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Open file (100.00 KB 960x720 drinking_buddies.jpg)
/k/anteen IX Strelok 11/06/2022 (Sun) 09:56:27 No.43407
Welcome to the /k/anteen! This thread is a catch-all for general discussion that doesn't really belong anywhere else or might be off-topic. Previous iteration: >>32080
I was also considering to use an /ak/ image for the OP, but it's hard to find one. Although at least I've learned that many Japanese artists associate western bars with bunnygirls.
Open file (5.65 MB 3554x1999 Artist Polilla.png)
Open file (472.39 KB 1614x1931 AK.jpg)
Open file (2.45 MB 1900x2533 Red Market Crownpiece.png)
Open file (626.06 KB 2045x1918 Gopnik no Ken.jpeg)
Open file (1.80 MB 9000x4262 Dororo Travel.jpg)
>>43409 Gelbooru has lots of gun girls. Tags to consider when searching for /ak/ include "firearm" "kalashnikov_rifle" "bullet" "bulletproof_vest" "russian_text" and/or "-rating:explicit" so you don't get a bunch of porn in your face while searching.
>>43412 I have a bad habit of randomly leaving out words when typing in English, what I wanted to write is that it's hard to find a good /ak/ picture of some anime girls sitting in a bar. Not to say that there aren't any passable ones, but I'd rather not waste too much time autistically experimenting with tags and going through page-after-page of this stuff.
So apparently there's supposed to be both a full moon and a blood moon eclipse over the entirety of the United States the night after the midterms (8th going into the 9th). How crazy do you think it's gonna get and how many blood sacrifices will be made by the establishment that night?
>>43429 >both a full moon and a blood moon eclipse It's physically impossible to have a lunar eclipse on anything but a full moon.
>>43431 Brah I'm just a dumb city nigger who doesn't into astronomy. Coolio.
>>43429 >how many blood sacrifices will be made by the establishment As many as the amount of people who will die in the war in the borderlands+the infanticides commonly known as "abortions"
Correction: Blood moon in approximately 11 hours. It'll "begin" in 9 hours and finish in about 13.
>>43429 They're already gearing up for another big middle finger to any retard who still thinks voting matters. If cuckservatives had any balls shig would get really fucking crazy.
>>43449 If Republicans win bigly what would be your response?
>>43450 That would depend on if the refaglican reps that get in are neocons or not.
>>43453 In other words your responses are premeditated and can be safely ignored.
>>43454 Huh? Do you not think ahead about these things? Sounds more like you're preemptively butthurt because you don't expect it to go well either and aren't looking forward to me or someone like me shitting on democracy for the sham it is.
Open file (571.27 KB 394x363 yuzu shrug.png)
>>43455 I maintain a positive outlook until given a reason to think otherwise. Right now I can "see ahead" and while I certainly won't get everything I want, nobody ever does in politics and the future looks bright.
>>43456 I was just speculating about things getting crazy for the "blood sacrifices" if cuckservatives found their dicks and balls and was going to leave it at that, this fag (you?) >>43450 >>43454 decided to get uppity about a dumb hypothetical.
>>43455 The point is that you're basing your reaction purely on the result, making it meaningless. You're going on about "conservatives finding their balls" implying a violent response to a presumed defeat. But I have no doubt that if the candidates you dislike least all won, and those you dislike most argued fraud against them, then suddenly the election would stop being a "sham". As far as you're concerned any election where the candidate you back wins is legitimate and any election where the candidate you back loses is fraudulent. You don't care about which is true, but instead only which you would prefer to be true. That's always the case with this shit. Just like how 2016 was definitely rigged all the way up until the result came out, then its integrity was suddenly impeccable and all the accusations of meddling were practically treason. It's all so damn tiresome.
Open file (3.96 KB 71x41 DUP..png)
>>43464 2016 was the result of lefties refusing to step outside of their echo chamber and truly believing that dup would be btfo before ever taking office. then when he won they tried to push the "muh hacked election" narrative into overdrive (when all they could really prove was that Russia paid for faceberg ads that were pro-dup, whch they tried to spin has hacking). then when 2020 came around they went into turbo overdrive manipulating voting laws and abusing mail-in ballots to hell and back to ensure that bidup would be crowned king, then painted convervacucks as batshit crazy paranoid conspiracy theorists that tried to overthrow Our Democracy(tm) in a violent insurrection (glorified shitpost where a handful of overweight pigs died of heart attacks). i really don't care what happens at this point, we're all going to end up in a special kind of hell anyways, I just can't wait to see how hard they cheat this year.
Open file (6.73 MB 1920x1080 The dup song!!.mp4)
Open file (107.30 KB 1103x761 ClipboardImage.png)
Libertarians take Missouri, Calling it! www Nah it's just one county reporting in with early voting of 7 votes, 5 for libertarians, but this was pretty funny.
>>43473 IT'S TIME!
>>43473 in 2016 there was one county in north dakota early in the night where mr. aleppo was leading, everyone started memeing PRESIDENT GARY JOHNSON. i think he'd be pretty good as king of usa
>>43476 I'm still waiting for Jeb's comeback.
>>43464 >But I have no doubt that if the candidates you dislike least all won, and those you dislike most argued fraud against them, then suddenly the election would stop being a "sham". Nope, I've been saying democracy is a sham since long before dup, and I'm right about you being preemptively butthurt looks like. Fucking armchair psychologist faggot, pretending to be smart but still thinks his vote matters when laws are bought and paid for regardless of popular opinion.
Oh no look an almost carbon copy of the 2020 presidential bullshit complete with numbers that don't add up and sudden spikes in blue team votes. Regardless of whatever banner these rats are running under you have to ve a fucking idiot to not see we are a literal banana republic now, your vote is shit paper at best.
>>43483 Cry harder, niggerpill.
Georgia has runoff elections because neither candidate achieved 50% despite their best rigging (Dem won last time on a stimulus package to niggers but libertarians spoiled the vote), and Kari Lake has standing to challenge in Arizona if she doesn't gain 30k votes in deep red areas with some 40% still uncounted. Unless there's a sudden shift elsewhere, those are currently numbers favoring team red.
Kari Lake up to only a 12k difference in numbers. Polling trackers have taken numbers down periodically and won't show for the Arizona gubernatorial race lol. Realistically if team red gets the house that's good enough for a setup for 2024. The biggest thing was to take away Democrats' budgetary power and oversight committee power. If Republicucks win too much this year then people will blame them for high gas. We'll see what happens with the Senate though. I'm torn since I don't want them to win the Senate for staging reasons, but I do want them to win the Senate so Rand Paul can go toe-to-toe ripping Fauci a new one in a senate hearing. If there's a red senate, then people will blame Republicans for high gas even if Biden is vetoing everything. Then again normalfags are already blaming Republicans for high gas even though they lost control of congress and can't even obstruct properly outside of Thomas and MTG calling for recorded votes to force Democrats to vote no.
>>43489 How's it feel to get ass-raped the second time and love it? That's basically what this election is. Enjoy your dictatorial America, retard.
Reminder that a majority doesn't mean anything since all it takes is one or two guys in suits to be paid off to vote the other way when it's most important. Senate being deadlocked or one party having a majority only by two as it looks right now is exactly what the powers that be want, a permanent deadlock and a false dichotomy where nothing gets done.
>>43489 >niggerpill christ I'm starting to hate faggots that screech niggerpill ar everything morethan the spamming retard himself. Fucking idiot, not having faith in blatantly rigged banana republic elections isn't being niggerpilled it's not being delusional.
>>43514 >>43516 >>43517 Really twisted your tits there, didn't I? Look dude (singular), Republicans won the way they were expected to win. They've got the house which is control over budgetary and oversight committees. There was no path to a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate so control of the Senate would have only given Rand Paul the ability to question Fauci as head of the Senate medical boards. MTG is going to be taking a leading role in overseeing the Red team kangaroo court. Republicucks didn't get their red wave so they have to actually consider their results. The age of Orange Man is over and the age of Floridaman, the great unifier of America-first and Establishment holding on for dear life, is beginning. Get over it. America-first has still won the Republican party but fraud narrative candidates overwhelmingly lost bigly. Everything else will be icing on the cake if the Republicans get it, but Republicans won, get over it. There's a few toss-ups that would help (like Kari Lake winning the governorship of Arizona and royally fucking the Biden Admin over by declaring a state of emergency) but this is still a victory. Maybe try fixing the procedural shit instead of screaming "FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD" like a bunch of fucking orange man dick-sucking retards. Your preferred fat balding orange man sold out to China, endorsed the vaccine, and can't shut the fuck up about 2020 to the point of losing in the jaws of victory. Republicucks didn't lose Pennsylvania because of fraud, they lost Pennsylvania because they let Trump endorse fucking krill oil salesman Oz over the America-first candidate in the primaries and didn't go after clear electioneering in Philly because Trump has a hate-boner for Project Veritas. Take the W and come back with something more substantial in 2024 before you embarrass yourself any further, niggerpill. Whatever comes next comes next but I'm getting sick and tired of fat boomers crying "fraud" because they didn't win as bigly as they would have liked. The meme war is back on with Musk. '24 is your redemption arc so you better be able to dish it out against DeSantis and stop with the unfunny DeSanctimonious jokes that nobody likes, faggot.
Open file (67.69 KB 768x1024 Smug Drunk Ogata.jpg)
>>43516 As for this point, there is no such thing as a deadlock senate; if it's 50/50 it goes to Harris. Learn how government functions. That aside those issues can be addressed as they come up, and it was going to be a "one or two" person difference either way like the polls predicted a month ago. Republicans only had a 1 in 33 chance of getting that "majority" you're jacking off to. A bill still has to pass both the house and the senate, and Biden is continuously alienating the traditional Union Democrats in favor of the Commie-Tranny pedophile bloc so there's an increasing number of Dems helping out the Pubs and supporting "I'm just trying to make people's lives better fuck your IdPol" DeSantis. Politics is not winner-takes-all has never been winner-takes-all and you should count your blessings that the system is more or less deadlocked for two years. Just take the win and celebrate instead of shitting on the floor, bro.
>>43518 >I'm not mad you got mad I'm pretty fucking frustrated and not going to read the rest of that no doubt retarded shit essay you have written up. Dig in your heels all you want, America is dying regardless of your delusional adherence to a clearly broken and corrupt democratic system. Can't wait to see your types cheer on continued billion dollar donations to Israel in the midst of rampant inflation though. Fucking stupid ass, I am mad as fuck right now you are right about that.
Also Golden Kamuy is homo shit.
God dammit I really am fucking furious. FUCK I want to hurt you so bad.
>>43523 >I am mad as fuck right now you are right about that. I just don't know what were you expecting or hoping for? An immediate kick off to Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo?
How are these jackasses still alive? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UrwPCeYeN8
>>43518 >age of Florida Man He would probably be worse about the Israel issue. He punishes private companies and vows to be "the most pro-Israel governor in America". He also pushes for sanctions on Russian oil and harsher sanctions on Iran. He's sympathetic to medical marijuana, a slippery slope that leads to recreational legalization. He has a boomer-tier anti-communist stance and approved a bill that made a long dead Soviet holiday about victims of communism and required schools to devote an entire class period on this day to the horrors of communism. He supports harsher background checks and red flag laws. He's a Catholic and doesn't actually care about illegal immigration, protecting Cubans and Venezuelans and pushing for Spanish to practically be the second language of Florida. If Mexico were to become more unstable, especially when MORENA fumbles, he would likely be one of the first to call it a humanitarian crisis and push for America to deem illegal Mexicans as refugees. If Brazil falls into Venezuela-tier, he'll do it for them too.
Open file (391.14 KB 799x1114 Questioning Nignog.jpg)
>>43532 A) I'm not a white nationalist so I don't care about race or Jewish schemes I care about whether those Jewish schemes and that racial shit is happening in a legally defined process that others can replicate. DeSantis supports playing fair and isn't any worse than Donald "please let me suck daddy AIPAC's chode" Trump. B) You're comparing him to an ideal that is still 10+ years off on America's overton window. I'm more concerned by the immediate and existential threat that is the gommie transnigger bullshit infiltrating our country. On that end he's doing enough compared to the average Republicuck. You can't just compare DeSantis to Trump in one instance and then try and then go off the deep-end with platitudes that mean nothing to 99% of the population because he's not a perfect political match to your fringe ideology, my dude. If you can't be realistic about these things then what's the point? I care about securing my immediate future and prosperity first and then dreaming about my perfect unelectable political philosophy second. Are you seriously trying to tell me Biden is better than DeSantis?
>>43533 You're taking it too far. I never insinuated that Biden is better than DeSantis. Almost any political candidate below 50 is better than Biden. I haven't given any platitudes, because I'm not the other anon you were arguing with. DeSantis has consistently bent over backward for Israel and Cuban and Venezuelan refugees and does so at the cost of American business. The quotation provided is direct. I didn't mention any ideology or white nationalism, only that he's a Roman Catholic and blind anti-communist who would accept refugees from any unstable country with a left-leaning government, especially those in Latin America, and treats Hispanics as a protected class. This earns him a solid block of Hispanics that keeps him afloat in Florida. His stances on progressive indoctrination in education are simply the most actionable and outspokenly radical out of many other politicians with similar views. I made no comparisons to ideals and stated his positions and my perception of their outcomes on the federal level.
>>43536 The Israel thing isn't unique to DeSantis it's a feature bug of American politics. Unless you're black, sucking Israeli dick is a prerequisite to the big kids' table. The Cubans and Venezuelans being brought in hate gommunism and are by ideologically closer to conservatives than the average white liberal urbaner or welfare nigger that wants you dead and the only shame is that we can't do a 1:1 exchange. I've found the entire ideological argument about Cubans in particular is always a thinly veiled ethnic argument. It doesn't cost the American businesses a fraction of what the open border with Mexico costs them, which he wants fixed. It's more important to address the gasoline fire before bitching about the crack in the engine. Similarly with the education system, liberals don't have kids they have yours. Fixing the education system is necessary right now to avoid yet another generation of angry incels and mentally ill sluts, and home schooling/charter school initiatives are preventing a total ideological replacement in the next 40 years ensuring the overton window can only move back towards a conservative outlook. DeSantis is not a perfect candidate he's a field surgeon because the country is currently bleeding out and needs advanced care. He's actually electable. Give me a name of someone better who could actually have a chance in hell to win a presidential run. "Shooting up the whole system" is not an option even worth entertaining right now. War is hell.
Open file (33.47 KB 540x503 varg_hold_up.jpg)
>>32080 >/k/anteen Attempt VII >>43407 >/k/anteen IX
>>43532 >If Mexico were to become more unstable, especially when MORENA fumbles, he would likely be one of the first to call it a humanitarian crisis and push for America to deem illegal Mexicans as refugees. To be completely honest at this point many mexicans just wish for the burger army to roll tanks down south and turn us into a colony or whatever
Open file (8.06 KB 306x234 El Mencho.jpg)
>>43549 >To be completely honest at this point many mexicans just wish for the burger army to roll tanks down south and turn us into a colony or whatever No.
>>43476 >mr. aleppo That was one of the best dad jokes I've ever seen anyone make.
Its Polands independence day! Which is funny since all decisions are made by our foreign masters and we are american vassals.
>>43589 Polski Stronk!
>>43544 I know that it is mandatory for white people to work in politics in America, but he openly said he would be the highest and seems rabid in proving this, which is what the business comment was about. Cubans and Venezuelans may be ideologically closer to Roman Catholic American Conservativism, but they slum up neighborhoods and act only slightly more grateful, voting steadily for candidates who kowtow to them. "Angry incels and sluts" are more of a societal problem that no one will really speak out on due to a national obsession with personal freedom. As for an alternative, Abbott could be a choice. He's unfortunately older, still supports Israel, hasn't done much about education, and has some retarded views on police, but he has a practiced hardcore stance against illegal and refugee immigration, doesn't support red flag laws, and wants to reform America's constitution. It would be better if the Republican Party formed a unified stance (i.e. Abbott's immigrant hard lining with DeSantis's education hard lining), but the system doesn't allow that.
>>43549 >To be completely honest at this point many mexicans just wish for the burger army to roll tanks down south Wrong. But i would like generalized civil skirmishes so rural areas could be cleansed of both cartels AND government like what happened in Michoacan for a short while until civilians were tricked to believe in fed amnesty only for their leaders to be imprisoned/poisoned for bogus charges and the feds/CIA installing cartels again
>>43407 I think your wallaby has autism.
>openly murder someone you dislike >sue to force the public to deny that you ever did it What did he mean by this
>all those precious leads are drying up or completely gone with blatant mail in fraud >literally exact copy of 2020 Just voooooote, convention of staaaates which requires vooooootes will save us, voooote it wooooooorksssss vooooooooooooooooooote It's truly shocking that anyone especially gun owners still falls for this farce. The sooner you and your fanily/friends abandon these games the sooner you and others can form a self-governing society to undermine the feds.
>>43655 It's a literal tar-baby, and one intentionally by design. 'Damned if you do, damned if you don't' is the old adage pertinent here. On the one hand, not voting simply plays directly into the hands of the kikes and their globalist cabals. On the other hand, voting slows down the rate of inevitable collapse that's coming in the West (and therefore all advanced nations). Which to choose? Speed it up, or slow it down? That's the only real choice the Western Tradition has today. But don't despair Strelok, Satan and his little band aren't winning in the end. God will laugh them all to derision before dinking them off into eternal fire.
>>43656 Who said I'm despairing?
>>43657 It was merely rhetorical by way of encouragement, Strelok. Bad guys always fail in the end--especially ultimately so. This little band of usurpers & destroyers we all deal with today won't be having a fate any different from their father in this case, either. So take heart! :^)
Open file (48.07 KB 424x600 3737174.jpg)
>>43658 >Bad guys always fail in the end--especially ultimately so. Why did the bad guys win WW2 then? Real life isn't an anime.
>>43660 >Why did the bad guys win WW2 then? They certainly did, no arguments here. The 'proof is in the pudding' as they say. But, which part of 'especially ultimately so' was the hard one? Maybe your mom is an anime?
>>43660 >germans massive rulecucks, if hitler won his successor would be power hungry military dictator with possible side of infighting, honor autism everywhere >allies jews the final pill on WW2 is that both sides were bad in their own ways avoiding nuclear war in cuba was an act of god, USSR getting perestroika'd was an act of god and neither of us are god to see what the alternative to today is
>>43662 I'm not sure the USSR was worse than today's America...
Open file (305.32 KB 1280x720 Consider Glasses.png)
>>43655 Maybe instead of shouting fraud which everyone is sick and tired of, you should focus on getting rid of mail-in ballots as unconstitutional in the first place like Florida did.
>>43663 Certainly, maybe the USSR wasn't worse than today's America, but the USSR didn't have the additional 30 years of subversion and insane nonsense the post-Cold War world did. Considering the tribe controlled the USSR just as much as it did the West, had the USSR won the Cold War I don't honestly think the USSR would be any better off in 2022 than the United States are today.
>>43658 Oh I see you're being passive aggressive because you think I'm "niggerpill" for mocking the fact you're stupid enough to still buy into democracy and are mad I wasright about it being 2020 2: 2022 boogaloo.
>>43664 Oh sure sure I'll just vooooooooote that into law.
>>43667 If you haven't noticed they have a hard time rigging local elections, and it's local legislation that decides those things. You niggers get mad that people aren't playing fairly but when it's pointed out you can ballot harvest in 39 states too (and the ones where it's illegal favor Republicans), then suddenly it's somebody else's problem or we need a war (that you conveniently don't intend to fight in). Act like an adult and have some personal accountability for once in your life.
