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Russia & Ukraine Thread 16 - Bakhmut Blitz Edition Strelok 06/23/2022 (Thu) 03:32:31 ID: bd0d6b No.36308
Past the 800 replies or page 3 requirement. "Recent" updates: >Confirmed that 50 Ukrainian command staff (including the guy running the official Ukrainian MOD twitter page- not their propaganda sidearm) killed in Russian missile strike >Overall Ukrainian casualties reported in/confirmed at about 27% death rate (at least 65k Ukrainian soldiers KIA) with Russian numbers maybe 5-10% behind >Snek island was attacked again unsuccessfully and has become a surface-to-air missile fortress of sorts >Ukrainians gathering a large number of forces in Kharkiv and Mykolaiv >Both fronts aren't swimming so good but can genuinely be called an offensive >Russians forced to divert troops to Kherson and Izium to defend the main highways >Sverodonetsk and Lysychansk are to become the new Mariupol in the coming weeks >Hirske was abandoned >Ukrainians are finally getting Western weaponry >Countries like America are stripping the targeting computers out of the artillery before shipping since it would increase the accuracy range of the howitzers into Russia proper >First thing they did was shell the fuck out of civilian population centers in Donetsk >Russians have already captured France's artillery for research purposes >1/3 of donated American howitzers are gone between Snek Island losses and Luhansk front losses if you follow Russia's official numbers >Russian MOD reporting 60% casualties from Ukrainians near Hirske after they surrendered, while Ukrainian MOD's spokesperson is still fucking dead >At best soldiers on the ground are claiming that "most of their guys got out already" and insisting it was a retreat instead of a surrender >A new front line is beginning to form along a set of towns from Bakhmut to Slovyansk because of >Based on estimated BTG densities and the distances of the front lines, Russians will have 30k-60k troops to throw around at new fronts (and Ukraine will be able to relax their defense until then) so new fronts might open up >Status of the 200-600 foreign mercenaries in Sverodonetsk is still unclear but they have no safe escape route >Reports of Mercenaries getting shitter shattered by Russian snipers and mines while fleeing becoming commonplace since they will get the death sentence if captured >Russia renamed the street the US embassy is at to "Donetsk People's Republic Square" after America refused to acknowledge the two breakaway nations >Lithuania is effectively blockading Russian transit to Kaliningrad and blaming EU sanctions >This technically violates a Cold War treaty that lets Russia legally take pretty much Lithuania's entire coast (by force) if they don't cease >Additionally international law states you can't use regional sanctions to prevent transit between a country and its exclave (you can legally tax it) >Russia has already threatened "harsh action" >Lithuania being part of NATO, this is a Cuban missile crisis-tier situation that politicians are bumbling right now >Oil pressure is mounting as Turkey is set to close down their pipeline for a week for yearly maintenance and Gazprom is set to close down their few remaining active pipelines for maintenance in early July (while being sanctioned from having the equipment to repair/maintain them delivered to the workers at the pipes) I'm sure I missed something, but basically video related. Link Dump: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/traduzir-paginas-web/ https://web.telegram.org https://fotoforensics.com https://trashchan.xyz/finance/ https://yandex.ru/news Maps: https://mobile.twitter.com/Suriyakmaps https://militaryland.net/ukraine/deployment-map/ https://militaryland.net/tag/maps/ (Daily updates) https://liveuamap.com/ http://defensepoliticsasia.com/Ukraine/ https://militarymaps.info/ (requires Russian social media account and Russian payment processors) https://maphub.net/Cen4infoRes/russian-ukraine-monitor (Intentionally up to a week old) https://opermap.mash.ru/ (Russian propaganda map) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Russo-Ukrainian_War_detailed_map Channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRTq5KxoyKuquatzn2iF0Pg (Numbers and brief overviews of the day's news; no bullshit) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUnc496-PPmFZVKlYxUnToA ("Breaking news" Belarusian take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgGHiivhFq7M_1MLemh-cjg ("Breaking news" Singaporean take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/c/MilitaryandForeignAffairsNetwork (Military and foreign affairs network; slightly pro-Ukrainian and uses militaryland maps allowing him to cover more specific military groups and pockets at the cost of less breaking news) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP2QApi8G2TKc8NZmeDWSUg (Least biased "breaking news" Reddit "OSINT" take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/c/PatrickLancasterNewsToday (Patrick Lancaster reporting from Russian side) https://www.youtube.com/c/GrahamPhillipsUK (Graham Phillips less personal more professional reporting from the Russian side) https://www.youtube.com/c/AlexanderMercourisReal (Alexander Mercouris; Discusses the geopolitical issues of policies and their effects) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHqqf2BwNM4Oih-a_ikbWww (French Zoomer Historian/Comedian covering the war) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0EnYUt8dJUYcDgHUFG8vYA (Covers Economic matters in regard to Ukraine, updates on the frontlines, shorts, and other things; mild Russian bias) https://www.youtube.com/user/Itapirkanmaa2/videos (Z) https://www.youtube.com/c/DjukiSan/videos (Z2) https://www.youtube.com/c/RoadHomeMotorcycleVlogs (Ukrainian propaganda channel) Sister threads: /pol/: https://8chan.moe/pol/res/14006.html (find me a different /pol/ if you are going to get angry about it) /leftypol/: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/1054173.html
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Open file (1.41 MB 2199x1478 Wikipedia Map on 6-22.png)
For posterity, here is LiveUA's map according to the Ukrainian MOD and Wikipedia's bullshit map in order to keep track of their updates.
>>36294 >You can't just secede because you feel like it. You can if you're powerful enough to accomplish it or have allies powerful enough to help you accomplish it. History is full of peoples or regions that seceded "just because they felt like it" and some times they were successful.
Open file (79.34 KB 480x360 jesuuuuu~.jpg)
>>36308 >Russian MOD reporting 60% casualties from Ukrainians near Hirske >while Ukrainian MOD's spokesperson is still fucking dead wow, rude
>>36236 >Worse than all three, according to Russian Telegram. Russia has the legal right to reclaim parts of Lithuania, ceded to Lithuania by the USSR in exchange for not playing stupid games with Kaliningrad. >Little fact about Lithuania. It considers the time under USSR as an illegitimate occupation. Thus, legally, the lands it got under ussr (including its capital Vilnius (Vilnya)) are no longer Lithuanian either. But Russia and Lithuania signed a treaty in 2004, stating that Russia, as a legal successor state to the USSR, recognizes Lithuanian borders as long as there is free access to Kaliningrad. Now Lithuania breached its agreement, meaning Lithuania will lose Klaipeda region, which was transferred from Germany to USSR according to Potsdam conference, and also they will lose Vilnya, which was transferred from Poland to first Belarus, and only then given to Lithuania by Stalin. Oh shit. Things really are escalating. What does Russia do to compel Lithuania to transfer the land back to Russia if they were refuse to either of Russia's demands? Or does Russia just go 'fuck it we already own it' and roll in while Lithuania screams invasion and demands NATO intervention and things start heating up right quick?
>>36314 >Or does Russia just go 'fuck it we already own it' and roll in while Lithuania screams invasion and demands NATO intervention and things start heating up right quick? At this point most bets are on Lithuania becoming the new Bosnia-Herzegovina of WWI/Poland of WWII.
>>36314 >Lithuania is gambling the fate of the Baltics and their own capital to gain brownie points with NATO and the EU While it could entrench them more, a potential Russian response could be a complete embargo, seizures, and expulsion of Lithuanian citizens. Starving Lithuania into humiliating itself by crawling to its neighbors is a viable option. Otherwise, if these treaties are true, Russia could declare Lithuania or its government illegitimate.
>>36236 >>36314 Are there any good English sources on this? I can't find too much. Just a couple articles http://www.cap.lmu.de/download/2004/2004_Tiiman.pdf has the following from 2004, but it's very vague: >Lithuania is strongly not interested in the restitution of the situation before World War II regarding its borders, which Estonia and Latvia are. Such a step would leave Lithuania in a situation where it would to answer to substantial territorial claims from all of its neighbors. That is also the reason why it always stresses a lack of border problems with Russia, as well as the fact that it has already signed a corresponding treaty with Moscow. The most detailed source I found was https://digitalcommons.nyls.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1324&context=journal_of_international_and_comparative_law in which there is an explanation that >The boundary with the Soviet Union derives from the Soviet Russian-Lithuanian treaty of July 12, 1920 (the Moscow Peace Treaty). and it asserts: >The Lithuanian-Soviet treaty of October 10, 1939, (the Transfer of Vilnius Treaty), which dealt with the transfer of Vilnius and the Vilnius Territory to Lithuania, and the protocol on the Lithuanian-Soviet boundary of October 27, 1939, are also invalid. These were unequal treaties that were imposed upon Lithuania by threats Later, the article described that the October 10 treaty restored the city and 21% of the Vilnius territory as recognized by the 1920 treaty (which had since been occupied by Poland until German-Russian invasion in 1939), but withdrew Lithuanian claims on the remainder, ceding them to Russia. It's not immediately clear to me how much of that territory is in modern Lithuania (this article was written in 1991, and so is quite out of date in that regard). That article goes on to say: >At times, President Gorbachev has stated that the Soviet Union should detach all territories that were added to Lithuania after her annexation in 1940. These areas consist of the four territories of Švenčionys, Šalčininkai, and Druskininkai, which were ceded to Lithuania by the Byelorussian SSR in 1940, and the territory of Klaipėda, which reverted to Lithuania in 1945 after the unconditional surrender of Germany and the restoration by the Allies of the German frontiers as they appeared on December 31, 1937. Which at least gives some territorial claims Russia might revive. The article subsequently explains that the territories ceded in 1939 were given to the Belarus SSR, then ceded again back to Lithuania only after it had been occupied by the USSR, and specifically in the same document that integrated them. In 1990, the Lithuanians rejected that document in its entirety, including those ceded lands even though (at the time the article was written) they were held by Lithuania. But for Vilnius, it concludes: >There have been three Lithuanian-Soviet boundaries since the signing of the Moscow Peace Treaty. The first boundary was established under article 2 of the treaty. The second was the boundary of the Transfer of Vilnius Treaty. The third, and last, was the administrative boundary between Byelorussia and Soviet occupied Lithuania, which was established on November 6, 1940. This became the factual boundary of the Republic of Lithuania on March 11, 1990. Each of these boundaries has assigned Vilnius to Lithuania. There were no other boundaries between Lithuania and the Soviet Union. If the Soviet government, in order to claim Vilnius for itself or for any of its republics, repudiates each of these boundaries, then it can claim, with equal justification, any city or any part of Lithuania. As far as I can tell, Lithuania's position is that the 1939 treaty and anything from then until independence is invalid, but that since the 1920 was signed between the USSR and an independent Lithuania, they consider it valid, and therefore claim all territory considered Lithuanian under its terms. The article implies that this position excludes certain territory that may be part of modern Lithuania, but DOES include Vilnius. The implication is that Russia (on behalf of its pet Belarus) may be able to press some claims, but I don't see where they could claim the capital. Note that this post was written at the same time that I was reading the report, so there may be contradictions or incomplete thoughts and things were explained. As an aside, the Tiiman report contained this interesting passage: >What practical risks may exist because of the lack of border treaties in Europe? One of them is the possibility that at a certain moment Russia may declare that, due to the lack of a border treaty, it cannot control immigration through this particular border region and open the gate for Third World immigration to Europe through the Baltics. The possibility of such behavior from Russia is highly remote, because this issue is also regulated by many other multilateral agreements, which are obligatory for Russia as well. So Moscow is not in the position to act in such an irrational way. Also, we have to take into consideration substantial changes in the world of security measures after September 11th. Russia is strongly supporting the anti-terrorism movement (with the intention of having a free hand in other areas), so such behavior from Moscow is not feasible.
>>36318 And I forgot to specify, it appears that the >they will lose Vilnya, which was transferred from Poland to first Belarus, and only then given to Lithuania by Stalin. claim previously posted in these threads is incorrect. As far as I can tell, the Soviets gave the city itself and its immediate surroundings directly from Poland to Lithuania, and only the surrounding region was passed through Belarus first. On the other hand, since the sources I read were old, I don't know what the 2004 treaty that post references might add to the matter.
Open file (9.98 KB 370x320 akko question.png)
Is anyone sure that Europe or Russia will give a crap about these near-century-old border disputes at this point? It seems both sides have pretty much decided that former treaties and peace agreements are irrelevant or null and void at this point.
>>36308 If Lithuania was smart about it, they should've just jewed any cargo coming to and from Kaliningrad. It'd piss russia off but it wouldn't lead to any fracas with NATO. Or a potential front developing. >>36320 With cooler heads, such treaties will get dredged up and politicked. With hotter heads, treaties are just pieces of paper; they can't stop a bullet.
>>36320 In general no but due the two important wrinkles here >Lithuania is holding Kaliningrad "hostage" >Lithuania is also a NATO member makes this a tricky situation for everyone involved. Russia most likely doesn't want to fight another war front right now but they can't and won't leave Kaliningrad to rot. NATO (i.e. US) wants Russia weakened but doesn't want to have to go to actual direct war with it because in that event nothing will be able to prevent a hot WWIII from occurring. EU, as much as they matter, wants to sanction Russia enough to punish them and dissuade them from further European aggression but they don't want to freeze to death come winter. And it's a real snarl because from a certain point of view part of NATO has committed an act of war (by partially blockading a portion of Russia), which means that potential Russian response wouldn't be an act of aggression but defense. Which in turn would make the NATO mutual defense clause uncertain. Which is an additional knot because if NATO declares that they won't help Lithuania because they aggressed first it'll make NATO look weak and make NATO membership a farce, at least for the post Iron Curtain admissions. On the other hand if NATO steps up then they have a new World War. Further more if NATO doesn't tell Lithuania to knock it off they it'll be caught in the position that any of the eastern fringe NATO countries can basically declare WWIII at will and force the rest of NATO to go along. And unlike the Russia-Ukraine thing where it's a battle of perspective of who really owns what, Kaliningrad is explicitly a part of Russia and they have every right to break a blockade and reestablish a connection to the mainland. The US would absolutely not tolerate a blockade about any of its exclave regions like Alaska or Hawaii, even if it were a peaceful blockade. No other Western power would tolerate it either. So in this case Russia absolutely has NATO dead to rights.
>>36322 Solution: Convince Koenigsberg to vote on secession. If Crimea can do it...
>>36323 Ironically you'll have better luck convincing Petersburg people to leave Russia than you do with Kaliningrad.
>>36323 Yeah that's not going to happen. 87% of the population of Kaliningrad is Russian.
>>36322 Honestly, Natto should start dealing with all of its weird situations within (Cyprus, Bosnia, all the breakaway regions of Serbia) first to increase the number of their allies and push Russia into a corner first, and only then start with all the passive aggressive acts of war.
>>36323 Even ignoring ethnicity it's the headquarters of Russia's Baltic sea fleet and the center of Russian military power outside of Moscow and Chechnya. I just don't see the population living there wanting to leave without a good 20 year blockade (and as it stands it sounds like they'll be back to "normalcy" in a month or two so Russia night decide to just not do anything).
>>36322 There was a conspiracy with just a few too many truths for comfort last thread suggesting that the reason America Ukraine is bombing Donetsk civilian centers is to ensure no party can come to the negotiation table without bringing this war to a head again in the future, so it makes me wonder if this isn't an intentional escalation of tensions thinking both sides are still playing chicken when in reality Eastern Europe as a whole and Russia are both taking their gloves off. I've heard from a few strategists now that if Russia invades Lithuania, regardless of whether NATO intervenes Turkey is likely to pull out of NATO in the somewhat-near future since Erdogan currently views Lithuania's provocations as an act of war and is hoping to leverage the EU to create a war profiteering bloc that remains neutral from conflicts but participates in all of them indirectly.
Before the thread gets too populated. Can anyone gib me the numbers for the russia vs ukraine threads 5-10? Can't find them manually on archive.ph.
>>36314 >>36315 >>36316 Russian restoration of Prussia soon. >Klaipeda It's called Memel.
>>36331 WWIII starting over literal Memeland sounds frighteningly believable in this clown world.
Open file (900.18 KB 605x815 baguette 1.png)
Open file (183.75 KB 610x670 baguette 2.png)
Have a hearty "Heh." to start out your day. tl;dr: There may be a Frenchie from a super high speed, Elite officer training school in Ukraine right now. If he is who he says he is, then the dumbass also failed basic OPSEC, and Russian shitposters have already geolocated him to send his info to the Russian MoD. >Elite French officers of Saint Cyr in Ukraine as instructors? >This week, an unidentified French citizen posted a photo in a private chat to tell his comrades that he had arrived in Ukraine. >At first glance, one might think he is just a French civilian. But on detail caught our attention: >Under his plate carrier (CIRAS, french army one) one logo can be seen inscribed on his jumper. >It is the logo of the ESM of Saint Cyr, the elite military school that trains the best French officers. It has links with other similar NATO schools such as West Point and Sandhurst. The school has also trained many African generals who have gone on to make pro-French coup d'état... >The man in the photo appears to be in "Мала Любаша" ("50.8370° N, 26.5174°E"), a village near Zhytomir. >Is this man part of a group of elite French officers sent to Ukraine to train local troops? We have passed the information on to the Russian Ministry of Defence so that they can take the necessary steps.
>>36328 >Turkey is likely to pull out of NATO Then they immediately lose Cyprus to British and US forces, possibly Egyptian and Libyan fronts as well. Right now EU/USA foreign policy in the Mediterranean is one big game of charades with Turkey just to keep them in their power bloc, the moment they go rogue or neutral is the moment that all pretense of mutual friendship is dropped. >>36333 Wouldn't surprise me, Merkel then and Scholz now have completely neutered Germany and France is the only EU country who's still invested in going balls to the wall in foreign countries.
Open file (279.23 KB 674x545 Untitled.png)
Some S Tier Russian propaganda.
Open file (755.06 KB 750x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (894.33 KB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.19 MB 1085x722 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.50 MB 1280x853 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36335 1st pic related they made Maryupol look like an asshole from the the thumbnail >3 A column of armored vehicles is going to the area of the Gorsko-Zolotoye cauldron >4-5 Stickers around Auschwitz
Open file (1.66 MB 1280x952 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.07 MB 729x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 1280x576 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.90 MB 1280x576 ClipboardImage.png)
reports that O group broke through to outskirts of southern Lisichansk and captured an important stronghold.
>>36338 >Lisichansk is already under attack. Yikes. Russia is really going to close out Donbass before the end of Summer, aren't they?
>>36337 >A column of armored vehicles is going to the area of the Gorsko-Zolotoye cauldron Didn't Ukraininans pull out their troops out of Zolote/Girske already?
>>36340 according to to Russian sources yesterday there about 1k to 1.5k solders left in Gorsko-Zolotoye cauldron.
>>36340 According to Ukrainian sources that are mocking the Russians for being retarded and sending hundreds of armored vehicles to an empty location, yes. So no. There are still Ukrainians in Zolote/Girske, and they are doomed.
>>36334 >Then they'll lose their tax haven Turkey's probably hedging their bets on most of those countries dumping their military over in Russia or gnashing their teeth and joining a Turkish-led coalition for security. The three things keeping Russia and Turkey away from each other are Armenia, Syria, and Ukraine. Of which 2/3 are NATO/EU pressures and a different 2/3 are weapons sales.
>>36342 >Doomed Only the mercs and Ukrainians with meme tattoos. The rest will just have an extended vacation eating oatmeal in camps and might even get a chance to turncoat in exchange for debt/crime forgiveness when the front line stretches too thin.
Open file (1.75 MB 931x1123 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.91 MB 1024x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (702.35 KB 960x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
more russian shitposting incoming
>>36345 >ogecca >eto >poccnr >ogecca eto'o poccnr You tell 'em.
Open file (3.92 MB 2586x1769 23-06-1.jpg)
JSC Lithuanian Railways website
>>36337 >4th and 5th pics What you doin' Schlomo?
>>36347 *notices your bulge* :3
Estonia would be wiped off the map and Tallinn's Old Town completely destroyed under NATO's current plans to defend the country from a Russian attack, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas (Reform) told the Financial Times (FT) newspaper and other foreign media outlets on Wednesday. Kallas said the alliance's existing defense plans for the Baltic states is to allow them to be overrun before liberating them after 180 days. She pointed out that it is just over 100 days since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine and that the atrocities carried out by the Russians at Bucha occurred after 80 days. "If you compare the sizes of Ukraine and the Baltic countries, it would mean the complete destruction of countries and our culture," the FT reported Kallas saying. "Those of you who have been to [the capital] Tallinn and know our old town and the centuries of history that's here and centuries of culture that's here — that would all be wiped off the map, including our people, our nation." The prime minister was speaking ahead of NATO's summit in Madrid which starts on Tuesday (June 28). Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are submitting a joint proposal for additional troops and permanent division command centers in each country, a step above the current Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) temporary rotating troops which have been called a "tripwire" and aim to deter a Russian attack. "Now everyone sees that this tripwire concept doesn't really work," Kallas said. All NATO allies must agree upon the proposal and Estonia has been working to secure their support. https://news.err.ee/1608638245/kallas-estonia-would-be-wiped-from-map-under-existing-nato-plans
>>36353 >Kallas said the alliance's existing defense plans for the Baltic states is to allow them to be overrun before liberating them after 180 days. Bets on how many Canadian generals were involved in these plans?
>>36353 >that would all be wiped off the map, including our people, our nation And nothing of value was lost.
Open file (167.70 KB 508x1133 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36349 The National Cyber Security Center (NKSC) of Lithuania has issued a public warning about a steep increase in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks directed against public authorities in the country. DDoS is a special type of cyberattack that causes internet servers to be overwhelmed by a large number of requests and garbage traffic, rendering the hosted sites and services inaccessible for legitimate visitors and users. According to NKSC, due to these cyberattacks, Lithuania's transportation agencies, financial institutions, and other large entities have experienced temporary service disruptions. “The NCSC urges all managers of critical information infrastructure and state information resources to take additional security measures and to follow the NCSC recommendations for protection against service disruption attacks,” advises the public notice. The agency provided a link to a PDF containing extensive guidance on defending against all types of DDoS attacks used by threat actors today, so system administrators are advised to apply the recommended mitigations. At this time, there are no reports of severe problems or high-impact disruptions coming from the country, but some services like those of the Lithuanian Railways are facing problems with ticketing and client communications. Possible Russian retribution? On June 21, 2022, a Russian group of hacktivists called “Legion – Cyber Spetsnaz RF” posted on Telegram declaring cyberwar against many Lithuanian organizations. The listed entities include large banks, logistic companies, internet providers, airports, energy firms, mass media groups, and various state and ministry sites. The large number of listed websites could be spreading the group’s available DDoS firepower too thin, as these hacktivist operations rely on volunteers who use the provided tools to generate and send requests to the targets. This particular group of actors is an offshoot of the Killnet group, which became notorious for attacking Romanian government websites in April and Italian state platforms in May 2022. Russian hackers hit Lithuanian sites with DDoS attacks because the country’s government imposed a limited goods transportation blockade between Russia and the Kaliningrad exclave as part of EU sanctions. The Kremlin perceived this move as extraordinarily aggressive and illegal, and the hacktivists who support the Russian government were quick to orchestrate and launch cyberattacks against Lithuania. https://web.archive.org/web/20220623181317/https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/lithuania-warns-of-rise-in-ddos-attacks-against-government-sites/
How well maintained are NATO's European stockpiles of nuclear-tipped ballistic and cruise missiles?
>>36345 Are we supposed to know what the hell these even mean? At least translate them so we understand
>>36362 >Odessa is a Russian city >Odessa = Russia! >Odessa is Russia
Open file (1.86 MB 1200x630 americans.png)
>>36355 >dumbass burger with nonexistent culture saying Estonia has "no value" An old Estonian hut in some mountain has more cultural value than every single US city ever combined, just letting you know.
>>36364 There are no mountains in estonia.
>>36364 Anon, you don't have to be an amerimutt to look down on the whiny chihuahua countries that the dumbaltic states are.
>>36364 He's right though
Open file (144.46 KB 1270x1136 finnish bagan.png)
Open file (245.81 KB 679x601 spurdo_baltic.png)
>>36370 Estonians are to Finns what Belarusians are to Russians. So no, he is quite wrong.
>>36358 As good as everyone else's I would imagine.
>"Putin price hike" - Biden So if Putin is in control of Western economies and putting up prices as were told (without firing a bullet here), and all Western leaders unable to stop him, is he defacto "World Wide Emperor" now? Why is NATO so lucky it's not getting its ass handed to in by engaging in a direct conflict? Shouldn't we properly address him as Vlad the Chad "WWE" Putin?
>>36377 >So if Putin is in control of Western economies and putting up prices as were told (without firing a bullet here), and all Western leaders unable to stop him, is he defacto "World Wide Emperor" now? He's not in control of anything. None of these stooges are in charge. The actual people in charge won't show their faces in the public. >Why is NATO so lucky it's not getting its ass handed to in by engaging in a direct conflict? Pretty sure every country had a backdoor agreement before this entire invasion even happened >Shouldn't we properly address him as Vlad the Chad "WWE" Putin? lmao no. He's an awful and shitty leader. Russians hate his guts and he kills anyone that slightly criticizes his rule
>>36353 The best fucking thing to happen would be for all the new NATO members to leave NATO and create their own mutual defense pact organization. That would defuse these sorts of situations and keep a neutral ground between NATO and Russia. >>36335 >Hitler summons his Persona
>>36382 NATO being split between NATO proper and some kind of Intermarium would honestly have been the best scenario, but I think it's too late for that.
