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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Open file (161.72 KB 1024x749 bayonetting a tank.jpg)
Strelok 03/11/2023 (Sat) 15:52:42 No.48689
Welcome to the /k/anteen! This thread is a catch-all for general discussion that doesn't really belong anywhere else or might be off-topic. Previous iteration: >>43407 Roman numerals are not that hard, but I still managed to add just one I, and that messed up the numbering, so I might as well make it even more confusing.
>>48689 >wrote the subject into the e-mail field Maybe someone slightly more competent should make the next one.
ESLs on my /k/? It's more likely than you'd think.
Open file (2.23 MB 817x537 artillery.gif)
So....any reason to do a bankrun? >t. has (10) 1oz silver coins, (2) 10oz silver bars, and one 1kg silver bar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SiZiXPa3_k
>>48730 Only if you want to help cause a run on more banks. Though it seems JPM started this one on SVB so the end result is just bigger banks and less total banks.
>>48730 I have no money so it is irrelevant whether the western talmudic banking system fails or not. You cannot care for something you have none of.I do have firearms though, and those gain exponential value if the dollar begins to die. So basically I dont really care and God has me in His hands and I feel pretty comfy either way
Open file (355.67 KB 800x600 RonPaul_ItsComing.jpg)
>>48730 >>48736 Is it finally happening this time?
>>48730 Who wants to lay odds that the SVB (((decision))) to purchase a metric shitton of bonds was a direct result of a female jew (maybe a troon too, given the location)?
Open file (146.84 KB 982x1212 moneyshaker.jpg)
>>48744 I'd say 1 in 4.
>>48745 Lol. I had no idea it was quite that bad. I'm not overly-disappointed at the obvious outcome tbh.
>>48730 >So....any reason to do a bankrun? Nah, no more than usual. I assume Canada has some equivalent of FDIC, just stay under their insured limit in each account. >>48744 >SVB (((decision))) to purchase a metric shitton of bonds That's a formulaic decision, banks can't afford to not purchase gov bonds, regardless of the rate. What did them in from a risk management standpoint was having a lot of customers in high tech (notoriously sensitive to interest rates) AND not hedging for that risk while fed interest rates rose the fastest they ever did. >>48745 Here's a real laugh. Jay Ersapah, (former) head of financial risk management at SVB https://twitter.com/Tarheelnation81/status/1634667818355417091 apologies, can't post pics right now
>>48758 >That's a formulaic decision, banks can't afford to not purchase gov bonds, regardless of the rate. Meh. Only a Jewess or troon would be so greedy to pour all their clients assests (16th largest US bank, mind you!) into them. Tard to the max IMO.
>>48758 Don't forget also that the Fed's projection for interest rates for 2023 in 2021 was 0.1 percent. Biden's budget dug the grave and in this case, you could say Putin put the nail in the coffin with Ukraine creating never before seen levels of FUD over the status of the USD backed global order.
Open file (256.99 KB 749x1000 staring Chiaki.png)
Financial institutions are collapsing. American just experienced the TWO largest banking collapses in US history and they are talking about using the federal insurance for the little guy to bail out woke ESG banks in Commiefornia who didn't have a risk assessor for nine months. Boomer women are outright calling for millennial/zoomer women to commit murder against white conservatives on national television. At what point are we supposed to take the guns out instead of acting as proxy stand-ins for the hooked-nose tribe?
>>48767 you are sitting here saying this but things were WAY worse in le Weimar before anyone even thought about doing anything. Things will get significantly worse before anything starts to happen. Just buckle up and trust in God to show you the way
Open file (90.19 KB 850x883 disintegrating.jpg)
>>48770 That's what I mean though. This is the hopeless optimism. Y'all like talking about Weimar but relatively speaking the shit happening during Weimar is where we were at in 2016. We've surpassed the devil-worshipping of Weimar and we've been worse since '21. Where does this hopeless optimism come from? Fuck niggerpill I just don't see where we're not stand-ins for Jews right now when shit goes tits-up.
>>48773 >the shit happening during Weimar is where we were at in 2016 did you not read my post? Weimar was WAY worse than what we were doing in 2016 by FAR. We havent even reached anywhere close to Weimar yet, we have so much more that can fall, and it will. The bright side is that any system that reaches an inflection point where the jews mostly control its policies will inevitably collapse. It is in their nature to push for unsustainable positions, as per their nature as parasites. Parasites cannot become the host. America will lose its primacy in the world but in turn, whether before or after we collapse inevitably, we will have our dictator and have a nationalist resurgence. In 100 years more likely than not the jews will have fucked themselves here and moved to China while we busy ourselves with reclaiming our lands and reestablishing a God-fearing society that doesnt actively hate White people. Everything will work out, doesnt mean you should just sit back and do nothing, but know it is inevitable that evil will falter and that good will prevail . Sorry for sounding like a schizo but im trying to compress lots of complex ideas into a general statement, dont lose hope strelok, things will get worse but they WILL get better eventually if there is to be trouble let it be in my time so that my children may know peace
>>48774 >did you not read my post? I read it, I just politely said you're full of hot air because it wasn't. Old people are saying it's never been this bad dude.
>mobileposting americans are the main advocate for totally new and never tried before socialism
Open file (1.58 MB 1164x1401 ClipboardImage.png)
>>48760 >so greedy to pour all their clients assests (16th largest US bank, mind you!) into them. That didn't happen, no need to make shit up. SVB folded because there was a bank run, plain and simple, same thing will happen to ANY bank if enough of their customers come to get their money out. The tech sector (a.k.a. "silicon valley") has been burning through their cash reserves over the past year (since borrowing is expensive now), that forced SVB to liquidate some long term assets at a loss, rumors started, rumors intensified, SVB CEO had a conference call to reassure customers and investors, in a most unfortunate turn of events spaghetti fell out of his pocket during the call, bank run. I'm guessing they got at least .90-95 cents on the dollar for the govt bonds - in what is essentially a worst case scenario - whereas corporate bonds (with them high yield %) woulda been worth literally 0 in the worst case. >>48762 >Don't forget also that the Fed's projection for interest rates for 2023 in 2021 was 0.1 percent. Predicting the future is hard. That's why there's the whole profession called risk management like pic related (polite spoiler due to extreme diversity).
so... anyone got any cool dieselpunk concept art they'd like to share with us?
>>48784 The COOs of SVB pulled their stocks a couple weeks before mentioning they were looking for new revenue streams. The Californian government had to step in as an emergency measure long after the feds should have given the lack of a risk assessor for several months.
>>48803 >The COOs of SVB pulled their stocks a couple weeks before mentioning they were looking for new revenue streams. Kek. What could possibly go wrong with this (((carefully-laid))) plain?
>>48803 Their excuse was that the stock sell-off was supposedly pre-planned in preparation for the tax season.
>>48776 >Old people are saying it's never been this bad dude >boomers who were only alive for the greatest time of prosperity in human history say its never been this bad nobody from Weimar times is still alive dummy. You can read about what went down during those times and its way worse. Stop being dramatic and read a little about history that is barely outside the reach of boomers. Of course everything is a downgrade for old people when everything they had when they were younger was better
Open file (60.54 KB 1200x1314 I guess.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 1650x1650 Dieselpunk Bot.png)
>>48789 >so... anyone got any cool dieselpunk concept art they'd like to share with us? This is an old one I did around two years ago as a qucik study, and first Dieselpunk design I did to get the 'feel' for the aesthetic pls no bully. Subsequent ones are better and I got less shit at painting since two years ago.