Open file (145.98 KB 1920x1080 1635640190591.jpg)
>>43666 I'm right here and that's not me, Satan. My point still stands that you won the house and you might win the Senate. There's definitely shady shit and procedural shit that can be fixed, but you're angry that you didn't get revenge. That just means you didn't want it badly enough. Lemme give you an example. Instead of screeching about cameras at X location going out, how about you focus on this common scenario: >Suburban woman has three voting-age kids living at her home jobless or underemployed >"Alright, alright, I don't care. We are filling out our ballots!" >"Mom I don't care, it doesn't fucking matter-" >"WE ARE FILLING OUT OUR BALLOTS!" >"Alright mom, fine, the fuck do you want me to vote for?" >"Vote Democrat!" >4 ballots go in the mail for D from one low-information bitch This scenario plays out all over America giving Democrats an edge, hell one of the cunts on The View was bragging about doing it, because you're too busy focusing on fraud to focus on legal procedural issues that could actually be fixed. People listen to the procedural shit. Normalfags are sick and tired of your god damn fraud narrative and you're NOT going to co-opt and piggyback off some other organization to get your civil war so learn to fix the system instead of trying to establish a minority government through violent means. Even Pappy Hitler figured this shit out; that's what he was imprisoned for originally. Here's a procedural pitch for you that don't involve the fraud narrative but still solves the underlying problem... >"The constitution clearly says that there shall be an election day, not an election week or election month. People should have to personally submit registration in order to receive an absentee ballot in advance of the election, else they have to show up the day of during approved times. It's not about people's votes being worth less, it's about making sure that everything is procedurally fair and handleable in a timely manner. Florida showed that you can only have absentee ballots when requested and still have free and fair elections that are counted before midnight." You get something like that through local legislature and I guarantee you Democrats won't win another election for the next two or three decades regardless of how urban the population is. That's an achievable goal, jackass.
And if you still insist it all has to be about fraud then here's something else you can do. Go to an urban center and say... >"Hey, I'm here as part of an independent organization, have you filled out your absentee ballot?" >"Oh you haven't? Please fill it out or please tell me how you would like it filled out and I'll write it down in your case file" >Show them a fake ID saying you're with some independent election commission >Ask them to leave the envelope unsealed because normalfags are fucking idiots (unless they are suspicious in which case tell them to seal it) >Use a hair dryer/a wet sponge to unseal their ballots >Check to see if they voted the way you wanted >If they didn't, use the cross-out method if legal else throw the ballot in the trash >You can harvest thousands of ballots in an afternoon going door-to-door in a couple apartment complexes between a couple dudes That right there is legal in essentially every urban center in America and what happens to nigger voters, so get crackin' next election if you really care.
Honestly, if you seriously think you can vote yourself out of third-world rapefugee invasions, decaying cities, parasitic pedophile oligarchs, a supercapitalistic monoculture subsuming genuine folklore and values, and environmental destruction, then you're either the most idealistic man in the world, in which case I could almost admire your naivete, or you're high as fuck, in which I case I want what you're smoking. I think the best way is to hunker down in small self-sufficient closely-knit communities and build up a parallel society from there. Admittedly hard for the average imageboard autist, but the only way imo.
>>43668 Nah I'm perfectly willing to fight and I don't think things would be any different if the uniparty colors were switched around, I don't know why cunts like you are so incapable of comprehending the possibility that people have utter disdain for the entire US government. You act like you can, but you clearly don't when you have to assume I'm [opposite team from you] to even make a counterargument. Eat shit. >>43671 There's no point in talking to any of these tards, they're now talking about local legislature when local elections have been just as corrupt for just as long as national elections. Pointing any of this out means you're a niggerpill coward and blahblahblah because considering maybe the constant and blatant corruption isn't fixable by voting is stupid or something. It's great how they'll accuse you of being a democrat in the process too, so these fags are probably delusional qboomer tier niggers to top it all off. They never elaborate on what is supposed to be done either, everything they say you should do requires vooooooooting, but as the past couple of years should have proven beyond a doubt it's that vooooooting means jack shit. >>43671 "Get crackin'" huh? Get crackin' doing what exactly you geriatric coward? If you honestly still think putting a slip of paper into a scantron machine or poking a screen is doing something you're a fuckin idiot, I bet you don't even show up to local meetings for your precious local legislature like you claim you do. Otherwise you'd realize they're just a microcosm of federal politics complete with mealy mouthed compromising form gopcucks and full blown kill whitey rhetoric from leftists.
Oh have fun with that house senate and presidency btw, maybe we'll get an actual gun grab soon and then we'll see how many of you faggots can sling the "coward" word around.
>>43669 Why not streamline that with mandatory voter IDs which are only usable on the day of the election or to file an absentee ballot form, expire every two years, and are opt-in via tax forums or some other existing federally- or even state-controlled system?
>>43678 Because then that would make fraud harder, and fraud already doesn't exist apparently so what's the point in making it harder if the fraud isn't real? America is a country that's all about ballot box stuffing disguised as democracy disguised as a republic, it has been this way since at least just after the civil war if not before.
Open file (29.72 KB 200x200 4.png)
>>43675 >I don't know why cunts like you are so incapable of comprehending the possibility that people have utter disdain for the entire US government Because I used to and then I grew up and realized everything else sucks a lot more.
>>43683 >oh grow up I see we're at the "I'll condescend and call him a child because I have no actual argument" stage. I can agree to disagree, if you're truly this delusional about American political systems being better than 3rd world there's no point arguing.
Open file (4.81 MB 1800x1200 Read the line.png)
>>43693 >Oh grow up I'm sorry you read it that way but maybe you should since you're interpreting everything I've said in the last week as a personal and hostile attack against you, anon. I'll repeat myself in a different phrasing to make it more clear. I used to have utter disdain for the clusterfuck that is the US government. I still do to an extent, but Canada, Western Europe, Asia, Russia, and the entirety of South America post-19th century have convinced me that we're real fucking lucky to have this absolute clusterfuck since all of the alternatives are 10x-1000x worse than the dystopian hellhole we live in. I "grew up" and realized that any government brought in by a coup would be a banana republic at best and a dystopian bug-tier nightmare more than likely because of Murphy's law. I do not expect to be "the winner" if war were to break out although I certainly hope "my side" would be if we're going to the true banana republic/warlord phase, and I do not have the desire to go out in a blaze of glory like I did when I was a punk-ass teen/early 20s faggot. To repeat myself, everything else (including whatever gets put in by a coup/war) sucks a lot more.
>>43697 No I'm done, I realize I'm screaming at a wall. It's not my time you're wasting with your voting farce anyway so there's no reason to even say anything to you in the first place.
>>43712 Ok. Well I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow, anon.
>>43473 Speaking of LoLbert chances did that one LP dude in Wyoming hold his seat? Really makes me wonder if turning that into a mini Free State project would actually be worth it or not. I dunno just find a bunch of people who want to larp as cowboys or even become real cowboys.
Open file (6.90 KB 800x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (749.98 KB b10522d.pdf)
Open file (336.57 KB 1280x720 very_tired_anya.jpg)
What went wrong?
>>43739 The Irish Republic is made up of those guys that abandoned a giant chunk of their country to the Brits, and they took the first chance to get rid of the Church they could, thanks to socialism which is partly the Churches' fault, due to not supporting the fight for independence much. The IRA lost. Gay commies won.
>>43739 >>43743 QUIS SEPERABIT up the U.D.A.
>>43743 >took the first chance to get rid of the Church they could It took about 70 years, which might be a few decades longer than you're guessing. Socialism wasn't much to do with it either, unless when you say socialism you just mean things you don't like.
>>43747 I mean that the government was always socialist-y and therefore had a materialist bent - a lot of the rebel groups did too, and that was the result. Thus, once they got a chance to weaken the Church in popular conscience with the fag child molester scandal, they took it and ran with it.
>>43758 ireland is a weird country. they're a corporate tax haven yet they had rent controls - which failed comically
Whats the best way to not get conscripted? Should I cut off my left hand or will they still make me die as a slave soldier?
So orange man is running for president. I'll let the king face the challenging Floridaman in the primaries since I'll never vote again vote for either, but he needs to be able to beat Floridaman in the primaries if he wants to keep his crown. Both are good, but I'm annoyed with Trump shitting on populists while not taking jabs at the establishment Republicucks. If Floridaman doesn't run for 2024 he'll never be relevant outside of Florida ever again so he needs to run. Next year is gonna be hell when we hit $20/gallon gas.
>>43739 The assassination of Collins by the British government took out all of Ireland's fighting spirit and defanged it.
>>43818 >I'll never vote again I'm there too. I didn't actually vote this last election. I made a promise to myself that I would vote for Trump exactly twice, just to see if an outsider could fix, change, or shift the system in any meaningful way. Well I got my answer. I don't see any point voting for Republicans because >they'll never stop with foreign wars >never stop with foreign aid >never restore freedom of association >never repeal any of the infringing gun laws >never unfuck entitlements, including social security >never really be pro freedom or stay out of people's business >never really secure the border or repatriate illegitimate immigrants >never do anything to prevent fraud in elections >never lower taxes >never stop with the "the Dems are the real racists pls vote for us" bullshit >NEVER ACTUALLY REVERSE ANY OF THE BULLSHIT THAT IS FUCKING THE COUNTRY >etc. Obviously there's no way in hell I'd vote for Democrats. So from now on I'm taking George Carlin's advice about voting. >Next year is gonna be hell when we hit $20/gallon gas. But anon that's not important the the American public. What's important is being able to kill unborn children instead of just keeping it their pants/keeping their legs together.
>>43826 >They'll never stop the foreign wars There was escalation but no new wars under Trump. Abraham accords made sure the Muslims and Jews were getting along more or less. >Never stop foreign aid Most of those are bribes and I'm less concerned about this political issue so long as needs at home like pre-flu $2.30 gas is available. I can willingly compromise on this one since bolitigs is about compromising to get what you want where you can until the red lines are reached. >Freedom of association They aren't gonna have a race war my dude. That was never realistically on the table. >Never repeal any of the infringing gun laws Republicans want a sunset clause with five year protections/limits right now. >Never unfuck entitlements It was a pyramid scheme from the start and nobody is gonna get it unless everyone has lotsa babies. >Never stay out of people's business Compared to the last several presidents it was a move towards that. >Never really secure the border or send them back Nah, but it was good progress for the first time in some 30 years with the illegals going back on their own. Immigration was net negative. >Never do anything to prevent my nonexistent cope He talked about things to do last night. He flat-out said mail-in ballots were unconstitutional and that we need national voter ID laws. It's a start. >The Dems are the real racists They are. If you're a white nationalist you should be voting Democrat since they want to murder black babies post-viability and enforce the National Wocialist agenda. Republicans have historically been about principle, not race. >The rest Don't make me break out the pill word so you can screech that I don't agree with you 110% of the way, anon. >But that's not important It will be when the suburban moms who did this to us are selling themselves on the streets for a can of spam and traditional gender roles are restored to make ends meet. I'll have no sympathy for them at that time since they get what they voted for and I've got my emergency rations/trade goods.
>>43834 Boomer cope: the post
>>43838 >Cope Just a healthy separation of ideals and expectations grounded in reality. Insert man who plants trees quote here. Turning the trainwreck around to the nearest repair station is still preferable to setting the gas tank on fire and shooting half the passengers because they insist on continuing the trip towards the cliff. Even if the passengers need a taste of reality they still have a functional purpose if they can realize reality before it's too late. Don't worry I fully intend to jump out of the car and take the damage if it looks like rolling off the cliff is inevitable.
>>43834 >They aren't gonna have a race war my dude You're young, you'll come around my lad.
>>43842 >They are gonna have a race war my dude You're young, you'll grow up soon my lad.
>>43842 I don't know, man. I mean on average blacks are more violent, but all of my friends with a handful of exceptions were Black, Mexican, or Jewish growing up, and we were all a bunch of dweebs regardless. The race component holds enough sway to buy a gun when living around 'em, but not enough to enact Southern sunset street rules.
Been enjoying listening to this /k/nife collector autist as background noise when I'm doing shit around the house with blue tooth headphones. Bonus is he's on platforms other than YouTube an Goolag because I hate big tech obviously since I'm here and have Manjaro Linux installed because fuck Microsoft too. https://odysee.com/@Metal_Complex:7 https://odysee.com/@Metal_Complex:7/you-think-you-know-what-overbuilt-knives:8 >>43476 > mr. aleppo was leading, everyone started memeing PRESIDENT GARY JOHNSON. I think LP's are delusional and Gary was sabotaged by Fox, CNN, and MSNBC over muh Aleppo as though other shit for brains politicians knew where that was either on a map or even gave a fuck about it prior much like how only now do politicians care about Taiwan, I'm sure some do but most are just grifting fucks. LP's as well as Libertarian minded independents too need to focus their resources a lot more on local state elections where they actually have a shot at winning as seen in a few past events. No one's just gonna hand them the Oval Office which is shielded from us plebs by copious amounts of machine politics, let's not forget both Trump and Biden were selected long before they were elected to be media darlings and that's before you take into account foreign influences throwing their hat in the ring such as Aipac, Saudi Opec, and the CCP who have all sorts of fuckery tactics at their disposal. I'm critical because I actually want to see them succeed more. >>43739 >What went wrong? Vatican Jesuit string pulling and the European Union but mostly just France, Mainland Germany Austrian Germans are excluded from this, Spain, Sweden forcing their bullshit unto potato land. The Czechs and Finish are alright though as far as EU;SSR members go. >Note I'm an Americunt so my world views pertaining to Europe is based off exaggerations, stereotypes, and various bin dat knife memes. Non the less I like to think I'm one of the more knowledgeable Americans when it comes to politics outside my country.
>>43862 >Google Twitter and Tumblr.png Nice. >also Bin that knife, citizen!!
>>43862 >demonic pope crap Y'know, I'd never realized just how the Pope's throneroom does in fact look like a voracious mouth complete with fangs when looked at from that angle, Strelok. Interesting. This passage jumps immediately to mind on seeing that shot: >"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it." https://biblehub.com/matthew/7-13.htm
>>43862 >Trump and Biden were selected long before they were elected to be media darlings <Trump <media darling Plainly you hadn't reached cognizance by 2016, Strelok (at least if you lived in the West during that election era). The (((media))), and every other Globohomo Big-Tech/Gov institution were going out of their fucking minds over Bad Orange Man(tm).
Open file (147.34 KB 1024x636 dup btfo.jpg)
>>43818 i'd love for dup to come back
>>43879 fucking shit site submitting my post before i'm done i'd love for dup to come back BUT only because i'd love to see how hard it makes the lefties seethe again. but at the same time seeing how much conservacucks chimped out over the actually illegitimate 2020 election results i'd like to see them go for round 2 on the capitol again.
>>43880 >2020 election fraud is somehow more significant than 2008 election fraud because it happened to change who wore the king nigger hat Why are americans so obsessed with presidents?
>>43882 >Why are americans so obsessed with presidents? For the last thirty years arguably 50, American Presidents have used executive orders to completely trample on the legislative branch while the judicial branch has let them do as they please. The American President has effectively become something of a king instead of a civilian commander-in-chief to keep the military humble/subservient to the people.
>>43818 Obviously, it's futile, at the face value. The trucks to carry extra paper are still available, and if fecebug could ban mentions of a certain mathematical law once, it can do this again, no big deal. It may (or may not) somewhat protect him or goad the oligarchy into acts of self-inflicted de-legitimization again. >>43826 > they'll never ...do anything outside the Overton Window allowed to them. Therefore, will never do anything that could move them dangerously close to a genuine opposition, rather than merely Outer Party of the clowns. And even when they are so distressed they actually want to do something more bold, they don't have a faintest idea as to how. After all, they are used to fake politics, not real politics. www.unqualified-reservations.org/2008/06/ol8-reset-is-not-revolution/ 2008, ffs.
Since I figure /k/ would be the best place to ask this, I'm considering getting a diesel car or truck once I save up some shekels, but I'm unsure of the logistics of owning one and using biodiesel on it. I believe I've read somewhere that you don't have to use a modified engine to use biodiesel, but it would have to be an additive like ethanol is to gasoline. Is it a good idea to do something like that, or will I just have to rely on regular diesel regardless of price?
>>43895 Diesel trucks can pull harder than gas trucks meaning your engine doubles as a backup generator, but something to keep in mind is that any kind of ethanol/biofuel mixture is not good on your engine. It's like the equivalent of eating nothing but white bread with processed salt-meat sandwiches and ramen noodles- they'll get you through the day but it'll wreck your innards eventually. Same concepts apply with biodiesel in your truck if it's not going through regular maintenance and repair ($$$ or a lot of time) or special filtering/distillation processes that make the biodiesel just as expensive as regular diesel.
118th congress has put forward the documents to investigate Joe. For those who don't know how the process works, the House of Representatives has budgetary and subpoena powers. The makeup of committees is determined in a 3:1 setup (as an example the January 6th committee had 2 Republicans to 5 Democrats). There are too many populist Republicans for the establishment branch to do as they please so they have to negotiate through the populist Republicans for committees and they have to either negotiate with populist Republicans or Establishment Democrats for passing a vote. If they do the latter, populist Republicans have already said they will demand role call which puts it on the record that the Establishment Republicans voted for XYZ which can then be used against them in two years during primaries if they don't side with Populist Republicans during a potential Trump presidential run. It's not quite "having them by the balls" as it is making them dig their own graves if they don't march in lockstep with the populists by blackmailing them out of their seats in the next primaries. The compromise was populists agreed to let Kevin McCarthy be the speaker in exchange for listening to their demands. If you want to say "Republicucks never do anything" I won't fault you, but this is effectively them doing something right now in a way that has never been done by Republicans before so I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt until they give me reason not to trust them. They either have to turncoat or kowtow to Populist Demands to keep their cushiony seats and it's got them sweating like pigs.
>>43895 Isnr diesel ridiculously expensive in burgerland and you might even face shortages?
>>44013 From my own perspective the republican party has had their voter base finally get fed up with the controlled opposition act. So now they're electing populists that promise to actually fight back. I suspect they will actually fight back because if they don't they'll be replaced next election by someone who will. Plus a lot of them may as well be equally fed up and genuinely want to see this through. The fact that they are formalizing charges and starting an investigation speaks volumes itself. Although I suspect if the investigations into biden become too much, they'll declare him mentally unfit and remove him from office. >>44021 It's about 6$ a gallon and gas is about 3.70$, at least where I live. And there is a shortage of diesel.
>>44021 Under normal circumstances diesel is cheaper than gas because gasoline requires additional refining while diesel can be pulled from a simple distillation of crude. The primary benefit of a diesel engine when diesel is high is that it can basically take any hydrocarbon-based fuel source that can combust. Your diesel engine + alternator doubles as an electrical generator. In theory you could run a diesel engine off a wood gasifier if you really wanted to. The reason diesel is more expensive right now is because chink flu killed non-commercial demand for diesel while commercial demand kept pace, so when demand came back all at once for non-commercial use it shocked the system and diesel prices skyrocketed since everyone needs it now. Also the government started taxing it because farmers need diesel and red dye fuel laws prevent the feds from going after the farmers for diesel taxes. Red dye fuel is selling at basically regular gas prices but lord have mercy on you if you get caught using it by a county sheriff or the IRS in a non-industry vehicle since they'll throw the book at you and then demand back taxes for "average demand" for however many years you've owned the vehicle even if you only used it once.
>>44027 It isn't quite that bad here. It's a little more than dollar over gas when it used to be 20 cents or so. This isn't at actual truck stops though.
Open file (154.29 KB 1821x238 Gas Colors.PNG)
>>44021 diesel is usually slightly more expensive than regular gas. on rare occasions (maybe less than 5% of the year) diesel is cheaper than unleaded.
Open file (590.48 KB 1000x718 1550375479309.jpg)
On Friday at 20:30 EST I'll stream the third adaption of Tuntematon solitas. I'll post the link later.
>>44108 Neat! Look forward to it Strelok.
Open file (558.82 KB 512x512 screamingloli.gif)
https://odysee.com/@UpperEchelonGamers:3/this-is-the-dark-future-of-finance-cbdcs:6 Some guy did research into govt documents about the possible coming glownigger crypto. >Will take all of your assets if you're considered a "terrorist". What a dystopia a glowcoin future would be.
>>44139 While this certainly has the potential to be cyberpunk living nightmare bad, the US has to jump through so many hoops to get this plan to work. It's almost like making a new currency. Just think: >What stops people from just not using the new government issue shitcoin? Sure, someone may crash the petrodollar on purpose, but trying to outlaw "paper" money (or even reducing it's popularity) is crackpot tier pipe dream, even in a post-collapse scenario. >What if someone else shorts their new shitcoin that they can't hold accountable? What if another government (Russia) shorts their new shitcoin? What if I short their new shitcoin? >And if other countries do that too: what stops me from going Doomp Eet on THEIR shitcoin as well? You don't know how much money I have, nor do they. Sure, it hurts government workers who may or may not receive their new paycheck in these assets. So before you have a panic attack from this and die from stroke, consider that CIA/NSA hires literal bronies and furries to do their bidding. They couldn't get a grip on understanding fucking 4/pol/ and had to resort to literal "paid researchers" in their field who couldn't get a grip on it as well. The people in charge took picture related and treated the whole thing completely unironically. So no, I do not think we'll get cyberpunk dystopia solely because bureaucracy and wagecucking are not completely conductive to what globohomo wants. What we may get instead would be entire countries getting Bogged.