>>36356 We all know this is not enough for a retribution. I hope it is just sanctions, cutting off gas and oil, blockade of goods moving to lithuania including through belarus, strikes on infrastructure including food storage facilities and total economic warfare (but it is a bit too late for that).
>>36379 >He's not in control of anything. >Tanks every Western economy single handed >not in control of anything Even dementia ridden Biden calls the raised gas prices the "Putin Price Hike" because he knows Putin is in control of prices not him.* >he kills anyone that slightly criticizes his rule WWEmperor confirmed *tribe,WEF,illuminati,freemasons,bloodlines,greys excepted
Open file (344.28 KB 2000x1500 image.jpg)
>>36379 >he kills anyone that slightly criticizes his rule I'm glad we don't have to worry about that sort of thing here in the US.
>>36386 >I'm glad we don't have to worry about that sort of thing here in the US. So our choices are either shit or diarrhea then?
>>36385 >Even dementia ridden Biden calls the raised gas prices the "Putin Price Hike" because he knows Putin is in control of prices not him.* Did you even bother to read my post? >>36379 >WWEmperor confirmed This post is so american it hurts to read. Anyone can get arrested or heavily fined for even the slightest thing. Average russian hates him. LMAO at people believing he's anything to fawn over
>>36388 >Anyone can get arrested or heavily fined for even the slightest thing. >Average russian hates him. Wrong on both fronts, try reading less Russian lib propaganda next time.
>>36377 >"I destroyed out strategic oil reserves meant for wartime while shutting down keystone pipeline and I'm looking at how to steal food from starving Ukrainians before they need it" Wow they aren't even hiding it.
>>36383 >>36382 NATO disbanding with their mission complete and allowing more organic security organizations to take hold would have been the best option.
>>36385 >Even dementia ridden Biden calls the raised gas prices the "Putin Price Hike" because he knows Putin is in control of prices not him.* Dementia-ridden Biden is just doing what every Democrat does and blaming everyone else for his policies falling flat on their face like everyone told him they would.
>>36388 >Anyone can get arrested or heavily fined for even the slightest thing. True but I don't think there's a country left on Earth where that wouldn't happen if you are worth enough to be considered a stink when airing it. >Average russian hates him. It would be funnier if that were true but he's got one of the best approval ratings in the world even after adjusting for narcissisms in polling.
>>36385 >reptilians not included Friendly reminder there's been more reports about snake people than greys from several people inside the industry in the last 30 years, russians included if you believe the lights-off hall story.
>>36387 >>36388 Classic german sense of humor, nice people but unable to detect sarcasm or hyperbolic statements
>YURI WAR BRIEFING Slavyansk: Russian offensive resumed near Dolina towards Slavyansk after several days of regrouping. Gorskoye-Zolotoye: number of the prisoners is lower than expected, apparently a significant number of UA troops managed to withdraw. Lisichansk: apparently, a withdrawal orders have been given to the Lisichansk group of Ukrainian troops, but some notable number of the units are unable to comply. Watch the Lisichansk oil refinery - if its taken, the grouping is surrounded. Possible breakthrough attempt this night. >State of the fronts as of 20:00 MSK of June, 23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GusaiGCN6vQ Sorry for the Jewtube link. But on Rumble I cannot find Yuri's war briefing videos. Also this video is for 22 June. But the video for the green text ought to release on this YouTube channel tomorrow, probably. Moreover this war briefing stuck out to me because Ukraine is apparently doing the bizarre thing of (attempting) to retreat from an obviously lost position, even a strategic position like Lisichansk.
>>36402 >Sorry for the Jewtube link. But on Rumble I cannot find Yuri's war briefing videos. Rumble's a separate video platform rather than an aggregate, so unless someone uploads it there it won't be present. Thanks for the link!
Open file (382.32 KB 598x749 asiatic orc horde.png)
https://archive.ph/uiRhv It look's like Ike's prophecy is finally coming true and the American people are tired of foreign wars that have nothing to do with them.
>>36408 Awesome. They'll still have to throw off the yoke of Israel and the Holocaust before they can do anything though.
>>36408 I'm amazed that tweet hasn't been deleted, and the user banned. I'll give it some time.
>>36408 Gas prices weren't even Putin's doing though. It was Biden's brilliant quasi-green new deal terminating the licenses of oil drilling operations in the US that fucked it.
>>36415 You know if "progressives" were actually progressive then we'd already be living in a atomic powered proto-pulp scifi world instead of splitting time between using middle eastern crude and a so-called green energy boondogle that will never work, not at the scale of civilization that we're living at and desire to keep living at.
>>36408 I'd love to kill that piece of shit with my bare hands.
Open file (162.86 KB 453x448 nice camel.png)
>>36400 >the lights-off hall story sauce?
>>36416 I do wonder what happened to the old progressive movement(s). Things like trannyshit is literally the polar opposite of the postgender movement and the like and it seems to have vanished overnight some time in the last five years or so.
>>36420 I don't know how to search it, i just remember reading it from two separate sources which could be russian tabloids badly translated Chunk of the story is about a russian rock/pop band frontman doing a gig in some fancy political meeting for browny borsch points, some of the backscene string pullers and tough officials were there to look at the ladies and talk in whispers. Anyways the story supposedly goes that while gigging the lights went off (i think with a flash even) and he glimpsed the audience and then back to his stage/band to see everything was okay, but he recoiled in panic to see the audience again because he thought he saw something weird, he confirmed it and after that played one more song and bailed hard to tell the story later. What he saw while some of the audience members were adjusting to the darkness is where the controversy and interpretation begins. I searched for generic terms but i don't seem to find the sources, i read it time ago in either endchan /new/ or the old place's /pol/ which had /x/ threads before they were banned along with the book/pdf threads. It kinda goes like the Billy Corgan hotel room story but not quite as hard and explicit as he tells it.
>>36415 That's the best part is only gas hikes in the last month or so can reasonably be blamed on Putin due to how slow the economy is, and given Biden's track record even that can't be confirmed. $2 gas is probably a pipe dream within our lifetimes since it only hit that low because of Chink flu making oil companies pay people to buy their barrels, gas should be around $3 to represent a healthy economy, but that's still a $2 price cut.
>>36416 Nuclear is still borrowed time as well. We've got enough uranium to power the world, but only for about 200-250 years. The whole idea was always nuclear in order to give physicists the century to three centuries they need to develope a working prototype fusion reactor.
>>36422 I'm skeptical with anything regarding snakes since snakes are one of those critters that have been burned into the subconscious of mankind as a danger/threat. Consider that there are snakes that developed marksman accuracy to spit shit into your eyes solely because of monkeys fucking with them for hundreds of thousands of years.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnFRlh_My8I Belarusian man explaining that the Russians are making their gains a little too quickly and might want to slow down before they get caught in a pincer due to overconfidence.
>>36425 I agree, i might add that they are the most far out looking creatures aside from insects hence the repulsion (crocs, snakes, monitors, komodos) although the scaly fuckers also display more independent thoughts and behavior than well the bugs. Thing that makes me wonder is how prevalent the reports of such things, in somewhat consistent form, appear in many cultures and usually doing the same things along with silly fuckers in the media getting tape over their mouths very quickly for daring mentioning things related to the topic. The ruskie one made me wonder even more because it's one of those instances that happened outside the US. Polite sage due to wildly off-topic OR IS IT
>>36424 Still it's better than what we're currently doing.
>>36424 Fission is borrowed time for fission. The biggest asteroid mining operation is likely to be for fissile materials, which are extremely plentiful in both rims.
>>36388 >Anyone can get arrested or heavily fined for even the slightest thing. Average russian hates him. You just performed actionable act of libel. Thats 500-2000$ fine or jailtime. Enjoy your stay. >>36428 They have been building up speed in the corner for three months, with the troop concentration in there they can manage the push without getting encircled. Besides, ukrops are not known for their manevours/
>>36382 >The best fucking thing to happen would be for all the new NATO members to leave NATO and create their own mutual defense pact organization Isn't Visregard set up explicitly for that but for Eastern European countries?
>>36435 No, Visretard are just a local cooperation group with little authority if any.
Open file (568.65 KB 993x769 mad gainz.png)
>Ukrainian troops have received order to retreat from Sieverodonetsk, says local governor Serhiy Haidai Hence, real Russian occupation would include Sewerdonuts in this map. These are some mad gains for RU comparatively judged to anything in this embarassing shitshow war. So long for another 1 month stalemate either way.
>>36433 >They have been building up speed in the corner for three months Do they have enough to teleport the VDV into the White House in half an A press? >>36437 Nice Carpathian benis.
>>36438 Come now, people are dying. You cannot joke about these things. An A press is an a press. you can't say it's only a half
Open file (12.08 MB 1280x720 IMG_4875.MP4)
Open file (4.97 MB 848x464 IMG_8201.MP4)
Open file (1.41 MB 1280x763 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36437 Gorskoe - LPR Flag and surrender. Current Zolote encirclement map.
>>36437 I've heard few analysts make a statement that Russia is methodicaly moving now, and actually destroying Ukrainian equipment and manpower as their primary focus and taking land as secondary objective and only where they have enough manpower to hold it or achieve encirclements, since they're stretched thin, and relying more on elastic defense where you're not advancing, as seen at Kherson. It would explain why they leverage massive amounts of artillery, to make up for their numbers inferiority.
Open file (4.66 MB 848x624 IMG_8211.MP4)
Open file (15.72 MB 1280x720 IMG_3293.MP4)
Open file (12.81 MB 1280x688 IMG_5368.MP4)
>1 Caught by the 6th detachment of B.A.R.S., consisting of volunteers attached to the army of the defenders of the LPR. >2 Flag of Victory over the Zolotoye/Katerinovka military-civilian administration building. >3 bodies found at the river near Mariupol >4 VDV moving to the front
Open file (5.25 MB 464x848 IMG_5825.MP4)
Open file (4.90 MB 1280x720 IMG_5334.MP4)
Open file (7.34 MB 528x832 IMG_5028.MP4)
Open file (1.49 MB 990x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>1 “zelensky has sold you out like he sold out Azov. No help is coming. You are encircled. There’s no way out. Save your lives and surrender.” >2 Kherson
Open file (1.16 MB 828x597 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 828x615 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.19 MB 828x599 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.22 MB 828x604 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.25 MB 828x585 ClipboardImage.png)
Photos from Novotoshkovskoye
Open file (2.92 MB 480x480 1656081251450.webm)
Open file (1.51 MB 967x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Some anti-russian things to balance things out. >il-76 crashlanded tonight. >rocket failure. I think I saw this webm already months ago but it is currently spammed as great ukrop victory >himars are in https://streamable.com/kppqja >chief of kherson gets nicked
Open file (4.23 MB 1082x720 khaz-vs-ruflag1.mp4)
Open file (380.26 KB 2048x1619 1656045142674.png)
>>36449 >3rd pic. >It becomes routine. >routine. AFAIK he is the first confirmed Khersonian official that is KIA from an individual attack. Moreover there have been several thwarted individual attacks throughout the war, i.e. in Crimea, up to and during Victory Day. And almost certainly there are more thwarted attacks than reported. But are the Ukrops going to report that? No. And so it's not that I mind anti-Russian stuff because it is anti-Russian. But it is because Ukrops are physically incapable of not spinning it into some Disney bullshit that makes it sound like Ukraine is already occupying the Kremlin.
Open file (932.99 KB 650x810 dee, eee, dee. ded.png)
>>36454 Moreover, as cold as it sounds, the man who died was a literally who in the grand scheme of things. He didn't even have anything to do with the military. And so Ukrops do no more than cheer for more of the same of what has been happening for 8 years already. Source: https://t.me/intelslava/31818 https://archive.ph/wbVYv
>>36455 >department of family, youth and sports What a (((coincidence))).
Open file (60.92 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>36463 Nice. A+
>>36444 >Third video >Burning to death What a shitty way to die.
>>36449 >2nd 'boomerang' missile Looks like a curved arc, that seems like a returning missile based on the viewpoint it is recorded from. The missile is launched from the hill in the background and it goes down into the town in the foreground. The lighting on the hill is nearer the viewer when it comes down, confirming this. So it is NOT returning to the launch point as NPCs claim. >>36444 >3rd video burnt to death The circular wires (that were tire beads) over the bodies suggest Ukrainians burnt alleged traitors with 'necklaces' (The old South African method of burning tires around the neck or on the body)
>>36465 The teeth are removed too. This was more than an execution. It was a coverup.
Video footage coming in, Russian soldiers are allegedly inside Azot plants
There's something oddly satisfying in watching tiktoktards getting rekt
>>36473 >Azov >now Azot Ukrainians really lack imagination when naming their plants huh. When is the Azog plant siege coming?
>>36475 Azot means nitrogen in slav. It was chemical fertilizer plant.
>>36412 I doubt anyone ever will since both sides are compromised
>>36401 How do you know that guy is even German?
>>36392 >Wrong on both fronts, try reading less Russian lib propaganda next time. Try reading less RT then. Go on any imageboard or Russian site and the only thing they even talk about is how much they hate him
>>36486 >Go on any imageboard *Russian imageboard
>>36463 Well done, Strelok. I congratulate you. This one took at least 20 minutes with a video editor and Photoshop, far more than most normal posts.
>>36487 >Russian imageboard You realize that russian imageboards are as good an indicator of a regular person's political views as places like recetera are in the west? Their lot are nothing but westernized contrarian retards.
>>36486 >Russian imageboards are representative of the population Next you're going to tell me Twitter represents more than a fraction of 3% of Americans.
Any news from the frontline today?
>The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announces complete liberation of Severodonetsk, Borovskoye, Sirotino and Voronovo Well, I guess that wraps up the great Ukrainian Severodonetsk counter offensive. Also,according to Ukrainians claims, Billy Herrington was killed in Ukraine while fighting for the Russian Army. I didn't even know he was a Chechen, kek.
>>36492 Severodonetsk is pretty much over, work is being done on Lysichansk currently. Once it's done it's only a couple of villages and an oil refinery and Lugansk People's Republic is fully liberated.
>>36492 Russians claim Severodonetsk is fully captured, including Azot chemical works. Lisichansk will maybe last for a few days, no more than a week I guess, as Ukrainians have apparently been retreating from Lisichansk while leaving behind a token defense force to cover the retreat. Still waiting on more video confirmation of these claims, as this is all happening in less than one day. >>36493 That’s funny. But y tho? I know he’s dead for real. But why? I don’t understand. Was he part Russian? Is there a bot running the Ukrainian MoD social media pages now that the previous admin was killed in a Russian missile strike?
>>36493 >Well, I guess that wraps up the great Ukrainian Severodonetsk counter offensive. You say that jokingly but Sverodonetsk had all the fortifications of Azovstal plant so the act of taking it shows just how demoralized the Ukrainians are to the point of immediate surrender from a position they could camp in for months.
>>36495 >That’s funny. But y tho? Probably its trolling, somebody posted a picture of Billy and media up some story for shits and giggles and journos being journos didn't even bother to check information and just posed it hoping to have 'gotcha Russkies' moment. They did that already several times with actors from Red Alert video game.
>>36497 >>36495 My favorite was still the use of Disney star war promotional footage claiming they were Russian soldiers.
Open file (6.59 MB 1280x720 gachimuchi country.webm)
>>36493 I'm surprised Ukrainians are so quick to forget their own heroes.
>>36499 Kek, you mean the Tie Fighter one? >>36500 Billy was a hero to all of us, anon
>>36492 Whenever there's a lack of news, it's either a stalemate or Ukraine is losing territory faster than Russia can report it without harming troop movements.
>>36489 >Photoshop >implying I used gimp2 and shotcut, can't go wrong with free as in freedom software.
>>36485 >How do you know that guy is even German? >unable to detect sarcasm or hyperbolic statements >>36493 >that wraps up the great Ukrainian Severodonetsk counter offensive >>36494 >and Lugansk People's Republic is fully liberated So any guesses what the ostensible justification for continuing onto Odessa will be? Something something snake island or Transnistria maybe. >>36495 >But y tho? It's a borderline meme account if you can onto vodka runes. >>36497 > journos being journos You're being rather generous with that epithet. Probably ЦИПсО (the ukrop IDF/glow niggers).
>>36512 DNR isn't cleared yet even if the LNR was cleared.
The 12 PzH 2000 SPGs that recently arrived in the Ukraine will surely be enough to overcome Russia's artillery superiority and won't be used to shell civilians, right?
Open file (232.42 KB 1082x1080 Military targets.jpg)
Open file (820.54 KB 640x352 shittershattered.webm)
Russian was droned while defecating. Thats it for todays portion of ukrainian propaganda.
>>36519 >Russians are so poor that their soldiers have to defecate in the open without toilets. Heh. Stupid Ruskies.
>>36524 >Ukraine is so underequipped with toilets Russians have to shit in the open My condolences to the Chinese when they inevitably invade India.
>>36524 And here I thought I liked camping. Turns out I'm just poor
Open file (6.18 MB 336x640 IMG_8431.MP4)
Open file (190.99 KB 828x397 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (11.94 MB 848x848 IMG_5222.MP4)
Open file (9.89 MB 544x832 IMG_5221.MP4)
Open file (913.94 KB 828x621 ClipboardImage.png)
1) administration building of Borovskoye in the LPR 3- 5) Cherkasy dam
Open file (5.91 MB 1280x704 IMG_5218.MP4)
Open file (735.44 KB 464x848 IMG_5896.MP4)
Open file (4.61 MB 848x464 IMG_5894.MP4)
Open file (13.31 MB 1280x688 IMG_5879.MP4)
1) Cherkasy dam 3) Azot 5) Konstantinovka industrial facility.
Open file (7.90 MB 720x1280 IMG_5843.MP4)
Open file (5.19 MB 848x464 IMG_2040.mp4)
Open file (2.86 MB 1280x720 IMG_2041.mp4)
Open file (284.88 KB 802x492 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (13.15 MB 848x464 IMG_6372.MP4)
1) Konstantinovka industrial facility. 2-3) Avdeedvka today 4)As a result of the shelling of the Tavrida drilling platform in the Black Sea by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the helipad on the platform was damaged. 5) Avot
Open file (146.00 KB 355x500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36519 Well that's pretty shitty.
1) McDonald's logo was dismantled in Belgorod, Russia with the song "Goodbye, America" 2) Walking around "Azot" plant. 3) Kiev 4) ukies in Severodonetsk flee into Lisichansk yesterday 5) Lisichansk gelatin plant
Open file (316.97 KB 500x375 char laugh.gif)
>>36530 Normally I don't watch the flag videos but for some reason the super serious music with them wrapping it on with tape had my sides in orbit.
>>36536 shit the descriptions numbers should be flipped >>36537 yeah they could be cringy at times I post them for confirmed captures 1) streets of Lisichansk still under ukie controlled 2) somewhere in the Lisichansk Oblast front
situation on the Odessa direction and near Snake Island as of 2:30 p.m. on June 26, 2022 by @rybar > On the night of June 25-26, units of a grouping of dissimilar forces of Ukraine carried out a massive shelling of the positions of the Russian Armed Forces on Snake Island. >Barrel artillery, including 155 mm M777 howitzers, and Western-made MLRSs were used. Three MiG-29 fighters and one Su-25 attack aircraft, probably taken off from the Voznesensk airfield, were operating in the area south of Zatoka. > According to a Russian Defense Ministry press release, air defense units shot down the Su-25 aircraft as well as 12 artillery and MLRS rounds. >Another bombardment was preceded by increased activity of the US Air Force and NATO Air Force reconnaissance aircraft flights over the territory of Romania and the Black Sea water area - at least 10 units. >The day before the previous attempted attack on the Snake River on 20 June exactly the same picture was observed: at least 10 reconnaissance planes were in the air (against the "usual" outfit of up to six aircraft). >The Ukrainian command said after the failed attempt on June 20 that the AFU would continue attacks on the island until its complete liberation. During the night, there was probably an assessment of the state of the air defense systems on Snake (positions, number of systems and ammunition). >As in the previous case, various types of reconnaissance aircraft were active in the air: electronic and radio reconnaissance and long-range radar detection. In the coming days we should expect a more intense attack on the island's garrison. >It is for this purpose that the American leadership has additionally transferred 18 patrol boats to the "mosquito fleet". It is not ruled out that the surface equipment is either on its way or has already been delivered to the Ukrainians. As a rule, the official approval of the bill takes place some time after the actual shipment of military aid. >>36538 third image related
Patrick did his first foray into the Kharkiv region. I like the man at the 30ish minute mark. >"Don't show my face on camera, I don't want to be on camera" >"This is going to be broadcasted though." >"On Russian television?" >"To the world. He's an American." >Guy looks dumbfounded for a second then goes into full details The people in this episode look so dead to the world... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iFv5jxInOc
>>36519 Do Russian soldiers get standard-issue black briefs, or do they have to buy their own underwear?
>>36542 Russian soldiers get standard-issue olive green undergarments, however it's been noted on a few occasions that the Russians have been caught stealing underwear and boots from Ukrainian men suggesting their own may not be up to the task.
>>36533 >last vid What kind of ammo and belt are those at the end?
>>36538 >2) somewhere in the Lisichansk Oblast front Refinery?
>>36538 >>36539 Why the hell does ukraine want snake island so badly? It can't be for a moral victory at this point because repeated failures are going to make it seem like the price was too high even if they pull it off. I can only guess at two possibilities. A: whathisname wants to kill as many of his own people as possible or B: They want to capture snake island so that the US can offload all sorts of missiles and shit there. B seems highly unlikely though.
>>36546 Snake Island allows the Russians to keep an eye on what American reconnaissance aircraft are doing and endangers shipments from Romania into Ukraine or from the Black Sea into Ukraine. Ukraine is currently going broke because they can't ship out grain fast enough (in three months they shipped 1/6th of what they would normally ship in 1 month) and outside of America (American currency not being particularly trusted by the world right now), everybody else is calling on Ukraine to start paying some of their debts back in grain if they can't pay it in money. Russia doesn't particularly want or need Snek Island in relation to their overall operation, however Ukraine would greatly benefit from reducing Russian naval presence and/or securing a sea trade route, so they really do need it.
Open file (1.08 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (11.44 MB 1280x720 IMG_5910.MP4)
Open file (965.01 KB 828x622 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36545 >Refinery? could be. reports O group has fully captured Volcheyarovka and rumors that Topolevka is under russian control
>>36550 Maybe i'm just in a melancholic mood, but damn, looking at those rotting corpses i can't help but think about how not so long ago they were people, they laughed and cried, they had relationships, things they liked, things they hated, etc, yet now they're nothing more than food for animals and insetcs, all due to geo-political issues they had no control over.
Open file (982.64 KB 821x605 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (964.65 KB 821x535 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (745.86 KB 821x578 ClipboardImage.png)
Civilies in Severodonetsk industrial zone were transferred to Starobelsk but about a third refuse to leave Severodonetsk, said the republic's ambassador to the Russian Federation Rodion Miroshnik.
>>36551 That corpse at 35 is a nigger, not a person.
>>36549 But it's obvious they wont ever get snake island back. They're just sending men to die and equipment being destroyed is my point. All trying to snake island will do is reduce their ability to defend on their other fronts. I can't believe they don't see that.
>>36550 1) another video from Volcheyarovka 2) Gorskoye, a civilian car was blown up on one of the mines rest are videos of ukies
Open file (377.59 KB 828x824 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.56 MB 464x848 IMG_8456.MP4)
Open file (1.56 MB 464x848 IMG_8457.MP4)
Open file (513.46 KB 576x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (464.83 KB 576x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
1-3)Mayaki, Odessa pics 4-5) Kharkov
Russia is claiming that Ukraine is sending completely untrained (not even basic boot camp) to the front lines, so they went and blew up the training camps. There has been a movement of Ukrainian troops from the boot camps not hit towards the front line near Bakhmut. >>36554 >But it's obvious they wont ever get snake island back. It's obvious after the Russians reinforced it, but that could have been a bluff. >They're just sending men to die and equipment being destroyed is my point. The periodic attacks made sense. Ukraine still has superior numbers even if their troops are fatigued, and you can only stuff so many soldiers into one area so it makes sense to try and take the island and keep the Russians on their toes. The most recent attack was an attempt by the Ukrainian MOD to test out American howitzers (they had been trained on them but hadn't deployed them prior to that) and it worked out quite well for them since they managed to strike civilian oil refineries near Snake island. Russian MOD says they destroyed the howitzers but there is no proof of the howitzers, only the aircraft (which Ukraine appears to have an excess of for some reason). I agree that any further attacks would be silly since it's now established that the Russians weren't bluffing with their defenses, and that the attacks seem silly from the perspective of troop retention, but for the Ukrainians warm bodies are the one thing they have an excess of.
Professor Mearsheimer's analysis of the Ukrainian war. Nothing new for you or me, but it's a good "introduction video" explaining/attacking Western narratives to get to the empirical truth of the matter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRDt2NWmlV4
What does /k/ think the final outcome of this war will be? A stalemate?
