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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Open file (191.31 KB 1600x900 1599946301100.jpg)
Open file (275.82 KB 1080x1920 1688128580144.jpg)
Generic News Thread - NTDDIOT #2: Strelok 07/01/2023 (Sat) 21:36:25 No.53044
News That Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread Generic news thread for things related to /k/ or global conflicts that doesn't deserve its own thread but is worth keeping an eye on in case it might be worth making a thread about later. >previous threads >>29184
Open file (96.01 KB 1005x627 1688231220702130.png)
Shitter is fucked because of "bots".
>>53038 >>France >>white culture >Aren't they the biggest species mixer of them all? The degeneracy of the current French population aside, centuries of European cultural artifacts are physically located in France. Wouldn't it be unfortunate if the dunecoons burned down the Louvre or blew up the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe for (((someone's))) insurance payout...
>>53008 Nice wepon. Seems they've adopted ad-hoc uniforms? What's the latest tonight Strelok, is Paris on fire yet?
>>53049 >for (((someone's))) insurance payout... That's quite a good point strelok. They say 'follow the money'. I'd suspect that whoever is going to profit finanically from the destruction of the Western historical treasures will be the exact same group(s) that already did from the (((burning))) of Notre-Dame de Paris?
Open file (55.57 KB 520x520 image.jpg)
>>53053 >will be the exact same group(s) that already did from the (((burning))) of Notre-Dame de Paris?
>>53046 Wew just shut it down Musk. Once you have to DDOS your own site you've already lost.
>>53059 Yep, certainly one of the usual suspects in these l'affaires. But he's just a puppet.
>>53046 >Shitter is fucked because of "bots". https://archive.is/sMgjg
>>53062 A puppet who's carrying out the will of his masters.
Open file (398.81 KB 750x1079 1688149752413836.jpg)
Lol. It was vidya what dunnit. At least he got the 'bad parenting' thing right. Not sure who's worse though: the le Frenchie parents for allowing this debacle to even begin during Current Year in the first place, or the mudshit invaders refugees of peace parents.
>>53083 If only people actually rioted over the absolute state of video games in the current year.
>>53083 >It was the vijyagaems Reminder that this was the guy who was supposed to be the moderate because LePen was a "slippery slope" lol.
>>53083 >It was vidya what dunnit. >Totally wasn't black-market Holol gibbs coming back around, goyim. Funs: the gift that keeps on giving.
>>53083 Did the police killed a muslim or something?
>>53087 Yes, some Arab or whatever policeman shoot some franconigger who tried to drive away after he was stopped for speeding, and so now France is experiencing the power of vibrant diversity.
>>53087 Yes. A teenaged invader of peace was pulled over for a traffic violation, then it repeatedly rammed it's car of peace into the cruiser after it couldn't take out the cop with the first go. Finally the cop goodified the invader. Invader's mother of peace got on (((social media))) and called for an intifada of peace, and all the mostly-peaceful mudshit invaders in the region obliged. It's been spreading across France, and now the peaceful protesters are armed with high-powered funs and engaging in gun battles with the French police. The globohomo will shut it down for now, since it's too early yet (not enough peaceful invaders in place). But this is an early preview of the storm that's coming all across Europe soon.
>>53091 >A teenaged invader of peace was pulled over for a traffic violation, then it repeatedly rammed it's car of peace into the cruiser after it couldn't take out the cop with the first go. Got the video? Jewtube only gives me fakenews video.
>>53092 You might check Telegrame.
Any news on france
>>53108 No. France asked Israel for help quelling the riots following Iran bitching about some of the mostly-peaceful protestors being part of terrorist organizations. Granny got threatened by French GlowOps and is now crying for the riots to end because she dun diddly fucked up. Some mayor started calling for "anti-violence rallies" after their home was attacked directly.
>>53110 Which relative initially called for violence? Mom? Gram?
>>53122 Pretty sure the mother was absentee.
>>53108 Apparently the mostly-peacefuls have RPGs from completely (((unknown))) sources and fired one into a dat poleez station up in this bitch over dey weekend. https://t.co/VAZfkJ8IWa
>>53125 niggas be capping dem poleeze wif dem AKs https://t.co/GMeiiBm072
>>53125 I'm just waiting for when the black market MANPADs come out.
>>53126 >>53125 >Posting Twatter during the social media lockdowns Really nigger?
>>53125 I don't have a twitter account and nitter is not functional so I give a check on the local news and there is nothing relating the use of a RPG for now. Sure they have some in the ghetto there but IMO they are mostly used for arsonning and / or terrorism. The majority of the rioters are just kids and they mostly use non-lethal weapons (fireworks ie). I will keep an eye on the news and see if something pop up in the next hours.
>>53138 Kek the VPN I use seems to be located in Israel. (I'm in France currently posting from work).
>>53138 >>53141 Nice try kike, but you are not fooling me!
>>53142 Trust me goy, those are peaceful protesters persecuted by white supremacist police. None of those joyful youngs use RPGS (((we))) gave to them.
>>53125 >>53126 I can't see shit, does it have videos? Give me a twitter link so I can download them.
>>53137 >>53144 What's next, breastfeeding? Learn to dig you lazy-assed niggers. #FranceRiots #FranceHasFallen #franceViolence #Paris #civilwar #parisriots twitter.com/VAZfkJ8IWa twitter.com/GMeiiBm072 anuj kumar singh (@sanuj42) July 2, 2023 World News (@Battlefiles) July 2, 2023
Open file (16.19 KB 1200x675 image.jpg)
>>53144 >Twitter >>53145 >singh
.>>53125 Still on my work network so I have some limitations but the only search result I found are from Shit Tok and an infamous french gaymer forum. And I can not open them on my wageslave network currently. Will try to found more reliable news tomorrow but it would be nice if Strelok share some screencaps and videos if he can acces them.
>>53130 >>53147 Oh and nothing about an eurocopter shooted down to. Maybe the government trying to hide the real situation but honestly some obscure posts on twatter or shit tok are not reliable sources for me. Will dig the shit at home trying to figure out.
Open file (146.70 KB 434x348 tiy dyxjubf rS.png)
>>53145 >"Go out of your way to have a conversation with me!" If you can't even use screencap+ms paint to share content knowing the current issues plaguing twitter, then the issues regarding France are so miniscule to me and insignificant to my life that I will wait it out rather than deal with that bullshit and there is (almost) nothing you can do to convince me otherwise at this moment in time.
>>53148 >Oh and nothing about an eurocopter shooted down to. That was a shitpost, regarding the idea of MANPADs loose in downtown Paris. The rest of it is real, the chopper downings will be real once the globohomo kikes decide that enough mostly-peaceful invaders have been installed, and it's time to destroy Yuropeen Whitey for good. >tl;dr Blown up police HQs today, blown up police helicopters tomorrow.
>>53150 >Blown up police HQs today The only information I can see for now about that alleged event is from 5 days ago from definitively not reliable sources. Until I can make my own investigations and / or you sahre yours (you nigger can't even share a screencap so I doubt it would be of any help there) I take your interventions as nothing more than lazy /pol/ shitpost.
OK so despite my naturazl instinct not going on shit tok I found the presumed RPG video. This video definitively don't show the use of a RPG.
>>53156 >Sound only
>>53145 >yt-dlp doesn't work, need login Fuck that gay shit. >What's next, breastfeeding? Learn to dig you lazy-assed niggers. Or you could fucking post the pics or videos, you double nigger.
Mostly-peacefuls have burnt over 6'000 le cars over the week. They set a parking lot full of them off lol.
Update on the Twitter situation: you can now view individual tweets without an account again, but not replies or user accounts.
I wonder how well Yellen's china visit will go, lol. Yellen's China visit aims at 'new normal' with Beijing https://archive.is/hvBvz >U.S. officials say they expect "candid" discussions during Yellen's July 6-9 trip, after Beijing's abrupt announcement on Monday of controls on exports of some gallium and germanium products widely used in semiconductors, as well as a new counterespionage law, both seen as potentially harmful to U.S. firms. U.S. Looks to Restrict China’s Access to Cloud Computing to Protect Advanced Technology https://archive.is/FBdX0 Interestingly timed antagonistic opinion piece: China is in default on a trillion dollars in debt to US bondholders. Will the US force repayment? https://archive.is/ZiYXc I'm going to spoil the ending: the "new normal" is reduced Western status and drastically diminished standards of living because we're in the end stages of a grand Sino-Judeo conspiracy. It took them decades, but now we're just a hollowed out husk.
>>53191 >Cloud computing They can't even stop banks from using Russian servers lol. >Will America go after their debt? That debt is Damocles' sword over both their heads. It will be used to justify a war with China/justify bankrupting China post-war in retribution, but they won't collect before that.
After reading that debt article the journalist is an idiot. He spewed a lot of factual statements but his conclusions are insane. Chinese debt held by Americans is held by private individuals while American debt held by China is held by public coffers. Even if they "traded debt" China would just handwave away the debt since they would primarily owe it to themselves while America would suddenly have to foot the bill and pay out to private citizens mostly in America.
>>53191 >decades Try centuries, the whole american "colonialism" centured around enlightening and "saving" the rest of the misfortuned world was always just abusing the best qualities of whites against them. Ever heard the White's man burden poem? This shit has been going on since even before the r*thsch1lds took over the british banks in the 1700's, literally goes as far back as you will look for it.
>>53191 >Beijing's abrupt announcement on Monday of controls on exports of some gallium and germanium products When it comes to rare earth metals, China has the U.S., and the rest of the west, by the balls. As tensions continue to rise I expect more restrictions, which will force war as these materials are what make our technology. Also, China alluded to pulling this move out a few months ago so it's hardly abrupt.
Some Canadian is getting assfucked by the RCMP for making videos because muh hate speech and muh far-right and there's no such thing as rights in leafland. DAY OF THE RAKE SOON https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-66115518 https://ghostarchive.org/archive/xoeW5 >Patrick Gordon Macdonald, 26, faces terrorism and hate propaganda charges, Canada's federal police force said. >It's the first time both counts have been brought in Canada against someone accused of promoting violent far-right ideology, according to the RCMP. >Atomwaffen Division was listed by Canada as a terrorist entity in 2021. >Mr Macdonald is alleged to have participated in, produced and distributed three videos for Atomwaffen Division, promoting its ideology. >He is due in an Ottawa court on Wednesday. >A second man was also arrested and may face charges at a later date, the RCMP said in a statement. >Atomwaffen and many other white nationalist groups subscribe to a philosophy known as accelerationism - a belief that society is inherently unstable and that they should push for a revolutionary collapse of the system. ?According to the Canadian federal government, the Atomwaffen Division - founded in the US in 2013 - "calls for acts of violence against racial, religious, and ethnic groups, and informants, police, and bureaucrats, to prompt the collapse of society". >It has branches in countries including the US, the UK, Germany and Canada, and "members have also carried out violent acts at public rallies, including the August 2017 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia", the site of a deadly white nationalist protest. >The arrests were the culmination of an investigation that began in April 2020. >Inspector David Beaudoin, who heads the RCMP-led Integrated National Security Enforcement Team in Quebec, said any investigation into the far-right can be a challenge, as members often go to great lengths to conceal their identity, like using encryption technology to communicate. >The far-right is also fragmented in Canada, he told the BBC, with members often changing affiliations to evade police or because of infighting, making it a "continuous challenge to track and monitor [them]" for police. >In 2022, the RCMP arrested a 19-year-old in the province of Ontario after he filed an online application to join the Atomwaffen Division. >In the US, Brandon Russell, 27, founder of the Atomwaffen Division, faces charges of plotting to attack power installations around Baltimore. >He and his co-accused, Sarah Clendaniel, 34, were arrested before the alleged attack was carried out. Both have pleaded not guilty.
>>53192 >That debt is Damocles' sword over both their heads. Are you retarded, or just pretending to be? China is the one holding the debt balance, not the other way around. Also, the one 'holding the sword' is effectively always the victor, not the other way around lol.
>>53199 Isn't this the commonplace glowniggery? >Things are so terrible, right? >Join our little group, OK? >Do this little (((deed))), thanks. >AHA! Gotcha you White Nationalist(tm)(R)(C)!111 Lifted right out of the pages of Burgerland gayops.
>>53201 >glownigs Yes but in the US you can't get arrested for making video mocking the juden yet. They just kinda cancel you from modern society so I guess that's "less" bad.
>>53199 >white nationalist groups are le bad m'kay? Does that mean it's somehow illegal just to want a white nation in Canada, or is it something else? I thought they were already white.
>>53200 >China is the one holding the debt balance The debt is in worthless fiat you retard. US Treasuries since 1971 are the biggest scam in history.
Open file (1018.26 KB 500x281 butt.gif)
>>53195 >When it comes to rare earth metals, China has the U.S., and the rest of the west, by the balls. Rare earth metals aren't that rare. They're not even all that hard to mine/refine. they just cause massive ecological damage and kill lots of people in the mining/refining process. Western countries let China have that industry, China hasn't taken it away from anyone. >>53200 >America demands Chinese debt and the end result is America having to produce goods again from their abundant natural resources at the cost of giving unions more power and slightly more expensive goods due to workplace deaths >China demands their debts from America and the end result is China being cut off from their supply of refined goods that keep their people from rioting and keeps their industry from going complete tofu economy >"But China is the power player" lolwut are you high? Get that GDP shit out of here. I can build an infinite number of houses out of legos using play money and call myself the biggest economy in the world too, it doesn't mean my rebar farms, tofu buildings, and green-painted wastelands are actually worth anything if everyone knows they're fake.
>>53200 >2nd pic Much like India is supposed to be a super power by now, China was supposed to be the world's largest economy years ago. Though I suppose China is the biggest economy if you take its 5%+ GDP growth with no actual proof
>>53205 It's all worthless fiat, but there is a real "immaterial debt" behind it. Real resources were utilized and real professionals were hired by that debt, and those costs must overall balance out on the books. Some might get ahead while others get screwed in this regard, but there is a price to be paid in all debts, monopoly money or no. The general idea with debt-chasing is that the investments now will be worth more than the debt later, but these massive centralized super projects have just been digging deeper holes without actually covering their costs. The perfect example being the US highway system.
>>53204 It's basically illegal to be white in Canada unless you're a trucker, farmer, or tradesman, anon. And that's only because they haven't figured out how to get women/niggers to get their hands dirty and without those jobs Canada dies very quickly since the whole country relies on its infrastructure working consistently in order to feed and shelter 82% of Canada's population living in urban environs.
>>53200 >holding Damocles' sword But that's not how the story goes at all... >2nd pic >Canada turned into Brazil >Italy and Spain will cease to exist in 2024 >Japan becomes three headed serpent W-what prophecy is this?? I'm scared
>>53204 You can want a White nation, you're just not allowed to publicly ask for or advocate for one. >>53210 >trucker 90% pajeets. Incidentally this is how I knew the Trucker protest glowed, I only saw one pajeet. >farmer Pajeets are taking this over too. They drive costs down by hiring their own enormous families and other newly arrived pajeets at a fraction of minimum wage, along with other assorted tricks. The oldschool White farmers naturally find it difficult to compete with slave labor, and so it goes, since the government would bring down the hammer if they tried the same tricks. >tradesmen This one is still pretty White, but it depends one the trade.
>>53220 >You can want a White nation But only because it's hard to convict you of wrongthink. for now, but they're working on it
>>53200 >biggest-economies-1.png I've come to realize it doesn't matter. I went grocery shopping after work and the place was filthy with jibbering chinks and spics - certainly didn't feel like America; more like a digitally surveilled free range zoo.
>>53256 I would suggest tightening immigration rules and maybe stop normie men from lusting over asian women who will make your life more miserable than the most BPD white bitch because they’ll eventually take control of all finances and give you a pittance “allowance” for your funs even if you are fiscially responsible but I think that ship has sailed with the state of most (sub)urban white women these days. >but what about white women? OTOH, supposedly back in the early 20th white women had the crush on Asian (Japanese) men and that’s why we got all the nip propaganda and the immigration restrictions. I guess the resurgence of that these days is white women lusting after nigger rappers and Kpop boys?
