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Open file (42.55 KB 540x405 Bigfuckinglines.jpg)
Open file (362.27 KB 921x1400 ultimatelarp.jpeg)
Gun purchases. Panic buying new fags. And other shit. Strelok 07/28/2020 (Tue) 23:30:07 No.4526
Alright faggots. 2020 so far has been fun and it created a ton of new fags for the gun community. Now this board is likely not the first, second, or third place a new fag will come for gun advice. So this is not that thread. So have any of you: Bought a gun sometime this year? Bought a piece of gear like an optic or maybe even armor? Helped someone buy a gun? Teach someone how to not anhero? Or did you laugh and call someone a faggot for not buying earlier? Did a family member or friend or coworker become a total retard the second they got their first gun? either turning into an internet tough guy or saying I'm a 2A person now """"""BUT"""""" Were you planning to buy something but just said fuck it due to the lines and/or couldn't because of stripped bare shelves? Do any of you happen to work in a gun store and did you get fun phone calls from people in shitholes asking to buy a fun and have it delivered to their doors? Do you live and work in a shithole and have the fun of explaining the hoops they have to jump through? Did you explain the hoops and obstacles with a shit eating grin on your face? I've been trying to get two friends to get a gun for a while now and neither have made the effort to even get a wood stick for defense even though one said he wanted a fun for possible shtf reasons way before gook aids was a thing. Some people can't get motivated by seeing hordes of retards talk about spreading the fun I guess. I've helped two boomer age pencil pushers by taking them to the range and letting them fire an okay amount I think of self defense oriented guns (AR, shotguns, DA\SA and striker fired handguns, a revolver also) and got paid for it too. They had a bit of a reaction upon seeing the AR A3/A4 20 inch style but after handling the shotguns and handguns they warmed up real quick to it. Lines had been forming outside of gun shops when this all kicked off, sometimes wrapping around the block while the rain was pouring. I figured I would wait for the panic buying to calm down and thought I'd be safe since the gun I've been wanting was either a Ruger sp101 or a Smith and Wesson J-frame thinking plastic blasters and shotguns would be the only things that would be hard to restock. But then a wonderful culture spreader got subtracted from the diversity interaction statistics, and for now I won't be able to larp as a 30s detective or CC in a plastic dog shit bag in hand while blasting a home made pharmaceuticals enthusiast if it ever comes to it.
I bought my WASR back in late march, just before the panic buying fucked the prices of guns.
I got a Hunter Force air gun and a Pedersoli black powder rifle in case the apocalypse hits.
Looking to get a marlin 45-70 gov but some places around me are jacking up prices. So I say fuck it and will wait a few months till election season is over.
A month before the panic set in the states I bought a gun and some plates. Unfortunately the plates and the carrier have still yet to get here. Fortunately for me I don't have many friends so no two faced nigger buying was going on around me to piss me off.
I already had some funs before this and got a hold of an AR and another pistol as well. I did not get any vests, belts, or other useful items however which I really should have.
Open file (37.39 KB 720x708 GruGun.jpg)
>go to local gun place to get ammo >makes everyone wait outside >ask if they have any shot >guy says their out >asks when they'll be back in stock >he just laughs fug
>>4538 >Hunter Force air gun You got a way to recharge that without power besides a hand pump or are shills crapping on hand pumps trying to get sales? >>4549 Sort of reminds of my third attempt at getting a J-frame >live in shit hole >go to more suburban on the edge close to rural areas where people probably already have guns >find gun shop that has only one person waiting outside like god is shining a light pointing the way >38 snub is probably the only handgun besides foty-fo black hawks, 1911s, or other revolver hunting type guns that fudds would ever dare to approve of >hello sir do you guys have any smith and wesson J-frames like a 442 or 638 <no way son thems law enforcement only
I gave away multiple firearms to friends/family before wu-flu kicked in, I was looking at the shorty semi-auto 12 gauge shotguns but they all seem to be bought out. Currently reading up on the keltec KS7 if that's worth getting since they are still (kinda) available.
>>4552 It's spring piston, so no recharging necessary. Not quite as much power, but it's quiet and still good enough to kill most stuff with good enough aim.
