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Open file (602.98 KB 2400x1164 ClipboardImage.png)
Strelok 08/16/2022 (Tue) 01:38:11 ID: 7cbb35 No.39463
why aren't you reverse engineering firearms anons? with free time and autism, you could be putting out open source technical data packages for firearms. hell you could even do it for cool stuff thats not available, like anything HOWA makes heres a quick roadmap to get you started: >reference picture collection start by collecting as many good pictures as you can. preferable are pictures with a high resolution, ones that give a good profile of the gun (normal to the side or other features in question), have items of known size in them (something measureable), or that show the internal components of the firearm. patent drawings are often an excellent (and usually accurately drawn) resource. >measurements next take your image editing software of choice and start taking pixel measurements. for each photo, put the measurements as a percentage of a common feature of the firearm, such as a proportion of the magazine, barrel length, or other known size feature. when you have enough measurement proportions (say, 5-10 per feature), input them in a spreadsheet and get the averages >modelling get acquainted with a 3d software of your choice. start modelling out your major features. if you come across something that seems contradictory, make a decision that makes the most sense as to which you should keep. dont be afraid to round up or down to convienient numbers (or standard stock sizes) if they're close. >part collection the next stage, if its possible. try to get 'critical parts' that can be used to infer the dimensions of other parts. think: bolt carriers, bolts, barrels, sight blocks/gas system components, trunnions etc.. the same goes for parts that you're unsure of the features because they couldn't be tracked down in pictures. use these to revise your 3d model >3d printing make a 3d print of your model so far. does it work with the parts you have? does it fit together at all? compare it to your pictures. does it look right? are there obvious differences (in proportions or missing features?). use this as an iterative process to get your model closer to reality. your eye is a precision instrument. >manufacturing this is where the cliff really comes in, but you'll find its very worth it if you make the jump. learn about metal working and making things in general. practice welding, machining, bending etc. buy tool and die books (you'll need them) and manufacturing process books to widen your knowledge. practice making things. get good at using a finger break. craft a plan of how to build the components of your firearm. make drawings of your custom tools, of your parts, and update them as you build them (make as built drawings). document EVERYTHING. when something works, record it for others. avoid making pressure bearing compnents (try to buy them) at first, but eventually with enough knowledge those will be game as well. >testing if you've made it this far, you'll have a good idea of how to safely test things. congratulations! even if you only make it part of the way through, your contributions can still be valuable. well, whats your excuse for not doing above? get at it!
>/k/ >everyone talking about some hollyjew actor >nobody talking about firearms you guys suck tbh, not a single build thread in the whole catalog. makes me not want to contribute
Open file (43.05 KB 1280x806 CHEESE.jpg)
>>39602 You want some cheese with that whine?
>>39463 >why aren't you No printer, no CNC device (mill OR table). Have a PDF from folks getting a little closer than I can just now.
>>39602 i enjoy soft, creamy, mild cheeses. >>39604 >No printer, no CNC device (mill OR table). invest 35 dollars in a dremel-like tool. with some care and a set of hand files, you can make most things neat guide. he should modify the receiver so it doesn't bang itself to death, though.
>>39602 >can make anything >whines about making firearms There are anons making laser weapons grenades mortars rocket launchers auto sentries missiles landmines efps emps and more.* Don't worry feds, I'm sure they're following government best practice and only selling it on the black market in Ukraine, or gifting it to islamic extremists like the Taliban, which we all know is a totally legal way to launder tax money. If it wasn't legal you'd be investigating yourself for being complicit with such gov policy, yet you're not. *believe, or lurk moar.
>39620 >believe uhhh ya ok larper-kun I'm actually doing OP and just wanted to convince others to actually do firearm shit on a firearm board
Open file (825.61 KB 1200x750 ClipboardImage.png)
thinking about making a guide for using an SKSparts kit in a type 81 clone. would probably entail manufacture of a receiver, a front and rear trunion, some sort of assembly for taking AK mags, and furniture, top cover, and probably a front sight as well. ahead of that potential project are: >AR180 upper build >9MM CETME-C build ive also got an AUG parts kit layin around that idk what to do with
Open file (610.10 KB 1080x1057 fdm9.jpg)
>>39622 >brit glownigger embarrassment fails to lurk moar Don't worry bong you're irrelevant. >on a firearm board HAHHAHAHHHAAAAAAHA! Holy shit and it had the audacity to call me "larper-kun"! >/k/ Weapons, Combat, Outdoorsmanship Don't bother to argue about how you don't understand the difference between "firearm" and "weapon". It's already obvious, and not surprising when bongs are raised to fear assault spoons.
>>39645 shut up you big fat cunt
>>39648 interested in attempting OP? I can provide any technical assistance you'd need
Open file (507.76 KB 1280x697 ClipboardImage.png)
fine i'll get this started type 64 uses M14 clone magazines. interesting to note, but this thing is striker fired by the looks of it.