>>53257 >I guess the resurgence of that these days is white women lusting after nigger rappers and Kpop boys? I'm not saying there ain't any Jewish games afoot, but historically women can't help themselves but to be attracted to foreign men. It's in their genes to see a foreigner and get wet. There's several theories ranging from infidelity being easier with foreigners since the foreigner fucks off (pun intended) afterwards to biodiversity in the gene pool but it doesn't really matter. >and maybe stop normie men from lusting over asian women >Normie men Beta men. Asian women are a package deal. If you establish you're the boss of this gym house then they aren't bad in a submissive role, but if you don't step up they will walk all over you since your relationship becomes transactional (she's providing children and dinner in exchange for money and a retirement partner). Mileage varies because women from different regions want different things and will have different base levels of respect for a man regardless of his ethnicity. Japanese and Vietnamese women will be more demure but they need to keep their hands busy. (Han) Chinese and Korean women are batshit insane and high-maintenance, but respond well to limited domestic violence and having their ego stroked/being coddled a bit. Thai, Taiwanese, and Eastern Russian/Northern Chinese women are free spirits forming woman-packs who need a strong domicile to come back to and a husband willing to listen to their nonstop nagging in exchange for seggs and dinner. >>53256 What if I told you that you could have a livable wage and a wife 5-10 years younger than you, but the catch is that your disposable income becomes about 1/10th of what it currently is in exchange because near-everything is produced domestically and your free-time is slashed to a fourth because of labor shortages? There's tradeoffs and women/lazy men will get their comeuppance over the next decade as single working women's ovaries dry up and they tell their fully predictable tale.
>>53263 >wife 5-10 years younger than you From observing boomers in my circle, A young wife is cool until your twilight years, then a 10yr gap becomes a source of conflict when the man is too tired and worn down to manage her effectively (and they absolutely require a firm hand in managing their womanly inclinations).
>>53278 to put it another way, it's like watching a geriatric boomer catch a curb with their newer Corvette on the way to pick up their heart pills.
>>53208 The debt is enforced by the incompetent government. If shit actually hits the fan no one's debts will be collected unless the banks start hiring PMCs, in which case it'll be civil war.
>>53263 >but historically women can't help themselves but to be attracted to foreign men. It's in their genes to see a foreigner and get wet. At least in the past the foreigner was just a frog or an Italian. Erosion of Western cultural identities due to "modernity" has been a disaster.
>>53280 >banks start hiring PMCs, Why would they? They already have everyone enforcing their will - from the US mil to every podunk sheriff's office (they "administer" sales on foreclosed homes AKA "Sheriff's Auctions"). "Molon Dental Plan" isn't just a meme
Open file (8.09 KB 255x235 1543003707.jpg)
>>53263 >but historically women can't help themselves but to be attracted to foreign men So what you're saying is that if I head to another country I've got a chance?
>>53279 >>53278 Younger, not young. The boomer mistake is going after a 20s girl in their 50s. I have just as much anecdotal experience that old men can marry young women just fine in the form of my uncles who are happily married and not pussy whipped in their mid-late 50s. If you can provide for her and not get pussywhipped a woman's age doesn't matter. Not that marriage matters unless you're Christian these days.
>>53282 >from the US mil to every podunk sheriff's office Which are all part of the government. If central authority collapses their places in the hierarchy become meaningless and the smart ones will move to establish themselves as regional warlords.
>>53283 Unironically yes Unless you are a pajeet and even then you might have a chance t. saw a local case of an immigrant 'jeet who stabbed his two gf's and got a life sentence for it
Yellen went to china and talked to Liu He (major US-China trade power player), the state media was mocking her statement of "Not going for a situation where one is emperor and one is a vassal". Think of it as saying winner takes all, while saying that the restrictions on US companies was "punitive and arbitrary" despite the US gov starting this round of sanctions. Apparently she didn't get a formal dinner and got the diplomatic face slap. Rumor is she went to China because the Russians said BRICS currency would be gold-backed. Absolute fucking lol since originally she was to come to soothe the Biden comment about Xi being a dictator over. I think this more or less just fanned the flames even more.
>>53313 she didn't look like she was having a fun time. >w-we should not move to decouple >would cause global chaos >and besides that, it's impossible! I suppose "we" might be trying to buy time to get our shit together; which would explain all the saying one thing and doing another. But I still believe it's more likely that this is another part of the years long demoralization show that's designed to cement the idea that we're destined to be 2nd class (at best).
>>53300 I would suggest that the (((banks))) are unofficially the central authority. There's very little daylight between JPM Chase and the US gov't.
Open file (322.90 KB 1351x1440 dims.apnews.jpeg)
Many small mudshit rampages of le peace broke out all over le France during the past 24hrs. I predict that when the globohomo finally pulls the trigger in a decade or so and tries to crash Europe with no White survivors, that the le French will actually fare better, than say, Belgium or The Netherlands. Frenchmen are getting their pumps primed for the race war to come, here and today.
>>53330 This shit is still going?
>>53333 The weather's been nice and there's still plenty of loot to be had from evil racist white shop owners' sundry goods, so why not? The only governmental organization more despised than the French police are the French military, after all.
>>53330 >yfw The Camp of the Saints was the "Sunday school" version of what going to actually happen
>>53191 I saw this over on arfcuck The US Is Building Factories Again, But Who Will Work There? https://archive.is/KYKWe So I guess the plan to restore US industry is through EV factories staffed by foreigners. China better watch out, lol.
>>53373 Since these drones keep using the globohomo's archive.today sites, this is for streloks who are using Tor, or simply refuse to acknowledge cuckflare's very existence. www.bloomberg.com/features/2023-tennessee-ev-investment-education/
Dey Eritrean niggas done did be wilin on dem poleeze in Germany sheeeeeit. Maybe TPTB are going to ramp up the fun across Europe early? www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-66145900 > #mostlypeaceful #notallniggers #killwhitey
Open file (295.98 KB 566x800 angry.png)
>>53373 >“It’s got a stigma,” Matthew Overbay, director of manufacturing strategy and planning at Nissan, says of the industry. “Everybody sees it as, that’s what my grandparents did,” he says. “There’s an image of what a factory is, and nobody wants to go do that.” Holy fuck how wrong this nigger is. It doesn't have a stigma because their grandparents did it, it has a stigma because these chucklefucks shipped their grandparents' jobs overseas to avoid paying pensions and then wanted to pay minimum wage when they got brought back domestically. Holy fuck I hate my industry. Like every other job shortage in America, there isn't a shortage of willing workers there's a shortage of companies willing to pay livable wages for the locations their facilities are in.
>>53438 You're not wrong but some of those old pensions were pretty wild, especially public sector. I always wonder what sort of growth expectations they were predicated upon (if any). Did they watch too many Jetson's cartoons and think we'd have cities in the sky, flying cars, and robot maids? It's like trying to jumpstart an industrial revival by making products with raw inputs we can't provide for an end use infrastructure can't support and paying for it with government funny money (all the while shunning an established and actually viable indigenous option).
>>53445 NTA but >You're not wrong but some of those old pensions were pretty wild, especially public sector. I always wonder what sort of growth expectations they were predicated upon (if any). Did they watch too many Jetson's cartoons and think we'd have cities in the sky, flying cars, and robot maids? Pretty much? The actual beliefs of the investor classes are represented by the stock market (and value investors etc. are an extreme minority) so if there's an explosively growing bubble you'd expect to see (the same people) spending ten times as much on company assets like employees as they're actually worth when they're buying into companies for ten times their book value because there's a "growth story". If a company is doing well (because the industry is doing well) and you're the kind of person who buys high and sells low (which most people are) you're going to expect it to do commensurately better as you pour money into it going forwards. >But “for the first time in a long time I’m competing against employers” too[sic] The absolute state of journalism >>53373 >perfectly functional text and primary-domain images article on a site that doesn't discriminate against bots and is 80% functional with no js etc. >Post a link to a google captcha instead I hate you niggers so much it's unreal go back It's not even back to reddit because at least the old redditors hated this shit too and built alternatives to the new frontend for reddit it's back to 2020s social media
Open file (413.61 KB 925x866 ClipboardImage.png)
>>53446 >perfectly functional text and primary-domain images article on a site that doesn't discriminate against bots and is 80% functional with no js etc. Hello, glownigger.
>>53445 >You're not wrong but some of those old pensions were pretty wild, especially public sector. I don't disagree with that and glownigger-kun laid out the "why" of that. The pensions weren't sustainable, but the point is moreso that instead of meeting their obligations or admitting their obligations weren't possible they just fired everyone and shipped the jobs to third world countries. Even if the kids today weren't alive for that, they remember the stories of their grandparents/parents being laid off and how company loyalty is dead, so there is a stigma about going back to work for the companies that royally fucked over your elders at one of the most crucial points in their lives (retirement or beginning parenthood). It's kind of like how during the 07/08 recession construction companies basically just fired all of their workers and now with record shortages, construction companies and construction-adjacent trades companies bitch and complain that all their workers learned to code or learned to do something else when they were out of work for months/years and how now there's a stigma about working for the industry (which pays the same rates they paid a decade ago despite inflation). Economic viability is understandable for laying off workers, but companies shouldn't expect workers to just come back when they cockslapped them in the face repeatedly and then proceed to cockslap their kids with laughable wages when they do tentatively look into it. The issue is the only ways to really fix this and return trust in workers are either new co-op companies promising a percentage of profits later in exchange for low wages now, which have a bad reputation because of the lawyers the brass ends up hiring, unions which have a bad tendency of turning into amorphous eldritch horrors as soon as the first generation of workers is no longer in the union president's chair, or the company taking a hit to profits temporarily which is somehow considered the most insane of those three proposals because of shareholder investors. Subsidizing education works in the short-term but just creates an excess of workers without the company funds to hire them in the long-term. We need a banking/stock market collapse to restore confidence in our workforce by bankrupting publicly traded companies.
In order to not bitch and moan without solutions, as a counter-example of an industry that actually does their workers right without all of the above, the oil and natural gas industry has largely kept their workers employed through thick and thin. When lay-offs happened they happened to the top brass first and then trickled down. They have a very low retention rate because of the difficulty of work and risk involved, but they pay well and have a meritocratic system. When they have to cut costs they look for ways for workers to make back those costs instead of just firing people, they house their workers during the work and pay overtime as necessary because it ensures good work. Even if they "lose money" on their workers they still earn money off the product, and they try to relocate or temporarily demote workers when they have to lay off staff before considering firing people outright. They fight tooth and nail against workman's comp, but they also quickly pay it out if it's clear the company was at fault in order to make sure the worker comes back to work when they are healed instead of feeling demoralized. I've been told steel work and domestic water freight is in a similar boat. For some reason the industries that are domestic and can't be outsourced all managed to figure this shit out and don't have issues of lack of workers available even when they treat their workers poorly because they pay decent wages and act responsibly.
>>53448 >>53449 You're brushing aside the fundamental problem here which is the regulation of the industry itself. Automobiles are way more regulated than firearms or drugs; some asshole in his garage can bang out a car but he can't sell it in white market, regulatorily compliant kind of way. >We need a banking/stock market collapse to restore confidence in our workforce by bankrupting publicly traded companies. Even if the current metastatic supercancers died it wouldn't change anything. It's terrible that companies are trying to invent new electric engines to make and sell a car when it (making a car) is something we've been able to do in a mass production kind of way since the 20s and a fairly small business could easily do just that with how far automation has come, but there's no point; it's not legally a car, you can't sell it and have it used as a car. The reason why manufacturing is a second thought is because the actual industry is regulatory compliance; it's the same sort of bullshit as pharmacology R&D. If it wasn't someone would undercut the market (car parts are not being sold anywhere near the cost of labor + materials), whether from inside the country or otherwise (and of course, hicks etc. do in a chopshop kind of way but aren't a relevant market force in those areas under rule of law). The reason people haven't is because they can't (legally i.e. in a way that can be scaled up easily) because they aren't allowed to. Oil and natural gas are kept honest, and regulators are kept honest, because what they deal in is fungible and so domestic producers are directly competing with foreign producers. I can tell you that the working conditions you're describing extend more or less fully to shitholes like south asia because I get stockholder reports from those companies and the actual nature of the work demands those practices. Supermassive companies like shell have the worst records but even they are beholden to the actual process of extracting or not extracting oil. >>53438 Niggerman's job title is >director of manufacturing strategy and planning and he's giving an interview to bloomberg. He doesn't talk to people that make cars. He probably doesn't talk to people that talk to people that make cars, at best he probably talks to people who talk to people who design cars. I don't think that he actually believes it has a stigma, and I don't think that it actually does. I'd be blown away if people actually cared about (or were aware of) employee relations issues from thirty years ago or more. >>53447 Hey kiddo/agent, you forgot to sign out of google (mozilla?) There IS actually a suspicious activity page, incidentally, but it's just bitching about invalid referral links the same way manga scraper sites do, and copypasting the direct link to the article itself works every time
>>53458 That first one seems to have the earmarks of Divine insta-judgement. 2nd one is a great example of how the globohomo transports their rabblerouser pets into locations they want to degenerate with brown hordes. Does anyone seriously think that loudmouth nigger is a Syrian child refugee of peace? Soros and his cronies pay these niggers bank BTW. They're not doing it for free.
>>53387 Unsold electric cars are piling up on dealer lots https://www.axios.com/2023/07/10/unsold-electric-cars-are-piling-up-on-dealer-lots https://archive.is/yQ0qm >It's a "Field of Dreams" moment for automakers making big bets on electrification — they've built the cars, and now they're waiting for buyers to come, says Jonathan Gregory, senior manager of economic and industry insights at Cox Automotive. >EV sales, which account for about 6.5% of the U.S. auto market so far this year, are expected to surpass 1 million units for the first time in 2023, Cox forecasts. >A Cox survey found that 51% of consumers are now considering either a new or used EV, up from 38% in 2021. >The nationwide supply of EVs in stock has swelled nearly 350% this year, to more than 92,000 units. >That's a 92-day supply — roughly three months' worth of EVs, and nearly twice the industry average. >For comparison, dealers have a relatively low 54 days' worth of gasoline-powered vehicles in inventory as they rebound from pandemic-related supply chain interruptions. Better?
>>53465 >how the globohomo transports their rabblerouser pets into locations they want to degenerate with brown hordes During the 2020 chimpouts It was disclosed that they have "community organizer" outposts seeded throughout the country to function as forward ops when dial-a-protest is desired (IIRC, it was Open Society?). Despite that, I noticed it took about 48hrs for them to bus in reinforcements and start mayhem in earnest (save for places like Portland where rioting is a local pastime).
>>53488 Of course now that Biden's in charge, racism has ended
>>53373 >>53487 The big problem with EVs is that it doesn't mesh well with the American public and how they drive part of that being that the process of "refueling" an EV is more obnoxious than going to buy gas and even at best breaks everyone's workflow. For EVs to take off one or more of 3 or 4 things needs to happen. >EV's need to have swap able batteries and instead of going for a recharge it's like swapping out your propane tank This is probably a logistical nightmare in itself. >EVs need to ditch batteries and go to hydrogen fuel cells Probably a better choice but you still need to build the hydrogen infrastructure, including generation plants. >you need to convince the Americans to start driving smaller cars Much smaller cars. EVs would work to some extent if everyone went to eBussys and Kei cars but it ain't going to pan out as long as Americans keep driving civilian APCs to the supermarket. Yhe only other thing would be >if either the cost of gas or the availability of gas drives Americans to EVs out of necessity
Open file (429.95 KB 2200x1757 492rrrr3MEME150523.jpg.jpeg)
>>53509 >>if either the cost of gas or the availability of gas drives Americans to EVs out of necessity I vote #4. TSHIGTHTF economically over the next year or two, and when it does gas will skyrocket as the baseline price index. Once Russia wins this shitfest in earnest, the world will also start to shit BRICs, oil will be bought and sold with gold, and the petrodollar will go up in flames. Good times will ensue ofc. >
>>53488 >IIRC, it was Open Society? Yes, I think that was (and is) it. The scope of this has expanded well-beyond Soros to many others controlling the Globohomo, now that the first 3 """trial runs""" (chimpouts, coronahoax, deadly vaxx) have all gone swimmingly and even better than planned. Now it's on to phase two it seems. Europe is clearly in the sights now.
Open file (52.20 KB 1200x628 ebussy.jpg)
>>53515 Even then you'll still have to convince/mandate Americans to stuff themselves into Bussys and to abandon the very concept of the electric Aztek or the hybrid triple extended cab truck.
>>53518 Why's that Strelok? When the price of a gallon of gas goes past US$100, I'm sure the """Americans""" (including the actual Americans) will figure it out all on their own w/o any special mandates by the Filthy Commies' Uniparty regime.
