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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Open file (161.72 KB 1024x749 bayonetting a tank.jpg)
Strelok 03/11/2023 (Sat) 15:52:42 No.48689
Welcome to the /k/anteen! This thread is a catch-all for general discussion that doesn't really belong anywhere else or might be off-topic. Previous iteration: >>43407 Roman numerals are not that hard, but I still managed to add just one I, and that messed up the numbering, so I might as well make it even more confusing.
>>48689 >wrote the subject into the e-mail field Maybe someone slightly more competent should make the next one.
ESLs on my /k/? It's more likely than you'd think.
Open file (2.23 MB 817x537 artillery.gif)
So....any reason to do a bankrun? >t. has (10) 1oz silver coins, (2) 10oz silver bars, and one 1kg silver bar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SiZiXPa3_k
>>48730 Only if you want to help cause a run on more banks. Though it seems JPM started this one on SVB so the end result is just bigger banks and less total banks.
>>48730 I have no money so it is irrelevant whether the western talmudic banking system fails or not. You cannot care for something you have none of.I do have firearms though, and those gain exponential value if the dollar begins to die. So basically I dont really care and God has me in His hands and I feel pretty comfy either way
Open file (355.67 KB 800x600 RonPaul_ItsComing.jpg)
>>48730 >>48736 Is it finally happening this time?
>>48730 Who wants to lay odds that the SVB (((decision))) to purchase a metric shitton of bonds was a direct result of a female jew (maybe a troon too, given the location)?
Open file (146.84 KB 982x1212 moneyshaker.jpg)
>>48744 I'd say 1 in 4.
>>48745 Lol. I had no idea it was quite that bad. I'm not overly-disappointed at the obvious outcome tbh.
>>48730 >So....any reason to do a bankrun? Nah, no more than usual. I assume Canada has some equivalent of FDIC, just stay under their insured limit in each account. >>48744 >SVB (((decision))) to purchase a metric shitton of bonds That's a formulaic decision, banks can't afford to not purchase gov bonds, regardless of the rate. What did them in from a risk management standpoint was having a lot of customers in high tech (notoriously sensitive to interest rates) AND not hedging for that risk while fed interest rates rose the fastest they ever did. >>48745 Here's a real laugh. Jay Ersapah, (former) head of financial risk management at SVB https://twitter.com/Tarheelnation81/status/1634667818355417091 apologies, can't post pics right now
>>48758 >That's a formulaic decision, banks can't afford to not purchase gov bonds, regardless of the rate. Meh. Only a Jewess or troon would be so greedy to pour all their clients assests (16th largest US bank, mind you!) into them. Tard to the max IMO.
>>48758 Don't forget also that the Fed's projection for interest rates for 2023 in 2021 was 0.1 percent. Biden's budget dug the grave and in this case, you could say Putin put the nail in the coffin with Ukraine creating never before seen levels of FUD over the status of the USD backed global order.
Open file (256.99 KB 749x1000 staring Chiaki.png)
Financial institutions are collapsing. American just experienced the TWO largest banking collapses in US history and they are talking about using the federal insurance for the little guy to bail out woke ESG banks in Commiefornia who didn't have a risk assessor for nine months. Boomer women are outright calling for millennial/zoomer women to commit murder against white conservatives on national television. At what point are we supposed to take the guns out instead of acting as proxy stand-ins for the hooked-nose tribe?
>>48767 you are sitting here saying this but things were WAY worse in le Weimar before anyone even thought about doing anything. Things will get significantly worse before anything starts to happen. Just buckle up and trust in God to show you the way
Open file (90.19 KB 850x883 disintegrating.jpg)
>>48770 That's what I mean though. This is the hopeless optimism. Y'all like talking about Weimar but relatively speaking the shit happening during Weimar is where we were at in 2016. We've surpassed the devil-worshipping of Weimar and we've been worse since '21. Where does this hopeless optimism come from? Fuck niggerpill I just don't see where we're not stand-ins for Jews right now when shit goes tits-up.
>>48773 >the shit happening during Weimar is where we were at in 2016 did you not read my post? Weimar was WAY worse than what we were doing in 2016 by FAR. We havent even reached anywhere close to Weimar yet, we have so much more that can fall, and it will. The bright side is that any system that reaches an inflection point where the jews mostly control its policies will inevitably collapse. It is in their nature to push for unsustainable positions, as per their nature as parasites. Parasites cannot become the host. America will lose its primacy in the world but in turn, whether before or after we collapse inevitably, we will have our dictator and have a nationalist resurgence. In 100 years more likely than not the jews will have fucked themselves here and moved to China while we busy ourselves with reclaiming our lands and reestablishing a God-fearing society that doesnt actively hate White people. Everything will work out, doesnt mean you should just sit back and do nothing, but know it is inevitable that evil will falter and that good will prevail . Sorry for sounding like a schizo but im trying to compress lots of complex ideas into a general statement, dont lose hope strelok, things will get worse but they WILL get better eventually if there is to be trouble let it be in my time so that my children may know peace
>>48774 >did you not read my post? I read it, I just politely said you're full of hot air because it wasn't. Old people are saying it's never been this bad dude.
>mobileposting americans are the main advocate for totally new and never tried before socialism
Open file (1.58 MB 1164x1401 ClipboardImage.png)
>>48760 >so greedy to pour all their clients assests (16th largest US bank, mind you!) into them. That didn't happen, no need to make shit up. SVB folded because there was a bank run, plain and simple, same thing will happen to ANY bank if enough of their customers come to get their money out. The tech sector (a.k.a. "silicon valley") has been burning through their cash reserves over the past year (since borrowing is expensive now), that forced SVB to liquidate some long term assets at a loss, rumors started, rumors intensified, SVB CEO had a conference call to reassure customers and investors, in a most unfortunate turn of events spaghetti fell out of his pocket during the call, bank run. I'm guessing they got at least .90-95 cents on the dollar for the govt bonds - in what is essentially a worst case scenario - whereas corporate bonds (with them high yield %) woulda been worth literally 0 in the worst case. >>48762 >Don't forget also that the Fed's projection for interest rates for 2023 in 2021 was 0.1 percent. Predicting the future is hard. That's why there's the whole profession called risk management like pic related (polite spoiler due to extreme diversity).
so... anyone got any cool dieselpunk concept art they'd like to share with us?
>>48784 The COOs of SVB pulled their stocks a couple weeks before mentioning they were looking for new revenue streams. The Californian government had to step in as an emergency measure long after the feds should have given the lack of a risk assessor for several months.
>>48803 >The COOs of SVB pulled their stocks a couple weeks before mentioning they were looking for new revenue streams. Kek. What could possibly go wrong with this (((carefully-laid))) plain?
>>48803 Their excuse was that the stock sell-off was supposedly pre-planned in preparation for the tax season.
>>48776 >Old people are saying it's never been this bad dude >boomers who were only alive for the greatest time of prosperity in human history say its never been this bad nobody from Weimar times is still alive dummy. You can read about what went down during those times and its way worse. Stop being dramatic and read a little about history that is barely outside the reach of boomers. Of course everything is a downgrade for old people when everything they had when they were younger was better
Open file (60.54 KB 1200x1314 I guess.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 1650x1650 Dieselpunk Bot.png)
>>48789 >so... anyone got any cool dieselpunk concept art they'd like to share with us? This is an old one I did around two years ago as a qucik study, and first Dieselpunk design I did to get the 'feel' for the aesthetic pls no bully. Subsequent ones are better and I got less shit at painting since two years ago.
I'll try to find more old Dieselpunk concept art that I can show if you're interested, but they all got names like IMG_XXXXXX since I had to do a hard recovery of data after accidentally reformatting my old work HDD when I upgraded. And there's hundreds upon hundreds of images from sci fi to fantasy all mixed together, so I'm not promising much since it's hard to find them in all that mess. I also did a lot of concepts for diselpunk rifles/smg. I remember this one rifle that's a cross between M1 Garand, Krag and Johnson Rifle with top rotatory magazine but feeds with stripper clips. A strippazene if you will.
>>48818 Well you keep telling yourself everything is alright, meanwhile I'm gonna be making a second run on the banks after work today.
>>48822 Based. Don't forget to take out massive loans and immediately spend the cash to prep when you see it really going down.
>>48820 It's not awful. I kinda like it. Maybe a little top heavy. I would go with a more Sakura Taisen sort of design, personally. Now if that was the design of a Dieselpunk "monkey-climbing" mecha instead of an upright one I think it's going in a pretty good direction.
Open file (1.18 MB 1650x1650 Glockbot.png)
>>48820 I really like it, it gives a """cost-effective""" kind of vibe.
>>48818 >nobody from Weimar times is still alive dummy. You can read about what went down during those times and its way worse. Stop being dramatic and read a little about history that is barely outside the reach of boomers Man, a few days ago a Florida sheriff went on record saying that jews are better than White people and that the first amendment doesn't protect complaints about jews. When some literally who complained on 4skins that he should be [REDACTED] for those comments, the fucking FBI snatched him up and extradited him to Florida and charged him with a felony and 100k bond. Keep in mind, this guy did not say "I am going to", merely "Someone should". Meanwhile this kike-loving sheriff is spouting off talking about how all racially aware whites are scum and should get the fuck out of ZOGmerica if they don't like being unable to criticize jews. How in the fuck do you see this going well? Whites in Kikemerica are staring down the barrel of a genocide and refusing to fight back. In a nation where almost every man owns a rifle. It's a sick joke.
Open file (109.91 KB 200x256 ClipboardImage.png)
>>48817 >stock sell-off was supposedly pre-planned It's technically true, directors/execs must announce their stock sales months in advance. That said if certain business decisions happen to coincide around these announced dates like >>48803 >before mentioning they were looking for new revenue streams well, what a coincidence :^) >>48820 >pic Not bad. Not bad. Reminded me of pic related.
>>48833 >Whites in Kikemerica are staring down the barrel of a genocide and refusing to fight back. In a nation where almost every man owns a rifle. It's a sick joke. I would suggest it's primarily an inertia problem Strelok. Once TSHTF, the DOTR will immediately thereafter. They know it, we know it. The risk for the lazy fatasses is that just like the frog, they'll allow themselves to be slowly boiled alive before jumping out of the pot into the SHTF fire. Kikes know this too, and are counting on hedonism to ensure their victory against the White race. Kinda humorous to think how all the crypto-kikes will fare if these (((globalists))) actually pull off this plot successfully?
>>48833 >How in the fuck do you see this going well? I dont, its gonna get alot worse. Things will probably only be "well" when we are old men or dead. Thats funny though, I saw that retard spouting off and being pompous about it in the news this morning. Acting like a total self confident boomer. Personally I think that whole situation is just a psyop that is a shot across the bow for people like us, but more specifically on 4cuck, done by the FBI in service to the jews to try and stimmy the rapid increase in jew-critical thoughts. I dont think itll work, but 4cucks love to censor themselves after 2016 >>48869 this is just the nature of white people generally. Slow to act, but when they do it is severe. Last time a society degenerated and finally lashed back, there was 12 years of prosperity and then the entire world had to be called in to stop it. I think a better example of this is in ancient Spain where they were under the boot of muslims for so long before eventually having enough, throwing off muslim rule, and now Spain even to this day is a primarily Christian country that has been relatively successful since. Only in recent years beginning to have problems as they have adopted modern democracy as their main form of government
>Last time a society degenerated and finally lashed back, there was 12 years of prosperity and then the entire world had to be called in to stop it
>>48875 >historylet
>>48888 No, that's accurate to ask for a cotation. You have a case of some Germans getting high off of debt fumes before it all came crashing in their faces, but that's like trying to claim the 80s/90s were a prosperous time for America. Exact same scenario just ending with a whimper instead of a domestic war.
Another bank collapsed two more (including mine) on the way. Feds are promising to insure everything LOL. Glad to have physical cash.
Open file (108.18 KB 500x500 UNREAL BLACK THINGS.jpg)
>>48889 >that's like trying to claim the 80s/90s were a prosperous time for America The comparison I was thinking of was modern south africa. Literally, other people who owned the industry in the region (thought debt in germoney's case) were driven out by ethnonationalists in a mindless ideological powergrab and beyond the usual communist pitfalls their xenophobia has led to a breakdown of trade. Neetsocs really are basically just niggers.
>>48890 which banks?
Open file (14.49 KB 261x196 1425206536342.jpg)
>>48894 (((Chase Morgan))) and (((bank of America))) got it's Moody credit scores downgraded. dollar collapse soon
>>48890 What good will physical cash do you? The Federal Reserve is promising that it will make everything right and protect any balances in people's accounts because it has "infinite cash" (their words). If they start printing more trillions trying to fix things, it'll devalue every dollar equally, regardless of whether it's in digital or physical form.
>>48898 This. The thing to do if you suspect an incoming dollar collapse is to place all your money elsewhere. If you withdraw cash, spend it on something - physical goods, property, etc. >If they start printing more trillions trying to fix things >trying to fix things Lol. LMAO. We all know the jews don't want to fix things. They want a CBDC system and they're willing to let the previous system collapse first.
>>48899 "Fix" has multiple meanings. "Repair" is only one of them.
>>48898 You're contrasting the buying power of the US dollar with the buying power of US currency. The fed can print unlimited cash relative to the buying power of the US currency on the global stage to price fix, but on a local level you are going to have days or weeks of people being locked out of their bank accounts during that fix. Cash represents the short window where you will have exponentially more buying power because everyone else will be uncertain/have less. There's more to it with monetary theory and wanting to collapse the American banks with no survivors but >>48827 more or less lines out the concept for people who can't into financial fuckery and don't understand why you would want to pull your money out now.
Keep in mind this applies to banks, not stocks.
>>48903 The other thing which trips people up is the fact that all financial advice is dependent on how bad the scenario is. Depending on how catastrophic the blow to the monetary system, the best asset to have ranges from "a little extra cash on hand" to "Guns, ammo, and a shit load of friends who also have guns and ammo." Of course long term ZOG will always instate another fake and gay financial system as long as they remain in power, and sweep away the thousands of goyim casualties in the chaos that resulted from the transition as just a happy sacrifice to Tikkun Olam.
>>48908 >and sweep away the thousands of goyim casualties in the chaos Strelok I... If the grid goes down worldwide (and it will) it will be b-bilions dead, not thousands. >that resulted from the transition as just a happy sacrifice to Tikkun Olam. Laughable honestly, since the globalist kikes of today are the single leading purveyor of human suffering in all human history. Ofc once all the goyim are dead, it will be a literal utopia ofc. They are evidence in human form of their father Satan, and just how powerful the sin of pride is and how deep it's evil runs.
>>48871 >>48893 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_language_in_the_United_States It's kikepedia, and doesn't say 55% anywhere, but it definitely gives lots of examples of German being quite common.
Open file (267.46 KB 594x492 trumpNY.png)
Probably a good time to have a few handguns (with accessories) squirreled away. I'm not interested in going overt with a rifle slung, especially over ZOGnald's legal troubles, but there might be enough idiots who decide to, and the fed response will come down on everyone. I remember hearing that during the post-invasion chaos in Iraq handguns were going for $1k while AKM's were the $100 budget option; I apply a similar rationale to the near future (ie I don't want to get droned because I'm carrying a long gun, but I don't want to be defenseless if someone tries to rob me, imprison me, or press-gang me into some political bullshit.) Plus it's annoying trying to do an oil change with an AR across my chest.
>>48916 >If the grid goes down worldwide (and it will) it will be b-bilions dead, not thousands. That actually makes me wonder, how reliant on electricity are people in third and second world countries? If they lose service is it like "OH GOD THIS IS THE END OF CIVILIZATION" or is it more "fuck that's annoying now I'll have to go back to how my mom showed me to do"?
>>48944 It's a regular annoyance for them. Every shitty apartment building is bristling with random solar panels on the rooftops. Even with that capability, the urban masses are universally fucked because Grandma was in a village and had the space to perform subsistence activities. On my solar apartment tangent... I assume most apartments are going to catch fire sooner or later from people trying to cook/heat/power their units with alternate means.
>>48944 Depends on a country-by-country basis. The South American and Commieblock third worlders tend to be used to the power going out, while third world Asians get antsy if they're without power for more than a few hours. As a rule of thumb, the closer they are to a third world city, the more reliant they are on either electricity or natural gas depending on if they were American leaning/aligned or aligned with someone else following the collapse of the Soviets.
>>48941 nothing is gonna happen with pistols any time soon besides maybe a mag cap restriction. Rifles they will definitely try to mess with as always. I really actually dont think anyone is gonna do anything if Trump gets arrested, like 80-90% of his base is extremely demoralized and dont care anymore. The real reason the country is failing is that while our leadership is exceptionally stupid, the general american populace just doesnt care anymore. We could have cushioned the stupid decisions of the elites pretty well if people were still interested in grinding away like they were under Trump, but so many people now just straight up dont care about the country anymore, and rightfully so imo
>>48945 >I assume most apartments are going to catch fire sooner or later from people trying to cook/heat/power their units with alternate means you know ive never thought of that and honestly that really funny to think about as a leading reason for why people would have to move out of shithole cities if the power gets wiped. Not crime or violence or even lack of supplies, its because some dumbass accidentally torched his apartment trying to cook
>>48970 > The real reason the country is failing is that while our leadership is exceptionally stupid, the general american populace just doesnt care anymore. I'm glad someone else has noticed this. It's hilarious how I've seen so many "hardworking bootstrap republican" types suddenly finding ways to work WAY less, cheat taxes, sign up for gibs, and otherwise intentionally fail to support their local, state, and federal governments. It would be concerning if I had not also noticed a trend for these same people to seek independence like gardening and raising whatever livestock they can. This way they can remain more independent when the gibs inevitably get reduced as the country gets poorer. It's some kind of slacker revolt.
>>48974 We told everyone the economy would collapse if they tried to pay people to not work during Chink flu because good luck ever getting those people off them programs, and they laughed at us. Then we warned everyone that if we went to an infinite reserve it would get Weimar-tier in a couple years from bad investments, and they laughed at us in Environmental Social Governance and gave enough money to cure cataracts in America to Pakistan for gender studies while declaring no money for the border wall. Then we warned everyone that if they're going to work on an infinite loan system they need to make sure people have an incentive to use their money and WORK to PRODUCE GOODS to keep the pyramid scheme going and they laughed in Soros-backed prosecution and/or Ukrainian, and started dumping assets over there while letting crime run rampant instead of shoring up domestic production. At this point conservatives told them what they needed to do to be the most corrupt motherfuckers in history and still keep the thing alive, and uniparty garbage went "lol production go brrrrrrrrr" while not realizing that the machine has engaged the E-brakes and it's only momentum and tears keeping it moving. I don't blame the American Bai Lan movement. I'm part of it without even intending to be because I'm too fed up to pay into a broken system.
>>48970 >but so many people now just straight up dont care about the country anymore, and rightfully so imo Which is a problem for the Elites they need people to be demoralized enough that they won't try any thing and go along to get along but not so demoralized that people say "fuck it". They wen too far and now to many people are just going to wait out the clock on america jacking off to loli vtubers and playing video games and maybe making a garden and trying to get /fit/. >>48974 >It would be concerning if I had not also noticed a trend for these same people to seek independence like gardening and raising whatever livestock they can. This way they can remain more independent when the gibs inevitably get reduced as the country gets poorer. It's some kind of slacker revolt. Take what you can, Give nothing back. Why Don't we have any pirate flags in the flag list? I'll have to upload some I guess.
>>48979 >Which is a problem for the Elites they need people to be demoralized enough that they won't try any thing and go along to get along but not so demoralized that people say "fuck it" They're hoping that muh AI and their recent transition to a Brave New World panopticon will buy them enough time until humanity dies out. Whether it will work is anyone's guess. Given the fact that almost none among the masses have responded positively to WEF propaganda, a violent resolution seems inevitable.
>>48971 I'll never share a wall with anyone ever again. Had to evac twice in as many years due to kitchen fires. Two years after I moved out an adjacent apartment building in the same complex completely burnt down (unattended battery charger was the cause). Maintenance having easy access to my living space was pretty gay too. >>48979 Exactly. I'm all about that lowkey piracy now. >drastically reduce income/taxes >suck up gibs (eligibility is income-based for EBT and Medicaid...Thanks Obama!) >haven't bothered with vehicle inspection in 4 years >unsecured debt? awww geez dude - I'm judgement proof >digital entertainment = free (I make more installing modchips than at my day job) Pretty much anything I can get away with, and not incur severe criminal consequences, I do it. Fuck 'em.
