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Open file (328.92 KB 1280x801 alaskan trapper.jpg)
Strelok 09/16/2022 (Fri) 06:36:15 No.41076
What guns and calibres are popular in your country?
Open file (156.24 KB 299x299 BIG NIGGA.png)
9 mil muh nigga
Years old studies by major retailers say the most popular in US (by SKUs sold, not cartridges, so a 20 round box of defensive ammo is as many sales as a 1000 round brick of 22lr) in 2015 were in order >9x19 >5.56+2.23 >35acp >12 gauge >22lr >40 S&W (which is pretty dead now) >.38 Special+.357 Magnum >.380 acp >.308+7.62 >.30-06 >20 gauge >44 magnum Everything else had a less than 1% market share. Lead ball for .50 cal muzzleloaders made up 0.86%, so all "antique firearms" combined likely rise above 1%.
>>41096 Actual antique lead shot used is probably a good bit higher. You just gather it up, melt it down over campfire, and pour it in your coquille. Don't even have to buy balls to start with, just lead ingots.
>>41108 But how many people make their own lead ball?
>>41134 I do, its way more cost effective.
>>41134 just like asking "who hand loads their own ammo?" There aren't good numbers because, well, people just do it. But anyone who has the forms to make bullets, yes sourcing your own, local lead is and I understand it, a point of pride for such people. T. handloader of botique rounds like grendel & sig
the pussy 9mm for rifles, it's 5.56 easy. 5.56 in a 20" barrel is good but when you go to short it becomes a pussy like the 9mm. for bolt guns a ton of guys still use .308 and 30-06. I prefer magnums. 300 Win mag is still very popular and you see 7mm Rem mag brass pretty often at the range too. In general the gun community sucks now like everything else. You have a handful of shitty or boring calibers and nothing else anymore. Gone are the 44 magnum and 357 magnum enthusiasts. No one shoots big handguns anymore. You used to have die hard guys around 44 magnum, 454 Casull, and definitely 357 magnum but not anymore. You really don't even see 38 special or 45 Colt shooters anymore. 10mm became a big meme as of late but no one shoots them because people are too stupid to figure out how to reload to get around the cost of ammo, plus we don't have any really good 10mm guns, just a few plastic 9mm guns retconned with heavier springs and 1911 10mms which are universally awful guns. There are a ton of great calibers out there that dramatically outperform the 9mm and .308/30-06/5.56 trifecta but they are hyper fringe now because the dumbshit public is too dumbed down and stupid to figure out how guns work, let alone actually caring about their guns enough to force manufacturers to expand their lineups. Everything has been tacticool'ed.
Open file (75.80 KB 1600x747 DanaoKatto.jpeg)
.45, my countrymen is just absolutely enamored with the 1911 frame and .45 acp. Most civilian shooters and almost all sport shooters run with a derivative of the 1911, the only people that carry 9x19mm are police officers and military, and even they prefer the an armscor or RIA 1911 as their personal firearm. How this fascination with the .45 acp started I have no clue, even ghost gun manufacturing in Danao and Cebu pump out 1911 models.
None, because my "based and redpilled" country is in fact a no fun shithole
>>42171 Didn't the US adopt the .45acp and 1911 because they were fighting in the Philippines? It might be something Filipinos are proud of, that a newer, more powerful round was adopted to deal with them. >source: Something I vaguely remember reading in a fiction book year ago that may or may not be accurate
In the UK its mostly .22 and some .303 or .308 I got to shoot a .357 once that was fun
>>42310 Yeah I read it in a historic book that they specifically levied revolvers in .45 (if I remember correctly) because the Moros were so hateful of the Americans that they would charge them with bolos and the .32 revolvers at the time would need 3-4 shots to put the Moros down. Doesn't explain why Filipinos like it TODAY tho, perhaps we are just Fuddlore Paradise.
>>42331 The fuddlore I've always heard about the .45, is that the flips used a combination of narcotics and CBT (wrapping wet leather around their balls and letting it tighten as it dried) to put themselves in a state beyond pain. The end result was American officers emptying their .32s into Filipinos who couldn't feel the rounds hitting them, and were able to close with and kill the officers before their bodies gave out and they died. This caused the army to commission a round with enough STOPPIN POWAH to knock a flip berserker on his ass mid charge. Source: My dad whenever the 1911 gets brought up.
>>42171 >>42331 The Philippines were under US occupation in the first half of the 20th century, except for ww2. I assume the 1911, being the sidearms of all US forces was seen as the pistol, and then local production enshrined its status as such.
