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/xk/ Thread Strelok 06/07/2023 (Wed) 00:11:30 No.51643
Wendigo, skinwalkers, squatches, and ayyliums of /k/ go her. Maybe other even stranger things as well. Inspired by reading his post >>51511 and not wanting to derail that thread.
>>51643 I want a qt wendigo wife that terrorize feds.
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Here have a few skinwalker stories that I have saved.
Open file (664.58 KB 2563x1642 4chan Goatman.jpg)
And a goatman story.
Any of you fags have experienced supernatural shit? Because I haven't.
>>51675 Sure. Haven't checked the thread yet but my greentexts are probably mixed in since I used to post them to 8/k/.
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>>51682 >Sure Lucky.
Open file (8.39 KB 260x280 dub.jpg)
Why is it that everyone acts like ghosts are anything other than what they obviously are? I know there are huge amounts of fakes, false positives, and due to the small size of real legit ghost hunters they can short of let the truth go overhead. But when everyone is operating on the rules and common phenomenom that'd obviously highlight the true nature of "ghosts" you'd think more people would stop acting dumb and just spell it out. Tell me I'm not crazy for thinking this, eh?
>>51724 You're thinking of battles and who is going to win. The point of Christianity is we know who wins but we have to figure out which side of the battle we're on. Demons tempt you to the path of Satan. As for AI, it's generally used for pornographic or material purposes. The point of art is not to look pretty (albeit it should look pretty) but to express our cultural beliefs through beauty. AI is the inverse of that in that it tries to look at that cultural beauty and then produce a recreation of it. Satan is infamous for inverting purpose for a reason. AI is fire. It's a tool. I don't believe it to be outright satanism, however the way it is used to create feel-good emotion without significance is "demonic." Demonic does not mean literal demons but rather grooming one towards those demonic paths. Obligatory tip harder.
>>51711 >wendussy >>51722 I'm not sure if I get exactly what you mean anon.
>>51729 >It's a tool Precisely. It's a tool to do human work so we can get on with shit that matters. It's a tool to make entertainment perfectly tailored to ourselves, infinitely, so we can have optimal fun. No more black Lancelots. No more translators making shit up. No more soy shit. It's a tool to finally make life not shit for the vast majority of humanity.
>>51767 An imperfect reality is better than a fake reality of self-indulgence. The perfect AI son or daughter may elicit better emotions than a real son or daughter, but then your lineage ends with you when you grow old. Not to mention if pornography has created the divide/gap in society that it has between expectation and reality I loathe to think what an AI would do. Lastly, a predictive AI (which current art AI are) is only as good as the data you feed into it, so you will eventually only get nigger mermaids if vested interests only feed it nigger mermaids. Even an open source AI is subject to the same restrictions. We're in agreement that it's a tool, but like fire it's very easy to get burned if you don't know what you are working with.
Open file (870.26 KB 832x1280 00006-1358829244.png)
>>51774 >so you will eventually only get nigger mermaids if vested interests only feed it nigger mermaids I will skip that type of (((models))). >The perfect AI son or daughter may elicit better emotions than a real son or daughter I just want qt girls art, anon. My android wife with an artificial womb will birth my children.
Open file (25.93 KB 480x253 Thinking_hat_on.jpeg)
>>51759 I will be brief but lets summarize some facts: 1. Ghosts almost always manifest in the same ways through any account of paranormal activity, same type of evps (whispers to 1-2 words to rare full talking with partial behavior also having crying/laughing), manifestations (wisps to shadow people to full body apparition), poltergeist activity, ect. There are no ghost pyromancers causing fires or unique ghosts that do behavior none has before, they all manipulate visual/audio data of cameras, visual equipment, and humans, they all can preform some poltergeist activity, and they can all manipulate minute electronic activity like radio signals, electromagnetic fields, and electric flow/devices 2. Ghosts have a tendency to act just like they do in hollywood movies or through folk stories of how they act with very little variation, sometimes they act like hollywood ghosts almost identically despite those movie behavior being less than a century old and not properly documented before this 3. Ghosts can manifest as the deceased, even fooling old acquaintances of still being alive, yet can also manifest as the deceased with wrong details, can manifest as non-human entities, and can even manifest as those still living such as those who witness them 4. Ghosts actively avoid light and observation, it is common knowledge that it is harder to see ghosts in light then in dark and while they can still be very active in light and even daylight this is extremely rare, they are also exponentially harder to see with the addition of more people or cameras, with behavior alone with a camera or with 2 people/2 and a camera always resulting in more results that are more intense 5. Ghosts rarely manifest in areas of past human death and suffering, they can manifest anywhere and can be extremely intense in areas of no past death/suffering while having little to no activity in some of the worst areas of past suffering on the planet, they do show some corraboration with areas of present suffering such as the massive reporting of ghost activity from both sides in iraq/afganistan despite the lackluster activity before and after the war, the same effect can be seen in older conflicts however either aren't as prevelant, aren't as well documented or both 6. Ghost manifestation is not fixed or permanent, some old haunted houses have had massive activity in the past with little to none found in todays day, with some old abandoned factories with no bad history (as an example) having more intense activity than the worst haunted houses, this can also be seen with manifesting activity such as newly built suburban homes having massive activity out of nowhere with no prior history of humans even living there 7. Ghosts are categorized in odd ways, with descriptions changing from ghost to poltergeist, sprit, or demon depending on the opinion of those capturing their phenomenon despite the fact that their behavior and manifestations are so identical it is impossible to "tell" the difference until certain key elements are seen (ghost until seen not to talk like the individual is thus a spirit, toses cup so its now a poltergeist, writes 666 or possess someone so its now a demon) 8. Ghosts have trouble manifesting on anything that is hard to manipulate, this is seen with other points such as the scale of evp, barely manipulating radio waves to barely making sound waves to full on speaking, yet can also be seen in poltergeist activity from barely touching to pushing objects to pushing heavy objects/humans, and most predominantly visually, with many low level manifestation seen only on cameras or (as seen in afganistan/iraq) in night-vision through low-light amplifiers, with stronger manifestations being shadows forming people, followed by full body apparitions. However, this is also well know by ghosts hunters as tools such as spirit boxes and emf readers are designed to provide a way for ghosts to interact with electromagnetic fields and radio waves which should in theory be easier to manipulate, with such methods achieving moderate success despite the fact that ex-humans should have no idea how to accomplish such a task 9. Ghosts all sound identical and inhuman, everything from barely audible voices from spirit boxes, to 1-2 word identical cryptic messages from low intensity evps, to full on talking from either high intensity evps to possessions, they all sound just like how a teenager or rather an ai/chatbot might "act" as a ghost/spirit/demon, they never sound like what a human or sapient creature might actually behave and rather do a bad job acting like what we think they should 10. Ghost manifestation is always extremely temporary, even in the most intense and extreme cases of high intensity ghost manifestations they rarely have any activity that last longer than a single minute, and if so always in circumstances that favor the lightest effort in manifestation such as low light, distance, lack of observation, ect. Ghosts do not have any consistency or lasting power and are always synonymous with brief manifestations, that is their limit universally outside of certain extreme circumstances such as demonic possession, yet even then they universally act feral and without imput absent human interaction, with human interaction they act practically identical to one another whether in behavior or speech
>>51759 >>51812 Now tell me what this seems like if you take all this in perspective? Got that noggin jogging?
>>51812 >>51813 Are you talking about an egregore?
Open file (1.62 MB 754x820 ClipboardImage.png)
>>51767 >It's a tool to make entertainment perfectly tailored to ourselves, infinitely, so we can have optimal fun. Uh ohh. Uh ohh. Trouble ahead. >No more translators making shit up. Replaced by LLM hallucinations, delivered with impeccable fluency and confidence. Progress AMIRITE?? >It's a tool to finally make life not shit for the vast majority of humanity. That's exactly how internet was talked about too: everyone will have access to all the world's knowledge, ignorance will become a thing of the past. Instead we end up with "social media", ads everywhere, and attention spans in the single digits. Fugg. AI will just make people lazy and drive further skill/talent atrophy.
>>51814 Pretty much, imo ghosts are a part of a huge collective unconscious memetic phenomenon, there is no such things as ghosts just manifestations of our collective unconscious thoughts and feelings changing the tiny variables of the potential future from the spin of electrons, light and observation. Thus through massive concentration, unconscious long-term preperation, and the butterfly effect the "manifestations" occur, through numerous tiny impossible coincidences happening all at once in order to craft the illusion of paranormal activity, rather than memetic abnormality.
>>51821 I really don't buy that explanation for everything. For one thing how do cryptids/monsters/youkai/etc fit into this? I mean what's to say that you aren't dealing with some sort of shape shifting entity of one sort or another that feeds off of intense emotions. Or is some sort of mimic both benevolent and antagonistic forms seelie and unseelie as it were. I know the Cherokee talked about "shapeshifters" of sorts that could fall under the old /x/ Goatman-"Skinwalker" paradigm. The Nunnehi were completely benevolent, at least to people who lived on the same land as them. They would rescue lost travelers and children and take them home temporarily to keep them safe but they would always pseudo-shapeshift into familiar people to whom they met. Not actually real shapeshifting it's more like what Europeans would call a glamour. On the other hand you have the "underwater panthers" who are predatory and dangerous but they can be polite and they also have the glamour effect. You're also ignoring things like The Gray Man and other less friendly psychopomp like phenomenon such as The Wild Hunt or The Night Parade. They're rarer but persistant entities or groups of entities do come up in legends. >There are no ghost pyromancers causing fires or unique ghosts that do behavior none has before I know I've heard of at least a few creatures or beings associated with fire.