>>48970 I'm not worried about a ban. Caching away a couple p80's or yardsale pistols makes you ERPO-proof, in addition to all the previously stated benefits. I actually like revolvers for this purpose; J-frame + ammo + speed strip = done. If space allows, maybe toss in a cheap holster or bellyband. There's a good chance you won't want to be leaving brass around if you're resorting to cache guns.
>>48974 >"hardworking bootstrap republican" ya I get a kick out of these people not giving a shit either as well. I think corona really broke something in the last block of remaining Americans who "gave a shit" and were still working hard. I know tons of zoomers who got the gibs and made bank(i didnt because im retarded I guess). I dont know why the elites thought they could bank on republicans being their little paypigs all the way to the NWO, once they actually started implementing that kind of stuff people just dropped what they were doing and stopped caring >>48978 all of these events post covid have only achieved weeding out any of the last vestiges of people caring in the country. They gouged a chunk out with corona gibs, but every subsequent "thing" has gouged out even further the last tiny group that still cares. It really shows how detached and incompetent they are. If they wanted to go ahead with their plan, maybe they should have raised their kids to be more competent of drug addicted partying gooners when the responsibility of furthering their great plan lies on them
Is there a happening in Syria right now? Reading some news saying that there are clashes between SAA,Iran and USA forces but noting from official channels.
>>49079 Nobody needs stress in Syria right now
>>49010 Boomers want $500 for their lint stuffed 642s and 38spl is retarded expensive compared to 9mm.
There is nothing wrong with eating meat, however you must show respect to the creature that was slain for your meal. If you refuse to be a vegetarian, you MUST be the best you because you owe it to the animals you have sacrificed for your livelihood. Never waste meat. Always be respectful of the kill. Eat humans.
>>49113 what if im NOT an abbo
>>49113 Animals dont care and eat animals anytime they want. Why is this wrong for humans?
>>49117 Animals live in a state of nature. If you wish to throw away your tools and roll about in the mud that is your own business. Our manipulation of environment is why we are above animals.
>>49119 >Animals live in a state of nature. Wish humans would too.
>>49149 Animals only live in a state of nature because they lack the capacity to master it. The ambitions of species are kept in check by the competing ambitions of other species. Humanity no longer has any such competition but with itself.
>>49149 Don't worry the Dutch are well on their way to accomplishing that after banning fertilizer.
>>49149 Then go sharpen a stick and live innawoods, damn.
NHL is phasing out pride nights because too many players are refusing to wear the gay uniform apparently. NHL wants to release their names on a list but also understands that they will have discrimination lawsuits out the ass if they do.
>>49152 >Animals only live in a state of nature because they lack the capacity to master it. If you watch an eagle fly and compare that to how silly humans do that, its hard to believe animals haven mastered nature. Or look at a beaver building a dam. >The ambitions of species are kept in check by the competing ambitions of other species. Humanity no longer has any such competition but with itself. Sound like theres no problem eating meat. What you miss: Humans are just like animals. Only a bit smarter. And sometimes not even that. Theres no qualitative difference between humans and animals. Thats just a misconception of not so smart humans.
>>49205 We upend natural laws where as all animals still have to live under them. That is a qualitative difference.
>>49209 Tell me one law of nature that humankind ended or changed? When it comes to changing the laws of the world we live in, we are as clueless as a rock on the street. We can only play by the rules. we can not alter them. Theres nothing that distinguishes us from an animal. We are just a bit smarter.
>>49210 Control of fire.
>>49210 Refined metals very rarely exist in nature outside of outer space. Polymers do not naturally exist in nature outside of some very specific and extremely weak organic bonds to make organic plastics out of flax or milk. If you are going to be semantic and argue some natural law metaphysics hippy shit you can kindly deepthroat a cactus.
>>49211 Generally it's better to exclude tooling since some animals use primitive tooling and will even sharpen/polish their favorite stones, and by extension some birds are known to intentionally cause small brush fires/forest fires to extract prey from the wreckage. Similarly I generally avoid semantic whataboutisms and remove written language and art as an example even though personally I think it's the defining example. Some animals engage in "art" but it is solely to attract a mate or mark their scent/activity around their territory. Similarly some animals like Cetaceans have primitive languages on par with what Sapiens would have been babbling about 50,000 years ago. Obviously it's a spectra, but no animal has mastered all three categories of breaking out of one's environmental constraints: language, tooling, and refining/processing.
>>49211 >Control of fire. That's not an alteration or ending of a natural law. Wie didn't change the chemical reaction of anything. And how good is the control if every year thousands of homes are burned down by wildfires we can't really stop. >>49212 Refining materials is not a change er end of a natural law. To call plastic "artificial" is just a colloquial error. It's just carbon and hydrogen. The most natural elements on earth. >>49213 >Generally it's better to exclude tooling This. We have tools. Animals have tools. We are just animals with the better tools. Deal with it.
>>49214 Like I said, kindly go deepthroat a cactus, yah damned hippy.
>>49216 Don't know what you wanna say, but in case you reached the end of your points, I accept your defeat. You're an animal. Even more so like other humans. Your behavior shows it.
>>49218 Cool. You are either mentally ill, a woman, or autistic. There is nothing wrong with that but you wish to engage in semantic arguments for undetermined reasons and I do not so we will have to agree to disagree.
>>49219 >Noooooo! I'm not an animal! You......!!!! Lol.
>>49220 >Lashing out after being discarded So a woman, got it.
>>49214 Tell me what creature besides mankind deliberately starts fires with a purpose in mind.
>>49224 Tell me how this alters any law of nature? Tell me how this differs from a beaver starting a dam with a purpose in mind. What's the difference between a soldier pointing a flame thrower to the enemy vs. a meat eating plant which closes itself whenever a fly lands in it. There is none. It's just some nerves reacting to an outside stimulus.
>>49221 >>Lol >You are lashing out!!!! Gay? Child? Female?
Disease is a good example of one that we've upended. Animals are just subject to it, we are not.
Obviously within limits, but just the mortality rate of humans now compared to 100 years ago is ridiculous.
We started very badly and caught up. Look at turtles. Greenland sharks can live for 500 years. How did we upend anything here? Some animals just laugh about our 70 years.
Well it looks like boomers are going to chimp out again.
Open file (275.32 KB 344x431 Pitbull Smile.png)
>>49237 Trannies are going to be out rioting Saturday night because of their child-killer not getting a high score so they needed to make an excuse for right-wingers to be out there in order to only film them. Looks like they got it.
Open file (78.29 KB 450x518 patrick-tribett.jpg)
>>49251 >street brawls featuring boomers vs trooners This is a W by any metric. The real question is.. cancel my weekend plans to instead get fucked up watching riot streams?
>>49204 God bless NHL players then, I guess? I don't care for the sport much myself, but if they are going against the kikes that pay their salaries this hard then I might reconsider that.
>>49261 The Canucks should combine hockey and curling into a single sport. Now that would be something to watch.
To the Otto Von Bismarkists (Nationalists), do you agree with the phrase "it is better to let 10 innocent people hang than one guilty person escape"? If so, how do you reconcile that if a person knows they are going to be screwed in innocence, why would they comply and act innocent instead of trust in the legal system eroding the way it does in Soros-funded cities? How do you reconcile your worldview being objectively and provably wrong by every modern legal system?
>>48730 >>48736 1. Bank runs are simply result of intrinsic instability of Bagehotian banking system. Given the amount of smoke and mirrors covering the whole thing, as well as the degree to which (and the ways in which) economy is managed by oligarchic actors, and likely instabilities in this system as well, there’s no point to guess exactly when. It spazzed, it will spazz again. 2. Bank runs don’t really matter for a state bank (which they all are, with or without fig leaf). In the worst case, all that happens is that you see beheaded chicken running in circles, then damage control teams would pump another fountain of random inane bullshit (like >>48744 ) to distract from the nature of what goes on. They are all plugged into printing press, and will be bailed out, or whatever. So unless your question is how to not get screwed over by the banks, it’s irrelevant whether your money are in cash or accounts, you are hit by inflation just as much. >>48758 is correct. 3. If your real question is “how to not get screwed over by the banks”, then bank runs are irrelevant. The obvious answer is that the only ways are to not be perceived as a target (which is probably too late for you if you are here) or move your assets out ASAP. “Where to move your savings” is a very good question. In light of some or other SHTF on the horizon, or simply state being increasingly rabid, while the banks drop their fig leaves to shaft someone more and more. Obviously, the sooner, the better. But since the real goal is to hide your savings from state, the real problem is: how to do this without tipping your hand and being simply robbed, whether by state or non-state actors. At least, until the state in question gets too dysfunctional, and everyone involved will have more immediate problems.
Open file (588.98 KB 617x1000 TN.png)
What the fuck is this weak shit, Tennessee?
Open file (2.16 MB 600x338 1670003551988.gif)
If I die in a war aimed at the preservation and the continued reinforcement of the gynocratic world order, I'll come back and haunt each and every one of you into insanity. Because my disdain for women might have its limits, but I have an absolute, burning hatred for the pussywhipped men that constitutes the majority in western civilisation.
>>49507 >What the fuck is this weak shit, Tennessee? See >>49500
Open file (1018.03 KB 1046x698 this_is_fine.png)
More perfectly normal things going on in the land of cursed trannies. The fire rises.
>>49524 Did you hear about the Moolocaust in Texas too? 18000 dairy cows got exploded all at once.
Open file (128.00 KB 1920x1080 AA19NbBn.jpeg)
>>49525 Well, my sources tell me that the Moolocaust never really happened Strelok. But it should have! No I hadn't. Surprise surprise, it was toxic chemicals that did it. Andrew Anglin is right again it seems.
>>49527 >Andrew Anglin yeah ok tranny
>>49528 This is a fed.
>>49524 This maybe the schizo talking, but I saw a shit ton of off-grid-prepper-independent types moving into Ohio these past few years; Now it's seemingly plagued with industrial accidents/fallout. I took a hard look at moving there; had job offers and perused some rural real estate.
Open file (27.73 KB 682x133 Ohio.png)
>>49537 forgot this
>>49537 The issue is Ohio passes through several trade hubs, Ohio has a history of not having proper regulatory advisory, and Ohio has population decline meaning the industries there are mostly run-down and weren't doing proper maintenance. I agree with you but it's important to keep in mind that stuff like factory fires/processing fires could very well be from population decline.
>>49540 >stuff like factory fires/processing fires could very well be from population decline. And possibly some of it could be just from the consequences of diversity hires catching up with the US. At the same time there's been too many different incidents in to many different places across too many different industries for it to all be just those two things. Some of it feels like it's planned and intentional. By who, I've not sussed that out yet.
>>49540 >and Ohio has population decline meaning the industries there are mostly run-down and weren't doing proper maintenance. Actually, the dynamic in that situation is typically that niggers and others displace the White populations, bringing their incompetent, low-IQ vibrancy into the mix. This dynamic was predicted decades ago, and we're now seeing the first forerunners of the coming infrastructure collapses. The chemical train crash in East Palestine was a blatant example of that IMO. The subsequent (((burn-off))) was another matter entirely of course.
Open file (234.87 KB 514x290 picksburghbridge.png)
>>49556 So I suppose the question is this: Is the rust belt-Appalachia viable for going semi-offgrid/low vis with the increasing risk of industrial nukeage? It's inexpensive, majority White, and minimal severe weather, pro-2A (OH,WV), BUT...the powers that be are hyping an American industrial renaissance, which I assume means they're going to run our shitty infrastructure even more ragged rather than improve it.
>>49556 I don't care about niggers. I literally don't care about niggers. My best friends are niggers. I don't mean that jokingly. They are brown and they nig around not raising families and not working proper jobs and doing side gigs for cartels. They are still my best friends. I identify more with conservative niggers than I do with white liberal women. Niggers are not the issue you WHITE NIGGER. The issue is you can't defend yourself from niggers nigging. If you hung out with niggers you would realize that they are the core of all your beliefs, hating jews, women, and an unjust government. Befriend niggers. Hate white niggers and women. Embrace conservative values and Islam as a friend and driving force for Christinity to eliminate and remove lazy people. Fuck the government. Fuck the police. Heil niggers. I've worked with niggers and you need a shotgun or glock to deal with them but they are good people one you have their trust. They do honest work they just hate shitty white 60 year old men who use old money to claim they are oppressed. Fuck white nationalists, fuck natsocs, fuck women (no seriously make bastard children with fucking retarded liberal white women just don't marry them), fuck niggers, embrace anarchy. Ohio is an anarchist paradise. The diversity hires aren't the issue, women and the government are the issue. Embrace spics and niggers as your brothers who are equally oppressed. Niggers will remain in the South. Move north if you hate niggers so much. Vivek Ramiswami, an Indian biotech former employee who hates the feds and wants to reenact Starship Troopers deserves to be our president next year but vote Trump if he does not do his fucking job. Fuck white nationalists, fuck niggers, fuck women, fuck the government. Raise a chicken farm and tell the feds to fuck off while manufacturing guns and pipe bombs and printer toner bombs on the black market. Make the rioters give you money. Sell drugs. Sell illegal shit. Fuck the government.
>>49559 >Just fucking move there. The government is cracking down HARD under Biden because they want to eliminate Western Independence which could blossom into an anti-government anti-federal system in the next decade. Move East. Find a bitch and fuck her into Children into Ohio even if she doesn't agree with everything you say (she will come around or fuck off and the courts in Ohio will tell her to fuck off if she's a liberal white bitch nigga). Move to Ohio and start a family with some slut who realizes sluttery is bad, mmkay? Be ready for global collapse and touch grass. Anime niggas are fucked. White Nationalists are fucked. the future is white conservatives in rural environments telling the government to eat shit.
>>49572 >Find a bitch and fuck her into Children into Ohio You must have one magic dick anon.
>>49573 it's a magical methy gutterpunk garbage dick
>>49559 >Is the rust belt-Appalachia viable for going semi-offgrid/low vis with the increasing risk of industrial nukeage? In a word yes. Hillbillies have always been independent and prone to rebelry. We're mostly Scotch-Irish by heritage, so I think anyone can figure out why. They called us Highlanders back in the day in the Old Country, today they call us Rednecks. If there's one group that's likely to stand up to the jewish tricks and still come out last man standing in the kiked west, it's us.
new mass shooting dadeville alabama 5 dead 20+ injured at teen birthday party
>>49608 Sailer's law says nigger.
Open file (190.65 KB 1097x509 ahhhahaha.png)
>>49609 The town is 44% nigger and the victim names is shit like Philstavious Dowdell and KeKe Nicole Smith. Yeah, it's niggers killing niggers and the whole world benefits.
>>49635 So does that mean if you have no income you get free electricity?
>>49639 Yes.
Open file (46.40 KB 1256x545 scroteadams.png)
>>49638 >The town is 44% nigger I can't imagine how horrible that must be. My town supposedly is 1.5% nigged and they account for like 80% of the hardcore violent crime and at least 50% of drug dealing. When they were <1% nobody was shooting up residential areas; Today at 1.5% we get mag dumps into houses and vehicles a few times a year. 44% just boggles the mind.
Open file (410.92 KB 950x509 subprimedtfo.png)
What the fuck is going on with this sudden wave of murders or attempted murders over nothing? >shot for ringing the wrong doorbell >shot for pulling into someone's driveway >shot for mixing up cars in a parking lot All within the last week or two.
>>49702 We live under anarcho-tyranny. The Soros-funded DAs are making it clear criminals can roam free but (You) will be silenced and hung if you try to defend your rights. Don't take that as a blackpill, take it as a sign that we're winning and they're lashing out like violent animals. Don't play their games and get out of the cities.
>>49703 >DAs are making it clear criminals can roam free but (You) will be silenced and hung if you try to defend your right But the criminals in all three of those cases have been arrested.
>>49704 He lost the plot, but it does make me wonder if there could be a link between people seeing the lawlessness enabled by the Soros courts and them being quicker on the trigger. After the 2020 Summer of Love, I suspect a lot of people's personal ROEs have been modified.
>>49703 >Don't play their games and get out of the cities. This.
>>49705 >He lost the plot And then some. I can't tell if he just had no idea what incidents are being referenced but feels the need to reflexively spout rhetoric regardless, or if he's actually psychotic enough to try to justify them. Anyway, there's been another one of the sort, with a 6 year old girl and her father shot after a ball rolled onto a neighbour's property.
>>49726 I'll bet there's missing context in some of these news stories (IE: neighbor feud boiled over, prior victimization, ect...). Stressors from the last few years certainly haven't strengthened social cohesion. I've seen neighborhood beefs escalate more quickly and over minor slights (grass clippings, parking, dog poop).
Open file (399.02 KB 917x1333 kinsley-white-shooter-1.png)
>>49728 >I'll bet there's missing context in some of these news stories (IE: neighbor feud boiled over, prior victimization, ect...). Probably so. The way this nigger went off like a madman intentionally shooting at 6 yo girls (along with multiple neighbors) he probably was abusive as shit to everyone in the neighborhood. Hopefully the demonic shit will be taken off the streets for a good long while tbh.
Yo did cuckflare nuke archive.today (archive.is)?
>>49920 Works on my machine. Cuckflare has become increasingly anti-VPN (moreso than they already were) trying to force HTTP communications from time to time in order to reveal location and just outright refusing access to certain IP addresses without prompting the appropriate error code to the VPN user so try changing VPN locations if they're shitting the bed.
>>49921 rgr, thanks
>>49702 >What the fuck is going on with this sudden wave of murders or attempted murders over nothing? It is a vaccine side effect.
>A truck carrying around 40,000 pounds of contaminated soil from the site of a train derailment in Ohio, which saw officials release toxic chemicals into the area to prevent an explosion, overturned on a highway this week, officials said. https://archive.md/PYaBa
>>49938 Lol. You didn't think the kikes would let you get away so easy did you White man? If they can't take away your guns, then they'll just poison you and yours. Andrew Anglin is right. This is an (((EPAdemic))) of toxic disasters. :^)
Open file (130.78 KB 1170x743 vibecheck.jpg)
>>49759 Mexican national wasted a Honduran family who didn't appreciate his yard pops (I believe all the adults involved are illegals and anchored babies). 5+ calls to the cops didn't save them, lol. https://archive.is/dqVgP pic is unrelated
>>49702 >What the fuck is going on with this sudden wave of murders or attempted murders over nothing? Things are slipping anon. Everyone is going a little bit more nuts as each day passes.
>>49702 People have been given constant racewar news for the past few months and they're reacting more cautiously.
https://archive.is/nDAOD Here's /k/anteen V.
>>49974 >They called 911 “at least five or six times,” on the night of the shooting, Guzmán’s brother Ramiro told The Washington Post. Each time, he said, the operators responded that officers were already at the scene. >“Then why is he killing my family now?” Ramiro Guzmán recalled saying. Well, I would say- >Downtown Houston That nothing of value was lost and anyone living near a city deserves what they get.
>>49702 People understand there is no law and order right now outside a handful of bastions, so they are taking care of things with their own hands. This is why an armed society is a polite society.
>>49702 Doorbell thing was apparently media bullshit. Was actually banging on door in middle of night.
Open file (2.46 MB 2048x1269 ClipboardImage.png)
Blowout soon fellow stalkers
>>50238 Nothing ever happens :^)
>>50282 I just wanted to share with you these cool space stalkers from Northstar miniatures.
>>50286 They are very cool. Thanks Strelok.
I realized while shitting today that what makes people's poop smell lile shit is likely cereal. Started eating cereal a few days ago, proper cereal not the shit loaded with sugar, and suddenly my stool has a foul sulphur smell to it that was never there in the past. Prior to eating cereal I got most of my carbs from beans, rice, nuts, and vegetables since I try to avoid glyphosates. People in port-o-potties must eat a really shitty grain-fueled diet since my shits smell just like that.
>>50367 I am pretty sure that what really reeks is the digestive acids.
Open file (26.00 KB 226x267 dicksgoinhere.jpg)
>>50367 >>50374 They're different smells. Indigested sugars are the main component of actively rotting feces. The salts that come out with the lining from higher up the colon have that sharp unnatural smell like a baby. The actual lining itself smells a bit like soured meat, I can imagine it'd be almost pleasant if I didn't know what it was (and if it wasn't inevitably mixed with the others). If you eat undercooked meat or otherwise pass rotting proteins (bioavailability of well cooked beef, eggs, whey/casein protein is >98% iirc, you piss it out) e.g. because you're sick, you get that generic filth smell like an animal but it's really strong. The salts come out more when you're sick too, generally. Fat and indigestible fibers in your diet that get passed out as bulk reduce the intensity of the smell. >People in port-o-potties must eat a really shitty grain-fueled diet since my shits smell just like that. No shit. Or, yes shit. A contributing factor is that people scarfing down high density grains aren't properly chewing their carbs, and carb digestion is very front loaded. If you eat high-preservative carbs like most fast foods, you'll get diarrhea and they'll come out more like fiber than they would have otherwise considering how fluffy and energy rich the bread actually is.