>>53487 What'a especially bad news for EVs is that unlike gas vehicles that depreciate in value from speculation/demand in storage, EVs literally depreciate in value because of how battery cells work. Color me shocked that consumers don't want to spend a premium on an EV that can't be fixed at home but will settle for better mileage on a fixable hybrid. >>53519 That's not how the market works and gas won't reach those "tangible" values for another century. The only way you're getting $100/gallon gas is with hyperinflation where your cigarettes cost $700 and your T-shirts cost $2000. >>53509 >Hydrogen infrastructure Yeah let's all drive cars that literally explode when the fuel catches fire instead of burning up the hydrocarbons/lithium. Sounds great. >Muh steam not hydrogen gas Even worse if you've ever seen a steam explosion.
>>53520 >The only way you're getting $100/gallon gas is with hyperinflation where your cigarettes cost $700 and your T-shirts cost $2000. Exactly so. Better prepare your angus, fren. :^)
>>53520 >What'a especially bad news for EVs is that unlike gas vehicles that depreciate in value from speculation/demand in storage, EVs literally depreciate in value because of how battery cells work. Cars with internal combustion engines get filled up in the factory with all the fluids they need (oils, lubricants, water for cooling, etc) in the factory, and storing them like that for years on end can ruin the engine, simply because those fluids need to circulate a bit. Replacing a battery that is most likely meant to be replaced anyway is child's play compared to salvaging a modern car's engine, especially at the scale we are discussing here.
>>53520 >Yeah let's all drive cars that literally explode when the fuel catches fire Gasoline's not exactly non flammable. And as far as electrics go, If I have to choose I'd prefer to deal with a hydrogen fire than a metal fire. As far as fuel cell fuel options go, some of the more advanced membranes can run directly off of alcohols.
>>53525 The only two fluids not in an EV are engine oil (arguably still untrue) and gasoline/diesel. Both of those can by cycled and drained with relative ease by any mechanic. You aren't removing Lithium Ion batteries that large from an EV without having to deal with arc flash concerns and at that point you need a specialized electrician ($$$), not a junkyard auto mechanic draining shit into a pan.
>>53529 >Batteries The Chinese have it automated with a robot arm thingy. Lift the entire car up, remove some bolts, and it slides ride out of the car with as the underpan. I think the cars are cheaper now since you "loan" recharged batteries I'm not sure about feasibility in the USA due to the changing equipment cost and the fact that you'd get someone who would sue you since the battery isn't exactly as spec charge due to the age of it. I also expect the lobbies to keep cars the same price while jacking up the battery cost. >>53527 >Fuel cells I was going to argue biodiesels since burgers go through fried shit like Biden does crackwhores. That or a one cylinder "starter" engine with a Protonic ceramic fuel cell running at 400C+
Open file (363.03 KB 1200x675 gasbag.jpeg)
>>53519 Fuck all that. I'm hoarding buckets and plastic bags for when the pipelines rupture and tankers overturn. $100/gal? NO! FREE GAS!
>>53564 Lol. I imagine he didn't make it 10 miles before the first ones began to spill from getting dissolved. BTW, you remember all the cartel thefts of tankers in South America a few years back? Yeah, gas will become more pricey much faster than say ciggs or T-shirts will.
>>53568 >Cartel theft of tankers Because they could smuggle them into Brazil to get around the sanctions and turn a hefty profit. You don't understand economics.
>>53569 Duh, I know why they did it. The point is what all the thefts did to the price of gas in the region. They shot skyhigh. Supply & Demand. Economics 10lolol bro. :^)
>>53570 I suppose the saying about how if you wrestle with a pig you're going to just get covered in mud and shit remains true.
>>53487 I would buy one, if the damn thing was FOSS.
>>53572 I guess that explains the smell when you showed up ITT? >brb an shower :^) >>53573 >I would buy one, if the damn thing was FOSS. This is an important point. Like every other thing with electronics, it soon become de rigueur for the Globohomo to brick your gear whenever you fail to remain a good little goyim. The DIY Ethos has never been more important than it is today, and this will only increase until TEOTWAWKI.
Open file (217.12 KB 709x475 cocaine.png)
So how much would they pay me to say it was my cocaine in the WW? Did I miss the boat?
>>53573 >>53577 Worth a read. It's about the telemetry in modern vehicles. "Dear Counsel for Vehicle Manufacturers: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is sending this letter to advise vehicle manufacturers of their obligations under the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Safety Act), 49 C.F.R. Chapter 301, in light of a Massachusetts law that NHTSA believes poses significant safety concerns. That law, previously known as SD645 and now codified at Chapter 93K of the Massachusetts General Laws (the Data Access Law), requires open remote access to vehicle telematics. 1 As explained below, the Data Access Law conflicts with and therefore is preempted by the Safety Act. While NHTSA has stressed that it is important for consumers to continue to have the ability to choose where to have their vehicles serviced and repaired, consumers must be afforded choice in a manner that does not pose an unreasonable risk to motor vehicle safety. 2 In this case, NHTSA previously described its serious safety concerns with the Data Access Law’s requirement of open remote access in a filing in pending federal district court litigation that challenges the law. Alliance for Automotive Innovation v. Campbell, Case No. 1:20-cv-12090, Dkt. No. 202 (D.Mass) (“United States’ Statement of Interest”). 3 The open remote access to vehicle telematics effectively required by this law specifically entails “the ability to send commands.” 4 Open access to vehicle manufacturers’ telematics offerings with the ability to remotely send commands allows for manipulation of systems on a vehicle, including safety-critical functions such as steering, acceleration, or braking, as well as equipment required by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) such as air bags and electronic stability control. A malicious actor here or abroad could utilize such open access to remotely command vehicles to operate dangerously, including attacking multiple vehicles concurrently. 5 Vehicle crashes, injuries, or deaths are foreseeable outcomes of such a situation." I'm guessing I bitched up the formatting
>>53590 Thanks Strelok.
>>53577 >The DIY Ethos has never been more important than it is today It's fucking required these days, especially when most of the local companies want top dollar for a residential job and then send a crew of illegals in a cargo van featuring out of state plates and a magnetic company sign crookedly slapped on the side. and the city code guys won't bother them, but god help you if you wire in an exterior light without certs and a pulling a permit
>>53632 Protip for any Streloks living in an area with property tax, don't do anything to the exterior of your house that's not for necessary or functional purposes. My coworker made the mistake of cleaning up part of his back yard and making a patio to grill on and they jacked up his property value by about 7K. They can already arbitrarily raise your effective taxes by (((reassessing))) your home, don't give them an excuse to do so even more.
>>53683 Stuff like that makes me want to start digging and become a mole person living in the Earth.
>>53692 >unironically posting zerohedge If their articles were right instead of being boomer doomer slop the economy would have crashed 10 times already in the past 10 years.
>>53693 >boomer >doomer You may choose only one.
Open file (62.11 KB 250x331 img_050.jpg)
Paul Harrel has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Announced it in his latest video
>>53695 Thanks for the news Strelok. Let's pray he be healed.
>>53695 Damn.
>>53695 Shit hope he pulls through.
>>53330 >Frenchmen are getting their pumps primed for the race war to come, here and today. Apparently correct. Turns out that 73% [1] of the French (read: 100% of whites) are opposed to the foreign invaders of peace having French citizenship now. Interesting times are ahead for Europe. 1. www.cnews.fr/france/2023-07-12/sondage-73-des-francais-favorables-la-decheance-de-nationalite-francaise-des
Open file (256.00 KB 1920x1080 AA1dYpUK.jpeg)
Open file (256.00 KB 1920x1080 AA1dYpUM.jpeg)
Open file (256.00 KB 1920x1080 AA1dYpUS.jpeg)
Oopsie! "Cleanup on aisle Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Herb!" I suppose derailing toxic-chemical-laden trains is permanantly on the menu in Burgerland now, or what?
>>53771 There are supposedly around 1,000 derailments a year in Burgerland. So it seems to have been a thing all along.
>>53773 X to doubt. I'm curious what the burn-rate on these things is from the NTSB records?
>>53771 Are there any derailment near farming lands owned by bill gates?
>>53777 >I'm curious what the burn-rate on these things is from the NTSB records? In all your counting, better add up how many non-train chemical disasters have taken place under the (((current administration))) over the past couple years, such as this one from a few days ago: https://twitter.com/rawsalerts/status/1680073339488927745 Seemingly an unusually-high number of chemical trucks have crashed/exploded as well.
>>53778 I don't know Anon. Sounds like the kind of question a data-rich AI might answer sufficiently well. Maybe try You Chat?
>>53771 >derailments Another explanation for this other than the glowing which is plausible is that the rail industry sucks and is cutting corners, the rail unions don't give a shit (remember the strike?), and the system s old as shit, build during the civil war era and in need for an overhaul. Just look at how India gets massive incidents because they haven't revamped the system since before the British left. >>53762 For all you non baguette speakers. >Are you for or against the revocation of French nationality for (((dual))) nationals who participated in the riots >73% For, 27% oppose I can only make out part of the bottom line. "Poll conducted ... 12 June 2023 .. of 1 (digit interval) of people 18+. The source for the paragraph below is more interesting though. >Pic related Red means no, blue means yes. Grey means declined to answer. From top to bottom on the poll Total, all men, all women, total under 35, 18 to 24, 25 to 34, , 35 to 49, total 50 and above, 50 to 64, total 64 and plus I have no idea what CSP means but it is some sort of activity. maybe politically affiliated or voting. Are french women based????? I don't know since we do not have a gender based age breakdown. I suspect the younger women are more in favor. Even by the breakdown of political affiliations they are fucked. The left, "center" (left lite), and right all agree on this, The only ones who don't in there are The Greens who are a leftist ecological group of cucks so no surprise there. Surprisingly the greens used to be self hating -jew or a gayop, cue whose jewing who picture. The co-founder Ginette Skandrani (jew) was involved with AAARGH (Association des anciens amateurs de récits de guerres et d'holocaustes, or Association of Veterans of War and Holocaust Narratives) and who kikepedia claims to be connected to the founder of Radio Islam.
>>53773 Most of those derailment are at rail yards while shuffling rail cars around not while the trail is traveling, so at low speeds and not that spectacular hence you'll never hear about it. In most cases they can tip the cars back onto the tracks with a crane without major damage. >>53777 >I'm curious what the burn-rate on these things is from the NTSB records? Don't know the real numbers but I'd guess 1/100 to 1/50 perhaps? The low speed derailments at train yards I mentioned aren't really going to create a ton of ignition sources (sparks from impact or glowing hot metal from friction) aside from electrical maybe. Then it's only tanker cars with flammable stuff that are going to cause a large fires, these are not exactly rare but it's a fraction of all trains. Stack those odds together and shit like Ohio are once in a blue moon accidents you hear about. Not to say say it's all honkey dorey, like >>53784 says there's more than a fair share of problems and issues since companies are run by greedy bean counters who are insulated from the consequences and unions are corrupt. >>53780 >Seemingly an unusually-high number of chemical trucks have crashed/exploded as well. As always road vehicles dwarf all the other stats when it comes to safety and not in a good way
>>53793 >Stack those odds together and shit like Ohio are once in a blue moon accidents you hear about. The feds intentionally ignited East Palestine though.
>>53806 ohio also keeps getting the (((smoke))) from canada or whatever new shit they claim it is they really dont like the 'heart' of america
>>53784 >Another explanation for this other than the glowing which is plausible is that the rail industry sucks and is cutting corners, the rail unions don't give a shit (remember the strike?) The day after Biden announced he'd force an "agreement" NFS train had an engine malfunction which resulted in blocking/splitting my hometown in half for several hours. I was listening to their radio traffic and it was obvious they were just playing games. >Hey we got an engine overheating >oh nooo, we'll send a helper engine. ETA 60min >90min later: new idea, we'll send one from the other side. it's 45min out >Ahh shit, big snarl in the yard, we gotta sort this out before we can move it back >Hours later: you know what? let's just move it down to XYZ instead with helper engine #1
>>53819 The other interesting part was a complete lack of communication with local police. They only found out about it from people calling in to bitch.
>>53820 >>53819 Sounds Like union modus operandi.
Some burger defected (?) to Best Korea?? Supposedly they were to be sent back because a of a "disciplinary issue" whatever that means. https://www.bbc.com/news/live/world-asia-66234882 >A US soldier is being held in North Korea after crossing the border without authorization, reports say >The soldier was being escorted back to the US for disciplinary reasons before they turned around at the airport and joined a border tour, an official tells CBS News >A witness who was part of the same tour group tells CBS the soldier laughed before running in between some buildings towards North Korea >"I thought it was a bad joke at first, but when he didn't come back, I realised it wasn't a joke," the witness says >"We are working with our KPA (Korean People's Army) counterparts to resolve this incident," the UN Command, which operates the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea, says >BBC News has contacted the US Department of State for comment >The US national who has been detained is a soldier, according to CBS News, the BBC's partner in the US. >The soldier was being escorted back to the US for disciplinary reasons, but after going through airport security they somehow returned and joined a tour at the border, a US official told CBS. >Two US officials speaking on condition of anonymity separately told the Reuters news agency that the detained person is a soldier.
>>53823 not many countries to hide from without being extradited back to the US.
>>53823 They've ID'd him: >The soldier who crossed into North Korea is Private 2nd Class Travis King, officials have told the BBC's US partner CBS News
>>53824 I think the primary concern is that he didn't defect and if he causes any problems on the Nork side that could be considered a war provocation. >>53823 America can't even track their illegals I am unsurprised they can't track their zoomers.
>>53793 Haha, it was a pun, particularly apropos in East Palestine's railway chemical disaster's case. The claim by the other strelok that 'oh, this is a common everyday affair, and nothing to be alarmed over goy...guys' was the reason for pointing out the unusual spike in chemical-related disasters under the current regime of the Usurper-in-Chief's (((cabinet))). That the feds intentionally ignited this shit on the unprepared, mid-western American people is quite telling. Clearly something's rotten in Denmark, as the saying goes. :^)
A larger-than-average number of incidents doesn't mean intentional government fuckups. There is massive infrastructure rot and incompetence across the board from most big companies being regulatory-compliance groups rather than providing a product/service.
>>53806 >The feds intentionally ignited East Palestine though. >>53829 >That the feds intentionally ignited this shit on the unprepared, mid-western American people is quite telling. Not to be dense but.. why? It can understand retaliation by the union a la >>53819 but wtf do the feds have to gain from it?
>>53832 >but wtf do the feds have to gain from it? Ever read the Lord of the Rings trilogy? If not, you might read the penultimate chapter of the last book to get some possible insights as to why they would do so, i.e., similar to Saruman's motivations there.
>>53823 Reuters has posted a picture of the US army retard who crossed the DMZ. His mother said he dindu nutin and he was a good boy. Therefore to nobody's surprise, turns out he's a nigger. Apparently he was in the 1st Armored as cav scout reconnaissance specialist. I guess that's why they never found the WMDs in Iraq. Turns out his military record was probably pretty shit, stuck at E-2 after 3 years. After a brief search: >The rank of PV2 is attained by all those soldiers who graduate basic training and their advanced individual training (AIT) and arrive and integrate into an active Unit in the United States Army. >The rank of PFC is attained by all Privates Second Class after a year in service or earlier at the request of superiors as a reward for sustained good performance. So the timeline is now this: >Get arrested for for punching some Korean at a nightclub and taking on the police >Fined 3k and stuck in jail for 2 month >Spend a week under "military observation" >Was supposed to get shipped back to Ft. Bliss >Skipped flight at Incheon > Previously signed up for a DMZ tour >Cross the DMZ laughing >??? >Causes an international incident >Mother: But muh son dindu nutin! He was a good boy! This is the burger brainrot on diversity and niggerworship He probably would've just been a McNamara's moron in the vietnam days
Open file (13.55 KB 474x248 1.jpg)
Open file (11.14 KB 474x266 2.jpg)
>>53842 >Forgot 2 images Fug
>>53842 >not even best korea want niggers HeH
Open file (294.46 KB 1200x1622 471m3MEME270223.jpg)
>>53844 What are you thinking Strelok? Especially Best Korea doesn't!
>>53842 >when BLMarxists have brainwashed idiots to the point of thinking that the world's strictest communist regime is better to negroes than any western or quasi-western country These faggots drink their own kool-aid don't they?
