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Open file (2.71 MB 4080x3072 1658719245268755.jpg)
Homemade Meds for Bullet wounds AntichristHater 07/25/2022 (Mon) 03:37:17 ID: 908bdb No.38058
I made this celox b knock off using everything seen in pic + electrical tape. Havent tested it yet, what do you guys think the likelyhood of this working is? And how should i test it?
Open file (249.28 KB 781x441 1651731074239.png)
>>38058 >And how should i test it? Deep down, you already know what to do.
>>38059 >its shovel time
Open file (303.29 KB 540x540 big_think1.png)
>>38060 Fuck, that reminds me, I gotta buy new Fleck before autumn. A decade's worth of fading and fraying has taken its toll. That DIY is actually a neat idea, BTW. I have a pouch of the same shit in my medical jacket pocket right now, and I've occasionally wondered how well I'd actually be able to get that shit where I need it (and I probably don't have to tell you that if I ever do need it, I need it right goddamn NOW). Personally, I'm probably just gonna go the impregnated z-fold route like the buyfag I am.
>>38061 just an idea but if you clip the corners off you might be able to diy it without having to build the setup i did either that or empty it into a plastic bag and use the old cake frosting trick. you might not get as good of reach as with a syringe but it should still get most of it in the bullet hole.
>>38058 >Bleedstop A word of advice: you can buy a 50 gram container of stypic powder for half the price and most of those have benzocaine mixed in to act as a mild analgesic. Since your goal is replacing celox B, where is the bandage? Either way, hot glue might be "nontoxic" but it is not good for you either. You can afford liquid bandage if you can afford bleedstop. I'm assuming you are using the glue to hold a makeshift compress in place, so I would recommend super glue (cyanoacrylates) preferably the medical variety since it has less toxic chemicals and will seal faster while overall causing less skin damage.
Please tell me:isn't tourniquet and bandage not good enough? Or am I missing something here ?
>>38072 I believe his concern is a center-of-mass wound. Otherwise yes, at least until you can seek immediate medical attention.
>>38065 the hot glue is just to to help seal the the syringe >>38072 >>38078 what this guy said
>>38058 >unsanitary >infects wound >dies You could have rolled it into a tube with a thread or wire pull across the tear point and anchored at one end. It would give you a cigarette like shape you can rip the cord to open and plug into the wound, whilst staying sanitary. >roll into tube >
Open file (8.35 KB 920x722 ClipboardImage.png)
>>38083 like this?
I'm really looking forward to getting my filthy sandwich clamps on some Vetigel. Also, I sure hope Anons are stocking up on triple antibiotic ointments and the like. Don't want your COD to be a fucking splinter or something, do you? That wouldn't be very operator, you know. >>38062 Well there's a thought. Hey, you wanna make this a general medical thread? 'Cause I'd definitely be down for that. >>38065 >liquid bandage I've been using this shit called NewSkin or NuSkin or something; it's breddy gud in certain applications.
>>38087 >you wanna make this a general medical thread? sure
Open file (2.16 MB 4080x3072 2.jpg)
Open file (1.86 MB 3072x4080 3.jpg)
Open file (2.01 MB 4080x3072 4.jpg)
Open file (2.30 MB 4080x3072 5.jpg)
just tested it on some wet cardboard with a simulated bullet wound and it was a mild success. the cardboard was about 4-5" thick and the powder affected about 1-2" of it which tells me that we need a much bigger syringe. All the cardboard that the powder affected was sealed water tight (i actually tested it) which is good. The applicator did get clogged almost immediately which tells me that i need to cut bigger grooves down the side, either that or just abandon the syringe and use a vial for dumping the power in (which is what i had to do). pictures show everything
>>38058 Why don't you just put packages of Bleedstop behind your bulletproof plates, so if a bullet punches through it also opens the Bleedstop package directly at the wound?
>>38058 >how do I test it If you live in the states shoot a pigger Quick clot bandages use kaolin as the active hemostatic ingredient. Kaolin used to be used as a powder before the us military realized that dumping hemostatic on a bleeding wound just caused it to bond to blood on the outside and it doesn't do a good job at stopping bleeding. The issues with quick clot come from its inability to sterilize wounds. So what would be the most effective delivery of both alcohol/hydrogen peroxide and kaolin to a wound? Also >>38087 I know Jack shit about antibacterial medication. What should I be looking to get my hands on?
>>38730 hmm, well if youre trying to sterilize before clotting then keep a vial of hydrogen peroxide or alcohol on you with your clotting kit. i have no clue on how to apply it so i dont know whether its ok to just dump it in the wound or if you have to soak a rag in it but either way that sounds like the easiest solution. Get some zipper sealed mylar bags, your clotting device, and a vial full of hydrogen peroxide/alchol and cotton balls/rags if needed.
Open file (275.34 KB 1551x2048 1643993459747.jpg)
>>38614 fuckin' lel, u cheeki /k/unt >>38730 FIRST fucking thing I wanna say is that I'm not a doctor. Take this for what it is, just some random faggot on the Internet telling you what he's read and/or been told. That out of the way, my first-echelon choices for minor shit in the field, personally, is either ordinary triple-antibiotic ointment like Neosporin (burger brand name, if you're not familiar), or the New-Skin shit I mentioned earlier, which contains... hang on... benzethonium chloride. Which of these I use is largely dictated by the size of the wound and the mechanism of wounding; they seem more or less equally effective in my experience. Although as I say that, it occurs to me to mention that New-Skin can be troublesome with young children in my experience; they seem prone to scratching it away if the wound itches, so bear that in mind if you're responsible for any larvae. In a more settled setting, like at home for instance, my go-to is high-strength isopropyl, like 91%. Murders fucking everything, no prisoners. Hydrogen peroxide is pretty good, too, but I'm told by my ER nurse relative that it slows healing, and that the pros are moving away from it for this reason. She also recommended PVP-I, but research I conducted found an issue with certain pathogens actually being able to sort of hide out in the agent itself (guess my nurse hadn't got that memo yet), so I'd skip it for now. As far as in vivo, you know about fish antibiotics, right? Final note, I always try to stress in these sorts of conversations that I'm not, NOT a fucking professional, and I urge you to consult someone you trust who has actual, formal training and certs. >>38088 Based namefag is based, let's do it. >>38738 >i dont know whether its ok to just dump it in the wound No, you don't wanna just dump that shit into the abdominal cavity or some shit. It's entire job is being universally toxic as shit; anything with a label saying stuff like "for external use only", you're gonna want to use carefully. I'm not qualified to advise you on how to, or indeed even whether or not to apply such agents to internal tissues; all I'll say is that by the time you have occasion to even contemplate any such action, it's time to just stop the bleeding as best you're able to and get your PT to actual fucking trauma care and let them deal with it. You or I have absolutely no business trying to sterilize deep tissue in the field, except maybe as a last-resort hail Mary when everything is fucked forever (EMP-level bullshit, for instance) and homie's definitely gonna die anyway if we don't do something.
>>38741 agreed

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