>>50367 Another reason shit smells like shit is the shit they put in coke zero or diet coke. I learn the hard way is my body doesn't like sugar substitutes, don't try anything sugar free chocolate or sweets, you'll shit big time in the toilet with the worst smell that comes out
Open file (167.01 KB 706x762 Popeye.jpg)
>>50400 Can't speak for the artificial sweeteners, but sugar alcohols are usually the worst offenders of this because your body treats them like alcohol minus the actual benefits of real alcohol causing gastrointestinal distress. Last I checked... >Saccharin: Scientifically proven safe (The rat issue was a physical kidney filter size issue not a chemical issue, humans have more robust kidneys that can filter saccharin into urine just fine. If you are sensitive to saccharin avoid it.) >Aspartame/Advantame/Neotame: Generally safe if kept out of sunlight/heat (turns into rat poison above around 90-100F/32-38C) and if your body is compatible >Monkfruit (Luo han guo): Safe for consumption and cooking, but could lead to heart disease in old age >Stevia: Unfit for human consumption; fucks up your kidneys if taken long-term (unrefined stevia may be safe but it's also more bitter than saccharine) >Acesulfame Potassium: Generally unsafe, barely any studies have been done on it and it was rushed through the FDA for general use in sodas and diet foods. Some evidence that it fucks up your kidneys (for chemical reasons) and causes cancer >Erythritol: "safe" but it's a sugar-alcohol so it causes gastrointestinal upset (primary ingredient in sugar-free sports drinks) >Xylitol: See Erythritol. Extremely poisonous to canines and felines because it causes their body to have a "sugar rush" resulting is really bad hypoglycemia but humans are safe consuming it >Isomalt/Lactitol/Maltitol/Mannitol/Sorbitol: "Safe' but may cause gastrointestinal distress and will dehydrate you if not consumed with fluids (they also all contain about half the calories of sugar) >Sucralose: "Safe" but your body breaks it down like sugar making you feel like shit/become hypoglycemic from lack of sugar (also throws you out of ketosis from insulin production) so don't bother That isn't to say Strelok will have a good reaction to any of these, but rather those are baseline figures. In general I'd say you're safe with saccharine and monkfruit, and maybe sugar alcohols for fitness and nutrition products, and the rest should be avoided. Aspartame is probably alright if you are buying it in bulk or live in a cold climate, but if you live anywhere where the temperatures get into the 90s don't bother since it was probably sitting in a hot truck at some point.
>>50404 I generally don't use artificial sweetners just purely because of the bitterness factor. >Acesulfame K These fucking faggots RUINED chewing gum with this shit.
>>50367 Pretty much I'd say cereals. I switched from rice during bulk to oats for my cut and smell went from pretty much nothing to a war crime tier. Combine that with eggs and sulphur in them and you get bowel movment that is illegal in most civlized countries. At least the fiber in oats helps with digestion.
>>49527 >Andrew Anglin This guy? Does he wear "Music ⚡ Group" t-shirt these days? Honkity-honk. >>50367 >proper cereal not the shit loaded with sugar, 1. Get warped tastes from being stuffed with stupidly over-sugared low-quality food. 2. Become an hypochondriac and start eat crap while not fixing bad habits resulting from (1). 3. The health problems pile up and never get solved, because at no point wer they ever addressed. Or (1) is fixable trivially: by going cold turkey. Don’t eat complete crap. Don’t dump sugar into anything. Maybe not even chocolate (a lot of it has soy and whatnot mixed in anyway). Eventually you will notice that GOOD tea tastes well. When you will notice that black coffee without sugar actually tastes well, the problem is gone. The rest is constant exercise, even a little is better than nothing. Not trivial, but necessary. Any and all quack bullshit aimed to replace it is a bad idea. No exceptions. >>50404 A simple strategy: avoid them all.
ATF keeps changing their mind on pistol braces. ATF director was saying you can "just detach it" while testifying under oath to congress to not be in violation of the law, but have now changed their minds (again) and have said that they will treat it like shoe laces where it must be physically destroyed.
>>50367 >cereal It's virtually all terrible for you and the mainstream brands are manufactured by globohomo corpos. I'm diabetic (LADA) so I get to see in real time how processed "food" affects me compared to real foods. I need to dose 2x more insulin for processed food despite the net carbs/sugars being the same. Even if I try to buffer the processed stuff with extra fiber, in an attempt to game the glycemic index, it doesn't smooth out my sugar spikes much. I just stick to homemade dough, potatoes, and rice so I can keep the carbs and my toes.
Are we in a recession or what? I'm 3 paychecks into a raise and somehow I have less money despite the same amount of thrift per my part - I didn't even treat myself to a celebratory dinner after I secured the raise. It just seems like the economics are all skewed everywhere I look. Like my stuff isn't worth much, but somehow everything else is more expensive. Local real estate is bipolar with pricing. Secondary market for goods is stagnant because nobody has cash but everyone wants top $ for their shit. My portfolio is effectively flat with meager gains weighed against inflation. On paper I should be middleclass, but I'm about to start giving handies by the dumpster for walking around money. I'm not sure what my point is other than to bitch and say it seems like the wheels are coming off in slow-motion.
>>51168 >Economy No strelok, it's 100% going to shit unless you made bank off COVID stims/Drumf. Where I am I see folks come in, buy 200 acres and drop several million on improvements. How they got the money, well they usually decided to flee shitholes like Cali or NY, or made bank with the COVID stimmies as a small business owners of which 90% couldn't tell their head from their ass so press X to doubt on the validity of an actual business. Wagecucks are eternally fucked, highest paying employee job with a bachelor's here is maybe, maybe 22 USD an hour? Meanwhile I think Houston/Chiraq is pushing 19 for fast foodies? Of course, middle class retards gonna vote against their self interest and torpedo the middle class even more because abortions, muh scary funs, and we must prevent le evil republicans (who are "slightly less" bad) from winning. Me thinks there will be a real war or redenomination of the currency soon. Most of the plebs will just eat shit and thank their gubermint masters though
Open file (167.30 KB 369x678 AnCap village.png)
>>51168 It's by design. The EU is protectionist as all hell which has finally bit them in the ass after biting the hand(s) that feeds them (China/America), China is catering to Russia instead of America/Europe. This has created a scarcity of sundry goods in first world countries resulting in higher prices while China's imports keep prices of goods high because exporting food makes more money than just selling locally. Combine this with America running monetary games by handing out free US dollars to anyone and everyone but themselves to try and force buying American goods abroad/keeping American money in circulation and then top on all the Chink Flu stimulus locally, and inflation is how they're recollecting all that money they handed out. Cutting back energy production and all the food processing facilities burning down just adds fuel to the fire. tl;dr- Yes, inflation is getting worse just like the libertarians said it would. We're in World Wide Weimar right now.
Open file (9.34 KB 444x450 spurdo_....png)
https://rumble.com/c/Shamer You all watch Shamer? It's a good Christian podcast talking about what's wrong with the world and how to improve yourself/find Jesus. It's helping me work through this depressing reality that there likely won't be a civil war until things are significantly worse.
>>51170 I see that starting to happen in my little shithole of a town by NY (((Yankees))) and more recently, bugmen. It's weird that technically my property is worth more, but I can't afford to sell it without massively downgrading, AND yet by staying put I have to pay much higher property tax. Hell, property taxes and insurance now make up nearly half of my "mortgage" payment every month. I can't fathom the sudden influx other than it's simply "not New York". >>51171 This reduced standard of living because of a flu and slavic squabbles is wearing thin for me. I remember the IMF kikess demanding countries "spend! and when you think you've spent enough, spend more!" during the scamdemic. The covid hype was intense, but even then it sounded like a foolish and vague plan: >we're gonna produce less AND spend more! SCIENCE!
>>51173 >Can only downgrade It's because everything is artificially inflated to shit right now and only getting worse because costs will not go down. Not to mind that this cycle of the uniparty isn't helping. My local appraiser almost got yeeted a whole back (car got shot up) because he's just doubling everyone's improvement values (except his ofc) this cycle at minimum. My shitty wood cabin (120ft)is somehow worth 90,000 this appraisal? I got a friend who got tboned by a drunk who had comprehensive insurance, and they wanted to pay 6,000 for his 2015ish diesel work truck replacement new. He's suing them now because you can't find a vehicle in functioning condition under 3k in my area, nevertheless a diesel. >bugmen The older chinks I've met that aren't burger/leaf born retards seem to pull the reverse uno card on spending trends, the reason China isn't getting "too much" inflation despite spending like the US gov and with no rate hikes from my understanding is because the plebs don't burn money like niggers or your upper middle class burgers.
>>51217 >6k Damn! Any ancient clapped out work vehicle in my area is at least 10k - something like your buddy's truck would be 35-40k with a lots of miles on it. Wasn't long ago you could scrape together a few grand and have the makings of a lawn care business.
>>51228 >Pricing Yeah, I occasionally run past a deal, usually the previous owners family passed or an estate sale. I ran past a diesel Ford ranger (75k miles) earlier this March for 2.5k, just had to change the timing belt and replace the fuel lines cause it couldn't start. Still kick myself for not buying it today but I was traveling. I think a late 90s ford rangers or S10s asking price is minimum 8k right now. 6K gets you a beat to shit hundyai maybe, or a stripped out rebuilt title. Ive been seeing older Duramax Chevies going for about 15k+ beat to shit out here. Like when I mean shit, I mean bad turbo, bad 4x4, no interior, bad steering rack, no maintenance records (or any maintenance aside from repairs) type shit. I mean the GM dash cracking is expected, but we're talking like your local meth head ripped it up, that could've been prevented with basic 5 minute procedures and not sledhammering the door closed everytime you close it. Lord only knows how much a Ford would cost >Looking for an extra pickup since my regular car is a sedan >See a 2000s Tacoma >Ask the owner >owner has a shitty attitude like I'm begging him >970k miles, broken windshield, broken A/C and power steering, replaced engine (1.5 mil ish). >Wanted 12k for that shit cause "muh Toyota pickup bruh". Nigger, Toyota quality ain't gonna save the engine from you pulling an oil change every 10 years. Thank God I got a diesel VW that I can maintain and just run forever even if that means I have to replace everything else with not plastic aftermarket. Maybe I'll swap that engine into an S10 or a ranger for laughs.
Open file (190.01 KB 1564x271 ClipboardImage.png)
From the information coming out, the judge fucked up slightly while trying to limit the scope of the injunction, so anyone who is a member of FPC (even if you join today or tomorrow) is legally protected from the pistol brace ban. https://www.firearmspolicy.org/fifth-circuit-clarifies-that-its-injunction-against-atf-pistol-brace-rule-covers-fpc-s-members It's $30 once and it goes to a good cause so it's worth considering if you happen to own one.
>>50367 It may not be pleasant though im not sure it's entirely a bad thing as I think the intensity of the smell is just because certain bacteria grow faster in your guts the more sugar you eat. My shit always smells like this because the bulk of my carbs consist of oats and sometimes a high fiber breaded sandwich. The problem I often get is when I constantly fart or stool builds slowly in my colon right before bed so I hardly get quality sleep at night unless I drop a duece. And hemerhoids don't help that either.
>>51267 I hate how this gay ass gop "we're fighting back!" uniparty works, everytime it's le ebil republicans or drumf there is an immediate nationwide injunction by some clown in the 9th circuit . Too bad the average pleb will just bootlick regardless, and one day they'll wake up with nothing and blame streloks for not warning us enough/ not overthrowing the guberment like a blatant false flag. Bring the metorshower or nuke now please.
>>51273 It's important to note being realistic from being a republicuck. Right now the GOP is in an all-out civil war between neocons and MAGA populists. The MAGA folks fuck up from time to time (especially with gun rights) but they have the right idea, learn from their mistakes, and they are taking the party by storm despite the party chairwoman trying at every opportunity to fuck them over to the point where she cost us several states last election and yet still got elected out of fear of the donor class swapping to D. MAGA candidates could reasonably split off into a third party because they are well-loved by minorities and whites alike; only AWFLs (affluent white female liberals) hate MAGA. Neocons are the garbage fundraisers who can't fuck off fast enough and work for the uniparty; they never do anything right but it's your fault somehow when they cave in to every single demand the cult throws at them. The expansion of information has reached critical mass where the anti-war pro-trade MAGA movement will have completely taken over the party by 2028. Make the old farts retire or back off in the coming years and don't trust anyone who calls themselves a Republican but won't stand behind Trump or Ramaswamy. >Vote vote vote! Nah no need, just keep flipping the bird to the donor class and support groups like NAGR and FPC while boycotting "conservative" brands like Butt Light who promote endless wars. These cucks need to learn that we will take a reduced budget or grassroots budget over their bullshit lobbyists. The Mises Caucus taking over the libertarian party also spells good news because it means the lolberts are finally serious and will back MAGA candidates if they think they're "libertarian enough" in a given circumstance (happened a few times in the last elections where MAGA candidates had more financial support from the Mises Caucus than they did from their own party and this will likely expand in 2024).
<Chicom flag Oh come on the proxy is in HK. >>51270 >hemerhoids Supposedly, those automatic toilets that spray hot water up your asscrack can help with those. No idea since I don't have any. >>51275 >MAGA I'm not trying to be a pessimist here but.... The issue with MAGA imho is the same issue with the other parties, you have some incredible retards in there that ruin it. My local MAGA group here are like that, you've got competent people and then there's a huge (30%) contingent believe any microorganism isn't real and is CIA gayop COVID is types .I tried to ask for the reasoning and they just cited "Bible said so" without specific evidence. This isn't a MAGA only issue though, so maybe I just hate hypocrites and retards regardless of party affiliation. >AWFL >Well loved by minorities I don't know what the hell you're smoking strelok but I want some of that shit. Maybe it's different in Montana or Wyoming instead of my state. The US-Born Asian women out here absolutely hate MAGA more than white females, it's like 99%+ straight ticket D. The men seem maybe 30/70 split favoring the dems, but a large contingent of the 30% seem to be pretty hardcore "BRING BACK TAR AND FEATHERS FOR CONGRESS/ death to niggers!" types. Immigrant wetbacks hate niggers but are the modern foederati since they still have there's some major friction with locals due to having so many kids (welfare) and "16 is legal" type shit. The latter doesn't mesh well with juries out here, we had a guy (25ish) ask a jury to sentence instead of the judge (2 years) since he was dating a 16 yo, and the jury gave him 40 in the slammer. The amount of black people that aren't niggers aren't usually enough to move the needle in my state. >reduced budget Are you talking about for the gov or for fundraising? ? The latter is possible, the former nigh impossible unless there's a revolution that completely disintegrates the current political networks.
>NYC commercial property values expected to drop 44% by the end of the year >NYC relies on property taxes to not go even deeper into debt >People are jumping the Subway pay-stations and doing everything they can to avoid taxes Is it finally happening? Did people leaving finally patch NYC's infinite money glitch?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3rdroN5Z2w >Tatt'd out Zambos singing about Target diddling kids This is clown world, but at least it's turning into fun clown world. Rather gangbangers turning faggots into eunuchs than faggots creating more victims.
Open file (201.45 KB 2000x1054 1012rrrr3MEME290523.jpg.jpeg)
Nevar 4get '_'7
Open file (35.84 KB 405x68 ClipboardImage.png)
The secret to miracles is not giving a rat's ass and pushing through with sheer willpower and charisma. You don't have to be charismatic, you just have to make your enemies believe the bullshit you're spewing.
https://inv.riverside.rocks/watch?v=AJPMW2GDtks >using a lever gun with just the feet I'm not sure if it is more or less impressive than Misha.
Would it be possible to put a stabilizing gyroscope or something on a motor bike?
>>51545 It would be, the concept was tried quite heavily with motorized unibikes in the 40s-60s without much success though.
Open file (442.10 KB 977x770 ClipboardImage.png)
www.thetruesize.com I like this tool. It's hard to find overlay maps that adjust the size of a country based on where it is on the globe.
>>51553 >overlapping the USA on Africa What did he mean by this?
>>51553 >not just using a superior map projection
Open file (144.51 KB 479x605 Swanky monowheel.jpg)
Open file (206.22 KB 1200x951 monowheel 2.jpg)
Open file (217.49 KB 1200x946 monowheel 5.jpg)
Open file (213.36 KB 1200x1515 monowheel 1.jpg)
>>51545 >>51547 What if be making whole bike into stabilizing gyroscope, Strelok?
Open file (3.27 KB 167x71 nigerchad.png)
So Ethiopia's GERD is almost finished and will likely go into operation by end of year or next year. Egypt is threatening to bomb the shit out of it if they have to since Ethiopia plans to keep a water reservoir the size of London once the dam is complete. How long until Ethiopian-Egyptian water wars break out? Who's side is Sudan gonna take?
Open file (252.16 KB 1339x1599 s-l1600.jpg)
>>51553 >>51556 >map projection just get a globe, you autist
Why is a DHS officer entering the house across from me and should I be concerned?
Open file (2.17 MB 3100x3830 Adorable Deplorable.jpg)
Who does anon plan to vote for in 2024 and why is he Trump?
>>52019 Write in - Adolf Hitler.
>>52019 >unironically shilling for Trump in anno Domini 2023 You are either a federal agent or a useful idiot. I vote for full war against you conservative failures and the tyrants who oppress us
Open file (135.49 KB 1080x1072 FRHU1hvXIAEfzYW.jpeg)
>>52019 Hitler will have my vote.
>>52019 I'm ridin' with Biden.
>>52027 I used to be depressed at how retarded 90+% of anons were in 2017 after how they were actually able to be shilled into believing that the "the god emperor memes were unironic worship this whole time goy" and "boo trump, we always knew he would change everything like some second hitler and he is just acting like some fed up repuplican doing minor change! Who could have predicted this would happened? Boo for the failure of our super high emperor expectation!", but now I'm just amused at all your retardation. Actual npcs like you that will be convinced from constant repetition and create fake memories don't deserve my pity.
I'm not under the illusion that Trump is perfect. I just want the bull in a china shop/the hobo in the ivory tower.
Open file (438.55 KB 500x549 ClipboardImage.png)
>>52032 I'm bidin' for Riden
Open file (455.17 KB 787x1000 Angry Iris.png)
>discover Patty Mayo channel >10.7 million subscribers >Entire channel is about cops abusing the law Man, I knew normalfags are fucked, but what the fuck how can they support this shit? Entire video line is just cops abusing their authority WHAT THE FUCK!? Why do normalfags support this shit!? They all deserve to die, holy shit.
>>52019 It doesn't matter who you vote for, Biden will win. The uniparty is determined to convict Trump of a felony so he can't stand. If RFKjr gets anywhere near power he'll become another dead Kennedy like his uncle and dad. Of course, they can just super-delegate his ass like they did with Boynie. The only ways Biden doesn't win are a) he dies before the election (possible) or b) the republicucks nominate an even more compromised puppet (unlikely). Biden winning is the best outcome. If e.g. Trump got in he might slow the pace of degeneracy in the USA (temporarily) but would still interfere in world affairs and go along with CIA plans for (((regime change))) all over the free world. This just makes the process take longer and lets the influence of satanic jewry spread even further. The best thing for the world as a whole is that the USA collapses into civil war, that it's influence on global affairs withers and that every remaining sane country ditches the dollar to unite against it. The Biden/moloch tranny agenda is the fastest way for that to happen. More than all the wars the USA has started, the legitimate governments it has overthrown, the resources it has pillaged, it's the ideology of child sterilization and mutilation which has polarized the free world against USAtan. So vote whatever and get prepped. It's going to be ugly but the rest of humanity is counting on you.
I just remembered something that caused dark thoughts about raccoon genocide. We had a mild winter so there are too many fat breeders and multiple litters of retarded juveniles. I remember reading a magazine article about hunting raccoons in the daytime using a speaker playing a distress call. One of the key points was placing the call behind the tree so that the raccoon has to climb all the way out of the den to check it out. If the body falls back into the tree the den will be spoiled for at least a season.
