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Open file (65.41 KB 400x320 243663.jpg)
Shot Show 2023 Strelok 01/16/2023 (Mon) 20:29:36 No.46328
a thread for all things related the big show starting tomorrow
Open file (25.53 KB 221x221 1603011868561.jpg)
>>46328 i hope there is an update on the fmg 9 kits. i want one. would be very cool.
Open file (644.96 KB 1500x840 4261484275.jpeg)
henry is doing the needful and yes they are gonna have adapters for glock and sig and sw apparently
Open file (419.92 KB 1200x940 PTR63-Floorlay3.jpg)
new ptr
Open file (169.29 KB 1244x1361 1673980448146246.jpg)
>>46364 ugly
Open file (70.25 KB 1280x720 9 years.jpg)
>>46361 Oo-oooh, yea, baby. The quiet types are my thing.
Have they shown off that new fancy enclosed revolver at Shitshow yet?
Open file (85.65 KB 1127x588 ZENK 357.JPG)
>>46408 https://youtu.be/2NMNxkKlrto?t=4292 Mind the shill video, but as it turns out they only have a 3d printed prototype right now.
Anything interesting on the ICMHP side of SHOT?
Open file (264.91 KB 717x617 645135.png)
good news:svds bad news:6k
Open file (518.54 KB 768x512 1672584186248.png)
Open file (323.25 KB 1197x1209 rzmk-357-revolver.jpg)
>>46423 Why the fuck did they make a revolver that looks like it was made to take Glock mags?
>>46428 >bad news: 6k I thought Dragunovs went for something like ~$12k - $15k?
Open file (395.30 KB 450x450 excited_schoolgirl.gif)
>>46428 https://feg-defense.com/ >FÉG is actually back in business Holy fucking shit, how did I miss this?
>>46428 >FÉG back in business
>>46504 I actually recall someone I know mentioning offhand that he knows someone who was hired by a company that got the stuff left behind by FÉG. I think it was around 2018 or 2019. But then I haven't heard anything, yet there is already this review from March of 2021, although he says that one was made from leftover parts: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=BmuNtq2DJfQ
>>46506 The company was taken to multiple parts upon closure, so it's not a surprise, tbh. Even the apparently resurrected FÉGs website says that they're only partly successors to the old company.
45-70 derringer from bond arms confirmed lads
>>46600 Any pictures yet?
Open file (578.04 KB 2560x1920 5463432.jpg)
>>46671 That's a pretty meaty derringer.
>>46600 >>46671 Do want!
>>46437 How do you eject spent casings?
>>46982 Me too. It's growing on me by the day. >>47068 Uhh, well shit. That's a good question. Maybe it thinks it's a G11?
>>46671 Damn, that looks heavy enough it might actually be usable.
>>46671 Is that bar jut above the trigger a safety or is it a take down lever?
>>47068 I think I see a hidden ejector rod on the right side of the barrel. If so, it'd function like a really awkward and overly complicated port-loader.

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