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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

QTDDTOT Strelok 02/06/2023 (Mon) 06:32:04 No.47376
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Previous thread: >>21645 Old one is bump locked and dead.
>>47376 Could the United States technically "win" a nuclear war against Russia if it were a first strike attack? What would the realistic death toll and damage of such a war be?
>>47382 russia has 1/4 the population density of ameriga, so there'd have to be a ot more ICBMs spread out across a larger area. addiotnally, the longer they're in the air, the higher chance they have of being intercepted/shot down before reaching their target. if one does go off before reaching its target it's likely to be over a barren icy wasteland than a densely populated area. whereas when russia enacts Dead Hand they can lob a nuke in just about any direction and delete the entire west coast, since their missiles will be streaking across open ocean as opposed to a massive landmass where you can put proper military installations. now that i'm thinking about it i hope King Joe pushes them into nuclear war just so we can scrub cali/oregon/washington off the country and instantly make it 10x better.
>>47383 The majority (75%) of Russia's population is concentrated in European Russia. Learn how averages work Paco
Open file (324.60 KB 600x800 1630252954233.png)
>>47388 Hell, I think I heard the other day that like 10% live in the Moscow metro area alone. Hit that and St. Petersburg and you're probably looking at Russia crippled for generations. Not that I'm cheering for that eventuality mind you. >>47383 >i hope King Joe pushes them into nuclear war just so we can scrub cali/oregon/washington off the country and instantly make it 10x better. You make a compelling case kek.
Where does one obtain a genuine a Japanese Katana? All the ones I find online are mostly from China, S-Korea, or the Philippines. I'm fine with a knock off mountain gook or Pinoy Katana if that's all I can get and they're actually built solid like a tank but I wanna know if a proper Nippon sword is even an option or unobtainium much like brass cased 5.45 is since forever I guess. >>47383 >>47382 This >>47388 Technically speaking and this is a gross over simplification but you just need to wipe out Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad, and a few military bases and mining an factory cities effectively behead the country, yeah that still leaves plenty of people still alive in the vast Siberian landscape but those are mostly just Tatars, Kazakhs, Mongols, and Ashkenazi Jews all of whom are either indifferent to the Russian state or sometimes even hate it but even so I doubt they'd like living through the fallout either. And this is assuming we even get more than half of our ancient stockpile of Minute Man missiles past their defenses which have in past conflicts have proven themselves to actually be pretty effective, but like we've seen with Israel's Iron Dome any air defense system no matter how good can be overwhelmed if you throw enough shit at your enemy so lobbing non nuclear missiles as well could be a legitimate strategy. The United States and our retarded gay hat (Leafland) on the other hand is better off actually since our population density is a lot more spread out thanks to our more diverse continental climates which gives people more options on where they can live even with the fact our country is smaller by comparison. That said though I really REALLY doubt Russia is gonna waste it's nukes on American cities. Foreign and domestic American sea ports an military bases, government buildings like the Pentagon, and strategic infrastructure like oil wells, lithium mines, refining centers, as well as critical roads, train tracks, and bridges that keep the continental US connected are what I believe Russia would strike first since it would basically cripple us. In fact we'd probably be worse off if Russia choose not to glass cities like LA or Portland. So despite all the problems I listed above with Russia I'm under the impression the Russians would 'win' at least in the short term even if America strikes first, for one thing their population is actually trained for nuclear warfare and their citizens have access to tax funded bunkers that are open to everyone not just Bill Gates and his posy, we on the other hand are a lot more decedent even excluding the red necks and crazy doomsday preppers eagerly waiting to be vindicated for spending millions of dollars on arsenal rooms and bunkers in their backyard but the rest are soft and will go batshit insane when they can't post on their vanity on Instagram or watch nigger porn. The wars that would come after nuclear exchange would be pretty predictable though. Russia's greatest strength is being surrounded by a whole lotta nothing and barren deserts which is why they focus on having a ton of tanks where as America/US's greatest strength is being surrounded by two huge vast oceans which is why we focus on having a huge navy and we already proved ineffective against the Taliban so occupying Russia isn't realistic at all. Both sides of that conflict would probably back any radical militant group willing to Kill Russians/Americans at the time regardless of their morality, Maybe Russia would make an attempt at re-annexing Alaska and would be heavily reliant on Chinese and North Korean navy ships assuming China's ship ports aren't glassed to by the end of such an exchange and I imagine we'd retaliate by trying to re-annex those formally Japanese islands that the Imperial army annexed for the lolz and then lost to Russia who re-annex them for the lolz. Why? Because this would be a post apocalypse America so I doubt our greatest concern is gonna be whatever the fuck is going on in Eastern Europe or Central Asia at the time and the N.A.T.O. remnants would probably just get absorbed into Poland's Neo Lithuanian commonwealth or something retarded like that. Also keep in mind it won't just be Russian nukes but likely some North Korean nukes too, I'm not sure about China though I'm sure they'd be tempted of course but maybe they'll try and declare themselves neutral and let their neighbors handle the dirty work if they feel like they can get away with that untouched and then take advantage of everyone being reduced into a pile of rubble and start annexing more shit afterwords. Well if that ever happens may the best retarded Mutt race win I guess. Well that's my stupid head cannon anyway, feel free to call me a retarded faggot if you disagree though.
>>47394 >Where does one obtain a genuine a Japanese Katana? The answer might be to go to Nippon and commission one in person from one of the few blacksmiths that still make them the traditional way. Wee bit of a problem is that swords there seem to be more strictly regulated than guns in Europe, so there is a good chance he'd say no even if you hired a lawyer or two to make sure that the paperwork is okay.
Open file (237.17 KB 2592x1728 wm_6556546.jpg)
>>47395 >Wee bit of a problem is that swords there seem to be more strictly regulated than guns in Europe, Japan's weird with it's ancient anti Samurai laws that I think it's easier to own an actual gun there funnily enough, well easy for that nations standards anyway but citizens there are able to own 22 rifles and shotguns if they go through a mountain of paper work from what I understand. A lot of Browning's shotguns such as their Citori are actually made there. Well that's a shame but I guess if I really REALLY wanted a Nippon katana I could just buy a plane ticket for a blacksmith to come to the US and make a wakizashi style katana me here, maybe three katanas since I'd already go through all the hassle that way I have two more as gifts for my brothers. I guess I'll consider that option.
>>47394 >I wanna know if a proper Nippon sword is even an option or unobtainium While they are technically obtainable if you're willing to pay a fortune, they are borderline unobtainium due to weird Japanese laws. Japanese blacksmiths are by law only allowed to make a certain number of 'sharp' blades a year, and it's some absurdly low number like 500. This includes any form of blade ranging from Katana to kitchen knives. Considering that 'traditional artisan knives' are actually a huge thing in the Japanese restaurant business that the chefs are willing to pay a lot of money for, you can imagine where 99.9% of their limited allowances are going to go. ...And relocating the blacksmith to the US is not even remotely an option if you want a traditional katana, since you'd have to move his entire smithy and convince the blacksmith to immigrate. It doesn't matter where the blade is made, what matters is his citizenship. That's why most katana on the market are made by gaijin, the best of them go to Japan and have traditional blacksmiths teach them how to make the swords. This is legal because the gaijin are not bound by that limit and technically speaking the blacksmiths themselves aren't actually making the blades.
>>47405 Well if you have the financial wherewithall to conduct such a contract, then why not just hire a buyer to find you an authentic Nipponese katana, probably even a relic, by other means? Simpler & cheaper, I'd say. >sage b/c OP
Where should I hide the drill or any power tools? Tools are going to be picked up by dad and put in the work truck so when I need it. Should I permanently scratch my name on the tools I buy so I dad won't steal it when I am working? I can't find the drill and I know it has been "borrowed" because the charger is also gone.
>>47426 In the boot of your car if you have one. If you are poor or underage and living with your dad then it will be hard to protect your tools without confronting him about it. This is the best way to solve the issue though, rather being a passive-aggressive woman about it and hiding things from him which are rightfully yours anyway. I know dads can be assholes with their sense of entitlement but treat it as a step towards manhood. He might even start to respect you if you can discuss this with him in a calm but assertive manner.
>>47382 >>47383 >>47394 The answer is no. Russia has the Dead Hand/Perimeter so if they get a decapitation strike the system will Macross fire every single ICBM into NATO territory until the silos are empty and there won't be anyone to turn them off.
>>47455 >what is second strike capability >fire every single ICBM into NATO leaving you defenseless to chinks Nu-/k/ needs to die
>>47394 I think this place has the real deal. https://www.higotora.com/ >>47456 It's a 'fail deadly'. It's only is suppose to activate in the event of a complete decapitation strike to ensure second strike capability.
Open file (466.46 KB 431x125 AMD Intel and Nvidia.gif)
>>47455 >>47457 This >>47456 Dr. Strangelove is a good movie anon but that's not exactly how nuclear Armageddon would play out IRL entirely. That does make me wonder what Russia's war plan is if they survive nuclear exchange even if just barely only to have the PLA start annexing land for the LOLz. Obviously they've thought about it but we'll never no the details since currently Russia needs cheaply manufactured tanks and China needs cheap Russian oil and natural gas. >>47457 >I think this place has the real deal. Neat thanks anon, I'll check it out.
>>47382 Define "win." If you mean subjugating the other country, America "wins" by default if they nuke pretty much any nuclear-armed nation on earth because they just have that many more of them. The cost of starting one would be reducing the number of digits on America's population count from 9 down to the lower end of 8 and greenlighting the use of nuclear weapons by basically every currently unarmed nation on earth who can afford the basic facilities (almost all of them including the African ones) and can obtain ore (most of them). >>47394 >Katana They are limited and registered in a database in Japan so short of being a billionaire or a politician they don't leave the country and show up for auction even less. You'd be best off looking in Poland since they have good swordsmiths who are affordable on online shops.
>>47462 >would be reducing the number of digits on America's population count from 9 down to the lower end of 8 >this is your mind on ostrich There is no """limited""" nuclear exchange. Either it remains no more than a handful of very small tactical explosions (and why would you, when FOAB/MOAB are a thing), or it's utter destruction of humanity. There's no in-between, Strelok, despite what (((they))) tell you to think.
>>47464 {=?"They"ۦ& are living rent-free in your head. Even if every country on earth fired their entire arsenal at America there are not enough nukes to reduce the population much below 10 million and the agricultural land will remain largely unaffected by the nuclear exchange. There will still be about a hundred million Americans immediately alive afterwards, and 8-20 million Americans alive still in 2-3 years time. Nuclear armageddon is a meme. The immediate damage is high, but the radiation is virtually harmless after 1-6 months depending on geological/climate factors unless you build your house directly on top of a blast site.
>>47465 >and the agricultural land will remain largely unaffected by the nuclear exchange >what is wind You have to go back
>>47468 >He fell for the fallout meme Don't you have a twatter feed to post on? Fallout is the big lie by government to scare you into thinking they can't have a nuclear exchange for humanitarian reasons. The truth is, as I said above, fallout clears out within about two weeks (at most) to less-than-lethal levels with one good rainstorm reducing it in hours/days, and within three months to cancer-by-50 levels. Plants are largely unaffected by fallout unlike animals. It's not my fault you fell for the corporatist meme meant to keep the powers-that-be in power.
>>47469 hello yes where are the proofs
>>47470 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beta_decay Barium, caesium, cerium, and strontium represents the vast majority of byproducts that are of immediate concern and they all have half-lives of hours, weeks, or months. The atomic weight of nuclear isotopes means they quickly fall out of the air and the vast majority get washed away by the rain. The two main forms of decay are alpha (virtually harmless just wash your clothes and don't eat them) and beta (largely harmless after the first few months just wear disposable clothing outdoors). My proofs are common fucking sense if you know anything about chemistry/physics.
And for anon's sake, I'm not saying radiation isn't dangerous, I'm saying if you stay indoors for about 2-6 weeks and then wear a simple respirator (like those used for painting or construction) and wear disposable clothing, your chances of getting anything more severe than mild radiation sickness and cancer at 40/50 is slim to none. If you live close enough to a blast zone that your windows get blown out, then you probably have more immediate concerns with things like food shortages (from supply transit breakdown) causing riots or injury to your person from the blast rather than radiation itself.
>ITT: Radiation don't real! If you're lucky you'll live the initial blast. After a few days you'll wish you had caught that second wave. After a few weeks, you be writing as your gut ceases to function. In 90 days, you'll be a rotting like all the rest. That's if you're """lucky""". Antarctica? Maybe. Pretty much anywere else but maybe the middle of the open ocean? Strelok, I...
>>47475 Radiation don't real the way they taught you in propaganda classes, boomer. Fukushima and Nagasaki are doing just fine. Chernobyl had people farming prior to the war for god's sake. You can grow carrots im irradiated ground and they won't give you cancer. Radiation is a first world concern for countries not at war, and if you have to worry about it you probably have bigger issues. The primary threat of nuclear war is the immediate collapse of supply lines resulting in the equivalent population loss of every metropolitan area getting shelled with artillery in conventional warfare from starvation, disease, and the breakdown of society, not from nuclear radiation. You either live far enough away from the cities that radiation isn't a concern after one or two rainstorms, or you have bigger and more immediate concerns than your geiger counter ticking like mad.
>>47472 >what is Iodine 131 >what is gamma radiation Not gonna make it.
>>47376 >what is Iodine 131 The most easily counteracted isotope of them all with a half life of a week rendering it nearly harmless with precautions after about 14-20 days. >what is gamma radiation Something mainland US residents get 7-15x the dosage of Nagasaki from due to solar exposure and a meme outside of lasers and gamma-producing death meme cores NEXT!
>>47483 >The most easily counteracted isotope Yes *if* precautions are timely. It's also arguably one of the most harmful because the body confuses it for an essential element and puts it in the wrong places. >gamma radiation >7-15x the dosage of Nagasaki from due to solar exposure Gonna have to call for a source on them numbers. Assuming we're both on the same planet, the cosmic radiation in general (including the sun) is less than what we're getting from gorund/rocks and shit. I'm debating if it's worth bringing up radon here...
>>47376 A nigger and a kike pillow
If someone had the bright idea to post an invitation to your ArmA group in somewhere like crystal.cafe or lolcow.farm for a joke, what's the best thing to do to weather the shitstorm?
>>47552 I've never played, but can't you kick people out or stop accepting new members?
Open file (231.46 KB 900x900 Beach.png)
>>47525 >A nigger and a kike pillow Yes and a survivor militia man of the Ruby Ridge cluster fuck that happened all because some government firm wanted to sell the land to some Chinese shell corporation and justified the whole thing because of muh turtles and now it's a solar panel farm ya know since uninhabited land is just so uncommon in Eastern California and Nevada. Speaking of which anyone here have that webm of him shooting watermelons to save his kike gun pillow? Used to be on Jewtube but I guess Alphabet inc decided to delete it because they hate fun I guess.
>>47525 >He doesn't own a nigger and kike pillow Never gonna make it.
>>47525 tripfag worship is probably the faggiest thing in this world
Open file (553.43 KB 680x676 Connect Vietnam.png)
>>47393 Why is it that 90% of the Hooni posters I see or interact with are mentally ill faggots and huge attention whores? Not saying your one of them after all you could be the 1% for all I know but in my personal experience that's generally the norm.
Open file (124.29 KB 1023x893 1624137295983.jpg)
>>47773 Birds of a feather, Stre-chan. You should see the fandom from the inside, it's fuckin psychotic. Hardly surprising given the subject matter.