I'll try to find more old Dieselpunk concept art that I can show if you're interested, but they all got names like IMG_XXXXXX since I had to do a hard recovery of data after accidentally reformatting my old work HDD when I upgraded. And there's hundreds upon hundreds of images from sci fi to fantasy all mixed together, so I'm not promising much since it's hard to find them in all that mess. I also did a lot of concepts for diselpunk rifles/smg. I remember this one rifle that's a cross between M1 Garand, Krag and Johnson Rifle with top rotatory magazine but feeds with stripper clips. A strippazene if you will.
>>48818 Well you keep telling yourself everything is alright, meanwhile I'm gonna be making a second run on the banks after work today.
>>48822 Based. Don't forget to take out massive loans and immediately spend the cash to prep when you see it really going down.
>>48820 It's not awful. I kinda like it. Maybe a little top heavy. I would go with a more Sakura Taisen sort of design, personally. Now if that was the design of a Dieselpunk "monkey-climbing" mecha instead of an upright one I think it's going in a pretty good direction.
Open file (1.18 MB 1650x1650 Glockbot.png)
>>48820 I really like it, it gives a """cost-effective""" kind of vibe.
>>48818 >nobody from Weimar times is still alive dummy. You can read about what went down during those times and its way worse. Stop being dramatic and read a little about history that is barely outside the reach of boomers Man, a few days ago a Florida sheriff went on record saying that jews are better than White people and that the first amendment doesn't protect complaints about jews. When some literally who complained on 4skins that he should be [REDACTED] for those comments, the fucking FBI snatched him up and extradited him to Florida and charged him with a felony and 100k bond. Keep in mind, this guy did not say "I am going to", merely "Someone should". Meanwhile this kike-loving sheriff is spouting off talking about how all racially aware whites are scum and should get the fuck out of ZOGmerica if they don't like being unable to criticize jews. How in the fuck do you see this going well? Whites in Kikemerica are staring down the barrel of a genocide and refusing to fight back. In a nation where almost every man owns a rifle. It's a sick joke.
Open file (109.91 KB 200x256 ClipboardImage.png)
>>48817 >stock sell-off was supposedly pre-planned It's technically true, directors/execs must announce their stock sales months in advance. That said if certain business decisions happen to coincide around these announced dates like >>48803 >before mentioning they were looking for new revenue streams well, what a coincidence :^) >>48820 >pic Not bad. Not bad. Reminded me of pic related.
>>48833 >Whites in Kikemerica are staring down the barrel of a genocide and refusing to fight back. In a nation where almost every man owns a rifle. It's a sick joke. I would suggest it's primarily an inertia problem Strelok. Once TSHTF, the DOTR will immediately thereafter. They know it, we know it. The risk for the lazy fatasses is that just like the frog, they'll allow themselves to be slowly boiled alive before jumping out of the pot into the SHTF fire. Kikes know this too, and are counting on hedonism to ensure their victory against the White race. Kinda humorous to think how all the crypto-kikes will fare if these (((globalists))) actually pull off this plot successfully?
>>48833 >How in the fuck do you see this going well? I dont, its gonna get alot worse. Things will probably only be "well" when we are old men or dead. Thats funny though, I saw that retard spouting off and being pompous about it in the news this morning. Acting like a total self confident boomer. Personally I think that whole situation is just a psyop that is a shot across the bow for people like us, but more specifically on 4cuck, done by the FBI in service to the jews to try and stimmy the rapid increase in jew-critical thoughts. I dont think itll work, but 4cucks love to censor themselves after 2016 >>48869 this is just the nature of white people generally. Slow to act, but when they do it is severe. Last time a society degenerated and finally lashed back, there was 12 years of prosperity and then the entire world had to be called in to stop it. I think a better example of this is in ancient Spain where they were under the boot of muslims for so long before eventually having enough, throwing off muslim rule, and now Spain even to this day is a primarily Christian country that has been relatively successful since. Only in recent years beginning to have problems as they have adopted modern democracy as their main form of government
>Last time a society degenerated and finally lashed back, there was 12 years of prosperity and then the entire world had to be called in to stop it
>>48875 >historylet
>>48888 No, that's accurate to ask for a cotation. You have a case of some Germans getting high off of debt fumes before it all came crashing in their faces, but that's like trying to claim the 80s/90s were a prosperous time for America. Exact same scenario just ending with a whimper instead of a domestic war.
Another bank collapsed two more (including mine) on the way. Feds are promising to insure everything LOL. Glad to have physical cash.
Open file (108.18 KB 500x500 UNREAL BLACK THINGS.jpg)
>>48889 >that's like trying to claim the 80s/90s were a prosperous time for America The comparison I was thinking of was modern south africa. Literally, other people who owned the industry in the region (thought debt in germoney's case) were driven out by ethnonationalists in a mindless ideological powergrab and beyond the usual communist pitfalls their xenophobia has led to a breakdown of trade. Neetsocs really are basically just niggers.
>>48890 which banks?
Open file (14.49 KB 261x196 1425206536342.jpg)
>>48894 (((Chase Morgan))) and (((bank of America))) got it's Moody credit scores downgraded. dollar collapse soon
>>48890 What good will physical cash do you? The Federal Reserve is promising that it will make everything right and protect any balances in people's accounts because it has "infinite cash" (their words). If they start printing more trillions trying to fix things, it'll devalue every dollar equally, regardless of whether it's in digital or physical form.
>>48898 This. The thing to do if you suspect an incoming dollar collapse is to place all your money elsewhere. If you withdraw cash, spend it on something - physical goods, property, etc. >If they start printing more trillions trying to fix things >trying to fix things Lol. LMAO. We all know the jews don't want to fix things. They want a CBDC system and they're willing to let the previous system collapse first.
>>48899 "Fix" has multiple meanings. "Repair" is only one of them.
>>48898 You're contrasting the buying power of the US dollar with the buying power of US currency. The fed can print unlimited cash relative to the buying power of the US currency on the global stage to price fix, but on a local level you are going to have days or weeks of people being locked out of their bank accounts during that fix. Cash represents the short window where you will have exponentially more buying power because everyone else will be uncertain/have less. There's more to it with monetary theory and wanting to collapse the American banks with no survivors but >>48827 more or less lines out the concept for people who can't into financial fuckery and don't understand why you would want to pull your money out now.
Keep in mind this applies to banks, not stocks.
>>48903 The other thing which trips people up is the fact that all financial advice is dependent on how bad the scenario is. Depending on how catastrophic the blow to the monetary system, the best asset to have ranges from "a little extra cash on hand" to "Guns, ammo, and a shit load of friends who also have guns and ammo." Of course long term ZOG will always instate another fake and gay financial system as long as they remain in power, and sweep away the thousands of goyim casualties in the chaos that resulted from the transition as just a happy sacrifice to Tikkun Olam.
