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Open file (1.09 MB 1177x1303 1684459603777848.jpg)
Strelok 05/20/2023 (Sat) 22:35:58 No.50599
If the A-10 was a woman She would be fat and ugly. If the F-15E was a woman she would be an Onee-san type, tall, large breasts, muscular thighs, and have blue eyes. If the F-5 were a woman she would be short, flat, skinny, and jealous of F-15E. If the F-16 were a woman should be a fit tomboy. If the F/A-18 were a woman she'd be a Watersport tomboy. If the F-35 were a woman she'd be a muscle girl with nice abs. If the F-14 were a woman she'd be a motherly Okaa-san type.
If planes were women they still wouldn't fuck you, faggot.
>>50599 You got F-35 and A-10 mixed up.
>If the A-10 was a woman She would be fat and ugly. But she's great under the hood.
>>50599 F-35 is chubby A-10 is a country tomboy F-16 is a skinny runner
>>50599 If the F-35 were a woman she'd be fat and short, in a wheelchair and retarded yet, somehow, some men would drool over her.
Since we're talking about wanting to fuck military aircraft what physical and mental characteristics do you anons think the Shahed 136 or Bayraktar TB2 drones would possess? Regardless I think we can all agree one would very very traditionalist while the other would be a compulsive shitposter especially on Greek and Serbian speaking forums. Plus I'd imagine they'd have a very heated rivalry assuming they've ever crossed paths in Holol land and would have conflicting opinions on the nation of Armenia to say the least.
>>51310 Lolita with bowl cut or short curly hair with a serious demeanor that gets obliterated the moment she gets drunk / jammed / pissed off
>>51308 Also a blatant golddigger.
Open file (611.34 KB 398x848 kocek.png)
>>51310 They would be non-passable femboys.
Open file (283.53 KB 1200x960 flanker.jpg)
>>51310 Bayraktar would probably be a short, average looking woman with a terrible sense of direction. >>51434 keeeek it should also be obvious that soviet designs would be the best women, even if mostly useless
Is the Su-47 the Tomoko of planes, sitting around her hangar all day playing Ace Combat while wishing she had production orders friends?

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