Open file (27.43 KB 400x490 smoking.jpg)
What would you say is the most efficient training program to turn dumb conscripts into competent soldiers? This is something that I've always been wondering, but lately with the Ukrainians being trained by NATO armies (brits in particular) it reawakened my interest tenfold. How do you take someone who a day ago probably didn't even know how to operate a break action shotgun and turn him into a man who operates proficiently under extreme stress? And roughly how long would the training program take? You don't have the time to spend years on these conscripts, they need to be shipped to the front line asap. Image unrelated
how quiet would 22lr be out of a 28 inch barrel? I know its not gonna be super duper quiet but at that point isnt the barrel slowing the bullet down significantly due to excessive length?
>>48056 Quantity is a quality of its own after a certain point. The goal should always be "how to dumb down your equipment" rather than how to smarten your forces. Because smarter troops is a losing proposition. Presumably if you don't have time to train them, about a week of drilling in basic military exercises and commands followed by a week of "live fire" exercises building a trench and surviving indirect artillery barrages is about the best you can hope for. Even then you aren't training the competent you are filtering the retards who die during training who would have died first if you had just shipped them directly anyways. If they survive a few weeks/months promote them and give them additional training then.
Open file (149.66 KB 3000x2000 1625881881-0.jpg)
This question has made me want to ask a question as well to see what you anons come up with, let's say your in charge of disrupting uniforms while your country's already being invading or you have to cloth a rebel/separatist army with pennies. How would you go about doing that? Sure you can repair and modify captured enemy uniforms but that's a luxury that can't be afforded to everyone in this case. >>48056 This >>48122 There's a reason some military's don't even bother giving their grunts/conscripts full auto rifles and opt for burst fire instead since they'd just panic and blow their load to quickly at nothing anyway, full auto funs are then reserved for those with half a functional brain. If you can afford decent optics + specialized mounts to slap on to your old surplus FAL's or AK's then it's best to go for a simple fixed magnification optics especially if your in charge of leading a conscript army of third world village niggers who believe turning said optics to full magnification will somehow make the boolets go faster and further or make them more powerful, that's exactly what a lot of Communist guerrilla's fighting the former state of Rhodesia thought would happen. And of course much like rifles the same logic applies to optics, if the individual can prove they aren't totally incompetent retards then they deserve nicer optics if you've got some laying around. You'll also want to deprogram their perceptions of war through the lens of Hollywood movies too as in teach them to stay low and not expose their entire body thinking they're some bad ass Rambo who will reveal your position and get their head blown off or worse survive and be even more of a burden. Lastly I find it fascinating just how many soldiers can't shoot pistols for shit so if it was an option I'd opt to just equip them with a 9mm revolver like a Taurus 905 or perhaps even below that and settle for giving them wheel gats chambered in 22 WMR such as a Ruger LCR. If they can't even handle that then they don't deserve a handgun period, at that point I'd rather such a tard use a taser or pepper spray as their secondary so he doesn't end up shooting himself via drawing from the holster or through a ricochet. I find how Kikeistan in particular trains their conscripts as apposed to their professional units to be quite interesting actually, of course since they're a first world nation and get Six Gorlillon gibs from Uncle Sam yearly they can afford to be more flexible and even design some tard resistant guns such as the Tavor. They manage to make even useless neet manchildren who have to wear adult diapers into effective enough cannon fodder army. Of course this is all hypothetical and really depends on what gear you actually have available to you as well as your country's over all wealth, standard of education, how masculine or effeminate it is, and how much time you actually have to train said conscripts before sending them off to be cannon fodder. Frankly so long as your not doing anything that India or Saudi Arabia would do in order to ready their conscripts for combat you'll probably be fine and save yourself the embarrassment of losing to an even poorer nations army or rag tag militia. >>47777 >Birds of a feather >You should see the fandom from the inside, it's fuckin psychotic. Well I've seen plenty of third party fan made porn unvoluntarily so I'll just take your word for it.
>>48120 I have an old .22lr single shot rifle with a barrel slightly shorter than that (it's like 25 inches iirc) and the rounds sound like someone on a distant construction site hitting something metallic with a small hammer, so it's not that loud at all.
Would dry ice and acetone be a better solution for a bomb than water and dry ice since the acetone would then spray out at extremely low temperatures causing acute frostbite? Is there a secondary chamber that could be activated by the building up pressure crushing, say a paper cartridge full of some chemical that reacts with acetone, to produce chemical burns or worse? Thinking of civilian weapons to target politicians and police with in the future when the gasoline/food famines start.
>>48240 Why go through all that when ammonium nitrate fertilizers are plentiful, cheap and come with plausible deniability? Or,if you're really from Sweden,you can always ask your friendly Somalian neighbor for a hand grenade or two.
Open file (260.56 KB 448x443 1627131940801.png)
>>48128 >I'll just take your word for it. probably for the best desu >em ef dubya lurkan hooni threads
Open file (17.80 KB 600x379 rugermk3tinitis.jpg)
>>48120 I've shot an old Winchester .22lr with a similar length barrel. It's just barely loud enough to damage your hearing but it sounds like it's suppressed compared to a Ruger 22/45 MK III Hunter with a 4.5 inch barrel.
Open file (41.77 KB 360x360 1633630414209.jpg)
what the FUCK is a kinnie?
>>48314 furfag shit. stay away.
>>48314 Go back cuckchan, attention seeking avatarfag.
Open file (823.16 KB 2900x2900 1628483878406.png)
>>48328 cant even fuckin english kek >>48328 make me nigger
Open file (2.21 MB 1000x1500 1643923625776.png)
>>48315 Oh wait shit is this an actual answer? I was super hammered last night and it apparently made me defensive as fuck, my bad dude. I thought you were CALLING me a furfag shit, my bad. So it's related to the "otherkin" shit I saw like half a decade ago huh? I probably shoulda made that connection on my own. But again, hammered.
<<48335 >doesn't even deny crawling out of 4kike No (You) for (((you))), pidor.
Open file (31.21 KB 735x541 DmgNhkLXsAIlUUJ.jpg)
Open file (702.03 KB 813x646 læffy.png)
>>48335 >haha you made a typo >proceeds to spell "can't" as cant >replying to the same post twice >admitting you are a rapefugee from cuckchannel also You're not just a faggot, you're an entire pride parade.
Open file (126.94 KB 770x450 mini-mosin-feat.jpg)
>>48120 Are you this anon from the previous thread? >>40702 Anyway should be quiet enough to get away with just wearing light foam ear plugs but I wouldn't go bare unless you plan on pairing it with a suppressor, much like how when using a shop vacuum you should have hearing protection. Sure you won't go deaf immediately but if done enough it will be a death by a thousand paper cuts, your ears will thank you. There's also some light sub sonic twenty twos that are pretty quiet on their own even without suppression as well but I'm not sure what their penetration power would be, probably pretty low I'd guess but I am partially just talking out of my ass at this point. Also didn't a US state recently make it legal to obtain a suppressor without a ATF cuck stamp? I forget which one it was.
>>48472 no that isnt me, im looking at getting a CZ 457 Jaguar eventually, thats why I was asking. I want it for fun + obliterating the raccoons in my backyard since they keep pooping in it and its a pain to keep cleaning up. I live in the suburbs though so I want to be as polite as possible. Ive got an RC2 can that i was hesitant to use on a 22 lest it get fouled up with poopoo carbon from dirty 22 rounds, but I think sticking it on the end of a 28" barrel will alleviate most of those issues and itll stay clean. That Mosin trainer looks cool though, I remember finding an old surplus one on membroker that I almost bought that was a single shot trainer from like poland or some random country
>>48474 >no that isnt me Oh >im looking at getting a CZ 457 Jaguar eventually Excellent choice >Ive got an RC2 can that i was hesitant to use on a 22 lest it get fouled up with poopoo carbon from dirty 22 rounds Are those particularly hard to clean compared to other cans? >That Mosin trainer looks cool though, I remember finding an old surplus one on membroker that I almost bought that was a single shot trainer from like poland or some random country Neat, the one I posted is a Keystone sporting arms cricket rifle. I'm thinking of getting something like that for my niece as a Christmas present come next December. (YES LURKING FEDERAL AGENTS I DO INTEND TO LEGALLY TRANSFER OWNERSHIP OF SAID DEVASTATING SINGLE SHOT TWENTY TWO RIFLE THROUGH A LICENSED FFL TO THE PARENTS/MY SISTER AND HER HUSBAND SO IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO SHOOT MY DOGS, THANK YOU.)
What the fuck is that handguard? Is it a real thing or did the artist have weed for salad?
>>48498 >Are those particularly hard to clean compared to other cans? not necessarily but they certainly arent easier to clean. It doesnt come apart of anything >I'm thinking of getting something like that for my niece as a Christmas present come next December. its a neat little rifle for a kid. If you teach them to be safe with it, it would be really fun for a little boy to run around with
>>48559 It's AI-generated, Strelok. I assume that answers your question.
What is the best kind of 12-gauge snap-cap? I've been hearing that a-zoom's stuff have problems with aluminum shavings getting left in the gun.
>>48575 It's from an old Stalker book called "The Secret Poltergeist" that was released in 2010, it's not image generated. https://www.libking.ru/books/sf-/sf-cyberpunk/199432-7-sergey-nedorub-tayna-poltergeysta.html
>>48612 OK, fair enough I'll recant. I certainly matches the modern MO however.
3d printed Glock 19 issue. The rails don't quite line up. If I run a straight edge held flush with the left rear rail there is a small gap (maybe 1.5mm at the widest point) between straight edge and front left rail. It that normal for 3d printed Glocks? The tutorial doesn't mention it, and the slide goes on and moves with a few minor adjustments. I don't have mags for it and haven't fired it yet. I printed multiple Glocks and it's the same problem on all of them so it's probably the cheap rails I bought.
>>48559 I thought it was just a part of his glove.
Speaking printed Glocks, is ABS usable?
>>48653 I heard won't work for a receiver. I made mine out of PLA+. I'm a beginner so I started with the easy to print filament.
Has anyone tried the Sub2000? I'm thinking of picking one up.
>>48685 Yes I definitely want one of those.
>>48685 They're neat, the sights aren't all that great, and I found it to be slightly heavier then expected; I recall it being front heavy. The latch mechanism isn't super quick to operate but it's secure. But it's still well made and I found it to be reliable. It's been a while since I've shot one and I don't remember what the trigger is like but it's good, particularly if you already have mags for it.
Thoughts on Liberty safes and vault doors? I'm considering getting one.
Open file (176.68 KB 1500x820 4.jpg)
>>48275 How much does a 6.88 near seven inch barrel make out of one of those? I'd imagine the difference is barely noticeable if at all. I ask because I've been eye balling one of these for a while now since I currently don't own any 22lr handguns yet. >>48685 >I'm thinking of picking one up. Ask your self these questions anon, do you really need a PCC? Do you intend to carry it around in a backpack? Do you just want it as a fun quirky range toy or is over penetration through walls a serious consideration for where you live? Do you already have a lot of surplus Glock mags laying around? If most of your answers are a yes then sure, I'm a bit skeptical of Kel-tecs other products but haven't heard anything bad about Sub2000's aside from stories about a few lemons which can happen with any manufacturer. Sure, get yourself a Floridian special forces gator blaster. >>48706 >Thoughts on Liberty safes and vault doors? I'm considering getting one. Well as far as I'm aware of their only real competition is Sturdysafe and Fortnox safes and for what they are I'd say they're priced well. Not that I'm an expert on these things though, my safe is just a cheap Chinesium piece of shit that could probably be broken open with a crowbar to be quite honest but it's enough to keep the kids out plus I live in pretty quite safe neighborhood so burglaries aren't a big concern of mine. Those vault doors are pretty neat though, I'm half tempted get one and turn my basement into a sudo fortress thing now and if not for the current geopolitics going on around the world I'd probably just make my family think I've gone crazy so I might actually be able to get away with it.
>>48731 High velocity .22LR will ring your ears at twice that barrel length. A longer barrel is not hearing protection, it just isn't as bad. Whatever barrel length you want, those older target models with adjustable sights are quality pistols. The only real complaint I have is the retarded take down and reassembly procedure. They fixed that on the newest models but I haven't handled one myself.
>>47382 Do nukes real to begin with tho??
How do I harden my home against EMP strikes and solar flares with a minimal budget or at the very least preserve my backups? I don't wanna lose my movies, vidya, and anime.
>>47382 If America launched land-based ICBMs it would take about 30 minutes for them to reach European Russia where the majority of their population lies. That is more than enough time for virtually any country with functioning scientists/engineers (all the nuclear-armed ones) to be able to figure out whodunnit and retaliate. Countries like Russia have the capability to detect if the US is launching nukes before the official command to fire is ever given because electronics warfare and missile warfare are their specialties. Similarly the Americans and Chinese likely possess this capability as do the Australians, Japanese, French, etc. Possibly even the Indians and Brazilians for that matter. At most if America launched everything they had in reserve for that particular country with the ones for the other countries at the ready on standby and secretly told their allies in advance without anyone squealing, they might just be able to turn it into a limited exchange, but at the end of the day if all of your major cities and industrial centers are still destroyed anyways, whether you saved a few supplementary targets or not seems like a Pyrrhic victory. >>48845 1) Buy CE marking electronics that you want to protect because they (the Europeans) have a guaranteed Volt-meter field test ensuring they can survive a certain amount of fuckery, unlike American electronics which have no such requirements. At bare minimum ensure that your electronics you wish to protect have an Underwriters Laboratories label for peace of mind. 2) Wrap your electronics in two or three layers of aluminum broiler trays (about 10+ layers of regular foil) to achieve 85% effectiveness against a nuclear-grade EMP 3) For a proper 98% effectiveness, wrap the objects in bronze/copper knitting or honestly even stainless steel knitting, and then surround it with some kind of flat copper surface to absorb/reflect the initial fuckery that will hit it. For an entire house I don't know what to tell you, but there is no cheap way to do a whole home. A box sure, maybe even a closet at a price, but the only faraday cage building that I know about is that chainmail house in Scotland. Video related.
Open file (30.66 KB 540x549 1623560150319.jpg)
Buy ammo, shoot it, and load the brass, or just spend the same money on empty brass?
>>48862 It's worth fixing/reloading brass for the experience factor in case you ever need to, but until you need to, buying new brass is better since you can always come back and sweep later. Find a balance?
>>48863 Well I like milsurp so the idea is to use the brass as long as possible.
>>48855 >without anyone squealing, See, there's where it all falls apart. One man can keep a secret, but two. Press X to doubt.
What is a good type of ammunition for a Savage 64F .22? I've seen some remmington thunderbolt packs that have some 500 rounds a pop so I was wondering if that kind of stuff is alright for the 64. I understand it's a very cheap plinker, probably the cheapest you can get for a semi-auto LR. But I still think it's important to get the best bang for your buck.
>>48862 >Buy ammo Always a good idea, what caliber? I hear reloading 45lc is supposed to be pretty easy to learn on.
>>48957 Hopefully things have changed in the last year, but the last bulk rimfire I bought and shot was awful. For my money, I'm only buying CCI Minimags or Standard Velocity. Blazer used to be ok too but I can't find it locally I've stopped buying gun and ammo shit online or using cards
>>48998 Yeah, I've heard that the remingtons are pretty greasy. I don't think they have a jacket. I mean, when you don't have a lot, ammo is still ammo, but I would like to avoid gunking up my action if I can. I'm still trying to figure out what grains mean and which ones best for which one. I know that its not the best idea, but if there's a good online deal I'm compelled to take it
Why did Deterrence Dispensed remove their .onion are they retarded? You would think they would have one just in case their shit gets taken down?