>>41076 >gun >caliber >in CY local criminals moved to black market explosives and wide area weaponry. Instead of barrel inches and bullet grain they use CEP and kg. Is maybe they think a bag of bearings is as accurate as a drive by shooting? >but police anon even bigger criminals and blood cousins to local gangs fml WW3 looks more like a blessing every day. At the moment the government and criminals both attack us. If war then hopefully they kill each other. In war we will be armed too so they leave us alone.
>>42567 Please go to your multiple containment threads with your gay rants about politics and society nobody will read.
>>42548 I never knew cock and ball torture could be so based.
>>42171 The Philippines (like a lot of countries) got a lot of American guns as "aid" post WW2 and as former US territory and nowhere near Europe (even Australia and the Chinese used .45 ACP) they didn't have Stens and German surplus competing with it. Given they're still using M3 SMGs, I think a large part of it is nobody wanted to pony up the money to swap to 9x19 till .45 ACP was well established as a round. The effectiveness against wild animals (I'd imagine significantly more of a risk there than western Europe) likely also helps. For what it's worth, RIA's 1911s are considered to be genuinely excellent 1911s overall (not just "for their cost", even though they're also cheap for a 1911*) in the US since records from a large rental range, where they're subject to tens of thousands of rounds, show they're actually the most reliable and longest lasting 1911s out there. *The basic models of RIA 1911 go for a bit over 400 USD if you look. By comparison 9x19 pistols that don't sacrifice quality or basic features are about ~$300 and those that do (no adjustable sights, horrible trigger, and/or are unreliable) can be seen at $200 or less. 1911s have no real price ceiling because everyone can make them and they're somewhat handfitted meaning there's a lot of very expensive (but not necessarily worth the money) offerings
>>41076 >What guns and calibres are popular in your country? >b in "AR-15 funs in .223 cal"-land >Many ARs being handed into LGS because people don't want to own them when they become illegal WTAF?! How did so many non-Americans get into my country, and why didn't tf didn't they shoot themselves with it first?
>>42597 >I think a large part of it is nobody wanted to pony up the money to swap to 9x19 till .45 ACP was well established as a round. Not to mention that .45 ACP has the same base diameter as .30-06 and 7.62 NATO, so you can use a lot of the same machinery to produce them. Although this relationship also exists between 9mm Parabellum and 5.56 NATO, but you'd still need extra machinery if you wanted to produce both of them instead of only 5.56, and 7.62 is still in service. so the machinery to produce it is also there.
.380 and .223 is the most powerful non militaries can get in Tacoland
>>42323 >>43222 I can't imagine being forced to use something weaker than 9mm. IMO 9mm is itself a pussy round.
>>43355 Right. It does suck being stuck in a nofuns shithole like europe. Significant lack of outdoor ranges too.
>>43355 I'm pretty darn sure mexicans can get more powerful guns in the black market, otherwise how would the cartels exists.
>>43364 Cartels are literally handed weapons by burger alphabet agencies, sans the glowniggers the cartels would have to look south for their weapons and Mexicans aren't exactly well loved by the rest of spicland particularly when it comes to rival cartels.
>>43369 the cartels are not only handed weapons by americans, they actively buy them from whomever is selling. Ruskie gangsters give them guns in exchange for drugs, truly the Mexican commoner is fucked by every angle
>>43381 The vast majority of their arms and equipment comes from Americans. Sure there's AKs and RPGs every now and then but in nearly every cartel video and picture you'll see they have a whole bunch of shit like 240s M249s, occasionally AT4s (though I can't recall any incidents of them ever actually using those) on top of the M16s/M4s/countless other variants that they're sure as hell not getting from anyone south of them. If burger glowniggers pulled the plug then unless Russia really ramps up their arms shipments and somehow manages to get them to Mexico either through a bunch of hostile territory from the south or sneak them in via smuggling them through their ports the cartels would be short on supplies pretty quickly considering how often they shoot at each other.
>>43355 >weaker than 9mm .38 Super is as common among spic countries as 9mm in America.
Americans want to have a civil war over homosexuals, abortion, and illegal immigrants, but no one cares that the USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state.
>>47337 Well, at least that would be a good start. We can install Literally Hitler after we deal with the jews first, OK?
>>47337 That's a really long name for that caliber, what rifle/handgun is chambered for it? Off-Topic Faggot-Kraut1488?
>>43389 The most common gun used by cartels is some american-built AK clone. The percentage who have actual military hardware is in the single digits.
Open file (137.21 KB 284x337 intense_agitation.png)
just 12 gauge
>>41076 All of them. I'm a Burger.
Open file (978.17 KB 860x484 ClipboardImage.png)
The illegal kind thanks to Jewkraine.

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