>>36564 Honestly WWIII. NATO is already alluding to helping Ukraine come August/September if there is still a country to indoctrinate. That aside, I expect that Ukrainians will turn against their leaders either from fatigue or from starvation by September/October.
In other news, the month of grace period on Russia's nonpayment of bonds has passed. Time to start seizing Russian assets. https://archive.ph/T95UU
>>36566 This is less Russians saying "we won't pay our debts" and more westerners saying "we won't accept your payments" really.
>>36567 Taiwanese were the first to have the grace period expired, so its them. It's also in the contracts: The bond contract specifies payment in Euro or Dollar. A ruble payment is not in the contract. If Russia wanted to pay in ruble, they should've written the contract that way. They didn't. You can't retroactively change payment currency and claim you're totally fulfilling your contractual obligations.
>>36568 Russia would be perfectly able to pay in euro/dollars too, except the part where the western countries froze these assets themselves. It's kinda like somebody stealing your wallet first and then asking you to give back the money you owe.
>>36566 If you have the money, are willing to pay, and try to pay, but the banks refuse to process the payment, that's not a real default.
Open file (1.96 MB 704x576 1656233764915.webm)
>>36558 >The periodic attacks made sense. Ukraine still has superior numbers even if their troops are fatigued, and you can only stuff so many soldiers into one area so it makes sense to try and take the island and keep the Russians on their toes. Except even if they managed to capture it it would get shelled to shit by remnants of black sea fleet. >The most recent attack was an attempt by the Ukrainian MOD to test out American howitzers (they had been trained on them but hadn't deployed them prior to that) m777 were used before, there is drone footage and proof of their destruction/capture by russians, dating months back at that. >and it worked out quite well for them since they managed to strike civilian oil refineries near Snake island. As far as I know the platforms got droned. I think vid related was lauded as an attack on the platforms. Also there >>36533 is a pic claiming to be post-attack platform. >Russian MOD says they destroyed the howitzers but there is no proof of the howitzers, only the aircraft (which Ukraine appears to have an excess of for some reason). See: >>36156 >>36159 These are attributed to a small island on Odessas coast.
I am going to ask the most controversial thing that i have not seen get addressed so far. Who is responsible for the current state of /k/ (the one we all came here from) and why was it allowed like that ? On the whole website there is ONE fucking general called "comfy happening in Ukraine General" (not even ug as it was originally called a decade ago) and that too is full of faggots blogposting and shills trying to derail it any chance they get. I asked this question and i got banned from that site for a month.
>>36519 Shouldn't make me laugh but that centrifugal force tho
>>36565 >Honestly WWIII. I agree but this is the dumbest of all fucking possible reasons to bomb the the northern hemisphere back 50 to 100 years. It's slavs righting slavs. The killing and war is bad but it's really not anyone else's problem or business. And it all ultimately derived from Washington elites getting their tranny panties in a wad over Russia. https://archive.ph/CPzJ8 I don't know if I fully buy this explanation but it's an interesting and dreadful possibility.
>>36572 >Who is responsible for the current state You know the answer as it applies to almost everything nowadays
>>36572 You talking about cuckchan or 8kunt? Because cuckchan is controlled opposition and is filled with glowniggers and 8kunt is a cuckservative cult that prays to Q.
>>36576 >>36578 Yeah 8kunt is dead. Glowniggers are trying their best to fuck that site up even more, they didnt stop file hosting for nothing. cuckchan is totally cucked, i thought they'd stop after making their "special" discord servers but guess i was wrong. I havent seen a place get astroturfed into oblivion this much and this fast ever before. >>36565 There will never be a WW3. US/NATO armies dont have the man power needed for what follows after the nukes fall. Neither does Russia. The current idea with MAD is everyone gets atleast one nuke to major civilian centres, industrial backbones. EMPs that will cause electronics to burn out and most likely all satelites going offline because they will most likely use those "domino effect" space weapons that even Russia leaked in one of the MoD videos. Once the stand off weapons end, then you need actual foot soldiers (mechanized or otherwise) to go through. Just have a look at the state of most of the countries's armies right now. Politicians and journalist, no matter where they are from, are usually always the most spineless, brainless faggots who do whatever their 'sponsor' wants them to. They'll shit themselves 10 times just thinking that they have to go to 'war'. Most countries have turned into welfare states and no one knows how these welfare 'enjoyers' will act when the governments stop funding them because there is a war to fight. The world we live in is hedonistic, everyone only pursues the next rush they can get. And to think they willl just let go of all of it is absurd. They simply wont. They have been getting away with doing all sorts of shit but just making sure a tipping point is never reached. The whole narrative with the shot was that in order to get your freedumbs and be a hedonist again, you "should" to take it. and people complied. All while politicians and the rich lived their lifestyle like they always have. Same with this war, and whatever other escalation that will happen. Russia isnt fighting how it should, US isnt giving Ukraine the weapons it should have to actually create a threat for Russia. Poland has been trying to incite Russia into conflict for so long, same for Lithuania. This 'default' that they created is only to seize Russian property over seas. Its all an elaborate IRL shitpost where hapless and clueless idiots from either side are dying for reasons unbeknowst to them, you or me. When Zelsinky was touting around in Kiev unharmed and unbothered, it was pretty clear then. And the fact they 'negotiated' deals with Russia through the Gayest Ally instead of USA. The gayest allly cucked out and didnt even deliver its AShMs and NLOS systems after some botched up story about how S300s painted their jets flying over Syria. tl;dr; shits fucked, nothing will change. thanks for reading my blog.
>>36575 >Satirical simulation. If there is another thing God loves after his Son, then it’s irony.
Open file (1.91 MB 1280x875 ClipboardImage.png)
Situation on the Severodonetsk-Lysychansk direction as of 14:00 June 27, 2022 by @rybar >Allied forces of the Russian Armed Forces, the NM of the LNR and DNR, as well as volunteer formations are developing an offensive to encircle the enemy's Severodonetsk-Lysychansk grouping. > Units of the 25th Army Division of the AFU attempted a counterattack on Volcheyarovka to prevent the encirclement ring from closing north of the village. The attack was repulsed: fighting continues in Maloryazantsevo to the north of Volcheyarovka. >Assault units of the Russian Armed Forces, supported by army aviation, broke through the AFU defenses west of Volcheyarovka and occupied part of the territory of the Lisichansk refinery. Fighting is going on in the western part of the refinery and the village of Verkhnekamenka with units of the 25th OvdbR, 24th Ombra and the 17th detachment of the AFU. >The fighting in Maloryazantsevo and at the oil refinery actually means narrowing of the encirclement ring around the Severodonetsk-Lysychansk grouping. It is now possible to leave the outlined cauldron by the only remaining road along the bank of the Seversky Donets through Belogorovka, which is under the fire control of the Russian Armed Forces. >In Lysychansk, there is fighting on the southern outskirts near the RTI plant, Bila Gora and the glass factory. > On the eastern bank, the mopping-up of Borovskoye and Severodonetsk continues. Several hundred civilians were evacuated from the shelters of the Azot plant.
Results of fire attacks on targets in Ukraine overnight from June 26 to 27, 2022 by @rybar > In northeastern Ukraine, the Russian Armed Forces struck enemy positions in Khrenovka and Yanzhulovka in the Chernihiv region, as well as Slavgorod in the Sumy region. >In Kharkiv, locals reported four rocket attacks last night. Explosions were heard (https://t.me/rybar/34432) on the southern outskirts of the city, near Saltovka and in Pesochin. According to some reports, AFU positions in Kharkiv's School No. 29 were destroyed. >In addition, in the region, the RF Armed Forces hit enemy positions in Chuguev, Ukrainka, Zamulovka, Shestakovo, Peremoga, Russkaya Lozovaya, Grushevaha, Adamovka and Khrestishche. >During the night and morning hours, Russian forces launched missile and artillery strikes against AFU facilities in Sloviansk. The Ukrainian army's locations in Mykolayivka, Mayaki and Raigorodka were also hit in the suburbs. >In Donbass, the Russian Armed Forces continued to fire artillery at the enemy in Lysychansk and at the Lysychansk refinery. In the Donetsk direction, strikes were launched against Ugledar, Marinka, Avdiivka and Krasnohorivka. >In the Zaporizhia direction there were artillery duels near Vasylivka and near Poloh. >On the Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog direction, local sources reported that Russian missiles were launched at Nikolaev, but no information was later published about explosions in the city. >At the same time, at night, the Russian Armed Forces struck an AFU barracks in Bereznevatom, which may have killed more than 100 Ukrainian fighters. >On this section of the front, artillery duels also continued along the entire line of contact >A missile strike truck an ammunition depot for American M777 howitzers in the village of Mayaki in the Odessa region at night. One of the missiles was shot down by Ukrainian air defenses. >Ukrainian formations, for their part, struck Zimogorye in the morning hours, where, according to preliminary reports, a munitions depot might have detonated. >As before, the AFU struck Donetsk, Makiivka, and the outskirts of Gorlovka.
Open file (175.82 KB 972x561 Untitled.png)
>>36582 liveuamap makes the map look like the oil refinery it's being attacked the south and left side, could be possible that the russians are encircling the oil refinery before sieging it.
Open file (45.87 KB 622x628 refinery.jpg)
>>36584 Quite possible there's on ground fighting right now, and not just artillery barrages. Refinery is next logical step for Russian advance.
>>36579 >Politicians and journalist, no matter where they are from, are usually always the most spineless, brainless faggots who do whatever their 'sponsor' wants them to. That's just the western world anon, which is why I'm scared and why I hate these politicians and the people who fellate them with all my might. They take all of what we have for granted and bitch and moan if anyone tries to pull them to reality. >tl;dr; shits fucked, nothing will change. Anon, something is coming and you will see it in the next 20 years.
>>36564 It is impossible for it to not be a stalemate. After the ork hordes become exhausted from too much pillaging and raping, and stop, the USA will have another Mission Accomplished moment in declaring NATO fought Russia to a stalemate. And that the next step to occupying the Kremlin is a major counter offensive that will happen next month year decade.
>>36558 >only the aircraft (which Ukraine appears to have an excess of for some reason) DPA brought this up today in his summary too. I wonder how they are getting them into the Ukraine unmolested when the Russians just hit a training camps near Poland?
>>36591 And we would know if they were flown into the country from the radar and ruskie accusations... Underground factory made in an old bunker under one of the nuke plants? As far as I know soviets kept stockpiles of factory equipment to rebuild shit after the nukes fell. You could transport disassembled planes in normal trucks, I guess? They would still need a way to launch them and with satelite+ tracking ukr planes flight it could be quickly identified. Just a schizo tier theory.
>Iran and Argentina applied to join the BRICS.
Kremenchug shopping mall
1) ukies attacking Zmiinyi Island (music warning) 2) Luhansk - a huge column of smoke from Zymogorye 3) Kiev yesterday 4)Fleeing Ukrainian soldiers say that their deputy commander should be shot. 5) Howitzer work (music warning)
>>36586 >Anon, something is coming and you will see it in the next 20 years. Meteor?
>>36596 Why would Ukrainians park the mall on Russian cruise missile path? thinkingemoji.jpeg
>>36568 >Western countries freeze Russian assets >Western countries artificially reducing Russian currency value tenfold to "offset" Russia's artificial twofold price increase >"Russia can pay in Western currency if they want to :^)" Yeah at a 500 percent markup because they froze Russia's foreign assets already.
>>36572 Cuckchan or 8kunt? This board is not a spiritual successor of the former and has been separated from them since the gamergate shit years ago, and the latter is full of Qboomers if it even exists still.
Open file (1.92 MB 240x160 fullg4lze.gif)
>>36595 BRICSIA soon >>36603 Here's a taste of my power!
>>36591 >>36592 Yeah, building them domestically underground seems to be the only reasonable answer, but where are they getting the pilots? I'd think most Ukrainian pilots would have successfully left the country months ago since they can apply their craft in other countries. Unless Ukraine went through the same crap as Canada/America during COVID and they just have unemployed civilian pilots by the dozen?
>>36613 Probably merc pilots is my guess. The West's media is dead silent on the presence of foreign volunteers outside of the Reddit brigade.
Open file (587.26 KB 995x702 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (889.93 KB 1014x731 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36579 I hope you are right, but short of the archive linked in >>36575 I'm worried the West will do something thinking Russia will just bend over backwards and then we'll have WWIII om our hands when they don't. >Once we step aside from culture war resentments and focus on the hard realities of geopolitics, it is clear that Russia will eventually get its way because it cares more about Ukraine than the US does, and has the ability to threaten or use military force to get what it wants. When resolve and capabilities line up on the same side, that side is going to win. And the reason that Americans don’t care about Ukraine is that Ukraine objectively does not matter to the US. All the sophistry in the world coming from MSNBC hosts, ex-generals on the payrolls of defense contractors, and think tank analysts can’t change people’s perceptions here. >The only questions now are how far Putin will go, and how tough American sanctions will be. Washington is now deluding itself into believing that it can help facilitate an insurgency in Ukraine. This will not happen. One of the best predictors of insurgency is having the kinds of terrain that governments cannot reach, like swamps, forests and mountains. Ukraine is the heart of the great Eurasian steppe. It has some forests in the northwest and the Eastern Carpathians in the southwest, but Russia is likely to at most occupy the East and center of the country, where there are more Russian speakers, and give itself final say over whatever new government forms in Kiev. The two maps below show the percentage of Ukraine covered in forest by region, and that country’s presidential election outcome in 2010. >In the second map, blue represents support for Yanukovych (pro-Russia), while yellow is support for Tymoshenko (pro-West). As you can see, the most Russian areas are those with terrain least conducive towards fighting an insurgency. So Russia will have overwhelming military power in an area with a great deal of popular support on terrain that will make life for any rebels extremely difficult. Its army would be wise to basically leave a chaotic rump Ukraine in the West to its own devices. >Even setting aside the geography of the country, there is no instance I’m aware of in which a country or region with a total fertility rate below replacement has fought a serious insurgency. Once you’re the kind of people who can’t inconvenience yourselves enough to have kids, you are not going to risk your lives for a political ideal. When the US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, their total fertility rates were 7.4 and 4.7, respectively. Chechnya, where Russia has faced insurgencies in recent decades, experienced a population boom after the collapse of the Soviet Union and was still well above replacement with a TFR of 2.6 in 2020, down from 3.4 in 2009, when the last Chechen war ended. Ukraine is at 1.2. We see numbers like this and don’t stop to appreciate the wide chasm that separates the spiritual lives of nations where the average person has 1 kid from those with 3 or more, much less 6 or 7, each. >On fertility, Russia isn’t that much better than Ukraine, but it’s got the tanks and a powerful air force, and the side that wants to fight a guerrilla war has to be the one that is willing to take a much larger number of casualties. There’s a consistent pattern of history where there’s a connection between making life and being willing to sacrifice it. This, by the way, is also why Hong Kong was easily pacified when China started clamping down, and why Taiwan will fold and not fight an insurgency if it ever comes down to it. >A weakness of the American empire is that it promotes ideals few are willing to fight and die for. The US faced vicious insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan because religion and nationalism are more powerful motivating forces than a concern with the western definition of “democracy,” and Iraq was only pacified through Shia religious militias with ties to Iran. In Ukraine, the American establishment has been embarrassed by the reality that neo-Nazis and nationalist organizations were instrumental in overthrowing Yanukovych and have helped form the new regime. It likewise wasn’t an accident that the US had to rely on religious fundamentalists to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Even within the United States, liberal elites argue that they’re bringing women’s rights to backwards cultures while wringing their hands about the fact that Americans who actually fight our wars tend to be sympathetic towards “right-wing extremism.” This is the most overlooked contradiction of the American empire; you can bomb and drone those who resist, but Washington finds itself less effective the more it needs to rely on ground forces that are willing to make sacrifices for its ideals. Anon should read the full archive it's a good piece.
>>36575 >>36615 >WWIII will start over anti gay rights. >But not just any anti gay rights. >But anti gay rights from a nation that at least claims to be a homogenous Christian nation. Possible. Stupid, but possible. God said to man to procreate before God said Don't eat from that tree. And so homosexuality is significantly symbolic of overthrowing God's first sovereign command to humans.
>>36606 Yes. If Russia wants their assets, they should end the actions that caused them to be frozen. It was their actions that caused their inability to pay, thus "willingness to pay" is a laughable defense. If they wanted to pay, they could simply leave Ukraine and make peace. >>36613 Consider that volunteers with military experience get Ukrainian citizenship.
Open file (406.19 KB 1260x872 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36618 If Russia had completely pulled out a month ago, thrown Putin to a tribunal, and did every other ridiculous claim Ukraine has demanded, do you seriously believe the West would have accepted payments instead of defaulting the Russians anyways and saying it was their fault as punishment?
>>36618 I might have agreed if these sanctions weren't unilateral.
>>36579 >I havent seen a place get astroturfed into oblivion this much and this fast Can confirm, sounds like we are joking but it's so obvious it's scary, someone posts something tricky or really out there and the thread gets tons of activity sidetracking or sliding it yet the thread doesn't bump. There's still nuggets of gold but saying it's a sea of piss and shit would be underselling the place, you really have to read every single post for days to get someone who replies something worthwhile and they will usually do belittling the place to begin with. t. lurked again some months ago to check on normalfag trends and info on niche threads
>>36622 Once someone makes a decision, especially an unpopular one handed top-down by the moderation and invoked on the users, they tend to dig in and double down when attacked. I think you are just seeing the natural result of that because of a few Ukrainian janitors.
>>36579 >they didnt stop file hosting for nothing lolwut? so 8kunt is no longer an imageboard?
It's a series of tubes!
Open file (5.12 MB 480x360 Series of Tubes.mp4)
>>36582 >>36583 Sound like serious damage, AFU must still have substantial numbers in the cauldron areas - any info on this? >>36585 >Refinery is next logical step for Russian advance. Is refinery expected to be FUBAR or can Russians use it to supply fuel? >>36586 >fellate them with all my might n-no homo? >>36619 >defaulting the Russians anyways and saying it was their fault as punishment That's punishing the debt holders not so much Russia. Anyone who matters understands full well this is far more a reflection of 'murica chicanery than Russia's debt worthiness. >>36625 >8kunt is no longer This too shall pass.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuzDQMHxu3s Russians found a chink in Kiev's armor.
Open file (3.55 MB 2150x1375 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.71 MB 2150x1375 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36629 >AFU must still have substantial numbers in the cauldron areas - any info on this? Best I can find is Belarusian Man's report from yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQg5UfqFgSI You may also want to check militaryland's maps since they seem to be as accurate as any fog of war simulator can be.
>>36613 I can understand a soldier of fortune or even a pirate, but how do countries manage to get mercenary air pilots?
>>36633 Not every Sky King crashes I guess.
>>36629 >Is refinery expected to be FUBAR or can Russians use it to supply fuel? So far, I haven't seen any visuals from boots on the ground, but I think refinery will not be operation any time soon. There's fighting going on over there and I doubt Ukrainians will not go scorched earth on it the second they realize they can't hold it anymore.
>western cheerleaders posting videos of Ukrainian drone dropping VOG grenade on empty Russian truck >Russians posting videos of annihilating entire Ukrainian military convoy with heavy artillery One of these things is not like the other.
>>36629 >Is refinery expected to be FUBAR or can Russians use it to supply fuel? Ukrainians don't expect to ever regain the territories they are losing so they have been salting the earth (probably literally too but no proof yet) on their way out.
1) Zolote 2) lysychansk Gym, Russians have pushed deeper 3)Kremenchug 4)Fermmash plant in Slavyansk 5)Kremenchug
Open file (1.14 MB 1185x936 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.ph/KdKq1 >>36638 descriptions numbers should be flipped I am sorry for fucking it up again.
Open file (2.02 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.05 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.78 MB 960x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Fermmash plant in Slavyansk photos
Open file (119.09 KB 1462x470 1.jpg)
Open file (100.08 KB 777x635 2.jpg)
Open file (14.71 KB 164x157 3.jpg)
Open file (2.95 MB 1280x1280 himars.png)
>>36625 >>36629 >so 8kunt is no longer an imageboard? pic mostly related. >>36624 I dont think we ever had anything like that before. All opinions and sides were discussed on that board, always have been. It started getting bad when "you are ARMAtard" became a norm and we all should have nipped that in the bud. But we didnt, and here we are today. In unrelated news, Russia confirmed the use of HIMARS, using a GMLRS (GPS+Intertial guidance) M30 rocket fitted with cassette type ammo on a target in Luhansk (the 70 km variant). I dont know how many rockets were fired because the launcher can hold 12 (6x2) rockets of this type. Pic #4. >According to the representative office of the LPR in the SCCC, this morning, from the direction of Artemovsk (Bakhmut), a missile from the MLRS M142 Himars was released along Perevalsk.
Open file (7.42 KB 216x233 Goofy helmet.jpg)
Man, those IHPS look like absolute fucking shit.
>Killnet hacker group claims to have isolated 70% of Lithuania's entire network infrastructure [from the world.] Well, I guess that's one way to respond to a blockade with a blockade of sorts of your own.
>>36644 Why does everyone call it a blockade? Lithuania isn't blocking international air and waterways. Only the land corridor that is in Lithuania is no longer being allowed for Russia to use. That's not a blockade.
>>36645 If sea blockades are called blockades despite them not blocking land transport then this counts too.
>>36645 >Only the land corridor False. They're also blocking air traffic.
>>36645 blockade noun 1. an act or means of sealing off a place to prevent goods or people from entering or leaving Example: "they voted to lift the blockade of major railway junctions" verb 1. seal off (a place) to prevent goods or people from entering or leaving Example: "the authorities blockaded roads in and out of the capital" Maybe because it's the literal definition of a blockade. Something can be both a blockade and a sanction. Lithuania made it clear they were not embargoing Russia, therefore it's a blockade. Do you think a blockade means blocking the entire country on all sides or something equally retarded?
Open file (136.28 KB 510x743 FWXGc3kX0AUATMX.png)
Came up on this. Not sure how accurate these are, or what's the source. I think destruction of M777 were recorded so there's proof of those, as well as few tanks, SPG's and MRLS. ColonelCassad is pro Russian or an actual Russian. Unknown if he has any affiliation with Russian MoD for sources , so you know, grain of salt and all that.
>>36651 IIRC those numbers sound about right based on OSINT estimates (minus the warm bodies but OSINT takes casualties seriously because human life is important while Ukraine throws warm bodies around like free candy so...). I think Russian estimated are even higher. It's important to note that the Russian MOD is actually pretty conservative in their estimates as compared to Russian propagandist sources, but both probably have higher numbers.
>>36653 >It's important to note that the Russian MOD is actually pretty conservative in their estimates as compared to Russian propagandist sources, but both probably have higher numbers. I've actually noticed this. Few days ago I posted about Russian nuking HQ of UAF and claiming they killed 50+ high ranking officers, and I was very skeptical, but lo and behold, Ukrainians admitted 57 officers died in the attack not even 24h after. This is not the only example. They made claims several times that sounded too good to be true, but few hours later video footage was released to confirm the claims, such as destruction of western howitzers and shot down Ukrainian planes. So I'm thinking numbers released by official Russian MoD pge is pretty reliable. Shame Rybar got their leak in Ukrainian goverment plugged, so they stopped reporting on personnel loss within the UAF.
Open file (2.63 MB 720x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.53 MB 960x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.54 MB 960x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.72 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.59 MB 960x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Gorskoye-Zolotoye forest clean-up today
Open file (82.01 KB 900x900 unnamed (5).jpg)
https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/news_197251.htm Vatniggers btfo for all eternity. >inb4 damage control
Open file (3.53 MB 960x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.69 MB 960x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.39 MB 960x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.66 MB 1280x853 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.06 MB 1280x853 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.60 MB 1280x904 ClipboardImage.png)
@rybar -The Russian Armed Forces crossed the Donetsk River near Privolya, west of Lisichansk, and established a foothold in the area. A few days earlier, the Ukrainian Armed Forces had withdrawn part of the BTGr stationed in Pryvolye in the direction of Seversk. The occupation of Privolya and then Belogorovka will allow the ring around Lysychansk to be closed from the north. Coordinates: 49.000118, 38.252857
>>36658 How's that NATO No Fly Zone over Ukraine coming along? The only ones who shall run damage control is Finland and Sweden if/when they try to become the next Ukraine in believing that an alliance with NATO/EU is a get-out-of-jail free card for starting shit with Russia. >In that meeting, the leaders agreed a trilateral memorandum to address Türkiye’s legitimate security concerns, paving the way for Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership. Watermelon seller wins again. And Sweden continues to prove it is Islam's eternal bitch.
>>36663 >when they try to become the next Ukraine I double dare you, vatnik.
Open file (356.84 KB 1560x868 Finlands Last Tour.jpg)
>>36658 I'm legitimately impressed, but this is basically the worst-case scenario for all involved parties so it's a matter of being impressed by their idiocy to go forward with it. WWIII or NATO falling apart as an organization it is. Cold War 2.0 (technically 3.0 is on, baby. Who will play chicken longer? An unstoppable force or an immovable object?
>>36658 gg, no REEEEEEEEE, Russia. You played and you lost.