Some of the beans were under-cooked and now I can't stop burping. What is the best way to calm your stomach down. Not farting or having diarrhea just constantly burping
>>49060 my question is what should I drink to calm my stomach down?
>>49059 Is he okay?
>>49059 What's with that weird snorting noise?
>>49060 Soak your beans overnight with about a tablespoon or so of vinegar (or more to taste) per cup of beans and if available, a piece of kombu (thick cooking kelp) to eliminate to eliminate indigestible sugars. I usually use about half a cup (about 250ml) of apple cider vinegar or malt vinegar, and a 5cmx5cm (about 2inx2in) piece of konbu per cup of beans, and soak for about 18 hours starting the water breddy hot. >>49061 Alpha-galactosidase (α-GAL) is an OTC "medication" that eliminates gassiness. It's like the lactaid of beans. You can buy it as generic "vegetable enzyme" or bean pun brands and it can generally be found in online fronts too. As for a more immediate solution, eat yogurt or drink some kind of probiotic/enzyme drink, then drink about a liter or two of water slowly/gradually over the course of an hour. If you've got some cotton balls or fiber supplement, feel free to swallow those to help speed up recovery from gassiness later before drinking the water. t. Advice I remember from /fit/ back in the day.
Oh right that is basically the trick to passing a drug test too. Just multiply the dosage by ten and do it for two weeks straight.
>>49064 Too much "stuff"
>>48855 >Buy CE marking electronics that you want to protect because they (the Europeans) have a guaranteed Volt-meter field test ensuring they can survive a certain amount of fuckery I'll look into that. >2) Wrap your electronics in two or three layers of aluminum broiler trays (about 10+ layers of regular foil) to achieve 85% effectiveness against a nuclear-grade EMP That's all I need to protect an external HHD and a few flash drives? Nice. Thanks anon
>>49086 >That's all I need to protect an external HHD and a few flash drives? The engineering is slightly more complicated because you are guarding against three different forms of radiation (heat, photon, and radioactive particles). Aluminum exhibits "good but not perfect" qualities in neutralizing/dissipating each of these which should already have been reduced. So long as you don't leave such an aluminum box in direct sunlight, a nuke far enough away not to vaporize your skin will feel something like a "hot sunny day in direct sunlight on a metal surface" for about two hours for your foil'd devices' internal electronics from the particles that do get through the aluminum. Hence "about 85%" success rate assuming fairly new/unused electronics.
What is the point in holding the gun sideways?
>>49165 Rotates your optic out of your line of site for point shooting in close quarters.
>>49165 Maybe he's got an off set red dot behind that big scope? Basically a Goldilocks solution for long range and CQB shooting that is less of a meme compared to the other options for having multiple optics. Well I tried piggy backs once and didn't like them anyway.
>>49171 What was the tranny shooting at?
>>49195 christians, they won't tell us what is in the manifesto for exactly that reason THOUGH
>>49195 Christian children.
>>48685 >confirmed tranny posted here > inb4 anon.cafe is banned
Why were the shooter's shoes trans too? Why are all discussions about the shooter's shoes being different being scrubbed from the internet?
>>49202 shoephobia
>>49202 from where?
>>49195 Apparently they ARE no going to release the manifesto. Probably because they have to or people will start making up things that might be even more damning than what was actually in it.
>>49233 *now going
>>49088 >Hence "about 85%" success rate assuming fairly new/unused electronics. The survivability of substrate transistors like microchips isn't dependent on 'newness'. Rather it's dependent on being OG, clunky AF blobs of silicon & dopants that can withstand millions of particle 'boollits' and still keep on ticking. This is why space probes from JPL and others use ancient, old tech by today's standards, and clocking over at a snail's-pace, b/c this is what survives in the hard-radiation environment of deep space.
Open file (21.19 KB 987x551 fpc_carbine.jpg)
Follow up to the Sub-2000 question, has anyone tried the new S&W FPC? How does it compare to the Sub2k?
>>49239 Yes, but new electronics are using new silicon bouillon inside of them that hasn't had space particles bombarding it for months/years causing minor damage already. RAM isn't a good comparison because crypto-miners keep their operations inside windowless controlled environments, but generally most used computer parts, even non-moving ones, are worse-for-wear between solar exposure (space particles) and general heat stress. There's a reason UV light is used to "wipe" old programmable chips.
Open file (309.00 KB 1379x1887 H&K flamengewehr.jpg)
Haibo eberrypony what le fack is dis :3?
>>49319 Is that the N-Stoff "flame"thrower?
>>49319 Flammenwerfer.
>>49327 Yes but what of the specific model and context of the picture.
>>49330 The nozzle is strange looking. Don't most flamethrowers use a cartage that ignites the jet of flame? That's the reason I was wondering if it was a hypergolic flamethrower like the Germans were experimenting with that shot chlorine triflouride.
Open file (197.03 KB 608x1070 How to hang yourself.jpg)
>>49059 What's wrong with those nigger countries, always filming those accidents? If I saw something like that, I'd put him out of his misery immediately, even if I had to go to jail for that. I can only hope for the poor guy that the healthcare system of his nigger country isn't advanced enough to sustain him living in that condition. That is one of the greatest horrors I can imagine, being kept alive as a vegetable.
>>49234 You got the manifesto?
>>49060 >>49061 It's a little late to ask at this point but were they kidney beans?
>>49061 >my question is what should I drink to calm my stomach down? Try drinking some ginger turmeric or green tea. >>49283 Looks neat, I'm glad 5.7 and more platforms to use the round is no longer a unobtainium meme. Well not nearly as much as it used to be anyway. >>49359 >You got the manifesto? If he does don't go sharing it on 8Kunt, apparently only websites like KnowYourMeme of all fucking places are the only sites spicy enough to re-post it if the manifesto does exist. Reading these 'people's' incoherent retarded excuses as to why they ruined the lives of a bunch of people always makes me chuckle, they're like bad poems.
Open file (274.69 KB 450x285 ClipboardImage.png)
>>49357 the best gore videos always come from south east asia or india
>>49377 >Looks neat, I'm glad 5.7 and more platforms to use the round is no longer a unobtainium meme. Well not nearly as much as it used to be anyway. Does reloading of 5.7 still result in parts of the gun flying into the user’s face a lot more often than with other ammunition?
>>49485 >Does reloading of 5.7 still result in parts of the gun flying into the user’s face a lot more often than with other ammunition? No idea, I never even thought of the concept of reloading 5.7 but now that I think about it they certainly aren't something one would consider newbie friendly like 45lc or 12 gauge which means you should just practice some common sense self preservation and avoid Bubba loads of 5.7 if you value still having thumbs.
Open file (545.40 KB 600x340 1422743630083.gif)
Do you lot have any opinion on Brandit and generally other military and camping brands. And are there any restrictions on shooting guns in American state and national forests?
Open file (201.10 KB 424x498 ClipboardImage.png)
>>49676 I usually just look at the quality in-person at the sports store and then give it a "good enough" or "shit-tier" rating based on price vs quality of materials. >And are there any restrictions on shooting guns in American state and national forests? State forests come down to state law. As a rule of thumb most state forests outlaw shooting. >national forests? Just walk into the woods for about ten minutes before firing and have a target in case the park rangers happen to pass through. Keep your beer stowed since it's technically illegal (they don't normally care but they do if you're shooting guns). The literal laws are: >Target shooting is allowed on national forest or grassland unless restricted by signage >It is prohibited to shoot in or within 150 yards from a residence, building, campsite, developed recreation area or occupied area. Keep in mind some states like Arizona, California, and North Carolina are in clear violation of federal law and don't give a shit, and that they treat all national forests as state forests. Look up a shooting map before you go. Generally the further West you go the more restrictions on national forest shooting because of overbearing state governments.
Hello, if anyone remembers the old k radio, does anyone have the files or at least the playlist?
Has anyone ever come up with a working concept of a flexible magazine? Like imagine the middle point between a mag and a belt?
Open file (20.53 KB 474x390 doctorpavelimcia.jpeg)
if the deer gun was made of die-cast aluminum how comes it was able to withstand the pressure of a 9mm round without bursting? Was it just the shortness of the barrel? Are there any other guns where the barrel is cast instead of forged?
>>49862 If I'm remembering correctly the screw on "barrel" isn't forged and it functions as both a barrel and chamber. The cast aluminum part isn't pressure bearing. >Are there any other guns where the barrel is cast instead of forged? I know Armalite made an aluminum barrel shotgun.
>>49866 >"barrel" isn't forged I mean the barrel isn't cast.
>>49866 I see. Do you think it could be possible to create a cast 9mm barrel by making it very thick? Or are the structural issues caused by casting too severe to be compensated for? It doesn't need to survive a lot of rounds, even just surviving one round per barrel consistently would be good.
>>49869 I asked a similar question here a year or so ago in a different thread and the answer was basically "no". Now I suppose that depends on what metal you're casting and what kind of power is behind it. Black powder guns, all the way up to canon size, use to be made from brass and bronze at times, which is basically cast metal. So given the right kind propellant you could probably safely make a a brass barrelled cast gun. I don't know enough about copper alloy metallurgy to give any specifics. And If I were going to make a brass gun for smokless, even if it were for a short barrel and a lowpower round I would still err on the size of caution and really thicken the barrel wall. I don't know that aluminum or aluminum alloy can ever be trusted for barrel material unless it in a low pressure system like for a shotgun (i.e. for shot not slugs). Now using aluminum for other parts of a gun would work fine. Maybe even something like ZAMAK or another magnesium-aluminum allow would work there as well.
>>49870 If I did go with brass, would any rifling I do be useful? I'd presume even polygonal rifling would be likely to deform and fail to engage, no?
>>49872 If you're going with brass it's pretty much got to be smoothbore. Of course if it's filling the same role as something like a liberator or deer gun then accuracy isn't really an issue anyway. Also you might find this Forgotten Weapons video interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQK9JNsrq_8
Open file (112.86 KB 1000x1000 184752_1.jpg)
Open file (139.55 KB 1000x1000 184752_5.jpg)
>>49872 Well I found something interesting. While all the brass barrelled guns that I've seen before were smooth bore, I came across this riffled brass pistol last night. So apparently it is possible after all. Needless to say that you would have to use a unjacketed bullet or the round would be prone to galling or otherwise lodging in the barrel but otherwise I guess it would work fine.
>>49870 making an entire gun out of zamak would be lulz worthy
>>49870 >made from brass and bronze at times Copper based alloys are heavier. Thus such guns were more troublesome to haul even in siege trains. For the ships raised center of mass more, which allows less firepower at the same level of compromising stability. One of the main reasons why they were used is that those alloys have different failure modes. Much like the modern dilemma of titanium vs steel. The alternative was not as much steel as higher-quality cast iron. And propellant (as supplied in artillery quantities) was quite unreliable (uneven in properties, making any load a gamble) in practice. So they exploded often. Copper-based barrels did not explode outright (at least, not without serious mishandling), but kind of developed noticeable aneurysm. At which point the cannon still needs to be sent back to the smelter (before it actually pops), but without first causing loss of valuable personnel, morale problems all over the place and possibly fire.
>>50076 That's something that I didn't know. It's pretty interesting. I hadn't even considered it.
>>50076 >kind of developed noticeable aneurysm because of the copper annealing, right?
>>50076 >Much like the modern dilemma of titanium vs steel. Could you talk more about this? I heard titanium can be a pain in the ass to machine.
>>50121 It's not just a pain in the ass to machine, steel is much more inert than titanium so it corrodes more slowly and has fewer impurities. Finished titanium reacts to things less than finished steel, but halogens absolutely eat away at it as does seawater (the main place where titanium would be useful). Steel has a much higher elasticity so it can recover from more deformations without requiring heat treatment to restore it. Titanium is fairly brittle too so large forces will shatter it resulting in shrapnel if something goes seriously wrong. Add on the fact that Titanium is six times more expensive than steel and it may seem like a wonder material but the reality is it's only useful in specific applications where its high strength to weight ratios are more important than longevity. In theory titanium will react better to a controlled environment (a lab, up in space) because of all its properties which is why the aerospace industry uses it, but for most practical applications it's not worth the extra costs even if you could. Not that anon.
Open file (170.10 KB 1200x1017 glawk.jpg)
Just got my first firearm recently (Glock 17), are there any good PCCs out there that take Glock mags?
>>50176 I hear the Ruger PC Carbine is good, it takes Ruger mags by default but ships with a Glock magwell that you can install to use Glock mags in it. Alternatively, maybe something like the Extar EP9. But I wouldn't recommend a PCC as your first rifle, get an AR. PCCs are range toys.
I need a good belt recommendation for appendix CC, preferably something made in America but if I can get a foreign good quality one without paying through the nose, so be it. Also need recommendations for a small handgun safe/lockbox I can keep in the car. I don't want to install one for the center console, gotta be a detached one.
>>50295 sauce on image?
is there any thickness at which a PLA+ printed barrel would successfully fire a single 9mm without bursting instantly?
>>50207 > PCCs are range toys. wouldn't that make them better as a first rifle since it would be cheaper to practice?
>>50349 The cheapest Ruger PC Carbine I could find on gun.deals is $533. New brass cased 9mm from reputable brands is about 26 cpr shipped. New brass cased .223 from reputable brands is about 42 cpr shipped. That is currently a 16 cpr difference. $533 divided by .16 means you would have to shoot 3,331 rounds ($866 worth) to break even on the cost of your Ruger PC Carbine, not accounting for tax/shipping and FFL fees. If somebody wants a cheap rifle to train on, a 10/22 or m&p15-22 would probably be a better bet. A .22lr rifle is about half the cost of a PCC, and the ammo is about 5-7 cpr for bulk ammo depending on brand. >>50295 I use one of these: https://www.amazon.com/Hornady-Alpha-Elite-Black-10-25/dp/B001I15HSU/ (X-Large model). The cable loops around the base of your seat to prevent easy theft and it's large enough to fit full sized handguns.
>>50368 >$533 divided by .16 means you would have to shoot 3,331 rounds ($866 worth) to break even on the cost of your Ruger PC Carbine Huh? Aren't you doing that backwards? Dividing $533 by $0.16 would be comparing it to a FREE gun that fired .223 A better metric would be to say (comparing it to a $533 AR-15) since 9mm is 38% cheaper, you could fire 1,380rds instead of 1,000 OR that you would save $160 per thousand rounds. Then compare those figures to the drawbacks of PCCs
>>50378 My reasoning is that if you're buying the PCC to save on ammo costs, you're purchasing a gun you otherwise would not have. You have to make up for that purchase by shooting over three thousand rounds through it before you start saving money assuming you're going to buy an AR anyways (which you should). >the drawbacks of PCCs Of which there are many. Direct blowback means the recoil will be roughly equivalent to an AR, middling accuracy, a much weaker cartridge which translates to poor terminal ballistics, armor penetration, and range, a worse trigger, smaller aftermarket, and likely worse ergos too. 33rd glock mags cost a lot more than 30rd AR mags, and with braces being considered stocks soon, you might only be limited to PCCs in rifle configuration, or their useless "pistol" configuration without a tax stamp. The list goes on. 5.56 is a great defensive cartridge and the AR is a great platform, it should be the go to rifle for anyone looking for a practical semi auto rifle, especially beginners.
