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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Open file (324.83 KB 1024x676 innadesert.jpg)
Open file (845.72 KB 1024x768 usmcbrowning.jpg)
Open file (43.52 KB 352x500 usarmy80swoodland.jpg)
Open file (344.39 KB 480x712 godblessamerica.jpg)
Open file (18.24 KB 288x288 murica.jpg)
4th OF JULY NIGGERS Strelok 07/05/2023 (Wed) 02:26:55 No.53173
Perfect flag for it.
>>53173 >those pics Where's the Current Year Vibrancy? The Diverse Enrichment? After all, this is the Land of the Stunning and Brave(tm) right?
Open file (320.90 KB 1099x1000 American invasion fleet.jpg)
Open file (444.99 KB 807x700 consider this.png)
Fact: There's a lot less white people and a lot more black people today compared to when the pictures in this thread were taken. Truly a nation worth celebrating.
>a fucking leaf
God is the greatest, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam
>>53372 4th pic is why if they weren't zogbots the US would have totally gone full korean war and taken out at least 20% of the population of iraq. Though that point is moot since it was a worthless illegal war for everyone but the jews so america wouldn't have even gone to war in iraq without being zogbots. >victory to islam You poor dumb bastards are pitiful, got fucked harder than anyone else from zog propaganda by cornering the thing you fear the most, being heretical. Now its road to being the most fundementalist as possible despite that not being your historical culture identity, and full "traditionalism" being a meme that was never true universally to begin with, but you don't want to be called an infidel so there goes your culture and history lol. Even though its only lead to the most evil and useless terror group in the world that only seems to do atrocities to fellow islamists and pr stunts to get dumb immigrants to join in europe with to this day no real jewish attack. But it can't all be totally controlled opposition, there is no way the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world just helped create this organization then just happen to never catch them on their dogshit opsec when doing terror in europe or never choose to attack them in syria unless forced to, lol. They might not pledge allegiance to the kikes, just as the dumb immigrants following the same self-serving antifa like propaganda know they aren't tools, just like the american countrymen going to war in those pictures know they aren't tools, but at the end of the day they are all just acting like tools to the jews, in the end you are all just zogbots no different from those you celebrate killing.
>>53408 >Americans killed local Muslim culture Of the top ten largest Islamic countries in the world, America has only been indirectly involved in war with half of them in its entire existence, and only directly at war with one of them. The whole headchopper thing always gets me because America hasn't been involved with the majority of Muslims by volume around the globe in any meaningful way in the last 50 years and most of those countries on that list don't even follow half the Islamic traditions (they eat pork or insects or drink booze, etc.). They're more like pantheistic groups that practice their local religions plus Islam. Even the countries America has attacked in the last 50 years are largely practicing the same shit they practiced 200-400 years ago the same way they practiced it, just with more rampant drug use due to poverty/famine. The only thing that's changed is they went from liking Americans to hating them.
Open file (664.65 KB 1745x877 ClipboardImage.png)
Forgot my image.
>>53196 brown hands typed this
>>53410 That map needs work. >The entirety of Alaska when only a few islands were attacked by the Japanese >France other military conflicts despite WW1/WW2 >Burma not red despite general Stilwell and US troops in it during WW2 >Puerto Rico as other military conflicts despite Spanish American war while Spain, which America never directly invaded is red
>>53412 American culture is centered around niggers.
>>53408 >illegal I mean evil, for fucks sake I got mindfucked again. Notice how they have slowly manipulated dialect? Evil turned into illegal, any mention of good and evil is hard to find in modern western media this last half-decade, hell its all been "moral relativism" and villain is just misunderstood. Nothing but satanism and statism, which are the same thing. >>53409 Right on all accounts, the worst weapon ever unleashed on the islamic world is propaganda and 4th generation warfare, even the west hasn't been as fucked as they have been by the jews. Practically every single muslim idealogue and politician has been influenced by jew mindgames while in the west there have been at least a few major obstacles. Its the whole heretic effect bullshit, can't call out death to america as a meme or isis as being obviously a jewop without being labeled a traitorous infidel, lmao just like being a republican calling out the bullshit iraq war back in the day got you called unpatriotic by fucking bush supporters.
>>53429 >Nothing but satanism and statism, which are the same thing. I'm sure you're just pretending to be retarded. >being a Nationalist: Good thing >being a Satanist: Evil thing
>>53430 >Satanism: A stupid thing whispering sweet nothings to crack whores >Nationalism: An even stupider thing whispering sweet nothings to autists
>>53430 >statism is nationalism >thinking state = nation Looks like I'm not the only on to get mindfucked, maybe read up on american history sometime considering its the whole theme of the thread and perfect example of why you are unintentionally mistaken.