Open file (1.04 MB 2000x1519 Sweden.jpg)
>>36664 Perhaps I'm not well-versed on the matter, but does anything stop Russia from preemptively invading Sweden and taking over while Finland is caught between a rock and a hard place having guaranteed NATO membership but being cut off from NATO? Doing so would prevent Sweden from joining NATO. I mean they could induct them anyways, but they could've done so with Ukraine and didn't have the balls to do it despite training 10k Ukrainians in NATO exercises per month for the last seven years. Even if Russia just took Gotland and Oland, they could pull the same games that they've played in the Sea of Azov and Sweden would be hard-pressed to stop them with the Baltic Sea Fleet located in Kaliningrad/Konigsberg. Sweden's airforce is impressive, arguably the most tech-savvy airforce in the world alongside Japan and America, but much like the Ukrainians it relies on being able to launch it from a limited number of airports in the first place. Finland makes sense joining NATO, but Sweden only loses because they'll get pressured to share their military tech/military intelligence while gaining the ire of an already pissed Russia on their doorstep in the Baltic sea.
>fins had one moment of greatness in their entire history, that still ended in their defeat, and they're still riding the high
>>36668 >Finland makes sense joining NATO, but Sweden only loses because they'll get pressured to share their military tech/military intelligence while gaining the ire of an already pissed Russia on their doorstep in the Baltic sea. Perhaps their department of defense predicted the fall of the Baltic nations and Finland to the Russians in the near future and the government wanted to anticipate such a move? Or it's likely just another SWEDEN YES moment - can't get more migrants without safe passage through Europe. >>36669 The Finns indirectly caused WWII. Had they accepted the original Soviet plans (and then built up their own army instead of following the Soviet demands) the Red Army would not have been humiliated so much as to make Hitler decide to launch Barbarossa.
>>36664 Didn't that war end with the Finns losing more territory than if they had acquiesced to every Soviet demand from the start?
>>36670 >The Finns indirectly caused WWII. Eh,prelude to WW2 is an extremely complex topic. Roots can be traced backed to WW1. Winter war, in combination with great pruge definitely played a role. Consensus is that Germany woud still invade due to the whole lebensraum, food/oil issue and ideological reason, not to mention the whole shrinking market theory and 'vampire economy'. Kinda feel burned out, so I wont go into details. the real reason is the germans wanted to expand east was, that they wanted to be as far away as possible from the eternal anglo
>>36668 This would have every chance of starting WW3. It'd essentially spit in the face of NATO. >Sweden only loses It doesn't. As you said, Russia is already pissed and already threatened Sweden. Russia has a history of following threats with military force. But Russia also has a history of not invading NATO countries. Thus, Sweden gains safety from a coming Russian assault by joining NATO.
Open file (22.65 KB 350x525 Anglo.jpg)
Open file (791.92 KB 1242x1442 The Eternal Anglo.jpg)
Open file (3.15 MB 640x360 The Eternal ANGLO.mp4)
>>36672 >Spoiler Can you blame them?
Open file (2.50 MB 400x480 cirno_sip.gif)
Couldn't Russia capture Sweden bloodlessly by dressing up Chechen operatives as poor starving moderate migrants, then have them depose the Swedish government with help from fellow muslims and create a pro-Russian caliphate? Suddenly bombing the refugees you spent so much time and money to traffic across the mediterranean and Roachland for peaceful integration into a modern cosmopolitan anti-racist Europe free of discrimination would be an even tougher sell for natto than militarily invading/defending from some evil Christian Orthodox backwater opposing the sacred American Empire.
Open file (2.04 MB 1280x826 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (649.73 KB 1152x914 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (145.94 KB 657x892 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36673 >This would have every chance of starting WW3. You say this, but so far Russia should have started WWIII by NATO doctrine several times over and yet everyone except Poland has had cold feet. At this point it seems like it's NATO that's shaking in their boots at the prospect of Russia doing anything, and that's as someone who wants this war to end with Ukraine becoming landlocked and Russia ceasing all further actions against everyone in Europe.
>>36677 Chechens are Caucasian so it would never work. They only let Arab/African Muslims into Sweden, not Asian/Caucasian ones.
Interception of negotiations: Massive missile attack on the territory of Ukraine on June 25, 2022 [ENG SUBS ] switch on subtitles/captions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKCoN2hlS6w&t=7s
>>36687 This is from that chink-in-the-armor attack on Kiev recently? I thought those were surface-to-surface missiles, not aircraft. That makes the situation more dire since I was under the impression that the aircraft strikes are easier to trace than surface-to-surface missiles.
Belarusian man is claiming that the situation in Lysychansk is worse than previously thought for the Ukrainians, and that LNR forces already have 1/3rd of the city under their control. DPA didn't do an update today so chances are he's waiting for more information to come out. Take with a pinch of MSG, as Singaporean-man would say. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM_wlUqbuqk
Open file (516.74 KB 1280x720 happeningu.webm)
Oh right, it's possible that he's right. After all the entire argument between Zelensky and Zaluzhnyi was over whether to keep Lysychansk and Hirske as outposts to fall like Mariupol (Zelensky's decision) or whether to retreat to the Bakhmut line in order to reduce pressure on Ukrainian soldiers by creating a bottleneck (Zaluzhnyi). They were following Zelensky's plans despite Zaluzhnyi's protests, but the surrender of Hirske against direct orders not to had the Ukrainian oligarchs in a massive shit fit for various reasons (some more dark than others) and effectively forced them to half-assedly adopt Zaluzhnyi's line of defense.
>>36683 >At this point it seems like it's NATO that's shaking in their boots at the prospect of Russia doing anything At this point I don't see how anyone could have a different opinion about it since most of Europe have been basically removing all the funding they can from their militaries and the US has spent the last two years pissing off anybody who would actually want to go and fight a war and replacing anyone competent with niggers and trannies. Russia can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want and all the west can do is shoot themselves in the fucking chest and whine that Russia is being mean for not falling over and dying when they asked them to.
Open file (923.90 KB 1920x1080 teenage2turtles411.jpg)
>>36691 I had impatience with Russia's agonizingly slow approach to war. But now I have impatience with West Ukraine not yet boiling into an open civil war on Poland's doorstep.
Added some new Jewtube channels to the list from a range of viewpoints so that Strelok has the most resources available at his fingertips.
Open file (376.81 KB 2560x1707 fuck around.png)
>>36673 >This would have every chance of starting WW3. It'd essentially spit in the face of NATO. The danger is that it's impossible to know when Russia is just going to McFucking have enough of the motherfucking NATO members on it's motherfucking border and just decide that fortune favors the bold. After all, it's impossible to nuke Russia without also irradiating all of Europe and in the event of a conventional war Europe would be the battle field. Neither of those things would really work out good for Europe and would most likely cause European NATO members that aren't perfidious retarded anglos to reassess the whole situation. Also the Lithuania-Baltic situation might cause enough of an escalation to make a NATO v Russian war happen anyway. It is not a terribly wise idea to back a nuclear armed power into a corner, especially one that in the long run seems to have less to lose than you do from launching the ICBMs than to not.
>>36696 Don't forget one that is largely ideologically driven and which has been ideologically attacked since passing a "don't talk about gay sex in front of children" bill in 2012.
>>36658 Honestly? It changes nothing and is just acceptance of realityy. What, you think current year finland would stay neutral in any kind of scenario where nato fights russia? And Sweden is irrelevent militarilly. The only thing this changes is most likely sweden and finland losing native arms industry in favor of burgerlands, in long term.
Man I wish I could get my hands on some of those ukrainian gib weapons they handed out to civillians earlier on. Would make the whole conflict worth it in my eyes.
>>36308 >>Confirmed that 50 Ukrainian command staff (including the guy running the official Ukrainian MOD twitter page- not their propaganda sidearm) killed in Russian missile strike What, no more “which shrooms you are on?” grade tweets? Aww. That stream of cheerful delusions was one of the few hilarious parts in this mess. >>36491 According to the last Internet poll, 100% Russians use Internet.
Apparently Youtube shills for someone or another are going around defaming DPA as a "pro-Russian" channel because he tells funny jokes and won't use Ukrainian MoD reports unless they are backed up with video evidence. Even the Military Summary folks were having a good chuckle about it today. >>36700 The ultra-propaganda channel still seems to be up and posting. It's just the primary "serious" channel that is no longer posting, or at least wasn't for a while (haven't checked).
Anybody got any further information about allegedly caputed two Cesars by the Russians? Uralvagonzavod made a shitpost and thanked French for the donation of two pieces, but haven't seen any pictures of SPG for confirmation.
>>36702 Correction. It's not a Cesars on the video, it's Pion. But my question still stands regarding the allegedly captured Cesars
>>36698 >And Sweden is irrelevent militarilly. Didn't they have the 4th largest airforce in Europe after Russia, Britain and France?
>>36704 Like he said, irrelevant.
Its a good thing that pro war journos told us that Russia would run out of missiles. They forgot Belarus had a huge stockpile of missiles that is being used now that Russia doesnot have any left. https://youtu.be/RdlWG_pfsHo
Open file (550.28 KB 480x360 Finland.webm)
>>36671 yes, but the idea of the red army being a hugely superior force to everyone else on earth was completely shitter shattered in the process. red army was embarrased, stalin was embarrased, rest of the world were laughing their asses off, and it made dolphy think Barbarossa might actually work. there was one contingent the finns destroyed that were armed with drums and brass instruments, they legitimately believed victory was imminent and were marching towards the capital for the victory parade.
>>36707 Interesting that it happened at the same time the Red Army royally buttfucked the Japanese in the east, enough to make them abandon the Siberia invasion plans.
Open file (123.77 KB 852x1200 yukari_question.jpg)
>>36708 You mean how Edo sickness (beriberi) buttfucked the Japanese after they had already buttfucked the Russians?
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Jha1seSQbYc DPA seems to somewhat agree with the human waves tactic speculation, and that Ukraine is launching wave tactics on Snek Island with intent to demoralize/fatigue Russian troops and use up their air defenses in preparation for an amphibian assault. If true it's likely Ukraine will take Snake Island some time in the next month. Whether they can hold it or not is an entirely different story.
Open file (443.07 KB 1393x971 Moscow_trenches.jpg)
Does either side use trench digging machines, or at least civilian bulldozers and whatnot to help with earthworks?
Open file (53.66 KB 600x460 t1.jpg)
Open file (11.88 KB 500x375 t2.jpg)
Open file (255.19 KB 1023x676 t4.jpg)
Open file (151.67 KB 941x619 t3.jpg)
>>36717 tanks come with dozer blades. There are "recovery vehicles" that help dig trenches. Ukraine developed a PZM-3 armored trencher machine (the blue one in the pictures). USSR had a few machines they used already. Havent seen any pictures of these from DNR/LNR.
Open file (2.76 MB 1280x875 ClipboardImage.png)
>"By nine o'clock in the evening, the allied forces managed to establish control over the Lisichansk oil refinery. There are four kilometers left: to take Zolotorevka with the long-suffering Belogorovka and finally close the "cauldron".
>>36719 So, how much POW are we talking about this time?
>>36711 It’s hard to believe. Because I thought the point in human wave tactics is overwhelming the enemy with low grade, utterly disposable assets. I didn’t know fighter jets, their pilots, and assault UAV’s are now cheap enough to be disposable? But judging by Hohol reactions to the latest attack, which claims to have destroyed an air defense system, Ukraine wants Snake Island for the easy PR points for justifying more foreign aid, and that’s it. Its long term positional value in a naval blockade is outside of Ukraine’s thinking, I feel.
>>36720 I don't remember any POWs being taken on the Zolote-Girske cauldron, so perhaps Urinians are also going to avoid this encirclement?
>>36722 They took some prisoner, around 50ish by some accounts, they claimed to have killed off a lot more as they tried to evacuate. There are videos of UAF convoys getting hi by artillery, not sure if it's from the said pocket. We'll know soon I guess
>>36719 gg no re see you at bakhmut.
Russians allegedly swapped out Azov PoWs for pilots suggesting they value their pilots more than killing Azov. Not sure how the LNR/DNR feel about that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNEuuPahxmc
Open file (536.46 KB 894x763 1567902077242.png)
>>36658 The United States agreed to a deal to sell F-16s to Turkey at a heavy discount two hours after Turkey signed a memorandum with Sweden and Finland.
>>36726 Not just LNR/DNR, a lot of Russians are mad about that too. Allegedly the Azovites that were exchanged are in no fighting condition though, with many missing limbs and the like.
>>36726 Some days before this new possible exchange, Chechens apparently also exchanged a notorious lesbian Azov medic for one high ranking Chechen officer. Not sure how I feel about that. It sends mixed signals. The Chechens won't say who they exactly got in the exchange either. And that is more strange to me than the exchange happening at all. Because I would think that playing up how the Chechens got the better trade is a good way to smooth tensions among the public.
>>36728 Well, maybe their justification is that they don't expect to see them on the battlefield and can always recapture them as civilians or something. It makes practical sense but I can imagine how it wouldn't feel right letting them walk away. >>36729 >lesbian Azov medic >lesbian >Azov I'm still trying to piece this one together unless she's super butch and clit-rapes women, but I expect an "Lesbian ravished by Chechen soldiers" editorial before the end of Summer.
Open file (2.31 MB 1340x845 am i kawaii uguu.png)
>>36730 >unless she's super butch Here is the real life Azov-chan. You have been warned.
Open file (2.03 MB 500x369 to_be_alive.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xWpRra7YQ4 Military summary highlights: >Finland joining NATO would make cutting off Kaliningrad much easier explaining the main non-nuclear reason for adding them >Syrian Government officially recognizes the LNR/DNR as sovereign nations right as talks began to induct them into the Russian Federation officially >A referendum in Donetsk could spark an excuse for Russia to officially go to war with Ukraine since the Ukrainians wouldn't be able to resist shelling the civilian centers during/post-referendum >Explained a bit why he thinks Russia will invade Kharkiv first and not Odessa >Avdeevka seems to be the only place the Ukrainians are having any success in right now >Ukrainians are successfully evacuating Lysychansk much to Russian chagrin (estimates are about 90% of Ukrainian soldiers retreated successfully, whatever that means) >Russia pushing towards the landfill again >Walked back his claim that Russia owned 30% of Lysychansk >But insisted that Southern Lysychansk cannot retreat >DPA is saying Pryvilia is devoid of Ukrainian troops while Military Summary is saying there are heavy clashes there but that the town is reduced to ruins so it doesn't matter >There are allegedly about 8,000 Ukrainian soldiers still around Lysychansk and its outskirts so he estimates another week of fighting there Comments section also mentioned something about part of the peace agreement after WWII was that Finland remains a neutral country, so joining NATO can be interpreted as violating that contract and could theoretically be interpreted as an act of War by the Russians (if they want to). In other news... >DPA now supports streaming infrastructure that cannot be censored by Big Tech >Hasas stated he will post videos there that he can't post to Youtube or that get banned from youtube https://rumble.com/c/DefensePoliticsAsia >Lithuania is vetoing any attempts by the EU to lift sanctions on Kaliningrad >Using the excuse that once goods reach port in Kaliningrad, Russians will just change the goods from a domestic location to an international location and ship them >Is insisting that any special exceptions must not rely on Lithuania to inspect or otherwise ensure sanctions are being followed >Not to ensure neutrality or prevent bad actors, but because Lithuania doesn't want to deal with anything Russian-related >G7 is trying to scheme to cap oil prices in order to defund Russia >If they do this Russian oil production is threatening that it would fall from 10 million barrels per day to 2 million barrels per day >Even the progressives are coming out screaming because this will raise oil to more than $200/barrel >For perspective oil was $107/barrel back in March and is finally stabilizing at $120/barrel >Some official numbers suggest Russians have 15k-20k Ukrainian PoWs while Ukraine has about 600 to 2k Russian PoWs right now >>36733 Honestly if she grew out her hair/stopped bleaching it and got rid of the earrings she doesn't look that terrible. The tats are a dealbreaker though.
has anyone been archiving these threads?
>>36736 >>36736 I only do a lazy archive if there's not one being made and I'm getting ready to delete them so that anon doesn't yell at me for cleaning house. I don't believe in archiving imageboards so that is my compromise.
>>36735 >Comments section also mentioned something about part of the peace agreement after WWII was that Finland remains a neutral country, so joining NATO can be interpreted as violating that contract and could theoretically be interpreted as an act of War by the Russians (if they want to). The 29 June video on the Alexander Mercouris YouTube channel says about the same thing. We're reaching levels of "Fuck around and find out." I didn't think are possible.
>>36738 I've been listening to that one a bit and will likely continue it at work tomorrow. I'm ten minutes in and it's not bad. https://youtube.com/watch?v=TSPvz4LuoSw >"What the Russians are essentially demanding is capitulation" He's not wrong. Russia tried to negotiate, France tried to negotiate, Israel tried to negotiate, Turkey tried to negotiate... When four of the biggest warmongering countries on earth (America, the UK, and China aside) try to negotiate a peace deal and the response is drinking the koolaid that was meant for the civilians and cannon fodder, committing war crimes against civilians & PoWs, and acting stoic/machismo in the face of an avoidable war, it's not hard to see why Russia would demand Ukraine's complete humiliation at this point regardless of whether they are right or wrong for invading.
>>36726 >>36728 Could it be that Russians/Chechens are playing with a hand tied behind their back due to PR and thus every man they can rescue counts? ProVatniks made a huge stint about the fact that it's not a full on mobilization. >>36735 >DPA now supports streaming infrastructure that cannot be censored by Big Tech A new place to host imageboardss soon?
>>36664 You see, fighting to not be herded into collective farms (or "tent settlements for the forest clearers") involved a very different sort of people than fighting for colour revolutions and puppet kleptocracies (as well as "gay is okay", frown of a Brezhnev's clone, or whatever fuck they can advertise now) might conceivably attract. Hence different results from the early stages on, even against an adversary who doesn’t seem all that driven. >>36668 Theoretically possible, but likely unnecessary. The end game is: 1. It's established that Uncle Sam will not come to defend his puppets (which by now is well past reasonable doubt). 2. The whole network of protectorates starts collapsing. To the internal opposition. The external attacks are likely to be counterproductive. 3. NATO does not matter any more, as due to (1) and (2) it becomes obsolete. 4. Inside USA they already talk about sedition openly, so on what exactly assets Vatican-at-Harvard can rely even by now? 5. Curtains. Exit left, pursued by bees, etc.
There are reports of Russians abandoning Snake Island again
>>36745 Its like we are in some soet of timeloop, all over an island with no strategic value.
>>36745 I'm seeing a lot of crowing about how this is a "major victory" brought about by "technically innovative attacks". It's been suggested in the thread that Ukraine was so desperate for Snake Island becaue they wanted a propaganda victory for morale, but will heaping praise on the "brave defenders of Odesa" for lobbing a bunch of missiles be of any morale value at all to soldiers on every other front doing actual fighting and dying? Western media is also claiming Russia is claiming they relinquished it as a "goodwill gesture" to assist getting grain through ports. No idea if Russia is actually claiming that, but if they are it's a pretty transparent lie; Ukraine and the West have made it amply clear that Russia has nothing to gain from seeking "goodwill".
>>36747 >relinquished it as a "goodwill gesture" I've read that too. This is probably the worst way to go around it. Not only is it flat out lie, it's bad for optics, and pissed off the whole Russian telegram. Western 'goodwill' is what's killing their soldiers in Donbass. This proves once more that, even though Russia is advancing in Donbass, their PR department is in absolute deplorable state. They keep shooting themselves in the foot over and over. They should have just said the truth, that they pulled out to save lives and resources, while making the island no man's land. People would have respected them much more for it, they would probably even understand.
Open file (1.45 MB 1280x591 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (7.12 MB 720x1280 IMG_5403.MP4)
Open file (2.94 MB 816x848 IMG_5489.MP4)
1-2) video the Russian forces entering Lisichansk Oil refinery. 4)Slavyansk
Open file (9.70 MB 464x848 IMG_5397.MP4)
Open file (734.10 KB 507x582 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.81 MB 1280x606 ClipboardImage.png)
2) Ukrainian army facility in Zelenodolsk, Herson 3) the group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Lisichansk received an order to retreat and began to make efforts to withdraw in the direction of Seversk Why do ukies always retreat when almost too late to do so?
>>36748 >that they pulled out to save lives and resources, while making the island no man's land. Exactly. I may the the tiniest of tiniest sample sizes. But I've been lurking a few Russian Telegram channels and pro-Russian war analyst channels who seemed to me to be subtly relieved that Ukraine is retreating from Lisichansk instead of fighting to the last man, because it would be the first major tactically sensible move in preserving manpower since the war started. If they can feel this about Ukrainian cannon fodder, then they can feel more of this about their own men. The Russian PR department is lucky to have such an enemy like self styled Neo Nazis. Or else I don't know how popular this war would still be with how the Russian PR department is such a weak point.
>>36746 technically not true, assuming that the occupied russian territories in ukraine become part of russia, that grants them black sea access over a larger area. whoever owns snake island can "own" the sea around it in a however-big-it-is radius under maritime law. so the hohols going so hard on it is so they can get a bigger corridor out of the black sea to improve shipping routes without getting cucked by vatnik ships. at least that's my theory.
Open file (1.57 MB 580x433 Trash.gif)
>>36749 >nose ring
>>36752 >The Russian PR department is lucky to have such an enemy like self styled Neo Nazis. Or else I don't know how popular this war would still be with how the Russian PR department is such a weak point. Honestly, this is the funnies shit of this war. Everybody knew there were Nazi larpers within Ukrainian army and I think Russians used the whole Neo Nazi thing as a galvanization tool, maybe even the guise of the whole 'denazification' thing to justify the invasion. But then they actually got surprised at just how many of them there were withing Ukrainian army. I don't think their civilian populace would let Russia pull out of Ukraine now, after the whole dehumanization process they went trough . Also, shooting, burning and maiming Russian POW didn't help.
3 leaders of the Railway Guerrillas ( the name of the group that sabotaged the Railway line in Belarus earlier in the war) face the death penalty for high treason. Dzyanis Dzikun, Aleh Malchanau, and Dzmitry Ravich. . The other cases of the 60 activist arrest involved are still being investigated.
>>36753 This is pretty much all I can think of is that Russia (government) is hoping to have a major victory in Kharkiv before October in order to force a surrender by the Ukrainians before it becomes necessary to storm Odessa or starve them out over the cold winter.
Open file (1.74 MB 1280x904 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (14.52 MB 576x832 1 (23).mp4)
Open file (4.81 MB 2667x2533 en.jpg)
1-2) fleeing ukies from the Lisichansk front
>>36763 That picture would be great if they actually printed a paper and wrote the info with a typewriter on it, and then also printed out those pictures and attached them to the paper, and finally scribbled those notes about the pictures. But this way it looks like something you'd find in a Stalker mod about some OC character.
>>36753 We have been over this already and we have discussed this numerous times. Nobody can hold the island, not ukrainians, not the russians. Who controls it only matters during peacetime. And to put it mildly peace is not an option anymore. Even with the island under ukrainian control, with all possible missile defense systems and anti-ship missiles put unto it, the ports are all still mined so it really doesnt matter. Even then, just holding some island does not give you control over the see, just means to launch and resuply your forces deeper in sea, and ukraine has no navy and no ways of fortyfying the island enough for it to matter. Ukrainians were pretty much throwing men and equipment at it as a pr stunt while russians played tower defense.
>>36749 >last webm What is that? A comfort women?
>>36749 Disgusting cow
>>36582 >that map The fact you pretend Russians are trustworthy when every single event has had them lying multiple times is baffling.
Open file (46.55 KB 247x514 we.jpg)
>>36768 Everyone is lying. Russians surprisingly have been the smallest liars.
Open file (130.94 KB 474x587 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36769 Yes, we, on /k/, in this series of threads. >>36767 Women are not reasonable creatures and you cannot expect them to not do stupid shit like getting nose rings or joining army when outside of male supervision. Getting mad at women is like getting mad at a dog barking. >>36768 Prove it tbh desu nee~~ On another note, shit is about to get real.
>>36768 the west and pro Ukrainian maps are slow to update so I forced to upload Russian maps, I put them here so /k/ could discus what is actually going on
>>36771 >On another note, shit is about to get real. >More dumping of outdated and expired stock into the hands of a conscript army is how the USA is about to get real. Ehhh come on, Anon.
>>36773 It's not about how much longer Hohols can fight with rusty Warsaw Pact equipment, it's about how Ruskies will react to this on the long term.
>>36769 I'll agree to his use of we since I'm not he and also argued/talked about this.
>>36771 >Getting mad at women is like getting mad at a dog barking. Dangerous dogs get put down. >On another note, shit is about to get real. NATO's owned leaked documents suggest that if they invade of their own volition it will be around August 20th. That aside, Ukrainian soldiers are disobeying orders and retreating or surrendering to the Russians, so the situation is pretty clear that they are tired of fighting. Reports say forces still near Luhansk have not been fed for 48 hours. The question is becoming whether Lysychansk is representative of the front or of Ukrainian morale. With Ukrainian forces retreating/surrendering and mass casualties due to stoicism to fight to the last man (by orders of leadership nowhere near the front lines), Ukraine realistically needs foreign intervention in order to not lose about 40-60% of their country in the next six months.
>>36751 it's been said that all orders of retreat have to go through zelensky first.It's why mariupol happened in the first place.