Have any of you used cupronickel bullets before? How do they fare compared to regular and full copper?
if i dump illegal gun parts in the trash what are the chances the cops will come looking for me? do they check the trash
>>50449 Treat it the same as dumping illegal furniture and you'll be fine. Wipe off prints and wear gloves during disposal. Don't dispose in your trashcan.
Does anyone know a good place to buy a surplus m16 furniture set from?
>>50295 SARCO, INC is good place to check. I didn't see any complete sets but they regularly get new and interesting things in stock for a variety of surplus arms.
>>50450 >illegal furniture You mean like coffee tables shaped like lolis? :^)
Any /k/ radio hams on here built a manpack before? I've been looking up info on how to build my own, and it's frustrating. A lot of the youtube videos I've found on it, are more "showoff" videos where they showcase a specific radio in a specific bag configuration. What should I consider for my "list of needed equipment" for when I design a manpack? Of the top of my head, I know I'd need the following: == Antenna (of course) == PTT mike == Power supply == Supply/Charging cable(s). Currently using a yaesu ft-8900R as my station. Ideally, I'd like to upgrade to something that has VHF/UHF/HF capability, but that would be later down the line. The main purpose of this manpack is both for as a vacation station, and disaster-preparedness go-bag.
>>50295 TBH I dunno much about CCW belts but your post made me curious as to if Blueforce makes them and it turns out they do make a simple belt (BFG Belt). Surprisingly cheap for a Blueforce too at only 16 dollars. >>50465 >SARCO, INC Never heard of it but I'll give em a look too. >>50349 >wouldn't that make them better as a first rifle since it would be cheaper to practice? They've got their perks and for 90% of home defense scenario's they're more than enough since home invaders typically aren't looking for a fight plus they're great if your very worried about over penetration. But of course they're not a substitute for an actual rifle. >>50176 Just do what everyone else is recommending and get a Ruger PC, they just werk and are built like tank. Or if you want something that's light weight and doubles as a folding backpack gun maybe consider getting a Kel-tec SUB2000 if you don't mind Floridium plastic and metal and the awkward optic mounting sacrifices you have to make if you care about that. Either is a solid gun, also I think the Beretta Cx4 Storm now come with a Glock magwell option if spaghetti guns appeal to you. PSA also makes reasonably priced AR style PCC's and parts kits if you intend to own an AR15 or AR10 later down the line and are super autistic about parts interchangeability with your PCC and AR rifle but of course that comes with all the 'quirks' that is common place with PSA so if you don't like tinkering I'd advice against it, but if you do then by all means feel free to jump into that rabbit hole of autism and even potential poorfag shaming. >>50337 I dunno but I think Sweden or some other country would reinforce cheap thin cannons with strips of leather wrapped around it. Sure they still cracked eventually but they were also light weight (for black powder cannon standards) which I'd imagine was a huge advantage back then. But we're talking about plastic not iron so I'd just add redundant reinforcement and make it thicker, or your welcome to wrap leather around it too if you want I guess. You building a liberator or something anon? In all fairness I dunno shit about 3D printing but I feel the need to give my opinion on the matter regardless since I'm bored.
Does anyone know of a good video of Castle Bravo's secondary fireball?
>>51067 >overpenetration I've always wondered where this meme came from? 90+% of 12 gauge ammo will go straight throught cheap dogshit american plywood walls, why worry about something bigger like 5.56 if 90% of police/swat/hrt/army use them in high threat cqb situations Regardless of potential civilians penetration loss because there isn't ever any? Its so dumb seing people use this overpenetration bullshit agaisnt using a real rifle for home defense when literally everyone in those situations as a day job used them regularly. Almost as dumb as retards saying the whole "shoot a warning shot" or "birdshot,buckshot,birdshot" bullshit, whatever the cops/army does to get shit done is what actually gets shit done, and the only way people can be truly free is if we have free access to all of it ffs.
>>51721 Cops can't get arrested/sued if an overpenetrating bullet hits something. You can.
>>51734 Also if you're engaged in home defense the people you are going be overpenetrating into are going to be loved ones where as for the cops it's going to be strangers and they don't give a fuck.
>>51736 >for the cops it's going to be strangers and they don't give a fuck They do if its a "stranger" that could cost them their ass, or worst still a fellow cop, yet still they use these supposed super-overpenetrators daily. And if you can't be assed to remember your own house layout to not shoot in the direction of a bedroom or teach your kids the basics of hidding in such a scenario, you are a dimwit that shouldn't own a gun. Overpenetration is a meme.
>>51807 >Overpenetration is a meme. So what happens to the projectile after it goes through plywood? It disappears into a black hole or does it disintegrate mid-air?
>>51810 Hopefully it hits the other intruders that haven't made it through the threshold yet.
>>51842 >Hopefully it hits the other intruders that haven't made it through the threshold yet. This. >inb4 'tagging 3-in-1' ala Nobody.
>>51810 "Overpenetration" is a meme because anything worth using for home defense (pistol calibers, 5.56, buckshot) will penetrate a similar number of walls. The choice of load you select is actually more important than caliber as well. Drywall is weak as shit, if you're so worried about accidentally shooting your family members, maybe you shouldn't use a handgun for home defense and/or hit the range more with your rifle or shotgun. >>51067 The cx4 doesn't take glock mags, it takes 92 mags or px4 mags. Glock mags are steel wrapped in polymer, so you'd probably need to design a brand new lower for it to work with the thicker walls that those mags have.
Is the Stinger the best MANPAD around? Everything else I've seen is either inferior or not actually man-portable as it requires a heavy ass mount to use it (such as the Mistral). Is there any I'm missing?
>>51887 I'd say the French Mistral system has been proven more reliable in the field in less-than-optimal circumstances while only being slightly heavier, but the Stinger is a close second as far as lightweight MANPADs go. Arguably the stinger is better because it's lighter and goes higher, but the payload is slower and has less versatility in use compared to a Mistral's camera system and comparable ranges (at much higher speeds). If Mistrals got more use in North Africa and Eastern Europe instead of South America and SEA countries they would probably have replaced stingers outright a decade ago.
Need some tips to stop a black bear from coming to my yard. Goes after any plastic bag or container even without a hint of food, probably got 'trained' to go for garbage bags with kitchen waste. The fucker doesn't give a shit about dogs but is very skittish of people. Getting fed up waking up at night to scare it off, I deliberately ambushed the fucker with pepper spray, fireworks, slingshot all had temporary effect. Not sure if there's going to be a bear season open to do the needful but that's a few months away at best, and otherwise it's too risky.
>>51960 Sounds like you need something motion activated. Or possibly a temporary electric fence.
>>51961 >>51960 The only other thing I could think of is boobytrapping a garbage can with pepper spray somehow to try and break its habit.
>>51960 Have you tried pouring a bottle of pine sol in your bin? Bears hate pine oil. Neem oil and vinegar has a similar (albeit lesser) effect on a bear's nostrils. Neem oil has the benefit of being an insect repellant as well.
Dumping bleach or ammonia in your bin has a similar effect if you can't afford pine oil by the way. A cup or two of bleach in the bottom of your bin will usually deter a bear. If you have no qualms with permanently disabling the bear you can fill a balloon with ammonia or bleach and then rub peanut butter on the surface. When the bear goes to bite the balloon they'll get a faceful of bleach and cease and desist due to the experience (and then usually die because they're fucking blind now).
Open file (502.28 KB 750x895 ClipboardImage.png)
>>51990 >>52001 >>52003 Trash bins ironically have been the least of my problems with this bear, they're metal and bear proof type so I guess doesn't look like his typical target and no food scraps in there to attract him naturally. He's gone through my storage bins and tools I had covered with bags to keep dry. Thought about booby traps but can't come up with anything clever with what I have, plus high chance I'll get it instead of the bear knowing my luck. Heard of the balloons traps before, pretty cruel way to go, I might try a small throwing size balloon with pepper in it so the bear eats instead of blinding. Other than that found out rubber pellet and beanbag 12ga shells are stupid stupid expensive...
Well, pine sol is fairly "cheap" so I'd try that first. If it doesn't work boobytraps are about your only option at that point. Cayenne pepper might work but ammonia-based solutions work best. Maybe use fermenting shark meat as an experiment if you're coastal? But then pine sol is cheaper still.
>>52007 >pine sol is fairly "cheap" so I'd try that first Hm at the local hardware store pinesol is 3x more expensive than ammonia per gallon. Maybe watered down like hell no actual % on the jug, smells pretty strong though. Is the smell supposed to be enough without relying on chemical burns to be effective? And to be clear we're talking about modern pinesol formula with no actual pine oil right?
I dont know, I would probably buy entire cow carcess or something and dump it in the other part of the forest so it goes there and bothers someone else.
>>52047 The pine oil is allegedly the effective part of pine sol, so if it doesn't have pine oil in it any more I'm not sure whether or not it will work. It's still pine-smelling so it probably would but that's not a guarantee. Ammonia won't cause chemical burns if you dump some in the bottom of your trashcan; the smell will just deter the bear (only the balloon method causes chemical burns). If Ammonia is significantly cheaper by all means try that first. You might also try one of those motion-based turrets they make for deterring cats/racoons (they sell them in the poison section of the hardware store) and fill it with diluted ammonia or bleach, but that is gonna cost about $150. >>52049 >Bottle of pine sol: $8 >Cow Carcass: ~$300 I think trying to deter it would be a better first resort even if you waste $8 initially. That's like dropping $80-$200 on a squirrel trap before trying a $15 container of granulated fox piss first.
Sorry I forgot you mentioned it was your tool bags, not your trashcan. You can still soak a rag in it and rub it along surfaces and areas you don't want the bear to go to. It's not a guaranteed deterrent but unless the bear is overly interested, that should make it go somewhere else since when not using a booby trap, the primary purpose is to offend the bear's nostrils. Neem would be a good insect-proofing for windows and vinegar has the bonus of sterilizing surfaces if you want to try something cheaper first. Can buy two gallons of white vinegar for like $5 around these parts.
Open file (234.13 KB 395x387 ClipboardImage.png)
>>52049 >cow carcess or something and dump it in the other part of the forest Kinda doing this with compost/kitchen scraps already, mainly seems to bring coyotes and racoons though. Bear hasn't been around for a few days, will see if he goes for the ammonia balloons. >>52054 >The pine oil is allegedly the effective part of pine sol, so if it doesn't have pine oil in it any more I'm not sure whether or not it will work. Never made sense to me that a bear would dislike pine since they live in the forest, but whatever, if it work it works. They've been fucking with the formula for sure, the label is all marketing talk like "original scent", "COVID-19 edition" and "98.7% Other ingredients" - safe to assume shenanigans. >Neem oil Good stuff, I use it to take out wasps. Thinned it with limonene and use from a spray bottle to cover the nest, yellow jackets spaz out on contact and fall to the ground. Also realized they have rubber tips for arrows to step it up a notch from paintball/slingshot, just need to tuneup my compound bow, dirt cheap compared to non-lethal 12ga and reusable, also won't attract attention.
Was there ever any chance for the Greeks to win the Battle of Thermopylae?
>>52235 They won though, it was delaying action, they achieved all the objectives and then some, resulting in ultimate victory against persians. Like thats the entire point, they lost everyone but still won.
>>52235 We technically won it from a strategic perspective, it was a suicide mission from the start and surviving it or causing enemy retreat was never thought as a possible objective, the mission was to maintain the enemy at the chokepoint long enough for the allied troops to retreat safely and reorganize their domestic defences. It can count as a defeat only from the perspective that the strategic holdout could last significantly longer if Ephialtes had not betrayed them. >>52265 Y-you too...
>>52265 >>52758 It's like that strelok never heard of decisive strategic victories before.
>>52791 Has China EVER fought a war or had a revolution that hasn't turned into a complete horror show?
How are medical records in the US stored and shared? Is there a big unified database that various hospital/health/insurance networks have access to? The reason I ask is my boomer neighbor's new GP mentioned that he was an alcoholic and smoker per his medical records. The guy hasn't smoked since the late 1980's and the only drinking issue was a DUI he caught after leaving a wedding reception in another state in '95. The court mandated classes plus a D&A evaluation.
>>52792 Has anybody? >>52801 Welcome to dystopia, brought to you by the Free Market™.
>>52801 Medical records are shared federally. Criminal records are on a state-by-state basis but they have a federal database that'a "optional" (Wyoming for instance removes speeding violations after ~3 years despite logging them federally). Insurance can look up criminal records without permission, but require consent to dig through medical (consent is required for insurance though, part of the terms of service to acquire it). Local jurisdictions may or may not share with these federal databases but generally do if they aren't still paper-only.
>>52807 Ah I see. I'm assuming his drug and alcohol evaluation was done in a "medical" setting thereby generating some type of record. They must have digitized his old stuff and then the records were 'jeeted into a database. He emphasized that it was a pain in the ass to correct it.
>>52826 These were required digitalized in 2008 with Oniggercare. You used to be able to keep different practices from sharing automatically digital records (great if you want a pure third opinion) but now they just tell you eat shit and read the data anyways. Some retard glownigger tried to shoot up anl hotel/casino and got lit the fuck up in the back. https://www.ktnv.com/news/police-presence-near-paradise-karen-responding-to-shooting-one-shot
>>52846 >Oniggercare I like how it's the absolute worst combo of "free market" meets socialized medicine.
>>52848 Never trust an American government to not fuck up worse than what you think is possible It was by designed to fuck over physicians and taxpayers if you cannot tell.
>>52849 Are you saying health (((insurance))) providers don't have our best interests in mind?
>>52846 Assuming you're willing to risk flying, wouldn't an american always leave the country to reach healthcare that's not subject to US medical unions if they have the time (and money) to see multiple US practices? >>52806 >>52848 Couldn't have less to do with the free market if you tried, weenie
Open file (23.70 KB 400x400 fry the brain.jpg)
How effective was camelry, from ancient times to ww1?
>>53181 The only animal considered "higher quality" in Central Asia than the camel for food and utility is generally the horse, which would be trained for combat. Camels could be used for logistics purposes for sure (and commonly were), but they served a role closer to that of mules with the added benefit that they doubled as rations in an emergency.
Hurricane season has started. I've got a generator and grill, but it's pretty common for power to be knocked out before the storm has cleared enough to set it up. Any recommendations for meals that don't need to be refrigerated, prepared or heated, have minimal trash and can work for a group? Breakfast bar+carton of stable milk, and bread+squeeze peanut butter+squeeze jelly+carton of milk seem reasonable picks, but I want to know what other options there are.
>>53238 Nuts, cereal, instant breakfast drinks or mixes, beef jerky to spruce it up, fruit, vegetables like carrots, avocados, or celery that will last about 3-5 days outside of a fridge, vegemite/marmite to remind you of the taste of meat and spread thin on crackers/bread with butter, canned meat mixes like corned beef hash, canned soup can be eaten straight so long as it isn't condensed (condensed can be too just salty), canned peas and chickpeas to give fiber to your diet, canned pate, bottled fruit preserves, canned rotel to make instant salsa (mix with velveeta or similar processed cheese to make instant dipping queso/use leftover velveeta as fish bait), pickling pretty much anything in vinegar brine and mason jars (pressure cook proteins with nitrate salts; pickled mustard seeds make sort of semi-shelf-stable vegetarian caviar that you can spread on bread), cans of spam... I'm sure there's lots more those are just examples from looking in my pantry. Buy some nesquik to change up your milk and give you some extra sugar if you work a strenuous job. You could always buy a single/double burner propane stove unit and a four pack of the mini-bottles used for lanterns. Even just the addition of boiling water gives you many more options.