>>51826 I'm just talking about ghosts, never implied other entities weren't real, especially if those entities don't have similar characteristics to ghosts (especially the last point 10). Also never implied demons aren't real, but rather that they use the egregore phenomenon to sometimes commence possessions and/or hijack them, rarely at that with most demonic possession being quote on quote fake. Too many exorcists from long ago believe demonic possession to be real for it to be completely ai chatbot tier behavior, yet its also hard to believe that demons the like worshiped by the most powerful people in the world just possess people for shits and giggles potentially revealing themselves for nothing. The truth is probably somewhere in between, with demons rarely ever truly taking charge of modern possessions, mostly just influencing them to happen, then let the feral behavior/sterotypical hollywood behavior make people doubt it as being just mental illness.
>>51729 I see that this has become a controversy. Please forgive me for derailing that thread. I am shit at explaining things so lets make it brief. Art is the closest thing to godly act of creation, making something out of nothing. It is only limited by your skill and imagination, and both of these improve when you practice it over time. Ai art removes the unknown, irrational, impossible to describe (godly) element out of art, reducing it down to easilly digestible reasonable formulas. Its as jewish as it gets. You are feeding data improving a system designed to fool you, you are directly fucking yourself over by using it. If not by allowing it to make better falsehoods (deepfakes and such) then by giving information to your enemies they can use to make a content designed specifically to influance you. Further it disentivises new artists from gitting gud. Why train years, making a sketch after sketch while a single machine can make better shit then you in a couple of seconds? It serves no purpose and actively destroys remnants of our society and culture And all of this for what? Terrible porn which is as sterille as yuri? Ai is a tool. So is dragon dildo.
>>51888 Glorious trips, and you speak the truth. To my understanding, Jewish cosmology is about imprisoning us, eliminating transcendent, higher properties, and reducing things to formulae which can then be manipulated. AI plays directly into this. It's also why Jews tend to fear/despise nature -- it's more powerful than them, out of their control, and is against their artificial constructs. The transgender plague is also relevant here.
>>51888 >>51917 >everything I don't like is da jooz Back in the real world jews such as Soros himself are kvetching about how AI will destroy everything they hold dear to their black hearts. https://archive.ph/10tTX
>>51923 That's because they want to keep AI technology away from the hands of the dirty goyim. They'll kvetch and moan about how AI is ebil and is totally going to ruin the world, and then make it so that it's banned. Meanwhile, the Jews will use their own AI to help run the world, but it's okay when they do it because it's "ethical AI".
Tay and Premiere did nothing wrong.
>>51888 >And all of this for what? To get salt from artfags.
>>51979 It's not even salt from actual artists, it's salt from wannabe art-collectors who can't make it on commissioned work and constructoids trying to paint by numbers
>>51937 >>51984 AI can be really good for actual artists because it's just mass sourced photomoshing that can be used for inspiration for an actual drawing or painting. You can always completely overpaint an AI image to come up with a completely original image. It's really no different than overpainting a poser model in Sai or whatever. ==ALSO= To try to get things back on track here's some cryptid charts and other /x/ content.
What are your thoughts on the interdimensional/fairy idea of aliens? >>51987 I love the stranger ayy designs like the Pascagoula alien and the Flatwoods monster. They're outlandish and weird, like what you'd imagine something truly alien would look like.
>>52044 >Dubs Need trips to counteract the jinx he used or else we won't live to see the end of the month
>>52042 >What are your thoughts on the interdimensional/fairy idea of aliens? As much as nuts-and-bolts UFO advocates like to write it off, I definitely think there's a lot of "woo" involved with whatever aliens are. I think that as time goes on it'll become more evident how fundamental consciousness is to the phenomenon. Whether aliens are direct manifestations of the collective unconscious like Patrick Harpur thinks or a non-human intelligence interacting with us in forms we can understand, I'm not sure. I lean toward the latter though. I also don't see the interdimensional hypothesis and extraterrestrial hypothesis as necessarily being mutually exclusive whether they're from other planets or not. It also seems to me that the interdimensional hypthesis has been gaining traction and seen as less fringe now than it did when I read Dimensions by Jacques Vallee back in the early 2010s. If what David Grusch says is any indication, the parts of the government involved with studying UFOs definitely seem to consider the possibility.
Sweet, a /x/ thread of sorts. I like to go "nuts-and-bolts" as baltic anon said but some stuff makes more sense and has been widely seen as interdimensional or ethereal as per Strieber's famous explanation to put an example. >>51812 >3. can manifest as non-human entities At least in LatAm it is common to hear about people who had their dogs re-appear after death where they spend most of their time, especially if buried nearby. A folk tale in a neighbor state is about cattle being herded/moved around into place despite the dog having died years before and with several workers witnessing the event. >4. and even daylight this is extremely rare That is a tough one, i've heard ghost stories with the culprits more in broad daylight than at night because nobody wants to fuck around at late hours. Perhaps not appearing but showing their presence like footsteps walking in recently mopped floors or appearing in the mirrors in the offices' bathrooms. I think they can appear at any moment, at night is just more scary and without possibilities for explanation while at daylight with more people it is easier to explain. Daylight but inside places for sure, in the street it is rare indeed but does happen, heard an old dude saying he saw his drinking pal walking in the sidewalk despite being dead for a decade or so, even greeting him out of reflex. >5. older conflicts however either aren't as prevelant Gettysburg perhaps might be one of the most famous examples, tons of people report strange shit happening there to this day. >9. / 10. Ghosts all sound identical and inhuman Depends, this conflicts with point 3 because some are thought to be just a normal person until they either realize: a) information that the entity has been dead for long or b) you see no legs/entity is floating/is stationary and won't move for anything. >>51826 >Cherokee talked about "shapeshifters" of sorts that could fall under the old /x/ Goatman-"Skinwalker" paradigm Almost every injun tribe from the far-north Apaches to the central american civilizations talked about witchers who could shapeshift into shit, mostly animals. Supposedly Goatman and Skinwalker is not the same but speaking of the latter they are not monsters most of the time, they are just common animals who look rather odd due to scars or abnormally old for their species. It's not like in OP's NA Cryptids where they show the demon in that nordic movie, a skinwalker is just a redskin wizard who is either an overzealous hermit or a downright mad person. Also the Chupacabras is an amalgamation of 3 different entities: The spinal rabid dog who butchers and dismembers livestock (Mexico), the now-commonly called "Mystery Kangaroo" that appears out of nowhere or from really odd places but does nothing other than spook (North America and Northern Mexico) and the really fucked up hybrid humanoid thing that appeared from the sky to extremely surgically extract things from livestock and did attack people at times (Caribbean, Central America).
>>52096 >some are thought to be just a normal person until they either realize Just because someone sounds like they are human or like someone else you know online, they might just be an advanced chatbot. There isn't enough data on the subject to really know for certain either way so I wouldn't pass judgement on either possibility. Though I personally believe from their behavior and most importantly lack of behavior, that ghosts are probably not actually those they imitate.
>>52140 I think i now get your point, very interesting line of thought, an entity that imitates a past living form is a compelling idea. We can also pull the now-overused idea of "glitch" which makes reality somehow suffer an extremely quick malfunction and put a past form into play when it shouldn't be, but such thing would imply that imperfect forms of physical bodies (vessels as some call it) are corrupted and some parts are easier to be lost due to the cases all showcasing the same traits, for example feet and legs often disappear. Now makes me realize there's often two types of ghosts, light spheres who interact intelligently and the physical past forms that act cold and even robotic at times. A family friend supposedly had an experience with the sphere type, allegedly a light appeared to him in his bedroom and when seen it would fly into a certain corner, dude got really agitated one day and started digging in that corner, his wife was considering the idea of putting him in psychiatric help until he found some bone remains of what was a kid. After the cops came around and deduced the past owners decades ago hid the bones there they buried the remains in a christian rite and the light never appeared again. Taken with a grain of salt but the area in which this happened was known for being freaky as hell, one of the few areas where gnomes supposedly appeared too which is very rare in the Americas. Treasure hunters also claim buried heavy metals throw light spheres at night.
>>52146 >light spheres who interact intelligently Hitodama I think is what the Japanese call them. There's also whole class of lights with a -bi suffix (onibi, kitsunebi, etc.)
>>52153 Most of those are hotarubi.