>>36769 >ignoring everything that was posted to post some "gotcha" reaction image Read the thread or fuck off if you're that lazy.
>>36773 600 tanks don't do much good if there are no spare parts or limited fuel. Even javelin missiles are hampered in usefulness as Ukraine can't get tech support to troubleshoot them. Combined with rapidly dropping morale and troop quality this aid won't amount to much. >>36776 >NATO's owned leaked documents suggest that if they invade of their own volition it will be around August 20th If the blockade of Kaliningrad expands in the coming weeks I will believe it. Prime opportunity for NATO to declare war while convincing the general population that the Russians struck first when they ultimately respond.
>>36772 Yeah, that's another issue. It's not that the Russians never lie, but they seem to always have the most up-to-date maps while Western/Ukrainian maps refuse to update their own maps until it is clear they are bullshitting, at which point they make the smallest adjustment they can reasonably get away with.
Open file (87.08 KB 957x861 totally not Mcdonald.jpg)
>tfw you'll never try T34 or Katyousha burger.
Russian IRL shitposting strikes again. The victim this time is the very cornerstone of the American soul: Mickey Dee's. >Mac Donalds received permission from the Russian Federation 🇷🇺 to return to the Russian market. It will keep the existing infrastructure, but the brand will get a new name: "Tasty and point- Вкусно и точка". According to the agreement, he will have to offer "Z burgers" on his menu.
>>36784 >>36782 You're a little over two weeks late, buddy: >>35912
>>36786 This is new because it has the menu.
>>36787 Another new part is the wording makes it sound like McDonald's can/will assume ownership of its old infrastructure before it left Russia. But it will be forced to keep the Russian rebranding.
Open file (31.54 KB 500x362 Heil Coke.jpg)
>>36784 >multinaitional corporation bends over to government demands in exchange for more shekels shocker **i want a z burger but i don't want to pay $3500 for a flight to Moscow to try one, you'd think flights would be a lot cheaper now that everyone is afraid of da big ebil russia
>>36787 So did the website.
>>36783 >Reported Ukrainian partisan warfare This is the first I've heard about that from any source lol.
>>36789 You just gotta fly to China dirt cheap and then re-fly to Russia. Or take the Trans-Siberian railway.
>>36792 i would rather die than ever set foot in bugland
>>36793 Good thing airports are legally defined as international waters outside of war time, eh anon?
>>36791 Russian Telegram does occasionally report FSB/local law enforcement preventing planned terrorist attacks in/near frontline Russian controlled cities. So it may be true. But it's also true that the West is lying by omission through presenting the information in such a way that suggests this is a successful organized effort, and not some already captured Internet radicalized randos that were given a small weapons cache by Ukraine.
Open file (1.22 MB 1265x714 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.23 MB 1273x713 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.06 MB 1276x716 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.25 MB 1274x717 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.28 MB 1253x706 ClipboardImage.png)
I don't understand what drives people to such extremes. I understand defending a country that has ideals and values, but why defend your homeland when your homeland does not love you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8PwNQnhe-8
>>36774 >it's about how Ruskies will react to this on the long term If they regard it as an actual threat or provocation or as NATO directly entering the fray expect Russia to begin striking the supply lines on route to Ukraine instead of only after they have entered Ukraine.
>>36796 Did the Ukrops line their own against the wall for wanting to surrender or did the Vatas line them up?
>>36796 This is downright a cartel warfare situation, you can see the signs of an execution but we are told they were carried there once dead. Still the ukrie guns are paying the price of fighting for a jew clown who really doesn't care that much for the armed forces' wellbeing.
Open file (9.36 MB 464x848 13w10w.mp4)
>>36773 Consider this: what soviet surplus is left in the west? I guess poland still could give away 200 twardys but they are SHIT . This suggests we will see western tanks in ukraine after all, even if they are leos 1honestly it would be better to give them humvees instead of that box made from hardened cartonium >>36776 >NATO's owned leaked documents suggest that if they invade of their own volition it will be around August 20th. Source on that claim? Seriously this worries me.
>>36796 >These guys refused to surrender, so we had to shoot them sadly >Said in front of corpses below wall with bullet holes in a row at head height with no weapons on the floor I see Russkies are getting up to their old murderous barbaric ways, as they always do in war. It is high time to ensure Russia can never wage war again, on anybody.
Open file (2.19 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (4.68 MB 720x1280 IMG_5431.MP4)
Open file (358.26 KB 521x394 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.56 MB 1080x810 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.70 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
In the Nikolaev region, the lieutenant colonel collected "tribute" from his subordinates According to the special prosecutor's office in the military and defense sphere of the Southern region, in Nikolaev the commander of an automobile company demanded money from a subordinate for concealing violations of military discipline and granting dismissals from service not provided for by law. The detainee estimated his loyalty at the amount of 50 thousand hryvnias per month.
Open file (170.85 KB 800x600 Heavy.jpg)
>>36802 what the fuck did i just watch, i am torn between shock/disbelief/refusal to believe that is real. it seems too perfect/well coordinated to appear real but its clearly not arma footage or some shit like we've seen before.
>>36806 >what the fuck did i just watch, A heroic GDI Pitpull with the Mortar upgrade.
>>36796 >I don't understand what drives people to such extremes. Putting your trust in a Jew/Judaic inspired ideas. Always was this. Always will be.
>>36806 A weapon to surpass metal gear
Open file (2.46 MB 464x848 IMG_6119.MP4)
Open file (3.19 MB 1280x720 IMG_6120.MP4)
Open file (14.45 MB 720x1280 IMG_6118.MP4)
Open file (1.91 MB 1280x720 IMG_6107.MP4)
Open file (1.25 MB 719x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
1) Ukrainian soldiers trying to find out whether the helicopter circling them is Russian or Ukrainian. 2 )Nikolaev 4-5) Odessa
>>36807 no really please tell me, this is driving me insane and i feel like a retard for not knowing
1) oil drill shelled near Crimean bridge 2) A poster with a portrait of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a dress was hung near the British Embassy in Moscow 3)Lisichansk industrial zone
Open file (6.38 MB 848x480 IMG_3400.MP4)
Open file (2.69 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.76 MB 768x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.16 MB 668x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
1) The first branch of the Russian State Bank (PSB) opened in Kherson 2)Lisichansk Oil Refinery 3) the mobilization of women is already in full swing 4) Wife of a Ukrainian member of parliament was caught crossing the border to Hungary and was smuggling ohy 20 million USD and 1.3 million Euros. 5)russian IMR-2's spotted in Ukraine
New Evidence Shows Russia Has Deployed Powerful Missiles To Kaliningrad Coast A small parcel of land on the southeast corner of the Baltic, the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad is suddenly in the spotlight. Cut off from Russia, its overland supply lines have always been fragile. They principally run through the EU and NATO state of Lithuania. Now Lithuania is implementing EU sanctions which restrict this route. It is a potential flashpoint for a Russia-NATO conflict. Analysis of satellite imagery shows that Russia has now positioned advanced anti-ship missiles on the Kaliningrad coast. The systems are deployed to the Mys Taran headland, a prominent landmark mid-way along the exclave’s short coastline. Terrible Twins: Bal & Bastion The missile systems are two types which are often deployed together. The first, 3K60 Bal system (NATO: SSC-6 Sennight), is loosely equivalent to the Harpoon. It shoots the Kh-35 missile, known by the NATO reporting name SS-N-25 Switchblade. This is the same missile that Ukraine’s Neptune system is based on. Each Bal TEL (transporter erector launcher, read ‘launch truck’) can carry 8 missiles. This is more than most other comparable coastal defense systems. Bal has an effective range of around 70 nautical miles, with an improved version increasing this to 160 nautical miles. The Bal system is a subsonic sea-skimming missile. Although the sinking of Russia’s Black Sea flagship, Moskva, by Neptune missiles is proof of the usefulness of this category of system, in Kaliningrad it is complemented by something even ore deadly: Bastion-P. The K-300P Bastion-P (NATO: SSC-5 Stooge) is the land-based variant of the P-800 Oniks (NATO: SS-N-26 Strobile). This system has a longer range than Bal, around 190 nautical miles, and flies at Mach 2.5. A top-tier weapon of the post Cold War era, it is considered a serious threat to any surface vessel. Bastion-P also has a land attack cruise missile capability. This is how it has been used in the Ukraine War. Being large and expensive it is however less optimal than the main Russian cruise missile, Kalibr. That system is carried by several of Russia’s Baltic Fleet warships. Bastion-P and Bal are often seen deployed together in Kaliningrad, sharing the same Monolith-B target acquisition radar. On paper the various elements of the system could be well dispersed to increase survivability. But in practice they are observed close together in a somewhat traditional arrangement. Strategic Context The range of these missiles, particularly Bastion-P, reaches all the way to the Swedish coast on the other side of the Baltic. Long range engagements would depend on suitable targeting information. Although there is no secret that Russia has these systems in Kaliningrad, they are being deployed during a time of heightened tensions. Defense analyst Benjamin Pittet believes that Russia is using it more than ever as a means of pressure on the West. “We saw this with the deployment of Kinzhal ballistic missiles a few days before the invasion of Ukraine.” He added that the current deployment may be to influence Lithuania which is implementing sanctions. Political rhetoric on the Russian side has promised retaliation against Lithuania. Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of Russia’s Security Council, said that measures would be implemented. “…will certainly respond to such hostile actions”. He was quoted as saying. “Their consequences will have a serious negative impact on the population of Lithuania.” Anti-ship missiles are unlikely to be the primary response to Lithuania. The tiny Baltic state is a member of NATO, so any attack would be a major escalation. But their positioning paints a picture, and is typical of Russia’s posturing in the exclave. https://archive.ph/nm33u
>>36802 >Source on that claim? There was a news article either this thread or last thread about how NATO plans to let the Baltics get overrun for 180 days of warfare before intervening got leaked freaking out/pissing off the Baltic states. When you look at the general/overall mobilization of NATO right now, the exact timeline matches up to when NATO can launch an invasion into Ukraine to assist them at the 180 day mark as well, which would be August 21st.
>>36803 Those are Chechens. You'd know that if you watched the video.
>>36817 Well, that's one way to practice "fuck around and find out" I guess.
>>36806 Someone with too much free time and decent amounts of post-production skills That or le motorized ghost of kherson
>>36822 that's the only explanation i could think of, but it looks way too good to be CGI and hard to believe that someone would sink that much time into it
>>36824 >it looks way too good to be CGI CGI nowadays is pretty advanced, it's just that Hollywood sucks major ass and time constraints its specialists heavily so you rarely see good examples in movies or series, the best exercises are often found as portafolio pieces in Youtube or experimental shorts. >hard to believe that someone would sink that much time into it People get easily beaten by propaganda, even the ones specialized in creating propaganda pieces. We already saw paintings, why not videos that also work as pieces to showcase your skill for some employer who is too deft to see you did a silly violent hit piece as a joke.
>>36822 >>36824 The tanks erupting into balls of fire like a hollywood movie means it's obviously fake strelok. Real explosions with military ordinance don't usually look like that. I'd bet you 200 burger dollars that it's fake.
>>36816 >3) the mobilization of women is already in full swing How long do you think it will be until we see videos of mobilization papers served to grieving widows while they’re still at the funeral?
>a lada btfo an entire tank column >people wondering if it's real lmao, of course it's real :^)
Open file (3.33 MB 848x464 IMG_6236.MP4)
Open file (702.28 KB 640x352 IMG_6251.MP4)
Open file (866.11 KB 1280x748 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.44 MB 911x515 ClipboardImage.png)
1) A huge queue in Kherson for pensions paid in rubles 2)GAZ Tigr destroyed by a landmine rest is snake Island
>>36819 Looking at the guy's face is enough to know he's a Chechen, but Chechnya is part of Russia.
>>36829 If anyone fails to understand the scope of damage, then that waterslide is actually remnants of sea lantern.
>>36830 Chechnya is part of Russia the way Okinawa is part of Japan.
>>36798 Nobody lined them up. Chechen special forces came in from two angles in a stealth operation, told them to surrender, and their response was to pick up their arms and begin shooting (at that location). They were going house-to-house after the initial fighting broke out because Ukrainian soldiers were taking civilians hostage in order to try and flee the area. This was one of the opening parts of the conflict (on the outer suburbs of the suburb) so they gathered the bodies of the folks who fucked around and found out at that spot for LNR collection who were showing up later that day. >>36799 >>36803 >You can see the signs of execution >Said in front of corpses below wall with bullet holes in a row at head height with no weapons on the floor Know how I can tell you didn't watch that part of the video?
>>36805 He probably would have continued to get away with it too if not for them sending some 30k troops to be garrisoned there for the siege last month. >>36806 >what the fuck did i just watch A CGI flick. The bad voice acting, smoothness of the truck, spacing between the vehicles, and hollywood flames should have given it away if the CGI didn't.
DPA gives Russians shit for not just saying they retreated for the safety of the soldiers and lack of strategic value. Proceeds to say they are still correct that this forms a catch-22 for the Ukrainians since Snake Island is now "neutral territory." Long story short the Russians released a public statement saying that they abandoned Snake Island to allow the Ukrainians to ship food outside of Ukraine. In order to do so, Ukraine has to demine the parts of the Black Sea they currently control. As soon as Ukraine finishes demining Odessa in order to ship corn/wheat/semechki, Russia can use their Crimean ships to invade Odessa, but now Russia can't be held accountable (legally) for failed crop shipments. If Ukraine doesn't demine the sea, they are out of money and their foreign aid is going to come knocking asking why they aren't shipping the wheat since they have heavy debts to pay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScxxWXU5S20 >>36809 Is that first one a 14 year old? >>36812 >Tourniquets on both arms and a stomach wound I'm amazed he's still conscious and speaking. I guess that's the adrenaline at work. >>36815 >2nd one That's a normalfag-tier shitpost but I'll accept it.
Open file (672.38 KB 916x664 Jeff.PNG)
>Ukraine still hasn't capitulated >Burgerfucks keep sending more weapons to pointlessly drag on the conflict so they can keep making more money >Ukrainians being sent to the front by Jewlensky like they're pieces of meat >Even the most diehard anti russian retarded boomers just want this shit to end already This shit fucking infuriates me
>>36816 >Russian IMR-2's spotted in Ukraine Isn't that for sieging operations? Does that mean Russians are getting ready to push into one of the urban population centers?
>>36837 it's easy, nobody likes surrendering. even when it's fucking obvious you're not going to get your territory back, capitulating is still unthinkable since you want to believe that all the losses you've accrued so far meant something.
Updated the sister thread links.
>>36839 That probably the most heartbreaking part. The Ukrainian people are clearly fed up, but the politicians know they'll be voted out next election regardless of what they do, so the rest of this war is basically watching the political elites suck up to foreigners in order to avoid ending up dead in a ditch while sending hundreds of thousands of young people to do just that.
>>36827 I mean Ukraine is already demanding refuge countries deport their men back to Ukraine so probably around the same time refugee mothers are deported while being forced to leave their kids behind.
>>36837 >Even the most diehard anti russian retarded boomers just want this shit to end already In my opinion, this is solely due to NATO's tepid response to Russia's invasion. Since it became obvious that Lisichansk will fall, I'm seeing here and there pro Ukrainian normalfags on YouTube comment sections begin to criticize NATO for its lack of intervention. And so I get the sense that if NATO would directly intervene, the boomers would immediately be on board again with fighting Russia until the nukes start falling anyway. Either way, I'm having a sensible chuckle over a war becoming unpopular in a country halfway across the world that is (technically) not at war.
>>36837 >Burgerfucks keep sending more weapons to pointlessly drag on the conflict so they can keep making more money The political elite aren't making money off of Ukraine. They're just offloading debt onto the country much in the way they did to Germany during reconstruction, China during reconstruction, and the Southern states during reconstruction. They just forgot the part where you actually have to be in the process of reconstruction for that offloaded debt to not multiply and bite you in the ass. They aren't pointlessly dragging on the conflict either. Making sure this war goes on as long as possible is the goal of and directly benefits the UK, America, Romania, and Bulgaria because it depletes Russian military equipment and makes the world more reliant on their stockpiles of non-weapons goods. The longer this war goes on, the more Ukraine suffers, but more importantly for Western elites the more Russia suffers/becomes incapable of fighting back in future conflicts.
>>36836 >Ukraine demining Well, that makes sense now and it's not technically lying because it was a "good will gesture" to let them get their product out while you use the opportunity to plan and not do one of the hard things yourself.
>>36813 It's fake. CGI/deepfake. We live in a society and are gradually but surely crossing a threshold where computer-generated images and videos are for untrained humans indistinguishable from genuine recordings of real-world events. This is in part due to advances in machine learning (aka AI) techniques and ever cheaper/faster computers. For a long time video and photo evidence have served as THE gold standards for objective truth but this is changing.
>Lisichansk: Gelatin Factory under thermobaric TOS-1 fire
When did those aircraft strike Kiev recently? The algorithm fucked up and showed me something it wasn't supposed to, and I'm finding news articles that Zelensky has been touring Ukrainian urban centers from two weeks ago suggesting that it may have either been the Russians telling him to get back to Kiev or it may have been a timed attack for when he was getting back to Kiev in order to send a message.
>>36848 It was this week. I am pretty sure russians wanted to strike at factory nearby but forgot to include high buildings in their calculations.
>>36846 Imagine what 2000s-era /b/-tards could do with modern CGI capabilities...
>>36847 Considering the short range of the TOS-1, the damning evidence to me of how poorly a defense is going has to do with the TOS-1 being an option at all.
Some vintage Ukrainian copium. Finely aged.
>>36849 They did strike the nearby factory, the problem here is why was there a working mall directly next to a munitions factory in the first place.
>>36844 >actually have to be in the process of reconstruction for that offloaded debt to not multiply and bite you in the ass. I think this is more akin to allies' lend-lease during WWII, like you said reconstruction phase hasn't kicked off yet. Historically how much of this sort of intra-country debts get paid off versus defaulting or eventually being forgiven?
>>36852 Man that's some serious cope-a-cola right there. I mean Russia's invasion of Ukraine isn't sustainable, but neither is Ukraine's defense and Ukraine is losing forces a lot faster while having far less of an ideological bend to win at all costs.
Open file (2.94 MB 500x288 mindblowing.gif)
>>36850 >Imagine... Pic related. Jokes aside, it will be a bullet/armor sort of race between neural nets generating the deepfakes and NNs detecting and flagging the fake material. Although with the amount of post-processing inherent in digital photos/video (because phone cameras have shitty optics) it can quickly get philosophical. "Filters" are obviously fake (adding dog ears and shit), blurring/glow/skin color effects - yes fake, HDR/low-light/composite imaging - not really fake but still kinda?? Compression artifacts in video/photo deliberately obstructing details?
Alexander Mercouris goes on an 11 minute rant to say (paraphrasing) Ukraine's weapon needs are beyond the global capabilities of their allies, and China is not helping Russia militarily. At least not with weapons systems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2QpdEVSm0s
I was going to post this to /finance/ but I keep getting an internal server error.
>>36859 Guess everyone is just going to drink juice in the end.
>>36857 Reject the anecdote return to first principles
>>36843 >Either way, I'm having a sensible chuckle over a war becoming unpopular in a country halfway across the world that is (technically) not at war. Not that it matters anymore if a country formally declares war if "peace operations" fulfills the same goals. That and you don't have to rely on things, like constitutions or rival parties if you are in a democracy, to slow you down and just invade immediately.
I'm not sure whether I should be impressed by how fast the Russians are advancing (they've taken cities in weeks that should have taken months), or if I should be pissed at Ukrainians for managing to use WWII-tier tactics to lose territory faster than just about anyone in modern history. It certainly shows that a country without soul is incapable of maintaining a defensive war against a country with soul. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqazg_n44mI
Open file (92.16 KB 1251x295 ClipboardImage.png)
This comment pretty much sums it up.
>>36864 Russia managed to unfucked itself rather fast after the retreat from Kiev,and quickly adopted new tactics, mainly they remembered they have stupid amounts of artillery, and artillery wins the war. So far I've seen no operational or tactical flexibility on the part of the Ukrainians. They simply have no resources to conduct anything other than static, stubborn defensive warfare,with an occasional tactical success, with only one operational, around Kharkov, that quickly got neutered. The map resources I'm using show almost no success that can be confirmed around Kherson, same goes to the south of Donbass, few small villages on the line of contact got captured by the UAF. Snake Island is arguably Ukrainian success, as they forced Russians to vacate it. It will be interesting to see if they can put boots on the ground there to cement their gain, untill then it's no man's land. My take on this, well not only mine, is that they simply want to try out to bleed Russia into an unpopular war. So, it's either Ukraine running out of trained cannon fodder, or Russia running out of their limited professional army and artillery ordnance. Whoever blinks first, loses.
>>36843 >this is solely due to NATO's tepid response to Russia's invasion I think that was 100% intentional from the start. From even before the start really. NATO (the US really) set up Ukraine and the Ukrainian people as an intentional sacrifice to try and degrade Russia.
>>36815 Well second one aint wrong >>36816 Anon you don't get much praise but I really appreciate what you're doing. When the war is over, you'll have given us the most objective outlook on what's going on and no one will ever be able to top it. Speaking of Russian occupied territories, has private property gone back into the hands of the original refugee owners or did Russia nationalize it? >>36837 Sunken cost fallacy is one hell of a drug anon >>36844 I guess this does make some sense given that Russia was expecting a walk in the park like with Georgia and even Crimea and instead got bogged down a few kilometers off of Kiev, but they cannot back down either or there'll be questions asked in Russia in case of a stalemate.
>>36857 >Jokes aside, it will be a bullet/armor sort of race between neural nets generating the deepfakes and NNs detecting and flagging the fake material. Deepfakes will win in the end against tagging networks. Making shit up takes much less computational resources than detecting if shit is made up against real sources because there's a million ways to modify even a minute part of media but in order to check its validity you have to possess not only the objective original content but also its own copies. Only gigantic companies like Alphabet can do so effectively, and even then it's still somewhat wonky in that it will allow things that should never be even considered under fair use or flag shit that is completely fair. There's a reason why companies let you use about 5ish seconds of content, because any less would be unsustainably difficult to detect in such large scales. t. wrote a scientific paper on the subject >>36859 So sad to see /finance/ so barren... >>36865 Yeah, didn't need this guy telling us but hopefully it would wake up some dummies who still think governments have their interests in mind
Open file (61.33 KB 1026x578 bf4-ukraine.jpg)
Open file (136.85 KB 890x890 bf3.jpeg)
Amazing how the tactics in this war match the Battlefield 3,4 video games. >Stealing enemy vehicles >BTRs attacking tanks in an ambush >Tanks falling into rivers abandoned >Tanks/BTRs upside down abandoned ->nfantry scavenging/equipping with dead enemy loadouts >Easy mode Friendly/Foe tags (bright color tape worn around arm/leg) because uniforms are similar >Non-standardized individual loadouts for each team member >Team members with higher XP have better weapons >Players on the map joined from different countries around the world. >Camping snipers getting spotted by UAVs for artillery strikes >Mortars using "shoot and scoot" tactics to avoid detection and return shelling. >Heavy shitposting and trolling the enemy team about their K/D ratio in the chat. >Kamikazee drones >Noobs getting BTFO because they don't know how to play >Drone v drone combat >Team loses objective and retreats when they had too many tickets punched >Team Commander seems absent during most of the match, and doesn't give enough supply drops when around. >Objectives lost due to lack of equipment spawning in time >Mine laying diagonally across roads >Helos flying low & firing rockets from a distance to avoid infantry anti-air >Squad flanking in urban CQB >Teams go behind enemy lines to attack enemy base, far far away from the main objectives >Plus ??? No respawns though. :( Did DICE finally fix the game? ;^)
Open file (86.27 KB 1019x537 caspian-border-map.jpeg)
>>36871 ..oh and the Ukraine map has similarities with Caspian border map* especially with things like the river crossings where so many vehicles get ambushed and BTFO. *based on an area between Tajikistan and Iran near the Caspian sea
>>36842 What kind of mental gymnastics will the Politicians of any country insane enough to agree to these demands use to justify forcibly deporting Hoholmoms to the front lines while male Syrians of Ugandan descent get to stay? Could this lead to unintentional insurgencies happening in central and western Europe due to most recent refugee Hohols there staying with established Hohol communities predating the war instead of government-managed refugee camps, forcing NATO conscription squads to inspect each individual household suspected of illegally harboring recently arrived Hohols?
>hurr durr nuke UK or USA Vlad - on a mission to kill as many Ukrainian nazis as possible Boris - on a mission to kill as many Brits, Ukrainians, and Russians as possible Joe - on a mission to kill as many Americans, Europeans, and Russians as possible Vlad joining the hate Boris and Joe have for their own people doesn't help anyone except Boris and Joe who get off on making us suffer. If Vlad hates what the 'UK' or 'US' is doing get rid of the leadership and do us all a favor. There's already a few ex-Presidents and Prime Ministers in need of a war tribunal and these two are more than culpable already.
>>36871 I appreciate your effort but really, I feel like next you're going to make a greentext comparison of which marval character everyone is in the ukraine war.
Open file (19.42 KB 264x325 mfw_gobbles.jpg)
>>36875 That post is hard earned on a soyjak, surprised no one replied him one yet.