Open file (383.80 KB 707x1000 Yer Fired.jpg)
>>52088 >The uniparty is determined to convict Trump of a felony so he can't stand. Felons can run for the presidency. People in prison can run for the presidency. >RFKjr His heart's in the right place even if he's leftist trash so we'll see what happens with that. He's currently the most popular front runner for the Democrats. >The only ways Biden doesn't win The only way Biden wins is if he dies to garner sympathy points to hide his crime family history. >Accelerationism Don't care. Trump is the populist candidate who will stick it to the man and tell the uniparty to eat shit. Trump's not perfect, the civil war might not happen if he's elected, and it might not be everyone's preferred outcome, but Trump winning is the working class man's middle finger to the system, even if it's a dying middle finger. If I'm fucked no matter what I will see the orange man in office in an act of defiance against the machine because someone has to bail water and impound the guys trying to load the lifeboat with silverware.
>>52095 >If I'm fucked no matter what I will see the orange man in office in an act of defiance against the machine Which part of 'fucked no matter what' is the difficult one strelok? Absolute kike fraud via their pet niggers, beaners, & AWFLs mail-in ballots are permantly on the menu now. There will no longer be any semblance of un-rigged elections in the West generally, and 10-fold that in the US. >tl;dr There is no political solution to this evil situation.
>>52097 The establishment doesn't react (or rather reacts cockily without fear of retribution) if they do not consider something a threat, and their only threat-reaction is to throw the full weight of their power at even the mildest threats. Rather than act like that, they are showing a death rattle not unlike how a prey becomes loudest in its struggle right before the predator crushes its windpipe. We could sit and go back and forth about the logistics, the logic, the will of the people, etc. But I don't think that is necessary. The uniparty has shown fear and it's palpable. It's afraid. That's all I need to know to know in my gut that they will lose, because they wouldn't scream in such a shrill voice and overturn all of their own game rules if they weren't deeply afraid.
>>52098 I surely hope you're correct, and certainly historical precedent bolsters your postion: anytime females are unnaturally and overwhelmingly put in positions of prominence, and especially when sodomites follow along soon thereafter (as always happens), then the empire falls in destruction. Lather, rinse, repeat. I'll certainly vote for Bad Orange Man, should he be even allowed onto the ballot this time, but don't expect anything positive from it. In fact, accelerationism may literally be the least evil of all choices on the table politically for the former-West.
Open file (29.34 KB 552x519 nonthink.jpg)
>>52095 >Trump is the populist candidate who will stick it to the man That's why the man will ensure he never becomes president again. >>52098 >The uniparty has shown fear and it's palpable. It's afraid. It's not fear but nervous excitement. The kikes are only a few steps away from their dream and no longer have the patience to enact their plans slowly. This has been their undoing throughout history of course, but they are better placed to succeed than ever before. The final barrier for satanists to overcome is the instinct for protecting ones children. Currently we're at the stage of child trannies. Every degeneracy hitherto has been presented as freedom for consenting adults. Normalfags have compromised because they want to be seen as 'moral', as told to them by the MSM. The obvious tactic is to make them believe that consent is not the sole preserve of adults. Look out for the MSM articles like "new research suggests children understand more than we thought", "why the myth of consent could be harming our children" etc. If normalfags accept child trannies then we're one narrative away from children "consenting" to other things, like anal rape or having their blood drained for moloch. Normalfags have a deep psychological need to avoid any conflict which might separate them from the safety of the herd. If the protection of children from abuse can be portrayed as abuse (it's happening right now in California) then normalfags will likely roll over and accept it. All they need is an excuse to back down while appearing to be moral. If that prevails over the parental instinct then western civilization is fucking over. All that remains is for God to rain fire and brimstone upon it. So all in all it's best to get The Happening started.
>>52115 Not even the Soviet Union could achieve those results with 70 years of programming because parents wouldn't accept it. Pride month is ending early because of angry suburban moms.
>>52115 >Shabbos goy Trump >the """""populist""""" candidate Fuck off Qoomer
>>52118 Trump isn't perfect. In many ways he's not even good. Some anons just aren't children and understand if your choices are a belligerent boomer who tells the left "no" or satanic death cults that it's not a choice of lesser evil but a choice of good incompetence vs pure evil. If all Trump does is make schedule F employees fireable and end the war in Ukraine by cutting funding to Zelensky, then he's already done more than I could ever ask from such a corrupt institution and the WEF kike garbage will have been set back 50 years. If he makes service mandatory for citizenship, eliminates birthright citizenship, investigates corrupt politicians, defunds the FBI, finishes the wall, gets rid of abortions, or gets rid of no-fault divorce (all ideas he's either brought up or his son has whispered sweet nothings in his ears about), then he'll have set the NWO back a century as icing on the cake. Take a W when you can get it, niggerpill.
Open file (115.44 KB 1165x913 Delete_this.jpg)
>>52095 >Trump >who will stick it to the man He would never attack his master, the kikes.
>>52125 Ok, fedbot.
Open file (102.98 KB 800x600 42rrrr3MEM120623.jpg.jpeg)
>>52115 >If that prevails over the parental instinct then western civilization is fucking over. >If But I clearly don't need to convince you Strelok, you already have your eyes wide open it seems. God alone can redeem us now.
>>52121 You have to be mentally retarded to support Trump. He had his chance to actually change the system with January 6th, and he not only did nothing and let election fraud happen, he actively betrayed his own followers for the sake of muh democracy. He had the chance to coup the elites and drain the swamp, but he didn't. He has done nothing of actual importance that would stop and reverse cultural decay, and he only exists as a messianic cult leader for delusional boomers and as dead weight for any right-leaning group that wants change. You are a fool, a damned fool, for continuing to shill for him in A.D. 2023, and there is no reasoning with someone who is this fucking delusional. Kill yourself.
>>52134 >He had the chance to coup the elites and drain the swamp, but he didn't. All true. It would have cost the lives of a few million Americans during Civil War 2; This time we mean it Boogaloo, but that would have led to him becoming the 2nd greatest, and probably most-reviled -beloved American President in history. It would have literally changed human history greatly for the better for at least 100 years. Sad.
Open file (486.58 KB 1000x1837 Redemption Arc Prelude.jpg)
Open file (164.63 KB 768x1024 Yer Fired Gerbil Face.jpeg)
>>52134 >Waaah waaah he didn't go full dictator Oh go cry me a river and grow up already, teen. He got more done to end wars and bring the country back from the brink than any Republican in a century. >Muh Reagan Did more to destroy traditional family values than any Republican president to date by legalizing no-fault divorce, which Trump wants to get rid of. >He had his chance to actually change the system with January 6th He told Pence to do his job and Pence stabbed him in the back stripping him of his presidential authority from the moment he was giving his speech to the end of his presidency. Both him and his son have talked extensively about this if you care to listen to them. >Muh fraud He was actively fighting it but was being completely blindsided by his cabinet. He's already said that was a mistake and he's never taking on the traitors again when he comes back to clean house. In the mean time he's started massive ballot harvesting operations in the states where it's legal which is why the Democrats and Neocons are furious. >He had the chance to coup the elites and drain the swamp, but he didn't He did his best which is more than anyone else and his foreign policy set the WEF back 30 years when he ensured American safety over building the Turkey-Qatar pipeline. He made decades of progress with North Korea and China. He was turning Russia into a trade ally despite the screeching of Neocons. He was forming closer ties with Brazil and Mexico. He got stopped up by his later cabinet members (which again he's acknowledged stabbed him in the back) and has promised to do better. How many politicians do you know who are willing to stand up and admit a fuckup? >He has done nothing of actual importance that would stop and reverse cultural decay The entire MAGA movement that has been winning in city councils and state legislature is "nothing" to you? Stop being a selfish brat who only looks at the federal office in a country based around county and state elected officials, you wannabe dictator. He told the women (Democrats) "no" and told the men (Republicans) to grow a fucking spine. It's like you're some child who can't remember politics before 2016 and don't understand how absolutely cucked the GOP was. He lit a fire under the GOP's ass and the establishment has been unable to stop the burn on their trousers. >Kill yourself. Four words, child. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
You've screeched and screeched about Trump in bland and meaningless words, so how about you actually name a policy he enacted that you are upset about or name a policy he didn't enact that you are upset about if you want me to take you seriously. >Muh bumpstocks It was a stupid move. His son has been giving him flack nonstop about it and he's lamented that he was a fucking retard and never should have trusted the ATF on that one. Is he perfect? No but god damn he's the only politician who learns from his mistakes.
>>52136 >MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Even if you're absolutely correct about the man, and that he'll make an honest attempt at correcting his mistakes during his 2nd 3rd term...I say even if, the simple fact is he will never be allowed to """win""", regardless of the actual vote itself. >>52097 is still the issue, and will be until the dissolution of the Republic. The (((Uniparty))) will never allow a regegade to overturn their plots ever again as long as the current federal government exists.
>Muh trump bullshit Its really telling that people get all worked up on how good or bad of a president trump was rather then the fact that it was a bunch of autists like us that got him into office beyond all odds in the first place. Really odd phenomenon, almost like someone wants to keep the idea that anons are powerless when talking about the national or global scale. >>52043 Nice to see all the "muh trump" posters avoiding my post since deep down they can't accept they were shilled with basic bitch tactics to roll out reverse msm talking points >>52127 Its fascinating to see how npcs can do exactly what their enemies do with 0 self-awareness. The skitso tier russia 2016 election conspiracy shocked me, but it was biden getting elected with no civil war which was what really sold me on the theory that most people don't have souls.
I want trump to win so I can get never ending salt from normalfags that hate his guts, because they think he is literary hitler and useful idiots that think he is saving the country.
>>52138 >>52097 You are both right in that there will be no solution without some kind of interventionism. Without anons doing something to stop it, we will lose, only question is what would be the most logical way to proceed with the highest chance of success.
Open file (276.96 KB 593x774 ClipboardImage.png)
https://nitter.1d4.us/SkyNews/status/1669910237892214785 They really ought to replace him with an animatronic.
>>52148 >only question is what would be the most logical way to proceed with the highest chance of success. God already dropped Jan 6 right into our laps. They arrested Trump and whisked him off to military imprisonment for about 24hrs in TX (anyone here remember that night flight?), and promptly had their way with the world through their golems. They even had the nerve to post a terribly shitty deepfake of the man to their corporate-controlled media outlets. Trump alone could have stood up and stopped that plot against We The People that day -- but he didn't. He just went along for the (((ride))). We have already 'lost' in any natural sense, Mr. Fedposter; you and your ilk, and your masters, and their Master are the forces behind it. That, and the literal stupidity of the normalcattle in the West, saturated in fat globules from all their bread & circuses. But Satan is just a tool himself. Your little house of cards, too, will fall in the end. Further, the Lord Himself will laugh evildoers to derision, then dink the entire lot of you off into hell. Let's see you plot your way out of that one friend hehe. :^)
Open file (231.14 KB 746x660 Disgusted Yorigami.jpg)
>>52161 >"TrUmP cOuLd HaVe StOpPeD iT" And exactly how was the man in golden handcuffs supposed to do that, retard? Give me specifics, retard. I'm all ears, retard.
>>52161 >God already dropped Again, without anons actually doing something nothing will change. The only reason we are in any doubt about the future thanks to trump is because we got him in there in the first place. The biggest mistake anons did was get demoralized and scatter after the mass shilling in 2017 onwards. With the combined autism of autists and select few precise operations I doubt we couldn't radically change the course of history again, especially in this time of higher tension than 2020.
Open file (164.07 KB 850x925 1687021231902.jpg)
>>52180 I love how they treat it as "banning pride" when they banned basically all flags with a few exceptions (American flags, host countries of major Muslim population immigrants/refugees, and a few others). You don't see conservatives running news articles about the Gadsden flag being banned now.
Open file (28.63 KB 628x635 hackbanksy.jpg)
>>52183 >I love how they treat it as "banning pride" when they banned basically all flags These editors only run a story if the facts can be twisted to push a narrative. >>52159 They'll have to do that before the presidential candidate debate. Biden can't talk without a script.
>FROM THE SENSIBLE CHUCKLE DEPT. That zany director was fired by Fox over this headline crawl from Thursday: > Godspeed to him. May his media power actually increase because of it.
>>52194 >might have been Wednesday*
>>52159 >God save the Queen man Sorry Biden, Freddie Mercury's been dead for years.
Open file (569.02 KB 1080x1134 ClipboardImage.png)
Gives to think.
>>52198 Pistols confirmed for not being guns.
>>52198 >Pistols confirmed for not being guns. Funs are for funs, Strelok. You should know this by now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZEV_KQgi10
>>52147 > never ending salt from normalfags that hate his guts, because they think he is literary hitler and useful idiots that think he is saving the country. But, of course, it’s not going to happen. Would be fun, though. Orange Man 2.0 would feel like a running gag, and then Cold Turkey 2.0 would be even worse than Cold Turkey 1.0 - USA would slide into much the same state Italy was in WWⅡ. You know, when they had ostensibly enough of dudes willing to march in goosestep, but even honor guard failed to muster energy to as much as maintain their weapons properly, and the rest of their troops usually had a very vague idea of where they are and what for, and weren’t interested anyway.
>>52220 Why do they let him speak in public?
>>52237 The deepstate wants to depose him because his incompetence is exposing the intelligence agencies. He's outlived his usefulness by about 2-3 years. Issue is that they have nobody decent to replace him.
>>52239 >Issue is that they have nobody decent to replace him. Your wording >implies he was 'decent' in the first place. X to doubt. As Brandon illustrates well, any biomechanical sockpuppet will serve the homoglobo's ends just fine. A chimp would do just as well.
>>52256 >Your wording >implies he was 'decent' in the first place. Yes you fucking nigger, congratulations on being able to read. That's exactly as it reads. Maybe learn to read things from frames of reference instead of assuming everything is the literal POV of a poster you fucking sperge. Biden was "decent" to the uniparty because he was useful to their agenda. He had a history from before his brain damage of being mediocre but present in bolitigs and he is not so incompetent or offputting as to break the conditional programming of normalfags. The rest of the Democrat candidates (with the exception of RFK Jr. who wants to burn the Democratic party to the ground over the CIA murdering his uncle) all manage to be worse than Biden, and they can't install a chimp twice or a Spic because all the chimps and spics that aren't insane have turned into Republicans.
>>52258 >all the chimps and spics that aren't insane have turned into Republicans. >he actually believes in the Reagan era cope that giving amnesty to shitskins will make them conservatives
>>52259 >Having a nigger fetish >Being a /pol/nigger >Not paying attention to the nigger vote collapsing for the gibsmedat party If blacks have decided to stop asking massa for gibs like they have since "civil rights" I will tentatively take their hand any day. I will gladly side with niggers over (You) if they share more in common with me, niggerfaggot.
On a scale of 1 to Danish reporter, how fucked are those people on that submarine?
>>52258 >they can't install a chimp twice or a Spic because all the chimps and spics that aren't insane have turned into Republicans. Really?! All five of them?! BROWN RED WAVE COMING! blacks commit homicide more than they vote republican, probably...which somehow matters even less when you factor in cancerous tokens like Tim Scott
>>52283 i literally could give 2 shits about of bunch of rich faggots dying cause they paid out the ass to some sketchy corner cutting sub company to see a boat that sank 100+ years ago that i can see pics of online and its annoying its on every fucking news feed
>>52261 pathetic >>52287 This.
>>52292 SJW disdain >:(
>>52283 If they tried to photo the bomb hole in one of the sides of the old boat, they are as fucked as the last coke in the fridge
>>52293 says the man who think nogs can be trusted to stand by their word and won't just stab you in the back and rob you when you're down
>>52303 Says the boy who thinks that a tribe of people with funny noses living in the Middle Eastern equivalent of Texas is responsible for all of society's ills globally via a secret cabal, and that there's no way that people (including those of his own alleged race) could just be shitcunts who's individual shitcunt actions lead to eventual societal purging/collapse.
>>52304 The fact that you haven't researched it to disprove it just shows how you really know its true deep down. No matter how shitcunt the whites got (with the worst being boomers), they never supported anti-white shit or white genocide. There is no one stupid enough to be a rich asshole while simultaneously hating their race to the point of extinction, you know this, there is no richfags richer than whites other than jews. There can be shitcunts that throw their own in the fire (israeli covid vax deaths for example, hell all of Israel in recent history) but there will never be anyone who can make a massive group of same ethnicity assholes that only want to EXTERMINATE themselves. The only someone can do that is through incidental incompetent action, the anti-white shit is completly deliberate as anyone with any contact with it knows. Ironically the anti-jew shit and discrimination could be described as incidental incompetent self-extermination. If shit gets so bad that people rise up in order to ethnically cleanse all ethnic jews they would technically be jew genociding themselves due to their idiotic greed at trying to murder and mutiliate their own golem hosts. TLDR: Jews not bad, high power satanic jews bad, want to kill whitey/races as a concept, will lead to either innocent jews getting fucked in the post-collapse future, or everyone getting fucked in the satan wins future.
>>52304 It's both everyone being shitcunts, and the Jews causing and enabling the shitcuntery, al happening as a negative feedback loop. Moral people let in the Jews out of goodwill, the Jews subvert things and convince the people to loosen morals, and so on until the Jews fully thrive, fattened in the swamps of the people's sins. >>52305 There are as many Innocent Jews™ in the world as there are two-legged horses and vegetarian tigers. I won't hold my breath awaiting such a miraculous event.
Any news on the billionaire submarine? They should have run out of air by now unless they killed someone. If it were regulars I would say they were all dead now, but being billionaires there's no doubt in my mind that the old guy murdered his son in cold blood.
>>52327 Dead by implosion from pressure.
>>52333 News said they only found a debris field of some of the outer portions of the submersible. Doubtful we'll get any hail Mary's but I'm not convinced until they retrieve the hull (or its remnants).
Nevermind, they have now confirmed the presence of the viewport so they dead.
Getting my first rifle today. No idea why I've waited this long since I've always been a qualified citizen.
Open file (218.32 KB 1000x1000 silversentinel.jpeg)
>>52828 Sounds based. I've been thinking about getting myself a rifle on the AK platform for a little while now. Would it be possible to use silver to buy a rifle with?
Getting weird today. They're tightening the digital noose, aren't they? >Cloud provider terminated all my servers, service is down for the moment. Working on it. Sorry. Please use other instances on https://searx.space >Cloud provider terminated all my servers, service is down for the moment. Working on it. Sorry. Please use other instances on https://instances.invidious.io >Twatter is login only. Nitter instances are all locked out >Yidtube is banning adblockers
>>52976 Summer vacations started so unironically the normalfag hordes will probably get their playground sanitized a little bit
>>52976 RFK Jr. is up in the polls thanks to online spaces and Tucker is getting kicked off of Twitter for saying more than he's allowed to say by Muskman. They're prepping to declare Gavin Newsom king of Weimerica and need to crack down on the summerfags. Especially since it's American greatness weekend/treason day right afterwards.
>>52976 Jootube has also started blocking Invidious instances. Twatter seems to have begun another purge of dissenting voices. The kikes are up to something.
>>52976 >>52981 Youtube really wants to end itself it seems.
>>52981 >The kikes are up to something. >And in other news: Turns out water is wet!
Open file (376.65 KB 2200x2250 201m3MEME130323.jpg)
>>52980 >treason day Lol Britbong, pls.
>>52976 Day of the grill soon? The most horrible day the burgers have ever known!