>>48908 >and sweep away the thousands of goyim casualties in the chaos Strelok I... If the grid goes down worldwide (and it will) it will be b-bilions dead, not thousands. >that resulted from the transition as just a happy sacrifice to Tikkun Olam. Laughable honestly, since the globalist kikes of today are the single leading purveyor of human suffering in all human history. Ofc once all the goyim are dead, it will be a literal utopia ofc. They are evidence in human form of their father Satan, and just how powerful the sin of pride is and how deep it's evil runs.
>>48871 >>48893 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_language_in_the_United_States It's kikepedia, and doesn't say 55% anywhere, but it definitely gives lots of examples of German being quite common.
Open file (267.46 KB 594x492 trumpNY.png)
Probably a good time to have a few handguns (with accessories) squirreled away. I'm not interested in going overt with a rifle slung, especially over ZOGnald's legal troubles, but there might be enough idiots who decide to, and the fed response will come down on everyone. I remember hearing that during the post-invasion chaos in Iraq handguns were going for $1k while AKM's were the $100 budget option; I apply a similar rationale to the near future (ie I don't want to get droned because I'm carrying a long gun, but I don't want to be defenseless if someone tries to rob me, imprison me, or press-gang me into some political bullshit.) Plus it's annoying trying to do an oil change with an AR across my chest.
>>48916 >If the grid goes down worldwide (and it will) it will be b-bilions dead, not thousands. That actually makes me wonder, how reliant on electricity are people in third and second world countries? If they lose service is it like "OH GOD THIS IS THE END OF CIVILIZATION" or is it more "fuck that's annoying now I'll have to go back to how my mom showed me to do"?
>>48944 It's a regular annoyance for them. Every shitty apartment building is bristling with random solar panels on the rooftops. Even with that capability, the urban masses are universally fucked because Grandma was in a village and had the space to perform subsistence activities. On my solar apartment tangent... I assume most apartments are going to catch fire sooner or later from people trying to cook/heat/power their units with alternate means.
>>48944 Depends on a country-by-country basis. The South American and Commieblock third worlders tend to be used to the power going out, while third world Asians get antsy if they're without power for more than a few hours. As a rule of thumb, the closer they are to a third world city, the more reliant they are on either electricity or natural gas depending on if they were American leaning/aligned or aligned with someone else following the collapse of the Soviets.
>>48941 nothing is gonna happen with pistols any time soon besides maybe a mag cap restriction. Rifles they will definitely try to mess with as always. I really actually dont think anyone is gonna do anything if Trump gets arrested, like 80-90% of his base is extremely demoralized and dont care anymore. The real reason the country is failing is that while our leadership is exceptionally stupid, the general american populace just doesnt care anymore. We could have cushioned the stupid decisions of the elites pretty well if people were still interested in grinding away like they were under Trump, but so many people now just straight up dont care about the country anymore, and rightfully so imo
>>48945 >I assume most apartments are going to catch fire sooner or later from people trying to cook/heat/power their units with alternate means you know ive never thought of that and honestly that really funny to think about as a leading reason for why people would have to move out of shithole cities if the power gets wiped. Not crime or violence or even lack of supplies, its because some dumbass accidentally torched his apartment trying to cook
>>48970 > The real reason the country is failing is that while our leadership is exceptionally stupid, the general american populace just doesnt care anymore. I'm glad someone else has noticed this. It's hilarious how I've seen so many "hardworking bootstrap republican" types suddenly finding ways to work WAY less, cheat taxes, sign up for gibs, and otherwise intentionally fail to support their local, state, and federal governments. It would be concerning if I had not also noticed a trend for these same people to seek independence like gardening and raising whatever livestock they can. This way they can remain more independent when the gibs inevitably get reduced as the country gets poorer. It's some kind of slacker revolt.
>>48974 We told everyone the economy would collapse if they tried to pay people to not work during Chink flu because good luck ever getting those people off them programs, and they laughed at us. Then we warned everyone that if we went to an infinite reserve it would get Weimar-tier in a couple years from bad investments, and they laughed at us in Environmental Social Governance and gave enough money to cure cataracts in America to Pakistan for gender studies while declaring no money for the border wall. Then we warned everyone that if they're going to work on an infinite loan system they need to make sure people have an incentive to use their money and WORK to PRODUCE GOODS to keep the pyramid scheme going and they laughed in Soros-backed prosecution and/or Ukrainian, and started dumping assets over there while letting crime run rampant instead of shoring up domestic production. At this point conservatives told them what they needed to do to be the most corrupt motherfuckers in history and still keep the thing alive, and uniparty garbage went "lol production go brrrrrrrrr" while not realizing that the machine has engaged the E-brakes and it's only momentum and tears keeping it moving. I don't blame the American Bai Lan movement. I'm part of it without even intending to be because I'm too fed up to pay into a broken system.
>>48970 >but so many people now just straight up dont care about the country anymore, and rightfully so imo Which is a problem for the Elites they need people to be demoralized enough that they won't try any thing and go along to get along but not so demoralized that people say "fuck it". They wen too far and now to many people are just going to wait out the clock on america jacking off to loli vtubers and playing video games and maybe making a garden and trying to get /fit/. >>48974 >It would be concerning if I had not also noticed a trend for these same people to seek independence like gardening and raising whatever livestock they can. This way they can remain more independent when the gibs inevitably get reduced as the country gets poorer. It's some kind of slacker revolt. Take what you can, Give nothing back. Why Don't we have any pirate flags in the flag list? I'll have to upload some I guess.
>>48979 >Which is a problem for the Elites they need people to be demoralized enough that they won't try any thing and go along to get along but not so demoralized that people say "fuck it" They're hoping that muh AI and their recent transition to a Brave New World panopticon will buy them enough time until humanity dies out. Whether it will work is anyone's guess. Given the fact that almost none among the masses have responded positively to WEF propaganda, a violent resolution seems inevitable.
>>48971 I'll never share a wall with anyone ever again. Had to evac twice in as many years due to kitchen fires. Two years after I moved out an adjacent apartment building in the same complex completely burnt down (unattended battery charger was the cause). Maintenance having easy access to my living space was pretty gay too. >>48979 Exactly. I'm all about that lowkey piracy now. >drastically reduce income/taxes >suck up gibs (eligibility is income-based for EBT and Medicaid...Thanks Obama!) >haven't bothered with vehicle inspection in 4 years >unsecured debt? awww geez dude - I'm judgement proof >digital entertainment = free (I make more installing modchips than at my day job) Pretty much anything I can get away with, and not incur severe criminal consequences, I do it. Fuck 'em.
>>48970 I'm not worried about a ban. Caching away a couple p80's or yardsale pistols makes you ERPO-proof, in addition to all the previously stated benefits. I actually like revolvers for this purpose; J-frame + ammo + speed strip = done. If space allows, maybe toss in a cheap holster or bellyband. There's a good chance you won't want to be leaving brass around if you're resorting to cache guns.
