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Open file (146.35 KB 256x192 elitebeatdance.gif)
Open file (2.88 MB 225x194 gurugurudance.gif)
NRA is going down Strelok 08/06/2020 (Thu) 16:55:42 No.4759
New York is finally going after the NRA for its blatant, public, mismanagement. Everything that happens to them is entirely their own fault since they could have moved the charter to virtually any other state years ago. http://archive.vn/wip/WcqpA http://archive.vn/wip/mgXGV Can't wait for all the money they're embezzling to start flowing to real 2A groups.
>implying they'd ever actually go after such a good controlled opposition group >implying this isn't an excuse to launder and embezzle even more money >implying other gun rights orgs aren't more worried about not looking racist than actually defeating gun laws That rally fiasco in VA should have tipped you off that none of these organizations actually gives a fuck about gun rights, it's all political posturing and virtue signaling about nazis and racism. Use your money to buy more ammo and equipment instead of wasting it on politicuckery.
>>4767 agreed, but it would be beneficial if the boomerbux went to a slightly less destructive organization.
>>4769 Beneficial in the same way how republiniggers don't immediately accept libshit policies. The end result of the game is the same either way, you either stop playing it or accept the manufactured outcome.
>>4769 That implies the eventual former NRA heads won't call the GOA and such 'extremist organizations' and get every 80 IQ, 80 year old boomer to donate their pension instead to the new "National .45 ACP and 30-06 Association", founded by LaPierre and Co.
>>4771 >>4775 Well, worst case the world keeps on burning. Not all of us are quite onboard with accelerationism, but I get closer every day
>>4759 >"The NRA now lobbies heavily against all forms of gun control" >"It relies on, and staunchly defends, a disputed interpretation of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, which it argues gives US citizens the rights to bear arms." t. BBC This is the image the mainstream media paints of the NRA. This is what most people think the NRA is. If the NRA dies, then in the eyes of most people it is the defeat of the pro-gun lobby as a whole. If the suit is successful and the NRA is declared so corrupt it must be dismantled, then it to most people it means the pro-gun movement as a whole is corrupt, and that it must be dismantled.
Open file (448.02 KB 663x959 uk-tesco-pumpkin1.png)
>>4778 >disputed >gives US citizens the rights to bear arms That's literally how it's written. Brits don't understand liberty at all, do they? What do we expect from "subjects" versus "citizens?"
>>4780 Are journokikes even real brits though? If you infer the character of a people from its metropolitan jewish media you'll get a distorted view. See the schism over brexit, something that passed with 1:10 odds in political futures markets. The map is not the territory, etc.
>>4783 Brits are vehemently against knives of any kind, nevermind guns.
>>4778 >a disputed interpretation of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, which it argues gives US citizens the rights to bear arms. >disputed Even the supreme Court in 2007 reconfirmed that that's exactly what it means and the SC does everything in its power to avoid commenting or reviewing anything to do with the Second Amendment.
>>4790 >t. amerimutt Traditional british culture involved children having airguns to hunt game to each. Most people in the countryside (who aren't townies with a second home) have firearms. Bongs love of country sports is what built into Americlap gun humping fetish. The elites and media hate them because they're all jewy fucks who want to destroy anything traditional. Also because you're a cunt. England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have very different people and cultures in them. When you say Britain it's like saying Canada and the USA are the same place, and we both know Canada isn't that brown.
>>4791 Disputed doesn't mean right or wrong. It simply means there are people who disagree with it.
>>4793 >and we both know Canada isn't that brown Somebody hasn't been to Canada recently.
>>4795 the GTA isn't part of canada, anon. It's part of hell, manifesting itself onto earth
>>4790 That's your virtualized perception of reality.