Open file (88.70 KB 1393x690 microwhore.png)
Open file (208.52 KB 770x1221 microshaft.jpeg)
Open file (94.50 KB 991x515 microwhore2.png)
The true ascension of fifth generation warfare? Control the media, control the mind Fifth generation warfare is upon us, streloks. An unholy union of Microshit, BBC, jewtel, Arm, Adobe have formed a group called "Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity" (C2PA) back in 2021 ( https://c2pa.org/ ) which is now testifying in front of congress on using metadata and secure algorithms to prevent AI generated shit from being "Fake news". Some key points: The "Harms modelling" PDF notes several of the risks in this and deliberately downplays a few" >Political dissidents being tracked through C2PA manifest repositories, or 'bad actors' demanding manifest repositories to release sensitive information Impact scale and likely hood "low" >Forced association (Requiring participation in the use of technology or surveillance to take part in society) De facto inclusion and participation obligation in marketplaces for creative content or journalistic content or for better algorithmic ranking on social media sites which disproportionately excludes global populations, marginalized communities and non-mainstream media who do not have access to relevant tools, or cannot consistently use tools because of privacy or other reasons Severity, scale and likelyhood: Low, frequency: High >Loss of freedom of movement or assembly to navigate the physical or virtual world with desired anonymity C2PA-enabled systems that utilize a real-name identity or other real-world profile provide a mechanism to connect movement in space to an individual via C2PA metadata Severity: Low. Scale: Low. Likelyhood: Low. frequency: High This one is straight up bullshit. There will be an "optional" signing feature using your government issued ID. They'll scrape the metadata like the good kikes they are. >Similarly, certain C2PA claim generators may allow content creators, including civic, community and independent media, to sign manifests with their personal certificates associated with their IDs. Although guidance to allow for anonymity and pseudonymity has been issued, specification-compliant tools may sell information to third-parties, or not follow user experience guidance meant to empower users to retain control of their information. Microshit is working on using AI to replace content moderators from pajeets, and is trying to get hardware implimentations globally. https://www.pcworld.com/article/1923811/microsoft-will-id-its-ai-art-with-a-hidden-watermark.html https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/cognitive-services/content-safety/transparency-note >Pic related >The concern over AI content has become so critical that camera makers Leica and Nikon are building the C2PA standard directly into cameras to authenticate images as real, and not AI-generated, according to Adobe. Some quotes from the congressional testimony. >Microsoft:"reputation management systems" for media uploaded online. "There's nothing wrong with misinformation, there's something wrong in not knowing where it comes from." >Universal Music Group:"We should use metadata to see what is used in ML since that is likely "violative [sic] so that we must bring them to the negotiating table" >Adobe: "We propose that congress should impose a new 'anti-impersonation' right, that would give artists a right to assert against someone intentionally attempting to impersonate their style or likeness" Not only will you not own anything and be happy, you will be forced to keep electronic devices logged in 24/7 on you on the threat of being "misinformation" or "harmful" and everything will be use against you. If the Constitution wasn't toilet paper already, the 5th and 4th amendments sure as fuck are because "It's a private company not the guberment!" retards led us here.
>>53949 It's significant to mention that all of these nerds have been btfo in the courts in europe (not that they comply), hence why they mention right to forget etc. It's most likely this group is some parts posturing and some parts laying the groundwork for collaboration on future test cases but I don't think it really makes any difference. >Azure AI >Azure Oh look, it's literally PhotoDNA They (supposedly, I don't know anyone who uses it so I cant' say whether or not it actually exists) started rolling out PhotoDNA for videos back in 2018, and it was described as just using the PhotoDNA hashing, so for all intents and purposes this has already existed and it's literally just the same thing. This is build into bing, win10+ (cloud? photo viewer?), and most other applicable microshit services as far as I'm aware. Incidentally, I didn't remember seeing this back in the day I guess because they organization wouldn't stand out to me: >A recent survey of survivors of child sexual abuse from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection found that the online sharing of images and videos documenting crimes committed against them intensified feelings of shame, humiliation, vulnerability and powerlessness. As one survivor was quoted in the report: “The abuse stops and at some point also the fear for abuse; the fear for the material never ends.” The largest child-porn spam campaign in recent history with a known source was literally carried out by the canadian centre for child protection (against iqdb). Is the perfidious leaf (in collaboration with Big Tech or perhaps literally just microshit) literally responsible for all the cp bots and it's not even like actual federales doing lazy honeypotting? I ask this mostly because I never hear about it being used in arrests even though it's such a perfect excuse to blacksite anyone and it suggests to me that they actually can't do jack fucking shit and it's just used as an excuse for some bureaucracy in canada to grow ever more malignant and for MS et al. to collect ever more (meta)data on user(media).
Open file (180.10 KB 386x406 ?.png)
>>53951 >The largest child-porn spam campaign in recent history with a known source was literally carried out by the canadian centre for child protection (against iqdb). >against iqdb What is the point of trying to spam that site? Even if something comes out of it, that just means they can prosecute any search engine, because people can use them to search for cheesy pizza, even if it shows no results. Although, we are speaking about the nation that gave us the genius who invented water armour, so maybe I am the faggot for trying to understand it..
>>53957 >why attack IQDB Probably copyright or that they want to force IQDB into compliance with shit like they did with pornhub. Or the whole lolicon = pizza argument. Don't use regular logic to understand these braindead zombies >>53951 I'm 99% sure this cp thing is being pushed at the angle to where they won't have to find the file itself or plant it to frame you if you pirate shit, after all those companies are all major copyright players (especially adobe/ UMC). They'll just claim it was CP because muh metadata said so... Considering that there's no legal defense to CP in many states since it's a strict liability offense. It would surely raise questions in the courts if you could show you never interacted with the known sources of the files and if they were from a guberment collection of busts, rather than "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, the metadata tag matches a known cp file (without showing the file or the origin)".
Open file (325.61 KB 1456x1455 Untitled - Copy.jpg)
>>53957 >Even if something comes out of it, that just means they can prosecute any search engine CCCP (lol) aren't even LEA or an arm of government, they're a partnered non-profit. The most benign reason would just be for the sake of public exposure so they can make a big show of hand-wringing and try to rake in the gibs from rich losers they can swindle with their paid-for studies (which contradict all of the research studies from the 2010s that I can remember) or companies that want to virute signal. The fact that they're being mentioned by name by PhotoDNA blogposts linking to their studies as justification and that they're officially partnered with groups suggests that it's probably more likely that they were asked to target that site and their primary purposes as an organization are to spread cp as well as to demonize it. >What is the point of trying to spam that site? It's a competitor to image search engines I guess? If you consider that image search/reverse image search is mostly bing (MS)/google/yandex and that the gulf between them and the small numbers of serivces like tineye, iqdb etc. it could be part of a concerted effort to completely corner the market by trying to get alternatives to their search engines regulated out of existance. If the >they in >that just means they can prosecute any search engine Is/includes microsoft, that's really fucking good for MS. It's even probably seen as good if they have to share the spot with other AI developers i.e. major big tech companies and can enforce a cartel situation where first AI development (which has had a lot of artificial hubub) and later things that can be shoehorned under it's umbrella (like moderating user content or moderating searched content) can be regulated out of any kind of open competition with companies that aren't already supermassive (and potentially as a shield to stop ones that are forcing their way into the market). Will any of this succeed and if it does will it be in a way that's actually profitable? I honestly don't think so, but when monopoly status is your entire business plan I can understand going for it. Plus, the powers that be of big tech seem to have gay nigger blood that drives them to do this kind of dumb shit purely from the love of being gay niggers. >>53970 But 100% of that they can do right now. PhotoDNA is supposed to create a series of hashes for e.g. edge detection to confirm that it's known CSAM that has been digitally manipulated i.e. they can claim anything they want matches it. Clearly either it doens't stand up in court or they haven't tried. I still don't really understand what's supposed to be different other than they're just rebranding an existing product with the >muh AI marketing shit and possibly expanding the collaboration (I don't know that these people weren't already in on it
>he powers that be of big tech seem to have gay nigger blood that drives them to do this kind of dumb shit purely from the love of being gay niggers. Forgot to add, companies like patreon and paypal were trying to ban anime and altporn (from themselves) seemingly at a great loss and to considerable negative press and lasting damage to especially patreon's future userbase, seemingly for purely ideological reasons. They just really are dumb assholes. I guess if you're elected/inherit/otherwise end up running that sort of company there's no reason to expect that you'd be an absolute egoist kike or honest actor in the interest of shareholders as opposed to simply a dumb asshole that absolutely goes to town on the koolaid fountain.
Open file (113.67 KB 480x360 wew.mp4)
>>53949 >There's nothing wrong with misinformation coulda stopped right there LMAO
>>53973 >patreon and paypal were trying to ban anime and altporn Lmao, looks like we know whose companies the goons eventually took over. Looks like something awful's legacy still remains to this day.
>>53973 >> powers that be of big tech There is no such thing. https://graymirror.substack.com/p/big-tech-has-no-power-at-all The few apparent exceptions do not have power or privileges as "big tech", but as power of different nature sticking its snout into "big tech". CIAggle began to glow visibly before it began to flex its muscles, and Microdick was not above whipping until it became a run-of-the-mill property of globohomo oligarchy, with Bill having his own Foundation, hugging S*r*s, etc.
>>53989 If you could stick to the topic (or present your own) instead of jumping on key phrases that trigger something in the little frog brain you've got like a fucking six year old that'd be great
Open file (884.26 KB 1080x970 ClipboardImage.png)
Interesting choice of bludgeoning weapon, would using his meat rapier instead be more effective?
Open file (367.15 KB 320x240 nigger_alarm.gif)
Open file (121.48 KB 800x533 gibs.jpeg)
The U.S. government via its embassy has ordered all its citizens in Haiti to scram ASAP, which is understandable but comes as a surprise after not doing it for starters when the whole gang Defcon 4/5 happened some months ago; perhaps something is up, either escalated violence or daylight children kidnapping by non-black people. Wonder if people remember when some politicians threw shade at that half of the island and the influencers started filming themselves in the resort beaches to show it was safe.
Open file (459.35 KB 640x480 Toriyama_nigger.png)
>>53842 >be nigger >join army for gubmint benefits >purposefully stay at almost lowest rank >get cushy job in Korea >think you're invincible >punch Korean in bar (probably woman not giving sex) >get in trouble >given slap on the wrist in biggest matriarchy on Earth >think you'll get a dishonorable discharge for doing something soldiers do every day >get retarded idea to turn yourself into a celebrity >try your hardest not to nig out for a week >skip flight >sign up for DMZ tour >walk across the DMZ laughing >think you'll be treated like a hero by America's enemies >think you'll get to ball with Rodman and the Bulls >likely imprisoned and treated worse on the other side >probably would have been reassigned to Germany where you could rape a woman and get away with it
When does the beginnings of the German rapings begin? https://www.dw.com/en/germany-women-in-military-bundeswehr/a-66376261
We Need a Limited Military Draft >https://www.military.com/daily-news/opinions/2023/07/29/we-need-limited-military-draft.html https://archive.fo/TOd8h >We should have our military recruiters sign up new troops for 11 months out of the year, and then have the Selective Service draft the delta between the military's needs and the total number recruited. >This model would alleviate the incredible pressure on our recruiters, lower the cost of finding new troops, and significantly reduce the much decried civilian-military gap by subjecting all of America's youth -- rich and poor -- to the possibility of military service via the draft. >While the causes of our current recruiting crisis are many, the fastest and best solution lies within our already existing Selective Service System. >And recruitment has risen and fallen with the national unemployment rate. Some background quotes on Joe Plenzler, the author encouraging a draft: https://rollcall.com/2022/07/20/senate-ndaa-to-pentagon-immediately-halt-fight-against-extremism/ >Even a small number of cases can be damaging and deserve attention, just as the small number of spies in the ranks should draw outsized focus, said Joe Plenzler, a Marine Corps veteran and board member of We the Veterans, a group dedicated to fighting extremism and misinformation among veterans and military families. >“Espionage cases are rare but exceptionally damaging to our national security — just like extremism in the ranks,” Plenzler said via email. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and leadership at every level must take care to identify and remove extremists from the military.” I'm assuming this dude is an ethnic jevv
Open file (54.09 KB 460x726 a7qA2Qm_460s.jpg)
Niger has been sanctioned and frozen by France and the EU. Niger is the 3rd largest uranium supplier for France. Up to 75% of all EU uranium supplies come from Kazakhstan, Niger and Canada.
>>54309 Why are they in the "poor little white girl" formation?
Open file (77.00 KB 256x256 ClipboardImage.png)
>>54303 >I'm assuming this dude is an ethnic jevv He doesn't look like one. Maybe a crypto. He seems to be quite well-known in the field, and he seems to think well of Mad Dog. https://web.archive.org/web/20170509213029/https://www.c-span.org/video/?419686-4/washington-journal-joe-plenzler-general-james-mattis
https://www.fitchratings.com/research/sovereigns/fitch-downgrades-united-states-long-term-ratings-to-aa-from-aaa-outlook-stable-01-08-2023 Fun to look at. They're correct about the spending problem, but the proposed solution of raising taxes while weighing ESG non$ense so heavily makes me disregard it.
>>54325 Thanks for going straight to the horse's mouth for this Strelok. China will overtake the US as the world's largest economy (and largest in history) in just a few months. With the new alignments to the East, the financials are in for multiple habbenings tbh.
>>54328 >Chinese growth rate exponentially slowing down >30% youth unemployment who refuse to work in labour positions >while the industrial workforce is rapidly aging We know its you Chang
>>54328 >China will overtake the US as the world's largest economy Maybe. It's tough for me to discern when that might happen because of all the manipulated numbers coming out of both economies. Anecdotally, I still see the plurality of consumer goods coming from China, however there's a noticeable uptick in stuff from Vietnam, Thailand, ect... (which still qualifies as "East"ern economies, but less going directly to the PRC)
>>54328 China will be the world's largest economy the way Juan Pedro Franco is the heaviest man currently alive. It's not a good thing in a world economy built on debt when you can't send debt collectors to every corner.
>>54309 And thats just a beggining! Rwanda invaded Kongo, again Somaliland is kicking ass in Laanglolod or whatever. Kenya to lead international peacekeaping force on Haiti We might need a dedicated Africa thread.
>>54332 >Maybe. This is the prediction of the IMF. The BRICS consortium has never been more prominent, and countries around the world are clamoring for entrance. And entirely separate transaction payment system disconnected from the Western SWIFT, et al. The trust in the US and it's petrodollar has never been weaker after they pigheadedly enacted sanctions against Russia. Sino-Russian relations are never better. Saudi Arabia is purportedly going to begin trading oil for gold. There are clearly indicators afoot. >It's tough for me to discern when that might happen Fair enough. None of us knows the future, but it's apparent what the trend is. Trust in the West is at an all-time low globally. China is clearly advancing. https://twitter.com/commiepommie/status/1654775385966678016
>China is clearly advancing. I don't see how this follows from the rest. China isn't a functional economy with a number of new looming threats, it's a paper-mache abortion with a number of new looming threats. It's ability to still project power despite falling apart is the same as the US, except it's falling apart faster since the US still has functional industries away from the government.
>>54342 Shame
Open file (229.06 KB 1143x1490 1691062648173481.jpg)
It's over
>>54368 Third wave feminism is getting in the way of more important issues. If Anita wants to stay relevant she'll have to start Trans Frequency.
>>54341 >countries around the world are clamoring for entrance There is a big difference between BRICKS and china anon, lot of the most heavy advancement is coming from other economies like >>54332 mentioned, with china itself having little real evidence of massive growth with all its numerous problems abound, mirroring if not dwarfing the west's slightly. I don't doubt china will have a better standing in 5 years unless something catastrophic happens, yet I doubt they will be the true largest single country economy in the world for long at all, and if there isn't some major power change with a leader that knows what he is doing with all their problems, they might not even be a domineering leader for bricks in 20-30 years like the US was for swift.
>>54342 >functional industries away from the government They had those in the great depression didn't they? Guess what happens to industries under crypto commie policies. And that's if automation magically replaces workers fast enough to miss the massive skilled labor loss disaster coming to the 2040 to 2050 post-trans neutering of america.