>>48974 >"hardworking bootstrap republican" ya I get a kick out of these people not giving a shit either as well. I think corona really broke something in the last block of remaining Americans who "gave a shit" and were still working hard. I know tons of zoomers who got the gibs and made bank(i didnt because im retarded I guess). I dont know why the elites thought they could bank on republicans being their little paypigs all the way to the NWO, once they actually started implementing that kind of stuff people just dropped what they were doing and stopped caring >>48978 all of these events post covid have only achieved weeding out any of the last vestiges of people caring in the country. They gouged a chunk out with corona gibs, but every subsequent "thing" has gouged out even further the last tiny group that still cares. It really shows how detached and incompetent they are. If they wanted to go ahead with their plan, maybe they should have raised their kids to be more competent of drug addicted partying gooners when the responsibility of furthering their great plan lies on them
Is there a happening in Syria right now? Reading some news saying that there are clashes between SAA,Iran and USA forces but noting from official channels.
>>49079 Nobody needs stress in Syria right now
>>49010 Boomers want $500 for their lint stuffed 642s and 38spl is retarded expensive compared to 9mm.
There is nothing wrong with eating meat, however you must show respect to the creature that was slain for your meal. If you refuse to be a vegetarian, you MUST be the best you because you owe it to the animals you have sacrificed for your livelihood. Never waste meat. Always be respectful of the kill. Eat humans.
>>49113 what if im NOT an abbo
>>49113 Animals dont care and eat animals anytime they want. Why is this wrong for humans?
>>49117 Animals live in a state of nature. If you wish to throw away your tools and roll about in the mud that is your own business. Our manipulation of environment is why we are above animals.
>>49119 >Animals live in a state of nature. Wish humans would too.
>>49149 Animals only live in a state of nature because they lack the capacity to master it. The ambitions of species are kept in check by the competing ambitions of other species. Humanity no longer has any such competition but with itself.
>>49149 Don't worry the Dutch are well on their way to accomplishing that after banning fertilizer.
>>49149 Then go sharpen a stick and live innawoods, damn.
NHL is phasing out pride nights because too many players are refusing to wear the gay uniform apparently. NHL wants to release their names on a list but also understands that they will have discrimination lawsuits out the ass if they do.
>>49152 >Animals only live in a state of nature because they lack the capacity to master it. If you watch an eagle fly and compare that to how silly humans do that, its hard to believe animals haven mastered nature. Or look at a beaver building a dam. >The ambitions of species are kept in check by the competing ambitions of other species. Humanity no longer has any such competition but with itself. Sound like theres no problem eating meat. What you miss: Humans are just like animals. Only a bit smarter. And sometimes not even that. Theres no qualitative difference between humans and animals. Thats just a misconception of not so smart humans.
>>49205 We upend natural laws where as all animals still have to live under them. That is a qualitative difference.
>>49209 Tell me one law of nature that humankind ended or changed? When it comes to changing the laws of the world we live in, we are as clueless as a rock on the street. We can only play by the rules. we can not alter them. Theres nothing that distinguishes us from an animal. We are just a bit smarter.
>>49210 Control of fire.
>>49210 Refined metals very rarely exist in nature outside of outer space. Polymers do not naturally exist in nature outside of some very specific and extremely weak organic bonds to make organic plastics out of flax or milk. If you are going to be semantic and argue some natural law metaphysics hippy shit you can kindly deepthroat a cactus.
>>49211 Generally it's better to exclude tooling since some animals use primitive tooling and will even sharpen/polish their favorite stones, and by extension some birds are known to intentionally cause small brush fires/forest fires to extract prey from the wreckage. Similarly I generally avoid semantic whataboutisms and remove written language and art as an example even though personally I think it's the defining example. Some animals engage in "art" but it is solely to attract a mate or mark their scent/activity around their territory. Similarly some animals like Cetaceans have primitive languages on par with what Sapiens would have been babbling about 50,000 years ago. Obviously it's a spectra, but no animal has mastered all three categories of breaking out of one's environmental constraints: language, tooling, and refining/processing.
>>49211 >Control of fire. That's not an alteration or ending of a natural law. Wie didn't change the chemical reaction of anything. And how good is the control if every year thousands of homes are burned down by wildfires we can't really stop. >>49212 Refining materials is not a change er end of a natural law. To call plastic "artificial" is just a colloquial error. It's just carbon and hydrogen. The most natural elements on earth. >>49213 >Generally it's better to exclude tooling This. We have tools. Animals have tools. We are just animals with the better tools. Deal with it.
>>49214 Like I said, kindly go deepthroat a cactus, yah damned hippy.
>>49216 Don't know what you wanna say, but in case you reached the end of your points, I accept your defeat. You're an animal. Even more so like other humans. Your behavior shows it.
>>49218 Cool. You are either mentally ill, a woman, or autistic. There is nothing wrong with that but you wish to engage in semantic arguments for undetermined reasons and I do not so we will have to agree to disagree.
>>49219 >Noooooo! I'm not an animal! You......!!!! Lol.
>>49220 >Lashing out after being discarded So a woman, got it.
>>49214 Tell me what creature besides mankind deliberately starts fires with a purpose in mind.
>>49224 Tell me how this alters any law of nature? Tell me how this differs from a beaver starting a dam with a purpose in mind. What's the difference between a soldier pointing a flame thrower to the enemy vs. a meat eating plant which closes itself whenever a fly lands in it. There is none. It's just some nerves reacting to an outside stimulus.
>>49221 >>Lol >You are lashing out!!!! Gay? Child? Female?
Disease is a good example of one that we've upended. Animals are just subject to it, we are not.
Obviously within limits, but just the mortality rate of humans now compared to 100 years ago is ridiculous.
We started very badly and caught up. Look at turtles. Greenland sharks can live for 500 years. How did we upend anything here? Some animals just laugh about our 70 years.
Well it looks like boomers are going to chimp out again.
Open file (275.32 KB 344x431 Pitbull Smile.png)
>>49237 Trannies are going to be out rioting Saturday night because of their child-killer not getting a high score so they needed to make an excuse for right-wingers to be out there in order to only film them. Looks like they got it.
Open file (78.29 KB 450x518 patrick-tribett.jpg)
>>49251 >street brawls featuring boomers vs trooners This is a W by any metric. The real question is.. cancel my weekend plans to instead get fucked up watching riot streams?
>>49204 God bless NHL players then, I guess? I don't care for the sport much myself, but if they are going against the kikes that pay their salaries this hard then I might reconsider that.
>>49261 The Canucks should combine hockey and curling into a single sport. Now that would be something to watch.
To the Otto Von Bismarkists (Nationalists), do you agree with the phrase "it is better to let 10 innocent people hang than one guilty person escape"? If so, how do you reconcile that if a person knows they are going to be screwed in innocence, why would they comply and act innocent instead of trust in the legal system eroding the way it does in Soros-funded cities? How do you reconcile your worldview being objectively and provably wrong by every modern legal system?