>>52872 Why do you think so many Americans go to Mexico for prescriptions. Strelok, in China a doctors visit is 120RMB (~20USD) for the head of a medical field in a major hospital, 20rmb (2/7ths a dollar) for a regular doctor. Waiting is around two weeks if your unlucky. Machine tests like CT/MRI are about 400RMB if you’re a permanent resident/working there. If your not it’s about triple that as self paid, but imagine the cost of a fully self paid visits in the US (~60USD), CT (2900 USD), and a fucking 6 months wait time for a specialist! Insured rates for me when I was a self employed was 20/900USD respectively The burger medical system is fucked because the lobby that represent American medical schools REFUSE to raise the limit of grads from the 90s numbers “to prevent the decline of medical doctor quality” when the growth of population has continued. Congress is happy to take the free money so that’s why US healthcare is shit (alongside the insurance bullshit). Now if your talking equipment? USA no 1 all the way.
>>53248 >You could always buy a single/double burner propane stove unit and a four pack of the mini-bottles used for lanterns. Even just the addition of boiling water gives you many more options. >I've got a generator and grill, but it's pretty common for power to be knocked out before the storm has cleared enough to set it up. >>53258 And FDR's wage fixing commie shit create a system where insurance is the expected method of paying for medical bills meaning everyone is encourage to jack up the price as much as possible.
>>53259 >FDR insurance I 100% agree with you, but the scary part is how everyone thinks “that’s the way it should be!” We went from no insurance, to private insurance, to “government insurance” in reality in about 100 years.
>>53259 >Recanting text Yeah and you can acquire a gas camping stove +propane for about $30-$50 that fits under a cupboard or on a bookshelf in plain sight that takes less than 5 minutes to "set up" so are you saying you're too much of a pack rat to store one in an easily-accessible place, or you're so lazy as to be unable to pull a pot or pan out of a cupboard during an emergency while possibly using your phone as a flashlight?
>>53261 Set it up where?
>>53267 On top of your oven/stove. Your oven/stove has a fume hood, don't it? It's no different than lighting a gas unit regularly; just put the camper unit on top of your stove while using it.
>>53268 It's all electric in this part of the country. Far from gas deposits, close to nuke plants.
>>53270 Anon your electric stove is rated to handle fires. You can cook with a gas camper on top of your electric stove. Electric stoves still require fume hoods in case of food fires. This isn't complicated just put the propane camper unit on top of the stove and then put the pot on top of the camper unit and turn on the oven fan or open a window if you are concerned about fumes.
>>53217 Is there anyone with a list of all the super-rich bunkers around the world? Seems like something that is hard to cover up and more of a open secret like epstein's island was.
>>53272 Fume system is an over-the-range microwave, so it needs power.
>>53285 If I had the money I would make a list, but I have greater worries than where the rich plan to hide.
>>53238 Protein powder+fish oil+multivitamin. You can add other shelf stable oils to the protein shake (not too much at a time so test this before hand) to get something that will keep you going. Other things like canned food that can just be dumped in a bowl and mixed together. So canned tuna plus canned tomatoes or whatever veggies you like. The important thing is to get your essential amino acids (any animal source of protein), essential fatty acids (again, animal sources plus shelf stable oils) and other nutrients. This isn't gourmet and won't taste the best, but it will get you through a few days until you can get you grill/camp stove going.
Open file (331.46 KB 781x519 ClipboardImage.png)
Why not just put mine detector on vehicles? >>53461 Your advertising is clever but I believe you would have better chance of success if you just said what your chan is about.
Open file (1.93 MB 500x686 wtfdyjstmylb.gif)
>>53484 >chan
>>53502 chan is culture not software. You can have chan which is not an imageboard, like for example liveboards like Meguca. And just to make sure I dont mean mine detectors as in slabs of metal hitting the ground, I mean as in directional electromagnetic metal detection.
Open file (323.24 KB 192x256 1583380401333.gif)
https://invidio.us/watch?v=rLoa33czaMc&listen=false I've been looking at ways to use the plastic I got and make useful things with it. Vid related is relevant and I understand the process he's using (Acetone as a melting agent, clamping with glue) the problem is, I don't speak Russian and I don't know what kind of plastic he is using to make his solution. From a glance, I think it looks like acrylic, but would any anons who know how to speak slav, to please tell me exactly what material he is using to make this plastic laquer/glue/paste?
Open file (61.21 KB 371x376 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (198.01 KB 643x302 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (335.41 KB 634x329 ClipboardImage.png)
>>47376 What's the best way to defeat gas blow back from a suppressor? Is it doable with ballistic goggles or do I need a complete seal around my eyes like swimming goggles? I do not like my eyes being bukkaked with gas I did use a gas mask back when the --smog-- smoke from Canada was really thick and obviously that worked but I couldn't see fuck all through my optic.
>>53877 >--smog-- Baka.
>>53920 >Baka. Leaf fumes will do that to you.
>>53877 >Best way A better management system in your gun to delay gas extraction as long as possible and force gas out of the barrel instead (heavier buffers, adjustable gas systems, etc.). A poor man's solution is to make a gasbuster around the charging handle using some high-heat silicon. Vid related. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wancMz8ZDg8
>>53238 This will be the base of your diet in an emergancy, considering how shelf stable it is in ambient air. Eat with a spread of your choice. I prefer mayo, or jiff peanut butter. You should already have fresh water stacked to the ceiling or a reliable source you have easy access to if you're truly set on staying in the event of a hurricane. Assuming you want some added nurtrients for the duration of your suffering, then having a few cans of proteins from the sea will get you through those muggy afternoons. Add some triple distilled scotch and you'll be too dilerious to care about how hungry you are.
Open file (563.78 KB 876x847 biden.png)
When will shina going to invade pacify taiwan?
>>54051 I don't know but I wonder If I'll see it within my lifetime. My grandfather was in the Korean war and while he never spoke about his experiences, another friend's grandpa did. He said he saw the chinks flooding over the hills like ants and that there were so many of them.
>>54051 Hopefully tonight
>>54056 >I wonder If I'll see it within my lifetime. Are you planning to commit sudoku before the end of Biden's 2nd term?
>>54068 >before the end of Biden's 2nd term? >2nd term I'm sure the filthy Commies in charge of the West will find excuses to abolish term limits across the board -- but especially in Greater Jerusalem. Look what happened with that POS Roosevelt as an example.
Open file (85.17 KB 296x182 danger_pencil.png)
Obviously the "slice & spin" rifling of modern firearms is superior in many regards such as ease of manufacture of bullets, better standardization and being more cartridge-friendly, but does the original configuration of a helical bullet in a corresponding barrel as in the Whitworth have any advantages outside of black powder muzzle-loaders? I suspect the barrels would last much longer and not get as hot since they don't have to fuck up every bullet that passes through. Would a sane weapons manufacturer ever consider building a precision sniper rifle using helical bullets in the modern era?
>>54075 Modern equivalent would be "polygonal rifling" I think - CZ and HK use it and Glock did previously, probably some others too. Granted it's not the same as the Whitworth rifle since modern bullets are always cylindrical AFAIK. It should transfer more energy to the bullet by letting less gas blow past the bullet. From a pure ballistics point of view (ignoring the manufacturing costs and challenges) I'm not sure if there much advantage to it versus modern rifling, if there is no one seems to have noticed or capitalized on it. I theorize a helical bullet would have worse flight characteristics (more drag) than a cylindrical one. but then who the fuck knows, aerodynamics are fucking weird, especially at supersonic speeds >I suspect the barrels would last much longer I've heard the same, makes sense as there are fewer sharp angles/stress points to wear down. It might come down to the manufacturing quality and precision more so than the specific shape - a simpler more reliable process should on average yield better shooting performance than a process that's hard to get just-right, so maybe that's your answer?
Open file (725.71 KB 1904x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>54075 >>54108 Maybe the extended range, full bore concept is closer to it, but that is something for artillery only: https://soapbox.manywords.press/2018/07/05/extended-range-full-bore-rounds/
Wildfire started next to the airbase hosting our most advanced F-16Cs (block 50) and apparently a major portion of their ammunition given we had multiple explosions. Shit is pretty much a targeted attack.
>>54145 Please define "our".
>>54145 Honeestly, we fucking deserve it. This country is a pile of unorganised, corrupt, lazy sacks of shit. I say burn it all to the fucking ground so that maybe we can start over. If God is real and he loved us, he would make a civil war happen and then have 80% of the Greek population slaughtered like cattle. The overwhelming majority of our countrymen are subhuman and the only thing that makes this ethnic group go forwards is relentless violence.
>>54156 My family's, we bought all planes of HAF. >>54159 Mostly agreed but the wildlife did not deserve that and the Air Force is one of the least deserving among governmental bodies.
>>54173 >My family's, we bought all planes of HAF. >"The Hellenic Air Force includes approximately 33,000 active troops, of whom 11,750 are career officers, 14,000 are professional soldiers (ΕΠ.ΟΠ.), 7,250 are volunteer conscripts and 1,100 are women." >1,100 are women >more than 1 in 6 Found the issue for your fire problems Anon. :^)
Open file (265.44 KB 1280x720 DIVERSITY-BACKFIRE-1.jpg)
>>54178 Touche'!
Open file (11.85 MB 3553x2861 ClipboardImage.png)
Why is it that helical magazines don't use the same kind of mainspring as found in clocks? Considering how mechanical movements are still mass produced, it might be possible to use an off-the-shelf one for a magazine.
>>54250 Aren't they gas-driven strelok? That's plenty of force already available local to the mechanism itself -- why add additional complexity?
>>54252 No, all designs that I know of have a coil spring running through the central shaft. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=odbW_fuMN3I
>>54250 >clock mainsprings Strelok, I dont know clock, but for watches aside from the additional stress on the z axis the issue was a softer steel was usually used that had some material science issues that caused fatigue after a while on its own, neverless if you had to move bullets on that. Not really a modern issue with newer stainless "steel" alloys. Maybe if you used new alloys and wound it in a reverse or semi reverse position, added a watch like anti knock mechanisim to prevent recoil or overwinding knock. Otherwise a hot round or a sudden impact force would either stovepipe or double feed the round followed by an in battery detonation. Finally, mainsprings dont like dirt. a little bit of grime will throw off the movement of the spring and appear "stuck".This maybe a battlefield concern if you drop the magazine. These may not be applicable on larger springs since watch mainsprings snapping usually fucked the gears and the jewels. if you are just moving bullets that isnt a concern.
Open file (235.77 KB 1024x539 Calico.jpg)
>>54291 >Maybe if you used new alloys and wound it in a reverse or semi reverse position, added a watch like anti knock mechanisim to prevent recoil or overwinding knock. Otherwise a hot round or a sudden impact force would either stovepipe or double feed the round followed by an in battery detonation. I'm not sure if I follow, but it sounds like you are speaking about using this spring as the mainspring of the gun.
I see some young dude is at my door yesterday. I'm eating dinner, and I usually ignore solicitors anyway so, "fuck off", right? Kid keeps knocking and ringing until I finally answer the door. Turns out it's my son that I unknowingly "fathered" back in 2005. My brother sent off a DNA sample to one of those ancestry companies and apparently dots were connected. He was pretty cool about everything and said his mom was unaware that he was searching for me, but I'm wondering if I can get hit with back support if I actually confirm he is related. I kinda vaguely remember his mom from a college graduation party. The kid had plausible details about the when and where. Sent him off with my burner google voice number just in case things get annoying. My brother thought it was hilarious and sent him my way with no warning. fucking dickhead, lol
Open file (122.57 KB 806x432 Movement.jpg)
>>54304 I am assuming you wanted that in the magazine to replace the spring-loaded corkscrew they currently use. Yes and no. The issue is the the mainspring wind/unwinding is problematic, the as balance springs are "2D" >See pic below of the "balance spring" compared to fig.24 on yours. >mainspring as part of the gun. They are too weak to be coiled in the Z axis. I can draw a picture and show you but you'll have to wait until I get back from a work trip. I was suggesting instead of a single helical magazine like you are showing, which is likely to jam due to the angle of the cartridge and the springloader tension. I was suggesting a more modular approach. Think of it like multiple speedloaders stacked like a helical mag but with an automatic loading/revolving mechanism and a lever escapement to eject the emptied speedloader block. Be much easier to reload and unjam I think if done properly. >>54310 >Anything legal 1. Get a lawyer an ask your state specifics (assuming you are burger) >Child support from DNA testing 2. Depends on state (ex:CA has no statue of limitations) most states don't allow support post-18 to be clawed back if the parentage was unknown. >Things get annoying 3. Strelok. I hope you will raise him to be the ultimate /k/ombatant we all hope to be. Gonna need bodies against the incoming worldwide shitshow and good men in the world are rare today.
>>54314 That sounds interesting, and I'm eagerly waiting for a drawing. To be perfectly honest, what I'm thinking about is a belt-fed weapon that also accepts magazines, and if you have something like the classic MG-42 feed system, then a helical magazine could pop in its place quite nicely. They actually used something similar with the MG-34, but that was an alternative to the feed cover. What I'm thinking about is to have the same magazine retaining system as what the Calico uses, but instead of a helical mag you can also pop in that feed system. And so an other solution I'm thinking about is to use the pin connected to the bolt (that normally actuates the belt-feed) to somehow move the central shaft of the helical magazine. Just add a spring-loaded follower that can push 2-3 cartridges forward to keep all the cartridges constantly under tension, similarly to what the Bizon has. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=UO1CeiurzTc
>>54304 I really appreciate the Calico for doing something different and for having an interesting profile. I also like how that it shows that you can make most of the frame of a gun out of polymer and and not have it end up looking like a Goddamn mall ninja'd out AR-15. Aesthetics are important. They're not near the top of the list but they are on the list.
Open file (1.88 MB 2560x1855 Moscow_July_2011-10a.jpg)
Could you stop a modern tank with a black powder cannon, assuming the cannon was of sufficient size? By stop I'm specifically talking about a mobility kill or a armament kill or both.
>>54628 It would probably by easier to get a mobility kill by knocking some of the wheels off but I think you'd have to be close enough for the canon to be accurate.
Open file (14.91 KB 600x378 Stielgranate.jpg)
>>54628 If I wanted to be autistic then I'd point out that the Panzerfaust used black powder to propel it's projectile. So I guess you could use a Napoleonic-era field gun to propel a HEAT warhead, in the style of the of the Stielgranate. Otherwise, I think it could damage the barrel or the tracks if you managed to hit them, but those pieces were not particularly accurate. But then going big is also an option: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=aKmi0PN7LxM
>>54645 >So I guess you could use a Napoleonic-era field gun to propel a HEAT warhead Well obviously but that's cheating as far as the question goes. You could use a pneumatic cannon or just a big spring to propell a HEAT warhead and kill a tank. You could even use a disposable orphan to run up and smack it on the tank to kill it and it would work. What I mean is could you fire a big metal or even stone ball (nonexplosive) at a tank and knock the fuck out of a tank to the point that it's out of the game? Specifically constraining it to a manageable size to where it's somewhat mobile rather than have it be completely static and having an entire fort built around it.
please tell me what you know
>>54698 We have detailed records.
