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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

War Economy Strelok 12/09/2022 (Fri) 16:21:34 No.44626
How to make money off war as a poorfag? Thread for discussing war economics, how countries don't go broke/starve in extended wars, and similar monetary policy fuckery related to wars and upcoming wars.
Open file (93.52 KB 908x1000 lenny.jpg)
>>44626 your country has been at war for almost a year, if you haven't come up with a business idea yet then you're a quite an idiot. Anyway, sell basic and commodity goods in the black market. Whatever you may have laying around can become a moneymaker in war torn zone, I'm talking soda cans, toilet paper, paracetamol.
>>44630 I'm a burger the ISP my VPN leases their servers from just leases them from a London company who leases them to Ukraine so I get the [Current Thing] flag.
>>44626 buy dogecoin🚀!!1!!!!1!!
>>44752 Can you eat dogecoin? How do you trade it when the power is out? Crypto is great for civil unrest sure, but not so much in war/post-war.
>>44753 pretty sure he was shit posting you spastic swede. >>44626 op you want money? you want something tradable during or after a catacalismic war? grow tobacco and make booze. people will trade a great deal for drugs. they are easy to produce and maintain.
Open file (55.22 KB 341x923 silverpill.png)
buy silver (40+oz minimum), gold works too but will probably get you robbed, lead is nice if you actually cast your own bullets unlike most larpers t. shiny shekel lover
>>44810 But silver is taxed in all of eu except estonia! you will never make even with 23% vat. Also please tell me why, in a deep global crisis, price of gold is so low? I dont understand it.
Open file (140.24 KB 720x551 hebrews.jpg)
>>44830 >Also please tell me why, in a deep global crisis, price of gold is so low? I dont understand it.
>>44830 Gold is easy to mine. We are aware of about 25% of the world's gold supply trapped in rocks and gold has specific applications but ones that need a bare minimal amount. In comparison thanks to the Romans' obsession, something like 97-98% of silver has been mined from the earths' crust (forming a deep ring of lead/sulphur in the arctic ice sheets from when it was extracted during Roman times) so the price of silver can basically only go up in value. Silver will be more expensive than gold one day.
>>44832 1.that doesnt fix vat making it not worth it 2.that will not happen in our lifetimes 3.i still dont know why the gold is so low
>>44830 Gold prices have been manipulated for the better part of a century, simple as.
>>44835 >Norway has exempted both gold and silver bullion coins with face value from VAT; Norway is part of the wider EEA (European Economic Area) and thus applies the same "intra-community transaction" rules to all of Europe on a bilateral basis resulting in legally tax-free silver coin availability throughout all of Europe. Maybe that can help you, though I'm no yuro. I think there might be another legal way to get low or tax free bullion there but I can't remember off the top of my head.
Open file (138.04 KB 1332x850 DRONES.jpg)
>>44626 Design superior software for high speed autonomous drones and sell it at a premium to the highest bidder, or sell them to both sides requiring your own proprietary hardware to operate it requiring multiple future updates to ensure their dependency. When they figure out your scheme, then run to your fortified autonomously defended island chain in the Bahamas where you'll live out the rest of your days as a pirate.
>>44896 >POTD/10
>>44626 Look for cheap "relics." Older holy items, buttons from at most 20th century soldiers' jackets and armor, etcetera. Even Soviet-era stuff will sell for at least something. Vend these to autistics and retarded boomers online but make sure that your prices are competitive by looking at competition. Do your research on what you find but do not forget your place. Buyers will think that they are doing you a favor and expect a price lower than normal.
>>44626 >How to make money off war as a poorfag? >be slav in jewkraine >strip gear from dead bodies on battlefield >wash out blood & guts stained gear >sell as used seconds to civilian market I'm sure some would even swap a condo for a VSS if you come across one
>>44626 Invest in military contractors Boeing BAE SIG etc

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