Open file (277.89 KB 719x489 brit.jpg)
>>4780 >being an unironic citizenfag Citizens are rootless scum whose life revolves around money and they will slowly blend any and all laws in order to make more money. And bongs are subjects only in name, they weren't disarmed by a monarch but by their parliament. And parliament is something created by citizens and for citizens. If anything, their problem is that the royal family is just a bunch of useless cunts with no real power who are only there to dance to the tune of their citizen masters.
>>4794 Sure, but everything is disputed by somebody. It's clear they are writing with this language to push an agenda. Gives them a nice cover of plausible deniability though.
Open file (1.71 MB 332x182 goddance.gif)
http://archive.vn/wip/hEgjm NY is getting Hammer too.
>>4767 I doubt this is more than political posturing. Don't DAs usually issue indictments not file lawsuits? If that is the case then at the very least they don't have enough evidence for a criminal trial. Please note I an not a lawyer and this could be some kind of case with totally different rules.
>lukewarm fudd org dissolved Don't let the niggress AG know she's doing us a favor.
>>4798 >parliament is something created by citizens and for citizens >implying any of us are actually citizens You’re saying that names and titles are meaningless in terms of what makes a subject and citizen, so how can we be citizens if we aren’t actually ruled by ourselves but by an oligarchy of “lords”? Also >wanting to be a subject on /k/
>>4778 The BBC are considered a joke even among the normalfag population of the UK. At this point it's actually actively beneficial for them to push negative points about anything because everyone knows it means the opposite.
>>4840 Subject vs citizen is irrelevant, what matters is the right and duty to overthrow your system of government when it starts to betray fundamental rights and principles. That goes whether it's a monarchy, a democracy (or 'democracy') or whatever else. Absolute monarchy proved weak to putting dictators in charge and was replaced with representative democracy. That's proved week to widespread social engineering turning 1 man = 1 vote into an easily manipulated tool so it needs to be replaced too. I'm no monarchist but the benefit of monarchy vs the current system of democracy is a monarch inherently has the requirement to think further ahead than the next election, even to the point of generations ahead, while the average politician cares far more for poll numbers than they do destroying the nation for the next generation. If a monarch introduces a policy that means people 40 years from now will be deformed/poor or whatever then their line will at best have to resolve that problem and at worst will lose their throne. If a politician does the same thing they'll likely be long dead or at least retired by the time it's an issue and the odds are their party won't even be in government so they can directly blame the current government for the problems. If you want an example of this consider western nations destroying their industrial base by offshoring to shitholes to provide short term on-paper economic benefits, if you had to worry about strategic security long term you'd baulk at the idea your country should lose the potential to make fucking medical masks never mind weaponry without shipping it halfway around the world and yet here we are. He's also not wrong about parliament being the source of the disarmament Remember that the burger right to bear arms is directly based, almost word for word, on an English (rather than British, for historical reasons) act of parliament that was later overruled. You can sort of prevent that by hardcoding or de facto hardcoding some right like the US constitution but even there eventually the march of technology will provide opportunities to subvert that intent. And again this doesn't mean monarchy is the answer but pure democracy is clearly weak to subversion of the educational and cultural institutions that should lead to an educated population who can prevent a gradual erosion of their rights.
>>4841 The problem is the baby boomers refuse to turn the BBC off. They see the anti-white propaganda, the hatred for them and they still tune in 3 times a day. They still believe the lies. It's like a battered house wife who knows "bring me a sandwich" means "I'm going to sodomize you with a garden gnome" and the moment she hears it she runs in with a sandwich, shocked when she gets ass raped.
>>4842 The bigger inherent issue is the fact you need to re-balance the government in the terms of centralization vs decentralization American civil war was a good example, Spanish civil war too, and wipe out the politically entrenched every few generations because they become irrational and hedonistic in the sense you get shit like charles II of spain. Monarchies are inherently easier to replace since there is a physical head. To refresh the US government? Good luck cleaning house in the Senate, house, executive, supreme court fed reserve and all their state counter parts without a fight to the death from the entrenched.