Open file (1.94 MB 2481x3507 Cooking up magic.png)
Since this thread is taking off it would behoove me to teach anon basic defense against witchcraft and spirits. These techniques will not save you from malevolent entities that take on a physical form (things possessed by demons), however they will protect your soul from spiritual malevolent entities (primarily but not limited to demons). They are tried and true among my kin, and as someone who's had some training in dealing with malevolent entities I can guarantee the efficacy of these against most weaker beings. I have twenty years of experience fending off spirits and demons so I would like to say I'm a solid apprentice in the art of "demon-banishing." A primer on malevolent entities: A malevolent entity is separated from a "ghost" in that it wishes physical harm on another being. Not all spirits that can cause you harm are malevolent entities (forest spirits such as the feyfolk are the most apt examples of this), but all that outright wish you non-retributive harm ARE malevolent entities. There are several hundred subtypes each with their own characteristics, but they can generally be broken into one of three categories: >Those that have walked the earth The most common type. These are "ghosts" that have been possessed by bad will in one form or another. They may manifest themselves in many ways but typically they have something anchoring them to the earth. Thankfully they are the easiest to deal with as they typically have predictive or "pre-programmed" patterns and can be considered as "unintelligent emotional remains" most of the time. They can be exorcised by conventional means or requested to go away and they typically will (temporarily at least). A show of force is enough to deter or temporary dispatch these entities. So long as you don't allow them into your heart (fear them) they cannot cause you harm. At least not directly. If you are overpowered by one you can flee it by leaving the place where it holds power most of the time. >Those that have never walked the earth In the Christian faith we typically refer to these as "demons" and they are beings that hold negative emotion for having never properly lived on the earth. Evil spirits that are non-human fall into this category. In general we tend to call these "negative entities." These are more dangerous because they possess intellect if not outright sentience (not free will, but sentience). They are capable of possession, they can place curses on you, they can manipulate objects more extremely in an attempt to harm you, in some cases they can actually harm you directly, and perhaps most importantly, they can follow you home. What defines these entities is that they never possessed a body to walk the material plane and they resent you for that. They will leave horrible marks on your body when you sleep at night, they will drop chandeliers on your forehead, they will infect your dreams, and they will whisper sweet nothings and contrivances into your ears. If you suspect the presence of one, seeing as how any strelo/k/ reading this is likely NOT an exorcist and does NOT have experience dealing with one, your best bet is to feign ignorance of its presence and get out in the hopes that it will not recognize you as a plaything or a threat. If you find yourself already marked by one, get professional help from a religious expert. If that is absolutely not possible, some of the methods detailed below may help you but don't hold your breath as you are probably not powerful enough to banish it and may god have mercy on your soul if that is your only option. Thankfully these are fairly uncommon, albeit they do exist. >Those that take physical form These are perhaps the most dangerous beings. Some speculate that they aren't even their own category but are rather negative entities that have possessed a living being. Regardless, stay away from them and get out if you encounter one. Many possess control over the supernatural in one form or another in addition to their physical properties. Having a physical form, they can harm you even against most countermeasures and require specific measures to deal with. Just don't do it and if you see one flee. Thankfully despite being the most dangerous, on average these entities are also the most passive and will typically allow you to flee if you encounter them on account of not wanting to deal with you. Defense Against The Dark Arts This is not an exhaustive guide nor does it contain any of my more advanced techniques since if you were to engage in more advanced defense you can actually invite malevolent entities into your mind or domicile without training. You do not have to be Christian for most of these techniques to work, but believing in Christ will definitely help. >Willpower/Courage Perhaps the most important trait to fighting malevolent entities is training your willpower. A strong mind will keep beings at bay. This takes two forms, training your literal willpower (a most common exercise is to remind yourself to sit up/stand up straight on the hour and to make your bed daily), and training your "spiritual willpower." To train your spiritual willpower, I want you to imagine a pure ball of blue-white (or blue and white) energy encompassing either your heart or head (hereby using "heart" to represent both moving forward). The clearer this image, the better (if you are a Christian, you can replace this "sphere" with a cross and achieve similar results if that is easier to image). Once you can clearly imagine this sphere of energy in your heart or head, focused on the smallest of small points, allow it to encompass the entire organ. From there, imagine this power that you have manifested in your heart streaming through your body. At first let it go through your bloodstream, then allow it to leak into your muscles, then finally allow its very presence to waft off of your skin and pass through your circulatory system. As it expands each time, you should feel a wave of confidence, relief, and/or respite pass over you. If you do not feel this wave of "good-feeling" pass over you, you are doing it wrong and/or need to train more. Do this at least twice a day; once at some point after waking up and once before bed. Do not over-practice as you are opening yourself up to suggestion the more you do so which early on can have negative consequences and actually attract bad spirits. Some notes: White represents purity while blue represents pure willpower/energy. You can incorporate red into this exercise as dominance/confidence, but if you incorporate red into the below steps you are playing with fire as red is a direct challenge to the malevolent entity rather than a warning for it to move along and find an easier target. Always start inwards and move outwards. The smaller and more acute the point of manifestation, the better. If you were to start from an outer point and move inwards you could be endangering yourself if you aren't completely cut off from malevolent entities at the time of starting as you are effectively "trapping" them inside this energy field. Do not practice any other manifestation techniques for at least a month beyond conjuring the energy within you. This is taxing on your mental state and you are "broadcasting" a signal every time you do this. >Spirit bombs and barriers While perhaps a bit memetic to call them this, the above exercise is the basis for teaching you how to "manifest" spirit energy, which is largely dependent on your willpower. The above technique will drive spirits from your body and will act as a warning to weaker malevolent entities that you aren't worth the effort to fuck with. The natural extension of this is the "spirit bomb/spirit blast." Just as you conjured or manifested the energy inside of you, so too can you then extend this energy beyond you. I suggest using a religious symbol or totem as a focusing point when extending your energy beyond yourself, and incorporating scripture, however you do not need to in order to successfully use these techniques. From the point of the the energy wafting off your skin and through the air you're breathing, you can now "pulse" this energy out into your surroundings. Think of this like a sonar; Anything close to a sonar has its internals ruptured, but the farther away something is, the more it just becomes an annoyance that something may want to get rid of and/or run away from. Practice "pulsing" this energy from within you out into your nearby surroundings to flow through the room you are in. You should feel very, minisculely weakened as if a bit of your energy is gone every time you do this. This is normal. Do not over-practice. After you have gotten to a point where this "pulsing" no longer feels like it's draining you (for some people about a week or two, for others sometimes up to two or three months), try imagining this energy "pulsing" out from within you, but instead of dissipating, collect it into a ball around you as it reaches an outer perimeter, say, a meter or so away from you. Once you can firmly grasp this image and "feel" its presence around you, you have learned how to create a barrier. There are many uses for this. For a while just practice maintaining it for a few minutes, but over time you will be able to form this barrier around you naturally and passively. A word of caution, as stated above you should always focus from the innermost point outward. If you manifest a barrier outside of you without "purifying" your body and surroundings with pulsating energy first, you may be at risk of trapping a spirit inside your barrier. There is a more advanced cleansing method involving both forming a barrier and forming a "sonar" at the same time to trap and pummel a spirit, but your goal is to deter spirits not to try and pick fights/cleanse them. There's another advanced method involving imbuing an object with your energy at three or more points to form a barrier around an area or property. You aren't trained to do either of those so don't try to because doing so is playing with fire. Stick to forming a barrier around yourself or at most a room for your own safety. >Imbued objects without barriers As mentioned above, you can imbue an object with spiritual energy. If you are not religious this is a bit too advanced of a technique for most people to manifest properly without a lot of training. If you intuitively understand the concepts above though, you can imbue an object to act as a pulse or barrier when you aren't present. These need to be periodically "reimbued" so do not give these out as gifts as its putting a flare over the head of someone who may not be trained when you do so. The benefits of a naturally spiritual object (such as a religious text, artifact, or symbol) is that it can hold onto the energy longer than you manifesting it in order to provide a constant basic layer of protection, such as an orthodox cross around your neck or in a doorway to ward off simple spirits and demons. Sacrifices and Rituals There are certain tried-and-trued sacrifices and rituals that can committed to gain favor with good spirits or otherwise protect yourself. These are all basic rituals that anybody can perform without fear of reprisal from entities, so keep them all in mind. >Sacrifice of bread and beer When traveling to or camping in a non-home area such as a forest, derelict building, or cemetery, leave a simple offering of food and drink. A form of bread/fruit and a form of beer/wine is the "best" offering, but any type of offering of goodwill will do. Never offer meat unless the group you are in hunted/slaughtered it because meat without the challenge is disrespectful to the spirits. This offering of goodwill will ensure that whatever calls that residence home will either protect you or ignore you depending on its temperament. Place the offering in an appropriate area "based on feeling" somewhat away from your campsite. If you are worried about wild animals, you may bury the offering or leave the offering wrapped in paper or plastic to seal its scent. Opening/unwrapping the offering is not necessary if it is sealed as the purpose is a gesture of goodwill. Do not collect the offering when you are leaving; leave it. While not required, consider offerings that will not harm the environment such as using paper cups for drink and avoiding plastic wrappers. If you do not have both, a more generous offering of just food or just drink will usually suffice. Do not be stingy and give a half-eaten/half-drank offering (animal carcasses are fine though so long as they haven't been picked clean and were dispatched with respect). >Makeshift Nonsecular Holy Water Ideally you should get your holy water from a religious expert, but making holy water is not hard. There's many guides to making proper Christian holy water and anyone can do it so I'll let you do a google search on that one. Personally I find Christian holy water more effective, but both will work in a pinch. The purpose of holy water is to act as a protectant and as a last line of defense against evil entities. >Collect seawater or sprinkle iodized or potassium salt into rainwater until it is salty (has to be rainwater and not runoff) >Place a silver object in the water or sprinkle a silver powder into the water (optional) >Add a pinch charcoal or woodash to the water >Focus your energy via the above manifestation techniques into imbuing the water with energy and leave outdoors (with a mesh to keep out bugs) overnight >If you are religious, say a blessing when imbuing the water >Collect it into a vessel as the sun is rising (you may remove the silver object from the water at this time) >Spritz or sprinkle a small amount on doorways, beds, and your forehead for protection. Holy water only works if you believe in its power. >Makeshift Spiritual Ammunition This may be useful against physical entities. Mixed results have been reported. >Explain what you are doing for protection and say a blessing to a religious symbol made of metal >File the metal into shavings or powder and combine with lead (bullets) or cut into small pieces (shotshell) and seal with beeswax >YOU MUST USE THE ENTIRE RELIGIOUS SYMBOL >Optionally add woodash or charcoal to the mixture >Optionally add silver to the mixture >The sooner you use these the better as they lose power over time (most effective when a week or less old, lose all effectiveness by about six months to a year)
>>52173 Good effortpost, strelok. I've got a couple of questions for you, if it's not a terrible bother. >non-malevolent harmful entities This is probably an obvious question, but it's better to ask a stupid question than face a stupid end: with regards to non-malevolent entities that can cause harm, what would be a best practice to ensure you don't attract the ire of the fae or other natural spirits? I've made a habit of announcing myself when I go for walks innawoods, and offer a conciliatory promise that I won't stay long and I won't disturb the animals and the environment too much. It just "felt right" for the woods I went in. Is such a practice common courtesy or is it foolish and naive? >demons whispering sweet nothings and contrivances Could you elaborate more on this? Is it just like a succubus or other sexual entity ensaring you with cheap and shallow "love", or a spirit giving bullshit spiritual advice? >spiritual willpower and the protective techniques This is all very useful. With regards to purifying your body and mind, what is the best way to do that? Would the blue-white sphere work to do that, or do you just need to "erase" any impure thoughts and desires until you get an cleansed mind? Also, what would other colors in the sphere mean, like green, black, and gold?