>>54370 >she'll have to start Trans Frequency. >tfw you were there when Strelok coined a new, ever-more-degenerate term
>>54341 I have no doubts that China's economy will be the largest in the world, anon. What I doubt is that it will tangibly matter. We live in a massive debt bubble and the only reason it works is because America puts pressure on the debtors to keep paying into the system. China is a parasite that latches onto this debtor system to produce very big numbers to gain clout the same way that a vaporware company uses very large investments as clout to get loans. If the US stops giving a shit after the parasite (China) completely overtakes them and crashes the economy, or if BRICS is successful, then currency becomes resource-based rather than debt-based. If global trade is resource-based instead of debt-based, then China's big debt numbers become meaningless and China enters a game of cat and mouse (not unlike the USA) where they must continuously go after their debtors until the unpayable loans are paid off. Unlike the USA, China does not have the naval capabilities to sanction the seas and does not have the air capabilities to bomb other countries (maybe one or two but not half the world) so debtors have no incentive to pay their dues and every incentive to walk out on the debt-economy, shirk their responsibilities, and move over to the resource-economy of exports with countries other than China; even at the cost of the Chinese market. China has resources for sure, and they might be able to eke out #1 in that scenario (resource-economy), but it's a scenario where the gap between #1 and #2 or 5 or 10 is miniscule compared to the large gaps we see today between rankings. On the flip side, America only gets temporarily fucked if the debt bubble pops because the country has tangible resources that are only really locked up behind red tape. Even if the country splits into 2-7 different countries. tl;dr- China is either the #1 holder of debt with no tangible way to enforce it without losing their position, or China is the #1 economy but struggles to compete with #2 through #20 with no real power behind that title. China nambah wan is pointless unless they massively expand their navy and chairforces to 20x-30x+ its current force-projection abroad.
>>54380 >debt argument The thing is that you also need to consider if we're gonna go through a "peaceful" transition like the British did to the US after the Suez incident, a WW2 like sequel, or a full on Bronze age collapse question. In a peaceful scenario China looses the most because of the aging population. It neither can effectively project power nor does it fully control the currency market, and gets double fucked assuming both are competent with pajeets in manufacturing and the US in high tech China wins the most out of a WW2 sequel if it sits on the sidelines until the end because everyone would likely just be bombed back to the stone age (assuming we don't go full nuclear MAD). Resources are plentiful and it wins sheerly by the massive weight of it's industry. A bronze age collapse nobody survives well, maybe except beaners, niggers, and southeast asians because everyone else is too technologically advanced once the systems break down.
Is france still ablaze
Open file (1.99 MB 782x440 1691164520401773.webm)
>SHINA IS SO WEAK LOL Sure is hebe in here today. The woke US """military""" today couldn't fight it's way out of a wet paper sack. When all their shit breaks (and it will, count on it) where will all the White men be to fix it? You surely don't think the forces themselves are qualified to keep things running do you? If the Chinese themselves were writing the script for the downfall of the West/Burgerland/Natto, the actual reality on the ground today would be the overarching plot. >tl;dr What could possibly go wrong?
>>54390 As predicted, the GH has toned it back for now. I'd expect this to be a yearly/semi-yearly event going forward, spreading further around the EU each time, but always generally focused on France as the lynchpin.
>>54391 >sucking bugmen cock >with a fucking parade as proof Anon, the situation with the chinese military is the same as the one with ukraine in the current war. Yes russia is incompetent, filled with corruption, and barely holding the war going without its own troops removing the head of the military for being idiots, yet during the wagner "coup" ukraine activity went down despite it being the best opportunity to counter-attack. As shit as the russians are, ukrainians are far worse, and despite having the weakest us army in all of history, with the weakest us president in history that is practically in china's pockets with more L's with afganistan and ukraine than any other term in history, with the best possible moments you could ask for in taking taiwan with no repercussions from the rest of the world; CHINA STILL HASN'T DONE SHIT if they really are anything like the major military they are larping as you'd have seen them actually act like it. The military is one of the areas just like foreign construction or original scientific research where China has no choice but to be honest with the real competency of their country and its always a laughable headline on the news if actually allowed to be reported. You really think the chongs aren't invading because its the moral thing to do? lol, they are just hoping all the idiots abroad like you will buy the parades, old propaganda and just ignore their world class cucking, dwarfing even biden in how pathetic they look. Nothing but a paper mache military vs a joke military from the turner diaries come to life, at this point even the russians are probably one of the most competent armies in the world.
Open file (287.27 KB 810x473 banban is watching.png)
>>54400 >CHINA STILL HASN'T DONE SHIT They are going to invade pacify taiwan when everybody and their mother has their very own chip plant, so that nobody gives a fuck about them.
And now Amhara tribe in northern Ethiopia started a civil war.
5.3 earthquake in central populated China (~350km from the capital). This comes as there's been a spat of quakes out in Tibet and around the Pacific Rim and Afghanistan. Some poor fuckers about to get leveled somewhere in Asia
>>54402 >when everyone and their moms have their own chip plants Just makes my point even sharper, if China needs to wait until taiwan is worth exponentially less (despite having the best diplomatic opportunities possible with a 90% chance of USA doing jack directly unless the chongs do something stupid like say they won't sell chips) then how incompetent are their military? When the ukraine war started it was surreal as not only was russia taking on europe's breadbasket in a time of food shortage after corona, they were also cucking a massive pipeline of money laudering, child trafficking, and other corruption of western elite if they won. And craziest of all, the gains from the war would not be anywhere near the cost of pissing off the world so much by taking such an important country. Yet you are telling me that china with a (apparently) bigger better military, with massive diplomatic and economic leverage, with less morality than anyone other than the comically evil pointy nose death cult, are somehow the most conflict adverse country in the modern big leagues? Especially in a potential conflict with diplomatic intervention immunity, less risk of pissing people off than the ukraine war, and insanely massive gains compared to ukraine... and yet nothing? It seems incredibly apparent to anyone looking at this from a birds eye view that the people most uncertain and dubious of china's military aren't shitposters like me, but china's leadership themselves. >>54415 We reaally need a new africa thread, I haven't made one in ages so I will only bit if no one else will.
>>54400 >You really think the chongs aren't invading because its the moral thing to do? Lol, stop putting words in my mouth, Straman-kun. China is acting in China's best interests, as always. And certainly not from some moral compunction in the matters, either internationally or internally. The simple matter is the world has been (((mesmerized))) into thinking that the Burger military is unassailably dominant : an impregnable Gibraltar. Not only is this not the case, it's a laughably satirical caricature of the actual reality on the ground. The Western militaries all have a serious competency problem today. And the Burger military is clearly being (((intentionally))) set up to fail. There's no other rational explanation why you would intentionally load up your military with unintelligent apes, sodomites, and women. There are key, classical 'fall of empires' indicators from history. Rarely have there been ones so blatant and rapid as the degenerate decline of the West (and certainly none so well-documented). OTOH, China still has 150year plans for their civilization today. >tl;dr China will stand, the West will fall. China will be the means of their destruction, too. Simple as.
>>54425 >all that cope I'm not gonna beat on a dead horse any longer, but its obvious to anyone not taking the cool aid that the ccp are fucked beyond belief, any myths of 150 years plan or rigid pro-chinese policy all for the glory of the country is complete bullshit for anyone with a glancing interest in the hellhole. Mao had a 150 year plan before the great leap forward had its effects, deng xiaping had massive 150 year plans that included the wonderous effects of the one child policy, and xi xingping has great 150 year plans that definitely didn't involve how covid turned out. Its all utter bullshit propaganda that china is even a country at all and not just a ccp corpse held up by propaganda, jewish tricks, and goyim money. The fact they manage to fool so many into believing they are anything but retarded, embarrassingly incompetent uber-collectivists serving the interests of a few dumb bugmen and jews over all else, is frankly hilarious, especially with their own existence being pretty much artificially maintained by real countries that actually work. China is essentially just large north korea with israel tier gibs and Its obvious to anyone that has ever lived there. The jews could never allow any country to get too powerful, so they sabotaged any rising country too hard to the point they have no real next america left to jump ship after they are done destroying it, so they picked the easiest place to have the same level of control and gibbed it up, which is why any of us are even talking about that shithole at all. I predict in less than 20-30 years even the jews will ditch it for someplace else, maybe india, see how brutal they can really make that country.
Open file (517.16 KB 1440x1139 1691308986264459.jpg)
>>54390 The newest kike trick now is to flood the Le French streets with black & brown nigger bodies. Literally.
>>54426 >word-salad Your precious kikes won't be able to reign in the yellow hordes. In fact a 200M-man army of them will one day stand at the gates of Yidsrael. Cope.
Open file (113.27 KB 1000x750 1691316637864301.jpg)
History Legends summary of African events: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hmXnUKxiC0
>>54425 China would at least test the waters and take those secondary islands adjacent to the mainland if they really thought their military was hot shit.
>>54429 A 200M man army has to be transported and fed. How is a country that imports more than half of its food without enough trucks to even bus their men to the mountain borders supposed to do that?
>>54429 >precious kikes Ever see the difference between best korea and south korea anon? How about the difference between hong kong, taiwan, and immigrant ethnic chinese businessmen and women versus mainland ones? The chinks have some of the most intelligent and innovative ethnic people on the planet, with all the shit they invented before anyone else in history just digging that point in. They are by far the people with the most short-term potential out of any other ethnic group, with a potential society dwarfing even the best european in terms of prosperity. So then why are you saying they could only win against the psycho death cult with massive hordes of meat shield soldiers? If they have so much potential what is stopping them from having pushing up the bar of best of humanity in everything not just economy or military? We all know the reason why, the same reason I called out the ccp for being fucked and not the chinese people, because even though they have so much potential, the shadow of uber-collectivist bugmen hell still haunts harder then ever to this day. Even without (((foreign help))) it would be damn hard to convert china into an individualist society, however it would take even more with generations on end to bring it out of an ingrained collectivist culture and pull it into greatness. I don't really hate the chinks, I wish them the best along with the rest of the world if we ever make it out of this deathspiral, but I won't call a spade a spoon, and its undeniable they are the most fucked shithole in the world right now pretty much entirely artificially. If humanity manages to make it past our foreskin eating allies, I'd love to see what they are really capable of, but it will be a long and hard journey back into the light at this rate.
Roberts and Barrett join liberals as Supreme Court revives federal ghost gun restrictions https://edition.cnn.com/2023/08/08/politics/supreme-court-ghost-guns/index.html >The Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to freeze a lower court order that bars the government from regulating so-called ghost guns – untraceable homemade weapons – as firearms under federal law. >The vote was 5-4. Chief Justice John Roberts and fellow conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined with the court’s three liberals to allow the rule to take effect. They conserve nothing. Good a reason as any to fix my bridgeport.
They got Dale bros
>>54497 I'm betting the kikes slipped him fentanyl.
Open file (1.21 MB 1024x576 nigermilitarycoup.png)
/k/, Do you support the junta in Niger?
>>54503 >(you) Of course >we do. They're opposed to the globohomo aren't they?
>>54505 How's the weather in Moscow fellow American citizen?
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=tKOlGCqDowQ Pewdiepie has a kid now. Björn. He's a month old.
>>54508 >We're having a nice day 23°C Sunny RealFeel® 23° Pleasant RealFeel Shade™ 22° Pleasant Max UV Index 2 Low Wind ESE 17 km/h Wind Gusts 17 km/h Humidity 73% Indoor Humidity 73% (Humid) Dew Point 18° C Pressure ↔ 1021 mb Cloud Cover 0% Visibility 16 km Cloud Ceiling 12200 m Here where >I'm at in Los Angeles: 21°C Mostly cloudy RealFeel® 21° Pleasant RealFeel Shade™ 21° Pleasant Max UV Index 0 Low Wind WSW 3 km/h Wind Gusts 4 km/h Humidity 78% Indoor Humidity 78% (Humid) Dew Point 17° C Pressure ↔ 1015 mb Cloud Cover 90% Visibility 16 km Cloud Ceiling 600 m
>>54503 Sure, but they're fixin to get droned for democracy or whatever. I'm happy they told Nuland to get fucked, and I thought their response was actually clever because it was shades of "Critical Race Theory" so the fat kikess looks like a pro-colonialist villian. >it's a French (White) system imposed on us therefore it's invalid.
>>54435 >all this muh_gooks coping Ehh you miss the primary point entirely, so I'll reiterate it for you in big red letters glownigger-kun. THE WEST COULDN'T FIGHT IT'S WAY OUT OF A WET PAPER SACK It's practically irrelevant who their opponents are, as long as they aren't cave-dwelling goatfuckers. The West will fall. China will ascend. And this only becomes more likely over time.
>>54543 Its worse than than that, Strelok. The West is getting beaten even by "cave-dwelling goatfuckers". See Afghanistan. The West has fallen...
>>54543 Wait a minute, those aren't women.
>>54543 >China will ascend Just as soon as their billion dollar train infrastructure projects stop flooding
>>54550 You can hardly compare a natural disaster to replacing key military roles with mentally unstable troons because kikes demanded it.
>>54547 >Wait a minute, those aren't women. Well ofc not. After all this is the military of Current Year. >>54550 Cope & seethe, axewound. Be sure to dilate every day following PT.
>b-but my PLATINUM PLAN!
>>54543 >>54552 Why can't they at least be manly looking faggots like Freddie Mercury or Rock Hudson? They all look like they come from Innsmouth's sister town, Innsass and they're half way into their transformation into gay fish.
>>54557 Some know how to hide thier mental illness better than others.
Open file (419.98 KB 850x850 ClipboardImage.png)
>>54551 >A natural disaster That's where you're wrong, Chinaboo. The reason that billion dollar train project is flooded is because everybody takes shortcuts in China, not because "the water was really bad" which is in and of itself another administrative issue related to location-choosing entirely that I won't get into. If all the tofu dreg construction buildings in that city had proper drain access to the storm systems (they don't), then a large portion of that water would be funneled under the city (assuming the storm drains aren't also compromised). It's because of laziness and cutting corners at every step of the way that "natural disasters" like this take effect. That flooding was AFTER they redirected the water-flow to rural provinces to try and protect their shitty train station. The pedophile party problem gets solved with a good thrashing. China's tofu dreg bugman problem does not. >>54552 The tranny problem gets solved within days/weeks the next time a big war happens and America has to choose between nutting up or having their own male populace start a civil war. The Bugman problem isn't going to fix itself overnight. Or likely ever, considering Chiang Kai-shek was the closest to solving it in the last 400 years and his method of solving was "give them enough rope to hang themselves."
>>54564 They did it to themselves with the jab. Enlistment realized they're basically guinea pigs, and while every civilian will scream about wanting a war with XYZ none of them will enlist knowing such a war might actually happen. It's going to take more than a Republican getting into office to fix the military at this point.
>>54563 China has a 3000+ year history of the problem never being solved. On the other hand they also have a 3000+ year history of surviving despite that very fact, so I think China will be "fine" regardless. >>54564 America might just have to do the unthinkable and actually declare peace and stay out of everyone else's business for the first time in a 170 years.
>>54567 >America might just have to do the unthinkable and actually declare peace and stay out of everyone else's business for the first time in a 170 years. Never. Instead they are literally repeating the Roman Empire's step to downfall by actively recruiting illegals with promises of citizenship.
>>54567 Strelok. Problem solvers in China generally get shot because they have critical thinking skills and thus are dangerous to the ruling elite, in the US they just get cancelled or reeducated. Every once in a while you get one that rises to the top and kills/scares enough of the parasitic scholar-beaucrat class laptop class into compliance and then fucks up on something else because you can't be perfect. Mao was the iteration of that if not Sun Yat Tseng. >>54563 >Flooding the reason it flooded was because winnie in chief was retarded and built it in a floodzone. In a country known for extreme flooding. Mind you, this was after the floodwaters were diverted to another floodzone with more heavily populated because muh ego pissing match with the Shanghai clique. He thinks that he can build a modern town of true planned economy despite Hainan showing capitalisim wins and that Xiongan's real ultra gay space luxury communisim has definitely never been tried before. Contrary to popular elite belief. Saying there are no chance of floods incoming and not releasing water until the 'oh shit panic button', covering up said flood damage, and then pulling a nigger momemebt by avoiding all responsibility tends to piss the populace the fuck off. The censors can't stop the anger that spreads by word or mouth. There's a reason that one of the accepted reasons for revolution in the middle kingdom is failure to control floods. Because it happens yearly, and by myth/history is what caused the formation of China as a cohesive entity under Yu the great.
>>54564 Honestly? I believe USA will go full on rome and start making legions out of foreigners. They dont even need to be imported, they can just open up USMC branch in some shithole and the people will flood in to get better pay than they would ever get otherwise and being a part of the deadliest force in the world. How many tacos, kebabs or pakpak connoiseurs would be okay with that?
>>54574 >Instead they are literally repeating the Roman Empire's step to downfall by actively recruiting illegals with promises of citizenship. Well as long as the speedrun Rome's collapse then who am I to complain.
>>54577 >Problem solvers in China generally get shot because they have critical thinking skills and thus are dangerous to the ruling elite Not really. They actually are elevated in status is they are truly gifted, and assigned beuracratic handlers to ensure they don't start working against the state by drinking too much Western koolaid. As long as they stay in their assigned lanes, they live rather cushy lifestyles with many of them eventually becoming Party Members. A large number of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers are in this category in China today -- many of them literally groomed with state training from childhood to excel in these areas. > pic related
>>54590 Only midwits color between the lines. Smart people are inevitably either rebellious or driven by zeal.