Open file (111.61 KB 991x1322 ak74_akm_ak_m76_psl.jpg)
I have this if it helps anyone. as to the rest of >>39604 Odysee has the rest of the plastikov files, including STLs for printing.
Open file (106.46 KB 750x963 brun latrige-06.jpg)
Open file (79.27 KB 800x597 1462580999015-1.jpg)
Open file (67.78 KB 800x600 645@70.jpg)
>>39463 >you could even do it for cool stuff thats not available I believe that the Brun Latrige pistol is a good candidate for reverse engineering. It combines the advantages of the revolver and automatic to make it the ultimate self defense gun. >slim profile for easier concealment >will not fail to feed because of a dud, squib load or limp wrist >no cylinder gap or tilting barrel, making it easy to fit a silencer >low parts count, easy to repair or manufacture IMO it needs a safety and a locking breech to prevent trigger slap from high powered ammo. Once I have a solution for these issues I'll start drafting.
>>39638 >Styer Aug I know it's from plebbit but some SOT did talk about it https://archive.ph/iuTHT https://www.reddit.com/r/AUG/comments/wx279g/comment/ilotkv8/ >Is there a written guide to this for type 3/SOTs out there? I want to try my hand at this. There are still Malay surplus kits out there >Need to be a type 2 SOT manufacturer then you can form 2 a trigger pack. Just need to swap the bolt with the auto sear trip tabs. The shell does require modification for the pack to fit. I went one step further and swapped the guide rods for the shorter bigger OD ones, and I also modified the trigger pack to work with the LRBHO. If you use the longer full auto bolt if you want a SAW weapon since it's got anti bounce. Plebbitors and arfcuck com fourms said that it would cause a slamfire if you use the larger mags and shoot a lot. If not from parts kits you can just replace two items from PJS Styer, (He won't sell unless you're a Type 2 SOT, you are doing this legally as a type II SOT right?) or a parts kit http://www.pjs-steyraug.com/augusrparts.html >AUG Hammer Springs (corrects NFA conversion timing) >AUG F/A Disconnector Lever (corrects NFA conversion timing)
A good place to look for usable pieces for templates is Japanese 1:1 scale firearm models. They typically dry fire like the weapon they are based on and have full scale (albeit plastic) parts with a frighteningly close tolerance to the real deal. I've used them to make replacement parts for some guns I couldn't buy parts for. Just plan for some hand filing.
You can find complete machining plans for most better known military arms from pre WW1 HMGs to some current gen battle rifles online. Archive.org has a shit load
>>40109 >you are doing this legally as a type II SOT right? do you ask the gov for permission to take a shit too? dont be a faggot.
No current projects as of now, but I do plan on attending SDI online which will bring my focus and more of my time towards learning to make shit. I hate that their final elective forces you into putting together the most generic 'murican builds which are/were the 1911 (not even listed anymore), ar-15, generic piss-stool carbine and ar-10. The only one worth trying in my opinion is the AR-10 so I can compliment ar-15 I already own.
Open file (48.03 KB 474x309 CBJ MS.jpeg)
Open file (22.08 KB 474x234 FG42.jpeg)
Open file (420.01 KB 2840x1578 89.jpeg)
Open file (508.64 KB 1008x604 Z88.png)
I've always wanted to get into firearms design but I don't know where to begin! I would totally make some crazy shit then sell it LEGALLY to fags across the world, but as i live in a noguns shithole I cannot do much with guns or even parts of guns or even magazines. If I knew how to make guns legally then sell them to amerimutts and eurofags then i would be doing that already, there is a market for many cool stuff out there like clones of unobtainium weapons like the type 89 or CBJ-MS smg. How do you even open source weapon parts/schematics/blueprints anyways? i doubt you could just reverse engineer something then sell it because didnt south africa try it with the beretta M9 pistol and had to make their own doughnut steel copy of it to avoid copyright? Also whats the deal with chink weapons or weapons from WW2 germany? does anyone own the rights to the STG or MP40 or volksturm weapons or are they all open source? If i had the resources I would totally do modern repros of the FG42 or other cool shit thats really rare
does anyone have info/links on that polish(?) guy who made cartridges based on nailgun blanks? think he had a working smg that fired them too.
>>42733 >does anyone own the rights to the STG or MP40 or volksturm weapons or are they all open source? you can find the schematics online quite easily but they are partly owned by HK as they basically inherited the german weapon industry after the war. you can still make guns in non gun states, I remember reading spics sell single shot .22 & .99 pens and cellphones for something like 5 us dollars
>>39613 Bullshit.. you won't make anything worthy with a dremel tool, especially parts from a rarer gun that you can't find online. I'd love to do as OP suggested but I'm also not spending thousands of dollars on a CNC machine.