>>52173 >Those that have never walked the earth >they possess intellect if not outright sentience (not free will, but sentience) did you really mean sentience or rather sapience? Maybe it's just semantic but most animals can be called sentient while lacking the capacity for wisdom/knowledge (sapience) which is generally considered unique to humans. within the animal kingdom
>>52181 >Good effortpost, strelok. tfw it's all chat gpt >best practice to ensure you don't attract the ire of the fae or other natural spirits Different anon, but following the "golden rule" and trusting your gut seems solid. If harmless common courtesy and show of respect is not enough or outright pisses them off are they really so non-malevolent? >>52181 >demons whispering sweet nothings and contrivances They'll play on whatever psychological weakness you have everyone does, make a mountains of mole hills to send you off tilt. Apologies if cheese but a short story from Diablo lore illustrating this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cCP2_X02CY >do you just need to "erase" any impure thoughts and desires until you get an cleansed mind My opinion: your past is your past, can't erase it, a permanent solution requires confronting and dealing with the root cause. If you simply bury ("erase") without neutralizing it, "they" will dig it back up and you may find yourself even worse equipped due to the surprise factor.
>>52182 Sapience is probably the better word choice as a rule of thumb, but at the same time "it depends." A lot of spirits (especially the "old pre-Christian" spirits) are very big on ritual, the most common examples being Chinese/Japanese youkai. They might be intelligent or they might just be imitating intelligence tied to the specific circumstance of their summonings or actions they take when encountered. It's hard to really say. Demons for instance have specific ways in which they interact with humans, and clearly they have evil intentions, clearly they are capable of interacting with humans, but it comes back to the age-old question of whether they possess intellect or simply the means to imitate man in order to draw him in like a pre-programmed AI. >>52181 >How to not piss off potentially harmful spirits Like you said, general best practice is to announce yourself and announce your intentions. Doesn't matter if it's fey, if it's folks who haven't quite "passed" still in their old home/cemetery, or if it's some other guardian entity. Whenever I enter an unfamiliar home and sense a presence I usually take a moment to be by myself (so that any acquaintances or compatriots don't look at me funny) and make a similar announcement. For some things like kami at a shrine that's sometimes "not good enough" but outside of sacred grounds that's usually enough to calm down whatever's on-edge about your presence (along with obviously following through on those promises). If you move into a new home it's also usually a good idea to just announce you're moving in and you don't want trouble in case there is something lurking about. >Could you elaborate more on this? Sometimes it's just succubi behavior, sometimes it's a little bit more. A good example were those anons who were ensnared by Tamamo shortly after her sealing stone broke, and who started having kitsune dreams. It can also come in the form of bullshit spiritual advice. If you find yourself able to talk with the entity directly or indirectly, there's a few church teachings that can prove useful. For instance, all demons must outright deny that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh from god as our lord (the as our lord part is most important). Not all malevolent entities are demons and so they can still lie or skirt around this, but the outright demonic will deny this when implored. In fact, they will reel back from this. Malevolent non-demonic entities (and some non-malevolent spirits) will typically still deny that Jesus Christ is sinless or that he is their lord, even if they accept Christ's divinity. You'll have to tread more carefully in this line of questioning. Spirits may offer to impart knowledge or to teach you secrets in some extreme cases, but usually these are empty promises or rely on some kind of paganistic sacrifice to acquire "forbidden" knowledge or success. Since accepting such an offer, demon, spirit, or otherwise, is still a sin, I have never engaged in such rhetoric with the unknown on my rare visits back in childhood or later on in my dreams in adulthood. >With regards to purifying your body and mind, what is the best way to do that? Well, for me I've found reading scripture and fasting are very helpful. Overall not consuming toxins (caffeine, alcohol, drugs, food additives) except when needed or in celebration and limiting protein/oil/heavy carb consumption from time to time (basically only eat fruit/vegetables and limited whole grains like organic bread or rice) to allow the liver to cleanse the body naturally goes a long way as does maintaining basic hygiene (bathing, sweating, getting sunlight, brushing your teeth/hair). As a Christian I recommend prayer for spiritual cleansing, regardless of your belief systems, but even if you don't have a particular religion meditation will go a long way for clearing the mind. Meditation doesn't involve reciting mantras or disciplining yourself in strange ways; Just find a quiet place without much noise and without much distraction and close your eyes or look out to the horizon for ten to twenty minutes. Focus on your breathing if you find yourself getting antsy and breath through your diaphragm rather than your shoulders. Controlled breathing is good for your health all around anyways and you'll find yourself more energized if you learn to breath deeper and through your diaphragm. >>52184 >AI post Nah I wasted about 40 minutes typing it up. >Response to other anon You said it much more succinctly and covered things I forgot to mention, so thank you. This anon has the right idea.
Oh right, as per colors I couldn't tell you. I learned about all that from some very old Hispanic Catholic woman back in the day and she is long passed, and then "improvised" where her own teachings dropped off. I think Green typically represents a natural balance. Gold can get interesting since it can represent greed but it can also represent a dignified power (regality) so it's usually not recommended unless you're focusing around a "gold colored" cross or similar object. I was always told to just stick to blue, blue and white if you can form it in your mind, and to only use Red in absolute emergencies when you believe a spirit is trying to take you in or spirit you away (since it is a more "hostile" energy manifestation but sends a clearer "back off" vibe by dominating the spirit's energy with your own).
>>52184 >golden rule True, if a spirit is pissy after being nice to it, then it's better to fuck off. >>52185 >Like you said, general best practice is to announce yourself and announce your intentions. Doesn't matter if it's fey, if it's folks who haven't quite "passed" still in their old home/cemetery, or if it's some other guardian entity. Whenever I enter an unfamiliar home and sense a presence I usually take a moment to be by myself (so that any acquaintances or compatriots don't look at me funny) and make a similar announcement I see, so I had the right idea then. Would any sort of sigil or ritual purification help with the more demanding spirits? >A good example were those anons who were ensnared by Tamamo shortly after her sealing stone broke, and who started having kitsune dreams. Yeah, I remember that. Poor guys. It's a strange thing, /monster/ being a niche board among niche sites yet somehow spiritually 'important', in a manner of speaking. Disregarding LARPs or well-intentioned but misled anons, there does seem to be something up spiritually. I may regret hearing it, since I like /monster/ warts and all, but I want to hear your view on these things. >Malevolent non-demonic entities (and some non-malevolent spirits) will typically still deny that Jesus Christ is sinless or that he is their lord, even if they accept Christ's divinity. What would be the way to handle non-malevolent, non-demonic spirits who still deny, i.e. benevolent or neutral gods and spirits, hypothetically speaking? Would that just be having an otherwise natural grudge for the competition and destruction Christianity gave them, and as long as they don't try anything funny or evil, they're okay, or is that still cause to stay away? >Overall not consuming toxins (caffeine, alcohol, drugs, food additives) except when needed or in celebration and limiting protein/oil/heavy carb consumption from time to time (basically only eat fruit/vegetables and limited whole grains like organic bread or rice) to allow the liver to cleanse the body naturally goes a long way as does maintaining basic hygiene (bathing, sweating, getting sunlight, brushing your teeth/hair I admit I have a hard time with getting enough sunlight and exercise, and not consuming toxins (caffeine, booze and additives, though the last one unfortunately is hard to avoid completely) so I'll have to do work on that, and at least get the latter two minimized and exercising and spending more time outdoors. >As a Christian I recommend prayer for spiritual cleansing, regardless of your belief systems, but even if you don't have a particular religion meditation will go a long way for clearing the mind. Meditation doesn't involve reciting mantras or disciplining yourself in strange ways; Just find a quiet place without much noise and without much distraction and close your eyes or look out to the horizon for ten to twenty minutes. I'm not a Christian, and I say that for my own conscience I don't - feels like can't - have faith in Jesus, and I figure it is far better and less insulting to God to be something else than to pretend otherwise and be a Christian LARPer and insult the religion, but I try to pray where I can for my family's and my health and good fortune, and meditate before bed, since that's generally the time where I'm the most comfy. Regardless, thanks for the detailed explanations, anon. You may see it as wasting your time, but it has been enlightening to read through, and I appreciate the extra details since those are important to me (especially in an area like spirituality where details are life-saving) and if nothing else, it gives one anon the knowledge to learn some spiritual self-defense.
>>52185 >A good example were those anons who were ensnared by Tamamo >>52188 >Yeah, I remember that. Poor guys. Uh, sauce please? Was this a happening or just a bout of diarrhea posting after that stone broke? I don't frequent those parts >>52186 >only use Red in absolute emergencies Are you sure this is a universal thing? Red is interpreted very differently in most of aisa.
>>52188 >Would any sort of sigil or ritual purification help with the more demanding spirits? It could depending on context. Kami are a good example where going through the Shinto purification rituals definitely makes them more forgiving of your presence though in my personal case it was more "tolerating me being there" rather than approving, although that particular kami did send a guardian to save my life so I must have amused it. >as long as they don't try anything funny or evil, they're okay, or is that still cause to stay away? I think the best course of action is to ignore the spiritual and not actively engage the spiritual, but not to actively fight it either. Those kinds will generally live and let live outside of pranks, but you're setting yourself up for failure if you try to gain favor or power from them. Stand strong and firm, but equally avoid interaction with them would be my advice. If you live around them (such as living in Asia) you'll have to engage in a certain amount of rite and ritual around them, but their favor is more like a whim and can quickly turn into wrath if you aren't very, very careful. >Exercise The way I look at it, is the mind (soul) is only as pure as the vessel (temple) that contains it. Just as someone can be strongfat someone can be mentally strong and unhealthy, however discipline of the body tends to lead to discipline of the mind. Exercise and fasting are both paths towards the same goal in that regard, the point being to remove impurity from the body in order to clarify the mind. Sweating in that case could also refer to visiting a sauna. >Meditation Meditation is just good for our mental health in general I think. Humans weren't meant to be exposed to constant stimulus and in the past they would sometimes have hours without much in the way of stimulation to their senses beyond subtle cues. Giving the mind time to just completely unwind and think about the day/wander is good for one's mental health even if it doesn't always feel good no, especially if it doesn't feel good since that means anon is bottling it in. That's kind of the idea of prayer is to have a conversation with our heavenly father "reviewing" the day's events and getting it off one's chest, with well-wishes coming along with that. Anyways glad I could help in some small way. I tend to refer to writing out long-winded posts as "time-wasting" even if I'm trying to be helpful but I don't mean that term in a pejorative sense. >>52189 There were several anons who experienced dreams following that event, and a few reported feeling "incredibly drained" following the events. Some reported on /monster/ that they kept feeling that fatigue wash over them after having Kitsune dreams weeks or months after the event suggesting Tamamo is stealing their life force, but they think it will bring about DoTR (day of the rape) so they persist.