>>54591 >flippantly blowing off those who are clearly your intellectual superiors Heh, well the imminent threat of a quick death at the hands of the Party does much to direct some of that """zeal""" into staying alive another day particularly if you're a bona fide genius as many of these elevated Chinese men are.
>>54592 It also means they keep their head down and repeat the party line, never actually innovating anything or having an independent thought. It's like political nigs think you can just isolate the workings and desires of man from being a cog in the machine and still get all the benefits of independent thought necessary for innovation. Xi's basing the Jew-class' monthly pay on how much communist literature they can read and regurgitate instead of managing the economy, and anons like you think that will have no impact at all on then doing their job for some reason.
>>54596 >It also means they keep their head down and repeat the party line, never actually innovating anything or having an independent thought. I understand that point, but you obviously over-estimate the importance of toeing the party line, and being someone similar to a mindless, cod-swalloping soyim of the libshit Burger/Yurop variety. I know some Chinese men. Like any smart men they improvise and adapt to the current situation, and quite frankly they have much more leeway and freedoms (both of thought and actions) than their compatriots that went before. And the reason is simple: the Chinese want to prosper economically, and they're generally able to sift out the BS the kikes shove down the West's throats, while adapting to much of the successful business models there.
>>54598 stelok, your rate of promotions in most state enterprises and goverment jobs that everyone thetrloves (because in China those are safe jobs and bring prestige and power) is directly tied to how loyal you are to the gov and how quickly you can rat out your boss. Especially if said boss is an enemy of the current leading faction.
>>54602 >is directly tied to how loyal you are to the gov Ehh, fair enough. Or at least how loyal you seem to be. Two of my friends are polar opposites regarding the Party. One is a True Believer, and knows that they will soon rule the Earth (as is their chose destiny) which sounds an awfully lot like the kike's garbage as well tbh, and the other is completely sold out on the libshit West ideologies (and currently lives in Commiefornia) more or less as a rebellion to the Party line. Everyone else is somewhere in the middle. But every one of them is smart enough to know how to get along with the system just fine. >and how quickly you can rat out your boss. Especially if said boss is an enemy of the current leading faction. You read too many spie novels friend. The very act of both seeking economic growth & also toeing the Party line by all appearances make the current Chinese society far, far less regimented and extreme than past generations. Libshits in the West are much more vicious today -- much more like insidious and rat-fink jews -- to their fellow nationals than the Chinese are to each other. As I mentioned the Chinese just want to prosper economically. IMHO they are remarkably conciliatory to the aggressions of the West even now, given the escalations by the fraudulent American Executive branch: https://www.fmprc.gov.cn/mfa_eng/wjbxw/202302/t20230220_11027664.html
Apparently CIA Glowniggers have begun their (((operations))) against the Nigerians now. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/least-17-niger-soldiers-killed-attack-near-mali-border
>>54607 > Nigers*
>>54605 >But every one of them is smart enough to know how to get along with the system just fine Exactly why the ccp will never win no matter if the west collapses into itself. Bugmen will never stop acting like slaves to a system no matter how illogical, especially in a commie-yid blowing modern culture (which can apply for both examples). Unless china finds some way to stop being china, while somehow not collapsing or falling into civil wars, its never gonna be anything other than a starving stagnant joke. Despite having more than enough potential to be more than just another usa world superpower, with some of the highest average iq's in the world, and no natural barriers in terms of resources, China remains as it has for thousands of years for the same reason: uber-toxic collectivist bugmen culture. There have been massive changes as you have said, but the pushback into ultra-nationalism against "national enemies" in response to mistakes the party itself has made is the perfect example of why ultra-authoritarianism makes slow culture change impossible no matter how educated or prosperous your people are. China needs a leader that can fix its true problems rather than focusing on a future it can't afford yet, it needs a leader that can recognize that 150 year plans do not work, it needs a leader that can give up economic presence in other countries if it mean having foreign construction projects that aren't made of tofu, it needs a leader that can give up short-term militaristic goals if it means having a country that can use its military on anyone other than itself out of sheer necessity from constant unrest. Best of all would be a leader that could recognize the need to remove the (((threats))) which would only remake the holes if they tried to plug them. However, its far easier said than done for a leader to do these things, (especially without simply forming another high loyalty ultra-authoritarian government which could not significantly decentralize without risking a coup or post-retirement takeover) but it is the only way in order for China to become a true dragon rather than spend another thousand years of stagnation pretending its one. >libshits in the west Same shit with the trash military its all short-term artificial problems, the west could have massive changes in a very short time span to get back to having real countries if its people brought guns to a gun fight. Just like china has potential, so does the west but its all meaningless if they do nothing about it. >aggressions of the west The very same people historically behind this (fake (((american))) alphabet agencies like the CIA) are the same (((people))) the ccp admire the most, its all just fake politics to help crash the west in order to make China and India into the next host for the parasites. Preferably China due to its inherent issues making it easier to just change the system into whatever they want since they understand that chinese people will "know" to get along with the system no matter what.
No news is good news.
>>54643 They should just give them military jobs for the taiwan pacification plan.
Open file (367.82 KB 630x720 1683334687062.png)
>>54649 >Chinese state media mouthpiece I ain't reading CGTN. They're banned in roughly half of civilized countries for a reason.
>>54651 >They should just give them military jobs for the taiwan pacification plan. In a way it's a self-correcting problem possibly one by design. Since the Usurper-in-Chief and his fellow golems are obeying their marching orders it seems, China may soon be busy defending their homeland turf all over the coast (including the 19th province ofc). These young men will be unencumbered and ready to go into action soon, I think. >>54653 >They're banned in roughly half of """civilized""" countries b/c (((reasons))).* FTFY mate.
>>54643 Their economic oopsie makes it much more likely they'll try to zerg-rush Taiwan. Winning or losing, as long as they can not completely collapse militarily, the CCP has a better chance to stay in power if the restless youths are six feet under on Taiwanese beaches.
>>54657 >the CCP has a better chance to stay in power if the restless youths are six feet under on Taiwanese beaches. That's a particularly short-sighted view of things IMO. Seems to me, they will be far more successful when these men are in the majority vanquishing conquerors, and it's the gay anal, child-mutilating faggots who are, in fact, six feet under. I think that's far more likely to be the plan ATM, Strelok. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12420199/China-rehearses-invasion-Taiwan-troops-storming-sea-defences-chilling-wargames-Beijing-Russia-stage-joint-naval-exercises-Pacific.html
>>54656 >(((Reasons))) That reason is because they're a mouthpiece for the Chinese government as an English-speaking propaganda arm you Chink slut.
>>54660 Kek. So, what do you recommend we all watch instead my little left-coast friend duck and cover BTW, Hillary's on the way!! :^), totally-not-controlled-state-mouthpiece CNN? Lmao.
So Brandon Herrera is running for congress.
>>54695 Neat. Maybe he'll become POTUS someday.
>>54717 According to himself, most likely not https://onion.tube/watch?v=CWGfYU87gic (7m55s is what you should check).
Man, air travel is dangerous! seriously, if I'm ever rich and powerful. I'm traveling exclusively by motorcade with my fleet of vintage armored LC's
>two major typhoons hit back to back, destroying local rice production and several cities <cities may have deliberately been flooded by CCP to protect central Beijing <banning volunteer rescue efforts in flood areas either because the government wants the publicity photos to themselves, or it's clear the government fucked up >99% of foreigners have left China <that includes the job makers who are shifting their slave labor to India/Vietnam/etc. >second major Chinese real-estate company found to be insolvent Innerbred Country looking less stable by day. Place your bets: >coup >civil war/break up into competing warlords >invasion of Taiwan in desperate attempt to distract/take everyone with Xi
>>54743 its not like the rest of the world is looking any better . We are so fucked that ass is in the ass.
Open file (563.41 KB 692x360 ClipboardImage.png)
>>54740 >seriously, if I'm ever rich and powerful. I'm traveling exclusively by motorcade with my fleet of vintage armored LC's >not traveling in Żubr while others buy shitty yachts you have an armored hovercraft that can travel on land and sea
>>54743 >banning volunteer rescue efforts in flood areas either because the government wants the publicity photos to themselves, or it's clear the government fucked up Based on CCP modus operandi, more likely the former. They'd just disappear anyone doing the latter. In any case yeah, China is insolvent and will have to kick off a war, but without foreigners any war they kick off (other than maybe Taiwan) will see them curbstomped at this point. The paper tiger got wet in the rain.
Open file (1.19 MB 3077x1921 boom.jpg)
>>54744 Contrary to ChinaAnon's blackpilling, the tranny problem of today is similar to the lobotomy problem of the 1930s-50s, except in this case the people are just sterile insurance sinks instead of being largely braindead meat husks. Europe will go through hard times as American money dries up and their protectionist policies aren't propped up by American-Chinese global trade, but they will largely recover. Japan's youth are reawakening to a new cultural era. Ethnic Euros and Coloureds are slowly retaking South Africa because they're the only two communities with any real culture/economic upward mobility/stability. Argentina just made it clear they intend to elect an AnCap in October during the pre-election elections. America will either turn into a third world country (taking Canada down with them) or reform itself over the next decade or two. Mexico will be the new Grozny where you can buy your guns, drugs, and underaged hookers all on the same street corner. The world is looking pretty bright. Either nuclear hellfire from the elites losing their grip on power or the fires of young men burning down the establishment will light up the skies globally, and that's a good thing. The only four places that seem to be legitimately fucked right now are China, the UK, Australia, and Canada.
>>54745 >Armored hovercraft Wouldn't a handful of low bushes or patch of thorny plants ruin it?
>>54743 >invasion of Taiwan Can't fucking wait.
. >>54758 Foolish. ZOGmerica is beyond fucked. First of all, we are in a Children of Men scenario, and I mean the world besides Africa. Women refuse to have children, the economy contracts accordingly, the debt mire inexorably expands, and the currency collapses. Everywhere. In America we are imprisoned by total one party rule, the Democrats who run America like a tranny nigger loving NGO with nukes. Their policies caused all this in the first place. There is absolutely not going to be any kind of revival of anything. You are going to see decades of attrition and slow motion collapse. Anyone whose family didn't get rich in the 1950s is going to die off, and they probably still will because of ever mounting cultural wokeness. You will see stagflation like you would not believe. by 2100 it will only be niggers on Earth. Europe will be a backwater shithole with only sparse smattering of Muslims here and there. Say goodbye to the white race.
>>54757 >China is insolvent and will have to kick off a war >China kicks off a war Heh, sure is glowing in here tonight. :^)
>>54761 >Women refuse to have children Liberal women. Conservative women are above replacement rates still (if barely). >the economy contracts accordingly >Implying that's a bad thing >the debt mire inexorably expands As it should. >and the currency collapses. >Implying that's a bad thing >In America we are imprisoned by total one party rule If we were they wouldn't be panicking over orange man. >There is absolutely not going to be any kind of revival of anything. Then kill yourself. >You are going to see decades of attrition and slow motion collapse. Through death comes renewal. >Say goodbye to the white race. I don't give a shit. It could be the purple race for all I care so long as they uphold Western foundational values and Christianity.
Open file (460.46 KB 500x1232 ClipboardImage.png)
>>54758 >The only four places that seem to be legitimately fucked right now are China, the UK, Australia, and Canada. What's happening in australia that hasn't been the exact same way for the last 50+ years other than a repeat of the japan situation? If china and the US both stopped trading altogether the south asians who replace china in catering to the manufacturing needs of the western bloc are going to need the same materials and training that china relies on (and they do already, just on a smaller scale) and the US doesn't do anything for >us that say, japan and france don't and won't continue to. There's going to be recession when people's pensions stop getting payed out, but it won't effect anything really. I'm not even sure if the housing market collapsing (when china does) is even going to be a bad thing.
Open file (100.15 KB 634x731 FnW40ZFXkAA1Q7N.jpg)
>>54769 >I don't give a shit. It could be the purple race for all I care so long as they uphold Western foundational values and Christianity. BASED
>>54771 Australia is basically the worst parts of the UK, Canada, and America wrapped into one big bundle of sticks at the moment. They rely on money manipulation like Anglo nations, but they are losing their military prowess fairly quickly (they always focused on quality over quantity but now the quality is dropping fast). They are rich in mineral resources, but they have neutral or poor relations with most key trade countries surrounding them and rely on the goodwill of the international community to get their resources to their trade/military allies. Indonesia and Myanmar can act as a stand-in for virtually all of Australia's natural resources that keep them on the "neutral merchant" list rather than the "plunder" list in the event of a global economic collapse. Of those four, Australia fares the best, but Australia pretty much immediately has to shore up their defenses if SHTF or else they are at high risk of being surrounded by enemies and opportunists who will abuse their relative isolation. Only exception is if Indonesia signs some kind of military treaty of friendship with the Aussies promising to keep the rest of Asia off their doorstep (not because their combined military might would be a problem but because it would starve Asia of mineral resources).
Open file (279.48 KB 1039x1036 1692140968357378.jpg)
>>54758 >Japan's youth are reawakening to a new cultural era. So, one filled with genetic refuse from the world-over then?>>54769 >Conservative women are above replacement rates still (if barely). May the good Lord multiply these too (quite literally).
>>54769 >If we were they wouldn't be panicking over orange man. Because they think he is literary hitler, but he is just another kike puppet.
>>53086 >implying black markets are a bad thing If the state disarmed their citizens then people should illegally own firearms there. Venezuela's black market is bigger than their actually economy too and half of it is generic hygiene products because the incompetent government can't manage shit.
>>54798 That's funny because Strelok implied it's the kikes themselves that are panicked. >>54803 >If the state disarmed their citizens then people should illegally own firearms there. /thread.
>>54769 >western foundational values and Christianity And is there any other race that is a more valuable and consistent proponent of these things than the white race? During the times of the early church, Christianity spread to Asia and Africa before or concurrently with Christianity into Europe, but European whites were the ones to carry the torch into the future while Christian enclaves in Asia and Africa were either extinguished or failed to flourish, all the way up until whites re-introduced Christianity into those regions in modern times. God accepts all races, but whites accept God the most fervently and productively.
>>54875 I think you're right Strelok. And certainly the archeologic and ethno-geographic records bear your position out. Ironic that our race, seemingly, is now falling for the lie as hard as the others in these regions now. I fully expect the rise of the Yellow Man to speak up for God in the Earth next tbh.
>>54875 >And is there any other race that is a more valuable and consistent proponent of these things than the white race? Well, for starters there is no such thing as the white race and Caucasians are predominantly tawny, not pale. The browner Caucasians have done a better job preserving those values than the pale ones as of this time as the pale ones are rerunning Exodus in real-time playing the part of pharaoh. >During the times of the early church, Christianity spread to Asia and Africa before or concurrently with Christianity into Europe North Africa which is very distinct from the rest of Africa, and I would note that it is largely the fault of "whites" (paler Caucasians) that Asia and North Africa lost most of its Christian roots when they decided to be barbarous savages raping the land in a bid to win social clout. The race card is fucking retarded and there is more nuance than melanin content. At best it's a guide to surviving in an urban environment which you should get out of and touch grass.
>>54877 All hilarity aside there are actually more Christians in Asia than there are in Europe as of this time. They're just all filthy protestants.
Open file (26.11 KB 474x449 th.jpg)
Open file (47.42 KB 652x532 eurasian-pca.jpg)
>>54878 >Well, for starters there is no such thing as the white race What absolute twaddle. Self-identified race correlates overwhelmingly to genetic markers: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1196372/ You can engage in Talmudic hairsplitting over what "white" means, but biological Europeans clearly cluster together genetically. >The race card is fucking retarded and there is more nuance than melanin content. At best it's a guide to surviving in an urban environment which you should get out of and touch grass. Why is it that race deniers always resort to disingenuously reducing biological differences between different population groups to mere variations in skin pigmentation?
Open file (1.27 MB 1800x1260 fucking robots mang.jpg)
>>54881 >but biological Europeans clearly cluster together genetically. I can think of five Caucasian races off the top of my head all genetically distinct and living in continental Europe that you've disingenuously labeled as "one white race." That's not even getting into ethnicities. The White/Brown/Yellow theory has been thrown out repeatedly because it can't even properly identify black Caucasians. >Why is it that race deniers always resort to disingenuously reducing biological differences between different population groups to mere variations in skin pigmentation? Maybe because every white supremacist retard comes out immediately going "WhItE tHiS wHiTe ThAt WhItE mE sIdEwAyS" like he wandered straight out of baby's first /pol/ infodump thread and can't distinguish a Caucasian/Hamitic Ethiopian from a Khoisan African as being anything other than "just niggers" despite both groups having proclivities to not be violent shit heads like your typical Afro-American mutt.
