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/ak/ Thread - Anime & Animation /k/ulture Strelok 07/06/2022 (Wed) 22:29:03 ID: 4b2cb2 No.37092
Expanded /ak/ thread. What're you watching? Even if it's not necessarily /k/ related I'm interested and I'm sure anons who haven't hid the thread would be interested in your thoughts too. Non-Japanese /k/-related animation is fine as well since it would be silly to have two threads. Posting cute girls doing operating things is also fine. Right now I'm watching Macross 7 and Amanchu. The former is about humanity surviving in space against space Satan while the latter is a nice CGDCT SoL with some yuribait involving scuba diving. Both are a lot of fun.
Open file (1021.59 KB 500x337 Angel Cop.gif)
Everyone in this board should watch Angel Cop at least once in their lives. https://nyaa.si/view/1503205
Just finished Macross 7. The atmosphere was completely different from the original Macross. The original Macross I loved at the start and grew to feel mild irritation during the final season (the movie retained the important/good parts). Macross 7 was a completely different experience, one that I hated at first but grew to love as I continued watching it.
Open file (1.00 MB 500x281 Sabagebu.gif)
Sabagebu! Survival Game Club Is about a girl joining an airsoft club in school, it does not take itself seriously it is just fun.
Open file (4.13 MB 440x316 stalker partyhard.mp4)
Posting ITT to celebrate the fact that the retard who used to shit up every thread by whining about anime pictures ran away back to Reddit and is never coming back. Rest in piss you eternal newfag.
>>37264 Screenshots? That is funny.
Open file (1.78 MB 500x281 survival_game_club.gif)
Have some garbage from old 8/k/.
Open file (351.95 KB 848x1200 EuOjlhrVIAAq_1v.jpg)
>>37336 >Piloting a plane and shooting other planes with rifles to destroy them
Open file (6.40 MB 1440x1072 JAM fight.webm)
Open file (1.29 MB 1280x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Any /aku/ recomendations?
>>37461 Ask /yuri/
>>37461 >>37548 There is no english speaking /yuri/ board on the internet though
>>37461 I can't think of anything that's not gachashit, but then I don't go out of my way to find yuri anime so I'm probably a bad source.
Open file (393.86 KB 550x751 Nadie Elis.png)
>>37461 ''El Cazador De La Bruja has an implied /aku/ resolution.
>>37461 There's Urasekai Picnic/Otherside Picnic. It is heavily influenced by the original Roadside Picnic novel and the STALKER movie/games, but with Japanese urban legends. Both the /ak/ and /u/ elements are there but not that front and center. Manga is better than the anime, haven't read the LN. Also, the original Ghost in the Shell manga has a bisexual Major so that might be worth checking out.
I started watching Armor Hunter Mellowlink it's pure AT rifle kino.
Yack, Deculture!
>>37461 Samurai Jack.
I finished Macross Frontier. Despite enjoying the original and loving Macross 7 by the end, Frontier managed to ride on the coattails of the two series without actually providing any substance. They didn't even listen to her song. I hated it. As a standalone Scifi it honestly wasn't bad, but it should not have called itself Macross.
Open file (187.53 KB 550x675 1631141902840.jpg)
Not really /k/-related, but Nagasarete Ariantou is pretty fucking good. Also one of the most original setups for a quasi-kinda-sorta-isekai type thing, to the point that I'm not even sure whether or not to call it an isekai. Basically, Mr. Audience Self-Insert gets shiprekt on an isolated, quasi-paranormal island whose culturally early-Meiji human population is entirely female after a storm swept away their men while they were fishing; lulz ensues. There's cute girls (the boy's pretty cute, too, but I get that that isn't everyone's thing), talking animals (though they don't seem to actually speak Japanese; it's more like the humans and other animals understand each other's speech while continuing to speak their own language), and yokai/kami. These last are the subject of a pretty entertaining running gag that I won't spoil for you. >>37670 >implied Nigga that's basically canon. Source: my ass (and the thoroughly rewatched box set on my shelf). But seriously, you'd have to be legit autistic not to see it; it's waaay more out in the open than in Noir, and while I was pretty shitfaced while watching Madlax, it was pretty much on par with Noir from what I recall. El Cazador's soundtrack is one of the best ever, too, IMO. Better even than Noir in my estimation. Speaking of soundtracks, if anyone here still hasn't seen Aldnoah Zero, drop what you're doing and go watch that shit right now. >>37727 This sounds pretty intriguing, I might have to give it a shot between the endless moe SoL and idol series (yes, I know I'm fucking cancerous; no, I don't care). >>37781 I'll check that out as well. >>37839 >They didn't even listen to her song. What did xir mean by this? I've seen, like, maybe two whole minutes of this franchise.