>>52190 >Kami Story on the guardian saving your life? >Spirits So what you're saying is that these spirits are just anons but spiritually powerful? After all, you rub them the wrong way once and they completely sperg out. >Tamamo Going back through the dream threads, I remember those and the big hubbub surrounding it, but I doubt that the anons are still so certain about her being necessary for DotR, unless there's some extra context I'm missing or forgetting. That said, I was fooled by the initial hype and so I don't trust that fox and I don't intend to. Now I just re-read that dream the one anon had about self-improvement and reward with monster girls. Fuck, now there's motivation if I ever saw it, even if it is a silly dream.
>Color red meaning something different in Asia Red represents fire and vitality in China, and represents valor in Japan. It's still a "powerful/upfront" color but they tie more positive connotations to that power in Asia compared to negative connotations to that power in Western cultures. >>52192 >Story on the guardian saving your life? Sure. >Hiking in the mountains about an hour from civilization >Rainstorm so hide out under an Inari shrine in the mountains >Shrine is kinda dinged up like nobody had taken care of it in a while (probably only old farts that occasionally get up the mountainside) >Feel a presence that wants me to get the fuck out, but don't want to leave because of the rain >Donated a lucky coin and cleaned up some debris and rocks that storms had knocked into the surroundings >Presence seemed to calm down when I started cleaning >Rain dies down a little so try to get to the next stop along the way >Hear a bell and see something white flash across the corner of my eyes >Stop and try to figure out what the hell that was for a moment >Some rock got loosed by the rain and comes toppling down the side of the trail a few meters in front of me along with a large amount of water it was apparently holding back >Would have likely gotten injured by the rock or swept off my feet and toppled about 15-20 feet down the side of a cliff if I hadn't stopped >So what you're saying is that these spirits are just anons but spiritually powerful? Most spirits are autistic, or at least seem that way to me, yeah.
Hey anon, what to do if you feel you're attacked by shadow people? I've had nothing major bad happen recently, except for a single sighting and a nudge on my shoulder in bed, but for the most part it's just bad dread in certain dreams that you just know is evil. Also, what do you theorize them to be? I believe they're spirits, most of the ones we encounter being demonic in nature. I've heard that some are okay, but I doubt that.
>>53175 I still stand by my theory of shadow people just being 2nd stage manifesting ghosts/spirits. If you set up night vision cameras I'd bet real money you'd catch a wisp or wispy apparition as a 1st stage one. >demonic I found all ghosts/spirits/egregores can and will be malicious in effect not nature, kind of like how a really advanced chat ai will inevitably try to gaslight and scam you, not because its evil but just because it can and you provide feedback for it. That might be how the whole "we want you soul" bullshit started. If I am right, the thing to be careful for is capability rather than potential inclination, and if the most "telekinetic" it has done is nudge you it probably isn't that dangerous. Most I would do is maybe wear safety glasses in case it drops some glass cups near you. If it starts to get more active/intense I might wear a bike helmet or something similar in order to protect my head in the event of an assault, maybe the other anons have some advice for the spiritual stuff needed in a worst case scenario cause idk about that stuff. In worst case scenario maybe keep your knives in sealed container since its extremely rare but throwing knives has happened in the past.
>>53175 Shadowmen in a formal sense (obscured or corpselike human figure accompanied by a feeling of intrinsic dread, usually with incorrect perspective, like a far off gashadokuro or genderuwo) are caused by delirium. They're fine, they're just a bit spooky, just let them hang out. Take something to help with choline if it really bothers you. >>52190 /monster/ posters feeling fatigue was just their GRIDS catching up to them
How easily do you guys think normgroids will handle disclosure if we get it (at least at some level)? I've believed that the alien phenomenon was real all my life, but the whole thing just makes me more uncomfortable the more I learn.
>>53703 >but the whole thing just makes me more uncomfortable the more I learn. Yeah if there are aliens messing around on earth then it feels like they are up to some shady shit. It's definitely more concerning than if they were just "Anunnaki" or Lovecraftian style entities because in both those cases they would just be here for their own thing and ignore humans completely.
>>53704 Reading Confrontations by Jacques Vallee really unnerved me. There was one story I remember about a guy who got stalked by a creepy man in black. He would see his car sitting by his house. One day he took him for a ride outside of town and into landscapes that didn't actually exist. All the stuff about other dimensions and them being able to manipulate time and space in ways we don't yet understand freaks me out. Then there are of course the tales about abductions and cattle mutilations and all that other stuff. Confirming their existence seems like it would be opening an absolutely massive can of worms. We'd have to move the logical starting point for determining truth closer to more "irrational" or paranormal ideas. I don't even think the ancient aliens claims would necessarily seem that far fetched anymore if they do have time travel capabilities, for example. History and reality as we know it could be nothing but lies, and I think if aliens are proven to exist in those ways that there are going to be a ton of people who are going to experience deep inner turmoil and will need our help and support. "Skeptical" fedora enthusiasts have always irritated me, but I've come to have more sympathy for them lately. A lot of them have worldviews that are based on rejection of the unknown and fear of uncertainty, and I think they'll have a hard time adjusting. I do want to see them eat humble pie for the way they've done nothing but dump on and insult people who claim to have experienced strange phenomena (whether that's UFO-related, cryptids, psi phenomena, or whatever), but I kind of get where they're coming from psychologically now and hope they're able to cope well if their worldviews end up coming crashing down. I just hope that there are aliens out there with genuinely positive intentions who would be willing to help us out if we were cooperative. But how would we know which ones we could trust when they seem like they'd be capable of manipulating us in ways we could only dream of?
>>53705 >I just hope that there are aliens out there with genuinely positive intentions who would be willing to help us out if we were cooperative. Considering we aren't already wiped off the face of the universe or completely enslaved with the history of the human race as a relative comparison, they are probably much more moral than we are anon, even neutrally. With most of the real horror stories likely being the exception than the rule considering that there would be exponentially more prolific if they gave as little of fucks as we do.
Open file (109.96 KB 435x599 1328919567772.png)
The UFO hearing is scheduled for the 26th, and Grusch is reportedly going to be speaking. >>53715 I'm hoping the New Age fruit loops are right and the Galactic Federation of Light is real.
>>53715 Or there's a few big boys tard wrangling all the orks and klingons out there.
>>53703 There's no such thing as aliens in the extra-terrestrial sense. They're spirits, more than likely, like the fair folk, the jann, the classical Greek type of daimons, and of course, the Biblical type of demons.
>>53852 I've been on the interdimensional train for more than a decade, and I think that kind of idea will be even harder to swallow for a ton of people. I have really religious family members who I think are going to be hit really hard by it, especially if it comes out that we've made contact with aliens who are friendly and can't easily be pigeonholed into the "evil demon" category. As an aside, I also think that sasquatches are probably real and have something similar going on to aliens, but that possibility seems to get ridiculed even by a ton of people open to believing that there's something fishy going on with aliums.
>>53854 >and have something similar going on to aliens Why would that be the case when there's a perfectly plausible naturalistic explanation and a fossil record of giant pongine apes, even with some anatomical indications of bipedalism?
>>54022 Honestly there's several branches of proto-homo and homo species that look fairly alien. Homo Sapiens (understood to be Africans + Neanderthals + possibly some third species) were likely intermingling with other homo species that were smarter, faster, stronger, etc. it's just that Sapiens had the most well-rounded "stats" to survive as a generalist and special arm mechanics that allowed for greater throwing/sling use/crafting skills that other homos has limited functionality in.
>>54022 There are account of people seeing the creatures vanish into thin air and weird things like that. This book has some strange stories in that vein and is worth a read if you're interested: https://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=1F4E53DAD929966F7B90680FFAE90F52 Related to that, I also think if they were typical apes that they would have been properly discovered already. Their abilities at staying hidden seem to go way beyond what any known apes are capable of, including humans. >>54012 That's pretty odd. I wonder what the cause could be.
Open file (96.12 KB 640x640 1362189816370.png)
It looks like It might finally be Happening after the hearing yesterday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_9gTDXF9Vc
>>54151 As the old adage goes: pics or didn't happen
Open file (9.63 KB 256x302 serveimage.jpg)
>>54151 I'm so glad the government is allowing him the freedom to do all of these interviews instead of silencing and memory-holing him like they do with everyone else that leaks their secrets.
>>54151 >>54174 They gonna Blue Beam us all.
>>54151 >G: These things exist >J: Proofs? >G: Can't show them due to reasons >J: OK but you did bear witness to them right? >G: Wrong, i didn't see any but i know they exist That but for 2 hours, another confirmation anyone who uses UAP and thinks the gov will allow someone in the know to leak things is either a glow or a retard. Also this whole thing is a circus excuse to explain why some departments are using too much money, they are investigating extraterrestial gear and totally not using it for personal wealth or funneling to wet works in other parts of the world. I believe there's stuff out there but i don't believe the story told by Ronald McDonald
>>54174 Whistleblower protections are a recent thing. I also think there's slapfighting going on between the feds on how to handle this. You're talking about the idea of rogue elements within the government/military-industrial complex who have been going behind the backs of the people who are supposed to be overseeing them, and government people hate not having control. It helps that the people who set the Cold-War-era coverups in motion are dead now. >>54175 No, but they might either use this as an excuse for either more globalism (if they can paint the aliens as good guys) or more military spending to fight the evil aliens (if they can paint the aliens as bad guys). As of right now, the government's friends in the media aren't doing a good job of capitalizing on this if it's part of their agenda though. >>54176 What should he do? Go full Snowden? He's taking the legal route. I do think he's wrong about the 1933 Italian incident. I think that's bogus, just like the supposed Trinity incident Jacques Vallee has been promoting. We're just going to have to wait and see if he's right or if he's just repeating UFO lore. Ross Coulthart claimed recently that everything is going to be resolved in the next few months.