>>54879 >hilarity ? I was being honest: The Globohomo has convinced the White race(s) to abandon their preeminent heritage in droves. Burgerland zoomers for instance have no concept of their deep Christian roots whatsoever today. Well-played, Jews. OTOH, the Asians are clearly becoming the dominate force in evangelistic Christianity in the world today.
>>54883 >white supremacist retard >black Caucasians. >black >Whites Lol. Quadroon-kun, you doin' OK down there?
Open file (142.30 KB 1600x841 politstab.jpg)
Open file (672.06 KB 3834x1860 HDI.png)
>>54883 >I can think of five Caucasian races off the top of my head all genetically distinct and living in continental Europe that you've disingenuously labeled as "one white race." That's not even getting into ethnicities. Europeans as a whole cluster together.You might as well say the color blue doesn't exist because you can divide it into further shades of blue. >The White/Brown/Yellow theory has been thrown out repeatedly because it can't even properly identify black Caucasians. The old racial models like Caucasoid-Negroid-Mongoloid are outdated anyway. There are more than three major genetic clusters. The old-school physical anthropologists from the days before the rise of genetic science were just doing the best they could with the resources they had. >Maybe because every white supremacist retard comes out immediately going "WhItE tHiS wHiTe ThAt WhItE mE sIdEwAyS" like he wandered straight out of baby's first /pol/ infodump thread and can't distinguish a Caucasian/Hamitic Ethiopian from a Khoisan African as being anything other than "just niggers" despite both groups having proclivities to not be violent shit heads like your typical Afro-American mutt. Racial differences are real and meaningful, and some people not being able to tell apart different groups of Sub-Saharan Africans doesn't invalidate that. And despite all their genetic diversity, it's not exactly hard to lump all Sub-Saharan Africans together when their countries are backward shitholes using just about any metric you could care to use. Maybe at some point they'll get their shit together, but the claims of people who act like countries like Botswana are budding Wakandas should be treated with suspicion. Decades ago people were saying Ivory Coast was the future.
Open file (419.92 KB 768x1024 Brown girls.jpg)
If whiteness is the determining factor, then why are African-Americans who are actually mixed race with 20-60% white ancestry larger fuckups than their African cousins who are not violent apes?
>>54886 >International homicide rate Overlay whether the country has had socialists in charge in the last 60 years. >Blue Asia Overlay how often the country lies about statistics (see: China bitching about Japan dumping nuclear waste while dumping 20x as much annually)
>>54883 I am perfectly able of discerning niggers. In fact I am replying to one.
>>54887 mongrels hybrid vigour is a lie you dont get the best of both worlds you get the worst abominations are unhealthy - more news at 5
>>54887 Because they are hybrids, they are mentally unstable.
>>54890 >>54944 Why is it racial supremacists always resort to disingenuously reducing biological differences between different population groups to mere variations in racial purity?
>>54878 Even if there is no such thing as a "white race", I think that's besides the point because everyone wants to be white. Most of the hatred directed towards whites, especially from blacks, is because they are not white. The white race as a lineage is less important than the white race as an aesthetic, fair skin, and proportions and features that align with the golden ratio. In middle and south america, individuals with 'european' features and lighter skin are more desirable than individuals with darker skin an non-european features. This leads to a 'bleaching' effect on populations over time, because people who are 'whiter' according to this general concept have better employment opportunities and more opportunities to reproduce, because their whiteness makes them more desirable as employees representing your company and as mates. I don't think this is because of something like "racism" unless you also concede that everyone is wired to be racist, in that 'whiteness' is preferred. That's all to say that 'whiteness' isn't just about genetics or race, but also appearance and ideal.
>>54887 >20-60% white ancestry Where are you getting that 60% number from? I don't think that's even close to representative of the average black in the U.S. >larger fuckups than their African cousins who are not violent apes? Based on what evidence? In the U.S. you hear stories about successful Africans coming over and complaining about how scummy the blacks from the U.S. are, but there's already a selection bias at play because those Africans are the cream of the crop of their countries of origin. >>54890 >you dont get the best of both worlds you get the worst It's more like not getting the best parts of either than getting the absolute worst. I do think light-skinned blacks and mulattoes are more successful, hence the bitching about "light-skin privilege." I don't have anything concrete I can point to, but this section of an old Radish article comes to mind: https://radishmag.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/black-history-ii/#mulatto-history-month >>54945 Butthurt.
>>54879 Why does the nu-Pope have to be so lame? I've got a geriatric bro lamenting the low attendance at his church. I'm sort of a "lapsed Catholic", and I've considered going to mass to support my friend (lector), but I really can't get into it with the Pope shitting things up so often. I mean, I've boycotted other orgs for much less.
>>55006 There's an ongoing joke that vatican 2.0, nu-pope, etc. are god's signs that it's the true church because how else would such a corrupt and filthy institution manage to keep itself running if God didn't force it to exist in all of its apostolic tradition? I happen to be Orthodox but the Catholic church is still part of the Orthodox church even if they divest their responsibilities in that regard.
>>55008 How do you level your belief in God, while he's also blessing a significant proportion of humanity with a Central African IQ? It seems to me to be unfair that their experience of life is constrained by only putting 2 points into the INT stat and having the rest sunk into muscle elasticity or some such. It's not like they chose at the start what they'd be made up of. I try to thank God every day for merely being neurodiverse and not being made into some kind of handiclapped but it could've easily been the case that stuff just happens to me and I hadn't been given the gray goop to be able to figure out why any of it
>>55022 Well, to be honest I envy the deaf and dumb, and ask God for forgiveness for my envy. Life would be much easier if I was capable of simply going about my tasks living in the moment. The Lord grants each of us gifts and demands that we make the most of our existence. He demands that we take the gifts we have been given and apply them to their fullest potential. The artist who refuses to paint knowing his gifts will be judged much more harshly than the sinful laborer who performed to the best of his abilities. Part of the gift of free will is that we are not autonomous machines. While it is not entirely right to say "you have X genetic problem because your parents married Y" it is also not wrong to understand that it is through our free will that we are not all "perfect" (perfectly in-sync) creations that strive towards a goal. It is more accurate to think of man as a glock of pigeons pulling a heavy object by strings tied to our feet rather than as a well-lubricated machine. Some pigeons laze about, others peck at one another upon realizing they are stuck to one another, and others still fly in the opposite direction, but so long as the majority fly in one direction, the object still moves and the grumblers are dragged along. To be sub-IQ is a gift in its own right for it is not to be aware of the greater evils yet to still have a purpose. God makes each of us different despite being in his image, and raises or lowers his expectations accordingly even if we head to the same goal. As Benjamin Franklin once said, >There is no shame in being poor, but there is shame in being ashamed of being poor.
>>54980 yea its basically cause of the one drop rule highly mixed race people are calling themselves niggers still and taking darkies jobs
>>55024 NTA. Quite an interesting post Strelok, thanks!
Open file (102.98 KB 780x700 muh_stockholders.png)
>>55147 I hate stockholders.
>>55024 While the pigeon analogy fits, the rest of this explanation is not very clear to me. For one thing it can not be rendered evident that to be deaf and blind is to have been given a gift, any more than it can be obviously demonstrated how such an experience of life is of greater benefit to your soul than that of being fully sighted and fully audible. When Jesus was asked why a man blind from birth was rendered that way, he said it wasn't incidental of anyone. I don't know why he drops that clue to reality and then glosses over it to hammer home belief. I would rather an explanation of why reality is the way it is with respect to knowing when God does and does not decide to intervene in it. Godlessness prevails today to the detriment of themselves and to the faithful, and God's lack of interventionism in the modern era is frequently pointed to as a contributor. Add on top of all of that the idea of a Congolese Republic having a median IQ of 62 points and the fact that hell primarily consists of ignorance, specifically ignorance towards God. Is it supposed to be a greater feat in finding God if your start in life was to be a moron? Take in my own example as part of it; I think that God loves me but I'm not sure, and I hoard it jealously to myself until I AM sure about it. I have an IQ of 135. Did I do good or am I damned again? I was born to an unbelieving irreligious family in a likeminded society, and I hate every minute of it while admitting half of it is my fault. I sit here, and I complain, but mainly I don't want to share my congregation with a bunch of low IQ retards with notoriously poor impulse control. If you ask God why and he says "Because it's better that they're like that" then my follow up question is gonna be about the specifics of the yard stick being used, where I expect Christianity's high evade stat (which they inherited from the Jews) to be used to not give answers to those questions. In case I got a bit too personal or convoluted, look at it this way: >"Not seeing sin coming" >"an asset - liberated from further culpability" >"Not seeing good coming" >"damned to Godless afterlife because you did not see" Ignorance in one capacity but not the other may be bliss but you need faculties to do good works, including the dragging of the pigeon-rock in a religious direction
>>55008 Always read the original statements when it comes to the pope. The journos are mostly lying fucks that hear "we shouldn't lynch fags" and write "pope loves homosex". Francis isn't a right-winger by any means, but he does stick to established dogma. I'd believe he's sending secret signals with constant statements he must know will be interpreted in a certain way, if I didn't know livelong strong Catholics that are naive as fuck. What's more likely - the pope's a crypto commie, or the pope's so invested in Catholicism that he interprets being charitable of others as believing they're good people. I mean, he even defends Putin. Fits the latter much more than the former.
>>55166 It's even simpler than that. The pope is Argentinian and makes statements to be intentionally incendiary towards Americans.
>>55167 >The pope is Argentinian This sounds like the beginning of a good joke but I can't quite work it out.
>>55187 >"The Pope, an Argentenian, and Mexican walked into a bar..."
https://archive.ph/PSzxq >India wants to rename itself to Bharat First it was Czechia, then Türkiye, and now this.
Why the fuck have brits not tried to make amphibious APCs for their army during cold war if they were so scared of bmp-1 invasion?
Governor of New Mexico just banned the open and concealed carry of guns for 30 days in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County via executive order.
>>55273 >I invoked emergency powers >mfw
>>55273 >>55274 Is she seriously trying to use Hugo Black's rationale? I'm sure SCotUS would love a chance to definitively strike down Korematsu instead of having to settle for just saying it was in error as an aside in rulings. >>55256 Amphibious APCs only work when new. The seals are high maintenance, low lifespan.
>>55273 Civil war when?
Open file (131.89 KB 743x900 F5myVASW0AEI1w_.jpg)
Open file (51.30 KB 907x344 ClipboardImage.png)
>>55273 >Executive order Executive decree*. >>55275 >City and county sheriffs Doesn't fucking matter. Governor has control of state police not city and county police. She's already ordered state patrols to ignore city/county police so unless state patrol holds a soft coup this is going to turn into a shit show. There's only like three towns in New Mexico large enough to really need a policing body as it were. Albuquerque being one of them. It also means drug cartels and other lowlifes will be able to easily travel through the state since state patrol will be stationed in Albuquerque. >>55277 Not long in New Mexico if the local militias have any balls remaining. Doubtful, but possible. It's really a damned if you do damned if you don't moment. Bitch intentionally announced it on a Friday so that she has three days unhindered to do as she pleases before a court can step in and tell her to fuck off. >>55286 Won't go anywhere more than likely. It's important to remember that they are referring to the New Mexican second amendment, not the federal second amendment. In any case a judge will probably put a stop to the order on Monday/Tuesday. The legislation has a democrat majority in both houses.
>>55256 First time I've heard of this, but I fail to see how building their own APCs would have helped the situation. Realistically the only thing they could use them in that situation is to counter-invade France. Unrealistically we could meme about sending their own fleet of APCs to meet the BMP-1s at the middle of the channel, but that is just stupid. A fleet of speedboats with autocannons and ATGMs would be better at engaging them, or just reactivating all the fortresses and defensive positions they have built along the coast over the centuries.
Open file (42.51 KB 561x418 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (40.75 KB 558x472 ClipboardImage.png)
The gommie gun-grabbers are coming out attacking New Mexico's governor because she played their hand too hard/too early, and people are becoming conscious about how the uniparty intends to use public health emergencies with chink flu looming before they could do it. Even the NRA who usually supports any and all gun-grabs has allegedly come out against her (no source so take with a grain of salt since that would be a little TOO extreme for the NRA to not support a total gun grab).
>>55338 >Even the NRA who usually supports any and all gun-grabs I'm unaware of any such position by the NRA after roughly the '70's. Quite the opposite in fact.
>>55345 I'm sorry you live under a rock and missed the entire bumpstock fiasco that gave rise to a dozen splinter organizations that actually defend gun rights instead of capitulating to every gun grab and gun restriction explicitly or implicitly.
War Thunder player spreads restricted documentation on F-117 Nighthawk https://archive.ph/yDs3h >This time, a user allegedly leaked classified pages from a flight manual which included such data as: >Location of sensors >Firing angles >Engine Specifications >and more Anyone got the documents?
>>55356 AGAIN?
>>55356 This is the howmanyith time at this point? Fifteen?
>>55348 You're certainly way-overstating the situation that the NRA is in favor of gungrabs. I don't agree with their position on this matter, but w/e. Only the libshits and feds are promoting gun grabs, not the NRA. If they decide to side with the Arizona Governor r/n, then I'll eat my hat. Otherwise, you eat yours friend.
>>55356 >Anyone got the documents? Yes, ofc as you said they're everywhere r/n.
>>55356 This is fakenews bullshit, the flight manual was declassified way back in the day, just journos spinning tales since the mods fucked up. >>55370 >pro NRA >on /k/ Hope you have a great time here, this community is a shadow of its former self from back on 8/k/ but it still finds its niche on the internet. Nice to see we still get some newfags from time to time.
>>55406 I'm not 'pro' NRA (or any other group) a priori. But the simple fact is that Burgers would have lost the right to bear arms as civilians w/o the NRA (explictly, the NRA). Just ask other anglosphere countries how it's worked out for them not having a strong 2A-like lobbying force in their governments. Show a little respect and commonsense would be my suggestion to you in the matter.
https://edition.cnn.com/2023/09/12/media/white-house-letter-news-executives/index.html Biden's out if CNN is backstabbing him like this. Will it be Big Mike or Jewsom or maybe let republicucks win just in time for the economic implosion...fucking Romney just bailed so something's up. MIGA part 2 would fit
>>55447 Kamala as prez, obongos boyfriend as vice, obongo top runs for prez.
>>55434 >NRA has done more... To undermine the second amendment by systematically destroying pro-gun organizations that don't align with them 100% than any other gun group in the last 50 years. The fact that the NRA is a dying husk being replaced by groups like NAGR, the SAF, and the GOA fills me with elation.
>>55447 >Speaker Kevin McCarthy launched an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, despite having found no evidence of a crime. >Having found no evidence of a crime Nah CNN is being a good dog to its master and just pretending to be neutral. Democrats don't want Biden either. They want Newsom of all people.
>>55447 >>55450 Apparently Kennedy is considering going 3rd party which will completely fuck the Democrats in 2024 if he does.
>>55459 >Kennedy >3rd party Not to sound like a "vote GOP to save the country!" or a niggerpill, but I have some doubts that they would allow that to happen. Either he splits the "muh nevertrumper" goptards or gets shot from a grass knoll is my bet. Now, Trump-Kennedy 3rd party ticket I do want to see purely to see for the shitshow because normies can't wrap their tiny brains a major feasible 4rd party. Still MIGA though
Site is giving me constant unsecure connection/502 bad gateway errors. >>55459 I wish he would just to spite them, but it means nothing unless Trump or Ramaswamy are running for GOP. If even one state agrees to scrub Trump from the ballot then this election is illegitimate in every sense of the word. Plus I have a feeling they'll blow his fucking brains out if he tries. >>55460 I don't want to see that ticket because Kennedy is just a 90s Democrat, but I'll swallow my lumps if it spites the uniparty since there are far worse people than Kennedy.
>>55461 Smart play is to let Trump win as he's the controlled op/fall guy. >Neocon's flee party before 2024 >Republicans now = MAGA >MAGA wins in 24 >Trump is on a short leash and the baked-in scapegoat >The decades of bad policy come to a head - the shitpile jenga tower finally topples >those darn MAGAs ruined everything! >middle class is dissolved through a now hyper-accelerated attrition >Sino-Judeo rule for 500years >generations of squatty brown mutts only exist to toil and die in the Teslamazonaggle mega factory/dorms.