Open file (13.71 KB 685x576 1684854052142.png)
tips to defend muh property during emergent looting across town? getting rocky in here lately
>>54779 >Board windows >Always keep door locked and barred when home >Have gun >Hide any valuables inside books because niggas can't read >Hide the books too in the walls or floors or some shit >Use buddy system while outside >Ensure nobody sees you bringing things into your home >Pray to god
>>54779 Dont looks like a target worth looting. random houses are on the ass end of the list of shit to steal from.
>>54779 >emergent looting across town That bad? I thought argentina was white?
>>54779 Set up cameras pushing streams locally to Frigate or whatever. Nothing worse than sticking your head out the door to see what's going on. I never bothered to fix my doorbell because I know when someone's on my property well before they get the chance to ring it. I'd insist on hardware that doesn't require an internet connection and has a "starlight" camera sensor. Maybe get some radios to coordinate overwatch when someone is leaving or arriving. I've seen many videos of robbery attempts as the garage door/gate is opening or closing in your area of the world. I'd just get baofengs with some 12v car adapters to leave in the vehicles so you don't have to worry about batteries or cellular coverage.
>>54794 Argentina is made up mostly of mestizos.
Open file (289.19 KB 1200x1200 1678953804_7-2.jpg)
Are there any american made gasmask? Any brand recommendations?
>>54824 3M, North, and MSA are the brands I know at the top of my head. 3M is generally the most widespread.
>>54824 >>54830 "North" is the name of the specific mask, the brand is Honeywell. In terms of full face masks I prefer north over the MSA respirators I've used due to the smaller, easier to insert cartridges and it having a nose cup built in (a full face without a nose cup WILL fog up without a nose cup, and quickly). Honeywell also just happens to fit me better. keep in mind there's a huge variety of gas masks/respirators with varying degrees of protective ratings that I've never tried, like I've never used a full face 3M for instance.
>>54830 >>54831 Thanks, that will help on filtering the chink shit.
/k/, who has been the most moral military dictator to come into power within the last 200 years? Image unrelated.
>>54852 Well, ~~totally-not-a-CIA-glownigger-dataminer''-kun, obviously Uncle Addy, duh.
>>54835 Differn strelok, buta point to keep in mind strelok, the higher/specialized rated stuff (like SCBAs for firefighters) aren't usually cross compatible. I've seen departments nigger rig their shit by making adapters or modifying the backplate but usually that ends up going horrifically wrong or insurance and the lawyers of the company find out and assfuck you like the booty warrior. You can blame the oligopoly kicking out startups and the NFPA being in regulatory capture for that. >t. worked a state level fire deparment compliance job and was a wildland firefighter
How would one properly use a battle rifle as a bug out gun in the current year +8? It's a meme question with no truly good answer for obvious reasons, but those are fun to ponder for me so why not ask? For a pretty-close-to-poorfag build my best idea is cloning a late cold war bundeswehr setup since PTRs are by and by far the cheapest BR option and the germoney shit fits germoney shit, and to boot G3 mags are still under $10 freedom bux so you can buy them without breaking the bank, even if they're approaching PMAG prices. I figure some relatively cheap surplus kraut web gear (normally comes with 2 mag pouches with a few accessories which are, again, dirt cheap if you want more,) literally any backpack you've got laying around, a cheap plate carrier and plate, decent boots, decent pants, and you're golden. The only problem is that .308 is still at least $1/round
>>54852 >dictator That rules out Hitler, since he was elected and the people loved him to the bitter end. So in my opinion the only good candidate left would be Georgios Papadopoulos. Even Greeks know little about the Junta period of Greece (other than "THE JUNTA IS EVIL EVIL EVIL!" as they are taught in middle school), so I doubt foreigners know literally anything about him maybe except for his surname which so common among Greeks that it has become stereotypical. So, here's a short summary of Georgios Papadopoulos and why he was probably the only moral AND relatively successful military dictator in the past 200+ years: >Fought in the Greco-Italian war and rose to the rank of Colonel >Fought the USSR-backed Greek (and Albanian, and Bulgarian) communists in the Greek "civil war" >Hated Monarchists, singlehandedly overthrew it >Didn't want to be a dictator, so he organised national elections soon after >Greeks voted for him anyway >Now in power, he had to take a borderline 3rd-world country ravaged by decades of war and corruption, and turn it into something resembling a strong nation >He fucking did it within 7 years >Commies, corrupt bankers, politicians and judges were hanged overnight >Immigrants become extinct >He provided the entire country with electricity, water and paved roads (Yes, Greece was a third world shithole) >Farmers had their debts deleted, were given modern machinery to work the fields >Taxes were lowered so that business owners can finally breathe >Hundreds of companies and factories were to allowed to grow >Schools and hospitals built in every major city and village >Reorganised the military, armed the country to the teeth >"Come and get it.jpg" message to the Turks >Turks never dared to fuck with him >Greece started exporting precious ores, metals and planned to start drilling for oil >Uh oh, America wants those ores and oil >CIAniggers try to overthrow Papadopoulos 3 times >They fail 3 times, including assassination attempts >They try a 4th time >They succeed in the form of a set-up "uprising" and infiltration of his military guard >Country is handed over to Andreas Papandreou, a CIA-backed nigger who ruined absolutely everything >Companies, factories and all exports were shut down overnight >Quarries handed over to American businessmen >Oil drilling plans permanently cancelled >With Papadopoulos gone, Turkey attacks Cyprus >Greece does nothing about it, 37% of Cyprus becomes Turkish soil >Now you are here Papadopoulos was the last time Greece had anything to brag about. We have been a 3rd world shithole ever since he was overthrown.
>>55883 >moral >not giving pinkos free chopper rides
>>55883 Was there no will to return him to power after his overthrow or was he somehow permanently exiled or killed to prevent a Napoleon moment?
>>55883 When will somebody delete the US and their kike overlords?
>>55876 >Battle rifle Use it as a designated marksman with full fun capability. Cetme C build it yourself.is cheapter than PTR. Barrel and wielding skills most expensive part of this build. Don't forget import compliance and replacing a full auto trigger pack if you want to comply with the law. I think they are mostly compatible with G3 mags. Pretty sure robert rtg has his own jig for mag cutouts. FAL if you like getting ripped by boomers. Not sure where to find cheap surplus of those...
>>55883 >That rules out Hitler, since he was elected and the people loved him to the bitter end. >>Didn't want to be a dictator, so he organised national elections soon after >>Greeks voted for him anyway This does not compute. Hitler was not elected directly, instead he was declared to be chancellor due to Germany being in a semi-permanent crisis, so Papadopoulos should have even less of a claim at being a dictator.
>>55912 >Nazis >Knowing history beyond "dude trust me some anon told me" lol. lmao even.
Open file (41.42 KB 638x960 1695546903926863.jpg)
>>55912 >This does not compute. What I find even more humorous, is that Five Eyes intelligence staff (such as OP) are literally reaching out to the Internets to divine a better understanding both history and men's appreciation of it. What? They're all so filled with intellectual power of vibrant, pure-diversity today that they need to do historical analysis by seeking information from anon? Kek.
>>55883 >Georgios Papadopoulos. Sounds remarkable, Anon. The world could use 100 more just like him today.
/k/, how should I tell my parents to deal with the death of me if I get drafted in the next up coming war? Has /k/ ever had a relative die in military or in war?
>>56023 Don't be overly-dramatic about it (that's faggotish), but rather straightforward. Who knows if you have a big death-bonus with your military they may even cheer you on! OTOH, if you don't want to fight & die for the globalist jews, then I predict there will be literally millions of White men who feel the same. Surely resistance cohorts will form. If you're going to die anyway, then taking some zogbots with you will surely be a popular political position to have soon enough! Godspeed, Strelok.
>>56023 With the rate of inflation that life insurance policy will be worth zip. Zilch. Nada. They will probably use your posts as proof of insurance fraud too in order to not pay out.
>>55912 Unlike Hitler, Papadopoulos was a full blown dictator for a time UNTIL he resumed national elections and was then elected president. Least retarded ancap: >>55915
>>56023 Cut you left hand or something. Don't let the kikes kill you.
>>56027 >They will probably use your posts as proof of insurance fraud too in order to not pay out. Lol. How's that Strelok? Open conversations about risk & benefits of decisions -- particularly for something as tenuous as military service -- has a long & honored tradition going back literally millenia.
What's happening in Israel r/n /k/ ? Apparently the Palestinians fired 2'000+ rockets & massacred an Israeli outpost?
>>56222 5000+ rockets some sources say, also Yom Kippur War anniversary and a little before a month after the jews made a strong bombing day that even took down a civilian tower. Doesn't look like another Intifada or Iran/Syria-backed campaign also the oven dodgers like every opportunity to get more forbidden land so they will probably retaliate as always and mine more water bodies, i don't think it will escalate further than that.
>>56224 Israel has formally declared war, so there's that at least. Interested to see if Iran makes any moves, not holding my breath but last couple years supplying drones to Russia they must have learned a thing or two.
Open file (162.69 KB 475x525 alois glow.png)
>>56266 >Israel has formally declared war Oh boy here we go. >Everything calls for peace, shalom! That’s when it happens. – A new Middle East war suddenly flares up, large fleet units face each other in the Mediterranean – the situation is tense. But the actual igniting spark is thrown into the powder keg in the Balkans: I see a great man fall; a bloody dagger lies next to him. Then everything is happening fast. Massed units of troops march into Belgrade from the east and advance towards Italy.“
>>56274 Hey thats actually great, there are no great man in this era, we are safe.
>>56277 lmao
Open file (362.45 KB 1425x456 ohioanon rapist found.png)
Open file (2.15 KB 431x16 mark.png)
Open file (448.05 KB 1125x1500 mark baker book.jpg)
Open file (431.30 KB 378x500 mark baker.png)
Excuse me for reposting a screenshot of myself, but do any of you happen to know much about Muzzleloader Magazine or longhunter enthusiast meetups in burgerland? I believe I've found the man who raped Ohioanon: an author and speaker matching Ohioanon's description named Mark A. Baker. Greetings from the kemono thread.
>>56399 >the man who raped Ohioanon U w0t m8?
Open file (1.74 MB 2036x3604 anon loves ohio.png)
>>56405 You know, the anon who got drugged up and mindfucked into having a fetish for Ohio.
Open file (24.74 KB 300x300 4085965224.png)
>>56407 >get roofied so hard you want to fuck the rocks
>>56414 It's always about gay rocks with anons. Either fucking them or blowing them up.
Open file (997.47 KB 500x332 1549412461.gif)
>What natsoc or other hijinks (perhaps geologic ones) will /k/ dabble in again today I wonder? >*opens thread* >mfw >>56430 Ebin.
Open file (2.82 MB 1600x8500 tileanon.jpg)
>>56430 Tiles>rocks
Open file (2.85 MB 1600x8500 Tile Anon.jpg)
>>56433 Image is broken for some reason
Open file (41.03 KB 636x455 1695693702902314.jpg)
>>56435 >"...and I thought this place would be the last place to be judgmental about it."
Open file (49.90 KB 799x292 AK-74.jpg)
Did the Greek military at one point ever have a cache of AK-74s belonging to a reserve unit or something like that?
Could any modern military in the world defeat a zombie apocalypse like what is seen in Resident Evil or World War Z(the book)?
Open file (14.01 KB 461x238 lelgium.png)
>>56575 Any zombie outbreak mediated by a true global pandemic or effective biological weapons is clearly beyond the capacity of governments to do anything about. If infection was actually consequential then any virulent airborne strain would obliterate rule of law even without zombies. >World War Z(the book)? US civilians or any other demographic who are armed for e.g. pest control would defeat the zombie threat outside of the cities even in mostly disarmed places like australia, and most governments would be able to maintain mostly functional borders. To what degree cities implode or can be contained by militaries isn't obvious, but outside of some external factor it's hard to take zombies seriously. For reference, rabies is human-human transmissible, basically incurable, and hugely prevalent in massively populated areas like the indian subcontinent because of scavenging dogs (and it's also transmitted by bats, which naturally cross borders), yet it has a minor impact there and almost no relevance in any developed country despite having endemic variants basically across the globe.
>>56465 For a time Greek Cypriot forces (mostly specialised units) were issued with AK-74Ms. They're now being phased out with SCARs and (unfortunately) Tavors. Greece never adopted any AK rifle, they've only ever been used by special forces and anti-terrorist units in certain occasions, but they're not standard issue. Greece has also sent Ukraine AK rifles, RPGs, 7,62x39mm ammo and other equipment that was confiscated from illegal shipping.
>>56616 >For reference, rabies is human-human transmissible, basically incurable, and hugely prevalent in massively populated areas like the indian subcontinent because of scavenging dogs (and it's also transmitted by bats, which naturally cross borders), yet it has a minor impact there and almost no relevance in any developed country despite having endemic variants basically across the globe. (rotten) apples and oranges. Rabies technically are transmissible, but as an actual vector of propagation human-to-human is negligible, unlike dog-dog and bat-bat transmission spilling on nearby humans. Higher population density in cities only hinders this. Bats are mostly scared away, rabid dogs are noticed and blammed quicker. The usual human-to-human diseases, naturally, propagate faster with density. Now take a look at toxoplasma: it goes likewise cat-rat-cat with spilling on humans, but with human density those increase both in raw numbers and potential transmission frequency. And unlike rabies tox is not swiftly suppressed, the carriers just keep spreading it.
>>56693 >Rabies technically are transmissible, but as an actual vector of propagation human-to-human is negligible That's my point. A disease spread by humans biting humans (especially overtly diseased humans biting humans) would not spread. >The usual human-to-human diseases, naturally, propagate faster with density. Again, this is already the content of the post you're responding to.
Open file (284.30 KB 960x960 20231015.jpg)
>>47382 There's a good chance that the Russian ICBMs and nuclear bombs don't work due to lack of maintenance.
>>56695 No, you missing it. Humans with rabies simply don’t bite other humans much, probably because early training against it holds until brain damage is so bad they have problems even moving around. Thus the analogy is stillborn. If bites were a thing… I guess the spread would depend mostly on incubation period. Also, rabies is a known hazard, as such panic reactions are toned down and mostly turned toward useful activity (if not necessarily most efficient), rather than creating large-scale complications. Zombie thing traditionally adds another huge factor in its favor: the recently-infected often hide their bites rather than running for help as fast as they can (unlike rabies infection).
Open file (120.42 KB 1200x613 EfzQB_yVoAAUvn6.jpg)
Open file (49.13 KB 1068x798 Efy8fowU8AAT3hG.jpg)
Open file (16.81 KB 1014x172 EfzE7mYU0AIh1uA.png)
>>57134 Huh. USA had Critical Race Theory running rampant in nuclear weapon labs, so Russia may have problems with maintenance of nukes. Now that’s some serious vodoo. By the way. How’s production of Tritium, or Plutonium? Remember how the New Horizons probe could only be given 1/3 of Plutonium that went into Cassini–Huygens probe, and then it had to be in sleep mode most of the time?.. Why do you think this could happen? Okay, Russia probably had problems with funding at least somewhere in that production chain for a while. But then, no obvious reasons why they would persist.
>>57134 This is an unbelievably stupid remark. Many countries outside of Russia (including the USA) rely on Russia's nuclear and rocket industries. >inb4 hurr muddy road in village
>>57223 I've seen these kinds of remarks before, both here and elsewhere. It's pure whistling past the graveyard behavior.