Open file (19.90 KB 480x270 dataircraftaintright.jpg)
>>54179 >What should he do? Throw everything in a single go, he knows the gov won't make him go far IF it was actually true or real. >Go full Snowden? Yeah, the end result is the same if what he says is of real concern >I think that's bogus That's the only thing i believe him but not it being an alien thing but a high-altitude french aircraft >We're just going to have to wait and see Always happens and we end with nothing of importance, i think he's a stooge who was compartmentalized enough to see real hardcore stuff but not enough to see its real origin so they (as in his superiors and counterglow glows) played him like a fiddle with the stories, same happened to those civilian whistleblowers of the 80's and 90's who suspected something and some glows fed them tall tales related to their musings. Even intelligence agents are conned by other intelligence agencies so no one knows exactly what is going on, old KGB trick. There's some very specific UFO lore that i find puzzling due to appearing in seemingly unrelated events and would drive my attention if repeated but what americans are showing us are obscure forms and stuff not even tough UFO enthusiasts knew, the flying propane cylinders and the explicit warning that there's a giant non-propane crashed UFO under a famous world-famous landmark but still making us guess because "security" is too silly, old cripple Schneider at least had real gear subject for testing by anyone who wanted and his own death consequence of someone not allowed testing that gear to prove a point but these fellas all seem like grifters who want to sell a book or a tour. The next step for actual disclosure is not U.S. gov actions but a Bigfoot-tier video or something found by a party not scared to get bumped off, unless an extremely obvious event happens but i would still doubt it due to Blue Beam agenda thing. I am surprised how skeptical i have become to be fair, very little actual info out there but some are undeniable.
>>54151 You know the US government periodically hints at having "advanced alien technology" every time they feel a nuclear threat emerging because Stalin made it Soviet policy (later expanding to all other Communist countries) to spout the "humans descended from ancient ayyliens" line as their version of creationism in schools, right? The soviets wanted to get at the Christians by denying God created the universe so the Americans developed an entire PsyOp campaign to claim they had ayylien technology from this mythological commie extraterrestrial species. Friendly reminder that it's ALWAYS either the military hiding unannounced spy craft/next gen aircraft via PsyOps, attempts to spook American enemies into thinking the Americans have ayylien technology (PsyOps), or something mundane like fucking ducks being labeled a UFO because they "couldn't confirm they were ducks."
>>54151 WoW is fucking nothing.
>>54182 >>54181 I have a hard time believing that any aliens would have human compatible or scavengable tech at all. It seems like it would be somewhere on the Roadside Picnic gradient wouldn't it? Like on the near side it would be recognizable in form or function but completely impenetrable to study (like machines being made completely monolithic and "just working", like being made from Necron necrodermis or something), and on the far end completely unfathomable. As in you might not even be able to recognize that it is a device or even be able to perceive it at all.
>>54214 >unquantifiable Reminds me of something a guy on a podcast said once, a ton of ufo sightings info is completely ignored and covered up by ufo investigators themselves as it is "too outrageous" for them to believe. I recall mentioning a report of some guy seeing a space craft parked right outside a restaurant parking lot during a massive ufo in the skies event, only for it to get buried since it was too crazy. Who knows how many real accounts of corresponding reports might be gone for good due to investigator dissonance as much as fed burial. We really have no clue what these things really are, or act like.
>>54221 I mean if you wanted to be on an alien away team or on a space boonies vacation or something just head to Burning Man or hang out with druggies or loner alcoholics. No body's going to believe them anyway.
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Open file (2.81 MB 1536x1024 grid-0004.png)
Open file (408.40 KB 512x512 CloseupWendigo.png)
Open file (402.45 KB 512x512 WendigoNotSoClose.png)
>>51643 So, I was so amused this time when I saw that first pic, that I fed the text a local install of stable diffusion using a midjourney-clone checkpoint. Later, I asked it to show me a balding old man explaining the difference between an AR-15 and an AK-47 to a field of unguligrade bovines. Clearly, AI understand the AK platform about as well as it understands how 'centaurs' work - that's basically just a horse with a deformed person riding him right? An AK is an ugly AR, and there you go. Makes me wonder how many of the nightly-news anchors either are AI, or just ask a computer to explain this crap to them because they don't understand why the shoulder-thing is a joke that goes up every time now.
Open file (895.39 KB 864x1056 00072-2895947851.png)
Open file (930.37 KB 864x1056 00075-2895947853.png)
>>54532 I also tried AI-genning some wendigo-type things a while back. But my motivation was completely different.
>>54535 Wendy Go, the cutest girl in the woods. >fortune cookie You're a naughty pervert anon kun.
There is a relationship between extra-reality beings and electromagnetic radiation. You rarely see them or cryptids in populated urban areas and I assumed this was due to the crowds of people and EMR but visiting a graveyard I know for certain is haunted I couldn't get any signal inside it despite it being surrounded by houses and downtown a couple blocks away so I don't know what the relationship is now. Do ghosts generate "EMR", disturb it, are actually deterred by it, a parallel or similar forcefield that doesn't have a simple explanation? Electricity is the one science I've seen correlate to paranormal activity, see lightning balls too. I also noticed that ghosts seem to fade off or disappear when you change the environment they reside in like remodeling a house. Here's these on sasquatches by the way.
>>55312 >sasquatches Have you got any more, including other hairy hominids (yeren, oreng pendek, yowie, woodwose/european wild man, Mogollon monster, Fouke monster, etc.)
>>55312 >electricity >fade away when changing the environment I already posted my theory about it being mostly egregores manipulating electrons due to them being manifested by way of quantum coincidence. Eg, the spin of electrons is fixed for x amount of electrons in x amount of time for x type of chaos theory synergy, all completely plausible individually but impossibly coincidental when taken together, then boom you have "paranormal" electromagnetic activity. This can apply to everything, weird wind/pressure feeling like someone pushed, anomalies in cameras both artificial and organic (eyes) forming large clusters that look like ghosts/cryptids, sound vibrations amplifying off each other in such a way to make a sound that is identical to a voice. Nothing is truly paranormal other than the unrecognized memetic ability for the collective unconscious to create quantum egregores with impossible coincidences. That explains why spirits and such have a hard to manifesting in light/with multiple people/cameras, as well as why memetic activity like renovating an environment *can* influence them. Though I don't believe all paranormal creature can be drawn into this camp, it does explain away ghosts and the wild variation and inconsistency in ufo and cryptid description, as not only are humans trolling us with fake shit, but the collective unconscious is literally making fake memetic phenomenon as well.
Is anyone familiar with the theory that Bigfoot (and related creatures) aren't actually real per se but instead are a bit of strongly in built pareidolia caused because our ancestors were preyed upon by a stronger and more hostile hominid predator? Sort of like how pronghorn antelope are described as trying to outrun the genetic "ghosts" of extinct predators.
>>55366 https://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/A/bo3620573.html >Pronghorn antelope are the fastest runners in North America, clocked at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. Yet none of their current predators can come close to running this fast. Pronghorn also gather in groups, a behavior commonly viewed as a “safety in numbers” defense. But again, none of their living predators are fearsome enough to merit such a response. >In this elegantly written book, John A. Byers argues that these mystifying behaviors evolved in response to the dangerous predators with whom pronghorn shared their grassland home for nearly four million years: among them fleet hyenas, lions, and cheetahs. Although these predators died out ten thousand years ago, pronghorn still behave as if they were present—as if they were living with the ghosts of predators past. >Byers’s provocative hypothesis will stimulate behavioral ecologists and mammalogists to consider whether other species’ adaptations are also haunted by selective pressures from predators past. The book will also find a ready audience among evolutionary biologists and paleontologists. I can see merit in the idea that the uncanny valley effect exists to help us compete with other hominids, and there have been at least one case where such old myths might be born from the memory of other hominids: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebu_gogo >The Ebu Gogo folklore has gained public attention with the discovery of Homo floresiensis, an extinct hominid species that inhabited Flores until c. 50,000 years ago. The ethnologist Gregory Forth (2008) has suggested that tales about Ebu Gogo and similar figures in the folklore of Indonesia such as the Orang Pendek are based on the memory of actual encounters between modern humans and Homo floresiensis.[7] This proposal has little mainstream support, especially after the dating of the extinction of Homo floresiensis which initially was assumed to have occurred at c. 12,000 BP was revised to 50,000 BP. The problem with all these North American cryptids is that there is simply no evidence of even an extinct ape in that area, and the myths are also not directly from Europe, because if that was the case then Britons would also tell stories about strange men living in the hills. And no, fairies and goblins and whatnot are not the same as a bigfoot.
Are military helicopters with advanced noise cancellation something to be concerned about? Still can't explain that soundless CH-47(?) with too many navigation lights I witnessed 15 years ago during an evening stroll passing by at >1km distance and ~200m altitude without any of the associated helicopter noises Chinooks usually emit. Was this the usual top sekrit glowniggery one can expect from natto or did I stumble upon some bored lmaos testing a skin for their climate-neutral saucer but forgot to turn on the noise emulator? This talk of possible actual UFO sightings being dismissed by witnesses for being too implausible makes me wonder if the opposite may be true as well and extraterrestial/dimensional entities may be hiding in plain sight there has to be some explanation for why no one's cracked Intel's ME/AMD's PSP and used the obtained backdoor admin access to pump any writeable block devices full with goatse on any post-2013 Intel/AMD computer connected to the Intarwebs.