>>55461 Don't get me wrong, not a big fan of Kennedy either. The thing is by now there's not really a voting solution. If Kennedy-Trump is a thing I'll laugh at it for the shitshow of them getting blocked by the beaucrats the entire way. This is implying Trump isn't going to let his son in law sellout to the higjest bidder again obviously.
>>55479 That would be a very risky play as there is a 1/thousand chance trump could go fuck it I'm not gonna die to a dead America and just make a yolo coup to dethrone the real leaders, destroying the federal reserve, alphabet agencies, pentagon, and just fuck their shit up as much as possible before they assassinate him and his family. After all, hitler was just a puppet with no power in an even weaker, more demotivated, bankrupt germany with a 1/million chance of revolt, and look what happened. They won't ever take that chance again, unless the nepo-baby new gen cult is truly full of total retards.
>>55481 >unless the nepo-baby new gen cult is truly full of total retards. Anyone with intelligence died two generations ago. They follow the playbook but they don't understand it. Not as blackpilled about voting since if it didn't work, the powers-that-be wouldn't panic over it. >>55479 The issue is that the USA isn't dying of moral corruption (that comes about 20-80 years from now). It's dying from bureaucratic rot by the elite who think he knows how to farm better than the guy who has farmed for six generations because he's an intellectual. If USA starts extracting their own resources again and shoring their defenses instead of playing empire, the economy will stabilize overnight. It's just if they do that, America loses all international clout and thus can't continue to be the world police. Progressives can't have that because that means they can't treat the yokels and hillbillies like dirt, and NeoCons can't have that because it means the end of their empire-building overseas.
>>55483 >It's just if they do that, America loses all international clout and thus can't continue to be the world police. The thing is if America does that then it still collapses because we wouldn't be able to strong-arm the rest of the world with the petro-dollar.
>>55488 (checked) >america collapses >petro-dollar lmao, destroying the federal reserve, starting our own real gold/resource backed currency and bank, and ending all the money pits like welfare or social "security" for boomers cunts would make it impossible for a country with this many resources and skilled workers to collapse. I'd be a tough dozen of years afterwards, but unless the chinks and (((cult))) go hard in destroying america pre-ww2 germany style, its definitely not terminal. In a way its somewhat better these days as gay zoomers and blm cucktards might be annoying, but they are nowhere near as bad or dangerous as boomers were.
>>55447 >>55450 CNN will always sling some shit at republicans, even while dumping Biden. DOJ just indicted his son on gun charges. Knives are out for Biden. >>55481 >flashback of Giuliani with beads of sweat and hair dye streaking down his face. He already had his chance to do so and fucked it up through half-measures and incompetence. >>55483 >extracting resources for the benefit of the country We saw what they did to American industry, If they stay true to form, they'll sell the rights to foreign entities while taking a cut....already doing it with farmland.
>>55488 America doesn't need the petrodollar to get by just fine. It's only necessary for welfare spending and pork barrel projects. So long as America doesn't both sell ownership of its domestic assets to foreigners and disarm its population at the same time oh wait, that sums up Democrat policy then it can shore up its defenses. American subsidiary nations on the other hand are royally fucked if the petrodollar collapses unless the Burgers save them. >>55491 The DNC is setting up for Biden to leave office without an incident happening in order to save face, nothing more, nothing less. >DOJ just indicted his son on gun charges. Lol yeah and it'll probably go something like his plea deal where they offered him broad legal immunity and a slap on the wrist for crimes that you and I would get locked up for 20 years over. Only reason the judge didn't sign off on the plea deal was because she realized she was out of a job if she did because it was so egregious. >He already had his chance to do so and fucked it up through half-measures and incompetence. Honestly if all he does is go on a revenge arc and defund/fire everybody I won't give a shit if his policy is garbage. 2016-2019 were the best numbers of my life and the first time I was a net positive towards GDP instead of a net negative and now under Biden I'm $27,000 in debt so I'll take Trump and having an income again.
>>55492 >$27,000 in debt That sucks. I'm allergic to debt. Even the "18mo no interest!" shit gives me the heebie jeebies. I'd spend a year and a half just waiting for something to go wrong (especially in the midst of the competency crisis we find ourselves in.) >oh no... there was a delay processing your payment in time. You now owe 6 gorillion dollars in interest and penalties. Even if everything goes smoothly some kike is going to bundle my "good" debt with crap debt and sell the package to pension funds or whatever. And to all that I say: No thanks. I'll pay cash or do without.
>>55495 >Allergic to debt Then you probably got fucked by the ultra low interest rates then. These days most people think 1.5% rates aren't bad because it's literally less than inflation and then buy shit they couldn't afford if there was a refinance or they couldn't make the payment.
>>55506 >Then you probably got fucked by the ultra low interest rates then No CC debt or loans, only regular bills getting screwed up. Most recently it was my homeowners insurance. I pay through a broker and there was a fuck up somewhere down the line where I wasn't covered for several months despite the check clearing. I found out by getting a letter in the mail saying "we'd love to have you back". >what do you mean "back"? I never left!
Open file (531.76 KB 709x445 tundra.png)
>UAW strikes >Nobody cares
>>55495 >>55507 It really is mindboggling how antiquated the burger financial system can be at times. In Eastern Europe you cannot even cash a cheque without going on an ebin quest, simply because after the end of gommunism the financial system jumped from paying only with cash and the bank keeping everything on paper to the world of debit cards and computers. And then in Shina they jumped from cash and paper straight to a cyberpunk dystopia with QR codes.
>>55495 >I'm allergic to debt Same here, helps my parents only gave me money once a month and nothing on loan so i had to run circles on a single bill, then all my jobs gave me cash on hand once a week so i never had to get a credit card or deposit it. Only in these pandemic times i get pestered with needing a cellphone with QR reader to make some payments or download a menu for a restaurant, need a post-2019 phone to open a debit account to get my wage, cannot make online purchases now without a linked card. Almost everything's fucked, at least i pushed my employer to buy me a cellphone if he wanted to pay me in transfer or give me cash, he preferred the latter and at least here in these lands the tax gets billed to your employer rather than the little guy... if otherwise our IRS would've fucked me 6 ways from sunday, doubly so now that recently they were given permission to be heavily armed depending on the state.
>>55509 >antiquated the luddite check thing is intentional on my part. Anything important gets a physical check shoved up it's ass 2 weeks before the due date from my main acct. I've had many more problems from autopay.
Open file (290.50 KB 634x386 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (481.00 KB 634x357 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (302.21 KB 634x430 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (189.55 KB 634x357 ClipboardImage.png)
FDA panel will meet TODAY to discuss ethics of growing human babies in 'artificial wombs' - after success in animals https://archive.ph/fU2MV >At this stage, artificial wombs aren't designed to grow a baby from scratch - although advances in the field have led some to believe that is on the horizon. >Unlike conventional incubators in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), this technique uses an 'extra-uterine support device,' which mimics the conditions in a real womb. >The infant's heart circulates blood through the umbilical cord into a machine that takes the place of the mother's placenta. >Synthetic amniotic fluid enriched with nutrients flows in and out of the temperature-controlled, near-sterile 'biobag.' >The aim is to provide an environment in which tiny premature babies can safely develop their lungs and other organs during the critical period from 23 to 28 weeks after conception. On one hand, I see where this technology will be very helpful for premature babies and eventually for men to even the sexual playing field by having kids on their own. On the other hand, I'm jaded enough to understand the surrogacy market is already largely used by pedophiles for designed onaholes and that the US government would love nothing more than to breed government property for use as soldiers in war and pull parents out of the equation entirely. These artificial wombs will be used to legally cut out surrogates from the sexual marketplace, create designer soldier babies for the military, and end up being bred by pedophiles for use as sex toys before being killed when they become unprofitable. Also as much as we need to level the sexual market in the interim, a mother and a father are both required for the healthy growth of a child, even if the mother's role matters significantly less after about the 8 year mark.
>>55646 Smarter people than me have discussed the idea of a constitutional convention, and ultimately any kind of constitutional convention would strengthen gun rights (or at least flesh them out at a federal level in a way that the courts can't humm and haww about). A constitutional convention also can't happen for a single-topic issue so it ain't just gun rights that would get discussed at one. I'm all for a constitutional convention and the California state legislature are biting off more than they can chew with this one through their own hubris. Looks like there was only one state senator smart enough to realize the implications. >Prominent Democrats, including State Senator Scott Wiener, have voiced significant concern about such a convention. Wiener was the lone Democrat to not vote for the resolution in committee, and one of two Democrats to vote against the bill during the Senate floor vote. >“This is not a non-binding resolution. This is California going on record for the process of triggering a constitutional convention. When you reach a legal threshold, a constitutional convention is triggered,” said Wiener during the hearing before the vote in the Senate Committee on Public Safety. “There is nothing that says the calls for a convention have to be identical. There is nothing in the Constitution that says we can have a Constitutional convention limited to one topic.”
>>55647 Is this a Californica-only, state Constitution thing? Or does this mean the Burgerland federal govt?
>>55655 It's the Burgerland federal government. Commiefornia is claiming they will only attend if a gun ban is discussed, but the way a constitutional convention works, once one's been declared you can't declare an agenda. If California walks out of the constitutional convention after declaring support for one, the convention happens with or without them so they must attend to counter red state federal proposals. In theory we need 5 more states to have one. In practice we need about 10 more. 20 states are voting on whether to have one between this year and next year.
>>55647 >ultimately any kind of constitutional convention would strengthen gun rights You actually believe that an event where the ENTIRE constitution is officially and lawfully open for editing in its entirety will be beneficial? It would be worse then an election year where every state's legislature is effectively a battleground to determine the selected representative. Use the following source https://www.270towin.com/content/state-government-trifectas to see which states are completely controlled by one party or the other. If a convention was called today and assuming 1 representative per state, there would be 22 Republican and 17 Democrat representatives from the start. The remaining 11 would not guarantee the 38 states/representatives required for a 3/4th majority for the Republicans nor the Democrats. Given the track-record where the Republicans are too afraid to actually have a battle over the debt ceiling, and a requirement for compromise simply to end the convention without any changes, then it becomes abundantly clear this is an extremely shitty idea. Any changes or additions will massive repercussions and are almost guaranteed with a need to compromise. But of course I am a pessimist in the extreme, especially when it comes to touching the constitution. I certainly wouldn't want to see a section of the commitment to supporting Israel or the guaranteed support of "diversity" or addition of new pronouns because every state, no matter how retarded, is now in the game when a convention is called. >>55656 Article V of the constitution, which is partially about creating a constitutional convention only states: >...on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified...by Conventions in three fourths thereof In regards to the conventions themselves. Since the creation of the constitution one has never been called, one can argue endlessly if limited conventions are allowed or not. In practice, the constitution was created from a convention that was initially about the articles of confederation, so there already exists precedent for changing the scope of the convention. If it occurred today, it would most likely be up to the representatives of the convention to effectively block proposals and force the scope to be limited.
>>55664 Best case scenario shit gets fixed. Worst case scenario civil war comes along sooner rather than later. If shit is already fucked it's not going to unfuck itself when America defaults on their debts so isn't it better to rip the bandaid off now by making everyone put their money where their mouths are?
>>55669 >worst case Worst case scenario is that the retard niggers will "respect the choices they made"! because they were told that was the right and moral thing to do, even if they write that whitey can get murdered nignogs in the Constitution. We are stuck an an era of people who need to be told how to think by tiktok and public "education" instead of critical thinkers like the framers insisted.
>>55671 If something so retarded happens then the USA deserves what it gets. Things will get worse before they get better, especially over the next year, but the tranny sterilization cult is losing the culture war and I don't really see a reason to be blackpilled.
>>55673 Fair enough, I was just saying that's not an insignificant chance given how they've gone full mask off for the retards these days.
>>55669 >if shit is already fucked... Supposedly there's a big decoupling from the Petro-Dollar in early 2024. Can't remember where I read it, but the loose premise was that countries representing like half of the global population are about to reject it (probably some BRICS initiative). I think we're boned as soon as they start making some headway in their decoupling efforts; Even if the actual transition is somewhat gradual the perception/signaling is what's going to do the real damage once it goes "viral".
>>55664 The conservatives will add the Zionist clause and as a (((compromise))) allow the 2A to be amended to say that only police and military can have dem salt weapons. I actually hope for balkanization followed by war in which jews are expelled but that will never happen.
Open file (11.43 KB 320x180 kekekekek.jpg)
>>55789 >but that will never happen Only if you do nothing to make it happen anon. The right man in the right place can make all the difference. Even without luck, wasn't it tolkien who said its the little things we do that matter? Nobody said we have to go along with the plan, and nobody saw us coming so far? Why stop now?
Another Warthunder leak, this time for Apache.
>>55891 What's the extent of the docs?
>>53842 >>54215 According to RT, best Korean authorities finished their investigation into the border crossing incident and found that the US serviceman concerned is indeed a nigger. As a result they deported him back to worst Korea where he was met with open arms by US military police and given a sack of stupid prizes.
>>54215 Legal Mindset (a Florida lawyer best known for his coverage of Disney's fuckery since he's one of the few lawyers to have actually specialized in Florida Special District law and one of the fewer still to not be currently employed by Disney or one of its rivals) has lived in Korea and from his read of Korean sources suspects it wasn't actually a woman he punched, but a guy trying to move in on a girl he thought was "his", something socially accepted in SK club scene but totally alien to everyone else (and that's assuming the girl even gave a damn about in in the first place). The police car thing is still 100% a nigger moment though.
>>55910 >The police car thing is still 100% a nigger moment though. What's this Strelok? Hadn't heard of that.
>>55919 Basically he had a nigger moment and beat up a policeman (woman?) and trashed a police cruiser. In other words, a typical occurence in the methhead/nigger infested USA. Worst Koreans not too happy about it probably. >>55910 Apparenty Legal is also into the hard MGTOW vein and was running a show where people to pay them to talk a thai girl on youtube. Supposedly also running from debt judgements and challenged the internet that "you can't dox me" (Lmao what was HWNDU). Need to go on Kiwifags to find that info though.
>>55921 >beat up a policeman (woman?) and trashed a police cruiser. >Worst Koreans not too happy about it probably. I see, thanks. Sounds like his chimpout must've been there in Worst Korea then?
Good news: Feinstein is dead.
Open file (150.08 KB 475x475 ClipboardImage.png)
>>55999 Yeah he "hanged himself" in his cell a few years ago.
>>55999 Lets hope their plans to install someone even worse are confused and confounded by the Lord. >>56001 He means the shriveled-up old evil cunt from Commiefornia, not the CIA tool who was body-doubled out of the pen.
Open file (246.76 KB 1092x1461 buckswillbreak.jpeg)
Doesn't look like we'll get the "shutdown", but this was entertaining: https://nypost.com/2023/09/30/rep-jamaal-bowman-pulled-fire-alarm-as-shutdown-looms/
>>56038 Kek. I'm guessing Jamal and 50 of his closest friends were planning to smash-n-grab anything they could lay hands on during the confusion?
Open file (12.39 KB 222x250 kvk.jpg)
Lmao the IDF got in the news cause female conscripts were banging PLO fighters in prison. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-66968029 https://ghostarchive.org/archive/UhEof >Female Israeli soldiers are to be banned from serving as high security prison guards after allegations of sex with a Palestinian inmate. >Israeli media say a soldier admitted to physical intimacy with a Palestinian man said to have carried out a deadly attack on Israeli civilians. >The woman is thought to have been on military service which is compulsory for the majority of Israelis. [...] >Israeli media also reported that during questioning, the soldier - who has been arrested - claimed four other women had also had intimate relations with the same man. >The Palestinian inmate was transferred from his cell to a segregated wing ahead of questioning, the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) said. >On Friday, IPS chief Katy Perry and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir announced that female soldiers would no longer serve in high security prisons holding Palestinian "terrorists". >Israeli media quoted Mr Ben-Gvir as saying that by mid-2025 "not a single female soldier will remain in the security prisoners' wings". >There have been repeated calls for the service of female Israeli soldiers in high-security Israeli prisons to be halted. However, these previously stalled because of a lack of staff to replace them. Oh and classic "whose jewing who?" moment at the end: >Pic related >Last year, Israeli ministers ordered an investigation after a scandal at one jail in which it was alleged that Palestinian convicts had assaulted and raped female soldiers serving as prison guards and that some senior prison officers had "pimped out" the conscripts.
>>56041 Women, am I right?

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