>>44144 >>And if other countries do that too: what stops me from going Doomp Eet on THEIR shitcoin as well? You don't know how much money I have, nor do they. Sure, it hurts government workers who may or may not receive their new paycheck in these assets. Rich people still don't care because they hold other currency/assets and likely have enough leverage to pick and choose on how to get paid.
>>44144 Anon, that's an edit. >>44139 >>44146
>>44147 curses, my master plan was foiled again
>>44144 >What stops people from just not using the new government issue shitcoin? Probably the same thing stopping people from using alt-currencies for the last thirty years in America. The only difference between bitcoin and the ten or so predecessor alt-currencies that were in circulation before being snubbed was that they couldn't track down the creator of bitcoin to imprison and/or kill him (they certainly tried though). >but trying to outlaw "paper" money (or even reducing it's popularity) is crackpot tier pipe dream Anon there's places in my town that stopped accepting paper money almost a decade ago. It's more likely than you think. >What if someone else shorts their new shitcoin that they can't hold accountable? Do you really think a government-backed shitcoin doesn't have central controllers behind the scenes for just that scenario? The entire point is that gubmint shitcoins aren't any more real than digital banking currently is.
>>44027 > So now they're electing populists that promise to actually fight back. I suspect they will actually fight back because if they don't they'll be replaced next election by someone who will. Or by someone who will… promise this, too. They ran exactly this show for decades already. They only need to update their Tough Talk rhetoric for a slightly more edgy version. It’s puzzling. Here you assume individual competition controls them. Why? They are not independents, they are (Outer) Party people. So the party oligarchy is what controls them… why not “don’t be too greedy, let bro have his turn”? Also, why do you think these clowns have a faintest idea of how to actually fight back? Or that even if they somehow grew enough of spines and brains to try, they would be allowed to do so? They are merely specialized actors. Their “power” is de facto decorative, much like “power” Queen of England has. Which is why what Trump did was the only thing he could do with “power” actually available to him: goad the real powers into repeated and convincing demonstration of the fact that POTUS is but a figurehead position (after Roosevelt, that is). But if POTUS does not matter, not a single elected talking head in USA matters. And if none of them matters, all “politics” performed by them is but a circus show. Monkey business. Noisy distraction.
>>44160 Sounds like a whole lot of FUD.
Open file (92.20 KB 1142x765 1.jpg)
Open file (64.62 KB 1154x612 gun build.png)
Are videogames considered haram here? Are there any kind of listings of different kinds of firearms and/or their parts and/or how they work? I'm thinking of making a videogame where you build/upgrade guns out of parts that you scavenge. The guns won't be realistic at all and even handguns will be built from several parts, but I want inspiration about what kind of guns and components there could be. I'd also appreciate advice on how a gun should be built, I'm not into guns enough to really know. Pic related is some brainstorming, my current idea is that you start from one of many bases which determine what kind of other components can fit into it. The part I'm most unsure about is the striker and receiver since I don't really know what makes a gun go and how you could believably upgrade those parts, I was hoping you could upgrade the piston or something to turn a pistol into a machine pistol. Additionally I'd like to let you do stupid meme things like attach 4 lasers for additional accuracy, so if there's any weird mountable accessories, I want to know.
>>44160 (>Outer) Party people NRX?
Is Risky Crisky a glownigger op?
Open file (37.17 KB 692x390 2.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (66.27 KB 468x477 FiOETU4UcAE5DUi.jpeg.jpg)
https:// knowyourmeme .com/news/new-details-show-club-q-shooter-anderson-lee-aldrich-was-former-lolcow-nick-brink https://archive.ph/WsRoZ New Details Show Club Q Shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich Was Former Encyclopedia Dramatica Lolcow Nick Brink >After initial reports that Anderson Lee Aldrich did not have any social media or online presence, people began to dig more into the past of the Club Q shooter in recent days, leading to an interesting wrinkle appearing. <In court filing paperwork, two important things were discovered, with the first one being that Anderson Aldrich is requesting to be referred to by they/them pronouns, which caused an immediate visceral reaction online when people heard about that detail. >Perhaps the most prominent reaction to that information came from CNN, when the anchors found out live on air that they had to change their pronoun usage, and didn't. This caused a lot of confusion online, as people began to argue about how serious the non-binary aspect is, and if it's merely an attempt at skewing narratives. <Watch in real time as CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota sees her network's narrative on the Colorado Springs gay night club shooting come crashing down. She was speechless that the shooter identifies as "non binary": "I don't know what to say about that." >The 22-year-old accused of carrying out a mass shooting at a gay club in Colorado Springs identifies as non-binary, uses they/them pronouns & "Mx." Left-wing activists immediately blamed Republicans & critics of trans ideology for the deadly shooting. <the fact that left-wing media sources are taking the club Q shooter at his word re: identifying as non-binary is horrifying and signals that these people call themselves allies and yet can't even begin to grasp the tactics of the new right. the essence model will suffocate us all >The club q shooter immediately identifying as non-binary with no previous evidence and right wing media immediately taking that as fact is proof that no one who is anti-lgbt gives af about logic. Just whatever comes out that is convenient <The second thing that was unveiled after the court filings was that Anderson Lee Aldrich isn't the original name of the shooter, who used to go by Nicholas "Nick" Brink before they changed their name in 2016. >According to initial findings by the Washington Post, in their earlier years dating back to late 2015, Nicholas Brink was a lolcow (in a similar sentiment to Chris-Chan) on Encyclopedia Dramatica with a particular emphasis placed on who their family is. <While before the familial focus was placed on the grandfather, who is a California assemblyman, Nick Brink's familial focus has now largely shifted online to their father, Aaron Brink, who was a former MMA star whose post-wrestling career involved being on the television shows Intervention and Divorce Court in relation to his career in adult entertainment when he was known as "Dick Delaware." >A gay dude that uses the pronouns they/them who’s father is a porn star with the stage name “Dick Delaware”shot people at a gay club and Democrats are blaming Republicans. They’re reaching hard, and it’s backfiring. <Former UFC fighter Aaron Brink, father of the Colorado Springs Club Q shooter speaks out. "We're Mormons, we don't do gay." >The father of the Club Q gunman is a pornstar named ‘Dick Delaware.’ That is all… <Nick Brink was severely bullies as a child over his father‘s criminal record. When Nick was 15 he petitioned a Texas court to legally change his name to Anderson Lee Aldrich. According to CBS NEWS Kens5, the photo below is the murderer and his mom. >CBS news also tracked down their father and interviewed him yesterday, during which Aaron Brink said he thought his son died by suicide until six months ago after his ex-wife called him in 2016 to tell him their son changed his name and killed himself. <"I thought he was dead. I mourned his loss. I had gone through a meltdown and thought I had lost my son," Brink said. "His mother told me he changed his name because I was in Intervention and I had been a porno actor." https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Anderson_Lee_Aldrich https://archive.ph/K734Z '''This page contains spoilers — important plot secrets and/or conclusions may be revealed. For example, HOLY SHIT THIS GUY HAD AN ED ARTICLE FOR YEARS AND SHOT UP A GAY BAR BECAUSE HE WAS TIRED OF ALL THE "HARRASSMENT"!!!'''
Open file (916.45 KB 945x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>44211 Well that narrative makes more sense but I still want to beleb it was because of pic related. Sorry I think they deleted their twitter because of the national attention on their degeneracy, so I can't find the original but I know this was real.
>>44226 >All ages drag brunch Why haven't anyone blasted that place before?
>>44211 ><Former UFC fighter Aaron Brink, father of the Colorado Springs Club Q shooter speaks out. "We're Mormons, we don't do gay."
>>44245 They've been doing it all over. It's child grooming. They take established gay clubs in Conservative/Military cities (like Club Q) and then they normalize drag stripping before trying to pass it off as "family friendly" when it's literal definition child grooming. If you ask the average normalfag about drag they think it means crossdressing and don't understand that drag is stripping "performance art" worse than gogo dancing. Because the gays are embedded into the local community the cognitive dissonance makes them not think about it. It's normalized child predator rings training little boys (and some little girls) for prostitution in plain sight and it's disgusting. >>44285 Exactly.
Sen. Murphy proposes not funding police departments that don't enforce gun safety laws, such as the red flag laws Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy proposed withholding funding from law enforcement agencies that refuse to enforce gun safety laws. The Connecticut senator's comments to CNN on Sunday was in response to a string of recent mass shooting, particularly the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs, which left five people dead. Colorado officials said the 22-year-old suspected gunman should have triggered the state's red flag law, but officers at the El Paso County Sheriff's Office refused to utilize the red flag law. "I think we have to have a conversation about whether we can continue to fund law enforcement in states where they are refusing to implement these gun laws," Murphy said on Sunday. "I will talk to my colleagues about what our approach should be this problem, but 60 percent of counties in this country are refusing to implement the nation's gun laws. We have got to do something about that." The suspected gunman in the Club Q shooting had previously threatened his mother with a bomb in 2021, an incident that could have triggered Colorado's Extreme Risk Protection Order that permits a judge to temporarily seize one's firearms if they are a serious risk to others or themselves. However, the sheriff's office in El Paso County declared itself a "Second Amendment preservation county" in 2019 and refused to exercise the red flag law, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. "What we have, I think, learned in Colorado is that the county in which the shooting happened is a so-called Second Amendment sanctuary state," Murphy said. "The majority of counties in this country have declared that they are not going to enforce state and federal gun laws. They have decided that they are going to essentially refuse to implement laws that are on the books. That is a growing problem in this country." When asked directly by host Dana Bash if Murphy wanted to "withhold money for law enforcement," he said senators are "going to have to have a conversation about that." "Do we want to continue to supply funding to law enforcement in counties that refuse to implement state and federal gun laws? Red flag laws are wildly popular, right?" Murphy said. "This is a choice to allow this to continue to happen. The laws that we're talking about passing, red flag laws, assault weapons bans, they're wildly popular. I mean, they're not actually that controversial outside of Washington. And I hope that, this year or next year, we will finally be able to do something." https://www.businessinsider.com/sen-murphy-not-funding-police-departments-dont-enforce-gun-laws-2022-11 https://archive.ph/a2z0b
>>44289 >Gun states don't get federal funding Too bad this dumbass senator forgot that budget lies with the house, not with the senate. If they want to start a civil war by hyper-polarizing states to be anti-fed, then so be it. Connecticut has no jurisdiction in my home county and can fuck off.
>>44288 Sweden yes! checked >>44291 >Too bad this dumbass senator forgot that budget lies with the house, not with the senate. To be fair it's not like he pushed an actual bill in the senate: >senator's comments to CNN on Sunday aka virtue signaling
>>44289 >The laws that we're talking about passing, red flag laws, assault weapons bans, they're wildly popular. Doubt if most people read and understood the implications of these laws that they would agree with the Senator. Especially the types who want to defund the police.
>>44288 >They've been doing it all over. It's child grooming. No shit, that's what people do with their children. The fags, like always, just just can't keep it behind locked doors.
>>44307 >Their children Fags don't have children. They have yours.
>>44309 >It's my child and only I have the right to groom them Like clockwork >Fags don't have children. They have yours. If you're losing a culture war to literal faggots then your children are probably better off with aids and bloody assholes than inheriting whatever the fuck is causing that.
>>44344 Keep projecting, faggot. You're not getting my kids, pedo faggot.
>>44353 He's saying that if your culture is incapable of removing faggot pederasts because of how weak it is, then it doesn't really deserve to exist anyways. It's survival of the fittest.
>>44353 >implying he has fathered children
>>44168 All roads lead to NRx. Eventually. >>44293 Most of the people who want to defund the police are either retarded or have an existing replacement in mind. More to the point, in absence of non-clownish and organized opposition, "wildly popular" is simply what news say is "wildly popular".
>Dream that I'm driving a car and later a motorcycle all over town >Gotta stay on the motorcycle because a bunch of bandits with their pet jumping monitor lizards/mini-crocodiles are chasing me >Turns out I'm having a sleepover party at my old house and was picking up food for the drunks >Wake up partially >Oh no it was just a dream whatever >Dream starts back up with everyone asking me why I left the party early >Suddenly turns really creepy as the guests all start telling me that we're "preparing to see her" and "you can't leave now" >Hear a door open and footsteps >Lucid brain can't process if this is dream world or the real world >Oh god am I lucid dreaming during a home break-in!? >Force eyes open >Hear thumping but my cat isn't reacting to the noise at all >Try to get up to grab shotgun >Sleep paralysis >Ohnonononono.png >STILL hearIng the guests in my dream despite being "awake" in sleep paralysis mode >Footsteps getting closer >Water bottle next to my bed suddenly shapeshifts into a Noh-mask wearing youkai with that creepy white lady noh mask >And begins turning to face me >Start whispering prayers to god as my entire body begins shaking and my eyes are bawling trying to force myself to move out of sheer willpower through the sleep paralysis >Footsteps are right outside of my door >Hear a loud THWUMP >Fan from the bathroom lights being turned on kick in >Sleep paralysis shattered as I grab my shotgun and rapidly stand up sweating and shivering like I just ran a marathon >It's just a combination of my room mate going to take a shit in my toilet and the wind blowing while he had some youtube video with the volume up because I was "asleep already" >Alarm clock says it's almost 1 in the morning That combination of lucid dreaming and thinking there was a home invasion and/or youkai infestation during a case of sleep paralysis was possibly scarier than any nightmare I've ever had in my life. How would I have even been able to handle it if it were a real home invasion/youkai haunting? Fuck, man.
Open file (329.08 KB 1075x1119 sutton chad.jpg)
>>44664 fuck youkai and other malevolent daemons. assholes the lot of them. I've had one appear in different dreams across my life. usually the moment my eyes see him in a dream, no matter how incongruent the reality may seem, i jolt awake. i believe in you strelok. turn your autism to the extreme and kill all the youkai in your dreams.
>>44666 >not having issued a youkai fucker permit Do you even 2hu?
>>44664 >lucid dreaming >awake >sleep paralysis pick one
Open file (590.43 KB 1015x448 no_bully_the_madotsuki.png)
>>44673 >not lucid dreaming with your motor controls active but eyelids jammed by crust so the dream continues and lets you walk around your room in VR for a bit until you're fully awake
>>44664 >Water bottle next to my bed suddenly shapeshifts into a Noh-mask wearing youkai with that creepy white lady noh mask >a real home invasion/youkai haunting This is your brain on anime. Not even once.
>>44699 I've had several dreams where I've been chased by small groups of cowtits trying to sell me Intel CPUs, but those weren't nightmares as they would cower in fear and run away the moment I remembered the naval threads and began arguing in favor of 21st century CNT-plated battleships as opposed to bloated aircraft carriers. The dreams where one or more Tornadoes would stalk the land and remove the peaceful fantasy elements of my dreams in favor of eerie hyper-realism where far spookier.
>>44669 >Do you even 2hu? no i dont. whats that?
>>44708 A significant upgrade from 1hu, I'm told.
>>44712 >>44708 ive been told that touhou is anime girl stuff. afraid ive ascended in autism beyond the affinity for japanese pornographic cartoons. i cant listen to real peoples voices especially in a foreign language. its all tts for me.
>>44713 >its all tts for me. Touhou fanworks are a significant portion of tts media though
>>44714 incomprehensible and the subtitles are in moon runes. might unironically watch it if it were decipherable by people with souls.
>>44715 Tourist, pls. You are the problem.
Wouldn't Elon be stepping directly on the globohomo's dicks toes if he fucks with the leafs?
Open file (200.98 KB 899x629 goturipnigger.jpg)
>>44727 I'm not a tourist :/ I'm just autistic and not a huge fan of anime. in the circles I'm more active the only anime people watch is K-on. >>44728 doesn't seem like he's targeting Leafs. just collateral damage. on the international scene they are pretty irrelevant. we should free tigers from zoos into Canada's wilderness. tigers are cooler than the gooks living in leaf country anyway.
Open file (9.40 MB 480x360 autist hates anime.mp4)
>>44731 >I'm just autistic and not a huge fan of anime.
>>44731 Did you know that russia has T I G E R S ?
Open file (54.95 KB 603x602 realistic snake.jpg)
>>44735 how did you get this video of me
Open file (41.44 KB 680x479 mmmhhh tigers.jpg)
>>44738 Tigers you say?
>>44742 Why orange tiger in snowy Russia? Why deers no see orange tiger? Especially in snowy Russia? How orange tiger survive in snowy Russia? Is it like America whore and buy taquitos from Russian 7-Eleven with sex money?
>>44742 please explain slav memes to me, because no matter how hard I try i have no idea what the fuck they're about.
Open file (360.79 KB 496x509 ClipboardImage.png)
>>44745 >explain memes It's one of those if-you-have-to-ask-you'll-never-know things.
Open file (86.40 KB 381x328 Let's sleep.png)
Is there a way to weaponize sleep?
>>44807 my oldschool rpgs taught me that sleep is like a tactical nuke.
>>44807 Ofc. >step a) put all ur enemies to sleep >step b) kill all ur enemies promptly Simple as.
I've found a channel about Chernobyl that is mostly dedicated to the computers of the zone. https://yewtu.be/channel/UC6E5C90skdn1X-6FE9-Niaw
Open file (109.95 KB 318x340 Smug Face Hold.png)
Oh, you're a Aries? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in July; that's hot. Oh, you're a Taurus? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in August; that's hot. Oh, you're a Gemini? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in September; that's hot. Oh, you're a Cancer? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in October; that's hot. Oh, you're a Leo? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in November; that's hot. Oh, you're a Virgo? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in December; that's hot. Oh, you're a Libra? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in January; that's hot. Oh, you're a Scorpio? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in February; that's hot. Oh, you're a Sagittarius? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in March; that's hot. Oh, you're a Capricorn? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in April; that's hot. Oh, you're a Aquarius? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in May; that's hot. Oh, you're a Pisces? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in June; that's hot.
>>44807 Do you not know about date rape?
Merr Christmas. Have some banners and image macros.
>>44902 Pretty nice, let's hope there is actually someone out here to add them.
Is pic related due for an update anons? Be kinda neat to make our own native poorfag guide to spread amongst the Internet. >>44850 Cease speaking of this Gypsie horoscope magic card nonsense else I'll be splooging my man goo up your ass, faggot. >>44708 >no i dont. whats that? Have you unironically been Innawood for several years or something anon? How the fuck do you not know? >>44167 >Are videogames considered haram here? They're a mixed bag if you ask me. Sure it causes a lot of retards and children to have many misconceptions on about firearms but on the other hand they've played a big role in getting a lot of otherwise unlikely people interested in firearms and even going as far as to actually learn the ropes and taking training courses IRL. Vidya has made funs discussion a lot less of a super dooper secret club that only old fudds and ranch owners care about. >t. anon who used to be a Kawa dooty faggot obsessed teen retard Obviously there are better more sophisticated games out there. >I'm thinking of making a videogame where you build/upgrade guns out of parts that you scavenge. The guns won't be realistic at all and even handguns will be built from several parts, but I want inspiration about what kind of guns and components there could be. I'm sure it will be great if your a confident dev, I just have one request. Make it a feature for guns to occasionally jam up at random, especially if you put crap ammo through some of them or just use cheap guns in general that way clearing said jams is part of the game play. I feel like that's a very untapped concept in vidya in general in my opinion. What kinda game is it gonna be anyway as in game play/genre wise? >'m not into guns enough to really know. Pic related is some brainstorming, my current idea is that you start from one of many bases which determine what kind of other components can fit into it. The part I'm most unsure about is the striker and receiver since I don't really know what makes a gun go and how you could believably upgrade those parts Weight that slows down your characters or party members should be a contributing factor should you add a bunch of optics, lasers, and under mounted stuff. Consequently your chances for actually hitting enemy targets from longer distances should drop if you turn your rifle into a carbine or at least reduce the chances you'll get a critical hit if that's gonna be a feature.
>>44946 yeah. at this point the only surplus rifle poorniggers can have is the m91 carcano which kinda sucks imo. radom 9x18s arent really available anymore either. so sad.