>>37909 The main thing that separates Macross from a run-of-the-mill mecha scifi anime is the idea that culture (more specifically otaku culture and song) can even bring different alien species together to end wars and prevail in the face of total galactic genocide. It's a franchise about mankind going out into the stars for survival and how culture lets them survive against insurmountable odds whether that be a warrior race of cultureless test tube babies or intergalactic Satanic forces from another dimension. Macross Frontier turns that idea on its head and focuses on humans using song to annihilate/genocide an enemy species of aliens, and only does a total asspull on the last episode to try and get back to the original meaning of the franchise in a half-assed roundabout way with more plot holes than sliced swiss singles.
Open file (225.26 KB 1280x720 sae1.jpeg)
>>37911 >first paragraph Sounds interesting desu fampai, I might look into it. >second paragraph Always a shame when the writers have a few too many rails like that. >>37461 Oh, and also check out Hidamari Sketch. Pretty good, rather unique SoL, and the thing between Sae and uhhhh... hang on... oh right, Hiro, is right up your alley. One thing about Sketch though, the dialogue moves quickly enough -- like, The West Wing quickly -- that I've seen normalfaggots complain that they can't keep up with the subtitles, so if you can't into speed-reading, you might find it slightly frustrating at times.
If I were to start trying to make an /ak/ vidya, what would you anons want to see?
Open file (94.83 KB 544x790 1636005590857.jpg)
>>37937 Well, for starters, it not being vaporware like every other chantard game project...
>>37937 Guns are animated to an autistic level and no cgi.
Open file (14.81 MB 1024x576 Rocket_launch.webm)
Open file (687.67 KB 1191x1536 Mauser C96damaged.png)
>>37937 Decide early on what the hell do you want with the game, and if you strike gold, then don't go full yanderedev. By the former I mean that you should decide if you want to focus on tactical stealth combat simulator 'tism, or if you want to tell a story, or if the game is just an excuse to ogle cute and sexy animu girls.
Open file (194.49 KB 1060x1500 1634115822835.jpg)
Just finished Urasekai Picnic. Breddy gud/10, thanks to Anon for recommending it. Something else I've been watching lately is Spy x Family; /k/ might like that one.
Open file (76.94 KB 759x182 ffffffuuuuu.png)
Sweet, merciful Hylia, what the fuck?
Open file (601.75 KB 668x542 ClipboardImage.png)
>>38162 It's an old meme but it checks out.
>>38162 Otaku culture is the new mainstream in the first world, hence first world pricing
Open file (26.13 KB 300x400 1621878055612.jpg)
>>38164 You're not kidding... >>38165 Giving normalfaggots internet access was the biggest mistake since feminism, if not Jewish infil- I mean immigration. I guess the good news is that they have the attention spans of crack-addled gnats and *should* move on to the next shiny new Current Thing before long. I just hope they don't enable the Jews to get their hooks into the anime industry itself.
Open file (1.52 MB 1366x768 laziness.png)
Yuukoku no Moriarty ("Moriarty the Patriot") is pretty good so far. It puts a novel spin on Sherlockian fiction by, as the title suggests, making Moriarty the main character -- to the extent of not even introducing Holmes until like halfway through the first season. It's obvious that serious effort went into accuracy and detail, too. For instance, if you watch closely, you can tell that all the cigarettes are hand-rolled. It's definitely worth a watch if you're a fan of Doyle's. Also, pretty boys in Victorian garb, unf.
Open file (396.02 KB 1366x768 sherlocks_shooty.png)
>>38379 Closeup of Holmes' weapon, a pretty well-done Beaumont-Adams, which would be roughly period-correct.