>>4526 I was building my first AR since I believe a year ago. Now I'm almost complete, literally need to drill 1 more hole and then I have a fully functional lower. The collet for the router flew off of it, and I'm just waiting for that. I bought fuck loads of ammo a few days ago. They restock on Saturdays, so I am extremely lucky I was there on Saturday morning because the store is around 40 miles away from my home. I went to shoot with my dad, and we shot up all our ammo, and then we went to the stores to get more. Almost all the stores were empty of common calibers like .22 LR .223, 9mm and .45 ACP. My dad only owns a .45 1911, and I have a 10/22 and a .22 Pistol (Hi-Standard Sport King). Had to go through like 12 stores. Dad finally found some cheapshit Tula .45 (100 rounds for 30 bucks) and I got 150 rounds of Hornady 5.56, around 100 rounds of cheapshit Wolf hollow point, some PMC X-TAC 5.56, and 400 rounds of Armscor .22LR Hollow Point. My dad bought some 9mm as well for his friends as his friends said they haven't had any luck. Was told by other people that Californians will drive to your state and buy fuck loads of ammo and drive back home. This may have been the reason why ammo was so scarce.
>>4552 >no way son thems law enforcement only It fucking infuriates me that someone would go through all the fucking hoops and bullshit to own a gun store and still come out the other side being a retarded fudd.
>>4573 >Was told by other people that Californians will drive to your state and buy fuck loads of ammo and drive back home It's almost like the law that prohibits buying "Too Much" ammo doesn't do anything except piss off everyone that lives near Commieforina.
>>4575 The only decently priced .22 I bought was from a store that had a policy of 100 rounds per customer. The box came in 200 so that was a exception. My dad bought one and I bought one. Every other store either had no 22LR, or it had shit like ratshot or meme match .22 that costed as much as 9mm. I really wish other gun stores had that policy, but honestly if Californians start killing eachother, I would gracefully let them cuck me out of our ammo.
>>4573 Is online purchasing a no go for you guys don't want records or bad shipping costs? Because I've been getting slammed every other day with emails about "a small shipment of ammo has arrived" usually range stuff and rarely defensive kinds unfortunately >Was told by other people that Californians will drive to your state and buy fuck loads of ammo and drive back home This shit's hilarious since most of the gun shops or ammo stores I've seen in California like LAX ammo or bass pro shop still have shelves or pallets laid out and about half full at least a month ago. >>4577 >but honestly if Californians start killing eachother, I would gracefully let them cuck me out of our ammo. Don't count on that. Gang members already get their shit from other sources not like they need much anyways since jamal just buys a blaster and enough ammo to fill it assuming jamal didn't buy since he can stuff random .380, 9 mil, and somehow .40 together in there . The antifa types are more likely to wear black just for a selfie and to collect virtual ass pats. The few that actually would do shit are probably already up in Portland getting culturally expanded by tyrone cause they thought they had a nigger word pass. Roof gooks or suburb militias haven't formed or shot anything from what I can see since most faggots would rather fight their "revolution" on the internet, and whatever happens to rich libs in Beverly Hills is no skin off their noses. >>4574 I wouldn't be surprised if he only said that cause he thinks hes some kind of arbiter of firepower and protection deeming anyone not suited in mossyoak fit only for .410 single shots and .22s. Which in my local area is something that another gun shop is claimed to have done in an interview with a lib online rag. They refused to sell anything more powerful than a 20 gauge to anyone who looked like a new shooter and the damning thing is that their shop is almost only milsurp, sporterized guns, and traditional rifles/shotguns, and maybe a few used handguns.
>>4581 >I wouldn't be surprised if he only said that cause he thinks hes some kind of arbiter of firepower and protection That's even fucking worse it's bad enough most people are rabidly anti-fun without some nigger thinking he's the fucking fun gatekeeper.
>>4581 always try to stay anonymous when buying funz, which is impossible to do online, unless they're part of the 0.01% that accepts bitcoin, but even then there are tons of other factors that the feds can track you down with.
>>4549 turns out i'm retarded, local outdoor fitter had fucking aisles of ammo left. 5 box max but that's fair to me
Open file (5.89 MB 1280x720 Australian_Barbarism.mp4)
feelsbad being in a nogunz country.
>was going to update guide >wuhan flu happens and police forces stop responding in some cities >gun supply gets disrupted and prices start crawling back >riots >gun supply goes to shit and prices become wildly random Oh well.
Guys. Just like make gun.
Open file (258.03 KB 1197x821 Sendai1868Cannons.JPG)
>>4641 Worst comes to worst, all you need is a log, some rope, and expendable family members.
>>4641 >>4643 >not buying a decoy house and rigging it to explode when BLM targets it Not gonna make it tbh
>>4626 Is there a guide on buying muzzleloading for those on disabitiy-bux and can't get any funs? There's too much choices. Should I get a revolver or a rifle? I worked odd jobs because I can't hold down a regular job.
>>4666 No brass frames when it comes to revolvers, everything else is fair game. BP is simple and most BP guns out there are fool proof. Just watch cap and balls maintenance video, they do need a good thorough clean when done with though.
>>4672 >they do need a good thorough clean when done with though. Especially if you're using old fashioned BP and not a BP replacement.