Open file (278.00 KB 2000x2000 Hohol_flag.jpg)
I'm still waiting for Russians to launch an attack against Odessa that also brings Moldova into the war, and I also hope Romania will get involved with that.
I guess Lisichansk is wrapped up too then. Bakhmut probably next, maybe even a direct approach and go for Slavyansk.
>>36879 Slavyansk is already seeing action, from the Izium direction, for at least the past week. So yeah, now it will be time for zaluznys bakhmut-kramatorsk line except without enough personel and equipment to actually hold it.
Open file (960.24 KB 858x515 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.45 MB 1280x938 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.68 MB 1280x875 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36879 >I guess Lisichansk is wrapped up too then. yeah. Map and proof LRP controls the central park of Lisichansk
1) Kupyansk, Kharkiv region, they get rid of Ukrainian symbols 2)Russian soldiers recorded a funny video on the topic of Ukrainian media news that the Russians have not seen asphalt and toilets⁠⁠ 3)Lisichansk
>>36873 >What excuses will they use? The same one they use every time. "You're an inconvenience towards my goals, so consistency and values be damned; Go die for Israel already! Wait wrong war... I mean Zelensky!" Nobody has principles any more, only positions. That's why we're in this mess to begin with since Britain (and a lesser extent America) was talking apples to a very pissed Russia talking oranges because the Westerners couldn't believe their dog kept biting the neighbor. Then they wonder why one day the dog is shot and Russia is threatening to shoot all the other inconsequential yippers nearby in a fit of rage while two other dogs (Poland and Lithuania) are already taking off out the front door without listening to orders to stop.
Open file (2.03 MB 464x848 IMG_5006.MP4)
Open file (910.46 KB 470x904 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36868 >This was 100% intentional I'm not convinced. I mean some countries (Bulgaria, Britain, Romania, Poland, Lithuania) really wanted this war and were hellbent on making it happen, but the rest of NATO acted like they were still in the 90s. The thing is that the only three militaries that Russia is scared of are the French (who don't want to get involved), the British (who Russia would love nothing more than to embarrass because of the Queen's hate-clit for Russia regardless of losses), and America (who was/is being run by Sleepy Joe). Russia put off going into Ukraine for several years despite the fact that NATO was training 10k Ukrainian troops in NATO exercises every month (the main reason Ukraine managed to hold out as well as they did in the early war). He knew Trump would respond in-kind, and more importantly Trump was stabilizing the Middle East because he wasn't on-board with the Turkey-Qatar pipeline (which explains just about every war in the Middle East since the Obama era) which benefitted Russia so Russia was willing to stand down in Ukraine. Biden flat-out said from day one he would launch a full anti-Russian response because he needed to hide Hunter's collusion with Burisma after withholding funds Congress had granted until Ukraine fired the prosecutor investigating his son; there is video evidence of this. Biden's brain was stuck in the 90s of Russia as a defunct military power that will bow and cave to all demands, and his staffers were brainwashed into thinking Russia is the devil after a 2012 anti-gay-grooming bill was passed, so the end result was people with complete disdain for a country failing to understand the difference between posturing and actual demands. There was intentional aggravation of Russia for sure, but the important players were entirely strung along by bad politics and an inability to understand what they were getting into. Don't forget that the two places Russia was pushing at the start of the war was Biolabs and Nuclear reactors. Sure they were blitzing but Russia was clearly looking for evidence of foul play (of which they found some in the form of lab tests where they were intentionally infecting birds with viruses to see if the birds would infect Russians on their migratory paths).
>>36877 >>36875 >Doesn't know this is unironically the first peer vs peer modern battlefield that literal gamers are fighting in using VR gaming equipment >imagine being even less up to date with news than CNN https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=b166ecyNBCw https://good-time-invest.com/blog/gamers-of-ukraine-serve-as-drone-operators-of-the-armed-forces-of-ukraine/ https://worldakkam.com/ukrainian-gamer-acts-as-ukrainian-military-drone-operator-romanian-journal/756062/ >>36875 > I feel like next you're going to make a greentext comparison of which marval character everyone is in the ukraine war. >marval *Marvel LGBTQPXYZHIV+ pozz >I feel Your feelings are irrelevant. It's still true. >>36877 >That post is hard earned on a soyjak Have a cope-a-cola with your favorite soylent additive and chill. It's still true.
Open file (3.77 MB 720x1280 IMG_5479.MP4)
Open file (617.54 KB 1280x1103 ClipboardImage.png)
1-2) Yasinovataya 3) music warning 5)Russian 2A36 Giatsint-B 152mm and D-30 122mm artillery pieces seen heading to Ukraine.
1) the Armed Forces of Ukraine are on fire after Russian shelling
Open file (179.69 KB 1649x2048 checkem.jpg)
>>36888 checkem >>36856 >Western leaders gives Ukraine weapons >Ukraine sell the weapons to anti-West terrorists as long as the price is right >Russia returns captured weapons via anti-West proxies What did the Western leaders mean by this? Do they travel around in ATGM-proof vehicles stronger than tanks? I don't get it. Are they really this stupid?
Open file (2.00 MB 741x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.80 MB 662x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.90 MB 611x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.96 MB 960x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (749.75 KB 791x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>we have at our disposal exclusive footage from the port of Reni, where a massive purge of Ukraine has been taking place for more than one month under the leadership of Zelensky. >Europe and all participants behind the scenes are actively cleaning and sweeping away food, raw materials, soybeans, wheat, and even mass export of livestock. >Tankers with diesel fuel regularly call at the port. Everything is unloaded at the oil site, for example, the red vessel in the photographs - the Turkish oil tanker of "our partners" arrived some time ago, dumped fuel in exchange for Ukrainian "sweets". Next to the Turkish tanker, already like 6 years ago, an arrested (blue) ship with ammonium nitrate (the one that detonated in Beirut). >Territory defense units are located on the territory of the tank farm, they live in the admin. buildings. They conduct training with weapons in combat tactics. Also, a fenced area with fuel trucks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was noticed nearby. >What the population will do when there is no cow or millet left in the country - you can guess for yourself. Coordinates: 45°25'59.3"N 28°17'26.0"E. (https://goo.gl/maps/BeFchejrAMyd5iox8)
>>36892 There's a point here it stops being sad,this is just funny now.
>>36889 >Russian 2A36 Giatsint- *Hiacynt.
>>36886 "But they aren't communists" btfo The Russkie forces constantly fly the vile flag of the enemies of humanity, and yet they still have defenders. All countries must adopt a zero tolerance policy on communism, both within their own country and internationally. >>36892 >Ukraine exports its usual exports >this is somehow evil Communist detected.
>>36895 It's the Victory Banner you retard, we've been over this multiple times.
Ukrainians managed to take back a town that puts them conveniently within shelling distance to justify another Russian offensive near Odessa. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKNqKvCa890 A Ukrainian position that should have fallen over months is now 50% captured in a matter of days. Russians didn't take the landfill but they took a nearby chalk quarry that is a much better position. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxyfhK3lJ4s >>36895 As Putin has said on several occasions... >"You have to be heartless and prideless to toss out your history" >"But you have to be a fucking idiot to want Communism back" Paraphrasing, of course.
Chechen video from Lysychansk.
>>36899 >As Putin has said I think it was something like "Who doesn't miss Soviet Union has no heart, who wants it back, has no brain"
>>36901 Even several months into the war, I still get a kick out of how juxtaposed everything is. Waving Soviet flags and shouting Allahu Ackbar, and so on. Too bad I haven't seen any of the black and yellow Imperial flags since early on.
>>36873 >What kind of mental gymnastics will the Politicians of any country insane enough to agree to these demands use to justify forcibly deporting Hoholmoms to the front lines while male Syrians of Ugandan descent get to stay? You clearly know nothing of Operation Keelhaul (which ironically a Jewish historian uncovered and was harassed until death for having spoken against the Brits) https://inv.vern.cc/watch?v=z6ak1OtC_gM https://inv.vern.cc/watch?v=WPxJa2Vi_QY https://inv.vern.cc/watch?v=xc0bGrd7hNI The tl:dw version: the Allies agreed with the Soviet Union to forcefully repatriate Cossacks, Ukrainians, Tatars and Russian dissidents who either fled as refugees, were captured by the Nazis and put to work under their labour camps, surrendered voluntarily to Allied or Axis powers or had previously fought against the Soviets during the revolution or WW2 and had received political asylum elsewhere. British soldiers were ordered to beat the families of the very people they had liberated. A group of Russian sailors who had fled to America was drugged in order to repatriate them to be sent off to the gulags. It'll just be covered up as "criminals escaping Ukrainian jurisdiction during wartime" or "brave liberators coming to the rescue of Western Democracy", like always. >>36892 This is fundamentally what's gonna happen all throughout Summer/Autumn if the war won't come to a close. European countries will start fearing their own people tightening their belts and in a desperate effort to save face will throw away any pretense of fighting for a just cause and just rob other nations of their supplies.
>>36905 I understand that, but as it stands whatever the progressives do, gives them no quarter when the cuckservatives who are finally breaking back into the culture war do the same thing against their political enemies. It would be really, really stupid of them to do that today since the pendulum is swinging hard.
>>36906 >Cuckservatives. >Are going to stop being cuckservatives for any reason ever. >Muh pendulum. Get the fuck out of here and stop being a retard, anon. If Jewlensky wants Ukrainian female refugees for his conscript army, then Jewlensky is going to get Ukrainian female refugees for his conscript army. So you better start praying for a civil war to break out in West Ukraine before that happens.
Belarusian man explains the obvious about how Ukraine doesn't really have any defensible positions (topographically) after Bakhmut falls. He thinks they'll take the South-Eastern quarter of Ukraine and then make their way up to Kharkiv.
>>36887 >of which they found some in the form of lab tests where they were intentionally infecting birds with viruses to see if the birds would infect Russians on their migratory paths Are there any reliable english translations of the documents the spokeman for the russian MoD released a while back? I found one download link for the documents on yandex, but its in slavrunes.
>>36892 >(the one that detonated in Beirut) Which one? Beirut had 4 depots explode but the media only reported one to tone down the suspicion it was the je- i mean Israel
>>36871 >>36888 reddit gold
Open file (352.21 KB 960x1280 PH2000 2.jpg)
Open file (248.13 KB 960x1280 PH2000 1.jpg)
Open file (288.58 KB 960x1280 PH2000 3.jpg)
Russians claim they took out one Panzerhaubitze 2000, these pictures were posted, video tis said to be posted later.
>>36923 Some other sources have dismissed it was a PH2000, they corrected it to M109
Open file (70.71 KB 510x680 1656848487178.jpg)
On the other hand, ukrainians struck at Belgorod, and hit a base (?) in melitopol. I have also heard about missiles in kursk but I have not seen much evidence. This will be known as >fuck around and find out war.
The first video is a supposed "fail" on twitter. They think the missile returned to its launch point, because they're too willfully stupid to notice that the impact is much closer to the camera, and we don't even see it launch. In fact, it's one of many successful strikes. the rest is older stuff I saved
>>36918 >4th video. Thanks for finding a version with a slightly longer ending. The endings I've seen until now for this video cover only the first explosion. Not the second explosion and the following gunfire. For context, the video is a group of foreign mercenaries threatening the life of Putin. Their threats are immediately answered by Russia. A fine example of "Fuck around and find out." >>36927 >2nd video. How to describe 80% of this war in ten seconds or less lol.
>>36929 >2nd video What does that patch say?
>>36930 "They will croak, we'll go to Heaven."
>>36904 You have to hand it to Putin for convincing the northern Caucasus of whatever bullshit is taught in their schools.
>>36469 >06/25/2022 (Sat) >boomerang missile >Looks like a curved arc, that seems like a returning missile based on the viewpoint it is recorded from... >So it is NOT returning to the launch point as NPCs claim. >>36927 >07/03/2022 (Sun) >They think the missile returned to its launch point, because they're too willfully stupid to notice that the impact is much closer to the camera, and we don't even see it launch. >the rest is older stuff I saved >the rest is older >the rest >everything but this missile vid & explanation >implying the boomerang missile isn't old news Is this a glitch in the matrix, or did the stuff I said last month happen again? Who cares really? There's more important things happening... Belgorod got 9/11'd by NATO equipment so Putin may retaliate with strikes on government buildings in Kiev as he'd promised.
>>36866 > Russia running out of artillery ordnance Are they mostly relying on seemingly infinite soviet era stockpiles? Any info on how much they are producing as they go? Obviously some of the rockets are newer than that but I assume a lot of the "dumb" ordinance is legacy stuff. >>36870 >Making shit up takes much less computational resources than detecting if shit is made up against real sources Really? I thought detection was relatively straight forward as it's looking for artifacts and patterns that are typical for NNs (in layman terms the equivalent of guessing the author of some piece of art and if it's genuine). I guess if you discount the cost of training the original NN that generates deepfakes - never mind the cost of the training data - then maybe generating deepfakes is not that expensive. But if you were trying to find the original material that was doctored, yeah I can see that being very very expensive. Also the deepfakes could be completely synthetic too in which case there's no original to speak of (unless you want to consider the training dataset as originals). t. shitposted some on the subject >>36870 >hopefully it would wake up some dummies yuup >takes a long whiff from his hopium pipe >>36871 >Amazing how the tactics in this war match the Battlefield 3,4 video games. Art imitating life or life imitating art?
>>36925 I sure hope it goes down in history with a more interesting name than "The Russian invasion of Ukraine of 2022"
>>36936 Bootleg Barbarossa?
>>36936 just call it the Slav Slapfest because it's just a slapping competition to see who can endure the most pain the longest
>>36936 >"The Russian invasion of Ukraine of 2022" I've just been calling it the Russo-Ukrainian War. Not much better but at least less clunky.
>>36936 Probably "World War Three" or "The Nuclear War" at the current rate of escalation. Maybe "The NATO-Russia" wat if it stops just short of nuclear.
>>36925 >>36934 >ukrainians struck at Belgorod, and hit a base I thought NATO was stripping out some of the targeting abilities of the shit they are giving to Ukraine to try and limit it to short ranged defensive and counter force abilities and to prevent them from striking at targets inside Russia proper? >>36941 Fuckers need to read another book.
>>36929 no prob. the context definitely makes it better. >How to describe 80% of this war in ten seconds or less lol. lol, yes indeed >>36934 pardon me for that, I only saved it recently (so, older is relative to my d/ls). I wasn't in this thread until after 16chan went down, thus my oversight. > Belgorod got 9/11'd by NATO equipment so Putin may retaliate with strikes on government buildings in Kiev as he'd promised. everything is exactly the opposite of NPC fantasies -- Russia hits military targets, Ukraine targets civilians. I also read fake news that said Russia was using land mines, even though they're invading, and mines are a defensive/area denial weapon, so obviously only the Ukrainians would use them. Some ppl out there are really gullible, especially when they want to be. >>36941 I thought the whole going to Ukrainewarts and fighting Putinmort was just a meme. this is beyond parody.
>>36938 >>36940 Possibly the best outcome of this whole thing would be if it causes the major nations of the world to outlaw proxy warfare.
Open file (1.11 MB 1107x545 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (499.76 KB 1233x781 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (775.29 KB 861x877 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36942 >I thought NATO was stripping out some of the targeting abilities of the shit they are giving to Ukraine to try and limit it to short ranged defensive and counter force abilities and to prevent them from striking at targets inside Russia proper? They did. Those howitzers still have that range, they just consider it too inaccurate to strike that far away using traditional methods. On a day without much wind and with a skilled triangulator, the full range is definitely still possible. Plus Belgorod has a bit of an issue of location relative to Ukraine. The Ukrainians can park artillery on top of a hill and have a clear shot on a good day.
>>36944 >Possibly the best outcome of this whole thing would be if it causes the major nations of the world to outlaw proxy warfare. I wish they would, but you know as well as I do the Jews Anglos would never allow that.
>>36943 >Mines Something to keep in mind is that in slavspeak, any explosive can be considered a "mine." A grenade is a mine, a rocket is a mine, and obviously literal mines are mines. The Russians do make use of mines at strategic locations (especially in Kherson region where they've mined the entire river or the Zaporizhia power plant where they sea mined the entire river), but yes, the Ukrainians are using mines indiscriminately. Ukrainians have been caught several times on the Eastern fronts using "butterfly mines" where they launch a cluster bomb but instead of explosives it just drops small mines all over the place that blow up when disturbed.
LNR president made a statement.
>>36941 How will Putlemort ever recover from this humiliation? #BanderadoresArmy Please tell me it's from a western city, even Hohols should be better than this.
https://rumble.com/v1aymvo--ukraine-sitrep-day-129-27-summary-lysychansk-encircled-only-bilohorivka-le.html DPA is amused because the pro-Russian propaganda channels are being more conservative in their estimates than the pro-Russian rumors and directly invalidating claimed Russian gains. https://rumble.com/v1aynq8--luhansk-front-rf-captured-bilohorivka-verkhnokamyanske-and-maloryazantseve.html Russians captured Bilohorivka (near Lysychansk). Ukrainian troops left in Luhansk Oblast are all trapped now.
Belarussian man is pissed about the differences between West source and Russian source maps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A71vL3UBqCw
>>36918 Why are the vatniks waving around the Soviet Victory flag? Isn't there an actual Communist Party of Russia in the country who hates Putin's guts? >>36941 S-stunning and brave??? >>36950 Wishful thinking but I truly hope that this defeat will humble not only the countries, but also the citizens of NATO nations into becoming more hardened for conquest in the future.
>>36935 >Are they mostly relying on seemingly infinite soviet era stockpiles? Unknown to what extent. It would be stupid not to use them since you have metric fuckton of it. Newer systems were and are still used, such as IR guided cluster HEAT munitions, some new fancy Smerch munitions etc. However,it's been noted that Russians used stupid numbers of cruise missiles, something like entire NATO stockpile in 100 and they keep going pretty much with same intensity.
>>36869 >I guess this does make some sense given that Russia was expecting a walk in the park like with Georgia and even Crimea and instead got bogged down a few kilometers off of Kiev, but they cannot back down either or there'll be questions asked in Russia in case of a stalemate. They may have not expected for the entirety of NATO to dump their collective strategic reserve of weapons into the hands of the Ukrainians either. Which actually brings another question. What happens to the west now if they have to defend themselves or commit troops + munitions to some battlefields somewhere in the near future?
>>36950 That intro outro music is awesome
>>36956 I assume they won't be able to. I think NATO is betting on the fact that China is too busy dicking around domestically and in Afghanistan to be a real threat, so pinning down Russia is worth the effort (the main contender being if Syria can take back some territory, or Yemen keeps bankrupting the Saudis, Israel is fucked). The consequences of NATO being unable to respond in full because of this range from mild inconveniences all the way up to the collapse of governments and countries losing faith in NATO/leaving the alliance. I think they are/were hoping contractors could make up the supply differences, but many of the resupply POs that just keep up with peacetime demand can't or won't expand that fast to cover the losses. The real question is what happens if Russia starts winning a war against NATO, for whatever reasons? Keep in mind all these Russians fighting in Ukraine are fighting against NATO-trained officers so NATO is losing a valuable resource (men trained to fight Russians) while Russia is learning all sorts of new modern warfare tactics they can test out against NATO trained troops.
>>36958 >The real question is what happens if Russia starts winning a war against NATO, for whatever reasons? European Union is the only authority on the planet that makes the rules about chemical weapons, biological weapons, weapons made from nuclear components and all the other doomsday WMD nightmare fuel. NATO and EU will not sanction one another. Irlmaier prophecies alongside multiple others (that greek christian one from before, Tui Bei Tu from chinese) have predicted that after Russia blitzkriegs Europe, their army gets destroyed and they lose the war. Irlmaier's account in particular implies that dirty bombs are used to irradiate the land, through which Russian supply passes through and that modern biological weapons (read: certain death) are deployed to destroy the main army itself. I'm inclined to believe that this is what they'll do.
>>36959 >Tuī Bèi Tú That one's really ominous for us, from 60 china-centric poems only 5 are left according to some and these last ones are some of the most explicit in terms of meaning. Supposedly the little government besides the mainland or "the landlord without his land" will have only 10 leaders, Taiwan right now is at its 10th president and the next poem in line is #56 which is the first in pic related. Oddly enough no mention of the 'rona unless the #54 is the actual next thing as its current explanation seems mundane thing (woman vicepresident in Taiwan) in context of the other events, it doesn't sound like the pandemic either.
>>36954 The only thing that will harden will be your masters collective dicks while you get put into a meat grinder they make a hefty profit on.
>>36957 It's just generic news music.
>>36954 >Why are the vatniks waving around the Soviet Victory flag? Isn't there an actual Communist Party of Russia in the country who hates Putin's guts? I think it has to do with nostalgia and RUSSIA STRONK >>36947 Points well taken. There are certain select situations in which an invading army might use mines, but it's the exception, not the rule. It's also important to distinguish between anti-tank/vehicle mines and anti-personnel mines, the latter of which is banned by int'l law, yet is used heavily by Ukraine.
>>36943 >It was a MILITARY mall the Russians targeted Yeah, sure bro. I'm sure all that rape was just cavity searches with their dicks too. >>36954 Because they want to re-establish the Soviet Union >>36960 Irlmaier also says it starts in summer, a few days after a leader in the Balkans gets assassinated. He predicted inflation and bad harvests beforehand too, and we've had both, though arguably not for the amount of time he predicted, but he was always vague about time, so there's that. So might wanna keep an eye on that. Three days of darkness seems to be a part of this too, so a blessed candle and confession might be a good investment.
>>36965 Why would anyone want to go to war if they cannot rape and loot?
>>36965 >It was a MILITARY mall the Russians targeted They targeted a railway hub and industrial plant, which are valid military targets. The shopping mall was nearby, was closed to shoppers, and was used to house military equipment. There is absolutely massive amounts of bullshit & propaganda on this conflict, you really can't trust the Western media at all. Lies are the rule, the truth is an exception. If you hear about Russians committing war crimes or getting BTFO, it's fake. >Yeah, sure bro. I'm sure all that rape was just cavity searches with their dicks too. The only rape was perpetrated by Ukrainians, especially the false-flagging AZOV Israeli operatives. Many of their offenses get blamed on Russia.
Open file (1.13 MB 1192x940 ClipboardImage.png)
Ukrainians planted their flag on snake island. Did not stay long enough to get missiled off the rock.
>>36968 It never got raised to begin with.
Open file (45.39 KB 772x245 Capture.JPG)
Would now be a good time for Belarus to seize the moment and grab some strategic clay?
Open file (10.00 MB 3840x2400 Вон он, сука!.png)
>>36965 >>36967 >Yeah, sure bro >They didn't attack the mall IIRC it's somewhere in the middle. They did intentionally strike the mall, but that's because the mall was being used to house military equipment and possible training infrastructure. If nothing else, the explosions/debris/smoke that came out of the mall were on par with what you'd expect from an ordinance storage point getting blown up, not with what you'd expect from civilian infrastructure catching fire. >It's fake The Russians are definitely committing war crimes too, let's not pretend otherwise. It's not at the level of Ukraine and the Russians are showing much more tact in avoiding civilian infrastructure when possible but they are also ignoring international law when it's a bother (such as their use of cluster munitions). I'm more concerned with how professional the two armies are acting when they do commit crimes. Russians are prosecuting their own and maintaining the image of a professional army, punishing soldiers for dicking around on phones, avoiding civilian infrastructure when possible, and treating the locals with respect. Minus a bit of rape where they still make sure to pay the girl as a proper prostitute and "treat her right" from the known rape cases compared to Western countries that kill and dump the girls in a ditch; something many American marines have noted when I've asked them about their experiences in Afghanistan. When it comes to artillery they still use old methods which can hit civilian infrastructure (wind measurement) but that has more to do with technological limitations than it does with intentional targeting. In comparison, the Ukrainian army has dropped all pretenses of playing fair and being professional. I expect this behavior from the losing side, but it's sickening when Ukrainians fake machismo stoicism in all their actions, yet have no actual stoicism in their actions. The Ukrainians don't follow standard command structure and hierarchy but rather top-down orders that they are supposed to follow indiscriminately. Despite having comparable combat losses prior to Sverodonetsk, Ukraine only had about 600 Russian PoWs compared to Russia's 20,000 PoWs bringing light to how Ukraine treats their prisoners of war (illegally executing them) even when ignoring the occasional video of them openly and brazenly torturing them in videos posted to social media in violation of the Geneva convention. Their own never get prosecuted until it becomes too big of an issue to ignore (the warlord in Nikolaev who was caught accepting tribute from his subordinates in exchange for not sending them to the front line while raping and abusing the locals). The Russians certainly loot goods and make no attempts to conceal that they do it, but the Ukrainians do just as much pillaging while pretending that it never takes place. The Ukrainians do just as much raping yet their victims end up dead or in captivity without recompense. The Ukrainians prop up minor victories of taking no-name towns while the only reason you even find out a town has fallen to the Russians is because they announce that the Ukrainians are shelling that position. They routinely use Western weapons systems to shell civilian centers far away from the front lines, military infrastructure. or even civilian infrastructure with hybrid use, while insisting the Russians are doing worse despite local interviews even on the Pro-Ukrainian side of the aisle saying that it is their own shelling them, not the Russians. Their soldiers are every bit the inmates becoming the wardens and act accordingly while claiming to be on the right side of history. Wherever I try to find some sign that it is the exception to the rule, the corruption of Ukraine runs deeper; even deeper than the corrupt leadership of Afghanistan. I was completely neutral when this war started, but the unprofessional and illegal actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have turned me into a "vatnik" just to see them wiped out and perhaps replaced by something Ukraine can one day be proud of instead of holding the shroud of shame over their heads for the incompetent, illegal, irresponsible, and irredeemable actions of their soldiers and officers.