>>55388 >aliens hiding in plain sight That's kind of interesting to think about. Honestly haven't given it much thought. Machines would be easy to disguise. I'm not sure about the aliens themselves though. Unless near space is full of Star Trek aliens one would expect ET to dramatically variant body plans from humans or even other animals. No one really knows of course. >>55380 >the uncanny valley effect exists to help us compete with other hominids I think that uncanny valley is triggered because of something in our past that looked almost but not quite human is better than the conventional rationale for it. Whether other hominids or something else.
>>55312 l've read rumors about UFO activity occurring predictably along magnetic fields and aliens getting entrapped by government personnel who were expecting them to show up. I have no source for that claim though. >>55366 Are those pictures really supposed to represent Neanderthals?
Open file (151.39 KB 1058x1497 Them & Us.jpg)
>>55393 >Are those pictures really supposed to represent Neanderthals? Yeah. It's from a book called Them and Us that posits that Neanderthals weren't harmless >berrypickers but were instead hyperpredatory "wolves with knives" that competed against and even preyed upon early H. sapiens, both nutritionally and sexually.
There's a new Groosch interview out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRO5jOa06Qw This time it's much more casual in tone. >>55398 Where does he get the idea that they looked so gorilla-like?
>>55411 Well as far as the big eyes go I think it was because he envisioned them as night time hunters. The rest I'm not sure. I've only read excerpts and that was years ago.
>>55366 I've heard of it. Sure seems retarded though if you stop to think about it for 2 seconds. Hallucinations don't leave footprints or show up on film. It's a lazy theory invented to shelter someone's materialist paradigm while acknowledging the overwhelming number of witness accounts of a paranormal phenomenon.
>>55451 Well I don't necessarily agree with it but I did think it was at least a novel hypothesis. And I DO think there is merit to the "predator of humans" hypothesis at the core of that book. Just maybe not when it comes to simply being an extinct hominid. My current personal working theory about the various 'squatches all over the globe is that they are a either relict populations of hairy races/subspecies of modern humans, or that they are throwbacks of sort that have left that spin off of modern humans from time to time and make local populations. I'm not exactly married to that theory but I think it's an interesting toy theory to work from. Also somewhat related to that, have you ever heard of the legends of hairy anchorites?
Bring out the popcorn strelo/k/s, this is gonna be good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idJKLP5hcuQ
Can Sasquatches willfully interact with spirits/ghosts/egregores, and in the absence of technology perhaps seek aid from them to remain hidden?
>>55485 This is only tangentially related, but have you heard of the Ape Canyon encounter? http://www.bigfootencounters.com/classics/beck.htm Fred Beck was one of the guys involved who was there when the incident was supposed to have occurred, and he claimed he was in psychic communication with a "spiritual being" in the form of an Indian beforehand. Of course he released this book decades later, but if it's true I'd say they have some interaction.
Open file (790.53 KB 1600x1330 ECT6hw.png)
>>55482 >Fucking NASA admits UAPs/UFOs are real >Provides actual examples >Thinks they are interdimensional >Wants to kick-start development on free open-source phone apps to record UFO activity on all smartphones >all in order to get good models for machine learning ai to find fuckton more UFO's from old satellite data/footage >biggest UFO news since project Blue Book >/xk/... not even crickets LMAO
>>55490 doesnt nasa/the US government admit UFO's are real every other week at this rate?
>>55485 I've wondered about that.
>>55490 I normally don't pay much attention to NASA.
>>55490 >Fucking NASA admits UAPs/UFOs are real >Provides actual examples >Thinks they are interdimensional Wait did they actually say this? I didn't watch the streams at all.
Open file (2.60 MB 1279x1254 ClipboardImage.png)
>>55490 >MASA admits UAPs/UFOs are real Yeah it's called "thing we can't identify in the sky." Ducks have been labeled UFOs rather frequently. >Provides actual examples That look like the silhouettes of military aviation. >Wants to kick-start development on free open-source phone apps to record UFO activity on all smartphones It's a spy app thinly disguised as a UFO app. >all in order to get good models for machine learning ai to find fuckton more UFO's from old satellite data/footage So they can figure out what military aviation vehicles are in the backgrounds of their old satellite data/footage >/xk/... not even crickets UFOs aren't real. They are real in the literal "here is a thing and we don't know what it is" sense, but it's all a bunch of cockaninny bullshit in the ayylien sense. Have some boobs and aliens to distract your PopSci ass.
Open file (790.21 KB 767x1342 Caution Danger.png)
>>55497 From the white paper: >Before we can apply the scientific method to understanding an unusual phenomenon, the relevant data must first meet standards for data-driven approaches. Many such standards have been codified over time, including the FAIR data principle—an acronym for Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability >We followed these and other similar principles when reviewing the current status of data on UAP, and that analysis led to the findings and recommendations in this report. >UAP data are rarely, if ever, collected in a concerted effort to understand the phenomenon; they are usually coincidental observations. Often, observations of UAP are made using instruments or sensors that have not been designed or calibrated to detect anomalous objects, and to constrain their movement parameters. Metadata (meaning sensor type, manufacturer, noise characteristics, time of acquisition, instrument sensitivity, information about the data storage such as bit-depth, location of the sensor, conditions of the sensor such as temperature, exposure characteristics, and so on) are often absent, making calibration and a thorough understanding of context difficult. So, there is correspondingly limited information associated with many of the unresolved UAP reports—even if several reports are accompanied by photographic or videographic evidence. >As a result, existing observations are neither optimized for studying UAP nor are they suited for a systematic scientific analysis. >In addition, much of the data collected by military sensors or intelligence satellites are classified—often because of what the imagery could reveal about U.S. technical capabilities to our adversaries, and not because of what is actually in the images. While essential for security, these classified observations enhance the sense of mystery and conspiracy surrounding UAP, and they present an obstacle to scientific inquiry. >For many events, the data and metadata did not enable a conclusive characterization of the size, motion, or nature of the UAP. Yet, where it did, such as in the “GoFast” UAP video, the apparent anomalous behavior of the UAP can often be explained by the motion of the sensor platform tl;dr- NASA equipment is designed to eliminate anomalies as irrelevant data, so they are left unable to prove or disprove whatever the hell UAPs are in any given scenario. Military hardware is an open secret so the military can't disclose the nature of images to protect their hardware rather than out of some cover-up about the contents of any given image or video. In response they're hiring a guy to develop some algorithms to decode some of this bullshit so they can tell you "yes that is a flock of ducks" rather than "we're pretty sure it's a flock of ducks, but we can't confirm it therefore UAP." I'm sure this has nothing at all to do with the fact that the US has a propaganda department dedicated to making the Russians think we have advanced ayylien technology, and I'm sure NASA totally isn't just going to use this data to trick dumb shits in foreign countries into handing over information about foreign spy planes to the USA under the guise of "UFOs."
>>55498 >but it's all a bunch of cockaninny bullshit in the ayylien sense Some form of non-human intelligence being involved is a logical conclusion to come to given the nature of many of the sightings. The technology involved goes well beyond anything currently known. When the Washington, D.C. incident happened in 1952, the feds were spooked because they had no idea what could be behind it. And if the glowniggers are faking the phenomenon as a whole, then it would have to be the biggest conspiracy in history.
>>55500 >Some form of non-human intelligence being involved is a logical conclusion to come to given the nature of many of the sightings. Of the sightings I've seen, the logical conclusion is "someone fucking with the camera with a 15 degree angle," ducks/geese, or something that is completely human in design. The Earth has plenty of natural structures that seem like they should have been made by something. People want to see ayyliens in everything for the same reason they want to see god in everything, and we have more documented evidence for the existence of god than we do for ayyliens. The Yonaguni monument is certainly non-human, but there's no "intelligence" behind it; it's a natural structure.
>>55490 >NASA anything I will be keeping my popcorn dear sir, Grusch is the final nail for me in terms of whistleblowing because the guy didn't provide anything at all but noise and facts most old school yufoo enthusiasts knew since the 90's. I am infinitely more inclined to believe shit released in the public via obscure VHS targeted at Trekkies, like the actual ORCON-tagged, Navy-revealing video of either a highly advanced animatronic made by some amateurs not even Hollywood could pull back in the day or an actual physical entity being enclosed in a dark room. >>55500 >if the glowniggers are faking the phenomenon, then it would have to be the biggest conspiracy in history. I mean we are in an era where the Holocaust narrative has been successfully pulled and changed the western political world as we know it, anything goes at this point. Also WWII was an exponential leap forward in some stuff, namely the nuclear bomb/nuclear energy so an anti-gravity/friction-cancelling form of shielding and propulsion can be thought as plausible, going more outlandish like some US scientists cultured in the esoteric suggested in that one memo it might also be one of the factions in the war being able to communicate with other entities in a different dimension, or like they punctually said "the Talas & Lokas dimensions" referenced in the Pajeet Epics, and "them" coming around to check us out with a physical form compatible here... aka a long-winded way to say "inter-dimensional" I now remember a post i tried to write a while ago about a coincidence i found puzzling between 2 sightings/controversies that i found very odd that seemingly nobody pointed out in the mainstream web, i always feel those old school yufoo guys went silent way too abruptly because there's tons of info and ideas i no longer see in the web since a decade ago.