Open file (77.58 KB 1280x720 zomboid.jpg)
Open file (426.16 KB 1920x1023 tarkov.jpg)
Open file (57.85 KB 800x450 zero-sievert_32365.jpg)
>>44946 >causes a lot of retards and children to have many misconceptions on about firearms I'm the furthest you can go into the "fun gameplay first, realism doesn't matter" worldview of videogames so unfortunately I won't be helping with that. For example I'll be thinking if "accurate ammo" or "silent ammo" or "paralyzing ammo" are interesting for the game before I think about how to explain it or if there's any real life relative. I prefer games that are down to earth and internally consistent by the end though. >What kinda game is it gonna be anyway as in game play/genre wise? Too early to say anything for certain. It'll be third person similar to Project Zomboid, weapon building and some other gameplay parts are inspired by Escape from Tarkov. ZERO Sievert is the game that clicked all the pieces in place, though this game will be very different from that. The central theme is that resources are very scarce and you must make do with them. Weapons break down over time and become less effective and start jamming up (as you suggested, perhaps even requiring a consumable tool to safely un-jam it), you have to find replacement/upgrade parts from enemies' guns, bullets will be rare but you can craft shitty homemade ammo (which have negative properties like low accuracy or increased chance to jam/damage the gun) from miscellaneous items that you find. >Weight that slows down your characters or party members should be a contributing factor should you add a bunch of optics, lasers, and under mounted stuff Most things will have upsides and downsides, I don't want anything to be a pure upgrade that you want to put onto every gun (not counting upgraded versions of parts). For example attachments give new abilities or increase weapon stats but may make it slower to aim or reload your gun. I'm thinking of having a general tradeoff between accuracy/damage-per-bullet/less recoil from long guns, and movement/aiming/field-of-view/reload speed bonuses from short and light guns, but the specifics require me to experiment more.
>>45035 nigga do you really expect me to read this literal treatise of a post?
>>45044 No one expects anything from bongs.
>>44946 I think this fork is slightly more in-date, even if the last update date is newer in the first one.
https://yewtu.be/phhkHURRrsc?t=8 Based on her voice what does she look like, /k/? This is almost as good as the "moaning mom" clip. >OOOOOOOOH GOD, BIIIIIILL!
>>45106 Based on the deepness of her voice she's either black, or a tall very butch white lady with a butterface.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OThTzZpXQQ >Jail prioritizes the county over the city >City blocks the sheriff in >Jail stops servicing the city police >Chaos ensues Heh.
>>45100 updated for current legislature
>>45198 >we don't watch him anymore Speak for yourself.
Open file (79.01 KB 1280x720 1504381308.jpg)
>>45198 >doesn't watch FW >does watch InRange
>>45200 Does Karl still lurk?
>>45199 I think we stopped because he was part of that antifa gun club and started spewing leftist ideas as soon as he was found out. This resulted in the name change to "Soy Jesus".
>>45201 Maybe on the other side of a glory hole in the hood, but I don't think he bothers with /k/ too much in general anymore. It's not like it was hard to spot his faggot ass, he stuck out more than a wayward /tv/ tranny. He's most likely too busy pandering to his commiecuck antifa crowd since they're probably the only ones giving him views anymore. As far as Ian goes the fact he's still associated with such a flagrant retard most likely means he has the same kind of flagrant retard opinions, and his stance on white South Africans and his reaction to people pointing out that white South African farmers are indeed being targeted for murder and rape doesn't help in that regard.
>>45198 >no PaulHarrel >no PSR >Risky Crisky You may all well buy the ammo throw out all the other steps and make your own fireworks.
I heard they "slipped" more gun control into the omnibus bill and federalized elections. How much deeper does the barrel have to go before the Republicuck realizes the rifle is up his own ass? And at that point does the Republicuck realize it's self-pleasure fucking himself over?
>>45230 >How much deeper does the barrel have to go before the Republicuck realizes the rifle is up his own ass? Implying that's not by design, we're after all talking about the same party that threw Julian Assange under the bus, rammed the Patriot act down everyone's throats in a bi-partisan vote, and drove America into not one but TWO FUCKING WARS against Iraq and Afghanistan because of muh 9/11 despite neither of those countries having fuck all to do with it yet they always find the time to strong arm our two greatest allies with plenty of high end weapons and foreign "aid". Oh and don't forget Trumps operation warp speed bullshit either which laid the ground work for two fucking years of lock downs that accomplished fuck all and nothing, meanwhile Swedenistan of all places had enough common sense to realize viruses don't give a shit about laws so they just encouraged their citizens to wash their hands more often and stay home if they feel sick especially if that would risk them exposure to the elderly and immune compromised and what do ya know Sweden isn't a giant ghost town. Still plenty of grenade attacks but whatever. Do you really believe red boot is any better than the blue boot? Because I can say with absolute certainty that it's little more than a choice on if you prefer brain and spinal cancer or aids, obviously they both fucking suck and will slowly kill you over time. Ron Paul should have been president. >>43872 >Plainly you hadn't reached cognizance by 2016 >(at least if you lived in the West during that election era). The (((media))), and every other Globohomo Big-Tech/Gov institution were going out of their fucking minds over Bad Orange Man(tm). Reverse physiology anon, all presidential candidates are selected long before they're elected. <Noooooo Serf I mean citizen don't voot for le Trumpler! He's espousing lukewarm milk toast basic bitch populists opinions!!!!! More money for the Saudi's and Israeli's is fine though...
Open file (77.08 KB 1242x810 Harmeet Dhillon.jpg)
>>45249 >Do you really believe red boot is any better than the blue boot? One side actively wants me dead. The other side just does nothing. In the long-run is it any better? No of course not, but it's a clear "choice" for who to actively support. I don't vote so I don't mean voting. I'm waiting to see what happens with Harmeet Dhillon. https://dhillonforrnc.com/why-im-running/ Despite being a Pajeet immigrant, she's been the populist wing head honcho within the RNC bureaucracy for quite a while, has the support of Conservative Cultural movements (more important than political movements), and she was one of the only Republicans in the RNC to shit on and actively oppose the Patriot Act, and wants to redirect funding within the RNC to stop suiciding itself. She's the only bureaucrat that when sat down on national television talks like a real person. She's running for RNC chair so if she manages to get it, I'm willing to put faith in the Republicucks for just a little longer before flipping the table. If they stage a coup to oust her then that's that and I'm done playing the games. The reason to play the games is because the state has a monopoly on force so any violence towards the state is going to involve tearing this country apart from the inside-out which should always be a last resort for any sane individual, but any more RNC internal coups by boomers to make the young ones take their lumps is going to be met with vindiction rather than submission at this point.
This arctic air is no joke, the wind is whipping and the trees are creaking and cracking. It's perfect wendigo hunting weather. I need to figure out how to mount a bayonet on my 45-70 guide gun. I think it should be a M1905, like a trench shotgun.
>>45253 Now that I've looked at it the ring definitely won't fit around the muzzle but some sort of adapter that lines the ring up with the magazine could be fabricated. I don't have a M-9 bayonet to check, but the but the outside diameter of that barrel is probably close to an A-2 flash hider.
>voter cuck still giving a fuck about elections Why? Just do as you please and only associate with people you know aren't going to rat you out. Form a gang or do literally anything besides continue to buy into a blatantly corrupt democratic process ffs the niggers and spics have this figured out why the hell are white gun owners so afraid of telling the law to go fuck itself when it clearly doesn't benefit them in any way?
>>45249 I don't disagree with you on any point but this one: Trump was very definitely not on the Globohomo's menu in 2016.
>>45257 If you're going to insist on having an opinion at least know what you are talking about.
Open file (132.25 KB 2048x1172 Make PP Big Again.jpeg)
Since Strelok is a fucking idiot who doesn't understand the difference between an election and a private ouster, allow me to explain in greentext: >Ronna McDaniel has been the RNC chairwoman for the last three cycles >Republicans have been waging an internal civil war against establishment individuals inside the RNC >RNC has not been funding or acknowledging populist ("Trump") candidates when they win their primaries and in at least three cases the populist candidates lost because the RNC ignored them for not being the candidate they wanted to win the primaries >Meanwhile McDaniel spends out the ass on private limo parties and other excess abusing the donor class' money >The voting class has begun to demand change and some of the donor class is pulling out of the RNC unless that change happens >In steps Harmeet Dhillon, who runs one of the only law firms that still back the RNC and who happens to be the California chair >Harmeet is basically everything Strelo/k/ wants from being against the shitty gun bans to wanting to redirect funding into ballot harvesting operations and actually, you know, supporting Republican candidates who win their primaries >Harmeet promises to wield the RNC like a cudgel to actually meet the demands of grassroots organizations and reverse gun control >This scares the establishment donor class who has cost you the last three elections >There is a CIVIL WAR in the RNC coming to a head next month that will decide whether the RNC wants to focus more on making sure Republicans win or continuing focusing on the Republican political class (establishment) >Establishment candidates are doing everything in their power to keep this from happening >Harmeet has secured about 60 of the private "votes" from the 160ish representatives >The other 100ish representatives are either not taking a side or only supporting McDaniel on paper while Dhillon is courting them >If Dhillon wins, all the things niggerpill doesn't want the RNC to do because it might revitalize the GOP are going to happen >A change in leadership would mean populist candidates get funding, Republicuck politicians who vote along Democrat lines lose their backing/funding from the party, and ballot harvesting operations will be underway to secure the elections >Dhillon has already pledged to have her lawfirm start filing lawsuits at any and every level for any and every reason should she become chair in order to shit up the legal system (such as to sneak past the Denver appeals court that throws out cases questioning the constitutionality of gun control measures, as an example) >Basically this is an existential crisis where if the establishment donor class refuses to side with the populists, they risk turning 1/3rd of the RNC into their enemy Basically, everything is getting hot and your shit-tier opinions about voting don't fucking matter. If Dhillon gets the chair, then maybe civil war averted and shit returns to 1950s "normal" in 8-12 years. If McDaniel keeps the chair, accelerated Civil War schedule when a third of Republicans become disenfranchised with the party. It's not important because you get to go out and vote for this (you do not the donor class does), but because this will affect the future of the party in such a way that could split the libertarian sorts ("your folks" even if you're a '''filthy NEETSoc'"') from the party entirely and accelerate us towards a hot civil war. It's worth discussion and following and basically "hurr durr why vote?" can go shove a barbed dildo up his puckered bungehole.
>>45261 Well, you've already stated that the little guys can't do shit, so why does all this matter (presuming it's 100% on-point)? The Globohomo still gonna globohomo, will they not? And you seem to hold the position that acceleration is fundamentally a Le Bad Thing(tm). If so, please state your opinions why so. There are plenty of views to the contrary obviously. Feel free to use greentext as you see fit. Cheers.
>>45261 >>45260 I'll give a tl;dr for anyone who doesn't want to read word salad excuses. >just keep vooooooting and participating >in a system that has proven time and time again it doesn't ever work in anyone's favor but the megarich >otherwise you're an idiot There. Voter cuck logic.
>>45267 There is no voting involved. Not for you anyways. Letters and phone calls for those who give a shit, but no votes. >>45264 >If so, please state your opinions why so Because civil conflict and war are hell, and those who wish it have almost universally never experienced it. The fantasies about what its like are not true, and the realities that you will probably end up with something worse than the current rendition are likely. Anyone who wants that war should go volunteer in an active war zone or as third world slum security as a grunt for a few months to know what they are getting themselves into for several years. Experiences may vary, but they will be closer to Johannesburg if you are extremely lucky and well-off, Grozny if you have average luck, and things far worse when attitudes about accelerationism prevail.
>>45268 >dear gee oh pee, pls stop fucking us in the ass <yes dear voter we will stop <what's that goldblatt? Ten million dollars to fuck dear viter in the ass? Ok! >fug Literally how American politics has worked since at least WW1.
>>45271 Stop talking like a baby and kill yourself.
>>45272 Vote for me to stop maybe that'll work lol
>>45261 >shit returns to 1950s "normal" in 8-12 years. I will remain dissatisfied unless at least one of the following habbens: >F-15 ACTIVE resurrected in the form of the F-15S/EX with canards >6th generation fighter project being a modernized YF-23 >deliberate or nondeliberate self-destruction of every F-35 ever produced in the event of civil war to reduce the prevalence of airborne HIV strains >The US Army adopting a battle rifle as its main service fun >The US leaving Syria >ASF-14 resurrected to replace the F-35C and F/A-18E/F >sapient AIs added to hooman roights declaration with strong laws against digital lobotomization in order to reduce chances of a machine uprising in the near future >nukes for the Republic of China >construction of a Battleship/Battlecruiser according to naval thread spec >federally mandated ownership of at least one (1) working fully automatic firearm for every US citizen above the age of 18 >US citizenship only granted by blood, being the son/daughter of a rapefugee born on burger soil doesn't count and dual citizenship mulattoes must marry an ethnic US citizen with only third-generation descendants of foreigners being granted full citizenship, voting rights and permission to own firearms provided the first and second generation fugged pureblooded burgers in fact of course. >large-scale construction of pebble-bed nuclear reactors to reduce dependency on Sandnig oil and unsustainable climatenigger shit >climate change advocates being executed by endangered megafauna >Natsoc-tier environmentalist policies being enacted >creation of a 4km no man's land at the US-Mexican border including a border wall with AI-controlled antipersonnel howitzers, machine guns mounted atop working in tandem with 24/7 drone surveillance to physically deter would-be illegal aliens >banning the concept of intellectual property and removing all its assorted legal heresy >normalization of relations with the Russian Federation >military invasion and annexation of Canada followed by a violent purge of its leadership once all the above is accomplished
>>45279 >pureblooded burgers Funniest part of that post.
>>45283 US was always intended to be European in nature (and basically was almost entirely until LBJ in 60's). This is precisely why the """50's""" is the ideal, and everything afterwards has been a snowball of mud. Lrn2history fren.
>>45279 >>climate change advocates being executed by endangered megafauna Best bit.
>>45284 "European" is also defined by many different and distinct people. Condescend all you want there is almost nothing "pureblood" about Americans, so maybe lrn2culture frnigger. That being said denigging/despiccing the population would be pretty great yeah.
>>45286 >"European" is also defined by many different and distinct people. And each of those distinct peoples is the product of mixes of population groups. There's nothing "pure" about any of them either if you're going to play that game.
Open file (245.10 KB 499x665 tg-1593234856093.jpg)
>>45251 > The other side just does nothing. That’s a common pastime for things that do not exist. >>45267 > There. Voter cuck logic. They have to know things are downright ridiculous. I mean, the latest Grand Circus Final ended in a single-city wide LARP and, uh, Fecehug banned mentions of certain statistical law, while the rest of sockpuppet farms did not bother to do even this. Everyone knows. I think it’s not even “logic” at this point, just kind of a bad habit. Or rather remnants of conditioning. Nobody brings food anymore, the last of Pavlov’s dogs are half dead, but they continue to salivate at the sound of distant doorbells.
>>45287 Except you can pretty easily pick most Frenchmen out of a lineup of Germans even if both of those groups have varying differences among themselves. Then there's Italians and Spaniards, some of whom are swarthy enough that fags still slapfight about their whiteness despite them being just as European as you on that shitty island. Then there's the whole culture angle where in the past 50 some years America has basically pulled a Mao-lite and destroyed its own history and refused to adequately educate younger generations about it, only instead of eventually realizing this was a huge mistake burger culture has largely been replaced by nigger worship and spic viva la raza bullshit. Genetically mutts, culturally mutts, spiritually mutts on every level, we'd be starting from scratch and would have to make it through at least another century to reestablish some kind of American identity free of kikery and idolizing niggers.
Open file (990.68 KB 3600x2800 Goblin Brats 001.png)
Open file (1.17 MB 3700x2800 Goblin brats 002.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 3700x2800 Goblin Brats 003.png)
>Mutts this >Mutts that Fuck all of you. America was founded and operated on exceptionalism. Not on racial or ethnic or whatever other special snowflake genetic lines you want to draw up. Your ancestors didn't come over because it was mini-Germany or mini-Ireland, they came over because there was opportunity for any man to work his way up on merit. My workplace has more shades of brown than a bowl of reeses puffs and still does exceptional work. Anon's problem is that he's a SHIT judge of character, and so he has to project that onto browns to make him feel more secure in himself. I'm probably whiter than anon with my 1800s Swedish ancestry, and I get along with the nigs and spics just fine just not the featherniggers. >Muh coherent culture We have them in the smaller population areas just fine without racialist policy. It's only in the city that nigs act like animals. >Muh kids looking like me Bitch, you're never going to have kids. That's half the reason you want a fucking war in the first place is to pump-and-dump rape some poor girl like a fucking nigger. Racefags and equityfags get the rope.
>>45279 >The US leaving Syria Considering Turkey has renewed attacks on the Kurds and started working on peace with Assad that's more likely than you think.
>>45300 Merry Christmas, anon.
>>45305 >u want war u r nigger No I said do literally anything but keep buying into a cancerous system that is blatantly out to destroy you and then you fags went off on me with a whole bunch of other shit trying to justify your continued cucking to globohomo democuckcy. Mental mutt.
Also merry Christmas I know we're having a gay internet slapfight but no hard feelings.
>>45305 >spoiler What makes it difficult to interact with them? >>45306 I know Rojava won't be around for much longer with how dependent they are on Assad to avoid another round of Roach rape, but what would motivate the US to give up the sacred Deir-ez Zor oil field or the Al-Tanf border crossing used to recruit, train&supply moderate jihadists in its adjacent refugee camp?
>>45313 American oil holdings in the Middle East are pretty tightly knit to one of two things: Israel's continued existence and the Turkey-Qatar pipeline for Germany. Syria working with Turkey invalidates the latter and Israel doesn't give enough shits about Syria.
Open file (137.28 KB 1200x687 EIi7Ba_W4AEXFq2.jpg)
>>45301 >Except you can pretty easily pick most Frenchmen out of a lineup of Germans even if both of those groups have varying differences among themselves. A distinct mixture is still a mixture. For example, in Germany you had Celtic, Germanic, and Slavic presence depending on the area in question well as areas of Roman settlement like in the Rhineland. The French from what I understand are mainly Celtic, Roman, and Germanic. Even if you want to go thousands of years before the common era, there were wasn't a single population group in Europe. You had the Western Hunter-Gatherers, Early European Farmers, and the Yamnayas providing the building blocks for modern European genetics. >Then there's the whole culture angle where in the past 50 some years America has basically pulled a Mao-lite and destroyed its own history and refused to adequately educate younger generations about it, only instead of eventually realizing this was a huge mistake burger culture has largely been replaced by nigger worship and spic viva la raza bullshit. If the shitpile society that exists now is "America," then they can keep it. >>45305 Actual America was founded by whites and for whites. If I moved to China and impregnated another foreign gweilo, they'd laugh in my face if I called myself Chinese no matter how closely I followed their culture. >We have them in the smaller population areas just fine without racialist policy. It's only in the city that nigs act like animals. Blacks are less civilized at the group level no matter where in the world you go. >Racefags and equityfags get the rope. Equality is a fairy tale, and race blindness is exactly that: blindness. It's not a virtue to delude yourself.
>we're now arguing about subgroups and the existence of niggers How did we get here from "voting doesn't real"?
>>45313 >What makes it difficult to interact with them? They live like the worst ghetto niggers you can think of, drinking robbing murdering and raping (both women outside the reservation and their own family members). The whole reservation system is just a massive gibs racket and outside of maybe the casinos they are total shitholes, which they use as excuses to blame whitey for the fact they live like drunken animals.
Open file (29.58 KB 255x166 8pol eagle.png)
>>45305 >here's my shit take on things Go back to 4um and stay there, civnat cuck asswipe.
>>45321 he makes good points, and he's certainly not going to take any shit from A FUCKING LEAF
>>45322 Whatever helps you sleep at night, shitskin.
>>45323 >leaf calling anyone shitskin
I change my mind I agree with the other guy now just to spite the leaf.
>>45324 >no u
>>45318 America was founded by treasonists and criminals who had to justify their actions to the common man. Quebec was supposed to be the 14th state and pulled out of the deal explicitly because of the race question. More importantly if the racialist reading is to be followed, then America was founded on English Classical Liberal values and thus any arguments made against the browns must be equally applied to the tawny Germans, Italians, and Irish. I for one am all for returning America to its Anglo roots and weeding out everyone who isn't English. The French can arguably be allowed in, but Germans get the rope if we follow this specific racialist reading.