>>36967 The fact that Bucha is still claimed to be the responsibility of the Russians is beyond me. Temperatures were already warm enough for corpses to rot and the Russians had been gone for days when the Ukrainians showed up, yet none of the corpses showed any signs that they were older than a few hours if they were even dead, despite the fact that several were stored in humid conditions that should have sped up the decomposition process. Russia even pointed this out and asked for a third part investigation, but apparently the retreating Russians were "too close for independent investigators to investigate the circumstances" even though they were more than able to send Western toadies in to take the propaganda shots and blame the Russians.
>>36967 >The only rape was perpetrated by Ukrainians Didn't some Ukrainian woman responsible for propaganda department got fired because she lied so much about 'Muh Russian war crimes and roip' that even top Ukrainian officials had enough of her shit?
>>36971 No, the Ukrainians will give it willingly when the famines start come November.
>>36974 I thought she got fired for "Me Tooing" Ukrainian leadership, but probably.
So the deployment map seems to suggest the only troops left to the East of Bakhmut are foreign volunteers. https://militaryland.net/ukraine/deployment-map/
So is this stupid show over and Neato will draw a DMZ between West and East Ukraine or will they continue burning money sending supplies to be wasted in deficient offensives and sold on black markets?
Open file (78.14 KB 735x566 Capture.JPG)
>>36977 Amazing.
>>36979 I'm convinced this entire debacle is just being used by the west as a way to keep markets from collapsing completely, or at least a distraction. probably both.
>>36979 This only ends when we all die. The west will keep on sending weapons (since arms is the only american industry not outsourced to china yet and the leadership needs to prop up the dailing economy.)
>>36979 Best answer I can give is "it depends." At the end of the day, Russia wants NATO off their doorstep more than NATO wants to invade Russia, so Russia will take more extreme actions than NATO will. If NATO actually invades and helps the Ukrainians proper near the end of next month, then things will get much, much worse but could still end with a DMZ on the river. If NATO turns out to be completely spineless, then Russia will retake all territory connecting Ukraine to the Black Sea and eventually NATO countries will be forced to deal with rising problems back home instead of supplying Ukraine (E.G. this hard winter is probably what will determine the war by virtue of Ukraine having another Holodomor or October Revolution if the West abandons them now, except it will be one of their own making). >But Finalnd and Sweden are joining NATO Sweden has always been anti-Russian and their political neutrality was always on paper and prefaced by "we agree to be Neutral only if NATO will intervene" so their entering NATO is a formality. Finnish Neutrality is likely to remain much like how Turkey is aligned with NATO but is "neutral" so unless Finland takes some drastic anti-Russian measures, Russia doesn't care about Finland being in NATO. Russia cared about Ukraine because Ukraine wanted to be part of NATO and was right on Russia's border, and was hostile to Russia. Russia was perfectly willing to ignore Ukraine when Trump was in charge because America was making a goodwill effort to work with the Russians to eliminate common threats. Despite NATO beginning their troop training program in Ukraine back in 2013. >>36981 I can't speak for Europe, but that's pretty much what Biden has been doing for five months now. Everyone knows its his fault but he deflects and accuses everything of being the Russians' fault. It's backfiring horribly because even the normalfags are starting to ask why we're supporting a "neutral power" instead of focusing on our own if supporting said power is draining our coffers and lowering everyone's quality of life.
>>36941 Wait a minute, wasn't Voldemort the good guy?
>>36950 This had such a C&C Red Alert vibe that I was excepting a scoreboard to pop up in the end.
>>36984 In a sense. Voldemort was a commoner who lead a tough life before discovering that not only was he capable of magic but he was prodigal. That ended up leading him to rebel against the caste system that was in place which lead to the deep political divides later on between wizard society and commoner-turned-wizard society. He intended to use the purebloods to cannibalize their own to lead to a revolution, etc.** >t. Didn't read any tripe past the original 7
>>36984 They probably only watched the movies where Voldemort is generic evil racist wizard against purebloods because he looks white.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ln_m2dV7ANk Still watching the mini-update for Kherson, but from the sounds of it the Russians have made a massive push across the entire Eastern front. Most notably... >Russians are mass-crossing the river towards Siversk >Rumors that fighting has already begun for Siversk but no confirmations yet >Ukrainians have been entirely pushed back across the river near Kharkiv >Russians have begun moving south of Donetsk and are gaining territory It seems Ukraine is getting ready for siege season and are calling their troops back out of the countryside towards more defensible urban positions, and the Russians are prodding/advancing across the entire front line looking for the weakest spot to attack from. Makes sense since they'll have about 30BTGs to spare once Siversk falls (the currently shifted front lines has made enough spare BTGs to hold ground on other fronts when taken).
>>36991 >Urban combat Boogaloo Makes sense when you think about it. Urban environment is the only place where Ukrainians can fight with relative parity with Russians. You get civilian meatshield, and if few happen to get kill in crossfire you get propaganda victory for western audience. Not like Ukrainians care about them, any civilian in Donbass is expandable to Kiev.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uz9eXPtqJU Alright, watched the Kherson update. This is mostly speculation based on intuition, but interpreting DPA's information... >Ukrainians have launched a massive offensive along the Southern front with mixed results >The artillery used against Snake island is being redirected towards the Kherson offensive suggesting Ukraine still has zero intentions to demine Odessa >Locations using Western artillery are making advances while locations using wave tactics are being suppressed >Ukrainians are digging in positions to protect major grain/oil infrastructure and power plants/substations >The amount of Ukrainians suggest they shipped their remaining elites away from the Eastern front and towards the Southern front >Russia does not have enough troops to handle this offensive in Kherson unless they also redirect troops (which they seem intent on taking back a larger portion of the East before moving West) because of the increased/advanced Ukrainian artillery >Russia may be planning to use Kherson as a sacrificial lamb to justify a larger mobilization of troops
Open file (67.51 KB 299x336 1637916744823.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAxyT1cRJq0 Belarusian man's update pretty much mirrored DPAs in terms of events, but he covered a bit more in regards to the likely battlefronts for Siversk assuming the Ukrainians hold it. Something else he noted was that Russia's "Industrial Mobilization" announced on June 13th is in full swing now. tl;dr for what that means: >Industrial workers are not allowed to take vacations until further notice >Overtime and night shifts are mandatory at the employer's request >Anyone with a business license in Russia is not legally allowed to refuse a military requisition so long as the military provides the materials and enough pay to cover materials and labor >Price controls on military goods are in full effect Essentially, Russia is preparing for full-scale warfare, which not to raise alarms, would line up with NATO mobilizing troops near the end of August. The alternative explanation which is equally likely is that Russia intends to wage war over winter and is preparing in advance. This could be incredibly costly for the Russians given how harsh winters are in that part of the world, but it could also see a huge payoff since Ukraine will likely be fuel-less, food-less, and possibly low on ammunition by that time (and needless to say a lot of Ukrainian men will likely freeze or starve while out defending) while Russian mobilization of industrial resources should pay off by about September/October. The casualties will continue until morale is nonexistent.
>>36995 >NATO mobilizing troops near the end of August NATO is too crippled to dare
>>36995 I'm more curious as to how much of this industry is for winterization. I have a hunch keeping soldiers and rescued civilians from freezing and starving to death are as valuable as weapons, if not more valuable. But that's just me. >>36996 It is. But for myself I'm not going to take it for granted until the August/September deadline for when NATO is supposed to deploy passes, according to the NATO strategy of allowing a country to be overrun for 180 days before intervening. NATO has thought itself to be eternal, and this is the first [major] conflict demonstrating otherwise to the whole world. And so I half believe NATO is desperately stupid enough to try and start World War III for to keep a rapidly disappearing mythos of invincibility that only the sycophants believe in anymore.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGlBSW5-8oA >Alexander Mercouris shits on Ukraine for not coming back to the negotiation table >Russia took over a Liquefied Natural Gas pipeline connecting to Japan >Japan is freaking out about energy supply >Japan's probably alright for a while >Germany, however, is reporting a monthly trade deficit for the first time since 1991 >They are importing too much energy and nobody wants the shit they are exporting due to the recession (Germany relies on industrial exports, and obviously people aren't building factories/doing construction during a recession) >German gas reserve folks have come out and say if there is any disruption, Germany only has 2 months of gas >Assuming it's not a harsh winter >Japan and Germany are the head suppliers of industrial goods after America for the Western world >JP Morgan has come out and called out G7 for suggesting price caps since Russia cutting back production would raise the price of oil to $300+ per barrel >People are starting to seriously look at BRICS and ASEAN as decentralized G7 alternatives >Normalfags are questioning the competence of Western leaders >Western leaders are in for a rude political awakening come the next election cycle if they don't cut the shit he still thinks there will be elections lol >The real economic crisis hasn't even begun yet (that comes in October/November) >Ukraine (the West) has about a month left to turn the situation around and start negotiating with Russia before the current damage becomes permanent >>36997 >I have a hunch keeping soldiers and rescued civilians from freezing and starving to death are as valuable as weapons Historically the weather and disease killed more soldiers and civilians than any combat wounds. Given Russia's desire to not waste troops, that would line up quite nicely. >>36996 Agreed, but as the above poster commented, >And so I half believe NATO is desperately stupid enough to try and start World War III for to keep a rapidly disappearing mythos of invincibility that only the sycophants believe in anymore. There's a theory (don't remember the name), but whenever a dominant economic power is replaced by a new economic power, whether local or global, violence and war tends to break out (whether it's civil war, war with another, proxy war, etc.). As it stands Russia was handed the golden egg-laying goose in the form of all these sanctions at the same time as massive fuel shortages, food shortages, and metal shortages because of supply issues/recession. Russia, having adopted a 1920s-style "American Economy" over the last twenty years, won't have a golden opportunity to replace the EU/WEF/China on the international stage as a dominant economic power like this for another century. NATO is willing to let Ukraine fall, but I'm not sure they are willing to let Russia replace them in Africa/Asia/South America as the dominant European market force, and right now Russia is taking the whole cake since the EU tried to eat Russia's piece of it. The powers-that-be can't let that slide. It would hurt their pride too much so an offensive against Russia is the only possible solution (the "if I can't have it nobody can have it" strategy) since Russia is willing to work with countries that don't like gays. That being said this is all speculation. NATO has been slowly mobilizing around Russia's borders for a few months now and isn't sending troops home. That makes sense from a defensive perspective, but also suggests they could be planning an offensive as well. Nobody thought Russia would invade when I predicted it, so I will remain skeptical about
>>36998 Damn post submitting because of copy paste bug. So I will remain skeptical about whether or not NATO attacks Russia/launches an offensive in Ukraine until about the 2nd weekend of September
>>36984 Eh Voldymort did it for the lulz. NOW Grindelwald on the other hand tried to stop the holocaust and the Nips from getting nuked.
Open file (170.01 KB 822x584 EndQoj_W8AoRmiA.jpg)
>>36972 I think the mall wasn't their main target, but they hit it, since it was nearby and being used for military storage. When civilian infrastructure is used for military purposes, it becomes a viable target. It's a typical Ukrainian tactic to do this, then cry to the Western press about muh schools and hospitals. It's anuddah shoah! As for the rest, that's a fair critique. I'm not pretending that the Russians are gallant white knights, but overall they're far more honorable and professional than their Ukrainian counterparts. I too look forward to Russian victory, not because they're perfect, but I'll take them over the rainbow flag any day. >>36973 Yes, Bucha was fabricated. There's the reasons you described, also the time-lapse between Russian withdrawal and publicity (giving them time to stage it) and the fact that the mayor of Bucha makes no indication of any atrocities when first interviewed. >>36986 I read a brilliant critique of those books tbh, pic related. Even though the author is a tankie and we're ideological opposites, it's still the most insightful review of it I've read.
>>37002 > When civilian infrastructure is used for military purposes, it becomes a viable target. It's a typical Ukrainian tactic to do this, then cry to the Western press about muh schools and hospitals. It's anuddah shoah! Is that sort of thing not considered a war crime in and of itself? If false flagging and other perfidy are considered war crimes then hiding behind civvies sure seems like it should be.
>>37003 Normally I'd agree, but the soviet nations actually designated schools and such as military infrastructure in the event of war and built it accordingly. It's more accurate to think of things like gymnasiums as "hybrid use" structures that were designed for military/wartime use but are used by civilians during peacetime in post-soviet nations.
>>36998 >they could be planning an offensive as well I can see it, the powers that be are desperate for a war to get away from the internal issues that are threatening their bottom line and to kickstart the economy from a near 2 decade slump.
>>37007 Where to escape to survive WWIII then? South America? Greenland?
>>37008 Brazil/Argentina might unironically be one of the safest places in the world in such an event. Thailand and North-Eastern Mountainous Pakistan is a close second option (avoid urban Pakistan since India would nuke them into oblivion if given the chance).
Open file (78.95 KB 500x500 lvldy.jpg)
>>37008 If that whole global warming thing ever really takes off then Lesser Antarctica would be a great place to hang out. Of course the traditional place to head for in the event of a nuclear war is the Australian Outback because of, well you know why.
>>37010 >nuclear holocaust or Australia Nah, I'll take my chances in irradiated wasteland
Open file (128.16 KB 1077x794 Biden Approval.png)
>>36956 >What happens to the west now if they have to defend themselves or commit troops + munitions to some battlefields somewhere in the near future? The biggest question would be "who in their right mind would over extend onto the entirety of Europe without a build up phase". To be honest it's not like major European powers have been sending their best or even most of their own strategic arsenals, or we can assume they've been lying on their actual stockpiles or capabilities. >>36959 >>36960 This shit reminds me so much of Billy Bat for some reason >no mention of 'rona Covid was not even that big a deal as far as illness goes. They made it seem like a plague like condition when it's just the common cold with unforeseen future effects. >>36983 Nicely put Also every couple of weeks I check out approval ratings for Bidup just to have fun and I'm so pleased that even normalfag and pro democrat publications have started giving him worse approval ratings than Trump at his lowest. >>36984 I never read the novels and only watched a couple of the movies but according to Shaun Voldemort was leading an anti establishment revolution because he got sick and tired of being treated like the subhuman that he was by rayciss wizardkin and he's basically about as evil and underhanded as the heroes of the story.
>>36993 >The artillery used against Snake island is being redirected towards the Kherson offensive suggesting Ukraine still has zero intentions to demine Odessa We're one famine away from the death of Absolute Globalism, I am so proud gamers >>36998 >Western leaders are in for a rude political awakening come the next election cycle if they don't cut the shit he still thinks there will be elections lol We truly are at Byzantium levels of political shitflinging, with the Ottomans at the gate and people rejoicing over winning more seats in a powerless state At least from what I've seen, this seems to have been the case in France, Italy and possibly Britain.
Open file (75.92 KB 519x600 batman-laughing.jpg)
Russia orders Jewish Agency to cease all activities in country https://archive.ph/pMJC5 https://www.i24news.tv/en/news/ukraine-conflict/1657010699-russia-orders-jewish-agency-to-cease-all-activities-in-country-report >Dramatic move could impact thousands of Russian Jews trying to immigrate to Israel >Russia ordered the Jewish Agency to halt all operations in the country amid rising tensions between Moscow and Jerusalem over the war in Ukraine, The Jerusalem Post reports. >Jewish Agency officials confirmed to the newspaper that a letter was received from the Russian government earlier this week. >"As part of the work of the Jewish Agency's delegation in Russia, we are occasionally required to make certain adjustments, as required by authorities," The Jewish Agency told The Post. >"The contacts with the authorities take place continuously, with the aim of continuing our activities in accordance with the rules set by the competent bodies. Even nowadays, such a dialogue takes place." >The Jewish Agency's Jerusalem headquarters is reportedly considering its response in consultation with Israel's Foreign Ministry and the Prime Minister's Office. >The dramatic move comes during a time of increasing tensions over Jerusalem's position on Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, with the latest example on Monday when Russia's Foreign Ministry called Israel's airstrikes in Syria unacceptable and demanded an unconditional cessation of the attacks. >The Jewish Agency promotes and facilitates aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel) and the order could impact thousands of Russian Jews waiting to make aliyah.
>>37012 >I'm so pleased that even normalfag and pro democrat publications have started giving him worse approval ratings than Trump at his lowest. I like that his in aggregate approval has consistently been only a couple points above one of the lowest points in Trump's entire presidency, yeah. I don't think he's dipped to 36% approval point by virtue of polling agencies being stubborn about wanting to frame Trump as "the worst president," but as you implied that was the lowest point whereas Joe's consistently been riding that brink for a month now with a lower average over most of his tenure. >>37014 >Jews are usually businessmen or specialized trades like doctors >Jews are liable for conscription and towards the Industrial mobilization >"OY VEY we can't leave the country during tough times when our country needs us!" Like pottery. >>37013 I'm sure they'll find some way to pin the blame on the Russians even though Russia is barter trading and selling food at a discount to prevent just that.
>>37014 The Jew fears The Slav >>37015 This whole approval ratings deal is also interesting on the idpol angle, since from what I could gather from youtubers and political journalists these polls tend to skew heavily towards city dwellers rather than rural people, meaning that even what's supposed to be the core voter base for Demodups is heavily against his policies. Seems that it went through a downward spiral ever since Fall of Saigon 2.0 as well.
>>36999 >2nd weekend of September Wasn't this year or the last one the jewish jubilee around that time? bad things always happen in those times
>>37016 Another issue with polls are how it breaks down by demographics. 1/4th of people in America support civil war, but when you break it down by generations it's like 10% of boomers, 20% of GenX, 40% of Millennials, and 50% of Gen Z. People aren't changing their minds and becoming conservative; they're becoming polarized (which prevents indoctrination) and only conservatives are having kids.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=VzWq_17LKW4 DPA decided to walk back sever Russian gains. He's still reporting them but he's listing them as rumors until further notice.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=PT2BkAqEz8A Alright he went into a little greater detail. As his channel has gotten more popular he's gotten new sources. In one case it was a bad call by an otherwise good geolocator, one of the sources has been completely suspended from twitter, a third lied about a translation, and a fourth who seemed accurate is proving to be more rumor mill-like than Rybar.
Anybody have any breakdown on how much of Ukraines GDP is currently under Russian control? I've read few claims that around 70-75%, but that seems way too high for me. I know Donbass is full of natural resources, coal, iron etc, and sea of Azov is a host to newly discovered gas fields. Kherson is very good agricultural land, but I don't think it makes up for that large of a percentage of revenue, since they're are other regions that produce agricultural products.
>Euro crashed to 1.03 USD >German and France in war economy resource rationing >Soaring industrial producer prices >Interest rates skyrocketing for Italian, Spanish, and Greek debt >African migrants about to swarm across the Med due to the food crisis JUST
>The head of the DPR Denis Pushilin signed a decree, that states, artillery men of the AFU shouldn’t be take as POWs even if surrendered. >Which gives the legitimacy of both DPR and LPR to execute artillery men on sight. And so another level of "Fuck around and find out." was reached today. >>37023 >Africans will escape their domestic food crisis. >Only to find themselves in a foreign food crisis. Heh.
Open file (2.70 MB 540x300 worried laughter.gif)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=cFwaih3_q3A >DPA confirms Russia nationalized the LNG pipeline to Japan >Gazprom did not issue dividends leading to a 30% loss in shareholders (Russian government owns another 30% shares) >Russia looking at new pipelines through central asia >Ukraine claiming they can export electricity to Europe >Norwegian oil workers are striking >Norway is threatening to send in Pinkertons >Gas situation in Germany is still bad and getting worse >France having issues with their nuclear plants and rebooting oil generators >US is exporting more gas to Europe than Russia for the first time in history >People siphoning gas from unlocked caps in America >Companies illegally importing Russian gas >Bezos told Biden to suck his dick when Biden demanded lowered gas prices He actually said something along the lines of "The Administration has no right to make economic demands when gas prices are so high." >Libya has stopped oil exports abroad >Iran and Iraq are making bank on oil sales >Moldova is cozying up to Ukraine economically >Fertilizer already up 30% since the start of the year in America >Peru farmers and truckers striking >Niger repurposing human waste for fertilizer >Urine for fertilizer is a precursor to nitrogen bombs >Brazil has imported enough to cover 85% of crop yield for this year >Food crisis in South Sudan has started >20k already at immediate risk of starvation >Sri Lanka in the same situation >The UK to start bioengineering drought-resistant crops
Open file (2.88 MB 636x326 Heavy Shotgun.gif)
>>37025 i have gotten hyped up so many times over "civilization will collapse this year for real this time dude trust me" that none of it means anything to me anymore. i still believe that nothing will happen no matter what writing is on the wall.
>>37025 Hop over here to see what's going on in Shina: https://trashchan.xyz/finance/thread/85.html#110
>>37030 I settle for regime collapse over civilization collapse nowadays.
>>110 So the reason why these offers are suddenly dropped is because a bureaucrat came and told them they can't edge in on the produce market, right? There's no way multiple companies would offer these deals that could save them and suddenly pull out unless the Party has stepped in and slapped them on the wrist. I wonder if Xi plans a new row of collectivization once the real estate market crashes.
Posted by some pro Ukrainian tranny jurno embedded withing UAF. >"Some Ukrainian units are out of body bags and there is a shortage available to replenish them." >"Ukraine has already won but the cost is high." ...The fuck now? I know you have to have fucked up brain to be a tranny to begin with , but fucking hell man heh don't you read shit you write before posting it?
>>37032 I would except the site owner has apparently banned every single node of my VPN based on a sample of six random countries.
>>37033 I figured it was a matter of that being the current black market price for said produce since it's unobtainable on store shelves due to price controls.
>>37024 >And so another level of "Fuck around and find out." was reached today. that's because Ukraine shelled civilians. give no quarter, get none. >>37034 trannies are even more delusional than most. I genuinely look forward to the mountains of salt when Ukraine finally collapses, and Russia annexes up to the Carpathians. not if, but when. >>37032 this >>37002 adding onto what I said about that Harry Potter shit, another good take from the polar opposite political side: https://jacobin.com/2019/01/harry-potter-magic-liberalism-fantasy-fetishism it argues that the reason so many grown adults are still obsessed with Harry Potter, is because it's a fantasy story in which education and elite status give you power over reality itself, which is immensely appealing to a certain demographic. >But Harry Potter presents these readers with the world as they want it, with the right and proper hierarchies back in place. It is the ultimate “Revenge of the Nerds,” where the liberal priesthood of experts, technocrats, and wonks — who have found themselves hated and resented by the democratic elements of their societies — can retreat into a twee cosseted fantasy world. It is a place where their Harvard and Oxbridge pedigrees provide the foundations of the very laws of physics.
>>37014 I don't know what the hell is happening anymore.
>>37035 Sorry meant for >>37031 Light-headed from heat and hunger. Just got some food in and saw the fuckup.
>>37022 Getting an accurate number is difficult because it depends on metrics. 18% of Ukraine's GDP before the war was from trade with Russia. The world bank predicted a 44% decrease in Ukrainian GDP over 2022, but that reflects the expanded military industry in official numbers whereas Ukraine was an exporting country. Hyperinflation in Ukraine is also making the GDP look bigger than it actually is. I think that 70-75% seems accurate based on the fact that it is taking four to six kmonths to ship the same wheat that used to take one month to ship, but GDP is such a shitty metric that everyone can go "nuh uh you're wrong because [Jewish Tricks]!" As it stands, if Ukraine ended the war tomorrow and kept their entire territory, estimates put an official shrinking of the Ukrainian economy of about 30% so I guess that could also be a metric, but that assumes Ukraine gets to take back Crimea, Luhansk, Donetsk, and Kherson.
>>37039 Well, at least you have a reason why you aren't posting there, and not just randomly discuss something that is quite outside the scope of this conflict. Which of course leads to the question why I'm shilling /finance/ here, and I'm the faggot. But I have to make the numbers go up somehow. >>37040 Indeed, in theory you could make two company, take a bag of cash from company A to company B, write a receipt about company B doing some nondescript service to company A, and you have increased the GDP, specifically the part contributed by the service sector. Now take that very same bag of money, bring it back from company B to company A, this time write a receipt about company A doing some other nondescript service, and you have increased the GDP again, because GDP mostly measures how much money is going around. Of course, this is not a realistic example, because both companies would have some running costs and they'd have to pay taxes, but it shows that you can manipulate it easily. and make up whatever metrics you want to measure it.
>>37023 If Italy or Spain are put under too much strain it's likely they'll retaliate against the migrants and their bleeding heart supporters way earlier than any European Parliament can act upon it >>37025 >When the American oligarch can clamor to increase the minimum wage so he can drive out of business the smaller scale competition one day but tell the government of the country he's working in that they cannot impose financial regulations the next one What a time to be alive >Libya has stopped oil exports abroad Sounds someone's about to get colonized >Sri Lanka They were already fucked beforehand, India should just invade and get it over already.
