division no evidence of admixture between racial groups and with no evidence of racial mixing producing a viable population without extreme endogamy (inbreeding). 7. AI Assembly of Ancestrial Trees is Going to Kill the Myth of Hybrid Vigor Forever When AI is used to process global ancestry data into a coherent map, you're going to see an almost perfect species division chart. When AI incorporates the recently race mixed populations they will appear as fuzz on the sides of the tree and it will settle the debate forever that, with only the exception of extreme endogamy, it is not possible to make a viable race mixed population. In addition, you're going to find out there are more species than you know about.
>>59433 >sage Bump it, if you're going to be a shitter bump. It's what tengunand his gay vol team want apparently help them out.
>>59433 You are all members of the same race the human race which started with black women. White folks you don't like it but all you are are faded blacks. Every one of you if you take and trace your dna back far enough you're going to find that some or your dna came from Africa (Alkebulan) because we all have the same ancestor back there every single one of us and those of you who think you don't have are obviously from outer space. That means that every one of us has a 30th to 50th cousin to every other person.
>>59402 When the OP wrote "Holocaust 2.0" twice you expect the Kikes to lose, it doesn't matter to whom. Hamas losing is always a given but then I was promised Yemen/Iran/Syria/Lebanon etc etc from the first thread to join the jihad and destroy Israel but what now? All I'm seeing on the news are dead Palestinians. All that excitement for nothing.
>>59449 >he still believes in the Out Of Africa theory Lol. lmao even.
Open file (37.04 KB 640x669 1599119831227.jpg)
>>59451 The Hamas Internet Defense Force are actively shilling in this thread, do not fall for their tricks my white brother. The Interest of Israel are our interest, As most Jews are already White passing. 14/88 and may our (White)God guide them to victory against the Mudslimes and Christcucks.
>Finland claims he's a nigger >Kurdistan claims he's white 8/10 Good thread would visit again
>>59458 Fingolians are the most advanced race on earth and should be always trusted in matters of racial classification.
>>59451 >when someone wrotes a blatant joke title you're supposed to take it seriously Nahhh, you're just an autistic humorless retard, go cry in the meta thread about it bitchboy.
>>59451 Here I'll explain the joke to you, it's multilayered: 1. the thought of hummus killing all of you kikes is laughable, hence calling it a holocaust is humorous 2. calling it holocaust 2.0 implies there was a first one, which is humorous 3. you proboscis rodents summoned 300k+ troops to crackdown on stone age apes which you are apparently having a difficult time of to the point your hasbara morons are crying holocaust all over the internet when you are clearly the aggressors with overwhelming technological advantage, which is literal crying out as you strike others shit, which is humorous
>>59462 Where are these faggots even coming from?
>>59478 Israel, obviously. With a little proxy hop in between.
>>59478 Some of it is fags taking full advantage of the lack of vol activity to spam stupid shit and aome of it is fags who don't know how to ride out turbosperg invasions and are therefore probably really frustrated with the board in general. Both could probably use a break from the internet.
>>59482 He also feels like gooner. Or something simmilar. But there is a chance that It isn't even him. Still funny to see that the fed wasn't the worst thing to happen to this board.
>>59471 >1. the thought of hummus killing all of you kikes is laughable Like I said, Hamas does not need to be the instigator. Recent wars in Syria shown that it does not take an army to kickstart a bloodbath, all it takes is for some people to create enough noise. >2. calling it holocaust 2.0 implies there was a first one, which is humorous If certain nations were horribly triggered by the first one, regardless of how real it was, so much that it started a regional war, wouldn't it be fun to have the second one? >3. you proboscis rodents summoned 300k+ troops to crackdown on stone age apes Yet these "apes" somehow got their hands on modern weaponry and vehicles, whose enemies are also attacking other wealthier nations on the side. Your insistence in ignoring my points make me believe the joke is the whole thread, not just the title.
>>59528 Whatever dude you're either legitimately autistic or really good at pretending to be. Be mad about a joke title and overanalyze something that trivial all you want I'm still going to laugh at it and greatly enjoy the death of kikes and sandniggers and there's fuck all youbcan do about it.
Guys, im starting to get concerned. I havn't heard anything from hamas and havnt seen a single video of jews getting btfo in a while. Is everything ok?
>>59543 There's a ceasefire right now that the kikes miraculously seem to be honoring for the most part.
>>59544 >that the kikes miraculously seem to be honoring for the most part. Yeah, so far I've only heard of one incident of combat, where they killed two "senior terrorists" aged 14 and 16, and that was in the West bank rather than Gaza. But any ceasefire is going to have one or two isolated incidents, and the fact that the kikes are overall honouring it is a major surprise. It makes me suspect things may not all be well for them. Whether that comes from political pushback at home over how they prioritize genociding goyim versus recovering hostages, or because the IDF took significantly heavier casualties than they've let on, I'm not sure.
>>59544 >>59545 Didnt someone bomb an israel military base? Was that part of the cease fire?
>>59546 That happened before the ceasefire and it was Hezbollah that did that iirc. On a related note the house just voted almost unanimously to equate anti-zionism with antisemitism so I guess we're taking another step to making questioning kikes outright illegal instead of just "legal but don't you dare". Cannot wait for the US to either become totally useless for them or preferably becomes the 110th.
>>59545 Could be both of those. I hope it's both of those.
>>59545 >"senior terrorists" aged 14 and 16 Sorry, my bad, it was actually 8 and 14.
>>59551 To be fair to glorious zionists that is positively ancient by Palestinian standards because everyone older than 30 is dead :^)
Open file (730.76 KB 1695x2048 Kissy.jpg)
Henry Kissinger just died, he was 100.
>>59561 Burn in hell you semi based kike bastard.
>>59561 lol wut? Didn't realize he was still alive up to now, genuinely had the impression he died in the 90s or something. Anyway, what >>59572 said. did the timelines shift again?
>>59561 Rot In Piss
Israel has announced that the truce is over and the violence will resume.
I hope he wins a second term, the salt is pretty good.
Open file (385.52 KB 886x496 hostage release.mp4)
Open file (7.02 MB 1280x720 trump real nigga.mp4)
>>59589 I want Joe Biden so people in Texas can take secessionist movements more seriously. But seeing a 2nd melt from Cheeto Hitler winning might be amusing too.
>>59587 Nice, it was getting so boring that I started to look at hohols videos instead.
A pro-Palestine protester has self-immolated outside the Israeli consulate in Georgia the state, not the country. The protester is still alive so far but is in critical condition, and is so badly burned that their age and sex are unknown. A security guard who tried to intervene also suffered a burnt wrist. The official response from the Israeli consul-general was that "it is tragic to see hate and incitement toward Israel expressed in such a horrific way. Our prayers are with the security officer who was injured while trying to prevent this tragic act".
>>59603 That's actually a pretty funny response to that.
>>59561 Good. I thought he would stick around for a few years longer out of pure spite. I am glad to hear that his last few years of his life were spent watching his work between Russia/China literally go up in smoke. I hope it ate at him every waking moment of the day.
>>59608 I mean he was a kike I'm sure he was masturbating furiously (or as well as a 100 year old rat can) to the thought of chaos and goy suffering regardless.
>>59608 He is burning in hell now.

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