>>48730 >>48736 1. Bank runs are simply result of intrinsic instability of Bagehotian banking system. Given the amount of smoke and mirrors covering the whole thing, as well as the degree to which (and the ways in which) economy is managed by oligarchic actors, and likely instabilities in this system as well, there’s no point to guess exactly when. It spazzed, it will spazz again. 2. Bank runs don’t really matter for a state bank (which they all are, with or without fig leaf). In the worst case, all that happens is that you see beheaded chicken running in circles, then damage control teams would pump another fountain of random inane bullshit (like >>48744 ) to distract from the nature of what goes on. They are all plugged into printing press, and will be bailed out, or whatever. So unless your question is how to not get screwed over by the banks, it’s irrelevant whether your money are in cash or accounts, you are hit by inflation just as much. >>48758 is correct. 3. If your real question is “how to not get screwed over by the banks”, then bank runs are irrelevant. The obvious answer is that the only ways are to not be perceived as a target (which is probably too late for you if you are here) or move your assets out ASAP. “Where to move your savings” is a very good question. In light of some or other SHTF on the horizon, or simply state being increasingly rabid, while the banks drop their fig leaves to shaft someone more and more. Obviously, the sooner, the better. But since the real goal is to hide your savings from state, the real problem is: how to do this without tipping your hand and being simply robbed, whether by state or non-state actors. At least, until the state in question gets too dysfunctional, and everyone involved will have more immediate problems.
Open file (588.98 KB 617x1000 TN.png)
What the fuck is this weak shit, Tennessee?
Open file (2.16 MB 600x338 1670003551988.gif)
If I die in a war aimed at the preservation and the continued reinforcement of the gynocratic world order, I'll come back and haunt each and every one of you into insanity. Because my disdain for women might have its limits, but I have an absolute, burning hatred for the pussywhipped men that constitutes the majority in western civilisation.
>>49507 >What the fuck is this weak shit, Tennessee? See >>49500
Open file (1018.03 KB 1046x698 this_is_fine.png)
More perfectly normal things going on in the land of cursed trannies. The fire rises.
>>49524 Did you hear about the Moolocaust in Texas too? 18000 dairy cows got exploded all at once.
Open file (128.00 KB 1920x1080 AA19NbBn.jpeg)
>>49525 Well, my sources tell me that the Moolocaust never really happened Strelok. But it should have! No I hadn't. Surprise surprise, it was toxic chemicals that did it. Andrew Anglin is right again it seems.
>>49527 >Andrew Anglin yeah ok tranny
>>49528 This is a fed.
>>49524 This maybe the schizo talking, but I saw a shit ton of off-grid-prepper-independent types moving into Ohio these past few years; Now it's seemingly plagued with industrial accidents/fallout. I took a hard look at moving there; had job offers and perused some rural real estate.
Open file (27.73 KB 682x133 Ohio.png)
>>49537 forgot this
>>49537 The issue is Ohio passes through several trade hubs, Ohio has a history of not having proper regulatory advisory, and Ohio has population decline meaning the industries there are mostly run-down and weren't doing proper maintenance. I agree with you but it's important to keep in mind that stuff like factory fires/processing fires could very well be from population decline.
>>49540 >stuff like factory fires/processing fires could very well be from population decline. And possibly some of it could be just from the consequences of diversity hires catching up with the US. At the same time there's been too many different incidents in to many different places across too many different industries for it to all be just those two things. Some of it feels like it's planned and intentional. By who, I've not sussed that out yet.
>>49540 >and Ohio has population decline meaning the industries there are mostly run-down and weren't doing proper maintenance. Actually, the dynamic in that situation is typically that niggers and others displace the White populations, bringing their incompetent, low-IQ vibrancy into the mix. This dynamic was predicted decades ago, and we're now seeing the first forerunners of the coming infrastructure collapses. The chemical train crash in East Palestine was a blatant example of that IMO. The subsequent (((burn-off))) was another matter entirely of course.
Open file (234.87 KB 514x290 picksburghbridge.png)
>>49556 So I suppose the question is this: Is the rust belt-Appalachia viable for going semi-offgrid/low vis with the increasing risk of industrial nukeage? It's inexpensive, majority White, and minimal severe weather, pro-2A (OH,WV), BUT...the powers that be are hyping an American industrial renaissance, which I assume means they're going to run our shitty infrastructure even more ragged rather than improve it.
>>49556 I don't care about niggers. I literally don't care about niggers. My best friends are niggers. I don't mean that jokingly. They are brown and they nig around not raising families and not working proper jobs and doing side gigs for cartels. They are still my best friends. I identify more with conservative niggers than I do with white liberal women. Niggers are not the issue you WHITE NIGGER. The issue is you can't defend yourself from niggers nigging. If you hung out with niggers you would realize that they are the core of all your beliefs, hating jews, women, and an unjust government. Befriend niggers. Hate white niggers and women. Embrace conservative values and Islam as a friend and driving force for Christinity to eliminate and remove lazy people. Fuck the government. Fuck the police. Heil niggers. I've worked with niggers and you need a shotgun or glock to deal with them but they are good people one you have their trust. They do honest work they just hate shitty white 60 year old men who use old money to claim they are oppressed. Fuck white nationalists, fuck natsocs, fuck women (no seriously make bastard children with fucking retarded liberal white women just don't marry them), fuck niggers, embrace anarchy. Ohio is an anarchist paradise. The diversity hires aren't the issue, women and the government are the issue. Embrace spics and niggers as your brothers who are equally oppressed. Niggers will remain in the South. Move north if you hate niggers so much. Vivek Ramiswami, an Indian biotech former employee who hates the feds and wants to reenact Starship Troopers deserves to be our president next year but vote Trump if he does not do his fucking job. Fuck white nationalists, fuck niggers, fuck women, fuck the government. Raise a chicken farm and tell the feds to fuck off while manufacturing guns and pipe bombs and printer toner bombs on the black market. Make the rioters give you money. Sell drugs. Sell illegal shit. Fuck the government.
>>49559 >Just fucking move there. The government is cracking down HARD under Biden because they want to eliminate Western Independence which could blossom into an anti-government anti-federal system in the next decade. Move East. Find a bitch and fuck her into Children into Ohio even if she doesn't agree with everything you say (she will come around or fuck off and the courts in Ohio will tell her to fuck off if she's a liberal white bitch nigga). Move to Ohio and start a family with some slut who realizes sluttery is bad, mmkay? Be ready for global collapse and touch grass. Anime niggas are fucked. White Nationalists are fucked. the future is white conservatives in rural environments telling the government to eat shit.
>>49572 >Find a bitch and fuck her into Children into Ohio You must have one magic dick anon.
>>49573 it's a magical methy gutterpunk garbage dick
>>49559 >Is the rust belt-Appalachia viable for going semi-offgrid/low vis with the increasing risk of industrial nukeage? In a word yes. Hillbillies have always been independent and prone to rebelry. We're mostly Scotch-Irish by heritage, so I think anyone can figure out why. They called us Highlanders back in the day in the Old Country, today they call us Rednecks. If there's one group that's likely to stand up to the jewish tricks and still come out last man standing in the kiked west, it's us.
new mass shooting dadeville alabama 5 dead 20+ injured at teen birthday party
>>49608 Sailer's law says nigger.
Open file (190.65 KB 1097x509 ahhhahaha.png)
>>49609 The town is 44% nigger and the victim names is shit like Philstavious Dowdell and KeKe Nicole Smith. Yeah, it's niggers killing niggers and the whole world benefits.
>>49635 So does that mean if you have no income you get free electricity?
>>49639 Yes.