>>53424 t. Wetback
>>53437 That would be me and indeed that sir's statement is correct, it is centered around niggers and being willfully kiked
>>53437 >Manifest Destiny It really was known by that title for a reason. Where our great Forefathers screwed up was allowing for a radical judiciary branch loaded with kikes. Back in the day, that wasn't a significant threat to the Republic. Then our more recent forebears made the lunatic decision to give women a vote, and the only thing 'manifest' after that was downfall & destruction of the empire. Welcome to the future you chose. >>53441 LBJ was the literal turning point for the Western civilization. Before that POS both the kikes and the niggers were more or less kept at by by sensible men.
Open file (770.84 KB 922x1357 working nigger.jpeg)
>>53451 I'll never understand the way niggers are hated. Niggers will nig and I don't like niggers, but anon treats niggers as if they're some kind of underclass that will forever act like apes. Niggers were largely entering the middle class thanks to trades and cheap funs, and dropping their violent shit head acts until welfare took them back to the slavery age. Niggers act terrible, but if you make a man's hands work (foundation) and give him a wife/purpose (fulfillment) while keeping him away from booze/drugs (the devil/vice) then he'll suckle the honeyed nipple of prosperity and stop nigging fairly damned quickly. I've seen the niggest turn into family men in real-time when given a job and purpose.
>>53453 It's pure projection; they recognize themselves. Aimless shitty (lower)class loyalism goes hand in hand with categorical excuses for personal failure. NEETsocs hate niggers the way other niggers hate niggers.
>>53453 Well, giving you the benefit of the doubt this isn't bait (unlikely given this specific context), let's consider starting up the nigger violence thread again, then you'll probably understand better. >>53456 Eat shit, die in a fire kike.
>>53453 What is next? Muslims will suckle the honeyed nipple of prosperity and stop musliming fairly damn quickly?
>>53479 I mean they do in most cases when Israel/America aren't involved. If your entire understanding of Islam is centered around the Middle Eastern shitholes that's like your entire understanding of rednecks being from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.
>>53453 Why are pitbulls hated? I heard of many great pitbulls, I even have a friend with a pitbull that is so loyal it would definitely try to save his life in a dangerous situation. But none of that matters in the face of statistics, the average dictates treatement strelok, even if that ends up fucking over those of better character/culture/stock like many first/second gen african immigrants. Genetics is determined by environment natural and most importantly artificially by man made hands, and it took over a millenium of unimaginable blood sweat and tears for whites to go from illiterate trash barely better than south africans to the greatest race in the world. Its no wonder that blacks will have a long ass time before they are our complete equal, and in modern circumstances of white genocide we can't survive trying to accomadate their bullshit. >>53456 Also this, its easy to go have a hateboner over trashy cunts that don't matter rather than get angry at our own weak selves in order to self-improve for the fight against the real enemy.
>American patriotism thread >Immediately turns into nigger defending
амерыканцы свінні
>>53599 It's coming from a goddamned redcoat though. Any right-minded American with any sense would understand niggers are always bad news. >>53600 Ah shut up, (former) commie bastard.
Open file (995.74 KB 1280x1644 01.jpeg)
مرگ بر آمريكا
Open file (960.63 KB 480x384 30272798.mp4)
americmutt btfo by sniper
>>53624 He died for Israel, amen and awomen.
>>53479 Nah, they're addicted to white children. Their entire empires' business model since ancient times was to raid, pillage and rape white girls and boys.
Open file (104.26 KB 760x1024 289239409845445.png)
>>53630 I still think it would be better if it was kultur Terkor, celebrating famous vampire from Wodzisław.
Open file (88.49 KB 868x1024 clownpeicecreampie.jpg)
>>53624 Where is that footage from?
>>53453 Finally, a sensible post. Don't get me wrong, blacks are racially distant from us, and have a different and lower nature. However, all the nigging and chimping out you're seeing is because they're used as foot soldiers & shock troops by the kikes. If they were freed from their mind control and allowed to live separately from us, there would be far less problems.
>>53453 That's because (((egalitarianism))) is poison and it provokes a natural immunity reaction. Niggers, unlike gypsies, might be a able to reach and maintain a low-mid tier of civilization but telling actual civilized people that they can reach their level and therefore should intermingle and mix with them despite of all the obvious dangers provokes fight or flight instincts to the civilized folk towards the most obvious threat than towards (((camouflaged ones))) that are trying to promote desegregation.
>American thread >Immediately turns into butthurt from turd worlders, camel jockeys, and beaners
>>54345 https://news.northwestfront.info/lone-wolf-terrorism-rfn-apr-03-2023-558/ <Do you agree that being a solo operator is pointless?
Americans haven't seemed to celebrate treason day much ever since Chinese flu.

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