>>4673 Even with BP replacements its a good idea to scrub the shit out of them.
>>4666 If you are going to use it for defensive purposes I'd assume you'd want a revolver for quick follow-up shots, unless you wanted to get one of those neat 12ga double barrel muzzleloaders you could literally blast loads of cum at home invaders
Open file (59.29 KB 1131x926 1080.jpg)
Commiefornian here and most common calibers are pretty much gone or crap like UMC, Freedom buckets, or Winchester Forged though 308 & shotgun ammo is still available, I was really surprised 8mm Mauser wasn't in stock at a couple of my go-tos but even more so that Romanian silvertip 7.62x54r spamcans were available. Places would often have 3-5 people standing before being allowed entry into the store, and the last place I visited had fudd guns being 60-80 percent in stock.
>>4728 The panic was delayed a couple weeks in bumfuck Appalachia, but now it's the same situation as everywhere else. Decent 9mm JHP like Hornady is going for well over $1/rd on the classifieds. HST and Gold Dots aren't available at any price locally.
>>4728 You north, central, or south commifornia? If south Places like LAX are fairly well stocked cheap reloads and common caliber hollow points are a bust .45 and .357 are somewhat safe and sometimes Ammo bros has shit. Just stay away from big 5 and other larger retailers like Turners. If you're reloading for your 8 mauser then you're in luck since sites like grafs and sons still have cheap ppu .323 in stock and at the same prices before the happening.
>>4735 SoCal and thanks for the new website to visit.
>>4735 >>4753 You commiefornia anons should checkout ammo supply warehouse, they will ship to your door even if you live in a commie shit hole.
The influx of newfag shooters has made it so I can't shoot anonymously at any local ranges. Every fucking range now requires ID to sign in and has cameras covering the shooting areas because these retards are trashing the ranges. About half of them now have geriatric Fudd RO's posted up at the shooting lanes. Shit has gotten so lame that I'm driving 50 miles to shoot on private land. >gallery style pistol range for rimfire and pistols >retards shoot it up with their $800 poverty ponies
>>4666 What are you on disability for? Being on disability doesn't make you a prohibited person. Only problem is hiding the assets in a trust, which is still there for non-guns.
>>4758 Unironically I have high functioning autism , I have average IQ but can't manage my funds anymore. I lost my bank account even though a court order. I was able to manage my money just fine beforehand when I work part-time. honestly I wouldn't be on 8chan shitposting ( I miss 8chan) if I didn't have autism or mental disability preventing from talking to normal people without being bullied. I would live a normal life oblivious to imageboard culture I kind of want something to protect me, I don't anyone to physically touch me or break into my home.
>>4844 Honestly man, if it's for self defense you should use something more reliable than black powder, if your budget is very low I would recommend getting a used hi point (if you find it doesn't work it has a lifetime warranty even bought used), also you should read this book to understand the law of self defense. https://b-ok.cc/book/2532308/edb198
>>4755 I wish mail-to-door was stll a thing in this shithole since they passed a bill mandating you send ammo to an FFL before ever picking it up. To kick the nail into the brain even further, an injunction was supposed to stop this shit a few months ago but the faggot 9th Circuit decided to re-instate it as an "emergency".
>>4870 What I'm saying is ASW does not care that you're in California they will ship it to you.
>>4844 have you considered archery anon? A simple recurve bow is easy to obtain and a lot of fun to train with. Get a bow rated to hunt deer with and it should be sufficient enough for man-defense. Not suggesting you do anything illegal, but you might be able to find some firearms at the larger fleamarkets provided you have the cash.
Open file (59.18 KB 332x500 scorpio.jpg)
>>4900 >not putting a scorpio into your bedroom in case of barbarian attack absolutely uncivilized
>>4902 I've seen some people making re-curve bows with PVC pipes and a heat gun. I now want to make a ballista with sewer pipe arms instead of torsion springs. Chain link fence top rail might work for cheap bolt shafts. Just jam some metal rod in there or cast concrete around it for a field tip. Lord Humongous is going to need a bigger amp if he wants to threaten me. Does the ATF care about human powered field artillery? The pumpkin chuckers can build what they want after all.
Open file (3.89 MB 480x270 Ballista bow (Low).mp4)
>>4902 >>4917 PVC is way too weak to make a good ballista.
Open file (739.28 KB 2704x1348 diy_crossbow.jpg)
Open file (1.52 MB 3600x2680 diy_harpoon_gun.jpg)
>>4917 I also found this.
What other shit have you all seen panic buying of besides the obvious guns n'ammo, food, cleaning products and shit paper/PPE? I think people have satiated their lust for suppliments enough for there to be stable shelves for the time being around here.
>>4964 The prices of retro games went up when the states ordered the stay at home orders.

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