Open file (2.10 MB 1773x2500 howdy pardner.jpg)
Cytube is getting fucked by youtube too. >>52986 I think it's less that they want to end themselves and more that it's sort of the Big Tech investment bubble popping. You see, these social media platforms; Youtube, twitch, 4chan, reddit, twitter, etc. they were never profitable. They never had a means of being profitable. Their entire models were based on "well if we can continue to get more users, then eventually we can turn a profit off of economies of scale" except that business model relies on data getting cheaper and the platforms continuously expanding. Rich people are not intelligent though, they are generally rich for reasons unrelated to actual intelligence. They got a bunch of investment money and the investors didn't care that they were bleeding money because there was always consistent growth in the background. Well eventually the glowniggers not just America but America was the big one jumped in on this because they realized that with as many people were on these platforms, they were more effective at pushing narratives than television or radio ever were at a fraction of the cost because you could promote useful idiots to say the things you wanted them to say through "ad sponsorships" and algorithmic manipulation. This lead to some user bleed but it was negligible because the Trump economy was the first time perhaps the last time in Millenial's lives when they were a net benefit to society and cash was freeflowing. They cracked down on (conservative/anti-government) fringe elements, but politicos made up a fraction of the userbase. Then they manufactured Chink Flu. Perhaps not intentionally, but they sure as hell took advantage of it. Chink Flu lead to heavy inflation which was the straw that broke the camel's back. Data stopped becoming cheaper and technological advances stagnated because of supply chain problems that had been growing for decades but ignored because nobody cared so long as the money was being raked in. No longer was expanding good enough to get by. The investment firm money dried up and these platforms turned to glowniggers for funds. The glowniggers used this to their advantage to push DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) garbage. The thing about the internet though is you can take the internet out of the wild west, but you can't take the wild west out of the internet. Dissenting voices began to gain more traction; not for spouting the hard philosophy and knowledge of the old anti-establishment right/left, but simply for telling the truth. Glowniggers had filled the internet with so much propaganda after Obama repealed the laws preventing the American government from engaging in propaganda that simply being a voice of reason was enough to get your numbers up amongst normalfags regardless of algorithmic attempts to suicide and depress people into obedient slaves. This lead to increasing scrutiny of glowniggers behind-the-scenes and the funding dried up. You are here. The glowniggers can't fund social media even if they want to and investment firms are panicking because the millions (billions?) they've dumped into platforms like Jewtube and Shitter have all been spent on business expenses. The corporate overlords are left holding the bag while facing more extensive and in-depth lawsuits, with each discovery process in civil court revealing even more criminal/culpable offenses. They have to turn a profit now, so they are cracking down on anything and everything. The glowniggers don't even have to interfere. These companies were never profitable and engaging in illegal/unethical activity so the Trump-appointed courts are taking them to the cleaners behind-the-scenes to undo almost a decade of faggotry and bullshittery. These companies have to show something resembling profit though in order to keep them viable for more DEI loans so you're going to see harder and harder crackdowns in response to harsher and harsher lawsuits like the one that just found google guilty of ad manipulation AKA FRAUD. It's a falling stack of cards. Tell your shitty friends who squeak and snidely smirk about alt-platforms like Rumble to shut the fuck up and jump ship if they want to have the ability to remain informed post-collapse. >>52988 If you value our Republic you'd understand that what we did was treason and that's a good thing. Our forefathers built up this nation on committing treason and other criminal offenses as an ethical and moral good. The founding fathers did not try to justify their criminal acts, they lamented that they had to turn to criminal means to enact justice and rejoiced that they were successful under Dr. Franklin's tutelage.
>>52992 >If you value our Republic you'd understand that what we did was treason and that's a good thing. Our forefathers built up this nation on committing treason and other criminal offenses as an ethical and moral good. The founding fathers did not try to justify their criminal acts, they lamented that they had to turn to criminal means to enact justice and rejoiced that they were successful under Dr. Franklin's tutelage. Alright, fair enough. Pic related?
>>52992 >This lead to increasing scrutiny of glowniggers behind-the-scenes and the funding dried up. Love him or hate him, Elon Musk called out the yuge infestation of glowniggers and their golems that had effectively taken over Twatter entirely. That's precisely why he fired literally 80% of his (((staff))) when he bought the place out (that, and their absolute ineptitude at their supposed-jobs). Watch his interview with Tucker Carlson where he states these facts plainly.
I'm reading reports that with the hiked interest rates Blackrock can't self-correct and might soon fold like a metal chair. Maybe that's got something to do with the censorship? >>52994 Pic related, yeah. It's the phenomena of "young" largely unmarried men leading revolutions because the societies that rely on them to succeed harmed them the greatest and stunted their growth. >>52995 Pretty much. I think the glowniggers are clawing for control over the company again, but society is too far gone for their antics to work on a mass scale. That's the thing about revolutions. The fringe ideologies lead them, but the normalfags turn the other cheek because they know what the destructive alternatives are.
>>52992 >Tell your shitty friends who squeak and snidely smirk about alt-platforms like Rumble to shut the fuck up and jump ship if they want to have the ability to remain informed post-collapse. I wonder if we're going to end up in a situation where the internet goes to federated and distributed video and blog hosting?
Open file (1.86 MB 2518x1024 virgin-chad_website.png)
>>52998 That sounds nice, but in this boring cyberpunk dystopia of a world it is much more likely that normalfags will migrate to Discord to host videos, and then most of the internet will be at the mercy of a single company. Meanwhile weirdos and ”terrorists” will be using distributed platforms like you wrote.
So apparently Germany's Federal Minister of Agriculture wants to limit meat consumption to 10 grams daily, or roughly 2 sausages a month.
>>52976 I've seen normalfags saying Twatter is "down". They didn't clarfiy but it could be that the servers are overloaded due to habbenings in France (or glowops) and they're trying to limit access. >>53030 You vill eat ze bugz!
>>53002 is zeronet still going? I'm ashamed that I couldn't be assed to set it up on any of my newer machines. >>53030 man, I almost feel bad for the low-status jews. I predict they're gonna have a real hard time when people start responding in earnest to (((tyrannical))) shit like meat rationing.
>>53036 >I've seen normalfags saying Twatter is "down" It's not "down" but they're limiting the number of tweets you can view per day. Free account can only view 600 tweets per day, and even paying users only get 6000.
>>53030 Priorities. Gotta fight for gay anal in the Ukraine. And after all, you can eat the bugs goyim, so stop complaining! Send more gibbs now!
>>53036 >>53039 According to the Guardian; >Twitter had announced that it will require users to have an account on the social media platform to view tweets, a move that Musk on Friday called a “temporary emergency measure”. >Musk had said that hundreds of organisations were scraping Twitter data “extremely aggressively”, affecting user experience. >He had earlier expressed displeasure with artificial intelligence firms like OpenAI, the owner of ChatGPT, for using Twitter’s data to train their large language models. Sounds like somebody is trying to crash the servers with no survivors so Musk has circled the wagons.
>>52992 >Well eventually the glowniggers not just America but America was the big one jumped in on this Nigger are you this fucking naive or just a zoomer? The glowies were in on it from the beginning. They funded Fedbook so that they could spy on citizens domestically under the guise that a private corporation was doing it and not the government, making it technically legal
>>53047 >Sounds like somebody is trying to crash the servers with no survivors How the hell do you draw that conclusion? The answer is right there in what you pasted. He's upset that "his" data (read: user-generated content) is getting used without him getting a cut. The new restrictions are being made for the exact same reason he paywalled the API a few months ago, so that basic hobby scripts I used to run for free would now cost $400,000/year: to more effectively monetize the site's main product, which is user data. The users are secondary, which is why he's willing to inconvenience them as much as he needs to. The notion that this is necessary due to servers being under stress is an enormous crock of shit.
>>53050 >He's upset that "his" data (read: user-generated content) I'd suggest taking your own advice, Mr. Strawman-kun. > The notion that this is necessary due to servers being under stress is an enormous crock of shit. Electricity and especially bandwidth costs Jewgold for them. Now you're not seriously attempting to convince us that glowniggers & their golems aren't targeting Twatter in reprisal are you friend?
>>53052 "In reprisal" for what? Please tell me you're not so irredeemably gullible that you think Musk means what he says about free speech and is some sort of renegade.
>>53054 >"In reprisal" for what? >>52995 >Please tell me you're not so irredeemably gullible that you think Musk means what he says about free speech and is some sort of renegade. Lol. What do you care whether I'm 'gullible' or not, friend? How does that affect you yourself? :^)
>Guy tries cutting me off turning left >Call his bluff and keep driving leaving him stuck in the middle turn lane for 2-3 seconds >Guy proceeds to have road rage and follows me down the road >Tries to pull into the left turn at a stop while looking furious and drugged out of his mind >Cock a glawk in front of him >Guy turns pale and speeds off through the left lane Why does everyone think they're a boss bitch until the guns come out and they realize they a bitch nigga, /k/?
>>53247 >Cock a glawk
>>53247 Because a fist fight in the middle of the road is probably going to be less fatal than getting shot?
>>53254 Fists are deadly weapons.
>>53263 here cause it’s pretty off topic. I forgot to ask how American women are now (assuming worse) since I’ve been in china for since the covid bullshit in 2019 >Jewish games I’m disinclined to believe da juden for everything and your latter explanation that it’s “safer” socially to cheat. That and that foreigner values are generally really different from the locals so maybe it’s a “bad boy” type thing too. >Domestic “abuse” I disagree, trend in China is to mirror the US child courts. Plus the joke in Northern China is the woman beats you during the off season (you get to beat her during the harvest season) You beat a woman now she just leaves you the first day, ruins your job (there’s a literal “department for women” in China) and takes half your shit. Now, the cops won’t intervene since it’s a “family matter” compared to where Burger cops will arrest and/or shoot you because she “felt” threatened. Plus the Chinese version of 666 is 234. 2 means to abandon (disown) your parents 3 means to have a proper apartment/house in city above her current location tier (eg; if you rurally, then the county seat, then a county seat, then a larger town like Helena Mt (relative to the state), and then one of the big metropolitan (think DFW or Pittsburg), and then NYC/LA/Chicago, finally Washington DC) 4 means to have a brand new car for her only to use. Oh and the men have to be younger than her by 3 years, and earn the equivalent of a 100k salary.
>>53266 Yeah I should've moved my reply to here, my bad. >I forgot to ask how American women are now They're somehow worse and better? The older women are completely gone, split between three camps. They either think they can still be selective because "35 is the new 21" while forming female packs that nobody goes near (making them catty), are aware that their eggs are drying up but become super offended if anyone mentions that, or are aware their eggs are drying up and have become desperate to correct too-little-too-late despite having more sexual partners than formal schooling years. There's a coming age of bitter old spinsters with no social/political power but all the desire to pretend they have it. As for the younger women, they either think men over 25 who make less than six figures need to die, are gold diggers, or have 26 different genders. So nothing new on that front. The desperation is showing generationally, but they can't piece together that their behavior is why they can't find a stable man. While I would certainly prefer a virgin I'd settle for a woman who made a mistake once or twice, but every girl claiming she's only been with 1 or 2 partners and regrets it inevitably turns out to be a lying ho'. >Disinclined to believe da juden We're more or less in agreement then. I think there's "some of that" but it's my a symptom of greater problems rather than a problem itself. >That and that foreigner values are generally really different from the locals so maybe it’s a “bad boy” type thing too. I think this definitely plays into it for sure. >Chinese court systems Man, that sounds awful. I guess it's a good thing Central Asia is opening up. I've heard Iranian and Uzbek women are pretty chill. Afghani women are whores though, or so I've been told. I was half-joking about the domestic abuse thing since obviously I don't like seeing anyone get violent, but if "words are violence" then words can meet backhand when either sex gets uppity. >234 I think I read something about the spinster problem coming to China. Sorry to hear you guys are dealing with that shit though, it sounds like the Korean culture has infected Chinese women. I guess it "kind of" makes sense because there's more men in China but a woman can only be so picky before her eggs dry out while a guy's swimmers are usually "good" (autism aside but that's both sexes) into his 40s/50s even if it's preferable for him to get married in his teens/20s. I feel like there's gonna have to be some kinda global or large-scale war at this point just to even sex scales back out.
>>53269 >t. der Juden You're quite the progressive.
>>53269 >I feel like there's gonna have to be some kinda global or large-scale war at this point just to even sex scales back out. The current state of affairs will inevitably lead to either a collapse if nothing happens, but it also generates a whole lot of angry young men with nothing to lose, so we ar inevitably heading towards fun times. It is not even a question of needs or wants, this is simply what happens every time a society strays too far away from the natural forms of human relationships.
>>53269 When you say worse and better I just think we haven't reached peak insanity yet. I still haven't met a (American white) woman my age (I'm pretty young) who isn't either on meds or a drug addled whore. Maybe I'm just barking up the wrong tree since I'm a filthy agnostic/atheist instead of a god fearing churchgoer who believes in niggerball more than christ though. They have body odor like whites though if that's important. >Iranian and Uzbek Iranians are pretty chill and you can find the not-headchopping variety (Zooastrian or Bahai). Big thing is dowry, that's why chinese men are popular there because they don't require a dowry. Afghanis are whores just like the Northern Irish are due to the shitshow of a war. Uzbeks are fine but come almost in headchopping varieties only while Iranians have that body odor like whites though. >Korean culture More like same issue as the US, too many women in college (60/40 ratio almost) which encourages short relationships with sex as an incentive but also a bit of a cultural issue. The female bullying is probably 100%+ more insane in china vs the US (I think, not a woman because then I'd be a glowI since there's a history of concubinage and Chinese men like taking long-term mistresses (which leads to all those women beating the shit out of women videos). I've seen (footage)/heard things like girl bullies forcibly penetrating virgins with blunt objects (or in one case, using a spiked club...), to ripping out hair and pouring scalding water, to drugging them and getting men to rape them on video. On top of that, you've got chinese radfems who try to cancel you, at least in china that goes both ways. There was a recent (< 3 months) incident of that where a girl accused some old ass construction worker of upskirt photoing her on the subway, police searched his phone and found no evidence, and the guy was like "Kids these days have it hard so don't slap her with a false statement charge" (felony) and instead of doing the reasonable thing she put him on blast on wechat (twitter) and got rightfully bitchslapped into "basically violence" (read: physical work) jobs by the mans son when he asked the prosecutor's office to reopen the case and forced her to apologize on state media. >>53281 >Erosion of cultural identities You mean for everyone except the jews, be they black, white, asian or whatever else lies in the way of turning people into numbers for the machine.
Women - the deadliest weapon.
>>53266 >Chinanon is back based
>>53266 >Oh and the men have to be younger than her by 3 years 3DPD not even once.
>>53286 Christian churches are hit or miss. The ones that really believe are full of good women, but outside of small branch religions it's hard to find true believers (and true believers are gonna make you convert). I'd say the three biggest things for a guy to look for in a woman is that she goes to church regularly, had a father who she doesn't despise, and didn't go to college (STEM degrees aside). That's not a guarantee of anything but it leaves a broad enough dating pool while eliminating the absolute chaff while minimizing wheat loss. >Dowry I didn't know that was still a big deal, heh. >War whores Maybe, but Afghanistan was full of tweakers long before the endless wars. >Headchopping variety Last I heard Uzbeks don't have any problems with eating pork despite this, so it sounds like if you can overcome the religious hurdle you'll be fine. Headchopper women aren't the issue, it's young virile headchopping men. >>53291 They really are. Nothing destroys a nation faster than women, but nothing rallies men better than women either for good. Women need structure and boundaries, and strong social stigma (with a hint of violence when necessary, not to be confused with actual beating/abuse) for breaking those bad behaviors.
>>53293 >back I think you are confusing me with someone else, good sir. >>53299 It's not the woman you need to worry about, it's her male relatives. Some Uzbeks drink alcohol too so that's a thing. Stay away from the Uyghurs though, they hate everyone around them for being "not true muslim" (tm). >College degree What's really funny is that china can't employ those bachelor degrees right now, and those degrees are more worthless than the burger one. The women and a lot of the men think physical labor is below them. I think something about 30% of college grads are unemployed right now. Highest paying job most grads get right now is take out delivery on a scooter bike, ~10k a month versus 5k.
Open file (5.22 KB 378x378 24834206.png)
>>53312 >I think something about 30% of college grads are unemployed right now. I think that might be global, happens extremely often here too along with finding master degrees as taxi drivers and high school graduates as executive secretaries because butt reasons. Pandemic also made tons of youth not even graduate from high school because they didn't like online classes or didn't even have a good computer to attend them. Jokes on us because those people will work physical labor and win twice or thrice as much as college people... now that i think of it the de-facto 3 years of plandemic made a really good chunk of people fall into the menial/physical labor pool due to lack of basic studies/credentials, fuck at last i truly see
>>53314 Strelok in the issue in China is that they spend all their childhood (what childhood, lol?) studying so they make frats in the US look like childs play. That's why undergrads are so damned useless in China. That and you need to handhold them like a child since then have 0 experience in real life doing anything.
>>53286 The worst enemy of a woman is another women, eh? I'm glad I wasn't born with yellow skin.
>>53312 >What's really funny is that china can't employ those bachelor degrees right now, and those degrees are more worthless than the burger one. I find it hilarious that China can go after debtors with impunity but they can't even force their youth to do the bare minimum labor to keep shit running. It doesn't help that everyone cheats and everyone knows it, so even if the piece of paper meant something you still couldn't trust it. >10k a month That's Chinese currency right? Shit, I'm living relatively well and I only make about 2.5k (USD) a month. I'd be living better if not for the loans. >>53314 The issue is the menial/physical labor pool is already overcrowded and the immigrants take anything that's not government-protected so it's a rat race to the bottom. If you are able to get into a trade because of nepotism then you're more or less set. If you come from a college-educated family or really just any family not already employed in that trade, and you aren't black or a woman, then you will be lucky to find bottom-of-the-barrel jobs that pay enough to survive and will have to scrounge for almost a decade to be treated as "equal" to so-and-so's son who's only experience is sweeping the toolshed. It's incredibly humiliating to be able to go into an interview showing I know how to do the job already and only need supervision for a few weeks, get through by the skin of my teeth because I made an impression on the company owner (if I even get past HR who insta-fails me for being a white heterosexual Christian male without military experience), get offered less pay than advertised, and then get paired with a nigger who can't tell the ass-end of a screwdriver making $15/hr more than me because he's related to some old fuck with a coalburning daughter. Sure I usually get treated better several months in after they realize I can be left unattended (pay never goes up though), but sometimes I feel like I would have been better off pursuing my bachelors degree instead of dropping out to become an electrical worker.
>>53341 Dont forget that education is nearly worthless and if you want, say, become a welder to escape the circle of misery your only way to get the job is through nepotism.
>>53364 My local Vo-tech is pretty good about lining up work/apprenticeships before they cut you loose. I started off doing HVAC and then branched off into appliance repair post-2020 nonsense for cash. Worst part about HVAC was residential work. I can still feel stale boomer breath on the back of my neck while I'm elbow deep in a boiler system.
Sounds like Ethiopia and Egypt/Sudan are at an impasse over the GERD. How long until Egypt and/or Sudan invade Ethiopia?
>>53377 Last I heard the Ethiopians manage to sneak in filling up what they needed to for this year during the wet season. Did something new happen?
>>53381 They decided to refill it.
>>53367 My man, they're trying to crack down on cash hard now. China's new "anti-money laundering law" that i think the US will follow requires you to have "legitimate" (stamped with a company seal/ID signed" receipts for all businesses), and limits your transfer amount to 1000RMB (100USD) a day without prior "authorized" transactions for personal accounts. They couldn't ban cash withdrawls or gifts in cash in China compared to the US, since then all the dirty offficals and bribe givers would be fucked. I've seen cases where some fucker comes in on an bike with a duffle bag and a face mask and just buying 10m RMB of furniture. For context, a "gift" for someone getting your masters degree kid a job these days starts at 10k RMB. >>53341 >Minimum labor Well China has a vast pool of peasant levies to fill the spot immigrants take in the US. It's not a China only problem though, you see burger folk wanting to pick fruit for 7.25 an hour anywhere? >10K Yes, thats RMB or ~1.5k USD, rent is still exorbitant these days but the food is cheap but not healthy You get shit like e gypsum plaster added in flour or them spraying meat/fruit with formaldhyde >spoiler I would say being your own boss is the best way as a blue collar. As someone who is "college educated" the only way I see anyone in the economy these days earning enough is by being your own business owner in a specialized and important niche, fucking off innawoods and not relying on the modern economy most days by bartering with neightboors. Did you mean 2.5K after taxes? Shit even in my tax free state I only got about 30% of that (fucking rent+COL is insane) before the inflation spiral and I tried to save every penny of it. I'm trying to run the math and I can't figure out if I'd rather pay an exorbitant property tax like Texas does, or pay no sales tax but get buttfucked by property cost and a "minor" income tax (MT). corporate tax only (Alaska), or low sales tax and no jobs (WY)
>>53443 >you see burger folk wanting to pick fruit for 7.25 an hour anywhere? No, but that's because farmers refuse to get with the times and automate because slave labor is cheaper. >Did you mean 2.5K after taxes? Nah, before taxes. Closer to 60% of that after taxes. Without giving away geolocation, my city is infamous for "soft crime" (criminal activity unrelated to gangbanger shit like tax evasion and child sex trafficking) while being one of the fastest-growing cities in the surrounding area because of the international airport relatively nearby bringing in wealthy clientele (read: Saudis, Koreans, and wealthy Pajeets) from overseas to gentrify the few affordable areas left. Rent averages about $1100-$1500/month on a budget and food expenses are usually about $300-$500/month per person on a budget. Unfortunately it would cost close to $10,000-$15,000 to fuck off somewhere else so I'm literally stuck as a wage slave in the mean time.
>>53452 >automation I wish it was the pancrea you thought it was strelok. If you can’t do it in the US/Leafland (some of the flattest farmland around), you’re not going to have much luck elsewhere. Some stuff I’m cautiously optimistic like fruit harvesting with machine AI, but the general issue is just a lack of workers. Tbh we should be researching shit to make the current farm worker more effective, like exoskeletons with “modular” powered equipment packs instead of automating the whole process and then wondering why we failed miserably trying to run when we haven’t learned to walk.