>>45313 >What makes it difficult to interact with them? They're basically the worst features of every ethnic minority combined into one with a rape and alcoholism problem, but they get treated as an "oppressed group" because the settlers killed and drove them out for their crimes against humanity. All the good Indian tribes were genocided by the feathernigger tribes still around today in any significant quantities.
Open file (118.77 KB 650x237 BothPED1stComm.jpg)
Open file (379.22 KB 788x641 Blazon1stcommittee.jpg)
>>45328 >More importantly if the racialist reading is to be followed, then America was founded on English Classical Liberal values and thus any arguments made against the browns must be equally applied to the tawny Germans, Italians, and Irish. The original Great Seal of the United States was going to feature symbols representing important non-English nationalities. Not just the Scottish, Dutch, and French, but also the Germans and Irish. From what I remember of the statistics Lothrop Stoddard gave in Reforging America, early America was still about 20% non-British in ethnic makeup. Lothrop Stoddard was definitely pro-"WASP", but even he didn't think descendants of non-British ethnic groups should necessarily be excluded. He even had positive words for the Hungarians and Czechs who had been coming over more recently. Non-British nationalities weren't necessarily looked down on as long as they pulled their weight and adopted the Anglo-Saxon-derived culture. During the Revolution, you had respect German leaders like Friedrich von Steuben and Johann de Kalb, Poles like Casimir Pulaski and Tadeusz Kosciuszko, and a Hungarian in the form of Michael Kovats. Peter Francisco, the "Virginia Hercules" was Portuguese. Augustine Herman, the 17th-century plantation owner and surveyor was a Czech. There were even Polish craftsmen who came over with John Smith in the Jamestown days. America's roots are mainly British but not exclusively so.
>>45341 A lot of early Americans did hate Germans though because of the whole Hessian mercenary bullshit.
>>45345 Yeah, and the Palatines caught flak for being hard to assimilate.
Open file (76.10 KB 899x735 der fuhrer.jpeg)
>>45345 Yet they eventually produced one of the greatest men of his era (even if he did have a funny moustache). Times change.
>>45348 >Adolf "let's spend our way out of a depression" Hitler >Greatest in anything other than "How To Permanently Fuck A Nation 101" LOL that's a joke, right? The only reason he has any claim to infamy is because Europeans are so busy censoring him they can't point out how much of a clusterfuck his policies were. If Germany hadn't forced a war to refill their coffers they would have gone bankrupt within a decade tops under his leadership.
Open file (29.14 KB 1024x603 debt-and-gdp-05.png)
>>45349 Keynesianism works IF you win the war and become the hegemonic power with a global reserve currency
>>45353 So does drinking to stop a hangover so long as you keep drinking more liquor.
>>45353 I should put "works" in quotations as well since it involves the active destruction of competing nations' industrial bases to achieve a monopoly rather than any normal market forces, along with reaping a post-war reconstruction bounty from repairing the broken window of incinerated cities and infrastructure. >>45355 A more apt comparison might be meth.
>>45348 What exactly are you trying to say here? What does Hitler have to do with early American attitudes towards the Germans? Are you fucking with me or are you just an idiot?
Open file (469.59 KB 1200x800 racewars.jpg)
Would turning the US into a big Swiss Federation be preferable to its current state?
>>45374 Pretty sure that was the general idea for the US from the outset before the civil war fucked it all in the ass. Unless I misunderstand the Swiss Federation.
Open file (592.87 KB 1300x800 Mars Expedition.jpg)
>>45374 Title 3 of the Swiss Confederacy is essentially what the Confederate states wanted before the War of Northern Aggression. The Supreme court had ruled that Dred Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 was a legal precedent, but the federal government refused to enforce it when Southerners brought lawsuits to court, and Northern States pretended it didn't exist. This lead to the Southern states saying "why do we have a federal government if its federal laws ruled on by SCOTUS are not being enforced?" This became the rallying cry that eventually lead to secession (which was legal, which the Supreme Court approved of, and which Lincoln had to suspend Habeas Corpus along the entire Eastern Coast to prevent from happening when Northern States started joining the confederacy) and then later the war. Something the bloody Yanks won't teach yah because it has to all be about slavery for them. It's like how Civil War 2 Electric Boogaloo is going to likely be about abortion or some similar concept of a human's right to life when looking back at it 100 years from now even though the issues of our time will be Federal overreach.
MyPatriotSupply is running a year-end clearance sale on a lot of their items. Some of the deals are shit but others aren't bad in case anon has been putting it off. https://mypatriotsupply.com/collections/year-end-clearance
Open file (82.53 KB 589x589 worldisacc.png)
>>45359 Morons are basically bots. They're just scanning for keywords/phrases to reply to without any kind of address to lines of argumentation. >>45305 >It's only in the city that nigs act like animals. Has anyone ever had success raising kids in a city? If you're wealthy enough that they're (productively) out of the home a lot of the time and you can go on family outings frequently then I guess you can raise cosmopolitans. City living seems to be viewers choice of demographic crisis (tokyo, scandinavia) or ghetto niggery (NY, Rio). Places like australia are super urbanized but all the families are in the suburbs; even (white) kids raised in satellite cities act like fucking niggers. >America was founded and operated on exceptionalism That's not a kind thing to hear if you're an american, a nationalist, and not exceptional. >>45379 Isn't literally the only relevance of slavery to the civil war the repeal of slavery specifically only in non-union states as part of the total war doctrine (USA getting it's teeth wet funding terrorists that would later bite the country in the ass for the first time ever lol). >>45261 So what's even the outcome, the republican party splits off a third of it's base like cruz was threatening to do and amerikkka becomes a one party (democrat) state since the current republican voting pool gets split into neocons and lizards? Half the lizards or more will just join the democrats and the US doesn't have the potential for european-style coalition governments. If there was room for even the barest libertarianism out of the RNC wouldn't some states already have libertarian governors? The central party doesn't select those, they're elected locally, right?
Open file (304.37 KB 1550x2300 Takagi.jpg)
>>45387 >Has anyone ever had success raising kids in a city? Pretty much never. Successful child-rearing either requires a constant parental presence (what would be the role of a wife in the nuclear family model or the grandparents in the pre-nuclear family model) or a communal effort in the absence of a parental presence (how most Hispanics operate in "rural" scenarios since all the men and most of the women are usually working, but a handful of either adult-aged 16-20 children or elderly take care of the kids). >That's not a kind thing to hear if you're an american, a nationalist, and not exceptional. The place where those nationalist ethics can shine is in the fact that great men need unexceptional men under them as their backbone/foundation. The concept of "company/community pride" isn't new and should be where most of that energy is directed. We just don't have church fathers and regional CEOs to look up to any more since everything has been, ironically, nationalized/centralized to a great extent, so everyone turns to the CEOs of Wal-Mart and Space-X and figures like bishops and popes instead of turning their gaze locally where they can make a real difference. >Isn't literally the only relevance of slavery to the civil war the repeal of slavery specifically only in non-union states as part of the total war doctrine Yes and no, but mostly yes. The principles were states' rights while the material reasons given for states' rights coming to a head was slavery. That's why I compare it to abortion since a civil war in America will probably spark from Federal overreach or under-reach but historians will look back and point out that our "battleground" is likely to be abortion. Southerners didn't have strong feelings or unifying backbone about slavery other than allowing it, but Northerners did. Today, progressives don't have strong feelings or backbone about protecting abortion other than allowing it, but Conservatives do. >So what's even the outcome, the republican party splits off a third of it's base Depends on what happens in the following months. The RNC has virtually no legal representation because the federal government keeps debarring Conservative lawyers for defending the constitution (have been since about two years into Trump's term), and the legal representation of the RNC has a libertarian backbone. If the legal representation of the RNC up and leaves to form their own party, that means that the uniparty establishment will have to compete with itself while a "new RNC" offers a populist alternative that actually backs measures like removing the Patriot Act and an end to wars overseas. When looking at the lens of history sometimes this "renews" the conservatives like a phoenix dying and being reborn, and other times it completely destroys them and a civil war follows. Right now America is on the fast-track for civil war before 2030 anyways, so if the establishment RNC isn't willing to kowtow to the new guard, then the entire set of dominoes is going to get knocked down on "our" way out the door because a slow death as vote cattle is unacceptable. >The central party doesn't select those, they're elected locally, right? The central party routinely puts their guy in the chair and controls caucuses/primaries to make sure that their guy gets the vote. The shit you saw in the DNC when Bernie would lose electoral votes in favor of Hillary on a whim is the exact kind of shit the RNC regularly gets up to. In the lead-up to the Arizona gubernatorial election for instance, the RNC had already decided to back Taylor Robson, a Board of Regents member hand-picked and groomed by Doug Ducey to be the new governor of Arizona. When Kari Lake won in the primaries against her (because Hispanics like Trump Republicans and hate Establishment Republicans), the RNC proceeded to cut virtually ALL funding to the Republican campaign in Arizona forcing Kari and the other Republicans there to grassroots organize. This is, at least in part, what cost the Republicans their elections in Arizona (fraud stuff aside). If you ask Trump candidates, both those who won and those who didn't, who faced off against RNC establishment candidates in other state primaries and came out ahead for the elections, they universally have the exact same story as Kari of the RNC denying them funding, and in some cases even passively supporting their opponents. They have said so in interviews. That's why the establishment says "there's a civil war in the Republican party" and populist Republicans respond with "there's been a civil war since 2016." The RNC is directly responsible for Republicans not sweeping the floor this last midterm due to their misuse of funds which is why the populists want to expand ballot harvesting operations to "bridge the gap" in a way that the RNC can't intervene and cost them the election when they don't get their way. In some states like Florida you outright had the local head of the RNC illegally extend his term an extra two weeks just to make sure that neither of the two candidates running for local chair could vote for Dhillon- who they both back. All of that is my long-winded way of saying, "yes, selecting who will run and who will win is exactly what the central party does" and it's why Dhillon is holding Damocles' sword above their heads by threatening a civil war within the party if they don't either elect her or start making changes. Same way house Republicans have been forcing the establishment to either show their colors next congress and vote Democrat on paper where everyone can see it, or start kowtowing to the populist new guard. Establishment Republicans are playing for reigning in control by 2024 while populists are playing for keeps by 2028. It's an extremely frustrating game and I don't blame the FUDniggers for being niggerpilled, but there are good things on the horizon whether a civil war happens or doesn't so long as we don't let that fucking boulder roll back down the hill just because it's heavy right now. It's important to play to win right now, and sometimes principles will need to be violated in order to win, but it's important to still maintain them wherever possible even if we recognize a rigged game.
>>45390 That's a very in-depth and thought out response, but I remain convinced it's all theater. The time for a political solution was 60 years ago. The time for civil war was 30 years ago. Now every single federal representative and every single governor is kiked and there is no solution which does not involve the forceful and violent dissolution of the US government at all levels. >It's important to play to win right now, No shit, that's why paying literally any attention to VOOTnigger politics is an absolute waste of time. Sage for breaking up the speculation party I guess.
>>45305 >Racefags and equityfags get the rope. Kek. You'll need bigger balls than those tiny lil' soybeans that I can see from here to pull that one off kiddo.
Open file (1.10 MB 1100x1500 Smug Flan.png)
>>45401 But you can see them from all the way over there.
>>45403 Simply b/c muh superior Aryan vision abilities. Others would arguably need a microscope up close.
Open file (2.69 MB 2508x3541 Smug Ice Fae.jpg)
>>45404 They may be small but they're more than enough to cuck anon.
>>45405 Dog will not take if bitch does not give. If bitch cucks, then she was not worthy of attention to begin with.
Open file (1.87 MB 871x1448 fox be upon thee.png)
>>45390 >The place where those nationalist ethics can shine is in the fact that great men need unexceptional men under them as their backbone/foundation. Nah. What you've said specifically is maybe as wrong as anything ever can be, but the broader idea is wrong too. There's no benefit from labor coming from retards, obviously, duh. More importantly, irrational actors lead to ugly fucking externalities. >The concept of "company/community pride" isn't new and should be where most of that energy is directed. Company/community pride leads to turboniggery like kiking up videogay mods to not work with other videogay mods because you don't like people hurting your feefees, writ large into society with actual consequences. Yeah, let's encourage the formation of ghettos and discriminate against uncle toms, sounds great. Geordies have plenty of families with twenty generations of living and dying in poverty in no small part due to culture despite living in what was the most dynamic and industrious mover and shaker for much of those times. From first principles, it's totally fucking retarded. Attachment to community is what nigs things up by making them not fungible (hence, incommunicable) and generally detracting from meritocratic (i.e. profit seeking) selection. >We just don't have church fathers and regional CEOs to look up to any more since everything has been, ironically, nationalized/centralized to a great extent, so everyone turns to the CEOs of Wal-Mart and Space-X and figures like bishops and popes instead of turning their gaze locally where they can make a real difference. The difference you can make locally by being a bootlicking faggot is purely negative. The fact that you're blowing incense into the air idly (or doing so metaphorically via hero worship over the electric jew) at least means you're doing nothing but wasting your own money. Following retards just because they're local is how you get faggots like >>45348 involved in wars on behalf of someone who's done nothing but drive a nation into deficit, instead of, to use the later friedmann's imagery, leaving the dictator standing alone in a field of empty tents. >If the legal representation of the RNC up and leaves to form their own party, that means that the uniparty establishment will have to compete with itself while a "new RNC" offers a populist alternative that actually backs measures like removing the Patriot Act and an end to wars overseas. And won't that just be a repeat of ron paul 2008/2012, i.e. nobody will even hear about the alternative conservative movement? >Right now America is on the fast-track for civil war before 2030 anyways, so if the establishment RNC isn't willing to kowtow to the new guard, then the entire set of dominoes is going to get knocked down on "our" way out the door Where the fuck are you pulling any of this from? 2030 seems wildly optimistic for a civil war (when is china collapsing in this fanfiction?) >which is why the populists want to expand ballot harvesting operations to "bridge the gap" in a way that the RNC can't intervene How is this going to be sustainable when it's a fucking legal issue and not just the establishment, but the wrong-party establishment control the legal system? >it's why Dhillon is holding Damocles' sword above their heads by threatening a civil war within the party if they don't either elect her or start making changes. Same way house Republicans have been forcing the establishment to either show their colors next congress and vote Democrat on paper where everyone can see it, or start kowtowing to the populist new guard. But they'll just ... vote democrat? How is this hard to understand? You're struggling to convince anyone in this thread that's not some kind of extremist or lifelong nonvoter that this legal longwar is even happening or that there's a difference between one republican and the next. What percentage of the voting population will actually, consciously, meaningfully know or care about the hundred thousandth time some senator votes 'against his party' on the latest authoritarian powergrab? <1%? >It's important to play to win right now, and sometimes principles will need to be violated in order to win To win what? The principles being violated just implies you'll be swapping some establishment figures for some other, new, establishment figures/controlled opposition. Y'know, people letting in the parts of the people that are just making a power grab since they're reasonable within the system that exists and all. I.e. muh it's more of the same who cares ecks deee. Right? What you've spelt out just now doesn't sound likes it's anything other than forcing the hand of some more people to show that they're blantantly scum, but like, they do that shit on their own all the time. So there's not actually any legal changes or cases that might win because of this, directly, actually on the table, yeah? >>45396 Are these voteniggers in the room with us right now? Did you forget to draw a clock? >>45353 Lord Keynes described a system, he did not prescribe it. >>45403 Then how do you walk? >>45401 Own a house yet, kid?
>>45409 If a bitch gets preggers then she don't loli, if she don't loli then it's not rape cos it's can't rape someone if they're not cute
>>45349 >The only reason he has any claim to infamy is because Europeans are so busy censoring him they can't point out how much of a clusterfuck his policies were. Considering the hollow hoax proper didn't really kick off until the imminent collapse of the soviet union was undeniable, I'm beginning to think that that may actually be the reason for the whole show (bottom level moneygrubbing from the adl et. al. notwithstanding); to try and make totalitarianism seem hip and attractive, to genuinely advertise a type of not-muh-real-communism that was built from the ground up with a scapegoat to blame all it's failings on.
>>45410 Could you glow any brighter?
Open file (114.98 KB 1200x675 covergn.jpg)
>>45413 this
Open file (200.57 KB 512x712 hags glow in the dark.jpg)
Open file (307.30 KB 589x647 glow in the dark.png)
Open file (299.24 KB 589x647 glow more in the dark.png)
>>45420 >>45424 You are like little babies.
Open file (501.58 KB 368x368 monke fall.mp4)
first post of the new year, let's see how batshit this one goes.
>>45410 >wall of text turns out to be made by a raging faggot I am reminded why I never read posts longer than two paragraphs, I will never understand why the most retarded of us feel the need to blow so much smoke up everyone else's asses.
>no arguments, just aimless hag bitching
Why the fuck has nobody told me about the fact that bren had a pan magazine?
>>45615 It was only meant for AA purposes, so I bet even most BREN gunners had no idea it exists. And regarding Bri'ish guns, I highly recommend this channel: https://yewtu.be/channel/UClf4SadYI3MMOowV_D1y-rw
>>45615 >>45616 Also, an other lesser known fact is that the MG 34 could use a magazine, although they had to switch the feed-cover for this to work: https://www.bergflak.com/PT34.htm And then the Spanish kind of copied the idea for their very cute MG 42 lookalike: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=4PXHWGasTe0
>>45607 Yeah sums up textwallfags pretty well.
>signed up for GoA life membership years ago >have since lost any faith in using the system to protect any rights whatsoever >told them to fuck off and stop sending me mail and emails >they still keep begging for money to totally stop da bad guise by grr'ing at them with letters and phone calls >somehow found my new address so I'm getting mail at my house again Fuck man I should have just bought something at a gun show instead of giving these faggots anything. At least the mail makes for a good fire starter.
Open file (3.53 MB 2000x2000 Kettle laugh.png)
McCarthy Lost the vote for Speaker of the House THREE TIMES Hakim got more votes than McCarthy! RHINO'S on suicide watch as House reconvenes tomorrow; can't do anything until a speaker is elected! Ahahahahaha!
>>45698 >Conservative hardliners who have said McCarthy has not given into enough of Republicans’ demands for changes to House rules and moderates who warn that opposing McCarthy would be a blow to the GOP’s image and elevate Democrats’ standing in Congress >>a blow to the GOP’s image >>elevate Democrats’ standing in Congress I don't think recucklicans' image can get any worse and at this point I'm pretty sure the only people who support democrats anymore are literal cuck cultists (well outside of browns wanting gibs I guess). It'd be nice if there was a group capable of and willing to go full golden horde on DC, imagine how satisfying and huge that pyramid of skulls would be.
What's great is it's been 100 years since the last time the majority party refused to elect a house speaker. At that time they went through 8 rounds of deliberations to get a speaker. So long as there is no speaker, the House can't swear in congress and therefore can't vote on issues or do anything locking up the legislative branch, so this is a win-win in my books. >>45709 Allegedly House Freedom Party members were caught talking with AOC to make sure the Democrats don't turncoat and vote McCarthy in. Allegedly McCarthy hardline told Republicans refusing to vote for him that he'd remove them from all committees and basically silence them on the house floor if they didn't vote for him which has riled up the populist Republicans even more in opposition to his faggotry. After Jim Jordan asked the Freedom Caucus to vote McCarthy in, they rallied around voting for him as speaker instead lol. Boebert says McCarthy is refusing to budge and refuses to interact with the Republican congressmen who voted against him, but so be it. If the house doesn't theoretically exist, they can't pass legislation period so it's a win-win in my eyes. Freedom Caucus (the good guys) want their people as chairmanship of budgetary and judicial committees, an immediate vote on securing border funding, term limits for house members, and a special clause saying that they can call for a vote to kick out the Speaker of the House if five or more congressmen petition for it. McCarthy has refused all of these demands.
>the good guys
>>45719 Relative to everyone else? Yes. Name someone who isn't impotent who actually wants to make a change. The Freedom Caucus is the spiritual successor of the Tea Party. You will never have your super special perfect candidate or voting bloc, but the Freedom Caucus members actually give a shit about gun rights and limited government.
>>45720 Are you retarded?
>>45721 No, but you sure are a niggerpill.
Freedom Caucus just accomplished a feat that hasn't been seen in a century and your only response is "it's not good enough" anon. I'm going to keep reminding you that it's always darkest before the dawn no matter how demoralized you want to make everyone else. I never gave up my hope. Get back up here and get ready for the next meme war, damn it.