>>4840 All citizens are equal, just some must be more equal than others am I right goy?
>>4845 It's hard for them to conceive of any other form of media than TV and newspapers to be fair. For them it'd be like cutting yourself off of society entirely.
>>4846 That's also true. In my opinion that's why term limits are flawed as well as real power just drops to the next highest office that isn't limited, or to the party as an organisation/the party infrastructure rather than the people who are actually elected. Better to have those who have the power visible and accountable than to artificially limit their power and create a hidden power behind them. Particularly the USA and the UK are both good examples of what happens when populations that were previously revolutionary get complacent for even a generation or two.
>>4853 Empire destroys revolution and distracts from internal decay. The wealth from conquest is used to placate the population when they resist arrangements that are against their own interests. Rome with bread and circuses, Britain with colonial luxuries and propaganda, America with foreign imports and globalized culture. Those that gained from the rise by attempting to forestall any decline and their fall make it inevitable.
>>4846 >To refresh the US government? Good luck cleaning house in the Senate, house, executive, supreme court fed reserve and all their state counter parts without a fight to the death from the entrenched. Yeah in America the only way we could get refreshed is by secession or by complete and total collapse.
Open file (131.88 KB 1366x768 1588202995111.jpg)
>>4845 I have never been sodomized by a garden gnome before but I can't think of a better description for the feeling I have after watching television. It isn't pleasant for anyone and is so absurd just wondering "Why?" doesn't cut it anymore. I know Elvis supposedly shot TVs but how rich would you have to be to summarily execute any TV that has the audacity to be on in your presence and get away with it?
>>4854 Pretty much. A war distracts the population from internal problems too.
Open file (11.97 KB 310x163 Wilson.jpg)
>>4861 The wars also result from the policies to pacify the population. In order to obtain the resources to satisfy the plebs at the lowest expense military image is used to extort them from abroad. This leads to foreign discontent and rebellion, which the plebs are then called to put down with the promise they will be rewarded with the spoils. They get shilled that it will be easy due to their superiority in material but also contradictingly that it is a dire threat to the national body. Neither is true but both are necessary to defend the lies of the political court. Army gets mauled, war costs more than anyone planned, soldiers get nothing in the end because the top gets paid first. There is no reckoning of leadership and no accounting of grievances; the objective was to conserve the decay for another generation.
>>4853 TBH the biggest hurdle to any sort of entrenched tyranny is true "education". I'm not talking the current tier bs they pull, I'm talking someone who has been very well versed in history (to see the mistakes of the past), logic (to deduce the fallacies they use), and rhetoric (because muh ad hominem). It's scarry how we are mirroring the later Roman republic era, especially if you subsitute the rape/racist allegations with sexual deviancy being a bottom gay bitch in roman courts... The question is, who is Marius and who is Sulla? >>4863 The question is has the US reached the limits of spoils that can be acquired from abroad with relative ease? I think the answer is no. Not for another few years I think.
>>4872 The US could still attain the spoils if it focused on one enemy at a time, however when its forces are stretched across the globe, like when the Roman Army became a giant border guard, it decays as a warfighting force to become an occupation force. Diminishing returns at the frontier and internal disorder would force the return of military forces from abroad to maintain domestic order. The curtailment of democratic rights would further continue to preserve government power. The US would ironically become much like the authoritarian regimes it loves to criticize, and the likelihood is that a fall will take many years as such an arrangement can be maintained for decades before meeting its fate. The party system will be of no difference as both serve the same interests, the allegiance of leadership holding purely nominal value. Like the Western Roman Empire plodding along while its citizens became the indentured serfs of the medieval era, though one can only guess at the force which would end central authority in Washington. Perhaps a corporate coup executed by disloyal mercenary companies, as such a conspiracy against the presidency had existed before. At present the United States government derives its legitimacy at a surface level from the consent of the governed, but once the governed have been converted into slaves their consent will no longer be of necessity for effective rule.

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