>>53443 >I would say being your own boss is the best way as a blue collar. Absolutely this.
Open file (280.24 KB 531x696 1686716468393.gif)
I'll see /k/ in 2-3 months the /pol/nigger (glownigger?) is back and shitting up the board again these last couple weeks and has only gotten more bold the last couple days, but he goes away to cuck up some other place when activity goes down.
>>53452 You can't really automate fruit picking.
>>53494 You can if you train your niggers properly.
>>53494 Actually, it's already been done for some types of fruit trees. I'm confident research is ongoing for the rest. It comes down to the scale of the operation whether its a viable approach or not. >>53499 >BADUMM-TISH
Looks like cafe is getting spammed by niggers.
>>53658 It's all so tiresome.
>>53658 Mentions Board owner is inactive on the board overview. God damnit, does that mean we have to move to zzz/k/? Or do I have to run my own server?
Open file (447.13 KB 780x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>53661 >>53658 In Tengunigger's absence I have reapplied for board ownership. Ownership will be on a temporary basis once more to last through November/December. If you dislike this and don't want the lolicon Hitler-hating lolbert who "ruined everything" while keeping the brown hordes at bay in charge once more, go apply yourself for the position or get Tengu to come back, niggers.
Open file (35.96 KB 1257x676 jackass.jpg)
>>53662 >Pic related Not to be a complete jackass, but are you >>>/meta/16254 correct?
Open file (1.51 MB 1200x1600 Yuzu Peace Sign.jpg)
>>53663 That is correct. The previous BO who abandoned the place after telling anon I would abandon it in August and then having my successor leave CP up for 72 hours leading to his firing. "Ask Me Anything" as the saying goes. You don't want my puritanical reign and should find another candidate if you don't want me to straighten your back against your will and give you a stiff upper lip. Also known as "that guy who posts with the Swedish and/or Ukrainian flag" up until about a month ago.
Tucker interviewed the 2024 not-Trump Republican candidates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuAGkW4KOEw Skip to Vivek at 6:50:00 and ignore the rest of those trash candidates. He's the only one other than Trump who matters since he wants to reenact Starship Troopers and is the only candidate who is up for being Trump's VP if not securing the nominee.
>>53664 Looks like the global mods cleaned it up. Regardless, good luck to you sir.
Open file (160.95 KB 600x710 shinzo abe gun meme.png)
Hello /k/, I heard anon.cafe was spammed recently. Something about soyjeck niggers. Were there any casualties? Also, was tengu the reason why they were spammed? Was he assassinated and then the board he owned attacked?
>>53669 >Were there any casualties? Yes we lost many threads including most of the Russo-Ukro war archives >lso, was tengu the reason why they were spammed? Who the fuck knows it was a schizo raid. >Was he assassinated and then the board he owned attacked? No, if anything he appointed a new janny and the board was defended like Bahmut for 15 hours straight.
Open file (128.25 KB 640x360 kill urself my man.mp4)
Open file (77.36 KB 960x640 SoldiersWithSneakers.jpg)
Posting here to not meddle with the current Russo-Ukrie thread >>53628 Some cartel members and some rich drunk dudes do, i have heard things hence why i can say i have never heard of blonde kids who don't know spanish getting railed. >but not kids Pre-pubescent kids no but teens hell yeah, teens as in 12 or 13 but lower than that is a massive death penalty or your friends telling you to stay away from their houses. The thing in Mexico is that everyone gossips, almost every single person will succumb to do that as all authority is bought out, you can present a case with 10 witnesses and no investigator will bat an eye because nothing will proceed hence every trivial cartel worker or witness will say the location and activities of cartels after 3 beers if he finds it funny or relevant, or without incentive in a private conversation at work. Only exception is cops because they are bound by contract and uniform along with being participants in most things bad, but ex-cops are a gold mine of stories. The topic of children was relevant at times because cartels do grab kids often but depends where, in the south it is normal as a "tame" punishment hence the whole Michoacan Civil War after an entire town got their daughters banged, in the north it happens as a very dire punishment for a rival who messed with someone else's family, either they get killed with everyone included or they get kidnapped and never seen again. The kids supposedly trafficked for local use are in very underground parlors and their origins are mostly rural from parents who are known as fiends or people who won't do anything due to being mental, sounds pretty bad but they are almost never white/castizo either. Also there's a reason blogs about cartel activities always had their owners or posters legitimately targeted or decapitated and thrown into their sons' schools because gossip is very often actual info, even cartels make statements when they hang cartels :^) on bridges that confirm things at times. In terms of human trafficking cartel members are shady but i find more crazy some civilians hiding as christians doing stuff to corpses (or previously living people) at night than some dudes killing an enemy and throwing his body at an altar dedicated to Death as an offering to repay his protection or shooting a family because the dad arrested/executed someone at a wedding/baptism. The craziest thing is that there's no known orphanage system in the country, it's all private run and oddly very rare to know where they are Also Acapulco is filled to the brim with stories if you want more gossip, usually dumb jungle children from the rural areas being trafficked and banged in private boats for 500 a day, also underage grooming in plain sight at daytime which had a couple of videos in YT from people saying what the hell was happening (deleted around the era of the pajeets slapping monkeys and Moonman videos getting the axe too) there's a reason that city got ghosted from the tourist sector fast as fuck since the 90's... and yet no stories about slav children being banged, i've even seen slav prostitutes around which are considered premium (a "czech" escort is the tops at a local strip club). Come on my main topic at beer parties is the underground realm, i should've heard where the white wimmenz and childrins are dammit, guess i should ask further questions. >>53633 >but you won't see child sex trafficking on the streets Hence depending on the area, in Mexico it really was seen at some point (Acapulco, Loreto, Puerto Escondido, Mexico DF, Cozumel, also Belize) the thing is it is hidden in plain sight, obviously someone will not do heinous act in the sidewalk but a womanly or groping gestures will be seen. It's like US cops seeing hobos pissing on a bus stop, Mex cops won't do anything from seeing a fat tourist walking a brown kid by the neck. >US Airforce Bingo, also ranchers with land near the border as proxies. Beef industry is closely connected to the whole traffic. >maintained highways (that you can't drive because of American-Mexican cartels) That is interesting, in the US i knew some rural roads cannot be driven without glowniggers or unidentified militiamen but not actual pristine straight highways. In (Northern) Mexico you can drive any highway and public road unlike the meme says but what will happen to you is another story, usually if you are in a non-new sedan or coupe while alone or with a single companion nothing will happen unless you are not from the area, in which case you will be interrogated by the road and told to get out. I can believe slav kids being brought to hubs and then walked to the border but i find doing that via Canada-Vermont is easier unless private planes are used to come here to then fly them to California, then i would believe that. Polite sage because i am going off-route hard
I skim /k/ daily but haven't seen any illegal lately so I never needed to log in for a while. I guess yanny was doing his job well ;^). I'll uhh try to login more often???? Is it bad I like my pokemon cards more than my guns atm? I haven't been to the range in ages because I can't be fucked to be pay the $500 membership fee just for the privilege of firing 'stricteds in Trudeau's Canada. holy FLIP I want my own backyard range t. my blog
Open file (79.45 KB 445x738 jun15.JPG)
Open file (42.61 KB 442x375 jun15n2.JPG)
>>53678 https://ghostarchive.org/archive/gQgPm >I skim /k/ daily but haven't seen any illegal lately so I never needed to log in for a while. >pic related I cannot tell if you are being facetious or not. Given the leafcuck flag I am forced to assume it is. >Is it bad I like my pokemon cards more than my guns atm? The absolute state of mapleland. Well at least you aren't on fire like France I guess.
>>53678 >Is it bad I like my pokemon cards more than my guns atm? I can't remember the last time I shot just for fun. >oh shit, I haven't run any drills this month, should really get on that >better zero that upper with the new high mount >I ought to run a few mags of that new ammo to see if I should by more Always a list of shit to do.
Looking for an answer to my question at the QTDDTOT : >>53585 tl;dr, russian dude uses some kind of plastic sheeting and acetone to make an adhesive glue, and I don't know if he's using acryllic or some other form of plastic to mix in with the acetone.
>>53677 I hope this shithole gets nuked.
>>53687 You might ask over at /robowaifu/ in their materials or /meta threads, Strelok. They have a few anons who are doing this type thing. Good luck.
>>53681 >I cannot tell if you are being facetious or not. Given the leafcuck flag I am forced to assume it is. The timing indicates this was all part of the coordinated attacks on the site yesterday. The site Admin can clear it up whether anything was illegal on /k/ or not yesterday.
>>53689 alright, I'll check them out, thanks!
>>53688 Mexico or the U.S.?
Mitch locked up on stage. Some folks are blaming it on dehydration but I kind of hope it was a mini-stroke. This asshole has screwed over the Republican party long enough and needs to be booted out.
>>54105 Vaccine?
>>53688 This but unironically and south the tropic of cancer :^) >>54110 Seems like a normal stroke to me, if it was vaxx he would've fallen decorticated like a tree
>>54105 He was doing it as a 19-second moment of silence for all the brave young Russian Ukrainian lads gang-pressed off the streets who volunteered for their gallant cause.
>>54105 I would've preferred he dropped like a sack of shit, blown pupils and all. Fuck him and his Han handler "wife".
Posting here to avoid an eye sore in the RUSvUKR thread >>54213 Long story short the recipe in many donut shops has changed due to the recent advancement of cheap industrial air fryers, these machines as you might know save on frying oil (mixed with butter) because it cooks/fries with very hot oily air rather than a pool of the fat itself; In turn these machines save on other machines that recycle said oil to be used again and also save on the mixture of the dough which now have less egg yolks and fat, these for it to be more airy, drier but easier to puff in convection oven settings rather than puffing in a real fryer or buttered pan in a high heat bake oven. A couple of decades ago we already had the bastardization with conveyor belt fryers who only soak the doughnut, ala Krispy Kreme who sell more air than dough but air frying is already another shit already. The downside of this new air method is that it doesn't taste like a real soft greasy donut but a soft dry bread more akin to sweet muffins and rolls, the fatty ingredients are replaced by water or milk but that isn't a real downside due to costs, and the most complex downside is the moment needed to change every kitchen seemed hard and unlikely until plandemic started and suddenly half the shops changed their machinery and training for the airy jew at some point. Women also traditionally in this modern era go full overdrive with "hurr fat is bad, less is better" so bitches practically are making whole foods disappear and only real bakeries around are still making old-timey donuts, problem is they are owned by old heads and they love putting clover and other spices into the dough rather than just enjoying the plain buttery sweet taste. Every single fucking shop and cafe i've visited since this shit "ended" has the same dry tasteless donut akin to what american grocery stores sell (Walmart, Costco, Sam's Club) and they are also more expensive for some reason, damn faggots are profiting 300% per unit at times, i don't get it, old bakeries give you something almost twice as big for a third of the cost and using more expensive methods yet there's no flashy signs and hipster faggot music in the speakers to attract people. Somebody make it stop.
>>54216 You will eat the donut and like it, goy.
>>54216 Just you wait, they'll declare cooking oils to be carcinogenic and ban them. You'll be eating bugs one way or another. The only thing worst then this retarded health trends are the cults behind them trying to get everyone in on it. As if eating no substance foods that don't taste good should make you happy.
>>54216 Alright I was going to make fun of you because "hurr durr my empty carbs and sugar are all wrong" but I can appreciate the passion and calling out the dirty tricks. >>54238 >You'll be eating bugs one way or another. but not deep fried
>>54238 Already on that mate. They said that decades of "plant oil ia better" was wrong and we should be using animal oils instead. That being said, rapeseed oil IS bad for you
>>54238 They want you to use vegetable oil instead of butter though.Butter comes from cows and eating cows is what the pod people want to get rid of.
>>54216 I'd say that the bigger issue is the whole "cake donut" craze. The reason you see that pretty much everywhere is that they are apparently cheaper to make, and can also be prepared easily in an oven. I think only a few factory places like walmart and the local grocery stores if you are lucky don't bother with it. I didn't notice a change myself because the non-cake donuts in my area mass market shit, and the local guys have been making cake donuts exclusively for at least 10+ years maybe longer.
Open file (220.95 KB 955x1500 F2R_iDAW8AEaGIv.jpg)
>>54238 >You'll be eating bugs one way or another. One day, one day.
>>54285 Didn't realize he got reelected lol, I thought he retired a little while after bernake and the same party had remained in. For all intents and purposes he's running his own military coup, since he's trying to cut out (all?) the stops to government power, including essentially the ability to choose the electorate in an elected position. It's weird that those stops even exist though, how did they even become a democracy from a military insurgency that never stopped their war? In any case, I don't really see how Israel gets out of this without either dissolving or becoming a military dictatorship (under ben or otherwise). They already don't even have majority support, if you include palestinians.
I thought I imagined it but it's definitely real. There are a few frames of nigger ball at the end of a drone video on this mornings Military Summary update. I'm not seeing things at least.
>>54287 >or becoming a military dictatorship I thought they always sort of had been? >It's weird that those stops even exist though, how did they even become a democracy from a military insurgency that never stopped their war? Yeah I was thinking the same thing.
Open file (157.35 KB 600x1067 curliesintallow.jpg)
>>54238 >You'll be eating bugs one way or another Hipsters here already do because "muh ancestry" despite the last known tribe to eat bugs in this part of town was 6000 years ago in a famine, down south in the jungle the aztec proles did not long ago and currently they still do but not as much as in the 70's with the popular fried cockroaches in red guajillo sauce or escamoles. I am glad we still have small shop selling homemade lard and tallow but poor americans got those illegalized not long ago because some whole foods without USDA seals are national security, same with fresh cheese. >happy Food culture is a thing, taste and portions is an everyday morale factor that can make people act many ways. I think even germans discovered that some minerals change behavior, iron-rich soil and water makes people aggressive over time, many sweets make people neurotic but that one should be obvious. >>54240 The propaganda of animal fat being bad is a post-WWII thing that recently has been questioned in the mainstream but every old lady knew it wasn't the case, sadly many young people forgot how to cook with them, only exception being probably duck fat because it's pretty exclusive to get. Shame because the original freedom fries were fried with tallow and they taste damn good, recently amerifries have a harsh aftertaste i do not like at all, wasn't the case pre-plandemic. >rapeseed oil IS bad for you Damn good for frying stuff tho >>54253 >Butter >Not using tallow Shiggy
>>54442 >but poor americans got those illegalized not long ago because some whole foods without USDA seals are national security, same with fresh cheese. Ameriga is fucked but it'll begin the process of unfucking itself as soon as is falls far enough down the social collapse ladder that central authorities are no longer able to enforce edicts. >wasn't the case pre-plandemic. Yeah I've been noticing that about fries.
>>54444 >it'll begin the process of unfucking itself as soon as is falls far enough down the social collapse ladder that central authorities are no longer able to enforce edicts. I doubt it. Even in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina they were still present - stealing firearms and shaking down non-gov't relief transports for guzzoline. I remember some of them running around with Saiga sporters they looted from a store. I miss the $230 saigas. Should've bought 20 of them
Open file (292.80 KB 1920x1038 Howls-Moving-Castle-Food.jpg)
>>54442 >shop selling homemade lard and tallow I got off the plant oil wagon and into the manteca a few months ago, feels good. Still use virgin oil to season salads thought.
>>54446 Localized scarcity =! National scarcity. The Katrina argument doesn't work because it's equivalent to "The Zone." A lawless area in an otherwise lawful world that will eventually return to being lawful after the inhabitants return. Appalachia is the closest approximation to anon's hypothesis in modern times; where despite almost a century of the federal government trying to force their way in to "civilize and modernize" the natives living there, census workers and IRS agents still end up dead on the side of the road/floating down a river because the people there don't give a rat's ass about federal law and violently oppose what they see as a foreign invader. Feds sometimes do "raids" on deep Appalachia but those consist of 20+ officers grouped up together in tight formation getting in, taking care of whatever bullshit they're there for, and getting out. It impacts less than 1% of the overall community because the officers know if they spend too long in the region they'll all be dead before Sunday.
>>54448 Nothing wrong with avocado oil (other than requiring a shit ton of water), palm oil (other than killing orangutans), olive oil (low heat), and coconut oil (also low heat). The issue with seed oils are the seed byproducts (like linoleic acid) meant to keep pests from eating them being in high quantity. In general oils aren't meant to really be eaten in large quantities as their own ingredient- animal or plant. They're supposed to be paired with other foods as part of the diet. It's just that oils like tallow, butter, lard, and the above four are combination sources of healthy fats and equally have very low glycemic indexes so you will feel fuller longer after consuming them (as compared to, for instance, seed oils and vegetable oils). Only two that aren't so clear-cut are peanut oil and sesame oil. Obviously it's not meant to be eaten straight, but the former is good for high-heat frying and the latter is a staple in most Asian cultures despite its "bad" properties so long as you don't overheat it changing the chemical composition.
Open file (274.58 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)
>>54448 >manteca Which one, are you trying to be funny >a few months ago Must be tough not having greasy goods being made out of every animal fat a stove can render since the start but it's better late than never, bubbly fried eggs in lard is a must and marinating beef with tallow should be always on the list. Does your fat come with burnt residue? that's the real deal unless you don't like stuff tasting like tame bacon or carnitas. >virgin oil to season salads Olive? with some grape vinegar and finely diced parsley you get a fancy dressing, bitches fall for that table trick every time. >>54450 Locally femoids fell for the soy oil but most dudes who recoil at everything modern women attempt to do in a kitchen use either canola oil or safflower oil, but most street carts and small kitchens use maize oil due to low price and flavor. >>54450 >deep Appalachia Reminds me seeing recipes made by american household injuns and looking that they use tallow rather than oil, didn't recall that in a while. I think they use it the most for pemmican but that's an old thing i guess unless they go camping a lot.
Open file (624.21 KB 1100x1042 mantecafront_1100x.png)
Open file (4.56 MB 2619x3000 1689215698195.png)
>>54451 >Which one, are you trying to be funny >to be funny Eh? I'm buying pic related. >with some grape vinegar and finely diced parsley you get a fancy dressing I will keep that in mind. >bitches fall for that table trick every time. I bet she will.
Open file (49.73 KB 543x661 northernlard.jpg)
>>54453 Oh ok, i meant which kind of manteca because pork or beef are called the same unlike in english where they are differentiated between tallow (beef) or lard (pork), though duck had another name but i can't seem to find it. Rosarito is pretty decent but way too cleanly made (not a bad thing) the rougher dirtier darker stuff is more my alley but can only be used for savory recipes because not many like muffins or sweets tasting like bacon. The dark sandy stuff at the bottom are the tiny pieces of meat stuck in the fat that precipitate in the high heat rendering process, that there is pretty expensive to get alone and sold at a premium in the southwest US for some strange reason because americans can very easily get it but don't do it because kosher or something. Tastes like a mix between crispy bacon and the dark grease from the michoacan carnitas. No doubt Michoacan is the king of latin pork along with the Paisa colombians despite neither using high-heat rendered lard although perhaps the latter use the same rendering techniques to cook particular pieces. To make it semi /k/ related lard is also easier to store in an innawoods setting than most others oils, some go rancid, others attract insects and tallow is pretty sensible regarding climate changes.
>>54458 If you want long term storage just make ghee. Butterchads stay winning. Your burnt meat is literally caramelized and a waste of good meat beyond being bad for you and bad for storage prospects. >>54450 Unprocessed plant oils almost all contain things you'd rather not cook with, either due to temperature issues or because they aren't oils in the first place. >glycemic indexes Nigger what the fuck are you talking about? Oils don't have glycemic indexes. Even glycerol yielding fats (e.g. parts of animal fats and the poisonous parts of plant oils) don't operate on that time scale.
>>54450 >Sesame oil Asians consider it to have an anti-aging effect, there's some light NSAID effects from it. >Soybean Yeah no, leave that to people from East Asia if you're white (only 1/3rd of Europeans can digest eqoul). Any other group that eats it gets an allergy like reaction due to inability to digest equol. I'd suggest keeping a bottle of walnut oil in a cool place. You can use it in a (walnut) 1:2 (wax) ratio to make good finishes on wood products.
Dog fat tastes best and has curative properties.