Open file (46.40 KB 1256x545 scroteadams.png)
>>49638 >The town is 44% nigger I can't imagine how horrible that must be. My town supposedly is 1.5% nigged and they account for like 80% of the hardcore violent crime and at least 50% of drug dealing. When they were <1% nobody was shooting up residential areas; Today at 1.5% we get mag dumps into houses and vehicles a few times a year. 44% just boggles the mind.
Open file (410.92 KB 950x509 subprimedtfo.png)
What the fuck is going on with this sudden wave of murders or attempted murders over nothing? >shot for ringing the wrong doorbell >shot for pulling into someone's driveway >shot for mixing up cars in a parking lot All within the last week or two.
>>49702 We live under anarcho-tyranny. The Soros-funded DAs are making it clear criminals can roam free but (You) will be silenced and hung if you try to defend your rights. Don't take that as a blackpill, take it as a sign that we're winning and they're lashing out like violent animals. Don't play their games and get out of the cities.
>>49703 >DAs are making it clear criminals can roam free but (You) will be silenced and hung if you try to defend your right But the criminals in all three of those cases have been arrested.
>>49704 He lost the plot, but it does make me wonder if there could be a link between people seeing the lawlessness enabled by the Soros courts and them being quicker on the trigger. After the 2020 Summer of Love, I suspect a lot of people's personal ROEs have been modified.
>>49703 >Don't play their games and get out of the cities. This.
>>49705 >He lost the plot And then some. I can't tell if he just had no idea what incidents are being referenced but feels the need to reflexively spout rhetoric regardless, or if he's actually psychotic enough to try to justify them. Anyway, there's been another one of the sort, with a 6 year old girl and her father shot after a ball rolled onto a neighbour's property.
>>49726 I'll bet there's missing context in some of these news stories (IE: neighbor feud boiled over, prior victimization, ect...). Stressors from the last few years certainly haven't strengthened social cohesion. I've seen neighborhood beefs escalate more quickly and over minor slights (grass clippings, parking, dog poop).
Open file (399.02 KB 917x1333 kinsley-white-shooter-1.png)
>>49728 >I'll bet there's missing context in some of these news stories (IE: neighbor feud boiled over, prior victimization, ect...). Probably so. The way this nigger went off like a madman intentionally shooting at 6 yo girls (along with multiple neighbors) he probably was abusive as shit to everyone in the neighborhood. Hopefully the demonic shit will be taken off the streets for a good long while tbh.
Yo did cuckflare nuke archive.today (archive.is)?
>>49920 Works on my machine. Cuckflare has become increasingly anti-VPN (moreso than they already were) trying to force HTTP communications from time to time in order to reveal location and just outright refusing access to certain IP addresses without prompting the appropriate error code to the VPN user so try changing VPN locations if they're shitting the bed.
>>49921 rgr, thanks
>>49702 >What the fuck is going on with this sudden wave of murders or attempted murders over nothing? It is a vaccine side effect.
>A truck carrying around 40,000 pounds of contaminated soil from the site of a train derailment in Ohio, which saw officials release toxic chemicals into the area to prevent an explosion, overturned on a highway this week, officials said. https://archive.md/PYaBa
>>49938 Lol. You didn't think the kikes would let you get away so easy did you White man? If they can't take away your guns, then they'll just poison you and yours. Andrew Anglin is right. This is an (((EPAdemic))) of toxic disasters. :^)
Open file (130.78 KB 1170x743 vibecheck.jpg)
>>49759 Mexican national wasted a Honduran family who didn't appreciate his yard pops (I believe all the adults involved are illegals and anchored babies). 5+ calls to the cops didn't save them, lol. https://archive.is/dqVgP pic is unrelated
>>49702 >What the fuck is going on with this sudden wave of murders or attempted murders over nothing? Things are slipping anon. Everyone is going a little bit more nuts as each day passes.
>>49702 People have been given constant racewar news for the past few months and they're reacting more cautiously.
https://archive.is/nDAOD Here's /k/anteen V.
>>49974 >They called 911 “at least five or six times,” on the night of the shooting, Guzmán’s brother Ramiro told The Washington Post. Each time, he said, the operators responded that officers were already at the scene. >“Then why is he killing my family now?” Ramiro Guzmán recalled saying. Well, I would say- >Downtown Houston That nothing of value was lost and anyone living near a city deserves what they get.
>>49702 People understand there is no law and order right now outside a handful of bastions, so they are taking care of things with their own hands. This is why an armed society is a polite society.
>>49702 Doorbell thing was apparently media bullshit. Was actually banging on door in middle of night.
Open file (2.46 MB 2048x1269 ClipboardImage.png)
Blowout soon fellow stalkers
>>50238 Nothing ever happens :^)
>>50282 I just wanted to share with you these cool space stalkers from Northstar miniatures.
>>50286 They are very cool. Thanks Strelok.
I realized while shitting today that what makes people's poop smell lile shit is likely cereal. Started eating cereal a few days ago, proper cereal not the shit loaded with sugar, and suddenly my stool has a foul sulphur smell to it that was never there in the past. Prior to eating cereal I got most of my carbs from beans, rice, nuts, and vegetables since I try to avoid glyphosates. People in port-o-potties must eat a really shitty grain-fueled diet since my shits smell just like that.
>>50367 I am pretty sure that what really reeks is the digestive acids.
Open file (26.00 KB 226x267 dicksgoinhere.jpg)
>>50367 >>50374 They're different smells. Indigested sugars are the main component of actively rotting feces. The salts that come out with the lining from higher up the colon have that sharp unnatural smell like a baby. The actual lining itself smells a bit like soured meat, I can imagine it'd be almost pleasant if I didn't know what it was (and if it wasn't inevitably mixed with the others). If you eat undercooked meat or otherwise pass rotting proteins (bioavailability of well cooked beef, eggs, whey/casein protein is >98% iirc, you piss it out) e.g. because you're sick, you get that generic filth smell like an animal but it's really strong. The salts come out more when you're sick too, generally. Fat and indigestible fibers in your diet that get passed out as bulk reduce the intensity of the smell. >People in port-o-potties must eat a really shitty grain-fueled diet since my shits smell just like that. No shit. Or, yes shit. A contributing factor is that people scarfing down high density grains aren't properly chewing their carbs, and carb digestion is very front loaded. If you eat high-preservative carbs like most fast foods, you'll get diarrhea and they'll come out more like fiber than they would have otherwise considering how fluffy and energy rich the bread actually is.