>>38162 Blu-ray hipster edition?
Open file (145.69 KB 736x913 1628448535326.jpg)
>>38456 I... yes? That is the """collector's edition""", if that's what you're asking.
Open file (429.35 KB 864x480 DtB-grapnel.png)
Open file (541.64 KB 872x480 DtB-APC.png)
Open file (255.47 KB 872x480 DtB-heavy_stuff_1.png)
Open file (220.56 KB 872x480 DtB-heavy_stuff_2.png)
>>37727 Speaking of Roadside Picnic... Darker than Black. Weird shit, grimdark supers action, Yakuza and some good ninjutsu. Also, near the end of the first series a big bunch of stupid ass kids with nasty powers (as opposed to being experienced commandos or hitmen even before getting those) were thrown as cannon fodder to delay proper heavy infantry. Which ended the way it should have. >>38569 I mean, is there anything in Speshul Edition Blu ray that was not priced like this?
I want to get bullied by glownigger onee-chans in full gear
lycoreco lycoreco
>>37839 >>37917 Macross was honestly pretty fucking stupid. Weren't the giant aliens supposed to be clones trained and condition for combat from the moment of conception? In that case there is no logical reason for them to be acting like swooning fangirls at some sort of bizarro world beetles concert, especially for cheesy crap like the chinese girl's songs that she probably didn't even write herself. If they ever heard anything by vivaldi or wagner they'd probably have a stroke. It would be like if the taliban or norks starting defecting to the united states en mass out of love for Taylor Swift and Christian Country Rock. I honestly would have liked it better as a run of the mill space opera, some of the mecha designs were cool I guess but I don't really see how this tripe is a classic.
>>41664 >It would be like if the taliban or norks starting defecting to the united states en mass out of love for Taylor Swift and Christian Country Rock Someone doesn't know their Afghan history. It was pretty common for culture to be the driving force bringing people out of the Soviet Union. South Korean culture is one of the primary reasons Norks defect which is why they've weaponized K-pop and soap operas. Strelok has probably never experienced culture shock, but it is very much real and can be more intense the more jarring the other culture is. Paris Syndrome is an extreme example of negative culture shock but positive culture shock exists as well.
Speaking of /ak/, the fourth season of Golden Kamuy has just started airing. It's about a veteran of the Russo-Japanese war teaming up with an Ainu girl to look for a stash of gold. The catch? The guide to the gold can only be found tattooed on the skins of some of Hokkaido's worst convicts. The anime and manga are both really good. You get action, bushcraft, period accurate weaponry, and a little bit of everything else.
>>42312 >FOURTH season is airing Shit I've still only watched the first two.
>>37970 desperately need the sauce on this one
>>44294 Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise
>>44299 aka. animation so ridiculously good it almost drove 2nd largest animation studio in the world (first being disney) to bankrupcy
>>37092 >What're you watching? Even if it's not necessarily /k/ related I'm interested Currently watching link-related. It's got plenty of funs too, so yea. https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/82.html#17218
>>44366 I wish, Weimerica won't stop printing money, so all their garbage media will never die, it was never about merit.
>>44366 The objectively best 2D animation from a purely technical standpoint has to be Akira, I still cannot fathom how that movie was not only made but managed to turn a profit. The author of the manga served as the film's director and chief animator, if I recall correctly he drew some 5000+ keyframes over the course of six months.
>>44413 >I still cannot fathom how that movie was not only made It was a commemorative piece pushed through to mark the end of the japanese economic bubble. >but managed to turn a profit It came out before the bubble ended, and anyhow it's the single greatest work of animation that exists and probably will exist until such a time that japan's economy is in a state which allows for such lavish cross-industry collaboration. It's not like real animation is expensive, anyway. The cost to make akira (hiring multiple teams of artists, getting working seiyuus to prescore audio, etc.) hasn't changed so compared to cgshit with megastar actors selling their likeness it'd cost pennies.
>>44413 Redline is a strong contender >only key frames
>>44443 >contender It's truly unique. While not as 'deep' as that over-hyped piece, it's a far better movie overall. The artistry is frankly astounding, like watching the most mind-blowing mango arts made alive.

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