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Open file (144.06 KB 800x310 ak47.png)
Automatic Strelok 09/18/2023 (Mon) 12:24:08 No.55577
How to buy automatic weapon in Europe? Can be illegal way.
>>55577 CIA-kun, Yurop is not a single country.
>>55579 I can visit the country where it is possible to buy.
>>55580 Have you tried in ukraine? I got myself a stinger missile in good condition for reasonable price.
>>55582 It's good option as there is a war going on. But I don't know how to buy. I visit Ukraine and then what? Where should I go? I don't even speak their language. Also I am afraid it will be easy to buy pistol but hard to get automatic weapon with a lot of ammo.
>>55584 >He doesn't even know how to black market illicit goods Never gonna make it. They're advertising on social media outright m8.
>>55585 I don't know how to use social media, I will have to learn.
Open file (714.55 KB 1280x720 yes.mp4)
>>55577 (checked) >How to buy automatic weapon in Europe? I went to Ukraine and they sold me a used ak47 with some magazines and a qt girl as a free bonus, when I went back home it turns out she was brand new so I decided to keep her.
>>55577 Just become a citizen of one of the less cucked Euro nations like the Czech Republic or start your own pro armed citizens political activist group and get your nations equivalent of rednecks to join. It's not worth getting thrown in the slammer for the rest of your life.
You realize that guns are completly innefficent when it comes to terrorist attacks right? You could kill 3 times as many people with a single bomb or even just a fire.
>>55695 That's because nearly every shooting is done by retards with minimal (or terrible) planning. But yes, bombs make for better terrorist weapons than any rifle will. However. OP didn't imply he was a terrorist, he simply wants a rifle that hasn't been castrated. Reminder to kill yourself if you unironically want to buy a semi-auto P90 or LMG. Some weapons are simply not meant for anything other than fun-auto.
>>55577 Ask at your neighbourhood mosque.

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