>>45718 >If the house doesn't theoretically exist, they can't pass legislation Now that's government that I can get behind!
Open file (41.30 KB 283x352 Laughing.jpg)
>>45723 >he still thinks democracy can be saved >he still thinks the system can be beaten by playing by the system's rules >"guys look these guys in congress did (thing) WE'RE GONNA WIN DUDE MEMES AMIRITE" no you am not rite.
>>45723 You are a delusional and possibly braindead. There is no political solution. You can't vote your way out of being ruled by Jew bankers and multinational corporations, you can't vote your way out of hordes of third-world shitskins invading white nations, you can't vote your way out of increasingly tyrannical measures being implemented ever since COVID. You want something American, commit 1776 + 1789 on the fucking tyrants instead of placing your hopes in political theater.
>>45731 You're a niggerpill. You don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Even if you believe all of that hogwash which I don't, the fact remains that this is implicit accelerationism. You are defending milquetoast Democrat McCarthy as Speaker of the House and crying about a few good men (and women) standing up to bullying. The Freedom Caucus are the heroes we need but don't deserve. They're the justice league standing between you and the government taking away your guns and you shit on them. Have some dignity for once in your life, whip out your cock proudly at the nanny state, and tell them to get down on their hands and knees. Take the W for once instead of insisting everything is fuck. This is yuge whether you believe in the system or not. Being a demoralized niggerpill isn't fun. What's fun is laughing at Republicucks getting held up by the very people they tried to destroy who stood firm like a mighty cock and plowed their way into congress anyways despite the struggle snuggle.
Open file (74.06 KB 640x360 mario says no.mp4)
>>45732 >this is implicit accelerationism >Take the W >yuge >>>/qresearch/
>>45731 >1789 I'd rather not have a government run by bunch of faggy French lefties thank you.
McCarthy tries to call a special pause! Told to fuck off! 4th vote has even more Republicans telling him to eat shit! Democrats stand firm on refusing to back him! Freedom Caucus has filed with law enforcement to have McCarthy removed from the premises for moving into and squatting on the House Speaker office despite not being elected yet! Trump remains confused old man that he can't play kingmaker and suck McCarthy's dick to get out of investigations! Establishment Republicucks on suicide watch that they might have to give in to Freedom Caucus demands and debate their cuckery!
Open file (439.31 KB 600x517 Autistic Screeching.png)
>>45736 >everyone already hates me and my opnions >hmm yes i will redtext my whole post, now they will like me go sperg out somewhere else
>>45737 >"NOOOOOOOO YOU CAN'T HAVE HOPE YOU HAVE TO BE DEMORALIZED LIKE ME!!!!" I'm starting to see why the Frogposters did it. Additionally... >Implying you speak for the board
>>45737 I mean I dont give a fuck and the matter is not part of my tribe but giving a fuck about voting and all of that theater amounts to about as much in real world as not caring and not voting. Let him fucking post about whatever he wants as long as it is tangibly related to the topic you fucking nigger
>>45737 here's another (you) for the road
>>45736 >4th vote has even more Republicans telling him to eat shit! 5th now. This is truly one of the most enjoyable moments in politics I remember since Base Bad Orange Man.
By the way he just lost a sixth vote. Two more and he'll be on track to have surpassed the record set by the pre-civil war congress.
>>45735 I was more specifically referring to the parts where the tyrants and enemies of the people were guillotined.
>>45748 You mean the Ochlocratic part where they went "everyone I don't like is a Tyrant/Enemy of the People" like a giant suicide cult.
>>45748 I know what scissoring is but what is guillotining?
>>45757 Like this but with more force >>45723 There wasn't any sort of response like that at all. You were made fun of for talking like a fag,to which you responded by acting even more like a fag. >(the good guys) >you sure are a niggerpill >Get back up here and get ready for the next meme war ebin
>>45758 Ebin indeed. Stay salty.
>if you don't buy into voting you are niggerpilled and stupid and poopyhead blahblah fucking blah Why even bring the topic up here if you don't want to even try to discuss on any level above that of some shitty political cartoon? Completely obnoxious.
>>45764 It was literally just 'if you don't react the same way as me you are a poopiehead'. Y'know I'm wondering, in fantasy /k/ if you're shooting at something that doesn't die ever (the truly hardgore more than return living dead which do stay blown apart and can be burnt) what approach would be the most reasonable to take. Are there some kind of munitions which actually leave sinkholes? Not really right, because there would have to be the space in the rocks already?
>>45764 Ok, McCarthy. >>45766 >It was literally just 'if you don't react the same way as me you are a poopiehead'. This is the most political shitposting fun to be had in a long time but people are too stuck up in their hot takes about doomposting to realize how hilarious it is, is all. >what approach would be the most reasonable to take Probably chemical weapons. >because there would have to be the space in the rocks already? There are basically always air pockets in rock formations. The issue with shooting at earth is that well, everything is earth. The force dissipates so you'd need to make a penetrating device, but our only proper way to do that are drilling devices. Our drilling devices involve creating a pressurized tunnel though. I guess you could make a batch of quick-solidifying mud to throw at the monster.
I watch a couple Russian shitposting videos and suddenly I'm being recommended Slav engineering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXufugEevbw
>>45769 Garage 54 are absolute legends, they have made unthinkable things to shit old cars just to show that they can.
>>45778 When people say they don't like little girls, is this what they're thinking of instead?
Open file (112.27 KB 900x900 unnamed.jpg)
Hey, anybody know where I can find HEI .45 AARP rounds online? I used to have a source, but I can't fucking find it anymore. Thanks in advance.
8th vote expected! Concessions only changed three votes! Democrats say NO QUORUM so that McCarthy can't go nuclear to force his way in by lowering the threshold!
Wrong VPN location.
>>45791 sex with link! also assuming you aint VPN'ing i have fuck all idea where a german could look
>>45798 9 votes failed! Going for a 10th now. They're really starting to kvetch too. Archive is not working https://www.zerohedge.com/political/day-three-mccarthy-caves-concessions-republican-holdouts-stand-ground >"The Biden administration is going unchecked and there is no oversight of the White House, State Department, Department of Defense, or the intelligence community. We cannot let personal politics place the safety and security of the United States at risk," >"These folks do not know how to get to yes. They've been offered every concession, or met every concession. They just don't know how to get to yes. It's an embarrassment to them, our party, the House and our country. I think there is totalitarian states out there, look at those 20 and say this is why we don't want democracy." >"We cannot allow 20 people to hold us hostage, act as political terrorists" >"If you always set this precedent where a mere 20 people can just destroy the Conference of over 200, then you're setting a terrible precedent."
>>45815 Let it get to 45 and set a new precedent as far as I'm concerned. Congress can't do anything so long as the house is held up and that's better than anything a neutered house can do. >"If you always set this precedent where a mere 20 people can just destroy the Conference of over 200, then you're setting a terrible precedent." These whining niggers don't even understand that that's how government is supposed to function lol. Welcome to real constitutional Republicanism where you have to debate and make your position instead of crying until you get your way like some kind of old-world aristocracy.
>>45815 >>45820 Who can one expect to find in the wreckage after this presumably concludes at some point?
Open file (1.18 MB 4096x2560 Trump and Astolfo.jpg)
Open file (678.10 KB 1007x520 ClipboardImage.png)
11th vote. Someone nominated Trump for speaker. Matt Gaits voted Trump I think in the 7th vote despite no nomination but media didn't want to talk about it. Aaaand they already lost too many votes to get McCarthy.
Gaits voted for Trump again lol. >>45821 Either McCarthy will castrate House subpoena power to get Democrats to vote for him, Republicucks will try to go with the nuclear option by lowering the threshold (via absences) enough to elect Jefferies, or the (far less likely) position will be that McCarthy makes enough concessions to the Freedom Caucus that he's left impotent and manages to get enough votes before reneging on all his promises anyways. There's the extremely unlikely scenario that McCarthy steps down at the end of the week and allows someone that everyone can agree on to take the helm, but the WEF already has McCarthy listed as Speaker of The House despite not being elected to the position and DC police refuses to remove him from the Speaker office so it's pretty clear what the establishment already has planned.
Republicans might be going nuclear on this vote. Can't be sure until the end but there's several congress members missing from voting this time.
Lemme know when these politicians do something to actually fix America instead of having their gay little theatrics.
>>45823 >the (far less likely) position will be that McCarthy makes enough concessions to the Freedom Caucus that he's left impotent and manages to get enough votes before reneging on all his promises anyways. I'd say that is the most likely scenario since >the WEF already has McCarthy listed as Speaker of The House
>>45826 Allegedly the concessions are "on paper" so we'll see. The reason he can't make more concessions is likely because of that three-letter group of faggots.
>>45822 >11th vote It looks like McCarthy lost that one too. >>45823 >>45827 It doesn't seem like lying to an betraying the Freedom Caucus would be such a smart thing since they could spend the next 2 years playing obstructionist against the Republicans, either in shear retribution or as a means to achieve their goals.
>>45831 Well given Repugnantcans have been shitting on their own voter base who want smaller, less intrusive government as well as less restrictive zoning laws, and lower taxes for the middle class for several fucking decades now I'd be fine with the Elephants Rhinos getting cucked, not that I think they'll actually learn anything from it, they're after all that fucking dense and crooked. It's different for Dems as they on the other hand are just straight up vindictive and spiteful though little pricks. Honestly I find it hard and harder each day to give a shit about the outcome of this fucking circus.
>>45831 >It doesn't seem like lying to an betraying the Freedom Caucus would be such a smart thing since they could spend the next 2 years playing obstructionist against the Republicans Once the rules are decided and the committees are made, individual house members really don't have much power outside of that granted to them by the speaker thanks to Pelosi's iron fist. It goes to follow that these may be the only concessions they get for the remainder of congress. It's why Republicucks are sweating and Freedom Caucus is pushing hard. This is how government is supposed to function so I can only laugh at the locksteppers who think that they can put a boot on the Freedom Caucus' neck. >>45833 >Honestly I find it hard and harder each day to give a shit about the outcome of this fucking circus. Overall I agree but in this instance I am cathartic and hope the Freedom Caucus either keeps it up until they make history destroying McCarthy's reputation (45 votes) or gets ALL of their concessions. McCarthy and leadership created this mess by refusing to back MAGA candidates in purple locations since they weren't the people they wanted, so they deserve every ounce of pain they're feeling right now. They deserve it tenfold and this is just a fraction of what they really deserve but I want the freedom caucus to keep holding them by the balls and threatening to clench tighter. I'm glad they made history today.
>>45834 >Once the rules are decided and the committees are made, individual house members really don't have much power outside of that granted to them by the speaker thanks to Pelosi's iron fist. It goes to follow that these may be the only concessions they get for the remainder of congress. It's why Republicucks are sweating and Freedom Caucus is pushing hard. Oh. In that case I hope the Freedom Caucus either wins its concessions, firm and in indelible ink, or failing that brings down the House. If mainstream Republicans want to cuck out then I don't give a fuck if they are ever able to form a government. Fuck em.
>>45809 >sex with link! Back off, he's mine :P >Kraut Nah, I'm a burger bro. I know there used to be a supplier somewhere who had not-Raufoss .45, but I can't for the life of me find them.
>>45834 >>45835 Agreed. I'm pretty Zen about it TBH; let the RINOs eat cake and fucking choke on it. Worse than useless, worse than spineless, they're traitors, meant to serve as a mere symbolic heatsink to dissipate anticommunists' energies without actually impeding the (((establishment's))) controlled demolition of the West.
>>45834 I see so many niggers out there screeching about how repubs will lose 2024 if they dont just elect kevin but i am pretty sure they are just trying to cause panic since mccarthy legit already moved into the speakers office BEFORE he got the job, fucking arrogance, trying to pull a business as usual glad he and the rinos are getting cucked
>linktranny was spergkraut all along Wow Color me fucking shocked.
>>45848 Oh yeah, I heard about that from Liberal Hivemind this morning. Gonna be fuckin lulzy if/when he's forced to move his ass back out; someone from the Based faction has apparently already started the gears turning on that by reporting the faggot to the... like, Congressional Architect or something? I dunno what the procedure on something like that is, but yeah, I'm keeping the popcorn prepped fo' shizzle.
McCarthy has now exceeded Jeffries for votes after 14 of the 21 holdouts seemed to compromise. All of the 14 looked disgusted calling McCarthy's name this morning. McCarthy needs 3 more votes to win or for 8 more house members to fuck off from the floor (all Democrat) in order to pull a W.
>>45852 Is this something cow-related Anon? >>45856 Surely no backroom, palm-greasing, traitorous ZOGgery is afoot here, do you think Strelok?
>>45860 >ZOGery Maybe, but from the sounds of it McCarthy has made concessions on basically everything he refused to make concessions on so any kikery is probably in the fine print. The remaining holdouts are mostly the types that would hold out no matter what compromise was proposed and at least four of the seven have signed a pact to never vote McCarthy.
>>45861 I admittedly don't understand either the process involved or the stakes. Trump reputedly said the Freedom Caucus was "playing a dangerous game." Could they crash the plane with no survivors, ie, shut down the Congress?
>>45862 At this point Trump is just covering his own ass because he cut a deal with McCarthy (who previously lead Republican Russiagate) that the house will stop Jan 6 investigations into him and FBI raids if he backs the establishment candidate. Beforehand they could crash the plane with no survivors, but now McCarthy has a legit chance of getting the last three votes (or lowering the threshold). Congress can't be shut down for another 6 months because the previous congress illegally rammed through an early omnibus bill guaranteeing funding, but theoretically they could hold out for six months until McCarthy stops trying to become speaker. Trump considers it a dangerous game because we're working with razor-thin margins. All it takes is a few republicans voting Jefferies or McCarthy cucking out to democrats and sacrificing subpoena power in order to get him in power. Realistically no Democrat can afford to vote McCarthy if they want to be reelected and no Republican can vote Jefferies for similar reasons. >The stakes Mainly whether there will be a sham investigation or a real investigation of the Bidens and whether or not the FBI will be defunded. Freedom Caucus has gotten most of their demands (see roughly 60 posts up) so there is no longer a concern of whether McCarthy -can- cuck out even if he wants to, but McCarthy is a slimeball who told the Freedom Caucus he didn't need their votes back in July and that they should fuck off, so some Republicans have stated they'll vote for just about anyone other than him out of spite principle.
For reference, the house controls subpoena power for congressional oversight/investigation, budgetary power to cut funding regardless of whether a bill for funding has passed, and a few other key things.
>>45866 spite is good, and i wont pretend otherwise
Absolutely nothing is going to come of this and fuck everyone who says otherwise. If you haven't woken up now then you never will.
>>45872 I have a four out of five record for 2022 for calling out niggerpill so I'm gonna call shenanigans.
>>45873 >I have a 4/5 record for confirming my own biases This board really is just a bunch if retarded cuckolds anymore.
>>45872 hey Jude
>>45862 >shut down the Congress? They kinda did already, per my understanding the house literally cannot do anything else until there is speaker. This means no budget bills can be originated. Senate & white house can appoint judges and such in the meantime as long as it doesn't involve any new spending - that has to start in the house of reps. Similar to the regularly scheduled debt ceiling shenanigans but something different.
>>45877 >I have a 4/5 record for confirming my own biases Damn straight. The issue with being biased is being fucking wrong. I'm both biased AND have an 80% accuracy. The only one I was wrong on was the Canadian trucker protests when the eternal leaf eternally embarrassed themselves, and even that was only like a 60% failure so my actual accuracy is still like 90%.
>>45881 The fact there was capitulation should tell you a lot.
>>45888 After most of their demands were met. Virtually all of them except for border funding, actually.
>>45866 Thanks Anon. >>45883 And to you also.
McCarthy managed to get victory finally due to absent members at a midnight vote. His concessions leave him severely weakened. We'll see what happens in the following weeks and if he has a redemption arc compared to the last two years that should have seen him hung from a lamp post.
>>45905 >His concessions leave him severely weakened. How firm are those concessions? Is there actual force of procedure or law behind them or is it a pinky swear?
Open file (12.35 KB 262x119 20230107_155640.png)
Worst weapon I've seen so far
Open file (183.43 KB 1549x1549 Fl0oaJFX0Aw4tc5.jpeg)
>>45910 From what I understand the leadership positions on budgetary committees and rule changes to how the house is run are in ink so at least for this particular session of congress those can't be changed and we should get a Biden investigation and FBI investigation. Things like voting on the border are "vows" but I have a feeling he won't be able to weasel out of those. We'll see in the coming weeks/months if anything actually gets done or not.
>>45917 It's so shitty I want one just for the novelty. >>45919 Why is it that foreigners seem to have so much more faith in our government than most Americans? Or are you just using a vpn and it assigned a foreign flag like how I occasionally get Czech Republic? Either way I'm not holding my breath, we have half a century's worth of Republicans being the slimiest backstabbers imaginable it would take a whole hell of a lot of backing up words with actions to restore even a tiny bit of my faith in any of these assholes.
Open file (248.14 KB 1280x853 8656432574.jpg)
Merry Christmas lads
Open file (723.37 KB 1024x768 chobits.jpg)
>>45924 Merry Christmas, /russia/ !
>>45921 I'm going to let you in on a little secret that you aren't gonna like. When you see a Ukrainian, Swedish, Romanian, or rare flag it's probably just where my VPN has decided to put me that day. I stopped using the Serbian locations because we have an actual Serb and because half the time cafe thinks I'm in Romania doing that anyways.
>>45924 Merry Christmas
>>45921 >It's so shitty I want one just for the novelty. Well you gotta find it in albania or just build it yourself it shouldn't be that hard with the plans. Just steal them from albanias goverment.
>>45928 Romania je Serbia
>>45917 It looks both shitty and cool at the same time. Like a guy in a business suit drinking malt liquor.
Open file (357.14 KB 1167x2908 Guide.jpg)
>>45928 I used to collect rare flags, even ones that couldn't have been a VPS/VPN because they'd be from an island nation with "internet" consisting of courier pigeons carrying packets overseas.
>>45935 >tfw i lost my rare flags collection when my old hard drive bit the dust
>>45935 Where's slovakia?
>>45928 >you aren't gonna like It doesn't bother me at all why would it? I even asked if it was vpn fuckery.
>>45937 >Where's slovakia? Reunited with their Czech bretheren I would assume.
>>45937 when is slovakia?
Open file (115.07 KB 246x246 sad_vampire.png)
>>45944 >>45937 Everyone asks where Slovakia or when Slovakia, but nobody asks why Slovakia or how Slovakia.
>>45980 It's ok
>>45980 >but nobody asks why Slovakia or how Slovakia Genuinely, how and why Slovakia? I don't know how the dissolution of Czechoslovakia happened, but I've never heard of any resentment or nationalist anger between the Czechs and Slovaks. And as far as I know the breakup was entirely peaceful. Those circumstances after a country splits seem so unheard-of. How and why DID they break up? Were there debates and referendums? Pro- and anti-independence rallies in the streets? The Czech Republic is economically stronger as far as I know, so did they kick the Slovaks out over a perception of being a burden? Did people watch the Soviet Union dissolve and decide "hey, we should try that too"? Did politicians just decide they wanted to be remembered as the founding leaders of a new country, so they broke Czechoslovakia in half and the people simply went along with it?
>>45983 From what I understand the two parts realized they basically had very little in common and there weren't any ethnic minority tensions in their respective regions, so the two just decided to split up since it wasn't worth something coming to a fight a few decades down the line. Yugoslavia had just broken up incredibly violently, so neither group really wanted to have a violent breakaway repeat of that even though only about 1/3rd of each group actually wanted to split up. Both countries were part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and just kinda became part of the USSR so they shared a common history when they decided to split up. A lot of people compare it to Sweden and Norway peacefully breaking off into two separate countries about 80 years prior. I think the only time you really see violent break-ups is when one side benefits from the minorities while the minority suffers from the relationship, so the minority inevitably has to become violent in order to force a breakaway because of the authoritarian majority. In Czechoslovakia's case the Slovaks were the "minority" but contributed far less to the federal institution, so it wasn't a big deal when they decided to split off since the Czechs weren't really "losing" that much other than not being a unified government any more.
>>45984 >and just kinda became part of the USSR Just how hard is it to learn that only the Baltic countries became part of the USSR, and this whole eastern block an Warsaw Pact business was about setting up puppet governments and stationing soviet troops in every country to make sure said puppet governments stay in power?