Open file (103.06 KB 1071x1030 Sad TF2 Heavy.jpg)
>>39463 >why aren't you reverse engineering firearms anons? Because I'm most certainly not a competent engineer, please do have fun making plastic liberators non the less though OP. Especially if someone manages to make a decent homemade Mauser C96 chambered in 10mm or some other crazy cool shit. The world doesn't need me making Bubba tier abominations so I'll just stick to buying pre-made funs. >>3d printing Well I might as well actually contribute with something I found to be pretty neat. https://odysee.com/@TheGatalog-PrintableMagazines:6/everytown-cmmg-22lr-mag-25round:f https://odysee.com/@Helpful_Indication6:7/ar15-22lr-10-round-magazine:5 I was originally looking for a file that had schematics to make 22lr snapcaps but didn't find them today. Maybe I've got it bookmarked somewhere but my bookmarks are a mess so we'll see. >>39602 To be fair there is a dark humor to some anti 2A faggot accidental blowing out the lungs of two his former employees and then continuing to blame the gun and gun owners.
>>39463 I don't have any guns worth reverse engineering but I'm about to get my hands on a box if .38 special thunderzap rounds. Gonna try and reverse engineer them myself.
>>45506 Nice Idea fren. I'm also tryin' to make some ammo next year. It's really a shame that many folks out here seething 'cause nobody wanna supply them with a literally "How-To". Build my own PCC in Europe. No more excuses! Guten Rutsch and good luck to ur endeavours in general
Open file (2.87 MB 4032x2268 20230107_014409.jpg)
Open file (2.74 MB 4032x2268 20230107_015250.jpg)
Open file (1.63 MB 2268x3351 20230107_022951.jpg)
>>45539 I managed to get the rounds in hand and pull some measurements. I need help IDing the powder though since I have no experience with reloading
Open file (118.96 KB 1024x519 10MM-Reload-1C-1024x519.jpg)
>>45906 That is some bizarre looking ammunition. Do you know how much the projectiles weigh? That will indicate the burn rate of powder you are using. Generally speaking the heavier the bullet, the slower burning your powder should be; the shorter your barrel, the more gunpowder you will need to achieve a certain ballistic level since the pressure escapes the shorter barrel more quickly and can't act on the bullet as long, depending on the burn rate. I am tempted to say that is Hodgdon Longshot. Longshot is a slightly slower than average non-magnum pistol powders but is slightly faster than magnum pistol powders like H110. Longshot is popular for .40 sw, 10mm, and 357 SIG. I use it exclusively for 357 SIG and .40, but there is load data for it in many other pistol rounds including 9mm and 38 special. Longshot is used in a lot of "performance" ammo because its burn rate gives better ballistics. However for the extra burn you need heavier springs and more robust frames for semi-autos. It could however be one of the faster burning powders. If the gunpowder burns faster than you think and you load too much of it into case, you can blow your gun up or get case head failure. If you use a slower powder you'll just get crap ballistics and a big fireball. I had a case head fail on me in .40sw with Longshot and it was pretty scary. Pressure is dangerous. I personally would not use the powder if I didn't know what it was. You'll need a chronograph to be certain. You would have to guess what the powder is, trace it to load data in a reloading manual, use the lightest charge, and then chronograph the velocity of the bullet and then check that back to the load data to see if your fps is equivalent to what is listed in the book.
>>45506 >>45906 Are those bird scaring rounds or something?
Open file (138.62 KB 700x1051 pa2-07.jpg)
>>45977 The bullets weigh between 30 and 32 grains. I've got a ruger blackhawk for testing so I'm not worried about overloading (within reason). >>45979 Pic related
Open file (2.63 MB 4032x2268 20230501_120923.jpg)
>>45539 >>45977 >>45979 I know it's been 4 months but I finally did some basic backyard testing on the T.H.O.R. rounds. https://youtu.be/yh8O9xL-G2Y
Open file (484.42 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
>>50009 Remember how back in the old sticky there was a note about not posting pics that might be potentially used to identify you? Uploading a video to jewtube seems to be several orders of magnitude more risky than that.
It's related so I'll ask here. Anyone have an suggestion for a 3d printable version of a 300 win mag bolt action rifle? I'm thinking the bolt and barrel need to lock together since a CF nylon receiver couldn't contain the pressure.
Open file (566.63 KB 2048x2048 FagfmaFUcAAXukX.jpg)
blueprints would be handy
>>39463 Why would I need to? All the engineering schematics for every gun ever made exists online.
>>50236 nah. it's not that easy to get those
>>50302 Lolwat? AR15s and AK47s are in the public domain, it’s a literal 5 second search online to find the PDFs https://www.rifleconnection.com/ar-15.html
>>50480 >linking to a website SELLING parts my point still stands: it's not easy to find blueprints for professionally designed guns

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