>>50367 Another reason shit smells like shit is the shit they put in coke zero or diet coke. I learn the hard way is my body doesn't like sugar substitutes, don't try anything sugar free chocolate or sweets, you'll shit big time in the toilet with the worst smell that comes out
Open file (167.01 KB 706x762 Popeye.jpg)
>>50400 Can't speak for the artificial sweeteners, but sugar alcohols are usually the worst offenders of this because your body treats them like alcohol minus the actual benefits of real alcohol causing gastrointestinal distress. Last I checked... >Saccharin: Scientifically proven safe (The rat issue was a physical kidney filter size issue not a chemical issue, humans have more robust kidneys that can filter saccharin into urine just fine. If you are sensitive to saccharin avoid it.) >Aspartame/Advantame/Neotame: Generally safe if kept out of sunlight/heat (turns into rat poison above around 90-100F/32-38C) and if your body is compatible >Monkfruit (Luo han guo): Safe for consumption and cooking, but could lead to heart disease in old age >Stevia: Unfit for human consumption; fucks up your kidneys if taken long-term (unrefined stevia may be safe but it's also more bitter than saccharine) >Acesulfame Potassium: Generally unsafe, barely any studies have been done on it and it was rushed through the FDA for general use in sodas and diet foods. Some evidence that it fucks up your kidneys (for chemical reasons) and causes cancer >Erythritol: "safe" but it's a sugar-alcohol so it causes gastrointestinal upset (primary ingredient in sugar-free sports drinks) >Xylitol: See Erythritol. Extremely poisonous to canines and felines because it causes their body to have a "sugar rush" resulting is really bad hypoglycemia but humans are safe consuming it >Isomalt/Lactitol/Maltitol/Mannitol/Sorbitol: "Safe' but may cause gastrointestinal distress and will dehydrate you if not consumed with fluids (they also all contain about half the calories of sugar) >Sucralose: "Safe" but your body breaks it down like sugar making you feel like shit/become hypoglycemic from lack of sugar (also throws you out of ketosis from insulin production) so don't bother That isn't to say Strelok will have a good reaction to any of these, but rather those are baseline figures. In general I'd say you're safe with saccharine and monkfruit, and maybe sugar alcohols for fitness and nutrition products, and the rest should be avoided. Aspartame is probably alright if you are buying it in bulk or live in a cold climate, but if you live anywhere where the temperatures get into the 90s don't bother since it was probably sitting in a hot truck at some point.
>>50404 I generally don't use artificial sweetners just purely because of the bitterness factor. >Acesulfame K These fucking faggots RUINED chewing gum with this shit.
>>50367 Pretty much I'd say cereals. I switched from rice during bulk to oats for my cut and smell went from pretty much nothing to a war crime tier. Combine that with eggs and sulphur in them and you get bowel movment that is illegal in most civlized countries. At least the fiber in oats helps with digestion.
>>49527 >Andrew Anglin This guy? Does he wear "Music ⚡ Group" t-shirt these days? Honkity-honk. >>50367 >proper cereal not the shit loaded with sugar, 1. Get warped tastes from being stuffed with stupidly over-sugared low-quality food. 2. Become an hypochondriac and start eat crap while not fixing bad habits resulting from (1). 3. The health problems pile up and never get solved, because at no point wer they ever addressed. Or (1) is fixable trivially: by going cold turkey. Don’t eat complete crap. Don’t dump sugar into anything. Maybe not even chocolate (a lot of it has soy and whatnot mixed in anyway). Eventually you will notice that GOOD tea tastes well. When you will notice that black coffee without sugar actually tastes well, the problem is gone. The rest is constant exercise, even a little is better than nothing. Not trivial, but necessary. Any and all quack bullshit aimed to replace it is a bad idea. No exceptions. >>50404 A simple strategy: avoid them all.
ATF keeps changing their mind on pistol braces. ATF director was saying you can "just detach it" while testifying under oath to congress to not be in violation of the law, but have now changed their minds (again) and have said that they will treat it like shoe laces where it must be physically destroyed.
>>50367 >cereal It's virtually all terrible for you and the mainstream brands are manufactured by globohomo corpos. I'm diabetic (LADA) so I get to see in real time how processed "food" affects me compared to real foods. I need to dose 2x more insulin for processed food despite the net carbs/sugars being the same. Even if I try to buffer the processed stuff with extra fiber, in an attempt to game the glycemic index, it doesn't smooth out my sugar spikes much. I just stick to homemade dough, potatoes, and rice so I can keep the carbs and my toes.
Are we in a recession or what? I'm 3 paychecks into a raise and somehow I have less money despite the same amount of thrift per my part - I didn't even treat myself to a celebratory dinner after I secured the raise. It just seems like the economics are all skewed everywhere I look. Like my stuff isn't worth much, but somehow everything else is more expensive. Local real estate is bipolar with pricing. Secondary market for goods is stagnant because nobody has cash but everyone wants top $ for their shit. My portfolio is effectively flat with meager gains weighed against inflation. On paper I should be middleclass, but I'm about to start giving handies by the dumpster for walking around money. I'm not sure what my point is other than to bitch and say it seems like the wheels are coming off in slow-motion.
>>51168 >Economy No strelok, it's 100% going to shit unless you made bank off COVID stims/Drumf. Where I am I see folks come in, buy 200 acres and drop several million on improvements. How they got the money, well they usually decided to flee shitholes like Cali or NY, or made bank with the COVID stimmies as a small business owners of which 90% couldn't tell their head from their ass so press X to doubt on the validity of an actual business. Wagecucks are eternally fucked, highest paying employee job with a bachelor's here is maybe, maybe 22 USD an hour? Meanwhile I think Houston/Chiraq is pushing 19 for fast foodies? Of course, middle class retards gonna vote against their self interest and torpedo the middle class even more because abortions, muh scary funs, and we must prevent le evil republicans (who are "slightly less" bad) from winning. Me thinks there will be a real war or redenomination of the currency soon. Most of the plebs will just eat shit and thank their gubermint masters though
Open file (167.30 KB 369x678 AnCap village.png)
>>51168 It's by design. The EU is protectionist as all hell which has finally bit them in the ass after biting the hand(s) that feeds them (China/America), China is catering to Russia instead of America/Europe. This has created a scarcity of sundry goods in first world countries resulting in higher prices while China's imports keep prices of goods high because exporting food makes more money than just selling locally. Combine this with America running monetary games by handing out free US dollars to anyone and everyone but themselves to try and force buying American goods abroad/keeping American money in circulation and then top on all the Chink Flu stimulus locally, and inflation is how they're recollecting all that money they handed out. Cutting back energy production and all the food processing facilities burning down just adds fuel to the fire. tl;dr- Yes, inflation is getting worse just like the libertarians said it would. We're in World Wide Weimar right now.
Open file (9.34 KB 444x450 spurdo_....png)
https://rumble.com/c/Shamer You all watch Shamer? It's a good Christian podcast talking about what's wrong with the world and how to improve yourself/find Jesus. It's helping me work through this depressing reality that there likely won't be a civil war until things are significantly worse.
>>51170 I see that starting to happen in my little shithole of a town by NY (((Yankees))) and more recently, bugmen. It's weird that technically my property is worth more, but I can't afford to sell it without massively downgrading, AND yet by staying put I have to pay much higher property tax. Hell, property taxes and insurance now make up nearly half of my "mortgage" payment every month. I can't fathom the sudden influx other than it's simply "not New York". >>51171 This reduced standard of living because of a flu and slavic squabbles is wearing thin for me. I remember the IMF kikess demanding countries "spend! and when you think you've spent enough, spend more!" during the scamdemic. The covid hype was intense, but even then it sounded like a foolish and vague plan: >we're gonna produce less AND spend more! SCIENCE!