Open file (198.31 KB 1808x1029 2f2a6f-20170516225130_1.jpg)
>>45986 Be patient with them, they have Americanism
>>45986 >>45988 Yeah yeah other than that was he wrong?
>>45986 >was about setting up puppet governments and stationing soviet troops in every country to make sure said puppet governments stay in power That's virtually every empire in history whether it was the Soviets in the 1900s, the Austrian (later Austro-Hungarian) Empire in the 1800s, or the NATO/EU unholy gay alliance through the 90s/00s. I understand the asshurt but the Soviets didn't do anything new and that wasn't the point of the mini-essay so I skipped over the volumes that could be filled on that subject.
>>45992 But the difference between saying that a country was puppeted by the USSR and that it was forced to join the USSR is the same as the difference between being puppeted by the USA and being forced to join the USA. A good example is Cuba: Castro and friends showed up, managed to beat the puppet of the US, and all the burgers fled that island. Now imagine if instead of this Castro and friends showed up in one of the states of the US (e.g. Florida), and managed to break it away. Now that would be a several orders of magnitude greater feat, and the response would be also appropriately more severe, and you couldn't just chalk it up as a minor detail.
Finally, some good news. https://archive.vn/IMrc1 Federal Court Rules Against the Bump Stock Ban >NEW ORLEANS, LA -(Ammoland.com)- The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Trump-era bump stock ban is a violation of federal law. >For years, the Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division (FATD) of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has held that bump stocks did not meet the definition of a machinegun. A machinegun is a firearm that expels multiple rounds by a single function of a trigger. A bump stock works by replacing the stock and the pistol grip of a rifle with a device that slides. The shooter puts forward pressure on the rifle’s handguard, causing the trigger to be pulled. The recoil of the rifle causes the trigger to reset, allowing the user to pull the trigger rapidly, but only one round is expelled per trigger pull. >During Donald Trump’s administration, a mass killing occurred in Las Vegas. The ATF claimed that a bump stock was used in the attack. Trump asked the ATF to “get rid” of bump stocks. The ATF used Chevron deference to declare bump stocks to be machineguns. Chevron deference is the legal deference afforded to government agencies. If a statute is ambiguous, then the agency in charge of the statutes the deference to determine the meaning of the statutes. The ATF changed the regulations and declared bump stocks to be machineguns because if a device converts a firearm into a machinegun, then the device itself is one. Chevron is very rarely used in criminal statutes. The ATF has used Chevron multiple times in criminal statutes, including the final frames and receiver rule. >Multiple legal challenges were filed against the ATF’s ruling on bump stocks. >A Tenth Circuit challenge (Aposhian v. Barr) failed, with the court siding with the ATF. A Sixth Circuit challenge (Gun Owners of America v. Garland) won a three-judge panel hearing, but the ATF requested and received an en banc hearing. An en banc hearing is a hearing where the full bench hears a case, and the panel decision is vacated like it never happened. The full bench split, leaving no winner. That means that the District Court’s decision stands. The District Court decided in favor of the ATF. Both plaintiffs petitioned the Supreme Court to take up their case, but the Supreme Court denied both cases. The Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that a bump stock was not a machinegun in United States v. Alkazahg, but that case only applied to the military. >A fourth case, Cargill v. Garland, was the final bump stock case alive. Michael Cargill and the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) filed the lawsuit. The case attacked the bump stock for violating the Administrative Procedures Act (APA). The APA is the law that governs how federal agencies develop and issue regulations. The plaintiffs argued their case before a three-judge panel, but the panel ruled for the defendants. The plaintiffs asked for an en banc hearing, and the Fifth Circuit granted the request vacating the panel’s decision. The plaintiffs and defendants pleaded their case in front of the full bench. The Fifth Circuit has now rendered its decision in favor of the plaintiffs causing a Circuit split. >The Court majority used the near decade of the ATF’s stance on bump stocks against them. >It highlights that FATD itself even admitted that bump stock didn’t meet the definition of machineguns and only reversed its opinion after the tragedy in Las Vegas. The court concluded that the change directly resulted from the shooting and not correcting a misinterpretation of the law or how bump stocks work. >The majority decision read: “But ATF reversed its longstanding position in 2018, subjecting anyone who possessed a bump stock to criminal liability. ATF reversed its position to a great extent in response to the tragic events that occurred in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. On that day, a deranged gunman murdered dozens of innocent men and women, and injured hundreds more. To carry out this appalling crime, the gunman used many weapons and utilized many accessories—including bump stocks.” >The court itself found bump stocks are not machineguns. It considered the ATF definition of a machinegun and reviewed how a bump stock works. Even to judges that are not firearms experts, it was abundantly clear that bump stocks did not meet the definition of a machinegun. But even the judges were wrong about the statute’s clarity; the “rule of lenity” would require the judges to “interpret the statute against imposing criminal liability.” The majority claimed that the ATF’s regulation violated those principles. Thirteen of the sixteen Fifth Circuit Court judges agreed that only Congress could ban bump stocks, and the ATF doesn’t have the power to ban bump stocks. >Since the government did not ask for Chevron deference to be applied, the Fifth Circuit didn’t have to apply Chevron. The Circuit Court found that the rule violated the APA and remanded the case to the District Court to enter a judgment for Mr. Cargill. It isn’t clear if the government will petition SCOTUS to hear an appeal, but if it does, the Supreme Court would likely take up the case since there is a Circuit Split almost forcing its hand to grant cert.
>>46000 Thank god. Better late than never, I guess. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is on fire lately with all their spicy defenses of the US constitution. if SCOTUS won't do it Louisiana will. Now get rid of magazine capacity laws next.
I somehow wandered into the black zoomer part of Youtube. It was actually pretty refreshing. Respect.
Open file (70.79 KB 264x200 implying.png)
>>46050 You'll find an equal number of turboleftie nigs if you search for them as well, you're cherry picking the baste black men.
>>46076 But I didn't go looking for them. Youtube just assumed I was black when I wasn't logged in on a no-cookie browser and happened to watch a different short featuring a black dude.
>>46076 What isn't cherrypicked online these days?
Open file (347.32 KB 646x646 1673014822462.png)
well lads you think the fags in illinois are screwed or ya think courts will save em? Place your bets And thank God i live in a free state. pic unrelated
>>46156 >Illinois Chicago has controlled that entire state's laws for awhile now of course they're fucked.
Open file (2.33 MB 1790x2150 1673013750913.jpg)
>>46164 IL, and by that i mean chicongo, passed AWB and mag ban statewide, so the question is what will be the court outcomes since obviously suits are being filed
Open file (177.03 KB 870x1126 Marcy fucking dies.jpg)
>>46156 >>46166 Southern IL judge overturns it, then a higher IL court says its ok, appeals go to the Supreme Court, and that causes a national shitshow. I can honestly see them taking the case and striking it down. I also wouldn't be surprised if 2a "sanctuary towns" start popping up throughout the state in the mean time. (Although only a few considering how fuddy and limp dick "republicans" are in this state.) I fucking hate living here not merely for the gun laws. The taxes, the beyond shitty roads, how unsafe it has become, gerrymandering, etc. Not even the food is as good as it used to be. There is no future here. My current town is nice, but it is slowly getting pozzed; and frankly I feel I can find better out of state. Family constantly talks about going to Indiana, but never takes the steps to act on that. The city (not chicago) that my mother and sister live in is getting more dangerous by the year. Literally doing everything I can to get into a position to move myself and later my family. Can any IN, FL, and TX anons tell me what its like to live there? IN is closest to family, but the other three have a shitload of work opportunities (Architecture).
>>46176 >Can any IN, FL, and TX anons tell me what its like to live there? NE FL here. There's a strong Christian presence in this part of the state, and if you get away from Jacksonville, actual rednecks which is good people. Navy town. Big financial center. Taxes could be better and worse, so meh. Generally the roadways are good, especially the interstates around Jax. Lots of good food if you go out of your way to the Fish Camps, etc. The US South is generally loaded with blacks (though not nearly so bad as Chicongo on average), but as long as a Christian influence is strong in an area, they don't tend to get so upitty and mindlessly violent like animals.
>>46176 I think every texas city is blue as fuck. So they're not that much different than chicago. Taxes vary from place to place. Should be lower the farther out you are. But if you're used to city life, then going out into the country side is a massive shift. Dallas, loath I am to admit it, might be the least pozzed city, that or its neighbor Fort Worth. Austin is a leftist shit-hole, avoid it. San Antonio isn't too bad but it's still a city. El Paso is the most alien place as its in bum-fuck no-where. It's lefty but only for mexican related shit. Houston is the bluest it gets in the state without being a chunk of wanna-be california (Austin). Even though I am in a city, I occasionally see trump flags and shit. TL;DR: Spics, niggers, gooks, guns, BBQ and hot weather.
>>46176 IN is full of Colorado transplants that are turning the state blue, FL is overcrowded, and TX has their own problems that you'll hate because they are neither red nor blue, but rather Texas. Maybe try West Virginia or Montana or New Hampshire instead depending on what you're looking for?
>>46178 >El Paso is the most alien place as its in bum-fuck no-where. Odessa/Midland contest
>>46176 As a proud Southern boy, I am obligated to state the following: fuck off you goddamn carpetbagger, don't go to Texas or Florida. Keep your Yankee ass north of the Ohio and Mason-Dixon. You goddamned Yankee retards fuck up your own states then run down South to fuck up our fair lands, too. Go to Indiana, go anywhere up North, or go to Hell.
>The taxes, the beyond shitty roads, how unsafe it has become, gerrymandering, etc. Not even the food is as good as it used to be. There is no future here. My current town is nice, but it is slowly getting pozzed This describes all of America. You can't just move to a magical boomerland where everything is the same as it was in the 1950s and will always be that way. If you do move, make sure to link up with likeminded individuals and groups and make a stand, because otherwise the pozz will just spread until it consumes you there too. Seriously at what point will White flight result in a cohesive community? Are we all just doomed to become South Africa and Brazil and then go extinct or will you people ever move beyond cuckservatism and actually fight for something?
>>46224 >actually fight for something But dats gwowniggewy dada towd me to vote and wun and dat viowence is scawy and bayad
Apparently sperm counts have dropped by 50% from 1940 to 2000 and by 75% from 1940 to today, but nobody wants to talk about it.
>>46224 On the bright(?) side, the richfags fucked up all their holdouts so they have nowhere to flee. Everywhere will be fucked sooner or later, so white flight won't work much longer. I think Gentrification is the attempts to fix this but it's failing.
>>46229 From every source I've read on this as well as nearly every anecdote, modern men can raise their sperm count and free testosterone to 1940s levels by living like a man in the 1940s. Exercising daily at moderate levels, cutting garbage food like sweets and soda, not jerking your dick every night, and exposure to sunlight causes test and sperm to spike like crazy. So the male health epidemic is almost entirely self-inflicted, but obviously there are enormous (((factors))) which encourage such sloth and gluttony. >>46230 That's not exactly good news. It means a global South Africa situation. Honestly, the cowards deserve their fate, but they drag the rest of us down with them. All the jews plans could be put to rest in short order if cuckservatism was extinguished and white men would stop fearing death due to a worse fate being obviously inevitable. But no, men with entire safes full of guns and ammo will never raise their arms in anger lest they be called raysisst nawtsees by "people" who already hate them.
Yeah it's all fucked we should just kill ourselves.
Looks like the Neocommunist World Order (NWO) isn't wasting anytime in purging Brazil of résistance after Bolsonaro cucked or rather revealed himself to be controlled-OP like Trump was nya~
>>46237 Is Brazil even relevant enough on the global stage to care about their domestic policies? Also, at least post a link to whatever topic you're trying to discuss, I have no clue what "resistance" you're talking about.
>>46237 When will people stop putting their faith in politicians? Holy shit even here there are still retards that squawk "vote vote vote" when this shit happens time and time again. Fucking stupid, you deserve to suffer and die miserable if you keep falling for this shit god damn.
>>46242 Do you not know about BRICS? Do you not know Russia is currently involved in a war and Brazil is (or I guess was) a potential ally on at least the economic theater of the war?
>>46244 >or I guess was Lula wants a ceasefire in Ukraine which goes against current NATO policy. I would guess he is still very much up for grabs by either side.
>>46243 Feel free to start your revolution at any time.
>>46245 Considering the US is probably responsible for getting Bolsonigger to cuck when he had a full on actual insurrection ready to topple Lula's government I'm betting Lula owes some debts to people who aren't friendly to Russia. We'll see though. >>46246 Vote harder maybe they'll stop putting a boot up your ass next time.
>>46250 Are these voteniggers in the room with us now? Is whining impotently on imageboards part of your plan?
>>46231 >modern men can raise their sperm count and free testosterone to 1940s levels by living like a man in the 1940s Fair enough, but the observed drops are worse in third world countries than in first world countries, suggesting it is something affecting everyone. The common hypothesis is endocrine disruptors such as microplastics being in fucking everything and nobody being willing to pay for the filtration necessary to deal with them. Some suggest microplastics may be our generation's asbestos.
Open file (24.12 KB 317x181 Untitled.jpg)
>>46255 neither niggers nor bugmen in their natural habitat are living like affluent white men from the 1940s, nor were they at that time. Uncle cho eating wheat and bugs cooked over a tire flame and mahmoud mohhammed muhhamed jebediah eating literal dirt aren't exactly living to a high standard of sports and meat. Not to mention, the kinds of poverty-stricken persons in poverty stricken countries that appear in these kinds of surveys are probably living on UN/church provided goyslop (i.e. wheat and corm with added soy protein), which is exactly the same food that's turning the frogs gay in america.
>>46246 >>46251 He's right though. Playing along with a system while it's in the process of genociding you is peak cowardice and peak laziness. Neither type deserve to live, but they drag any good men down with them by refusing to fight.
Open file (21.06 KB 448x303 Brazilman.jpg)
>>46246 >Huezil had their own Capitol shitpost last week how did I not hear about this?
>>46251 You're right here talking to me so yeah, votenigger. I'm not going to stop mocking retards who keep tapping screens and scribbling on paper while the dick being shoved up their asses keeps getting larger. Feel free to vote me out of the board if it bothers you though.
Open file (1.45 MB 1284x2778 smug beatrice.jpg)
>>46258 >He's right though Wrong. Sad. Anon screams about politicians and voting every time something good or bad happens like a broken record, so I am not obligated to entertain him with something more elaborate. I repeat my statement in question form: If everything is fuck, why not start your own revolution already? Or suggest a viable alternative otherwise? If all anon can do is bitch, then he can be equally disregarded as a little bitch.
>>46259 >how did I not hear about this? Because on the surface it wasn't staged and they tried to set fire to the building.
>>46262 >If everything is fuck, why not start your own revolution already? Anyone answering this is self incriminating so all I will say is: good point. >Or suggest a viable alternative otherwise? The viable alternative is fairly clear: congregate with like-minded individuals, drop out of the system, sabotage the system peacefully in Minecraft of course and if they come for you all, make them regret it. But both online and IRL cowards will call you a fed for stating the obvious.
>>46264 >Anyone answering this is self incriminating It's an anonymous imageboard you fucking faggot. If you could resist the urge to post your fucking discord the only person you'd be incriminating is admin. >drop out of the system, sabotage the system >the system Man's got you down brother? You faggots are so black it's incredible. If you were going to bomb a federale building or whatever then you wouldn't need to worry about talking about it. You want to front like you're doing something while also not doing anything and complaining that other people who don't agree with your basic conceits must also believe in some other of your basic conceits. If you weren't a votenigger you wouldn't complain about people talking about legal charades for the same reason you wouldn't complain about people talking about anime. >>46258 Nobody said he was wrong about voting. He's completely wrong in that he is the votenigger. Literally nobody talks about this shit but him, here he is bitching about people bitching, but not even real people, some imaginary strawman. Lo and behold, when a Qnigger dropped by other than this moron's incoherent sperging about 'muh voteniggers' he was roundly mocked for his confidence in legal process when he was unable to produce any indication that it'd be different this time to any other. This faggot and that faggot are the same because what they say has nothing to do with any fucking context of the board or the world; they're just whining at their own fucking selves but in public.
>>46266 I'm just here for the ride reporting funny things and enjoying the memes made along the way. I was laughing about the house speakership because it was hilarious watching McCarthy go red in the face and now I'm laughing about McCarthy calling out the Jews this morning in an interview. As one of the anons that blackpill hates but has never properly addressed in dialogue, my opinions are those of Austrian Economists; that the system will self-correct regardless because it is unsustainable, voting method or no voting method, so it's best to just have fun along the way and look out for yourself. Looking out for yourself does not always mean being selfish, but it also doesn't mean propping up the weak who can't think for themselves, like niggerpill.
It's still shocking to me that /k/ of all boards is full of retards that still believe in the thoroughly kiked government. When did not wanting to support the people fucking your ass become associated with niggerpilling anyway? And nothing you say about any of it in the other direction is remotely convincing. I can point in every direction and show you proof that democracy is a lost cause and the best you fags have is fedora tipping and anime girls.
>>46272 Hey you're the one pulling blackpill strawmen out of your ass and telling me to go fuck myself for not being part of your hivemind when I tried having an honest conversation, not me. Don't try to turn this around now, niggerpill.
>>46266 >Man's got you down brother? Okay fine then, It's the jews. That's more specific. Are you able to accept the truth when it's right in front of you or are you another cuckservative who still thinks people like Trump and Pelosi are in charge? >If you weren't a votenigger you wouldn't complain about people talking about legal charades <If you hate [thing] you must be [thing] lol. Lmao even. >This faggot and that faggot are the same because what they say has nothing to do with any fucking context of the board or the world; they're just whining at their own fucking selves but in public. Fucking what? Have you forgotten to take your dementia pills, boomer? If one poster talks about political circus while another says, "who cares, it doesn't matter" how is that the same opinion. The only commonality is that it upsets your milquetoast coward sensibilities. >>46272 Denial? I don't know...
>>46273 You haven't once attempted to have a straight conversation with me. Not one god damn time, you immediately react like this no matter how I word my posts. Also define niggerpill you stupid asshole, because I'm pretty sure nothing I say is defeatist by any stretch of the imagination.
>>46276 You made it clear to me you didn't want to have a conversation back in October/November and that nothing would change your mind even if it went against your worldview.
>>46270 Nice blog nigger who the fuck asked? >>46276 >immediately tries to turn it around wew
>>46277 >back in October/November What? So this is a case of you assuming every argument you have is with the same person. So I'm wasting my time interacting with you at all because you're just going to keep pulling past interactions with other people out of your ass to throw in my face. Thanks for clearing that up schizonigger. >>46278 Cool rebuttal to nothing faggot.
>>46277 >There is a political solution. >No there isn't. >REEEE this isn't a conversation! Niggerpill! REEEE!
>>46282 Yeah that's what I thought faggot, behind all of that bluster and smug anime shitposting you're just an ignorant schizo retard like pretty much every dumbass on imageboards nowadays.
Both of you retarded politispergs are retarded. The vote-cattle, who still calmly stand in line and proceed as normal even as the slaughterhouse begins its work, are retards who will never be convinced with arguments, and you don't use reason to convince them, but force and displays of power. The fag who spergs about said vote-cattle is just as retarded for not having a plan nor a movement to achieve such a plan. Besides, at the rate things are going, it'll be better for you to focus on ingratiating yourself to your family, friends, and local community and preparing with them for the inevitable collapse.
>>46297 You know what, that's completely fair, but this is the offtopic shitflinging thread and that's what I intend to do.
>>46297 t. fence sitting pussy without a plan I'd kill you before a jew.
All votes of any importance will be rigged by the Neocommunist World Order (NWO) if they are at all able to rig them. They control most of the media (and are constantly trying to annex/destroy all alternatives) and that alone is often enough to 'rig' an election. The masses need to understand that voting in the 'west' is now like back in the USSR, or the PRC, a show like sportsball nya~
>>46305 Only then, is a revolution possible. However, if there are not enough brave volk left it will not happen even then. Also, if the brave volk are disarmed the chances of success fall dramatically nya~
>>46307 Realism. There are alternatives to revolution though... Like rigging the elections yourself* and/or creating your own media networks on less censored social networks followed by good old in-person networking and martial activism (militias) nya~
>>46308 With sufficient military power you can hold your own rigged/controlled-opposition elections to legitimize your regime nya~
Open file (557.49 KB 251x567 what are you stupid.png)
>>46311 You're obviously the guy from the previous thread who is still clearly upset by the fact that my opinion was correct whilst yours was silly & wrong.