>>57223 >>57230 It's a simplification of nukes, but it's not entirely invalid. Russia maintains their nuclear weapons, but because of the nature of fissile material their nuclear weapons could have degraded substantially by virtue of time. Think the sun-burned tire issue that Russia had at the beginning of the war (Russia took care of their tires properly, but when you store them for X0 years shit goes bad). If you don't periodically test nukes, they can "fizzle out" during the interim and become significantly less effective. This is why you hear so many "fusion power using lasers" news headlines out of America. The universities are funded by the DoD to come up with convoluted ways in the civilian sector to set off a nuke on a tiny scale and then they're given small samples from nuclear weapons to do the tests. These research papers then go out to give other countries a heads up that America has confirmed their nuclear degradation to X capacity meaning on a macro scale they still have Y strength. It's a real issue and the Americans are the only ones with something resembling a solution that doesn't involve literally testing a nuclear bomb for the last 50 years.
I've been out of the loop. Is 80% stuff available RN or is it all nerfed models (ala p80 grid fill) and/or in backorder limbo? How about AR lowers/jigs? I came by a factory 17 slide for cheap and I have some uppers collecting dust...
>>57233 Maybe that's why Russia was considering testing again recently.
Do you guys think the new Ridley Scott film about Napoleon will give him a cuckold's motivation? Some people think that the trailers are giving off cuck vibes. https://archive.ph/BZoHj - Tweet above. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=OAZWXUkrjPc - Trailer one. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=LIsfMO5Jd_w - Trailer two. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=GFxZN5rteXk - Josephine trailer thing. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=37EySlTiO4I - Some production thing.
>>57391 To answer that question, you only need ask yourself two questions, Strelok: 1. Is it the product primarily of filthy Juden? 2. Is it produced during Current Year? These two points alone will give you clear insights, I think.
>>57391 >her famous infidelity I hope androids with artificial wombs will replace women some day.
>>57391 You know it's going to be bad, so why do you even care? You should have learned by now strelok
>>54824 Look into Draeger and find a way to make a low profile escape SCBA setup sustainable, (i.e. "portable" filtered air compressor)
Open file (173.40 KB 287x969 ClipboardImage.png)
>>57403 >Is it the product primarily of filthy Juden? Not really
>>57443 Tell me where you live
Open file (215.98 KB 675x900 Spuhr-1017986127.jpg)
>>56618 Aren't G3's still heavily used in Greece too? Do you think the army there will modernize them like what Sweden and the Netherlands did? Might as well if your stuck with them for the next 800 more years that they'll continue to spit lead and brass without a hiccup. Assuming they haven't already that is.
>>57391 >Some people think that the trailers are giving off cuck vibes. Only trailer 2. I assume in more honest times this film would have be called "Napoleon and Josephine", as in: just as much of a Josephine film as it is a Napoleon film. I find it irritating that modern politics necessitate works of art that have characters having a 'Strong Woman' even if such a thing would not be relevant to the piece or would improve the piece. It seems to me that historical film genres (historical fiction & historical dramatization) end up making the worst films generally; as they attract individuals who want to change the past like flies to shit. It's pretty rare for historical films to be made by a "we MUST have extreme historical accuracy" autist, like Eggers and Kubrick. I miss the silly historically-innacurate films like Braveheart.
>>57488 >Aren't G3's still heavily used in Greece too? Yes, they're the standard issue rifle. > Do you think the army there will modernize them like what Sweden and the Netherlands did? The Greek military is the very incarnation of "Elbonia". No, we will literally never ever ever, modernise our G3s. If you ever see a picture of a Greek soldier with a modernised G3, it is because he personally paid for everything. The only good thingg about the Greek military are the 2A6HEL tanks, Type 214 submarines, Pzh 2000s, Rafales, and F-16s. That is it. Everything else is an absolute disaster. Non-existent logistics, Vietnam-era equipment, Korean war-era tactics, drones to a Greek soldier is what clean water is to a Somalian. If it was up to me I would execute every single Greek official, force every single personnel under the age of 30 to go through the US Army Ranger bootcamp, then force the survivors to go through the US military officer academy and only then will I accept them back into Greek service. Then we eradicate every piece of military equipment made before 1980 (that would mean the destruction of >70% of all equipment) and only then can we start rearming ourselves. I will say this again, Greece is the incarnation of Elbonia. Any Greek who denies this is an absolute retard who will star in Turkish drone strike montages on Twitter. That will be his greatest accomplishment in life.
>>57495 I forgot to mention, if the Greek military had it's own soundtrack it would be "Hunger" by Hans Zimmer from the Black Hawk Down movie. I see Americans cry about the state of their military in 2023, now imagine being Greek and living in Europe's most utterly disastrous, pathetic, weak, fallen country. Our ancestors would kill us all with fire.
>>57495 >drones to a Greek soldier is what clean water is to a Somalian. Actually, I have seen Somali(landans) spotting their D-30 (Somalian "nukes") with drones in Laascanood. You are literally hundred years behind niggers.
>>57502 >You are literally hundred years behind niggers. Yes
>>57495 >Then we eradicate every piece of military equipment made before 1980 (that would mean the destruction of >70% of all equipment) and only then can we start rearming ourselves. Sounds wasteful. Why not just stuff them with leftards and send them towards t*rkey?
>>57502 >>57518 The irony is that we were among the first countries to domestically develop a military drone, around mid 90s. Ofc we could not be allowed that much level of autonomy.
>>57546 >tuff them with leftards and send them towards t*rkey Because a leftist will sooner join the Turkish army than fight against them
>>57403 Did you already land, or posting while in flight? >>56987 What’s with all this sudden of reddit airdrop here? >>57495 > If it was up to me I would execute every single Greek official, force every single personnel under the age of 30 to go through the US Army Ranger bootcamp, then force the survivors to go through the US military officer academy and only then will I accept them back into Greek service. Then we eradicate every piece of military equipment made before 1980 (that would mean the destruction of >70% of all equipment) and only then can we start rearming ourselves. US military officer academy may be more dead than alive, even if it still shambles. The rest you will probably have to incompletely imitate once NATO finally follows Warsaw Pact to the dumpster of history. >>57556 It will be their problem.
Open file (188.85 KB 1500x950 563964Image1.jpg)
Open file (130.98 KB 1400x683 RTI screenshot.png)
>>57556 >Because a leftist will sooner join the Turkish army than fight against them I dunno about Gayreek politics but in the JewSA our leftists would actually join the PKK and YGP.... Well the very few who'd actually qualify and aren't limp wristed soylent chuggers or morbidly obese dead weight that would be told to fuck off back to burgerland. If for whatever reason they were forced to choose a side. Why do leftists in your country simp for a neighbor that has a history of fucking around and annexing half of Cyprus for the LoLz? >>57495 >No, we will literally never ever ever, modernise our G3s. >The only good thingg about the Greek military are the 2A6HEL tanks, Type 214 submarines, Pzh 2000s, Rafales, and F-16s. Well in the grand scheme of things artillery and the navy is gonna be a hell of a lot more important for where you live anyway but it still seems like a waste of the rifle's capabilities honestly, yeah it made sense not to prioritize optics for basic bitch infantry 70+ years ago but a decent 'affordable' LVPO isn't exactly hard to come by these days since the Chinese and Japanese pump them out like hot cakes. >Then we eradicate every piece of military equipment made before 1980 (that would mean the destruction of >70% of all equipment) and only then can we start rearming ourselves. Why not just sell/donate it to some impoverished country like Lesotho or Armenia or whoever else gladly take whatever they can get their hands on? Or better yet dismantle anything that's rare and sought after sell it as a parts kits or full rifles to an American importer, Ethiopia does that every couple of years with their even older stock of WW1 weapons that would otherwise just be rusting away in a shed and people actually buy them as collectables. Or even better yet sell it to the civilian market, then again I have no idea what Greek gun laws or the culture is like there so that might not be an option for you. Might actually be cheaper too compared to having them all melted down energy costs wise.
>>57559 >Well in the grand scheme of things artillery and the navy is gonna be a hell of a lot more important The only modern artillery system in Greece is the Pzh 2000. You know how many of those have? 24. The second best system we have is M109s. And I'm sorry America but the M109 is a terrible SPG. You STILL haven't upgraded it with an autoloader. The latest, most expensive, bestest M109 variant still relies on a human loader. As for our navy, it is completely outdated. >Why not just sell/donate it That's what I had in mind. But I'm not selling the Pattons. I will instead put every last Greek Patton lover (there's many of them who still think these pieces of shit are combat-worthy), weld the hatches shut and bury them hull-down on the beaches of Kastelorizo, pointed towards the Turkish coast line.
>>57556 >Because a leftist will sooner join the Turkish army than fight against them Exactly! A greater loss for turdkey than for us. >>57563 >Why do leftists in your country simp for a neighbor that has a history of fucking around and annexing half of Cyprus for the LoLz? Same reason leftists in the U.S. constantly shittalk the land of the free in favour of turd world shitholes that would lynch them in an hour for their general faggotry. You can't reason with the left, they are spiteful mutants driven by oekophobia and spite for their betters.
Does anyone know anything about incidents between the IDF and US forces in Lebanon prior to the Beirut barracks bombing in 1983? Also, any source showing a possible connection with the bombing to Mossad?
>>57575 I too would be interested in learning more about this.
Open file (31.20 KB 360x256 Admiral-Ackbar-trap.jpg)
Let’s talk about metal this time! >>50121 >>50123 In part, elasticity. In part, crack propagation. In titanium alloys it’s often more subtle, which can be dangerous in itself. I have read a book on mountaineering equipment, there was a curious bit on popularity of titanium alloys declining rather than growing in these circles (in early 90s). Basically, once titanium became less than exotic, it fell into grubby paws of the amateurs, legally or not. Naturally, people tried to use it for DIY mountaineering gear. The results were scary enough to dissuade this. A part holds the load, it’s lighter than steel and/or made thicker (wears the rope less). It was tested and used, there are no visible defects. Then it breaks with no warning signs at all, maybe under negligible force. One fine day dude tightens a rope around some hook or brake, and it just falls apart, like it was made of caramel. YFW. Naturally, the people who have seen this tend to exhibit deep and vocal distrust for such materials ever after. >>57233 > If you don't periodically test nukes, they can What tests? Fissile materials by definition degrade slowly, and irradiate everything around, so parts of a nuke inevitably need replacement. Fissile material itself, depending on half life: Tritium (for fusion) all the time, Pu-238 often, U-235 and Pu-239 not so often. But Uranium is refined from natural ore, Tritium and Plutonium (both 239 and 238) are made in breeder reactors. This can be a problem. > This is why you hear so many "fusion power using lasers" news headlines out of America. Fusion attempts were done for decades. Everywhere, until eventually chucked as another dead end. > The universities are funded by the DoD to come up with convoluted ways in the civilian sector to set off a nuke on a tiny scale and then they're given small samples from nuclear weapons to do the tests. That’s nonsense. > These research papers then go out to give other countries a heads up that America has confirmed their nuclear degradation to X capacity meaning on a macro scale they still have Y strength. That’s nonsense, because all these tests look like a dead end for decades. And if it was not, it would be indistinguishable from planning ahead. For OSINT purpose, there’s something much better, an actual demonstration of capability, or lack thereof. Production of Pu-238 in USA: https://wikiless.org/wiki/Plutonium-238?lang=en#Weapons https://wikiless.org/wiki/Plutonium-238?lang=en#Production Cassini probe (1997) had a radioisotope generator with 33 kg of Pu-238. New Horizons (2005) generator was much more modest, supposed to use only 10.9 kg. But U.S. Department of Energy could supply only 9.75 kg on not-so-short notice. Which is why it had to work in short bursts due to power constraints, and this contributed to the eventual failure (in part it happened due to odd jury-rigging, but with a better generator it could just transmit more often instead of being forced into sleep mode, so no need to overload). Sure, there was 2020 Mars Rover mission and whatnot. But they still could not produce all Pu-238 needed. Worse, they could not predict how much they can do and plan accordingly. So this capability was both stretched thin and unreliable back in 2005. The situation was unlikely to improve after that.
Open file (894.55 KB 1200x1600 Chiya Questions.png)
I find it kind of funny how the Russo-Ukrainian thread was always about trying to actually get to the bottom of why the war was fought, how it's being fought, and what the consequences/ramifications of the war will be on future wars with shitposting as a side-dish, but the Jew war has just been >lol dead kikes :^) since pretty much day one. Why the difference? How come Strelok is incapable of looking at the micro and macro of a Jew war while being able to get to the down and dirty of the third most Jewish country Ukraine on earth? And since I know anon will inevitably come in whining about it like a retard child: >Muh spammers Oh fuck off. You had 400+ posts and several days to discuss the hows and whys before any of the shit-stirrers even showed their ugly mugs yet all you niggers did was laugh about dead kikes. Those who reduce themselves to shitting where they eat shouldn't act surprised when the rapefugees they implicitly or explicitly invited do as the Romans do.
>>57645 A semite fite where both sides are western paid for and both of the sides do not invite sympathy where the winner will get to have supremacy over the greater quantity of sand 6 1/2 out of 10 barely kvetch
>>57645 I just dont give a fuck about this kike war.
>>57645 >get to the bottom of why the war was fought >implying its a war Read up on history and first thread early posts for the why you dunce, everyone already knows benny let this shit happen to genocide palestine and stop himself from going to jail, the only question is how crazy he is and how far he will take this before ww3 happens, isreal collapses, or a civil war starts. >how its being fought Huge information blackout by isreal, but yeah I will give you that there has been a drought in speculation in how its being/might be fought. >consequences/ramifications of the war Again, everyone has been posting about this and its not a real war, just a crazy isreali slaughter with predictable outcomes I've already stated. Ever heard of the saying "you can't avoid war, only postpone it"? Everyone knew that palestine and isreal hated each other, everyone already knew they were both ruled by psychos who hate the other to the point of genocide, and everyone already knew the capability of both. Even the gyroplane shit was only possible due to mossad turning off their sensors and benny making the idf go to the west bank, there has been no new real tactics or equipment in this "fight" we haven't already seen before. This isn't a war, its a boring predictable slaughter. The only interesting and fun part of this shit conflict is the crazy pr disaster of the jews unmasking themselves, and benny's full skitso reaction of trying to go full steam ahead to ww3 with both speedrunning the genocide and bombing the entire middle east regardless of if they wanted to get into this shit. Posting about this stuff and concentrating on this stuff isn't "shitting where you eat" its a logical response by oldfags too jaded to be interested in things they've seen before, and smart enough to know that what the isreali government and western media/political jew handlers do or fail to do is what will matter the most in deciding if this will turn out boringly predictable or not. Post you own /k/ autism if you don't like it, don't cry about it here
Open file (83.02 KB 1081x694 noseknows.jpeg)
>>57655 And we get to lol at dead kikes :^)
>>57645 There was plenty of discussion going on about it you lying nigger. Fuck I hate blatantly disingenuous cunts like you so much.
Open file (68.32 KB 960x960 mashironon.jpg)
>>57676 You're shameless, you lying double nigger. The thread's corpse isn't even cold, it's still in the catalog and yet you lie as easily as you breathe. I withheld my tongue for the first three days of the conflict and I still had to intervene with info-posts because anon was such an astroturfing nigger celebrating dead kikes that the third of the thread that was actually staying on-topic consisted of streloks relying on outdated information about the region from 2008-2015 that they'd gathered from ISIS beheadings and highly inaccurate /pol/ screencaps. I hate worthless sheep like you who think that kvetching about Jews is relevant discussion.