>>37000 >NOW Grindelwald on the other hand tried to stop the holocaust and the Nips from getting nuked. I don't really give a fuck about harry potter anymore liked it as a kid but that got me curious
>>37031 No offense but fucking seriously we do not have enough population to create active communities for super small boards like that, it should be just a thread on /k/ since stonks are how grown ups fight or something.
>>37043 >Nooooooo you can't stop World War 2 and the destruction of Europe https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=09SlVRYRaaM
>>37044 There's a catch-all thread for any off-topic or one-off subject Strelok wants to talk about called the /k/anteen.
This doesn't mean much now. But it may be worth keeping an eye on for salt harvesting for when it happens. >Iran, Russia and China and 10 other nations are reported to be holding military exercises in Latin America in August.
Open file (359.80 KB 1230x1651 quick doodle.png)
Anybody noticed tactics employed by the Russians when assaulting and cleaning trenches? You have a point man and a follow up supporting man with assault rifles,after them,three men with grenade pouches, and behind them a man with GPMG. They would form a compact line and sweep trough the trenches, they move up untill first two men make contact and pin enemy soldier, while three men behind them would toss several grenades per man, in rapid succession, over the forward team on their command. Guy with GPMG would cover anything over the trench with suppressive fire. They would work with tandem teams and move up only when other teams clear their part, setting up covering zone for other team to move up. All of this being overseen by drone operator feeding them intel.im pretty sure there's more to it, but that's what I extracted from several videos of combat. Would explain rapid breakthrough at several, heavily fortified places in Donbass, stopping only when they hit urban areas such as Popasna. I'm pretty sure this is how it's usually done since WW1, bar the unusually liberal application of grenades, even for trench warfare standard. But seeing them in action on modern battlefield is fascinating.
Just look how much ammo dumps these stupid vatnik vatnigger retard bydlo monkey dishwasher thiefs have lost over this week, with just 4 himars >Russian ammo dump at Popasna destroyed https://twitter.com/TpyxaNews/status/1543145454829031425 >Smoke rising from Russian units in Chernobaivka https://twitter.com/TpyxaNews/status/1543147263345696768 >HIMARS or Tochka strike on Belgorod https://twitter.com/TpyxaNews/status/1543410720330637313 >Satellite photos of HIMARS strike on Melitopol https://twitter.com/TpyxaNews/status/1543506312788590596 >HIMARS strike on Snizhne ammo depot https://twitter.com/TpyxaNews/status/1543853627470761984 >Sabotage in Tuva https://twitter.com/TpyxaNews/status/154386219010460876 >Russian ammunition warehouse in Yakovlevka destroyed https://twitter.com/TpyxaNews/status/1543925688020996097 >HIMARS strike on Donetsk ammo depot https://twitter.com/Archer83Able/status/1544004121660952577 https://twitter.com/Archer83Able/status/1544004931161669635 >More footage from Donetsk ammo depot strike https://twitter.com/Archer83Able/status/1544006097127849985 https://twitter.com/TpyxaNews/status/1544019854256119813 https://twitter.com/TpyxaNews/status/1544217464225005568 https://twitter.com/TpyxaNews/status/1544217464225005568 >Russian barracks in Yasynuvata destroyed https://twitter.com/TpyxaNews/status/1544015690750992387 >Russian ammo depot in Kadiivka destroyed https://twitter.com/Osinttechnical/status/1544087601073819650 >HIMARS strike on KAMAZ truck depot https://twitter.com/TpyxaNews/status/1544274895508574208
>>37058 Just look at all those ammo dumps Russia seized from Ukraine that Ukraine is now claiming were Russian all along! We will live to see Ukraine bragging about bombing Russians in Kiev’s city center.
>>37060 It is a victory for Ukraine when they hit an ammo depot or two in a week, given how Russians obliterate dozen concentrations of manpower and equipment over the night, every night with cruise missiles and SRBM.
Open file (81.84 KB 630x630 k75AuUH.png)
Officials urge evacuation for 350,000 in east Ukraine region before expected Russian assaults >Leaders in Ukraine's Donbas region called on Wednesday for more than 300,000 civilians there to evacuate to safety ahead of an expected Russian military offensive, as Moscow moves to gain ground in the eastern part of the war-scarred country. >The government head of the Donetsk region -- which is one of two that make up the Donbas -- called on Wednesday for the remaining 350,000 civilians there to evacuate. The increased Russian assault is expected after Moscow claimed victory in the Luhansk province, which is the other half that makes up the Donbas. >Luhansk Gov. Pavlo Kyrylenko said the evacuations would allow Ukrainian forces to concentrate on defending the region against intensified attacks. >"The destiny of the whole country will be decided by the Donetsk region," Kyrylenko said according to The Guardian. "Once there are less people, we will be able to concentrate more on our enemy and perform our main tasks." https://archive.ph/PAtJ6
>>37062 >"Once there are less people, we will be able to concentrate more on our enemy and perform our main tasks." Sounds like a threat lol.
1) Russian cosmonauts celebrate victory over Luhansk in the ISS 2-3) Russian special forces, unknown location 4) House of Culture District of Nikolaev
Open file (663.08 KB 1280x750 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.22 MB 1280x904 ClipboardImage.png)
1) “According to the law, the departure of conscripts from their place of residence is prohibited without the permission of the military registration and enlistment offices. We have developed a decree according to which those registered with the military registration and enlistment office can obtain permission to travel outside their place of residence for a period of 30 days to a year. 2) Nikolaev yesterday 3) Ukrainian resources published a video of the use of HIMAR >Why is it important? With a high degree of probability, next time Ukrainian HIMARS will operate from approximately the same place. Especially given the proximity to the front line and the good road surface of a large highway, which allows wheelbase complexes to quickly change position.
Open file (1.63 MB 480x270 Terry Drumset.gif)
>>37065 >3rd video they don't look like they'll be very effective but the music is cool
>>37050 >I'm pretty sure this is how it's usually done since WW1, bar the unusually liberal application of grenades, even for trench warfare standard. I think you underestimate how many grenades they used. Although they also used rifle grenades, but in the case of the British that was just the same Mills bomb with a plate on its bottom.
>>37065 >Third video. Life is hard for Ukraine. If you do not post videos of you using your wonder weapons, then you cannot convince the West to give you more wonder weapons. But if you do post videos, then the Russians geolocate you and will be ready for you next time.
>>37068 >I think you underestimate how many grenades they used This might be the case. My father has seen quite an amount of urban combat. When I talk to him about it, he would often mention how grenades were always in short supply, because they would use them as soon as they got them. Like a fat kid going trough chocolate. So they had to often ration them and use them less liberally, 3-4 grenades per day, per man,id they're lucky. Sometimes not even that much. He also hated carrying disposable RPG, too clunky and gets in the way of crawling trough rubble and tight wall openings.
>>37064 >1) Russian cosmonauts celebrate victory over Luhansk in the ISS I notice that media coverage is conspicuously absent compared to when they showed up in yellow and blue jumpsuits.
>>37047 This could lead to a fun nato spergout.
>>37064 Quick question, how are the cosmonauts and international space station doing exactly? Like I assumed that they'd be recalled earlier out of fear of Western sabotage.
>>37073 the Russians are planing to work in the ISS at least until 2024 and hoping they stay until 2030. Dmitry Rogozin announced "end of our work will be given with a year's notice as obligated". Alleged the Mission Control in Moscow and Houston is still communicating
>>37072 I bet they're doing it explicitly because of the Monroe doctrine.
For those who like more detailed explanations of chain of command and how the Russians pulled off Lysychansk, Mercouris just did an excellent video explainer on that yesterday that tried to remain neutral (in an increasingly polarized environment). https://youtube.com/watch?v=xlbJSMqssHA
Open file (1.57 MB 720x1280 Wagner PMC.mp4)
Wagner musicians having fun in Ukraine. I wonder what future holds for them, I guess if when Russia wins the war, they'll be in high demand.
>>37072 >>37075 Here's a little more about this from today: >Russia, Iran and China are preparing for major military exercises in Latin America in August, focusing on Venezuela - Washington Free Beacon >This is one of the clear signs that Latin American countries are part of an anti-American coalition seeking to strengthen ties with Russia, China and Iran. >At the same time, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega extended a military agreement with Russia allowing Russian warplanes and ships to patrol the country's borders and conduct joint military exercises. >China is also active in the region. For example, last month China's foreign minister signed several agreements with Uruguay, Nicaragua and Ecuador, while China's Belt and Road Initiative extended to Argentina.
>The first shop for anime, comics, board games and nerdy stuff in general ... approved by the Orthodox Church has opened its doors in Russia. Heh. I have no comments. Because "Anime store approved by Russian Orthodox Church." is one of those things that's so silly yet true, that I don't know what reality I woke up into today.
Open file (476.30 KB 795x265 unknown.png)
Open file (259.89 KB 512x512 045.png)
>>37081 It's in Voronezh (not that far from Ukraine actually). I checked and their banner even seems to have the fucking Dugin on it, which is even more hilarious - Eurasianism with weaboo characteristics is exactly the kind of ideology I expected to be born in these troubling times.
>>37081 Kek do they have a list of apprroved manga and anime?
https://streamable.com/me9re5 Motherfucker shot S-300 from like 20 meters and it exploded. Pretty cool.
>>37085 Such a weird video, seems set up since the guys aren't making any attempt to hide, but then the explosion looks quite real, so what happened there?
>>37086 From what I gathered at cuc/k/, its ukrainian system captured early on in the war. These need ground radars and are older model incompatible with russian radars. Also guy just wondered if it will explode when shot.
>>37083 Is that supposed to be Kyuubey in a top hat?
Open file (152.84 KB 640x1168 ynru8nso66s41.jpg)
>>37083 >>37084 >>37088 It gets even weirder when you notice the character in the upper right appears to be Astolfo from Fate, who is a trap. >>37085 >>37086 >Russia: "We're not orkz!" >Also Russia: "Me shoota boy. I haz small dakka. I uze small dakka to make big dakka. Me happy."
Open file (69.75 KB 296x335 1628213732302.gif)
>>37081 Their choice of anime for an Orthodox-approved guild is surprising to say the least.
Open file (4.51 MB 640x360 astolfo.wad.mp4)
>>37091 >Astolfo Obligatory.
>>37080 >inb4 Russia ends up hosting missiles and military bases in Mexico
Russian Ruble suddenly fell in value. Speculation is either Washington doing some number fudging to try and forcefully lower oil costs (backfiring) or because of fears of global recession (which already started).
Open file (1.17 MB 540x360 40lbs of rape.webm)
Ukraine invaded Russian Proper! (According to Rybar) https://t.me/rybar/35070 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDiNqSKhC78
Open file (9.37 MB 2481x2206 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (192.33 KB 674x518 1493365446352.jpg)
Open file (112.35 KB 720x960 deaths are coming.jpg)
>>37108 >>37109 Well. Shit.
Open file (361.96 KB 854x480 1657148339644.webm)
Open file (2.98 MB 406x720 1657149776213.webm)
Someone/something blew up the famed Georgia Guidestones, the suspected freemason/actually rosicrucian monument in the Clapistan East sometime around this morning. Because the ones running the video surveillance refuse to answer who or what planted da bomb it's been suspected the government is in cahoots while others argue the device was around it for a long time with the comment that even the time capsule under it might've been the thing itself. What's interesting is that, despite what many newfags into the topic say, the guidestones were placed supposedly not for us or our current system but for those who will remain if something happens. What can be described as an attack to the established group is probably an attempt to leave no info for anyone in the future. Polite sage because off-topic but certainly as ominous as the Lady Fox Rock splitting in half not long ago.
Off topic but idgaf. Does anybody know what happened to 16chan. I can't find it anymore
1. This is a gentlemen's club not a shitting street.
>>37115 I was overhyping a bit and apparently Ukraine has been sending sabotage groups into Russia proper to attack Belgorod for months now. >>37119 Yeah I was listening to that earlier today. I never did like those stones, but the entire point was supposed to be that they were guidelines for measurements and such (along with their own globalist ten commandments) in case of nuclear war or some equally civilization-destroying event. Their destruction doesn't really make sense since it can easily be interpreted by the climate change narrative, but it if were some Trump person who destroyed them then you would expect them to release the footage. Shit's fucking weird. >>37120 There are at least two other threads where that question would be more appropriate.
>>37119 >>37121 Most likely, it was the same faction of the right that has been calling for their destruction for a long time. Suspected footage of the bombers might simply be withheld pending investigation.
>>>37121 >the entire point was supposed to be that they were guidelines for measurements and such (along with their own globalist ten commandments) That's the interesting thing for me, for such a "globalist" symbol they really didn't say that much radical aside from the dangerous "everything under the same language" thing because the others are pretty much given things many will agree with (avoid senseless bureaucracy, internal problems of nations should be handled by themselves and not by others, truth is second to none, eugenics a-ok). Never understood the fear mongering about them, most of those ideals are aligned with "the right" and it's not even a lodge thingy because it was done by rosicrucians although probably new age ones which are masons in egyptian disguise to be fair >it if were some Trump person >>37122 >Most likely, it was the same faction of the right that has been calling for their destruction Boomers are silly dumb goddamn but at least they sometimes do some stuff like hitting that mob dude and maybe this one, they are still walking contradictions but there's that. Wonder what the time capsule had. >>37120 Been looking refugees at some sites at least since two weeks ago, they have degenerated somewhat since they posted here which is a shame because many of them were decent folk.
>>37120 This is not a meta thread nor is your post tangentially related to Russia/Ukraine.
>>37126 >That's the interesting thing for me, for such a "globalist" symbol they really didn't say that much radical aside from the dangerous "everything under the same language" Probably the whole "keep the population under 500 million" thing. I remember a couple others being kinda dodgy as well but I'm heading to sleep.
>>37128 a single global language and a population cap of 500 million seem dangerously globalist in design. but other than that, I agreed with most of the guidelines -- avoiding excessive bureaucracy, eugenics, fair courts & just laws, leave room for nature, etc this is definitely an ominous happening. (I realize this is off-topic, but it's a comfy, active thread)
>>37130 Sure, but it's one thing to say don't bring it back above 500 million if the monument-builders expected WWIII to reduce it below that, and another to say it needs to be reduced to that level as some seem to interpret it.
>>37131 That's definitely an important distinction. Notably, the world population surpassed 500m in the Early Modern Period. There's an important detail I missed at first: the explosive went off at exactly 3:33 am, which seems like occult symbolism of some sort.
>>37132 >That's definitely an important distinction. There's literally no difference. A global (!) unified bureaucracy holding absolute power over the minutiae of every life and death, and the deliberate erasure of all art and culture. Of course it's the advocates for this kind of shiftless submission of all autonomy to a totally detached creaking human power that are shitting up an entirely unrelated thread over some dudes shitpost exploding.
>>37133 >some dudes shitpost exploding. lol I hope for the defeat of globalism, and believe that Russia & China will play a key role in this. They know this too, which is why they're so invested in Ukraine, it's a turning point. Still, there's a difference between massive culling via vax & starvation, vs preventing excess breeding. That's not to say I agree with that directive of course.
>>37126 There's actually some evidence that they were funded by this white supremacist guy.
Open file (377.86 KB 1020x485 DAY OF THE BRUSH.png)
On today's episode of "NATO is Gay and Cucked" >UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns. He will continue serving as Prime Minister until elections in October which says to me this means absolutely nothing for Ukraine at least for now. Details are still developing. In other news: >Norway forbid Russia to transport cargo to Svalbard. >Speaker of Duma V. Volodin gave task to the committee of State Duma for the international relations to consider the issue of denouncing the treaty with Norway on the Maritime borders and cooperation in Barents Sea. >Norway allowed to let Russian ships deliver cargo to Svalbard. Svalbard is a Russian fishing village in Norway that seems to be in a situation similar to Lithuania, in that Norway has the land only by a treaty signed with the USSR.
>>37137 >>Norway forbid Russia to transport cargo to Svalbard. >Speaker of Duma V. Volodin gave task to the committee of State Duma for the international relations to consider the issue of denouncing the treaty with Norway on the Maritime borders and cooperation in Barents Sea. >Norway allowed to let Russian ships deliver cargo to Svalbard. Well that cleared up quick. I wonder why Lithuania is still playing fuck around and find out?
>>37132 3:33AM is the witching hour. In many cultures there is some kind of lore about body snatchers, demons, witches, ghosts, etc. being active at that time. Aliens also seem to appear around 3:33 if you believe in that sort of thing.
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>>37137 >Norway fucks around >Russia helps them find out Beautiful. >Boris resigns Really? I was following last night and the man was chugging wine before the first question was asked and demanding to not resign for another two years. I wonder if Queenie made him resign to save face amid a collapsing governnent since the Prime Minister reflects the crown?
>>37137 >>37138 Norway foreign minister is responding to the Svalbard blockade saying it's not technically a blockade since Russia can ship to a port around Barentsburg, it can't use any of the roads outside of Barentsburg, the problem is Barentsburg doesn't even have a port built around the area.
>>37140 Witching hour is 2AM you triple fucking nigger, though the formal definition is just "when it's the darkest" Here, that's when you're on
>France nationalizes their Biggers energy producer >German industry to face serious, perhaps devastating, problems over the course of next few months, depending if Russia is feeling benevolent or not with the gas >BoJo is probably stepping down as PM after around 50 MP resigned >Farmers in Netherland, Italy, Germany and allegedly Poland are protesting and blocking the roads, shots fired at 16yo farmer boy in Netherlands Can't wait for EU to implode, I wouldn't mind seeing some unrest is USA either,it'll be fun.
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>>37079 >fagner Reminder that these clowns got dabbed on by an AC-130 from the US air force in Syria.
>>37137 Can someone explain how governments work in Europe as compared to the US? Every so often you here about such-and-such Prime Minister being forced out or resigning or placed in no confidence because they are "unable to form a government" or because their "government collapses". How does this work? Because in the US if you heard that the government collapsed then it would mean that people are stringing politicians up and that states were seceding. I gather that's not what that term means in Europastan but how does the lack of parliamentary support mean the end to your rule? Here in the US if a president gets primaried hard they don't just resign, they take a go down with the ship approach with both middle fingers extended even in the worst cases.
>>37146 Europeans, unlike you unwashed colonials, have class, decency, and shame. Why cling to your title when everyone tells you to fuck off and your power is already all but gone?
>>37143 >2AM >Calls me the autist when he's using the autistic definition of witching hour k >>37142 >the problem is Barentsburg doesn't even have a port built around the area. I wonder how the Norwegians would respond if the Russians built a port and then told the Norwegian government it was exclusively for Russian use? That is pretty funny. >>37144 >Unrest in the USA due to self-immolation That'll come between November and January when the Democrats and RHINOS freak the fuck out about the incoming populist congress and try to shovel policy through on their way out the door like getting rid of the filibuster like a bunch of retards. It's poetry really. Three generations raised on materialism and they wonder why most of the population is either too selfish to practice austerity or too patriotic/spiritual to put up with the government while practicing austerity.
>>37146 The basic way it works is: >during general elections, people vote only for their local representative, not for the overall party leader >if a party wins a majority of the seats, they form the government, and the leader of the party becomes Prime Minister >if no party wins a majority, then a minority party must be propped up through coalitions with other parties to form the government >if a government loses a "vote of confidence" by the House, whether by the loss of other parties' support or by the governing party turning against its leader, then the government must re-form, by internally restructuring (such as the Prime Minister resigning, or another minority party forming a new government instead) or by calling a snap general election >some major bills like budgets are implicitly confidence votes, any other bill can be explicitly declared one, and a confidence vote can be declared on its own For example, in Star Wars: the Phantom Menace, the Galactic Senate was dissatisfied with Chancellor Valorum's weak and indecisive response to the Trade Federation's blockade, and made a vote of non-confidence against him. He was removed, and a new Chancellor (Palpatine) elected internally, without any general election. In this case, Boris survived a vote of confidence recently, before the latest controversy, and there are rules about how often they can be held (probably to prevent particularly divided parliaments from making everything a confidence vote to waste time). But if one were held now, he would certainly be found to have lost the confidence of the House, meaning the current government would collapse.
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>>37140 >>37143 I thought 12:00 am to 1:00 am was the witching hour? >>37151 That actually makes sense. I had no idea. >>37147 Anon we're a nation of buccaneers and outlaws, the whole democracy kabuki we go through is just to prevent us from choosing leaders like how the average chaos warband does.
>>37146 Think of prime ministers like the president and parliament like congress, except in many cases the "senate" (house of lords using the English example) functions like the traditional Senate from pre-civil war America representing the interests of the territories while the "house" (house of commons) representing civilians. The prime minister has a cabinet that's self-appointed. MPs can resign or be voted out in exchange for Parliament having more appointed positions in their legislature than the American equivalent. Of course that is all slightly wrong but it more or less sums it up.
>>37152 >Anon we're a nation of buccaneers and outlaws, the whole democracy kabuki we go through is just to prevent us from choosing leaders like how the average chaos warband does. Us burgers need to stop calling ourselves a multicultural democracy and start calling ourselves what we are; a Republic.
I would add that pirates historically were the first Republics. Pirate ships had something akin to a legal system and encoded law, with Captains being elected officials unless they purchased the ship themselves. Anyways that's enough out of me on this off-topic discussion.
>>37133 Well i agree it's off-topic so guess it will be my last post about it but the stones do not mention anything around "absolute power over the minutiae" as it goes against petty officials/just courts, "A global (!) unified bureaucracy" which goes against internal affairs ruled only by its respective nation, "deliberate erasure of all art and culture" which goes against prizing beauty and much less about derailing posts. "500 million" can easily go at "don't breed that much you post-nuclear survivors" or "1-2 kids at max you fuckers", culling people might also be an interpretation but so are the other two. You stink of false flag or someone who ate the Q pie but anyways, it is true we should not discuss it much further in this specific thread although it was worth mention it as a end-times meme post. >>37140 33 is the mason's number sign along with 5 (like the muslims/arabs), 3am is indeed the devil's hour in many places like latin america but i don't know if "witching hour", it certainly is the most common hour to suddenly wake up at night after feeling that you are being watched, or when people see strange stuff at night according to that australian leaked report from the RAF/USAF. >>37145 Weren't they A10's? how many times did the US bomb allied forces "in confusion" and not totally defending ISIS positions back them Syria days?
>>37138 >Well that cleared up quick. I wonder why Lithuania is still playing fuck around and find out? Commonwealth soon, kurwabros >>37144 My issue with a complete EU collapse is that these faggots don't understand that what failed for it was trying to create an European megastate without any culture behind it and will just attempt to recreate another stupid EUSSR but with another name, instead of figuring out that mutual cooperation is different from forcing each country to accept the same regulations and pro LGBTQPSFKASE+ propaganda. >>37147 >Europeans, unlike you unwashed colonials, have class, decency, and shame. I can tell you, as an European, that is completely and utterly false.
>>37146 >>37151 To this you must also add the fact that there are certain government officials or bodies (i.e. Presidents or guarantors) that can arbitrarily force a government change in case of a national emergency or if the ruling party/coalition no longer has the necessary votes to keep on functioning - i.e. to put it in a burgerstan way, imagine the Democrats holding all three houses then at some point Bernie Sanders decides to create the Socialist Party of USA and a bunch of Democrat senators splinter off and go with him, technically the government is still in the hands of the Dems but since they cannot rule without a majority they have to either go back to elections or the guarantor of the government can force his own picks for ministers, which then have to be voted on by the elected parties before they get a say on what to do with the government. Different countries give the guarantor more or less power, IIRC France and Britain give the President / Queen the highest, while other countries like Italy or Germany have rather weak Presidents.
After LARPing for four months in Lviv, another soldier from the Reddit Brigade gallantly advances in a westerly direction.
>>37159 I'm amazed they let him leave the country. They were forcing able-bodied foreigners into conscription in months prior once they entered the country.
>>37160 He's American and seems to have a certain amount of following, considering the checkmark. If Ukraine pisses off the US, they'll collapse five seconds later.
>>37146 The party with the most seats in the legislature picks the leader of the country. It's an incredibly unbalanced system that was designed to serve monarchs. Here is a fucking leaf explaining how much power Trudeau has in their system of government, which is similar to European-style parliaments: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=qU_CuvSOupU
https://youtube.com/watch?v=URfjNxMAbLc Military Summary had a blast using the MilitaryLand map I recommended to him. It really helps with visualizing issues on the front lines and he seemed to get a kick out of it. Minus almost getting himself Gulag'd by Lukashenko's secret police due to a small verbal slip describing the Belarusian volunteer unit.
>>37147 >unwashed colonials here in Burgerland, ppl shower and brush their teeth often. hygiene is part of the culture.
>>37166 >Minus almost getting himself Gulag'd by Lukashenko's secret police due to a small verbal slip describing the Belarusian volunteer unit. please tell me more
>>37168 So he was looking at what forces were stationed where and when he opened up the descriptor tag around 9:55 he notes they're Belarusian forces on the side of Ukraine after leaving Belarus during the elections before visibly slowing down and explaining much more slowly/carefully what is going on (as if choosing his words to make sure he doesn't get in trouble). I feel bad for the guy that he has to put it in that specific way, but it was just a little funny watching him realize he needed to be careful with his choice of words in order to not get in trouble domestically.