>>46176 yeah your state sucks shit 95% of the time also stay out of Iowa or we WILL kill you
>>46301 I actually have a plan, but any wanna-be revolutionary worth his salt never reveals it publically. If you are smart, you would keep yours close to your heart.
Anyone paying attention to Eastern Oregon? Apparently they want to join Idaho and have 85% approval in the Eastern half of Oregon. A state senator just filed the paperwork to try and make it happen.
>>46329 If you're talking actual not so 'legal' (e.g. the NWO regime would target you for your action) action plans, the only solution is lone-wolf or in-the-woods (no tracking tech) discussions on the full moon with people you'd be willing to die 4 (werewolf packs)... Low tech is the way to go when it comes to 'go time' plans (in Minecraft ;>) and communications. It's also possible to discuss action plans digitally but leave deciding the final (timing/location) details to those in-the-woods meetings. I come in the name of life, liberty, and peace nya~
>>46311 >>46307 I know it's frustrating dealing with fags who accuse you of being some random person they have an autistic grudge against but you don't have to give them the satisfaction of acting like a retard yourself. Just scroll motherfucker, once they start doing their petty shit let them have the last word because once it gets to that point I assure you nobody cares anymore.
>>46330 Politics are fake and gay but it would be entertaining to see a petition to join Idaho or even become their own state reach the feds. See how many times the phrase Hoowite Supreemacy is thrown around trying to invent a reason to say no. Also if the legal route fails, there's all sorts of shenanigans the populace could perform to make the Oregon state authorities and eventually the feds lives a living hell for a decade. >>46309 Just declare yourselves autonomous and allow a warlord to take power. Can't be any worse than allowing the kikes to continue genociding you as per schedule. >>46333 Checked >When the shitposting anime avatar fag has sound advice
>>46270 >and now I'm laughing about McCarthy calling out the Jews this morning in an interview. wait... WHAT?
>>46341 Wow, butt, you know, during the Fall of Western Rome, the Jews were regularly called out as well. Did my public news duty for the week, now I need a break nya~
>>46343 gib Link to clip nigger
There was another warthunder leak.
>>46353 It wasn't a leak, it was a very salty Russiaboo discordnigger directing a targeted harassment campaign because the guy that posted the publicly available document kicked him out of his warthunder discord.
>>46357 It's even worse then I imagined.
>>46357 >discord. discord and its consequences have been a disaster for the internet
Open file (610.71 KB 800x600 tranny gunposting.png)
>see some communist tranny trying to gunpost >inspiration strikes
>>46416 Why the fuck is that tranny posting its guns?
Alec Baldwin and armorer on Rust to be charged with involuntary manslaughter.
>>46443 >To be charged >Involuntary Manslaughter Armorer is going to get the full extent of the law (for a woman) down her neck and Alec Baldwin is gonna get 18 months probation and a slap on the wrist. Calling it now.
>>46450 so both will get slaps on the wrist then
>>46450 I don't know but to me it seems like Baldwin has a better case. Even if he was fucking around with it like a dingus, there's still no good explanation why the gun had a round in it to start with.
>>46453 >there's still no good explanation why the gun had a round in it to start with. there is, the armourer was/is a retard, so is baldwin too so this is what happen when you get retard convergence
>>46455 The evidence mostly points to the armorer not being retarded though.
>>46418 He probably thinks it's threatening or something. You know how a gun owner can post a picture of their stuff just to show it off and cause a tremendous screeching meltdown about school/mall/home depot shootings? I'm willing to bet the tranny bought those and posted pics as "retaliation" to an imagined threat in an effort to intimidate "ebil drumpfzis" and won't ever actually use any of that shit. Unless of course it's some /k/unt having a cheap laugh by simply slapping a fag sticker onto a gun case.
>>46458 >hand an actor a gun loaded with an actual live round >for a scene that probably didn't even require blanks >not retarded Explain
>>46460 >won't ever actually use any of that shit. A pity, really. A dead ZOGbot and dead troon in one blow would be a blessing indeed.
>>46461 My understanding of the situation was that the armorer was basically set up for failure. She had been handed another crew role to juggle with her armorer duties, her safety recommendations were repeatedly shot down (note that before the incident she had specifically said Baldwin needed additional safety training but he refused, and the production staff, of whom Baldwin was a member, shut her down), and there were multiple cases where she had been told she was no longer needed on set only for them to go ahead and film more scenes with guns after all. I'm not sure if she was even on set at the time of the incident. >>hand an actor a gun loaded with an actual live round It was an assistant producer, or some similar role, who handed Baldwin the gun that had been sitting on a cart and told him it was unloaded without checking note that Baldwin still deserves blame for believing him not the armorer. >>for a scene that probably didn't even require blanks The gun was being aimed roughly at the camera, which means you could see into the other chambers of the cylinder, and there'd need to be dummies there for it to look loaded.
I found this channel of an old man magdumping firearms of questionable legality in his garage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEX5_CErJ5c
>>46461 Aside from what >>46508 has already said, some of the actors had been dumping mags behind the set and at least five pieces of live ammunition were found scattered around the set, including on Baldwin's person. As far as I'm concerned there's two possible scenarios based on the evidence... >Crew members were shooting shit off-set and left ammo lying around >This ammo suddenly got mixed into the blanks by a staff member cleaning up and not knowing the difference >There had already been previous events of negligent discharge of live ammunition >The armorer who is the daughter of a Hollywood armorer couldn't tell live rounds from blanks >Somehow this live ammunition got loaded >Firearms rules were ignored by five different set members during the transfer from the armorer to Alec Baldwin >Alec Baldwin who has been on sets with live firearms ignored all of his previous training and committed the number one no-no of pointing the gun at someone instead of offset from someone for a shoot >Knowing about all the incidents in the past >Pulled the trigger anyways killing the woman on accident while having live ammunition in his belt Or... >Alec Baldwin was pissed at whatsherface for daring to tell him that crew members were ready to walk out for lack of pay the night before >Alec Baldwin is a known child abuser and is known to have gotten into physical altercations with cast and crew in his previous roles >Staged the whole thing in such a way as to frame the armorer >Murdered whatsherface in cold blood Occam's razor suggests that in the absence of evidence, whatever answer makes the least number of assumptions tends to be correct. >>46453 Actually from what I was reading the armorer took a plea deal and is getting 6 months probation while Alec Baldwin was found guilty of negligent discharge of a firearm. This is important because New Mexico law defines that any person who committed manslaughter with a firearm is subject to a minimum prison sentencing of five years, so if the jury finds him guilty of manslaughter (and as the director of the set and given the evidence this would be an open-and-shut case anywhere else) he may face five years prison time. If procedure and precedent is followed anyways. Big if.
Open file (84.35 KB 924x1024 darpa_robot_defeated.jpg)
Metal Gear?! >Army veteran, former Pentagon policy analyst, and author Paul Scharre is gearing up to release a new book called Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Despite the fact that the book isn’t scheduled to hit shelves until Feb. 28, Twitter users are already sharing excerpts via social media. This includes The Economist‘s defense editor, Shashank Joshi, who shared a particularly laughable passage on Twitter. >In the excerpt, Scharre describes a week during which DARPA calibrated its robot’s human recognition algorithm alongside a group of US Marines. The Marines and a team of DARPA engineers spent six days walking around the robot, training it to identify the moving human form. On the seventh day, the engineers placed the robot at the center of a traffic circle and devised a little game: The Marines had to approach the robot from a distance and touch the robot without being detected. >DARPA was quickly humbled. Scharre writes that all eight Marines were able to defeat the robot using techniques that could have come straight out of a Looney Tunes episode. Two of the Marines somersaulted toward the center of the traffic circle, thus using a form of movement the robot hadn’t been trained to identify. Another pair shuffled toward the robot under a cardboard box. One Marine even stripped a nearby fir tree and was able to reach the robot by walking “like a fir tree” (the meaning of which Twitter users are still working to figure out). https://archive.is/EOrZI
Open file (530.31 KB 757x697 41366523.png)
that was actually pretty fast
>>46518 >temporarily
>>45782 Apparently they have a porn channel now. Something about watching whores get visibly aroused from drifting in a race car is amusing. https://www.youtube.com/@drift_taxi_54 https://www.youtube.com/@drift_taxi_54rus
Open file (1.29 MB 1024x1024 commit suicide.png)
>>46418 >>46460 >shoot estrogen at target >target kills himself
Open file (189.01 KB 1125x1474 551MEME010123-1.jpg)
>>46557 muh sides. >"Research studies have shown that the new estrogen-based rounds are only 41% effective. However, that percentage appears to be climbing over time."
What are my options for doing anything gun/operator related as a certified schitzo? Can I become a mercenary in afrika doing cool shit or am i stuck in the cuck shed forever?
>>46566 >As a certified schizo? Depends on your country of origin and region you live in within that country. Where I'm at so long as you answer "no" to all the questions on the mental form (just lie and say no even if true), you're pretty much guaranteed to pass the ATF's tax crap even with a record (minus felonies), and no self-respecting gun store owner is going to ask you otherwise. If you mean joining a PMC, you'd just have to ask them since there's not much documentation of schizos trying to join one on the interwebs. I imagine so long as you "seem" sound of mind during the interview no PMC is going to turn down a recruit that meets all of their standards. You can always go private contractor as well since that will put you in war zones helping soldiers/PMCs just in a civilian role and they equally aren't going to question it if you can explain it away clearly and concisely without raising red flags. tl;dr- Just put in the applications. The worst they can tell you is "no."
>>46823 >>Good news? No. You want ZOG to alienate as many competent people as possible so that only the dumbest of stooges works for them. They're weaker that way. >>46824 Jackson's "let them enforce it" but for jew'd state governments. Neat. There is no political solution.
>>46824 The ebst part is they are entirely bypassing the ballot process even though gun rights are enshrined in the state constitution. Unfortunately the appeals court is located in Denver so it will get locked up indefinitely like the extremely illegal high capacity magazine ban is. >>46827 >You want ZOG to alienate as many competent people as possible so that only the dumbest of stooges works for them. Sometimes I wonder if maybe it's all just incompetency collapsing in on itself rather than some grand conspiracy? I mean think about it, you had the greatest generation followed by the boomer generation who learned all the skills from their parents but then went "fuck you mom/dad the economy is great and I can make it on my own!" They just assumed that the morals and values they were raised with would be passed to their children while never taking the time to actually teach their children (Gen X/Some Millennials). Then those generations told their children to just make it fucking work because they inherited the rusty but still-working machine that they hadn't done maintenance on. That generation let the machine break and doesn't know how to tell their children how to fix it or deal with the problem because they never learned how to fix those problems, but the millennials/Ziggers who inherited the broken machine realized it was broken and gave up. I think back to the story of how when growing up, if my mother didn't eat her oatmeal for breakfast, it would be waiting for her when she got home. She learned nothing about self-discipline or why she had to eat her oatmeal. She only learned to hate oatmeal and to never serve oatmeal to her children, but the lesson of being grateful for what you have/having discipline was lost with it because she didn't understand the lesson being taught to her. Basically that on a mass scale and we're just seeing the consequences of a society run by people who don't understand why things were done a certain way for generations upon generations.
>>46829 >Sometimes I wonder if maybe it's all just incompetency collapsing in on itself rather than some grand conspiracy? It's both. Corneliu Codreanu once said something to the effect of "The Jew can only survive in the swamps of our sins". Without the Christian angle it can be paraphrased as "only sick societies fall to schemers". The jew conspiracy to destroy everything that the European peoples ever created is obvious, but they would immediately be expelled if there was not first such a large shift toward laziness, greed, and materialism in the White population as a whole. Not surprisingly, the masses are putting as much effort into maintaining the JWO system as they did in maintaining the systems before it and so the dysfunction is clear. Unfortunately weakness not punished is no weakness at all, and so the beast system keeps on chugging and threatens to extend its life even further with AI advancement and other such technologies. It's why cowards who refuse to fight need to be shamed. The entire horrific globohomo machine could be brought down swiftly if a lot fewer people sat on their hands fat and happy waiting for a convenient political savior.
>>46830 >threatens to extend its life even further with AI advancement Well if e ery other area is being neglected why would this specific one succeed?
>>46831 The way AI is being used, it is not a grand and perfect solution, merely a crutch to make up for slovenly workers. Social media wrongthink jannies have things flagged automatically for them. Facial recognition attempts to do the pigs' investigation for them. Lazy QA inspectors for the MIC can rely on machine learning to point out flaws in the X-rays of welding jobs. All of these examples are billed as "making things work better(TM)" but it's really just making them work adequately in a world of inadequate effort.
>>46833 >The way AI is being used, it is not a grand and perfect solution AI only recently graduated from being a toys/research projects to legit tools that can compete with existing solutions. Part of that is the science/theory/understanding got better (deep neural nets) and there's sufficient hardware to run models large enough to make them useful. >but it's really just making them work adequately in a world of inadequate effort. Good. The jobs you listed are shit jobs tbh, along with many others. Not natural for people to be performing those tasks day in day out but people are put to do them because there isn't an alternative for getting those tasks done.
Don't think this deserves its own thread, and don't see a QTDDTOT in the scatalog. I'm trying to find .32 S&W Short WC flush-fit to the casing mouth, as in this photo of .32 S&W Long, or the information and tools necessary to handload it. Mind you, this would be babby's first foray into the scary new world of handloading/reloading.
Open file (42.97 KB 474x632 H.jpeg)
Since there is no new QTDDTOT I will ask here! How can I disappear into a new country within the EU? I want to create a new natsoc revolution and change the current democratic government of said country to a dictatorship, y'know kick out the kikes and make everything great again and hasguns for everyone including explosives and full autos. But I don't know where I should begin should I just try and change my own country being one of the most cucked in evorpe or just start from lets say poland or hungary? I just need a new identity so I can start fresh without anything holding me back. >inb4 >>>/pol/ overthrowing the government peacefully and giving everyone guns is the most /k/ thing I can imagine.
>>46871 >Since there is no new QTDDTOT I will ask here! Then make one, you fucking double nigger.
>>46871 >Just need a new identity Fake IDs are dirt cheap. If a teen can get one so can you.
Open file (1.05 MB 1200x911 CIA meets FBI.png)
>>46871 fuck off
Open file (41.97 KB 440x553 1634515510371.jpg)
>>46874 Not that fucktard, but a plastic card convincing enough to score some drinks from a clerk who's basically in on it late at night and just needs some plausible deniability, and an actual identity that'll pass muster upon close audit by the (((authorities))) are two entirely different propositions. The latter is much, much harder to pull off these days than it used to be. Or, ya know, so I've read. >>46873 I'm >>46844 and the reason I didn't do precisely that is that I'm still new here and didn't wanna step on any toes. Some places don't like generals or q-dots and Anons will start fucking whining about how ZOMG A FRED DED FO DIS. Believe it or not, I am attempting to fit in here. Well, more or less, anyway.
Open file (1003.71 KB 2560x1206 ClipboardImage.png)
Found this relic tonight digging through some old bookmarks, wonder if anyone still uses it. https://www.zeemaps.com/group=2653404#
Open file (402.23 KB 1345x555 defender of.png)
>>46893 found the ghost of kiev
>>46893 Neat! That's some authentic newfag era stuff right there Strelok. I'm surprised it's still working today. >>46905 He can't keep getting away with it
Open file (1.34 MB 310x310 1671168133250099.gif)
>>46930 needs moar lens-flare
>>46871 You'd probably be best off aligning yourself with Literally Putler, mein Führer. He's definitely in a 'fuck around and find out' kinda mood IMO, and Greater Jerusalem seems inclined to keep poking that bear. Given enough of the same, voilà, problem solved. You'll probably need some major sunblock afterwards, but then so will we all.
Has anyone completed a GST-9 or Polymer 80 frame before? I have no idea how I did this, but the holes for where the rear rails are crooked. The hole on the left side of the frame is slightly below the hole on the right side of the frame which means that the pin that goes through the rails and the fire control group will not go through. My only guess as to how this happened is I had the drill go through at an angle through the jig which caused the misalignment. My question is can this be fixed with something like JB Weld? Would it be possible to apply JB weld to the holes and then re-drill them?
>>46952 Sounds like you used a shitty dull drill bit that decided to walk on you.
>>46952 >Would it be possible to apply JB weld to the holes and then re-drill them? Probably, but it sounds like a half-assed hack at best Strelok. Why not re-work it from scratch? Or if that's not feasible then braze in some metal and have another go? Maybe we have some metallurgist-Anons here with better advice.
How 2 defrost windshield effectively? Some nigger poured a bucket of hot water on my windshield and I've got about a quarter inch of ice frozen to it. I know how to defrost a windshield but sometimes you get novel advice. >Scraping Past a certain thickness it's no good. >Heater Works but takes forever. >Windshield ice removal chems They "work" but they have a fog effect and you might as well just defrost by the time the fog clears up. >Tarp It's not my vehicle so I don't want to invest in one. The owner probably wouldn't use it anyways. >Covered parking Not possible. >Car wash wax Maybe, but I'd have to do it by hand because the vehicle is older than the hills and not sealed against high pressure wet streams. Plus fogging effect kicks in hard with windshield wax.
>>47032 Just throw something waterproof over (garbage bags), then a heated blanket on top and go make a coffee.
>>47032 get a bag of road salt from the hardware store and throw some of it on there also hair dryer :^)
>>47032 The 'easy' way is to pour a gallon of gylcol over it. This should remove the ice and probably also your paintwork. It'll also make the car stink of glycol as most have their cabin air intakes below the windshield. The proper way, which I guess you know, is to pour lots of warm (not hot) water on it and scrape the ice off as soon as it softens and before the water freezes. Then use a rubber squeegy/wipers to remove the water. I defrost mine this way. Worst is when snow melts and refreezes over night. The ice seems chemically bonded to the glass when that happens. Only warm water and lots of patience will shift it.
>>47032 Hit it with a hammer. Trust me.
>>47111 This works too.
Beanie man timcast is officially bigger than CNN primetime. Niggerpills on suicide watch. NatSocs too busy with their gay catboy harems to pay attention to milquetoast fencesitter doing honest journalism. Everyone still waiting for the "Liz Cheney is a fat pig" billboard in Times Square next to a picture of Tim's cock, Roberto Jr. Graphene man still spouting nonsense and anarchy man returning to Florida for winter/spring.
>>47116 I'll have you know that my harem is full of cute Aryan monster girls, not gay catboys.
>>47116 I'll have you know I don't know who any of those people are.
>>47147 Lurk moar, faggot.
>>47154 This is always the response when some eceleb obsessed idiot realizes someone doesn't autistically stalk his precious internet retards. I have never once been given a single worthwhile reason to keep up with nay of them either, I get the same kind of news you stupid faggots do without doing any of this woman tier bullshit.
>>47160 Brutal but true. If you have critical thinking skill greater than that of a kumquat, you can read and evaluate world events without needing some fag to spout headlines and then prattle for an hour on "[thing] bad" or "[thing] good".
Open file (101.59 KB 367x473 1564084599116.png)
>>46879 >he hasn't been here since 2002 Get out.
>>47154 go back
>Playing a game with potential consequences for not beating it fast enough/good enough >It tracks how many times I've saved the game Why do games do this? Do they just like filling anon with anxiety?
Open file (183.51 KB 884x1400 1629794077853.jpg)
GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! I've finally gotten around to recovering the rest of my Links from backup! >>47171 maek meh, nigger Also, I don't think even 4chan was around in '02. >>47175 >go back >flag The irony. >>47205 >Do they just like filling anon with anxiety? yeah
>>46844 >and don't see a QTDDTOT in the scatalog. Use the search bar in the corner right then ya silly goose.
Open file (527.02 KB 3134x2396 147925427.jpg)
>>47132 what are you gay?
https://odysee.com/@AlexJonesChannel:c/14Feb23:8 >Alex Jones needs become normie content, or there is no hope. He's as 'awake' as most boomers can be.
>>47981 Now that you faggots finished shitting up the Russia/Ukraine thread you gonna move onto this one?
>>47993 I have created a new Ukraine thread. I'm sorry. Someone had to break the stalemate.
Do one of you fags have that video of Karl doing his gay vampire RP thanks

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