>>51173 >Can only downgrade It's because everything is artificially inflated to shit right now and only getting worse because costs will not go down. Not to mind that this cycle of the uniparty isn't helping. My local appraiser almost got yeeted a whole back (car got shot up) because he's just doubling everyone's improvement values (except his ofc) this cycle at minimum. My shitty wood cabin (120ft)is somehow worth 90,000 this appraisal? I got a friend who got tboned by a drunk who had comprehensive insurance, and they wanted to pay 6,000 for his 2015ish diesel work truck replacement new. He's suing them now because you can't find a vehicle in functioning condition under 3k in my area, nevertheless a diesel. >bugmen The older chinks I've met that aren't burger/leaf born retards seem to pull the reverse uno card on spending trends, the reason China isn't getting "too much" inflation despite spending like the US gov and with no rate hikes from my understanding is because the plebs don't burn money like niggers or your upper middle class burgers.
>>51217 >6k Damn! Any ancient clapped out work vehicle in my area is at least 10k - something like your buddy's truck would be 35-40k with a lots of miles on it. Wasn't long ago you could scrape together a few grand and have the makings of a lawn care business.
>>51228 >Pricing Yeah, I occasionally run past a deal, usually the previous owners family passed or an estate sale. I ran past a diesel Ford ranger (75k miles) earlier this March for 2.5k, just had to change the timing belt and replace the fuel lines cause it couldn't start. Still kick myself for not buying it today but I was traveling. I think a late 90s ford rangers or S10s asking price is minimum 8k right now. 6K gets you a beat to shit hundyai maybe, or a stripped out rebuilt title. Ive been seeing older Duramax Chevies going for about 15k+ beat to shit out here. Like when I mean shit, I mean bad turbo, bad 4x4, no interior, bad steering rack, no maintenance records (or any maintenance aside from repairs) type shit. I mean the GM dash cracking is expected, but we're talking like your local meth head ripped it up, that could've been prevented with basic 5 minute procedures and not sledhammering the door closed everytime you close it. Lord only knows how much a Ford would cost >Looking for an extra pickup since my regular car is a sedan >See a 2000s Tacoma >Ask the owner >owner has a shitty attitude like I'm begging him >970k miles, broken windshield, broken A/C and power steering, replaced engine (1.5 mil ish). >Wanted 12k for that shit cause "muh Toyota pickup bruh". Nigger, Toyota quality ain't gonna save the engine from you pulling an oil change every 10 years. Thank God I got a diesel VW that I can maintain and just run forever even if that means I have to replace everything else with not plastic aftermarket. Maybe I'll swap that engine into an S10 or a ranger for laughs.
Open file (190.01 KB 1564x271 ClipboardImage.png)
From the information coming out, the judge fucked up slightly while trying to limit the scope of the injunction, so anyone who is a member of FPC (even if you join today or tomorrow) is legally protected from the pistol brace ban. https://www.firearmspolicy.org/fifth-circuit-clarifies-that-its-injunction-against-atf-pistol-brace-rule-covers-fpc-s-members It's $30 once and it goes to a good cause so it's worth considering if you happen to own one.
>>50367 It may not be pleasant though im not sure it's entirely a bad thing as I think the intensity of the smell is just because certain bacteria grow faster in your guts the more sugar you eat. My shit always smells like this because the bulk of my carbs consist of oats and sometimes a high fiber breaded sandwich. The problem I often get is when I constantly fart or stool builds slowly in my colon right before bed so I hardly get quality sleep at night unless I drop a duece. And hemerhoids don't help that either.
>>51267 I hate how this gay ass gop "we're fighting back!" uniparty works, everytime it's le ebil republicans or drumf there is an immediate nationwide injunction by some clown in the 9th circuit . Too bad the average pleb will just bootlick regardless, and one day they'll wake up with nothing and blame streloks for not warning us enough/ not overthrowing the guberment like a blatant false flag. Bring the metorshower or nuke now please.
>>51273 It's important to note being realistic from being a republicuck. Right now the GOP is in an all-out civil war between neocons and MAGA populists. The MAGA folks fuck up from time to time (especially with gun rights) but they have the right idea, learn from their mistakes, and they are taking the party by storm despite the party chairwoman trying at every opportunity to fuck them over to the point where she cost us several states last election and yet still got elected out of fear of the donor class swapping to D. MAGA candidates could reasonably split off into a third party because they are well-loved by minorities and whites alike; only AWFLs (affluent white female liberals) hate MAGA. Neocons are the garbage fundraisers who can't fuck off fast enough and work for the uniparty; they never do anything right but it's your fault somehow when they cave in to every single demand the cult throws at them. The expansion of information has reached critical mass where the anti-war pro-trade MAGA movement will have completely taken over the party by 2028. Make the old farts retire or back off in the coming years and don't trust anyone who calls themselves a Republican but won't stand behind Trump or Ramaswamy. >Vote vote vote! Nah no need, just keep flipping the bird to the donor class and support groups like NAGR and FPC while boycotting "conservative" brands like Butt Light who promote endless wars. These cucks need to learn that we will take a reduced budget or grassroots budget over their bullshit lobbyists. The Mises Caucus taking over the libertarian party also spells good news because it means the lolberts are finally serious and will back MAGA candidates if they think they're "libertarian enough" in a given circumstance (happened a few times in the last elections where MAGA candidates had more financial support from the Mises Caucus than they did from their own party and this will likely expand in 2024).
<Chicom flag Oh come on the proxy is in HK. >>51270 >hemerhoids Supposedly, those automatic toilets that spray hot water up your asscrack can help with those. No idea since I don't have any. >>51275 >MAGA I'm not trying to be a pessimist here but.... The issue with MAGA imho is the same issue with the other parties, you have some incredible retards in there that ruin it. My local MAGA group here are like that, you've got competent people and then there's a huge (30%) contingent believe any microorganism isn't real and is CIA gayop COVID is types .I tried to ask for the reasoning and they just cited "Bible said so" without specific evidence. This isn't a MAGA only issue though, so maybe I just hate hypocrites and retards regardless of party affiliation. >AWFL >Well loved by minorities I don't know what the hell you're smoking strelok but I want some of that shit. Maybe it's different in Montana or Wyoming instead of my state. The US-Born Asian women out here absolutely hate MAGA more than white females, it's like 99%+ straight ticket D. The men seem maybe 30/70 split favoring the dems, but a large contingent of the 30% seem to be pretty hardcore "BRING BACK TAR AND FEATHERS FOR CONGRESS/ death to niggers!" types. Immigrant wetbacks hate niggers but are the modern foederati since they still have there's some major friction with locals due to having so many kids (welfare) and "16 is legal" type shit. The latter doesn't mesh well with juries out here, we had a guy (25ish) ask a jury to sentence instead of the judge (2 years) since he was dating a 16 yo, and the jury gave him 40 in the slammer. The amount of black people that aren't niggers aren't usually enough to move the needle in my state. >reduced budget Are you talking about for the gov or for fundraising? ? The latter is possible, the former nigh impossible unless there's a revolution that completely disintegrates the current political networks.
>NYC commercial property values expected to drop 44% by the end of the year >NYC relies on property taxes to not go even deeper into debt >People are jumping the Subway pay-stations and doing everything they can to avoid taxes Is it finally happening? Did people leaving finally patch NYC's infinite money glitch?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3rdroN5Z2w >Tatt'd out Zambos singing about Target diddling kids This is clown world, but at least it's turning into fun clown world. Rather gangbangers turning faggots into eunuchs than faggots creating more victims.
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