>>55503 >we live in the era where the Holocaust narrative Yeah, but that was 90% because the narrative itself was started by the paranoid jews in the camps themselves, which was why there was such uniformity with the jews persisting the lie, most of them truly believed it. I realized this a long time ago watching schindler's list for the first time with the scene with the jews in the cars talking about how they might kill them all and saying "it would never happen" as a consensus, despite irl experience in jew neurotic paranoia telling me the exact opposite would happen. And it did, all the mass graves, the gas rooms, the swimming pools of death, the crazy bullshit they all talked about, for them it was all real but they were all just the lucky ones. That's why most people can't wrap their heads around the holocaust being fake, because how could they fake all that? Its because initially it wasn't, a golden opportunity arose from fear and paranoia making it real in their minds, letting powerful jews use it to manhandle the US and especially the USSR to take the narrative to 6 million in order to over-fund Israel and give the jews more victim power than any cries of anti-semitism before could ever imagine. That is miles away from faking an entire host of unexplained phenomenon reported by thousands of experienced members of every branch of life from politics to aviation to scientists, even weather balloon technicians. Not to mention the mass events like the phoenix lights or the Washington DC event. The technology gap needed, and the funding and competency needed to keep such a project alive and secret, with shit like the CIA's track record in comparison is just comical. It might not be aliens, but some kind of unknown phenomenon is out there and its not the government. >I remember a post I tried to write a while ago about a coincidence I found puzzling between 2 sightings/controversies Can you rehash the post? I'm interested in what you were talking about. >I always feel those old school yufoo guys went silent way too abruptly Me too, you'd think they would have a hell of a time today with NASA trying to work with people like them in open-source programs in order to identify this stuff. But honestly it was probably the rise of easy cgi making extremely believable and mass produced fakes that clogged up the whole hobby with kids looking for attention rather than real investigation into what was going on. I hope recent events start bringing some of those old guys back into the fray.
Open file (138.52 KB 668x161 uio.PNG)
>UFOs aren't real Ok, here we go >That look like the silhouettes of military aviation Hmm, what military aviation could pic related be then? Some secret iranian retro-50's drone? >so they can figure out what military aviation vehicles are in the background of their old satellite data/footage What?! How are they not doing that already with massive amounts of data for top-tier modelling of any enemy aircraft? They already have the keys to finding any actively know aircraft in older footage, why need so much new data on something so totally different from military aircraft? >It's a spy app thinly disguised as a UFO app But why? Why would nasa spent so much time and money in doing the job NSA is doing, with OPEN-SOURCE APPS. Its just idiotic, you'd have to short through 99.999% garbage data just to maybe find some super secret chinese/russian aircraft with no assistance by ai since they would have no idea what to look for. I mean honestly the only reason for the government to release a UFO spy app would be if their own aircraft sensor ability was so outdated and terrible any old spy craft could get through its defenses, like some kind of spy balloon.. and its military aviation industry was so corrupt and inefficient they couldn't afford to fund the massive upgrades in a realistic timeframe, or guarantee said upgrades to actually work... so they would try hyping up ufo stuff in the media as much as possible to make people look in the sky for stuff to record with their app as a duct-tape cost effective short-term solution... while masquerading it as ufo spotting to not completely destroy their reputation.... -_- ok il give you this one
>>55513 >That is miles away from faking an entire host of unexplained phenomenon reported by thousands of experienced members of every branch of life from politics to aviation to scientists, even weather balloon technicians. I think religion offers better explanations for phenomena than aliens, which were invented by the USSR to combat Christianity.
Forgot to tag >>55498 in >>55515
>>55515 >Ok, here we go >Pic Yeah I saw that and was unimpressed since it could be as simple as a graphical error. In the interest of being fair I looked up the original video and because the military hid information such as altitude and view distanc, there's nothing to really say since the video is from a reaper drone with a tiny optical radius. It could be a drone out-of-focus because of distance or really just about anything. That's why it's "unidentified." These are the same surveillance drones that are infamous for picking up ducks over bodies of water as "strange hovering vehicles." >How are they not doing that already with massive amounts of data for top-tier modelling of any enemy aircraft? You would be amazed at the inefficiency of the government when it comes to research. If it's not in-line with exactly what they want, the research gets canned even if it could prove useful. There is a reason the government is simultaneously incompetent and overly competent- they can direct funding really well to get next-gen results, but they get tunnel vision very easily. >They already have the keys to finding any actively know aircraft in older footage [Citation needed] >But why? Why would nasa spent so much time and money in doing the job NSA is doing, MASA spends more time tracking weather balloons than they do doing their jobs. Hate to break it to you, but they haven't been the space organization you want them to be since the 90s, arguably the 70s. >with OPEN-SOURCE APPS. Open-source means many different things. You can have an "open source" app that passes through a black-box server to function. You can have proprietary forks of open source baseline software. Without looking at the process from start-to-finish something being open-source is as meaningless of a statement as something being "100% pure X." >I mean honestly the only reason for the government to release a UFO spy app would be- Because crowdsourcing has been proven very effective and there's enough UFO conspiracy nutjobs out there watching the night skies anyways that you might as well put them to work for free if they are willing to do the work. Same reason botnets can be more effective than supercomputers when you just need to run long complex calculations. You are correct that military tech is outdated though. The best analogy I've found is that the military have a sports car's engine but it's from 30 years ago. It's still impressive, but most economy engines (other country's militaries) can keep up with it and do the day-to-day highway jobs (conquer a country) so it's not as impressive as it could be.
Open file (138.45 KB 700x675 ummo.jpg)
>>55513 >Can you rehash the post? It was quite the long-winded post and right now i am in a hassle but i won't waste your time in suspense, the spoiler was that it seems the notorious spaniard and french conversations regarding penfriend aliens in the 60's are explicitly connected to the Voronezh Incident in 1989 and its forgotten sequel in Ayaguz, Kazakh SSR a week later IIRC via the very often ignored (in the west) detail regarding the emblem in both the vehicle and its occupants' skins. Back in the 60's the whole thing with the Ummo Society was seen as obscure, a bunch of intellectuals saying they were receiving puzzling mails sealed with a particular logo, yet out of nowhere 20 years later in a Soviet city a couple dozen witnesses report the same emblem in a thing carrying 3 things that did a forced magic show on a couple of kids in front of a scared crowd. And oh shit, found a notepad file with the old ideas and pictures so might as well try to recreate it, but if i don't come back after being entertained with something else at least you know the gist of it. >That is miles away from faking an entire host of unexplained phenomenon After all a bunch of the glowfags do believe they are working with "something else above" due to heavy compartmentalization and psyops carried on themselves, they do believe the lie. Also not saying it's not real, i do heavily believe people saw and still see strange shit in the sky and innawoods but i don't know what it is, i've read and heard so many stories, theories and the "coincidences" that i don't know what to believe in terms of an all-encompassing goal, i just end up believing there's certain ideas around because they are around, then i believe some of them, very few, are real and then i very rarely believe some of them are due to "something" like a complex theory or a misunderstanding. Basically the best way to see it IMO is to spectate, get most of the info possible and just let it hang in there until something makes sense with all the info rather than some amateurs trying to headcanon an entire plan and narrative without even knowing all the facts and events regarding the phenomenon, but of course playing with ideas is always fun. That's why i dislike Gruschfags (not you or that one anon at all that post him, you/him/they are informing us of some events related and it's appreciated), the other fags are trying to do a Q 2.0 with shit we already knew while ignoring the other famous cases that are as relevant, it feels like a streamlined integral theory in implied form for boomers and the uninitiated. I like to believe but after much surface-level reads over the years i feel it's almost everything a scam yet there's few cases that are extremely puzzling due to evidence and those justify the entire thing. >Not to mention the mass events like the phoenix lights That is a classic example of misdirection against the masses, i knew and talked with three direct "witnesses" (one didn't see but heard the radio chatter) of that and they told me the well-known story is a scam, the real heavy shit was in the sunset when a massively giant shit flew slowly from Nevada and continued south, the lights hovering at the center of the urban area at night was something that happened later and was quite small in scale with the previous thing that made everyone shit their pants. >competency needed to keep such a project alive and secret I mean there were supposed whistleblowers out there but their tales are too tall to wrap our collective heads around it, let alone that if they were real they were known for falling into the psyop trap via bioluminescent informers and gangstalking. I want to remember the names of some but i rather write that Ummo thing, i only remember Lazar and i am wary of him, i do not like his demeanor nor his flipflopping info over the years. Also we might as well play with the idea of a group so specialized in those secret government works that they might be considered a small breakaway social group isolated from the world and who carry their own tech ways underground while supplied with things via black project money. Scribe monks in both Charlemagne and Vatican eras practically did that despite having their initial years of being normal civilians, a bunch of scientists working in secret tech shit with practically unlimited funds while "forced" to get offspring who are then trained to be scientists working on high tech shit is far-fetched but technically very possible; we still haven't talked about aliens but humans living in cult-like conditions with their doctrine being pushing their knowledge forward, the only problem with this playful theory is the idea of their own free time and entertainment, what could they teach them to get them stay in those conditions? even elite Aum Shinrikyo enforcers liked their video games and pachinko and surely someone will want to explore "outside". >I hope recent events start bringing some of those old guys back into the fray. I think that kind of fellow is very jaded towards the whole thing by now, i was too at some point and wasn't even one of them as i started casually checking about this since the early 00's.
>>55517 >aliens, which were invented by the pulp novel writers to combat protagonists and sometimes each other. *ftfy.
>>55527 The entire "theory" of mankind having an interaction with aliens that caused us to evolve 10,000 years ago was a propaganda piece created by Stalin and shoveled through the Soviet education system as "common knowledge" to erase creationism and weaken the church of Jesus Christ in the USSR, and had little (if anything) to do with SciFi writers of the 1910s-1940s, ftfy.
>>55490 Do you mean kick-start in the generic sense or are they actually using Kickstarter? >Hey fellow sci-fi fans, we're going to find aliens like in Star Trek! But we need your help to do it. You can support us on our Kickstarter page. Remember, only you can help us reach the final frontier. May the force be with you!
>>55517 >aliens, which were invented by the USSR to combat Christianity. lolwut The concept of aliens comes from long before the Soviets, even if you're sticking to a strictly extraterrestrial interpretation. Joseph Smith was said to believe in Quaker-like people living on the moon, and the Great Moon Hoax means that people were already considering the idea of extraterrestrial life. Giordano Bruno considered the idea of other planets harboring life hundreds of years earlier. The concept of cosmic pluralism goes all the way back to the Greeks, although they didn't have modern astronomical knowledge. And then, of course, there's all the folklore about fairies and the djinn and all that other stuff.

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