I like how the normie definition of "self reliant" means you should rely on goverment aid. Fucking lol. I guess the doomers were right in building that everything proof bunker deep underground. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-66495015 https://ghostarchive.org/archive/vQ81u Maui fires: 'We're self-reliant people - but where's the help?' >For those still living inside Hawaii's disaster zone on the western side of the island of Maui, there's one vital lifeline to the outside world: volunteer effort. >Standing at the wheel of the Ocean Spirit, a boat operated by marine conservation charity the Pacific Whale Foundation, is Captain Emily Johnston. >From day one, along with her crew of volunteers, she's been making multiple daily trips, taking supplies of food, water, fuel and clothing to the devastated town of Lahaina and the surrounding communities left without power or phone coverage. >"These islands they go through hurricanes, tsunamis, fires, everything and we're often having to be very self-reliant because we are isolated," Emily tells me. >"But that said, we're all wondering why there was no help sent from Oahu? Pearl Harbour is a twenty-minute flight away." >"Why are the limited resources of the police on this island left alone, where's the support for them? Why are we taking supplies on a boat instead of a helicopter?" >An hour into the journey, the devastation along the Maui shoreline comes into view. First the scorched grass and palm trees, then the charred remains of the Lahaina itself and the remnants of the shattered lives and livelihoods. >The boat beaches a few miles north of the town and a waiting team of local residents is there to meet it. >Many of those helping, like 36-year-old Sergio Martinez, have also been affected by the fire. >"I was fighting for my life with my four-year-old boy in my hands in the water for eight hours," he tells me. >"There was a point in my head when I was thinking that's it, you know, but my boy kept me going to survive." >Sergio is still struggling, like so many others, to process what he saw that night. He has the same question as Emily. >"Where is the help?" he asks. "We are waiting for it and we need it really bad." >Driving through the disaster zone with one of the volunteer relief workers, we see, for the first time, uniformed soldiers helping to man some of the checkpoints. This is a sign perhaps that national assistance is now beginning to arrive. >Either way, the volunteers are certain their relief service will be needed for some time. >"With the communications down for so many days we haven't been able to coordinate all the supplies that they need," says Kristie Wrigglesworth, executive director of the Pacific Whale Foundation. >"When we do it by word of mouth it's very slow and disorganised. We need communication to coordinate better." >Krisite is calling on those who know people in need to get in touch with her organisation to pass on requests for urgent supplies. >Many of the volunteers have deep roots on Maui and know those suffering personally. >"This community is family," Kristie says. >"The Hawaiian culture has Ohana - which means family - and Aloha. That was what Lahaina was built on."
>>54533 >building that everything proof bunker deep underground. I'm torn between doing that or doing the camper under a metal carport deal. mobile vs fixed? The transition from semi-urban to the camper would be easier for me because 90% of my preps are made with the idea of supporting a months-long bugout "base camp" within the space of a long bed pickup. Dug Ashley's schizo streams inspired the camper idea as a quick and cheap way to unplug , but he also strongly advocated for "spider holes", so maybe a mix of both is best?
>>54533 >>54539 Combine the two concepts. Build an underground bunker highway. Make Underrail real.
>>54533 They're not completely wrong. Those government programs shouldn't exist at all and shouldn't be collecting taxes at all if they can't even respond to an emergency. Regardless of how self-reliant people are.
Apparently Biden is refusing to comment on the Maui fire to nobody's surprise. Official theory is electrical lines and the fire department were lazy nigs who didn't ensure the fire was actually out leading to a big burn. Unofficial conspiracy theory is Chinese space lasers.
>>54575 The high winds could that (100mph) but I wouldn't rule out conspiracy. I think it was arson by someone who wanted to buy tye land to build (more) resorts like the cartels in cancun. Hawaii deserves the shit response though after they claimed the southern states dont need hurricane (disaster) relief funds until they got hurt. >>54542 Thats not self reliance though. The modern man is capable of securing himself against all threats, radiological, biological, chemical, natural today except simpery. I'd much rather get the feds to fuck off and be a slightly less bloated suicide bomber than have to rely on them for what I can prepare myself. >>54540 CnC tunnel networks come to mind to me.
/k/, What exactly was orange man charged with? I saw that he had a bunch of charges related to the Georgia 2020 presidential election like racketeering and intimidation.
>>54580 They're charging him with being a meanie poopie face because the deepstate is shaking in their boots over the prospect of Trump winning and getting payback. >Georgia charges Basically his attorneys asked to look into voter fraud, the county election officials let him, and now the county is trying to come back and claim it was organized crime by misconstruing "can you do a recount" to mean "find me 11k votes." >Florida Charges Florida is claiming that the president does not have declassification powers and that the president can not make agreements with foreign entities, therefore the documents at Mar-a-lago were not declassified even though Trump said they were (which up until this point in history was how the law was interpreted). >Jew York They're claiming that a tax misfiling was Trump trying to hide bribes to a hooker or something. >DC They're trying to claim Trump started a rebellion It's all (pardon the pun) trumped up charges to get him removed from the races because DeSantis is bought out and old farts hate Ramisami (effectively mini-Trump for all intents and purposes) for being a pajeet. Nobody else in the Republican primary polls well against Biden or Gavin Newsom at the general elections so the Democrats are using lawfare Banana Republic-style to remove the most viable competition to their grasp on power while Uniparty Republicans sit and pretend to be upset while voting for more funding to Ukraine. Not saying Trump is a saint but these are specific attack angles because if they brought up any of his real crimes they would have to prosecute their own uniparty members.
>>54581 What I find saddest about this affair is the regular consoomers of MSM narratives absolutely believe everything they're told about Orange Man Bad, even the more intelligent ones. If you give them an alternative perspective on events they get so angry, as though the very basis of their self-esteem is being challenged. It just shows that it's easier to fool a man than to convince him he's been fooled.
https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/why-there-such-frenzy-buy-properties-were-just-burned-down-during-fires-hawaii >READ THE COMMENTS >DEW ATTACK >The usual supects >Synagogue/NWO wants to take over islands as strongholds because they fear the revolt of the goy/plebs on the continents
>>54601 >DEW ATTACK Wouldn't a space based DEW powerful enough to start fires on the ground create enough ionization or other effects to be visible?
>>54581 look at that succinct power-level IQ post You deserve to be loved anon When you die please spend time on a cloud with me
>>54580 >>54581 So about this whole Trump thing, I've heard two theories about it. >they're doing it to force right wing voters and politicians to rally around him and thereby ensure an "unelectable" Republican will go up against Biden >they're doing it to STOP him from becoming the president again because they fear he'll win in a landslide Which is it?
>>54626 The two aren't mutually exclusive.
>>54626 It's the latter and they're nervous of the amount of vote rigging it would take to defeat him now that everybody is watching. This is a result of their hubris in 2020 when they 'found' enough votes for Biden to scrape the win. If he'd won by an huge amount in multiple states there would be no controversy and even Trump would concede, but they had to send the message that they are in control. The uniparty and their (((masters))) need the goyim to believe that democracy is real. Rigging the first vote was a risk but the MSM could handle the fallout. Doing the same thing again might make the goyim wake up, as would trying to fake a Biden landslide. The only way out of the corner they've painted themselves into is to eliminate any uncontrolled opposition before the voting starts. RKF jr. claims he is being denied secret service protection. Expect an ebil Russian/Chinese white nationalist transphobe to assassinate him if he polls good numbers. I mean in real polls, not the ones which the MSM commission to give the answer they want. With Trump and Kennedy out of the way I expect Biden to win. I also expect Biden to die in office. Pay attention to who gets VP as that's whom the system wants as chief puppet. 2016 was the last time the democratic process worked as intended. The system cannot allow that to happen ever again.
>>54626 It's both. It's moreso the latter but their goal is to ensure they have as much dirt against Trump as possible in case they can't remove him from the race. Republicans are upping their ballot harvesting game and several counties stopped using Dominion following public backlash, swapping to other companies or open source voting booths (which can technically be monitored via wireshark/ettercap if they broadcast any kind of signals). Regardless of anon's opinions on the fraud/fake ballots narrative, the 2024 elections will be significantly more "fair" than 2020, and the Mises caucus who just took over the Libertarian party in the last party elections is ensuring Libertarians will drop out if facing against MAGA candidates with a chance of winning while promising a spoiler vote if it's neocons running, and Democrats won't have chink flu as an excuse to scream orange man bad to rile up the normalfags who are slogging through this shit economy. I don't think Trump will win in a "landslide," but enough people don't like Biden that I think Trump will win by default from the Democrat voterbase not giving a shit/not showing up if it's the two old farts at it for round 2 because Biden's done nothing but fuck them over. Of course all of that is assuming we have elections next year. >>54625 Sounds like a plan no homo.
>>54630 This. I would just add the Kamallamahahahahahahahahaha is already the chief puppet in mind. Good optics for the le stronk, independynt + black & brown nigger bodies crowd. I'd also point out (((they))) clearly mean Trump to die, not just be sidelined. May God laugh the Globohomo to derision in this matter, preserve him and grant Trump an absolute landslide victory from his prison cell! :^)
>>54637 >Putting KamalAho in charge They don't want her. The issue is they need the nig vote. Not sure what will happen there.
>>54640 Khameltoe isn't nig enough for American nigs.
>>54640 Kamelanin is just a diversity hire. They need someone professionally evil enough to enact their agenda. My guess is there will be a change of VP as soon as it's obvious that Joe is on his last legs. I don't know if changing VP mid-term is constitutional but I doubt that would stop them in the current year.
>>54647 >I don't know if changing VP mid-term is constitutional but I doubt that would stop them in the current year. They won't need too. She'll suddenly have """personal circumstances""" that will cause her to step down, sometime well before the demented, Little Girl's Hair-Sniffer-in-Chief meets his planned 'kick the bucket day'.
>>54648 Anon that misses the point. Blacks vote along ethnic lines. If you replace the nig with a white or a spic, then Democrats lose the black vote, and if Democrats lose the black vote the Republicans win in such a landslide that no amount of rigging will fix it. Democrats have to get 87% of the black vote in any given election to have a chance at winning. They can't get rid of Kamala unless they replace her with a more competent nig, and a half-nig like Obama won't cut it a second time around. That's why they are keeping Biden on life support as hard as they are right now since everyone hates Harris.
>>54654 >Anon that misses the point. Not really. There are plenty of dyed-in-the-wool evil niggers. The challenge for the kike handlers will be finding one who is smart enough to pull off their insidious plans without coming off as a total buffoon and low-IQ ape. You might say 'Well they used that POS retard Biden!', and fair enough. But I think that demonic shell's historically-low approval ratings have been a wakeup call for the Globohomo that they better do a better job with their plots this time. Bad Orange Man threw them off balance and so they simply scrambled to come up with a defense with whatever they could scrape up. Obviously, their choice wasn't actually good enough and they turned to Plan B: good old-fashioned ballot box stuffing (but on an unprecedented scale this past time).
>>54661 >But I think that demonic shell's historically-low approval ratings have been a wakeup call for the Globohomo that they better do a better job with their plots this time. Bad Orange Man threw them off balance and so they simply scrambled to come up with a defense with whatever they could scrape up I believe the astroturfed pendulum swing cycle is speeding up, perhaps due to the high time preference of normies combined with the speed at which information is now dissemination; Kinda like tiktok and (((mobile gaming))) dopamine addiction, but instead it's surface level politics. To that point, I suggest that the Bud Light boycott, "Red Beard" Richmond song, and whatnot are a response to low mil recruitment numbers and marginal labor participation. Too many people just said "fuck it" and they're desperate to bring them back into the (((fold))). >create "woke" problem >offer anti-woke solution I suppose this is a riff on the fullchan screen cap talking about courting RW males to lure them into military service, only I'm talking about broader voluntary servitude in exchange for hollow cultural "victories". Certainly none of it will address critical issues like mass immigration or diminished personal wealth, but it will certainly distract from it. For that reason, I think there's a fair chance they'll put Zion Don back in...he pretty much embodies feckless astroturfing
>>54708 Politics is downstream of culture. Cops don't arrest trannies because culture, not because the law says they can't.
>>54708 Matthew 24 says there will be an increase in lawlessness during the end of the age. As strelok points out >>54709, the so-called 'law' of today is far worse than useless: it's a formalized abomination. But you're correct about the Globohomo's Hegelian dialectic. They are playing both ends against the middle. Oldest kike trick in the book. >I think there's a fair chance they'll put Zion Don back in...he pretty much embodies feckless astroturfing True, he was quite dissappointing. He very clearly wasn't part of the (((fold))) as you put things, but it's obvious he succumbed in his own way to the globalist kikes too. As to whether 'they'll put him back in', not a chance. Regardless of the man's own personal compromises, the majority of the legitimate American population see Trump as a kind of icon. A civil war could easily break out surrounding him. They're planning to kill him instead. They have 9'001 ways to accidentally him once he's in lockup. My prediction: They'll lock Trump up, accidentally him before the election (I'm sure they're aiming for before the Primaries), keep Usurper-in-Chief in place for another term, "Oh-I'm-getting-bad-hotflashes-gotta-go" Kamallamahahahahaha, elevate another charasmatic but evil POS nigger through yet more Constitutionally-illegal machinations, accidentally the demented pervert, ascend the 'Nigga-in-chief-but-dis-tiem-we-really-mean-it-muhfugga', then start Jew War III with the Chinks. Simple as. :^)
>>54710 >A civil war could easily break out surrounding him. >They're planning to kill him instead. They have 9'001 ways to accidentally him once he's in lockup. Like that itself won't cause a civil war.
>>54711 >Like that itself won't cause a civil war. No not a full-blown one, as long as they can do it before the Primaries. After that things will get much more dicey for the kike's plots. But anyway, again let us pray that God derides the Globohomo regardless, and grants Trump a landslide. >tl;dr So remember, an actual civil war benefits us not (((them))). It will prove a major blessing to the entire world once it finally happens.
>>54715 >So remember, an actual civil war benefits us not (((them))). It will prove a major blessing to the entire world once it finally happens. A civil war hurts virtually everyone. It hurts globohomo kikes moreso because their agenda can't exist if there is civil unrest (traditional society drags along even if it's damaged by war), but nobody walks away from that unscathed. Ideally there's no civil war and there's a peaceful transfer of power to the populist candidate and then the kike states get their shit kicked in over the next 12 years, whether that be Trump or Ramaswamy. De'Swamptis can go pound sand.
>>54718 OK fair enough. In the short term nobody likes war. It's in the longer term (after recovery) that I'm referring to. Can you just imagine a world where there was literally no more Jewnited Snakes of America? No 'Greater Israel' conspiracy? Forever? That would certainly be a big benefit to the entire world, as well as traditional folk within these former United States.
>>54708 >To that point, I suggest that the Bud Light boycott, "Red Beard" Richmond song, and whatnot are a response to low mil recruitment numbers and marginal labor participation. Too many people just said "fuck it" and they're desperate to bring them back into the (((fold))). Please explain to me like I am five years old retard how not buying shitty beer or listening to song about how life sucks is supposed to increase recruitment numbers.
>>54709 Nah. The predominant Culture is whatever is being beamed into normie skulls via Netflix/Prime/Tiktok/MSM by the same "clique" who buy politicians and policy. >>54718 >elections I'm reminded of a quote I saw recently: >"You want to win the next American presidential election. I want to ensure American presidential elections never affect my locality again. We are not the same." >>54723 It's supposed to signal a shift from "society is against me" to "we're so back!" Which mindset would be more willing to fight/sacrifice/labor for society? Tying all these response together: if I'm made aware of some cultural happening via mainstream channels then it's probably fake and designed for manipulation. To butcher a crackhead nigger's quote and bend the context for my own purposes: >Our revolution will not be streamed
>>54727 >It's supposed to signal a shift from "society is against me" to "we're so back!" >Which mindset would be more willing to fight/sacrifice/labor for society? You might be right but I think they screwed up because everything's too far gone at this point.
>>54727 >It's supposed to signal a shift from "society is against me" to "we're so back!" ive only seen people getting more blackpilled recently
>>54731 >ive only seen people getting more blackpilled recently I would suggest that's a direct result of more information flowing more freely out from under the iron thumb of the corporated-controlled media, strelok.
>>54728 >they screwed up because everything's too far gone at this point. It reminds me of more intense Obama-era /2008 recession malaise, which would mean they can probably get normans to opt in again with another 2016 "win". I really think Trump would be the perfect solution to get both the Right and the Left engaged again (with no risk of impactful institutional reforms).
>>54799 Yes. The best part was where Trump literally got the last word in. That takes some doing with that double-talker Carlson. It was over 80M views when I watched what is it at now?
>>54626 Both. By rallying non-Democrats around him, they can villainize half of the population (First Theory) because they assume they'll win by destroying his character in the eyes of independents or voiding his win through misinterpretation of the constitution or bribing the Electoral College, who will say that they couldn't elect a president of low moral standing or who would humiliate the nation (Second Theory). If they use the Electoral College, it'll rally a large portion of the staunchly pro-Electorate half of the nation to be anti-Electorate, taking the same position as the Democrats and allowing for smooth sailing to its abolition or forced compliance.
>>54807 It had breached 200 million last I checked. Twatter claims the tweet is missing now.
>>54815 >Twatter claims the tweet is missing now. Works on my box(tm). https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1694513603251241143 Currently at 253.8M views as of this post.
>self propelled gun What a dumb name. All guns are self propelled, its called recoil you dumbass .
>>54834 Thanks Poland. You made me laugh.
Open file (69.92 KB 217x320 spengler_decline.png)
>>54930 I am pretty sure that a visibly autistic German in the 1910s wasn't writing about that.
Open file (115.10 KB 953x1200 smug freedom.jpg)
>>54969 >spergs out about being such a free individual >fends up blaming the collective instead of taking responsibility for his lack of self-controll
War isn't hell. War is war and hell is hell, but there are no innocent bystanders in hell.
>try to draw a perfect ww2 tank >end up with Pz.38 (t) with sloped armor Pepiks I kneel.
unc shooter, sperg or spy?
>>55055 >Chink murders Chink Definitely a sperg. If it was a spy they would have blackbagged the professor and carted him off on a boat. Professor was DEFINITELY working for the CCP though.
Open file (1.41 MB 828x1453 ClipboardImage.png)
>meanwhile, in himalayas
>>55193 Anyone got that video where Chinese and Indian units have a full on melee clash?
>>55193 >Arizona raider boss stands unconcerned about the impending attack by Caesar's Legion. 2248 (Colorized)
>>55196 Sorry strelok, pretty sure that got slid off the board during that glownigger's slide attack against us a while back. Maybe someone saved it?
>>55232 That fell off long before that incident you histrionic mouth-breather.
>>55233 Lol. What crawled up your ass and died, cocksucker? Just post the video ITT if you have it.
Apparently scientists are figuring out that the Y-chromosome is actually responsible for the majority of genetic variation in humans and is "programmed" to intentionally create genetic mutations, despite the X chromosome being responsible for inherited genes.
>>55239 Kek. Cope & Seethe. :^) No doubt the BO could've handled things here better, but I think he's fixed that now. Doesn't excuse the glownigger's attacks, regardless.
>>55243 Interesting. Sauce?
>>55245 I read a few articles on it, but this summarizes around the four minute mark. https://youtube.com/watch?v=iUjUeQjMkpo Other articles explain that the Y chromosome is "overexpressed" in apes (and humans) as compared to most animals, and given the rather "quick" evolution of apes this suggests it plays a key role in genetic variation.
>>55246 I now understand a bit better what is meant by anons when they use the term "Jewish science". No offence to you personally Strelok, you have my thanks for your part. But this load of doublespeak malarky definitely seems to be primarily a load of unsubstantiated hogwash, filtered by a conformational-bias lens of groupthink. A cozy little infospace bubble within which to toss their little mindpebbles into the sea of the great unknown. I wish Sir Isaac Newton were alive today here on Earth so he could properly call out these newspeak doublethinkers in sufficiently-derogatory terms. But then, he wouldn't have done all the great works he actually did during his lifetime, so they would have the great impact on the world that they have had. Anyway, cheers Strelok. Don't get extincted by your 'accidental' Y-chromosome disappearing! :^)
School is sent out EBT to EVERY student in the district so I'm LARPin as a poor this week. I ought to find a clapped out Maxima for my gibs whip https://yewtu.be/watch?v=o64Fz-KW1Dk
>>55326 *has sent out
>>55464 >Though imo indian culture is pretty collectivist, immoral and backwards, yet all of these things are fixable. I'd say its more the case that india isn't very pro intellectual now, but has a ton of intellectual potential in the future ironically. India keeps flip flopping between neetsoc pandering and lolbert cyberpunk projects like planned private-infrastructure cities getting bashed out in the span of six months, so it's really hard to tell where they're heading. It helps that the government can't actually function (there's huge nonpayment of tax in india which they've heretofore been unable to collect on) and there's actually a culture of disobedience to the point where raisin hitler gave up on trying to unify them and let the pakis split off. Poorfags (real ones, which they have in abundance in india) are subhumans so it's reasonable to expect that if the country does continue to peacefully industrialize the quality of human being living there will go up as well. India is already an (ironic) intellectual leader in e.g. pharmaceuticals simply because they do participate in the grey market and a mainstay target of medical tourism because although they don't have the intellectual quality of e.g. 2010s Singapore, the sheer size of the (largely unregulated) nation gives rise to a lot of walled garden tourist traps with actually competent staff. Also if the apocryphal stories about working in indian branches and basically not paying taxes or rent and scumming food from the charity section of shops are/were true then india has a pretty substantial middle class of foreign workers who could be training english speaking pajeets.