Does anyone know what type of carry handle scope mount and scope is featured in this photograph? Apparently it's from 1988.
>>57696 All that just to say nuh uh? Anyone can go look at the thread and see people talking about the conflict and potential ramifications and outcomes, you just want to ignore all that so you can ride on your high horse and bitch bitch bitch. Stupid lying faggot I guess I shouldn't expect much better from this board anymore though.
>>57822 It's an eat shit mount you leaf faggot.
>>57826 Yeah, you shouldn't. Cry harder, liar liar pants-on-fire.
>>57835 >NOOOOOO UR THE LIAR >don't just go look at the thread btw What I wouldn't give to cut your tongue off and shove it up your ass so you can taste the things the rest of us have to see spewing from you.
Open file (169.64 KB 600x400 Leafs.jpg)
Open file (64.93 KB 944x670 A Leaf.jpg)
>>57852 The no you shouldn't was in regards to your last statement. Day Of The Rake can't come fast enough for you insidious syrup-guzzling aberrations.
Open file (120.90 KB 1200x1665 Hal Turner18.jpg)
>>57857 Rake away the truth all you want, it'll just fall back down to cover up your lies again before long.
Open file (811.49 KB 355x355 123124216.gif)
Helo were are da guns :DDDDDDDDD
>>57877 We were spammed recently by a schizo and all gun related threads there were fell off the board before I or others could save them. And most of users with troves of knowledge about guns never came back after exodus and there is not much to discuss I guess. At the moment we are /pol/lite.
>>57877 >>57911 If you want to discuss Nip Nong and occasionally African cutting implements we do have a thread for that though.
>>57911 >All the gun-related threads I didn't realize the white supremacy thread was gun-related. Or that the two or three non-bumplocked threads that fell off were the only gun-related threads.
>>57914 And we also have threads about guns: >>13754 >>19322
>>57929 >>57929 >the white supremacy thread Where!? WTF I LOVE /K/ NOW >that fell off >fell That's a funny way to spell slide-attacked glownigger-kun! :^)
>>58017 >white supremacy Looking back its crazy how dumb boomers and ever their forefathers were to fall for this shit. Its literally trying to bogeyman the obvious truth due to extremely retarded and unrelated "muh genetics" strawmen that doesn't even understand how genetics works. Its as stupid as saying "damn those arabic supremacists" during the islamic golden age, or a better example "damn those italian supremacists" during the roman empire. They are obviously correct statements of truth during their time, to say that refutation and even stigmatize it is literally just cope from haters. They are better than you due to long-term factors of their ancestors leading to golden ages. "But muh genetics", again genetics is 99% adaptation to environment and 1% random chance, and while there are some natural environmental adaptation that is beneficial to humans, its so minor to not matter in the long run. For all the major empire periods in the world (egypt, classical, islamic, european) none of them had major advantage of genetic adaptation or random genetics. The best example of seemingly random genetics is something like china, with the highest iq scores and by far the earliest invention of the printing press, gunpowder, and compasses. Yet despite this they were still the silver bitch boy of the world living in a stagnant dream more concerned with larping as the best empire in the world than actually being it. Comparatively, europe didn't even have a writing system before the romans invaded our shit, and we were more savage, barbaric and uncivilized than most people anywhere. "but whity power is real", again its mostly placebo due to god-tier culture, yet there is some minor genetic superiority from whites, just as there came about minor genetic superiority from romans or egyptians, and that was from Artifical Adaptation. So tl;dr, whites are supreme due to being better than everyone else, whites are better than anyone else due to skill issue from ancestors + themselves due to god-tier culture/philosophy/theology. White genetic "superiority" is almost entirely from artificial adaptation due to ancestors being better at sweating and bleeding than the rest of the world. "White supremacy" is laughably dumb and incredible coping as a bogeyman and its amazing (((they))) ever managed to stigmatize it.
>>58035 POTD. Uncle Ted talked about the fundamental driving force with Leftists is their sense of inadequacy: they see themselves as losers. That's one reason it's such a disconnect to see whites as leftists (although this is clearly the direct result of (((them))) & their control of media for many decades now). Through the centuries since the Enlightenment began across all Western Europe, Whites have simply shown themselves (in general) to be the most superior race. Sadly, we've followed the path of folly giving women a say in society, and ofc they've immediately burnt it all down -- as they always do. And so the cycle will repeat again... the time the Yellow man will ascend to the throne, I think.
Open file (145.32 KB 1024x1024 IMG_20230825_173352_205.jpg)
>>58035 >>58039 It's funny that when it comes to borders and national identity, I put similar race over similar culture. But when it comes to claiming whether I'm superior or not, I put similar culture over similar race. I can't tell if it's because I'm right or because I want to be a comfortable civ-nat instead of a hard ethno-nat, or because of my chosen religion prohibiting the concept of God's Chosen™ from building up.
Open file (16.13 KB 640x185 red tanegashima.jpg)
>>58057 I like it. I'm personally not a fan of the modern "L" handle design. The old style used by matchlocks and flintlocks was more aesthetic and elegant.
Open file (8.94 KB 339x316 TheFrontFellOff.jpg)
>>58017 The threads fell off. Then they were towed outside the board. >>58039 >the time the Yellow man will ascend to the throne Well as long as the Yellow Man stays off my fucking lawn and goes back to making traditional architecture I don't give a fuck. >>58035 >just as there came about minor genetic superiority from romans or egyptians You're putting it way too recent. A large part of what makes Europeans European came about during the middle paleolithic and mesolithic.
>>57827 That's not very nice :'(
Open file (134.42 KB 1165x740 Nfpr1F7.jpg)
So, there’s an obvious raid spamming the board with lots of clumsy LARP at that. And then >>57645 > Why the difference? > Muh spammers Oh fuck off. < before the glowie reinforcements arrived you guys totally have spammed yourself. Now that’s top tier trolling, (b)8/(b)8.
>>58068 I was just being a faggot because I can't tell what kind of mount or scope that is. If it even is a scope and not an IR laser considering he's using NVGs. Actually I think that is an IR laser, but I still couldn't tell you what mount its sitting on. The carry handle just looks like the standard M16 handle from back in the day to me.
Anyone have experience with psychedelic therapy? I can't afford monthly drug injections/prescriptions nor weekly therapists, but I've heard a lot of good stuff about magic mushroom therapy helping people get over their PTSD in only a couple sessions and know a therapist in town licensed to use them.
>>58217 I don't have PTSD, but it really helps with depression in my experience. Really helped me quit drinking too, but that still required some willpower. It's worth a shot since they're not addictive and the chances of you permanently losing your mind from mushrooms is basically non-existent. If you've never done them before then it's a good idea to have a tripsitter nearby, which I guess the therapist would be doing? Bad trips are really fucking scary by yourself if you don't know how to tard wrangle your thought processes and a tripsitter really helps with that. Plus mushrooms are fun as shit anyway, and since they're non-addictive you won't have that chasing the dragon feeling you'd get with shit like heroin.
>>58217 >>58220 honestly magic mushrooms won't help much if have anxiety if don't have the mindset, it will make whatever you are feeling, so much worse. bad trips are the worst feeling and you will never come out the same way as you did before. I am not trying persuade you from not trying but be careful. for me I am not trying that shit ever again.
Why was Bin Laden a massive weeb? Why was his laptop full of anime, memes, crocheting tutorials, and hentai?
>>58256 >why was an oxford nerd who associated with other academics all his life a nerd
I've decided to build an AR, but I have a very vague design motivation. I just want it to be "nice". That doesn't mean it has top-tier expensive parts, or land 0.5 MOA, but I just want it to "feel" really really good. I was thinking of having a 12.5 in barrel with a can because it's aesthetic as fuck and it has decent dwell time for a suppressed SBR build, which I'm thinking means it would feel smooth to shoot. Anyway, would appreciate input on what would contribute to the "niceness" of the build, and also suggestions about manufacturers that fit the profile of pandering to neither poors nor LARPers.
>>58217 >know a therapist in town licensed to use them. If you can, have someone with experience to supervise/guide you (and make sure you're consuming the right mushrooms). +1 what >>58221 said it's a double edge sword as is most medicine, don't look at it as a 'cheat code' or an escape hatch. If you're not comfortable being in your head and alone with your thoughts for a while (meditating) amping that up to 11 with substances is ill advised.
>>58259 You will want a wood furniture, obviously. The pro is that any carpenter you ask will be able to make it.
Open file (50.33 KB 231x277 1553391073382.png)
There was a German soldier during the Franco-Prussian War I believe whose regiment had trouble taking a fortress so he runs up to the gate with a satchel charge and exclaims that now he has become the key to the gate and blows himself up, leading his fellow soldiers to storm inside and conquer it. I asked this before and no one knew what I was talking about despite me reading it back on the 8chan board years ago.
>>58063 I wonder what modern Japanese firearms would look like. I'ld imagine there would be a lot of initial plagerization of foreign designs before a Nippon tailored design based within the scope of their military's geopolitical aims.
>>58259 Why was it called A-5 instead of B-5 when its ONLY mission was literally shitting a retarded nuke from its ass?
>>58482 Because it is light and fast and A is designation for CAS / light bombers ?
>>58482 It's a weird side effect of the USN designation system at the time. In 1946 they decided to get rid of the "torpedo bomber" and "dive bomber" designations since the two had become basically interchangeable, so all carrier-capable bombers from then on would be designated as attack planes. At the time this seemed reasonable, the Doolittle raid proved that carrier-capable strategic bombers were a horrible idea that no sane military should ever pursue. Then along came Truman the nuke-fetishist.
>>58524 So they wanted a carrierborne borderline strategic bomber but they did not want to label it as a carrierborne borderline strategic bomber because a carrierborne borderline strategic bomber would be objectively a retarded idea?
>>58524 Should have made nuclear seaplanes.
>>58556 Basically, yes. >>58559 We almost did. The first squadron was reportedly just a few days away from being declared operational when the USN suddenly and for no reason shut down the entire program and had all of them scrapped.
Okay advertising like this is not well received. At least tell us who is hal turner and how it is related to this board?
Open file (198.26 KB 1280x833 F-106_unmanned_landing.jpg)
Why was the MiG-25 or at least MiG-31 (after learning from the previous' shortcomings) made with a variable geometry or at least delta wing when agility and weight were obviously not prioritized and when both alternative wing designs would offer more wing area and leading edge sweep for the same wingspan (FCS area) that would be overall advantageous for high altitude high speed missile truck like was trhe case with its western equivalents (F-106, Avro Arrow, F-111 in its original concept)?
Open file (33.71 KB 700x405 MiG-31.jpg)
Open file (948.52 KB 320x240 MiG-25.gif)
>>58656 >variable geometry Mo parts - mo problems, simple as that. We don't see it in modern designs either, my theory is variable geometry was sort of a 'cheat code' designers relied on for a while, supersonic flows are stupid hard and so unintuitive but modern computer modeling enabled overcoming that so the extra mechanical complexity is not worth it. >or at least delta wing If you ignore the two massive engines breaking up the outline they're just cropped delta wings with tail configuration, is it not? >that would be overall advantageous That's a highly speculative statement. Interesting to note the Ye-150 series of prototypes that preceded the MiG-25 had a true triangular delta wing shape but those used a single engine, so they've obviously tried it and decided to evolve it for reasons. Perhaps the sweptback trailing edge and multiple angles on leading edge (a 'compound delta' is it?) were needed to accommodate the dual engine profile. The entire platform in a nutshell is: the two engines with a radar and meatbag container strapped on and just enough airfoils to keep it all moving in a straight line lol
>>58656 Both of those were designed as Air Defence Forces interceptors. MiG-31 explicitly as a counter to cruising missiles. So the time in air patrol mattered. Once refueling in air was worked out well enough (early MiG-31 did not have this feature, it was added in MiG-31B), fuel efficiency at cruising speed could be de-prioritized. Thus requirement was dropped only after MiG-31B. IMHO.
>>58686 >So the time in air patrol mattered. A full delta would provide more fuel space though. Movable tails are kind of waste of wing surface for an interceptor that actively avoids close quarter combat.
How to put p0n!z in V@Go0?
/k/, have you ever been in an Escape and Evasion situation?
>>58904 Not really in the wild unless you consider urban mexican environments as wilderness Being calm and collected will always be priority, in most activities it should be i think
>>58904 No. Hopefully i'll never have to though I think the best way for this to happen is to live in an inhospitable hole of bumfuckistan, inna woods, in a small shed. Afterwards I guess everything else is a matter of slowly building up resources for food and water that allows you to achieve homeostasis with your new environment.
Open file (6.45 MB 1440x2560 ClipboardImage.png)
Wouldn't it make more sense to arm honour guards with shotguns that have tube magazines? You can put a bayonet on those too, and normally load them with various nonlethal projectiles, but also give the guards some fancy lethal ones designed to stop cars and people wearing body armour. They could still have rifles ready to go in armouries, but if they really need those then they also need backup anyway. And now imagine all the fun videos if they could shoot uppity tourists with bean bags.
>>59052 Their hiring practices have since built up a cohort of 5 foot 0 diverse multiculti pinkhairs underneath their bearskins. They all live in want for trigger discipline. If you give them anything other than the nuclear option that they're afraid to press, then they will quickly be using it with gay LGBTQQ+BBQ abandon. They'll take their frustration towards wogkandaland out on the first no-Dad whitey who steps into their direction. You can still blind or deafen people with an empty explosion or slower moving projectile.
>>59058 >Their hiring practices have since built up a cohort of 5 foot 0 diverse multiculti pinkhairs underneath their bearskins. I was not aware of that, although I only used them as an example because they are most famous one. >You can still blind or deafen people with an empty explosion or slower moving projectile. True, although my idea for a standard non-lethal shell would be filled with teargas, similar to those teargas guns that are so popular in parts of Europe. Although a hapless guard might still blind himself if he fires it in a strong breeze, but normally it would be just a significantly scarier alternative to a pepper spray.
To keep ones dependance on the "system" to a minimum what resources are good to buy now while we're still in peace time, what resources are good to continually buy (such as gas, food, ammunition, etc.) and what is best purchased on occassion?
Open file (50.39 KB 534x400 am_pod_gpu5_v1.jpg)
How many Pave Claws can we fit on an A-10? >>57645 lol dead kikes
Open file (164.11 KB 1280x720 15719536-3789906058.jpg)
How would one go abkut important Russian optics, firearms, gear and other legal to own militaria safely into the States? I know there are certain businesses that act as surrogates to ship items not commonly mass marketed only from other countries, but technically couldn't you get around certain arms import restrictions if it ships from another country that allows russian goods with their import marking?
>>6987 Field Fortifications Subcourse EN0065-U. S. ARMY ENGINEER SCHOOL teaches how to build "nutcracker" — an improvised beach mine with tilt rod fuse. This raises the questions: why they had to improvise this? What factory made beach mines were built, other than these Soviet series and their Bulgarian variants ( https://military-history.fandom.com/wiki/PDM_series_of_amphibious_mines )? In NATO countries or others.
>>59412 I'm just wildly speculating here, but maybe that document has large sections from older texts, and it was made a department that has nothing to do with the development and procurement of mines. E.g. they throw in a 1940s book about improvised explosives that had the nutcracker, meanwhile the department responsible for mines never even considered a potential need for beach mines. Who knows, maybe even the writers of the book didn't give it much thought, and just included it because it might be handy.
Flight of the Valkyries is peak war-themed music.

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