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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Open file (31.89 KB 622x350 AbeSex.jpeg)
I CAN'T BELIEVE SHINZO ABE IS FUCKING DEAD Strelok 07/10/2022 (Sun) 08:47:16 No.37317
Discussing of current events. By spooky coincidence I discovered, while searching for Abe pics on my computer, that second pic's file name begins with "abe"
>>37317 >spooky coincidence That is no coincidence.
>>37321 Can't believe Japan has a higher score than Sri Lanka. I guess the Jap was hungry enough to try roast politician.
Link to the smugloli Abe thread: https://smuglo.li/a/res/1144381.html
Open file (468.90 KB 655x1377 Abe Pleased.png)
Link to the actual Smugloli abe thread: https://smuglo.li/monster/res/150259.html
It seems Japan's Conservative party made massive gains in an election cycle where they were set to lose seats following Abe's death.
Ah right, with this Kishida now has his 2/3rds majority needed to revise the constitution and remove the limits on the military. From the sounds of it, Kishida does not intend to remove the anti-war stuff from the constitution so as not to rile up China, but increasing spending within the SDF is their #1 priority in preparation for war with China or Russia.
>>37373 Probably a good idea for Hong Kong and Macau to not have particularly high birth rates given their geographic size.
>>37384 Hong Kek got swarmed by a herd of fucking ugly reds from the mainland and now the natives are forced to live in cuck cages due to the cost of living being bet up by them and the preferential treatment of CCP cadres.
>>37386 Feels bad. At least in Western countries I can say it's an urban dweller's own fault they live in squalor, but the Chinese aren't even legally allowed to leave their cities.
>>37373 Why is Macau considered a separate state? It's an autonomous region of China, not in a meme way like Hong Kong or Taiwan either. It's literally a strip of land with casinos.
>>37409 Precisely. Casinos aren't legal in China. Macau had them already from back when it was Portuguese, and they were making bank.
>>37409 Macau is perhaps one of the most autonomous regions in China precisely because of their status as Chinese Las Vegas. They are recognized as falling under the One Country Two Systems treaties and in many ways actually have more autonomy than Hong Kong because of their organized criminal underground. They're effectively their own country so long as they pay lip service to Beijing because they have dirt on everyone in Beijing.
>>37419 >>37420 Sorry, I probably said that poorly: from a few videos I've watched on the city, Macau has barely any actual permanent residents, only workers that come from neighboring regions, a few embassies, lots of hotels, malls and casinos and generally speaking the people there have very little "Macauan" culture, as in they still have signs in Portuguese for the novelty factor but it's not a second language anymore. The local government of Macau doesn't mind CCP influence at all, actually they even thrive through it as the officials bribe them to have a good time. Also, of all the "autonomous regions" in China Macau is the only one who has never once made any appeal for statehood. Am I mistaken?
NWO assassinated Abe for non-compliance.

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