>tank destroyer >cruiser tank >land battleship Where is my tank aircraft carrier?
Open file (1.46 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.48 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>55529 Maybe you will live to see something like this in real life: https://ttcombat.com/collections/dropzone-commander/products/ferrum-drone-base
>>55530 Its a shame what TTC did to this game. Legit hostile takeover of Hawk.
>>55531 Who did what exactly? I vaguely recall that the game disappeared for a while, only to reappear under new management, but I don't know the details.
Open file (2.13 MB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0002.png)
Open file (2.19 MB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0001.png)
What camo is this?
So where'd the quinty quints go? >>55555
All of my tertiary email accts and lastpass are forcing 2fa as of today. Nothing important is on any of it, but it's fucking annoying and I'm not inclined to link my phone number to semi-burner accts. I wonder if it's extra scrutiny because I'm using palememe and blocking any scripts that won't completely break the sites
>>55617 Use outlook/hotmail gray hat anon I try using temp mail sometimes but I don't even use burners I just really really hate 2FA
>>55617 All the good free (i.e. anon) disposable mail sites got holocausted one way (turned into JS abortions or dead or gone semi-'legit' with 2FA etc.) or another (categorically blacklisted by every shitbird and their mother). I blame cloudflare >cdnjs bought by cloudflare in 2019 >bootstrapCDN rolled into jsdelivr in early 2021 Wew. I've been trying my best to live under a rock but man it sure is fucking gay out there. >>55618 Use a real commercial email address or host your own (lots of the things you'd want burners for won't accept even paid for emails and phone numbers that aren't big-three though)
Why wont jews just use global warming to counter heat death of the universe?
Open file (64.00 KB 768x611 AA1eXGnt.jpeg)
Open file (128.00 KB 768x447 AA1eXGns.jpeg)
>>55625 Kek. No one, not even the kikes, outsmarts the laws of physics my nerdy friend. Most things are purely within God's purview btw, we're all simply the recipients of His grace and abundance. :^) poll: What will be the last straw for humanity?
>>55628 >Budweiser tries ESG >tree is hollow >public sees it >NO U branch comes off >Russel Brand does the raipe >tree is hollow >public sees it >NO U branch comes off Cautious optimissus in nothing is gonna truly kill us all for a while
Any suggestions for military blogs with a focus on future speculation and theory?
Has anom watched Ken Paxton's (guy who filed Texas v. Pennsylvania) interview with Tucker? Hope this makes Texans aware of the shit going down.
Open file (539.86 KB 688x764 wait a second.png)
Couldn't we just add 1% sulfur dioxide solution to high-altitude plane fuel and reverse global warming completely via the aerosol effect in about two years?
>>55638 >>55641 The US died a long long time ago, its about time for its rotting corpse to get put down, but not as a sacrifice by the (((cult))) in order to destroy the white race and its heritage even further. There once was a time when this country was the polar opposite of what it became, when it was a beacon of hope to show nations could exist without powerful states, that multitudes of peoples and cultures could still call home to a larger national identity and ideals, that freedom and values weren't mutually exclusive, that a country could be run by a middle class focused on achieving rather than an upperclass focused on obtaining, that even a ragtag bunch of college students leading hick farmers could win against (in that time) the most powerful empire in all of history and after gaining power sticking to their values rather than ending up like any other revolution. America, TRUE America, has been completely forgotten by the world, its history buried and re-written, its achievements replaced by atrocities, its legacy corrupted by the same evil it was born to fight, the snake become the eagle that hunts it. I struggled to believe it when I found out J.Stark who made the FGC-9 was actually some Kurdish Kraut, that all this time the most based 3d gun print designer and most based individual I knew of, who literally died for the ideals of personal freedom of speech and self-protection, was so far and away from the stereotypical wasp american. The truth is the founding fathers never invented their ideas, they merely discovered it and those ideas can get buried, corrupted, (((subverted))), yet never killed. They will always be here for any human of any origin with the right wit and will to prescribe for, to fight for, to die for. I've spent too long fucking around without actually fighting back for my country, too long acting like the battle is already lost without even trying, too long pretending like those who fight the good fight are the exception rather than just those doing what is necessary, too long getting embarrassed by comparison to those so american with so little roots like roof koreans. America might have been (((corrupted))) and it might be in the middle of having its masters self-destruct it, and it might be deserving for our own lack of balls to do anything about it as it ravaged the world for so long. But the ideas behind it matters, the innocent people living here matter, the old America matters. And even if its a pointless fight and we are truly are doomed, I will fight for what is left of America, because it matters to me.
>>55745 My understanding is the globe is still cooling after the 1910s peak and we're going to go into a soft iceage anyway, so heating is actually desirable if you want to maintain current temperatures. Nobody has a consistent standard of temperature measurement over anywhere the size of a large nation this side of the 50s so I think strictly speaking we don't know, but historical data suggested that we were cooling (and empirically, the dustbowl years did end).
>>55764 More or less agreed. IIRC any kind of global warming is solely a net benefit to humanity until about 2050-70 and doesn't start having to balance the good with the bad until about the 100s at our current geoengineering rates. That can probably get extended out 200 years if hydrocarbon power plants get swapped with nuclear ones. Was just curious about the proposal of dumping sulfur aerosol into the upper atmosphere in a controlled manner to reverse the effects as a stop-gap if necessary. I read that ship pollution was actually cooling the ocean and all of these anti-pollution campaigns for cargo ships have lead to ocean heating over the last few decades.
>>55753 Based. Godspeed, Strelok.
>>55745 >>55764 >so heating is actually desirable if you want to maintain current temperatures. Speak for yourself. Not to over generalize from a small sample size here but the last few summers seemed awfully hot here in the Cascadia region. Nothing special by TX or FL or even CA standards, and summer heatwaves aren't exactly uncommon here but AC never did feel like a necessity around here before. Then again we were wearing jackets here last June, so maybe the average over the year isn't different but something definitely feels off. Not defending the alarmist climate change bullshit, but I'm not going to ignore my own gut either >the dustbowl years did end That was primarily due to retarded farming practices for the area, if the hadn't fucked up the grasslands soil as much those storms wouldn't haven been picking up all that dust in the first place. >>55766 >dumping sulfur aerosol into the upper atmosphere in a controlled manner to reverse the effects as a stop-gap if necessary I'm no climate rocket surgerist, no comment on the theory behind it, but this totally sounds like a setup for bad unintended consequences. In any case it's going to be a stupid-expensive boondoggle.
Open file (26.12 KB 500x375 M0Wo4vW1.jpg)
Open file (21.18 KB 500x281 F6tx3LYXcAADZcR.jpg)
Open file (65.39 KB 500x668 F6toeEMWQAARcSN.jpg)
>>55773 This is just an excuse for more surveillance of the useless eaters, the criminal class is too essential in this phase of the self-destruction to actually do anything about other than abject support and immunity. This is small news after they legalized explosive bots a while back, even if remote controlled they still pave the way to armed robot enforcers for (((our democracy)))
Open file (526.81 KB 2194x1429 1467859477486-1.jpg)
>>55764 >>55766 >>55771 If you really want to fix global warming then it's as simple as a) embrace nuclear and b) build a couple of Pleistocene Parks >>>/comfy/7281
>>55776 >after they legalized explosive bots a while back Was the Houston proto-BLM groid the first incident? IIRC, it was a pizza delivery gone high order.
>>55771 >Cascadia weather Strelok, at least for the Colorado river states, they go through 250 year cycles of extreme drought and wetness. Last "wet" cycle peaked in the 1920s/30s during the analysis for the Hoover Dam. I think the western portion of the cascades gets something similar. Eastern portion between Cascades and rockies is another beast entirely. That's subalpine like Tibetan plateau but semiarid and minus the extreme altitude. As for climate... They look in 50 year intervals not 1 year intervals so it's gonna be a while before they see the data change.
>>55787 That was an interesting read, thanks Strelok, it's such a counter-intuitive idea that grazing animals should shape the grasslands this way. Also I don't know why but northern steppe grasslands just feel comfy and calming, how does such a cold and barren place just feel.. so right?
>>55794 >Strelok, at least for the Colorado river states, they go through 250 year cycles of extreme drought and wetness. Last "wet" cycle peaked in the 1920s/30s during the analysis for the Hoover Dam. Source? Just looking to learn more.
Open file (1.23 MB 320x180 mfw.gif)
Open file (722.32 KB 1962x2005 doggerland.jpg)
Open file (1.19 MB 2166x1212 Doggerland3er_en (2).png)
>>55838 >it's such a counter-intuitive idea that grazing animals should shape the grasslands this way Elephants continue to to the same thing in Africa. If it weren't for them all the savannas would have turned into acacia forest. >Also I don't know why but northern steppe grasslands just feel comfy and calming, how does such a cold and barren place just feel.. so right? Come home white man. >>55794 >>55839 There's even longer cycles in the desert southwest. There's large areas that are desert now but under a slightly different parts of the climate oscillation turn into large shallow lakes. That's the reason why there's little populations of rare pupfish allover the place there in in tiny little nooks.
So they just unilaterally destroyed Trump's business in NY without trial and the stupid judge claims his Mar-a-Lago property (Trump values at $350 million estimates say it's worth $1.5 billion) is only worth $18 million.
Open file (3.87 MB 192x144 neco arc monsters.mp4)
Open file (1.18 MB 492x480 no more money.mp4)
>>55908 Extremely based democrats, destroying their political opposition by now allow them to make money or own business. >So they just unilaterally destroyed Trump's business in NY without trial From what I understand, blumpf may have been slightly deciteful about the size of his properties. However, just about everyone selling restate in New York does this. If they had gone after everyone I'd actually kind of respect them but it's exclusively applying to trump. Once again, based democrats for going after their political opposition and taking away their wealth. >and the stupid judge claims his Mar-a-Lago property (Trump values at $350 million estimates say it's worth $1.5 billion) is only worth $18 million. I've never personally been to Mar-a-Lago. From what you know on this subject, do you believe trump?
>>55909 >From what you know on this subject, do you believe trump? I believe he wasn't doing anything everyone else wasn't already doing. More importantly for me is the "no trial" part. Mar-a-Lago is low-end 17 acres of beachfront property in an area where the surrounding residential homes go for ~$50 million for half an acre of land, and an empty lot nearby is valued at about $250 million for 2 acres of property.
>>55853 More of an alpine subarctic forest guy myself. Could it be turkroach genes from the Altai?
>>55909 >another seething nazi incel faggot doing "DR3 IS REEL THAT IS WHY IT IS BAZED" kill yourself
>>55839 >Sause Ugh. I should've saved the source, it was from a Interior department briefing in adoption of a drought rule while I was writing a buisness proposal. They seemed to have quietly removed it from the post (I will go through my autisim files): https://www.doi.gov/pressreleases/interior-department-announces-next-steps-protect-stability-and-sustainability-colorado Here's the closest ones I can find though. I may have mixed up the 200 number with something else, but the cycle is at minium 100 years to my recollection- the Pacific Decadal Oscillation was only part of it and it needs at least 2 for a full cycle of dry OR wet (not both). Do keep in mind that a lot of this is speculative since we've been monitoring the Colorado for only ~100 years. Here's a few sources. Some of them go full in on climate change retardation (we wuz polluters n sheet) but ignore that. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2007. Colorado River Basin Water Management: Evaluating and Adjusting to Hydroclimatic Variability. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. https://doi.org/10.17226/11857. Chapter 96 >For example, after a period of less variability for several decades in the mid-20th century, there has been a tendency toward greater variability in the latter decades of the 20th century. The past 30 years of data include the highest and lowest annual precipitation in the 100-year record, and there has been a tendency toward multiyear episodes of both wet and dry conditions. Some years in the early and mid-1980s were at least as wet as the period that preceded the signing of the Colorado River Compact. Prior to the early 21st century drought, the driest comparable 5-year consecutive interval was the 1950s drought. The only other comparable 5-year dry period was at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Despite these variations, there is no significant trend in interannual variability of precipitation over the past 110 years. See this PDF. Source: Find the "Decadal and multi-decadal oscillations" section. Also this: https://pubs.usgs.gov/fs/2004/3062/ >In the mid-1990s, scientists identified another ocean temperature pattern, this one occurring in the extratropical Pacific Ocean north of 20ºN (Mantua and Hare, 2002), which was named the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO). The PDO varies or oscillates on a decadal scale of 30-50 years for the total cycle [...] >The length of observational records of climate and hydro-logic conditions in the Colorado River basin is generally less than 100 years. Researchers, however, generally prefer to assess episodes like drought, which have a multiyear character, using time frames of centuries rather than decades. One way to do so is to extend the observational records of climate using proxy records; that is, to use variables that are indicative of climate, such as annual bands in coral, lake sediment deposits, and tree-ring widths, for which much longer records exist. Analyses of tree rings have been used extensively to reconstruct the history of drought in the United States for the past 800 years. Tree-ring reconstructions of precipitation in northern Utah (Gray and others, in press) indicate that, since 1226 A.D., nine droughts have occurred lasting 15-20 years and four droughts have occurred lasting more than 20 years. Moreover, tree-ring records indicate that some past droughts in the Colorado River basin persisted for several decades (Meko and others, 1995). Such findings from the tree-ring record, coupled with new findings about the connection between the AMO and drought frequency (McCabe and others, 2004), suggest that the current drought could continue for several more years. Alternatively, the three droughts that affected the basin during the 20th century (Fig. 3) each lasted from 4 to 11 years, indicating that the current dry conditions could shift to wetter conditions at any time.
>>55920 He's being facetious. It's a joke. In any case he's not completely wrong from an accelerationist standpoint. If the globalist Democrats want to threaten to destroy the lives of their political opponents and NeoCons are hellbent o supporting them, then the freedom faction will become outright brutal in getting rid of their enemies when the pendulum swings instead of milquetoast.
>>55920 >types like a woman >french flag Imagine my surprise.
Turns out the guy who blunt-force-trauma murdered that woke female tech CEO was a nigger with previous torture & rape charges that was released early.
Open file (15.13 KB 474x333 joe biden sleepig.jpg)
>>55920 (^: >>55911 That's a rather interesting point that's being made. I wonder if they'll actually go through with it without giving him a trial. There's actually this guy who formerly lived in New York Called Louis Rossman. He has a business where he repairs computers, laptops, and phones. During his time in New York he attempted to buy a place for his business. He had a device with him that allows him to easily measure the length and width of the room. Every single time he did this, the place turned out to be smaller than what was listed. This was quite harmful because many times, these places were asking for $10,000 a month for his business. Keep in mind, he has over 50 videos showing this off. >>55951 I'm definitely not an accelerationist in that kind of way but I think it would be rather interesting to actually see if they lock trump up. Would trump being locked up cause a civil war? Are the neocons worse than the democrats? >>55954 Heh.
>>55969 >I wonder if they'll actually go through with it without giving him a trial. If I'm reading the news correctly the judge already has. There's going to be a hearing for something unrelated but he's effectively ordered the judicial dissolution of Trump's assets. Trump will obviously appeal but it's a civil trial so things work a little differently. And yeah, Rossman came to mind when I saw the ruling. >Would trump being locked up cause a civil war? I don't think it would necessarily cause a civil war, but it would result in young men seeing the federal government as illegitimate. That's the kind of thing that takes several generations or genocide to mend. It doesn't guarantee a civil war, but it certainly fast tracks you towards one. >Are the neocons worse than the democrats? Four years ago I would have said something like "Democrats are racing off a cliff with the doors unlocked, and Neocons are driving towards the same cliff at the speed limit and with child safety locks turned on." These days I don't know. I think the Neocons are currently worse because they suffer from spoiled brat syndrome where they will inevitably try and tear the whole thing down because making sure nobody gets the proverbial pie because they took a fat shit in it is better in their mind than letting people who disagree with them get slices of it. Neocons worry me because they are actively fighting a civil war against the Freedom Faction and are tying up resources on their frivolous bullshit. The Democrats are genetic dead-ends who are losing the school choice battle while simultaneously sterilizing their young. Math dictates the future will be conservative in the next 10-30 years. So while they shriek increasingly loudly and beat their fists against the concrete pillars of society, they've destroyed their own tools necessary to destroy the pillars in the name of "progress" and their hands are bloody/broken from the chaos they have sown; they will slowly die off or go out in a blaze.
>>55974 >Neocons worry me because they are actively fighting a civil war against the Freedom Faction and are tying up resources on their frivolous bullshit. The Democrats are genetic dead-ends who are losing the school choice battle while simultaneously sterilizing their young. Math dictates the future will be conservative in the next 10-30 years. So while they shriek increasingly loudly and beat their fists against the concrete pillars of society, they've destroyed their own tools necessary to destroy the pillars in the name of "progress" and their hands are bloody/broken from the chaos they have sown; they will slowly die off or go out in a blaze. Yeah I kind of have the same feelings. I don't really fear the Democrats because they are so reality averse and incompetent because of that reason that they can't really succeed in taking over. Worst case scenario with them is that you have some degree of the French Revolution + Reign of Terror and then subsequent Thermidorian reaction that that brings the mess to an end. Neocons on the other hand are just competent enough to install hell on earth and make it work if they aren't countered. Else that or they destroy everything in revenge for not being allowed to get their way. I fear corrupted conservativism far more than loony leftism.
Feinstein has logged out of Earth.
How good is Jagged Alliance 3? I missed that they even made another game.
>>55773 These machines work in Japan and would work in Canada and even Europe. They would not work anywhere in America. When a Canadian team wanted to add an American length to its civilian globetrotting hitchhiking bot's tour, it was killed almost immediately on the East Coast after having survived multiple tours through multiple cultures before this. Philadelphians had striped and decapitated it. >>56047 It's not good. The writing is bad, many of the new characters are California stereotypes, and mercenaries have special abilities.
>>55969 >Would trump being locked up cause a civil war? Civil Wars are terminal symptoms of existing issues. There are not enough laws seen as bad by the public for this event to cause a second civil war. The argument that vaccine mandates qualify for this is easily dismissible because they weren't nationwide and have been easily removed or ignored. American's definitely won't cause a civil war because of taxes. There is no one in the federal government who insinuates the possibility of secession for reasons other than fear of sedition charges. Transsexuals in education and other social issues may be combated at the state-level or in the Supreme Court. A theoretical civil war would need to be preceded by many high-profile imprisonments for crimes the public sees as unjust (think Trump and his cabinet, not just Trump), intense economic downturn (something between 1929 and 2008, not 2020), multiple overturns by Congress and the President of Supreme Court rulings and states for mostly social issues (not just codified abortion, but codified gay marriage, presidential powers, court expansion, no-ID voting laws, and immigration), violent civil unrest by parties who find these actions intolerable, failure in military conflicts, and direct provocative action by leadership (something Biden is incapable of but Harris would do for ego reasons). This isn't a blackpill, it's a historical pattern. The first civil war didn't happen just because Lincoln was elected. It was the actions of the government since the War of 1812 (or the immediate aftermath of the Revolutionary War) and into the beginning of Lincoln's presidency. Trump's imprisonment is a far flung spark for a civil war because he or his team would have to go completely against their characters and call for one . They won't unless the RNC stops him from participating from prison, but the RNC dreads the phrase "third party" right now. We're more likely to see "the Dissolution of the Republican Party" than "the Second American Civil War". The more realistic scenario for contribution to the chances of civil war is Trump running from prison and losing. Even then, it would be something like the Tariff of Abominations than Lincoln's administration.
>>56073 Different strelok but the only other civil war capable issue may be immigration. Thats really a long ways off until the border states get fed up assuming they will and go "why the fuck am I paying into the union which is failing to do one of the few outline roles in the consitution"(common defense). That also assumes the border states actually vote in people hellbent on forcing the issue, something I find unlikely. Or the US looses a war with China over Taiwan. I don't think the US gov can survive a blow like that if China by a miracle sinks half the USN carrier force.

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